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Non-Orientable M(atrix) TheoryOct 27 1997Oct 28 1997M(atrix) theory description is investigated for M-theory compactified on non-orientable manifolds. Relevant M(atrix) theory is obtained by Fourier transformation in a way consistent with T-duality. For nine-dimensional compactification on Klein bottle ... More
Massless and Massive Higher Spins from Anti-de Sitter Space WaveguideMay 20 2016Higgs mechanism to massive higher-spin gauge fields is an outstanding open problem. We investigate this issue in the context of Kaluza-Klein compactification. Starting from a free massless higher-spin field in $(d+2)$-dimensional anti-de Sitter space ... More
Current LHC Constraints on Minimal Universal Extra DimensionsFeb 01 2017Jun 16 2017In this letter, we present LHC limits on the minimal universal extra dimension (MUED) model from LHC Run 1 data and current limits from searches of the ongoing Run 2. Typical collider signals of the Kaluza-Klein (KK) states mimic generic degenerate supersymmetry ... More
The Higgsino-Singlino World at the Large Hadron ColliderMay 14 2014Feb 12 2015We consider light higgsinos and singlinos in the next-to-minimal supersymmetric Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider. We assume that the singlino is the lightest supersymmetric particle and that the higgsino is the next-to-lightest supersymmetric ... More
Light Stop Searches at the LHC with Monojet EventsJan 27 2012Aug 27 2012We consider light top squarks (stops) in the minimal supersymmetric Standard Model at the Large Hadron Collider. Here, we assume that the lightest neutralino is the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) and the lighter stop is the next-to-LSP. Stop pair ... More
Probing the Electroweakino Sector of General Gauge Mediation at the LHCMay 18 2017Jun 18 2018We consider pair-production of electroweakinos promptly decaying to light gravitinos in general gauge mediation scenarios within the minimal supersymmetric standard model. Typically the presence of photons and missing transverse momentum is the key signature ... More
Rapidity Gap Events for Squark Pair Production at the LHCSep 28 2009The exchange of electroweak gauginos in the $t-$ or $u-$channel allows squark pair production at hadron colliders without color exchange between the squarks. This can give rise to events where little or no energy is deposited in the detector between the ... More
Rapidity Gap Events in Squark Pair Production at the LHCSep 14 2009The exchange of electroweak gauginos in the $t-$ or $u-$channel allows squark pair production at hadron colliders without color exchange between the squarks. This can give rise to events where little or no energy is deposited in the detector between the ... More
Electroweak Contributions to Squark Pair Production at the LHCSep 17 2007In this paper we compute electroweak contributions to the production of squark pairs at hadron colliders. These include the exchange of electroweak gauge bosons in the s-channel as well as electroweak gaugino exchange in the t- and/or u-channel. In many ... More
Gravitino vs Neutralino LSP at the LHCMay 14 2019Using the latest LHC data, we analyse and compare the lower limits on the masses of gluinos and the lightest stop in two natural supersymmetric motivated scenarios: one with a neutralino being the lightest supersymmetric particle (LSP) and the other one ... More
Electroweak Contributions to Squark Pair ProductionOct 10 2007We compute electroweak contributions to the production of squark pairs at hadron colliders. These include the exchange of electroweak gauge bosons in the $s-$channel as well as electroweak gaugino exchange in the $t-$ and/or $u-$channel. In many cases ... More
Superstring on PP-Wave Orbifold from Large-N Quiver Gauge TheoryMar 08 2002Mar 10 2002We extend the proposal of Berenstein, Maldacena and Nastase to Type IIB superstring propagating on pp-wave over ${\bf R}^4/{\bf Z}_k$ orbifold. We show that first-quantized free string theory is described correctly by the large $N$, fixed gauge coupling ... More
