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Efficient Ladder-style DenseNets for Semantic Segmentation of Large ImagesMay 14 2019Recent progress of deep image classification models has provided great potential to improve state-of-the-art performance in related computer vision tasks. However, the transition to semantic segmentation is hampered by strict memory limitations of contemporary ... More
Read classification using semi-supervised deep learningApr 23 2019In this paper, we propose a semi-supervised deep learning method for detecting the specific types of reads that impede the de novo genome assembly process. Instead of dealing directly with sequenced reads, we analyze their coverage graphs converted to ... More
Rare and forbidden decaysDec 20 2002Feb 27 2003In these lectures I first cover radiative and semileptonic B decays, including the QCD corrections for the quark subprocesses. The exclusive modes and the evaluation of the hadronic matrix elements, i.e. the relevant hadronic form factors, are the second ... More
Renormalizability and Phenomenology of theta-expanded Noncommutative Gauge Field TheoryFeb 14 2008In this article we consider theta-expanded noncommutative gauge field theory, constructed at the first order in noncommutative parameter theta, as an effective, anomaly free theory, with one-loop renormalizable gauge sector. Related phenomenology with ... More
Noncommutative geometry in quantum field theory and the cosmogenic neutrino physics at the extreme energiesFeb 04 2013Analysis of the covariant theta-exact noncommutative (NC) gauge field theory (GFT), inspired by high energy cosmic rays experiments, is performed in the framework of the inelastic neutrino-nucleon scatterings. Next we have have found neutrino two-point ... More
Signal for space-time noncommutativity: the Z -> gamma gamma decay in the renormalizable gauge sector of the theta-expanded NCSMApr 04 2007We propose the Z -> gamma gamma decay, a process strictly forbidden in the standard model, as a signal suitable for the search of noncommutativity of coordinates at very short distances. We compute the Z -> gamma gamma partial widthin the framework of ... More
Embedding complete holomorphic discs through discrete setsApr 03 2016Let U be the open unit disc in C and let B be the open unit ball in C^2. We prove that every discrete subset of B is contained in the range f(U) of a complete, proper holomorphic embedding f:U-->B. Here the completeness of f means that for any path p:[0,1)-->U ... More
High energy cosmic rays experiments inspired by noncommutative quantum field theoryOct 19 2012Phenomenological analysis of the covariant theta-exact noncommutative (NC) gauge field theory (GFT), inspired by high energy cosmic rays experiments, is performed in the framework of the inelastic neutrino-nucleon scatterings, plasmon and $Z$-boson decays ... More
Enveloping algebra Noncommutative SM: Renormalisability and High Energy Physics PhenomenologyJan 09 2009In this talk we discuss enveloping algebra based noncommutative gauge field theory, constructed at the first order in noncommutative parameter theta, as an effective, anomaly free theory, with one-loop renormalizable gauge sector. Limits on the scale ... More
Theoretical Particle Limiting Velocity From The Bicubic Equation: Neutrino ExampleJan 18 2014There has been a lot of interest in measuring the velocities of massive elementary particles, particularly the neutrinos. Some neutrino experi- ments at first observed superluminal neutrinos, thus violating the velocity of light c as a limiting velocity. ... More
Photon-neutrino interaction in theta-exact covariant noncommutative model: Phenomenology and Quantum properties*Dec 13 2011Apr 02 2012We construct the theta-exact covariant noncommutative (NC) model and obtain various closed constraints on the NC scale (Lambda_NC) from inelastic neutrino-nucleon scatterings (nu N -> nu+X), from plasmon decay into neutrino pair (gamma_pl -> bar nu + ... More
Charmless and Strangless Nonleptonic B DecaysNov 04 2005Decay rates of the B-meson are studied through charmless and strangless transitions into pi, rho, omega and gamma systems. The important features of these modes are their clean signatures. The CLEO II collaboration has recently reported the value BR(B^0 ... More
A complete complex hypersurface in the ball of C^NJan 14 2014In 1977 P.Yang asked whether there exist complete immersed complex submanifolds g : M^k --> C^N with bounded image. A positive answer is known for holomorphic curves (k=1) and partial answers are known for the case when k>1. The principal result of the ... More
Small families of complex lines for testing holomorphic extendibilityNov 26 2009Dec 03 2009Let B be the open unit ball in C^2 and let a, b be two points in B. It is known that for every positive integer k there is a function f in C^k(bB) which extends holomorphically into B along any complex line passing through either a or b yet f does not ... More
The Noncommutative Standard Model and Forbidden DecaysMay 18 2004May 24 2004In this contribution we discuss the Noncommutative Standard Model and the associated Standard Model-forbidden decays that can possibly serve as an experimental signature of space-time noncommutativity.
