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Existence of Shadow Prices in Finite Probability SpacesNov 25 2009Nov 15 2010A shadow price is a process lying within the bid/ask prices of a market with proportional transaction costs, such that maximizing expected utility from consumption in the frictionless market with this price process leads to the same maximal utility as ... More
Small-Time Asymptotics of Option Prices and First Absolute MomentsJun 11 2010Jun 16 2011We study the leading term in the small-time asymptotics of at-the-money call option prices when the stock price process $S$ follows a general martingale. This is equivalent to studying the first centered absolute moment of $S$. We show that if $S$ has ... More
Simple Bounds for Transaction CostsFeb 16 2018Using elementary arguments, we derive $\L_{p}$-error bounds for the approximation of frictionless wealth process in markets with proportional transaction costs. For utilities with bounded risk aversion, these estimates yield lower bounds for the frictional ... More
Robust Portfolios and Weak Incentives in Long-Run InvestmentsJun 12 2013Aug 18 2014When the planning horizon is long, and the safe asset grows indefinitely, isoelastic portfolios are nearly optimal for investors who are close to isoelastic for high wealth, and not too risk averse for low wealth. We prove this result in a general arbitrage-free, ... More
Asset Pricing with General Transaction Costs: Theory and NumericsMay 13 2019We study risk-sharing equilibria with general convex costs on the agents' trading rates. For an infinite-horizon model with linear state dynamics and exogenous volatilities, the equilibrium returns mean-revert around their frictionless counterparts -- ... More
A characterization of the martingale property of exponentially affine processesOct 19 2009Nov 29 2010We consider local martingales which are standard or stochastic exponentials M of one component X of a multivariate affine process in the sense of Duffie, Filipovic and Schachermayer (2003). By completing their characterization of conservative affine processes, ... More
Transaction Costs, Trading Volume, and the Liquidity PremiumAug 04 2011Jan 12 2013In a market with one safe and one risky asset, an investor with a long horizon, constant investment opportunities, and constant relative risk aversion trades with small proportional transaction costs. We derive explicit formulas for the optimal investment ... More
On the Existence of Shadow PricesNov 28 2011Jan 08 2013For utility maximization problems under proportional transaction costs, it has been observed that the original market with transaction costs can sometimes be replaced by a frictionless "shadow market" that yields the same optimal strategy and utility. ... More
Equilibrium Returns with Transaction CostsJul 26 2017Apr 05 2018We study how trading costs are reflected in equilibrium returns. To this end, we develop a tractable continuous-time risk-sharing model, where heterogeneous mean-variance investors trade subject to a quadratic transaction cost. The corresponding equilibrium ... More
Optimal Liquidity ProvisionSep 20 2013Feb 26 2015A small investor provides liquidity at the best bid and ask prices of a limit order market. For small spreads and frequent orders of other market participants, we explicitly determine the investor's optimal policy and welfare. In doing so, we allow for ... More
Portfolio Choice with Transaction Costs: a User's GuideJul 31 2012Recent progress in portfolio choice has made a wide class of problems involving transaction costs tractable. We review the basic approach to these problems, and outline some directions for future research.
Option Pricing and Hedging with Small Transaction CostsSep 12 2012Dec 12 2012An investor with constant absolute risk aversion trades a risky asset with general It\^o-dynamics, in the presence of small proportional transaction costs. In this setting, we formally derive a leading-order optimal trading policy and the associated welfare, ... More
A Risk-Neutral Equilibrium Leading to Uncertain Volatility PricingDec 29 2016Jan 03 2018We study the formation of derivative prices in equilibrium between risk-neutral agents with heterogeneous beliefs about the dynamics of the underlying. Under the condition that the derivative cannot be shorted, we prove the existence of a unique equilibrium ... More
The General Structure of Optimal Investment and Consumption with Small Transaction CostsMar 13 2013May 14 2015We investigate the general structure of optimal investment and consumption with small proportional transaction costs. For a safe asset and a risky asset with general continuous dynamics, traded with random and time-varying but small transaction costs, ... More
Model Uncertainty, Recalibration, and the Emergence of Delta-Vega HedgingApr 14 2017We study option pricing and hedging with uncertainty about a Black-Scholes reference model which is dynamically recalibrated to the market price of a liquidly traded vanilla option. For dynamic trading in the underlying asset and this vanilla option, ... More