Stable Non-BPS Membranes on M(atrix) OrientifoldMar 15 1999Apr 08 1999Examples of stable, non-BPS M-theory membrane configuration are constructed via M(atrix) theory. The stable membranes are localized on O4 or O8 orientifolds, which projects Chan-Paton gauge bundle of M(atrix) zero-brane partons to USp-type. The examples ... More
Heterotic M(atrix) Strings and Their InteractionsApr 23 1997May 12 1997Following recent proposal of Dijkgraaf, Verlinde and Verlinde, we show that the M(atrix) theory compactified on $S_1/Z_2$ provides with a non-perturbative description of second-quantized light-cone heterotic string. This so-called heterotic M(atrix) string ... More
CheckMATE: Confronting your Favourite New Physics Model with LHC DataDec 09 2013Jan 28 2014In the first three years of running, the LHC has delivered a wealth of new data that is now being analysed. With over 20 fb$^{-1}$ of integrated luminosity, both ATLAS and CMS have performed many searches for new physics that theorists are eager to test ... More
Confronting the neutralino and chargino sector of the NMSSM to the multi-lepton searches at the LHCDec 12 2018We test the impact of the ATLAS and CMS multi-lepton searches performed at the LHC with 8 as well as 13 TeV center-of-mass energy (using only the pre-2018 results) on the chargino and neutralino sector of the NMSSM. Our purpose consists in analyzing the ... More
Accelerating the BSM interpretation of LHC data with machine learningNov 08 2016The interpretation of Large Hadron Collider (LHC) data in the framework of Beyond the Standard Model (BSM) theories is hampered by the need to run computationally expensive event generators and detector simulators. Performing statistically convergent ... More
Critical currents for vortex defect motion in superconducting arraysMar 15 2005We study numerically the motion of vortices in two-dimensional arrays of resistively shunted Josephson junctions. An extra vortex is created in the ground states by introducing novel boundary conditions and made mobile by applying external currents. We ... More
QoE-aware Scalable Video Transmission in MIMO~SystemsOct 24 2016An important concept in wireless systems has been quality of experience (QoE)-aware video transmission. Such communications are considered not only connection-based communications but also content-aware communications, since the video quality is closely ... More
Illuminating Stealth Scenarios at the LHCDec 21 2018Several ideas exist how the stringent mass limits from LHC on new coloured particles can be avoided. One idea are the so-called `stealth' scenarios in which missing transversal energy (MET) is avoided due a peculiar mass configuration. It is usually assumed ... More
Invariant Operators, Orthogonal Bases and Correlators in General Tensor ModelsJan 30 2018Jul 12 2018We study invariant operators in general tensor models. We show that representation theory provides an efficient framework to count and classify invariants in tensor models. In continuation and completion of our earlier work, we present two natural ways ... More
Rolling of Modulated Tachyon with Gauge Flux and Emergent Fundamental StringMar 14 2003Apr 11 2003We investigate real-time tachyon dynamics of unstable D-brane carrying fundamental string charge. We construct the boundary state relevant for rolling of modulated tachyon with gauge fields excited on the world-volume, and study spatial distribution of ... More
Rolling Tachyon with Electric and Magnetic Fields -- T-duality approach -----Jan 08 2003Jan 25 2003We study the decay of unstable D$p$-branes when the world-volume gauge field is turned on. We obtain the relevant Dp-brane boundary state with electric and magnetic fields by boosting and rotating the rolling tachyon boundary state of a D(p-1)-brane and ... More
Orthogonal Bases of Invariants in Tensor ModelsJun 08 2017Jun 15 2017Representation theory provides a suitable framework to count and classify invariants in tensor models. We show that there are two natural ways of counting invariants, one for arbitrary rank of the gauge group and a second, which is only valid for large ... More
Optical spectroscopy study on the electronic structure of $Eu_{1-x} Ca_x B_6$Sep 05 2004The optical conductivity $\sigma_{1}(\omega)$ of Eu$_{1-x}$Ca$_{x}$B$_{6}$ has been obtained from reflectivity and ellipsometry measurements for series of compositions, $0\leq x\leq 1$. The interband part of $\sigma_{1}(\omega) $ shifts continuously to ... More
