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Tracing Magnetic Field with Synchrotron Polarization Gradients: Parameter StudyApr 26 2019We employ synthetic observations obtained with MHD simulations to study how to trace the distribution of turbulent magnetic fields using the synchrotron polarization gradient techniques suggested by Lazarian \& Yuen (2018). Both synchrotron polarization ... More
A comparison between Faraday Tomography and Synchrotron Polarization GradientsJan 23 2019Mar 02 2019Observations of synchrotron polarization at multiple frequencies in the presence of Faraday rotation can provide a way to reconstruct the 3D magnetic field distribution. In this paper we compare the well known Faraday Tomography (FT, Burn 1966) technique ... More
Distribution of velocity gradient orientations: Mapping magnetization with the Velocity Gradient TechniqueFeb 08 2018Aug 01 2018Recent developments of the Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT) show that the velocity gradients provide a reliable tracing of magnetic field direction in turbulent plasmas. In this paper, we explore the ability of velocity gradients to measure the magnetization ... More
Tracing magnetic field morphology using the Velocity Gradient Technique in the presence of CO self-absorptionSep 26 2018Jan 30 2019Probing magnetic fields in self-gravitating molecular clouds are generally difficult even with the use of the polarimetry. Based on the properties of magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence and turbulent reconnection, Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT) provides ... More
Statistical tracing of magnetic fields: comparing and improving the techniquesApr 08 2018Aug 14 2018Magnetohydrodynamic(MHD) turbulence displays velocity anisotropies which reflect the direction of the magnetic field. This anisotropy has led to the development of a number of statistical techniques for studying magnetic fields in the interstellar medium. ... More
Pomeranchuk Instability in a non-Fermi Liquid from HolographyMar 14 2012Sep 17 2012The Pomeranchuk instability, in which an isotropic Fermi surface distorts and becomes anisotropic due to strong interactions, is a possible mechanism for the growing number of experimental systems which display transport properties that differ along the ... More
Neutral Order Parameters in Metallic Criticality in d=2+1 from a Hairy Electron StarJun 16 2011We use holography to study the spontaneous condensation of a neutral order parameter in a (2+1)-dimensional field theory at zero-temperature and finite density, dual to the electron star background of Hartnoll and Tavanfar. An appealing feature of this ... More
Non-Fermi Liquid behavior at the Orbital Ordering Quantum Critical Point in the Two-Orbital ModelJul 17 2012Mar 25 2013The critical behavior of a two-orbital model with degenerate $d_{xz}$ and $d_{yz}$ orbitals is investigated by multidimensional bosonization. We find that the corresponding bosonic theory has an overdamped collective mode with dynamical exponent $z=3$, ... More
Interface excitons at lateral heterojunctions in monolayer semiconductorsJul 25 2018We study the interface exciton at lateral type II heterojunctions of monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), where the electron and hole prefer to stay at complementary sides of the junction. We find that the 1D interface exciton has giant ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of Colored Jones polynomial and Turaev-Viro Invariant of figure eight knotNov 30 2017Jun 14 2018In this paper we investigate the asymptotic behavior of the colored Jones polynomial and the Turaev-Viro invariant for the figure eight knot. More precisely, we consider the $M$-th colored Jones polynomial evaluated at $(N+1/2)$-th root of unity with ... More
A Quadratic Programming Relaxation Approach to Compute-and-Forward Network Coding DesignJul 07 2016Using physical layer network coding, compute-and-forward is a promising relaying scheme that effectively exploits the interference between users and thus achieves high rates. In this paper, we consider the problem of finding the optimal integer-valued ... More
Tilings of the Sphere by Geometrically Congruent Pentagons IOct 08 2013May 08 2014We show that there are no edge-to-edge tilings of the sphere by congruent pentagons beyond the minimal dodecahedron tiling, such that there is a tile with all vertices having degree 3 and the edge length combinations are three of the five possibilities. ... More
