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Condition metrics in the three classical spacesJan 19 2015Let $(\mathcal{M},g)$ be a Riemannian manifold and $\mathcal{N}$ a $\mathcal{C}^2$ submanifold without boundary. If we multiply the metric $g$ by the inverse of the squared distance to $\mathcal{N}$, we obtain a new metric structure on $\mathcal{M}\setminus\mathcal{N}$ ... More
On the separation distance of minimal Green energy points on compact Riemannian manifoldsJan 03 2019In this article we study point configurations minimizing the discrete energy on a compact Riemannian manifold, where the energy kernel is taken to be the Green's function for the Laplacian. We show that every point in a minimizing configuration lies inside ... More
An equilibrium problem on the sphere with two equal chargesJul 10 2019We study the equilibrium measure on the two dimensional sphere in the presence of an external field generated by two equal point charges. The support of the equilibrium measure is known as the droplet. Brauchart et al. showed that the complement of the ... More
Discrete and Continuous Green Energy on Compact ManifoldsFeb 02 2017In this article we study the role of the Green function for the Laplacian in a compact Riemannian manifold as a tool for obtaining well-distributed points. In particular, we prove that a sequence of minimizers for the Green energy is asymptotically uniformly ... More
Intrinsic potentials in locally harmonic manifoldsJul 26 2016Sep 28 2016We consider the problem of allocating a finite number of heat sources in the n-dimensional sphere. When only one such source -assumed to be of infinite temperature- is placed and assuming a constant cooling rate in the sphere, we prove that a (essentially) ... More
Short-time quantum detection: probing quantum fluctuationsAug 02 2011In this work we study the information provided by a detector click on the state of an initially excited two level system. By computing the time evolution of the corresponding conditioned probability beyond the rotating wave approximation, as needed for ... More
What does it mean for half of an empty cavity to be full?Sep 15 2014It is well known that the vacuum state of a quantum field is spatially entangled. This is true both in free and confined spaces, for example in an optical cavity. The obvious consequence of this, however, is surprising and intuitively challenging; namely, ... More
BasisGen: automatic generation of operator basesJan 11 2019BasisGen is a Python package for the automatic generation of bases of operators in effective field theories. It accepts any semisimple symmetry group and fields in any of its finite dimensional irreducible representations. It takes into account integration ... More
MatchingTools: a Python library for symbolic effective field theory calculationsOct 17 2017Aug 08 2018MatchingTools is a Python library for doing symbolic calculations in effective field theory. It provides the tools to construct general models by defining their field content and their interaction Lagrangian. Once a model is given, the heavy particles ... More
Local quanta, unitary inequivalence, and vacuum entanglementMar 01 2014In this work we develop a formalism for describing localised quanta for a real-valued Klein-Gordon field in a one-dimensional box $[0, R]$. We quantise the field using non-stationary local modes which, at some arbitrarily chosen initial time, are completely ... More
Modular Invariance Faces Precision Neutrino DataJul 03 2018Sep 25 2018We analyze a modular invariant model of lepton masses, with neutrino masses originating either from the Weinberg operator or from the seesaw. The constraint provided by modular invariance is so strong that neutrino mass ratios, lepton mixing angles and ... More
The Fermi problem with artificial atoms in circuit QEDMar 21 2011Aug 05 2011We propose a feasible experimental test of a 1-D version of the Fermi problem using superconducting qubits. We give an explicit non-perturbative proof of strict causality in this model, showing that the probability of excitation of a two-level artificial ... More