Global analysis of the pMSSM in light of the Fermi GeV excess: prospects for the LHC Run-II and astroparticle experimentsJul 24 2015Apr 18 2016We present a new global fit of the 19-dimensional phenomenological Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (pMSSM-19) that comply with all the latest experimental results from dark matter indirect, direct and accelerator dark matter searches. We show that ... More
Updating Bounds on $R$-Parity Violating Supersymmetry from Meson Oscillation DataOct 18 2018Feb 26 2019We update the bounds on $R$-parity violating supersymmetry originating from meson oscillations in the $B^0_{d/s}$ and $K^0$ systems. To this end, we explicitly calculate all corresponding contributions from $R$-parity violating operators at the one-loop ... More
Comments on "On Clock Synchronization Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks Under Unknown Delay"Feb 01 2016The generalization of the maximum-likelihood-like estimator for clock skew by Leng and Wu in the above paper is erroneous because the correlation of the noise components in the model is not taken into account in the derivation of the maximum likelihood ... More
Enumeration formulas for generalized q-Euler numbersApr 23 2011Oct 19 2012We find an enumeration formula for a $(t,q)$-Euler number which is a generalization of the $q$-Euler number introduced by Han, Randrianarivony, and Zeng. We also give a combinatorial expression for the $(t,q)$-Euler number and find another formula when ... More
Proofs of two conjectures of Kenyon and Wilson on Dyck tilingsAug 29 2011Oct 22 2012Recently, Kenyon and Wilson introduced a certain matrix $M$ in order to compute pairing probabilities of what they call the double-dimer model. They showed that the absolute value of each entry of the inverse matrix $M^{-1}$ is equal to the number of ... More
Skyrmions and Hall viscosityDec 13 2017We discuss the contribution of magnetic Skyrmions to the Hall viscosity and propose a simple way to identify it in experiments. The topological Skyrmion charge density has a distinct signature in the electric Hall conductivity that is identified in existing ... More
Ellipsoids and elliptic hyperboloids in the Euclidean space ${\Bbb E}^{n+1}$Feb 16 2013We establish some characterizations of elliptic hyperboloids (resp., ellipsoids) in the $(n+1)$-dimensional Euclidean space ${\Bbb E}^{n+1}$, using the $n$-dimensional area of the sections cut off by hyperplanes and the $(n+1)$-dimensional volume of regions ... More
q-analog of tableau containmentDec 06 2008Nov 02 2010We prove a $q$-analog of the following result due to McKay, Morse and Wilf: the probability that a random standard Young tableau of size $n$ contains a fixed standard Young tableau of shape $\lambda\vdash k$ tends to $f^{\lambda}/k!$ in the large $n$ ... More
A note on the total number of cycles of even and odd permutationsSep 03 2009Apr 06 2010We prove bijectively that the total number of cycles of all even permutations of $[n]=\{1,2,...,n\}$ and the total number of cycles of all odd permutations of $[n]$ differ by $(-1)^n(n-2)!$, which was stated as an open problem by Mikl\'{o}s B\'{o}na. ... More
Entanglement entropy and Wilson loopAug 29 2018We study both entanglement and the R\'enyi entropies for 2 dimensional Dirac fermions in the presence of topological Wilson loops. In the language of $\mathbb{Z}_n$ orbifold theories, the Wilson loop is interpreted as an electric operator while the orbifold ... More
Skew domino Schensted algorithm and sign-imbalanceNov 07 2007Apr 06 2010Using growth diagrams, we define a skew domino Schensted correspondence which is a domino analogue of the skew Robinson-Schensted correspondence due to Sagan and Stanley. The color-to-spin property of Shimozono and White is extended. As an application, ... More
Bijections on two variations of noncrossing partitionsDec 22 2008Aug 29 2011We find bijections on 2-distant noncrossing partitions, 12312-avoiding partitions, 3-Motzkin paths, UH-free Schr{\"o}der paths and Schr{\"o}der paths without peaks at even height. We also give a direct bijection between 2-distant noncrossing partitions ... More
