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Randomization Tests for Equality in Dependence StructureNov 06 2018We develop a new statistical procedure to test whether the dependence structure is identical between two groups. Rather than relying on a single index such as Pearson's correlation coefficient or Kendall's Tau, we consider the entire dependence structure ... More
Visualization and Control of Single Electron Charging in Bilayer Graphene Quantum DotsSep 13 2018Graphene p-n junctions provide an ideal platform for investigating novel behavior at the boundary between electronics and optics that arise from massless Dirac fermions, such as whispering gallery modes and Veselago lensing. Bilayer graphene also hosts ... More
Local spectroscopy of moiré-induced electronic structure in gate-tunable twisted bilayer grapheneOct 10 2015Twisted bilayer graphene (tBLG) forms a quasicrystal whose structural and electronic properties depend on the angle of rotation between its layers. Here we present a scanning tunneling microscopy study of gate-tunable tBLG devices supported by atomically-smooth ... More
Characterization and manipulation of individual defects in insulating hexagonal boron nitride using scanning tunneling microscopyDec 05 2014Defects play a key role in determining the properties of most materials and, because they tend to be highly localized, characterizing them at the single-defect level is particularly important. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) has a history of imaging ... More
Imaging of interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures using a bright-field optical microscopeDec 23 2016May 01 2017Vertically stacked atomic layers from different layered crystals can be held together by van der Waals forces, which can be used for building novel heterostructures, offering a platform for developing a new generation of atomically thin, transparent and ... More
Imaging electrostatically confined Dirac fermions in graphene quantum dotsJun 12 2016Electrostatic confinement of charge carriers in graphene is governed by Klein tunneling, a relativistic quantum process in which particle-hole transmutation leads to unusual anisotropic transmission at pn junction boundaries. Reflection and transmission ... More
Nanoscale control of rewriteable doping patterns in pristine graphene/boron nitride heterostructuresFeb 10 2016Nanoscale control of charge doping in two-dimensional (2D) materials permits the realization of electronic analogs of optical phenomena, relativistic physics at low energies, and technologically promising nanoelectronics. Electrostatic gating and chemical ... More
Resonantly hybridised excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructuresApr 12 2019Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional materials can be assembled in vertical stacks held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with incommensurate lattices and arbitrary mutual rotation. ... More
On the structure of certain valued fieldsAug 27 2016Sep 19 2016For any two complete discrete valued fields $K_1$ and $K_2$ of mixed characteristic with perfect residue fields, we show that if each pair of $n$-th residue rings is isomorphic for each $n\ge1$, then $K_1$ and $K_2$ are isometric and isomorphic. More ... More
The Variation of Galaxy Morphological Type with the Shear of EnvironmentJan 10 2008Jul 28 2008Recent N-body simulations have shown that the assembly history of galactic halos depend on the density of large-scale environment. It implies that the galaxy properties like age and size of bulge may also vary with the surrounding large-scale structures, ... More
Reconstructing the Intrinsic Triaxial Shape of the Virgo ClusterApr 11 2007To use galaxy clusters as a cosmological probe, it is important to account for their triaxiality. Assuming that the triaxial shapes of galaxy clusters are induced by the tidal interaction with the surrounding matter, Lee and Kang recently developed a ... More
Restriction estimates to complex hyper-surfacesMar 11 2019The restriction problem is better understood for hyper-surfaces and recent progresses have been made by bilinear and multilinear approaches and most recently polynomial partitioning method which is combined with those estimates. However, for surfaces ... More
Estimating Large Precision Matrices via Modified Cholesky DecompositionJul 04 2017We introduce the $k$-banded Cholesky prior for estimating a high-dimensional bandable precision matrix via the modified Cholesky decomposition. The bandable assumption is imposed on the Cholesky factor of the decomposition. We obtained the P-loss convergence ... More
Generalizations of the Choe-Hoppe helicoid and Clifford cones in Euclidean spaceOct 13 2014Oct 26 2015Our goal is to generalize the Choe-Hoppe helicoid and Clifford cones in Euclidean space. By sweeping out $L$ indpendent Clifford cones in ${\mathbb{R}}^{2N+2}$ via the multi-screw motion, we construct minimal submanifolds in ${\mathbb{R}}^{L(2N+2)+1}$. ... More
