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Weak scale from Planck scale -- Mass Scale Generation in Classically Conformal Two Scalar System --May 14 2019Jun 04 2019In the standard model, the weak scale is the only parameter with mass dimensions. This means that the standard model itself can not explain the origin of the weak scale. On the other hand, from the results of recent accelerator experiments, except for ... More
Weak scale from Planck scale -- Mass Scale Generation in Classically Conformal Two Scalar System --May 14 2019May 15 2019In the standard model, the weak scale is the only parameter with mass dimensions. This means that the standard model itself can not explain the origin of the weak scale. On the other hand, from the results of recent accelerator experiments, except for ... More
Weak scale from Planck scale -- Mass Scale Generation in Classically Conformal Two Scalar System --May 14 2019May 20 2019In the standard model, the weak scale is the only parameter with mass dimensions. This means that the standard model itself can not explain the origin of the weak scale. On the other hand, from the results of recent accelerator experiments, except for ... More
Weak scale from Planck scale -- Mass Scale Generation in Classically Conformal Two Scalar System --May 14 2019In the standard model, the weak scale is the only parameter with mass dimensions. This means that the standard model itself can not explain the origin of the weak scale. On the other hand, from the results of recent accelerator experiments, except for ... More
Robustness and Directed Structures in Ecological Flow NetworksJun 26 2013Robustness of ecological flow networks under random failure of arcs is considered with respect to two different functionalities: coherence and circulation. In our previous work, we showed that each functionality is associated with a natural path notion: ... More
Theory of Interface: Category Theory, Directed Networks and Evolution of Biological NetworksOct 23 2012Nov 20 2012Biological networks have two modes. The first mode is static: a network is a passage on which something flows. The second mode is dynamic: a network is a pattern constructed by gluing functions of entities constituting the network. In this paper, first ... More
Information and Communication Technology in Combating Counterfeit DrugsNov 01 2012Pharma frauds are on the rise, counterfeit drugs are giving sleepless nights to patients, pharmaceutical companies and governments. The laws prohibiting the sales of counterfeit drugs cannot succeed without technological interventions. Several analytical ... More
Blow-up behavior of solutions to the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditionsMar 22 2013We study the asymptotic behavior of blow-up solutions of the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions. In particular, we classify the asymptotic behavior of blow-up solutions and investigate the spacial singularity of their blow-up profiles.
Certain lattice neighboring from Barnes-Wall lattice and some laminated latticesJan 23 2009Jan 24 2009We give classifications of integral lattices which include the Barnes-Wall lattice $BW_{16}$ or laminated lattices of dimension $1 \leqslant d \leqslant 8$ and of minimum 4. Also, we give certain lattice neighboring from each lattice. Furthermore, we ... More
On the zeros of Eisenstein series for $Γ_0^* (5)$ and $Γ_0^* (7)$Jul 18 2006Mar 15 2014We locate almost all the zeros of the Eisenstein series associated with the Fricke groups of level 5 and 7 in their fundamental domains by applying and extending the method of F. K. C. Rankin and H. P. F. Swinnerton-Dyer (1970). We also use the arguments ... More
Non self-similar blow-up solutions to the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditionsMar 22 2013This paper is concerned with finite blow-up solutions of the heat equation with nonlinear boundary conditions. It is known that a rate of blow-up solutions is the same as the self-similar rate for a Sobolev subcritical case. A goal of this paper is to ... More
On the zeros of certain modular functions for the normalizers of congruence subgroups of low levels IFeb 10 2008Mar 25 2008We research the location of the zeros of the Eisenstein series and the modular functions from the Hecke type Faber polynomials associated with the normalizers of congruence subgroups which are of genus zero and of level at most twelve. In Part I, we will ... More
