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Learning Motor Resonance in Human-Human and Human-Robot Interaction with Coupled Dynamical SystemMay 10 2019Human interaction involves very sophisticated non-verbal communication skills like understanding the goals and actions of others and coordinating our own actions accordingly. Neuroscience refers to this mechanism as motor resonance, in the sense that ... More
Language Bootstrapping: Learning Word Meanings From Perception-Action AssociationNov 27 2017We address the problem of bootstrapping language acquisition for an artificial system similarly to what is observed in experiments with human infants. Our method works by associating meanings to words in manipulation tasks, as a robot interacts with objects ... More
Applying Domain Randomization to Synthetic Data for Object Category DetectionJul 16 2018Recent advances in deep learning-based object detection techniques have revolutionized their applicability in several fields. However, since these methods rely on unwieldy and large amounts of data, a common practice is to download models pre-trained ... More
Learning at the Ends: From Hand to Tool Affordances in Humanoid RobotsApr 09 2018One of the open challenges in designing robots that operate successfully in the unpredictable human environment is how to make them able to predict what actions they can perform on objects, and what their effects will be, i.e., the ability to perceive ... More
Cleaning tasks knowledge transfer between heterogeneous robots: a deep learning approachMar 13 2019Nowadays, autonomous service robots are becoming an important topic in robotic research. Differently from typical industrial scenarios, with highly controlled environments, service robots must show an additional robustness to task perturbations and changes ... More
Breaking symmetries to rescue Sum of Squares: The case of makespan schedulingNov 21 2018Nov 23 2018The Sum of Squares (SoS) hierarchy gives an automatized technique to create a family of increasingly tight convex relaxations for binary programs. There are several problems for which a constant number of rounds of the hierarchy give integrality gaps ... More
High-level Reasoning and Low-level Learning for Grasping: A Probabilistic Logic PipelineNov 04 2014While grasps must satisfy the grasping stability criteria, good grasps depend on the specific manipulation scenario: the object, its properties and functionalities, as well as the task and grasp constraints. In this paper, we consider such information ... More
Anharmonicity in multifrequency atomic force microscopyJul 11 2014In multifrequency atomic force microscopy higher eigenmodes are externally excited to enhance resolution and contrast while simultaneously increasing the number of experimental observables with the use of gentle forces. Here, the implications of externally ... More
Quasivariational solutions for first order quasilinear equations with gradient constraintJan 30 2012We prove the existence of solutions for an evolution quasi-variational inequality with a first order quasilinear operator and a variable convex set, which is characterized by a constraint on the absolute value of the gradient that depends on the solution ... More
On nonlocal variational and quasi-variational inequalities with fractional gradientMar 06 2019We extend classical results on variational inequalities with convex sets with gradient constraint to a new class of fractional partial differential equations in a bounded domain with constraint on the distributional Riesz fractional gradient, the $\sigma$-gradient ... More
Variational and Quasi-Variational Inequalities with Gradient Type ConstraintsSep 06 2018This survey on stationary and evolutionary problems with gradient constraints is based on developments of monotonicity and compactness methods applied to large classes of scalar and vectorial solutions to variational and quasi-variational inequalities. ... More
On the first stability eigenvalue of surfaces with constant weighted mean curvatureMar 20 2015Let $\Sigma$ be a compact immersed surface with constant weighted mean curvature $H_f$ in a weighted manifold $(M^3,g,f)$. In this paper we obtain upper bounds for the first eigenvalue of the weighted Jacobi operator on $\Sigma$ in terms of $H_f$ and ... More
Solutions for linear conservation laws with gradient constraintsFeb 03 2015We consider variational inequality solutions with prescribed gradient constraints for first order linear boundary value problems. For operators with coefficients only in $L^2$, we show the existence and uniqueness of the solution by using a combination ... More
Strong Algorithms for the Ordinal Matroid Secretary ProblemFeb 06 2018In the ordinal Matroid Secretary Problem (MSP), elements from a weighted matroid are presented in random order to an algorithm that must incrementally select a large weight independent set. However, the algorithm can only compare pairs of revealed elements ... More
