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Selective substitution in orbital domains of a low doped manganite : an investigation from Griffiths phenomenon and modification of glassy featuresSep 04 2008An effort is made to study the contrast in magnetic behavior resulting from minimal disorder introduced by substitution of 2.5% Ga or Al in Mn-site of La${_{0.9}}$Sr$_{0.1}$MnO${_3}$. It is considered that Ga or Al selectively creates disorder within ... More
Changeover from Glassy ferromagnetism of the orbital domain state to long range ferromagnetic ordering in La{_{0.9}}Sr_{0.1}MnO{_3}Jul 11 2007An attempt is made to resolve the controversy related to the low temperature phase (ground state) of the low-doped ferromagnetic (FM)- insulator(I) manganite through bulk magnetic measurements on La${_{0.9}}$Sr$_{0.1}$MnO${_3}$ sample. It is shown that ... More
Assessing influence of some meteorological parameters on airborne particulate matters in the Himalayan hill-station of Darjeeling - A preliminary assessmentJan 16 2015In this article influence of sew atmospheric parameters on the level of RPM concentration in hill station of Darjeeling have been assessed. We performed correlation studies among RSPM concentration and selected atmospheric parameters. We also performed ... More
Calculation of van der Walls coefficients of alkali metal clusters by hydrodynamic approach to time-dependent density-functional theoryAug 19 2004In this paper we employ the hydrodynamic formulation of time-dependent density functional theory to obtain the van der Waal coefficients $C_{6}$ and $C_{8}$ of alkali-metal clusters of various sizes including very large clusters. Such calculation becomes ... More
Comparison of van der Waals coefficient C$_{6}$ of sodium clusters obtained via spherical jellium background model and all-electron ab-initio methodJan 09 2008In this paper we employ two distinct approaches - all-electron \textit{ab initio} method and the spherical jellium background model- within time dependent density functional theory to calculate the long range dipole-dipole dispersion coefficient (van ... More
Calculation of ground state energy of harmonically confined two dipolar fermionsOct 08 2014We calculate the ground state energies of a system of two dipolar fermions trapped in a harmonic oscillator potential. The dipoles are assumed to be aligned parallel to each other. We perform the calculations of ground state energy as a function of strength ... More
Software Security Rules, SDLC PerspectiveNov 03 2009Software has become an integral part of everyday life. Everyday, millions of people perform transaction through internet, ATM, mobile phone, they send email and Egreetings, and use word processing and spreadsheet for various purpose. People use software ... More
Hydrodynamic approach to TDDFT; response properties of metal clustersMar 09 2000Jul 05 2000Performing electronic structure calculations for large systems, such as nanoparticles or metal clusters, via orbital based Hartree-Fock or Kohn-Sham theories is computationaly demanding. To study such systems, therefore, we have taken recourse to the ... More
Finite-size effect on evolution of Griffiths phase in manganite nanoparticlesApr 21 2013The finite-size effect on the evolution of Griffiths phase (GP) is studied using nanoparticles of half-doped manganite Pr$_{0.5}$Sr$_{0.5}$MnO$_{3}$ with different average particle sizes but having similar structural parameters. All the samples exhibit ... More
Features of first passage time density function for coherent stochastic resonance in the case of two absorbing boundariesFeb 15 2000Coherent stochastic resonance is explained in terms of first passage time density functions. Scaling relation between first passage time density functions at resonance for different lengths of the medium is obtained. A formula for first passage time density ... More
Synchronization under periodic modulation of potential wells in a two-state stochastic systemJun 11 1999We analyse the effect of synchronization between noise and periodic signal in a two-state spatially extended system analytically. Resonance features are demonstrated. To have the maximum cooperation between signal and noise, it is shown that noise strength ... More
Partition Functions of Torsion >1 Dyons in Heterotic String Theory on T^6Feb 12 2008The original proposal of Dijkgraaf, Verlinde and Verlinde for the quarter BPS dyon partition function in heterotic string theory on T^6 is known to correctly produce the degeneracy of dyons of torsion 1, i.e. dyons for which gcd(Q\wedge P)=1. We propose ... More
