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Intrinsic Calibration of Depth Cameras for Mobile Robots using a Radial Laser ScannerJul 03 2019Depth cameras, typically in RGB-D configurations, are common devices in mobile robotic platforms given their appealing features: high frequency and resolution, low price and power requirements, among others. These sensors may come with significant, non-linear ... More
Automatic Multi-Sensor Extrinsic Calibration for Mobile RobotsJun 11 2019In order to fuse measurements from multiple sensors mounted on a mobile robot, it is needed to express them in a common reference system through their relative spatial transformations. In this paper, we present a method to estimate the full 6DoF extrinsic ... More
Segre decomposition of spacetimesFeb 11 1999Following a recent work in which it is shown that a spacetime admitting Lie-group actions may be disjointly decomposed into a a closed subset with no interior plus a dense finite union of open sets in each of which the character and dimension of the group ... More
Cylindrically symmetric dust spacetimeMay 16 2000We present an explicit exact solution of Einstein's equations for an inhomogeneous dust universe with cylindrical symmetry. The spacetime is extremely simple but nonetheless it has new surprising features. The universe is ``closed'' in the sense that ... More
A host of traveling waves in a model of three-dimensional water-wave dynamicsNov 20 2001We describe traveling waves in a basic model for three-dimensional water-wave dynamics in the weakly nonlinear long-wave regime. Small solutions that are periodic in the direction of translation (or orthogonal to it) form an infinite-dimensional family. ... More
On the minimum orbital intersection distance computation: a new effective methodJun 21 2018The computation of the Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance (MOID) is an old, but increasingly relevant problem. Fast and precise methods for MOID computation are needed to select potentially hazardous asteroids from a large catalogue. The same applies ... More
Distributed ReliefF based Feature Selection in SparkNov 01 2018Feature selection (FS) is a key research area in the machine learning and data mining fields, removing irrelevant and redundant features usually helps to reduce the effort required to process a dataset while maintaining or even improving the processing ... More
Signature Change on the BraneDec 27 2000Apr 27 2001We explore the possibility of having a good description of classical signature change in the brane scenario.
Signature of the interaction between dark energy and dark matter in observationsOct 27 2009Jul 14 2010We investigate the effect of an interaction between dark energy and dark matter upon the dynamics of galaxy clusters. This effect is computed through the Layser-Irvine equation, which describes how an astrophysical system reaches virial equilibrium and ... More
Apparent phase transitions in finite one-dimensional sine-Gordon latticesNov 15 2002We study the one-dimensional sine-Gordon model as a prototype of roughening phenomena. In spite of the fact that it has been recently proven that this model can not have any phase transition [J. A. Cuesta and A. Sanchez, J. Phys. A 35, 2373 (2002)], Langevin ... More
Properties of Bel currentsApr 26 2001The Bel tensor is divergence-free in some important cases leading to the existence of conserved currents associated to Killing vectors analogously to those of the energy-momentum tensor. When the divergence of the Bel tensor does not vanish one can study ... More
On power ideals of transversal matroids and their "parking functions"May 18 2018To a vector configuration one can associate a polynomial ideal generated by powers of linear forms, known as a power ideal, which exhibits many combinatorial features of the matroid underlying the configuration. In this note we observe that certain power ... More
Ultra broadband waveveguide coupler using an anisotropic sub-wavelength metamaterialJun 12 2016Jul 29 2016Multimode interference couplers are a fundamental building block in many integrated photonic systems, ranging from high-speed coherent receivers to quantum splitters. However, their basic structure has remained fundamentally unchanged for almost four ... More
Deployment in dynamic environmentsNov 17 2004Information and communication technologies are moving towards a new stage where applications will be dynamically deployed, uninstalled, updated and (re)configured. Several approaches have been followed with the goal of creating a fully automated and context-aware ... More
Features of the Extension of a Statistical Measure of Complexity to Continuous SystemsApr 12 2002We discuss some aspects of the extension to continuous systems of a statistical measure of complexity introduced by Lopez-Ruiz, Mancini and Calbet (LMC) [Phys. Lett. A 209 (1995) 321]. In general, the extension of a magnitude from the discrete to the ... More
Fully hadronic decays of a singly produced vector-like top partner at the LHCJan 23 2014Dec 09 2014Single production of vector-like top partners is becoming a major focus of new searches, as the increasing mass limits on vector-like quarks obtained by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations are such that single production is becoming competitive with respect ... More
Admissible Lichnerowicz coordinates for the Schwarzschild metricSep 10 2001Jan 21 2002Global harmonic coordinates for the complete Schwarzschild metric are found for a more general case than that addressed in a previous work by Quan-Hui Liu. The supplementary constant that appears, in addition to the mass, is related to the stress quadrupole ... More