Excitation of epsilon-near-zero resonance in ultra-thin indium tin oxide shell embedded nanostructured optical fiberDec 21 2017We report a novel optical waveguide design of a hollow step index fiber modified with a thin layer of indium tin oxide (ITO). We show an excitation of highly confined waveguide mode in the proposed fiber near the wavelength where permittivity of ITO approaches ... More
On local antimagic chromatic number of cycle-related join graphsMay 13 2018An edge labeling of a connected graph $G = (V, E)$ is said to be local antimagic if it is a bijection $f:E \to\{1,\ldots ,|E|\}$ such that for any pair of adjacent vertices $x$ and $y$, $f^+(x)\not= f^+(y)$, where the induced vertex label $f^+(x)= \sum ... More
On local antimagic chromatic number of graphs with cut-verticesMay 13 2018Sep 04 2018An edge labeling of a connected graph $G = (V, E)$ is said to be local antimagic if it is a bijection $f:E \to\{1,\ldots ,|E|\}$ such that for any pair of adjacent vertices $x$ and $y$, $f^+(x)\not= f^+(y)$, where the induced vertex label $f^+(x)= \sum ... More
Affirmative Solutions On Local Antimagic Chromatic NumberMay 08 2018Apr 25 2019An edge labeling of a connected graph $G = (V, E)$ is said to be local antimagic if it is a bijection $f:E \to\{1,\ldots ,|E|\}$ such that for any pair of adjacent vertices $x$ and $y$, $f^+(x)\not= f^+(y)$, where the induced vertex label $f^+(x)= \sum ... More
Determining neutron star masses and radii using energy-resolved waveforms of X-ray burst oscillationsApr 08 2013Simultaneous, precise measurements of the mass $M$ and radius $R$ of neutron stars can yield uniquely valuable information about the still uncertain properties of cold matter at several times the density of nuclear matter. One method that could be used ... More
Time Evolution of 3D Disk Formation with Misaligned Magnetic Field and Rotation AxesDec 30 2018Distinguishing diagnostic observational signatures produced by MHD models is essential in understanding the physics for the formation of protostellar disks in the ALMA era. Developing suitable tools along with time evolution will facilitate better identification ... More
A comparison between Faraday Tomography and Synchrotron Polarization GradientsJan 23 2019Observations of synchrotron polarization at multiple frequencies in the presence of Faraday rotation can provide a way to reconstruct the 3D magnetic field distribution. In this paper we compare the well known Faraday Tomography (FT, Burn 1966) technique ... More
Origin of intermittent accretion-powered X-ray oscillations in neutron stars with millisecond spin periodsSep 24 2008Oct 05 2009We have shown previously that many of the properties of persistent accretion-powered millisecond pulsars can be understood if their X-ray emitting areas are near their spin axes and move as the accretion rate and structure of the inner disk vary. Here ... More
Dispersion of velocity gradients: Mapping magnetization with the Velocity Gradient TechniqueFeb 08 2018Recent developments of the Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT) show that the velocity provides a robust measure of magnetic field direction. In this paper, we use velocity centroids as the measures of velocity and propose a new way of studying media magnetization. ... More
Photonic Crystal Fiber MetalensJun 12 2018Mar 27 2019Optical fiber is a well-established efficient way to guide and manipulate light and allowing high bandwidth optical transmission for long distance communication with low attenuation. Although a dielectric optical waveguide is efficient for transmitting ... More
Winning in Sequential Parrondo Games by Players with Short-Term MemoryOct 19 2015Jan 10 2016The original Parrondo game, denoted as AB3, contains two independent games: A and B. The winning or losing of A and B game is defined by the change of one unit of capital. Game A is a losing game if played continuously, with winning probability $p=0.5-\epsilon$, ... More
An innovative way of etching MoS2: Characterization and mechanistic investigationMar 01 2013We report a systematic study of the etching of MoS2 crystals by using XeF2 as a gaseous reactant. By controlling the etching process, monolayer MoS2 with uniform morphology can be obtained. The Raman and photoluminescence spectra of the resulting material ... More
