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An Analytic Expression of Performance Rate, Fitness Value and Average Convergence Rate for a Class of Evolutionary AlgorithmsNov 11 2015Feb 16 2016An important theoretical question in evolutionary computation is how good solutions evolutionary algorithms can produce. This paper aims to provide an analytic analysis of solution quality of evolutionary algorithms in terms of the performance rate, which ... More
GeoQuorum: Load Balancing and Energy Efficient Data Access in Wireless Sensor NetworksJan 05 2011When data productions and consumptions are heavily unbalanced and when the origins of data queries are spatially and temporally distributed, the so called in-network data storage paradigm supersedes the conventional data collection paradigm in wireless ... More
Adaptive Stochastic Gradient Descent on the Grassmannian for Robust Low-Rank Subspace Recovery and ClusteringDec 12 2014Apr 18 2015In this paper, we present GASG21 (Grassmannian Adaptive Stochastic Gradient for $L_{2,1}$ norm minimization), an adaptive stochastic gradient algorithm to robustly recover the low-rank subspace from a large matrix. In the presence of column outliers, ... More
Multi-objective Differential Evolution with Helper Functions for Constrained OptimizationSep 30 2015Oct 01 2015Solving constrained optimization problems by multi-objective evolutionary algorithms has scored tremendous achievements in the last decade. Standard multi-objective schemes usually aim at minimizing the objective function and also the degree of constraint ... More
Geometrical pluripotential theory on Sasaki manifoldsMar 02 2018We extend profound results in pluripotential theory on Kahler manifolds to Sasaki setting via its transverse Kahler structure. As in Kahler case, these results form a very important piece to solve the existence of Sasaki metrics with constant scalar curvature ... More
New Methods of Studying Valley Fitness LandscapesApr 30 2018The word "valley" is a popular term used in intuitively describing fitness landscapes. What is a valley on a fitness landscape? How to identify the direction and location of a valley if it exists? However, such questions are seldom rigorously studied ... More
A Unified Markov Chain Approach to Analysing Randomised Search HeuristicsDec 09 2013The convergence, convergence rate and expected hitting time play fundamental roles in the analysis of randomised search heuristics. This paper presents a unified Markov chain approach to studying them. Using the approach, the sufficient and necessary ... More
Pure Strategy or Mixed Strategy?Dec 07 2011Apr 14 2014Mixed strategy EAs aim to integrate several mutation operators into a single algorithm. However few theoretical analysis has been made to answer the question whether and when the performance of mixed strategy EAs is better than that of pure strategy EAs. ... More
Hadronic molecular states from the $K\bar{K}^*$ interactionMar 14 2016Oct 22 2016In this work, the $K\bar{K}^*$ interaction is studied in a quasipotential Bethe-Salpeter equation approach combined with the one-boson-exchange model. With the help of the hidden-guage Lagrangian, the exchanges of pseudoscalar mesons ($\pi$ and $\eta$) ... More
The sharp estimates of eigenvalues of Polyharmonic operator and higher order Stokes operatorJul 15 2014In this paper, we establish some lower bounds for the sums of eigenvalues of the polyharmonic operator and higher order Stokes operator, which are sharper than the recent results in \cite{CSWZ13, I13}. At the same time, we obtain some certain bounds for ... More
The Octet Meson and Octet Baryon Interaction with strangeness and the $Λ(1405)$Oct 02 2015Dec 03 2015The octet meson and baryon interaction with strangeness $S=-1$ is studied fully relativistically with chiral Lagrangian. In this work, a Bethe-Salpeter equation approach with spectator quasipotential approximation is applied to study the reactions $K^-p\to ... More
Hadronic molecular states from the $K\bar{K}^*$ interactionMar 14 2016Dec 10 2016In this work, the $K\bar{K}^*$ interaction is studied in a quasipotential Bethe-Salpeter equation approach combined with the one-boson-exchange model. With the help of the hidden-gauge Lagrangian, the exchanges of pseudoscalar mesons ($\pi$ and $\eta$) ... More