Primordial Black Hole production in Critical Higgs InflationMay 13 2017Nov 28 2017Primordial Black Holes (PBH) arise naturally from high peaks in the curvature power spectrum of near-inflection-point single-field inflation, and could constitute today the dominant component of the dark matter in the universe. In this letter we explore ... More
Fitting and selecting scattering dataNov 30 2017The main purpose of scattering experiments is to unveil the underlying structure of the colliding particles and their interaction. Typically one measures scattering observables (cross sections and polarizations) at discrete angles and energies and mutually ... More
Vector Boson Fusion in the Inert Doublet ModelSep 28 2017Mar 13 2018In this paper we probe inert Higgs doublet model at the LHC using Vector Boson Fusion (VBF) search strategy. We optimize the selection cuts and investigate the parameter space of the model and we show that the VBF search has a better reach when compared ... More
The Unruh effect without thermalityApr 02 2018We show that uniformly accelerated detectors can display genuinely thermal features even if the Kubo-Martin-Schwinger (KMS) condition fails to hold. These features include satisfying thermal detailed balance and having a Planckian response identical to ... More
Distributed Correlation-Based Feature Selection in SparkJan 31 2019CFS (Correlation-Based Feature Selection) is an FS algorithm that has been successfully applied to classification problems in many domains. We describe Distributed CFS (DiCFS) as a completely redesigned, scalable, parallel and distributed version of the ... More
Precise dispersive determination of the f0(600) and f0(980) resonancesSep 06 2012We review our recent dispersive and model independent determination of the lightest two scalars, in terms of poles and residues - or mass, width and coupling- by means of once and twice subtracted Roy equations, using as input constrained fits to data, ... More
Lepton number violation in $B_s$ meson decays induced by an on-shell Majorana neutrinoAug 02 2017Apr 16 2018Lepton-number violation can be induced by the exchange of an on-shell Majorana neutrino $N$ in semileptonic $|\Delta L|=2$ decays of the $B_s$ meson, $B_s^0 \to P^-\pi^-\mu^+ \mu^+$ with $P=K, D_s$. We investigate the production of such a heavy sterile ... More
Millimeter Wave Dual-Band Multi-Beam Waveguide Lens-Based AntennaMar 18 2018A multi-beam antenna with a dual band operation in the 28 GHz and 31 GHz millimeter wave band is presented. The antenna has a gain of around 15 dBi in each of the three ports. The spatial footprint of the antenna is 166 mm x 123 mm x 34 mm. A waveguide ... More
Half-integer order Bessel beamsMay 30 2014Feb 21 2015Optical beams are solutions to the paraxial wave equation (PWE). In this work we report a new, to our knowledge, optical beam. We solve the PWE by using the angular spectrum of plane waves theory in circular cylindrical coordinates. This lead us to solutions ... More
Physical Conditions in the Narrow-Line Region of Markarian 3. I. Observational ResultsSep 20 2004We use Hubble Space Telescope/Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (HST/STIS) longslit low-resolution spectroscopy from 1150A to 10,300A to study the physical conditions in the narrow-line region (NLR) of the Seyfert 2 galaxy Markarian 3. We find from ... More
Ultra-fast control of magnetic relaxation in a periodically driven Hubbard modelJan 15 2017Oct 23 2017Motivated by cold atom and ultra-fast pump-probe experiments we study the melting of long-range antiferromagnetic order of a perfect N\'eel state in a periodically driven repulsive Hubbard model. The dynamics is calculated for a Bethe lattice in infinite ... More
IVOA recommendation: Parameter Description Language Version 1.0Sep 28 2015This document discusses the definition of the Parameter Description Language (PDL). In this language parameters are described in a rigorous data model. With no loss of generality, we will represent this data model using XML. It intends to be a expressive ... More
Fock space expansion of sigma meson in leading-NcJan 13 2011We examine the leading-Nc behavior of the masses and transition matrix elements of some low-lying, few-particle configurations in QCD. A truncation of the Fock space produces an effective, symmetric Hamiltonian that we diagonalize. The lowest eigenvalue ... More
Long-term optical polarization variability and multiwavelength analysis of Blazar Mrk 421Jul 18 2017The results of 8-year R-band photopolarimetric data of blazar Mrk 421 collected from February 2008 to May 2016 are presented, along with extensive multiwavelength observations covering from radio to TeV $\gamma$-rays around the flares observed in May ... More
The many faces of deep learningAug 25 2019Deep learning has sparked a network of mutual interactions between different disciplines and AI. Naturally, each discipline focuses and interprets the workings of deep learning in different ways. This diversity of perspectives on deep learning, from neuroscience ... More
The Age of the UniverseJan 29 1997In this article I review the main methods for determining the age of the Universe. I describe how to determine the age of the oldest known systems at z=0, the system of galactic globular clusters, using different techniques. I also describe how to date ... More
Logistic Regression as Soft Perceptron LearningAug 24 2017We comment on the fact that gradient ascent for logistic regression has a connection with the perceptron learning algorithm. Logistic learning is the "soft" variant of perceptron learning.
