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A pseudo-capacitive chalcogenide-based electrode with dense 1-dimensional nanoarrays for enhanced energy density in asymmetric supercapacitorsMay 15 2019To achieve the further development of supercapacitors (SCs), which have intensively received attention as a next-generation energy storage system, the rational design of active electrode materials with electrochemically more favorable structure is one ... More
Randomization Tests for Equality in Dependence StructureNov 06 2018We develop a new statistical procedure to test whether the dependence structure is identical between two groups. Rather than relying on a single index such as Pearson's correlation coefficient or Kendall's Tau, we consider the entire dependence structure ... More
Local spectroscopy of moiré-induced electronic structure in gate-tunable twisted bilayer grapheneOct 10 2015Twisted bilayer graphene (tBLG) forms a quasicrystal whose structural and electronic properties depend on the angle of rotation between its layers. Here we present a scanning tunneling microscopy study of gate-tunable tBLG devices supported by atomically-smooth ... More
Characterization and manipulation of individual defects in insulating hexagonal boron nitride using scanning tunneling microscopyDec 05 2014Defects play a key role in determining the properties of most materials and, because they tend to be highly localized, characterizing them at the single-defect level is particularly important. Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) has a history of imaging ... More
Visualization and Control of Single Electron Charging in Bilayer Graphene Quantum DotsSep 13 2018Graphene p-n junctions provide an ideal platform for investigating novel behavior at the boundary between electronics and optics that arise from massless Dirac fermions, such as whispering gallery modes and Veselago lensing. Bilayer graphene also hosts ... More
Imaging of interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures using a bright-field optical microscopeDec 23 2016May 01 2017Vertically stacked atomic layers from different layered crystals can be held together by van der Waals forces, which can be used for building novel heterostructures, offering a platform for developing a new generation of atomically thin, transparent and ... More
Imaging electrostatically confined Dirac fermions in graphene quantum dotsJun 12 2016Electrostatic confinement of charge carriers in graphene is governed by Klein tunneling, a relativistic quantum process in which particle-hole transmutation leads to unusual anisotropic transmission at pn junction boundaries. Reflection and transmission ... More
Nanoscale control of rewriteable doping patterns in pristine graphene/boron nitride heterostructuresFeb 10 2016Nanoscale control of charge doping in two-dimensional (2D) materials permits the realization of electronic analogs of optical phenomena, relativistic physics at low energies, and technologically promising nanoelectronics. Electrostatic gating and chemical ... More
Resonantly hybridised excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructuresApr 12 2019Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional materials can be assembled in vertical stacks held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with incommensurate lattices and arbitrary mutual rotation. ... More
Restriction estimates to complex hypersurfacesMar 11 2019Mar 12 2019The restriction problem is better understood for hypersurfaces and recent progresses have been made by bilinear and multilinear approaches and most recently polynomial partitioning method which is combined with those estimates. However, for surfaces with ... More
Compressed Learning of Deep Neural Networks for OpenCL-Capable Embedded SystemsMay 20 2019Deep neural networks (DNNs) have been quite successful in solving many complex learning problems. However, DNNs tend to have a large number of learning parameters, leading to a large memory and computation requirement. In this paper, we propose a model ... More
Quantitative Analysis of a Transient Dynamics of a Gene Regulatory NetworkJun 28 2018Oct 16 2018In a stochastic process, noise often modifies the picture offered by the mean field dynamics. In particular, when there is an absorbing state, the noise erases a stable fixed point of the mean field equation from the stationary distribution, and turns ... More
On the structure of certain valued fieldsAug 27 2016Sep 19 2016For any two complete discrete valued fields $K_1$ and $K_2$ of mixed characteristic with perfect residue fields, we show that if each pair of $n$-th residue rings is isomorphic for each $n\ge1$, then $K_1$ and $K_2$ are isometric and isomorphic. More ... More
Reconstructing the Intrinsic Triaxial Shape of the Virgo ClusterApr 11 2007To use galaxy clusters as a cosmological probe, it is important to account for their triaxiality. Assuming that the triaxial shapes of galaxy clusters are induced by the tidal interaction with the surrounding matter, Lee and Kang recently developed a ... More