Magnetic moments and electromagnetic radii of nucleon and $Δ(1232)$ in an extended GBE modelApr 06 2004We derive the exchange currents of pseudoscalar, vector, and scalar mesons from Feynman diagrams, and use them to calculate the magnetic form factors of nucleon and $\Delta(1232)$. The magnetic moments and electromagnetic radii are obtained by using those ... More
Note on Integrability of Marginally Deformed ABJ(M) TheoriesFeb 09 2013May 08 2019We study the anomalous dimensions of operators in the scalar sector of \beta-deformed ABJ(M) theories. We show that the anomalous dimension matrix at two-loop order gives an integrable Hamiltonian acting on an alternating SU(4) spin chain with the spins ... More
A Note on Asymptotic Behaviors Of Solutions To Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Hardy PotentialFeb 13 2015Optimal estimates on asymptotic behaviors of weak solutions both at the origin and at the infinity are obtained to the following quasilinear elliptic equations \begin{eqnarray*} -\Delta_{p}u-\frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u+m|u|^{p-2}u=f(u), & & x\in\R^{N}, ... More
A Theoretical Framework of Approximation Error Analysis of Evolutionary AlgorithmsOct 26 2018In the empirical study of evolutionary algorithms, the solution quality is evaluated by either the fitness value or approximation error. The latter measures the fitness difference between an approximation solution and the optimal solution. Since the approximation ... More
Scattering Equations, Twistor-string Formulas and Double-soft Limits in Four DimensionsApr 11 2016May 05 2016We study scattering equations and formulas for tree amplitudes of various theories in four dimensions, in terms of spinor helicity variables and on-shell superspace for supersymmetric theories. As originally obtained in Witten's twistor string theory ... More
Mixed Strategy May Outperform Pure Strategy: An Initial StudyMar 13 2013Apr 22 2014In pure strategy meta-heuristics, only one search strategy is applied for all time. In mixed strategy meta-heuristics, each time one search strategy is chosen from a strategy pool with a probability and then is applied. An example is classical genetic ... More
Of McKay Correspondence, Non-linear Sigma-model and Conformal Field TheoryMar 05 1999Mar 27 1999The ubiquitous ADE classification has induced many proposals of often mysterious correspondences both in mathematics and physics. The mathematics side includes quiver theory and the McKay Correspondence which relates finite group representation theory ... More
ImVerde: Vertex-Diminished Random Walk for Learning Network Representation from Imbalanced DataApr 24 2018Dec 17 2018Imbalanced data widely exists in many high-impact applications. An example is in air traffic control, where we aim to identify the leading indicators for each type of accident cause from historical records. Among all three types of accident causes, historical ... More
Helper and Equivalent Objectives: An Efficient Approach to Constrained OptimisationMar 12 2019Jun 07 2019Numerous multi-objective evolutionary algorithms have been designed for constrained optimisation in last two decades. This method is to transform a constrained optimisation problem into a multi-objective optimisation problem, then solve it by an evolutionary ... More
Lower Bounds for Laplacian and Fractional Laplacian EigenvaluesDec 20 2011Feb 07 2012In this paper, we investigate eigenvalues of Laplacian on a bounded domain in an $n$-dimensional Euclidean space and obtain a sharper lower bound for the sum of its eigenvalues, which gives an improvement of results due to A. D. Melas [15]. On the other ... More
Exploring the deviation of cosmological constant by a generalized pressure dark energy modelMay 11 2019We bring forward a generalized pressure dark energy (GPDE) model to explore the evolution of the universe. This model has covered three common pressure parameterization types and can be reconstructed as quintessence and phantom scalar fields, respectively. ... More
A Theoretical Assessment of Solution Quality in Evolutionary Algorithms for the Knapsack ProblemApr 14 2014Evolutionary algorithms are well suited for solving the knapsack problem. Some empirical studies claim that evolutionary algorithms can produce good solutions to the 0-1 knapsack problem. Nonetheless, few rigorous investigations address the quality of ... More
Uniqueness of Positive Radial Solutions To Singular Critical Growth Quasilinear Elliptic EquationsMar 20 2015In this paper, we prove that there exists at most one positive radial weak solution to the following quasilinear elliptic equation with singular critical growth \[ \begin{cases} -\Delta_{p}u-{\displaystyle \frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u}{\displaystyle ... More