Electrostatic Performance of InSb, GaSb, Si and Ge p-channel NanowiresApr 25 2017The electrostatic performance of p-type nanowires (NWs) made of InSb and GaSb, with special focus on their gate capacitance behavior, is analyzed and compared to that achieved by traditional semiconductors usually employed for p-MOS such as Si and Ge. ... More
On global models for isolated rotating axisymmetric charged bodies; uniqueness of the exterior fieldJul 14 2005A relatively recent study by Mars and Senovilla provided us with a uniqueness result for the exterior vacuum gravitational field generated by an isolated distribution of matter in axial rotation in equilibrium in General Relativity. The generalisation ... More
Quantitative Prediction of Linear B-Cell EpitopesMar 07 2017In scientific literature, there are many programs that predict linear B-cell epitopes from a protein sequence. Each program generates multiple B-cell epitopes that can be individually studied. This paper defines a function called <C> that combines results ... More
The Design Principles of Konrad Zuse's Mechanical ComputersMar 08 2016Konrad Zuse built the Z1, a mechanical programmable computing machine, between 1935/36 and 1937/38. The Z1 was a binary floating-point computing device. The individual logical gates were constructed using metallic plates and interconnection rods. This ... More
The Keynesian Model in the General Theory: A TutorialAug 24 2017This small overview of the General Theory is the kind of summary I would have liked to have read, before embarking in a comprehensive study of the General Theory at the time I was a student. As shown here, the main ideas are quite simple and easy to visualize. ... More
Beyond the Standard Model of Physics with Astronomical ObservationsJul 09 2013There has been significant recent progress in observational cosmology. This, in turn, has provided an unprecedented picture of the early universe and its evolution. In this review I will present a (biased) view of how one can use these observational results ... More
The value of the equation of state of dark energyMay 20 2003From recent CMB and Large Scale Structure observations the value of the equation of state of dark energy, assuming it to be constant in time, is constrained to be -1.3<w<-0.7 at the 95% confidence level: consistent with dark energy being a classical vacuum ... More
Millimagnitude Optical Photometry for the Transiting Planetary Candidate OGLE-TR-109Apr 12 2006Apr 14 2006We present precise V-band photometry for the low-amplitude transit candidate star OGLE-TR-109. This is an extreme case among the transiting candidates found by the OGLE group because of the early spectral type of the star (F0V), of the low transit amplitude ... More
A recipe theorem for the topological Tutte polynomial of Bollobas and RiordanMar 15 2009In [A polynomial invariant of graphs on orientable surfaces, Proc. Lond. Math. Soc., III Ser. 83, No. 3, 513-531 (2001)] and [A polynomial of graphs on surfaces, Math. Ann. 323, 81-96 (2002)], Bollobas and Riordan generalized the classical Tutte polynomial ... More
Distance Hereditary Graphs and the Interlace PolynomialApr 04 2006Apr 14 2006The vertex-nullity interlace polynomial of a graph, described by Arratia, Bollob\'as and Sorkin as evolving from questions of DNA sequencing, and extended to a two-variable interlace polynomial by the same authors, evokes many open questions. These include ... More
The $ν$-Tamari lattice as the rotation lattice of $ν$-treesMay 09 2018We give a new interpretation of the $\nu$-Tamari lattice of Pr\'eville-Ratelle and Viennot in terms of a rotation lattice of $\nu$-trees. This uncovers the relation with known combinatorial objects such as north-east fillings, tree-like tableaux and subword ... More
Parity binomial edge idealsMar 02 2015Feb 14 2017Parity binomial edge ideals of simple undirected graphs are introduced. Unlike binomial edge ideals, they do not have square-free Gr\"obner bases and are radical if only if the graph is bipartite or the characteristic of the ground field is not two. The ... More
Breathers and Thermal Relaxation in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam ArraysOct 15 2002Breather stability and longevity in thermally relaxing nonlinear arrays depend sensitively on their interactions with other excitations. We review the relaxation of breathers in Fermi-Pasta-Ulam arrays, with a specific focus on the different relaxation ... More