Quantum Dissipative Dynamics of Entanglement in the Spin-Boson ModelOct 17 2006We study quantum dissipative dynamics of entanglement in the spin-boson model, described by the generalized master equation. We consider the two opposite limits of pure-dephasing and relaxation models, measuring the degree of entanglement with the concurrence. ... More
Dual Little Strings from F-Theory and Flop TransitionsOct 25 2016A particular two-parameter class of little string theories can be described by $M$ parallel M5-branes probing a transverse affine $A_{N-1}$ singularity. We previously discussed the duality between the theories labelled by $(N,M)$ and $(M,N)$. In this ... More
Integrability of N=6 Chern-Simons Theory at Six Loops and BeyondNov 04 2009Mar 06 2010We study issues concerning perturbative integrability of N=6 Chern-Simons theory at planar and weak `t Hooft coupling regime. By Feynman diagrammatics, we derive so called maximal-ranged interactions in the quantum dilatation generator, originating from ... More
Formation of mid-gap states and ferromagnetism in semiconducting CaB$_6$Oct 03 2003We present a consistent overall picture of the electronic structure and ferromagnetic interaction in CaB$_6$, based on our joint transport, optical, and tunneling measurements on high-quality {\em defect-controlled} single crystals. Pure CaB$_6$ single ... More
Quasi-Periodic Nanoripples in Graphene Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Its Impact on Charge TransportFeb 06 2013The technical breakthrough in synthesizing graphene by chemical vapor deposition methods (CVD) has opened up enormous opportunities for large-scale device applications. In order to improve the electrical properties of CVD graphene grown on copper (Cu-CVD ... More
E(lementary) Strings in Six-Dimensional Heterotic F-TheoryJun 16 2017Sep 04 2017Using E-strings, we can analyze not only six-dimensional superconformal field theories but also probe vacua of non-perturabative heterotic string. We study strings made of D3-branes wrapped on various two-cycles in the global F-theory setup. We claim ... More
Antenna Operator Product Expansion of ABJ(M) Lightlike Polygon Wilson LoopDec 30 2014Expectation value of lightlike polygon Wilson loop is computed in the three-dimensional ABJM theory up to second-order in `t Hooft coupling in the limit of infinitely many colors and the result is critically compared with that in the four-dimensional ... More
Wilson Loops in Superconformal Chern-Simons Theory and Fundamental Strings in Anti-de Sitter Supergravity DualSep 23 2008Feb 17 2009We study Wilson loop operators in three-dimensional, N=6 superconformal Chern-Simons theory dual to IIA superstring theory on AdS4 x CP3. Novelty of Wilson loop operators in this theory is that, for a given contour, there are two linear combinations of ... More
Generalized Dynamical Spin Chain and 4-Loop Integrability in N=6 Superconformal Chern-Simons TheoryApr 29 2009Jan 29 2010We revisit unitary representation of centrally extended (2 | 2) excitation superalgebra. We find most generally that `pseudo-momentum', not lattice momentum, diagonalizes spin chain Hamiltonian and leads to generalized dynamic spin chain. All known results ... More
Noise and fluctuation relations of a spin diodeMay 10 2013We consider fluctuation relations between the transport coefficients of a spintronic system where magnetic interactions play a crucial role. We investigate a prototypical spintronic device (a spin-diode) which consists of an interacting resonant level ... More
Spin-current noise from fluctuation relationsAug 23 2012We present fluctuation relations that connect spin-polarized current and noise in mesoscopic conductors. In linear response, these relations are equivalent to the fluctuation-dissipation theorem that relates equilibrium current--current correlations to ... More
Conformal Bootstrap Approach to O(N) Fixed Points in Five DimensionsDec 19 2014Whether O(N)-invariant conformal field theory exists in five dimensions with its implication to higher-spin holography was much debated. We find an affirmative result on this question by utilizing conformal bootstrap approach. In solving for the crossing ... More
