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Intervention Pathway Discovery via Context-Dependent Dynamic Sensitivity AnalysisFeb 08 2019The sensitivity analysis of biological system models can significantly contribute to identifying and explaining influences of internal or external changes on model and its elements. We propose here a comprehensive framework to study sensitivity of intra-cellular ... More
Nuclear spin pair coherence in diamond for atomic scale magnetometryMar 23 2010The nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centre, as a promising candidate solid state system of quantum information processing, its electron spin coherence is influenced by the magnetic field fluctuations due to the local environment. In pure diamonds, the environment ... More
The effects of the little Higgs models on $t\bar{t} h^0$ production via $γγ$ collision at linear collidersJun 11 2007In the frameworks of the littlest Higgs($LH$) model and its extension with T-parity($LHT$), we studied the associated $t\bar th^0$ production process $e^+ e^- \to \gamma\gamma \to t \bar t h^0$ at the future $e^+e^-$ linear colliders up to QCD next-to-leading ... More
Methods to Expand Cell Signaling Models using Automated Reading and Model CheckingJun 15 2017Biomedical research results are being published at a high rate, and with existing search engines, the vast amount of published work is usually easily accessible. However, reproducing published results, either experimental data or observations is often ... More
Rashba spin splitting in biased semiconductor quantum wellsDec 07 2005Dec 08 2005Rashba spin splitting (RSS) in biased semiconductor quantum wells is investigated theoretically based on the eight-band envelope function model. We find that at large wave vectors, RSS is both nonmonotonic and anisotropic as a function of in-plane wave ... More
Type-Driven Incremental Semantic Parsing with PolymorphismNov 19 2014Dec 16 2014Semantic parsing has made significant progress, but most current semantic parsers are extremely slow (CKY-based) and rather primitive in representation. We introduce three new techniques to tackle these problems. First, we design the first linear-time ... More
Analysis of Compressed Sensing with Spatially-Coupled Orthogonal MatricesFeb 13 2014Recent development in compressed sensing (CS) has revealed that the use of a special design of measurement matrix, namely the spatially-coupled matrix, can achieve the information-theoretic limit of CS. In this paper, we consider the measurement matrix ... More
A Theorem on Multi-Objective Optimization Approach for Bit Allocation of Scalable CodingMar 02 2016In the current work, we have formulated the optimal bit-allocation problem for a scalable codec of images or videos as a constrained vector-valued optimization problem and demonstrated that there can be many optimal solutions, called Pareto optimal points. ... More
Frame-based Approach for Sparse Representation of Signal Decomposition and ReconstructionMar 31 2016Frame is the corner stone for designing decomposition and reconstruction operations in signal processing. Famous frames include wavelets, curvelets,and Gabor. A celebrated result indicates that if a synthesis frame is chosen for reconstruction, then its ... More
A Metrix Method for Quasinormal Modes: Schwarzschild Black Holes in Asymptotically Flat and (Anti-) de Sitter SpacetimesOct 26 2016In this work, we study the quasinormal modes of Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild (Anti-) de Sitter black holes by a matrix method. The proposed method involves discretizing the master field equation and expressing it in form of a homogeneous system of ... More
A non grid-based interpolation scheme for the eigenvalue problemSep 08 2016We propose a non grid-based interpolation scheme based on the information from the data collected from the vicinity of the query point. As a non-grid-based interpolation, the data points can be distributed randomly in a small region, and the interpolation ... More
A Matrix Method for Quasinormal Modes: Schwarzschild Black Holes in Asymptotically Flat and (Anti-) de Sitter SpacetimesOct 26 2016Nov 03 2016In this work, we study the quasinormal modes of Schwarzschild and Schwarzschild (Anti-) de Sitter black holes by a matrix method. The proposed method involves discretizing the master field equation and expressing it in form of a homogeneous system of ... More
The Study of Cosmic Ray Tomography Using Multiple Scattering of Muons for Imaging of High-Z MaterialsAug 03 2016Muon tomography is developing as a promising system to detect high-Z (atomic number) material for ensuring homeland security. In the present work, three kinds of spatial locations of materials which are made of aluminum, iron, lead and uranium are simulated ... More
