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Aggregation equations with fractional diffusion: preventing concentration by mixingMar 16 2017We investigate a class of aggregation-diffusion equations with strongly singular kernels and weak (fractional) dissipation in the presence of an incompressible flow. Without the flow the equations are supercritical in the sense that the tendency to concentrate ... More
Asymptotics for vortex filaments using a modified Biot-Savart kernelMar 18 2019We consider a family of approximations to the Euler equations obtained by adding $(-\Delta)^{-\alpha/2}$ to the non-locality in the Biot-Savart kernel together with a mollification (with parameter $\varepsilon$). We consider the evolution of a thin vortex ... More
Enumeration of $k$-Fibonacci Paths using Infinite Weighted AutomataDec 06 2013Aug 05 2014In this paper, we introduce a new family of generalized colored Motzkin paths, where horizontal steps are colored by means of $F_{k,l}$ colors, where $F_{k,l}$ is the $l$th $k$-Fibonacci number. We study the enumeration of this family according to the ... More
Non-conservation of dimension in divergence-free solutions of passive and active scalar systemsMay 14 2019For any $h\in(1,2]$, we give an explicit construction of a compactly supported, uniformly continuous, and (weakly) divergence-free velocity field in $\mathbb{R}^2$ that weakly advects a measure whose support is initially the origin but for positive times ... More
Applications in Enumerative Combinatorics of Infinite Weighted Automata and GraphsOct 09 2013Dec 25 2013In this paper we studied infinite weighted automata and a general methodology to solve a wide variety of classical lattice path counting problems in an uniform way. This counting problems are related to Dyck paths, Motzkin paths and some generalizations. ... More
A Generalization of the Fibonacci Word Fractal and the Fibonacci SnowflakeDec 06 2012Feb 04 2014In this paper we introduce a family of infinite words that generalize the Fibonacci word and we study their combinatorial properties. Moreover, we associate to this family of words a family of curves, which have fractal properties, in particular these ... More
Energy conservation in the 3D Euler equations on $\mathbb{T}^2\times \mathbb{R}_+$Nov 01 2016Jun 30 2017The aim of this paper is to prove energy conservation for the incompressible Euler equations in a domain with boundary. We work in the domain $\mathbb{T}^2\times\mathbb{R}_+$, where the boundary is both flat and has finite measure. However, first we study ... More
Energy conservation for the Euler equations on $\mathbb{T}^2\times \mathbb{R}_+$ for weak solutions defined without reference to the pressureJun 01 2018We study weak solutions of the incompressible Euler equations on $\mathbb{T}^2\times \mathbb{R}_+$; we use test functions that are divergence free and have zero normal component, thereby obtaining a definition that does not involve the pressure. We prove ... More
Anomalous transport induced by nonhyperbolicityJan 06 2012In this letter we study how deterministic features presented by a system can be used to perform direct transport in a {\it quasi}-symmetric potential and weak dissipative system. We show that the presence of nonhyperbolic regions around acceleration areas ... More
Topological Classification and Finite Determinacy of knotted mapsNov 02 2018We show that the knot type of the link of a real analytic map germ with isolated singularity $f\colon(\mathbb{R}^2,0)\to(\mathbb{R}^4,0)$ is a complete invariant for $C^0$-$\mathscr A$-equivalence. Moreover, we also prove that isolated instability implies ... More
Affine and linear invariant families of harmonic mappingsMay 20 2014We study the order of affine and linear invariant families of planar harmonic mappings in the unit disk and determine the order of the family of mappings with bounded Schwarzian norm. The result shows that finding the order of the class $\mathcal{S}_H$ ... More
Dealing in practice with hot-spotsOct 30 2014The hot-spot phenomenon is a relatively frequent problem occurring in current photovoltaic generators. It entails both a risk for the photovoltaic module's lifetime and a decrease in its operational efficiency. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of widely ... More
Hyperboloidal slicing approach to quasi-normal mode expansions: the Reissner-Nordström caseSep 08 2018We study quasi-normal modes of black holes, with a focus on resonant (or quasi-normal mode) expansions, in a geometric frame based on the use of conformal compactifications together with hyperboloidal foliations of spacetime. Specifically, this work extends ... More
ROLP: Runtime Object Lifetime Profiling for Big Data Memory ManagementMar 09 2018Low latency services such as credit-card fraud detection and website targeted advertisement rely on Big Data platforms (e.g., Lucene, Graphchi, Cassandra) which run on top of memory managed runtimes, such as the JVM. These platforms, however, suffer from ... More
The Jacobian Conjecture: Approximate roots and intersection numbersAug 30 2017Aug 14 2018We translate the results of Yansong Xu into the language of~\cite{GGV1}, obtaining nearly the same formulas for the intersection number of Jacobian pairs, but with an inequality instead of an equality.