Dual Little Strings from F-Theory and Flop TransitionsOct 25 2016Oct 26 2016A particular two-parameter class of little string theories can be described by $M$ parallel M5-branes probing a transverse affine $A_{N-1}$ singularity. We previously discussed the duality between the theories labelled by $(N,M)$ and $(M,N)$. In this ... More
The Globular Cluster System of M60 (NGC 4649). I. CFHT MOS Spectroscopy and DatabaseSep 27 2007We present the measurement of radial velocities for globular clusters in M60, giant elliptical galaxy in the Virgo cluster. Target globular cluster candidates were selected using the Washington photometry based on the deep $16\arcmin \times 16\arcmin$ ... More
The Globular Cluster System of M60 (NGC 4649). II. Kinematics of the Globular Cluster SystemSep 27 2007We present a kinematic analysis of the globular cluster (GC) system in the giant elliptical galaxy (gE) M60 in the Virgo cluster. Using the photometric and spectroscopic database of 121 GCs (83 blue GCs and 38 red GCs), we have investigated the kinematics ... More
On a Modification of the Agrawal-Biswas Primality TestOct 23 2018We present a variant of the Agrawal-Biswas algorithm, a Monte Carlo algorithm which tests the primality of an integer $N$ by checking whether or not $(x+a)^N$ and $x^N + a$ are equivalent in a residue ring of $\mathbb{Z}/N\mathbb{Z}[x]$. The variant that ... More
Surplus Solid Angle as an Imprint of Horava-Lifshitz GravityJul 17 2009Dec 08 2009We consider the electrostatic field of a point charge coupled to Horava-Lifshitz gravity and find an exact solution describing the space with a surplus (or deficit) solid angle. Although, theoretically in general relativity, a surplus angle is hardly ... More
On the q-Euler numbers related to modified q-Bernstein polynomialsJul 20 2010In this paper we investigate some interesting formulae of q-Euler numbers and polynomials related to the modified q-Bernstein polynomials.
On the enumeration of three-rowed standard Young tableaux of skew shape in terms of Motzkin numbersJul 20 2011The enumeration of standard Young tableaux (SYTs) of shape {\lambda} can be easily computed by the hook-length formula. In 1981, Amitai Regev proved that the number of SYTs having at most three rows with n entries equals the nth Motzkin number M_n. In ... More
Moments of Askey-Wilson polynomialsJul 14 2012Feb 08 2013New formulas for the nth moment of the Askey-Wilson polynomials are given. These are derived using analytic techniques, and by considering three combinatorial models for the moments: Motzkin paths, matchings, and staircase tableaux. A related positivity ... More
Discontinuity and Involutions on Countable SetsMay 15 2007For any infinite subset $X$ of the rationals and a subset $F \subseteq X$ which has no isolated points in $X$ we construct a function $f: X \to X$ such that $f(f(x))=x$ for each $x\in X$ and $F $ is the set of discontinuity points of $f$.
On $p$-adic Hurwitz-type Euler zeta functionsOct 12 2010Nov 29 2010Henri Cohen and Eduardo Friedman constructed the $p$-adic analogue for Hurwitz zeta functions, and Raabe-type formulas for the $p$-adic gamma and zeta functions from Volkenborn integrals satisfying the modified difference equation. In this paper, we define ... More
On $p$-adic multiple Barnes-Euler zeta functions and the corresponding log gamma functionsMar 16 2017Sep 13 2018Suppose that $\omega_1,\ldots,\omega_N$ are positive real numbers and $x$ is a complex number with positive real part. The multiple Barnes-Euler zeta function $\zeta_{E,N}(s,x;\bar\omega)$ with parameter vector $\bar\omega=(\omega_1,\ldots,\omega_N)$ ... More
A new $q$-Selberg integral, Schur functions, and Young booksDec 26 2014Recently, Kim and Oh expressed the Selberg integral in terms of the number of Young books which are a generalization of standard Young tableaux of shifted staircase shape. In this paper the generating function for Young books according to major index ... More
On hypergeometric Bernoulli numbers and polynomialsAug 16 2014Sep 15 2015In this note, we shall provide several properties of hypergeometric Bernoulli numbers and polynomials, including sums of products identity, differential equations and recurrence formulas.