Inhabitation in Simply-Typed Lambda-Calculus through a Lambda-Calculus for Proof SearchApr 07 2016Mar 11 2017A new, comprehensive approach to inhabitation problems in simply-typed lambda-calculus is shown, dealing with both decision and counting problems. This approach works by exploiting a representation of the search space generated by a given inhabitation ... More
Synergies between intensity maps of hydrogen linesMar 19 2018Jun 26 2018We study synergies between HI 21cm and H$\alpha$ intensity map observations, focusing on SKA1-like and SPHEREx-like surveys. We forecast how well such a combination can measure features in the angular power spectrum on the largest scales, that arise from ... More
Evolutionary quasi-variational and variational inequalities with constraints on the derivativesMay 16 2018Sep 06 2018This paper considers a general framework for the study of the existence of quasi-variational and variational solutions to a class of nonlinear evolution systems in convex sets of Banach spaces describing constraints on a linear combination of partial ... More
The nonlinear N-membranes evolution problemDec 09 2008The parabolic N-membranes problem for the p-Laplacian and the complete order constraint on the components of the solution is studied in what concerns the approximation, the regularity and the stability of the variational solutions. We extend to the evolutionary ... More
e-commerce business models in the context of web3.0 paradigmJan 09 2014Web 3.0 promises to have a significant effect in users and businesses. It will change how people work and play, how companies use information to market and sell their products, as well as operate their businesses. The basic shift occurring in Web 3.0 ... More
A Coinductive Approach to Proof SearchSep 04 2013We propose to study proof search from a coinductive point of view. In this paper, we consider intuitionistic logic and a focused system based on Herbelin's LJT for the implicational fragment. We introduce a variant of lambda calculus with potentially ... More
Phenotypic Plasticity, the Baldwin Effect, and the Speeding up of Evolution: the Computational Roots of an IllusionNov 25 2014An increasing number of dissident voices claim that the standard neo-Darwinian view of genes as 'leaders' and phenotypes as 'followers' during the process of adaptive evolution should be turned on its head. This idea is older than the rediscovery of Mendel's ... More
First-principles investigation of spin wave dispersions in surface-reconstructed Co thin films on W(110)Dec 03 2016Apr 10 2017We computed spin wave dispersions of surface-reconstructed Co films on the W(110) surface in the adiabatic approximation. The magnetic exchange interactions are obtained via first-principles electronic structure calculations using the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker ... More
Homogenization of functional with linear growth in the context of $\mathcal{A}$-quasiconvexityOct 02 2014This work deals with the homogenization of functionals with linear growth in the context of $\mathcal{A}$-quasiconvexity. A representation theorem is proved, where the new integrand function is obtained by solving a cell problem where the coupling between ... More
On a p-curl system arising in electromagnetismSep 02 2010We prove existence of solution of a $p$-curl type evolutionary system arising in electromagnetism with a power nonlinearity of order $p$, $1<p<\infty$, assuming natural tangential boundary conditions. We consider also the asymptotic behaviour in the power ... More
A Coinductive Approach to Proof Search through Typed Lambda-CalculiFeb 13 2016Jul 28 2016In reductive proof search, proofs are naturally generalized by solutions, comprising all (possibly infinite) structures generated by locally correct, bottom-up application of inference rules. We propose a rather natural extension of the Curry-Howard paradigm ... More
Morse-like squeezed coherent states and some of their propertiesJun 03 2018Using the f-deformed oscillator formalism, we introduce two types of squeezed coherent states for a Morse potential system (Morse-like squeezed coherent states) through the following definitions: i) as approximate eigenstates of a linear combination of ... More
Self and turbo iterations for MIMO receivers and large-scale systemsMay 14 2018Jan 10 2019We investigate a turbo soft detector based on the expectation propagation (EP) algorithm for large-scale multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. Optimal detection in MIMO systems becomes computationally unfeasible for high-order modulations and/or ... More
First-principles calculations of iron-hydrogen reactions in siliconJun 06 2018Jun 29 2018Controlling the contamination of silicon materials by iron, especially dissolved interstitial iron (Fe$_{\mathrm{i}}$), is a longstanding problem with recent developments and several open issues. Among these we have the question whether hydrogen can assist ... More
Constrained Conditional Moment Restriction ModelsSep 21 2015This paper examines a general class of inferential problems in semiparametric and nonparametric models defined by conditional moment restrictions. We construct tests for the hypothesis that at least one element of the identified set satisfies a conjectured ... More