Incomplete Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas PolynomialsAug 19 2013In this paper, we define the incomplete h(x)-Fibonacci and h(x)-Lucas polynomials, we study recurrence relations and some properties of these polynomials
Energetics and stability of vacancies in carbon nanotubesNov 29 2010In this work we present ab initio calculations of the formation energies and stability of different types of multi-vacancies in carbon nanotubes. We demonstrate that, as in the case of graphene, the reconstruction of the defects has drastic effects on ... More
On Convolved Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas PolynomialsAug 17 2013We define the convolved h(x)-Fibonacci polynomials as an extension of the classical convolved Fibonacci numbers. Then we give some combinatorial formulas involving the h(x)-Fibonacci and h(x)-Lucas polynomials. Moreover we obtain the convolved h(x)-Fibonacci ... More
Chained Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt inequality for Hardy's ladder test of nonlocalityAug 25 2015Relativistic causality forbids superluminal signaling between distant observers. By exploiting the non-signaling principle, we derive the exact relationship between the chained Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt sum of correlations CHSH_K and the success probability ... More
An Introduction to Inversion in an EllipseSep 25 2013In this paper we study the inversion in an ellipse and some properties, which generalizes the classical inversion with respect to a circle. We also study the inversion in an ellipse of lines, ellipses and other curves. Finally, we generalize the Pappus ... More
Zeros of sections of power series: deterministic and randomJul 10 2015Dec 02 2016We present a streamlined proof (and some refinements) of a characterization (due to F. Carlson and G. Bourion, and also to P. Erd\"os and H. Fried) of the so called Szeg\"o's power series. This characterization is then applied to readily obtain some (more) ... More
The Pascal Rhombus and the Generalized Grand Motzkin PathsNov 14 2015May 04 2016In the present article, we find a closed expression for the entries of the Pascal rhombus. Moreover, we show a relation between the entries of the Pascal rhombus and a family of generalized grand Motzkin paths.
Toward irreversibility with a finite bath of oscillatorsAug 09 2012We investigate the routes by which a bath composed of a finite number of oscillators at zero temperature approaches the induction of dissipation when it nears the usual limit of dense spectrum spread in an infinite interval. It is shown that, when this ... More
A fixed-point-free map of a tree-like continuum induced by bounded valence maps on treesAug 29 2016Towards attaining a better working understanding of fixed points of maps of tree-like continua, Oversteegen and Rogers constructed a tree-like continuum with a fixed-point-free self-map, described explicitly in terms of inverse limits. Specifically, they ... More
The paradox of monotone structural QREMay 14 2019McKelvey and Palfrey (1995)'s monotone structural Quantal Response Equilibrium theory may be misspecified for the study of monotone behavior.