The Three Dimensional Structural Shape of the Gravitational Potential in the Local GroupMay 10 2006Jun 19 2008The Local Group is a small galaxy cluster with the membership of 62 nearby galaxies including the Milky Way and M31. Although the Local Group has yet to be virialized, it interacts with the surrounding matter as one gravitationally bound system. To understand ... More
On the structure of certain valued fieldsAug 27 2016Sep 07 2018For any two complete discrete valued fields $K_1$ and $K_2$ of mixed characteristic with perfect residue fields, we show that if each pair of $n$-th residue rings is isomorphic for each $n\ge1$, then $K_1$ and $K_2$ are isometric and isomorphic. More ... More
Quantitative Analysis of a Transient Dynamics of a Gene Regulatory NetworkJun 28 2018Oct 16 2018In a stochastic process, noise often modifies the picture offered by the mean field dynamics. In particular, when there is an absorbing state, the noise erases a stable fixed point of the mean field equation from the stationary distribution, and turns ... More
State transfer with quantum side informationAug 14 2017Mar 16 2018We first consider quantum communication protocols between a sender Alice and a receiver Bob, which transfer Alice's quantum information to Bob by means of non-local resources, such as classical communication, quantum communication, and entanglement. In ... More
A New Efficient Key Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor and Actor NetworksDec 03 2009Research on sensor networks has become much more active and is currently being applied to many different fields. However since sensor networks are limited to only collecting and reporting information regarding a certain event, and requires human intervention ... More
Restriction estimates to complex hypersurfacesMar 11 2019Mar 12 2019The restriction problem is better understood for hypersurfaces and recent progresses have been made by bilinear and multilinear approaches and most recently polynomial partitioning method which is combined with those estimates. However, for surfaces with ... More
Phonological modeling for continuous speech recognition in KoreanJul 18 1996A new scheme to represent phonological changes during continuous speech recognition is suggested. A phonological tag coupled with its morphological tag is designed to represent the conditions of Korean phonological changes. A pairwise language model of ... More
Chart-driven Connectionist Categorial Parsing of Spoken KoreanNov 29 1995While most of the speech and natural language systems which were developed for English and other Indo-European languages neglect the morphological processing and integrate speech and natural language at the word level, for the agglutinative languages ... More
Large bulk matter search for fractional charge particlesSep 23 2002We have carried out the largest search for stable particles with fractional electric charge, based on an oil drop method that incorporates a horizontal electric field and upward air flow. No evidence for such particles was found, giving a 95% C.L. upper ... More
Excitation of a nonradial mode in a millisecond X-ray pulsar XTE J1751-305Mar 14 2014We discuss candidates for non-radial modes excited in a mass accreting and rapidly rotating neutron star to explain the coherent frequency identified in the light curves of a millisecond X-ray pulsar XTE J1751-305. The spin frequency of the pulsar is ... More
Axisymmetric oscillations of magnetic neutron starsOct 06 2006We calculate axisymmetric oscillations of rotating neutron stars composed of the surface fluid ocean, solid crust, and fluid core, taking account of a dipole magnetic field as strong as $B_S\sim 10^{15}$G at the surface. The adiabatic oscillation equations ... More
R modes of slowly pulsating B starsSep 12 2005We examine pulsational stability of low $m$ $r$ modes in SPB stars by calculating fully nonadiabatic oscillations of uniformly rotating stars, where $m$ is an integer representing the azimuthal wave number around the rotation axis. $R$ modes are rotationally ... More
Fredholm determinants in the multi-particle hopping asymmetric diffusion modelOct 06 2014Oct 16 2014In this paper we treat the multi-particle hopping asymmetric diffusion model with the initial configuration $(0,0,...)$. For the multi-particle hopping asymmetric diffusion model with two free parameters, we find a Fredholm determinant representation ... More
Homological mirror symmetry for open Riemann surfaces from pair-of-pants decompositionsAug 16 2016Given a punctured Riemann surface with a pair-of-pants decomposition, we compute its wrapped Fukaya category in a suitable model by reconstructing it from those of various pairs of pants. The pieces are glued together in the sense that the restrictions ... More
Algebraic Equations in State ConditionJun 15 2016Jun 22 2016In this paper, we will prove that a problem deciding whether there is an upper-triangular coordinate in which a character is not in the state of a Hilbert point is NP-hard. This problem is related to the GIT-semistability of a Hilbert point.
