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Pushing the Limits of Exoplanet Discovery via Direct Imaging with Deep LearningApr 12 2019Further advances in exoplanet detection and characterisation require sampling a diverse population of extrasolar planets. One technique to detect these distant worlds is through the direct detection of their thermal emission. The so-called direct imaging ... More
The Dn Ruijsenaars-Schneider modelFeb 07 2001Oct 01 2001The Lax pair of the Ruijsenaars-Schneider model with interaction potential of trigonometric type based on Dn Lie algebra is presented. We give a general form for the Lax pair and prove partial results for small n. Liouville integrability of the corresponding ... More
Self-Optimized OFDMA via Multiple Stackelberg Leader EquilibriumAug 23 2011The challenge of self-optimization for orthogonal frequency-division multiple-access (OFDMA) interference channels is that users inherently compete harmfully and simultaneous water-filling (WF) would lead to a Pareto-inefficient equilibrium. To overcome ... More
The Lax pairs for elliptic C_n and BC_n Ruijsenaars-Schneider models and their spectral curvesNov 16 2000Jan 21 2001We study the elliptic C_n and BC_n Ruijsenaars-Schneider models which is elliptic generalization of system given in hep-th/0006004. The Lax pairs for these models are constructed by Hamiltonian reduction technology. We show that the spectral curves can ... More
Flavor Physics and CP ViolationAug 12 2017We currently live in the age of the CKM paradigm. The $3\times 3$ matrix that links $(d,\ s,\ b)$ quarks to $(u,\ c,\ t)$ in the charged current weak interaction, being complex and nominally with 18 parameters, can be accounted for by just 3 rotation ... More
When the Higgs meets the Top: Search for t --> ch^0 at the LHCApr 30 2013Jul 29 2013The newly discovered "Higgs" boson h^0, being lighter than the top quark t, opens up new probes for flavor and mass generation. In the general two Higgs doublet model, new ct, cc and tt Yukawa couplings could modify h^0 properties. If t --> ch^0 occurs ... More
A Reference Vector based Many-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Feasibility-aware AdaptationApr 12 2019The infeasible parts of the objective space in difficult many-objective optimization problems cause trouble for evolutionary algorithms. This paper proposes a reference vector based algorithm which uses two interacting engines to adapt the reference vectors ... More
Slipping Magnetic Reconnection of Flux Rope Structures as a Precursor to an Eruptive X-class Solar FlareAug 06 2016We present the quasi-periodic slipping motion of flux rope structures prior to the onset of an eruptive X-class flare on 2015 March 11, obtained by the \emph{Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph} (\emph{IRIS}) and the \emph{Solar Dynamics Observatory} ... More
Integrating light-curve and atmospheric modelling of transiting exoplanetsNov 12 2018Spectral retrieval techniques are currently our best tool to interpret the observed exoplanet atmospheric data. Said techniques retrieve the optimal atmospheric components and parameters by identifying the best fit to an observed transmission/emission ... More
Analysis of thresholding for codimension two motion by mean curvature: a gradient-flow approachApr 02 2018The Merriman-Bence-Osher (MBO) scheme, also known as thresholding or diffusion generated motion, is an efficient numerical algorithm for computing mean curvature flow (MCF). It is fairly well understood in the case of hypersurfaces. This paper establishes ... More
Robot Autonomy for SurgeryJul 10 2017Autonomous surgery involves having surgical tasks performed by a robot operating under its own will, with partial or no human involvement. There are several important advantages of automation in surgery, which include increasing precision of care due ... More
Spectroscopic Surveys: PresentJun 29 2007Jun 29 2007I summarize the current spectroscopic sky surveys and some of the scientific results, emphasizing the largest sky survey to-date, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Techniques used commonly in spectral analyses are discussed, followed by the present ... More
Learning-Based Proxy Collision Detection for Robot Motion Planning ApplicationsFeb 21 2019This paper demonstrates that collision detection-intensive applications such as robotic motion planning may be accelerated by performing collision checks with a machine learning model. We propose Fastron, a learning-based algorithm to model a robot's ... More
Threshold Effects in the Decay of Heavy b' and t' QuarksJan 03 2011Jun 28 2011A sequential fourth generation is still viable, but the t' and b' quarks are constrained to be not too far apart in mass. The t'{\to}bW and b'{\to}tW decay channels are still being pursued at the Tevatron, which would soon be surpassed by the LHC. We ... More