Thermo-modulational interband susceptibility and ultrafast temporal dynamics in nonlinear gold-based plasmonic devicesAug 06 2012Starting from first principles, we theoretically model the nonlinear temporal dynamics of gold-based plasmonic devices resulting from the heating of their metallic components. At optical frequencies, the gold susceptibility is determined by the interband ... More
Some Infinitary Paradoxes and Undecidable Sentences in Peano ArithmeticApr 12 2016According to Chaitin, G\"odel once told him "it doesn't matter which paradox you use [to prove the First Incompleteness Theorem]". In this paper I will present a few infinitary paradoxes and show how to "translate" them to some undecidable sentences in ... More
On geometric properties of the functors of positively homogenous and semiadditive functionalsMar 01 2010In this paper we investigate the functors of OH of positively homogenous functionals and OS of semiadditive functionals. We show that OH(X) is AR if and only if X is openly generated, and OS(X) is AR if and only if X is an openly generated compactum of ... More
ECG beats classification using waveform similarity and RR intervalJan 10 2011This paper present an electrocardiogram (ECG) beat classification method based on waveform similarity and RR interval. The purpose of the method is to classify six types of heart beats (normal beat, atrial premature beat, paced beat, premature ventricular ... More
The spin parameter of uniformly rotating compact starsNov 16 2010Jan 21 2011We study the dimensionless spin parameter $j (= c J/ (G M^2))$ of uniformly rotating neutron stars and quark stars in general relativity. We show numerically that the maximum value of the spin parameter of a neutron star rotating at the Keplerian frequency ... More
Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation of a Unimodal Density via two $\mathbf{S}$-pathsSep 02 2006A Bayesian nonparametric method for unimodal densities on the real line is provided by considering a class of species sampling mixture models containing random densities that are unimodal and not necessarily symmetric. This class of densities generalize ... More
Electronic and optical excitations of two-dimensional ZrS$_2$ and HfS$_2$ and their heterostructureApr 18 2019In a first-principles study based on density-functional theory and many-body perturbation theory we investigate the electronic properties and the optical excitations of ZrS$_2$ and HfS$_2$ monolayers and their van der Waals heterostructure. Both materials ... More
Markov Lemma for Countable AlphabetsJun 02 2010Strong typicality and the Markov lemma have been used in the proofs of several multiterminal source coding theorems. Since these two tools can be applied to finite alphabets only, the results proved by them are subject to the same limitation. Recently, ... More
A Bayes method for a Bathtub Failure Rate via two $\mathbf{S}$-pathsJul 16 2007A class of semi-parametric hazard/failure rates with a bathtub shape is of interest. It does not only provide a great deal of flexibility over existing parametric methods in the modeling aspect but also results in a closed and tractable Bayes estimator ... More
A Bayes method for a monotone hazard rate via S-pathsFeb 21 2005Jul 01 2006A class of random hazard rates, which is defined as a mixture of an indicator kernel convolved with a completely random measure, is of interest. We provide an explicit characterization of the posterior distribution of this mixture hazard rate model via ... More
Tracing 3D distribution of magnetic fields with gradients of synchrotron polarizationJan 31 2018In this paper, we describe a new technique for probing galactic and extragalactic 2D and 3D distribution of magnetic field using synchrotron polarization. Fluctuations of magnetic field are elongated along the ambient magnetic field directions. As a result, ... More
Dirichlet forms and critical exponents on fractalsMar 21 2017Apr 19 2018Let $B^{\sigma}_{2, \infty}$ denote the Besov space defined on a compact set $K \subset {\Bbb R}^d$ which is equipped with an $\alpha$-regular measure $\mu$. The {\it critical exponent} $\sigma^*$ is the supremum of the $\sigma$ such that $B^{\sigma}_{2, ... More