Comparison of social and physical free energies on a toy modelMay 03 2004Social free energy has been recently introduced as a measure of social action obtainable in a given social system, without changes in its structure. The authors of this paper argue that social free energy surpasses the gap between the verbally formulated ... More
Derivation of the nonlinear bending-torsion model for a junction of elastic rodsFeb 14 2011Feb 15 2011In this paper we derive the one-dimensional bending-torsion equilibrium model modeling the junction of straight rods. The starting point is a three-dimensional nonlinear elasticity equilibrium problem written as a minimization problem for a union of thin ... More
Complete embedded complex curves in the ball of $\mathbb{C}^2$ can have any topologyNov 21 2016In this paper we prove that the unit ball $\mathbb{B}$ of $\mathbb{C}^2$ admits complete properly embedded complex curves of any given topological type. Moreover, we provide examples containing any given closed discrete subset of $\mathbb{B}$.
The theta-exact Seiberg-Witten maps at the e3 orderJan 01 2015Jun 01 2015We study wo distinct theta-exact Seiberg-Witten (SW) map expansions, (I) and (II) respectively, up to the e3 order for the gauge parameter, gauge field and the gauge field strengths of the noncommutative U*(1) gauge theory on the Moyal space. We derive ... More
Two-Point Functions on Deformed SpacetimeFeb 25 2014Jul 29 2014We present a review of the one-loop photon ($\Pi$) and neutrino ($\Sigma$) two-point functions in a covariant and deformed $\rm U(1)$ gauge-theory on the 4-dimensional noncommutative spaces, determined by a constant antisymmetric tensor $\theta^{\mu\nu}$, ... More
Constraining spacetime noncommutativity with primordial nucleosynthesisJan 27 2009Apr 01 2009We discuss a constraint on the scale $\Lambda_{\rm NC}$ of noncommutative (NC) gauge field theory arising from consideration of the big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN) of light elements. The propagation of neutrinos in the NC background described by an antisymmetric ... More
Constraining noncommutative field theories with holographySep 15 2010Jan 19 2011An important window to quantum gravity phenomena in low energy noncommutative (NC) quantum field theories (QFTs) gets represented by a specific form of UV/IR mixing. Yet another important window to quantum gravity, a holography, manifests itself in effective ... More
Derivation of a poroelastic flexural shell modelApr 23 2015In this paper we investigate the limit behavior of the solution to quasi-static Biot's equations in thin poroelastic flexural shells as the thickness of the shell tends to zero and extend the results obtained for the poroelastic plate by Marciniak-Czochra ... More
Remarks on the 2nd order Seiberg-Witten mapsOct 11 2007Dec 03 2007In this report, we discuss the Seiberg-Witten maps up to the second order in the noncommutative parameter $\theta$. They add to the recently published solutions in [1]. Expressions for the vector, fermion and Higgs fields are given explicitly.
Scalable Variational Inference in Log-supermodular ModelsFeb 23 2015Feb 24 2015We consider the problem of approximate Bayesian inference in log-supermodular models. These models encompass regular pairwise MRFs with binary variables, but allow to capture high-order interactions, which are intractable for existing approximate inference ... More
Weighted opial inequalities for widder derivativesMar 11 2014In this paper, we establish some new general Opial inequalities for Widder derivatives.
On holomorphic functions with cluster sets of finite linear measureOct 21 2016We prove that if f is a holomorphic function on the open unit disc in C whose cluster set C(f) has finite linear measure and is such that the complement of C(f) has finitely many components, then the derivative of f belongs to the Hardy space H^1.
