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RELOAD+REFRESH: Abusing Cache Replacement Policies to Perform Stealthy Cache AttacksApr 12 2019Caches have become the prime method for unintended information extraction across logical isolation boundaries. Even Spectre and Meltdown rely on the cache side channel, as it provides great resolution and is widely available on all major CPU platforms. ... More
Ion-laser interactions: The most complete solutionOct 30 2012Trapped ions are considered one of the best candidates to perform quantum information processing. By interacting them with laser beams they are, somehow, easy to manipulate, which makes them an excellent choice for the production of nonclassical states ... More
Noise-assisted energy transport in electrical oscillator networks with off-diagonal dynamical disorderAug 26 2015Dec 08 2015Noise is generally thought as detrimental for energy transport in coupled oscillator networks. However, it has been shown that for certain coherently evolving systems, the presence of noise can enhance, somehow unexpectedly, their transport efficiency; ... More
Atomic force microscopy study of the surface degradation mechanisms of zirconia based ceramicsMar 30 2018Atomic force microscopy (AFM) can be used to characterise several aspects of the surface degradation and reinforcement mechanisms of zirconia based ceramics, such as crack propagation, martensitic relief formation, grains pull-out and transformation toughening. ... More
Microstructural investigation of the aging behavior of $(3Y-TZP)-Al_2O_3$ compositesOct 13 2017The low temperature autoclave aging behavior of zirconia toughened alumina composites processed by a classical powder mixing processing route was analyzed using atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy and X-Ray diffraction. The transformation ... More
Generation of NOON states in waveguide arraysMar 31 2019We present a method to obtain NOON states with three photons by injecting photons in an array of three waveguides. Conditional measurements project the wave function in the desired state. In passing, we show how the array of three waveguides, that effectively ... More
Discrete fractional Fourier transform: Vandermonde approachApr 19 2016Based on the definition of the Fourier transform in terms of the number operator of the quantum harmonic oscillator and in the corresponding definition of the fractional Fourier transform, we have obtained the discrete fractional Fourier transform from ... More
Percolative Mechanism of Aging in Zirconia-Containing Ceramics for Medical ApplicationsMar 29 2018Recently, several episodes of fracture of zirconia ceramic femoral heads of total hip prostheses have alarmed the medical and scientific community regarding aging problems in zirconia prostheses. Such fractures cause immediate local tissue reactions, ... More
Low-temperature ageing of zirconia-toughened alumina ceramics and its implication in biomedical implantsMar 28 2018Changes in crystalline phases resulting from low-temperature ageing of different yttria doped and non-doped zirconia-toughened alumina composites and nanocomposites were investigated under controlled humidity and temperature conditions in autoclave. A ... More
Nanostructured Ceramic Oxides with a Slow Crack Growth Resistance Close to Covalent MaterialsMar 30 2018Oxide ceramics are sensitive to slow crack growth because adsorption of water can take place at the crack tip, leading to a strong decrease of the surface energy in humid (or air) conditions. This is a major drawback concerning demanding, long-term applications ... More
Accelerated Aging in 3 mol%-Yttria-Stabilized Tetragonal Zirconia Ceramics Sintered in Reducing ConditionsMar 28 2018The aging behavior of 3-mol%-yttria-stabilized tetragonal zirconia (3Y-TZP) ceramics sintered in air and in reducing conditions was investigated at 140{\deg}C in water vapor. It was observed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) that 3Y-TZP samples sintered in reducing ... More
Umbilical-Type Surfaces in SpacetimeNov 29 2011Apr 19 2012A spacelike surface S immersed in a 4-dimensional Lorentzian manifold will be said to be umbilical along a direction N normal to S if the second fundamental form along N is proportional to the first fundamental form of S. In particular, S is pseudo-umbilical ... More