Center of mass, spin supplementary conditions, and the momentum of spinning particlesOct 22 2014Sep 03 2015We discuss the problem of defining the center of mass in general relativity and the so-called spin supplementary condition. The different spin conditions in the literature, their physical significance, and the momentum-velocity relation for each of them ... More
Some Applications of $S$-restricted Set PartitionsApr 11 2018In the paper, the authors present several new relations and applications for the combinatorial sequence that counts the possible partitions of a finite set with the restriction that the size of each block is contained in a given set. One of the main applications ... More
mendelFix: a Perl script for checking Mendelian errors in high density SNP data of trio designsJun 10 2013Here we present mendelFix, a Perl script for checking Mendelian errors in genome-wide SNP data of trio designs. The program takes 12-recoded PLINK PED and MAP files as input to calculate a series of summary statistics for Mendelian errors, sets missing ... More
The Coriolis fieldNov 08 2015We present a pedagogical discussion of the Coriolis field, emphasizing its not-so-well-understood aspects. We show that this field satisfies the field equations of the so-called Newton-Cartan theory, a generalization of Newtonian gravity that is covariant ... More
Performance evaluation through DEA benchmarking adjusted to goalsSep 03 2018Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is extended to the evaluation of performance of organizations within the framework of the implementation of plans for improvements that set management goals. Managers usually set goals without having any evidence that they ... More
Absorption-induced transparency metamaterials in the terahertz regimeNov 17 2015Contrary to what might be expected, when an organic dye is sputtered onto an opaque holey metal film, transmission bands can be observed at the absorption energies of the molecules. This phenomenon, known as absorption-induced transparency, is aided by ... More
Comparison Between IPv4 to IPv6 Transition TechniquesDec 01 2016The IPv4 addresses exhaustion demands a protocol transition from IPv4 to IPv6. The original transition technique, the dual stack, is not widely deployed yet and it demanded the creation of new transition techniques to extend the transition period. This ... More
Empirical bias and efficiency of alpha-auctions: experimental evidenceMay 09 2019We experimentally evaluate the comparative performance of the winner-bid, average-bid, and loser-bid auctions for the dissolution of a partnership. The recently introduced empirical equilibrium analysis of Velez and Brown (2019) reveals that as long as ... More
On cellular covers with free kernelsJan 14 2010Recall that a homomorphism of $R$-modules $\pi: G\to H$ is called a {\it cellular cover} over $H$ if $\pi$ induces an isomorphism $\pi_*: \Hom_R(G,G)\cong \Hom_R(G,H),$ where $\pi_*(\varphi)= \pi \varphi$ for each $\varphi \in \Hom_R(G,G)$ (where maps ... More
Some determinants involving incomplete Fubini numbersFeb 17 2018We study some properties of restricted and associated Fubini numbers. In particular, they have the natural extensions of the original Fubini numbers in the sense of determinants. We also introduce modified Bernoulli and Cauchy numbers and study characteristic ... More
Equidistribution and coprimalityOct 14 2013This paper is devoted to the study of equidistributional properties of \textit{totient points} in $\mathbb{N}^r$, that is, of coprime $r$-tuples of integers, with particular emphasis on some relevant sets of totient points fulfilling extra divisibility ... More
Elastic shocks in relativistic rigid rods and ballsNov 29 2018We study the free boundary problem for the "hard phase" material introduced by Christodoulou, both for rods in (1+1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime and for spherically symmetric balls in (3+1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. Unlike Christodoulou, we ... More
On localizations of quasi-simple groups with given countable centerOct 26 2018A group homomorphism $i: H \to G$ is a localization of $H$ if for every homomorphism $\varphi: H\rightarrow G$ there exists a unique endomorphism $\psi: G\rightarrow G$, such that $i \psi=\varphi$ (maps are acting on the right). G\"{o}bel and Trlifaj ... More
Generators and closed classes of groupsDec 13 2017Jul 16 2018We show that in the category of groups, every singly-generated class which is closed under isomorphisms, direct limits and extensions is also singly-generated under isomorphisms and direct limits, and in particular is co-reflective. We also establish ... More
Building highly conditional quasi-greedy bases in classical Banach spacesDec 11 2017It is known that for a conditional quasi-greedy basis $\mathcal{B}$ in a Banach space $\mathbb{X}$, the associated sequence $(k_{m}[\mathcal{B}])_{m=1}^{\infty}$ of its conditionality constants verifies the estimate $k_{m}[\mathcal{B}]=\mathcal{O}(\log ... More
