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Integrating light-curve and atmospheric modelling of transiting exoplanetsNov 12 2018Spectral retrieval techniques are currently our best tool to interpret the observed exoplanet atmospheric data. Said techniques retrieve the optimal atmospheric components and parameters by identifying the best fit to an observed transmission/emission ... More
Pushing the Limits of Exoplanet Discovery via Direct Imaging with Deep LearningApr 12 2019Further advances in exoplanet detection and characterisation require sampling a diverse population of extrasolar planets. One technique to detect these distant worlds is through the direct detection of their thermal emission. The so-called direct imaging ... More
The Dn Ruijsenaars-Schneider modelFeb 07 2001Oct 01 2001The Lax pair of the Ruijsenaars-Schneider model with interaction potential of trigonometric type based on Dn Lie algebra is presented. We give a general form for the Lax pair and prove partial results for small n. Liouville integrability of the corresponding ... More
The Lax pairs for elliptic C_n and BC_n Ruijsenaars-Schneider models and their spectral curvesNov 16 2000Jan 21 2001We study the elliptic C_n and BC_n Ruijsenaars-Schneider models which is elliptic generalization of system given in hep-th/0006004. The Lax pairs for these models are constructed by Hamiltonian reduction technology. We show that the spectral curves can ... More
Rook placements and Jordan forms of upper-triangular nilpotent matricesFeb 28 2017The set of n by n upper-triangular nilpotent matrices with entries in a finite field F_q has Jordan canonical forms indexed by partitions lambda of n. We present a combinatorial formula for computing the number F_\lambda(q) of matrices of Jordan type ... More
Optimizing the F-measure for Threshold-free Salient Object DetectionMay 19 2018Current CNN-based solutions to salient object detection (SOD) mainly rely on the optimization of cross-entropy loss (CELoss). Then the quality of detected saliency maps is often evaluated in terms of F-measure. In this paper, we investigate an interesting ... More
A combinatorial formula for Macdonald polynomialsMar 05 2008In this paper we use the combinatorics of alcove walks to give a uniform combinatorial formula for Macdonald polynomials for all Lie types. These formulas are generalizations of the formulas of Haglund-Haiman-Loehr for Macdonald polynoimals of type GL(n). ... More
Spectroscopic Surveys: PresentJun 29 2007Jun 29 2007I summarize the current spectroscopic sky surveys and some of the scientific results, emphasizing the largest sky survey to-date, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Techniques used commonly in spectral analyses are discussed, followed by the present ... More
Learning-Based Proxy Collision Detection for Robot Motion Planning ApplicationsFeb 21 2019This paper demonstrates that collision detection-intensive applications such as robotic motion planning may be accelerated by performing collision checks with a machine learning model. We propose Fastron, a learning-based algorithm to model a robot's ... More
Heavy b' and t' DecayNov 06 2008Heavy $t' \to bW$ is currently being searched for at the Tevatron, but a broader spectrum should be explored at the LHC. For $m_{b'} < m_{t'}$, we discuss the two decay branches, $b' \to tW^*$ and $t^*W$, below the $tW$ threshold, and how they merge with ... More
Threshold Effects in the Decay of Heavy b' and t' QuarksJan 03 2011Jun 28 2011A sequential fourth generation is still viable, but the t' and b' quarks are constrained to be not too far apart in mass. The t'{\to}bW and b'{\to}tW decay channels are still being pursued at the Tevatron, which would soon be surpassed by the LHC. We ... More
Robot Autonomy for SurgeryJul 10 2017Autonomous surgery involves having surgical tasks performed by a robot operating under its own will, with partial or no human involvement. There are several important advantages of automation in surgery, which include increasing precision of care due ... More
Analysis of thresholding for codimension two motion by mean curvature: a gradient-flow approachApr 02 2018The Merriman-Bence-Osher (MBO) scheme, also known as thresholding or diffusion generated motion, is an efficient numerical algorithm for computing mean curvature flow (MCF). It is fairly well understood in the case of hypersurfaces. This paper establishes ... More