Quantum Hall Effect in Black Phosphorus Two-dimensional Electron GasApr 27 2015May 19 2015Development of new, high quality functional materials has been at the forefront of condensed matter research. The recent advent of two-dimensional black phosphorus has greatly enriched the material base of two-dimensional electron systems. Significant ... More
Braided fusion categories, gravitational anomalies, and the mathematical framework for topological orders in any dimensionsMay 22 2014Gravitational anomalies can be realized on the boundary of topologically ordered states in one higher dimension and are described by topological orders in one higher dimension. In this paper, we try to develop a general theory for both topological order ... More
Self-Assembly of Asymmetrically Interacting ABC Star Triblock Copolymer MeltsAug 23 2015The phase behavior of asymmetrically interacting ABC star triblock copolymer melts is investigated by the self-consistent field theory (SCFT). Motivated by the experimental systems, in this study, we focus on the systems in which the Flory-Huggins interaction ... More
Fermions Tunneling from Higher-Dimensional Reissner-Nordström Black Hole: Semiclassical and Beyond Semiclassical ApproximationMar 11 2009Aug 25 2016Based on semiclassical tunneling method, we focus on charged fermions tunneling from higher-dimensional Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m black hole. We first simplify the Dirac equation by semiclassical approximation, and then a semiclassical Hamilton-Jacobi equation ... More
Production of $ΛΛ$ and $\bar{Λ\text{n}}$ in central Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 TeV within the covariant coalescence modelJul 14 2016We study the production of $\Lambda\Lambda$ and $\bar{\Lambda \text{n}}$ exotic states in central Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=2.76$ TeV via both hadron and quark coalescence within the covariant coalescence model with a blast-wave-like parametrization ... More
Analytical coalescence formula for particle production in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsJan 08 2017Mar 27 2017Based on a covariant coalescence model with a blast-wave-like parametrization for the phase-space configuration of constituent particles at freeze-out, we derive an approximate analytical formula for the yields of clusters produced in relativistic heavy-ion ... More
Antimatter $^4_Λ$H Hypernucleus Production and the $^3_Λ$H/$^3$He Puzzle in Relativistic Heavy-Ion CollisionsDec 02 2015Jun 18 2016We show that the measured yield ratio $^3_{\Lambda}$H/$^3$He ($^3_{\overline{\Lambda}}\overline{\text{H}}$/$^3\overline{\text{He}}$) in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV and in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=2.76$ TeV can be understood within ... More
Smoothing methods comparison for CMB E- and B-mode separationNov 04 2015The anisotropies of the B-mode polarization in the cosmic microwave background radiation play a crucial role for the study of the very early Universe. However, in the real observation, the mixture of the E-mode and B-mode can be caused by the partial ... More
Probing the statistical properties of CMB $B$-mode polarization through Minkowski FunctionalsOct 27 2015Jul 11 2016The detection of the magnetic type $B$-mode polarization is the main goal of future cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiments. In the standard model, the $B$-mode map is a strongly non-gaussian field due to the lensed component. Besides the two-point ... More
Macroscopic quantum computation using Bose-Einstein condensatesMar 28 2011Quantum computation using qubits made of two component Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) is analysed. The use of BECs allows for an increase of energy scales via bosonic enhancement, resulting in gate operations that can be performed at a macroscopically ... More
Production of antimatter $^{5,6}$Li nuclei in central Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$ GeVSep 17 2015Oct 23 2015Combining the covariant coalescence model and a blast-wave-like analytical parametrization for (anti-)nucleon phase-space freezeout configuration, we explore light (anti-)nucleus production in central Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}} = 200$ GeV. Using ... More