Technological conditions of mobile learning in high schoolJul 31 2018This paper reviews the history of mobile learning, provides a definition of mobile learning. The properties, advantages and disadvantages of mobile learning, areas of its implementation at the Technical University and mobile learning tools were specified. ... More
Witten-Helffer-Sjostrand Theory for a Generalized Morse FunctionsMar 14 1995In this paper, we extend the Witten-Helffer-Sj\"{o}strand theory from Morse functions to generalized Morse functions. In this case, the spectrum of the Witten deformed Laplacian $\Delta(t)$, for large t, can be seperated into the small eigenvalues (which ... More
Matter enhanced nu_mu->nu_e signals using various Fermilab main injector beam configurationsJan 10 2001Jan 29 2001We calculate the sensitivity to nu_mu->nu_e appearance oscillations in various Fermilab main injector neutrino beam configurations using simulations of a MINOS-like detector and an OPERA-like detector. We make the assumption of 3 neutrino generations, ... More
A general learning system based on neuron bursting and tonic firingOct 22 2018This paper proposes a framework for the biological learning mechanism as a general learning system. The proposal is as follows. The bursting and tonic modes of firing patterns found in many neuron types in the brain correspond to two separate modes of ... More
Stability and instability of expanding solutions to the Lorentzian constant-positive-mean-curvature flowApr 01 2014Oct 13 2014We study constant mean curvature Lorentzian hypersurfaces of $\mathbb{R}^{1,d+1}$ from the point of view of its Cauchy problem. We completely classify the spherically symmetric solutions, which include among them a manifold isometric to the de Sitter ... More
Singularities of axially symmetric time-like minimal submanifolds in Minkowski spaceJul 22 2016We prove that there does not exist global-in-time axisymmetric solutions to the time-like minimal submanifold system in Minkowski space. We further analyze the limiting geometry as the maximal time of existence is approached.
Minimal surfaces from infinitesimal deformations of circle packingsDec 22 2017Jun 20 2018We study circle packings with the combinatorics of a triangulated disk in the plane. We parametrize the infinitesimal deformations in terms of vertex rotation and cross ratios. We show that there is a one-to-one correspondence between infinitesimal deformations ... More
Slow Light in Artificial Hybrid MoleculesMar 16 2008The optical properties of hybrid molecules composed of semiconductor and metal nanoparticles with a weak probe in a strong pump field are investigated theoretically. Excitons in such a hybrid molecule demonstrate novel optical properties due to the coupling ... More
Length Spectra of Natural NumbersJan 08 2007Two numbers are spectral equivalent if they have the same length spectrum. We show how to compute the equivalence classes of this relation. Moreover, we show that these classes can only have either 1,2 or infinitely many elements.
Noether Theorem and the quantum mechanical operatorsJan 30 2000We show that the quantum mechanical momentum and angular momentum operators are fixed by the Noether theorem for the classical Hamiltonian field theory we proposed.
The Schrodinger Equation From a Quadratic Hamiltonian SystemNov 02 1999We regard the real and imaginary parts of the Schrodinger wave function as canonical conjugate variables.With this pair of conjugate variables and some other 2n pairs, we construct a quadratic Hamiltonian density. We then show that the Schrodinger Equation ... More
Signatures of invariant Hermitian forms on irreducible highest weight modulesJan 20 2006Sep 05 2006Perhaps the most important problem in representation theory in the 1970s and early 1980s was the determination of the multiplicity of composition factors in a Verma module. This problem was settled by the proof of the Kazhdan-Lusztig Conjecture which ... More
A Numerical Study of Boson StarsOct 08 2004Oct 11 2004We present a numerical study of general relativistic boson stars in both spherical symmetry and axisymmetry. We consider both time-independent problems, involving the solution of equilibrium equations for rotating boson stars, and time-dependent problems, ... More
Global Existence for the Minimal Surface Equation on $\mathbb{R}^{1,1}$Jan 06 2016In a 2004 paper, Lindblad demonstrated that the minimal surface equation on $\mathbb{R}l^{1,1}$ describing graphical time-like minimal surfaces embedded in $\mathbb{R}^{1,2}$ enjoy small data global existence for compactly supported initial data, using ... More
