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Invariants of modular curve and Sharifi's conjecturesSep 17 2018We compute some invariants attached to the Eisenstein quotient of an \'etale cohomology group of the modular curve $X_0(N)$ for $N\geq 5$. We also give a relation between one of the invariants and Sharifi's conjecture on the modular curve $X_1(N)$.
Modeling study on the validity of a possibly simplified representation of proteinsJun 23 2000The folding characteristics of sequences reduced with a possibly simplified representation of five types of residues are shown to be similar to their original ones with the natural set of residues (20 types or 20 letters). The reduced sequences have a ... More
Oseba: Optimization for Selective Bulk Analysis in Big Data ProcessingJul 12 2017Selective bulk analyses, such as statistical learning on temporal/spatial data, are fundamental to a wide range of contemporary data analysis. However, with the increasingly larger data-sets, such as weather data and marketing transactions, the data organization/access ... More
Simplification of protein representation from the contact potentials between residuesOct 19 2000Based on the concept of energy landscape a picture of the mismatch between the reduced interaction matrix of residues and the matrix of statistical contact potentials is presented. For the Miyazawa and Jernigan (MJ) matrix, rational groupings of 20 kinds ... More
A Deduced Feynman Rule for Calculating Retarded and Advanced Green function in Closed Time Path FormalismApr 01 2002May 21 2002Based on the closed time path formalism, a new Feynman rule for directly calculating the retarded and advanced Green functions is deduced. This Feynman rule is used to calculate the two-point self-energy and three-point vertex correction in $\phi^3$ theory. ... More
Differential symbolic entropy in nonlinear dynamics complexity analysisJan 24 2018Dec 04 2018Differential symbolic entropy, a measure for nonlinear dynamics complexity, is proposed in our contribution. With flexible controlling parameter, the chaotic deterministic measure takes advantage of local nonlinear dynamical information among three adjacent ... More
A Theoretical Analysis of Two-Stage Recommendation for Cold-Start Collaborative FilteringJan 18 2016In this paper, we present a theoretical framework for tackling the cold-start collaborative filtering problem, where unknown targets (items or users) keep coming to the system, and there is a limited number of resources (users or items) that can be allocated ... More
Hausdorff measure of hairs without endpoints in the exponential familyFeb 06 2015Devaney and Krych showed that for $0<\lambda<1/e$ the Julia set of $\lambda e^z$ consists of pairwise disjoint curves, called hairs, which connect finite points, called the endpoints of the hairs, with $\infty$. McMullen showed that the Julia set has ... More
Weak KAM theory for general Hamilton-Jacobi equations III: the variational principle under Osgood conditionsAug 17 2014We consider the following evolutionary Hamilton-Jacobi equation with initial condition: \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} \partial_tu(x,t)+H(x,u(x,t),\partial_xu(x,t))=0,\\ u(x,0)=\phi(x), \end{cases} \end{equation*} where $\phi(x)\in C(M,\mathbb{R})$. ... More
Revisiting the electronic phase diagram of YBa2Cu3Oy via temperature derivative of in-plane resistivityNov 20 2017We have re-examined the temperature-doping (T-p) phase diagram of YBa2Cu3Oy (YBCO) to address several issues therein by using the temperature derivative of in-plane resistivity, d\{rho}ab/dT. For p less than about 0.15, a temperature Tf has been defined ... More
(k,m)-connectivity in Mobile Clustered Wireless NetworksMay 12 2013May 16 2013This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to a crucial error in the calculation of Equation (28). We propose a novel concept of $(k,m)$-connectivity in mobile clustered wireless networks, in which there are $n$ mobile cluster members and $n^d$ static ... More
Variational principle for contact Tonelli Hamiltonian systemsMay 12 2015We establish an implicit variational principle for the equations of the contact flow generated by the Hamiltonian $H(x,u,p)$ with respect to the contact 1-form $\alpha=du-pdx$ under Tonelli and Osgood growth assumptions. It is the first step to generalize ... More