Spectroscopic evidence of chiral Majorana modes in a quantum anomalous Hall insulator / superconductor heterostructureSep 13 2018Sep 24 2018Topological superconductors are in the focus of research because of their high potential for future applications of quantum computation. With the recent discovery of the quantum anomalous Hall insulator (QAHI), which exhibits the conductive quantum Hall ... More
Spin current in topologically trivial and nontrivial noncentrosymmetric superconductorsApr 22 2010Sep 01 2010We study theoretically the surface of time-reversal-symmetric, noncentrosymmetric superconductor with mixed singlet and triplet order parameters. A pair of counterpropagating subgap quasiparticle surface bound states with opposite spin projections are ... More
Spin current and spin accumulation near a Josephson junction between a singlet and triplet superconductorApr 29 2009We consider a Josephson junction with an arbitrary transmission coefficient $\mathcal{D}$ between a singlet and a triplet superconductor with the latter order parameter characterized by a d-vector of the form ($k_x\hat{y}-k_y\hat{x}$). Various quantities ... More
First-passage time distribution for random walks on complex networks using inverse Laplace transform and mean-field approximationDec 12 2018We obtain an exact formula for the first-passage time probability distribution for random walks on complex networks using inverse Laplace transform. We write the formula as the summation of finitely many terms with different frequencies corresponding ... More
Selection of Random Walkers that Optimizes the Global Mean First-Passage Time for Search in Complex NetworksDec 12 2018We design a method to optimize the global mean first-passage time (GMFPT) of multiple random walkers searching in complex networks for a general target, without specifying the property of the target node. According to the Laplace transformed formula of ... More
Tranverse magnetic field distribution in the vortex state of noncentrosymmetric superconductor with O symmetryOct 17 2008We investigate the magnetic field distribution inside a Type II superconductor which has point group symmetry $O$ such as Li$_2$Pt$_3$B. The absence of inversion symmetry as a departure from perfect cubic group $O_h$ causes a magnetization collinear with ... More
Signature of superconducting states in cubic crystal without inversion symmetryNov 06 2007The effects of absence of inversion symmetry on superconducting states are investigated theoretically. In particular we focus on the noncentrosymmetric compounds which have the cubic symmetry $O$ like Li$_2$Pt$_3$B. An appropriate and isotropic spin-orbital ... More
Field Induced Oscillation of Two Majorana Modes for a finite Quantum WireNov 02 2016Nov 03 2016The evolution of quantum walk on a finite wire under a small increment of vector potential $\alpha$ can exhibit intrinsic quantum oscillation of the two topologically protected bound states corresponding to the Majorana modes. By tuning an external electric ... More
Monte Carlo Predictions of Proton SEE Cross-Sections from Heavy Ion Test DataNov 26 2015The limits of previous methods promote us to design a new approach (named PRESTAGE) to predict proton single event effect (SEE) cross-sections using heavy-ion test data. To more realistically simulate the SEE mechanisms, we adopt Geant4 and the location-dependent ... More
Pairing of Fermions with Arbitrary SpinAug 22 1998Motivated by the recent success of optical trapping of alkali Bose condensate, we have studied the superfluid state of optically trapped alkali fermions, which can have Cooper pairs with total spin $J\geq 2$. In this paper, we shall discuss the general ... More
Field Induced Oscillation of Two Majorana Modes in a Quantum RingNov 14 2018We calculate the topological boundary modes found for quantum wire for a quantum ring. For the symmetric ring we find analytical solutions for two quasi-particles identifiable as the Majorana states and for asymmetric ring, we have also find approximate ... More
Hedging strategies and minimal variance portfolios for European and exotic options in a Levy marketJan 31 2008Oct 18 2008This paper presents hedging strategies for European and exotic options in a Levy market. By applying Taylor's Theorem, dynamic hedging portfolios are con- structed under different market assumptions, such as the existence of power jump assets or moment ... More