Heavy b' and t' DecayNov 06 2008Heavy $t' \to bW$ is currently being searched for at the Tevatron, but a broader spectrum should be explored at the LHC. For $m_{b'} < m_{t'}$, we discuss the two decay branches, $b' \to tW^*$ and $t^*W$, below the $tW$ threshold, and how they merge with ... More
Towards Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications: Typical Scenarios, Possible Solutions, and Open IssuesMar 10 2019Ultra-reliable low-latency communications (URLLC) has been considered as one of the three new application scenarios in the \emph{5th Generation} (5G) \emph {New Radio} (NR), where the physical layer design aspects have been specified. With the 5G NR, ... More
Field Induced Oscillation of Two Majorana Modes for a finite Quantum WireNov 02 2016Nov 03 2016The evolution of quantum walk on a finite wire under a small increment of vector potential $\alpha$ can exhibit intrinsic quantum oscillation of the two topologically protected bound states corresponding to the Majorana modes. By tuning an external electric ... More
Alternating Dynamic Programming for Multiple Epidemic Change-Point EstimationJul 16 2019In this paper, we study the problem of multiple change-point detection for a univariate sequence under the epidemic setting, where the behavior of the sequence alternates between a common normal state and different epidemic states. This is a non-trivial ... More
Monte Carlo Predictions of Proton SEE Cross-Sections from Heavy Ion Test DataNov 26 2015The limits of previous methods promote us to design a new approach (named PRESTAGE) to predict proton single event effect (SEE) cross-sections using heavy-ion test data. To more realistically simulate the SEE mechanisms, we adopt Geant4 and the location-dependent ... More
Eigenmodes of Neel skyrmions in ultrathin magnetic filmsDec 20 2016Apr 28 2017The static and dynamic states of N\'eel skyrmions in ultrathin ferromagnetic films with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) have been micromagnetically simulated as functions of the interfacial DMI strength and applied static magnetic ... More
Pairing Symmetry in the Anisotropic Fermi Superfluid under p-wave Feshbach ResonanceJan 20 2006The anisotropic Fermi superfluid of ultra-cold Fermi atoms under the p-wave Feshbach resonance is studied theoretically. The pairing symmetry of the ground state is determined by the strength of the atom-atom magnetic dipole interaction. It is $k_z$ for ... More
Current response of a topological insulator to a static Zeeman fieldApr 16 2015Dec 30 2015We study the magnetoelectric coupling at the surface of a topological insulator. We are in particular interested in the surface current induced by a static Zeeman/exchange field. This surface current can be related to the orbital magnetization of the ... More
Mesoscopic p-wave superconductor near the phase transition temperatureNov 16 2012Jul 09 2013We study the finite-size and boundary effects on a p-wave superconductor in a mesoscopic rectangular sample using Ginzburg-Landau (GL) and quasi-classical (QC) Green's function theory. Except for a square sample with parameters far away from the isotropic ... More
Phase diagrams of a p-Wave superconductor inside a mesoscopic disc-shaped sampleMar 21 2012Oct 19 2012We study the finite-size and boundary effects on a time-reversal-symmetry breaking p-wave superconducting state in a mesoscopic disc geometry using Ginzburg-Landau theory. We show that, for a large parameter range, the system exhibits multiple phase transitions. ... More
Fastron: An Online Learning-Based Model and Active Learning Strategy for Proxy Collision DetectionSep 07 2017We introduce the Fastron, a configuration space (C-space) model to be used as a proxy to kinematic-based collision detection. The Fastron allows iterative updates to account for a changing environment through a combination of a novel formulation of the ... More
Connecting boundary and interior - "Gauss's law" for graphsJan 27 2011The Gauss's law, in an abstract sense, is a theorem that relates quantities on the boundary (flux) to the interior (charge) of a surface. An identity for soap froths were proved with the same boundary-interior relation. In this article, we try to construct ... More
Scalar Quantizer Design for Two-Way ChannelsJul 16 2019The problem of lossy transmission of correlated sources over memoryless two-way channels (TWCs) is considered. The objective is to develop a robust low delay and low complexity source-channel coding scheme without using error correction. A simple full-duplex ... More
Atom-driven multistability in an optomechanical cavity under broken PT-symmetryDec 07 2015An optical field inside a Fabry-Perot cavity would exhibit multistability either when an atomic medium, acting as a classical dielectric, is filled into the cavity or when the cavity becomes optomechanical where one reflecting end becomes movable. An ... More
