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Distance Matrix of a Class of Completely Positive Graphs: Determinant and InverseJun 11 2019A real symmetric matrix $A$ is said to be completely positive if it can be written as $BB^t$ for some (not necessarily square) nonnegative matrix $B$. A simple graph $G$ is called a completely positive graph if every doubly nonnegative matrix realization ... More
Performance Analysis of Ultra Wideband Receivers for High Data Rate Wireless Personal Area Network SystemMar 18 2010For high data rate ultra wideband communication system, performance comparison of Rake, MMSE and Rake-MMSE receivers is attempted in this paper. Further a detail study on Rake-MMSE time domain equalizers is carried out taking into account all the important ... More
Stability Theorems for Group Actions on Uniform SpacesFeb 18 2018May 24 2018We extend the notions of topological stability, shadowing and persistence from homeomorphisms to finitely generated group actions on uniform spaces and prove that an expansive action with either shadowing or persistence is topologically stable. Using ... More
Various Non-autonomous Notions for Borel MeasuresJun 13 2018We introduce and investigate the notions of expansiveness, topological stability and persistence for Borel measures with respect to time varying bi-measurable maps on metric spaces. We prove that expansive persistent measures are topologically stable ... More
Effect of Human Learning on the Transient Performance of Cloud-based Tiered ApplicationsAug 27 2016Cloud based tiered applications are increasingly becoming popular, be it on phones or on desktops. End users of these applications range from novice to expert depending on how experienced they are in using them. With repeated usage (practice) of an application, ... More
Mean Ergodic Shadowing, Distality and MinimalityJul 05 2019We introduce and study another variant of shadowing called mean ergodic shadowing. We relate it with other variants of shadowing. We show that mean ergodic shadowing and distality cannot stay together in a dynamical system. Finally, we show that a minimal ... More
Derivative-free Efficient Global Optimization of function of parameters from bounded intervalsApr 28 2016In this paper, a derivative-free algorithm for global optimization is developed for a function of parameters, each coming from a (possibly distinct) bounded interval. Main principle of this algorithm is to make jumps along the co-ordinates of the parameter ... More
Centrality dependence of freeze-out parameters from the beam energy scan at STAROct 23 2012The STAR experiment at RHIC has a unique capability of measuring identified hadrons over a wide range of pseudorapidity ($\eta$), transverse momentum ($p_{T}$), and azimuthal angle ($\phi$) acceptance. The data collected ($\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 7.7, 11.5, ... More
Effects of Radiation on Primordial Non-GaussianityApr 03 2012We study the non-Gaussian features in single-field slow-roll inflationary scenario where inflation is preceded by a radiation era. In such a scenario both bispectrum and trispectrum non-Gaussianities are enhanced. Interestingly, the trispectrum in this ... More
Fluctuation studies in STAROct 30 2006Dec 08 2006Study of event by event fluctuations of thermodynamic quantities offer us more insight about the hot and dense matter created in the relativistic heavy ion collisions. In this review the recent results on these studies carried out by the STAR collaboration ... More
Broadening of $ρ(\to e^+e^-)$ meson produced coherently in the photonuclear reactionMar 28 2014The $e^+e^-$ invariant mass distribution spectra are calculated to estimate the hadron parameters of the $\rho$ meson produced coherently in the photonuclear reaction. The elementary reaction occurring in the nucleus is considered to proceed as $ \gamma ... More
Chemical freeze-out parameters in Beam Energy Scan Program of STAR at RHICDec 01 2014The STAR experiment at RHIC has completed its first phase of the Beam Energy Scan (BES-I) program to understand the phase structure of the quantum chromodynamics (QCD). The bulk properties of the system formed in Au+Au collisions at different center of ... More
Bose-Einstein condensation as an alternative to inflationSep 09 2015It was recently shown that gravitons with a very small mass should have formed a Bose-Einstein condensate in the very early Universe, whose density and quantum potential can account for the dark matter and dark energy in the Universe respectively. Here ... More