Wavepacket spreading dynamics under a non-instantaneous nonlinearity: Self-trapping, defocusing and focusingMar 09 2012Special localized wavemodes show up in several physical scenarios including BEC in optical lattices, nonlinear photonic crystals and systems with strong electron-phonon interaction. These result from an underlying nonlinear contribution to the wave equation ... More
Empirical EquilibriumApr 21 2018May 08 2019We introduce empirical equilibrium, a refinement of Nash equilibrium. In contrast to previous refinements in the literature, empirical equilibrium is based solely on observables and does not determine as implausible all weakly dominated behavior. We show ... More
Binary mixtures of rod-like colloids under shear: microscopically-based equilibrium theory and order--parameter dynamicsNov 24 2015This paper is concerned with the dynamics of a binary mixture of rod--like, repulsive colloidal particles driven out of equilibrium by means of a steady shear flow (Couette geometry). To this end we first derive, starting from a microscopic density functional ... More
Empirical bias of extreme-price auctions: analysisMay 13 2019We advance empirical equilibrium analysis (Velez and Brown, 2019) of the winner-bid and loser-bid auctions for the dissolution of a partnership. We show, in a complete information environment, that even though these auctions are essentially equivalent ... More
New results on stabbing segments with a polygonNov 07 2012Jun 20 2014We consider a natural variation of the concept of stabbing a segment by a simple polygon: a segment is stabbed by a simple polygon $\mathcal{P}$ if at least one of its two endpoints is contained in $\mathcal{P}$. A segment set $S$ is stabbed by $\mathcal{P}$ ... More
A parallel-in-time fixed-stress splitting method for Biot's consolidation modelFeb 03 2018In this work, we study the parallel-in-time iterative solution of coupled flow and geomechanics in porous media, modelled by a two-field formulation of the Biot's equations. In particular, we propose a new version of the fixed stress splitting method, ... More
Multichannel Robot Speech Recognition Database: MChRSRDec 30 2017In real human robot interaction (HRI) scenarios, speech recognition represents a major challenge due to robot noise, background noise and time-varying acoustic channel. This document describes the procedure used to obtain the Multichannel Robot Speech ... More
Ehlers-Kundt Conjecture about Gravitational Waves and Dynamical SystemsJun 12 2017Jun 29 2018Ehlers-Kundt conjecture is a physical assertion about the fundamental role of plane waves for the description of gravitational waves. Mathematically, it becomes equivalent to a problem on the Euclidean plane ${\mathbb R}^2$ with a very simple formulation ... More
Feature selection in functional data classification with recursive maxima huntingJun 07 2018Dimensionality reduction is one of the key issues in the design of effective machine learning methods for automatic induction. In this work, we introduce recursive maxima hunting (RMH) for variable selection in classification problems with functional ... More
Random index of codivisibilityOct 17 2013The index of codivisibility of a set of integers is the size of its largest subset with a common prime divisor. For large random samples of integers, the index of codivisibility is approximately normal.
On the probability distribution of the gcd and lcm of $r$-tuples of integersMay 02 2013This paper is devoted to the study of statistical properties of the greatest common divisor and the least common multiple of random samples of positive integers.
Non-existence of greedy bases in direct sums of mixed $\ell_{p}$ spacesJan 03 2014Jan 20 2014The fact that finite direct sums of two or more mutually different spaces from the family $\{\ell_{p} : 1\le p<\infty\}\cup c_{0}$ fail to have greedy bases is stated in [Dilworth et al., Greedy bases for Besov spaces, Constr. Approx. 34 (2011), no. 2, ... More
Elastic shocks in relativistic rigid rods and ballsNov 29 2018May 15 2019We study the free boundary problem for the "hard phase" material introduced by Christodoulou, both for rods in (1+1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime and for spherically symmetric balls in (3+1)-dimensional Minkowski spacetime. Unlike Christodoulou, we ... More
Asymptotic normality and greatest common divisorsFeb 10 2013May 08 2013We report on some statistical regularity properties of greatest common divisors: for large random samples of integers, the number of coprime pairs and the average of the gcd's of those pairs are approximately normal, while the maximum of those gcd's (appropriately ... More
Data learning from big dataJun 08 2018Technology is generating a huge and growing availability of observa tions of diverse nature. This big data is placing data learning as a central scientific discipline. It includes collection, storage, preprocessing, visualization and, essentially, statistical ... More
Exploring Lee-Wick finite electrodynamicsDec 05 2010Dec 13 2010We consider the Lee-Wick (LW) finite electrodynamics, i.e., the U(1) gauge theory where a (gauge-invariant) dimension-6 operator containing higher-derivatives is added to the free Lagrangian of the U(1) sector. Three bounds on the LW heavy photon mass ... More