Pinhole junctions in d-wave superconductorsSep 10 1997We present a self consistent treatment of pinhole junctions in $d_{x^2-y^2}$ superconductors. The current-phase relation $j_s(\chi)$ is studied at different temperatures and at different angles $\alpha$ between the crystal $\hat a$-axis and the junction ... More
SU(N) Fermi liquid at finite temperatureDec 23 2016Mar 01 2017We consider the thermodynamic potential $\Omega$ of an N component Fermi gas with a short range interaction obeying SU(N) symmetry. We analyze especially the part of $\Omega$ that depends on the temperature T non-analytically for small T . We examine ... More
Anisotropic Fermi Superfluid via p-wave Feshbach ResonanceApr 12 2005We investigate theoretically Fermionic superfluidity induced by Feshbach resonance in the orbital p-wave channel. We show that, due to the dipole interaction, the pairing is extremely anisotropic. When this dipole interaction is relatively strong, the ... More
How will the Internet of Things enable Augmented Personalized Health?Dec 31 2017Internet-of-Things (IoT) is profoundly redefining the way we create, consume, and share information. Health aficionados and citizens are increasingly using IoT technologies to track their sleep, food intake, activity, vital body signals, and other physiological ... More
Tidal Love numbers and moment-Love relations of polytropic starsSep 07 2017The physical significance of tidal deformation in astronomical systems has long been known. The recently discovered universal I-Love-Q relations, which connect moment of inertia, quadrupole tidal Love number, and spin-induced quadrupole moment of compact ... More
Connecting boundary and interior - "Gauss's law" for graphsJan 27 2011The Gauss's law, in an abstract sense, is a theorem that relates quantities on the boundary (flux) to the interior (charge) of a surface. An identity for soap froths were proved with the same boundary-interior relation. In this article, we try to construct ... More
Fastron: An Online Learning-Based Model and Active Learning Strategy for Proxy Collision DetectionSep 07 2017We introduce the Fastron, a configuration space (C-space) model to be used as a proxy to kinematic-based collision detection. The Fastron allows iterative updates to account for a changing environment through a combination of a novel formulation of the ... More
XML Data Integrity Based on Concatenated Hash FunctionJun 20 2009Data integrity is the fundamental for data authentication. A major problem for XML data authentication is that signed XML data can be copied to another document but still keep signature valid. This is caused by XML data integrity protecting. Through investigation, ... More
On smooth moduli space of Riemann surfacesOct 10 2016Oct 14 2016In this paper we study the smooth moduli space of closed Riemann surfaces. This smooth moduli is an infinite cover of the usual moduli space $\mathscr{M}_g$ of closed Riemann surfaces, and is identified with the Schottky space of rank $g.$ The main theorem ... More
Quantified Differential Temporal Dynamic Logic for Verifying Properties of Distributed Hybrid SystemsJul 11 2012We combine quantified differential dynamic logic (QdL) for reasoning about the possible behavior of distributed hybrid systems with temporal logic for reasoning about the temporal behavior during their operation. Our logic supports verification of temporal ... More
On the canonical volume of 3-folds of general type with $P_{12}\geq 2$Jul 30 2014Let $V$ be a nonsingular projective 3-fold of general type. When the pluricanonical section index $\delta(V)>12$, Chen-Chen \cite{Chen3} has a complete list of the possibility for the weighted basket ${\mathbb B}(V)$. However the possibility of ${\mathbb ... More
Eigenvalues under the backward Ricci flow on locally homogeneous closed 3-manifoldsFeb 25 2016In this paper, we study the evolving behaviors of the first eigenvalue of Laplace-Beltrami operator under the normalized backward Ricci flow, construct various quantities which are monotonic under the backward Ricci flow and get upper and lower bounds. ... More
Eigenvalues under the Ricci flow of model geometriesFeb 15 2016In this paper, we study the evolving behaviors of the first eigenvalue of Laplace-Beltrami operator under the normalized Ricci flow of model geometries. In every Bianchi class, we estimate the derivative of the eigenvalue. Then we construct monotonic ... More
