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The KaVA and KVN Pulsar ProjectJul 17 2014We present our work towards using the Korean VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometer) Network (KVN) and VLBI Exploration of Radio Astronomy (VERA) arrays combined into the KVN and VERA Array (KaVA) for observations of radio pulsars at high frequencies ... More
A pseudo-capacitive chalcogenide-based electrode with dense 1-dimensional nanoarrays for enhanced energy density in asymmetric supercapacitorsMay 15 2019To achieve the further development of supercapacitors (SCs), which have intensively received attention as a next-generation energy storage system, the rational design of active electrode materials with electrochemically more favorable structure is one ... More
Imaging of interlayer coupling in van der Waals heterostructures using a bright-field optical microscopeDec 23 2016May 01 2017Vertically stacked atomic layers from different layered crystals can be held together by van der Waals forces, which can be used for building novel heterostructures, offering a platform for developing a new generation of atomically thin, transparent and ... More
Storage Allocation Under Processor Sharing II: Further Asymptotic ResultsJul 21 2009We consider a processor sharing storage allocation model, which has m primary holding spaces and infinitely many secondary ones, and a single processor servicing the stored items (customers). All of the spaces are numbered and ordered. An arriving customer ... More
Storage Allocation Under Processor Sharing I: Exact Solutions and AsymptoticsJul 21 2009We consider a processor sharing storage allocation model, which has m primary holding spaces and infinitely many secondary ones, and a single processor servicing the stored items (customers). All of the spaces are numbered and ordered. An arriving customer ... More
Resonantly hybridised excitons in moiré superlattices in van der Waals heterostructuresApr 12 2019Atomically-thin layers of two-dimensional materials can be assembled in vertical stacks held together by relatively weak van der Waals forces, allowing for coupling between monolayer crystals with incommensurate lattices and arbitrary mutual rotation. ... More
Learning Invariant Representations with Local TransformationsJun 27 2012Learning invariant representations is an important problem in machine learning and pattern recognition. In this paper, we present a novel framework of transformation-invariant feature learning by incorporating linear transformations into the feature learning ... More
Continuum directions for supervised dimension reductionJun 20 2016We consider dimension reduction of multivariate data under the existence of various types of auxiliary information. We propose a criterion that provides a series of orthogonal directional vectors, that form a basis for dimension reduction. The proposed ... More
Theory of electric dipole moments and lepton flavour violationAug 12 2016Electric dipole moments and charged-lepton flavour-violating processes are extremely sensitive probes for new physics, complementary to direct searches as well as flavour-changing processes in the quark sector. Beyond the "smoking-gun" feature of a potential ... More
Exit times for multivariate autoregressive processesNov 09 2012We study exit times from a set for a family of multivariate autoregressive processes with normally distributed noise. By using the large deviation principle, and other methods, we show that the asymptotic behavior of the exit time depends only on the ... More
Sparse Label PropagationDec 05 2016We consider massive heterogeneous datasets with intrinsic network structure, i.e., big data over networks. These datasets can be modelled by graph signals, which are defined over large-scale irregular graphs representing complex networks. We show that ... More
A Fixed-Point of View on Gradient Methods for Big DataJun 29 2017Aug 15 2017Interpreting gradient methods as fixed-point iterations, we provide a detailed analysis of those methods for minimizing convex objective functions. Due to their conceptual and algorithmic simplicity, gradient methods are widely used in machine learning ... More
Relating U(1) monopole configurations to SU(2) saddle-point configurationsOct 17 1996We have studied field configurations of the 3-dimensional Georgi-Glashow model which interpolate between the $U(1)$ and the $SU(2)$ limits. In the intermediate region, these configurations contain 't-Hooft--Polyakov monopoles. We use cooling and extremization ... More
Analysis of saddle-point configurations in 3-dimensional SU(2) gauge theoryOct 31 1995We discuss the properties of a class of saddle point solutions in SU(2) in three dimensions (SU$(2)_3$), exhibiting localized peaks in the action. These configurations are generated by deterministic cooling and extremizing algorithms from analytic configurations. ... More
Flavour Physics in two-Higgs-doublet modelsDec 29 2010Despite the tremendous success of the Standard Model, the arguments for the necessity of an extension are compelling. An attractive option is provided by Two-Higgs-Doublet models, due to their simplicity and them being the low-energy limit of some more ... More
Is there a non-standard-model contribution in non-leptonic b to s decays?Oct 08 2009The data on high-precision flavour observables reveal certain puzzles when compared to Standard Model expectations based on a global fit of the CKM unitarity triangle and general theoretical estimates. The discussion of these tensions in the channels ... More
Theory of electric dipole moments and lepton flavour violationAug 12 2016Nov 02 2016Electric dipole moments and charged-lepton flavour-violating processes are extremely sensitive probes for new physics, complementary to direct searches as well as flavour-changing processes in the quark sector. Beyond the "smoking-gun" feature of a potential ... More
On sparsity of positive-definite automorphic forms within a familyJan 02 2012It is known due to Baker and Montgomery that almost all Fekete polynomials under certain ordering have at least one zero on the interval (0, 1). In terms of the positive-definiteness, Fekete polynomial has no zero on the interval (0, 1) if and only if ... More
Bounding the number of nodal domains of eigenfunctions without singular points on the squareDec 26 2017Aug 30 2018We prove Polterovich's conjecture concerning the growth of the number of nodal domains for eigenfunctions on a unit square domain, under the assumption that the eigenfunctions do not have any singular points.