Learning Implicit Generative Models Using Differentiable Graph TestsSep 04 2017Recently, there has been a growing interest in the problem of learning rich implicit models - those from which we can sample, but can not evaluate their density. These models apply some parametric function, such as a deep network, to a base measure, and ... More
Proper holomorphic discs in C^2Jan 04 2001Feb 27 2001In this paper we investigate the global behavior of proper holomorphic maps f from the unit disc U={|z|<1} to C^2. The fact that U is transcendental imposes certain restrictions on the image f(U). For instance, f(U) cannot be contained in any proper complex ... More
Mixed formulation of the one-dimensional equilibrium model for elastic stentsMar 15 2017In this paper we formulate and analyze the mixed formulation of the one-dimensional equilibrium model of elastic stents. The model is based on the curved rod model for the inextensible and ushearable struts and is formulated in the weak form in \v{C}ani\'{c} ... More
Exclusive and Semi-Inclusive B Decays Based on \hspace{0.3cm} b $\rightarrow$ s \hspace{0.01cm}$η_c$ \hspace{0.3cm} TransitionJun 24 1994Jul 12 1994We calculate the semi-inclusive processes B $\rightarrow X_{s} \eta_c$ and relate it to B $\rightarrow X_{s} \psi$ in next to leading order QCD, and show how it can be used to determine an accurate value of $f_{\eta_{c}}$. The exclusive modes B $\rightarrow$ ... More
Inferring type and scale of noncommutativity from the PTOLEMY experimentNov 27 2017Jul 14 2018If neutrinos are Dirac particles and their right-handed component can be copiously produced in the early universe, then they could influence a direct observation of the cosmic neutrino background, which, most likely, will come about with the recently ... More
A construction of complete complex hypersurfaces in the ball with control on the topologySep 08 2015Aug 30 2016Given a closed complex hypersurface $Z\subset \mathbb{C}^{N+1}$ $(N\in\mathbb{N})$ and a compact subset $K\subset Z$, we prove the existence of a pseudoconvex Runge domain $D$ in $Z$ such that $K\subset D$ and there is a complete proper holomorphic embedding ... More
Jensen's operator inequality and its conversesJun 23 2006Dec 19 2006We give a general formulation of Jensen's operator inequality for unital fields of positive linear mappings, and we consider different types of converse inequalities.
Quantum duality under the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten mapJul 06 2016Sep 11 2016We show that in the perturbative regime defined by the coupling constant, the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten map applied to noncommutative U(N) Yang-Mills --with or without Supersymmetry-- gives an ordinary gauge theory which is, at the quantum level, dual ... More
Non-commutative SU(N) gauge theories and asymptotic freedomMar 02 2007Apr 21 2007In this paper we analyze the one-loop renormalization of the $\theta$-expanded $\rm SU(N)$ Yang-Mills theory. We show that the {\it freedom parameter} $a$, key to renormalization, originates from higher order non-commutative gauge interaction, represented ... More
Long Distance Contributions to Penguin Processes $b\rightarrow sγ$ and $b\rightarrow d γ$Dec 02 1994Jan 23 1995We consider the long distance contributions to inclusive penguin processes through processes like $b\rightarrow s V$ and $b\rightarrow d V$ where $V$ are $^3S_1(c\bar c)$ states $\psi_i$ in the former case and include $\rho$, $\omega$ for the latter case. ... More
Spacetime Deformation Effect on the Early Universe and the PTOLEMY ExperimentMar 14 2017Jun 13 2017Using a fully-fledged formulation of gauge field theory deformed by the spacetime noncommutativity, we study its impact on relic neutrino direct detection, as proposed recently by the PTOLEMY experiment. The noncommutative background tends to influence ... More
The one-loop renormalization of the gauge sector in the noncommutative standard modelSep 11 2006In this paper we construct a version of the standard model gauge sector on noncommutative space-time which is one-loop renormalizable to first order in the expansion in the noncommutativity parameter $\theta$. The one-loop renormalizability is obtained ... More
Super Yang-Mills and theta-exact Seiberg-Witten map: Absence of quadratic noncommutative IR divergencesFeb 03 2016Jun 02 2016We compute the one-loop 1PI contributions to all the propagators of the noncommutative N=1, 2, 4 super Yang-Mills (SYM) U(1) theories defined by the means of the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten (SW) map in the Wess-Zumino gauge. Then we extract the UV divergent ... More
Extension of Euler Lagrange identity by superquadratic power functionsJul 08 2011Using convexity and superquadracity we extend in this paper Euler Lagrange identity, Bohr's inequalitiy and the triangle inequality.
Neutrino dipole moments and charge radii in noncommutative space-timeFeb 21 2003Jul 05 2004In this paper we obtain a bound $\Lambda_{\rm NC} < 150$ TeV on the scale of space-time noncommutativity considering photon-neutrino interactions. We compute "star-dipole moments" and "star-charge radii" originating from space-time noncommutativity and ... More
Comment on triple gauge boson interactions in the non-commutative electroweak sectorSep 12 2003In this comment we present an analysis of electroweak neutral triple gauge boson couplings projected out of the gauge sector of the extended non-commutative standard model. A brief overview of the current experimental situation is given.
On Hölder and Minkowski Type InequalitiesFeb 17 2014Mar 18 2014We obtain inequalities of H\"{o}lder and Minkowski type with weights generalizing both the case of weights with alternating signs and the classical case of non-negative weights.
