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Annulus Maximal Averages on Variable HyperplanesJun 10 2019By giving a thin width of $0<\delta\ll 1$ to both a unit circle and a unit line, we set an annulus and a tube on the Euclidean plane $\mathbb{R}^2$. Consider the maximal means $M_\delta$ over dilations of the annulus, and $N_\delta$ over rotations of ... More
Multiple Hilbert transform associated with polynomialsFeb 07 2013We study conditions determining the $L^p$ boundedness of multiple Hilbert transforms associated with polynomials.
Circular maximal functions on the Heisenberg groupJun 11 2019We prove the $L^p$ boundedness of the circular maximal function on the Heisenberg group $\mathbb{H}^1$ for $2<p\le \infty$. The proof is based on the square sum estimate associated with the $2\times 2$ cone $|(\xi_1',\xi_2')|= |(\xi_3',\xi_4')| $ of the ... More
Triple Hilbert transforms along polynomial surfacesJul 20 2007Jul 24 2007This paper has been withdrawn since it contains some discrepancy with othe authers's recent result. We will not post this until this discrepancy is resolved.
A Deep Ranking Model for Spatio-Temporal Highlight Detection from a 360 VideoJan 31 2018We address the problem of highlight detection from a 360 degree video by summarizing it both spatially and temporally. Given a long 360 degree video, we spatially select pleasantly-looking normal field-of-view (NFOV) segments from unlimited field of views ... More
Primitive stable representations in higher rank semisimple Lie groupsApr 30 2015Jan 25 2016We define primitive stable representations of free groups into higher rank semisimple Lie groups and study their properties. Then we show that the positive representations of a compact surface with one boundary component are primitive stable.
Primitive stable representations in higher rank semisimple Lie groupsApr 30 2015Nov 11 2016We define primitive stable representations of free groups into higher rank semisimple Lie groups and study their properties. Let {\Sigma} be a compact surface with one boundary component. Then we show that the holonomies of convex projective structures ... More
Operator Counting for N=2 Chern-Simons Gauge Theories with Chiral-like Matter FieldsFeb 29 2012May 09 2012The localization formula of Chern-Simons quiver gauge theory on $S^3$ nicely reproduces the geometric data such as volume of Sasaki-Einstein manifolds in the large-$N$ limit, at least for vector-like models. The validity of chiral-like models is not established ... More
Constraints on Flows in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity by Classical SolutionsSep 07 2010Nov 19 2010We find exact static stringy solutions of Horava-Lifshitz gravity with the projectability condition but imposing the detailed balance condition near the UV fixed point, and propose a method on constraining the possible pattern of flows in Horava-Lifshitz ... More
Noncommutative Riemann ConditionsOct 11 2004In this paper we study the holomorphic bundles over a noncommutative complex torus. We define a noncommutative abelian variety as a kind of deformation of abelian variety and we show that for a restricted deformation parameter, one can define a noncommutative ... More
A Case Study: Exploiting Neural Machine Translation to Translate CUDA to OpenCLMay 18 2019The sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) model for neural machine translation has significantly improved the accuracy of language translation. There have been new efforts to use this seq2seq model for program language translation or program comparisons. In ... More
Sequential Learning of Visual Tracking and Mapping Using Unsupervised Deep Neural NetworksFeb 26 2019May 09 2019We proposed an end-to-end deep learning-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system following conventional visual odometry (VO) pipelines. The proposed method completes the SLAM framework by including tracking, mapping, and sequential optimization ... More
Bounded cohomology and negatively curved manifoldsNov 28 2011We study the bounded fundamental class in the top dimensional bounded cohomology of negatively curved manifolds with infinite volume. We prove that the bounded fundamental class of $M$ vanishes if $M$ is geometrically finite. Furthermore, when $M$ is ... More
On the limit set of Anosov representationsDec 04 2012We study the limit set of discrete subgroups arising from Anosov representations. Specially we study the limit set of discrete groups arising from strictly convex real projective structures and Anosov representations from a finitely generated word hyperbolic ... More
Simplicial volume, Barycenter method, and Bounded cohomologyMar 09 2015Mar 12 2015We show that codimension one dimensional Jacobian of the barycentric straightening map is uniformly bounded for most of the higher rank symmetric spaces. As a consequence, we prove that the locally finite simplicial volume of most $\mathbb Q$-rank $1$ ... More
Anderson localization and delocalization of massless two-dimensional Dirac electrons in random one-dimensional scalar and vector potentialsJan 12 2019We study Anderson localization of massless Dirac electrons in two dimensions in one-dimensional random scalar and vector potentials theoretically for two different cases, in which the scalar and vector potentials are either uncorrelated or correlated. ... More
Quaternionic hyperbolic Kleinian groups with commutative trace skew-fieldsOct 08 2018Let $\Gamma$ be a nonelementary discrete subgroup of $\mathrm{Sp}(n,1)$. We show that if the trace skew-field of $\Gamma$ is commutative, then $\Gamma$ stabilizes a copy of complex hyperbolic subspace of quaternionic hyperbolic $n$-space.