The Variation of Galaxy Morphological Type with the Shear of EnvironmentJan 10 2008Jul 28 2008Recent N-body simulations have shown that the assembly history of galactic halos depend on the density of large-scale environment. It implies that the galaxy properties like age and size of bulge may also vary with the surrounding large-scale structures, ... More
Restriction estimates to complex hyper-surfacesMar 11 2019The restriction problem is better understood for hyper-surfaces and recent progresses have been made by bilinear and multilinear approaches and most recently polynomial partitioning method which is combined with those estimates. However, for surfaces ... More
Estimating Large Precision Matrices via Modified Cholesky DecompositionJul 04 2017We introduce the $k$-banded Cholesky prior for estimating a high-dimensional bandable precision matrix via the modified Cholesky decomposition. The bandable assumption is imposed on the Cholesky factor of the decomposition. We obtained the P-loss convergence ... More
The Three Dimensional Structural Shape of the Gravitational Potential in the Local GroupMay 10 2006Jun 19 2008The Local Group is a small galaxy cluster with the membership of 62 nearby galaxies including the Milky Way and M31. Although the Local Group has yet to be virialized, it interacts with the surrounding matter as one gravitationally bound system. To understand ... More
On the structure of certain valued fieldsAug 27 2016Sep 07 2018For any two complete discrete valued fields $K_1$ and $K_2$ of mixed characteristic with perfect residue fields, we show that if each pair of $n$-th residue rings is isomorphic for each $n\ge1$, then $K_1$ and $K_2$ are isometric and isomorphic. More ... More
Generalizations of the Choe-Hoppe helicoid and Clifford cones in Euclidean spaceOct 13 2014Oct 26 2015Our goal is to generalize the Choe-Hoppe helicoid and Clifford cones in Euclidean space. By sweeping out $L$ indpendent Clifford cones in ${\mathbb{R}}^{2N+2}$ via the multi-screw motion, we construct minimal submanifolds in ${\mathbb{R}}^{L(2N+2)+1}$. ... More
A New Efficient Key Management Protocol for Wireless Sensor and Actor NetworksDec 03 2009Research on sensor networks has become much more active and is currently being applied to many different fields. However since sensor networks are limited to only collecting and reporting information regarding a certain event, and requires human intervention ... More
State transfer with quantum side informationAug 14 2017Mar 16 2018We first consider quantum communication protocols between a sender Alice and a receiver Bob, which transfer Alice's quantum information to Bob by means of non-local resources, such as classical communication, quantum communication, and entanglement. In ... More
Unbiased Global Optimization of Lennard-Jones Clusters for N <= 201 by Conformational Space Annealing MethodJul 29 2003We apply the conformational space annealing (CSA) method to the Lennard-Jones clusters and find all known lowest energy configurations up to 201 atoms, without using extra information of the problem such as the structures of the known global energy minima. ... More
Phonological modeling for continuous speech recognition in KoreanJul 18 1996A new scheme to represent phonological changes during continuous speech recognition is suggested. A phonological tag coupled with its morphological tag is designed to represent the conditions of Korean phonological changes. A pairwise language model of ... More
Chart-driven Connectionist Categorial Parsing of Spoken KoreanNov 29 1995While most of the speech and natural language systems which were developed for English and other Indo-European languages neglect the morphological processing and integrate speech and natural language at the word level, for the agglutinative languages ... More
Murasugi sums of Morse maps to the circle, Morse-Novikov numbers, and free genus of knotsAug 01 2001Murasugi sums can be defined as readily for Morse maps to the circle of (arbitrary) link complements in the 3-sphere as for fibrations over the circle of (fibered) link complements in the 3-sphere. As one application, I show that if a knot K has free ... More
Quasipositivity as an obstruction to slicenessJul 01 1993Mar 24 2000For an oriented link $L \subset S^3 = \Bd\!D^4$, let $\chi_s(L)$ be the greatest Euler characteristic $\chi(F)$ of an oriented 2-manifold $F$ (without closed components) smoothly embedded in $D^4$ with boundary $L$. A knot $K$ is {\it slice} if $\chi_s(K)=1$. ... More
Hopf plumbing, arborescent Seifert surfaces, baskets, espaliers, and homogeneous braidsOct 15 1998May 20 2000Four constructions of Seifert surfaces - Hopf plumbing, arborescent plumbing, basketry, and T-bandword handle decomposition - are described, and some interrelationships found, e.g.: arborescent Seifert surfaces are baskets; Hopf-plumbed baskets are precisely ... More
Matrix universality of gauge and gravitational dynamicsMar 20 2008Mar 21 2008A simple cubic matrix model is presented, which has truncations that, it is argued, lead at the classical level to a variety of theories of gauge fields and gravity. These include Chern-Simons theory in d=3, and BF theory and general relativity in d=4. ... More