Weak KAM theory for general Hamilton-Jacobi equations II: the fundamental solution under Lipschitz conditionsAug 17 2014We consider the following evolutionary Hamilton-Jacobi equation with initial condition: \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} \partial_tu(x,t)+H(x,u(x,t),\partial_xu(x,t))=0,\\ u(x,0)=\phi(x), \end{cases} \end{equation*} where $\phi(x)\in C(M,\mathbb{R})$. ... More
Hybrid asymptotic/numerical methods for the evaluation of layer heat potentials in two dimensionsMar 20 2018We present a hybrid asymptotic/numerical method for the accurate computation of single and double layer heat potentials in two dimensions. It has been shown in previous work that simple quadrature schemes suffer from a phenomenon called "geometrically-induced ... More
An Erdős-Ko-Rado theorem in general linear groupsJul 15 2011Let $S_n$ be the symmetric group on $n$ points. Deza and Frankl [M. Deza and P. Frankl, On the maximum number of permutations with given maximal or minimal distance, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A 22 (1977) 352--360] proved that if ${\cal F}$ is an intersecting ... More
All admissible meromorphic solutions of Hayman's equationNov 06 2014We find all non-rational meromorphic solutions of the equation $ww"-(w')^2=\alpha(z)w+\beta(z)w'+\gamma(z)$, where $\alpha$, $\beta$ and $\gamma$ are rational functions of $z$. In so doing we answer a question of Hayman by showing that all such solutions ... More
Structural Parameters for Globular Clusters in the Outer Halo of M31Mar 26 2012In this paper, we present internal surface brightness profiles, using images in the F606W and F814W filter bands observed with the Advanced Camera for Surveys on the {\it Hubble Space Telescope}, for ten globular clusters (GCs) in the outer halo of M31. ... More
RC-positivity and rigidity of harmonic maps into Riemannian manifoldsSep 12 2018In this paper, we show that every harmonic map from a compact K\"ahler manifold with uniformly RC-positive curvature to a Riemannian manifold with non-positive complex sectional curvature is constant. In particular, there is no non-constant harmonic map ... More
RC-positivity and scalar-flat metrics on ruled manifoldsSep 04 2018Let $X$ be a ruled surface over a curve of genus $g$. We prove that $X$ has a scalar-flat Hermitian metric if and only if $g\geq 2$ and $m(X)>2-2g$ where $m(X)$ is an intrinsic number depends on the complex structure of $X$.
AGAN: Towards Automated Design of Generative Adversarial NetworksJun 25 2019Recent progress in Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) has shown promising signs of improving GAN training via architectural change. Despite some early success, at present the design of GAN architectures requires human expertise, laborious trial-and-error ... More
Fast Graph Construction Using Auction AlgorithmOct 16 2012In practical machine learning systems, graph based data representation has been widely used in various learning paradigms, ranging from unsupervised clustering to supervised classification. Besides those applications with natural graph or network structure ... More
Differentially Private Neighborhood-based Recommender SystemsJan 09 2017Mar 10 2017Privacy issues of recommender systems have become a hot topic for the society as such systems are appearing in every corner of our life. In contrast to the fact that many secure multi-party computation protocols have been proposed to prevent information ... More
A lattice framework for pricing display advertisement options with the stochastic volatility underlying modelSep 02 2014Dec 09 2015Advertisement (abbreviated ad) options are a recent development in online advertising. Simply, an ad option is a first look contract in which a publisher or search engine grants an advertiser a right but not obligation to enter into transactions to purchase ... More
An adaptive fast Gauss transform in two dimensionsDec 01 2017A variety of problems in computational physics and engineering require the convolution of the heat kernel (a Gaussian) with either discrete sources, densities supported on boundaries, or continuous volume distributions. We present a unified fast Gauss ... More
Tracy-Widom limit for the largest eigenvalue of high-dimensional covariance matrices in elliptical distributionsJan 16 2019Let $X$ be an $M\times N$ random matrices consisting of independent $M$-variate elliptically distributed column vectors $\mathbf{x}_{1},\dots,\mathbf{x}_{N}$ with general population covariance matrix $\Sigma$. In the literature, the quantity $XX^{*}$ ... More