On a triply periodic polyhedral surface whose vertices are Weierstrass pointsDec 02 2015Aug 31 2016In this paper, we will construct an example of a closed Riemann surface $X$ that can be realized as a quotient of a triply periodic polyhedral surface $\Pi \subset \mathbb{R}^3$ where the Weierstrass points of $X$ coincide with the vertices of $\Pi.$ ... More
Initial value problem for the free boundary magnetohydrodynamics with zero magnetic boundary conditionSep 15 2014We show local existence and uniqueness of plasma(fluid)-vaccum free boundary problem of magnetohydrodynamic flow in three-dimensional space with infinite depth setting when magnetic field is zero on the free boundary. We use Sobolev-Slobodetskii space ... More
Microcanonical Origin of the Maximum Entropy Principle for Open SystemsJun 26 2012The canonical ensemble describes an open system in equilibrium with a heat bath of fixed temperature. The probability distribution of such a system, the Boltzmann distribution, is derived from the uniform probability distribution of the closed universe ... More
Fiberwise Convexity of Hill's lunar problemNov 27 2014Jul 06 2016In this paper, I prove the fiberwise convexity of the regularized Hill's lunar problem below the critical energy level. This allows us to see Hill's lunar problem of any energy level below the critical value as the Legendre transformation of geodesic ... More
Stable Teichmueller quasigeodesics and ending laminationsJul 05 2001Feb 02 2003We characterize which cobounded quasigeodesics in the Teichmueller space T of a closed surface are at bounded distance from a geodesic. More generally, given a cobounded lipschitz path gamma in T, we show that gamma is a quasigeodesic with finite Hausdorff ... More
Zone methods and the fermion sign problemSep 03 2002We review a recently proposed approach to the problem of alternating signs for fermionic many body Monte Carlo simulations in finite temperature simulations. We derive an estimate for fermion wandering lengths and introduce the notion of permutation zones, ... More
The role of diagonalization within a diagonalization/Monte Carlo schemeOct 31 2000We discuss a method called quasi-sparse eigenvector diagonalization which finds the most important basis vectors of the low energy eigenstates of a quantum Hamiltonian. It can operate using any basis, either orthogonal or non-orthogonal, and any sparse ... More
Introduction to spherical field theoryNov 12 1998Spherical field theory is a new non-perturbative method for studying quantum field theories. It uses the spherical partial wave expansion to reduce a general d-dimensional Euclidean field theory into a set of coupled one-dimensional systems. The coupled ... More
Derived Commutator Complete Algebras and Relative Koszul Duality for OperadsFeb 04 2016We prove that a connected commutator (or NC) complete associative algebra can be recovered in the derived setting from its abelianization together with its natural induced structure. Specifically, we prove an equivalence between connected derived commutator ... More
A naturalist account of the limited, and hence reasonable, effectiveness of mathematics in physicsJun 11 2015The aim of this essay is to propose a conception of mathematics that is fully consonant with naturalism. By that I mean the hypothesis that everything that exists is part of the natural world, which makes up a unitary whole.
Lessons from Einstein's 1915 discovery of general relativityDec 23 2015There is a myth that Einstein's discovery of general relativity was due to his following beautiful mathematics to discover new insights about nature. I argue that this is an incorrect reading of the history and that what Einstein did was to follow physical ... More
Algebraic functions and closed braidsNov 14 2004This article was originally published in Topology 22 (1983). The present hyperTeXed redaction includes references to post-1983 results as Addenda, and corrects a few typographical errors. (See math.GT/0411115 for a more comprehensive overview of the subject ... More
Quasipositive pretzelsAug 06 1999Feb 27 2000A necessary and sufficient condition for an oriented pretzel surface to be quasipositive yields an estimate for the slice genus of the boundary of an arbitrary oriented pretzel surface.