Direct evidence of random field effect on magnetic ordering of La_(0.5)Gd_(0.2)Sr_(0.3)MnO_(3) manganite systemJul 19 2006We report direct experimental evidence of the effect of quenched random field on magnetic ordering of La_(0.5)Gd_(0.2)Sr_(0.3)MnO_(3) manganites system. We demonstrate magnetic measurements providing serious evidence to support that quenched random field ... More
Construction of Turbo Code Interleavers from 3-Regular Hamiltonian GraphsDec 23 2005In this letter we present a new construction of interleavers for turbo codes from 3-regular Hamiltonian graphs. The interleavers can be generated using a few parameters, which can be selected in such a way that the girth of the interleaver graph (IG) ... More
Ab initio studies of structures and properties of small potassium clustersJun 13 2008We have studied the structure and properties of potassium clusters containing even number of atoms ranging from 2 to 20 at the ab initio level. The geometry optimization calculations are performed using all-electron density functional theory with gradient ... More
Time-dependent density functional theory calculation of van der Waals coefficient of sodium clustersAug 02 2007In this paper we employ all-electron \textit{ab-initio} time-dependent density functional theory based method to calculate the long range dipole-dipole dispersion coefficient (van der Waals coefficient) $C_{6}$ of sodium atom clusters containing even ... More
Classification Algorithm for High Dimensional Protein Markers in Time-course DataJul 30 2019Identification of biomarkers is an emerging area in Oncology. In this article, we develop an efficient statistical procedure for classification of protein markers according to their effect on cancer progression. A high-dimensional time-course dataset ... More
Simultaneous detection of rotational and translational motion in optical tweezers by measurement of backscattered intensityMay 16 2014We describe a simple yet powerful technique of simultaneously measuring both translational and rotational motion of mesoscopic particles in optical tweezers by measuring the backscattered intensity on a quadrant photodiode (QPD). While the measurement ... More
On the Spread of Random InterleaverOct 23 2005For a given blocklength we determine the number of interleavers which have spread equal to two. Using this, we find out the probability that a randomly chosen interleaver has spread two. We show that as blocklength increases, this probability increases ... More
Relativistic compact stars with charged anisotropic matterNov 09 2017Apr 17 2018In this article we perform a detailed theoretical analysis for a class of new exact solutions with anisotropic fluid distribution of matter for compact objects in hydrostatic equilibrium. To achieve this we call the relation between the metric functions, ... More
Exact solution of anisotropic compact stars via. mass functionJun 01 2017The interest in studying relativistic compact objects play an important role in modern astrophysics with an aim to understand several astrophysical issues. It is therefore natural to ask for internal structure and physical properties of specific classes ... More
Relativistic charged spheres: Compact stars, compactness and stable configurationsApr 05 2018Aug 04 2019This paper aims to explore a class of static stellar equilibrium configuration of relativistic charged spheres made of a charged perfect fluid. Solving the Einstein-Maxwell field equations, we consider a particularized metric potential, Buchdahl ansatz ... More
Experimental realization of quantum cheque using a five-qubit quantum computerJul 01 2017Jul 10 2017We demonstrate the implementation of quantum cheque, proposed by Roy Moulick and Panigrahi [Quantum Inf. Process (2016) 15: 2475], using the five-qubit IBM quantum computer. Appropriate single qubit, CNOT and Fredkin gates have been implemented for the ... More
Charged Vaidya-Tikekar model for super compact starDec 26 2017In this work, we explore a class of compact charged spheres that have been tested against experimental and observational constraints with some known compact stars candidates. The study is performed by considering the self-gravitating, charged, isotropic ... More
Structural, Morphological, Optical and Magnetic Property of Mn doped Ferromagnetic ZnO thin filmOct 17 2012The structural, optical and magnetic properties of the Zn1-xMnxO (0 < x < 0.05) thin films synthesized by sol-gel technique have been analyzed in the light of modification of the electronic structure and disorder developed in the samples due to Mn doping. ... More