Photon polarization tensor on deformed spacetime: A four-photon-tadpole contributionJun 09 2015Feb 02 2016In this contribution to the Proceedings of the Corfu Summer Institute 2015 we present our study on photon self-interaction in the deformed U(1) gauge field theory defined via Seiberg-Witten map. We derive the theta-exact expressions for the four photon ... More
Improved Jensen-type inequalities via linear interpolation and applicationsOct 05 2016In this paper we develop a general method for improving Jensen-type inequalities for convex and, even more generally, for piecewise convex functions. Our main result relies on the linear interpolation of a convex function. As a consequence, we obtain ... More
Equivalence of quantum field theories related by the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten mapJun 10 2016Aug 19 2016The equivalence of the noncommutative U(N) quantum field theories related by the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten maps is in this letter proven to all orders in the perturbation theory with respect to the coupling constant. We show that this duality holds for ... More
Inferring type and scale of noncommutativity from the PTOLEMY experimentNov 27 2017If neutrinos are Dirac particles and their right-handed component can be copiously produced in the early universe, then they could influence a direct observation of the cosmic neutrino background, which, most likely, will come about with the recently ... More
Dark consequences from light neutrino condensationsSep 03 2008Nov 24 2008In this paper we discuss light neutrino dipole moments, computed in the neutrino-mass extended standard model (SM), as a possible source for neutrino condensates which may cause cosmological constant observed today.
Photon self-interaction on deformed spacetimeOct 29 2015Dec 02 2015A novel nonlocal four-photon interaction on the deformed spacetime is derived and studied in the three selected models (I, II, III). The first two models (I, II) are obtained via two distinct second-order $\theta$-exact Seiberg-Witten maps of the noncommutative ... More
Quantum noncommutative ABJM theory: first stepsNov 27 2017Apr 17 2018We introduce ABJM quantum field theory in the noncommutative spacetime by using the component formalism and show that it is N=6 supersymmetric. For the U(1)_{\kappa} x U(1)_{-\kappa} case, we compute all one-loop 1PI two and three point functions in the ... More
Statistical mechanics of an elastically pinned membrane: Equilibrium dynamics and power spectrumJun 27 2018In biological settings membranes typically interact locally with other membranes or the extracellular matrix in the exterior, as well as with internal cellular structures such as the cytoskeleton. Characterization of the dynamic properties of such interactions ... More
A Formal TLS Handshake Model in LNTMar 27 2018Testing of network services represents one of the biggest challenges in cyber security. Because new vulnerabilities are detected on a regular basis, more research is needed. These faults have their roots in the software development cycle or because of ... More
A Novel Method for Polarization Squeezing with Photonic Crystal FibersFeb 26 2009Dec 23 2009Photonic Crystal Fibers can be tailored to increase the effective Kerr nonlinearity, while producing smaller amounts of excess noise compared to standard silicon fibers. Using these features of Photonic Crystal Fibers we create polarization squeezed states ... More
Equivalence and/or quantum duality of the non/supersymmetric noncommutative field theories related by the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten mapSep 26 2016In this article we expound a discovery of the quantum equivalence/duality of U(N) noncommutative quantum field theories (NC QFT) related by the theta-exact Seiberg-Witten (SW) maps and at all orders in the perturbation theory with respect to the coupling ... More
UV/IR Mixing in Nonassociative Snyder phi^4 TheoryNov 27 2017Mar 25 2018Using a quantization of the nonassociative and noncommutative Snyder phi^4 scalar field theory in a Hermitian realization, we present in this article analytical formulas for the momentum-conserving part of the one-loop two-point function of this theory ... More
Fluid-structure interaction in blood flow capturing non-zero longitudinal structure displacementJun 30 2012We present a new model and a novel loosely coupled partitioned numerical scheme modeling fluid-structure interaction (FSI) in blood flow allowing non-zero longitudinal displacement. Arterial walls are modeled by a {linearly viscoelastic, cylindrical Koiter ... More
Yukawa couplings and seesaw neutrino masses in noncommutative gauge theorySep 14 2011Jul 21 2012We consider Yukawa couplings in a theta-exact approach to noncommutative gauge field theory and show that both Dirac and singlet Majorana neutrino mass terms can be consistently accommodated. This shows that in fact the whole neutrino-mass extended standard ... More
Modeling and discretization methods for the numerical simulation of elastic stentsDec 25 2018A new model description for the numerical simulation of elastic stents is proposed. Based on the new formulation an inf-sup inequality for the finite element discretization is proved and the proof of the inf-sup inequality for the continuous problem is ... More
