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Extracting the Mott gap from energy measurements in trapped atomic gasesMay 25 2010Nov 12 2010We show that the measure of the so-called {\it release-energy}, which is an experimentally accessible quantity, makes it possible to assess the value of the Mott gap in the presence of the confinement potential that is unavoidable in the actual experimental ... More
Superfluid to normal phase transition in strongly correlated bosons in two and three dimensionsMay 29 2012Oct 26 2012Using quantum Monte Carlo simulations, we investigate the finite-temperature phase diagram of hard-core bosons (XY model) in two- and three-dimensional lattices. To determine the phase boundaries, we perform a finite-size-scaling analysis of the condensate ... More
Machine learning phases of matterMay 05 2016Neural networks can be used to identify phases and phase transitions in condensed matter systems via supervised machine learning. Readily programmable through modern software libraries, we show that a standard feed-forward neural network can be trained ... More
Phase diagram of the half-filled one-dimensional t-V-V' modelAug 10 2011Sep 26 2011We study the phase diagram of spinless fermions with nearest and next-nearest-neighbor interactions in one dimension utilizing the (finite-size) density-matrix renormalization group (DMRG) method. The competition between nearest and next-nearest-neighbor ... More
Self trapping in the two-dimensional Bose-Hubbard modelJul 02 2013Jun 04 2014We study the expansion of harmonically trapped bosons in a two-dimensional lattice after suddenly turning off the confining potential. We show that, in the presence of multiple occupancies per lattice site and strong interactions, the system exhibits ... More
Quantum Kagome IceJun 30 2014Actively shought since the turn of the century, two-dimensional quantum spin liquids (QSLs) are exotic phases of matter where magnetic moments remain disordered even at extremely low temperatures. Despite ongoing searches, QSLs remain elusive, due to ... More
Neural Gutzwiller-projected variational wave functionsJun 02 2019Variational wave functions have enabled exceptional scientific breakthroughs related to the understanding of novel phases of matter. Examples include the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer theory of superconductivity, the description of the fractional quantum ... More
Bose-glass, superfluid, and rung-Mott phases of hard-core bosons in disordered two-leg laddersFeb 16 2011By means of Monte Carlo techniques, we study the role of disorder on a system of hard-core bosons in a two-leg ladder with both intra-chain ($t$) and inter-chain ($t^\prime$) hoppings. We find that the phase diagram as a function of the boson density, ... More
Scaling of the gap, fidelity susceptibility, and Bloch oscillations across the superfluid to Mott insulator transition in the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard modelDec 10 2012Apr 19 2013We investigate the interaction-induced superfluid-to-Mott insulator transition in the one-dimensional Bose-Hubbard model (BHM) for fillings $n=1$, $n=2$, and $n=3$ by studying the single-particle gap, the fidelity susceptibility, and the amplitude of ... More
Tripartite entangled plaquette state in a cluster magnetApr 11 2017Using large-scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations we show that a spin-$1/2$ XXZ model on a two-dimensional anisotropic Kagome lattice exhibits a tripartite entangled plaquette state that preserves all of the Hamiltonian symmetries. It is connected via ... More
Spinon walk in quantum spin iceOct 04 2015Apr 22 2016We study a minimal model for the dynamics of spinons in quantum spin ice. The model captures the essential strong coupling between the spinon and the disordered background spins. We demonstrate that the spinon motion can be mapped to a random walk with ... More
Characterization of the Bose-glass phase in low-dimensional latticesMar 05 2010We study by numerical simulation a disordered Bose-Hubbard model in low-dimensional lattices. We show that a proper characterization of the phase diagram on finite disordered clusters requires the knowledge of probability distributions of physical quantities ... More
Expansion of Bose-Hubbard Mott insulators in optical latticesAug 04 2011Jul 09 2012We study the expansion of bosonic Mott insulators in the presence of an optical lattice after switching off a confining potential. We use the Gutzwiller mean-field approximation and consider two different setups. In the first one, the expansion is restricted ... More
Reconstructing quantum states with generative modelsOct 24 2018Jul 29 2019A major bottleneck in the quest for scalable many-body quantum technologies is the difficulty in benchmarking their preparations, which suffer from an exponential `curse of dimensionality' inherent to their quantum states. We present an experimentally ... More