Inverse Fourier Transform for Bi-Complex VariablesNov 04 2015In this paper we examine the existence of bicomplexified inverse Fourier transform as an extension of its complexified inverse version within the region of convergence of bicomplex Fourier transform. In this paper we use the idempotent representation ... More
Inductive Bias-driven Reinforcement Learning For Efficient Schedules in Heterogeneous ClustersSep 04 2019The problem of scheduling of workloads onto heterogeneous processors (e.g., CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs) is of fundamental importance in modern datacenters. Most current approaches rely on building application/system-specific heuristics that have to be reinvented ... More
Rational design principles for giant spin Hall effect in 5d-transition metal oxidesSep 17 2019Spin Hall effect (SHE) has emerged as a promising contender for the realization of high-density and low-power, next-generation memory. However, most materials explored so far have demonstrated either a spin Hall efficiency or a longitudnal conductivity ... More
Nova Ophiuchus 2017 as a probe of $^{13}$C nucleosynthesis and carbon monoxide formation and destruction in classical novaeNov 25 2017We present a series of near-infrared spectra of Nova Ophiuchus 2017 in the $K$ band that record the evolution of the first overtone CO emission in unprecedented detail. Starting from 11.7d after maximum, when CO is first detected at great strength, the ... More
A near-infrared shock wave in the 2006 outburst of recurrent nova RS OphiuchiNov 08 2006Near-infrared spectra are presented for the recent 2006 outburst of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi (RS Oph).We report the rare detection of an infrared shock wave as the nova ejecta plows into the pre-existing wind of the secondary in the RS Oph system ... More
Coexisting tuneable fractions of glassy and equilibrium long-range-order phases in manganitesNov 06 2006Antiferromagnetic-insulating(AF-I) and the ferromagnetic-metallic(FM-M) phases coexist in various half-doped manganites over a range of temperature and magnetic field, and this is often believed to be an essential ingredient to their colossal magnetoresistence. ... More
Ferromagnetic ground state of the robust charge-ordered manganite Pr(0.5)Ca(0.5MnO(3)obtained by minimal Al-substitutionJun 14 2006Nov 04 2006We show that minimal disturbance to the robust charge ordered Pr(0.5)Ca(0.5)MnO(3) by 2.5% Al substitution on Mn-site drives the system towards ferromagnetic ground state. The history-dependent coexisting phases observed are explained as an outcome of ... More
Temperature evolution of magnetic and transport behavior in 5\textit{d} Mott insulator Sr$_2$IrO$_4$: Significance of magneto-structural couplingNov 07 2014We have investigated the temperature evolution of magnetism and its interrelation with structural parameters in perovskite-based layered compound Sr$_2$IrO$_4$, which is believed to be a $J_{eff}$ = 1/2 Mott insulator. The structural distortion plays ... More
Optical Properties of Graphene-like Two Dimensional SiliceneMay 23 2012We study optical properties of two dimensional silicene using density functional theory based calculations. Our results on optical response property calculations show that they strongly depend on direction of polarization of light, hence the optical absorption ... More
Neutron response of the LAMBDA spectrometer and neutron interaction length in BaF2Jun 17 2013We report on the neutron response of the LAMBDA spectrometer developed earlier for high-energy gamma-ray measurement. The energy dependent neutron detection efficiency of the spectrometer has been measured using the time-of-flight (TOF) technique and ... More
Origin of giant magnetoresistance across the martensitic transformation for Ni44Cu2Mn43In11 alloy: Formation of phase fractionAug 05 2015We have studied the phase volume fraction related magnetoresistance (MR) across the first order martensite transformation (MT) of Ni44Cu2Mn43In11 alloy. Within the metastability of MT, an isothermal application of magnetic field converts the martensite ... More
Near-infrared spectroscopic and photometric evolution of Nova V476 Scuti -- a nova that formed optically thin dustOct 15 2013We present results of near-infrared (near-IR) $JHK$ (1.07 - 2.5 $\mu$m) spectroscopic and photometric observations of Nova V476 Scuti (V476 Sct) which was discovered in outburst in 2005 September. The near-IR observations of the nova presents the evolution ... More