Quantitative quantum ergodicity and the nodal domains of Maass-Hecke cusp formsJan 26 2013May 08 2016We prove a quantitative statement of the quantum ergodicity for Hecke--Maass cusp forms on the modular surface. As an application of our result, along a density $1$ subsequence of even Hecke--Maass cusp forms, we obtain a sharp lower bound for the $L^2$-norm ... More
Inference on subspheres model for directional dataJun 13 2016Modeling deformations of a real object is an important task in computer vision, biomedical engineering and biomechanics. In this paper, we focus on a situation where a three-dimensional object is rotationally deformed about a fixed axis, and assume that ... More
Pointwise asymptotic behavior of modulated periodic reaction-diffusion wavesDec 03 2011By working with the periodic resolvent kernel and Bloch-decomposition, we establish pointwise bounds for the Green function of the linearized equation associated with spatially periodic traveling waves of a system of reaction diffusion equations.With ... More
Dimension and Entropy Computations for $L(F_r)$Feb 15 2003We show that certain generating sets of Dykema and Radulescu for $L(F_r)$ have free Hausdorff dimension r and nondegenerate free Hausdorff r-entropy
Fractal entropies and dimensions for microstate spacesDec 01 2002Sep 10 2003Using Voiculescu's notion of a matricial microstate we introduce fractal dimensions and entropies for finite sets of selfadjoint operators in a tracial von Neumann algebra. We show that they possess properties similar to their classical predecessors. ... More
A Free Entropy Dimension LemmaJul 17 2002Dec 24 2002Suppose M is a von Neumann algebra with normal, tracial state phi and {a_1,...,a_n} is a set of self-adjoint elements in M. We provide an alternative uniform packing description of delta_0(a_1,...,a_n), the modified free entropy dimension of {a_1,...,a_n}. ... More
Open maps between shift spacesOct 25 2008Given a code from a shift space to an irreducible sofic shift, any two of the following three conditions -- open, constant-to-one, (right or left) closing -- imply the third. If the range is not sofic, then the same result holds when bi-closingness replaces ... More
Investigation of next-to-leading effects in CCFMJul 19 2002Jul 24 2002The effect of formally next-to-leading contributions to the CCFM evolution equation are discussed.