Hook length property of $d$-complete posets via $q$-integralsAug 30 2017Feb 15 2019The hook length formula for $d$-complete posets states that the $P$-partition generating function for them is given by a product in terms of hook lengths. We give a new proof of the hook length formula using $q$-integrals. The proof is done by a case-by-case ... More
Two closed forms for the Apostol-Bernoulli polynomialsSep 14 2015Aug 20 2018In this note, we shall obtain two closed forms for the Apostol-Bernoulli polynomials.
On q-integrals over order polytopesAug 11 2016A combinatorial study of multiple $q$-integrals is developed. This includes a $q$-volume of a convex polytope, which depends upon the order of $q$-integration. A multiple $q$-integral over an order polytope of a poset is interpreted as a generating function ... More
$k$-distant crossings and nestings of matchings and partitionsDec 15 2008Feb 24 2009We define and consider k-distant crossings and nestings for matchings and set partitions, which are a variation of crossings and nestings in which the distance between vertices is important. By modifying an involution of Kasraoui and Zeng (Electronic ... More
Integral representation of Weil's elliptic functionsAug 04 2015Aug 11 2015In this paper, we give a two dimensional analogue of the Euler-MacLaurin summation formula. By using this formula, we obtain an integral representation of Weil's elliptic functions which was introduced in the book "Elliptic functions according to Eisenstein ... More
Product formulas for certain skew tableauxJun 05 2018The hook length formula gives a product formula for the number of standard Young tableaux of a partition shape. The number of standard Young tableaux of a skew shape does not always have a product formula. However, for some special skew shapes, there ... More
Bootstrapping and Askey-Wilson polynomialsMar 01 2014The mixed moments for the Askey-Wilson polynomials are found using a bootstrapping method and connection coefficients. A similar bootstrapping idea on generating functions gives a new Askey-Wilson generating function. An important special case of this ... More
On The Multi-Hop Extension of Energy-Efficient WSN Time Synchronization Based on Time-Translating GatewaysJun 29 2016We report preliminary results of a simulation study on the multi-hop extension of the recently-proposed energy-efficient wireless sensor network time synchronization scheme based on time-translating gateways. Unlike the single-hop case, in multi-hop time ... More
Hamiltonians for the zeros of a general family of zeta functionsOct 27 2018Jan 08 2019Towards the Hilbert-P\'olya conjecture, in this paper, we present a general construction of Hamiltonian $\hat{H}_{f},$ which leads a general family of Hurwitz zeta functions $(-1)^{z_{n}-1}L(f,z_{n},x-1)$ defined by Mellin transform becomes their eigenstates ... More
Asymptotics of partial theta functions with a Dirichlet characterAug 29 2017May 02 2018In this paper, we prove asymptotic expansions of partial theta functions with a Dirichlet character, and these asymptotic expansions have connections with certain $L$-series.
