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Calculation of ground state energy of harmonically confined two dipolar fermionsOct 08 2014We calculate the ground state energies of a system of two dipolar fermions trapped in a harmonic oscillator potential. The dipoles are assumed to be aligned parallel to each other. We perform the calculations of ground state energy as a function of strength ... More
Automated detection of Coronal Mass Ejections in Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) on-board ADITYA-L1May 14 2018An onboard automated coronal mass ejections (CMEs) detection algorithm has been developed for Visible Emission Line Coronagraph (VELC) onboard ADITYA-L1. The aim of this algorithm is to reduce the load on telemetry by sending the high spatial ($\sim$ ... More
Relativistic charged spheres: Compact stars, compactness and stable configurationsApr 05 2018Nov 09 2018This paper aims to explore a class of static stellar equilibrium configurations of charged spheres composed by a isotropic fluid and fixed the constraints with some known compact star candidates. The study is performed by considering a particularized ... More
A graph theoretic framework for representation, exploration and analysis on computed states of physical systemsNov 24 2018Jan 23 2019A graph theoretic perspective is taken for a range of phenomena in continuum physics in order to develop representations for analysis of large scale, high-fidelity solutions to these problems. Of interest are phenomena described by partial differential ... More
Signature effects of spin clustering and distribution of spin couplings on magnetization behaviour in Ni-Fe-Mo and Ni-Fe-W alloysJan 01 2011Jan 13 2011The spontaneous magnetization as a function of temperature is investigated for a number of disordered Ni-Fe-Mo and Ni-Fe-W alloys using superconducting quantum interference device magnetometry, with a focus on the low-T behavior as well as the critical ... More
Spatiotemporal chaos and the dynamics of coupled Langmuir and ion-acoustic waves in plasmasJan 11 2010Apr 13 2010A simulation study is performed to investigate the dynamics of coupled Langmuir waves (LWs) and ion-acoustic waves (IAWs) in an unmagnetized plasma. The effects of dispersion due to charge separation and the density nonlinearity associated with the IAWs, ... More
Probing inequivalent forms of Legget-Garg inequality in subatomic systemsJun 14 2019We study various formulations of Leggett-Garg inequality (LGI), specifically, the Wigner and Clauser-Horne forms of LGI, in the context of subatomic systems, in particular, three flavor neutrino as well as meson systems. For the neutrinos, some of these ... More
Energy gaps, magnetism, and electric field effects in bilayer graphene nanoribbonsJan 13 2008Jul 02 2008Using a first principles density functional electronic structure method, we study the energy gaps and magnetism in bilayer graphene nanoribbons as a function of the ribbon width and the strength of an external electric field between the layers. We assume ... More
Synchronization of chaotic modulated time delay networks in presence of noiseJul 18 2017We study the constructive role of noises in a Lorenz system with functional delay. The effect of delay can change the dynamics of the system to a chaotic one from its steady state. Induced synchronization with white and colored (red and green) noises ... More
Nova V5579 Sgr 2008: near-infrared studies during maximum and the early decline phaseJun 05 2011We present near-infrared spectroscopic and photometric observations of the nova V5579 Sgr during the maximum and early decline phase. The spectra follow the evolution of the nova from peak brightness when the lines had strong P Cygni profiles to a phase ... More
Nova KT Eri 2009: Infrared studies of a very fast and small amplitude He/N novaMay 31 2013We present near-infrared spectroscopic and photometric observations of the nova KT Eridani taken during the first 100 days following its discovery in 2009 November. The JHK spectra of the object have been taken from the Mount Abu Infrared Observatory ... More
Inverse Fourier Transform for Bi-Complex VariablesNov 04 2015In this paper we examine the existence of bicomplexified inverse Fourier transform as an extension of its complexified inverse version within the region of convergence of bicomplex Fourier transform. In this paper we use the idempotent representation ... More