Boosting Named Entity Recognition with Neural Character EmbeddingsMay 19 2015May 25 2015Most state-of-the-art named entity recognition (NER) systems rely on handcrafted features and on the output of other NLP tasks such as part-of-speech (POS) tagging and text chunking. In this work we propose a language-independent NER system that uses ... More
Measure of gap and inequalities in basic education students proficienciesMay 24 2018May 31 2018This study uses students performance on standardized tests as evidence of the quality of education and introduces a methodology based on the comparison of performance distributions to produce indicators for both the level achieved by the students and ... More
Data-driven, structure-based hyperelastic manifolds: A macro-micro-macro approachMar 27 2019In this paper, we introduce a novel approach to obtain the stored energy of rubber-like materials directly from experimental data. The model is structure-based, in which the only assumption is the existence of an isotropic distribution of fibres, chains ... More
Lorentz violation, Two times physics and StringsJun 17 2011We study a recently proposed generalization of the relativistic particle by Kosteleck\'y, that includes explicit Lorentz violation. We present an alternative action for this system and we show that this action can be interpreted as a particle in curved ... More
Cosmology with intensity mapping techniques using atomic and molecular linesJul 18 2016Dec 07 2016We present a systematic study of the intensity mapping technique using updated models for the different emission lines from galaxies and identify which ones are more promising for cosmological studies of the post reionization epoch. We consider the emission ... More
Entanglement detachment in fermionic systemsSep 18 2018This article introduces and discusses the concept of entanglement detachment. Under some circumstances, enlarging a few couplings of a Hamiltonian can effectively detach a (possibly disjoint) block within the ground state. This detachment is characterized ... More
Cosmology from a Lagrangian formulation for Rastall's theoryJan 27 2017We give a Lagrangian formulation for the theory of Rastall of gravitation. After proposing a Lagrangian density that reproduces the equations of motion postulated by Rastall, we study the cosmological consequences and fit the parameters using recent data ... More
Scalar perturbations in a Friedmann-like metric with non-null Weyl tensorAug 23 2013Jun 09 2015In a previous work the authors have solved the Einstein equations of General Relativity for a class of metrics with constant spatial curvature, where it was found a non vanishing Weyl tensor in the presence of a primordial magnetic field with an anisotropic ... More
Classification of finite irreducible modules over the Lie conformal superalgebra CK6Oct 18 2011We classify all continuous degenerate irreducible modules over the exceptional linearly compact Lie superalgebra E(1, 6), and all finite degenerate irreducible modules over the exceptional Lie conformal superalgebra CK6, for which E(1, 6) is the annihilation ... More
On the Free Fractional Wishart ProcessApr 20 2015Oct 07 2016We investigate the process of eigenvalues of a fractional Wishart process defined as N=B*B, where B is a matrix fractional Brownian motion recently studied by Nualart and P\'erez-Abreu. Using stochastic calculus with respect to the Young integral we show ... More
Combinatorial and Arithmetical Properties of the Restricted and Associated Bell and Factorial NumbersJul 25 2017Jul 31 2017Set partitions and permutations with restrictions on the size of the blocks and cycles are important combinatorial sequences. Counting these objects lead to the sequences generalizing the classical Stirling and Bell numbers. The main focus of the present ... More
Emergent Behavior in Multipartite Large Networks: Multi-virus EpidemicsJun 26 2013Epidemics in large complete networks is well established. In contrast, we consider epidemics in non-complete networks. We establish the fluid limit macroscopic dynamics of a multi-virus spread over a multipartite network as the number of nodes at each ... More
Conformal Killing vector fields and a virial theoremOct 08 2014The virial theorem is formulated both intrinsically and in local coordinates for a Lagrangian system of mechanical type on a Riemann manifold. An import case studied in this paper is that of an affine virial function associated to a vector field on the ... More
Engineering large end-to-end correlations in finite fermionic chainsSep 17 2018We explore deformations of finite chains of independent fermions which give rise to large correlations between their extremes. After a detailed study of the Su-Schrieffer-Heeger (SSH) model, the trade-off curve between end-to-end correlations and the ... More