Character-level Convolutional Network for Text Classification Applied to Chinese CorpusNov 14 2016Nov 15 2016This article provides an interesting exploration of character-level convolutional neural network solving Chinese corpus text classification problem. We constructed a large-scale Chinese language dataset, and the result shows that character-level convolutional ... More
Sequential Selection of Correlated Ads by POMDPsJul 11 2013Online advertising has become a key source of revenue for both web search engines and online publishers. For them, the ability of allocating right ads to right webpages is critical because any mismatched ads would not only harm web users' satisfactions ... More
Double symbolic joint entropy in nonlinear dynamic complexity analysisFeb 03 2018Symbolizations, the base of symbolic dynamic analysis, are classified as global static and local dynamic approaches which are combined by joint entropy in our works for nonlinear dynamic complexity analysis. Two global static methods, symbolic transformations ... More
The rate of convergence of new Lax-Oleinik type operators for time-periodic positive definite Lagrangian systemsSep 15 2011Assume that the Aubry set of the time-periodic positive definite Lagrangian $L$ consists of one hyperbolic 1-periodic orbit. We provide an upper bound estimate of the rate of convergence of the family of new Lax-Oleinik type operators associated with ... More
A new kind of Lax-Oleinik type operator with parameters for time-periodic positive definite Lagrangian systemsNov 10 2010Dec 09 2010In this paper we introduce a new kind of Lax-Oleinik type operator with parameters associated with positive definite Lagrangian systems for both the time-periodic case and the time-independent case. On one hand, the new family of Lax-Oleinik type operators ... More
A construction of pooling designs with surprisingly high degree of error correctionMay 13 2011It is well-known that many famous pooling designs are constructed from mathematical structures by the "containment matrix" method. In this paper, we propose another method and obtain a family of pooling designs with surprisingly high degree of error correction ... More
Non-commutative Discretize-then-Optimize Algorithms for Elliptic PDE-Constrained Optimal Control ProblemsJun 23 2017Aug 01 2018In this paper, we analyze the convergence of several discretize-then-optimize algorithms, based on either a second-order or a fourth-order finite difference discretization, for solving elliptic PDE-constrained optimization or optimal control problems. ... More
Efficient Time Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Parabolic PDE-Constrained Optimization ProblemsDec 29 2016Sep 27 2017Optimization with time-dependent partial differential equations (PDEs) as constraints {appears} in many science and engineering applications. The associated first-order necessary optimality system consists of one forward and one backward time-dependent ... More
Statistical Arbitrage Mining for Display AdvertisingJun 11 2015We study and formulate arbitrage in display advertising. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) mimics stock spot exchanges and utilises computers to algorithmically buy display ads per impression via a real-time auction. Despite the new automation, the ad markets are ... More
Nontrivial independent sets of bipartite graphs and cross-intersecting familiesJan 12 2011Let $G(X,Y)$ be a connected, non-complete bipartite graph with $|X|\leq |Y|$. An independent set $A$ of $G(X,Y)$ is said to be trivial if $A\subseteq X$ or $A\subseteq Y$. Otherwise, $A$ is nontrivial. By $\alpha(X,Y)$ we denote the size of maximal-sized ... More
Large scaled geometry of Julia sets of entire and meromorphic functionsMay 21 2018In this paper, we study the large scaled geometric structure of Julia sets of entire and meromorphic functions. Roughly speaking, the structure gives us some asymptotic information about the Julia set near the essential singularity. We will show that ... More
A Probabilistic View of Neighborhood-based Recommendation MethodsJan 05 2017Probabilistic graphic model is an elegant framework to compactly present complex real-world observations by modeling uncertainty and logical flow (conditionally independent factors). In this paper, we present a probabilistic framework of neighborhood-based ... More
A Dynamical Approach to Viscosity Solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi EquationsDec 04 2013Mar 15 2014In this paper, we consider the following Hamilton-Jacobi equation with initial condition: \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} \partial_tu(x,t)+H(x,t,u(x,t),\partial_xu(x,t))=0, u(x,0)=\phi(x). \end{cases} \end{equation*} Under some assumptions on the convexity ... More