Limiting energy dissipation induces glassy kinetics in single cell high precision responsesJun 10 2015Jan 29 2016Single cells often generate precise responses by involving dissipative out-of-thermodynamic equilibrium processes in signaling networks. The available free energy to fuel these processes could become limited depending on the metabolic state of an individual ... More
Non-vanishing of Jacobi Poincaré seriesOct 22 2009Feb 01 2010We prove that under suitable conditions, the Jacobi Poincar\'{e} series of exponential type of integer weight and matrix index does not vanish identically. For classical Jacobi forms, we construct a basis consisting of the "first" few Poincar\'{e} series ... More
Some aspects of Hermitian Jacobi formsOct 22 2009We introduce a certain differential (heat) operator on the space of Hermitian Jacobi forms of degree 1, show it's commutation with certain Hecke operators and use it to construct a lift of elliptic cusp forms to Hermitian Jacobi cusp forms. We construct ... More
Quantum First Passage Time Problem-A Bohmian PerspectiveFeb 06 2018The prediction of arrival time or first passage time statistics of a quantum particle is an open problem, which challenges the foundations of quantum theory. One of the most promising and insightful approaches to this problem stems from the de Broglie-Bohm ... More
Deconstructing Anomalies in Academic Promotion & Tenure Decisions Using Spectral Graph TheoryOct 30 2017Merit based promotion & tenure decision have always been controversial. This paper suggests an agent based model of the decision making processs using spectral graph theory, where the voting agents are the vertices of the graph, and edge weights are determined ... More
Giant Low Surface Brightness Galaxies : Evolution in IsolationOct 24 2013Giant Low Surface Brightness (GLSB) galaxies are amongst the most massive spiral galaxies that we know of in our Universe. Although they fall in the class of late type spiral galaxies, their properties are far more extreme. They have very faint stellar ... More
Analytical approximate bound state solution of Schrödinger equation in $D$-dimensions with a new mixed class of potential for arbitrary $\ell$-state via asymptotic iteration methodOct 13 2016The bound state solutions of the $D$-dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger equation for new mixed class of potential, $V(r)=\frac{V_1}{r^2}+\frac{V_2e^{-\alpha r}}{r}+V_3coth\alpha r+V_4\,,$ are studied within the framework of the Pekeris approximation for any ... More
On the Higher Order Corrections to Heavy Quark Effective TheoryOct 29 1993We show that the different ways of deriving the Heavy Quark Effective Theory (HQET) lead to equivalent theories. The equivalence can be established through a careful redefinition of the field variables. We demonstrate the equivalence to order ${1 \over ... More
Discrete phase space - I: Variational formalism for classical relativistic wave fieldsNov 06 2008The classical relativistic wave equations are presented as partial difference equations in the arena of covariant discrete phase space. These equations are also expressed as difference-differential equations in discrete phase space and continuous time. ... More
Supersymmetry in Singular Quantum MechanicsMay 04 2000The breaking of supersymmetry due to singular potentials in supersymmetric quantum mechanics is critically analyzed. It is shown that, when properly regularized, these potentials respect supersymmetry, even when the regularization parameter is removed. ... More
Modeling Nelson-Siegel Yield Curve using Bayesian ApproachSep 17 2018Oct 03 2018Yield curve modeling is an essential problem in finance. In this work, we explore the use of Bayesian statistical methods in conjunction with Nelson-Siegel model. We present the hierarchical Bayesian model for the parameters of the Nelson-Siegel yield ... More
Effects of Strain coupling and Marginal dimensionality in the nature of phase transition in Quantum paraelectricsJun 04 2009Jul 27 2012Here a recently observed weak first order transition in doped SrTiO3 is argued to be a consequence of the coupling between strain and order parameter fluctuations. Starting with a semi-microscopic action, and using renormalization group equations for ... More
Multiplicative Nambu structures on Lie groupoidsNov 05 2016Feb 09 2017We study some properties of coisotropic submanifolds of a manifold with respect to a given multivector field. Using this notion, we generalize the results of Weinstein \cite{wein} from Poisson bivector field to Nambu-Poisson tensor or more generally to ... More
Properness of moment maps for representations of quiversDec 04 2017In this note, we give a necessary and sufficient condition for the properness of moment maps for representations of quivers. We show that the moment map for the representations of a quiver is proper if and only if the quiver is acyclic, that is, it does ... More