Construction of Arakelov-modular Lattices over Totally Definite Quaternion AlgebrasApr 11 2016Sep 13 2016We study ideal lattices constructed from totally definite quaternion algebras over totally real number fields, and generalize the definition of Arakelov-modular lattices over number fields. In particular, we prove for the case where the totally real number ... More
On the minimal speed and asymptotics of the wave solutions for the lotka volterra systemFeb 15 2010e study the minimal wave speed and the asymptotics of the traveling wave solutions of a competitive Lotka Volterra system. The existence of the traveling wave solutions is derived by monotone iteration. The asymptotic behaviors of the wave solutions are ... More
Thermodynamic cycle in a cavity optomechanical systemFeb 16 2014A cavity optomechanical system is initiated by a radiation pressure of a cavity field onto a mirror element acting as a quantum resonator. This radiation pressure can control the thermodynamic character of the mirror to some extent, such as cooling its ... More
Quasi-lattice chains and multipartite entanglement in a cavityJun 12 2013Nov 12 2014Unlike atoms in a lattice, the spacings between neighboring qubits in a superconducting quantum circuit are mesoscopic and non-uniform. The strength of interaction between this quasi-lattice chain of qubits and a resonator mode in circuit transmission ... More
Abrikosov String in N=2 Supersymmetric QEDMay 12 2000May 23 2000We study the Abrikosov-Nielsen-Olesen string in N=2 supersymmetric QED with N=2-preserving superpotential, in which case the Abrikosov string is found to be 1/2-BPS saturated. Adding a quadratic small perturbation in the superpotential breaks N=2 supersymmetry ... More
Construction of Arakelov-modular Lattices from Number FieldsSep 11 2016An Arakelov-modular lattice of level $\ell$, where $\ell$ is a positive integer, is an $\ell-$modular lattice constructed from a fractional ideal of a CM field such that the lattice can be obtained from its dual by multiplication of an element with norm ... More
Permanence criteria for Kolmogorov systems with delaysMar 07 2013In this paper, a class of Kolmogorov systems with delays are studied. Sufficient conditions are provided for a system to have a compact uniform attractor. Then Jansen's result (J. Math. Biol. Vol. 25 (1987) 411-422) for autonomous replicator and Lotka-Volterra ... More
Optimal Error Estimates of A Decoupled Scheme Based on Two-Grid Finite Element for Mixed Stokes-Darcy ModelSep 08 2015Oct 26 2015Although the numerical results suggest the optimal convergence order of the two-grid finite element decoupled scheme for mixed Stokes-Darcy model with Beaver-Joseph-Saffman interface condition in literatures, the numerical analysis only get the optimal ... More
On hypercomplexifying real forms of arbitrary rankSep 28 2002For certain problems involving vector fields, it is possible to find an associated imaginary field that, in conjunction with the first, forms a complex field for which the equation can be solved. This result is generalized to arbitrary Clifford algebras, ... More
Global Attractor in Competitive Lotka-Volterra SystemsNov 21 2007For autonomous Lotka-Volterra systems of differential equations modelling the dynamics of n competing species, new criteria are established for the existence of a single point global attractor. Under the conditions of these criteria, some of the species ... More
Studies of LL-type 500MHz 5-cell superconducting cavity at SINAPJul 11 2014Aug 22 2014A low loss (LL) type 500 MHz 5-cell superconducting niobium prototype cavity with large beam aperture has been developed successfully including the optimization, the deep drawing and electron beam welding, the surface treatment and the vertical testing. ... More
Finite Size Scaling for Criticality of the Schrödinger EquationSep 22 2010By solving the Schr\"odinger equation one obtains the whole energy spectrum, both the bound and the continuum states. If the Hamiltonian depends on a set of parameters, these could be tuned to a transition from bound to continuum states. The behavior ... More