Complex and Quaternionic hyperbolic Kleinian groups with real trace fieldsDec 26 2014Jan 29 2015Let $\Gamma$ be a nonelementary discrete subgroup of SU(n,1) or Sp(n,1). We show that if the trace field of $\Gamma$ is contained in $\mathbb R$, $\Gamma$ preserves a totally geodesic submanifold of constant negative sectional curvature. Furthermore if ... More
Learning Not to Learn: Training Deep Neural Networks with Biased DataDec 26 2018We propose a novel regularization algorithm to train deep neural networks, in which data at training time is severely biased. Since a neural network efficiently learns data distribution, a network is likely to learn the bias information to categorize ... More
Comments on the symmetry of AdS$_6$ solutions in String/M-theory and Killing spinor equationsApr 27 2016Aug 22 2016It was recently pointed out in \cite{Kim:2015hya} that AdS$_6$ solutions in IIB theory enjoy an extended symmetry structure and the consistent truncation to $D=4$ internal space leads to a nonlinear sigma model with target $SL(3,\mathbb{R})/SO(2,1)$. ... More
Sequential Learning of Visual Tracking and Mapping Using Unsupervised Deep Neural NetworksFeb 26 2019We proposed an end-to-end deep learning-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system following conventional visual odometry (VO) pipelines. The proposed method completes the SLAM framework by including tracking, mapping, and sequential optimization ... More
Giant enhancement of reflectance due to the interplay between surface confined wave modes and nonlinear gain in dielectric mediaDec 04 2017We study theoretically the interplay between the surface confined wave modes and the linear and nonlinear gain of the dielectric layer in the Otto configuration. The surface confined wave modes such as surface plasmons or waveguide modes are excited in ... More
Unavoidable Subtournaments in Tournaments with Large Chromatic NumberApr 13 2018For a set H of tournaments, we say H is heroic if every tournament, not containing any member of H as a subtournament, has bounded chromatic number. Berger et al. explicitly characterized all heroic sets containing one tournament. Motivated by this result, ... More
Simplicial volume of Q-rank one locally symmetric manifolds covered by the product of R-rank one symmetric spacesApr 24 2011Jan 10 2012In this paper, we show that the simplicial volume of Q-rank one locally symmetric spaces covered by the product of R-rank one symmetric spaces is strictly positive.
Moduli Spaces of Standard Holomorphic Bundles on a Noncommutative Complex TorusDec 11 2003In this paper we study the moduli space of standard holomorphic structures on a noncommutative complex two torus. It will be shown that the moduli space is naturally identified with the moduli space of stable bundles on an elliptic curve. We also propose ... More
Primitive stable representations in higher rank semisimple Lie groupsApr 30 2015Jan 10 2019We study primitive stable representations of free groups into higher rank semisimple Lie groups and their properties. Let $\Sigma$ be a compact, connected, orientable surface (possibly with boundary) of negative Euler characteristic. We first verify the ... More
Learning Not to Learn: Training Deep Neural Networks with Biased DataDec 26 2018Apr 15 2019We propose a novel regularization algorithm to train deep neural networks, in which data at training time is severely biased. Since a neural network efficiently learns data distribution, a network is likely to learn the bias information to categorize ... More
An lp-boundedness of stochastic singular integral operators and its application to spdesAug 31 2016In this article we introduce a stochastic counterpart of the H\"ormander condtion on the kernel $K(r,t,x,y)$: there exists a pseudo-metric $\rho$ on $(0,\infty)\times R^d$ and a positive constant $C_0$ such that for $X=(t,x), Y=(s,y), Z=(r,z) \in (0,\infty) ... More
Geometrical Interpretation of Electromagnetism in 5-Dimensional ManifoldJul 12 2015Sep 21 2016In this paper Kaluza-Klein theory is revisited and its implications are elaborated. We show that electromagnetic 4-potential can be considered as a shearing-like deformation of a 5-dimensional (5D) manifold along the fifth (5th) axis. The charge-to-mass ... More
Concurrence of the Blandford-Payne Process and the Bardeen-Petterson Effect: Theoretical Prediction and its Observational EvidencesAug 21 2015Although the Blandford-Payne process, the standard model for the production of AGN jet outflow, has been fully acknowledged and long-known in both the theoretical Astrophysics and observational Astronomy communities, subsequent research works to gain ... More