Quantified Differential Temporal Dynamic Logic for Verifying Properties of Distributed Hybrid SystemsJul 11 2012We combine quantified differential dynamic logic (QdL) for reasoning about the possible behavior of distributed hybrid systems with temporal logic for reasoning about the temporal behavior during their operation. Our logic supports verification of temporal ... More
On the minimal speed and asymptotics of the wave solutions for the lotka volterra systemFeb 15 2010e study the minimal wave speed and the asymptotics of the traveling wave solutions of a competitive Lotka Volterra system. The existence of the traveling wave solutions is derived by monotone iteration. The asymptotic behaviors of the wave solutions are ... More
On hypercomplexifying real forms of arbitrary rankSep 28 2002For certain problems involving vector fields, it is possible to find an associated imaginary field that, in conjunction with the first, forms a complex field for which the equation can be solved. This result is generalized to arbitrary Clifford algebras, ... More
A theoretical and numerical study of gravity driven coating flow on cylinder and sphere: fingering instabilityAug 11 2017To find the regularities of formed fingers in gravity driven coating flows on upper cylinder and sphere, the mathematical formulation to model the fingering instability on cylindrical or spherical surface which consists of a capillary wave equation and ... More
A theoretical and numerical study of gravity driven coating flow on cylinder and sphere: two-dimensional and axisymmetric capillary wavesJul 31 2017The theoretical and numerical models for gravity driven coating flow on upper cylinder and sphere are formulated. Using a perturbation method, the governing equations which depend on one Bond number $Bo$ are derived for a liquid film flow down the outside ... More
Global Attractor in Competitive Lotka-Volterra SystemsNov 21 2007For autonomous Lotka-Volterra systems of differential equations modelling the dynamics of n competing species, new criteria are established for the existence of a single point global attractor. Under the conditions of these criteria, some of the species ... More
Optimal Error Estimates of A Decoupled Scheme Based on Two-Grid Finite Element for Mixed Stokes-Darcy ModelSep 08 2015Oct 26 2015Although the numerical results suggest the optimal convergence order of the two-grid finite element decoupled scheme for mixed Stokes-Darcy model with Beaver-Joseph-Saffman interface condition in literatures, the numerical analysis only get the optimal ... More
Thermodynamic cycle in a cavity optomechanical systemFeb 16 2014A cavity optomechanical system is initiated by a radiation pressure of a cavity field onto a mirror element acting as a quantum resonator. This radiation pressure can control the thermodynamic character of the mirror to some extent, such as cooling its ... More
Quasi-lattice chains and multipartite entanglement in a cavityJun 12 2013Nov 12 2014Unlike atoms in a lattice, the spacings between neighboring qubits in a superconducting quantum circuit are mesoscopic and non-uniform. The strength of interaction between this quasi-lattice chain of qubits and a resonator mode in circuit transmission ... More
Permanence criteria for Kolmogorov systems with delaysMar 07 2013In this paper, a class of Kolmogorov systems with delays are studied. Sufficient conditions are provided for a system to have a compact uniform attractor. Then Jansen's result (J. Math. Biol. Vol. 25 (1987) 411-422) for autonomous replicator and Lotka-Volterra ... More
The classification of Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimensions at most oneOct 10 2016Dec 16 2017In this paper we provide the complete classification of Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimensions less than $1.$ In particular, we prove that every purely loxodromic Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimension $<1$ is a classical Schottky group. This upper bound ... More
Complex Hessian Equation on Kähler ManifoldDec 24 2008In this paper, complex Hessian equation over K\"ahler manifold was studied. Under the condition that the underline K\"ahler manifold has non-negative holomorphic bisectional curvature, the existence and regularity of the solution was proved.
A characterization of positive linear maps and criteria of entanglement for quantum statesJul 04 2010Let $H$ and $K$ be (finite or infinite dimensional) complex Hilbert spaces. A characterization of positive completely bounded normal linear maps from ${\mathcal B}(H)$ into ${\mathcal B}(K)$ is given, which particularly gives a characterization of positive ... More
Quasi-convergence of the Ricci flow on locally homogeneous closed 4-manifoldsJan 05 2015We study the quasi-convergence equivalence of some families of metrics on locally homogeneous closed 4-manifolds with trivial isotropy group, and identify the dimension of each equivalence class under certain conditions.