Heavy Quark production at the TEVATRON and HERA using k_t-factorization with CCFM evolutionOct 02 2001Nov 25 2001The application of k_t-factorization supplemented with the CCFM small-x evolution equation to heavy quark production at the TEVATRON and at HERA is discussed. The bb_bar production cross sections at the TEVATRON can be consistently described using the ... More
On The Complexity of Sparse Label PropagationApr 25 2018May 29 2018This paper investigates the computational complexity of sparse label propagation which has been proposed recently for processing network structured data. Sparse label propagation amounts to a convex optimization problem and might be considered as an extension ... More
An RKHS Approach to Estimation with Sparsity ConstraintsNov 22 2013The investigation of the effects of sparsity or sparsity constraints in signal processing problems has received considerable attention recently. Sparsity constraints refer to the a priori information that the object or signal of interest can be represented ... More
Learning Networked Exponential Families with Network LassoMay 22 2019The data arising in many important big-data applications, ranging from social networks to network medicine, consist of high-dimensional data points related by an intrinsic (complex) network structure. In order to jointly leverage the information conveyed ... More
A robust limit for the electric dipole moment of the electronJan 08 2013Jan 22 2013Electric dipole moments constitute a competitive method to search for new physics, being particularly sensitive to new CP-violating phases. Given the experimental and theoretical progress in this field and more generally in particle physics, the necessity ... More
Weighted Norms of Ambiguity Functions and Wigner DistributionsJan 06 2006Jul 07 2006In this article new bounds on weighted p-norms of ambiguity functions and Wigner functions are derived. Such norms occur frequently in several areas of physics and engineering. In pulse optimization for Weyl--Heisenberg signaling in wide-sense stationary ... More
The Critical Value of the Contact Process with Added and Removed EdgesMay 04 2004Nov 19 2004We show that the critical value for the contact process on a vertex-transitive graph G with finitely many edges added and/or removed is the same as the critical value for the contact process on G.
The noisy voter-exclusion processOct 31 2003The symmetric exclusion process and the voter model are two interacting particle systems for which a dual finite particle system allows one to characterize its invariant measures. Adding spontaneous births and deaths to the two processes still allows ... More
On the Szegö-Asymptotics for Doubly-Dispersive Gaussian ChannelsFeb 25 2011Jun 09 2011We consider the time-continuous doubly-dispersive channel with additive Gaussian noise and establish a capacity formula for the case where the channel correlation operator is represented by a symbol which is periodic in time and fulfills some further ... More
Approximate Eigenstructure of LTV Channels with Compactly Supported SpreadingJan 06 2007Feb 27 2007In this article we obtain estimates on the approximate eigenstructure of channels with a spreading function supported only on a set of finite measure $|U|$.Because in typical application like wireless communication the spreading function is a random process ... More
A variant of Gromov's problem on Hölder equivalence of Carnot groupsFeb 20 2017Jul 04 2017It is unknown if there exists a locally $\alpha$-H\"older homeomorphism $f:\mathbb{R}^3\to \mathbb{H}^1$ for any $\frac{1}{2}< \alpha\le \frac{2}{3}$, although the identity map $\mathbb{R}^3\to \mathbb{H}^1$ is locally $\frac{1}{2}$-H\"older. More generally, ... More
The Rank Theorem and $L^2$-invariants in Free Entropy: Global Upper BoundsFeb 15 2016Using an analogy with the rank theorem in differential geometry, it is shown that for a finite $n$-tuple $X$ in a tracial von Neumann algebra and any finite $m$-tuple $F$ of $*$-polynomials in $n$ noncommuting indeterminates, \begin{eqnarray*} \delta_0(X) ... More
The Bootstrap and von Neumann algebras: The Maximal Intersection LemmaSep 19 2016Given a suitably nested family $Z = \langle Z(m,k,\gamma) \rangle_{m,k \in \mathbb N, \gamma >0}$ of Borel subsets of matrices, and associated Borel measures and rate function, $\mu$, an entropy, $\chi^{\mu}(Z)$, is introduced which generalizes the microstates ... More
Resolving the existence of Higgsinos in the LHC inverse problemApr 10 2014Jun 17 2014The LHC inverse problem is infamously challenging when neutralinos and charginos are heavy and pure and other superparticles are decoupled. This limit is becoming more relevant to particle physics nowadays. Fortunately, in this limit, Higgsinos produce ... More