Field redefinitions in effective theories at higher ordersNov 23 2018The invariance of physical observables under redefinitions of the quantum fields is a well-known and important property of quantum field theory. We study perturbative field redefinitions in effective theories, paying special attention to higher-order ... More
Exploiting Spatial Correlation in Energy Constrained Distributed DetectionSep 14 2015We consider the detection of a correlated random process immersed in noise in a wireless sensor network. Each node has an individual energy constraint and the communication with the processing central units are affected by the path loss propagation effect. ... More
Distributed Detection of a Random Process over a Multiple Access Channel under Energy and Bandwidth ConstraintsOct 15 2014We analyze a binary hypothesis testing problem built on a wireless sensor network (WSN) for detecting a stationary random process distributed both in space and time with circularly-symmetric complex Gaussian distribution under the Neyman-Pearson framework. ... More
Cooperative spectrum sensing schemes with partial statistics knowledgeOct 05 2015Nov 02 2015In this letter, we analyze the problem of detecting spectrum holes in cognitive radio systems. We consider that a group of unlicensed users can sense the radio signal energy, perform some simple processing and transmit the result to a central entity, ... More
Non-linear Higgs portal to Dark MatterMay 20 2016The Higgs portal to scalar Dark Matter is considered in the context of non-linearly realised electroweak symmetry breaking. We determine the interactions of gauge bosons and the physical Higgs particle $h$ to a scalar singlet Dark Matter candidate $S$ ... More
ALPs EFT & Collider SignaturesNov 13 2017We explore the leading effective interactions between the Standard Model and a generic singlet CP-odd (pseudo)Goldstone boson in two frameworks for electroweak symmetry breaking: linear and non-linear realizations, determining the basis of leading effective ... More
The structure and dynamics of multilayer networksJul 02 2014Jul 13 2014In the past years, network theory has successfully characterized the interaction among the constituents of a variety of complex systems, ranging from biological to technological, and social systems. However, up until recently, attention was almost exclusively ... More
Multipeak solutions for the Yamabe equationJul 22 2018Aug 21 2018Let $(M,g)$ be a closed Riemannian manifold of dimension $n\geq 3$ and $x_0 \in M$ be an isolated local minimum of the scalar curvature $s_g$ of $g$. For any positive integer $k$ we prove that for $\epsilon >0$ small enough the subcritical Yamabe equation ... More
Design and performance analysis of a fully distributed source detection algorithm for WSNsApr 09 2019In this article, we consider the detection of a localized source emitting a signal using a wireless sensor network (WSN). We consider that geographically distributed sensor nodes obtain energy measurements and compute cooperatively and in a distributed ... More
Synchronization of Interacting Quantum DipolesFeb 21 2015Jul 17 2015Macroscopic ensembles of radiating dipoles are ubiquitous in the physical and natural sciences. In the classical limit the dipoles can be described as damped-driven oscillators, which are able to spontaneously synchronize and collectively lock their phases. ... More
Eigenvector centrality of nodes in multiplex networksMay 31 2013Sep 04 2013We extend the concept of eigenvector centrality to multiplex networks, and introduce several alternative parameters that quantify the importance of nodes in a multi-layered networked system, including the definition of vectorial-type centralities. In ... More
A mathematical model for networks with structures in the mesoscaleDec 15 2010The new concept of multilevel network is introduced in order to embody some topological properties of complex systems with structures in the mesoscale which are not completely captured by the classical models. This new model, which generalizes the hyper-network ... More