2nd-order symmetric Lorentzian manifolds I: characterization and general resultsApr 05 2006Oct 24 2008The n-dimensional Lorentzian manifolds with vanishing second covariant derivative of the Riemann tensor (2-symmetric spacetimes) are characterized and classified. The main result is that either they are locally symmetric or they have a covariantly constant ... More
Chain-like transitions in Wigner crystals: Sequential or non-sequential?Jun 30 2015The structural transitions of the ground state of a system of repulsively interacting particles confined in a quasi-one-dimensional channel, and the effect of the interparticle interaction as well as the functional form of the confinement potential on ... More
A squeeze-like operator approach to position-dependent mass in quantum mechanicsOct 21 2013We provide a squeeze-like transformation that allows one to remove a position dependent mass from the Hamiltonian. Methods to solve the Schr\"{o}dinger equation may then be applied to find the respective eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. As an example, ... More
Sobolev spaces with respect to measures in curves and zeros of Sobolev orthogonal polynomialsMay 30 2008In this paper we obtain some practical criteria to bound the multiplication operator in Sobolev spaces with respect to measures in curves. As a consequence of these results, we characterize the weighted Sobolev spaces with bounded multiplication operator, ... More
Second-order symmetric Lorentzian manifoldsOct 05 2005Lorentzian manifolds with vanishing second covariant derivative of the Riemann tensor are studied. Their existence, classification and explicit local expression are considered. Related issues and open questions are briefly commented.
La cosmología y los matemáticos (Cosmology and mathematicians)Feb 04 2019Free translation of the original abstract in Spanish: Some of the most relevant milestones due to, or instigated by, mathematicians concerning the creation, development and advances of Cosmology as a scientific discipline are presented and discussed. ... More
Trapped submanifolds in Lorentzian geometryDec 13 2004Jun 16 2005The concept of closed trapped surface is of paramount importance in General Relativity and other gravitational theories. However, it is a purely geometrical object. With the aim of bringing this concept to closer attention by the mathematical community, ... More
Equations for general shellsMay 09 2018Nov 08 2018The complete set of (field) equations for shells of arbitrary, even changing, causal character are derived in arbitrary dimension. New equations that seem to have never been considered in the literature emerge, even in the traditional cases of everywhere ... More
The manifold of finite rank projections in the space L(H)Feb 08 2000Given a complex Hilbert space H and the von Neumann algebra L(H) of all bounded linear operators on H, we study the Grassmann manifold M of all projections in L(H) that have a fixed finite rank r. We take the Jordan-Banach triple theory approach which ... More
Representations for the derivative at zero and finite parts of the Barnes zeta functionMar 14 2017Jun 20 2017We provide new representations for the finite parts at the poles and the derivative at zero of the Barnes zeta function in any dimension in the general case. These representations are in the forms of series and limits. We also give an integral representation ... More
BMO from dyadic BMO for nonhomogeneous measuresJun 27 2018The usual one third trick allows to reduce problems involving general cubes to a countable family. Moreover, this covering lemma uses only dyadic cubes, which allows to use nice martingale properties in harmonic analysis problems. We consider alternatives ... More
The loop of formal power series with noncommutative coefficients under substitutionMar 12 2018The set of formal power series with coefficients in an associative but noncommutative algebra becomes a loop with the substitution product. We initiate the study of this loop by describing certain Lie and Sabinin algebras related to it. Some examples ... More
$A_\infty$ structures and Massey productsMay 19 2017Jan 11 2018We study the relationship between the higher Massey products on the cohomology $H$ of a differential graded algebra, and the $A_\infty$ structures induced on $H$ via homotopy transfer techniques.