A detailed note on the zeros of Eisenstein series for $Γ_0^* (5)$ and $Γ_0^* (7)$Jul 11 2006Mar 15 2014The present paper provides the details omitted from the more concise study "On the zeros of Eisenstein series for $\Gamma_0^* (5)$ and $\Gamma_0^* (7)$." We locate almost all of the zeros of the Eisenstein series associated with the Fricke groups of level ... More
On the zeros of certain modular functions for the normalizers of congruence subgroups of low levels IIMar 25 2008We research the location of the zeros of the Eisenstein series and the modular functions from the Hecke type Faber polynomials associated with the normalizers of congruence subgroups which are of genus zero and of level at most twelve. In Part II, we ... More
On 3-lattices and spherical designsOct 24 2008An integral lattice which is generated by some vectors of norm $q$ is called $q$-lattice. Classification of 3-lattices of dimension at most four is given by Mimura (On 3-lattice, 2006). As a expansion, we give a classification of 3-lattices of dimension ... More
A construction of spherical designs from finite graphs with the theory of crystal latticeApr 18 2008We want to introduce a construction of spherical designs from finite graphs with the theory of crystal lattice. We start from a finite graph, and we consider standard realization of the crystal lattices as the maximal Abelian covering of the graph. Then, ... More
A higher speed type II blowup for the five dimensional energy critical heat equationJun 10 2019This paper is concerned with blow-up solutions of the five dimensional energy critical heat equation $u_t=\Delta u+|u|^\frac{4}{3}u$. A goal of this paper is to show the existence of type II blowup solutions which behave as $\|u(t)\|_\infty\sim(T-t)^{-3k}$ ... More
A note on zeros of Eisenstein series for genus zero Fuchsian groupsOct 07 2008Let $\Gamma \subseteq \text{SL}_2(\mathbb{R})$ be a genus zero Fuchsian group of the first kind having $\infty$ as a cusp, and let $E_{2 k}^{\Gamma}$ be the holomorphic Eisenstein series associated with $\Gamma$ for the $\infty$ cusp that does not vanish ... More
On the zeros of certain Poincaré series for $Γ_0^*(2)$ and $Γ_0^*(3)$Dec 21 2006Oct 20 2009We locate all of the zeros of certain Poincare series associated with the Fricke groups $\Gamma_0^*(2)$ and $\Gamma_0^*(3)$ in their fundamental domains by applying and extending the method of F. K. C. Rankin and H. P. F. Swinnerton-Dyer (``On the zeros ... More
Spherical designs from norm-3 shell of integral latticesNov 17 2008Jan 14 2009A set of vectors all of which have a constant (non-zero) norm value in an Euclidean lattice is called a shell of the lattice. Venkov classified strongly perfect lattices of minimum 3 (R\'{e}seaux et "designs" sph\'{e}rique, 2001), whose minimal shell ... More
A distribution-dependent analysis of open-field test moviesJun 04 2019Although the open-field test has been widely used, its reliability and compatibility are frequently questioned. Although many indicating parameters were introduced for this test, they did not take data distributions into consideration. This oversight ... More
Symbolic local information transferJun 21 2014Recently, the permutation-information theoretic approach has been used in a broad range of research fields. In particular, in the study of highdimensional dynamical systems, it has been shown that this approach can be effective in characterizing global ... More
Symbolic transfer entropy rate is equal to transfer entropy rate for bivariate finite-alphabet stationary ergodic Markov processesDec 12 2011Mar 11 2013Transfer entropy is a measure of the magnitude and the direction of information flow between jointly distributed stochastic processes. In recent years, its permutation analogues are considered in the literature to estimate the transfer entropy by counting ... More
Sensitivity of T2KK to the non-standard interaction in propagationMar 29 2010Sep 14 2010Assuming only the non-zero electron and tau neutrino components $\epsilon_{ee}$, $\epsilon_{e\tau}$, $\epsilon_{\tau\tau}$ of the non-standard matter effect and postulating the atmospheric neutrino constraint $\epsilon_{\tau\tau}=|\epsilon_{e\tau}|^2/(1+\epsilon_{ee})$, ... More