Small data global existence and decay for two dimensional wave mapsDec 20 2017We prove the global existence and almost-sharp decay for the wave-map equation on $\mathbb{R}^{1,2}$, when the initial data has compact spatial support, using a variant of the vector field method. The main innovation lies in controlling the dispersive ... More
Classical and Signed Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials: Character Multiplicity Inversion by InductionJul 14 2012The famous Kazhdan-Lusztig Conjecture of the 1970s states that the multiplicity of an irreducible composition factor of a Verma module can be computed by evaluating Kazhdan-Lusztig polynomials at 1. Thus the character of a Verma module is a linear combination ... More
A commuting-vector-field approach to some dispersive estimatesJan 05 2017Aug 02 2017We prove the pointwise decay of solutions to three linear equations: (i) the transport equation in phase space generalizing the classical Vlasov equation, (ii) the linear Schrodinger equation, (iii) the Airy (linear KdV) equation. The usual proofs use ... More
Impact of a Multi-TeraFlop Machine to Gravitational PhysicsApr 19 1999A multi-TeraFlop/TeraByte machine will enable the application of the Einstein theory of gravity to realistic astrophysical processes. Without the computational power, the complexity of the Einstein theory restricts most studies based on it to the quasi ... More
On the boundary of weighted numerical rangesMar 14 2014Jun 14 2015In this article, we are going to introduce the weighted numerical range which is a further generalization both the c-numerical range and the rank k numerical range. If the boundaries of weighted numerical ranges of two matrices (possibly of different ... More
A Systematic Scheme for Measuring the Performance of the Display-Camera ChannelJan 12 2015Display-camera communication has become a promising direction in both computer vision and wireless communication communities. However, the consistency of the channel measurement is an open issue since precise calibration of the experimental setting has ... More
Quantum Spin Dynamics in a Normal Bose Gas with Spin-orbit CouplingJun 03 2018Jul 30 2018In this Letter, we investigate spin dynamics of a two-component Bose gas with spin-orbit coupling realised in cold atom experiments. We derive coupled hydrodynamic equations for number and spin densities as well as their associated currents. Specialising ... More
Non-equilibrium Transport in the Strange Metal and Pseudogap phases of the CupratesAug 21 2013We propose that the non-equilibrium current measured in the $a-b$ plane of an underdoped cuprate (in either the strange metal or pseudogap regime) in contact with either an overdoped cuprate or a standard Fermi liquid can be used diagnose how different ... More
Diffuse inverse Compton and synchrotron emission from dark matter annihilations in galactic satellitesMar 22 2004Annihilating dark matter particles produce roughly as much power in electrons and positrons as in gamma ray photons. The charged particles lose essentially all of their energy to inverse Compton and synchrotron processes in the galactic environment. We ... More
Superheavy Particle Origin of IceCube PeV Neutrino EventsMay 29 2013Oct 26 2013We interpret the PeV shower events observed by the IceCube collaboration as an s-channel enhancement of neutrino-quark scattering by a leptoquark that couples to the tau-flavor and light quarks. With a leptoquark mass of ~ 0.6 TeV and a steep 1/E^{2.3} ... More
Asymptotic Behavior of Colored HOMFLY Polynomial of Figure Eight KnotNov 13 2017In this paper we investigate the asymptotic behavior of the colored HOMFLY polynomial of the figure eight knot associated with the symmetric representation. We establish an analogous asymptotic expansion for the colored HOMFLY polynomial. From the asymptotic ... More
Diagnostics of turbulence properties through Velocity Gradient Amplitudes: Theory and ObservationsJan 31 2018Based on the properties of magneto-hydrodynamic (MHD) turbulence, the recent development of the Velocity Gradient Technique (VGT) allows observers to trace magnetic field directions using spectroscopic information. In this paper, we explore how the amplitudes ... More