A Note on Asymptotic Behaviors Of Solutions To Quasilinear Elliptic Equations with Hardy PotentialJan 08 2015Jan 30 2015Optimal estimates on asymptotic behaviors of weak solutions both at the origin and at the infinity are obtained to the following quasilinear elliptic equations \begin{eqnarray*} -\Delta_{p}u-\frac{\mu}{|x|^{p}}|u|^{p-2}u+m|u|^{p-2}u=f(u), & & x\in\R^{N}, ... More
DEMO-Net: Degree-specific Graph Neural Networks for Node and Graph ClassificationJun 05 2019Graph data widely exist in many high-impact applications. Inspired by the success of deep learning in grid-structured data, graph neural network models have been proposed to learn powerful node-level or graph-level representation. However, most of the ... More
Performance Analysis on Evolutionary Algorithms for the Minimum Label Spanning Tree ProblemSep 03 2014Some experimental investigations have shown that evolutionary algorithms (EAs) are efficient for the minimum label spanning tree (MLST) problem. However, we know little about that in theory. As one step towards this issue, we theoretically analyze the ... More
Possible strange hidden-charm pentaquarks from $Σ_c^{(*)}\bar{D}_s^*$ and $Ξ^{(',*)}_c\bar{D}^*$ interactionsSep 12 2016In a one-boson-exchange model with one-pion and one-eta exchanges, we investigate possible strange hidden-charm pentaquarks produced from the $\Lambda_c\bar{D}_s^*$, $\Sigma_c\bar{D}_s^*$, $\Sigma_c^*\bar{D}_s^*$, $\Xi_c\bar{D}^*$, $\Xi_c'\bar{D}^*$, ... More
A pressure parametric dark energy modelJun 12 2018Jun 16 2018In this paper, we propose a new pressure parametric model of the total cosmos energy components in a spatially flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) universe and then reconstruct the model into quintessence and phantom scenarios, respectively. By constraining ... More
Analysis of Solution Quality of a Multiobjective Optimization-based Evolutionary Algorithm for Knapsack ProblemFeb 12 2015Multi-objective optimisation is regarded as one of the most promising ways for dealing with constrained optimisation problems in evolutionary optimisation. This paper presents a theoretical investigation of a multi-objective optimisation evolutionary ... More
Entanglement Temperature in Non-conformal CasesAug 04 2013Oct 29 2013Potential reconstruction can be used to find various analytical asymptotical AdS solutions in Einstein dilation system generally. We have generated two simple solutions without physical singularity called zero temperature solutions. We also proposed a ... More
Note on Entanglement Temperature for Low Thermal Excited States in Higher Derivative GravityMay 13 2013Jul 19 2013We investigate the entanglement temperature of a small scale subsystem in low excited states by using holographic method. Especially, we study the entanglement entropy and entanglement temperature in higher derivative gravities which are considered as ... More
Derivations, local and 2-local derivations on some algebras of operators on Hilbert C*-modulesMay 26 2017Jun 01 2017For a commutative C*-algebra $\mathcal A$ with unit $e$ and a Hilbert~$\mathcal A$-module $\mathcal M$, denote by End$_{\mathcal A}(\mathcal M)$ the algebra of all bounded $\mathcal A$-linear mappings on $\mathcal M$, and by End$^*_{\mathcal A}(\mathcal ... More
Novel Analysis of Population Scalability in Evolutionary AlgorithmsAug 23 2011May 10 2013Population-based evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been widely applied to solve various optimization problems. The question of how the performance of a population-based EA depends on the population size arises naturally. The performance of an EA may ... More
On the Easiest and Hardest Fitness FunctionsMar 28 2012Feb 12 2015The hardness of fitness functions is an important research topic in the field of evolutionary computation. In theory, the study can help understanding the ability of evolutionary algorithms. In practice, the study may provide a guideline to the design ... More
Theoretical investigation of the decay of the $N(2120)$ resonance to nucleon resonances near 1.7 GeVDec 26 2014Jun 25 2015Background: Until now the knowledge about nucleon resonances with a mass higher than 2 GeV has been scarce. Huge amounts of experimental data of the multipion photoproduction have been accumulated, and more can be expected in the future in facilities ... More