Agnostic Lane DetectionMay 02 2019Lane detection is an important yet challenging task in autonomous driving, which is affected by many factors, e.g., light conditions, occlusions caused by other vehicles, irrelevant markings on the road and the inherent long and thin property of lanes. ... More
A Deterministic Algorithm for Bridging Anaphora ResolutionNov 14 2018Previous work on bridging anaphora resolution (Poesio et al., 2004; Hou et al., 2013b) use syntactic preposition patterns to calculate word relatedness. However, such patterns only consider NPs' head nouns and hence do not fully capture the semantics ... More
Coping with Prospective Memory Failures: An Optimal Reminder System DesignJan 23 2016Forgetting is in common in daily life, and 50-80% everyday's forgetting is due to prospective memory failures, which have significant impacts on our life. More seriously, some of these memory lapses can bring fatal consequences such as forgetting a sleeping ... More
Acyclic edge coloring of sparse graphsFeb 28 2012A proper edge coloring of a graph $G$ is called acyclic if there is no bichromatic cycle in $G$. The acyclic chromatic index of $G$, denoted by $\chi'_a(G)$, is the least number of colors $k$ such that $G$ has an acyclic edge $k$-coloring. The maximum ... More
Studies of LL-type 500MHz 5-cell superconducting cavity at SINAPJul 11 2014Aug 22 2014A low loss (LL) type 500 MHz 5-cell superconducting niobium prototype cavity with large beam aperture has been developed successfully including the optimization, the deep drawing and electron beam welding, the surface treatment and the vertical testing. ... More
Anisotropic electron-phonon coupling in the spinel oxide superconductorJun 20 2016Jan 18 2017Among hundreds of spinel oxides, LiTi2O4 (LTO) is the only one that exhibits superconductivity (Tc ~13 K). Although the general electron-phonon coupling is still the main mechanism for electron pairing in LTO, unconventional behaviors such as the anomalous ... More
Statistical Parsing by Machine Learning from a Classical Arabic TreebankOct 25 2015Research into statistical parsing for English has enjoyed over a decade of successful results. However, adapting these models to other languages has met with difficulties. Previous comparative work has shown that Modern Arabic is one of the most difficult ... More
Contextual Semantic Parsing using Crowdsourced Spatial DescriptionsMay 01 2014We describe a contextual parser for the Robot Commands Treebank, a new crowdsourced resource. In contrast to previous semantic parsers that select the most-probable parse, we consider the different problem of parsing using additional situational context ... More
BET on IndependenceOct 17 2016We study the problem of model-free dependence detection. This problem can be difficult even when the marginal distributions are known. We explain this difficulty by showing the impossibility to uniformly consistently distinguish degeneracy from independence ... More
Nested SequentsApr 11 2010We see how nested sequents, a natural generalisation of hypersequents, allow us to develop a systematic proof theory for modal logics. As opposed to other prominent formalisms, such as the display calculus and labelled sequents, nested sequents stay inside ... More
Stabilité des sous-algèbres paraboliques de so(n)May 07 2013Let $\mathbb{K}$ be an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0. A finite dimensional Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ over $\mathbb{K}$ is said to be stable if there exists a linear form $g\in\mathfrak{g}^{*}$ and a Zariski open subset in $\mathfrak{g}^{*}$ ... More
The cosmic distance duality relation with strong lensing and gravitational waves: an opacity-free testJun 23 2019The cosmic distance duality relation (CDDR) is a fundamental assumption in cosmological studies. Given the redshift $z$, it relates luminosity distance $D^L$ with angular diameter distance $D^A$ through $(1+z)^2D^A/D^L\equiv1$. Many efforts have been ... More
The mean value theorems and a Nagumo-type uniqueness theorem for Caputo's fractional calculus (Corrected Version)Sep 04 2017We generalize the classical mean value theorem of differential calculus by allowing the use of a Caputo-type fractional derivative instead of the commonly used first-order derivative. Similarly, we generalize the classical mean value theorem for integrals ... More
Immersed boundary methods for numerical simulation of confined fluid and plasma turbulence in complex geometries: a reviewAug 19 2015Immersed boundary methods for computing confined fluid and plasma flows in complex geometries are reviewed. The mathematical principle of the volume penalization technique is described and simple examples for imposing Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions ... More
Generation of interfaces for multi-dimensional stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with a noise smooth in spaceApr 22 2016In this paper, we study the generation of interfaces for a stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with general initial value in the multi-dimensional case that external noise is given by Q-Brownian motion. We prove that interfaces, for d-dimensional stochastic ... More
Stability and Uniqueness of Global Solutions to Euler Equations with Exothermic ReactionJan 27 2018We consider the Cauchy problems of a non-strictly hyperbolic system which describes the compressible Euler fluid with exothermic reaction. In this paper a Lyapunov-type functional is constructed for balance laws. By analysis of the flow generated by front ... More
The product formula for Gromov-Witten invariantsOct 10 1997We prove that the system of Gromov-Witten invariants of the product of two varieties is equal to the tensor product of the systems of Gromov-Witten invariants of the two factors.