On Dirichlet's lambda functionsJun 20 2018Jan 07 2019Let $$\lambda(s)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac1{(2n+1)^s}$$ be Dirichlet lambda function, $$\beta(s)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{(-1)^{n}}{(2n+1)^s}$$ be its alternating form, and $$\eta(s)=\sum_{n=1}^\infty\frac{(-1)^{n-1}}{n^s}$$ be Dirichlet eta function. According ... More
On p-adic analogue of Weil's elliptic functions according to EisensteinSep 17 2013Oct 08 2014In this paper, using p-adic integration with values in spaces of modular forms, we construct the p-adic analogue of Weil's elliptic functions according to Eisenstein in the book "Elliptic functions according to Eisenstein and and Kronecker". This construction ... More
N=5 three-algebras and 5-graded Lie superalgebrasOct 07 2010Aug 04 2011We discuss a generalization of N=6 three-algebras to N=5 three-algebras in connection to anti-Lie triple systems and basic Lie superalgebras of type II. We then show that the structure constants defined in anti-Lie triple systems agree with those of N=5 ... More
Lecture Hall TableauxApr 07 2018May 06 2018We introduce lecture hall tableaux, which are fillings of a skew Young diagram satisfying certain conditions. Lecture hall tableaux generalize both lecture hall partitions and anti-lecture hall compositions, and also contain reverse semistandard Young ... More
The Combinatorics of Associated Laguerre PolynomialsJan 16 2015May 11 2015The explicit double sum for the associated Laguerre polynomials is derived combinatorially. The moments are described using certain statistics on permutations and permutation tableaux. Another derivation of the double sum is provided using only the moment ... More
Special values and integral representations for the Hurwitz-type Euler zeta functionsAug 17 2015Sep 06 2017The Hurwitz-type Euler zeta function is defined as a deformation of the Hurwitz zeta function: \begin{equation*} \zeta_E(s,x)=\sum_{n=0}^\infty\frac{(-1)^n}{(n+x)^s}. \end{equation*} In this paper, by using the method of Fourier expansions, we shall evaluate ... More
On the Archimedean characterization of parabolasMay 15 2013Archimedes knew that the area between a parabola and any chord $AB$ on the parabola is four thirds of the area of triangle $\Delta ABP$ where P is the point on the parabola at which the tangent is parallel to $AB$. We consider whether this property (and ... More
Jackson's integral of multiple Hurwitz-Lerch zeta functions and multiple gamma functionsAug 14 2014Aug 09 2018Using the Jackson integral, we obtain the $q$-integral analogue of the Raabe type formulas for Barnes multiple Hurwitz-Lerch zeta functions and Barnes and Vardi's multiple gamma functions. Our results generalize $q$-integral analogue of the Raabe type ... More
On reciprocity formula of Apostol-Dedekind sum with quasi-periodic Euler functionsAug 11 2015Aug 25 2015The Apostol-Dedekind sum with quasi-periodic Euler functions is an analogue of Apostol's definition of the generalized Dedekind sum with periodic Bernoulli functions. In this paper, using the Boole summation formula, we shall obtain the reciprocity formula ... More
Some characterizations of spheres and elliptic paraboloids IIAug 27 2012We show some characterizations of hyperspheres in the $(n+1)$-dimensional Euclidean space ${\Bbb E}^{n+1}$ with intrinsic and extrinsic properties such as the $n$-dimensional area of the sections cut off by hyperplanes, the $(n+1)$-dimensional volume ... More
On the integral of the product of four and more Bernoulli polynomialsJun 18 2012Sep 02 2013In 1958, L.J. Mordell provided the formula for the integral of the product of two Bernoulli polynomials, he also remarked: "The integrals containing the product of more than two Bernoulli polynomials do not appear to lead to simple results." In this paper, ... More
Coulomb-blockade effect in nonlinear mesoscopic capacitorsAug 21 2016We consider an interacting quantum dot working as a coherent source of single electrons. The dot is tunnel coupled to a reservoir and capacitively coupled to a gate terminal with an applied ac potential. At low frequencies, this is the quantum analog ... More
A New Approach to Non-Abelian HydrodynamicsMay 19 2016Jul 07 2016We present a new approach to describe hydrodynamics carrying non-Abelian macroscopic degrees of freedom. Based on the Kaluza-Klein compactification of a higher-dimensional neutral dissipative fluid on a group manifold, we obtain a d=4 colored dissipative ... More
Factors Determining the Carrier Distribution in InGaN/GaN Multiple-Quantum-Well Light-Emitting DiodesMay 24 2017Factors determining the carrier distribution in InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well (MQW) light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are studied via photoluminescence and temperature-dependent electroluminescence spectra. Employing a dichromatic LED device, we demonstrate ... More