Permutation Complexity and Coupling Measures in Hidden Markov ModelsApr 09 2012Jun 26 2013In [Haruna, T. and Nakajima, K., 2011. Physica D 240, 1370-1377], the authors introduced the duality between values (words) and orderings (permutations) as a basis to discuss the relationship between information theoretic measures for finite-alphabet ... More
A Scalable and Robust Framework for Data Stream IngestionDec 11 2018An essential part of building a data-driven organization is the ability to handle and process continuous streams of data to discover actionable insights. The explosive growth of interconnected devices and the social Web has led to a large volume of data ... More
Permutation Excess Entropy and Mutual Information between the Past and FutureDec 12 2011We address the excess entropy, which is a measure of complexity for stationary time series, from the ordinal point of view. We show that the permutation excess entropy is equal to the mutual information between two adjacent semi-infinite blocks in the ... More
Permutation Complexity via Duality between Values and OrderingsDec 12 2011We study the permutation complexity of finite-state stationary stochastic processes based on a duality between values and orderings between values. First, we establish a duality between the set of all words of a fixed length and the set of all permutations ... More
Dawes Review 4: Spiral Structures in Disc GalaxiesJul 18 2014The majority of astrophysics involves the study of spiral galaxies, and stars and planets within them, but how spiral arms in galaxies form and evolve is still a fundamental problem. Major progress in this field was made primarily in the 1960s, and early ... More
Current-Driven Motion of Magnetic Domain Wall with Many Bloch LinesJun 02 2015The current-driven motion of a domain wall (DW) in a ferromagnet with many Bloch lines (BLs) via the spin transfer torque is studied theoretically. It is found that the motion of BLs changes the current-velocity ($j$-$v$) characteristic dramatically. ... More
Mean-field theory is exact for the random-field model with long-range interactionsFeb 07 2014Jun 10 2014We study the random-field Ising model with long-range interactions and show the exactness of the mean-field theory under certain mild conditions. This is a generalization of the result of Mori for the non-random and spin-glass cases. To treat random fields, ... More
Galactic r-process abundance feature shaped by radial migrationMay 20 2019Growing interests in the chemical feature of r-process elements among nearby disk stars represented by the [Eu/Fe] vs. [Fe/H] diagram have sprouted since it can assess the origin of r-process elements through the comparison with theoretical models, including ... More
Scaling property of domain-wall QCD in perturbation theoryJun 25 1999Oct 26 1999We estimate the lattice artifacts in loop correction perturbatively for domain-wall QCD with infinite number of extra flavors. We find that there appear no ${\cal O}(a)$ errors in renormalization factors of quark wave function, mass and quark bilinear ... More
Calcutation of kaon matrix elements in quenched domain-wall QCD with DBW2 gauge actionSep 26 2003We give a progress report of our new $a^{-1}\approx 3$ GeV quenched calculation of kaon matrix elements with domain-wall fermion and DBW2 gauge action. Our smaller lattice spacing allows us to address the effect of charmed quark on the lattice. We show ... More
Editorial: Emergence in driven solid-state and cold-atom systemsOct 13 2016We briefly summarize the current status of driven solid-state and cold-atom systems, and introduce articles compiled in the Focus Section in Zeitschrift f\"ur Naturforschung A, Volume 71, Issue 10 (2016)
Calculation of CP Violation in Non-leptonic Kaon Decay on the LatticeSep 26 2003We give a progress report of our lattice calculation of direct and indirect CP violation in kaon decays, parametrized as $\epsilon'/\epsilon$ and $B_K$, which require non-perturbative calculation of the matrix elements of the Standard Model effective ... More
Study of Black Holes with the ATLAS detector at the LHCNov 05 2004We evaluate the potential of the ATLAS detector for discovering black holes produced at the LHC, as predicted in models with large extra dimensions where quantum gravity is at the TeV scale. We assume that black holes decay by Hawking evaporation to all ... More