Charged Vaidya-Tikekar model for super compact starDec 26 2017In this work, we explore a class of compact charged spheres that have been tested against experimental and observational constraints with some known compact stars candidates. The study is performed by considering the self-gravitating, charged, isotropic ... More
Neutron response of the LAMBDA spectrometer and neutron interaction length in BaF2Jun 17 2013We report on the neutron response of the LAMBDA spectrometer developed earlier for high-energy gamma-ray measurement. The energy dependent neutron detection efficiency of the spectrometer has been measured using the time-of-flight (TOF) technique and ... More
The effect of quenching from different temperatures on Bi 0.88 Sb 0.12 alloyDec 18 2015Structural, thermal, resistive and magnetic properties of melt quenched Bi 0.88 Sb 0.12 alloys are reported. The samples are heated at three different temperatures, followed by rapid quenching in liquid nitrogen. Large temperature difference between liquidus ... More
Temperature-dependent structural property and power factor of n type thermoelectric Bi0.90Sb0.10 and Bi0.86Sb0.14 alloysDec 13 2013Thermal variation of structural property, linear thermal expansion coefficient, resistivity, thermopower and power factor of polycrystalline Bi1-xSbx (x=0.10, 0.14) samples are reported. Temperature-dependent powder diffraction experiments indicate that ... More
Sb concentration dependent structural and resistive properties of polycrystalline Bi-Sb alloysSep 25 2012Polycrystalline Bi-Sb alloys have been synthesized over a wide range of antimony concentration (8 at% to 20 at%) by solid state reaction method. In depth structural analysis using X-Ray diffraction (XRD) and temperature dependent resistivity measurement ... More
Onboard Automated CME Detection Algorithm for Visible Emission Line Coronagraph on ADITYA-L1Jun 20 2018ADITYA-L1 is India's first space mission to study the Sun from Lagrangian 1 position. { \textit{Visible Emission Line Coronagraph}} (VELC) is one of the seven payloads in ADITYA-L1 mission scheduled to be launched around 2020. One of the primary objectives ... More
Giant low frequency velocity fluctuations in a driven vortex latticeOct 01 2009The driven state of a well-ordered flux line lattice in a single crystal of 2H-NbSe2 in the time domain has revealed the presence of substantial fluctuations in velocity, with large and distinct time periods (~ seconds). A superposition of a periodic ... More
Light charged particle emission from hot $^{32}$S$^{*}$ formed in $^{20}$Ne + $^{12}$C reactionJul 01 2008Nov 11 2008Inclusive energy distributions for light charged particles ($p, d, t$ and $\alpha$) have been measured in the $^{20}$Ne (158, 170, 180, 200 MeV) + $^{12}$C reactions in the angular range 10$^{o}$ -- 50$^{o}$. Exclusive light charged particle energy distribution ... More
Spitzer observations of V4332 Sagittarii: Detection of Alumina DustJul 20 2007We present broad-band 24, 70 and 160 micron photometry, 5-35 micron and 55-90 micron spectra of the eruptive variable V4332 Sgr from Spitzer observations. The distinguishing feature of the 5-35 micron spectrum is an unusually broad absorption feature ... More
Anamolous reduction of magnetic coercivity of graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide upon coolingFeb 14 2013In this report we present the temperature evolution of magnetic coercivity of graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (RGO). We report an anamolous decrease in coercivity of GO and RGO with decreasing temperature. We could explain this anamolous ... More
Effect of Edge Roughness on Electronic Transport in Graphene Nanoribbon Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect TransistorsDec 18 2007Results of quantum mechanical simulations of the influence of edge disorder on transport in graphene nanoribbon metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) are reported. The addition of edge disorder significantly reduces ON-state currents ... More
Minimization of Handoff latency by co-ordinate evaluation method using GPS based mapAug 10 2010Handoff has become an essential criterion in mobile communication system, specially in urban areas, owing to the limited coverage area of Access Points (AP). Handover of calls between two Base Stations (BSs) is encountered frequently and it is essentially ... More