Nature of Roberge-Weiss transition end points for heavy quarks in $N_f=2$ lattice QCD with Wilson fermionsMay 10 2014Oct 26 2014The phase structure of QCD with imaginary chemical potential provides information on the phase diagram of QCD with real chemical potential. With imaginary chemical potential $i\mu_I=i\pi T$, previous studies show that the Roberge-Weiss (RW) transition ... More
Nature of the Roberge-Weiss transition end points in two-flavor lattice QCD with Wilson quarksMar 02 2013May 27 2013We make simulations with 2 flavor Wilson fermions to investigate the nature of the end points of Roberge-Weiss (RW) first order phase transition lines. The simulations are carried out at 9 values of the hopping parameter $\kappa$ ranging from 0.155 to ... More
Spin-dependent tunneling through a symmetric semiconductor barrier: the Dresselhaus effectSep 26 2005Sep 27 2005Spin-dependent tunneling through a symmetric semiconductor barrier is studied including the k^3 Dresselhaus effect. The spin-dependent transmission of electron can be obtained analytically. By comparing with previous work(Phys. Rev. B 67. R201304 (2003) ... More
Landau-Zener transition stabilized by the enhanced quantum Zeno effect in the bosonic systemSep 30 2012We study the Landau-Zener transition with the quantum Zeno effect in an open dissipative system populated by a large number of bosons. Given the quantum Zeno effect is strong enough, both discrete and continuous quantum Zeno measurements are found to ... More
Unconditional Security of Single-Photon Differential Phase Shift Quantum Key DistributionJun 16 2008Oct 04 2009In this Letter, we prove the unconditional security of single-photon differential phase shift quantum key distribution (DPS-QKD) protocol, based on the conversion to an equivalent entanglement-based protocol. We estimate the upper bound of the phase error ... More
Production of $ΛΛ$ and $\bar{Λ\text{n}}$ in central Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 TeV within a covariant coalescence modelJul 14 2016Dec 09 2016We study the production of $\Lambda\Lambda$ and $\overline{\Lambda \text{n}}$ exotic states in central Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=2.76$ TeV at LHC via both hadron and quark coalescence within a covariant coalescence model with a blast-wave-like ... More
Field test of a practical secure communication network with decoy-state quantum cryptographyOct 07 2008Apr 26 2009We present a secure network communication system that operated with decoy-state quantum cryptography in a real-world application scenario. The full key exchange and application protocols were performed in real time among three nodes, in which two adjacent ... More
Effects of impurity on fidelity of quantum state transfer via spin channelsDec 04 2011By adopting the concept of fidelity, we investigated efficiency of quantum state transfer with the XX chain as the quantum channel. Different from the previous works, we concentrated on effects of spin and magnetic impurity on fidelity of quantum state ... More
Aggregation of BiTe Monolayer on Bi$_2$Te$_3$(111) Induced by Diffusion of Intercalated Atoms in van der Waals GapMar 15 2017We report a post-growth aging mechanism of Bi$_2$Te$_3$(111) films with scanning tunneling microscopy in combination with density functional theory calculation. It is found that a monolayered structure with a squared lattice symmetry gradually aggregates ... More
Classification of 2+1D topological orders and SPT orders for bosonic and fermionic systems with on-site symmetriesFeb 18 2016Gapped quantum liquids (GQL) include both topologically ordered states (with long range entanglement) and symmetry protected trivial (SPT) states (with short range entanglement). In this paper, we propose that 2+1D bosonic/fermionic GQLs with finite on-site ... More
Sparse Representation of a Blur Kernel for Blind Image RestorationDec 14 2015Blind image restoration is a non-convex problem which involves restoration of images from an unknown blur kernel. The factors affecting the performance of this restoration are how much prior information about an image and a blur kernel are provided and ... More
Modular extensions of unitary braided fusion categories and 2+1D topological/SPT orders with symmetriesFeb 18 2016Sep 20 2016A finite bosonic or fermionic symmetry can be described uniquely by a symmetric fusion category $\mathcal{E}$. In this work, we propose that 2+1D topological/SPT orders with a fixed finite symmetry $\mathcal{E}$ are classified, up to $E_8$ quantum Hall ... More
Exact one-periodic and two-periodic wave solutions to Hirota bilinear equations in 2+1 dimensionsDec 23 2008Riemann theta functions are used to construct one-periodic and two-periodic wave solutions to a class of (2+1)-dimensional Hirota bilinear equations. The basis for the involved solution analysis is the Hirota bilinear formulation, and the particular dependence ... More