The use of Virtual Reality in Enhancing Interdisciplinary Research and EducationSep 23 2018Virtual Reality (VR) is increasingly being recognized for its educational potential and as an effective way to convey new knowledge to people, it supports interactive and collaborative activities. Affordable VR powered by mobile technologies is opening ... More
Physical properties of the Schur complement of local covariance matricesJan 26 2007Jul 09 2008General properties of global covariance matrices representing bipartite Gaussian states can be decomposed into properties of local covariance matrices and their Schur complements. We demonstrate that given a bipartite Gaussian state $\rho_{12}$ described ... More
Predicting the Effects of News Sentiments on the Stock MarketDec 11 2018Stock market forecasting is very important in the planning of business activities. Stock price prediction has attracted many researchers in multiple disciplines including computer science, statistics, economics, finance, and operations research. Recent ... More
Spectrum-Diverse Neuroevolution with Unified Neural ModelsJan 06 2019Learning algorithms are being increasingly adopted in various applications. However, further expansion will require methods that work more automatically. To enable this level of automation, a more powerful solution representation is needed. However, by ... More
Social Media Analysis for Product Safety using Text Mining and Sentiment AnalysisOct 18 2015The growing incidents of counterfeiting and associated economic and health consequences necessitate the development of active surveillance systems capable of producing timely and reliable information for all stake holders in the anti-counterfeiting fight. ... More
A Voice Controlled E-Commerce Web ApplicationNov 16 2018Automatic voice-controlled systems have changed the way humans interact with a computer. Voice or speech recognition systems allow a user to make a hands-free request to the computer, which in turn processes the request and serves the user with appropriate ... More
Radial distributions of arm-gas offsets as an observational test of spiral theoriesMay 12 2015Theories of stellar spiral arms in disk galaxies can be grouped into two classes based on the longevity of a spiral arm. Although the quasi-stationary density wave theory supposes that spirals are rigidly-rotating, long-lived patterns, the dynamic spiral ... More
Theory of magnon-skyrmion scattering in chiral magnetsSep 10 2013We study theoretically the dynamics of magnons in the presence of a single skyrmion in chiral magnets featuring Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction. We show by micromagnetic simulations that the scattering process of magnons by a skyrmion can be clearly ... More
On the W+4 jets background to the top quark asymmetry at the TevatronMay 23 2012We investigate the possibility that the W+4 jets background is a source of the anomalously large top-antitop (t\={t}) charge asymmetry observed at the Tevatron. We simulate the t\={t} reconstruction of the signal and background events at the matrix-element ... More
Training a Neural Speech Waveform Model using Spectral Losses of Short-Time Fourier Transform and Continuous Wavelet TransformMar 29 2019Recently, we proposed short-time Fourier transform (STFT)-based loss functions for training a neural speech waveform model. In this paper, we generalize the above framework and propose a training scheme for such models based on spectral amplitude and ... More
Fabrication of tetragonal FeSe - FeS alloy films with high sulfur contents by alternate depositionAug 02 2017We report the synthesis of tetragonal $\mathrm{FeS}_x\mathrm{Se}_{1-x}$ films ($x \leq 0.78$) by pulsed-laser deposition. To fabricate the tetragonal alloy films with tetragonal FeSe and hexagonal FeS targets, we adopted an alternate deposition technique ... More
Capsule-Forensics: Using Capsule Networks to Detect Forged Images and VideosOct 26 2018Recent advances in media generation techniques have made it easier for attackers to create forged images and videos. State-of-the-art methods enable the real-time creation of a forged version of a single video obtained from a social network. Although ... More
Fermion pairing in mixed-dimensional atomic mixturesJan 12 2017May 26 2017We investigate the quantum phases of mixed-dimensional cold atom mixtures. In particular, we consider a mixture of a Fermi gas in a two-dimensional lattice, interacting with a bulk Fermi gas or a Bose-Einstein condensate in a three-dimensional lattice. ... More