Light charged particle emission from hot $^{32}$S$^{*}$ formed in $^{20}$Ne + $^{12}$C reactionJul 01 2008Nov 11 2008Inclusive energy distributions for light charged particles ($p, d, t$ and $\alpha$) have been measured in the $^{20}$Ne (158, 170, 180, 200 MeV) + $^{12}$C reactions in the angular range 10$^{o}$ -- 50$^{o}$. Exclusive light charged particle energy distribution ... More
Relativity Damps OPEP in Nuclear MatterJun 18 1998Using a relativistic Dirac-Brueckner analysis the OPEP contribution to the ground state energy of nuclear matter is studied. In the study the pion is derivative-coupled. We find that the role of the tensor force in the saturation mechanism is substantially ... More
Time dependent spectral modeling of Markarian 421 during a violent outburst in 2010May 03 2019We present the results of extensive modeling of the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of the closest blazar (z=0.031) Markarian 421 (Mrk 421) during a giant outburst in February 2010. The source underwent rapid flux variations in both X-rays and very ... More
Relics of Cosmic Quark- Hadron Phase Transition and Massive Compact Halo ObjectsNov 26 2002We propose that the cold dark matter (CDM) is composed entirely of quark matter, arising from a cosmic quark-hadron transition. We show that compact gravitational objects, with masses around 0.5 (M_{\odot}), could have evolved out of the such CDM.
Status of the Hadronic Tau Determination of V_usJul 21 2008We update the extraction of |V_{us}| from hadronic tau decay data in light of recent BaBar and Belle results on the branching fractions of a number of important strange decay modes. A range of sum rule analyses is performed, particular attention being ... More
Theory and synthesis of bilayer graphene intercalated with ICl and IBr for low power device applicationsJan 17 2013Graphene intercalation materials are potentially promising for the implementation of the ultra-low power, excitonic-condensate-based Bilayer pseudoSpin Field-Effect Transistor (BiSFET) concept, as well as other novel device concepts requiring a graphene ... More
Minimization of Handoff Failure Probability for Next-Generation Wireless SystemsJun 17 2010During the past few years, advances in mobile communication theory have enabled the development and deployment of different wireless technologies, complementary to each other. Hence, their integration can realize a unified wireless system that has the ... More
Scaling Properties of Ge-SixGe1-x Core-Shell Nanowire Field Effect TransistorsDec 09 2009We demonstrate the fabrication of high-performance Ge-SixGe1-x core-shell nanowire field-effect transistors with highly doped source and drain, and systematically investigate their scaling properties. Highly doped source and drain regions are realized ... More
Minimization of Handoff latency by co-ordinate evaluation method using GPS based mapAug 10 2010Handoff has become an essential criterion in mobile communication system, specially in urban areas, owing to the limited coverage area of Access Points (AP). Handover of calls between two Base Stations (BSs) is encountered frequently and it is essentially ... More
Enhancement in transition temperature and critical current density of CeO0.8F0.2FeAs by yttrium dopingAug 24 2009We report significant enhancement in superconducting properties of yttrium substituted Ce1-xYxOFFeAs superconductors. The polycrystalline samples were prepared by two step solid state reaction technique. X-ray diffraction confirmed tetragonal ZrCuSiAs ... More
Characteristics of polar coronal hole jetsOct 30 2013High spatial- and temporal-resolution images of coronal hole regions show a dynamical environment where mass flows and jets are frequently observed. These jets are believed to be important for the coronal heating and the acceleration of the fast solar ... More
Infrared studies of Nova Scorpii 2014: an outburst in a symbiotic system sans an accompanying blast waveJul 09 2015Near-IR spectroscopy is presented for Nova Scorpii 2014. It is shown that the outburst occurred in a symbiotic binary system - an extremely rare configuration for a classical nova outburst to occur in but appropriate for the eruption of a recurrent nova ... More