Pooling designs with surprisingly high degree of error correction in a finite vector spaceMay 13 2011Pooling designs are standard experimental tools in many biotechnical applications. It is well-known that all famous pooling designs are constructed from mathematical structures by the "containment matrix" method. In particular, Macula's designs (resp. ... More
Structural parameters for globular clusters in M31May 02 2013In this paper, we present surface brightness profiles for 79 globular clusters in M31, using images observed with {\it Hubble Space Telescope}, some of which are from new observations. The structural and dynamical parameters are derived from fitting the ... More
Renormalization of the SU(2)-symmetric model of hadrodynamicsAug 28 2006It is proved that the SU(2)-symmetric model of hadrodynamics can well be set up on the gauge-invariance principle. The quantization of the model can readily be performed in the Lagrangian path-integral formalisms by using the Lagrangian undetermined multiplier ... More
Renormalization of the quantum chromodynamics with massive gluonsDec 06 2005Aug 22 2006In our previously published papers, it was proved that the chromodynamics with massive gluons can well be set up on the gauge-invariance principle. The quantization of the chromodynamics was perfectly performed in the both of Hamiltonian and Lagrangian ... More
Comparison of Magnetic Flux Distribution between a Coronal Hole and a Quiet RegionMay 04 2007Employing Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) deep magnetograms and H${\alpha}$ images in a quiet region and a coronal hole, observed on September 14 and 16, 2004, respectively, we have explored the magnetic flux emergence, disappearance and distribution ... More
Anomalous Josephson Effect in magnetic Josephson junctions with noncentrosymmetric superconductorsMay 07 2015We show that the two-band nature of noncentrosymmetric superconductors leads naturally to an anomalous Josephson current appearing at zero phase difference in a clean noncentrosymmetric superconductor/ferromagnet/noncentrosymmetric superconductor junction. ... More
Relations between $β$ and $δ$ for QP and LP in Compressed Sensing ComputationsDec 24 2010In many compressed sensing applications, linear programming (LP) has been used to reconstruct a sparse signal. When observation is noisy, the LP formulation is extended to allow an inequality constraint and the solution is dependent on a parameter $\delta$, ... More
A survey of CO and its isotope lines for possible cloud-cloud collision candidatesDec 01 2012Jun 18 2013In the 12CO (J=1-0) survey for the 1331 cold IRAS sources 214 sources show profiles with multiple-peak profiles and are selected as cloud-cloud collision candidates. In January 2005, 201 sources are detected with 12CO(1-0), 13CO(1-0), and C18O(1-0) emission ... More
Simplifying Generalized Belief Propagation on Redundant Region GraphsApr 18 2013The cluster variation method has been developed into a general theoretical framework for treating short-range correlations in many-body systems after it was first proposed by Kikuchi in 1951. On the numerical side, a message-passing approach called generalized ... More
Blockchain based Digital Asset Management System Architecture for Power Grid Big DataAug 07 2018Chinese power grid enterprises are in need for development of digital asset management system. The characteristics of decentralization, self-trust and self-confidence, pave a promising technical path for power grid digital assess management and Big Data ... More
Topological properties of self-similar fractals with one parameterJan 05 2017In this paper, we study two classes of planar self-similar fractals $T_\varepsilon$ with a shifting parameter $\varepsilon$. The first one is a class of self-similar tiles by shifting $x$-coordinates of some digits. We give a detailed discussion on the ... More
Numerical study of the quantum valley Hall effectJul 12 2016Dec 13 2017Under more consideration, it seems that bulk valley current mediated nonlocal resistance is inconsistent with Landau-Buttiker formalism. We believe Landau-Buttiker formalism is right and the declared bulk valley current mediated nonlocal resistance is ... More