Kinematics from spectral lines for AGN outflows based on time-independent radiation-driven wind theoryAug 08 2011Aug 29 2011We build a bulk velocity-dependent photoionization model of the warm absorber of the Seyfert 1 galaxy NGC 3783. By adopting functional forms for velocity of the flow and its particle density with radius, appropriate for radiation driven winds, we compute ... More
Estimates for constant mean curvature graphs in MxRJun 29 2010Nov 08 2012We will discuss some sharp estimates for CMC graphs in a Riemannian 3-manifold MxR whose boundary is contained in a slice. We will start by giving sharp lower bounds for the geodesic curvature of the boundary and improve these bounds when assuming additional ... More
Nonlinear coherent state generation in the two-photon Jaynes-Cummings modelJun 03 2014We show that the two-photon Jaynes-Cummings model, feasible of experimental realization in cavity or ion-trap quantum electrodynamics, can approximately produce nonlinear coherent states of the field. We introduce these nonlinear coherent states of the ... More
On the conformal duality between constant mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb{E}(κ,τ)$ and $\mathbb{L}(κ,τ)$Jul 24 2017The main aim of this survey paper is to gather together some results concerning the Calabi type duality discovered by Hojoo Lee between certain families of (spacelike) graphs with constant mean curvature in Riemannian and Lorentzian homogeneous 3-manifolds ... More
Coherent delocalization: Views of entanglement in different scenariosJun 01 2015Jul 21 2015The concept of entanglement was originally introduced to explain correlations existing between two spatially separated systems, that cannot be described using classical ideas. Interestingly, in recent years, it has been shown that similar correlations ... More
Jacobi photonic lattices and their SUSY partnersOct 18 2013Nov 21 2013We present a classical analog of quantum optical deformed oscillators in arrays of waveguides. The normal modes of these one-dimensional photonic crystals are given in terms of Jacobi polynomials. We show that it is possible to attack the problem via ... More
A$(\vec{e},e'\vec{p})$B responses: from bare nucleons to complex nucleiDec 18 2003Jul 26 2004We study the occurrence of factorization in polarized and unpolarized observables in coincidence quasi-elastic electron scattering. Starting with the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximation, we reformulate the effective momentum approximation ... More
Longitudinal and Transverse Scaling Functions within the Coherent Density Fluctuation ModelMar 18 2009We extend our previous description of the superscaling phenomenon in inclusive electron scattering within the Coherent Density Fluctuation Model (CDFM). This model is a natural extension to finite nuclei of the Relativistic Fermi Gas Model (RFG) within ... More
Age determination of the HR8799 planetary system using asteroseismologyMar 30 2010Discovery of the first planetary system by direct imaging around HR8799 has made the age determination of the host star a very important task. This determination is the key to derive accurate masses of the planets and to study the dynamical stability ... More
Asteroseismic determination of the physical characteristics of the planetary system host HR\,8799 ($λ$ Bootis nature and age)Mar 26 2010HR\,8799 is a $\lambda$ Bootis, $\gamma$ Doradus star hosting a planetary system and a debris disk with two rings. This makes this system a very interesting target for asteroseismic studies. In particular, this work is devoted to the determination of ... More
Timing Analysis for DAG-based and GFP Scheduled TasksJun 04 2014Modern embedded systems have made the transition from single-core to multi-core architectures, providing performance improvement via parallelism rather than higher clock frequencies. DAGs are considered among the most generic task models in the real-time ... More
Height and area estimates for constant mean curvature graphs in E(κ,τ)-spacesApr 20 2015Aug 27 2015We obtain area growth estimates for constant mean curvature graphs in $\mathbb{E}(\kappa,\tau)$-spaces with $\kappa\leq 0$, by finding sharp upper bounds for the volume of geodesic balls in $\mathbb{E}(\kappa,\tau)$. We focus on complete graphs and graphs ... More