Influence of electron-phonon coupling on low temperature phases of metallic single-wall carbon nanotubesAug 21 2018Nov 13 2018We investigate the effect of electron-phonon coupling on low temperature phases in metallic single-wall carbon nanotubes. We obtain low-temperature phase diagrams of armchair and zigzag type nanotubes with screened interactions with a weak-coupling renormalization ... More
Comparative Study of the Performance of Quantum Annealing and Simulated AnnealingSep 23 2014Dec 12 2014Relations of simulated annealing and quantum annealing are studied by a mapping from the transition matrix of classical Markovian dynamics of the Ising model to a quantum Hamiltonian and vice versa. It is shown that these two operators, the transition ... More
The effect of energy amplification variance on the shock-accelerationNov 18 2007The shock-acceleration theory predicts a power-law energy spectrum in the test particle approximation, and there are two ways to calculate a power-law index, Peacock's approximation and Vietri's formulation. In Peacock's approximation, it is assumed that ... More
On the Interpretation of the l-v Features in the Milky Way GalaxySep 16 2010We model the gas dynamics of barred galaxies using a three-dimensional, high-resolution, $N$-body+hydrodynamical simulation and apply it to the Milky Way in an attempt to reproduce both the large-scale structure and the clumpy morphology observed in Galactic ... More
Two-dimensional Lattice Gross-Neveu Model with Wilson Fermion Action at Finite Temperature and Chemical PotentialMay 21 1998We investigate the phase structure of the two-dimensional lattice Gross-Neveu model formulated with the Wilson fermion action to leading order of 1/N expansion. Structural change of the parity-broken phase under the influence of finite temperature and ... More
Self Organizing Classifiers and Niched FitnessNov 20 2018Learning classifier systems are adaptive learning systems which have been widely applied in a multitude of application domains. However, there are still some generalization problems unsolved. The hurdle is that fitness and niching pressures are difficult ... More
Contingency TrainingNov 20 2018When applied to high-dimensional datasets, feature selection algorithms might still leave dozens of irrelevant variables in the dataset. Therefore, even after feature selection has been applied, classifiers must be prepared to the presence of irrelevant ... More
Quantum advantage does not survive in the presence of a corrupt source: Optimal strategies in simultaneous move gamesFeb 05 2004Effects of a corrupt source on the dynamics of simultaneous move strategic games are analyzed both for classical and quantum settings. The corruption rate dependent changes in the payoffs and strategies of the players are observed. It is shown that there ... More
Charge Excitations in Cuprate and Nickelate in Resonant Inelastic X-Ray ScatteringSep 24 2008We analyze the resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) spectra at the Cu and Ni K edges in La2CuO4 and La2NiO4, respectively. We make use of the Keldysh-Green-function formalism, in which the RIXS intensity is described by a product of incident-photon-dependent ... More
Maximal $m$-distance sets containing the representation of the Johnson graph $J(n, m)$Feb 07 2012Sep 02 2012We classify the maximal $m$-distance sets in $\mathbb{R}^{n-1}$ which contain the representation of the Johnson graph $J(n, m)$ for $m = 2, 3$. Furthermore, we determine the necessary and sufficient condition for $n$ and $m$ such that the representation ... More
Current-induced skyrmion dynamics in constricted geometriesOct 07 2013Magnetic skyrmions, vortex-like swirling spin structures with quantized topological number, observed in chiral magnets, are appealing for potential applications in spintronics because it is possible to control their motion with ultralow current density. ... More
Theory of current-driven motion of Skyrmions and spirals in helical magnetsJul 13 2012We study theoretically the dynamics of the spin textures, i.e., Skyrmion crystal (SkX) and spiral structure (SS), in two-dimensional helical magnets under external current. By numerically solving the Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation, it is found that ... More