Discovery of Tidal RR LYRAE stars in the Bulge Globular Cluster M 62Nov 15 2018The RR Lyrae (RRL) rich globular cluster M 62 (NGC 6266) is one of the most massive globular clusters in the Milky Way, located in the dense region of the Galactic bulge, where dynamical processes that affect the survival of globular clusters are maximised. ... More
An improved DNN-based spectral feature mapping that removes noise and reverberation for robust automatic speech recognitionMar 23 2018Apr 03 2018Reverberation and additive noise have detrimental effects on the performance of automatic speech recognition systems. In this paper we explore the ability of a DNN-based spectral feature mapping to remove the effects of reverberation and additive noise. ... More
Complete Surfaces with Ends of Non Positive CurvatureMay 05 2014In this paper we extend Efimov's Theorem by proving that any complete surface in $\mathbb{R}^3$ with Gauss curvature bounded above by a negative constant outside a compact set has finite total curvature, finite area and is properly immersed. Moreover, ... More
Total and linearly polarized synchrotron emission from overpressured magnetized relativistic jetsApr 05 2018We present relativistic magnetohydrodynamic (RMHD) simulations of stationary overpressured magnetized relativistic jets which are characterized by their dominant type of energy, namely internal, kinetic, or magnetic. Each model is threaded by a helical ... More
The mRMR variable selection method: a comparative study for functional dataJul 13 2015The use of variable selection methods is particularly appealing in statistical problems with functional data. The obvious general criterion for variable selection is to choose the `most representative' or `most relevant' variables. However, it is also ... More
On-off intermittency and amplitude-phase synchronization in Keplerian shear flowsNov 14 2014We study the development of coherent structures in local simulations of the magnetorotational instability in accretion discs in regimes of on-off intermittency. In a previous paper [Chian et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 104, 254102 (2010)], we have shown that ... More
Chaotic saddles in nonlinear modulational interactions in a plasmaNov 21 2012A nonlinear model of modulational processes in the subsonic regime involving a linearly unstable wave and two linearly damped waves with different damping rates in a plasma is studied numerically. We compute the maximum Lyapunov exponent as a function ... More
Highly-Reverberant Real Environment database: HRREJan 29 2018Mar 23 2018Speech recognition in highly-reverberant real environments remains a major challenge. An evaluation dataset for this task is needed. This report describes the generation of the Highly-Reverberant Real Environment database (HRRE). This database contains ... More
Estimating Stochastic Production Frontiers: A One-stage Multivariate Semi-Nonparametric Bayesian Concave Regression MethodOct 06 2015This paper describes a method to estimate a production frontier that satisfies the axioms of monotonicity and concavity in a non-parametric Bayesian setting. An inefficiency term that allows for significant departure from prior distributional assumptions ... More
Pyramids and monomial blowing-upsSep 23 2004We show that a convex pyramid in R^n with apex at 0 can be brought to the first quadrant by a finite sequence of monomial blowing-ups if and only if its intersection with the opposite of the first quadrant is 0. The proof is non-trivially derived from ... More
Wikipedia Ranking of World UniversitiesNov 29 2015Feb 04 2016We use the directed networks between articles of 24 Wikipedia language editions for producing the Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities (WRWU) using PageRank, 2DRank and CheiRank algorithms. This approach allows to incorporate various cultural views ... More
A note on the asymptotic expansion of the Lerch's transcendentJun 04 2018In a previous paper by Ferreira and L\'opez [Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 298(1), 2004], the authors derived an asymptotic expansion of the Lerch's transcendent $\Phi(z,s,a)$ for large $\vert a\vert$, valid for $\mathrm{Re}(a)>0$, ... More
Two-step benchmarking: Setting more realistically achievable targets in DEASep 13 2017The models that set the closest targets have made an important contribution to DEA as tool for the best-practice benchmarking of decision making units (DMUs). These models may help defining plans for improvement that require less effort from the DMUs. ... More
On Garling sequence spacesMar 22 2017The aim of this paper is to introduce and investigate a new class of separable Banach spaces modeled after an example of Garling from 1968. For each $1\leqslant p<\infty$ and each nonincreasing weight $\textbf{w}\in c_0\setminus\ell_1$ we exhibit an $\ell_p$-saturated, ... More