Twistor relative localityNov 01 2013We present a version of relative locality based on the geometry of twistor space. This can also be thought of as a new kind of deformation of twistor theory based on the construction of a bundle of twistor spaces over momentum space. Locality in space-time ... More
The quantization of unimodular gravity and the cosmological constant problemApr 30 2009A quantization of unimodular gravity is described, which results in a quantum effective action which is also unimodular, ie a function of a metric with fixed determinant. A consequence is that contributions to the energy momentum tensor of the form of ... More
Scientific alternatives to the anthropic principleJul 26 2004Jul 29 2004It is explained in detail why the Anthropic Principle (AP) cannot yield any falsifiable predictions, and therefore cannot be a part of science. Cases which have been claimed as successful predictions from the AP are shown to be not that. Either they are ... More
The future of spin networksFeb 17 1997The roles that spin networks play in gauge theories, quantum gravity and topological quantum field theory are briefly described, with an emphasis on the question of the relationships among them. It is argued that spin networks and their generalizations ... More
The G_Newton --> 0 Limit of Euclidean Quantum GravityFeb 22 1992Using the Ashtekar formulation, it is shown that the G_{Newton} --> 0 limit of Euclidean or complexified general relativity is not a free field theory, but is a theory that describes a linearized self-dual connection propagating on an arbitrary anti-self-dual ... More
Towards a background independent approach to M theoryAug 31 1998Work in progress is described which aims to construct a background independent formulation of M theory by extending results about background independent states and observables from quantum general relativity and supergravity to string theory. A list of ... More
A holographic formulation of quantum general relativityAug 31 1998Oct 31 1999We show that there is a sector of quantum general relativity which may be expressed in a completely holographic formulation in terms of states and operators defined on a finite boundary. The space of boundary states is built out of the conformal blocks ... More
Linking Topological Quantum Field Theory and Nonperturbative Quantum GravityMay 17 1995Jan 30 1996Quantum gravity is studied nonperturbatively in the case in which space has a boundary with finite area. A natural set of boundary conditions is studied in the Euclidean signature theory, in which the pullback of the curvature to the boundary is self-dual ... More
Experimental Signatures of Quantum GravityMar 16 1995Jan 30 1996I review several different calculations, coming from string theory, nonperturbative quantum gravity and analyses of black holes that lead to predictions of phenomena that would uniquely be signatures of quantum gravitational effects. These include: 1) ... More
Derived Commutator Complete Algebras and Relative Koszul Duality for OperadsFeb 04 2016Oct 18 2016We prove that a connected commutator (or NC) complete associative algebra can be recovered in the derived setting from its abelianization together with its natural induced structure. Specifically, we prove an equivalence between connected derived commutator ... More
Differential Graded Categories are k-linear Stable Infinity CategoriesAug 12 2013Sep 12 2016We describe a comparison between pretriangulated differential graded categories and certain stable infinity categories. Specifically, we use a model category structure on differential graded categories over k (a field of characteristic 0) where the weak ... More
Singularities of massless planar diagrams, large-N_c mesons in 3+1 dimensions, and the 't Hooft modelDec 12 1997We study the singular Landau surfaces of planar diagrams contributing to scattering of a massless quark and antiquark in 3+1 dimensions. In particular, we look at singularities which remain after integration with respect to the various angular degrees ... More
Mesons with a Light Quark-Antiquark Pair and the Bethe-Salpeter EquationSep 24 1994Sep 24 1994The light quark-antiquark scattering Green's function is considered near a meson resonance peak. The Bethe-Salpeter equation is used to write formal expressions for the resonance width/mass ratio. Arguments are made concerning to what extent this ratio ... More
Towards Weakly Constrained Double Field TheorySep 23 2015We show that it is possible to construct a well-defined effective field theory incorporating string winding modes without using strong constraint in double field theory. We show that X-ray (Radon) transform on a torus is well-suited for describing weakly ... More
Holographic relations in loop quantum gravityAug 09 2016It is shown that a relation between entropy and minimal area holds in loop quantum gravity, reminiscent of the Ryu-Takayanagi relation.