The Edelstein effect in the presence of impurity spin-orbit scatteringOct 26 2016In this paper we study the current-induced spin polarization in a two-dimensional electron gas, known also as the Edelstein effect. Compared to previous treatments, we consider both the Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction as well as the spin-orbit ... More
Synchronized spin-photon coupling in a microwave cavityFeb 23 2017Jun 06 2018We study spin-photon coupling in cavity in the presence of relative phase shift between two ferromagnetic resonance driving forces. We show that the anticrossing gap can be manipulated by varying the relative phase. Increasing the phase difference leads ... More
Laser-induced spatiotemporal dynamics of magnetic filmsAug 09 2015Nov 05 2015We present a theory for the coherent magnetization dynamics induced by a focused ultrafast laser beam in magnetic films, taking into account nonthermal (inverse Faraday effect) and thermal (heating) actuation. The dynamic conversion between spin waves ... More
GitHub and Stack Overflow: Analyzing Developer Interests Across Multiple Social Collaborative PlatformsAug 23 2017Aug 25 2017Increasingly, software developers are using a wide array of social collaborative platforms for software development and learning. In this work, we examined the similarities in developer's interests within and across GitHub and Stack Overflow. Our study ... More
SignEPC : A Digital Signature Scheme for Efficient and Scalable Access Control in EPCglobal NetworkSep 18 2015The EPCglobal network is a computer network which allows supply chain companies to search for their unknown partners globally and share information stored in product RFID tags with each other. Although there have been quite a number of recent research ... More
On differential characteristic classesNov 15 2013Oct 16 2014In this paper we give explicit formulas of differential characteristic classes of principal $G$-bundles with connections and prove their expected properties. In particular, we obtain explicit formulas for differential Chern classes, differential Pontryagin ... More
Anomalous Scaling on a Spatiotemporally Chaotic AttractorJun 01 2010The Nikolaevskiy model for pattern formation with continuous symmetry exhibits spatiotemporal chaos with strong scale separation. Extensive numerical investigations of the chaotic attractor reveal unexpected scaling behavior of the long-wave modes. Surprisingly, ... More
Spectrality of Self-Similar TilesSep 16 2013We call a set $K \subset {\mathbb R}^s$ with positive Lebesgue measure a {\it spectral set} if $L^2(K)$ admits an exponential orthonormal basis. It was conjectured that $K$ is a spectral set if and only if $K$ is a tile (Fuglede's conjecture). Despite ... More
Critical exponents of induced Dirichlet forms on self-similar setsDec 06 2016Apr 08 2018In a previous paper [arXiv:1604.05440], we studied certain random walks on the hyperbolic graphs $X$ associated with the self-similar sets $K$, and showed that the discrete energy ${\mathcal E}_X$ on $X$ has an induced energy form ${\mathcal E}_K$ on ... More
Tunable pulse delay and advancement in a coupled nanomechanical resonator-superconducting microwave cavity systemDec 16 2010We theoretically study the transmission of a weak probe field under the influence of a strong pump field in a coupled nanomechanical resonator-superconducting microwave cavity system. Using the standard input-output theory, we find that both pulse delay ... More
$H^2$--Convergence of least-squares kernel collocation methodsJan 02 2018The strong-form asymmetric kernel-based collocation method, commonly referred to as the Kansa method, is easy to implement and hence is widely used for solving engineering problems and partial differential equations despite the lack of theoretical support. ... More
Friendship Maintenance and Prediction in Multiple Social NetworksMar 02 2017Due to the proliferation of online social networks (OSNs), users find themselves participating in multiple OSNs. These users leave their activity traces as they maintain friendships and interact with other users in these OSNs. In this work, we analyze ... More
Wisdom in Sum of Parts: Multi-Platform Activity Prediction in Social Collaborative SitesMay 09 2018In this paper, we proposed a novel framework which uses user interests inferred from activities (a.k.a., activity interests) in multiple social collaborative platforms to predict users' platform activities. Included in the framework are two prediction ... More