Conditional quasi-greedy bases in non-superreflexive Banach spacesFeb 21 2017For a conditional quasi-greedy basis $\mathcal{B}$ in a Banach space the associated conditionality constants $k_{m}[\mathcal{B}]$ verify the estimate $k_{m}[\mathcal{B}]=\mathcal{O}(\log m)$. Answering a question raised by Temlyakov, Yang, and Ye, several ... More
Fractional powers of the parabolic Hermite operator. Regularity propertiesAug 09 2017Let $\mathcal{L}= \partial_t- \Delta_x+|x|^2$. Consider its Poisson semigroup $e^{-y\sqrt{\mathcal{L}}}$. For $\alpha >0$ define the Parabolic Hermite-Zygmund spaces $$ \Lambda^\alpha_{\mathcal{L}}=\left\{f: \:f\in L^\infty(\mathbb{R}^{n+1})\:\; {\rm ... More
Lipschitz spaces adapted to Schrödinger operators and regularity propertiesJan 21 2019It is well known that the class of measurable functions which satisfy $$ \sup_{|z|>0}\frac{\|f(\cdot+z)+f(\cdot-z)-2f(\cdot)\|_\infty}{|z|^\alpha}<\infty $$ coincides with the class of Lipschitz functions for $0<\alpha<1$, with the Zygmund class if $\alpha=1$ ... More
Gap Opening by Asymmetric Doping in Graphene BilayersDec 11 2010We study the energy gap opening in the electronic spectrum of graphene bilayers caused by asym- metric doping. Both substitutional impurities (boron acceptors and nitrogen donors) and adsorbed potassium donors are considered. The gap evolution with dopant ... More
Kondo effect in a parity-time-symmetric non-Hermitian HamiltonianJun 08 2018Aug 21 2018The combination of non-Hermitian physics and strong correlations can give rise to new effects in open quantum many-body systems with balanced gain and loss. We propose a generalized Anderson impurity model that includes non-Hermitian hopping terms between ... More
Accurate frequency determination of vibration-rotation and rotational transitions of SiH+Oct 02 2017The fundamental 28SiH+ ion has been characterized in a collaborative work, utilizing a hollow-cathode-discharge laser-spectrometer and a cryogenic ion trap spectrometer. Twenty-three vibration-rotation transitions around 4.75 um have been detected with ... More
Variations of the free implicative semilattice extension of a Hilbert algebraJul 05 2018In [{\it On the free implicative semilattice extension of a Hilbert algebra}. Mathematical Logic Quarterly 58, 3 (2012), 188--207], Celani and Jansana give an explicit description of the free implicative semilattice extension of a Hilbert algebra. In ... More
Cosmic no-hair in spherically symmetric black hole spacetimesJan 19 2018Jul 16 2018We analyze in detail the geometry and dynamics of the cosmological region arising in spherically symmetric black hole solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell-scalar field system with a positive cosmological constant. More precisely, we solve, for such a system, ... More
World influence and interactions of universities from Wikipedia networksSep 02 2018We present Wikipedia Ranking of World Universities (WRWU) based on analysis of networks of 24 Wikipedia editions collected in May 2017. With PageRank and CheiRank algorithms we determine ranking of universities averaged over cultural views of these editions. ... More
Learning Definite Horn Formulas from Closure QueriesMar 31 2015Nov 09 2015A definite Horn theory is a set of n-dimensional Boolean vectors whose characteristic function is expressible as a definite Horn formula, that is, as conjunction of definite Horn clauses. The class of definite Horn theories is known to be learnable under ... More
Vector-valued Littlewood-Paley-Stein theory for semigroupsMay 14 2005We develop a generalized Littlewood-Paley theory for semigroups acting on $L^p$-spaces of functions with values in uniformly convex or smooth Banach spaces. We characterize, in the vector-valued setting, the validity of the one-sided inequalities concerning ... More
Multi-point Taylor Expansions of Analytic FunctionsOct 20 2004Taylor expansions of analytic functions are considered with respect to several points, allowing confluence of any of them. Cauchy-type formulas are given for coefficients and remainders in the expansions, and the regions of convergence are indicated. ... More
1-Greedy renormings of Garling sequence spacesMay 10 2017Garling sequence spaces admit a renorming with respect to which their standard unit vector basis is 1-greedy. We also discuss some additional properties of these Banach spaces related to uniform convexity and superreflexivity. In particular, our approach ... More
Local risk perception enhances epidemic controlAug 17 2018As infectious disease outbreaks emerge, public health agencies often enact vaccination and social distancing measures to slow transmission. Their success depends on not only strategies and resources, but also public adherence. Individual willingness to ... More
Multiple solutions for a class of quasilinear problems involving variable exponentsAug 30 2014In this paper we prove the multiplicity of solutions for a class of quasilinear problems in $ \mathbb{R}^{N} $ involving variable exponents. The main tool used is in the proof are the direct methods, Ekeland's variational principle and some properties ... More