Limitation of Multipoles in BOSS DR12 resultsOct 25 2016Recently, the power spectrum (PS) multipoles using the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) Data Release 12 (DR12) sample are analyzed \cite{160703150}. Even though the based model for the analysis is the so-called TNS quasi-linear model including ... More
Breaking CMB degeneracy in dark energy through LSSSep 04 2014Oct 10 2014The cosmic microwave background and large scale structure are complementary probes to investigate the early and late time universe. After the current accomplishment of the high accuracies of CMB measurements, accompanying precision cosmology from LSS ... More
Using prior information to identify boundaries in disease risk mapsAug 24 2012Disease maps display the spatial pattern in disease risk, so that high-risk clusters can be identified. The spatial structure in the risk map is typically represented by a set of random effects, which are modelled with a conditional autoregressive (CAR) ... More
A Solution Accurate, Efficient and Stable Unsplit Staggered Mesh Scheme for Three Dimensional MagnetohydrodynamicsMar 27 2013In this paper, we extend the unsplit staggered mesh scheme (USM) for 2D magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) (Lee and Deane, 2009) to a full 3D MHD scheme. The scheme is a finite-volume Godunov method consisting of a constrained transport (CT) method and an efficient ... More
Reducing DRAM Latency at Low Cost by Exploiting HeterogeneityApr 27 2016In modern systems, DRAM-based main memory is significantly slower than the processor. Consequently, processors spend a long time waiting to access data from main memory, making the long main memory access latency one of the most critical bottlenecks to ... More
Low temperature behavior of finite-size one-dimensional Ising model and the partition function zerosJul 25 2014Jul 29 2014In contrast to the infinite chain, the low-temperature expansion of a one-dimensional free-field Ising model has a strong dependence on boundary conditions. I derive explicit formula for the leading term of the expansion both under open and periodic boundary ... More
Phase diagram of the Wako-Saito-Munoz-Eaton beta-hairpin Model obtained with partition function zerosJul 21 2014I study the partition function zeros of the Wako-Saito-Munoz-Eaton (WSME) beta hairpin model in the complex temperature plane. For various values of the entropy cost of disordering a bond, the zeros show clear locus corresponding to the folding transition. ... More
Sets with few differences in abelian groupsAug 22 2015Sep 23 2015Let $(G, +)$ be an abelian group. In 2004, Eliahou and Kervaire found an explicit formula for the smallest possible cardinality of the sumset $A+A$, where $A \subseteq G$ has fixed cardinality $r$. We consider instead the smallest possible cardinality ... More
Real-time digital signal recovery for a low-pass transfer function system with multiple complex polesJul 18 2018In order to solve the problems of waveform distortion and signal delay by many physical and electrical systems with linear low-pass transfer characteristics with multiple complex poles, a general digital-signal-processing (DSP)-based method of real-time ... More
Worst Unstable Points of a Hilbert SchemeDec 21 2015Apr 05 2019In this paper, we describe the worst unstable points of a Hilbert scheme for some special Hilbert polynomials and ambient spaces using Murai's work on Gotzmann monomial sets. We investigate the geometry of the projective schemes represented by worst unstable ... More
Instability and Singularity of Projective HypersurfacesApr 06 2017Apr 25 2017In this paper, we will show that the Hesselink stratification of a Hilbert scheme of hypersurfaces is independent of the choice of Pl\"ucker coordinate and there is a positive relation between the length of Hesselink's worst virtual 1-parameter subgroup ... More
Closed-Form Associators in Permutative Chord DiagramsApr 16 2013Construction of a universal finite-type invariant can be reduced, under suitable assumptions, to the solution of certain equations (the hexagon and pentagon equations) in a particular graded associative algebra of chord diagrams. An explicit, closed-form ... More