Supersymmetric Sine-Gordon Model and the Eight-Vertex Free Fermion model with BoundaryJun 03 1996Jun 30 1996We compute the boundary scattering amplitudes of the breathers of the supersymmetric sine-Gordon model using the fusion of the soliton-antisoliton pair scattering with the boundary with a known result of the soliton boundary scattering amplitudes. We ... More
Holomorphic vector fields and quadratic differentials on planar triangular meshesJun 26 2015Nov 12 2015Given a triangulated region in the complex plane, a discrete vector field $Y$ assigns a vector $Y_i\in \mathbb{C}$ to every vertex. We call such a vector field holomorphic if it defines an infinitesimal deformation of the triangulation that preserves ... More
Coarsening to Chaos-Stabilized FrontsJun 01 2010We investigate a model for pattern formation in the presence of Galilean symmetry proposed by Matthews and Cox [Phys.\ Rev.\ E \textbf{62}, R1473 (2000)], which has the form of coupled generalized Burgers and Ginzburg-Landau-type equations. With only ... More
Spin Glass Transition at Nonzero Temperature in a Disordered Dipolar Ising System: The Case of LiHoxY{1-x}F4Oct 05 2008Jul 20 2009The physics of the spin glass (SG) state, with magnetic moments (spins) frozen in random orientations, is one of the most intriguing problems in condensed matter physics. While most theoretical studies have focused on the Edwards-Anderson model of Ising ... More
Local index theory and the Riemann-Roch-Grothendieck theorem for complex flat vector bundlesAug 01 2016Oct 12 2018The purpose of this paper is to give a proof of the real part of the Riemann-Roch-Grothendieck theorem for complex flat vector bundles at the differential form level in the even dimensional fiber case. The proof is, roughly speaking, an application of ... More
A New Approach to the Yang-Mills Gauge Theory of Gravity and its ApplicationsDec 16 2013We shall give dynamics to our spacetime manifold by first identifying the local affine symmetry as the characterizing symmetry for our geometry a'la Felix Klein, this symmetry is imposed on us by the Law of Inertia and the Law of Causality. We then prescribe ... More
Donaldson-Thomas invariants from tropical disksFeb 14 2019Mar 03 2019We prove that the quantum DT invariants associated to quivers with genteel potential can be expressed in terms of certain refined counts of tropical disks. This is based on a quantum version of Bridgeland's description of cluster scattering diagrams in ... More
Belle J/psi+eta_c anomaly and a very light scalar bosonNov 01 2003The large rate of the $J/\psi+\eta_c$ production observed by the Belle collaboration has posed a serious challenge to our understanding of the quarkonium. We examine a scenario that there exists a light scalar boson around 5 GeV, with an enhanced coupling ... More
Isothermic triangulated surfacesJan 12 2015Feb 14 2016We found a class of triangulated surfaces in Euclidean space which have similar properties as isothermic surfaces in Differential Geometry. We call a surface isothermic if it admits an infinitesimal isometric deformation preserving the mean curvature ... More
Infinitesimal conformal deformations of triangulated surfaces in spaceFeb 13 2017Apr 17 2018We study infinitesimal conformal deformations of a triangulated surface in Euclidean space and investigate the change in its extrinsic geometry. A deformation of vertices is conformal if it preserves length cross-ratios. On one hand, conformal deformations ... More
Spontaneously Broken Erlangen Program Offers a Bridge Between the Einstein and the Yang-Mills TheoriesMay 11 2012Nov 26 2012We shall give dynamics to our spacetime manifold by first identifying the local affine symmetry as the characterizing symmetry for our geometry \'a la Felix Klein, and then by prescribing 16 gauge vector bosons to this symmetry \'a la Yang and Mills. ... More
Light Gluino, Light Bottom Squark Scenario, and LEP PredictionsMay 31 2002Nov 05 2002The scenario of light gluinos and light sbottoms was advocated to explain the discrepancy between the measured and theoretical production of $b$ quarks at the Tevatron. This scenario will have model-independent predictions for $Z\to q\bar q \tilde{g} ... More
