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An efficient algorithm to test forcibly-connectedness of graphical degree sequencesMar 02 2018We present an algorithm to test whether a given graphical degree sequence is forcibly connected or not and prove its correctness. We also outline the extensions of the algorithm to test whether a given graphical degree sequence is forcibly $k$-connected ... More
Efficient Counting of Degree SequencesApr 14 2016Feb 14 2017Novel dynamic programming algorithms to count the set $D(n)$ of zero-free degree sequences of length $n$, the set $D_c(n)$ of degree sequences of connected graphs on $n$ vertices and the set $D_b(n)$ of degree sequences of biconnected graphs on $n$ vertices ... More
An efficient algorithm to test forcibly-biconnectedness of graphical degree sequencesMay 03 2018We present an algorithm to test whether a given graphical degree sequence is forcibly biconnected or not and prove its correctness. The worst case run time complexity of the algorithm is shown to be exponential but still much better than the previous ... More
An Improved Algorithm for Counting Graphical Degree SequencesJun 26 2018We present an improved version of a previous efficient algorithm that computes the number $D(n)$ of zero-free graphical degree sequences of length $n$. A main ingredient of the improvement lies in a more efficient way to compute the function $P(N,k,l,s)$ ... More
Asymptotic properties of a stochastic Gilpin-Ayala model under regime switchingJun 05 2016Jun 05 2018In this paper, a stochastic Gilpin-Ayala population model with regime switching and white noise is considered. All parameters are influenced by stochastic perturbations. The existence of global positive solution, asymptotic stability in probability, $p$th ... More
Dynamics of a mean-reverting stochastic volatility model with regime switchingMar 07 2019In this paper, we consider a mean-reverting stochastic volatility model with regime switching, and present some sufficient conditions for the existence of global positive solution, asymptotically bounded in pth moment, positive recurrent and existence ... More
Power System Differential-Algebraic EquationsDec 16 2015Jan 10 2016This document presents an introduction of two commonly used power system differential algebraic equations (DAEs) for studying power system dynamics like electromechanical oscillation and angle stability: the second-order classical model and the fourth-order ... More
An Analytical Formulation of Power System Oscillation FrequencyMar 08 2015This letter proposes an analytical approach to formulate the power system oscillation frequency under a large disturbance. A fact is revealed that the oscillation frequency is only the function of the oscillation amplitude when the system's model and ... More
Symbolic Representation and Classification of N=1 Supersymmetric Evolutionary EquationsJul 13 2016We extend the symbolic representation to the ring of N=1 supersymmetric differential polynomials, and demonstrate that operations on the ring, such as the super derivative, Frechet derivative and super commutator, can be carried out in the symbolic way. ... More
On the (circular) polarization-independence of microwave-induced resistance oscillations and zero resistance stateAug 20 2007The immunity of microwave-induced magneto-resistance oscillations and corresponding zero resistance regions to the direction of (circular) polarization of microwave is studied in this paper. We propose that a spontaneous circular motion of the whole electron ... More
Representing Extended Finite State Machines for SDL by A Novel Control Model of Discrete Event SystemsJun 24 2016This paper discusses EFSM for SDL and transforms EFSM into a novel control model of discrete event systems. We firstly propose a control model of discrete event systems, where the event set is made up of several conflicting pairs and control is implemented ... More
Probe $CP$-violating $Hγγ$ coupling through interferometryDec 01 2017Apr 24 2019The diphoton invariant mass distribution of interference between $gg\to H \to \gamma\gamma$ and $gg\to \gamma\gamma$ is almost antisymmetric around the Higgs mass $M_H$. We propose a new observable $A_{\text{int}}$ to quantify this effect, which is a ... More