Green Functions of N=1 SYM and Radial/Energy-Scale RelationOct 04 2002Jan 23 2003We study counter-terms of one- and two-point Green functions of some special operators in ${\cal N}=1$ SYM from their SUGRA duals from the consideration of AdS/CFT or gauge/gravity correspondence. We consider both the Maldacena-Nunez solution and the ... More
Using Semantic Similarity for Input Topic Identification in Crawling-based Web Application TestingAug 23 2016To automatically test web applications, crawling-based techniques are usually adopted to mine the behavior models, explore the state spaces or detect the violated invariants of the applications. However, in existing crawlers, rules for identifying the ... More
Cross-Layer Scheduling in Multi-user System with Delay and Secrecy ConstraintsOct 03 2012Aug 16 2013Recently, physical layer security based approaches have drawn considerable attentions and are envisaged to provide secure communications in the wireless networks. However, most existing literatures only focus on the physical layer. Thus, how to design ... More
Variational principle for contact Hamiltonian systems and its applicationsFeb 15 2017Feb 04 2018In \cite{WWY}, the authors provided an implicit variational principle for the contact Hamilton's equations \begin{align*} \left\{ \begin{array}{l} \dot{x}=\frac{\partial H}{\partial p}(x,u,p),\\ \dot{p}=-\frac{\partial H}{\partial x}(x,u,p)-\frac{\partial ... More
Design Light-weight 3D Convolutional Networks for Video Recognition Temporal Residual, Fully Separable Block, and Fast AlgorithmMay 31 2019Deep 3-dimensional (3D) Convolutional Network (ConvNet) has shown promising performance on video recognition tasks because of its powerful spatio-temporal information fusion ability. However, the extremely intensive requirements on memory access and computing ... More
Time-dependent barrier passage in External Noise Modulated System-reservoir EnvironmentAug 24 2012Sep 09 2012The time-dependent barrier passage of an anomalous system-reservoir coupling non-equilibrium open environment is studied where the heat bath is modulated by an external noise. The time-dependent barrier passing probability is obtained analytically by ... More
Intersecting branes and adding flavors to the Maldacena-Nunez backgroundJul 22 2003Jan 06 2004We study adding flavors into the Maldacena-N\u{u}nez background. It is achieved by introducing spacetime filling D9-branes or intersecting D5$'$-branes into the background with a wrapping D5-brane. Both D9-branes and D5$'$-branes can be spacetime filling ... More
A toy model for X-ray spectral variability of active galactic nucleiJun 25 2014The long term X-ray spectral variability of ten active galactic nuclei (AGN) shows a positive spectral index-flux correlation for each object (Sobolewska & Papadakis 2009). An inner advection dominated accretion flow (ADAF) may connect to a thin disc/corona ... More
Uniqueness and convergence on equilibria of the Keller-Segel system with subcritical massApr 10 2018Apr 11 2018This paper is concerned with the uniqueness of solutions to the following nonlocal semi-linear elliptic equation \begin{equation}\label{ellip}\tag{$\ast$} \Delta u-\beta u+\lambda\frac{e^u}{\int_{\Omega}e^u}=0~\mathrm{in}~\Omega, \end{equation} where ... More
Aubry-Mather and weak KAM theories for contact Hamiltonian systems. Part 2: Strictly decreasing caseMay 12 2018We study the existence, regularity and representation formula for viscosity solutions of Hamilton-Jacobi equation $\bar{H}(x,u,Du)=0$ on a connected, closed and smooth manifold $M$, where the Hamiltonian $\bar{H}(x,u,p)$ satisfies Tonelli conditions with ... More
Parsimonious HMMs for Offline Handwritten Chinese Text RecognitionAug 13 2018Recently, hidden Markov models (HMMs) have achieved promising results for offline handwritten Chinese text recognition. However, due to the large vocabulary of Chinese characters with each modeled by a uniform and fixed number of hidden states, a high ... More
Aubry-Mather and weak KAM theories for contact Hamiltonian systems. Part 1: Strictly increasing caseJan 17 2018May 12 2018This paper is concerned with the study of Aubry-Mather and weak KAM theories for contact Hamiltonian systems with Hamiltonians $H(x,u,p)$ defined on $T^*M\times\mathbb{R}$, satisfying Tonelli conditions with respect to $p$ and $0<\frac{\partial H}{\partial ... More
Predict Forex Trend via Convolutional Neural NetworksJan 09 2018Deep learning is an effective approach to solving image recognition problems. People draw intuitive conclusions from trading charts; this study uses the characteristics of deep learning to train computers in imitating this kind of intuition in the context ... More