Individual Adaption in a Path-Based Simulation of the Freeway Network of Northrhine-WestfaliaMay 04 1997Traffic simulations are made more realistic by giving individual drivers intentions, i.e. an idea of where they want to go. One possible implementation of this idea is to give each driver an exact pre-computed path, that is, a sequence of roads this driver ... More
New applications of Renormalization Group methods to nuclear matterAug 21 2012We give an overview of recent results for the nuclear equation of state and properties of neutron stars based on microscopic two- and three-nucleon interactions derived within chiral effective field theory (EFT). It is demonstrated that the application ... More
On the modified multi-component Camassa-Holm system in higher dimensionsJun 02 2016This paper is devoted to the Cauchy problem for the modified multi-component Camassa-Holm system in higher dimensions. On the one hand, we establish an almost complete local well-posedness results for the system in the framework of Besov spaces. On the ... More
Notes on a p-adic exponential map for the Picard groupSep 24 2013Jan 26 2017Part of these notes was written as the author's 2013 master thesis. For proper flat schemes over a complete discrete valuation ring of mixed characteristic, we construct an isomorphism of certain subgroups of the Picard group and the first cohomology ... More
Existence of constant scalar curvature Kaehler cone metrics, properness and geodesic stabilityMar 26 2018In this article, we prove that the existence of the constant scalar curvature Kaehler (cscK) metrics with cone singularities is equivalent to the properness of the log $K$-energy, assuming that the automorphism group is discrete. We also prove their equivalence ... More
Unifying the Stochastic Spectral Descent for Restricted Boltzmann Machines with Bernoulli or Gaussian InputsMar 28 2017Stochastic gradient descent based algorithms are typically used as the general optimization tools for most deep learning models. A Restricted Boltzmann Machine (RBM) is a probabilistic generative model that can be stacked to construct deep architectures. ... More
Stationary Solutions of Neutral Stochastic Partial Differential Equations with Delays in the Highest-Order DerivativesJul 25 2017In this work, we shall consider the existence and uniqueness of stationary solutions to stochastic partial functional differential equations with additive noise in which a neutral type of delay is explicitly presented. We are especially concerned about ... More
Tools for assessing and optimizing the energy requirements of high performance scientific computing softwareMay 04 2016Score-P is a measurement infrastructure originally designed for the analysis and optimization of the performance of HPC codes. Recent extensions of Score-P and its associated tools now also allow the investigation of energy-related properties and support ... More
Chains of Unusual Excellent Local RingsNov 18 2003Let (T,M) be a complete local domain containing the integers. Let p1 \subseteq p2 \subseteq ... \subseteq pn be a chain of nonmaximal prime ideals T such that T_pn is a regular local ring. We construct a chain of excellent local domains An \subseteq A1 ... More
Analytic filling of totally real toriJul 25 2015Feb 26 2016We prove that any embedded Maslov index two analytic disc attached to a totally real torus in the complex two-dimensional affine space extends to an analytic filling provided that the torus is contained in a regular level set of a strictly plurisubharmonic ... More
On the de Rham Cohomology of Differential and Algebraic StacksOct 10 2004Nov 30 2004We introduce the notion of cofoliation on a stack. A cofoliation is a change of the differentiable structure which amounts to giving a full representable smooth epimorphism. Cofoliations are uniquely determined by their associated Lie algebroids. Cofoliations ... More
An Extension of the Well-Posedness Concept for Fractional Differential Equations of Caputo's TypeSep 17 2013Dec 16 2013It is well known that, under standard assumptions, initial value problems for fractional ordinary differential equations involving Caputo-type derivatives are well posed in the sense that a unique solution exists and that this solution continuously depends ... More
Constraints on cosmic curvature with lensing time delays and gravitational wavesApr 03 2019Assuming the $\Lambda$CDM model, the CMB and BAO observations indicate a very flat Universe. Model-independent measurements are therefore worth studying. Time delays measured in lensed quasars provide the time delay distances. When compared with the luminosity ... More