$C^{1,θ}$-Estimates on the distance of Inertial ManifoldsApr 10 2017In this paper we obtain $C^{1,\theta}$-estimates on the distance of inertial manifolds for dynamical systems generated by evolutionary parabolic type equations. We consider the situation where the systems are defined in different phase spaces and we estimate ... More
Nonlinear stability of 2-solitons of the Sine-Gordon equation in the energy spaceJan 30 2018In this article we prove that 2-soliton solutions of the sine-Gordon equation (SG) are orbitally stable in the natural energy space of the problem. The solutions that we study are the {\it 2-kink, kink-antikink and breather} of SG. In order to prove this ... More
Generalized Calabi correspondence and complete spacelike surfacesJan 30 2013Jul 24 2017We construct a twin correspondence between graphs with prescribed mean curvature in three-dimensional Riemannian Killing submersions and spacelike graphs with prescribed mean curvature in three-dimensional Lorentzian Killing submersions. Our duality extends ... More
The classification of totally umbilical surfaces in homogeneous 3-manifoldsFeb 12 2013Feb 14 2013We obtain an exhaustive classification of totally umbilical surfaces in unimodular and non-unimodular simply-connected 3-dimensional Lie groups endowed with arbitrary left-invariant Riemannian metrics. This completes the classification of totally umbilical ... More
Higher-dimensional kinematical Lie algebras via deformation theoryNov 17 2017May 23 2018We classify kinematical Lie algebras in dimension $D \geq 4$. This is approached via the classification of deformations of the relevant static kinematical Lie algebra. We also classify the deformations of the universal central extension of the static ... More
A new approximation to the geometric-arithmetic indexMar 16 2017The concept of geometric-arithmetic index was introduced in the chemical graph theory recently, but it has shown to be useful. The aim of this paper is to obtain new inequalities involving the geometric-arithmetic index $GA_1$ and characterize graphs ... More
Gromov hyperbolicity of minor graphsJun 19 2015If $X$ is a geodesic metric space and $x_1,x_2,x_3\in X$, a geodesic triangle $T=\{x_1,x_2,x_3\}$ is the union of the three geodesics $[x_1x_2]$, $[x_2x_3]$ and $[x_3x_1]$ in $X$. The space $X$ is $\delta$-hyperbolic (in the Gromov sense) if any side ... More
Conformal Lie algebras via deformation theorySep 10 2018Jan 30 2019We discuss possible notions of conformal Lie algebras, paying particular attention to graded conformal Lie algebras with $d$-dimensional space isotropy: namely, those with a $\mathfrak{co}(d)$ subalgebra acting in a prescribed way on the additional generators. ... More
The solar rotation in the period 1853-1870 from the sunspot catalogues of Carrington, Peters, and de la RueOct 30 2014R. C. Carrington, C. H. F. Peters, and W. de la Rue observed the sunspots in the second half of the 19th century, determining their heliographic positions between 1853 and 1870, before the establishment of the solar program of the Royal Greenwich Observatory. ... More
New examples of constant mean curvature surfaces in $\mathbb{S}^2\times\mathbb{R}$ and $\mathbb{H}^2\times \mathbb{R}$Apr 07 2011Dec 14 2014We construct non-zero constant mean curvature H surfaces in the product spaces $\mathbb{S}^2 \times \mathbb{R}$ and $\mathbb{H}^2\times \mathbb{R}$ by using suitable conjugate Plateau constructions. The resulting surfaces are complete, have bounded height ... More
Definition of frame-invariant Soret coefficients for ternary mixturesOct 25 2018Jan 07 2019The definition of the Soret coefficient of a binary mixture includes a concentration prefactor, $x(1-x)$ when mol fraction $x$ is used, or $w(1-w)$ when mass fraction $w$ is used. In this paper the physical reasons behind this choice are reviewed, emphasizing ... More
Magnetic particles confined in a modulated channel: structural transitions tunable by tilting a magnetic fieldJan 03 2014The ground state of colloidal magnetic particles in a modulated channel are investigated as function of the tilt angle of an applied magnetic field. The particles are confined by a parabolic potential in the transversal direction while in the axial direction ... More