Scattering of massive scalars by Schwarzschild black holesJun 14 2011The Klein-Gordon equation for the wave function of a single massive scalar is written in spherical and parabolic coordinates in the presence of a Schwarzschild background, and some semi-classical techniques for deriving asymptotic results are considered. ... More
Large-N droplets in two dimensionsDec 09 2005May 15 2006Using lattice effective field theory, we study the ground state binding energy of N distinct particles in two dimensions with equal mass interacting weakly via an attractive SU(N)-symmetric short range potential. We find that in the limit of zero range ... More
Nuclear Lattice Simulations with EFTAug 17 2004This proceedings article is a summary of results from work done in collaboration with Bugra Borasoy and Thomas Schaefer. We study nuclear and neutron matter by combining chiral effective field theory with non-perturbative lattice methods. We present results ... More
The symmetric heavy-light ansatzApr 25 2007Feb 12 2008The symmetric heavy-light ansatz is a method for finding the ground state of any dilute unpolarized system of attractive two-component fermions. Operationally it can be viewed as a generalization of the Kohn-Sham equations in density functional theory ... More
Towards a higher-dimensional construction of stable/unstable Lagrangian laminationsMar 22 2019We generalize some properties of surface automorphisms of pseudo-Anosov type. First, we generalize the Penner construction of a pseudo-Anosov homeomorphism and show that a symplectic automorphism which is constructed by our generalized Penner construction ... More
Infinitely Often Dense Bases of Integers with a Prescribed Representation FunctionFeb 10 2007Apr 26 2007Nathanson constructed asymptotic bases for the integers with a prescribed representation function, then asked how dense they can be. We can easily obtain an upper bound using a simple argument. In this paper, we will see this is indeed the best bound ... More
Some conditional probabilities in the TASEP with second class particlesJul 09 2017Jan 09 2018In this paper we consider the TASEP with second class particles with the initial order is such that $k$ first class particles are located to the left of $N-k$ second class particles. Under this assumption of the initial state of order, we find the probability ... More
On the TASEP with Second Class ParticlesMay 30 2017Jan 12 2018In this paper we study some conditional probabilities for the totally asymmetric simple exclusion processes (TASEP) with second class particles. To be more specific, we consider a finite system with one first class particle and $N-1$ second class particles, ... More
The current distribution of the multiparticle hopping asymmetric diffusion modelMar 02 2012In this paper we treat the \textit{multiparticle hopping asymmetric diffusion model} (MADM) on $\mathbb{Z}$ introduced by Sasamoto and Wadati in 1998. The transition probability of the MADM with $N$ particles is provided by using the Bethe ansatz. The ... More
Family Gromov-Witten Invariants for Kahler SurfacesSep 30 2002Jul 27 2003The usual Gromov-Witten invariants are zero for K\"{a}hler surfaces with $p_g\geq 1$. In this paper we use analytic methods to define Family Gromov-Witten Invariants for K\"{a}hler surfaces. We prove that these are well-defined invariants of the deformation ... More
The singularities of the principal component of the Hilbert scheme of pointsMay 23 2008Aug 18 2008We show that the principal component of the Hilbert scheme of 9 points in C^8 is not Cohen-Macaulay.
Global Kato type smoothing estimates via local ones for dispersive equationsOct 14 2018Jul 11 2019In this paper we show that the local Kato type smoothing estimates are essentially equivalent to the global Kato type smoothing estimates for some class of dispersive equations including the Schr\"odinger equation. From this we immediately have two results ... More
Update on Modular Non-Rigid Calabi-Yau ThreefoldsFeb 29 2008We review some recent results on the modularity of non-rigid Calabi-Yau threefolds.