M5-branes and Wilson SurfacesJul 26 2007Aug 25 2007We investigate the M5-brane description of the Wilson surface operators in six-dimensional (2,0) superconformal field theory from AdS/CFT correspondence. We consider the Wilson surface operators in high-dimensional representation, whose description could ... More
Isospin properties of quark matter from a 3-flavor NJL modelFeb 04 2016Sep 07 2016We have studied the properties of hot and dense quark matter based on the 3-flavor Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model as well as its Polyakov-loop extension (pNJL) with scalar-isovector and vector-isovector couplings. Provided a considerable large isospin ... More
Productions of $f_{1}(1420)$ in pion and kaon induced reactionsOct 09 2018Jan 11 2019The $f_{1}(1420)$ productions via pion and kaon induced reactions on a proton target are investigated in an effective Lagrangian approach. Two treatments of the $t$-channel Born term, the Feynman model and the Regge model, are introduced to calculate ... More
Detection of False Data Injection Attacks in Smart Grid under Colored Gaussian NoiseJul 20 2016In this paper, we consider the problems of state estimation and false data injection detection in smart grid when the measurements are corrupted by colored Gaussian noise. By modeling the noise with the autoregressive process, we estimate the state of ... More
Polarization squeezing at the audio frequency band for the Rubidium D1 lineApr 11 2017May 22 2017A 2.8-dB polarization squeezing of the Stokes operator S2 for the rubidium D1 line (795 nm) is achieved, with the lowest squeezing band at an audio frequency of 2.6 kHz. Two methods are applied for improving the squeezing towards low frequencies: an orthogonal-polarized ... More
Geometric projection-based switching policy for multiple energy harvesting transmittersMay 19 2014Transmitter switching can provide resiliency and robustness to a communication system with multiple energy harvesting transmitters. However, excessive transmitter switching will bring heavy control overhead. In this paper, a geometric projection-based ... More
Role of five-quark components in radiative and strong decays of the Lambda(1405) resonanceFeb 22 2010Apr 02 2010Within an extended chiral constituent quark model, three- and five-quark structure of the $S_{01}$ resonance $\Lambda(1405)$ is investigated. Helicity amplitudes for the electromagnetic decays ($\Lambda(1405) \to \Lambda(1116)\gamma$, $\Sigma(1194)\gamma$), ... More
On derivations of MV-algebrasSep 14 2017Sep 15 2017In this paper, we investigate related properties of some particular derivations and give some characterizations of additive derivations in MV-algebras. Then, we obtain that the fixed point set of additive derivations is still an MV-algebra. Also, we study ... More
Testing Einstein's Equivalence Principle with Fast Radio BurstsDec 24 2015The accuracy of Einstein's Equivalence Principle (EEP) can be tested with the observed time delays between correlated particles or photons that are emitted from astronomical sources. Assuming as a lower limit that the time delays are caused mainly by ... More
An Empirical Study on Software Defect Prediction with a Simplified Metric SetFeb 17 2014Dec 24 2014Software defect prediction plays a crucial role in estimating the most defect-prone components of software, and a large number of studies have pursued improving prediction accuracy within a project or across projects. However, the rules for making an ... More
Picosecond all-optical switching of magnetic tunnel junctionsJul 15 2016Control of magnetism without using magnetic fields enables large-scale integration of spintronic devices for memory, computation and communication in the beyond-CMOS era. Mechanisms including spin torque transfer, spin Hall effect, and electric field ... More
Forecasting crude oil market volatility: can the Regime Switching GARCH model beat the single-regime GARCH models?Dec 05 2015In order to obtain a reasonable and reliable forecast method for crude oil price volatility, this paper evaluates the forecast performance of single-regime GARCH models (including the standard linear GARCH model and the nonlinear GJR-GARCH and EGARCH ... More
Fault Location in Power Distribution Systems via Deep Graph Convolutional NetworksDec 22 2018This paper develops a novel graph convolutional network (GCN) framework for fault location in power distribution networks. The proposed approach integrates multiple measurements at different buses while takes system topology into account. The effectiveness ... More