Baryon resonances in the strangeness productionOct 26 2015We have studied the $N^*(2120)$, $\Delta^*(1940)$, and the possible $\Sigma^*(1380)$ resonances in the $\gamma p \to K^+ \Lambda(1520)$, $pp \to n K^+ \Sigma(1385)$, and $\Lambda p \to \Lambda p \pi^0$ reactions within the resonance model and the effective ... More
Polarization of Quasars: Electron Scattering in the Broad Absorption Line RegionAug 02 2005It is widely accepted that the broad absorption line region (BALR) exists in most (if not all) quasars with a small covering factor. Recent works showed that the BALR is optically thick to soft and even medium energy X-rays, with a typical hydrogen column ... More
Production of the charmoniumlike state $Y(4220)$ through the $p\bar{p} \to Y(4220) π^0$ reactionOct 24 2017Nov 05 2017The $Y(4220)$ production in the process of $p\bar{p} \to Y(4220)\pi^0$ is studied within the effective Lagrangian approach. We first study the $e^+e^-\to Y(4220) \to p\bar{p}\pi^0$ reaction at center-of-mass energy $4.258$ GeV with the assumption that ... More
Polarization of Quasars: Resonant Line Scattering in the Broad Absorption Line RegionSep 17 2006Recent works showed that the absorbing material in broad absorption line (BAL) quasars is optically thick to major resonant absorption lines. This material may contribute significantly to the polarization in the absorption lines. In this paper, we present ... More
Spectral indices for radio emission of 228 pulsarsMar 17 2017We determine spectral indices of 228 pulsars by using Parkes pulsar data observed at 1.4 GHz, among which 200 spectra are newly determined. The indices are distributed in the range from -4.84 to -0.46.Together with known pulsar spectra from literature, ... More
Lipschitz equivalence of Cantor sets and irreducibility of polynomialsFeb 10 2017In the paper, we provide an effective method for the Lipschitz equivalence of two-branch Cantor sets and three-branch Cantor sets by studying the irreducibility of polynomials. We also find that any two Cantor sets are Lipschitz equivalent if and only ... More
Instantly Obsoleting the Address-code Associations: A New Principle for Defending Advanced Code Reuse AttackJul 10 2015Fine-grained Address Space Randomization has been considered as an effective protection against code reuse attacks such as ROP/JOP. However, it only employs a one-time randomization, and such a limitation has been exploited by recent just-in-time ROP ... More
Should We Learn Probabilistic Models for Model Checking? A New Approach and An Empirical StudyMay 26 2016Mar 20 2017Many automated system analysis techniques (e.g., model checking, model-based testing) rely on first obtaining a model of the system under analysis. System modeling is often done manually, which is often considered as a hindrance to adopt model-based system ... More
Polarization of Quasars: Rotated and Funnel-shaped OutflowDec 13 2006Polarization is a useful probe to investigate the geometries and dynamics of outflow in BAL QSOs. We perform a Monte-Carlo simulation to calculate the polarization produced by resonant and electron scattering in BALR. We find: 1)A rotated and funnel-shaped ... More
On the conservativeness and the recurrence of symmetric jump-diffusionsApr 28 2012Sufficient conditions for a symmetric jump-diffusion process to be conservative and recurrent are given in terms of the volume of the state space and the jump kernel of the process. A number of examples are presented to illustrate the optimality of these ... More
Disintegration of an Eruptive Filament via Interactions with Quasi-Separatrix LayersDec 08 2017Mar 15 2018The disintegration of solar filaments via mass drainage is a frequently observed phenomenon during a variety of filament activities. It is generally considered that the draining of dense filament material is directed by both gravity and magnetic field, ... More
Lightweight Image Super-Resolution with Adaptive Weighted Learning NetworkApr 04 2019Deep learning has been successfully applied to the single-image super-resolution (SISR) task with great performance in recent years. However, most convolutional neural network based SR models require heavy computation, which limit their real-world applications. ... More
Optimal Real-Time Bidding Frameworks DiscussionFeb 02 2016This note is a complementary material for the solution of optimal real-time bidding function in paper "Optimal Real-Time Bidding for Display Advertising, KDD 2014", where the estimated cost is taken as the bid price, i.e., the upper bound of the true ... More