Quasiprobability distribution functions from fractional Fourier transformsFeb 16 2019We show, in a formal way, how a class of complex quasiprobability distribution functions may be introduced by using the fractional Fourier transform. This leads to the Fresnel transform of a characteristic function instead of the usual Fourier transform. ... More
Squeeze operators in classical scenariosJan 16 2019We analyse the paraxial field propagation in the realm of classical optics, showing that it can be written as the action of the fractional Fourier transform, followed by the squeeze operator applied to the initial field. Secondly, we show that a wavelet ... More
The planetary system host HR\,8799: On its $λ$ Bootis natureMar 17 2010HR\,8799 is a $\lambda$ Bootis, $\gamma$ Doradus star hosting a planetary system and a debris disk with two rings. This makes this system a very interesting target for asteroseismic studies. This work is devoted to the determination of the internal metallicity ... More
Remarks on monopole charge properties within the Generalized Coherent State ModelOct 22 2008The Generalized Coherent State Model, proposed previously for a unified description of magnetic and electric collective properties of nuclear systems, is used to study the ground state band charge density as well as the E0 transitions from $0^+_{\beta}$ ... More
Recent Developments in relativistic models for exclusive (e,e'p) reactionsSep 26 2001A comparison of impulse approximation calculations for the (e,e'p) reaction, based on the Dirac equation and the Schrodinger one is presented. Trivial (kinematics) differences are indicated, as well as how to remove them from the standard nonrelativistic ... More
Weak-localization effects reveals intrinsic semiconductor ground state in iodine-free TiSe$_2$Mar 29 2019Dilute impurities and growth conditions can drastically affect the transport properties of TiSe$_2$, especially below the charge density wave transition. In this paper, we discuss the effects of cooling rate, annealing time and annealing temperature on ... More
A Hartree-Bose Mean-Field Approximation for IBM-3May 12 1997Dec 09 1997A Hartree-Bose mean-field approximation for the IBM-3 is presented. A Hartree- Bose transformation from spherical to deformed bosons with charge-dependent parameters is proposed which allows bosonic pair correlations and includes higher angular momentum ... More
Spin dependent Momentum Distributions in Deformed NucleiNov 11 1994We study the properties of the spin dependent one body density in momentum space for odd--A polarized deformed nuclei within the mean field approximation. We derive analytic expressions connecting intrinsic and laboratory momentum distributions. The latter ... More
Quaiselastic scattering from relativistic bound nucleons: Transverse-Longitudinal responseMay 14 1999Jun 07 1999Predictions for electron induced proton knockout from the $p_{1/2}$ and $p_{3/2}$ shells in $^{16}$O are presented using various approximations for the relativistic nucleonic current. Results for the differential cross section, transverse-longitudinal ... More
Relativistic current densities for bound spin-orbit partners and the longitudinal-transverse response in (e,e'p) processesSep 15 1998Scalar, baryon and vector--current densities in coordinate and momentum space are calculated within a relativistic mean--field model. The role of the low components of the bound nucleon wave function is investigated in detail for different spin--orbit ... More
A photonic crystal realization of a phase driven two-level atomJul 27 2012Jan 07 2013We propose a set of photonic crystals that realize a nonlinear quantum Rabi model equivalent to a two-level system driven by the phase of a quantized electromagnetic field. The crystals are exactly soluble in the weak-coupling regime and their dispersion ... More
Strömgren photometry and spectroscopy of the Delta Scuti stars 7 Aql and 8 AqlDec 15 2009Photometric $(ubvy-\beta$) and spectroscopic observations of the $\delta$ Scuti variables \astrobj{7 Aql} and \astrobj{8 Aql} are described. The Str\"omgren standard indices and physical parameters of both stars are derived. Spectral types of F0V and ... More
Purification HamiltoniansMar 13 2019We study the Jaynes-Cummings interaction when initial mixed states, for the atom or the field, are considered. The evolved mixed field density matrix is purified to a wavefunction that describes the interaction between a quantised field and an artificial ... More