Estimates for lower bounds of eigenvalues of the poly-Laplacian and quadratic polynomial operator of the LaplacianDec 13 2011In this paper, we investigate the Dirchlet eigenvalue problems of poly-Laplacian with any order and quadratic polynomial operator of the Laplacian. We give some estimates for lower bounds of the sums of their first $k$ eigenvalues which improve the previous ... More
Generation of polarization squeezed light with an optical parametric amplifier at 795 nmMay 24 2017Jun 01 2017We report the experimental demonstration of polarization squeezed beam at 795 nm by combining a quadrature squeezed beam with a coherent beam. The quadrature squeezed beam is generated by a degenerate optical parametric amplifier based on a PPKTP crystal. ... More
Exponential Moving Average Model in Parallel Speech Recognition TrainingMar 03 2017As training data rapid growth, large-scale parallel training with multi-GPUs cluster is widely applied in the neural network model learning currently.We present a new approach that applies exponential moving average method in large-scale parallel training ... More
Exploration of hyperfine interaction between constituent quarks via eta productionsMay 09 2011In this work, the different exchange freedom, one gluon, one pion or Goldstone boson, in constituent quark model is investigated, which is responsible to the hyperfine interaction between constituent quarks, via the combined analysis of the eta production ... More
Limits on the Neutrino Velocity, Lorentz Invariance, and the Weak Equivalence Principle with TeV Neutrinos from Gamma-Ray BurstsMar 24 2016Aug 09 2016Five TeV neutrino events weakly correlated with five gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) were detected recently by IceCube. This work is an attempt to show that if the GRB identifications are verified, the observed time delays between the TeV neutrinos and gamma-ray ... More
Stabilizers in MTL-algebrasSep 14 2017In the paper, we introduce some stabilizers and investigate related properties of them in MTL-algebras.Then, we also characterize some special classes of MTL-algebras, for example, IMTL-algebras, integral MTL-algebras, G\"{o}del algebras and MV-algebras, ... More
Automatic Bug Triage using Semi-Supervised Text ClassificationApr 16 2017In this paper, we propose a semi-supervised text classification approach for bug triage to avoid the deficiency of labeled bug reports in existing supervised approaches. This new approach combines naive Bayes classifier and expectation-maximization to ... More
Long range teleoperation for fine manipulation tasks under time-delay network conditionsMar 21 2019We present a coarse-to-fine approach based semi-autonomous teleoperation system using vision guidance. The system is optimized for long range teleoperation tasks under time-delay network conditions and does not require prior knowledge of the remote scene. ... More
Plasmon Assisted Optical CurtainsMar 29 2010We predict an optical curtain effect, i.e., formation of a spatially invariant light field as light emerges from a set of periodic metallic nano-objects. The underlying physical mechanism of generation of this unique optical curtain can be explained in ... More
Frame Stacking and Retaining for Recurrent Neural Network Acoustic ModelMay 17 2017Frame stacking is broadly applied in end-to-end neural network training like connectionist temporal classification (CTC), and it leads to more accurate models and faster decoding. However, it is not well-suited to conventional neural network based on ... More
Fully Automatic Liquid Metal Printer towards Personal Electronics ManufactureNov 22 2013Printed electronics is quickly emerging with tremendous value in a wide variety of latest electrical engineering areas. However, restricted to the rather limited conductive inks and printing strategies, the currently existing electronics manufacturing ... More
Understanding spin parities of $P_c(4450)$ and $Y(4274)$ in hadronic molecular state pictureJul 12 2016Sep 05 2016The hidden-charmed pentaquark $P_c(4450)$ and the charmonium-like state $Y(4274)$ are investigated as a $\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c$ and a $D_s\bar{D}_{s0}(2317)$ molecular state, respectively. The spin parities of these two states can not be well understood if ... More