Spin filtering in a magnetic barrier structure: in-plane spin orientationMar 01 2014We investigate ballistic spin transport in a two dimensional electron gas system through magnetic barriers of various geometries using the transfer matrix method. While most of the previous studies have focused on the effect of magnetic barriers perpendicular ... More
Jordan Plane and Numerical Range of Operators Involving Two ProjectionsNov 26 2018We use principal angles between two subspaces to define Jordan planes. Jordan planes provide an optimal way to decompose $\mathbb{C}^n$ in relation to given two subspaces. We apply Jordan planes to show that two pairs of of subspaces $(M,N)$ and $(M^{\perp},N^{\perp})$ ... More
Projective Normality Of Algebraic Curves And Its Application To SurfacesJan 09 2006Let $L$ be a very ample line bundle on a smooth curve $C$ of genus $g$ with $\frac{3g+3}{2}<\deg L\le 2g-5$. Then $L$ is normally generated if $\deg L>\max\{2g+2-4h^1(C,L), 2g-\frac{g-1}{6}-2h^1(C,L)\}$. Let $C$ be a triple covering of genus $p$ curve ... More
On deformation spaces of nonuniform hyperbolic latticesOct 04 2013Let $\Gamma$ be a nonuniform lattice acting on real hyperbolic n-space. We show that in dimension greater than or equal to 4, the volume of a representation is constant on each connected component of the representation variety of $\Gamma$ in SO(n,1). ... More
On variation of gradients of deep neural networksDec 02 2018We provide a theoretical explanation of the role of the number of nodes at each layer in deep neural networks. We prove that the largest variation of a deep neural network with ReLU activation function arises when the layer with the fewest nodes changes ... More
Phase transition of quantum corrected Schwarzschild black holeJul 23 2012Nov 07 2012We study the thermodynamic phase transition of a quantum-corrected Schwarzschild black hole. The modified metric affects the critical temperature which is slightly less than the conventional one. The space without black holes is not the hot flat space ... More
A Novel Statistical Diagnosis of Clinical DataSep 02 2002In this paper, we present a diagnosis method of diseases from clinical data. The data are routine test such as urine test, hematology, chemistries etc. Though those tests have been done for people who check in medical institutes, how each item of the ... More
2D Electrophoresis Gel Image and Diagnosis of a DiseaseMay 28 2003The process of diagnosing a disease from the 2D gel electrophoresis image is a challenging problem. This is due to technical difficulties of generating reproducible images with a normalized form and the effect of negative stain. In this paper, we will ... More
A Representation of Changes of Images and its Application for Developmental BiolologyMay 13 2003In this paper, we consider a series of events observed at spaced time intervals and present a method of representation of the series. To explain an idea, by dealing with a set of gene expression data, which could be obtained from developmental biology, ... More
Neural Network-Hardware Co-design for Scalable RRAM-based BNN AcceleratorsNov 06 2018Recently, RRAM-based Binary Neural Network (BNN) hardware has been gaining interests as it requires 1-bit sense-amp only and eliminates the need for high-resolution ADC and DAC. However, RRAM-based BNN hardware still requires high-resolution ADC for partial ... More
An $L_p$-theory for diffusion equations related to stochastic processes with non-stationary independent incrementMay 03 2017Oct 27 2017Let $X=(X_t)_{t \ge 0}$ be a stochastic process which has an (not necessarily stationary) independent increment on a probability space $(\Omega, \mathbb{P})$. In this paper, we study the following Cauchy problem related to the stochastic process $X$: ... More
Memorization Precedes Generation: Learning Unsupervised GANs with Memory NetworksMar 05 2018Mar 10 2018We propose an approach to address two issues that commonly occur during training of unsupervised GANs. First, since GANs use only a continuous latent distribution to embed multiple classes or clusters of data, they often do not correctly handle the structural ... More