Superquadratic functions and refinements of inequalities between averagesOct 24 2011In this paper upper bounds are given for the successive differences $A_{n+1}-A_{n}$ and B$_{n}-B_{n-1}$ where $A_{n}=1/(n-1) \tsum_{r=1}^{n-1}f(r/n)$, $B_{n}=1/(n+1) \tsum_{r=0}^{n}f(r/n)$ and $f$ is superquadratic function. We obtain bounds for the successive ... More
Off-axis MgB2 films using an in situ annealing pulsed laser deposition methodMar 31 2005Highly smooth and c-axis oriented superconducting MgB2 thin films were prepared by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) with off-axis geometry. The films were deposited on Al2O3-C substrates perpendicularly aligned to a stoichiometric MgB2 target in a 120 mTorr ... More
Nonassociative Snyder phi4 Quantum Field TheoryMar 31 2017Aug 30 2017In this article we define and quantize a truncated form of the nonassociative and noncommutative Snyder phi^4 field theory using the functional method in momentum space. More precisely, the action is approximated by expanding up to the linear order in ... More
Forbidden and invisible Z boson decays in covariant theta-exact noncommutative standard modelApr 27 2012Feb 15 2014The triple neutral gauge boson and direct U(1)_Y-neutrino interactions, being absent in ordinary field theory, can arise quite naturally in noncommutative gauge field theories. Using non-perturbative methods and a Seiberg-Witten map based covariant approach ... More
The photon-neutrino interaction in non-commutative gauge field theory and astrophysical boundsDec 19 2002Aug 15 2003In this letter we propose a possible mechanism of left- and right-handed neutrino couplings to photons, which arises quite naturally in non-commutative gauge field theory. We estimate the predicted additional energy-loss in stars induced by space-time ... More
Single Level Feature-to-Feature Forecasting with Deformable ConvolutionsJul 26 2019Future anticipation is of vital importance in autonomous driving and other decision-making systems. We present a method to anticipate semantic segmentation of future frames in driving scenarios based on feature-to-feature forecasting. Our method is based ... More
Non-recursive equivalent of the conjugate gradient method without the need to restartMar 25 2019A simple alternative to the conjugate gradient(CG) method is presented; this method is developed as a special case of the more general iterated Ritz method (IRM) for solving a system of linear equations. This novel algorithm is not based on conjugacy, ... More
Practical and Consistent Estimation of f-DivergencesMay 27 2019The estimation of an f-divergence between two probability distributions based on samples is a fundamental problem in statistics and machine learning. Most works study this problem under very weak assumptions, in which case it is provably hard. We consider ... More
Single-shot readout of hole spins in GeMar 05 2018Jul 24 2018The strong atomistic spin orbit coupling of holes makes single-shot spin readout measurements difficult because it reduces the spin lifetimes. By integrating the charge sensor into a high bandwidth radio-frequency reflectometry setup we were able to demonstrate ... More
Evaluating Generative Models Using Divergence FrontiersMay 26 2019Despite the tremendous progress in the estimation of generative models, the development of tools for diagnosing their failures and assessing their performance has advanced at a much slower pace. Recent developments have investigated metrics that quantify ... More
On Mutual Information Maximization for Representation LearningJul 31 2019Many recent methods for unsupervised or self-supervised representation learning train feature extractors by maximizing an estimate of the mutual information (MI) between different views of the data. This comes with several immediate problems: For example, ... More
Statistical mechanics of an elastically pinned membrane: Static profile and correlationsJun 13 2018Apr 02 2019The relation between thermal fluctuations and the mechanical response of a free membrane has been explored in great detail, both theoretically and experimentally. However, understanding this relationship for membranes, locally pinned by proteins, is significantly ... More
Ge hole spin qubitFeb 01 2018Apr 11 2018Holes confined in quantum dots have gained considerable interest in the past few years due to their potential as spin qubits. Here we demonstrate double quantum dot devices in Ge hut wires. Low temperature transport measurements reveal Pauli spin blockade. ... More
Heavy hole states in Germanium hut wiresJul 11 2016Hole spins have gained considerable interest in the past few years due to their potential for fast electrically controlled qubits. Here, we study holes confined in Ge hut wires, a so far unexplored type of nanostructure. Low temperature magnetotransport ... More
Genome Sequencing Highlights Genes Under Selection and the Dynamic Early History of DogsMay 31 2013Jun 04 2013To identify genetic changes underlying dog domestication and reconstruct their early evolutionary history, we analyzed novel high-quality genome sequences of three gray wolves, one from each of three putative centers of dog domestication, two ancient ... More