$\bar{D}Σ^*_c$ and $\bar{D}^*Σ_c$ interactions and LHCb pentaquarksNov 22 2016Recently, LHCb collaboration reported the observation of two hidden-charmed resonances $P_c(4380)$ and $P_c(4450)$ consistent with hidden-charmed pentaquarks. We perform a dynamical investigation about the $\bar{D}\Sigma_c^*(2520)$ and $\bar{D}^*\Sigma_c(2455)$ ... More
Study of $P_c(4457)$, $P_c(4440)$, and $P_c(4312)$ in a quasipotential Bethe-Salpeter equation approachMar 28 2019Very recently, the LHCb Collaboration reported their new results about the pentaquarks at charmed energy region. Based on the new experimental results, we recalculate the molecular states composed of a $\Sigma_c^{(*)}$ baryon and a $\bar{D}^{(*)}$ meson. ... More
Study of $P_c(4457)$, $P_c(4440)$, and $P_c(4312)$ in a quasipotential Bethe-Salpeter equation approachMar 28 2019Apr 28 2019Very recently, the LHCb Collaboration reported their new results about the pentaquarks at charm energy region. Based on the new experimental results, we recalculate the molecular states composed of a $\Sigma_c^{(*)}$ baryon and a $\bar{D}^{(*)}$ meson ... More
Ricci-flat graphs with girth fourJul 19 2018Lin-Lu-Yau introduced an interesting notion of Ricci curvature for graphs and obtained a complete characterization for all Ricci-flat graphs with girth at least five [1]. In this paper, we propose a concrete approach to construct an infinite family of ... More
Measurement of magic-wavelength optical dipole trap by using the laser-induced fluorescence spectra of trapped single cesium atomsJun 20 2017Jun 21 2017Based on the multi-level model, we have calculated light shifts for Zeeman states of hyperfine levels of cesium (Cs) 6S1/2 ground state and 6P3/2 excited state.The magic-wavelength linearly-polarized optical dipole trap (ODT) for Cs 6S1/2 F=4, mF=+4 - ... More
Two-photon processes $γγ\rightarrowπ^+π^-,K^+K^-$ in the modified perturbative QCD approachMay 16 2019As one of the simplest hadronic processes, $\gamma\gamma\rightarrow\pi^+\pi^-,K^+K^-$ reactions could be a testing ground for our understanding of hadronic dynamics, and will be studied with high precision at Belle-II in the near future. In this paper, ... More
Cosmology with Gravitational Wave/Fast Radio Burst AssociationsMay 30 2018Recently, some theoretical models predicted that a small fraction of fast radio bursts (FRBs) could be associated with gravitational waves (GWs). In this work, we discuss the possibility of using GW/FRB association systems, if commonly detected in the ... More
Personalized QoS Prediction of Cloud Services via Learning Neighborhood-based ModelAug 19 2015The explosion of cloud services on the Internet brings new challenges in service discovery and selection. Particularly, the demand for efficient quality-of-service (QoS) evaluation is becoming urgently strong. To address this issue, this paper proposes ... More
Pansharpening via Detail Injection Based Convolutional Neural NetworksJun 23 2018Pansharpening aims to fuse a multispectral (MS) image with an associated panchromatic (PAN) image, producing a composite image with the spectral resolution of the former and the spatial resolution of the latter. Traditional pansharpening methods can be ... More
Low Rank Matrix Approximation for Geometry FilteringMar 19 2018Dec 04 2018We propose a robust normal estimation method for both point clouds and meshes using a low rank matrix approximation algorithm. First, we compute a local feature descriptor for each point and find similar, non-local neighbors that we organize into a matrix. ... More
Strong decays of the $Ξ_b(6227)$ as a $Σ_b\bar{K}$ moleculeNov 27 2018We study the strong decays of the newly observed $\Xi_b(6227)$ assuming that it is a pure $\Sigma_b\bar{K}$ molecular state. Considering four possible spin-parity assingments $J^P=1/2^{\pm}$ and $3/2^{\pm}$, the partial decay widths of the $\Sigma_b\bar{K}$ ... More
Symmetry-protected non-Abelian braiding of Majorana Kramers' pairsMar 30 2016Aug 31 2016We develop the complete theory for non-Abelian braiding of Majorana Kramers' pairs (MKPs) in time-reversal (TR) invariant topological superconductors. By introducing an effective Hamiltonian approach to describe the braiding of MKPs, we show that the ... More
Inflation in the Mixed Higgs-$R^2$ ModelApr 02 2018We analyze a two-field inflationary model consisting of the Ricci scalar squared ($R^2$) term and the standard Higgs field non-minimally coupled to gravity in addition to the Einstein $R$ term. Detailed analysis of the power spectrum of this model with ... More