Weak-localization effects reveals intrinsic semiconductor ground state in iodine-free TiSe$_2$Mar 29 2019Apr 06 2019Dilute impurities and growth conditions can drastically affect the transport properties of TiSe$_2$, especially below the charge density wave transition. In this paper, we discuss the effects of cooling rate, annealing time and annealing temperature on ... More
DynaSLAM: Tracking, Mapping and Inpainting in Dynamic ScenesJun 14 2018Aug 15 2018The assumption of scene rigidity is typical in SLAM algorithms. Such a strong assumption limits the use of most visual SLAM systems in populated real-world environments, which are the target of several relevant applications like service robotics or autonomous ... More
A number-phase Wigner functionAug 14 2002One of the most prominent quasiprobability functions in quantum mechanics is the Wigner function that gives the right marginal probability functions if integrated over position or momentum. Here we depart from the definition of the position-momentum Wigner ... More
Structural and environmental monitoring of tracker and vertex systems using Fiber Optic SensorsMar 01 2012Fibre optic sensors (FOS) are an established technique for environmental and deformation monitoring in several areas like civil engineering, aerospace, and energy. Their immunity to electromagnetic and magnetic fields and nuclear environments, its small ... More
Relativistic versus Nonrelativistic Optical Potentials in A(e,e'p)B ReactionsDec 07 1993Apr 27 1995We investigate the role of relativistic and nonrelativistic optical potentials used in the analysis of ($e,e'p$) data. We find that the relativistic calculations produce smaller ($e,e'p$) cross sections even in the case in which both relativistic and ... More
Spectroscopic Factors in $^{40}$Ca and $^{208}$Pb from $(e,e'p)$: Fully Relativistic AnalysisOct 04 1993We present results for spectroscopic factors of the outermost shells in $^{40}$Ca and $^{208}$Pb, which have been derived from the comparison between the available quasielastic ($e,e'p$) data from NIKHEF-K and the corresponding calculated cross-sections ... More
Relativistic mean field approximation to the analysis of 16O(e,e'p)15N data at |Q^2|\leq 0.4 (GeV/c)^2Jan 18 2001May 30 2001We use the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximation to analyze data on 16O(e,e'p)15N at |Q^2|\leq 0.4 (GeV/c)^2 that were obtained by different groups and seemed controversial. Results for differential cross-sections, response functions and A_TL ... More
Analysis of factorization in (e,e'p) reactions: A survey of the relativistic plane wave impulse approximationOct 16 1997The issue of factorization within the context of coincidence quasi-elastic electron scattering is reviewed. Using a relativistic formalism for the entire reaction mechanism and restricting ourselves to the case of plane waves for the outgoing proton, ... More
Probing Deformed Orbitals with \vec{A}(\vec{e}, e' N)B reactionsNov 11 1994We present results for response functions and asymmetries in the nuclear reactions 37\vec{Ar}(\vec{e},e'n)36Ar and 37\vec{K}(\vec{e},e' p)36Ar at quasifree kinematics. We compare PWIA results obtained using deformed HF wave functions with PWIA and DWIA ... More
KvN mechanics approach to the time-dependent frequency harmonic oscillatorMay 21 2018Using the Ermakov-Lewis invariants appearing in KvN mechanics, the time-dependent frequency harmonic oscillator is studied. The analysis builds upon the operational dynamical model, from which it is possible to infer quantum or classical dynamics; thus, ... More
The von Neumann Entropy for Mixed StatesApr 25 2018The Araki-Lieb inequality is commonly used to calculate the entropy of subsystems when they are initially in pure states as this forces the entropy of the two subsystems to be equal after the complete system evolves. Then, it is easy to calculate the ... More
Entropy fluctuations as a mixedness quantifierSep 24 2018We propose a mixedness quantifier based on entropy fluctuations. Unlike the entropy or the purity parameter, the proposed parameter does not depend on the dimension of the Hilbert space and may be used also for quantized fields.