Mean curvature flows in manifolds of special holonomyMay 12 2016Oct 12 2016We study the uniqueness of minimal submanifolds and the stability of the mean curvature flow in several well-known model spaces of manifolds of special holonomy. These include the Stenzel metric on the cotangent bundle of spheres, the Calabi metric on ... More
$χ_{c0}(1P)$ decay into $\barΣ~Σπ$ in search of an $I=1$, $1/2^-$ baryon state around $\bar K N$ thresholdSep 11 2015Jan 07 2016We present the theoretical study of the process $\chi_{c0}(1P)\to\bar\Sigma\Sigma\pi $ decay, by taking into account the $\pi\Sigma$ and $\pi\bar\Sigma$ final state interactions of the final meson-baryon pair based on the chiral unitary approach. We show ... More
Multiple positive solutions for Kirchhoff type problems involving concave and critical nonlinearities in ${R}^3$May 20 2016In this paper, we consider the multiplicity of solutions for a class of Kirchhoff type problems with sub-linear and critical terms on an unbounded domain. With the aid of Ekeland's variational principle and the concentration compactness principle we prove ... More
On the modular Erdős-Burgess constantJul 19 2018Let $n$ be a positive integer. For any integer $a$, we say that $a$ is idempotent modulo $n$ if $a^2\equiv a\pmod n$. The $n$-modular Erd\H{o}s-Burgess constant is the smallest positive integer $\ell$ such that any $\ell$ integers contain one or more ... More
Minimal Length Effects on Chaotic Motion of Particles around Black Hole HorizonNov 06 2018Recently, it was conjectured that the Lyapunov exponent of chaotic motion of a particle in a black hole is universally bounded from above by the surface gravity of the black hole. On the other hand, the minimal length appears in various theories of quantum ... More
Black Hole Radiation with Modified Dispersion Relation in Tunneling Paradigm: Static FrameMay 12 2015Nov 01 2017Due to the exponential high gravitational red shift near the event horizon of a black hole, it might appears that the Hawking radiation would be highly sensitive to some unknown high energy physics. To study possible deviations from the Hawking's prediction, ... More
Homogeneous Field and WKB Approximation In Deformed Quantum Mechanics with Minimal LengthNov 24 2012Dec 11 2015In the framework of the deformed quantum mechanics with minimal length, we consider the motion of a non-relativistic particle in a homogeneous external field. We find the integral representation for the physically acceptable wave function in the position ... More
Spectral Learning for Supervised Topic ModelsFeb 19 2016Supervised topic models simultaneously model the latent topic structure of large collections of documents and a response variable associated with each document. Existing inference methods are based on variational approximation or Monte Carlo sampling, ... More
Topological phases and Majorana states in screened interacting quantum wiresMar 04 2016We study theoretically the effects of long-range and on-site Coulomb interactions on the topological phases and transport properties of spin-orbit-coupled quasi-one-dimensional quantum wires imposed on an s-wave superconductor. The electrostatic potential ... More
Factorizing LambdaMART for cold start recommendationsNov 04 2015Recommendation systems often rely on point-wise loss metrics such as the mean squared error. However, in real recommendation settings only few items are presented to a user. This observation has recently encouraged the use of rank-based metrics. LambdaMART ... More
Homology groups of simplicial complements: A new proof of Hochster theoremJan 08 2015In this paper, we consider homology groups induced by the exterior algebra generated by a simplicial compliment of a simplicial complex $K$. These homology groups are isomorphic to the Tor-groups $\mathrm{Tor}_{i, J}^{\mathbf{k}[m]}(\mathbf{k}(K),\mathbf{k})$ ... More
Orthogonal graphs over Galois rings of odd characteristicAug 18 2013Assume that $\nu$ is a positive integer and $\delta=0, 1$ or $2$. In this paper we introduce the orthogonal graph $\Gamma^{2\nu+\delta}$ over a Galois ring of odd characteristic and prove that it is arc transitive. Moreover, we compute its parameters ... More
t-singular linear spacesMay 21 2011As a generalization of singular linear spaces, we introduce the concept of t-singular linear spaces, make some anzahl formulas of subspaces, and determine the suborbits of t-singular linear groups.