Continuum directions for supervised dimension reductionJun 20 2016Mar 21 2018Dimension reduction of multivariate data supervised by auxiliary information is considered. A series of basis for dimension reduction is obtained as minimizers of a novel criterion. The proposed method is akin to continuum regression, and the resulting ... More
Velocity Inversion in Nanochannel FlowSep 13 2006Aug 02 2007The nanoscale cylindrical Couette flow is investigated by means of molecular dynamics simulations, in the case where the inner cylinder is rotating whereas the outer cylinder is at rest. We find that the tangential velocity of the low is inverted when ... More
Capabilities and prospects of the East Asia Very Long Baseline Interferometry NetworkFeb 04 2018The very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) technique offers angular resolutions superior to any other instruments at other wavelengths, enabling unique science applications of high-resolution imaging of radio sources and high-precision astrometry. The ... More
Replica symmetry breaking in multi-species Sherrington--Kirkpatrick modelOct 07 2018Jan 01 2019In the Sherrington--Kirkpatrick (SK) and related mixed $p$-spin models, there is interest in understanding replica symmetry breaking at low temperatures. For this reason, the so-called AT line proposed by de Almeida and Thouless as a sufficient (and conjecturally ... More
Applications of the Heine and Bauer-Muir transformations to Rogers-Ramanujan type continued fractionsJun 27 2019In this paper we show that various continued fractions for the quotient of general Ramanujan functions $G(aq,b,\l q)/G(a,b,\l)$ may be derived from each other via Bauer-Muir transformations. The separate convergence of numerators and denominators play ... More
Simulations of a model for the Northern Spotted OwlFeb 19 2014In this paper, a branching process model of the Northern Spotted Owl is simulated. We focus on the time until extinction. It is shown how an approximation of the model with a multivariate autoregressive process works well near the equilibrium, but does ... More
Monopole-antimonopole condensation in the interpolating Georgi-Glashow modelDec 22 1997We study the three dimensional Georgi-Glashow model (which interpolates smoothly between pure U(1) and SU(2) limits) using a constrained cooling which preserves 't Hooft-Polyakov monopoles. We find that the monopole-antimonopole condensation gives an ... More
Dimension results for mappings of jet space Carnot groupsApr 24 2018We propose analogues of horizontal and vertical projections for model filiform jet space Carnot groups. Every pair consisting of the jet of a smooth function on $\mathbb{R}$ and a vertical hyperplane with first coordinate fixed provides a splitting of ... More
A hyperfinite inequality for free entropy dimensionAug 28 2003Nov 25 2003If $X, Y,$ and $Z$ are finite sets of selfadjoint elements in a tracial von Neumann algebra and $X$ generates a hyperfinite von Neumann algebra, then $\delta_0(X \cup Y \cup Z) \leq \delta_0(X \cup Y) + \delta_0(X \cup Z) - \delta_0(X).$ We draw several ... More
Un-integrated PDFs in CCFMNov 22 2004The un-integrated parton distribution functions (uPDFs) obtained from a CCFM evolution are studied in terms of the intrinsic transverse momentum distribution at low scales. The uPDFs are studied for variations of the renormalization and factorization ... More
Heavy quark production at HERA in k_t factorization supplemented with CCFM evolutionOct 26 2001The application of k_t - factorization, supplemented with the CCFM small-x evolution equation, to heavy quark production is discussed. Differential cross sections of b-b_bar production and also inelastic J/psi production as measured at HERA are compared ... More
Unintegrated parton densities applied to heavy quark production in the CCFM approachSep 17 2001Nov 25 2001The application of k_t - factorization supplemented with the CCFM small-x evolution equation to heavy quark production is discussed. The b-b_bar production cross sections at the TEVATRON can be consistently described using the k_t-factorization formalism ... More
On the existence of open and bi-continuing codesOct 25 2008Feb 27 2009Given an irreducible sofic shift X, we show that an an irreducible SFT Y of lower entropy is a factor of X if and only if it is a factor of X by an open bi-continuing code. If these equivalent conditions hold and Y is mixing, then any code from a proper ... More
Learning the Conditional Independence Structure of Stationary Time Series: A Multitask Learning ApproachApr 04 2014Jan 11 2015We propose a method for inferring the conditional independence graph (CIG) of a high-dimensional Gaussian vector time series (discrete-time process) from a finite-length observation. By contrast to existing approaches, we do not rely on a parametric process ... More