Large area photoelectrodes based on hybrids of CNT fibres and ALD grown TiO2Feb 11 2019Hybridisation is a powerful strategy towards the next generation of multifunctional materials for environmental and sustainable energy applications. Here, we report a new inorganic nanocarbon hybrid material prepared with atomically controlled deposition ... More
Total and linearly polarized synchrotron emission from overpressured magnetized relativistic jetsApr 05 2018We present relativistic magnetohydrodynamic (RMHD) simulations of stationary overpressured magnetized relativistic jets which are characterized by their dominant type of energy, namely internal, kinetic, or magnetic. Each model is threaded by a helical ... More
The Codazzi Equation for SurfacesFeb 13 2009In this paper we develop an abstract theory for the Codazzi equation on surfaces, and use it as an analytic tool to derive new global results for surfaces in the space forms ${\bb R}^3$, ${\bb S}^3$ and ${\bb H}^3$. We give essentially sharp generalizations ... More
Cyclic homogeneous Riemannian manifoldsJul 21 2014Apr 29 2015In spin geometry, traceless cyclic homogeneous Riemannian manifolds equipped with a homogeneous spin structure can be viewed as the simplest manifolds after Riemannian symmetric spin spaces. In this paper, we give some characterizations and properties ... More
Gauss-Bonnet theorem in sub-Riemannian Heisenberg space $H^1$Oct 26 2012We prove a version of Gauss-Bonnet theorem in sub-Riemannian Heisenberg space $H^1$. The sub-Riemannian distance makes $H^1$ a metric space and consenquently with a spherical Hausdorff measure. Using this measure, we define a Gaussian curvature at points ... More
Electromagnetic (${\vec e},e'{\vec p}$) Observables & Relativistic Nucleon DynamicsAug 24 2004At present there exists a great interest in the search for evidence of possible modification of the nucleon form factors inside the nuclear medium. Recent theoretical work predict changes in the form factors within the experimental limits. Importantly, ... More
Parity violation in quasielastic electron scattering from closed-shell nucleiOct 03 1995The electromagnetic and weak neutral current matrix elements that enter in the analysis of parity-violating quasielastic electron scattering are calculated using a continuum nuclear shell model. New approximations to the on-shell relativistic one-body ... More
Characterization of embedded free boundary surfaces in the ballSep 25 2016We prove that the only embedded free boundary minimal surface $\Sigma$ in $\mathbb{B}^3$ with index $4$ is the critical catenoid. This extends fundamental work of A. Fraser and R. Schoen, as well as the work of H. Tran.
Extremal Domains on Hadamard manifoldsApr 28 2015We investigate the geometry and topology of extremal domains in a manifold with negative sectional curvature. An extremal domain is a domain that supports a positive solution to an overdetermined elliptic problem (OEP for short). We consider two types ... More
Kinematical Lie algebras via deformation theoryNov 16 2017May 23 2018We present a deformation theory approach to the classification of kinematical Lie algebras in 3+1 dimensions and present calculations leading to the classifications of all deformations of the static kinematical Lie algebra and of its universal central ... More
The pre-main sequence star HD 34282: A very short period delta Scuti-type pulsatorJun 04 2004HD 34282 has been found to pulsate during a systematic search for short-term photometric variability in Herbig Ae/Be stars with the goal of determining the position and size of the pre-main sequence instability strip. Simultaneous Stromgren photometry ... More
Note on (conformally) semi-symmetric spacetimesAug 22 2009Sep 01 2009We provide a simple proof that conformally semi-symmetric spacetimes are actually semi-symmetric. We also present a complete refined classification of the semi-symmetric spacetimes.