Reduction of Nambu-Poisson manifolds by regular distributionsFeb 06 2017Jan 14 2018The version of Marsden-Ratiu reduction theorem for Nambu-Poisson manifolds by a regular distribution has been studied by Ib$\acute{\text{a}}\tilde{\text{n}}$ez et al. In this paper we show that the reduction is always ensured unless the distribution is ... More
Constructions involving interaction of Markov process's with a random environmentMay 23 2016Apr 06 2017Recently Belopolskaya and Suhov studied Markov process's in a random environment, where the environment changes in likeness to a Markov process. Constructions were made to allow the process to "interact with the environment", this was done in such a manner ... More
Black-box optimization on Hyper-rectangle using Recursive Modified Pattern Search and Application to Matrix Completion Problem with Non-convex RegularizationApr 28 2016Dec 17 2016In this paper, a pattern search based optimization technique is developed to optimize any black-box function on a hyper-rectangle. This algorithm consists of a series of `runs' and inside each `run' iterations are performed until a convergence criteria ... More
Non-Zero Component Graph of a Finite Dimensional Vector SpaceJun 16 2015Apr 20 2016In this paper, we introduce a graph structure, called non-zero component graph on finite dimensional vector spaces. We show that the graph is connected and find its domination number and independence number. We also study the inter-relationship between ... More
Homotopy G-algebra structure on the cochain complex of hom-type algebrasAug 04 2018Nov 08 2018A hom-associative algebra is an algebra whose associativity is twisted by an algebra homomorphism. We show that the Hochschild type cochain complex of a hom-associative algebra carries a homotopy G-algebra structure. As a consequence, we get a Gerstenhaber ... More
Dilation of arbitrary symmetric quantum dynamical semigroups on $B(\clh)$Jun 23 2010Dec 31 2010We prove the existence of Hudson Parthasarathy dilation of a quantum dynamical semigroup on $B(\clh),$ which is symmetric with respect to the canonical normal trace on it.
On the angular distribution of $Λ_b\toΛ(\to Nπ)τ^+τ^-$ decayApr 23 2018Jul 09 2018We present a full angular distribution of the four body $\Lambda_b\to\Lambda(\to N\pi)\ell^+\ell^-$ decay where the leptons are massive and the $\Lambda_b$ is unpolarized, in an operator basis which includes the Standard Model operators, new vector and ... More
2HDM without FCNC: off the beaten tracksMar 26 2018Aug 10 2018We propose an alternative method of constructing two Higgs-doublet models free from scalar mediated FCNC couplings at the tree-level. In a toy scenario, we have presented semi realistic textures for the Yukawa matrices, which can reproduce the approximate ... More
Performance and First Physics Results of the ALICE Muon SpectrometerFeb 10 2011A precise measurement of the heavy-flavor production cross-sections in pp collisions is an essential baseline for the heavy-ion program. In addition it is a crucial test of pQCD models in the new energy regime at LHC. ALICE measures the muons from the ... More
Dynamics under radiation damping from ab-initio formalism -nonlocal restraint on acceleration runaway in electrodynamicsJul 12 2005Apr 14 2019The classically encountered problem of acceleration runaway of radiation recoiled charge-particle is addressed by considering its dynamic course that evolves with minimum radiation loss. The radiation loss criterion is met by a subset of stationary action ... More
Cohomology and deformations of dendriform coalgebrasJul 18 2019Dendriform coalgebras are the dual notion of dendriform algebras and are splitting of associative coalgebras. In this paper, we define a cohomology theory for dendriform coalgebras and show that the cohomology with self coefficients govern the formal ... More
$keV$ scale dark matter, baryogenesis and neutrinoless double beta decay in minimal extended seesawAug 22 2019We have studied $keV$ scale dark matter (DM), neutrinoless double beta decay (NDBD) and baryogenesis within minimal extended seesaw (MES). A generic model based on $A_4\times Z_4$ flavor symmetry is used to explain both normal and inverted hierarchy mass ... More
On Strongly $F$-Regular Inversion of AdjunctionOct 30 2013Apr 16 2015In this article we give two independent proofs of the positive characteristic analog of the log terminal inversion of adjunction. We show that for a pair $(X, S+B)$ in characteristic $p>0$, if $(S^n, B_{S^n})$ is strongly $F$-regular, then $S$ is normal ... More