Smoothing methods comparison for CMB E- and B-mode separationNov 04 2015The anisotropies of the B-mode polarization in the cosmic microwave background radiation play a crucial role for the study of the very early Universe. However, in the real observation, the mixture of the E-mode and B-mode can be caused by the partial ... More
BiSET: Bi-directional Selective Encoding with Template for Abstractive SummarizationJun 12 2019The success of neural summarization models stems from the meticulous encodings of source articles. To overcome the impediments of limited and sometimes noisy training data, one promising direction is to make better use of the available training data by ... More
A Survey on Face Data AugmentationApr 26 2019The quality and size of training set have great impact on the results of deep learning-based face related tasks. However, collecting and labeling adequate samples with high quality and balanced distributions still remains a laborious and expensive work, ... More
A Time-Power Series Based Semi-Analytical Approach for Power System SimulationApr 19 2018Time domain simulation is the basis of dynamic security assessment for power systems. Traditionally, numerical integration methods are adopted by simulation software to solve nonlinear power system differential-algebraic equations about any given contingency ... More
Bayesian Optimal Data Detector for mmWave OFDM System with Low-Resolution ADCApr 12 2017Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has been widely used in communication systems operating in the millimeter wave (mmWave) band to combat frequency-selective fading and achieve multi-Gbps transmissions, such as IEEE 802.15.3c and IEEE 802.11ad. ... More
Collider Phenomenology of $e^{-}e^{-}\to W^{-}W^{-}$Oct 09 2016Mar 07 2017Whether in nature exists Majorana neutrino is one of the most fundamental questions in physics. It is directly related to the violation of accidental $U(1)$-lepton number symmetry(LNV). Enormous efforts had been put into such test and among them, one ... More
Surface Plasmonic Lattice Solitons in Semi-infinite Graphene Sheet ArraysNov 21 2016We investigate the surface plasmonic lattice solitons (PLSs) in semi-infinite graphene sheet arrays. The surface soliton is formed as the SPPs tunneling is inhibited by the graphene nonlinearity, and meanwhile the incident power should be above a threshold ... More
Frequency domain TRINICON-based blind source separation method with multi-source activity detection for sparsely mixed signalsFeb 25 2018The TRINICON ('Triple-N ICA for convolutive mixtures') framework is an effective blind signal separation (BSS) method for separating sound sources from convolutive mixtures. It makes full use of the non-whiteness, non-stationarity and non-Gaussianity ... More
Nonlinear Modal Decoupling Based Power System Transient Stability AnalysisNov 09 2018Nonlinear modal decoupling (NMD) was recently proposed to nonlinearly transform a multi-oscillator system into a number of decoupled oscillators which together behave the same as the original system in an extended neighborhood of the equilibrium. Each ... More
Multi-Stage Holomorphic Embedding Method for Calculating the Power-Voltage CurveMay 04 2017The recently proposed non-iterative load flow method, called the holomorphic embedding method, may encounter the precision issue, i.e. nontrivial round-off errors caused by the limit of digits used in computation when calculating the power-voltage (P-V) ... More
Holographic Superconductors in Horava-Lifshitz GravityJun 18 2014We consider holographic superconductors related to the Schwarzschild black hole in the low energy limit of Ho\v{r}ava-Lifshitz spacetime. The non-relativistic electromagnetic and scalar fields are introduced to construct a holographic superconductor model ... More
Unified description of perturbation theory and band center anomaly in one-dimensional Anderson localizationAug 18 2010Apr 19 2011We calculated numerically the localization length of one-dimensional Anderson model with diagonal disorder. For weak disorder, we showed that the localization length changes continuously as the energy changes from the band center to the boundary of the ... More
Probing the statistical properties of CMB $B$-mode polarization through Minkowski FunctionalsOct 27 2015Jul 11 2016The detection of the magnetic type $B$-mode polarization is the main goal of future cosmic microwave background (CMB) experiments. In the standard model, the $B$-mode map is a strongly non-gaussian field due to the lensed component. Besides the two-point ... More