Shattered Time: Can a Dissipative Time Crystal Survive Many-Body Correlations?May 09 2018Jan 18 2019We investigate the emergence of a time crystal in a driven-dissipative many-body spin array. In this system the interplay between incoherent spin pumping and collective emission stabilizes a synchronized non-equilibrium steady state which in the thermodynamic ... More
The Large Scale Organization of Turbulent ChannelsSep 09 2013We have investigated the organization and dynamics of the large turbulent structures that develop in the logarithmic and outer layers of high-Reynolds-number wall flows. These structures have sizes comparable to the flow thickness and contain most of ... More
A Perron-Frobenius theory for block matrices associated to a multiplex networkNov 28 2014The uniqueness of the Perron vector of a nonnegative block matrix associated to a multiplex network is discussed. The conclusions come from the relationships between the irreducibility of some nonnegative block matrix associated to a multiplex network ... More
Extracting past-future vacuum correlations using circuit QEDFeb 06 2012Jun 22 2012We propose a realistic circuit QED experiment to test the extraction of past-future vacuum entanglement to a pair of superconducting qubits. The qubit P interacts with the quantum field along an open transmission line for an interval T_on and then, after ... More
Generalized Summation-by-Parts Operators for the Second Derivative with Variable CoefficientsOct 19 2014The comprehensive generalization of summation-by-parts of Del Rey Fern\'andez et al.\ (J. Comput. Phys., 266, 2014) is extended to approximations of second derivatives with variable coefficients. This enables the construction of second-derivative operators ... More
Simulating accelerated atoms coupled to a quantum fieldSep 01 2011We show an analogy between static quantum emitters coupled to a single mode of a quantum field and accelerated Unruh-DeWitt detectors. We envision a way to simulate a variety of relativistic quantum field settings beyond the reach of current computational ... More
Efficient entropy stable Gauss collocation methodsSep 04 2018The construction of high order entropy stable collocation schemes on quadrilateral and hexahedral elements has relied on the use of Gauss-Legendre-Lobatto collocation points and their equivalence with summation-by-parts (SBP) finite difference operators. ... More
Ars combinatoria and cosmological models: interactions and survival in a Cuzco school painting of the XVIII centuryJun 25 2015"The Lord made me a very great favor in an imaginary vision" wrote Maria de Agreda in the seventeenth century, "His Majesty put me at the foot of a beautiful Ladder, and showed me I had to climb it." These words refer to the spiritual ascent, present ... More
The maximum diameter of pure simplicial complexes and pseudo-manifoldsMar 20 2016We construct $d$-dimensional pure simplicial complexes and pseudo-manifolds (without boundary) with $n$ vertices whose combinatorial diameter grows as $c_d n^{d-1}$ for a constant $c_d$ depending only on $d$, which is the maximum possible growth. Moreover, ... More
Corrections of Order $Λ^2_{QCD}/m^2_c$ to Inclusive Rare B DecaysMay 07 1997We calculate nonperturbative ${\cal O}(\Lambda^2_{QCD}/m^2_c)$ corrections to the dilepton invariant mass spectrum and the forward-backward charge asymmetry in $B\to X_se^+e^-$ decay using a heavy quark expansion approach. The method has recently been ... More
Improved simulation method for the calculation of the intrinsic viscosity of some dendrimer moleculesNov 03 2006A method previously proposed for calculating the radius of gyration and the intrinsic viscosity of dendrimers is modified to give a more accurate description of existing experimental data. The new method includes some features that were not previously ... More
Non degeneracy of the bubble in the critical case for non local equationsFeb 01 2013We prove the nondegeneracy of the extremals of the fractional Sobolev inequality as solutions of a critical semilinear nonlocal equation involving the fractional Laplacian.