Solvability conditions for indefinite linear quadratic optimal stochastic control problems and associated stochastic Riccati equationsFeb 06 2014Dec 18 2015A linear quadratic optimal stochastic control problem with random coefficients and indefinite state/control weight costs is usually linked to an indefinite stochastic Riccati equation (SRE) which is a matrix-valued quadratic backward stochastic differential ... More
$W^{2,p}$-solutions of parabolic SPDEs in general domainsMay 17 2018The Dirichlet problem for a class of stochastic partial differential equations is studied in Sobolev spaces. The existence and uniqueness result is proved under certain compatibility conditions that ensure the finiteness of $L^{p}(\Omega\times(0,T),W^{2,p}(G))$-norms ... More
Long Time Behavior of a Point Mass in a One-Dimensional Viscous Compressible Fluid and Pointwise Estimates of SolutionsApr 01 2019Apr 02 2019We consider the motion of a point mass in a one-dimensional viscous compressible barotropic fluid. The fluid--point mass system is governed by the barotropic compressible Navier--Stokes equations and Newton's equation of motion. Our main result concerns ... More
A Hirzebruch proportionality principle in Arakelov geometryMay 11 2001We show that a conjectural extension of a fixed point formula in Arakelov geometry implies results about a tautological subring in the arithmetic Chow ring of bases of abelian schemes. Among the results are an Arakelov version of the Hirzebruch proportionality ... More
Fragmented and Single Condensate Ground States of Spin-1 Bose GasMay 24 1999We show that the ground state of a spin-1 Bose gas with an antiferro- magnetic interaction is a fragmented condensate in uniform magnetic fields. The number fluctuations in each spin component change rapidly from being enormous (order $N$) to exceedingly ... More
Network Analysis of Urban Traffic with Big Bus DataJun 21 2016Urban traffic analysis is crucial for traffic forecasting systems, urban planning and, more recently, various mobile and network applications. In this paper, we analyse urban traffic with network and statistical methods. Our analysis is based on one big ... More
Geodesics in the space of Kahler cone metrics, II. Uniqueness of constant scalar curvature Kahler cone metricsSep 27 2017This is a continuation of the previous articles on Kahler cone metrics. In this article, we introduce weighted function spaces and provide a self-contained treatment on cone angles in the whole interval $(0,1]$. We first construct geodesics in the space ... More
Exact $SU(2)$ symmetry and $η$-pairing ground states in interacting fermion models with spin-orbit couplingJan 21 2019Mar 13 2019We generalize the $\eta$-pairing theory in Hubbard models to the ones with spin-orbit coupling (SOC). Despite the broken $SU(2)$ spin symmetry, the $\eta$ pairing reveals an $SU(2)$ pseudospin symmetry in our spin-orbit coupled Hubbard model. In particular, ... More
The mean value theorems and a Nagumo-type uniqueness theorem for Caputo's fractional calculus (Corrected Version)Sep 04 2017We generalize the classical mean value theorem of differential calculus by allowing the use of a Caputo-type fractional derivative instead of the commonly used first-order derivative. Similarly, we generalize the classical mean value theorem for integrals ... More
Immersed boundary methods for numerical simulation of confined fluid and plasma turbulence in complex geometries: a reviewAug 19 2015Immersed boundary methods for computing confined fluid and plasma flows in complex geometries are reviewed. The mathematical principle of the volume penalization technique is described and simple examples for imposing Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions ... More
Maximal Area Triangles in a Convex PolygonJul 13 2017Apr 25 2018The widely known linear time algorithm for computing the maximum area triangle in a convex polygon was found incorrect recently by Keikha et. al.(arXiv:1705.11035). We present an alternative algorithm in this paper. Comparing to the only previously known ... More
Stability and Uniqueness of Global Solutions to Euler Equations with Exothermic ReactionJan 27 2018We consider the Cauchy problems of a non-strictly hyperbolic system which describes the compressible Euler fluid with exothermic reaction. In this paper a Lyapunov-type functional is constructed for balance laws. By analysis of the flow generated by front ... More