Fusion and quasi-fission dynamics in nearly-symmetric reactionsNov 04 2015Some nearly-symmetric fusion reactions are systematically investigated with the improved quantum molecular dynamics (ImQMD) model. By introducing two-body inelastic scattering in the Fermi constraint procedure, the stability of an individual nucleus and ... More
Relative and Mean Motions of Multi-Machine Power Systems in Classical ModelJun 20 2017It is well-known that in an m-machine power system where each machine is represented by a second-order differential equation, the Jacobian of the system equation contains (m-1) pairs of conjugate eigenvalues and two real eigenvalues, including at least ... More
A robust estimation for the extended t-process regression modelDec 18 2018Robust estimation and variable selection procedure are developed for the extended t-process regression model with functional data. Statistical properties such as consistency of estimators and predictions are obtained. Numerical studies show that the proposed ... More
Holomorphic isometries from the unit ball into symmetric domainsMar 11 2016Feb 01 2017We construct isometric holomorphic embeddings of the unit ball into higher rank symmetric domains, first discovered by Mok, in an explicit way using Jordan triple systems, and prove uniqueness results for all domains, including the exceptional domains ... More
Event-plane decorrelation over pseudo-rapidity and its effect on azimuthal anisotropy measurement in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsAug 06 2012Sep 22 2012Within A Multi-Phase Transport model, we investigate decorrelation of event planes over pseudorapidity and its effect on azimuthal anisotropy measurements in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The decorrelation increases with increasing {\eta} gap between ... More
Transient High-energy Gamma-rays and Neutrinos from Nearby Type II SupernovaeJan 17 2019The dense wind environment (or circumstellar medium) may be ubiquitous for the regular Type II supernovae (SNe) before the explosion, the interaction of which with the SN ejecta could result in a wind breakout event. The shock generated by the interaction ... More
Parametrization of the transfer matrix: for one-dimensional Anderson model with diagonal disorderDec 24 2009Aug 09 2010In this paper, we developed a new parametrization method to calculate the localization length in one-dimensional Anderson model with diagonal disorder. This method can avoid the divergence difficulty encountered in the conventional methods, and significantly ... More
Static electromagnetic fields and charged black holes in general covariant theory of Horava-Lifshitz gravityOct 07 2011Jan 23 2012In this paper, we study electromeganetic static spacetimes in the nonrelativisitc general covariant theory of the Horava-Lifshitz (HL) gravity, proposed recently by Horava and Melby-Thompson, and present all the electric static solutions, which represent ... More
SVM-based Deep Stacking NetworksFeb 15 2019The deep network model, with the majority built on neural networks, has been proved to be a powerful framework to represent complex data for high performance machine learning. In recent years, more and more studies turn to nonneural network approaches ... More
Fast and Flexible Indoor Scene Synthesis via Deep Convolutional Generative ModelsNov 29 2018We present a new, fast and flexible pipeline for indoor scene synthesis that is based on deep convolutional generative models. Our method operates on a top-down image-based representation, and inserts objects iteratively into the scene by predicting their ... More
Nonlinear Modal Decoupling of Multi-Oscillator Systems with Applications to Power SystemsNov 14 2016Many natural and manmade dynamical systems that are modeled as large nonlinear multi-oscillator systems like power systems are hard to analyze. For such a system, we propose a nonlinear modal decoupling (NMD) approach inversely constructing as many decoupled ... More
Power System Transient Stability Analysis Using Truncated Taylor Expansion SystemsNov 01 2018Small signal analysis is a special case of analytical approaches using Taylor expansions of power system differential equations with the truncation performed at order one. The truncated Taylor expansions (TTEs) at higher orders can lead to better approaches ... More