Boundary-bulk relation for topological orders as the functor mapping higher categories to their centersFeb 05 2015Oct 22 2015In this paper, we study the relation between topological orders and their gapped boundaries. We propose that the bulk for a given gapped boundary theory is unique. It is actually a consequence of a microscopic definition of a local topological order, ... More
2.4GHZ Class AB power Amplifier For Healthcare ApplicationMay 09 2016The objective of this research was to design a 2.4 GHz class AB Power Amplifier, with 0.18 um SMIC CMOS technology by using Cadence software, for health care applications. The ultimate goal for such application is to minimize the trade-offs between performance ... More
Dark Periods in Rabi Oscillations of Superconducting Phase Qubit Coupled to a Microscopic Two-Level SystemJun 24 2009Sep 11 2009We proposed a scheme to demonstrate macroscopic quantum jumps in a superconducting phase qubit coupled to a microscopic two-level system in the Josephson tunnel junction. Irradiated with suitable microwaves, the Rabi oscillations of the qubit exhibit ... More
Landau levels of cold dense quark matter in a strong magnetic fieldJun 30 2016Jul 11 2016The occupied Landau levels of strange quark matter are investigated in the framework of the SU(3) NJL model with a conventional coupling and a magnetic-field dependent coupling respectively. At lower density, the Landau levels are mainly dominated by ... More
Vanishing Mean Oscillation Spaces Associated with Operators Satisfying Davies-Gaffney EstimatesJul 22 2011Let $(\mathcal{X}, d, \mu)$ be a metric measure space, $L$ a linear operator which has a bounded $H_\infty$ functional calculus and satisfies the Davies-Gaffney estimate, $\Phi$ a concave function on $(0,\infty)$ of critical lower type $p_\Phi^-\in(0,1]$ ... More
The Phase Shifts of the Paired Wings of Butterfly DiagramsJun 11 2010Sunspot groups observed by Royal Greenwich Observatory/US Air Force/NOAA from May 1874 to November 2008 and the Carte Synoptique solar filaments from March 1919 to December 1989 are used to investigate the relative phase shift of the paired wings of butterfly ... More
A theory of 2+1D fermionic topological orders and fermionic/bosonic topological orders with symmetriesJul 16 2015Aug 27 2015We propose that, up to invertible topological orders, 2+1D fermionic topological orders without symmetry and 2+1D fermionic/bosonic topological orders with symmetry $G$ are classified by non-degenerate unitary braided fusion categories (UBFC) over a symmetric ... More
Phase structure of lattice QCD with two flavors of Wilson quarks at finite temperature and chemical potentialNov 30 2006Jul 08 2007We present results for phase structure of lattice QCD with two degenerate flavors ($N_f=2$) of Wilson quarks at finite temperature $T$ and small baryon chemical potential $\mu_B$. Using the imaginary chemical potential for which the fermion determinant ... More
Inductive Kernel Low-rank Decomposition with Priors: A Generalized Nystrom MethodJun 18 2012Low-rank matrix decomposition has gained great popularity recently in scaling up kernel methods to large amounts of data. However, some limitations could prevent them from working effectively in certain domains. For example, many existing approaches are ... More
Chiral extrapolation and finite-volume dependence of the hyperon vector couplingsFeb 28 2014The hyperon vector form factors at zero momentum transfer, $f_1(0)$, play an important role in a precise determination of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element $V_{us}$. Recent studies based on lattice chromodynamics (LQCD) simulations and covariant ... More
High-dimensional Lifshitz-type spacetimes, universal horizons and black holes in Hořava-Lifshitz gravityApr 13 2014Feb 04 2015In this paper, we present all $[(d+1)+1]$-dimensional static diagonal vacuum solutions of the non-projectable Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity in the IR limit, and show that they give rise to very rich Lifshitz-type structures, depending on the choice of the ... More
Thermal gravitational-wave background in the general pre-inflationary scenarioAug 15 2016We investigate the primordial gravitational waves (PGWs) in the general scenario where the inflation is preceded by a pre-inflationary stage with the effective equation of state $w$. Comparing with the results in the usual inflationary models, the power ... More