Near-infrared studies of nova V5584 Sgr in the pre-maximum and early decline phaseDec 24 2014We present near-infrared spectroscopic and photometric observations of nova V5584 Sgr taken during the first 12 days following its discovery on Oct. 26.439 UT 2009. The evolution of the spectra is shown from the initial P Cygni phase to an emission line ... More
V496 Scuti: An Fe II nova with dust shell accompanied by CO emissionJul 20 2012We present near-infrared and optical observations of the nova V496 Scuti 2009 covering various phases - pre-maximum, early decline and nebular - during the first 10 months of its discovery followed by limited observations in early part of 2011 April. ... More
Studies of a possible new Herbig Ae/Be star in the open cluster NGC 7380Jan 24 2012We present a study of the star 2MASS J22472238+5801214 with the aim of identifying its true nature which has hitherto been uncertain. This object, which is a member of the young cluster NGC 7380, has been variously proposed to be a Be star, a D-type symbiotic ... More
V496 Scuti: Detection of CO emission and dust shell in a moderately fast Fe II novaMar 08 2013Mar 11 2013We present near-infrared and optical observations of moderately fast FeII-class Nova Scuti 2009 (V496 Sct) covering various phases; pre-maximum, early decline and nebular, during the first 10 months after its discovery followed by limited observations ... More
Spectroscopic Observations of Propagating Disturbances in a Polar Coronal Hole: Evidence of Slow Magneto-acoustic WavesSep 16 2012We focus on detecting and studying quasi-periodic propagating features that have been interpreted both in terms of slow magneto-acoustic waves and of high speed upflows. We analyze long duration spectroscopic observations of the on-disk part of the south ... More
Dynamics of Coronal Bright Points as seen by Sun Watcher using Active Pixel System detector and Image Processing (SWAP), Atmospheric Imaging Assembly AIA), and Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI)Jun 01 2012The \textit{Sun Watcher using Active Pixel system detector and Image Processing}(SWAP) on board the \textit{PRoject for OnBoard Autonomy\todash 2} (PROBA\todash 2) spacecraft provides images of the solar corona in EUV channel centered at 174 \AA. These ... More
Infrared studies of the Be star X PerApr 06 2012Photometric and spectroscopic results are presented for the Be star X Per/HD 24534 from near-infrared monitoring in 2010-2011. The star is one of a sample of selected Be/X-ray binaries being monitored by us in the near-IR to study correlations between ... More
Near-Infrared water lines in V838 MonocerotisJun 17 2005V838 Monocerotis had an intriguing, nova-like outburst in January 2002 which has subsequently led to several studies of the object. It is now recognized that the outburst of V838 Mon and its evolution are different from that of a classical nova or other ... More
A late, infrared flash from the afterglow of GRB 050319Feb 17 2006We report the detection of a bright, near-infrared flash from the afterglow of GRB 050319, 6.15 hours after the burst. The IR flash faded rapidly from J=13.12 mag. to J > 15.5 mag. in about 4 minutes. There are no reported simultaneous observations at ... More
A search for radioactive 26Al in the nova-like variable V4332 SagittariiJun 21 2004We have searched for the important radioactive isotope 26Al in the nova-like source V4332 Sgr. Recent results from gamma ray astronomy show that there is pervasive emission of the 1.809 MeV gamma ray photon, arising from the decay of 26Al to 26Mg, from ... More
The Curious Case of Leading Transcendentality: Three Point Form FactorsMay 29 2019Three-point form factors (FF) involving massless SU(N) coloured particles and a gauge invariant local operator are investigated for three different choices of operators in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. The Higgs like operator is found to ... More
Universal quantized thermal conductance in grapheneFeb 18 2019The universal quantization of thermal conductance provides information on the topological order of a state beyond electrical conductance. Such measurements have become possible only recently, and have discovered, in particular, that the value of the observed ... More
Voltage Induced Switching of Nanomagnets in Topological Insulator Magnetoelectric Devices through Ruderman-Kittel-Kasuya-Yosida InteractionsNov 21 2014Feb 22 2016In this letter, we demonstrate switching of nanomagnets through RKKY interactions in topological insulator-based magnetoelectric devices. The switching speed is dependent on the size of the ferromagnets.