Flow of a viscous nematic fluid around a sphereSep 09 2013We analyze the creeping flow generated by a spherical particle moving through a viscous fluid with nematic directional order, in which momentum diffusivity is anisotropic and which opposes resistance to bending. Specifically, we provide closed-form analytical ... More
Singularity formation for the two-dimensional harmonic map flow into $S^2$Feb 19 2017We construct finite time blow-up solutions to the 2-dimensional harmonic map flow into the sphere $S^2$, \begin{align*} u_t & = \Delta u + |\nabla u|^2 u \quad \text{in } \Omega\times(0,T) \\ u &= \varphi \quad \text{on } \partial \Omega\times(0,T) \\ ... More
Wormhole Cosmic Censorship: An Analytical ProofJun 07 2018Dec 20 2018In this work we present an analytical proof of cosmic censorship in a Kerr-like phantom wormhole (WH) which contains a singularity that is not protected by an event horizon. We show that the naked singularity of this space-time is causally disconnected ... More
Quantum Supremacy of Many-Particle Thermal MachinesOct 15 2015Jul 26 2016While the emergent field of quantum thermodynamics has the potential to impact energy science, the performance of thermal machines is often classical. We ask whether quantum effects can boost the performance of a thermal machine to reach quantum supremacy, ... More
Characteristics of scalar dispersion in turbulent-channel flowSep 09 2013The dispersion of a passive scalar by wall turbulence, in the limit of infinite Peclet number, is analyzed using frozen velocity fields from the DNS by our group. The Lagrangian trajectories of fluid particles in those fields are integrated and used to ... More
Nonlocal $s$-minimal surfaces and Lawson conesFeb 17 2014The nonlocal $s$-fractional minimal surface equation for $\Sigma= \partial E$ where $E$ is an open set in $R^N$ is given by $$ H_\Sigma^ s (p) := \int_{R^N} \frac {\chi_E(x) - \chi_{E^c}(x)} {|x-p|^{N+s}}\, dx \ =\ 0 \quad \text{for all } p\in \Sigma. ... More
Direct numerical simulation of the very large anisotropic scales in a turbulent channelSep 09 2013Over the last decades the knowledge on the small scales of turbulent wall flows has experienced a significant advance, especially in the near-wall region where the highest production of turbulent energy and the maximum turbulence intensity occur. The ... More
Solution of the fractional Allen-Cahn equation which are invariant under screw motionSep 02 2015We establish existence and non-existence results for entire solutions to the fractional Allen-Cahn equation in $\mathbb R^3$, which vanish on helicoids and are invariant under screw-motion. In addition, we prove that helicoids are surfaces with vanishing ... More
Hedging of time discrete auto-regressive stochastic volatility optionsOct 28 2011Numerous empirical proofs indicate the adequacy of the time discrete auto-regressive stochastic volatility models introduced by Taylor in the description of the log-returns of financial assets. The pricing and hedging of contingent products that use these ... More
Concentrating standing waves for the fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equationJul 08 2013We consider the semilinear equation $$ \epsilon^{2s} (-\Delta)^s u + V(x)u - u^p = 0, \quad u>0, \quad u\in H^{2s}(\R^N) $$ where $0<s<1,\ 1<p<\frac{N+2s}{N-2s}$, $ V(x)$ is a sufficiently smooth potential with $\inf_\R V(x)> 0$, and $\epsilon>0$ is a ... More
Nonlocal Minimal Lawson ConesMar 04 2013We prove the existence of the analog of Lawson's minimal cones for a notion of nonlocal minimal surface introduced by Caffarelli, Roquejoffre and Savin, and establish their stability/instability in low dimensions. In particular we find that there are ... More
DNS of the very large anisotropic scales in a turbulent channelSep 10 2013The large structures in the outer layer of turbulent wall flows are of great physical importance, because they contain a substantial fraction of the streamwise kinetic energy and of the Reynolds stresses. Nevertheless, the organization of the outer region ... More
Singularity formation for the two-dimensional harmonic map flow into $S^2$Feb 19 2017Jul 16 2019We construct finite time blow-up solutions to the 2-dimensional harmonic map flow into the sphere $S^2$, \begin{align*} u_t & = \Delta u + |\nabla u|^2 u \quad \text{in } \Omega\times(0,T) \\ u &= \varphi \quad \text{on } \partial \Omega\times(0,T) \\ ... More