Generation of interfaces for multi-dimensional stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with a noise smooth in spaceApr 22 2016In this paper, we study the generation of interfaces for a stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with general initial value in the multi-dimensional case that external noise is given by Q-Brownian motion. We prove that interfaces, for d-dimensional stochastic ... More
Anisotropic electron-phonon coupling in the spinel oxide superconductorJun 20 2016Jan 18 2017Among hundreds of spinel oxides, LiTi2O4 (LTO) is the only one that exhibits superconductivity (Tc ~13 K). Although the general electron-phonon coupling is still the main mechanism for electron pairing in LTO, unconventional behaviors such as the anomalous ... More
The role of RGB-D benchmark datasets: an overviewOct 08 2013The advent of the Microsoft Kinect three years ago stimulated not only the computer vision community for new algorithms and setups to tackle well-known problems in the community but also sparked the launch of several new benchmark datasets to which future ... More
Existence of Invariant Measures of Stochastic Systems with Delay in the Highest Order Partial DerivativesFeb 10 2014In this note, we shall consider the existence of invariant measures for a class of infinite dimensional stochastic functional differential equations with delay whose driving semigroup is eventually norm continuous. The results obtained are applied to ... More
Experimental Overview of Open Heavy FlavorOct 13 2016These are the proceedings of the experimental overview of the production of open heavy flavor at the international conference Strangeness in Quark Matter 2016. Instead of a comprehensive overview, I focus on a few topics which the reader might find particularly ... More
Experiences with iterated traffic microsimulations in DallasDec 10 1997This paper reports experiences with iterated traffic microsimulations in the context of a Dallas study. ``Iterated microsimulations'' here means that the information generated by a microsimulation is fed back into the route planner so that the simulated ... More
Particle hopping models and traffic flow theorySep 13 1995This paper shows how particle hopping models fit into the context of traffic flow theory. Connections between fluid-dynamical traffic flow models, which derive from the Navier-Stokes-equations, and particle hopping models are shown. In some cases, these ... More
Momentum space evolution of chiral three-nucleon forcesDec 30 2011Mar 03 2012A framework to evolve three-nucleon (3N) forces in a plane-wave basis with the Similarity Renormalization Group (SRG) is presented and applied to consistent interactions derived from chiral effective field theory at next-to-next-to-leading order (N$^2$LO). ... More
Monotonicity of functions and sign changes of their Caputo derivativesOct 12 2015Oct 13 2015It is well known that a continuously differentiable function is monotone in an interval $[a,b]$ if and only if its first derivative does not change its sign there. We prove that this is equivalent to requiring that the Caputo derivatives of all orders ... More
Strong Birkhoff Ergodic Theorem for subharmonic functions with irrational shift and its application to analytic quasi-periodic cocyclesMay 01 2018Jul 19 2018In this paper, we first prove the strong Birkhoff Ergodic Theorem for subharmonic functions with the irrational shift on the Torus. Then, it is applied to the analytic quasi-periodic Jacobi cocycles. We show that if the Lyapunov exponent of these cocycles ... More
Deep Active InferenceSep 07 2017Oct 11 2018This work combines the free energy principle from cognitive neuroscience and the ensuing active inference dynamics with recent advances in variational inference in deep generative models, and evolution strategies to introduce the "deep active inference" ... More
Hubble Constant from LSST Strong lens time delays with microlensing systematicsDec 09 2018Strong lens time delays have been widely used in cosmological studies, especially to infer $H_0$. The upcoming LSST will provide several hundred well measured time delays from the light curves of lensed quasars. However, due to the inclination of the ... More