Vardøhus Codes: Polar Codes Based on Castle Curves KernelsJan 21 2019In this paper, we show some applications of algebraic curves to the construction of kernels of polar codes over a discrete memoryless channel which is symmetric w.r.t the field operations. We will also study the minimum distance of the polar codes proposed, ... More
An Environmental Watch System for the Andean countries: El Observatorio AndinoJun 04 2010An experimental Environmental Watch System, the so-called Observatorio Andino-OA (Observatorio Andino), has been implemented in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile over the past two years. The OA is a collaborative and regional network ... More
High Responsivity and Quantum Efficiency of Graphene / Silicon Photodiodes Achieved by Interdigitating Schottky and Gated RegionsJul 13 2018Graphene / silicon (G/Si) heterostructures have been studied extensively in the past years for applications such as photodiodes, photodetectors and solar cells, with a growing focus on efficiency and performance. Here, a specific contact pattern scheme ... More
T35: a small automatic telescope for long-term observing campaignsFeb 18 2010The T35 is a small telescope (14") equipped with a large format CCD camera installed in the Sierra Nevada Observatory (SNO) in Southern Spain. This telescope will be a useful tool for the detecting and studying pulsating stars, particularly, in open clusters. ... More
Yang-Mills theory for semidirect products ${\rm G}\ltimes\mathfrak{g}^*$ and its instantonsAug 05 2014Jun 26 2015Yang-Mills theory with a symmetry algebra that is the semidirect product $\mathfrak{h}\ltimes\mathfrak{h}^*$ defined by the coadjoint action of a Lie algebra $\mathfrak{h}$ on its dual $\mathfrak{h}^*$ is studied. The gauge group is the semidirect product ... More
Millimagnitude Photometry for Transiting Extrasolar Planetary Candidates IV: The Puzzle of the Extremely Red OGLE-TR-82 Primary SolvedJul 09 2007We present precise new V, I, and K-band photometry for the planetary transit candidate star OGLE-TR-82. Good seeing V-band images acquired with VIMOS instrument at ESO VLT allowed us to measure V=20.6+-0.03 mag star in spite of the presence of a brighter ... More
Significant primordial star formation at redshifts z ~ 3-4Feb 20 2006Feb 27 2006Four recent observational results have challenged our understanding of high--redshift galaxies, as they require the presence of far more ultraviolet photons than should be emitted by normal stellar populations. First, there is significant ultraviolet ... More
Ages of globular clusters: breaking the age-distance degeneracy with the luminosity functionMar 14 1996We extend our previous method to determine globular cluster ages using the luminosity function (Jimenez \& Padoan 1996). We show that the luminosity function depends on both age and distance modulus and that it is possible to distinguish between the two. ... More
Pricing of Warrants with Stock Price Dependent Threshold ConditionsMar 17 2015Warrants with stock price dependent threshold conditions give the right to buy specially issued stocks, if the performance of the stock price satisfies some requirements. Existence of these derivatives changes the price process of the underlying. We show ... More
Insights into the robustness of control point configurations for homography and planar pose estimationMar 08 2018Jan 09 2019In this paper, we investigate the influence of the spatial configuration of a number of $n \geq 4$ control points on the accuracy and robustness of space resection methods, e.g. used by a fiducial marker for pose estimation. We find robust configurations ... More
Dynamic Markers: UAV landing proof of conceptSep 14 2017Jan 09 2019In this paper, we introduce a dynamic fiducial marker which can change its appearance according to the spatiotemporal requirements of the visual perception task of a mobile robot using a camera as the sensor. We present a control scheme to dynamically ... More
The noisy voter model under the influence of contrariansJul 09 2018The influence of contrarians on the noisy voter model is studied at the mean-field level. The noisy voter model is a variant of the voter model where agents can adopt two opinions, optimistic or pessimistic, and can change them by means of an imitation ... More