The contributions of $qqqq\bar{q}$ components to the axial charges of proton and its resonancesAug 17 2009We calculate the axial charges of the proton and its resonances in the framework of the constituent quark model, which is extended to include the $qqqq\bar{q}$ components. If 20% admixtures of the $qqqq\bar{q}$ components in the proton are assumed, the ... More
Short-term Load Forecasting with Deep Residual NetworksMay 30 2018We present in this paper a model for forecasting short-term power loads based on deep residual networks. The proposed model is able to integrate domain knowledge and researchers' understanding of the task by virtue of different neural network building ... More
Flavor Violating Higgs Couplings in Minimal Flavor ViolationJul 02 2018Jul 18 2018Motivated by the rencent LHC data on the lepton-flavor violating (LFV) decays $h\to \ell_1 \ell_2$ and $B_{s,d}\to \ell_1 \ell_2$, we study the Higgs-mediated flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) interactions in the effective field theory (EFT) approach ... More
The $γp \to n a^+_2(1320) \to n ρ^0 π^+$ reactions within an effective Lagrangian approachAug 15 2013We investigate the $a_2(1320)$ meson photon production in the $\gamma p \to n a^+_2(1320)$ and $\gamma p \to n \rho^0 \pi^+$ reactions within the effective Lagrangian method. For $\gamma p \to n a^+_2(1320)$ reaction, by considering the contributions ... More
Production of charmed baryon $Λ_c(2940)$ by kaon-induced reaction on a proton targetOct 22 2016We investigate the possibility to study the charmed baryon $\Lambda_c(2940)$ by kaon-induced reaction on a proton target. By assuming the $\Lambda_c(2940)$ as a $pD^{*0}$ molecular state with spin-parity $J^{p}=1/2^{\pm}$, an effective Lagrangian approach ... More
Photoproduction of hidden-charm states in the $γp \to \bar{D}^{*0} Λ^+_c$ reaction near thresholdApr 20 2016Sep 12 2016We report on a theoretical study of the hidden charm $N^*_{c \bar{c}}$ states in the $\gamma p \to \bar{D}^{*0} \Lambda^+_c$ reaction near threshold within an effective Lagrangian approach. In addition to the contributions from the $s$-channel nucleon ... More
$\bar{K}$ -induced formation of the $f_2(1270)$ and $f_2^{'}(1525)$ resonances on proton targetsJun 15 2016We investigate the productiong of $f_2(1270)$ and $f_2^{'}(1525)$ mesons in the $K^{-}p\to\Lambda{}f_2(1270)$,$K^{-}p\to\Lambda{}f^{'}_2(1525)$ and $K^{-}p\to{}K^{+}K^{-}\Lambda$ reactions within an effective Lagrangian approach. For $K^{-}p\to{}f_2\Lambda$ ... More
$Ξ$(2030) and $Ξ$(2120) as $\bar{K}^*Σ$ molecular statesJun 14 2018Aug 08 2018In this work, the molecular states from the \bar{K}^{*}\Sigma interaction are studied in a quasipotential Bethe-Salpeter equation approach with the one-boson-exchange potentials. We consider the exchanges of vector (\rho,\omega and \phi) mesons and pseudoscalar ... More
Pion-induced production of the $Z_c(3900)$ off a nuclear targetDec 03 2015Feb 15 2016We investigate the possibility to study the charmoniumlike state $Z_c(3900)$ through the pion-induced production off a nuclear target. By using a high-energy pion beam, the $Z_c(3900)$ can be produced off a proton or nucleus though the Primakoff effect. ... More
Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Non-intrusive Load MonitoringJun 06 2018A convolutional sequence to sequence non-intrusive load monitoring model is proposed in this paper. Gated linear unit convolutional layers are used to extract information from the sequences of aggregate electricity consumption. Residual blocks are also ... More
Characterizations of Jordan derivations on algebras of locally measurable operatorsMar 06 2018We prove that if $\mathcal M$ is a properly infinite von Neumann algebra and $LS(\mathcal M)$ is the local measurable operator algebra affiliated with $\mathcal M$, then every Jordan derivation from $LS(\mathcal M)$ into itself is continuous with respect ... More
Automatic Vector-based Road Structure Mapping Using Multi-beam LiDARApr 19 2018Jun 06 2018In this paper, we studied a SLAM method for vector-based road structure mapping using multi-beam LiDAR. We propose to use the polyline as the primary mapping element instead of grid cell or point cloud, because the vector-based representation is precise ... More
Photocorrosion-limited maximum efficiency of solar photoelectrochemical water splittingJan 04 2018Jun 03 2018Photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting to generate hydrogen is one of the most studied methods for converting solar energy into clean fuel because of its simplicity and potentially low cost. Despite over 40 years of intensive research, PEC water splitting ... More