Derivative-free Efficient Global Optimization on High-dimensional SimplexApr 28 2016In this paper, we develop a novel derivative-free deterministic greedy algorithm for global optimization of any objective function of parameters belonging to a unit-simplex. Main principle of the proposed algorithm is making jumps of varying step-sizes ... More
Bound states of a two-dimensional electron gas in inhomogeneous magnetic fieldsAug 20 2015We study the bound states of a two dimensional free electron gas (2DEG) subjected to a perpendicular inhomogeneous magnetic field. An analytical transfer matrix (ATM) based exact quantization formula is derived for magnetic fields that vary (arbitrarily) ... More
$ ω(\to π^+π^-π^0) $ meson photoproduction on protonOct 20 2010The cross section is estimated for the $\pi^+\pi^-\pi^0$ invariant mass distribution in the $\gamma p$ reaction in the GeV region. This reaction is assumed to proceed through the formation of the $\omega$ meson in the intermediate state, since the production ... More
$π^0γ$ invariant mass distribution in the low energy $γp \to ωp$ reactionJun 23 2009We study the reaction mechanism for the correlated $\pi^0\gamma$ emission in the photon induced reaction on the proton target. Since this reaction is studied in the GeV region, we assume that it proceeds through the formation of the vector meson in the ... More
Leading Log Corrections to Bekenstein-Hawking EntropyJul 08 2002We show that the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy associated with any black hole undergoes logarithmic corrections when small thermodynamic fluctuations around equilibrium are taken into account. Thus, the corrected expression for black hole entropy is given ... More
Resonance dynamics in the coherent $η$ meson production in the $(p,p^\prime)$ reaction on the spin-isospin saturated nucleusOct 08 2014For the forward going proton and $\eta$ meson, the coherent $\eta$ meson production in the $(p,p^\prime)$ reaction on the spin-isospin saturated nucleus occurs only due to the $\eta$ meson exchange interaction between the beam proton and nucleus. In this ... More
On Local and Global Centrality in Large Scale NetworksMay 21 2014Jun 11 2014Estimating influential nodes in large scale networks including but not limited to social networks, biological networks, communication networks, emerging smart grids etc. is a topic of fundamental interest. To understand influences of nodes in a network, ... More
Walking through the Gaussian PrimesJan 14 2019In this paper, we have analyzed the Gaussian primes and also constructed an algorithm to find the primes on the $\mathbb{R}^2$ plane for sufficient large value. If we can find the large Gaussian primes then we can calculate the moat for the higher value. ... More
Comments on spinning OPE blocks in AdS$_{3}$/CFT$_{2}$Nov 23 2018Feb 04 2019We extend the work of \cite{Ferrara:1971vh},\cite{Ferrara:1973vz}, to obtain an integral expression of OPE blocks for spinning primaries in CFT$_{2}$. We observe, when the OPE blocks are made out of conserved spinning primaries, the integral becomes a ... More
Highly anisotropic Bose-Einstein condensates: crossover to lower dimensionalityJun 29 2001Jun 21 2002We develop a simple analytical model based on a variational method to explain the properties of trapped cylindrically symmetric Bose-Einstein condensates (BEC) of varying degrees of anisotropy well into regimes of effective one dimension (1D) and effective ... More
Gerstenhaber algebra structure on the cohomology of a hom-associative algebraMay 03 2018A hom-associative algebra is an algebra whose associativity is twisted by an algebra homomorphism. In this paper, we define a cup product on the cohomology of a hom-associative algebra. We show that the cup product together with the degree $-1$ graded ... More
Black Hole Thermodynamics: Entropy, Information and BeyondMar 20 2004We review some recent advances in black hole thermodynamics, including statistical mechanical origins of black hole entropy and its leading order corrections, from the viewpoints of various quantum gravity theories. We then examine the information loss ... More
Controlling synchronization in coupled area-preserving maps using stickinessOct 02 2018Mar 11 2019Unidirectionally coupled area-preserving maps with a mixed phase space may show identical synchronization in the sticky neighborhood of the regular islands. We use this fact to devise numerical procedures to control (delay and expedite) the process of ... More
Generalization of Bertrand's Postulate for Gaussian PrimesJan 21 2019In this paper, we have proved the Generalization of Bertrand's Postulate for Gaussian primes, which is an extension of the work by Das [Arxiv 2018].