Hochschild (co)homologies of dg $K$-rings and their Koszul dualsOct 14 2018We formulate the (co)bar construction theory of dg $K$-(co)rings and the calculus theory of the Hochschild homology and cohomology of dg $K$-rings. As applications, we compare the Hochschild (co)homologies of a complete typical dg $K$-ring and its Koszul ... More
Leveraging Crowd for Game-based Learning: A Case Study of Privacy Education Game Design and Evaluation by CrowdsourcingMar 09 2016As the Internet grows in importance, it is vital to develop methods and techniques for educating end-users to improve their awareness of online privacy. Web-based education tools have been proven effective in many domains and have been increasingly adopted ... More
Synthetic Data Generation and Adaption for Object Detection in Smart Vending MachinesApr 28 2019This paper presents an improved scheme for the generation and adaption of synthetic images for the training of deep Convolutional Neural Networks(CNNs) to perform the object detection task in smart vending machines. While generating synthetic data has ... More
New color-octet axial vector boson revisitedJul 28 2011Nov 22 2011In this paper we re-examine how to utilize the previous proposed color-octet axial-vector boson $Z_{\rm C}$ to explain the $3.4\sigma$ anomaly of $t\bar t$ forward-backward (FB) asymmetry $A_{\rm FB}$ for $m_{t\bar t}> 450$GeV observed by CDF. Our numerical ... More
Zero Energy anomaly in one-dimensional Anderson lattice with exponentially correlated weak diadonal disorderMar 08 2012We calculated numerically the localization length of one-dimensional Anderson model with correlated diagonal disorder. For zero energy point in the weak disorder limit, we showed that the localization length changes continuously as the correlation of ... More
Critical Height for the Destabilization of Solar Prominences: Statistical Results from STEREO ObservationsSep 17 2011At which height will a prominence inclined to be unstable, or where is the most probable critical height for the prominence destabilization? This question is statistically studied based on 362 solar limb prominences well-recognized by SLIPCAT from 2007 ... More
Is polarization effect visible in leptonic SUSY searches?Dec 05 2013On-shell effective theory approach has been widely used in search of various supersymmetric signals, in particular, gluino/squark pairs with long cascade decay chains in which complete matrix element calculations may encounter over-20 dimensional integrations. ... More
Joint Channel-and-Data Estimation for Large-MIMO Systems with Low-Precision ADCsJan 22 2015The use of low precision (e.g., 1-3 bits) analog-to-digital convenors (ADCs) in very large multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems is a technique to reduce cost and power consumption. In this context, nevertheless, it has been shown that the training ... More
Bayes-Optimal Joint Channel-and-Data Estimation for Massive MIMO with Low-Precision ADCsJul 28 2015Dec 07 2015This paper considers a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) receiver with very low-precision analog-to-digital convertors (ADCs) with the goal of developing massive MIMO antenna systems that require minimal cost and power. Previous studies demonstrated ... More
Effects of Translation-Rotation Coupling on the Displacement Probability Distribution Functions of Boomerang Colloidal ParticlesMar 14 2016Prior studies have shown that low symmetry particles such as micro-boomerangs exhibit behaviour of Brownian motion rather different from that of high symmetry particles because convenient tracking points (TPs) are usually inconsistent with the center ... More
Dynamic State Estimation for Multi-Machine Power System by Unscented Kalman Filter with Enhanced Numerical StabilitySep 24 2015Aug 01 2016In this paper, in order to enhance the numerical stability of the unscented Kalman filter (UKF) used for power system dynamic state estimation, a new UKF with guaranteed positive semidifinite estimation error covariance (UKF-GPS) is proposed and compared ... More
Enhanced Community Structure Detection in Complex Networks with Partial Background InformationOct 09 2012May 13 2013Community structure detection in complex networks is important since it can help better understand the network topology and how the network works. However, there is still not a clear and widely-accepted definition of community structure, and in practice, ... More