Quark number densities at imaginary chemical potential in $N_f=2$ lattice QCD with Wilson fermions and its model analysesOct 28 2014Dec 17 2014We investigate temperature ($T$) dependence of quark number densities ($n_q$) at imaginary and real chemical potential ($\mu$) by using $N_f = 2$ lattice QCD and the hadron resonance gas (HRG) model. Quark number densities are calculated at imaginary ... More
Interplay between Stellar Spirals and the ISM in Galactic DisksApr 07 2011We propose a new dynamical picture of galactic stellar and gas spirals, based on hydrodynamic simulations in a `live' stellar disk. We focus especially on spiral structures excited in a isolated galactic disk without a stellar bar. Using high-resolution, ... More
Potential for measuring the H^\pm W^\mp Z^0 vertex from WZ fusion at the Large Hadron ColliderDec 21 2006Mar 29 2007We investigate the possibility of measuring the H^\pm W^\mp Z^0 vertex from the single $H^\pm$ production process via WZ fusion at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). This vertex strongly depends on the structure of the Higgs sector in various new physics ... More
A necessary and sufficient condition to play games in quantum mechanical settingsMar 01 2007Quantum game theory is a multidisciplinary field which combines quantum mechanics with game theory by introducing non-classical resources such as entanglement, quantum operations and quantum measurement. By transferring two-player-two strategy (2x2) dilemma ... More
Self Organizing Classifiers: First Steps in Structured Evolutionary Machine LearningNov 20 2018Learning classifier systems (LCSs) are evolutionary machine learning algorithms, flexible enough to be applied to reinforcement, supervised and unsupervised learning problems with good performance. Recently, self organizing classifiers were proposed which ... More
Neural source-filter-based waveform model for statistical parametric speech synthesisOct 29 2018Apr 27 2019Neural waveform models such as the WaveNet are used in many recent text-to-speech systems, but the original WaveNet is quite slow in waveform generation because of its autoregressive (AR) structure. Although faster non-AR models were recently reported, ... More
Analysis of Incident-Photon-Energy and Polarization Dependent Resonant Inelastic X-Ray Scattering from La$_{2}$CuO$_{4}$Mar 10 2008Mar 11 2008We present a detailed analysis of the incident-photon-energy and polarization dependences of the resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) spectra at the Cu $K$ edge in La$_{2}$CuO$_{4}$. Our analysis is based on the formula developed by Nomura and Igarashi, ... More
A new Euclidean tight 6-designMay 27 2010Feb 08 2012We give a new example of Euclidean tight 6-design in $\mathbb R^{22}$.
Deep Denoising Auto-encoder for Statistical Speech SynthesisJun 17 2015This paper proposes a deep denoising auto-encoder technique to extract better acoustic features for speech synthesis. The technique allows us to automatically extract low-dimensional features from high dimensional spectral features in a non-linear, data-driven, ... More
Thermal Radiation from GRB JetsJun 12 2010Feb 08 2011In this study, the light curves and spectrum of the photospheric thermal radiation from ultrarelativistic gamma-ray burst (GRB) jets are calculated using 2D relativistic hydrodynamic simulations of jets from a collapsar. As the jet advances, the density ... More
Energy gap at first-order quantum phase transitions: An anomalous caseJun 10 2013Sep 06 2013We show that the rate of closing of the energy gap between the ground state and the first excited state, as a function of system size, behaves in many qualitatively different ways at first-order quantum phase transitions of the infinite-range quantum ... More
Local representation of N-body Coulomb energy with path integralsMar 04 2014Apr 18 2014We represent N-body Coulomb energy in a localized form to achieve massive parallelism. It is a well-known fact that Green's functions can be written as path integrals of field theory. Since two-body Coulomb potential is a Green's function of Poisson equations, ... More
Parallelization of Markov chain generation and its application to the multicanonical methodDec 16 2008Jul 01 2009We develop a simple algorithm to parallelize generation processes of Markov chains. In this algorithm, multiple Markov chains are generated in parallel and jointed together to make a longer Markov chain. The joints between the constituent Markov chains ... More