Exact Solutions of the Klein-Gordon Equation for q-Deformed Manning-Rosen Potential via Asymptotic Iteration MethodSep 04 2014Asymptotic iteration method (AIM) is used to find the exact analytical solutions of the one dimensional Klein-Gordon equation for the q-deformed Manning-Rosen potential with equal Lorentz vector and scalar potential. The bound state eigenfunctions are ... More
Q=0 collective modes originating from the low-lying Hg-O band in the superconducting HgBa2CuO4+δJun 19 2012Aug 27 2012Motivated by the recent discovery of two Q\sim0 collective modes [Y. Li et al., Nature 468, 283 (2010); ibid Nat. Phys. 8, 404 (2012)] in the single-layer HgBa2CuO4+\delta, which are often taken as evidence of the orbital current origin of a pseudogap, ... More
A thought to illustrate the uncertainty principle on the base of Otto-Wiener's experimentOct 06 2014In this short paper a new thought experiment has been introduced to illustrate the famous Heisenberg's uncertainty principle based on Otto-Wiener's experiment (1890) associated with standing light waves. This illustration is quite easy as well as far ... More
A pedagogic review on designing model topological insulatorsApr 26 2016Following the centuries old concept of the quantization of flux through a Gaussian curvature (Euler characteristic) and its successive dispersal into various condensed matter properties such as quantum Hall effect, and topological invariants, we can establish ... More
Few quantum mechanical models in higher dimension-framed with Elzaki transformNov 11 2016Very first time Elzaki transform is used in non relativistic quantum mechanics to solve $N$-dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger equation in a closed form for different solvable potential models. A universal transformation scheme is introduced and a formula based ... More
Large gauge invariance and finite temperatureApr 23 2001In this talk, I summarize the status of our understanding of the puzzle of large gauge invariance at finite temperature.