Floquet Theory for Second Order Linear Homogeneous Difference EquationsSep 25 2015In this paper we provide a version of the Floquet's theorem to be applied to any second order difference equations with quasi-periodic coefficients. To do this we extend to second order linear difference equations with quasi-periodic coefficients, the ... More
Compact stable surfaces with constant mean curvature in Killing submersionsApr 02 2016A Killing submersion is a Riemannian submersion from a 3-manifold to a surface, both connected and orientable, whose fibres are the integral curves of a Killing vector field, not necessarily unitary. The first part of this paper deals with the classification ... More
A local potential for the Weyl tensor in all dimensionsAug 20 2004In all dimensions and arbitrary signature, we demonstrate the existence of a new local potential -- a double (2,3)-form -- for the Weyl curvature tensor, and more generally for all tensors with the symmetry properties of the Weyl curvature tensor. The ... More
Developing a Correlation Indices to Identify Coordinated Cyber-Attacks on Power GridsJul 03 2017May 29 2018Increasing reliance on Information and Communication Technology~(ICT) exposes the power grid to cyber-attacks. In particular, Coordinated Cyber-Attacks (CCAs) are considered highly threatening and difficult to defend against, because they (i) possess ... More
Superscaling and Neutral Current Quasielastic Neutrino-Nucleus Scattering beyond the Relativistic Fermi Gas ModelJun 01 2007The superscaling analysis is extended to include quasielastic (QE) scattering via the weak neutral current of neutrinos and antineutrinos from nuclei. The scaling function obtained within the coherent density fluctuation model (used previously in calculations ... More
Boosting Handwriting Text Recognition in Small Databases with Transfer LearningApr 04 2018In this paper we deal with the offline handwriting text recognition (HTR) problem with reduced training datasets. Recent HTR solutions based on artificial neural networks exhibit remarkable solutions in referenced databases. These deep learning neural ... More
Homogeneous spin Riemannian manifolds with the simplest Dirac operatorApr 22 2015Feb 09 2016We show the existence of nonsymmetric homogeneous spin Riemannian manifolds whose Dirac operator is like that on a Riemannian symmetric spin space. Such manifolds are exactly the homogeneous spin Riemannian manifolds $(M,g)$ which are traceless cyclic ... More
Superscaling predictions for neutrino-induced charged-current charged pion production at MiniBooNEMar 27 2012Superscaling approximation (SuSA) predictions to neutrino-induced charged-current charged pion production in the \Delta-resonance region are explored under MiniBooNE experimental conditions. The results obtained within SuSA for the flux-averaged double-differential ... More
Superscaling and Charge-Changing Neutrino Scattering from Nuclei in the $\boldsymbol Δ$-Region beyond the Relativistic Fermi Gas ModelFeb 29 2008The superscaling analysis using the scaling function obtained within the coherent density fluctuation model is extended to calculate charge-changing neutrino and antineutrino scattering on $^{12}$C at energies from 1 to 2 GeV not only in the quasielastic ... More
Singularity theorems for warped products and the stability of spatial extra dimensionsJan 22 2019Apr 01 2019New singularity theorems are derived for generic warped-product spacetimes of any dimension. The main purpose is to analyze the stability of (compact or large) extra dimensions against dynamical perturbations. To that end, the base of the warped product ... More
On complete constant mean curvature vertical multigraphs in E(κ,τ)Jun 07 2012Jun 13 2012We prove that any complete surface with constant mean curvature in a homogeneous space E(\kappa,\tau) which is transversal to the vertical Killing vector field is, in fact, a vertical graph. As a consequence we get that any orientable, parabolic, complete, ... More
Relativity in polarized electron scattering observablesNov 07 2002Dec 05 2002Coincidence scattering of polarized electrons from nuclei with polarization transfer to outgoing nucleons is studied within the context of relativistic mean field theory. Effects introduced by the dynamical enhancement of the lower components of the bound ... More
Analysis of polarized $^{16}$O$(\vec{e},e'\vec{p})$ observables within the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximationOct 06 2003Dec 17 2003Recoil nucleon transferred polarization observables in coincidence quasielastic electron scattering are studied within the relativistic distorted wave impulse approximation. Results for response functions and polarization asymmetries are discussed for ... More
A note on the uniqueness of global static decompositionsSep 03 2007We discuss when static Killing vector fields are standard, that is, leading to a global orthogonal splitting of the spacetime. We prove that such an orthogonal splitting is unique whenever the natural space is compact. This is carried out by proving that ... More