Minimization of Handoff Failure Probability for Next-Generation Wireless SystemsJun 17 2010During the past few years, advances in mobile communication theory have enabled the development and deployment of different wireless technologies, complementary to each other. Hence, their integration can realize a unified wireless system that has the ... More
Quantum transport simulation of exciton condensate transport physics in a double layer graphene systemSep 09 2015Spatially indirect electron-hole exciton condensates stabilized by interlayer Fock exchange interactions have been predicted in systems containing a pair of two-dimensional semiconductor or semimetal layers separated by a thin tunnel dielectric. The layer ... More
Separating electric field and thermal effects across the metal-insulator transition in vanadium oxide nanobeamsJan 16 2014We present results from an experimental study of the equilibrium and non-equilibrium transport properties of vanadium oxide nanobeams near the metal-insulator transition (MIT). Application of a large electric field in the insulating phase across the nanobeams ... More
The Curious Case of Leading Transcendentality: Three Point Form FactorsMay 29 2019Three-point form factors (FF) involving massless SU(N) coloured particles and a gauge invariant local operator are investigated for three different choices of operators in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. The Higgs like operator is found to ... More
Universal quantized thermal conductance in grapheneFeb 18 2019The universal quantization of thermal conductance provides information on the topological order of a state beyond electrical conductance. Such measurements have become possible only recently, and have discovered, in particular, that the value of the observed ... More
Relativity Damps OPEP in Nuclear MatterJun 18 1998Using a relativistic Dirac-Brueckner analysis the OPEP contribution to the ground state energy of nuclear matter is studied. In the study the pion is derivative-coupled. We find that the role of the tensor force in the saturation mechanism is substantially ... More
Speeding up of Binary Merger Due to "Apparent" Gravitational Wave EmissionsOct 10 2018Gravitational waves from binary black hole pairs have emerged as an important observational tool in current times. The energy of the BH - BH binary pair is radiated in the form of gravitational waves and to compensate for that energy, kinetic energy of ... More
Time dependent spectral modeling of Markarian 421 during a violent outburst in 2010May 03 2019We present the results of extensive modeling of the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of the closest blazar (z=0.031) Markarian 421 (Mrk 421) during a giant outburst in February 2010. The source underwent rapid flux variations in both X-rays and very ... More
On some spectral spaces associated to tensor triangulated categoriesOct 26 2016We consider a closure operator $c$ of finite type on the space $SMod(\mathcal M)$ of thick $\mathcal K$-submodules of a triangulated category $\mathcal M$ that is a module over a tensor triangulated category $(\mathcal K,\otimes,1)$. Our purpose is to ... More
Quasimodular Hecke algebras and Hopf actionsNov 12 2014Sep 03 2015Let $\Gamma=\Gamma(N)$ be a principal congruence subgroup of $SL_2(\mathbb Z)$. In this paper, we extend the theory of modular Hecke algebras due to Connes and Moscovici to define the algebra $\mathcal Q(\Gamma)$ of quasimodular Hecke operators of level ... More
Boundaries of the Arnol'd tongues and the standard familyFeb 19 2014For a family $(F_{t,a} : x \mapsto x + t + a\phi(x))$ of increasing homeomorphisms of $\mathbb R$ with $\phi$ being Lipschitz continuous of period 1, there is a parameter space consisting of the values $(t,a)$ such that the map $F_{t,a}$ is strictly increasing ... More
NNLO QCD Corrections to the Drell-Yan Cross Section in Models of TeV-Scale GravityJun 27 2016Oct 26 2018The first results on the complete next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) Quantum Chromodynamic (QCD) corrections to the production of di-leptons at hadron colliders in large extra dimension models with spin-2 particles are reported in this article. In particular, ... More
Selective substitution in orbital domains of a low doped manganite : an investigation from Griffiths phenomenon and modification of glassy featuresSep 04 2008An effort is made to study the contrast in magnetic behavior resulting from minimal disorder introduced by substitution of 2.5% Ga or Al in Mn-site of La${_{0.9}}$Sr$_{0.1}$MnO${_3}$. It is considered that Ga or Al selectively creates disorder within ... More