A double EP-based proposal for turbo equalizationFeb 04 2019This letter deals with the application of the expectation propagation (EP) algorithm to turbo equalization. The EP has been successfully applied to obtain either a better approximation at the output of the equalizer or at the output of the channel decoder ... More
Kinetic Theory of Soft Matter. The Penetrable-Square-Well ModelSep 26 2018The penetrable-square-well (PSW) pair interaction potential is defined as $\phi (r)=\epsilon_r$ if the two interacting particles are overlapped ($r<\sigma$), $\phi(r)=-\epsilon_a$ inside a corona ($\sigma <r<\lambda$), and $\phi(r)=0$ otherwise ($r>\lambda$). ... More
Heavy Resonances in the Electroweak Effective LagrangianSep 15 2015Jan 27 2019As a first step towards the construction of a general electroweak effective Lagrangian incorporating heavy states, we present here a simplified version where only vector and axial-vector spin-1 triplets are involved. We adopt an effective field theory ... More
Displacement convexity for the entropy in semidiscrete nonlinear Fokker-Planck equationsNov 15 2016The displacement $\lambda$-convexity of a nonstandard entropy with respect to a nonlocal transportation metric in finite state spaces is shown using a gradient flow approach. The constant $\lambda$ is computed explicitly in terms of a priori estimates ... More
Foliations, solvability and global injectivityMar 24 2016Let F: R^n -> R^n be a C^\infty map such that DF(x) is invertible for all x in R^n. We know that F is a local diffeomorphism but, in general, it is not globally injective. We discuss the relations between some additional hypothesis that guarantee the ... More
Early Signals from Volumetric DDoS Attacks: An Empirical StudySep 30 2016May 23 2017Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a common type of Cybercrime. It can strongly damage a company reputation and increase its costs. Attackers improve continuously their strategies. They doubled the amount of unleashed communication requests in volume, ... More
On the linear convergence of the circumcentered-reflection methodNov 23 2017Nov 27 2017In order to accelerate the Douglas--Rachford method we recently developed the circumcentered--reflection method, which provides the closest iterate to the solution among all points relying on successive reflections, for the best approximation problem ... More
Simulated multi-tracer analyses with HI intensity mappingAug 09 2018We use full sky simulations, including the effects of foreground contamination and removal, to explore multi-tracer synergies between a SKA-like 21cm intensity mapping survey and a LSST-like photometric galaxy redshift survey. In particular we study ratios ... More
Magnetic fields and the Weyl tensor in the early universeFeb 13 2014Sep 10 2014We have solved the Einstein-Maxwell equations for a class of isotropic metrics with constant spatial curvature in the presence of magnetic fields. We consider a slight modification of the Tolman averaging relations so that the energy-momentum tensor of ... More
Local image registration a comparison for bilateral registration mammographyAug 12 2013Early tumor detection is key in reducing the number of breast cancer death and screening mammography is one of the most widely available and reliable method for early detection. However, it is difficult for the radiologist to process with the same attention ... More
Epidemics in Multipartite Networks: Emergent DynamicsJun 28 2013Single virus epidemics over complete networks are widely explored in the literature as the fraction of infected nodes is, under appropriate microscopic modeling of the virus infection, a Markov process. With non-complete networks, this macroscopic variable ... More
Identification of the Risk Related to a Process on Hospital Emergency Service: a Case StudyDec 07 2011Apr 10 2012This paper, framed in a vast investigation, describes the application of techniques and methodologies in Organizational Engineering connected to the associated risk to the processes developed in an Emergency Service of an important Portuguese Hospital. ... More
Two-photon processes based on quantum commutatorsJan 21 2018We developed a new method to calculate two-photon processes in quantum mechanics that replaces the infinite summation over the intermediate states by a perturbation expansion. This latter consists of a series of commutators that involve position, momentum ... More
Optimised angular power spectra for spectroscopic galaxy surveysMar 28 2018Mar 11 2019The angular power spectrum is a gauge-independent observable that is in principle the natural tool for analysing galaxy number counts. In practice, the problem is that the computational requirements for next-generation spectroscopic surveys such as Euclid ... More
Virial theorem in quasi-coordinates and Lie algebroid formalismMay 26 2014May 27 2014In this paper, the geometric approach to the virial theorem developed in \cite{CFR12} is written in terms of quasi-velocities (see \cite{CNCS07}). A generalization of the virial theorem for mechanical systems on Lie algebroids is also given, using the ... More