Magnetoresistive property study of direct and indirect band gap thermoelectric Bi-Sb alloysAug 19 2014We report magnetoresistive properties of direct and indirect band gap Bismuth-Antimony (Bi-Sb) alloys. Band gap increases with magnetic field. Large positive magnetoresistance (MR) approaching to 400 % is observed. Low field MR experiences quadratic growth ... More
Separating electric field and thermal effects across the metal-insulator transition in vanadium oxide nanobeamsJan 16 2014We present results from an experimental study of the equilibrium and non-equilibrium transport properties of vanadium oxide nanobeams near the metal-insulator transition (MIT). Application of a large electric field in the insulating phase across the nanobeams ... More
On the spectrum of hypergraphsNov 26 2017Mar 27 2019Here we study the spectral properties of an underlying weighted graph of a non-uniform hypergraph by introducing different connectivity matrices, such as adjacency, Laplacian and normalized Laplacian matrices. We show that different structural properties ... More
Algebraic cycles on hyperplane sections of hypersurfaces in $\mathbb P^n$ for $n=5,6$Jun 25 2019Let $X$ be a cubic hypersurface in $\mathbb P^6$ or a hypersurface of degree greater than equal to $7$ in $\mathbb P^5$. In this note we try to understand, for a very general hyperplane section of $X$, the non-injectivity locus of the corresponding push-forward ... More
Involutions on algebraic surfaces and zero cyclesOct 18 2016Apr 18 2018In this note we are going to consider a smooth projective surface equipped with an involution and study the action of the involution at the level of Chow group of zero cycles.
Theta divisors of abelian varieties and push-forward homomorphism at the level of Chow groupsSep 12 2016Apr 18 2018In this text we prove that if an abelian variety $A$ admits of an embedding into the Jacobian of a smooth projective curve $C$, and if we consider $\Th_A$ to be the divisor $\Th_C\cap A$, where $\Th_C$ denotes the theta divisor of $J(C)$, then the embedding ... More
On integral schemes over symmetric monoidal categoriesJun 16 2015May 15 2016We propose notions of "Noetherian" and "integral" for schemes over an abelian symmetric monoidal category $(\mathcal C,\otimes,1)$. For Noetherian integral schemes, we construct a "function field" that is a commutative monoid object of $(\mathcal C,\otimes,1)$. ... More
Mumford-Roitman argument on familiesMay 08 2017May 12 2017The aim of this note is to show that the properties like motivic decomposability, Chow theoretic decomposition of the diagonal etc. happens for the special member of a family if it happens for a general member of the family.
An exposition on finite dimensionality of Chow groupsJun 06 2018In this exposition we understand when the natural map from the Chow variety parametrizing codimension $p$ cycles on a smooth projective variety $X$ to the Chow group $\CH^p(X)$ is surjective. We derive some consequences when the map is surjective.
Representability of Chow groups of codimension three cyclesJun 19 2019In this note we are going to prove that if we have a fibration of smooth projective varieties $X\to S$ over a surface $S$ such that $X$ is of dimension four and that the geometric generic fiber has finite dimensional motive and the first \'etale cohomology ... More
Bayesian Structure Learning in Graphical Models using Shrinkage priorsJul 26 2019We consider the problem of learning the structure of a high dimensional precision matrix under sparsity assumptions. We propose to use a shrinkage prior, called the DL-graphical prior based on the Dirichlet-Laplace prior used for the Gaussian mean problem. ... More
Analysis of a Planetary Scale Scientific Collaboration Dataset Reveals Novel PatternsSep 24 2015Apr 09 2016Scientific collaboration networks are an important component of scientific output and contribute significantly to expanding our knowledge and to the economy and gross domestic product of nations. Here we examine a dataset from the Mendeley scientific ... More
Non-standard real-analytic realizations of some rotations of the circleJan 07 2015Apr 07 2015We extend some aspects of the smooth approximation by conjugation method to the real-analytic set-up and create examples of zero entropy, uniquely ergodic real-analytic diffeomorphisms of the two dimensional torus metrically isomorphic to some (Liouvillian) ... More