Changeover from Glassy ferromagnetism of the orbital domain state to long range ferromagnetic ordering in La{_{0.9}}Sr_{0.1}MnO{_3}Jul 11 2007An attempt is made to resolve the controversy related to the low temperature phase (ground state) of the low-doped ferromagnetic (FM)- insulator(I) manganite through bulk magnetic measurements on La${_{0.9}}$Sr$_{0.1}$MnO${_3}$ sample. It is shown that ... More
Temporal dynamics in the one-dimensional quantum Zakharov equations for plasmasFeb 17 2010The temporal dynamics of the quantum Zakharov equations (QZEs) in one spatial dimension, which describes the nonlinear interaction of quantum Langmuir waves (QLWs) and quantum ion-acoustic waves (QIAWs) is revisited by considering their solution as a ... More
Experimental Determination of $η$/$s$ for Finite Nuclear MatterMay 03 2017We present, for the first time, simultaneous determination of shear viscosity ($\eta$) and entropy density ($s$) and thus, $\eta/s$ for equilibrated nuclear systems from $A$ $\sim$ 30 to $A$ $\sim$ 208 at different temperatures. At finite temperature, ... More
Experimental signature of collective enhancement in nuclear level densityApr 03 2018We present a probable experimental signature of collective enhancement in the nuclear level density (NLD) by measuring the neutron and the giant dipole resonance (GDR) $\gamma$ rays emitted from the rare earth $^{169}$Tm compound nucleus populated at ... More
A sub-1-volt analog metal oxide memristive-based synaptic device for energy-efficient spike-based computing systemsMar 13 2016Nanoscale metal oxide memristors have potential in the development of brain-inspired computing systems that are scalable and efficient1-3. In such systems, memristors represent the native electronic analogues of the biological synapses. However, the characteristics ... More
Infrared spectroscopy of the merger candidate KIC 9832227Apr 04 2018Context: It has been predicted that the object KIC 9832227 - a contact binary star - will undergo a merger in 2022.2+/-0.7. We describe the near infrared spectrum of this object as an impetus to obtain pre-merger data. Aims: We aim to characterise (i)~the ... More
On the spectrum of hypergraphsNov 26 2017Mar 27 2019Here we study the spectral properties of an underlying weighted graph of a non-uniform hypergraph by introducing different connectivity matrices, such as adjacency, Laplacian and normalized Laplacian matrices. We show that different structural properties ... More
On the widths of the Arnol'd TonguesJul 27 2009Let $F: \mathbb R \to \mathbb R$ be a real analytic increasing diffeomorphism with $F-{\rm Id}$ being 1 periodic. Consider the translated family of maps $(F_t :\mathbb R \to \mathbb R)_{t\in \mathbbR}$ defined as $F_t(x)=F(x)+t$. Let ${\rm Trans}(F_t)$ ... More
Symbolic representation of real-analytic AbC systemsMay 15 2017Recently Matthew Foreman and Benjamin Weiss found a way to produce symbolic representation of a large class of smooth AbC diffeomorphisms. In this article we make certain changes to their construction and make it work for real-analytic diffeomorphisms. ... More
Taylor-Goldstein equation and stabilityOct 12 2005Taylor-Goldstein equation (TGE) governs the stability of a shear-flow of an inviscid fluid of variable density. It is investigated here from a rigorous geometrical point of view using a canonical class of its transformations. Rayleigh's point of inflection ... More
Likelihood based inference for monotone response modelsAug 16 2007The behavior of maximum likelihood estimates (MLEs) and the likelihood ratio statistic in a family of problems involving pointwise nonparametric estimation of a monotone function is studied. This class of problems differs radically from the usual parametric ... More
Characterization of fragment emission in ^{20}Ne (7 - 10 MeV/nucleon) + ^{12}C reactionsApr 10 2007Jul 23 2007The inclusive energy distributions of the complex fragments (3 $\leq$ Z $\leq$ 7) emitted from the bombardment of ^{12}C by ^{20}Ne beams with incident energies between 145 and 200 MeV have been measured in the angular range 10$^{o} \leq \theta_{lab} ... More
Homological Algebra of Heyting modulesDec 15 2018The collection of open sets of a topological space forms a Heyting algebra, which leads to the idea of a Heyting algebra as a generalized topological space. In fact, a sober topological space may be reconstructed from its locale of open sets. This has ... More