Long-time asymptotics for evolutionary crystal dislocation modelsJul 02 2019We consider a family of evolution equations that generalize the Peierls-Nabarro model for crystal dislocations. They can be seen as semilinear parabolic reaction-diffusion equations in which the diffusion is regulated by a fractional Laplace operator ... More
Muckenhoupt-Wheeden conjectures in higher dimensionsDec 18 2013In recent work by Reguera and Thiele and by Reguera and Scurry, two conjectures about joint weighted estimates for Calder\'on-Zygmund operators and the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function have been refuted in the one-dimensional case. One of the key ingredients ... More
Localization and dimension free estimates for maximal functionsApr 11 2013In the recent paper [J. Funct. Anal. {\bf 259} (2010)], Naor and Tao introduce a new class of measures with a so-called micro-doubling property and present, via martingale theory and probability methods, a localization theorem for the associated maximal ... More
Solving the brachistochrone and other variational problems with soap filmsMar 20 2010Mar 30 2010We show a method to solve the problem of the brachistochrone as well as other variational problems with the help of the soap films that are formed between two suitable surfaces. We also show the interesting connection between some variational problems ... More
Cosmological principle and honeycombsOct 20 2003Apr 12 2004We present the possibility that the gravitational growth of primordial density fluctuations leads to what can be considered a week version of the cosmological principle. The large scale mass distribution associated with this principle must have the geometrical ... More
From E=mc^2 to the Lorentz transformations via the law of addition of relativistic velocitiesMar 09 2007In this paper we show how to get the Lorentz transformations from E=mc^2, the laws of conservation of energy and momentum, and the special relativity principle. To this end we first deduce the law of addition of relativistic velocities
Topological Prismatoids and Small Non-Hirsch SpheresJul 09 2018Jul 23 2018We introduce topological prismatoids, a combinatorial abstraction of the (geometric) prismatoids used in the recent counter-examples to the Hirsch Conjecture. We show that the "strong d-step Theorem" that allows to construct non-Hirsch polytopes from ... More
Randomized construction of complexes with large diameterMay 31 2019We consider the question of the largest possible combinatorial diameter among $(d-1)$-dimensional simplicial complexes on $n$ vertices, denoted $H_s(n, d)$. Using a probabilistic construction we give a new lower bound on $H_s(n, d)$ that is within an ... More
Topological Prismatoids and Small Simplicial Spheres of Large DiameterJul 09 2018Jun 10 2019We introduce topological prismatoids, a combinatorial abstraction of the (geometric) prismatoids recently introduced by the second author to construct counter-examples to the Hirsch conjecture. We show that the `strong $d$-step Theorem' that allows to ... More
Probing quantum confinement within single core-multishell nanowiresOct 01 2013Theoretically core-multishell nanowires under a cross-section of hexagonal geometry should exhibit peculiar confinement effects. Using a hard X-ray nanobeam, here we show experimental evidence for carrier localization phenomena at the hexagon corners ... More
A revised radiometric calibration for the Hinode/EIS instrumentNov 28 2012Apr 23 2013A preliminary assessment of the in-flight radiometric calibration of the Hinode EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) is presented. This is done with the line ratio technique applied to a wide range of observations of the quiet Sun, active regions and flares ... More
The EUV spectrum of the Sun: quiet and active Sun irradiances and chemical compositionJan 25 2019We benchmark new atomic data against a selection of irradiances obtained from medium-resolution quiet Sun spectra in the EUV, from 60 to 1040 \AA. We use as a baseline the irradiances measured during solar minimum on 2008 April 14 by the prototype (PEVE) ... More
Algorithm for normal random numbersJan 20 1999We propose a simple algorithm for generating normally distributed pseudo random numbers. The algorithm simulates N molecules that exchange energy among themselves following a simple stochastic rule. We prove that the system is ergodic, and that a Maxwell ... More