Equalization with Expectation Propagation at Smoothing LevelSep 04 2018Feb 04 2019In this paper we propose a smoothing turbo equalizer based on the expectation propagation (EP) algorithm with quite improved performance compared to the Kalman smoother, at similar complexity. In scenarios where high-order modulations or/and large memory ... More
Recursive Estimation of Dynamic RSS Fields Based on Crowdsourcing and Gaussian ProcessesJun 07 2018Dec 21 2018In this paper, we address the estimation of a time-varying spatial field of received signal strength (RSS) by relying on measurements from randomly placed and not very accurate sensors. We employ a radio propagation model where the path loss exponent ... More
Preorder Construct on Simple Undirected GraphsMar 09 2017We construct a novel preorder on the set of nodes of a simple undirected graph. We prove that the preorder (induced by the topology of the graph) is preserved, e.g., by the logistic dynamical system (both in discrete and continuous time). Moreover, the ... More
On labeling Android malware signatures using minhashing and further classification with Structural Equation ModelsSep 13 2017Multi-scanner Antivirus systems provide insightful information on the nature of a suspect application; however there is often a lack of consensus and consistency between different Anti-Virus engines. In this article, we analyze more than 250 thousand ... More
Constraining CPT-odd nonminimal interactions in the Electroweak sectorNov 16 2016In this work, we propose two possibilities of CPT-odd and Lorentz-violating (LV) nonminimal couplings in the Electroweak sector. These terms are gauge-invariant and couple a fixed 4-vector to the physical fields of the theory. After determining the LV ... More
Quasinormal frequencies of self-dual black holesSep 14 2015Apr 12 2016One simplified black hole model constructed from a semiclassical analysis of loop quantum gravity (LQG) is called self-dual black hole. This black hole solution depends on a free dimensionless parameter P known as the polymeric parameter and also on the ... More
Wearing a single DNA molecule with an AFM tipJun 11 2015While the fundamental limit on the resolution achieved in an atomic force microscope (AFM) is clearly related to the tip radius, the fact that the tip can creep and/or wear during an experiment is often ignored. This is mainly due to the difficulty in ... More
A dimension five Lorentz-violating nonminimal coupling for mesons in the KLZ modelAug 06 2018Mar 15 2019We investigate a dimension five Lorentz-violating (LV) nonminimal coupling between the neutral vector meson field strength and the pion current in the context of the Kroll-Lee-Zumino (KLZ) model. In this modified model we study the vector meson dominance ... More
Numerical wind tunnelsSep 22 2015Dec 07 2015Flow of viscous fluids are not usually discussed in detail in general and basic courses of physics. This is due in part to the fact that the Navier-Stokes equation has analytical solution only for a few restricted cases, while more sophisticated problems ... More
Multiwavelength observations of a bright impact flash during the January 2019 total lunar eclipseMay 11 2019We discuss here a lunar impact flash recorded during the total lunar eclipse that occurred on 2019 January 21, at 4h 41m 38.09 +- 0.01 s UT. This is the first time ever that an impact flash is unambiguously recorded during a lunar eclipse and discussed ... More
Lorentz-violating nonminimal coupling in the Kroll-Lee-Zumino model and vector meson dominanceAug 06 2018We investigate the Kroll-Lee-Zumino (KLZ) model in the presence of a Lorentz-violating (LV) nonminimal coupling between the neutral vector meson field strength and the pion current. In this modified model the usual vector meson dominance (VMD) is fulfilled ... More
A note on the fuzzy sphere area spectrum, black hole luminosity, and the quantum nature of spacetimeSep 16 2014Non-commutative corrections to the classical expression for the fuzzy sphere area are found out through the asymptotic expansion for its heat kernel trace. As an important consequence, some quantum gravity deviations in the luminosity of black holes must ... More
Spin-resolved inelastic electron scattering by spin waves in noncollinear magnetsJan 08 2018Apr 19 2018Topological non-collinear magnetic phases of matter are at the heart of many proposals for future information nanotechnology, with novel device concepts based on ultra-thin films and nanowires. Their operation requires understanding and control of the ... More
Automatic generation of object shapes with desired functionalitiesMay 30 2018Oct 16 20183D objects (artefacts) are made to fulfill functions. Designing an object often starts with defining a list of functionalities that it should provide, also known as functional requirements. Today, the design of 3D object models is still a slow and largely ... More
Revisiting the Fe XVII line emission problem: High-resolution laboratory measurements of the 3s-2p and 3d-2p line-formation channelsMar 11 2019We determined relative X-ray photon emission cross sections in Fe XVII ions that were mono-energetically excited in an electron beam ion trap. Line formation for the 3s-2p and 3d-2p transitions of interest proceeds through dielectronic recombination (DR), ... More