Binary Solutions for Overdetermined Systems of Linear EquationsJan 16 2011This paper presents a finite step method for computing the binary solution to an overdetermined system of linear algebraic equations Ax = b, where A is an m x n real matrix of rank n < m, and b is a real m-vector. The method uses the optimal policy of ... More
Benchmark Dose Estimation using a Family of Link FunctionsDec 21 2016This article proposes a method of estimating benchmark dose (BMD) using a family of link functions in binomial response models dealing with model uncertainty problems. Researchers usually estimate the BMD using binomial response models with a single link ... More
Cohomology of the universal smooth cubic surfaceFeb 02 2019Feb 17 2019We compute the rational cohomology of the universal family of smooth cubic surfaces using Vassiliev's method of simplicial resolution. Modulo embedding, the universal family has cohomology isomorphic to that of $\mathbb{P}^2$. A consequence of our theorem ... More
The space of cubic surfaces equipped with a lineMar 12 2018Apr 02 2018The Cayley--Salmon theorem implies the existence of a 27-sheeted covering space specifying lines contained in smooth cubic surfaces over $\mathbb{C}$. In this paper we compute the rational cohomology of the total space of this cover, using the spectral ... More
Cohomology of BiHom-associative algebrasJan 02 2019Feb 06 2019Bihom-associative algebras have been recently introduced in the study of group hom-categories. In this paper, we introduce a Hochschild type cohomology for bihom-associative algebras with suitable coefficients. The underlying cochain complex (with coefficients ... More
Hom-associative algebras up to homotopySep 19 2018A hom-associative algebra is an algebra whose associativity is twisted by an algebra homomorphism. In this paper, we introduce a strongly homotopy version of hom-associative algebras ($HA_\infty$-algebras in short) on a graded vector space. We describe ... More
New limits on $\mathbf{\tanβ}$ for 2HDMs with $\mathbf{Z_2}$ symmetryJan 12 2015Aug 06 2015In two-Higgs-doublet models with exact $Z_2$ symmetry, putting $m_h \simeq 125$ GeV at the alignment limit, the following limits on the heavy scalar masses are obtained from the conditions of unitarity and stability of the scalar potential: $m_H,~m_A,~m_{H^+} ... More
Quantum action, non-locality and coherence from classical perception - a new facet of Lagrangian formalism for relativistic dynamicsApr 14 2009Dec 15 2015Introspection of the classical formalism reveals that its framework permits way to recognize and comprehensively analyze the nonlocal influence in the motion of a particle. Considering radiative possibility in the motion, the variation formalism is reviewed ... More
Identical Meson Interferometry in STAR ExperimentFeb 22 2007The influence of Bose-Einstein statistics on multi-particle production characterized for various systems and energies by the STAR collaboration provides interesting information about the space-time dynamics of relativistic heavy-ion collisions at RHIC. ... More
On Generalized Lie BialgebroidsAug 31 2015An alternative proof of the duality of generalized Lie bialgebroid is given and proved a canonical Jacobi structure can be defined on the base of it. We also introduce the notion of morphism between generalized Lie bialgebroids and proved that the induced ... More
Gauge transformations of Jacobi structures and contact groupoidsJan 20 2018Apr 28 2018We define gauge transformations of Jacobi structures on a manifold. This is related to gauge transformations of Poisson structures via the Poissonization. Finally, we discuss how the contact structure of a contact groupoid is effected by a gauge transformation ... More
On the logical complexity of cyclic arithmeticJul 26 2018Jul 10 2019We study the logical complexity of proofs in cyclic arithmetic ($\mathsf{CA}$), as introduced in Simpson '17, in terms of quantifier alternations of formulae occurring. Writing $C\Sigma_n$ for (the logical consequences of) cyclic proofs containing only ... More
Black-box Optimization on Multiple Simplex Constrained BlocksSep 08 2016Black-box optimization of objective function of parameters belonging to simplex arises in many inference and predictive models. Das (2016) introduced Greedy Co-ordinate Descent of Varying Step-sizes on Simplex (GCDVSS) which efficiently optimizes any ... More
Thickness of $\mathsf{Out}(A_1*...*A_n)$Nov 01 2018Nov 03 2018In this paper we have examined hyperbolicity and relative hyperbolicity of $\Gamma_n := \mathsf{Out}(G_n)$ , where $G_n = A_1*...*A_n$, is a finite free product and each $A_i$ is a finite group. We have used the $\mathsf{Out}(G_n)$ action on the Guirardel-Levitt ... More