Resolving Multi-party Privacy Conflicts in Social MediaJul 16 2015Feb 22 2016Items shared through Social Media may affect more than one user's privacy --- e.g., photos that depict multiple users, comments that mention multiple users, events in which multiple users are invited, etc. The lack of multi-party privacy management support ... More
On the dimension dependence of some weighted inequalitiesDec 17 2013In the context of radial weights we study the dimension dependence of some weighted inequalities for maximal operators. We study the growth of the $A_1$-constants for radial weights and show the equivalence between the uniform boundedness of these constants, ... More
Flavor-changing constraints on electroweak ALP couplingsJan 07 2019We explore the signals of axion-like particles (ALPs) in flavor-changing neutral current (FCNC) processes. The most general effective linear Lagrangian for ALP couplings to the electroweak bosonic sector is considered, and its contribution to FCNC decays ... More
Color Unifed Dynamical AxionMay 16 2018We consider an enlarged color sector which solves the strong CP problem via new massless fermions. The spontaneous breaking of a unified color group into QCD and another confining group provides a source of naturally large axion mass $m_a$ due to small ... More
Multidimensional Summation-By-Parts Operators: General Theory and Application to Simplex ElementsMay 12 2015Sep 04 2015Summation-by-parts (SBP) finite-difference discretizations share many attractive properties with Galerkin finite-element methods (FEMs), including time stability and superconvergent functionals; however, unlike FEMs, SBP operators are not completely determined ... More
Entropy stable spectral collocation schemes for the 3-D Navier-Stokes equations on dynamic unstructured gridsDec 26 2018New entropy stable spectral collocations schemes of arbitrary order of accuracy are developed for the unsteady 3-D Euler and Navier-Stokes equations on dynamic unstructured grids. To take into account the grid motion and deformation, we use an arbitrary ... More
Benchmarking atomic data for astrophysics: a first look at the soft X-ray linesAug 10 2012A collection of the best solar and laboratory spectra in the soft X-rays is used here to perform a preliminary benchmark in this wavelength region, by comparing observed vs. predicted wavelengths and calibrated solar irradiances. The benchmark focuses ... More
Enhanced sputtering and incorporation of Mn in implanted GaAs and ZnO nanowiresSep 05 2014Mar 25 2015We simulated and experimentally investigated the sputter yield of ZnO and GaAs nanowires, which were implanted with energetic Mn ions at room temperature. The resulting thinning of the nanowires and the dopant concentration with increasing Mn ion fluency ... More
Implicit Contextual Integrity in Online Social NetworksFeb 09 2015Jul 06 2015Many real incidents demonstrate that users of Online Social Networks need mechanisms that help them manage their interactions by increasing the awareness of the different contexts that coexist in Online Social Networks and preventing them from exchanging ... More
Convergence of dynamic programming principles for the $p$-LaplacianAug 30 2018May 04 2019We provide a unified strategy to show that solutions of dynamic programming principles associated to the $p$-Laplacian converge to the solution of the corresponding Dirichlet problem. Our approach includes all previously known cases for continuous and ... More
Finite and infinite speed of propagation for porous medium equations with nonlocal pressureJun 12 2015We study a porous medium equation with fractional potential pressure: $$ \partial_t u= \nabla \cdot (u^{m-1} \nabla p), \quad p=(-\Delta)^{-s}u, $$ for $m>1$, $0<s<1$ and $u(x,t)\ge 0$. The problem is posed for $x\in \mathbb{R}^N$, $N\geq 1$, and $t>0$. ... More
Intertwining Symmetry Algebras of Quantum Superintegrable SystemsApr 01 2009We present an algebraic study of a kind of quantum systems belonging to a family of superintegrable Hamiltonian systems in terms of shape-invariant intertwinig operators, that span pairs of Lie algebras like $(su(n),so(2n))$ or $(su(p,q),so(2p,2q))$. ... More
Existence of weak solutions for a general porous medium equation with nonlocal pressureSep 16 2016Oct 18 2016We study the general nonlinear diffusion equation $u_t=\nabla\cdot (u^{m-1}\nabla (-\Delta)^{-s}u)$ that describes a flow through a porous medium which is driven by a nonlocal pressure. We consider constant parameters $m>1$ and $0<s<1$, we assume that ... More