The Lax pairs for elliptic C_n and BC_n Ruijsenaars-Schneider models and their spectral curvesNov 16 2000Jan 21 2001We study the elliptic C_n and BC_n Ruijsenaars-Schneider models which is elliptic generalization of system given in hep-th/0006004. The Lax pairs for these models are constructed by Hamiltonian reduction technology. We show that the spectral curves can ... More
Extracting strange quark freeze-out information in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 TeV from $φ$ and $Ω$ productionAug 13 2018Dec 04 2018Using a covariant quark coalescence model combined with a blast-wave-like analytical parametrization for (anti-)strange quark phase-space freeze-out configuration, we extract information on strange quark freeze-out dynamics in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=2.76 ... More
Relativistic baryon-baryon interactions in chiral perturbation theorySep 29 2017We report on the recent studies of leading order baryon-baryon interactions in covariant baryon chiral perturbation theory. In the strangeness $S=0$ sector, one can achieve a rather good description of the Nijmegen $np$ phase shifts with angular momenta ... More
Scalar Quasinormal Modes of Anti-de Sitter Static Spacetime in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity with $U(1)$ SymmetrySep 19 2016In this paper, we investigate the scalar quasinormal modes of Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz theory with $U(1)$ symmetry in static Anti-de Sitter spacetime. The static planar and spherical black hole solutions in lower energy limit are derived in non-projectable ... More
(Anti-) de Sitter Electrically Charged Black Hole Solutions in Higher-Derivative GravityJul 15 2016In this paper, static electrically charged black hole solutions with cosmological constant are investigated in an Einstein-Hilbert theory of gravity with additional quadratic curvature terms. Beside the analytic Schwarzschild (Anti-) de Sitter solutions, ... More
Generalized Turbo Signal Recovery for Nonlinear Measurements and Orthogonal Sensing MatricesDec 15 2015May 05 2016In this study, we propose a generalized turbo signal recovery algorithm to estimate a signal from quantized measurements, in which the sensing matrix is a row-orthogonal matrix, such as the partial discrete Fourier transform matrix. The state evolution ... More
Uplink Achievable Rate for Massive MIMO with Low-Resolution ADCDec 02 2015In this letter, we derive an approximate analytical expression for the uplink achievable rate of a massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) antenna system when finite precision analog-digital converters (ADCs) and the common maximal ratio combining technique ... More
Three Dimensional Imaging of the Nucleon and Semi-Inclusive High Energy ReactionsJun 24 2015We present a short overview on the studies of transverse momentum dependent parton distribution functions of the nucleon. The aim of such studies is to provide a three dimensional imagining of the nucleon and a comprehensive description of semi-inclusive ... More
To Bond or not to Bond: An Optimal Channel Allocation Algorithm For Flexible Dynamic Channel Bonding in WLANsMar 11 2017Mar 29 2017IEEE 802.11 has evolved from 802.11a/b/g/n to 802.11ac to meet rapidly increasing data rate requirements in WLANs. One important technique adopted in 802.11ac is the channel bonding (CB) scheme that combines multiple 20MHz channels for a single transmission ... More
A Deterministic Equivalent for the Analysis of Non-Gaussian Correlated MIMO Multiple Access ChannelsAug 20 2011Large dimensional random matrix theory (RMT) has provided an efficient analytical tool to understand multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channels and to aid the design of MIMO wireless communication systems. However, previous studies based on large ... More
Joint Channel-and-Data Estimation for Large-MIMO Systems with Low-Precision ADCsJan 22 2015The use of low precision (e.g., 1-3 bits) analog-to-digital convenors (ADCs) in very large multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems is a technique to reduce cost and power consumption. In this context, nevertheless, it has been shown that the training ... More
Resonance of Gaussian electromagnetic field to the high frequency gravitational wavesNov 07 2014May 28 2016We consider a Gaussian Beam (GB) resonant system for high frequency gravitational waves (HFGWs) detection. At present, we find the optimal signal strength in theory through setting the magnetic component of GB in a standard gaussian form. Under the synchro-resonance ... More