On the vanishing ideal of an algebraic toric set and its parameterized linear codesJul 21 2011Sep 16 2011Let K be a finite field and let X be a subset of a projective space, over the field K, which is parameterized by monomials arising from the edges of a clutter. We show some estimates for the degree-complexity, with respect to the revlex order, of the ... More
The second generalized Hamming weight of some evaluation codes arising from a projective torusNov 19 2016May 15 2018In this paper we find the second generalized Hamming weight of some evaluation codes arising from a projective torus, and it allows to compute the second generalized Hamming weight of the codes parameterized by the edges of any complete bipartite graph. ... More
Survey of Period Variations of Superhumps in SU UMa-Type Dwarf Novae. VI: The Sixth Year (2013-2014)Jun 25 2014Continuing the project described by Kato et al. (2009, PASJ, 61, S395, arXiv:0905.1757), we collected times of superhump maxima for 56 SU UMa-type dwarf novae mainly observed during the 2013-2014 season and characterized these objects. We detected negative ... More
Isometric actions of simple groups and transverse structures: The integrable normal caseMar 09 2010For actions with a dense orbit of a connected noncompact simple Lie group $G$, we obtain some global rigidity results when the actions preserve certain geometric structures. In particular, we prove that for a $G$-action to be equivalent to one on a space ... More
Topological Data Analysis of Single-cell Hi-C Contact MapsDec 04 2018In this article, we show how the recent statistical techniques developed in Topological Data Analysis for the Mapper algorithm can be extended and leveraged to formally define and statistically quantify the presence of topological structures coming from ... More
Arithmeticity of totally geodesic Lie foliations with locally symmetric leavesJan 08 2007R. Zimmer proved that, on a compact manifold, a foliation with a dense leaf, a suitable leafwise Riemannian symmetric metric and a transverse Lie structure has arithmetic holonomy group. In this work we improve such result for totally geodesic foliations ... More
Diagonal bases in Orlik-Solomon type algebrasJan 18 2002Jul 09 2003To encode an important property of the "no broken circuit bases" of the Orlik-Solomon-Terao algebras, Andras Szenes has introduced a particular type of bases, the so called "diagonal basis". We prove that this definition extends naturally to a large class ... More
Separately Radial and Radial Toeplitz Operators on the Unit Ball and Representation TheorySep 23 2015Jan 26 2016We study Toeplitz operators with separately radial and radial symbols on the weighted Bergman spaces on the unit ball. The unitary equivalence of such operators with multiplication operators on $\ell^2$ spaces was previously obtained by analytic methods ... More
An Orlik-Solomon type algebra for matroids with a fixed linear class of circuitsSep 27 2005Mar 01 2006A family C of circuits of a matroid M is a linear class if, given a modular pair of circuits in C}, any circuit contained in the union of the pair is also in C. The pair (M,C) can be seen as a matroidal generalization of a biased graph. We introduce and ... More
Isothermalization for a Non-local Heat EquationDec 17 2009Dec 05 2011n this paper we study the asymptotic behavior for a nonlocal heat equation in an inhomogenous medium: $$\rho(x)u_t=J\ast u-u \text{in}\mathbb{R}^N\times (0,\infty)\,,$$ where $\rho$ is a continous positive function, $u$ is nonnegative and $J$ is a probability ... More
Towards Automatic Global Error Control: Computable Weak Error Expansion for the Tau-Leap MethodApr 17 2010Dec 02 2010This work develops novel error expansions with computable leading order terms for the global weak error in the tau-leap discretization of pure jump processes arising in kinetic Monte Carlo models. Accurate computable a posteriori error approximations ... More
A Saito criterion for holonomic divisorsNov 28 2017Sep 11 2018We show that a holonomic divisor is free if and only if applying all logarithmic derivations to a generic function with isolated critical point yields a complete intersection Artin algebra.