Neural source-filter waveform models for statistical parametric speech synthesisApr 27 2019Neural waveform models such as WaveNet have demonstrated better performance than conventional vocoders for statistical parametric speech synthesis. As an autoregressive (AR) model, WaveNet is limited by a slow sequential waveform generation process. Some ... More
A Scalable Framework for Multilevel Streaming Data Analytics using Deep LearningJul 15 2019The rapid growth of data in velocity, volume, value, variety, and veracity has enabled exciting new opportunities and presented big challenges for businesses of all types. Recently, there has been considerable interest in developing systems for processing ... More
Dynamics of Non-Steady Spiral Arms in Disk GalaxiesNov 23 2012In order to understand the physical mechanisms underlying non-steady stellar spiral arms in disk galaxies, we analyzed the growing and damping phases of their spiral arms using three-dimensional $N$-body simulations. We confirmed that the spiral arms ... More
Lattice study of K pi scattering in I = 3/2 and 1/2Dec 09 2008Jun 27 2009We report the first lattice QCD results of the scattering amplitudes of the $K\pi$ system for $I = 1/2$ channel together with $I=3/2$ case. We investigate all quark diagrams contributing to these iso-spin states, and find that the scattering amplitudes ... More
Playing games in quantum mechanical settings: A necessary and sufficient conditionAug 15 2005A number of recent studies have focused on novel features in game theory when the games are played using quantum mechanical toolbox (entanglement, unitary operators, measurement). Researchers have concentrated in two-player-two strategy, 2x2, dilemma ... More
Novelty-organizing team of classifiers in noisy and dynamic environmentsSep 19 2018In the real world, the environment is constantly changing with the input variables under the effect of noise. However, few algorithms were shown to be able to work under those circumstances. Here, Novelty-Organizing Team of Classifiers (NOTC) is applied ... More
Formulation for zero mode of Bose-Einstein condensate beyond Bogoliubov approximationNov 21 2013Jan 20 2014It is shown for the Bose-Einstein condensate of cold atomic system that the new unperturbed Hamiltonian, which includes not only the first and second powers of the zero mode operators but also the higher ones, determines a unique and stationary vacuum ... More
Gapless regime in charge-density-wave phase of the finite dimensional Falicov-Kimball modelJul 10 2019The ground-state density of states of the half-filled Falicov-Kimball model contains a charge-density-wave gap. At finite temperature, this gap is not immediately closed, but is rather filled in by subgap states. For a specific combination of parameters, ... More
Weierstraß type representation of timelike surfaces with constant mean curvatureJul 20 2003We derive a correspondence between (Lorentzian) harmonic maps into the pseudosphere $S_1^2$, with appropriate regularity conditions, and certain connection 1-forms. To these harmonic maps, we associate a representation of type Weierstrass, and we apply ... More
On the zeros of Eisenstein series for $Γ_0^* (2)$ and $Γ_0^* (3)$Jul 18 2006We locate all of the zeros of the Eisenstein series associated with the Fricke groups $\Gamma_0^{*}(2)$ and $\Gamma_0^{*}(3)$ in their fundamental domains by applying and expanding the method of F. K. C. Rankin and H. P. F. Swinnerton-Dyer (``{\it On ... More
Xu: An Automated Query Expansion and Optimization ToolAug 28 2018May 08 2019The exponential growth of information on the Internet is a big challenge for information retrieval systems towards generating relevant results. Novel approaches are required to reformat or expand user queries to generate a satisfactory response and increase ... More
Detecting Irregular Patterns in IoT Streaming Data for Fall DetectionNov 16 2018Detecting patterns in real time streaming data has been an interesting and challenging data analytics problem. With the proliferation of a variety of sensor devices, real-time analytics of data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to learn regular and irregular ... More
Eventful Evolution of Giant Molecular Clouds in Dynamically Evolving Spiral ArmsSep 01 2016Sep 15 2016The formation and evolution of giant molecular clouds (GMCs) in spiral galaxies have been investigated in the traditional framework of the combined quasi-stationary density wave and galactic shock model. However, our understanding of the dynamics of spiral ... More