Status of dynamical ensemble generationJan 06 2010I give an overview of current and future plans of dynamical QCD ensemble generation activities. A comparison of simulation cost between different discretizations is made. Recent developments in techniques and algorithms used in QCD dynamical simulations, ... More
Bounds on new physics from electric dipole momentsSep 16 2015Electric dipole moments are extremely sensitive probes for additional sources of CP violation in new physics models. The multi-scale problem of relating the high-precision measurements with neutrons, atoms and molecules to fundamental parameters can be ... More
Congestion Control and Routing over Challenged NetworksJan 19 2012This dissertation is a study on the design and analysis of novel, optimal routing and rate control algorithms in wireless, mobile communication networks. Congestion control and routing algorithms upto now have been designed and optimized for wired or ... More
Pulse Shaping, Localization and the Approximate Eigenstructure of LTV ChannelsDec 15 2009In this article we show the relation between the theory of pulse shaping for WSSUS channels and the notion of approximate eigenstructure for time-varying channels. We consider pulse shaping for a general signaling scheme, called Weyl-Heisenberg signaling, ... More
A propagation property of free entropy dimensionNov 17 2006Nov 29 2006Let M be a tracial von Neumann algebra and A be a weakly dense unital C*-subalgebra of M. We say that a set X is a W*-generating set for M if the von Neumann algebra generated by X is M and that X is a C*-generating set for A if the unital C*-algebra ... More
Some free entropy dimension inequalities for subfactorsOct 28 2004Suppose $N \subset M$ is an inclusion of $II_1$-factors of finite index. If $N$ can be generated by a finite set of elements, then there exist finite generating sets $X$ for $N$ and $Y$ for $M$ such that $\delta_0(X) \geq \delta_0(Y)$, where $\delta_0$ ... More
Amenability, tubularity, and embeddings into $\mathcal R^ω$Jun 06 2005Dec 02 2006Suppose $M$ is a tracial von Neumann algebra embeddable into $\mathcal R^{\omega}$ (the ultraproduct of the hyperfinite $II_1$-factor) and $X$ is an $n$-tuple of selfadjoint generators for $M$. Denote by $\Gamma(X;m,k,\gamma)$ the microstate space of ... More
Quadratic matings and ray connectionsJul 03 2017A topological mating is a map defined by gluing together the filled Julia sets of two quadratic polynomials. The identifications are visualized and understood by pinching ray-equivalence classes of the formal mating. For postcritically finite polynomials ... More
The Thurston Algorithm for quadratic matingsJun 13 2017Mating is an operation to construct a rational map f from two polynomials, which are not in conjugate limbs of the Mandelbrot set. When the Thurston Algorithm for the unmodified formal mating is iterated in the case of postcritical identifications, it ... More
Vector meson cross sections at HERAJan 13 2008Inelastic and elastic (exclusive) cross section measurements of vector meson production at HERA are discussed.
Recent results from CCFM evolutionDec 04 2003Recent developments of the small $x$ CCFM evolution are described, including improvements of the splitting function. The resulting unintegrated gluon densities are used for predictions of hadronic final state measurements like jet production at HERA and ... More
Future Diffraction at HERASep 14 1998Future prospects of hard diffraction at HERA a reviewed. A selection of processes which can be calculated in pQCD is given, with emphasis on the separation of soft and hard diffraction. The main focus will be put on the energy dependence of diffractive ... More
Resolved Photons and BFKL-type Signatures in Deep Inelastic ScatteringSep 23 1997The concept of resolved virtual photons in addition to direct deep inelastic $ep$ scattering is used to simulate the 2+1 jet - rate and the forward jet cross section, which cannot be described by direct LO/NLO processes. With standard DGLAP evolution ... More
Linear independences of maps associated to partitionsJun 25 2019Given a suitable collection of partitions of sets, there exists a connection to easy quantum groups via intertwiner maps. A sufficient condition for this correspondence to be one-to-one are particular linear independences on the level of those maps. In ... More
The free entropy dimension of hyperfinite von Neumann algebrasDec 04 2001Sep 13 2003Suppose M is a hyperfinite von Neumann algebra with a tracial state $\phi$ and $\{a_1,...,a_n\}$ is a set of selfadjoint generators for M. We calculate $\delta_0(a_1,...,a_n)$, the modified free entropy dimension of $\{a_1,...,a_n\}$. Moreover we show ... More
Graphs of functions and vanishing free entropyJul 10 2007Suppose X is an n-tuple of selfadjoint elements in a tracial von Neumann algebra M. If z is a selfadjoint element in M and for some selfadjoint element y in the von Neumann algebra generated by X $\delta_0(y, z) < \delta_0(y) + \delta_0(z)$, then $\chi(X ... More