Quantum Raychaudhuri equationNov 26 2013Apr 21 2014We compute quantum corrections to the Raychaudhuri equation, by replacing classical geodesics with quantal (Bohmian) trajectories, and show that they prevent focusing of geodesics, and the formation of conjugate points. We discuss implications for the ... More
Exact Solution for One Dimensional Multibarrier TunnelingOct 30 2013Quantum tunneling across multiple barriers as yet is an unsolved problem for barrier numbers greater than five. The complexity of the mathematical analysis even for small number of barriers pushed it into the realms of Numerical Analysis. This work is ... More
$π^0$ and $η$ meson exchange interactions in the coherent $η$ meson production in the nucleusMay 25 2012Jul 28 2015The energy transfer spectra have been calculated for the coherent $\eta$ meson production in the proton nucleus reaction. The elementary reaction occurring in the nucleus is considered as $ pN \to pN^*(1535) $; $ N^*(1535) \to N\eta $. The $N^*(1535)$ ... More
Low energy ω(\to π^0 γ) meson photoproduction in the nucleusJun 22 2011The $\pi^0 \gamma$ invariant mass distribution spectra in the $ (\gamma, \pi^0\gamma) $ reaction were measured by TAPS/ELSA collaboration to look for the hadron parameters of the $\omega$ meson in Nb nucleus. We study the mechanism for this reaction, ... More
Hadron interferences in the proton induced coherent $η$ meson production reaction on a scalar-isovector nucleusAug 14 2015The coherent $\eta$ meson energy $E_\eta$ distribution spectra in the proton nucleus reaction have been calculated to investigate the $\pi^0 - \eta$ mesons' interference, in addition to the study of resonance $N^*$ dynamics in the nucleus. The elementary ... More
Cosmic coincidence or graviton mass?May 15 2014Using the quantum corrected Friedmann equation, obtained from the quantum Raychudhuri equation, and assuming a small mass of the graviton (but consistent with observations and theory), we propose a resolution of the smallness problem(why is observed vacuum ... More
Aspects of quintessence matter - the driver of the late time acceleration of the universeAug 06 2008The present thesis is a collection of papers which deals with analytic models that can drive the present accelerated expansion of the universe, starting from a decelerated expansion in the early matter dominated regime. Both minimally and non minimally ... More
Event by Event fluctuation in K/pi ratio at RHICMar 31 2005Oct 10 2005We present the preliminary results from our analysis of event by event fluctuation in K/pi ratio in Au+Au collision at \sqrt s_{NN} = 200 GeV and at 62.4 GeV using STAR detector at RHIC. Two different methods have been used to extract the strength of ... More
Constructions involving interaction of Markov process's with a random environmentMay 23 2016Recently Belopolskaya and Suhov studied Markov process's in a random environment, where the environment changes in likeness to a Markov process. Constructions were made to allow the process to "interact with the environment", this was done in such a manner ... More
Dynamics under radiation damping from ab initio formalism -nonlocal restraint on acceleration runaway from radiation recoil in electrodynamicsJul 12 2005Mar 19 2018The classically encountered problem of acceleration runaway of radiation recoiled charged particle is addressed by ab-initio variational approach for electrodynamics. The dynamic paths of stationary action evolving with minimum loss of self field energy ... More
Semihadronic and hadronic decays of $ρ^0$ and $ω$ mesons coherently photoproduced in the isoscalar nucleiAug 18 2016The interference of the $\rho^0$ and $\omega$ mesons has been studied in the hadronic and leptonic decay channels, i.e., dipion and dilepton decay channels respectively, but this interference is not studied yet in the semihadronic or semileptonic decay ... More
The `unitarity problem' of Higgs inflation in the light of collapse dynamicsMay 29 2018Aug 27 2018Higgs inflation scenario is one of the most compelling models of inflation at present time. It not only explains the observed data well, but also provides means to include the inflaton field within the well understood Standard Model of particle physics, ... More
Comments on spinning OPE blocks in AdS$_{3}$/CFT$_{2}$Nov 23 2018Apr 12 2019We extend the work of \cite{Ferrara:1971vh},\cite{Ferrara:1973vz}, to obtain an integral expression of OPE blocks for spinning primaries in CFT$_{2}$. We observe, when the OPE blocks are made out of conserved spinning primaries, the integral becomes a ... More