Classifying subcategories and the spectrum of a locally noetherian categoryOct 23 2017Let $\mathcal A$ be a locally noetherian Grothendieck category. In this paper, we study subcategories of $\mathcal A$ using subsets of the spectrum $\mathfrak Spec(\mathcal A)$. Along the way, we also develop results in local algebra with respect to the ... More
Deformation in 28Si* produced via 16O + 12C reactionFeb 04 2013The energy spectra of the $\alpha$ particles emitted in the reactions $^{16}$O (7-10 MeV/nucleon) + $^{12}$C have been measured in the center of mass angular range of 25$^\circ$ $\lesssim \theta_{c.m.} \lesssim$ 70$^\circ$. The experimental energy spectra ... More
Evidence of large nuclear deformation of $^{32}$S$^{*}$ formed in $^{20}$Ne + $^{12}$C reactionAug 18 2006Deformations of hot composite $^{32}$S$^{*}$ formed in the reaction $^{20}$Ne ($\sim$ 7 -- 10 MeV/nucleon) + $^{12}$C have been estimated from the respective inclusive $\alpha$-particle evaporation spectra. The estimated deformations for $^{32}$S$^{*}$ ... More
Dissipation of angular momentum in light heavy ion collisionSep 08 2003Jan 07 2004The inclusive energy distributions of fragments (4$\leq$Z$\leq$7) emitted in the reactions $^{16}$O (116 MeV) + $^{27}$Al, $^{28}$Si, $^{20}$Ne (145 MeV) + $^{27}$Al, $^{59}$Co have been measured in the angular range $\theta_{lab} $= 10$^\circ$ - 65$^\circ$. ... More
Sharp change over from compound nuclear fission to shape dependent quasi fissionSep 17 2008Fission fragment mass distribution has been measured from the decay of $^{246}$Bk nucleus populating via two entrance channels with slight difference in mass asymmetries but belonging on either side of the Businaro Gallone mass asymmetry parameter. Both ... More
Measurement of Giant Dipole Resonance width at low temperature: A new experimental perspectiveDec 02 2011Dec 05 2011The systematic evolution of the giant dipole resonance (GDR) width in the temperature region of 0.9 ~ 1.4 MeV has been measured experimentally for 119Sb using alpha induced fusion reaction and employing the LAMBDA high energy photon spectrometer. The ... More
Survival of orbiting in $^{20}$Ne (7 - 10 MeV/nucleon) + $^{12}$C reactionsMar 01 2005Jul 20 2005The inclusive energy distributions of fragments with Z $\geq$ 3 emitted from the bombardment of $^{12}$C by $^{20}$Ne beams with incident energies between 145 and 200 MeV have been measured in the angular range $\theta_{lab} \sim$ 10$^\circ$ - 50$^\circ$. ... More
Extreme nuclear shapes examined via Giant Dipole Resonance lineshapes in hot light mass systemJun 03 2010The influence of alpha clustering on nuclear reaction dynamics is investigated using the giant dipole resonance (GDR) lineshape studies in the reactions 20Ne (Elab=145,160 MeV) + 12C and 20Ne (Elab=160 MeV) + 27Al, populating 32S and 47V, respectively. ... More
Giant Dipole Resonance Width in near-Sn Nuclei at Low Temperature and High Angular MomentumJan 25 2008High energy gamma-rays in coincidence with low energy yrast gamma-rays have been measured from 113Sb, at excitation energies of 109 and 122 MeV, formed by bombarding 20Ne on 93Nb at projectile energies of 145 and 160 MeV respectively to study the role ... More
Assessing influence of some meteorological parameters on airborne particulate matters in the Himalayan hill-station of Darjeeling - A preliminary assessmentJan 16 2015In this article influence of sew atmospheric parameters on the level of RPM concentration in hill station of Darjeeling have been assessed. We performed correlation studies among RSPM concentration and selected atmospheric parameters. We also performed ... More
The interparticle interaction and crossover in critical lines on field-temperature plane in Pr$_{0.5}$Sr$_{0.5}$MnO$_{3}$ nanoparticlesAug 12 2010The magnetic properties and the effects of interparticle interaction on it have been studied in nanoparticles of half doped Pr$_{0.5}$Sr$_{0.5}$MnO$_{3}$. Three samples consisting of nanoparticles of different average particle sizes are synthesized to ... More
Baryon Mass Splittings in Chiral Perturbation TheoryOct 28 1994Jan 31 1995Baryon masses are calculated in chiral perturbation theory at the one--loop-${\cal O}(p^3)$ level in the chiral expansion and to leading order in the heavy baryon expansion. Ultraviolet divergences occur requiring the introduction of counter--terms. Despite ... More