Machine Learning Phases of Strongly Correlated FermionsSep 08 2016Sep 11 2017Machine learning offers an unprecedented perspective for the problem of classifying phases in condensed matter physics. We employ neural-network machine learning techniques to distinguish finite-temperature phases of the strongly correlated fermions on ... More
Machine Learning Phases of Strongly Correlated FermionsSep 08 2016Machine learning offers an unprecedented perspective for the problem of classifying phases in condensed matter physics. We employ neural network machine learning techniques to distinguish finite-temperature phases of the strongly-correlated fermions on ... More
Reconstructing quantum states with generative modelsOct 24 2018A major bottleneck in the quest for scalable many-body quantum technologies is the difficulty in benchmarking their preparations, which suffer from an exponential `curse of dimensionality' inherent to their quantum states. We present an experimentally ... More
Machine learning quantum phases of matter beyond the fermion sign problemAug 28 2016State-of-the-art machine learning techniques promise to become a powerful tool in statistical mechanics via their capacity to distinguish different phases of matter in an automated way. Here we demonstrate that convolutional neural networks (CNN) can ... More
Spiral antiferromagnets beyond the spin-wave approximation: frustrated $XY$ and Heisenberg models in the honeycomb latticeDec 16 2013Mar 29 2014We examine the stability of classical states with a generic incommensurate spiral order against quantum fluctuations. Specifically, we focus on the frustrated spin-1/2 $XY$ and Heisenberg models on the honeycomb lattice with nearest-neighbor $J_1$ and ... More
Many-body quantum state tomography with neural networksMar 15 2017Oct 23 2017The experimental realization of increasingly complex synthetic quantum systems calls for the development of general theoretical methods, to validate and fully exploit quantum resources. Quantum-state tomography (QST) aims at reconstructing the full quantum ... More
Nature of the phases in the frustrated XY model on the honeycomb latticeJul 08 2013Jan 06 2014We study the phase diagram of the frustrated XY model on the honeycomb lattice by using accurate correlated wave functions and variational Monte Carlo simulations. Our results suggest that a spin-liquid state is energetically favorable in the region of ... More
Wavefunction positivization via automatic differentiationJun 11 2019We introduce a procedure to systematically search for a local unitary transformation that maps a wavefunction with a non-trivial sign structure into a positive-real form. The transformation is parametrized as a quantum circuit compiled into a set of one ... More
Quantum distillation and confinement of vacancies in a doublon seaSep 09 2014Sep 09 2015Ultracold atomic gases have revolutionized the study of non-equilibrium dynamics in quantum many-body systems. Many counterintuitive non-equilibrium effects have been observed, such as suppressed thermalization in a one-dimensional (1D) gas, the formation ... More
Physics potential of precision measurements of the LHC luminosityMar 26 2012A precision measurement of the LHC luminosity is a key ingredient for its physics program. In this contribution first of all we review the theoretical accuracy in the computation of LHC benchmark processes. Then we discuss the impact of available and ... More
A Note on the Existence of Indecomposable Essential Submodules of the Ring of Quotients of Ore DomainsAug 27 2013Mar 26 2014We study the problem of existence of essential indecomposable submodules of direct sums of copies of the ring of quotients of Ore domains. We provide, for each Ore domain $D$, with at least three non-associate irreducibles, a lower bound for the supremum ... More
Parton Distributions at a 100 TeV Hadron ColliderMay 26 2016The determination of the parton distribution functions (PDFs) of the proton will be an essential input for the physics program of a future 100 TeV hadron collider. The unprecedented center-of-mass energy will require knowledge of PDFs in currently unexplored ... More
Einstein Gravity from Conformal GravityMay 27 2011Jun 09 2011We show that that four dimensional conformal gravity plus a simple Neumann boundary condition can be used to get the semiclassical (or tree level) wavefunction of the universe of four dimensional asymptotically de-Sitter or Euclidean anti-de Sitter spacetimes. ... More
The symmetry and simplicity of the laws of physics and the Higgs bosonOct 24 2014Jul 07 2015We describe the theoretical ideas, developed between the 1950s-1970s, which led to the prediction of the Higgs boson, the particle that was discovered in 2012. The forces of nature are based on symmetry principles. We explain the nature of these symmetries ... More
Strong solutions of a class of SDEs with jumpsOct 10 2008Nov 03 2008We study a class of stochastic integral equations with jumps under non-Lipschitz conditions. We use the method of Euler approximations to obtain the existence of the solution and give some sufficient conditions for the strong uniqueness.