Searching for the light Higgsinos in MSSM at the future e-p collidersFeb 11 2018Nov 13 2018The search of the light Higgsino {in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM)} is a crucial test for the criteria of the naturalness in supersymmetry. On the other hand, the direct production of light Higgsino is also known as one of the most ... More
Smooth skew-morphisms of the dihedral groupsJun 19 2018A skew-morphism $\varphi$ of a finite group $A$ is a permutation on $A$ such that $\varphi(1)=1$ and $\varphi(xy)=\varphi(x)\varphi^{\pi(x)}(y)$ for all $x,y\in A$ where $\pi:A\to\mathbb{Z}_{|\varphi|}$ is an integer function. A skew-morphism is smooth ... More
Difference in Narrow Emission Line Spectra of Seyfert 1 and 2 galaxiesAug 22 2008In the unification scheme of Seyfert galaxies, a dusty torus blocks the continuum source and broad line region in Seyfert 2 galaxies. However it is not clear whether or not and to what extent the torus affects the narrow line spectra. In this paper, we ... More
Monomial Gamma Monte Carlo SamplingFeb 25 2016Feb 29 2016We unify slice sampling and Hamiltonian Monte Carlo (HMC) sampling by demonstrating their connection under the canonical transformation from Hamiltonian mechanics. This insight enables us to extend HMC and slice sampling to a broader family of samplers, ... More
Thermal gravitational-wave background in the general pre-inflationary scenarioAug 15 2016Jan 16 2017We investigate the primordial gravitational waves (PGWs) in the general scenario where the inflation is preceded by a pre-inflationary stage with the effective equation of state $w$. Comparing with the results in the usual inflationary models, the power ... More
Quark model study of the $πN\to πN$ reactions up to the $N(1440)$ resonance regionFeb 15 2017A combined analysis of the reactions $\pi^+p\to \pi^+p$, $\pi^-p\to \pi^-p$ and $\pi^-p\to \pi^0n$ is carried out with a chiral quark model. The observations are reasonably described from the $\Delta(1232)$ resonance region up to the $N(1440)$ resonance ... More
InverseNet: Solving Inverse Problems with Splitting NetworksDec 01 2017We propose a new method that uses deep learning techniques to solve the inverse problems. The inverse problem is cast in the form of learning an end-to-end mapping from observed data to the ground-truth. Inspired by the splitting strategy widely used ... More
Confirmation of Kramers-Henneberger AtomsSep 06 2016In a remarkable experiment, Eichmann et al. attained unprecedented acceleration of neutral atoms by strong short-pulse IR laser fields. The driving mechanism was identified as the ponderomotive force on excited electrons bound in Rydberg orbits that survive ... More
A density-matrix renormalization group Study of one-dimensional incommensurate quantum Frenkel-Kontorova modelMay 10 2014In this paper, the one-dimensional incommensurate quantum Frenkel-Kontorova model is investigate by a density-matrix renormalization group algorithm. Special attention is given to the entanglement and the ground state energy. The energy gap between the ... More
Quantum phase transition in one-dimensional commensurate Frenkel-Kontorova modelMay 10 2014In this paper, we have studied the one-dimensional commensurate quantum Frenkel-Kontorova model by a density-matrix renormalization group (DMRG) algorithm. The focus has been on its properties of the entanglement, the coordinate correlation, the ground ... More
Stochastic Nicholson's blowflies delay differential equation with regime switchingJan 12 2019Mar 11 2019In this paper, we investigate the global existence of almost surely positive solution to a stochastic Nicholson's blowflies delay differential equation with regime switching, and give the estimation of the path. The results presented in this paper extend ... More
Order-disorder transition in $p$-oligophenylsJan 16 2019Poly($para$-phenylene) has been recognized as one important family of conducting polymers upon doping with donors or acceptors. This system possesses a chain-like structure with infinite benzene rings linked with the single C-C bond. Oligophenyls as models ... More
Nonreciprocal photon blockade in a two-mode cavity with a second-order nonlinearityMay 16 2019It is shown that the Fizeau drag can be used to cause nonreciprocity. We propose the use of a nanostructured toroid cavity made of $\chi^{(2)}$ nonlinear materials to achieve nonreciprocal photon blockade (PB) through the Fizeau drag. Under the weak driving ... More