The role of Coulomb correlation in charge density wave of CuTeMay 29 2019A quasi one-dimensional layered material, CuTe undergoes a charge density wave (CDW) transition in Te chains with a modulation vector of $q_{CDW}=(0.4, 0.0, 0.5)$. Despite the clear experimental evidence for the CDW, the theoretical understanding especially ... More
Automatic Knowledge Base Evolution by Learning InstancesApr 04 2016Knowledge base is the way to store structured and unstructured data throughout the web. Since the size of the web is increasing rapidly, there are huge needs to structure the knowledge in a fully automated way. However fully-automated knowledge-base evolution ... More
Private Web Search with an Expected Constant RoundApr 11 2016Web searching is becoming an essential activity because it is often the most effective and convenient way of finding information. However, a Web search can be a threat to the privacy of the searcher because the queries may reveal sensitive information ... More
Euler characteristic of analogues of a Deligne-Lusztig variety for $GL_n$Jun 12 2016In this paper we give a combinatorial formula to calculate the Euler characteristic of an analogue of a Deligne-Lusztig variety if we replace Frobenius morphism with conjugation by an element for $GL_n$. The main theorem states that it only depends on ... More
The Conley-Zehnder indices of the Euler problem of two fixed centersJan 08 2016Jun 14 2016We give the thorough analysis for the rotation functions of the critical orbits. From this one can understand bifurcations of periodic orbits. Moreover, we give explicit formulas of the Conley-Zehnder indices of the interior and exterior collision orbits ... More
Convolutional Neural Networks for Sentence ClassificationAug 25 2014Sep 03 2014We report on a series of experiments with convolutional neural networks (CNN) trained on top of pre-trained word vectors for sentence-level classification tasks. We show that a simple CNN with little hyperparameter tuning and static vectors achieves excellent ... More
OPE Constraints and the Leading Order Hadronic Contribution to (g-2)_muNov 13 2006OPE constraints are studied as a means of distinguishing between the versions of the I=1 vector spectral function extracted from (i) inclusive I=1 hadronic electroproduction cross-sections and (ii) inclusive I=1 hadronic tau decay data, with the goal ... More
Heavy Quark Analogues of the Theta and Their ExcitationsAug 11 2004Predictions for the low-lying excitation spectrum of positive parity pentaquark systems containing one c or b antiquark and four light u,d quarks are obtained in the quark model picture for models with spin-dependent interactions given either by effective ... More
Problems With Extracting $m_s$ from Flavor Breaking in Hadronic $τ$ DecaysApr 15 1998A numerical error is pointed out in the existing expression for the order $\alpha_s^2$ longitudinal component of the squared-mass (D=2) contribution to the hadronic $\tau$ decay rate. The corrected version is found to be such that, to order $\alpha_s^2$, ... More
Status of the Lattice and Tau Decay Determinations of alpha_sNov 28 2010The two highest precision determinations of alpha_s(M_Z^2), that based on the analysis of short-distance-sensitive lattice observables, and that based on an analysis of hadronic tau decay data, have, until very recently, given results which are not in ... More
On the Leading ORder Hadronic Contribution to (g-2)_muDec 26 2005Sum rule constraints dominated by the independent high-scale input, alpha_s(M_Z), are shown to be satisfied by I=1 spectral data from hadronic tau decays, but violated by the pre-2005 electroproduction (EM) cross-section data. Determinations of the Standard ... More
Arithmetic Chern-Simons Theory IOct 20 2015May 12 2016In this paper, we apply ideas of Dijkgraaf and Witten on 2+1 dimensional topological quantum field theory to arithmetic curves, that is, the spectra of rings of integers in algebraic number fields. In the first three sections, we define classical Chern-Simons ... More
The average number of divisors of the Euler functionMay 16 2016The upper bound and the lower bound of average numbers of divisors of Euler Phi function and Carmichael Lambda function are obtained by Luca and Pomerance (see ~\cite{LP}). We improve the lower bound and provide a heuristic argument which suggests that ... More
Status of the KIMS-NaI experimentOct 30 2015KIMS-NaI is a direct detection experiment searching for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMP) via their scattering off of nuclei in a NaI(Tl) crystal. The KIMS-NaI collaboration has carried out tests of six crystals in the Yangyang underground laboratory ... More