Ontological Motivation in Obtaining Certain Quantum Equations: A Case for PanexperientialismJan 13 2018In this work I argue for the existence of an ontological state in which no entity in it can be more basic than the others in such a state. This is used to provide conceptual justification for a method that is applied to obtain the Schr\"{o}dinger equation, ... More
A Hopf algebra having a separable Galois extension is finite dimensionalDec 20 2006Jan 11 2007It is shown that a Hopf algebra over a field admitting a Galois extension separable over its subalgebra of coinvariants is of finite dimension. This answers in the affirmative a question posed by Beattie et al. in [{\it Proc. Amer. Math. Soc.} 128 No. ... More
On a generic inverse differential Galois problem for GL_nDec 08 2000Apr 12 2001\newcommand{\GLn}{\operatorname{GL}_n} \newcommand{\GL}{\GLn(C)} Let $F$ be a differential field with algebraically closed field of constants $C$. We prove that $F< Y_{ij}>(X_{ij})\supset F< Y_{ij}>$ is a generic Picard-Vessiot extension of $F$ for $\GL$. ... More
Analysis of a class of degenerate parabolic equations with saturation mechanismsDec 14 2013May 26 2015We analyze a family of degenerate parabolic equations with linear growth Lagrangian having the form $u_t=\div (\varphi(u)\psi(\nabla u/u))$. Here $|\psi|\le 1$ and saturates at infinity. We present a simple and natural set of assumptions on the functions ... More
Measure free factors of free groupsFeb 02 2012Feb 11 2012Measure free factors are a generalization of the notion of free factors of a group, in a measure theoretic context. We find new families of cyclic measure free factors of free groups and some virtually free groups, following a question by D. Gaboriau. ... More
JSJ decompositions of Quadratic Baumslag-Solitar groupsFeb 22 2011Oct 31 2011Generalized Baumslag-Solitar groups are defined as fundamental groups of graphs of groups with infinite cyclic vertex and edge groups. Forester proved (in "On uniqueness of JSJ decompositions of finitely generated groups", Comment. Math. Helv. 78 (2003) ... More
The rank of the fundamental group of certain hyperbolic 3-manifolds fibering over the circleMar 08 2005Apr 12 2009We determine the rank of the fundamental group of those hyperbolic 3-manifolds fibering over the circle whose monodromy is a sufficiently high power of a pseudo-Anosov map. Moreover, we show that any two generating sets with minimal cardinality are Nielsen ... More
A moduli scheme of embedded curve singularitiesOct 15 2007The main purpose of this paper is to prove the existence of the moduli space parameterizing the embedded curve singularities of $(k^N,0)$ with an admissible Hilbert polynomial and to study its basic properties.