Linear Time Approximation Schemes for Geometric Maximum CoverageFeb 07 2017We study approximation algorithms for the following geometric version of the maximum coverage problem: Let $\mathcal{P}$ be a set of $n$ weighted points in the plane. Let $D$ represent a planar object, such as a rectangle, or a disk. We want to place ... More
Almost Sure and Moment Exponential Stability of Regime-Switching Jump DiffusionsJun 12 2017Aug 09 2017This work is devoted to almost sure and moment exponential stability of regime-switching jump diffusions. The Lyapunov function method is used to derive sufficient conditions for stabilities for general nonlinear systems; which further helps to derive ... More
Emulated Inertia and Damping of Converter-Interfaced Power SourceNov 08 2016Converter-interfaced power sources (CIPSs), like wind turbine and energy storage, can be switched to the inertia emulation mode when the detected frequency deviation exceeds a pre-designed threshold, i.e. dead band, to support the frequency response of ... More
Laterally emitted surface second harmonic generation in a single ZnTe nanowireNov 15 2012Apr 16 2013We report a direct observation on the unique laterally emitted surface second harmonic generation (SHG) in a single ZnTe nanowire. The highly directional surface SHG signal that polarizes along the direction vertical to the nanowire growth axis, is significantly ... More
Deep Learning Based Robot for Automatically Picking up Garbage on the GrassApr 30 2019This paper presents a novel garbage pickup robot which operates on the grass. The robot is able to detect the garbage accurately and autonomously by using a deep neural network for garbage recognition. In addition, with the ground segmentation using a ... More
Fusion-fission reactions with modified Woods-Saxon potentialDec 15 2007A modified Woods-Saxon potential model is proposed for a unified description of the entrance channel fusion barrier and the fission barrier of fusion-fission reactions based on the Skyrme energy-density functional approach. The fusion excitation functions ... More
LCANet: End-to-End Lipreading with Cascaded Attention-CTCMar 13 2018Machine lipreading is a special type of automatic speech recognition (ASR) which transcribes human speech by visually interpreting the movement of related face regions including lips, face, and tongue. Recently, deep neural network based lipreading methods ... More
On the origin of the Extreme-Ultraviolet late phase of solar flaresApr 21 2015Solar flares typically have an impulsive phase that followed by a gradual phase as best seen in soft X-ray emissions. A recent discovery based on the EUV Variability Experiment (EVE) observations onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) reveals that ... More
Topological states in A15 superconductorsJul 09 2018Superconductors with the A15 structure are prototypical type-II s-wave superconductors which have generated considerable interest in early superconducting material history. However, the topological nature of the electronic structure remains unnoticed ... More
Riemannian kernel based Nyström method for approximate infinite-dimensional covariance descriptors with application to image set classificationJun 16 2018In the domain of pattern recognition, using the CovDs (Covariance Descriptors) to represent data and taking the metrics of the resulting Riemannian manifold into account have been widely adopted for the task of image set classification. Recently, it has ... More
Secure Federated Matrix FactorizationJun 12 2019To protect user privacy and meet law regulations, federated (machine) learning is obtaining vast interests in recent years. The key principle of federated learning is training a machine learning model without needing to know each user's personal raw private ... More
Scheduling Computation Graphs of Deep Learning Models on Manycore CPUsJul 16 2018For a deep learning model, efficient execution of its computation graph is key to achieving high performance. Previous work has focused on improving the performance for individual nodes of the computation graph, while ignoring the parallelization of the ... More
Deep Learning-based CSI Feedback Approach for Time-varying Massive MIMO ChannelsJul 31 2018Massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems rely on channel state information (CSI) feedback to perform precoding and achieve performance gain in frequency division duplex (FDD) networks. However, the huge number of antennas poses a challenge ... More