Finite and infinite speed of propagation for porous medium equations with fractional pressureNov 27 2013We study a porous medium equation with fractional potential pressure: $$ \partial_t u= \nabla \cdot (u^{m-1} \nabla p), \quad p=(-\Delta)^{-s}u, $$ for $m>1$, $0<s<1$ and $u(x,t)\ge 0$. To be specific, the problem is posed for $x\in \mathbb{R}^N$, $N\geq ... More
Porous medium equation with nonlocal pressureJan 12 2018We provide a rather complete description of the results obtained so far on the nonlinear diffusion equation $u_t=\nabla\cdot (u^{m-1}\nabla (-\Delta)^{-s}u)$, which describes a flow through a porous medium driven by a nonlocal pressure. We consider constant ... More
Blow-up for the 3-dimensional axially symmetric harmonic map flow into S2Feb 11 2019We construct finite time blow-up solutions to the 3-dimensional harmonic map flow into the sphere $S^2$, \begin{align*} u_t & = \Delta u + |\nabla u|^2 u \quad \text{in } \Omega\times(0,T) \\ u &= u_b \quad \text{on } \partial \Omega\times(0,T) \\ u(\cdot,0) ... More
Existence of weak solutions for a general porous medium equation with nonlocal pressureSep 16 2016We consider the general nonlinear diffusion equation $u_t=\nabla\cdot (u^{m-1}\nabla (-\Delta)^{-s}u)$, which describes a flow through a porous medium which is driven by a nonlocal pressure. We consider constant parameters $m>1$ and $0<s<1$, we assume ... More
Frequency-resolved Monte CarloMay 31 2017Nov 27 2017We adapt the Quantum Monte Carlo method to the cascaded formalism of quantum optics, allowing us to simulate the emission of photons of known energy. Statistical processing of the photon clicks thus collected agrees with the theory of frequency-resolved ... More
Photon correlations in both time and frequencyMar 01 2018We summarise the main results that follow from our theory of frequency- and time-resolved photon correlations, which provides exact computations in nontrivial systems. We illustrate the theory with original results as interesting cases can be picked up ... More
Concentration phenomena for the nonlocal Schrödinger equation with Dirichlet datumMar 18 2014For a smooth, bounded domain $\Omega$, $s\in(0,1)$, $p\in \left(1,\frac{n+2s}{n-2s}\right)$ we consider the nonlocal equation $$ \epsilon^{2s} (-\Delta)^s u+u=u^p \quad {\mbox{in}}\Omega $$ with zero Dirichlet datum and a small parameter $\epsilon>0$. ... More
Nonlocal Delaunay surfacesJan 29 2015Oct 03 2015We construct codimension 1 surfaces of any dimension that minimize a periodic nonlocal perimeter functional among surfaces that are periodic, cylindrically symmetric and decreasing. These surfaces may be seen as a nonlocal analogue of the classical Delaunay ... More
Local contact stress measurements at a rough interfaceNov 07 2007An original MEMS-based force sensing device is designed which allows to measure spatially resolved normal and tangential stress fields at the base of an elastomeric film. This device is used for the study of the contact stress between a rough film and ... More
The EUV spectrum of the Sun: SOHO CDS NIS radiances during solar cycle 23Jan 29 2014For the first time, we present and discuss EUV radiances of the solar transition region (TR) and corona obtained during a solar cycle. The measurements were obtained with the SOHO/coronal diagnostic spectrometer (CDS) during the period from 1996 to 2010. ... More
Bragg spectroscopy of trapped one dimensional strongly interacting bosons in optical lattices: Probing the cake-structureFeb 09 2006Apr 11 2006We study Bragg spectroscopy of strongly interacting one dimensional bosons loaded in an optical lattice plus an additional parabolic potential. We calculate the dynamic structure factor by using Monte Carlo simulations for the Bose-Hubbard Hamiltonian, ... More
On the Outage Probability of the Full-Duplex Interference-Limited Relay ChannelMar 28 2014May 15 2014In this paper, we study the performance, in terms of the asymptotic error probability, of a user which communicates with a destination with the aid of a full-duplex in-band relay. We consider that the network is interference-limited, and interfering users ... More
Cooperative Strategies for Interference-Limited Wireless NetworksMar 11 2011Consider the communication of a single-user aided by a nearby relay involved in a large wireless network where the nodes form an homogeneous Poisson point process. Since this network is interference-limited the asymptotic error probability is bounded ... More