Free globularily generated double categories: Generators and relations presentations of lifts of bicategoriesOct 17 2016May 06 2019We introduce the free globularily generated double category construction. We prove that the free globularily generated double category associated to a decorated bicategory canonically describes its globularily generated internalizations. Our results provide ... More
Parton distributions based on a maximally consistent datasetSep 10 2014The choice of data that enters a global QCD analysis can have a substantial impact on the resulting parton distributions and their predictions for collider observables. One of the main reasons for this has to do with the possible presence of inconsistencies, ... More
Recent progress in QCD at the LHCApr 28 2014Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics has experienced an impressive progress in the last few years, boosted by the requirements of the LHC experimental program. In this contribution, I briefly review a selection of recent results in QCD and LHC phenomenology, ... More
Scale-Invariant Resonance Tagging in Multijet Final StatesJun 26 2013In this contribution, we study the resonant pair production of heavy particles in hadronic final states using jet substructure techniques. We discuss a recently proposed resonance tagging strategy, which interpolates between the highly boosted and fully ... More
Quantifying the performance of jet algorithms at LHCJun 24 2008Jun 25 2008In the present contribution we introduce a strategy to quantify the performance of modern infrared and collinear safe jet clustering algorithms in processes which involve the reconstruction of heavy object decays. We determine optimal choices for fictional ... More
On Direct Sum Decompositions of Krull-Schmidt Artinian ModulesAug 21 2013We study direct sum decompositions of modules satisfying the descending chain condition on direct summands. We call modules satisfying this condition Krull-Schmidt artinian. We prove that all direct sum decompositions of Krull-Schmidt artinian modules ... More
Combinatorial Dimensions: Indecomposability on Certain Local Finite Dimensional Trivial Extension AlgebrasAug 21 2013Mar 26 2014We study problems related to indecomposability of modules over certain local finite dimensional trivial extension algebras. We do this by purely combinatorial methods. We introduce the concepts of graph of cyclic modules, of combinatorial dimension, and ... More
On a Class of Harmonic-like numbersDec 03 2015We define a class of rational numbers including, as a particular case, the classical harmonic numbers. For one particular instance we apply it to the expansion into powers series of a special function, and also detail its relashionship with the reciprocals ... More
Non-Gaussian features of primordial fluctuations in single field inflationary modelsOct 28 2002May 06 2005We compute the three point correlation functions for primordial scalar and tensor fluctuations in single field inflationary models. We obtain explicit expressions in the slow roll limit where the answer is given terms of the two usual slow roll parameters. ... More
Measurements of cosmic ray antiprotons with PAMELA and studies of propagation modelsMay 22 2012Studying the acceleration and propagation mechanisms of Galactic cosmic rays can provide information regarding astrophysical sources, the properties of our Galaxy, and possible exotic sources such as dark matter. To understand cosmic ray acceleration ... More
Twelve years before the quantum no-cloning theoremJul 21 2017Feb 22 2018The celebrated quantum no-cloning theorem establishes the impossibility of making a perfect copy of an unknown quantum state. The discovery of this important theorem for the field of quantum information is currently dated 1982. I show here that an article ... More
"Marvelous cancellations": T.J. Stieltjes' letters concerning the zeta functionOct 31 2014This article introduces and translates letters from T.J. stieltjes (1856-1894) to C. Hermite (1822-1891) regarding Stieltjes' published notes claiming to have solved B. Riemann's conjecture "it is very probable that all the roots [of the zeta function] ... More
y-Deformed BPS Dp- branes On a Surface In a Calabi-Yau ThreefoldSep 01 2000Using y-deformed algebraic geometric techniques the y-deformed Mukay vector of RR-charges of the y-deformed BPS Dp-branes localized on a surface in a Calabi-Yau threefold. The formulas that are obtained here are generalizations of the formulas of the ... More
The Poincare Duality in Quantization of the NormOct 17 2017The more important difference between Riemann and pseudo Riemann manifolds is the metric signature and its theoretical consequences. The scientific literature in Riemann manifolds is sound and extensive. However, the practical application for Physics ... More
Plastic Waste is Exponentially Filling our Oceans, but where are the Robots?Sep 04 2018Plastic waste is filling our oceans at an exponential rate. The situation is catastrophic and has now garnered worldwide attention. Despite the catastrophic conditions, little to no robotics research is conducted in the identification, collection, sorting, ... More
Note on stochastic control problems related with general fully coupled forward-backward stochastic differential equationsJun 23 2012In this paper we study stochastic optimal control problems of general fully coupled forward-backward stochastic differential equations (FBSDEs). In Li and Wei [8] the authors studied two cases of diffusion coefficients $\sigma$ of FSDEs, in one case when ... More