Integrable Open Spin Chains from Flavored ABJM TheoryApr 19 2017Apr 27 2017We compute the two-loop anomalous dimension matrix in the scalar sector of planar ${\cal N}=3$ flavored ABJM theory. Using coordinate Bethe ansatz, we obtain the reflection matrix and confirm that the boundary Yang-Baxter equations are satisfied. This ... More
Near-field Fourier ptychography: super-resolution phase retrieval via speckle illuminationJan 10 2019Feb 09 2019Achieving high spatial resolution is the goal of many imaging systems. Designing a high-resolution lens with diffraction-limited performance over a large field of view remains a difficult task in imaging system design. On the other hand, creating a complex ... More
TNSPackage: A Fortran2003 library designed for tensor network state methodsAug 01 2017Recently, the tensor network states (TNS) methods have proven to be very powerful tools to investigate the strongly correlated many-particle physics in one and two dimensions. The implementation of TNS methods depends heavily on the operations of tensors, ... More
Active Quantum Memory Using Oscillating Dark StatesJan 13 2008Jan 25 2008An active method for long time storage of quantum superposition state in atomic system using the Oscillating Dark States (ODS) is presented. Quantum state of a three-level $\Lambda$ configuration atomic system oscillates periodically between two ground ... More
Radio core dominance of Fermi-LAT selected AGNsMay 13 2019Aims. We present a sample of 4388 AGNs with available radio core-dominance parameters defined as the ratio of the core flux densities to extended ones, namely, R = Score/Sext., which includes 630 Fermi-detected AGNs respect to the catalog of 4FGL, the ... More
Optimal laser pulse design for transferring the coherent nuclear wave packet of H$_2^+$Mar 16 2013Within the Franck-Condon approximation, the single ionization of H$_2$ leaves H$_2^+$ in a coherent superposition of 19 nuclear vibrational states. We numerically design an optimal laser pulse train to transfer such a coherent nuclear wave packet to the ... More
Average Convergence Rate of Evolutionary Algorithms II: Continuous OptimizationOct 27 2018A good convergence metric must satisfy two requirements: feasible in calculation and rigorous in analysis. The average convergence rate is proposed as a new measurement for evaluating the convergence speed of evolutionary algorithms over consecutive generations. ... More
Characterizations of $(m,n)$-Jordan derivations on some algebrasMar 06 2018Let $\mathcal R$ be a ring, $\mathcal{M}$ be a $\mathcal R$-bimodule and $m,n$ be two fixed nonnegative integers with $m+n\neq0$. An additive mapping $\delta$ from $\mathcal R$ into $\mathcal{M}$ is called an \emph{$(m,n)$-Jordan derivation} if $(m+n)\delta(A^{2})=2mA\delta(A)+2n\delta(A)A$ ... More
Control of the structural and magnetic properties of perovskite oxide ultrathin films through the substrate symmetry effectJun 30 2010Perovskite transition-metal oxides are networks of corner-sharing octahedra whose tilts and distortions are known to affect their electronic and magnetic properties. We report calculations on a model interfacial structure to avoid chemical influences ... More
Wi-Motion: A Robust Human Activity Recognition Using WiFi SignalsOct 27 2018Recent research has shown that human motions and positions can be recognized through WiFi signals. The key intuition is that different motions and positions introduce different multi-path distortions in WiFi signals and generate different patterns in ... More
Question Answering over Knowledge Base with Neural Attention Combining Global Knowledge InformationJun 03 2016With the rapid growth of knowledge bases (KBs) on the web, how to take full advantage of them becomes increasingly important. Knowledge base-based question answering (KB-QA) is one of the most promising approaches to access the substantial knowledge. ... More
Plasmonic complex fluids of nematiclike and helicoidal self-assemblies of gold nanorods with a negative order parameterDec 27 2016We describe a soft matter system of self-organized oblate micelles and plasmonic gold nanorods that exhibit a negative orientational order parameter. Because of anisotropic surface anchoring interactions, colloidal gold nanorods tend to align perpendicular ... More