Exploring the robustness of features and enhancement on speech recognition systems in highly-reverberant real environmentsMar 23 2018This paper evaluates the robustness of a DNN-HMM-based speech recognition system in highly-reverberant real environments using the HRRE database. The performance of locally-normalized filter bank (LNFB) and Mel filter bank (MelFB) features in combination ... More
An excitable electronic circuit as a sensory neuron modelOct 03 2011An electronic circuit device, inspired on the FitzHugh-Nagumo model of neuronal excitability, was constructed and shown to operate with characteristics compatible with those of biological sensory neurons. The nonlinear dynamical model of the electronics ... More
Quasi-normal modes of black holes and naked singularities: revisiting the WKB methodMar 12 2019Apr 24 2019In this paper we revisit the analysis of the ringdown frequencies in the form of quasi-normal modes for Schwarzschild,Schwarzschild de-Sitter and Reissner-Nordstr\"om space-times. We plot these frequencies, using the third-order WKB semi-analytical method ... More
Long Wavelength Instability for Uniform Shear FlowApr 30 1996Uniform Shear Flow is a prototype nonequilibrium state admitting detailed study at both the macroscopic and microscopic levels via theory and computer simulation. It is shown that the hydrodynamic equations for this state have a long wavelength instability. ... More
Quantum interference in laser spectroscopy of highly charged lithiumlike ionsFeb 22 2018We investigate the quantum interference induced shifts between energetically close states in highly charged ions, with the energy structure being observed by laser spectroscopy. In this work, we focus on hyperfine states of lithiumlike heavy-$Z$ isotopes ... More
Thermodynamic Limit of Interacting Particle Systems over Time-varying Sparse Random NetworksFeb 26 2017We establish a functional weak law of large numbers for observable macroscopic state variables of interacting particle systems (e.g., voter and contact processes) over fast time-varying sparse random networks of interactions. We show that, as the number ... More
Multiplicity of solutions for resonant and non-resonant asymptotically linear elliptic problemsAug 10 2017Sep 13 2018Results about existence of a signed ground state solution and multiple solutions (if $f$ is odd with respect to the second variable) are proven for a class of asymptotically linear elliptic problems involving a Carath\'eodory type nonlinearity satisfying ... More
Modern finite-size criticality: Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditionsSep 18 2015Dec 30 2016Finite-size critical systems defined on a parallel plate geometry of finite extent along one single ($z$) direction with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions at $z=0,L$ are analyzed in momentum space. We introduce a modified representation for the ... More
Strong Attractors in Stochastic Adaptive Networks: Emergence and CharacterizationMay 30 2016We propose a family of models to study the evolution of ties in a network of interacting agents by reinforcement and penalization of their connections according to certain local laws of interaction. The family of stochastic dynamical systems, on the edges ... More
Neumann boundary conditions with null external quasi-momenta in finite-systemsJan 05 2017Feb 16 2017The order parameter of a critical system defined in a layered parallel plate geometry subject to Neumann boundary conditions at the limiting surfaces is studied. We utilize a one-particle irreducible vertex parts framework in order to study the critical ... More
A speculative study of non-linear Arrhenius plot by using fractional calculusMar 22 2016In this study, the Van't Hoff differential equation is taken under consideration by making use of fractional derivative tools. In this context, the nonlinear Arrhenius behaviour can be obtained and some experimental values of reaction rate as function ... More
Relativistic evaluation of the two-photon decay of the metastable ${1s}^{2} 2s 2p~^3\mbox{P}_0$ state in berylliumlike ions with an active-electron modelAug 25 2015Aug 26 2015The two-photon ${1s}^{2} 2s 2p~^3\mbox{P}_0 \rightarrow {1s}^{2} {2s}^2$ $^1\mbox{S}_0$ transition in berylliumlike ions is theoretically investigated within a full relativistic framework and a second-order perturbation theory. We focus our analysis on ... More
First variation of the Hausdorff measure of non-horizontal submanifolds in stratified Lie groupsApr 05 2014Dec 23 2015We determine necessary conditions for a non-horizontal submanifold of a sub-Riemannian stratified Lie group to be of minimal measure. We calculate the first variation of the measure for a non-horizontal submanifold and find that the minimality condition ... More