Unphysical artifacts are responsible for molecular orientation with half-cycle pulsesMay 11 2012Sub-cycle electromagnetic pulses in the Terahertz region are considered to be one of the best ways to orient molecules. The simplest option corresponds to half-cycles pulses in the sudden regime, for which the pulse duration is much shorter than the rotational ... More
Mechanism of Molecular Orientation by Single-cycle PulsesAug 19 2011Oct 19 2012Significant molecular orientation can be achieved by time-symmetric single-cycle pulses of zero area, in the THz region. We show that in spite of the existence of a combined time-space symmetry operation, not only large peak instantaneous orientations ... More
Cherenkov Telescope results on gamma-ray binariesJul 15 2010In the past ten years of regular operations, a new generation of Cherenkov telescopes have established binary systems as a new class of Very High Energy gamma-ray (VHE) emitters. Particle acceleration in these systems may occur either in an accretion-powered ... More
Constraints on parton distributions and the strong coupling from LHC jet dataOct 28 2014Oct 12 2015Jet production at hadron colliders provides powerful constraints on the parton distribution functions (PDFs) of the proton, in particular on the gluon PDF. Jet production can also be used to extract the QCD coupling constant and to test its running with ... More
PDF uncertainties in the determination of the W boson mass and of the effective lepton mixing angle at the LHCMay 21 2013The precision measurement of the W boson mass allows to perform stringent consistency tests of the Standard Model by means of global electroweak fits. The accurate determination of the W boson mass is one of the legacy results of the Tevatron, where the ... More
Progress in the NNPDF global analysis and the impact of the legacy HERA combinationAug 31 2015The H1 and ZEUS collaborations have recently presented their final results for the combination of inclusive cross-section measurements taken during Run I and Run II at the HERA collider. In this contribution, following an overview of recent progress in ... More
A tale of Two Integrals: The Probability and Ahmed's IntegralsApr 14 2015Jul 03 2015We show that Ahmed's Integral is closely related to the fourth power of the Probability Integral
Anomalies from ImmersionsAug 15 2001Two forms of anomalies for chiral spinors living on submanifolds of the spacetime are obtained from the integrality theorem for immersions. The first form of the chiral anomaly is the usual for chiral spinors living on D-brane and O-plane intersections, ... More
Direct Dark Matter Search using CCDsNov 13 2009There is currently vast evidence for Dark Matter (DM) from astronomical observations. However, in spite of tremendous efforts by large experimental groups, there is no confirmed direct detection of the dark matter in our galaxy. Recent experimental results ... More
Status of the Large Size Telescopes of the Cherenkov Telescope ArrayJul 19 2019The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) will consist of two arrays of Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes (IACTs) at the northern and southern hemispheres. CTA will feature IACTs with mirrors of three different sizes optimized to cover different energy ... More
Surface thermodynamics, surface stress, equations at surfaces and triple lines for deformable bodiesJun 26 2019The thermodynamics and mechanics of the surface of a deformable body are studied here, following and refining the general approach of Gibbs. It is first shown that the 'local' thermodynamic variables of the state of the surface are only the temperature, ... More
On the last Hilbert-Samuel coefficient of isolated singularitiesNov 03 2010In 1978 Lipman presented a proof of the existence of a desingularization for any excellent surface. The strategy of Lipman's proof is based on the finiteness of the number H(R) defined as the supreme of the second Hilbert-Samuel coefficient I, where I ... More
Upper bounds of Hilbert coefficients and Hilbert functionsSep 26 2007Let $(R, m)$ be a $d$-dimensional Cohen-Macaulay local ring. In this note we prove, in a very elementary way, an upper bound of the first normalized Hilbert coefficient of a $m$-primary ideal $I\subset R$ that improves all known upper bounds unless for ... More
Reflected Mean-Field Backward Stochastic Differential Equations. Approximation and Associated Nonlinear PDEsOct 02 2012Mathematical mean-field approaches have been used in many fields, not only in Physics and Chemistry, but also recently in Finance, Economics, and Game Theory. In this paper we will study a new special mean-field problem in a purely probabilistic method, ... More
Quantum adiabatic theorem in light of the Marzlin-Sanders inconsistencyNov 22 2011Oct 17 2012A consensus that questions the perfunctory use of the quantum adiabatic theorem has emerged since Marzlin and Sanders [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 93}, 160408 (2004)] showed the existence of an inconsistency in the applicability of the theorem. Further analysis ... More
Long strings in two dimensional string theory and non-singlets in the matrix modelMar 14 2005Jun 02 2005We consider two dimensional string backgrounds. We discuss the physics of long strings that come from infinity. These are related to non-singlets in the dual matrix model description.