The Nature of the Dark MatterOct 18 1995We review some recent determinations of the amount of dark matter on galactic and larger scales, with special attention to the dark matter in the Milky Way. We then briefly review the motivation for and basic physics of several dark matter candidates, ... More
The relative Breuil-Kisin classification of $p$-divisible groups and finite flat group schemesDec 30 2011Oct 29 2013Assume that $p>2$, and let $\mathscr{O}_K$ be a $p$-adic discrete valuation ring with residue field admitting a finite $p$-basis, and let $R$ be a formally smooth formally finite-type $\mathscr{O}_K$-algebra. (Indeed, we allow slightly more general rings ... More
Leptogenesis and Bi-Unitary Parametrization of Neutrino Yukawa MatrixMar 10 2003Apr 03 2003We analyze the neutrino Yukawa matrix by considering three constraints: the out-of-equilibrium condition of lepton number violating process responsible for leptogenesis, the upper bound of branching ratio of lepton flavor violating decay, and the prediction ... More
Transverse single spin asymmetry for very forward $π^{0}$ production in polarized proton-proton collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 510 GeVFeb 21 2019Transverse single spin asymmetry, $A_{N}$, of very forward $\pi^{0}$ production from polarized $p + p$ collisions provides new information toward an understanding of its production mechanism. $A_{N}$ of forward $\pi^{0}$ in the pseudorapidity region of ... More
Partial Identification of Answer Reviewing Effects in Multiple-Choice ExamsJan 09 2019Apr 22 2019Does reviewing previous answers during multiple-choice exams help examinees increase their final score? This article formalizes the question using a rigorous causal framework, the potential outcomes framework. Viewing examinees' reviewing status as a ... More
On the Uniqueness for One-Dimensional Constrained Hamilton-Jacobi EquationsJul 10 2018The goal of this paper is to study uniqueness of a one-dimensional Hamilton-Jacobi equation \begin{equation*} \begin{cases} u_t=|u_x|^2+R(x,I(t)) &\text{in }\mathbb{R} \times (0,\infty), \max_{\mathbb{R}} u(\cdot,t)=0 &\text{on }[0,\infty), \end{cases} ... More
ALICE results on system-size dependence of charged-particle multiplicity density in p-Pb, Pb-Pb and Xe-Xe collisionsJul 24 2018Sep 18 2018Particle production at LHC energies involves the interplay of hard (perturbative) and soft (non-perturbative) QCD processes. Global observables, such as the charged-particle multiplicity, are related to the initial geometry and the energy density produced ... More
Complex spectral analysis and test function spacesOct 25 2012Mar 12 2014We consider complex eigenstates of unstable Hamiltonian and its physically meaningful regions. Starting from a simple model of a discrete state interacting with a continuum via a general potential, we show that its Lippmann-Schwinger solution set can ... More
Parabolic equations with measurable coefficients in $L_p$-spaces with mixed normsMay 25 2007The unique solvability of parabolic equations in Sobolev spaces with mixed norms is presented. The second order coefficients (except $a^{11}$) are assumed to be only measurable in time and one spatial variable, and VMO in the other spatial variables. ... More
A note on Szpiro's inequality for curves of higher genusOct 23 2002This is a short addendum to a note of Beauville on the subject of the title. We prove an inequality that takes into account the constant part of the Jacobian.
ABC inequalities for some moduli spaces of log-general typeSep 26 1998We prove a new bound for the Arakelov-Faltings height of an abelian variety over a function field of characteristic zero and relate it to inequalities of ABC-type as conjectured by Buium and Vojta.
The effective Tolman temperature in curved spacetimesSep 08 2017We review a recently proposed effective Tolman temperature and present its applications to various gravitational systems. In the Unruh state for the evaporating black holes, the free-fall energy density is found to be negative divergent at the horizon, ... More
Relating decision and search algorithms for rational points on curves of higher genusJan 20 2002For affine plane curves defined over the rationals of genus at least two, we show that a decision algorithm for the existence of solutions also yields a search algorithm for all solutions.