A Note on Charged Black Holes in AdS space and the Dual Gauge TheoriesSep 09 2010We study the thermodynamics and the phase structures of Reissner-Nordstrom and Born-Infeld black holes in AdS space by constructing ``off-shell'' free energies using thermodynamic quantities derived directly from the action. We then use these results ... More
Geometry of quintics in $\mathbb P^3$ and the Craighero-Gattazzo surface of general typeJun 23 2019In this paper we study the question whether the tri-canonical system on the Craighero-Gattazzo surface is base point free and at which points does it separate tangent vectors. Also we study the non-rationality of the normalization of the quotient of a ... More
Chow groups of conic bundles in $\mathbb P^5$ and the Generalised Bloch's conjectureMay 22 2017Oct 03 2017Consider the Fano surface of a conic bundle embedded in $\mathbb P^5$. Let $i$ denote the natural involution acting on this surface. In this note we provide an obstruction to the identity action of the involution on the group of algebraically trivial ... More
On Noetherian schemes over $(\mathcal C,\otimes,1)$ and the category of quasi-coherent sheavesMay 06 2015Jan 05 2016Let $(\mathcal C,\otimes,1)$ be an abelian symmetric monoidal category satisfying certain conditions and let $X$ be a scheme over $(\mathcal C,\otimes,1)$ in the sense of To\"en and Vaqui\'{e}. In this paper we show that when $X$ is quasi-compact and ... More
Characterization of fragment emission in ^{20}Ne (7 - 10 MeV/nucleon) + ^{12}C reactionsApr 10 2007Jul 23 2007The inclusive energy distributions of the complex fragments (3 $\leq$ Z $\leq$ 7) emitted from the bombardment of ^{12}C by ^{20}Ne beams with incident energies between 145 and 200 MeV have been measured in the angular range 10$^{o} \leq \theta_{lab} ... More
Dissipation of angular momentum in light heavy ion collisionSep 08 2003Jan 07 2004The inclusive energy distributions of fragments (4$\leq$Z$\leq$7) emitted in the reactions $^{16}$O (116 MeV) + $^{27}$Al, $^{28}$Si, $^{20}$Ne (145 MeV) + $^{27}$Al, $^{59}$Co have been measured in the angular range $\theta_{lab} $= 10$^\circ$ - 65$^\circ$. ... More
Single pulse all-optical toggle switching of magnetization without Gd: The example of Mn2RuxGaSep 12 2019Viable and energy-efficient control of magnetization without the help of a magnetic field is a key goal of spintronics. Purely thermal single-pulse all-optical toggle switching has been demonstrated, but so far only in Gd based amorphous ferrimagnet films. ... More
Effect of viscosity and surface tension on the growth of Rayleigh -Taylor instability and Richtmyer-Meshkov instability induced two fluid inter-facial nonlinear structureJan 18 2011Jun 07 2011The effect of viscous drag and surface tension on the nonlinear two fluid inter facial structures induced by Rayleigh -Taylor instability and Richtmyer-Meshkov instability are investigated.Viscosity and surface tension play important roles on the fluid ... More
Collective oscillations of a Bose-Fermi mixture: Effect of unequal mass of Bose and Fermi particlesApr 26 2007We investigate the effect of different mass of a Bose- and a Fermi-particle on the collective oscillations of the degenerate boson-fermion mixtures. In particular we consider the monopole and the quadrupole modes of the oscillations and study their characters ... More
Taylor-Goldstein equation and stabilityOct 12 2005Taylor-Goldstein equation (TGE) governs the stability of a shear-flow of an inviscid fluid of variable density. It is investigated here from a rigorous geometrical point of view using a canonical class of its transformations. Rayleigh's point of inflection ... More
Bilayers and quasi-3D stacks of Jain series fractional quantum Hall states from parton constructionJul 18 2018We present a description of bilayers and quasi-three dimensional stacks of Jain series of fractional quantum Hall states using their parton descriptions, and argue for them as candidate states when the interlayer Coulombic interaction is comparable to ... More
Inflation in Brane World GravityDec 27 2015Dec 29 2015We study the inflationary dynamics in Brane World gravity and look for observational signatures of any deviation from the standard General Relativity based results of Cosmological Perturbation Theory. We first review the standard paradigm of General Relativity ... More