D-branes and Near Extremal Black Holes at Low EnergiesNov 17 1996Dec 04 1996It has been observed recently that many properties of some near extremal black holes can be described in terms of bound states of D-branes. Using a non-renormalization theorem we argue that the D-brane description is the correct quantum gravity description ... More
Parton Distributions in the Higgs Boson EraMay 15 2013Parton distributions are an essential ingredient of the LHC program. PDFs are relevant for precision Standard Model measurements, for Higgs boson characterization as well as for New Physics searches. In this contribution I review recent progress in the ... More
Parton Distributions and LHC dataJun 10 2011In this contribution we briefly report on the progress and open problems in parton distribution functions (PDFs), with emphasis on their implications for LHC phenomenology. Then we study the impact of the recent ATLAS and CMS W lepton asymmetry data on ... More
Progress in jet reconstruction and heavy ion collisionsOct 08 2009We review recent developments related to jet clustering algorithms and jet reconstruction, with particular emphasis on their implications in heavy ion collisions. These developments include fast implementations of sequential recombination algorithms, ... More
A model with cosmological Bell inequalitiesAug 05 2015Aug 19 2015We discuss the possibility of devising cosmological observables which violate Bell's inequalities. Such observables could be used to argue that cosmic scale features were produced by quantum mechanical effects in the very early universe. As a proof of ... More
Weak boson production from D0 and LHCb in the NNPDF global analysisMay 26 2016High-precision electroweak production measurements from the Tevatron and the LHC provide important constraints on the quark flavor separation in global PDF fits. In this contribution, we study the impact of the recent D0 W asymmetry measurements and of ... More
Globularily generated double categoriesSep 27 2016We study globularily generated double categories. The condition of a double category being globularily generated is a finiteness condition generalizing the condition of a double category being trivial. We establish analogies between the way trivial double ... More
Computational Mapping of the Ground Reflectivity with Laser ScannersNov 28 2016In this investigation we focus on the problem of mapping the ground reflectivity with multiple laser scanners mounted on mobile robots/vehicles. The problem originates because regions of the ground become populated with a varying number of reflectivity ... More
New Analytical Solutions of a Modified Black-Scholes Equation with the European Put OptionAug 16 2015Using Maple, we compute some analytical solutions of a modified Black-Scholes equation, recently proposed, in the case of the European put option. We show that the modified Black-Scholes equation with the European put option is exactly solvable in terms ... More
Green's formula and singularity at a triple contact line. Example of finite-displacement solutionJan 01 2013Dec 05 2013The various equations at the surfaces and triple contact lines of a deformable body are obtained from a variational condition, by applying Green's formula in the whole space and on the Riemannian surfaces. The surface equations are similar to the Cauchy's ... More
On the second order Poincaré inequality and CLT on Wiener-Poisson spaceApr 11 2011Apr 26 2012An upper bound for the Wasserstein distance is provided in the general framework of the Wiener-Poisson space. Is obtained from this bound a second order Poincar\'e-type inequality which is useful in terms of computations. For completeness sake, is made ... More
Hyperbolic cone-manifolds with large cone-anglesJan 01 2004We prove that every closed oriented 3-manifold admits a hyperbolic cone-manifold structure with cone-angle arbitrarily close to 2pi.
On the hyperbolicity and causality of the relativistic Euler system under the kinetic equation of stateMay 31 2012We show that a pair of conjectures raised in [11] concerning the construction of normal solutions to the relativistic Boltzmann equation are valid. This ensures that the results in [11] hold for any range of positive temperatures and that the relativistic ... More
Top partners tackling vector dark matterNov 14 2018The WIMP-nucleon scattering cross section in a simple dark matter model and its constraints from the latest direct detection experiment are treated here at the loop level. We consider a scenario with an emerging vector dark matter field interacting with ... More
Reply to comment on 'Surface thermodynamics and surface stress for deformable bodies'Jul 03 2019The above comment and a previous letter by the same author reveal a great misunderstanding of what Eulerian and Lagrangian quantities are, and a confusion between the deformation of an element of a surface ... More
Geometry, Heegaard splittings and rank of the fundamental group of hyperbolic 3-manifoldsApr 01 2009In this survey we discuss how geometric methods can be used to study topological properties of 3-manifolds such as their Heegaard genus or the rank of their fundamental group. On the other hand, we also discuss briefly some results relating combinatorial ... More
The free globularily generated double category as a free objectMay 06 2019We provide a formal interpretation of the free globularily generated double category construction as a free construction in the category of globularily generated double categories. We regard this as a categorical formalization of the consideration of ... More
IPFS - Content Addressed, Versioned, P2P File SystemJul 14 2014The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a peer-to-peer distributed file system that seeks to connect all computing devices with the same system of files. In some ways, IPFS is similar to the Web, but IPFS could be seen as a single BitTorrent swarm, exchanging ... More
A remark on the homotopy equivalence of SU_n and SL_nCAug 04 2010Being a maximal compact subgroup of SL_nC, SU_n is a deformation retract of the former group. In this note we prove that, for sufficiently large n, there is no retraction of SL_nC to SU_n which preserves commutativity.