Fermions on lattice and chiral invarianceMay 22 1996A model for lattice fermion is proposed which is, (i) free from doublers, (ii) hermitian, and (iii) chirally invariant. The price paid is the loss of hypercubic and reflection symmetries in the lattice action. Thanks to the $\epsilon$-prescription, correlation ... More
Finite-size effect on evolution of Griffiths phase in manganite nanoparticlesApr 21 2013The finite-size effect on the evolution of Griffiths phase (GP) is studied using nanoparticles of half-doped manganite Pr$_{0.5}$Sr$_{0.5}$MnO$_{3}$ with different average particle sizes but having similar structural parameters. All the samples exhibit ... More
Hydrodynamic approach to TDDFT; response properties of metal clustersMar 09 2000Jul 05 2000Performing electronic structure calculations for large systems, such as nanoparticles or metal clusters, via orbital based Hartree-Fock or Kohn-Sham theories is computationaly demanding. To study such systems, therefore, we have taken recourse to the ... More
Learning Features and their Transformations by Spatial and Temporal Spherical ClusteringAug 10 2013Learning features invariant to arbitrary transformations in the data is a requirement for any recognition system, biological or artificial. It is now widely accepted that simple cells in the primary visual cortex respond to features while the complex ... More
Meson-Baryon-Baryon Vertex Function and the Ward-Takahashi IdentityJul 15 1996Ohta proposed a solution for the well-known difficulty of satisfying the Ward-Takahashi identity for a photo-meson-baryon-baryon amplitude ($\gamma$MBB) when a dressed meson-baryon-baryon (MBB) vertex function is present. He obtained a form for the $\gamma$MBB ... More
Neutral Meson Photoproduction in $SU_f(3)$ $χ$PTJan 24 1996Feb 27 1996We present the results for the electric dipole amplitude for $\gamma N \to \pi^0 N$ at threshold at the $O(p^2)$ level in SU$_f$(3) chiral perturbation theory. We find that the SU$_f$(3) results differ only slightly from the SU$_f$(2) results. At the ... More
The Decuplet Revisited in $χ$PTAug 21 1995The paper deals with two issues. First, we explore the quantitiative importance of higher multiplets for properties of the $\Delta$ decuplet in chiral perturbation theory. In particular, it is found that the lowest order one--loop contributions from the ... More
Direct Instantons in QCD Nucleon Sum RulesSep 07 1993We study the role of direct (i.e. small-scale) instantons in QCD correlation functions for the nucleon. They generate sizeable, nonperturbative corrections to the conventional operator product expansion, which improve the quality of both QCD nucleon sum ... More
Lattice Fermions and the Chiral AnomalyJan 03 1998Feb 11 1998We show in the Wilson model that the contribution of the regular mass term to the four-divergence of the axial vector current in weak coupling perturbation theory is not zero in the chiral limit and is precisely the axial anomaly. Explicit breaking of ... More
Charge-dependence of the $πNN$ coupling constant and charge-dependence of the NN interactionAug 20 1999The recent determination of the charged $\pi NN$ coupling constant, $g_{\pi^\pm}$, by the Uppsala Neutron Research Group implies that there may be considerable charge-splitting of the pion coupling constant. We investigate the consequences of this for ... More
DC transferred arc thermal plasma assisted growth of nanoparticles with different crystalline phasesJan 07 2008The control of the crystalline phases of the nanoparticles grown in a direct-current transferred-arc plasma-assisted reactor is reported. The crystalline phases of the as synthesized nanoparticles are shown to critically depend on the operating gas pressure. ... More
Fermion decoupling and the Axial Anomaly on the LatticeSep 08 1999In the axial Ward identity of lattice QED we show that in the limit of infinite fermion mass m the pseudoscalar density term exactly cancels the Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly. Using this result we calculate the U(1) axial anomaly in a non-abelian gauge theory. ... More
Fermion decoupling and the axial anomaly on the latticeMay 11 1999By an explicit calculation of the continuum limit of the triangle graph amplitude in lattice QED we show that in the axial Ward identity the ABJ anomaly exactly cancels the pseudoscalar density term in the limit of infinite fermion mass $m$. The result, ... More