A Short Note on Improved Logic Circuits in a Hexagonal MinesweeperFeb 01 2016This paper aims to present an advanced version of PP-hardness proof of Minesweeper by Bondt. The advancement includes improved Minesweeper configurations for 'logic circuits' in a hexagonal Minesweeper. To do so, I demonstrate logical uncertainty in Minesweeper, ... More
Mechanism for Surface Waves in Vibrated Granular MaterialJul 20 1999We use molecular dynamics simulations to study the formation of surface waves in vertically vibrated granular material. We find that horizontal movements of particles, which are essential for the formation of the waves, consist of two distinct processes. ... More
A perspective on the landscape problemFeb 15 2012I discuss the historical roots of the landscape problem and propose criteria for its successful resolution. This provides a perspective to evaluate the possibility to solve it in several of the speculative cosmological scenarios under study including ... More
The black hole information paradox and relative localityAug 03 2011We argue that the recently proposed principle of relative locality offers a new way to resolve the black hole information puzzle.
How far are we from the quantum theory of gravity?Mar 20 2003Apr 11 2003An assessment is offered of the progress that the major approaches to quantum gravity have made towards the goal of constructing a complete and satisfactory theory. The emphasis is on loop quantum gravity and string theory, although other approaches are ... More
The exceptional Jordan algebra and the matrix stringApr 05 2001A new matrix model is described, based on the exceptional Jordan algebra. The action is cubic, as in matrix Chern-Simons theory. We describe a compactification that, we argue, reproduces, at the one loop level, an octonionic compactification of the matrix ... More
Covariant quantization of membrane dynamicsOct 25 1997A Lorentz covariant quantization of membrane dynamics is defined, which also leaves unbroken the full three dimensional diffeomorphism invariance of the membrane. Among the applications studied are the reduction to string theory, which may be understood ... More
Unification of the state with the dynamical lawJan 12 2012We address the question of why particular laws were selected for the universe, by proposing a mechanism for laws to evolve. Normally in physical theories, timeless laws act on time-evolving states. We propose that this is an approximation, good on time ... More
Unimodular loop quantum gravity and the problems of timeAug 10 2010We develop the quantization of unimodular gravity in the Plebanski and Ashtekar formulations and show that the quantum effective action defined by a formal path integral is unimodular. This means that the effective quantum geometry does not couple to ... More
Time and symmetry in models of economic marketsFeb 25 2009These notes discuss several topics in neoclassical economics and alternatives, with an aim of reviewing fundamental issues in modeling economic markets. I start with a brief, non-rigorous summary of the basic Arrow-Debreu model of general equilibrium, ... More
The Plebanski action extended to a unification of gravity and Yang-Mills theoryDec 06 2007Jul 25 2008We study a unification of gravity with Yang-Mills fields based on a simple extension of the Plebanski action to a Lie group G which contains the local lorentz group. The Coleman-Mandula theorem is avoided because the theory has no global spacetime symmetry. ... More
An invitation to loop quantum gravityAug 05 2004Jun 28 2005We describe the basic assumptions and key results of loop quantum gravity, which is a background independent approach to quantum gravity. The emphasis is on the basic physical principles and how one deduces predictions from them, at a level suitable for ... More
Chern-Simons theory in 11 dimensions as a non-perturbative phase of M theoryMar 25 1997Jan 06 1998A Chern-Simons theory in 11 dimensions, which is a piece of the 11 dimensional supergravity action, is considered as a quantum field theory in its own right. We conjecture that it defines a non-perturbative phase of M theory in which the metric and gravitino ... More
The Bekenstein Bound, Topological Quantum Field Theory and Pluralistic Quantum Field TheoryAug 31 1995Sep 01 1995An approach to quantum gravity and cosmology is proposed based on a synthesis of four elements: 1) the Bekenstein bound and the related holographic hypothesis of 't Hooft and Susskind, 2) topological quantum field theory, 3) a new approach to the interpretational ... More