On the Binary Lossless Many-Help-One Problem with Independently Degraded HelpersJan 23 2017Jan 10 2019Although the rate region for the lossless many-help-one problem with independently degraded helpers is already "solved", its solution is given in terms of a convex closure over a set of auxiliary random variables. Thus, for any such a problem in particular, ... More
A study of the galaxy redshift distribution toward the cosmic microwave background cold spot in the Corona Borealis superclusterDec 28 2009We present a study of the spatial and redshift distributions of Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) galaxies toward the position of CrB-H, a very deep and extended decrement in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), located within the Corona Borealis supercluster ... More
Relativistic correlation correction to the binding energies of the ground configuration of Beryllium-like, Neon-like, Magnesium-like and Argon-like ionsSep 05 2005Total electronic correlation correction to the binding energies of the isoelectronic series of Beryllium, Neon, Magnesium and Argon, are calculated in the framework of relativistic multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock method. Convergence of the correlation energies ... More
Relativistic polarization analysis of Rayleigh scattering by atomic hydrogenAug 15 2012A relativistic analysis of the polarization properties of light elastically scattered by atomic hydrogen is performed, based on the Dirac equation and second order perturbation theory. The relativistic atomic states used for the calculations are obtained ... More
Photon sector analysis of Super and Lorentz symmetry breaking: effective photon mass, bi-refringence and dissipationSep 14 2017Sep 16 2018Within the Standard Model Extension (SME), we expand our previous findings on four classes of violations of Super-Symmetry (SuSy) and Lorentz Symmetry (LoSy), differing in the handedness of the Charge conjugation-Parity-Time reversal (CPT) symmetry and ... More
How Reliable and Capable is Multi-Connectivity?Mar 29 2017Oct 10 2018Multi-connectivity (MCo) is considered to be a key strategy for enabling reliable transmissions and enhanced data rates in fifth-generation mobile networks, as it provides multiple links from source to destination. In this work, we quantify the communication ... More
Global embedding of D-dimensional black holes with a cosmological constant in Minkowskian spacetimes: Matching between Hawking temperature and Unruh temperatureDec 07 2004We study the matching between the Hawking temperature of a large class of static D-dimensional black holes and the Unruh temperature of the corresponding higher dimensional Rindler spacetime. In order to accomplish this task we find the global embedding ... More
Correspondence Analysis of Government Expenditure PatternsNov 29 2018We analyze expenditure patterns of discretionary funds by Brazilian congress members. This analysis is based on a large dataset containing over $7$ million expenses made publicly available by the Brazilian government. This dataset has, up to now, remained ... More
Complex-Valued Kernel Methods for RegressionOct 31 2016Usually, complex-valued RKHS are presented as an straightforward application of the real-valued case. In this paper we prove that this procedure yields a limited solution for regression. We show that another kernel, here denoted as pseudo kernel, is needed ... More
Spiral magnetic phases on the Kondo Lattice Model: A Hartree-Fock approachJun 02 2015Oct 12 2016We study the Kondo Lattice Model (KLM) on a square lattice through a Hartree-Fock approximation in which the local spins are treated semi-classically, in the sense that their average values are modulated by a magnetic wavevector $\mathbf{Q}$ while they ... More
Radiating Spherical Collapse for an Inhomogeneous Interior SolutionJun 25 2018We analyze the problem of gravitational collapse considering the matching of an exterior region described by the Vaidya's metric and an interior region described by a spherically symmetric shear-free inhomogeneous geometry sourced by a viscous fluid. ... More
Heavy resonances and the electroweak effective theoryNov 26 2018Taking into account the negative results of direct searches for beyond the Standard Model fields and the consequent mass gap between Standard Model and possible unknown states, the use of electroweak effective theories is justified. Whereas at low energies ... More
Existence and regularity of positive solutions of quasilinear elliptic problems with singular semilinear termMar 24 2017This paper deals with existence and regularity of positive solutions of singular elliptic problems on a smooth bounded domain with Dirichlet boundary conditions involving the $\Phi$-Laplacian operator. The proof of existence is based on a variant of the ... More
Tracks of resonances in electroweak effective LagrangiansOct 18 2017Taking into account the negative searches for New Physics at the LHC, electroweak effective theories are appropriate to deal with current energies. Tracks of new, higher scales can be studied through next-to leading order corrections of the electroweak ... More