Lattice Fermions and Chiral SymmetryAug 07 1996We propose a formulation of lattice fermions with one-sided differences that is hermitian, chirally symmetric (barring a bare mass term) and completely free of doubling. To obtain the axial anomaly in perturbation theory it was necessary to break chiral ... More
Baryon resonances in a chiral confining model (I)May 30 1998In this two part series a chiral confining model of baryons is used to describe low--lying negative parity resonances $N^*$, $\Delta^*$, $\Lambda^*$ and $\Sigma^*$ in the mean field approximation. A physical baryon in this model consists of interacting ... More
Software Security Rules, SDLC PerspectiveNov 03 2009Software has become an integral part of everyday life. Everyday, millions of people perform transaction through internet, ATM, mobile phone, they send email and Egreetings, and use word processing and spreadsheet for various purpose. People use software ... More
Seasonal trend of AOD and Ångström exponent($α)$ over Indian megacities in varying spatial resolutionMar 28 2014Aerosol optical characteristics AOD and \AA ngstr\"om exponent is often used to asses environmental aerosol loading. AOD or Aerosol Optical Depth is an indirect measure of atmospheric aerosol loading by means of total extinction of incoming solar radiation ... More
Calculation of van der Walls coefficients of alkali metal clusters by hydrodynamic approach to time-dependent density-functional theoryAug 19 2004In this paper we employ the hydrodynamic formulation of time-dependent density functional theory to obtain the van der Waal coefficients $C_{6}$ and $C_{8}$ of alkali-metal clusters of various sizes including very large clusters. Such calculation becomes ... More
Comparison of van der Waals coefficient C$_{6}$ of sodium clusters obtained via spherical jellium background model and all-electron ab-initio methodJan 09 2008In this paper we employ two distinct approaches - all-electron \textit{ab initio} method and the spherical jellium background model- within time dependent density functional theory to calculate the long range dipole-dipole dispersion coefficient (van ... More
Near-IR studies of recurrent nova V745 Scorpii during its 2014 outburstMar 04 2014Mar 05 2014The recurrent nova (RN) V745 Scorpii underwent its third known outburst on 2014 February 6. Infrared monitoring of the eruption on an almost daily basis, starting from 1.3d after discovery, shows the emergence of a powerful blast wave generated by the ... More
Low lying spectroscopy of odd-odd $^{146}$EuMar 26 2013Apr 12 2013Electron Capture (EC) decay of $^{146}$Gd($\it{t_{1/2}}$ = 48d) to the low lying states of $^{146}$Eu has been studied using high-resolution $\gamma$ ray spectroscopy. The $^{146}$Gd activity was produced by ($\alpha$, 2n) reaction at E$_{\alpha}$ = 32 ... More
Crossover from paramagnetic compressed flux regime to diamagnetic pinned vortex lattice in a single crystal of cubic Ca(3)Rh(4)Sn(13)Oct 14 2010Jul 01 2011We report the observation of positive magnetization on field cooling (PMFC) in low applied magnetic fields (H < 100 Oe) in a single crystal of Ca(3)Rh(4)Sn(13) near its superconducting transition temperature (T(c) approx 8.35 K). For 30 Oe < H < 100 Oe, ... More
The dynamics of magnetization in phase separated manganite around half doping: a case study for Pr$_{0.5}$Sr$_{0.5}$Mn$_{0.925}$Ga$_{0.075}$O$_{3}$Sep 30 2010We investigate the dynamics of magnetization in the phase separated (PS) state after introducing the quenched disorder at the Mn-site of a manganite around half doping. The compound, Pr$_{0.5}$Sr$_{0.5}$Mn$_{0.925}$Ga$_{0.075}$O$_{3}$, exhibits PS with ... More
Frequency dependent hyperpolarizabilities of atoms; calculations using density-functional theoryAug 18 2000Using the orbitals generated by the van Leeuwen-Baerends potential, we calculate frequency dependent response properties of noble gas atoms of He, Ne and Ar and alkaline earth atoms Be and Mg, with particlar emphasis on their nonlinear polarizabilities. ... More
On the Spatial Performance of Users in Indoor VLC Networks with Multiple ReflectionsApr 12 2018In this paper, we present a stochastic geometry based framework to analyze the performance of downlink indoor visible light communication (VLC) networks at a typical receiver while considering reflections from the walls. A typical receiver is a arbitrarily ... More