Strongly 1-bounded von Neumann algebrasOct 26 2005Oct 31 2005Suppose F is a finite set of selfadjoint elements in a tracial von Neumann algebra M. For $\alpha >0$, F is $\alpha$-bounded if the free packing $\alpha$-entropy of F is bounded from above. We say that M is strongly 1-bounded if M has a 1-bounded finite ... More
Universality of Composition Operators and Applications to Holomorphic DynamicsMar 03 2016By investigating which level of universality composition operators $C_f$ can have, where the symbol $f$ is given by the restriction of a transcendental entire function to suitable parts of the Fatou set of $f$, this work combines the theory of dynamics ... More
Pointwise stability estimates for periodic traveling wave solutions of systems of viscous conservation lawsOct 12 2012Oct 21 2012In the previous paper \cite{J1}, we established pointwise bounds for the Green function of the linearized equation associated with spatially periodic traveling waves $\bar u$ of a system of reaction diffusion equations, and also obtained pointwise nonlinear ... More
Source-Frequency Phase-Referencing Observation of AGNs with KaVA Using Simultaneous Dual-Frequency ReceivingMar 28 2019The KVN(Korean VLBI Network)-style simultaneous multi-frequency receiving mode is demonstrated to be promising for mm-VLBI observations. Recently, other Very long baseline interferometry (VLBI) facilities all over the globe start to implement compatible ... More
Orbits of Massive Satellite Galaxies: I. A Close Look at the Large Magellanic Cloud and a New Orbital History for M33Sep 15 2016The Milky Way (MW) and M31 both harbor massive satellite galaxies, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) and M33, which may comprise up to 10 per cent of their host's total mass. Massive satellites can change the orbital barycentre of the host-satellite system ... More
The Algorithmic Complexity of Bondage and Reinforcement Problems in bipartite graphsMar 12 2014Let $G=(V,E)$ be a graph. A subset $D\subseteq V$ is a dominating set if every vertex not in $D$ is adjacent to a vertex in $D$. The domination number of $G$, denoted by $\gamma(G)$, is the smallest cardinality of a dominating set of $G$. The bondage ... More
Deeply Aggregated Alternating Minimization for Image RestorationDec 20 2016Regularization-based image restoration has remained an active research topic in computer vision and image processing. It often leverages a guidance signal captured in different fields as an additional cue. In this work, we present a general framework ... More
The Power of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Observations for mm-VLBI: Astrometry up to 130 GHz with the KVNSep 09 2015Nov 05 2015Simultaneous observations at multiple frequency bands have the potential to overcome the fundamental limitation imposed by the atmospheric propagation in mm-VLBI observations. The propagation effects place a severe limit in the sensitivity achievable ... More
Core-Periphery Segregation in Evolving Prisoner's Dilemma NetworksMay 03 2011Dec 09 2012Dense cooperative networks are an essential element of social capital for a prosperous society. These networks enable individuals to overcome collective action dilemmas by enhancing trust. In many biological and social settings, network structures evolve ... More
Demonstration of KVN phase referencing capabilityNov 11 2015We present the results of Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) observations using the phase reference technique to detect weak Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) cores in the Virgo cluster. Our observations were carried out using the Korean VLBI Network ... More
Tidal stripping stellar substructures around four metal-poor globular clusters in the Galactic bulgeOct 07 2014We investigate the spatial density configuration of stars around four metal-poor globular clusters (NGC 6266, NGC 6626, NGC 6642 and NGC 6723) in the Galactic bulge region using wide-field deep J, H, and K imaging data obtained with the WFCAM near-infrared ... More
Coupling of phonons and spin waves in triangular antiferromagnetApr 26 2007Jul 02 2007We investigate the influence of the spin-phonon coupling in the triangular antiferromagnet where the coupling is of the exchange-striction type. The magnon dispersion is shown to be modified significantly at wave vector (2pi,0) and its symmetry-related ... More
On transversally harmonic maps of foliated Riemannian manifoldsSep 19 2011We study the transversally harmonic maps between foliated Riemannian manifolds. In particular, we prove that under some curvature conditions, any transversally harmonic map is transversally totally geodesic.