M theory as a matrix extension of Chern-Simons theoryFeb 01 2000We study a new class of matrix models, the simplest of which is based on an Sp(2) symmetry and has a compactification which is equivalent to Chern-Simons theory on the three-torus. By replacing Sp(2) with the super-algebra Osp(1|32), which has been conjectured ... More
What can we learn from the study of non-perturbative quantum general relativity?Nov 15 1992I attempt to answer the question of the title by giving an annotated list of the major results achieved, over the last six years, in the program to construct quantum general relativity using the Ashtekar variables and the loop representation. A summary ... More
Recent Developments in Non-Perturbative Quantum GravityFeb 07 1992New results from the new variables/loop representation program of nonperturbative quantum gravity are presented, with a focus on results of Ashtekar, Rovelli and the author which greatly clarify the physical interpretation of the quantum states in the ... More
Existence of Néel order in the S=1 bilinear-biquadratic Heisenberg model via random loopsJul 17 2015Sep 14 2016We consider the general spin-1 SU(2) invariant Heisenberg model with a two-body interaction. A random loop model is introduced and relations to quantum spin systems is proved. Using this relation it is shown that for dimensions 3 and above N\'eel order ... More
Relative Canonical Sheaves of a Family of CurvesNov 18 2002In this paper we show that the relative canonical sheaf of a relatively minimal fibration of curves over a curve is semi-ample ; in fact, its m-tensored product is base point free for any m > 1. We use Koszul cohomology with it to prove that the relative ... More
Affine crystals of type $D_n^{(1)}$ and Young wallsApr 19 2004We give a new realization of arbitrary level perfect crystals and arbitrary level irreducible highest weight crystals of type $D_n^{(1)}$, in the language of Young walls. The notions of splitting of blocks and slices play crucial roles in the construction ... More
Star Formation: Lessons from TaurusJan 07 2000The Taurus molecular cloud complex is the paradigm for quiescent, low-density, isolated star formation. Yet the age distribution of its stellar population indicates that star formation is a rapid and dynamic process, inconsistent with the old picture ... More
Interacting Open Bosonic String in the Proper-Time Gauge: Covariant Open Bosonic String Field Theory on Multiple D-BranesSep 06 2016We construct a covariant open bosonic string field theory on multiple D-branes, which reduces to a non-Abelian group Yang-Mills gauge theory in the zero-slope limit. Making use of the first quantized open bosonic string in the proper time gauge, we convert ... More
Vacuum quark condensate, chiral Lagrangian, and Bose-Einstein statisticsJun 07 2012In a series of articles it was recently claimed that the quantum chromodynamic (QCD) condensates are not the properties of the vacuum but of the hadrons and are confined inside them. We point out that this claim is incompatible with the chiral Lagrangian ... More
Robust Adaptive Geometric Tracking Controls on SO(3) with an Application to the Attitude Dynamics of a Quadrotor UAVAug 30 2011This paper provides new results for a robust adaptive tracking control of the attitude dynamics of a rigid body. Both of the attitude dynamics and the proposed control system are globally expressed on the special orthogonal group, to avoid complexities ... More
Geometric Tracking Control of the Attitude Dynamics of a Rigid Body on SO(3)Oct 08 2010This paper provides new results for a tracking control of the attitude dynamics of a rigid body. Both of the attitude dynamics and the proposed control system are globally expressed on the special orthogonal group, to avoid complexities and ambiguities ... More
The nature of power corrections in large $β_0$ approximationMar 28 2003Jun 21 2004We investigate the nature of power corrections and infrared renormalon singularities in large $\beta_0$ approximation. We argue that the power correction associated with a renormalon pole singularity should appear at O(1), in contrast to the renormalon ... More
Tachyon Condensation and Open String Field theoryMay 27 2001Aug 20 2001We perform canonical quantization of the open string on a unstable D-brane in the background of the tachyon condensation. Evaluating the Polyakov path-integral on a stripe, we obtain the field theoretical propagator in the open string theory. As the condensation ... More
Resolution of the strong CP problemJun 30 2000Jul 22 2001It is shown that the quark mass aligns QCD $\theta$ vacuum in such a way that the strong CP is conserved, resolving the strong CP problem.