Energy peak: back to the Galactic Center GeV gamma-ray excessJul 28 2015Feb 24 2016We propose a novel mechanism enabling us to have a continuum bump as a signature of gamma-ray excess in indirect detection experiments of dark matter (DM), postulating a generic dark sector having (at least) two DM candidates. With the assumption of non-zero ... More
A thermally driven out-of-equilibrium two-impurity Kondo systemJun 27 2018The archetypal two-impurity Kondo problem in a serially-coupled double quantum dot is investigated in the presence of a thermal bias $\theta$. The slave-boson formulation is employed to obtain the nonlinear thermal and thermoelectrical responses. When ... More
Supersymmetric Many-Body Systems from Partial Symmetries: Integrability, Localization and ScramblingFeb 07 2017May 18 2017Partial symmetries are described by generalized group structures known as symmetric inverse semigroups. We use the algebras arising from these structures to realize supersymmetry in (0+1) dimensions and to build many-body quantum systems on a chain. This ... More
Five-Dimensional Gauge Theories from Shifted Web DiagramsOct 11 2018Nov 01 2018In previous works (arXiv:1610.07916, arXiv:1711.07921, arXiv:1807.00186) we studied a class of toric Calabi-Yau threefolds which engineer six-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories with gauge group $U(N)$ and adjoint matter. The K\"ahler moduli space ... More
Analysis of Carrier Accumulation in Active Region by Energy Loss Mechanisms in InGaN Light-Emitting DiodesMay 16 2017Carrier recombination and transport processes play key roles in determining the optoelectronic performances such as the efficiency droop and forward voltage in InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well (MQW) light-emitting diodes (LEDs). In this work, we investigate ... More
New Supersymmetric Localizations from Topological GravitySep 30 2015Supersymmetric field theories can be studied exactly on suitable off-shell supergravity backgrounds. We show that in two dimensions such backgrounds are identifiable with BRST invariant backgrounds of topological gravity coupled to an abelian topological ... More
Transport properties of a molecule embedded in an Aharonov-Bohm interferometerFeb 20 2010We theoretically investigate the transport properties of a molecule embedded in one arm of a mesoscopic Aharonov-Bohm interferometer. Due to the presence of phonons the molecule level position ($\epsilon_d$) and the electron-electron interaction ($U$) ... More
Comparative Analysis of Current Component in InGaN-based Blue and AlGaInP-based Red Light-emitting DiodeMay 24 2017In this paper, we aim to understand the apparent characteristics of IQE and I-V curve in AlGaInP and InGaN LED devices. For the analysis, we separate the current into radiative current and non-radiative current component by using the information of IQE. ... More
New Supersymmetric Localizations from Topological GravitySep 30 2015Oct 20 2016Supersymmetric field theories can be studied exactly on suitable off-shell supergravity backgrounds. We show that in two dimensions such backgrounds are identifiable with BRST invariant backgrounds of topological gravity coupled to an abelian topological ... More
Non-target Structural Displacement Measurement Using Reference Frame Based DeepflowMar 21 2019Structural displacement is crucial for structural health monitoring, although it is very challenging to measure in field conditions. Most existing displacement measurement methods are costly, labor intensive, and insufficiently accurate for measuring ... More
Decay-Function-Free Time-Aware Attention to Context and Speaker Indicator for Spoken Language UnderstandingMar 20 2019Mar 29 2019To capture salient contextual information for spoken language understanding (SLU) of a dialogue, we propose time-aware models that automatically learn the latent time-decay function of the history without a manual time-decay function. We also propose ... More
Multiphase Level-Set Loss for Semi-Supervised and Unsupervised Segmentation with Deep LearningApr 05 2019Recent state-of-the-art image segmentation algorithms are mostly based on deep neural network, thanks to its high performance and fast computation time. However, these methods are usually trained in a supervised manner, which requires large number of ... More
Sum-Rate Maximization of Multicell MISO Networks with Limited Information ExchangeApr 10 2019Although there have been extensive studies on transmit beamforming in multi-input single-output (MISO) multicell networks, achieving optimal sum-rate with limited channel state information (CSI) is still a challenge even with a single user per cell. A ... More
A classification of prime-valent regular Cayley maps on some groupsSep 14 2007A Cayley map is a 2-cell embedding of a Cayley graph into an orientable surface with the same local orientation induced by a cyclic permutation of generators at each vertex. In this paper, we provide classifications of prime-valent regular Cayley maps ... More