Phase separation and the effect of quenched disorder in $Pr_{0.5}Sr_{0.5}MnO_3$Mar 03 2008The nature of phase separation in $Pr_{0.5}Sr_{0.5}MnO_3$ has been probed by linear as well as nonlinear magnetic susceptibilities and resistivity measurements across the 2nd order paramagnetic to ferromagnetic transition ($T_C$) and 1st order ferromagnetic ... More
Field induced first order antiferromagnetic to ferromagnetic transition in Al-doped CeFe$_2$: a calorimetric investigationAug 30 2005Field variation of heat capacity at fixed temperatures is investigated to identify the origin of the field induced first order phase transition in polycrystalline Ce(Fe$_{0.094}$Al$_{0.04}$)$_2$ sample. The heat capacity at 4.5K and 3.5K shows hysteresis ... More
MHD Seismology of a loop-like filament tube by observed kink wavesMar 08 2015We report and analyze the observational evidence of global kink oscillations in a solar filament as observed in H alpha by National Solar Observatory (NSO)/Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) instrument. An M1.1-class flare in active region 11692 ... More
Study of transfer reaction channel in $^{12}$C + $^{27}$Al systemJul 28 2011The 1p transfer channel in the $^{27}$Al($^{12}$C, $^{11}$B)$^{28}$Si reaction has been studied at E$_{lab}$ = 73, 81 and 85 MeV. The finite range distorted wave Born approximation calculations have been performed using phenomenological optical model ... More
Mass distribution in 36.2 MeV alpha induced fission of 232ThNov 08 2018Mass distribution of fission products has been determined in (alpha+232Th) reaction at Elab=36.2 MeV using alpha particles from the cyclotron at the Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre (VECC), Kolkata. Yields of 69 fission products having half-lives in the ... More
Modeling of eddy current distribution in the SST-1 tokamakDec 11 2017The time varying currents in the Ohmic transformer in the SST-1 tokamak induce voltages that drive large eddy currents in the passive structures like the vacuum vessel and cryostat. Since the vacuum vessel and the cryostat are toroidally continuous without ... More
Onset of deformation at $N = 112$ in Bi nucleiApr 19 2012The high spin states in $^{195}$Bi has been studied by $\gamma$-ray spectroscopic method using the $^{181}$Ta($^{20}$Ne, 6n) fusion evaporation reaction at 130 MeV. The $\gamma\gamma$ coincidence data were taken using an array of 8 clover HPGe detectors. ... More
Analysis of Quantum Key Distribution based Satellite CommunicationJul 19 2018Quantum key distribution is an effective encryption technique which can be used to perform secure quantum communication between satellite and ground stations. Quantum cryptography enhances security in various networks such as optical fibers and wireless ... More
On the Generalizations of Brück ConjectureAug 08 2016We obtain similar types of conclusions as that of Br\"{u}ck \cite{3} for two differential polynomials which in turn radically improve and generalize several existing results. Moreover a number of examples have been exhibited to justify the necessity or ... More
The Eisenstein elements of modular symbols for level product of two distinct odd primesApr 15 2015Jun 26 2015We explicitly write down the Eisenstein elements inside the space of modular symbols for Eisenstein series with integer coefficients for the congruence subgroups {\Gamma}_0 (pq) with p and q distinct odd primes, giving an answer to a question of Merel ... More
On the spectrum of directed uniform and non-uniform hypergraphsOct 17 2017Aug 15 2018Here, we suggest a method to represent general directed uniform and non-uniform hypergraphs by different connectivity tensors. We show many results on spectral properties of undirected hypergraphs also hold for general directed uniform hypergraphs. Our ... More
Join-the-Shortest Queue Diffusion Limit in Halfin-Whitt Regime: Tail Asymptotics and Scaling of ExtremaMar 08 2018Sep 28 2018Consider a system of $N$ parallel single-server queues with unit-exponential service time distribution and a single dispatcher where tasks arrive as a Poisson process of rate $\lambda(N)$. When a task arrives, the dispatcher assigns it to one of the servers ... More
Characteristics polynomial of normalized Laplacian for treesJun 30 2014Sep 17 2015Here, we find the characteristics polynomial of normalized Laplacian of a tree. The coefficients of this polynomial are expressed by the higher order general Randi\'c indices for matching, whose values depend on the structure of the tree. We also find ... More