Review on recent developments in jet findingNov 21 2008We review recent developments related to jet clustering algorithms and jet finding. These include fast implementations of sequential recombination algorithms, new IRC safe algorithms, quantitative determination of jet areas and quality measures for jet ... More
PDF4LHC recommendations for Run IIJun 27 2016The interpretation of LHC measurements requires a careful estimate of various sources of uncertainties that affect theoretical calculations. In this contribution, we present the PDF4LHC Working Group recommendations for the usage of sets of parton distribution ... More
Spin-1 resonances in a non-linear left-right dynamical Higgs contextJul 14 2015Feb 05 2016All the possible CP-conserving non-linear operators up to the $p^4$-order in the Lagrangian expansion are clearly and completely listed for the case of an emerging new physics field content in the nature, more specifically, from spin-1 resonances sourced ... More
Pre-sequences of matrix orthogonal polynomialsMar 16 2015We introduce the notion of a pre-sequence of matrix orthogonal polynomials to mean a sequence {F_n} of matrix orthogonal functions with respect to a weight function W, satisfying a three term recursion relation and such that det(F_0) is not zero almost ... More
Globularily generated double categories II: The free globularily generated double category constructionOct 17 2016We introduce the free globularily generated double category construction. We aim to establish an analogy between the way double categories and globularily generated double categories relate to bicategories. We introduce the notion of decorated bicategory ... More
A Generalization of the arctg functionJul 03 2015In this paper we define a family of continuous functions of an arbitrary number of variables, and prove that they all satisfy a generalization of one of the classical functional equations of the inverse tangent function.
A remark about critical sets in $R^3$Oct 06 2016We give a necessary condition for a closed subset of $R^3$ to be the set of critical points of some smooth function. In particular we obtain that for example neither the Whitehead continuum nor the p-adic solenoid are such a critical sets.
On condition numbers of symmetric and nonsymmetric domain decomposition methodsMay 30 2019Using oblique projections and angles between subspaces we write condition number estimates for abstract nonsymmetric domain decomposition methods. In particular, we design and estimate the condition number of restricted additive Schwarz methods. We also ... More
Riemannian Geometry Based on the Takagi's Factorization of the Metric TensorJul 05 2015The Riemannian geometry is one of the main theoretical pieces in Modern Mathematics and Physics. The study of Riemann Geometry in the relevant literature is performed by using a well defined analytical path. Usually it starts from the concept of metric ... More
Mean-field forward and backward SDEs with jumps. Associated nonlocal quasi-linear integral-PDEsFeb 17 2017In this paper we consider a mean-field backward stochastic differential equation (BSDE) driven by a Brownian motion and an independent Poisson random measure. Translating the splitting method introduced by Buckdahn, Li, Peng and Rainer [6] to BSDEs, the ... More
Estimation of the marginal expected shortfall under asymptotic independenceSep 13 2017We study the asymptotic behavior of the marginal expected shortfall when the two random variables are asymptotic independent but positive associated, which is modeled by the so-called tail dependent coefficient. We construct an estimator of the marginal ... More
Observation of topological phenomena in a programmable lattice of 1,800 qubitsMar 06 2018The celebrated work of Berezinskii, Kosterlitz and Thouless in the 1970s revealed exotic phases of matter governed by topological properties of low-dimensional materials such as thin films of superfluids and superconductors. Key to this phenomenon is ... More