Bifurcations in models of a society of reasonable contrarians and conformistsMar 03 2015Mar 08 2015We study models of a society composed of a mixture of conformist and reasonable contrarian agents that at any instant hold one of two opinions. Conformists tend to agree with the average opinion of their neighbors and reasonable contrarians to disagree, ... More
Kinetic layers and coupling conditions for macroscopic equations on networks I: the wave equationAug 25 2017We consider kinetic and associated macroscopic equations on networks. The general approach will be explained in this paper for a linear kinetic BGK model and the corresponding limit for small Knudsen number, which is the wave equation. Coupling conditions ... More
Entanglement of a alternating bipartition in spin chains: Relation with classical integrable modelsAug 07 2014Sep 01 2015We study the entanglement properties of a class of ground states defined by matrix product states, which are generalizations of the valence bond solid (VBS) state in one dimension. It is shown that the transfer matrix of these states can be related to ... More
A note on Tutte polynomials and Orlik-Solomon algebrasMar 15 2002Jul 30 2003Let A be a (central) arrangement of hyperplanes in a finite dimension complex vector space V. Let M(A) be the dependence matroid determined by A. The Orlik-Solomon algebra OS(M) of a matroid M is the exterior algebra on the points modulo the ideal generated ... More
When is hyponormality for 2-variable weighted shifts invariant under powers?Apr 18 2011For 2-variable weighted shifts W_{(\alpha,\beta)}(T_1, T_2) we study the invariance of (joint) k- hyponormality under the action (h,\ell) -> W_{(\alpha,\beta)}^{(h,\ell)}(T_1, T_2):=(T_1^k,T_2^{\ell}) (h,\ell >=1). We show that for every k >= 1 there ... More
Parrondo's games and the zipping algorithmFeb 20 2004We study the relation between the discrete--time version of the flashing ratchet known as Parrondo's games and a compression technique used very recently with thermal ratchets for evaluating the transfer of information -- negentropy -- between the Brownian ... More
D=4, N=1 orientifolds with vector structureJul 11 2000Aug 22 2000We construct compact type IIB orientifolds with discrete groups Z_4, Z_6, Z_6', Z_8, Z_12 and Z_12'. These models are N=1 supersymmetric in D=4 and have vector structure. The possibility of having vector structure in Z_N orientifolds with even N arises ... More
The role of virtual photons in quantum tunnelingDec 14 2018Quantum tunneling, a phenomenon which has no counterpart in classical physics, is the quantum-mechanical process by which a microscopic particle can transition through a potential barrier even when the energy of the incident particle is lower than the ... More
Measurements of Hadron Production in Pion-Carbon Interactions with NA61/SHINE at the CERN SPSJul 25 2017NA61/SHINE is a fixed target experiment designed to study hadron-proton, hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus interactions at the CERN Super-Proton-Synchrotron. In this proceeding we present results on spectra of identified hadrons produced in pion-carbon ... More
Two-Nucleon Systems in a Finite VolumeSep 30 2013Nov 06 2013I present the formalism and methodology for determining the nucleon-nucleon scattering parameters from the finite volume spectra obtained from lattice quantum chromodynamics calculations. Using the recently derived energy quantization conditions and the ... More
Generalized Lyapunov exponents of the random harmonic oscillator: cumulant expansion approachNov 24 2011The cumulant expansion is used to estimate generalized Lyapunov exponents of the random-frequency harmonic oscillator. Three stochastic processes are considered: Gaussian white noise, Ornstein-Uhlenbeck, and Poisson shot noise. In some cases, nontrivial ... More
MISO: An intermediate language to express parallel and dependable programsAug 22 2016One way to write fast programs is to explore the potential parallelism and take advantage of the high number of cores available in microprocessors. This can be achieved by manually specifying which code executes on which thread, by using compiler parallelization ... More
The full Fisher matrix for galaxy surveysAug 27 2011May 25 2012Starting from the Fisher matrix for counts in cells, I derive the full Fisher matrix for surveys of multiple tracers of large-scale structure. The key assumption is that the inverse of the covariance of the galaxy counts is given by the naive matrix inverse ... More
Distributed computing applied applied to the identification of new drugsDec 14 2010This work emphasizes the assets of implementing the distributed computing for the intensive use in computational science devoted to the search of new medicines that could be applied in public healthy problems.