Exploring the Partially-obscured BLR and Partially-covered NLRFeb 25 2009We have conducted a series of investigations on the geometry of the reddening material in AGNs, which have important implications to the AGN unification and SMBH demography. According to our statistics of partially obscured quasars, we found that SMBHs ... More
Connection Between Mid-Infrared Emission Properties and Narrow Line Region Outflows in Type 1 Active Galactic NucleiMar 09 2013Mar 14 2013The location of warm dust producing the Mid-infrared (MIR) emission in Type 1 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGNs) is complex and not yet fully known. We explore this problem by studying how the MIR covering factor (CF_{MIR} =L_{MIR}/L_{bol}) correlates with ... More
Region Attention Networks for Pose and Occlusion Robust Facial Expression RecognitionMay 10 2019Occlusion and pose variations, which can change facial appearance significantly, are two major obstacles for automatic Facial Expression Recognition (FER). Though automatic FER has made substantial progresses in the past few decades, occlusion-robust ... More
A Heuristic Scheduling Scheme in Multiuser OFDMA NetworksSep 19 2008Conventional heterogeneous-traffic scheduling schemes utilize zero-delay constraint for real-time services, which aims to minimize the average packet delay among real-time users. However, in light or moderate load networks this strategy is unnecessary ... More
Trajectory Prediction of Rotating Objects in Viscous Fluid: Based on Kinematic Investigation of Magnus GliderOct 10 2016The case of a rotating object traveling through viscous fluid appears in many phenomena like the banana ball and missile movement. In this work, we build a model to predict the trajectory of such rotating objects with near-cylinder geometry. The analytical ... More
Nested Quantum Error Correction CodesSep 28 2009The theory of quantum error correction was established more than a decade ago as the primary tool for fighting decoherence in quantum information processing. Although great progress has already been made in this field, limited methods are available in ... More
Equipping Experts/Bandits with Long-term MemoryMay 30 2019We propose the first reduction-based approach to obtaining long-term memory guarantees for online learning in the sense of Bousquet and Warmuth, 2002, by reducing the problem to achieving typical switching regret. Specifically, for the classical expert ... More
Efficient Counting of Degree SequencesApr 14 2016Apr 22 2016A simple algorithm to count the set $D(n)$ of zero-free degree sequences of length $n$ exactly based on a known recurrence is presented. Several novel recurrences about the cardinalities of various subsets of $D(n)$ are also derived and used to provide ... More
Spherical Principal Component AnalysisMar 16 2019Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is one of the most important methods to handle high dimensional data. However, most of the studies on PCA aim to minimize the loss after projection, which usually measures the Euclidean distance, though in some fields, ... More
Constraints on the Universal Varying Yukawa Couplings: from SM-like to FermiophobicMar 22 2012Oct 07 2012Varying the Standard Model (SM) fermion Yukawa couplings universally by a generic positive scale factor ($F_{Yu}$), we study the phenomenological fit to the current available experimental results for the Higgs boson search at hadron colliders. We point ... More
Generalized Remote Preparation of Arbitrary $m$-qubit Entangled States via Genuine EntanglementsMar 30 2015Herein, we present a feasible, general protocol for quantum communication within a network via generalized remote preparation of an arbitrary $m$-qubit entangled state designed with genuine tripartite Greenberger--Horne--Zeilinger-type entangled resources. ... More
$π^+π^+$ and $π^+π^-$ colliding in noncommutative spaceMar 08 2012By studying the scattering process of scalar particle pion on the noncommutative scalar quantum electrodynamics, the non-commutative amendment of differential scattering cross-section is found, which is dependent of polar-angle and the results are significantly ... More
Deformations of the spin currents by topological screw dislocation and cosmic dispirationOct 27 2015We study the spin currents induced by topological screw dislocation and cosmic dispiration. By using the extended Drude model, we find that the spin dependent forces are modified by the nontrivial geometry. For the topological screw dislocation, only ... More