Mixed-ADC Massive MIMO Detectors: Performance Analysis and Design OptimizationSep 26 2015Oct 01 2015Using a very low-resolution analog-to-digital convertor (ADC) unit at each antenna can remarkably reduce the hardware cost and power consumption of a massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system. However, such a pure low-resolution ADC architecture ... More
Secure Reusable Base-String in Quantum Key DistributionJun 26 2007Protecting secure random key from eavesdropping in quantum key distribution protocols has been well developed. In this letter, we further study how to detect and eliminate eavesdropping on the random base string in such protocols. The correlation between ... More
Isospin properties of quark matter from a 3-flavor NJL modelFeb 04 2016Sep 07 2016We have studied the properties of hot and dense quark matter based on the 3-flavor Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model as well as its Polyakov-loop extension (pNJL) with scalar-isovector and vector-isovector couplings. Provided a considerable large isospin ... More
Old neutron stars as probes of isospin-violating dark matterAug 13 2014Dec 29 2014Isospin-violating dark matter (IVDM), which couples differently with protons and neutrons, provides a promising mechanism to ameliorate the tension among recent direct detection experiments. Assuming DM is non-interacting bosonic asymmetric IVDM, we investigate ... More
Performance Limits of Massive MIMO Systems Based on Bayes-Optimal InferenceOct 06 2014This paper gives a replica analysis for the minimum mean square error (MSE) of a massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system by using Bayesian inference. The Bayes-optimal estimator is adopted to estimate the data symbols and the channels from ... More
Bayes-Optimal Joint Channel-and-Data Estimation for Massive MIMO with Low-Precision ADCsJul 28 2015Dec 07 2015This paper considers a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) receiver with very low-precision analog-to-digital convertors (ADCs) with the goal of developing massive MIMO antenna systems that require minimal cost and power. Previous studies demonstrated ... More
Location Identification of Power Line Outages Using PMU Measurements with Bad DataFeb 20 2015The use of phasor angle measurements provided by phasor measurement units (PMUs) in fault detection is regarded as a promising method in identifying locations of power line outages. However, communication errors or system malfunctions may introduce errors ... More
Quantum-Limited Amplification of Cavity Optomechanics without Resolved Sideband ConditionJun 15 2015We propose a scheme to realize the phase-preserving amplification without the restriction of resolved sideband condition. As a result, our gain-bandwidth product is about one magnitude larger than the existing proposals. In our model, an additional cavity ... More
An EV Charging Scheduling Mechanism to Maximize User Convenience and Cost EfficiencyJun 03 2016Jun 06 2016This paper studies charging scheduling problem of electric vehicles (EVs) in the scale of a microgrid (e.g., a university or town) where a set of charging stations are controlled by a central aggregator. A bi-objective optimization problem is formulated ... More
The Lax pair for C_2-type Ruijsenaars-Schneider modelApr 03 2000Jun 21 2001We study the C_2 Ruijsenaars-Schneider(RS) model with interaction potential of trigonometric type. The Lax pairs for the model with and without spectral parameter are constructed. Also given are the involutive Hamiltonians for the system. Taking nonrelativistic ... More
Integrability of the $C_{n}$ and $BC_{n}$ Ruijsenaars-Schneider modelsJun 01 2000We study the $C_{n}$ and $BC_{n}$ Ruijsenaars-Schneider(RS) models with interaction potential of trigonometric and rational types. The Lax pairs for these models are constructed and the involutive Hamiltonians are also given. Taking nonrelativistic limit, ... More
Lifshitz spacetimes, solitons, and generalized BTZ black holes in quantum gravity at a Lifshitz pointMar 04 2014Apr 10 2014In this paper, we study static vacuum solutions of quantum gravity at a fixed Lifshitz point in (2+1) dimensions, and present all the diagonal solutions in closed forms in the infrared limit. The exact solutions represent spacetimes with very rich structures: ... More
Reusable Vernam Cipher with Quantum MediaNov 11 2007Nov 22 2007A revised version will be uploaded later. In this Letter, it is shown that the one-time-pad key in the Vernam cipher can be repeatedly used with unconditional security using quantum media. The security proof is given with two explicit protocols, and the ... More