Instance-based Deep Transfer LearningSep 08 2018Nov 24 2018Deep transfer learning recently has acquired significant research interest. It makes use of pre-trained models that are learned from a source domain, and utilizes these models for the tasks in a target domain. Model-based deep transfer learning is probably ... More
The stability of the mean curvature flow in manifolds of special holonomyMay 12 2016We study the uniqueness of minimal submanifolds and the stability of the mean curvature flow in several well-known model spaces of manifolds of special holonomy. These include the Stenzel metric on the cotangent bundle of spheres, the Calabi metric on ... More
Verifying Complex Systems Probabilistically through Learning, Abstraction and RefinementOct 20 2016Precisely modeling complex systems like cyber-physical systems is often challenging, which may render model-based system verification techniques like model checking infeasible. To overcome this challenge, we propose a method called LAR to `verify' such ... More
Learning Continuous User Representations through Hybrid Filtering with doc2vecDec 31 2017Players in the online ad ecosystem are struggling to acquire the user data required for precise targeting. Audience look-alike modeling has the potential to alleviate this issue, but models' performance strongly depends on quantity and quality of available ... More
Intra-layer Nonuniform Quantization for Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkJul 10 2016Aug 06 2016Deep convolutional neural network (DCNN) has achieved remarkable performance on object detection and speech recognition in recent years. However, the excellent performance of a DCNN incurs high computational complexity and large memory requirement. In ... More
Deep Fusion: An Attention Guided Factorized Bilinear Pooling for Audio-video Emotion RecognitionJan 15 2019Automatic emotion recognition (AER) is a challenging task due to the abstract concept and multiple expressions of emotion. Although there is no consensus on a definition, human emotional states usually can be apperceived by auditory and visual systems. ... More
A pressure parametric dark energy modelJun 12 2018Jun 16 2018In this paper, we propose a new pressure parametric model of the total cosmos energy components in a spatially flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) universe and then reconstruct the model into quintessence and phantom scenarios, respectively. By constraining ... More
Symbolic relative entropy in quantifying nonlinear dynamics of equalities-involved heartbeatsJan 02 2018Jan 28 2019Symbolic relative entropy, an efficient nonlinear complexity parameter measuring probabilistic divergences of symbolic sequences, is proposed in our nonlinear dynamics analysis of heart rates considering equal states. Equalities are not rare in discrete ... More
Estimation of Treatment Effects for Heterogeneous Matched Pairs Data with Probit ModelsNov 07 2017Estimating the effect of medical treatments on subject responses is one of the crucial problems in medical research. Matched-pairs designs are commonly implemented in the field of medical research to eliminate confounding and improve efficiency. In this ... More
Efficient Mixed-Norm Regularization: Algorithms and Safe Screening MethodsJul 16 2013Sparse learning has recently received increasing attention in many areas including machine learning, statistics, and applied mathematics. The mixed-norm regularization based on the l1q norm with q>1 is attractive in many applications of regression and ... More
Curvatures at the singular points of algebraic curves and surfacesMay 18 2014In this paper, we study the computation of curvatures at the singular points of algebraic curves and surfaces. The idea is to convert the problem to compute the curvatures of the corresponding regular parametric curves and surfaces, which have intersections ... More