Mass Bounds in Mirror-Fermion ModelsSep 08 1995Numerical simulations are performed on different lattice sizes of chiral U(1) and SU(2) scalar-fermion models with explicit mirror pairs of fermions in the broken symmetry phase. Relevance of these models to the electroweak theory is discussed. Shift ... More
Recent progress in calculating weak matrix elements using staggered fermionsOct 18 2003We present a chronological review of the progress in calculating weak matrix elements using staggered fermions. We review the perturbative calculation of one-loop matching formula including both current-current diagrams and penguin diagrams using improved ... More
Counting Curves in Elliptic Surfaces by Symplectic MethodsJul 27 2003We explicitly compute family GW invariants of elliptic surfaces for primitive classes. That involves establishing a TRR formula and a symplectic sum formula for elliptic surfaces and then determining the GW invariants using an argument from \cite{ip3}. ... More
Optimizing Gershgorin for Symmetric MatricesMay 23 2016Apr 30 2019The Gershgorin Circle Theorem is a well-known and efficient method for bounding the eigenvalues of a matrix in terms of its entries. If $A$ is a symmetric matrix, by writing $A = B + x{\bf 1}$, where ${\bf 1}$ is the matrix with unit entries, we consider ... More
Minimal surfaces in a certain 3-dimensional homogeneous spacetimeMar 09 2015Mar 25 2015The 2-parameter family of certain homogeneous Lorentzian 3-manifolds which includes Minkowski 3-space, de Sitter 3-space, and Minkowski motion group is considered. Each homogeneous Lorentzian 3-manifold in the 2-parameter family has a solvable Lie group ... More
Burghelea-Friedlander-Kappeler's gluing formula and the adiabatic decomposition of the zeta-determinant of a Dirac LaplacianApr 23 2003Apr 25 2003In this paper we first establish the relation between the zeta-determinant of a Dirac Laplacian with the Dirichlet boundary condition and the APS boundary condition on a cylinder. Using this result and the gluing formula of the zeta-determinant given ... More
Fundamental Properties of the Evolution of Mutational RobustnessAug 31 2015Evolution on neutral networks of genotypes has been found in models to concentrate on genotypes with high mutational robustness, to a degree determined by the topology of the network. Here analysis is generalized beyond neutral networks to arbitrary selection ... More
Reconstruction of f(R) gravity models from observationsOct 31 2017We investigate the method for the reconstruction of f(R) gravity models both from the background evolution observations and from the large scale structure measurements. Due to the lack of the first principles, one needs to rely on the observations to ... More
A Consistent Variance Estimator for 2SLS When Instruments Identify Different LATEsJun 05 2018Under treatment effect heterogeneity, an instrument identifies the instrument-specific local average treatment effect (LATE). With multiple instruments, two-stage least squares (2SLS) estimand is a weighted average of different LATEs. What is often overlooked ... More
Timelike surfaces of constant mean curvature 1 in anti-de Sitter 3-spaceJul 04 2006Jul 10 2006It is shown that timelike surfaces of constant mean curvature 1 in anti-de Sitter 3-space can be constructed from a pair of Lorentz holomorphic and Lorentz antiholomorphic null curves in PSL(2,R) via Bryant type representation formulae. These formulae ... More
Height bound and preperiodic points for jointly regular families of rational mapsMar 16 2010Apr 26 2010Silverman proved a height inequality for jointly regular family of rational maps and the author improved it for jointly regular pairs. In this paper, we provide the same improvement for jointly regular family; if S is a jointly regular set of rational ... More
Flavor dependence of normalization constant for an infrared renormalonFeb 09 2015An ansatz is proposed for the flavor dependence of the normalization constant for the first IR renormalon in heavy quark pole mass.
Estimation of the large order behavior of the plaquetteDec 19 2011Apr 23 2012The universality of vacuum condensate can be exploited to relate the infrared renormalon caused large order behaviors of different processes. As an application the normalization constant of the large order behavior of the average plaquette is estimated ... More
Renormalon Subtraction from the Average Plaquette and the Gluon CondensateMar 01 2010Jan 03 2011A Borel resummation scheme of subtracting the perturbative contribution from the average plaquette is proposed using the bilocal expansion of Borel transform. It is shown that the remnant of the average plaquette, after subtraction of the perturbative ... More
Mass dependence of the vacuum energy density in the massive Schwinger modelMar 09 2007The vacuum energy density of the massive Schwinger model is shown to be not power expandable in the fermion mass.