Simple models for multivariate regular variations and the Hüsler-Reiss Pareto distributionDec 26 2017We revisit multivariate extreme value theory modeling by emphasizing multivariate regular variations and the multivariate Breiman Lemma. This allows us to recover in a simple framework the most popular multivariate extreme value distributions, such as ... More
Electron Electric Dipole Moment induced by Octet-Colored ScalarsDec 31 2007An appended sector of two octet-colored scalars, each an electroweak doublet, is an interesting extension of the simple two Higgs doublet model motivated by the minimal flavor violation. Their rich CP violating interaction gives rise to a sizable electron ... More
Feature selection in weakly coherent matricesApr 03 2018A problem of paramount importance in both pure (Restricted Invertibility problem) and applied mathematics (Feature extraction) is the one of selecting a submatrix of a given matrix, such that this submatrix has its smallest singular value above a specified ... More
Small coherence implies the weak Null Space PropertyJun 29 2016In the Compressed Sensing community, it is well known that given a matrix $X \in \mathbb R^{n\times p}$ with $\ell_2$ normalized columns, the Restricted Isometry Property (RIP) implies the Null Space Property (NSP). It is also well known that a small ... More
Estimation in a semiparametric modulated renewal processNov 21 2005We consider parameter estimation in a regression model corresponding to an iid sequence of censored observations of a finite state modulated renewal process. The model assumes a similar form as in Cox regression except that the baseline intensities are ... More
A Fast Method For Computing Principal Curvatures From Range ImagesJul 03 2017Jul 14 2017Estimation of surface curvature from range data is important for a range of tasks in computer vision and robotics, object segmentation, object recognition and robotic grasping estimation. This work presents a fast method of robustly computing accurate ... More
A proof of the strong twin prime conjectureJun 16 2015Jun 27 2015For integers x and k, let T(x;2k) denote the number of twin prime pairs (p,p+2k) with a distance 2k<=2x**0.5 and p<=x (not p+2k<=x). Let Tg(x;2x**0.5) denote the average of T(x;2k) for all 2k<=2x**0.5. Logically, T(x;2k) should be a function of Tg(x;2x**0.5). ... More
Holographic Stress Tensor for Kerr-AdS Black Holes and Local Failure on IR-UV ConnectionMay 26 2000Jun 07 2000We show that in general holographic stress tensor may contain a new term of divergence of a spacelike unit normal acceleration. Then, it is shown that in contrast to previous descriptions, a new stress tensor for Kerr-AdS solutions can be a traceless ... More
A Proof of the Generalized Second Law for Two-Dimensional Black HolesMar 16 2001Apr 25 2001We investigate the generalized second law for two-dimensional black holes in equilibrium (Hartle-Hawking) and nonequilibrium (Unruh) with the heat bath surrounding the black holes. We obtain a simple expression for the change of total entropy in terms ... More
Active Sensing of Social NetworksJan 21 2016This paper develops an active sensing method to estimate the relative weight (or trust) agents place on their neighbors' information in a social network. The model used for the regression is based on the steady state equation in the linear DeGroot model ... More
Triple-Top Signal of New Physics at the LHCJan 04 2010Dec 01 2010We present leading-order (LO) cross sections for the production of three top quarks ($tt\tb$,$t\tb\tb$) at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). We find a total LO cross section for triple-top production in the Standard Model of $\sigma \approx 2 $ fb at $\sqrt{s}=14$ ... More
Azimuthal Correlations in Top Pair Decays and The Effects of New Heavy ScalarsDec 21 2011Mar 08 2012We present the azimuthal correlations in the decay products of the top quark pair created in the process $gg \to t \tbar \to b \bbar \wplus \wminus$ calculated in leading-order QCD. We then discuss deviations in this distribution that could arise from ... More
Identifying Dark Matter Burners in the Galactic centerApr 11 2007If the supermassive black hole (SMBH) at the center of our Galaxy grew adiabatically, then a dense "spike" of dark matter is expected to have formed around it. Assuming that dark matter is composed primarily of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs), ... More