Dennis trace map for certain $K$-groups of categories with cofibrationsDec 18 2014Let $\mathcal C$ be a small category with cofibrations. In this paper, we define the $K$-theory and Hochschild homology groups of $\mathcal C$ of order $Y$, where $Y$ is an ordered finite simplicial set with basepoint. Further, we construct the Dennis ... More
Noetherian Schemes over abelian symmetric monoidal categoriesOct 13 2014Jan 27 2016In this paper, we develop basic results of algebraic geometry over abelian symmetric monoidal categories. Let $A$ be a commutative monoid object in an abelian symmetric monoidal category $(\mathbf C,\otimes,1)$ satisfying certain conditions and let $\mathcal ... More
The Regularity of Powers of Edge IdealsJun 02 2014In this paper we prove the existence of a special order on the set of minimal monomial generators of powers of edge ideals of arbitrary graphs. Using this order we find new upper bounds on the regularity of powers of edge ideals of graphs whose complement ... More
A Note On Signs Of Fourier Coefficients Of Two Cusp FormsSep 26 2016Oct 19 2017Kohnen and Sengupta proved that two cusp forms of different integral weights with real algebraic Fourier coefficients have infinitely many Fourier coefficients of the same as well as of opposite sign, up to the action of a Galois automorphism. Recently ... More
The variation of the Gysin kernel in a familyJun 06 2018Consider a smooth projective surface $S$. Consider a fibration $S\to C$ where $C$ is a quasi-projective curve such the fibers are smooth projective curves. The aim of this text is to show that the kernels of the push-forward homomorphism $\{j_{t*}\}_{t\in ... More
Delving into the Historical Ca II K Archive from the Kodaikanal Observatory: the Potential of the Most Recent Digitised SeriesAug 15 2019Full-disc Ca II K photographic observations of the Sun carry direct information about the evolution of solar-plage regions for more than a century and are therefore a unique dataset for solar-activity studies. For a long time Ca II K observations were ... More
The Study of Geometric Phase in Twisted CrystalAug 16 2004The polarization matrix ($2\times2$) obtained from two component eigen-spinors of spherical harmonics help us to evaluate the differential matrix $N$ of the anisotropic optical medium. The geometric phase is realized through {\it helicity} of photon, ... More
Fluctuation of the free energy of Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model with Curie-Weiss interaction: the paramagnetic regimeMay 04 2019We consider a spin system with pure two spin Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Hamiltonian with Curie-Weiss interaction. The model where the spins are spherically symmetric was considered by \citet{Baiklee16} and \citet{Baikleewu18} which shows a two dimensional ... More
Energy transfer and entanglement in an optically active solution of amino acidsSep 14 2019The optical activity of a chiral medium is discussed from the view point of transfer of energy. The absorbed energy of the polarized light in the optical active medium is transferred to the mechanical rotation of the chiral molecule. They acquire the ... More
Combinatorial Principles and some questions concerning L-like properties and DC$_κ$Mar 14 2019Apr 30 2019We extend a result of Arthur Apter which answer a question of Matthew Foreman and Menachem Magidor related to mutually stationary sets. We also extend a result of Arthur Apter which answer a question of W. Hugh Woodin and prove a conjecture by Ioanna ... More
Structural distance and evolutionary relationship of networksJul 20 2008Dec 02 2009Evolutionary mechanism in a self-organized system cause some functional changes that force to adapt new conformation of the interaction pattern between the components of that system. Measuring the structural differences one can retrace the evolutionary ... More
Sur la catégorie dérivée des faisceaux tordusOct 27 2014Soit $X$ un sch\'ema quasi-compact et s\'epar\'e et soit $\alpha\in \check{C}^2(X, \mathcal O_X^*)$ un cocycle de C\v{e}ch. Nous consid\'erons la cat\'egorie d\'eriv\'ee $D(QCoh(X,\alpha))$ des faisceaux quasi-coh\'erents sur $X$ tordu par $\alpha$. Soit ... More
Collective oscillations in two-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensateSep 03 2004We study the effect of lower dimensional geometry on the frequencies of the collective oscillations of a Bose-Einstein condensate confined in a trap. To study the effect of two dimensional geometry we consider a pancake-shaped condensate confined in a ... More