Critical Tunneling Currents in Quantum Hall Superfluids: Pseudospin-Transfer Torque TheoryJan 18 2010At total filling factor $\nu=1$ quantum Hall bilayers can have an ordered ground state with spontaneous interlayer phase coherence. The ordered state is signaled experimentally by dramatically enhanced interlayer tunnel conductances at low bias voltages; ... More
The M31 Velocity Vector. I. Hubble Space Telescope Proper Motion MeasurementsMay 31 2012We present the first proper motion measurements for the galaxy M31. We obtained new V-band imaging data with the HST ACS/WFC and WFC3/UVIS of a spheroid field near the minor axis, an outer disk field along the major axis, and a field on the Giant Southern ... More
Spheres - Omni-directional multi-mode gravitational-wave antennas for the next generationAug 26 1996The construction of a massive (~ 40 ton) spherical antennas for gravitational wave astronomy has been proposed by a number of groups worldwide. Summed over all five quadrupole modes, the sphere has a direction-independent cross section, permitting full-sky ... More
Properties of the top quarkSep 24 2014Oct 14 2014Recent measurements of top-quark properties at the LHC and the Tevatron are presented. Most recent measurements of the top quark mass have been carried out by CMS using $19.7/$fb of $\sqrt{s} = 8$ TeV data including the study of the dependence on event ... More
D* (+jets) in Deep Inelastic Scattering and PhotoproductionMar 29 2011New results on charm quark production at HERA in an increased phase space in deep-inelastic scattering and photoproduction are discussed. Single & double-differential cross section distributions are compared to next-to-leading order QCD calculations as ... More
Partially composite 2-Higgs-doublet modelAug 10 2006Sep 12 2006In the extra dimensional scenarios with gauge fields in the bulk, the Kaluza-Klein (KK) gauge bosons can induce Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) type attractive four-fermion interactions, which can break electroweak symmetry dynamically with accompanying composite ... More
Traveling Wave Fronts and Localized Traveling Wave Convection in Binary Fluid MixturesMay 11 2005Nonlinear fronts between spatially extended traveling wave convection (TW) and quiescent fluid and spatially localized traveling waves (LTWs) are investigated in quantitative detail in the bistable regime of binary fluid mixtures heated from below. A ... More
Construction of a natural partition of incomplete horseshoesDec 22 2003A method is presented to construct a partition of an incomplete horseshoe in a Poincare map which is only based on unstable manifolds of outermost fixed points and eventually their limits. Thereby this partition becomes natural from the point of view ... More
Oscillation dynamics of multi-well condensatesDec 05 2006We propose a new approach to the macroscopic dynamics of three-well Bose-Einstein condensates, giving particular emphasis to self-trapping and Josephson oscillations. Although these effects have been studied quite thoroughly in the mean-field approximation, ... More
General Analysis of U-Spin Breaking in B DecaysJul 01 2009Nov 17 2009We analyse the breaking of U-spin on a group theoretical basis. Due to the simple behaviour of the weak effective hamiltonian under U-spin and the unique structure of the breaking terms such a group theoretical analysis leads to a manageable number of ... More
Top quark properties at the TevatronDec 12 2014Recent measurements of top-quark properties at the Tevatron, including top quark production asymmetries and properties, are presented. Latest updates of measurements of top quark production asymmetries include the measurement of the $t\bar{t}$ production ... More
(Disk, Essential surface) pairs of Heegaard splittings that intersect in one pointDec 26 2008We consider a Heegaard splitting M=H_1 \cup_S H_2 of a 3-manifold M having an essential disk D in H_1 and an essential surface F in H_2 with |D \cap F|=1. (We require that boundary of F is in S when H_2 is a compressionbody with non-empty "minus" boundary.) ... More
Modifying surfaces in 4-manifolds by twist spinningNov 03 2004Mar 03 2009In this paper, given a knot K, for any integer m we construct a new surface Sigma_K(m) from a smoothly embedded surface Sigma in a smooth 4-manifold X by performing a surgery on Sigma. This surgery is based on a modification of the `rim surgery' which ... More
Descent pattern avoidanceDec 06 2013We extend the notion of consecutive pattern avoidance to considering sums over all permutations where each term is a product of weights depending on each consecutive pattern of a fixed length. We study the problem of finding the asymptotics of these sums. ... More
Pointwise nonlinear stability of nonlocalized modulated periodic reaction-diffusion wavesMay 05 2016In this paper, extending previous results of \cite{J1}, we obtain pointwise nonlinear stability of periodic traveling reaction-diffusion waves, assuming spectral linearized stability, under nonlocalized perturbations. More precisely, we establish pointwise ... More
Probing Light Stops with StoponiumApr 07 2015Jun 03 2015We derive new limits on light stops from diboson resonance searches in the $\gamma\gamma$, $Z \gamma$, $ZZ$, $WW$ and $hh$ channels from the first run of the LHC. If the two-body decays of the light stop are mildly suppressed or kinematically forbidden, ... More