Logarithmic Riemann-Hilbert correspondences for rigid varietiesMar 15 2018Aug 23 2018On any smooth algebraic variety over a p-adic local field, we construct a tensor functor from the category of de Rham p-adic etale local systems to the category of filtered algebraic vector bundles with an integrable connection satisfying the Griffiths ... More
Towards a relativistic formulation of baryon-baryon interactions in chiral perturbation theoryJan 02 2018In this talk, we report on two recent studies of relativistic nucleon-nucleon and hyperon-nucleon interactions in covariant chiral perturbation theory, where they are constructed up to leading order. The relevant unknown low energy constants are fixed ... More
On Capacity of Large-Scale MIMO Multiple Access Channels with Distributed Sets of Correlated AntennasSep 25 2012Sep 26 2012In this paper, a deterministic equivalent of ergodic sum rate and an algorithm for evaluating the capacity-achieving input covariance matrices for the uplink large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antenna channels are proposed. We consider ... More
Evaluation of new large area PMT with high quantum efficiencyApr 10 2015Jan 29 2016The neutrino detector of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) is designed to use 20 kilotons of liquid scintillator and approximately 16,000 20-inch photomultipliers (PMTs).One of the options is to use the 20-inch R12860 PMT with high ... More
$T$-odd quark pair production and decay at $γγ$ collider in the littlest Higgs model with $T$ parity in next-to-leading order QCDDec 07 2015We calculate the complete next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD corrections to the $T$-odd mirror quark pair ($q_-\bar q_-=u_-\bar u_-$, $c_-\bar c_-$, $d_-\bar d_-$, $s_-\bar s_-$) production in the littlest Higgs model with $T$-parity (LHT) at a high energy ... More
Large System Analysis of Cooperative Multi-cell Downlink Transmission via Regularized Channel Inversion with Imperfect CSITJul 14 2013In this paper, we analyze the ergodic sum-rate of a multi-cell downlink system with base station (BS) cooperation using regularized zero-forcing (RZF) precoding. Our model assumes that the channels between BSs and users have independent spatial correlations ... More
Message Passing Algorithm for Distributed Downlink Regularized Zero-forcing Beamforming with Cooperative Base StationsMar 26 2013Base station (BS) cooperation can turn unwanted interference to useful signal energy for enhancing system performance. In the cooperative downlink, zero-forcing beamforming (ZFBF) with a simple scheduler is well known to obtain nearly the performance ... More
On Sparse Vector Recovery Performance in Structurally Orthogonal Matrices via LASSOOct 27 2014Oct 29 2014In this paper, we consider a compressed sensing problem of reconstructing a sparse signal from an undersampled set of noisy linear measurements. The regularized least squares or least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) formulation is used ... More
FDD Massive MIMO Based on Efficient Downlink Channel ReconstructionFeb 16 2019Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems deploying a large number of antennas at the base station considerably increase the spectrum efficiency by serving multiple users simultaneously without causing severe interference. However, the advantage ... More
Local Cyber-physical Attack with Leveraging Detection in Smart GridAug 10 2017A well-designed attack in the power system can cause an initial failure and then results in large-scale cascade failure. Several works have discussed power system attack through false data injection, line-maintaining attack, and line-removing attack. ... More
Local Cyber-Physical Attack for Masking Line Outage and Topology Attack in Smart GridJul 24 2018Malicious attacks in the power system can eventually result in a large-scale cascade failure if not attended on time. These attacks, which are traditionally classified into \emph{physical} and \emph{cyber attacks}, can be avoided by using the latest and ... More
QCD corrections to the $γγb\bar b$ production at the ILCFeb 01 2012The $e^+e^- \to \gamma\gamma b\bar b$ is an irreducible background process in measuring the $H^0 \to \gamma\gamma$ decay width, if Higgs boson is produced in association with a $Z^0$-boson which subsequently decays via $Z^0 \to b\bar b$ at the ILC. In ... More
Probing $L$-violating coupling via sbottom resonance production at the LHeCJan 17 2014We investigate the resonant production of the lighter sbottom at the proposed Large Hadron Electron Collider and its subsequent decay into $e^- + jet$ final state, under the single coupling dominance hypothesis in the framework of the $R$-parity-violating ... More