Open Superstring and Noncommutative GeometryApr 24 2000We perform canonical quantization of the open Neveu-Schwarz-Ramond (NSR) superstrings in the background of a D-brane with the NS B-field. If we choose the mixed boundary condition as a primary constraint, it generates a set of secondary constraints. These ... More
Statistical Mechanics of Non-Abelian Chern-Simons ParticlesJun 02 1995Jun 06 1995We discuss the statistical mechanics of a two-dimensional gas of non-Abelian Chern-Simons particles which obey the non-Abelian braid statistics. The second virial coefficient is evaluated in the framework of the non-Abelian Chern-Simons quantum mechanics. ... More
Four-Graviton Scattering and String Path Integral in the Proper-time gaugeJun 07 2018We evaluate the four-closed-string scattering amplitude by using the string path integral in the proper-time gauge. Identifying the Fock space representation of the four-closed-string-vertex, we obtain a field theoretic expression of the closed string ... More
Bending of light in a Coulomb GasDec 25 2017Sep 07 2018Photons traveling in a background electromagnetic field may bend via the vacuum polarization effect with the background field. The bending in a Coulomb field by a heavy nucleus is small even at a large atomic number, rendering it difficult to detect experimentally. ... More
Hetero-Junction of Two Quantum Wires: Critical Line and DualityFeb 09 2016Applying the Fermi-Bose equivalence and the boundary state formulation, we study the hetero-junction of two quantum wires. Two quantum wires are described by Tomonaga-Luttinger (TL) liquids with different TL parameters and electrons transport between ... More
Geometric Controls for a Tethered Quadrotor UAVSep 08 2015This paper deals with the dynamics and controls of a quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle that is connected to a fixed point on the ground via a tether. Tethered quadrotors have been envisaged for long-term aerial surveillance with high-speed communications. ... More
Extracting gluon condensate from the average plaquetteMar 27 2015The perturbative contribution in the average plaquette is subtracted using Borel summation and the remnant of the plaquette is shown to scale as a dim-4 condensate. A critical review is presented of the renormalon subtraction scheme that claimed a dim-2 ... More
Geometric Control of Multiple Quadrotor UAVs Transporting a Cable-Suspended Rigid BodyMar 14 2014Mar 20 2014This paper investigates tracking controls for an arbitrary number of cooperating quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicles with a suspended rigid body payload. Assuming that a rigid body is connected to multiple quadrotors by rigid massless links, control systems ... More
Ultraviolet Renormalon at All OrdersMar 25 1997Aug 03 1999This paper has been replaced by hep-ph/9908225.
Fluctuation Theorem of Information Exchange between Subsystems that Co-Evolve in TimeMar 25 2019Sagawa and Ueda established a fluctuation theorem of information exchange by revealing the role of correlations in stochastic thermodynamics and unified the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of measurement and feedback control [T. Sagawa and M. Ueda, Phys. ... More
Current status of $\varepsilon_K$ in lattice QCDNov 14 2016Feb 06 2017We present the current status of $\varepsilon_K$ evaluated directly from the standard model using lattice QCD inputs. The lattice QCD inputs include $\hat{B}_K$, $\xi_0$, $\xi_2$, $|V_{us}|$, $m_c(m_c)$, and $|V_{cb}|$. Recently, FLAG has updated $\hat{B}_K$, ... More
Penguin diagrams for improved staggered fermionsSep 17 2004Jan 13 2005We calculate, at the one loop level, penguin diagrams for improved staggered fermion operators constructed using various fat links. The main result is that diagonal mixing coefficients with penguin operators are identical between the unimproved operators ... More
Transfer matrix algorithm for computing the exact partition function of a square lattice polymerDec 05 2016I develop a transfer matrix algorithm for computing the exact partition function of a square lattice polymer with nearest-neighbor interaction, by extending a previous algorithm for computing the total number of self-avoiding walks. The computation time ... More
Lattice simulations for few- and many-body systemsApr 22 2008Dec 13 2008We review the recent literature on lattice simulations for few- and many-body systems. We focus on methods and results that combine the framework of effective field theory with computational lattice methods. Lattice effective field theory is discussed ... More
The Pure Virtual Braid Group Is QuadraticOct 11 2011Nov 27 2012If an augmented algebra K over Q is filtered by powers of its augmentation ideal I, the associated graded algebra grK need not in general be quadratic: although it is generated in degree 1, its relations may not be generated by homogeneous relations of ... More