A New Approach to the $r$-Whitney Numbers by Using Combinatorial Differential CalculusFeb 21 2017In the present article we introduce two new combinatorial interpretations of the $r$-Whitney numbers of the second kind obtained from the combinatorics of the differential operators associated to the grammar $G:=\{ y\rightarrow yx^{m}, x\rightarrow x\}$. ... More
Decay of solutions of the wave equation in expanding cosmological spacetimesJan 26 2018Nov 12 2018We study the decay of solutions of the wave equation in some expanding cosmological spacetimes, namely flat Friedmann-Lema\^itre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) models and the cosmological region of the Reissner-Nordstr\"om-de Sitter (RNdS) solution. By introducing ... More
Interdependence of sectors of economic activities for world countries from the reduced Google matrix analysis of WTO dataMay 16 2019We apply the recently developed reduced Google matrix algorithm for the analysis of the OECD-WTO world network of economic activities. This approach allows to determine interdependences and interactions of economy sectors of several countries, including ... More
Convergent Asymptotic Expansions of Charlier, Laguerre and Jacobi PolynomialsOct 20 2004Convergent expansions are derived for three types of orthogonal polynomials: Charlier, Laguerre and Jacobi. The expansions have asymptotic properties for large values of the degree. The expansions are given in terms of functions that are special cases ... More
Visible lattice points in random walksDec 15 2015We consider the possible visits to visible points of a random walker moving up and right in the integer lattice (with probability $\alpha$ and $1-\alpha$, respectively) and starting from the origin. We show that, almost surely, the asymptotic proportion ... More
Cellular covers of cotorsion-free modulesJun 23 2009Oct 28 2009In this paper we improve recent results dealing with cellular covers of $R$-modules. Cellular covers (sometimes called co-localizations) come up in the context of homotopical localization of topological spaces. They are related to idempotent cotriples, ... More
Random walks on weighted networks: Exploring local and non-local navigation strategiesJan 17 2019In this paper, we present an overview of different types of random walk strategies with local and non-local transitions on undirected connected networks. We present a general approach to analyzing these strategies by defining the dynamics as a discrete ... More
Asymptotic Stability of Empirical Processes and Related FunctionalsOct 19 2017Let $E$ be a space of observables in a sequence of trials $\xi_n$ and define $m_n$ to be the empirical distributions of the outcomes. We discuss the almost sure convergence of the sequence $m_n$ in terms of the $\psi$-weak topology of measures, when the ... More
Shear banding in nematogenic fluids with oscillating orientational dynamicsMay 19 2016We investigate the occurrence of shear banding in nematogenic fluids under planar Couette flow, based on mesoscopic dynamical equations for the orientational order parameter and the shear stress. We focus on parameter values where the sheared homogeneous ... More
Quark-antiquark potential from a deformed AdS/QCDJun 14 2018Jan 02 2019In this work we calculate the static limit of the energy for a quark-antiquark pair from the Nambu-Goto action using a holographic approach with a deformed AdS space, with warp factor $\exp\{(\kappa z)^n/n\}$. From this energy we derive the Cornell potential ... More
The integrable quantum group invariant A_{2n-1}^(2) and D_{n+1}^(2) open spin chainsJul 28 2017Sep 03 2017A family of A_{2n}^(2) integrable open spin chains with U_q(C_n) symmetry was recently identified in arXiv:1702.01482. We identify here in a similar way a family of A_{2n-1}^(2) integrable open spin chains with U_q(D_n) symmetry, and two families of D_{n+1}^(2) ... More
Finite-time condensation in 1D Fokker-Planck model for bosonsJan 30 2019We consider a one-dimensional analogue of the three-dimensional Fokker-Planck equation for bosons. The latter is still only partially understood, and, in particular, the physically relevant question of whether this equation has solutions which form a ... More
Theory of Absorption Induced TransparencyJul 27 2013Oct 01 2013Recent experiments (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 50, 2085 (2011)) have demonstrated that the optical transmission through an array of subwavelength holes in a metal film can be enhanced by the intentional presence of dyes in the system. As the transmission maxima ... More
Generalised Gagliardo-Nirenberg inequalities using weak Lebesgue spaces and BMOMar 26 2013Using elementary arguments based on the Fourier transform we prove that for $1 \leq q < p < \infty$ and $s \geq 0$ with $s > n(1/2-1/p)$, if $f \in L^{q,\infty}(\R^n) \cap \dot{H}^s(\R^n)$ then $f \in L^p(\R^n)$ and there exists a constant $c_{p,q,s}$ ... More
pyBioSig: optimizing group discrimination using genetic algorithms for biosignature discoveryJul 30 2015In medical sciences, a biomarker is "a characteristic that is objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention". Molecular experiments are ... More