Bounds on Schrödinger EnergiesJul 09 1998Jul 24 1998Elementary introduction to the application of Mathematica 3.0 to the solution of bound-state problems in quantum theory by standard variational procedures, with particular emphasis on the computation of precise upper bounds on energy levels of the system ... More
Relativistic Positron-Electron-Ion Shear Flows and Application to Gamma-Ray BurstsMar 09 2013Nov 22 2013We present Particle-in-Cell simulation results of relativistic shear flows for hybrid positron-electron-ion plasmas and compare to those for pure e+e- and pure e-ion plasmas. Among the three types of relativistic shear flows, we find that only hybrid ... More
Pair production of neutralinos via photon-photon collisionsApr 27 2000Dec 07 2000We investigated the production of neutralino pairs via photon-photon collisions in the minimal supersymmetric model(MSSM) at future linear colliders. The numerical analysis of their production rates is carried out in the mSUGRA scenario. The results show ... More
SUSY QCD corrections to W $γ$ production in polarized hadronic collisionsOct 26 1997We present the calculation of the supersymmetric QCD correction to $W \gamma$ production process in polarized proton-antiproton collisions at the TeV energy region. We find that the correction can reach 1.2% at parton level with favorable mass values ... More
New Characterizations of Besov-Triebel-Lizorkin-Hausdorff Spaces Including Coorbits and WaveletsMar 29 2011Jun 28 2012In this paper, the authors establish new characterizations of the recently introduced Besov-type spaces $\dot{B}^{s,\tau}_{p,q}({\mathbb R}^n)$ and Triebel-Lizorkin-type spaces $\dot{F}^{s,\tau}_{p,q}({\mathbb R}^n)$ with $p\in (0,\infty]$, $s\in{\mathbb ... More
Landau-Zener-Stückelberg Interferometry for Majorana QubitJul 28 2016Jul 29 2016Stimulated by a very recent experiment observing successfully two superconducting states with even- and odd-number of electrons in a nanowire topological superconductor as expected from the existence of two end Majorana quasiparticles (MQs) [Albrecht ... More
Correlations of Interference and Link Successes in Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksNov 18 2014Nov 25 2014In heterogeneous cellular networks (HCNs), the interference received at a user is correlated over time slots since it comes from the same set of randomly located BSs. This results in the correlations of link successes, thus affecting network performance. ... More
Spin symmetry in Dirac negative energy spectrum in density-dependent relativistic Hartree-Fock theoryFeb 17 2010The spin symmetry in the Dirac negative energy spectrum and its origin are investigated for the first time within the density-dependent relativistic Hartree-Fock (DDRHF) theory. Taking the nucleus $^{16}$O as an example, the spin symmetry in the negative ... More
Heavy Quark Expansion in 1/\hat{m}_Q and |V_{cb}| ExtractionApr 30 2010The dressed heavy quark mass \hat{m}_Q=m_Q+\bar{{\Lambda}} with \bar{{\Lambda}} being the binding energy is introduced to characterize the heavy hadrons containing a single heavy quark. A heavy quark expansion in terms of the inverse of the dressed heavy ... More
Top quark pair production via polarized and unpolarized photons in Supersymmetric QCDApr 02 1997QCD corrections to top quark pair production via fusion of both polarized and unpolarized photons are calculated in Supersymmetric Model. The corrections are found to be sizable. The dependence of the corrections on the masses of the supersymmetric particles ... More
Charged Higgs boson pair production via gluon-gluon collisions in MSSM with CP violationDec 07 2000Dec 15 2000The CP-violating effects to the subprocess $gg\to H^+H^-$ is studied in the mSUGRA scenario at the CERN LHC, by taking into account the experimental bounds of electron and neutron EDM's. The CP violation effects in this process are related to the complex ... More
Magnetoelectric surface acoustic wave resonator with ultrahigh magnetic field sensitivityMay 16 2014May 19 2014A magnetoelectric surface acoustic wave (MESAW) type device based on piezoelectric/magnetostrictive heterostructure was proposed to use as weak magnetic field sensor. Unlike conventional magnetoelectric bulk laminates or film stacks collecting magnetic ... More
Supply-demand diagrams and a new framework for analyzing the inhomogeneous Lighthill-Whitham-Richards modelMay 25 2010Traditionally, the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards (LWR) models for homogeneous and inhomogeneous roads have been analyzed in flux-density space with the fundamental diagram of the flux-density relation. In this paper, we present a new framework for analyzing ... More