APX-Hardness of Maximizing Nash Social Welfare with Indivisible ItemsJul 05 2015We study the problem of allocating a set of indivisible items to agents with additive utilities to maximize the Nash social welfare. Cole and Gkatzelis recently proved that this problem admits a constant factor approximation. We complement their result ... More
On the Analysis of the Revocable-Storage Identity-Based Encryption SchemeApr 02 2019Cloud computing can provide a flexible way to effectively share data among multiple users since it can overcome the time and location constraints of computing resource usage. However, the users of cloud computing are still reluctant to share sensitive ... More
A Matter of Opinion: Sentiment Analysis and Business Intelligence (position paper)Apr 06 2005A general-audience introduction to the area of "sentiment analysis", the computational treatment of subjective, opinion-oriented language (an example application is determining whether a review is "thumbs up" or "thumbs down"). Some challenges, applications ... More
Revisiting the Galaxy Shape and Spin Alignments with the Large-Scale Tidal Field: An Effective Practical ModelAug 26 2018Jan 11 2019An effective practical model with two characteristic parameters is presented to describe both of the tidally induced shape and spin alignments of the galactic halos with the large-scale tidal fields. We test this model against the numerical results obtained ... More
A free boundary problem with non local interactionJan 29 2018Aug 06 2018We prove local existence for classical solutions of a free boundary problem which arises in one of the biological selection models proposed by Brunet and Derrida, [2] and Durrett and Remenik, [14]. The problem we consider describes the limit evolution ... More
Counting tree-like graphs in locally dense graphsJul 10 2017We prove that a class of graphs obtained by gluing complete multipartite graphs in a tree-like way satisfies a conjecture of Kohayakawa, Nagle, R\"{o}dl, and Schacht on random-like counts for fixed graphs in locally dense graphs. We also prove an analogous ... More
A free boundary problem in biological selection modelsJul 05 2017We prove local existence for classical solutions of a free boundary problem which arises in one of the biological selection models proposed by Brunet and Derrida, [3]. The problem we consider describes the limit evolution of branching brownian particles ... More
Real-time digital signal recovery for a multi-pole low-pass transfer function systemJun 18 2017In order to solve the problems of waveform distortion and signal delay by many physical and electrical systems with multi-pole linear low-pass transfer characteristics, a simple digital-signal-processing (DSP)-based method of real-time recovery of the ... More
A survey of robot learning from demonstrations for Human-Robot CollaborationOct 24 2017Robot learning from demonstration (LfD) is a research paradigm that can play an important role in addressing the issue of scaling up robot learning. Since this type of approach enables non-robotics experts can teach robots new knowledge without any professional ... More
On a sum of positive rational numbers whose product is 1Feb 26 2016In this note, we prove that for every two positive integers $m \geq n \geq 9$, there exist $n$ positive rational numbers whose product is 1 and sum is $m$.
Whitehead's Integral Formula, Isolated Critical Points, and the Enhancement of the Milnor NumberDec 25 2009J. H. C. Whitehead gave an elegant integral formula for the Hopf invariant H(p) of a smooth map p from the 3-sphere to the 2-sphere. Given an open book structure b on the 3-sphere (or, essentially equivalently, an isolated critical point of a map F from ... More
Two flat structures on minimal surfacesFeb 21 2018In this expository article, we illustrate how two independent flat structures on minimal surfaces induce a harmonic function, which captures the uniqueness of Enneper's surface.
Proof of the Feldman-Karlin Conjecture on the Maximum Number of Equilibria in an Evolutionary SystemOct 12 2009Mar 23 2010Feldman and Karlin conjectured that the number of isolated fixed points for deterministic models of viability selection and recombination among n possible haplotypes has an upper bound of 2^n - 1. Here a proof is provided. The upper bound of 3^{n-1} obtained ... More
An algorithm that decides translation equivalence in a free group of rank twoOct 27 2006Let F_2 be a free group of rank 2. We prove that there is an algorithm that decides whether or not, for given two elements u, v of F_2, u and v are translation equivalent in F_2, that is, whether or not u and v have the property that the cyclic length ... More
A construction of multiplicity class of hypersurfaces from Hesselink stratification of a Hilbert schemeNov 16 2018Dec 14 2018It is well-known that there is a positive relationship between the maximal multiplicity and the length of associated virtual 1-parameter subgroup of a projective hypersurface. In this paper, we will define the multiplicity classes of hypersurfaces and ... More