Superbunch Hadron CollidersMar 16 2001A novel concept of a high luminosity hadron collider is proposed. This would be a typical application of an induction synchrotron being newly developed. Extremely long bunches, referred to as superbunches, are generated by a multi- bunch stacking method ... More
Effects of near-zero Dirac eigenmodes on axial U(1) symmetry at finite temperatureDec 23 2014We study the axial U(1)A symmetry of Nf = 2 QCD at finite temperature using the Dirac eigenvalue spectrum. The gauge configurations are generated employing the Mobius domain-wall fermion action on 16^3x8 and 32^3x8 lattices. The physical spatial size ... More
Understanding of QCD at high density from Z3-symmetric QCD-like theoryApr 28 2015We investigate QCD at large mu/T by using Z_3-symmetric SU(3) gauge theory, where mu is the quark-number chemical potential and T is temperature. We impose the flavor-dependent twist boundary condition on quarks in QCD. This QCD-like theory has the twist ... More
GELP: GAN-Excited Liner Prediction for Speech Synthesis from Mel-spectrogramApr 08 2019Recent advances in neural network -based text-to-speech have reached human level naturalness in synthetic speech. The present sequence-to-sequence models can directly map text to mel-spectrogram acoustic features, which are convenient for modeling, but ... More
Aharonov-Bohm Oscillations in Photoluminescence from Charged Exciton in Quantum TubesAug 08 2007The oscillation of photoluminescence peak energies is observed in InAs quantum tubes depending on the magnetic flux through the tube. The oscillation is shown to be due to the Aharonov-Bohm effect of a charged exciton in a quantum tube. No quadratic shift ... More
Bose polaron in spherical trap potentials: Spatial structure and quantum depletionApr 18 2019We investigate how the presence of a localized impurity in a Bose-Einstein condensate of trapped cold atoms that interact with each other weakly and repulsively affects the profile of the condensed and excited components at zero temperature. By solving ... More
Entangled states that cannot reproduce original classical games in their quantum versionApr 27 2004A model of a quantum version of classical games should reproduce the original classical games in order to be able to make a comparative analysis of quantum and classical effects. We analyze a class of symmetric multipartite entangled states and their ... More
Investigating accuracy of pitch-accent annotations in neural network-based speech synthesis and denoising effectsAug 02 2018We investigated the impact of noisy linguistic features on the performance of a Japanese speech synthesis system based on neural network that uses WaveNet vocoder. We compared an ideal system that uses manually corrected linguistic features including ... More
Multi-task Learning For Detecting and Segmenting Manipulated Facial Images and VideosJun 17 2019Detecting manipulated images and videos is an important topic in digital media forensics. Most detection methods use binary classification to determine the probability of a query being manipulated. Another important topic is locating manipulated regions ... More
HELAS and MadGraph/MadEvent with spin-2 particlesMay 16 2008Fortran subroutines to calculate helicity amplitudes with massive spin-2 particles (massive gravitons), which couple to the standard model particles via the energy momentum tensor, are added to the {\tt HELAS} ({\tt HEL}icity {\tt A}mplitude {\tt S}ubroutines) ... More
Galactic Rotation from Cepheids with Gaia DR2 and Effects of Non-AxisymmetryMar 15 2018Sep 25 2018We apply a simple axisymmetric disc model to 218 Galactic Cepheids whose accurate measurements of the distance and velocities are obtained by cross-matching an existing Cepheids catalogue with the Gaia DR2 data. Our model fit determines the "local centrifugal ... More
Waveform generation for text-to-speech synthesis using pitch-synchronous multi-scale generative adversarial networksOct 30 2018The state-of-the-art in text-to-speech synthesis has recently improved considerably due to novel neural waveform generation methods, such as WaveNet. However, these methods suffer from their slow sequential inference process, while their parallel versions ... More