On solvability of an indefinite Riccati equationDec 27 2013This note concerns a class of matrix Riccati equations associated with stochastic linear-quadratic optimal control problems with indefinite state and control weighting costs. A novel sufficient condition of solvability of such equations is derived, based ... More
Uniformization of two-dimensional metric surfacesDec 10 2014Aug 26 2016We establish uniformization results for metric spaces that are homeomorphic to the euclidean plane or sphere and have locally finite Hausdorff 2-measure. Applying the geometric definition of quasiconformality, we give a necessary and sufficient condition ... More
Finite Size Scaling for Criticality of the Schrödinger EquationSep 22 2010By solving the Schr\"odinger equation one obtains the whole energy spectrum, both the bound and the continuum states. If the Hamiltonian depends on a set of parameters, these could be tuned to a transition from bound to continuum states. The behavior ... More
Individual Adaption in a Path-Based Simulation of the Freeway Network of Northrhine-WestfaliaMay 04 1997Traffic simulations are made more realistic by giving individual drivers intentions, i.e. an idea of where they want to go. One possible implementation of this idea is to give each driver an exact pre-computed path, that is, a sequence of roads this driver ... More
New applications of Renormalization Group methods to nuclear matterAug 21 2012We give an overview of recent results for the nuclear equation of state and properties of neutron stars based on microscopic two- and three-nucleon interactions derived within chiral effective field theory (EFT). It is demonstrated that the application ... More
Generation and motion of interfaces in one-dimensional stochastic Allen-Cahn equationNov 18 2015In this paper we study a sharp interface limit for a stochastic reaction-diffusion equation. We consider the case that the noise is a space-time white noise multiplied by a small parameter and a smooth function which has a compact support. We show a generation ... More
Differential Graded Schemes II: The 2-category of Differential Graded SchemesDec 17 2002We construct a 2-category of differential graded schemes. The local affine models in this theory are differential graded algebras, which are graded commutative with unit over a field of characteristic zero, are concentrated in non-positive degrees and ... More
Subcritical Stein manifolds are splitApr 30 2002It is shown that every subcritical Stein manifold is deformation equivalent to the product of a Stein manifold with $\C$.
Constraints on cosmic curvature with lensing time delays and gravitational wavesApr 03 2019Assuming the $\Lambda$CDM model, the CMB and BAO observations indicate a very flat Universe. Model-independent measurements are therefore worth studying. Time delays measured in lensed quasars provide the time delay distances. When compared with the luminosity ... More
Existence of constant scalar curvature Kaehler cone metrics, properness and geodesic stabilityMar 26 2018In this article, we prove that the existence of the constant scalar curvature Kaehler (cscK) metrics with cone singularities is equivalent to the properness of the log $K$-energy, assuming that the automorphism group is discrete. We also prove their equivalence ... More
Positive curvature operator, projective manifold and rational connectednessMay 13 2019In his recent work \cite{Y1}, X. Yang proved a conjecture raised by Yau in 1982 (\cite{Yau82}), which states that any compact K\"{a}hler manifold with positive holomorphic sectional curvature must be projective. In this note, we prove that any compact ... More
Analytic filling of totally real toriJul 25 2015Feb 26 2016We prove that any embedded Maslov index two analytic disc attached to a totally real torus in the complex two-dimensional affine space extends to an analytic filling provided that the torus is contained in a regular level set of a strictly plurisubharmonic ... More
Internal and surface waves in vibrofluidized granular materials: Role of cohesionFeb 26 2018May 18 2018Wave phenomena in vibrofluidized dry and partially wet granular materials confined in a quasi-two-dimensional geometry are investigated with numerical simulations considering individual particles as hard spheres. Short ranged cohesive interactions arising ... More
On the de Rham Cohomology of Differential and Algebraic StacksOct 10 2004Nov 30 2004We introduce the notion of cofoliation on a stack. A cofoliation is a change of the differentiable structure which amounts to giving a full representable smooth epimorphism. Cofoliations are uniquely determined by their associated Lie algebroids. Cofoliations ... More