An efficient algorithm to test forcibly-biconnectedness of graphical degree sequencesMay 03 2018We present an algorithm to test whether a given graphical degree sequence is forcibly biconnected or not and prove its correctness. The worst case run time complexity of the algorithm is shown to be exponential but still much better than the previous ... More
Finding all Maximal Area Parallelograms in a Convex PolygonNov 01 2017Sep 03 2018Polygon inclusion problems have been studied extensively in geometric optimization. In this paper, we consider the variant of computing the maximum area parallelograms (MAPs) and all the locally maximal area parallelograms (LMAPs) in a given convex polygon. ... More
Containment Problems for Projections of Polyhedra and SpectrahedraSep 09 2015Spectrahedra are affine sections of the cone of positive semidefinite matrices which form a rich class of convex bodies that properly contains that of polyhedra. While the class of polyhedra is closed under linear projections, the class of spectrahedra ... More
On 1-factorizations of Bipartite Kneser GraphsApr 28 2017Apr 03 2019It is a challenging open problem to construct an explicit 1-factorization of the bipartite Kneser graph $H(v,t)$, which contains as vertices all $t$-element and $(v-t)$-element subsets of $[v]:=\{1,\ldots,v\}$ and an edge between any two vertices when ... More
Chiral Spin Noncommutative Space and Anomalous Dipole MomentsMar 27 2019We introduce a new model of spin noncommutative space in which noncommutative extension of the coordinate operators are assumed to be chirality dependent. Noncommutative correspondences of classical fields are defined via Weyl ordering, and the maps are ... More
$1/f$ noise on the brink of wet granular meltingFeb 17 2015Jul 23 2015The collective behavior of a two-dimensional wet granular cluster under horizontal swirling motions is investigated experimentally. Depending on the balance between the energy injection and dissipation, the cluster evolves into various nonequilibrium ... More
Aspects of the confinement mechanism in Landau gauge QCDNov 21 2008I analyze the IR fixed point structure of Landau gauge QCD. Precisely the fixed point with a strong kinematic singularity of the quark-gluon vertex that proved crucial for the recently proposed confinement mechanism in the quenched approximation is absent ... More
A Semidefinite Hierarchy for Disjointly Constrained Multilinear ProgrammingMar 11 2016Disjointly constrained multilinear programming concerns the problem of maximizing a multilinear function on the product of finitely many disjoint polyhedra. While maximizing a linear function on a polytope (linear programming) is known to be solvable ... More
A p-adic exponential map for the Picard group and its application to the Albanese mapSep 24 2013We define an exponential map from the first cohomology group of the structure sheaf to the Picard group of a proper flat scheme over a complete DVR of characteristic (0, p). To be precise, it is an isomorphism between subgroups of each member. It is an ... More
Experimental Review of Structures in the $J/ψφ$ Mass SpectrumAug 04 2013The discovery of numerous new charmonium-like structures since 2003 have revitalized interest in exotic meson spectroscopy. These structures do not fit easily into the conventional charmonium model, and proposals like four-quark states, hybrids, and re-scattering ... More
Coherent electromagnetic processes in relativistic heavy ion collisionsDec 18 2001Using the strong electromagnetic fields in peripheral heavy ion collisions gives rise to a number of interesting possibilities of applications in both photon-photon and photon-hadron physics. We look at the theoretical foundations of the equivalent photon ... More
Autocorrelation-Run Formula for Binary SequencesSep 25 2009Aug 22 2010The autocorrelation function and the run structure are two basic notions for binary sequences, and have been used as two independent postulates to test randomness of binary sequences ever since Golomb 1955. In this paper, we prove for binary sequence ... More
The annulus property of simple holomorphic discsMar 09 2010Sep 20 2011We show that any simple holomorphic disc admits the annulus property, i.e., each interior point is surrounded by an arbitrary small annulus consisting entirely of injective points. As an application we show that interior singularities of holomorphic discs ... More