A generalization of Dijkgraaf-Witten theoryOct 07 2018Feb 18 2019The main purpose of this paper is to give a generalization of Dijkgraaf-Witten theory. Consider a morphism from a smash product of spectra E,F to another spectrum G. We construct a TQFT for E-oriented manifolds using a representative of an F-cohomology ... More
Signatures of spin-orbital states of ${t_{2g}}^{2}$ system in the optical conductivity : The case of $R$VO$_{3}$ ($R$=Y and La)Aug 20 2017Mar 30 2018We investigate signatures of spin and orbital states of $R$VO$_{3}$ ($R$=Y and La) in the optical conductivity using density functional theory plus dynamical mean-field theory (DFT+DMFT). From the assignment of multiplet states to optical transitions, ... More
Collaborative Deep Learning for Speech Enhancement: A Run-Time Model Selection Method Using AutoencodersMay 29 2017We show that a Modular Neural Network (MNN) can combine various speech enhancement modules, each of which is a Deep Neural Network (DNN) specialized on a particular enhancement job. Differently from an ordinary ensemble technique that averages variations ... More
Intersecting Noncommutative D-branes and Baryons in Magnetic FieldsFeb 10 2000Feb 16 2000We study supersymmetric intersecting configurations of D-branes with B-field backgrounds. Noncommutative D-brane or M-brane pairs can intersect supersymmetrically over (p-1)-brane, as well as over (p-2)-brane like ordinary branes. d=10 and d=11 supergravity ... More
Solving Mass-deformed Holography PerturbativelyFeb 01 2019Apr 04 2019We study supergravity BPS equations which correspond to mass-deformation of some representative AdS/CFT examples. The field theory of interest are N=4, D=4 super Yang-Mills, the ABJM model in D=3, and the Brandhuber-Oz fixed point in D=5. For these gauge ... More
Time-periodic solutions of massive scalar fields in AdS background: perturbative constructionsNov 06 2014Nov 25 2014We consider scalar fields which are coupled to Einstein gravity with a negative cosmological constant, and construct periodic solutions perturbatively. In particular, we study tachyonic scalar fields whose mass is at or above the Breitenlohner-Freedman ... More
Fundamental groups and Diophantine geometryApr 07 2008We give a brief exposition on the uses of non-commutative fundamental groups for the study of Diophantine problems via a non-abelian Albanese map.
An analytic study of the ionization from an ultrathin quantum well in a weak electrostatic fieldJun 12 2007We consider the time evolution of a particle bound by an attractive one-dimensional delta-function potential (at x = 0) when a uniform electrostatic field (F) is applied. We explore explicit expressions for the time-dependent wavefunction \psi_F(x,t) ... More
Comparing a Large Number of Multivariate DistributionsApr 11 2019In this paper, we propose a test for the equality of multiple distributions based on kernel mean embeddings. Our framework provides a flexible way to handle multivariate or even high-dimensional data by virtue of kernel methods and allows the number of ... More
Multinomial Goodness-of-Fit Based on U-Statistics: High-Dimensional Asymptotic and Minimax OptimalityDec 21 2018We consider multinomial goodness-of-fit tests in the high-dimensional regime where the number of bins increases with the sample size. In this regime, Pearson's chi-squared test can suffer from low power due to the substantial bias as well as high variance ... More
Heat transport through a quantum Brownian harmonic chain beyond the weak-coupling regime: An exact treatmentApr 04 2013Apr 02 2014We consider a linear chain of quantum harmonic oscillators, in which the number of the individual oscillators is given by an arbitrary number N, and each oscillator is coupled at an arbitrary strength kappa to its nearest neighbors ("intra-coupling"), ... More
Nonexistence of perfect $2$-error-correcting Lee codes in certain dimensionsJan 29 2017May 31 2017The Golomb--Welch conjecture states that there are no perfect $e$-error-correcting codes in $\mathbb{Z}^n$ for $n \ge 3$ and $e \ge 2$. In this note, we prove the nonexistence of perfect $2$-error-correcting codes for a certain class of $n$, which is ... More
A supervised-learning-based strategy for optimal demand response of an HVAC SystemApr 29 2019The large thermal capacity of buildings enables heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to be exploited as demand response (DR) resources. Optimal DR of HVAC units is challenging, particularly for multi-zone buildings, because this requires ... More
Degenerate Cauchy numbers and polynomials of the second kindAug 24 2017Recently, degenerate Cauchy numbers and polynomials are introduced in [10]. In this paper, we study the degenerate Cauchy numbers and polynomials which are different from the previous degenerate Cauchy numbers and polynomials. In addition, we give some ... More
A note on degenerate stirling polynomials of the second kindApr 07 2017In this paper, we consider the degenerate Stirling polynomials of the second kind which are derived from the generating function. In addition, we give some new identities for these polynomials.