Entanglement Entropy for Open Bosonic Strings on $Dp$-branesFeb 01 2018Apr 22 2018We study the entanglement entropy for open bosonic strings on multiple $Dp$-branes by using the covariant open string field theory. Choosing one of the spatial coordinates which are tangential to the hyperplane on which $Dp$-branes are located, we divide ... More
Bayesian Attitude Estimation with the Matrix Fisher Distribution on SO(3)Oct 10 2017Oct 19 2017This paper focuses on a stochastic formulation of Bayesian attitude estimation on the special orthogonal group. In particular, an exponential probability density model for random matrices, referred to as the matrix Fisher distribution is used to represent ... More
Tachyon Condensation, Boundary State and Noncommutative SolitonsMay 13 2001Aug 13 2001We discuss the tachyon condensation in a single unstable D-brane in the framework of boundary state formulation. The boundary state in the background of the tachyon condensation and the NS B-field is explicitly constructed. We show in both commutative ... More
Normalization Constants of Large Order BehaviorAug 03 1999A perturbation scheme is discussed for the computation of the normalization constant of the large order behavior arising from an ultraviolet renormalon. In this scheme the normalization constant is expressed in a convergent series that can be calculated ... More
Topological Ward Identity and Anti-de Sitter Space/CFT CorrespondenceMay 27 1998Jul 07 1998The dual relationship between the supergravity in the anti-de Sitter(AdS) space and the superconformal field theory is discussed in the simplest form. We show that a topological Ward identity holds in the three dimensional Chern-Simons gravity. In this ... More
String Field Theory and Perturbative Dynamics of Noncommutative Field TheoryOct 05 2000Nov 14 2000The perturbative dynamics of noncommutative field theory (NCFT) is discussed from a point view of string field theory. As in the commutative case it is inevitable to introduce a closed string, which may be described as a bound state of two noncommutative ... More
Renormalons Beyond One-LoopNov 03 1996Jun 07 1997Higher order renormalons beyond the chain of one-loop bubbles are discussed. A perturbation method for the infrared renormalon residue is found. The large order behavior of the current-current correlation function due to the first infrared renormalon ... More
Longitudinal Z-boson pair production via gluon fusion in technicolor modelsJan 19 1996We study the coupling of two longitudinal Z-bosons to two gluons via technicolor interactions. Noticing a similarity of this process to $2 \gamma \rightarrow 2 \pi^{0}$, we calculate the amplitude in chiral perturbation theory in one-generation technicolor ... More
A convexity theorem for real projective structuresMay 27 2007Given a finite collection P of convex n-polytopes in RP^n (n>1), we consider a real projective manifold M which is obtained by gluing together the polytopes in P along their facets in such a way that the union of any two adjacent polytopes sharing a common ... More
Local Critic Training of Deep Neural NetworksMay 03 2018Sep 27 2018This paper proposes a novel approach to train deep neural networks by unlocking the layer-wise dependency of backpropagation training. The approach employs additional modules called local critic networks besides the main network model to be trained, which ... More
Determinable Solutions for One-dimensional Quantum Potentials: Scattering, Quasi-bound and Bound State ProblemsNov 19 2006Jan 06 2007We derive analytic expressions of the recursive solutions to the Schr\"{o}dinger's equation by means of a cutoff potential technique for one-dimensional piecewise constant potentials. These solutions provide a method for accurately determining the transmission ... More
Geometric description of C-vectors and real LösungenApr 11 2019We propose a combinatorial/geometric model and formulate several conjectures to describe the c-matrices of an arbitrary skew-symmetrizable matrix. In particular, we introduce real L\"osungen as an analogue of real roots and conjecture that c-vectors are ... More
Multi-sensor authentication to improve smartphone securityMar 09 2017The widespread use of smartphones gives rise to new security and privacy concerns. Smartphone thefts account for the largest percentage of thefts in recent crime statistics. Using a victim's smartphone, the attacker can launch impersonation attacks, which ... More
Why there is no spin-orbit inversion in heavy-light mesons?Dec 28 2006Aug 13 2007We show that the absence of spin-orbit inversions in heavy-light mesons can be explained by the chiral radiative corrections in potential model. A new potential model estimate is given of the masses for P-wave bottom mesons.
Characteristics of Preferentially Attached Network Grown from Small WorldSep 07 2015We introduce a model for a preferentially attached network which has grown from a small world network. Here, the average path length and the clustering coefficient are estimated, and the topological properties of modeled networks are compared as the initial ... More
Colloidal superlattices for unnaturally high-index metamaterials at broadband optical frequenciesJul 24 2015The recent advance in the assembly of metallic nanoparticles (NPs) has enabled sophisticated engineering of unprecedented light-matter interaction at the optical domain. In this work, I expand the design flexibility of NP optical metamaterial to push ... More