Seiberg-Witten map and quantum phase effects for neutral Dirac particle on noncommutatiave planeOct 23 2014Mar 19 2016We provide a new approach to study the noncommutative effects on the neutral Dirac particle with anomalous magnetic or electric dipole moment on the noncommutative plane. The advantages of this approach are demonstrated by investigating the noncommutative ... More
Graph Neural Networks for User Identity LinkageMar 06 2019The increasing popularity and diversity of social media sites has encouraged more and more people to participate in multiple online social networks to enjoy their services. Each user may create a user identity to represent his or her unique public figure ... More
$Υ(1S)$ prompt production at the Tevatron and LHC in nonrelativistic QCDFeb 27 2012Jun 18 2012With nonrelativistic QCD factorization, we calculate the $\Upsilon(1S)$ prompt production at hadron colliders at next-to-leading order in $\alpha_s$. In addition to the color-singlet contribution, color-octet channels (especially the P-wave channel) up ... More
QCD radiative corrections to $χ_{cJ}$ production at hadron collidersFeb 21 2010Jun 13 2011To clarify the outstanding problem in charmonium production that existing theories cannot explain the observed cross sections of $\chi_{cJ}$ (J=0,1,2) and ratio $R_{\chi_c}=\sigma_{\chi_{c2}}/\sigma_{\chi_{c1}}\approx 0.75$ (in contrast to the spin counting ... More
DQSB: A Reliable Broadcast Protocol Based on Distributed Quasi-Synchronized Mechanism for Low Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor NetworksJul 11 2012In duty-cycled wireless sensor networks, deployed sensor nodes are usually put to sleep for energy efficiency according to sleep scheduling approaches. Any sleep scheduling scheme with its supporting protocols ensures that data can always be routed from ... More
Resource Constrained Structured PredictionFeb 28 2016Jun 08 2016We study the problem of structured prediction under test-time budget constraints. We propose a novel approach applicable to a wide range of structured prediction problems in computer vision and natural language processing. Our approach seeks to adaptively ... More
Supplementary Material to: Realization of Three-port Spring Networks with Inerter for Effective Mechanical ControlOct 07 2015This is a supplementary material to "Realization of three-port spring networks with inerter for effective mechanical control" [1], which provides the detailed proofs of some results. For more background information, refer to [2]-[32] and references therein. ... More
Performance of Joint Channel and Physical Network Coding Based on Alamouti STBCMay 22 2013This work considers the protograph-coded physical network coding (PNC) based on Alamouti space-time block coding (STBC) over Nakagami-fading two-way relay channels, in which both the two sources and relay possess two antennas. We first propose a novel ... More
Comprehensive Constraints on a Spin-3/2 Singlet Particle as a Dark Matter CandidateFeb 17 2013We consider the proposal that dark matter (DM) is composed of a spin-3/2 particle that is a singlet of the standard model (SM). Its leading effective interactions with ordinary matter involve a pair of their fields and a pair of SM fermions, in the form ... More
Secure Communication Scheme Based on Asymptotic Model of Deterministic RandomnessJul 28 2005We propose a new cryptosystem by combing the Lissajous map, which is the asymptotic model of deterministic randomness, with the one-way coupled map lattice (OCML) system. The key space, the encryption efficiency, and the security are investigated. We ... More
Wireless Powered Dense Cellular Networks: How Many Small Cells Do We Need?Apr 02 2017Apr 04 2017This paper focuses on wireless powered 5G dense cellular networks, where base station (BS) delivers energy to user equipment (UE) via the microwave radiation in sub-6 GHz or millimeter wave (mmWave) frequency, and UE uses the harvested energy for uplink ... More
Virtual-Blind-Road Following Based Wearable Navigation Device for Blind PeopleApr 30 2019To help the blind people walk to the destination efficiently and safely in indoor environment, a novel wearable navigation device is presented in this paper. The locating, way-finding, route following and obstacle avoiding modules are the essential components ... More