On degenerate Carlitz q-Bernoulli polynomialsJul 17 2015In this paper, we consider the degenerate Carlitz q-Bernoulli numbers and polynomials and we investigate some properties of those polynomials.
New approach to q-Genocch, Euler numbers and polynomials and their interpolation functionsJan 04 2009We give a new construction of q-Genocchi numbers, Euler numbers of higher order, which are different than the q-Genocchi numbers of Cangul-Ozden-Simsek. By using our q-Genoucchi, Euler nimbers of higher order, we can investigate the interesting relationship ... More
Note on on Dedekind type DC sumsDec 13 2008In this paper we consider Dedekind type DC sums and prove receprocity laws related to DC sums.
Euler Numbers and polynomials associated with zeta functionsJan 02 2008In this paper we give some interesting identities between Euler numbers and zeta functions. Finally we will give the new values of Euler zeta function at positive even integers.
Identities involving Frobenius-Euler polynomials arising from non-linear differential equationsJan 24 2012In this paper we consider non-linear differential equations which are closely related to the generating functions of Frobenius-Euler polynomials. From our non-linear differential equations, we derive some new identities between the sums of products of ... More
q-Bernstein polynomials, q-Stirling numbers and q-Bernoulli polynomialsAug 26 2010In this paper, we give new identities involving Phillips q-Bernstein polynomials and we derive some interesting properties of q-Berstein polynomials associated with q-Stirling numbers and q-Bernoulli polynomials.
On the (h,q)-zeta functions associated with (h,q)-Bernoulli numbers and polynomialsAug 11 2010In this paper we study (h,q)-zeta functions associated with (h,q)-Bernoulli numbers and polynomials.
On the q-extension of higher-order Euler polynomialsDec 24 2009Thw purpose of this paper is to present a systemic study of some families of the generalized q-Euler numbers and polynomials of higher order.
Note on q-Dedekind type sums related to q-Euler polynomialsJul 29 2009it is the purpose of this paper to construct a p-adic continuous function for an odd prime to contain a p-adic q-analogue of higher order Dedekind type sums related to q-Euler polynomials and numbers.
A note on p-adic q-integrals associated with q-Euler numbersJun 29 2007In this we give a detailed proof of fermionic p-adic q-measures on Z_p and we will treat some interesting formulae related q-extension of Euler numbers and polynomials.
A note on the q-Genocchi numbers and polynomialsMar 16 2007In ths paper we discuss the new concept of the q-extension of Genocchi numbers and give the some relations between q-Genocchi polynomials and q-Euler numbers.
Filtration of the classical knot concordance group and Casson-Gordon invariantsJul 24 2002It is known that if any prime power branched cyclic cover of a knot in the 3-sphere is a homology sphere, then the knot has vanishing Casson-Gordon invariants. We construct infinitely many examples of (topologically) non-slice knots in the 3-sphere whose ... More
Logarithmic Stable MapsJul 23 2008Jan 20 2009We introduce the notion of a logarithmic stable map from a minimal log prestable curve to a log twisted semi-stable variety of form $xy=0$. We study the compactification of the moduli spaces of such maps and provide a perfect obstruction theory, applicable ... More
A proof of the Riemann hypothesis using the remainder term of the Dirichlet eta functionJul 30 2015May 24 2016The Dirichlet eta function can be divided into $n$-th partial sum $\eta_{n}(s)$ and remainder term $R_{n}(s)$. We focus on the remainder term which can be approximated by the expression for $n$. And then, to increase reliability, we make sure that the ... More
Existence of a Radner equilibrium in a model with transaction costsFeb 06 2017Feb 23 2018We prove the existence of a Radner equilibrium in a model with proportional transaction costs on an infinite time horizon and analyze the effect of transaction costs on the endogenously determined interest rate. Two agents receive exogenous, unspanned ... More
The unipotent Albanese map and Selmer varieties for curvesOct 20 2005Sep 28 2006We discuss $p$-adic unipotent Albanese maps for curves of positive genus, extending the theory of $p$-adic multiple polylogarithms. This construction is then used to relate linear Diophantine conjectures of `Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer type' to non-linear ... More