Positive curvature operator, projective manifold and rational connectednessMay 13 2019Jun 17 2019In his recent work \cite{Y1}, X. Yang proved a conjecture raised by Yau in 1982 (\cite{Yau82}), which states that any compact K\"{a}hler manifold with positive holomorphic sectional curvature must be projective. In this note, we prove that any compact ... More
A Hirzebruch proportionality principle in Arakelov geometryMay 11 2001We show that a conjectural extension of a fixed point formula in Arakelov geometry implies results about a tautological subring in the arithmetic Chow ring of bases of abelian schemes. Among the results are an Arakelov version of the Hirzebruch proportionality ... More
Chains of Unusual Excellent Local RingsNov 18 2003Let (T,M) be a complete local domain containing the integers. Let p1 \subseteq p2 \subseteq ... \subseteq pn be a chain of nonmaximal prime ideals T such that T_pn is a regular local ring. We construct a chain of excellent local domains An \subseteq A1 ... More
An Extension of the Well-Posedness Concept for Fractional Differential Equations of Caputo's TypeSep 17 2013Dec 16 2013It is well known that, under standard assumptions, initial value problems for fractional ordinary differential equations involving Caputo-type derivatives are well posed in the sense that a unique solution exists and that this solution continuously depends ... More
On Local Models with Special Parahoric Level StructureApr 11 2008We consider the local model of a Shimura variety of PEL type, with the unitary similitudes corresponding to a ramified quadratic extension of $\mathbb{Q}_p$ as defining group. We examine the cases where the level structure at $p$ is given by a parahoric ... More
$W^{2,p}$-solutions of parabolic SPDEs in general domainsMay 17 2018The Dirichlet problem for a class of stochastic partial differential equations is studied in Sobolev spaces. The existence and uniqueness result is proved under certain compatibility conditions that ensure the finiteness of $L^{p}(\Omega\times(0,T),W^{2,p}(G))$-norms ... More
Holomorphic jets in symplectic manifoldsMar 03 2013Apr 15 2014We define pointwise partial differential relations for holomorphic discs. Given a relative homotopy class, a relation, and a generic almost complex structure we provide the moduli space of discs which have an injective point with the structure of a smooth ... More
Lagrangian non-squeezing and a geometric inequalitySep 17 2012Oct 30 2013We prove that if the unit codisc bundle of a closed Riemannian manifold embeds symplectically into a symplectic cylinder of radius one then the length of the shortest nontrivial closed geodesic is at most half the area of the unit disc.
Tools for assessing and optimizing the energy requirements of high performance scientific computing softwareMay 04 2016Score-P is a measurement infrastructure originally designed for the analysis and optimization of the performance of HPC codes. Recent extensions of Score-P and its associated tools now also allow the investigation of energy-related properties and support ... More
Solvability conditions for indefinite linear quadratic optimal stochastic control problems and associated stochastic Riccati equationsFeb 06 2014Dec 18 2015A linear quadratic optimal stochastic control problem with random coefficients and indefinite state/control weight costs is usually linked to an indefinite stochastic Riccati equation (SRE) which is a matrix-valued quadratic backward stochastic differential ... More
Aspects of the confinement mechanism in Landau gauge QCDNov 21 2008I analyze the IR fixed point structure of Landau gauge QCD. Precisely the fixed point with a strong kinematic singularity of the quark-gluon vertex that proved crucial for the recently proposed confinement mechanism in the quenched approximation is absent ... More
A p-adic exponential map for the Picard group and its application to the Albanese mapSep 24 2013We define an exponential map from the first cohomology group of the structure sheaf to the Picard group of a proper flat scheme over a complete DVR of characteristic (0, p). To be precise, it is an isomorphism between subgroups of each member. It is an ... More
Experimental Review of Structures in the $J/ψφ$ Mass SpectrumAug 04 2013The discovery of numerous new charmonium-like structures since 2003 have revitalized interest in exotic meson spectroscopy. These structures do not fit easily into the conventional charmonium model, and proposals like four-quark states, hybrids, and re-scattering ... More