On Fundamental Trade-offs of Device-to-Device Communications in Large Wireless NetworksMay 09 2014May 04 2015This paper studies the gains, in terms of served requests, attainable through out-of-band device-to-device (D2D) video exchanges in large cellular networks. A stochastic framework, in which users are clustered to exchange videos, is introduced, considering ... More
Transformations of Self-Similar Solutions for porous medium equations of fractional typeFeb 27 2014We consider four different models of nonlinear diffusion equations involving fractional Laplacians and study the existence and properties of classes of self-similar solutions. Such solutions are an important tool in developing the general theory. We introduce ... More
Semi-holographic model including the radiation componentAug 05 2014In this letter we study the semi holographic model which corresponds to the radiative version of the model proposed by Zhang et al. (Phys. Lett. B 694 (2010), 177) and revisited by C\'ardenas et al. (Mon. Not. Roy. Astron. Soc. 438 (2014), 3603). This ... More
Group code structures on affine-invariant codesMar 05 2009A group code structure of a linear code is a description of the code as one-sided or two-sided ideal of a group algebra of a finite group. In these realizations, the group algebra is identified with the ambient space, and the group elements with the coordinates ... More
Relative equilibria in continuous stellar dynamicsJan 27 2010We study a three dimensional continuous model of gravitating matter rotating at constant angular velocity. In the rotating reference frame, by a finite dimensional reduction, we prove the existence of non radial stationary solutions whose supports are ... More
Helicoidal vortex filaments for the Ginzburg-Landau equations in 3DJan 09 2019We construct new entire solutions $u:\mathbb{R}^3\rightarrow \mathbb{C}$ of the Ginzburg-Landau equations \begin{equation*}\nonumber \Delta u+(1-|u|^2)u=0 \text{ in } \mathbb{R}^3. \end{equation*} For every $n\geq 2$ we are able to exhibit a family of ... More
Estimating a pressure dependent thermal conductivity coefficient with applications in food technologyMar 07 2019In this paper we introduce a method to estimate a pressure dependent thermal conductivity coefficient arising in a heat diffusion model with applications in food technology. To address the known smoothing effect of the direct problem, we model the uncertainty ... More
Entropy Stable Space-Time Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes with Summation-by-Parts Property for Hyperbolic Conservation LawsAug 24 2018This work examines the development of an entropy conservative (for smooth solutions) or entropy stable (for discontinuous solutions) space-time discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method for systems of non-linear hyperbolic conservation laws. The resulting numerical ... More
Conservative and entropy stable solid wall boundary conditions for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations: Adiabatic wall and heat entropy transferDec 29 2018Jun 27 2019We present a novel technique for the imposition of non-linear entropy conservative and entropy stable solid wall boundary conditions for the compressible Navier-Stokes equations in the presence of an adiabatic wall, or a wall with a prescribed heat entropy ... More
Efficient Detection of Symmetries of Polynomially Parametrized CurvesJun 30 2012Dec 23 2012We present efficient algorithms for detecting central and mirror symmetry for the case of algebraic curves defined by means of polynomial parametrizations. The algorithms are based on the existence of a linear relationship between two proper polynomial ... More
Convergence of dynamic programming principles for the $p$-LaplacianAug 30 2018We provide a unified strategy to show that solutions of dynamic programming principles associated to the $p$-Laplacian converge to the solution of the corresponding Dirichlet problem. Our approach includes all previously known cases for continuous and ... More
An Image-Based Sensor System for Autonomous Rendez-Vous with Uncooperative SatellitesJul 28 2008In this paper are described the image processing algorithms developed by SENER, Ingenieria y Sistemas to cope with the problem of image-based, autonomous rendez-vous (RV) with an orbiting satellite. The methods developed have a direct application in the ... More