M-theory lift of brane-antibrane systems and localised closed string tachyonsMar 26 2002Apr 24 2002We discuss the lift of certain D6-antiD6-brane systems to M-theory. These are purely gravitational configurations with a bolt singularity. When reduced along a trivial circle, and for large bolt radius, the bolt is related to a non-supersymmetric orbifold ... More
On the role of GRBs on life extinction in the UniverseSep 08 2014Nov 13 2014As a copious source of gamma-rays, a nearby Galactic Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) can be a threat to life. Using recent determinations of the rate of GRBs, their luminosity function and properties of their host galaxies, we estimate the probability that a life-threatening ... More
Hipparcos and the Age of the Galactic DiscSep 06 1997Sep 22 1997We have used the Hipparcos satellite colour magnitude diagram to determine the age of the Galactic disc. We first measure the metallicities of Hipparcos giants using DDO photometry (H{\o}g & Flynn 1997). With accurate metallicities and distances we compute ... More
Kinetic layers and coupling conditions for nonlinear scalar equations on networksJan 01 2018We consider a kinetic relaxation model and an associated macroscopic scalar nonlinear hyperbolic equation on a network. Coupling conditions for the macroscopic equations are derived from the kinetic coupling conditions via an asymptotic analysis near ... More
Quadratic Orlik-Solomon algebras of graphic matroidsJun 15 2001Jan 08 2003In this note we introduce a sufficient condition for the Orlik-Solomon algebra associated to a matroid M to be l-adic and we prove that this condition is necessary when M is binary (in particular graphic). Moreover, this result cannot be extended to the ... More
Groebner and diagonal bases in Orlik-Solomon type algebrasJun 11 2001Oct 07 2003The Orlik-Solomon algebra of a matroid M is the quotient of the exterior algebra on the points by the ideal I(M) generated by the boundaries of the circuits of the matroid. There is an isomorphism between the Orlik-Solomon algebra of a complex matroid ... More
Bulk-Edge correspondence of entanglement spectrum in 2D spin ground statesAug 16 2012Dec 04 2012General local spin $S$ ground states, described by a Valence Bond Solid (VBS) on a two dimensional lattice are studied. The norm of these ground states is mapped to a classical O(3) model on the same lattice. Using this quantum-to-classical mapping we ... More
On the Thermodynamics of the Swift-Hohenberg TheoryOct 01 2016We present the microbalance including the microforces, the first- and second-order microstresses for the Swift-Hohenberg equation concomitantly with their constitutive equations, which are consistent with the free-energy imbalance. We provide an explicit ... More
The minimum distance of parameterized codes on projective toriSep 25 2010Jul 21 2011Let X be a subset of a projective space, over a finite field K, which is parameterized by the monomials arising from the edges of a clutter. Let I(X) be the vanishing ideal of X. It is shown that I(X) is a complete intersection if and only if X is a projective ... More
A qualitative and numerical study or the matter-radiation interaction in Kantowski-Sachs cosmologiesOct 03 2002We examine, from both a qualitative and a numerical point of view, the evolution of Kantowski--Sachs cosmological models whose source is a mixture of a gas of weakly interacting massive particles (WIMP's) and a radiative gas made up of a ``tightly coupled'' ... More
Enhanced Pulse Propagation in Non-Linear Arrays of OscillatorsJun 29 1999Sep 06 1999The propagation of a pulse in a nonlinear array of oscillators is influenced by the nature of the array and by its coupling to a thermal environment. For example, in some arrays a pulse can be speeded up while in others a pulse can be slowed down by raising ... More
Vanishing Ideals Of Affine Sets Parameterized By Odd CyclesOct 31 2017Let K be a finite field. Let X* be a subset of the affine space Kn, which is parameterized by odd cycles. In this paper we give an explicit Gr\"obner basis for the vanishing ideal, I(X*), of X*. We give an explicit formula for the regularity of I(X*) ... More
On some consequences of the permutation paradigm for data anonymization: centrality of permutation matrices, universal measures of disclosure risk and information loss, evaluation by dominanceJan 29 2017Recently, the permutation paradigm has been proposed in data anonymization to describe any micro data masking method as permutation, paving the way for performing meaningful analytical comparisons of methods, something that is difficult currently in statistical ... More
Dispersion supported BB84 quantum key distribution using phase modulated lightJan 04 2010Jan 05 2010We propose and experimentally demonstrate that, contrary to what it was thought up to now, BB84 operation is feasible using the double phase modulator (PM-PM) configuration in frequency coded systems. This is achieved by exploiting the phase to intensity ... More
On the Schrodinger-Poisson-Slater system: behavior of minimizers, radial and nonradial casesApr 19 2009This paper is motivated by the study of a version of the so-called Schrodinger-Poisson-Slater problem: $$ - \Delta u + \omega u + \lambda (u^2 \star \frac{1}{|x|}) u=|u|^{p-2}u,$$ where $u \in H^1(\R^3)$. We are concerned mostly with $p \in (2,3)$. The ... More