Impulse response of the Bayreuth FestspielhausMar 21 2017The Bayreuth Festspielhaus is well known for its architecture because its design is heavily influenced by composer Richard Wagner. Due to the special acoustic design, the reverberation time (i.e., time scale for the sound pressure level to decay $60$~dB) ... More
Poisson approximation of Rademacher functionals by the Chen-Stein method and Malliavin calculusMay 06 2015Jul 25 2017New bounds on the total variation distance between the law of integer valued functionals of possibly non-symmetric and non-homogeneous infinite Rademacher sequences and the Poisson distribution are established. They are based on a combination of the Chen-Stein ... More
Preparation of two-particle total hyperfine spin singlet states via spin-changing dynamicsJun 11 2012We present our proposals for generating total hyperfine spin zero state for two f=1 or two f=2 particles, starting from initial unentangled states. We show that our goal can be achieved by exploiting spin changing dynamics and quadratic Zeeman shifts ... More
Are easily usable security libraries possible and how should experts work together to create them?Mar 23 2016Due to non-experts also developing security relevant applications it is necessary to support them too. Some improvements in the current research may not reach or impact these developers. Nonetheless these developers use security libraries. There are findings ... More
A dynamical mechanism for quark confinementDec 16 2008Recently there has been progress in the understanding of the confinement mechanism in Landau gauge QCD. The emerging dynamical description in terms of the underlying gauge dependent degrees of freedom goes beyond the static confinement in the quenched ... More
A State Of the Art Report on Research in Multiple RGB-D sensor SetupsOct 08 2013That the Microsoft Kinect, an RGB-D sensor, transformed the gaming and end consumer sector has been anticipated by the developers. That it also impacted in rigorous computer vision research has probably been a surprise to the whole community. Shortly ... More
Things that go bump in the night: From $J/ψφ$ to other mass spectrumJun 21 2018This article summarizes a brief development of exotic mesons with Vector-Vector (VV) final states starting from the $J/\psi\phi$ mass spectrum, as well as extensions to other final states for strong-interaction physics and physics beyond standard model. ... More
Efficient Counting of Degree SequencesApr 14 2016Feb 14 2017Novel dynamic programming algorithms to count the set $D(n)$ of zero-free degree sequences of length $n$, the set $D_c(n)$ of degree sequences of connected graphs on $n$ vertices and the set $D_b(n)$ of degree sequences of biconnected graphs on $n$ vertices ... More
Generation and motion of interfaces in one-dimensional stochastic Allen-Cahn equationNov 18 2015Oct 22 2016In this paper we study a sharp interface limit for a stochastic reaction-diffusion equation. We consider the case that the noise is a space-time white noise multiplied by a small parameter and a smooth function which has a compact support. We show a generation ... More
A higher dimensional generalization of Lichtenbaum duality in terms of the Albanese mapDec 07 2015Apr 27 2016We present a conjectural formula describing the cokernel of the Albanese map of zero-cycles of smooth projective varieties $X$ over $p$-adic fields in terms of the N\'eron-Severi group and provide a proof under additional assumptions on an integral model ... More
A moving lemma for algebraic cycles with modulus and contravarianceJul 28 2015May 19 2018We prove a moving lemma which implies the contravariance of Bloch-Esnault's additive higher Chow group in smooth affine varieties and Binda-Saito's higher Chow group (taken in the Nisnevich topology) in smooth varieties equipped with effective Cartier ... More
The codisc radius capacityOct 08 2012Sep 23 2013We define a capacity which measures the size of Weinstein tubular neighbourhoods of Lagrangian submanifolds. In symplectic vector spaces this leads to bounds on the codisc radius for any closed Lagrangian submanifold in terms of Viterbo's isoperimetric ... More
Random Cluster TessellationsDec 11 2007This article describes, in elementary terms, a generic approach to produce discrete random tilings and similar random structures by using point process theory. The standard Voronoi and Delone tilings can be constructed in this way. For this purpose, convex ... More
On Efficient Decoding and Design of Sparse Random Linear Network CodesApr 19 2016Random linear network coding (RLNC) in theory achieves the max-flow capacity of multicast networks, at the cost of high decoding complexity. To improve the performance-complexity tradeoff, we consider the design of sparse network codes. A generation-based ... More