Warm Inflation in the light of Swampland CriteriaOct 11 2018Feb 20 2019Warm Inflation seems to be the most befitting single-field slow-roll inflation scenario in the context of the recently proposed Swampland Criteria. We investigate the constraints these Swampland Criteria impose on Warm Inflation parameters and show that ... More
Note on Hermitian Jacobi FormsOct 22 2009Feb 02 2010We compare the spaces of Hermitian Jacobi forms (HJF) of weight $k$ and indices $1,2$ with classical Jacobi forms (JF) of weight $k$ and indices $1,2,4$. Using the embedding into JF, upper bounds for the order of vanishing of HJF at the origin is obtained. ... More
Generating Conditional Probabilities for Bayesian Networks: Easing the Knowledge Acquisition ProblemNov 12 2004Aug 04 2008The number of probability distributions required to populate a conditional probability table (CPT) in a Bayesian network, grows exponentially with the number of parent-nodes associated with that table. If the table is to be populated through knowledge ... More
Bound state solutions of square root power law potential--Wavefunction ansatz method on $D$-dimensional Schrödinger equationMar 25 2015$D$-dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger equation is addressed for square root power law potential. Bound state unnormalized eigenfunctions and the energy eigenvalues are obtained using wave function ansatz method. Some special cases are studied at the end to ... More
Spin-orbit density wave: A new phase of matter applicable to the hidden order state of URu2Si2Jun 20 2014Jun 23 2014We provide a brief review and detailed analysis of the spin-orbit density wave (SODW), proposed as a possible explanation to the `hidden order' phase of URu2Si2. Due to the interplay between inter-orbital Coulomb interaction and spin-orbit coupling (SOC) ... More
A Laplace transform approach to find the exact solution of the N-dimensional Schrödinger equation with Mie-type potentials and construction of Ladder operatorsJun 19 2014The second order N-dimensional Schrodinger equation with Mie-type potentials is reduced to a first order differential equation by using the Laplace transformation. Exact bound state solutions are obtained using convolution or Faltungs theorem. The Ladder ... More
Interaction induced staggered spin-orbit order in two-dimensional electron gasNov 09 2012We propose and formulate an interaction induced staggered spin-orbit order as a new emergent phase of two-dimensional Fermi gases. We show that when some form of inherent spin-splitting via Rashba-type spin-orbit coupling renders two helical Fermi surfaces ... More
On the Extension of the Gaussian Moat ProblemJan 28 2019In this paper, we have developed an algorithm for the prime searching in $\mathbb{R}^3$. This problem was proposed by M. Das [Arxiv,2019]. This paper is an extension of her work. As we know the distribution of primes will get more irregular as we are ... More
Discrete phase space - II: The second quantization of free relativistic wave fieldsNov 06 2008The Klein-Gordon equation, the Maxwell equation, and the Dirac equation are presented as partial difference equations in the eight-dimensional covariant discrete phase space. These equations are also furnished as difference-differential equations in the ... More
A New Class of Supersymmetric TheoriesJan 27 1994We construct a class of quantum mechanical theories which are invariant under fermionic transformations similar to supersymmetry transformations. The generators of the transformations in this case, however, satisfy a BRST-like algebra.
Finite Temperature Field Theories on the Light-FrontOct 27 2003In this talk, we describe our present understanding of thermal field theories on the light-front with an application to Schwinger model.
Pair production of heavy neutrinos in next-to-leading order QCD at the hadron colliders in the inverse seesaw frameworkJan 18 2017Feb 12 2017The explanation of the small neutrino mass can be depicted using some handsome models like type-I and inverse seesaw where the Standard Model gauge singlet heavy right handed neutrinos are deployed. The common thing in these two models is a lepton number ... More
On the relative proof complexity of deep inference via atomic flowsFeb 20 2015Mar 05 2015We consider the proof complexity of the minimal complete fragment, KS, of standard deep inference systems for propositional logic. To examine the size of proofs we employ atomic flows, diagrams that trace structural changes through a proof but ignore ... More