Portfolio Choice with Stochastic Investment Opportunities: a User's GuideNov 07 2013This survey reviews portfolio choice in settings where investment opportunities are stochastic due to, e.g., stochastic volatility or return predictability. It is explained how to heuristically compute candidate optimal portfolios using tools from stochastic ... More
Utility maximization in models with conditionally independent incrementsNov 18 2009We consider the problem of maximizing expected utility from terminal wealth in models with stochastic factors. Using martingale methods and a conditioning argument, we determine the optimal strategy for power utility under the assumption that the increments ... More
High-Resilience Limits of Block-Shaped Order BooksSep 25 2014We show that wealth processes in the block-shaped order book model of Obizhaeva/Wang converge to their counterparts in the reduced-form model proposed by Almgren/Chriss, as the resilience of the order book tends to infinity. As an application of this ... More
Portfolio Selection with Small Transaction Costs and Binding Portfolio ConstraintsMay 21 2012Jan 08 2013An investor with constant relative risk aversion and an infinite planning horizon trades a risky and a safe asset with constant investment opportunities, in the presence of small transaction costs and a binding exogenous portfolio constraint. We explicitly ... More
Portfolio Choice with Small Temporary and Transient Price ImpactMay 01 2017Jan 14 2019We study portfolio selection in a model with both temporary and transient price impact introduced by Garleanu and Pedersen (2016). In the large-liquidity limit where both frictions are small, we derive explicit formulas for the asymptotically optimal ... More
Long Horizons, High Risk Aversion, and Endogeneous SpreadsOct 06 2011Jul 31 2012For an investor with constant absolute risk aversion and a long horizon, who trades in a market with constant investment opportunities and small proportional transaction costs, we obtain explicitly the optimal investment policy, its implied welfare, liquidity ... More
Utility Maximization, Risk Aversion, and Stochastic DominanceApr 05 2011Sep 14 2011Consider an investor trading dynamically to maximize expected utility from terminal wealth. Our aim is to study the dependence between her risk aversion and the distribution of the optimal terminal payoff. Economic intuition suggests that high risk aversion ... More
Rebalancing with Linear and Quadratic CostsFeb 21 2014We consider a market consisting of one safe and one risky asset, which offer constant investment opportunities. Taking into account both proportional transaction costs and linear price impact, we derive optimal rebalancing policies for representative ... More
Optimal Rebalancing Frequencies for Multidimensional PortfoliosOct 17 2015We study optimal investment with multiple assets in the presence of small proportional transaction costs. Rather than computing an asymptotically optimal no-trade region, we optimize over suitable trading frequencies. We derive explicit formulas for these ... More
The dual optimizer for the growth-optimal portfolio under transaction costsMay 27 2010Oct 11 2010We consider the maximization of the long-term growth rate in the Black-Scholes model under proportional transaction costs as in Taksar, Klass and Assaf [Math. Oper. Res. 13, 1988]. Similarly as in Kallsen and Muhle-Karbe [Ann. Appl. Probab., 20, 2010] ... More
Transaction Costs, Shadow Prices, and Duality in Discrete TimeMay 21 2012Jan 15 2014For portfolio choice problems with proportional transaction costs, we discuss whether or not there exists a "shadow price", i.e., a least favorable frictionless market extension leading to the same optimal strategy and utility. By means of an explicit ... More
Optimal Rebalancing Frequencies for Multidimensional PortfoliosOct 17 2015Sep 04 2017We study optimal investment with multiple assets in the presence of small proportional transaction costs. Rather than computing an asymptotically optimal no-trade region, we optimize over suitable trading frequencies. We derive explicit formulas for these ... More
Asymptotic Power Utility-Based Pricing and HedgingDec 17 2009Jan 08 2013Kramkov and Sirbu (2006, 2007) have shown that first-order approximations of power utility-based prices and hedging strategies can be computed by solving a mean-variance hedging problem under a specific equivalent martingale measure and relative to a ... More
Asymptotics and Duality for the Davis and Norman ProblemOct 04 2010Aug 26 2011We revisit the problem of maximizing expected logarithmic utility from consumption over an infinite horizon in the Black-Scholes model with proportional transaction costs, as studied in the seminal paper of Davis and Norman [Math. Operation Research, ... More
Asymptotic and Exact Pricing of Options on VarianceMar 29 2010Nov 23 2010We consider the pricing of derivatives written on the discretely sampled realized variance of an underlying security. In the literature, the realized variance is usually approximated by its continuous-time limit, the quadratic variation of the underlying ... More
Optimal Trading with General Signals and Liquidation in Target Zone ModelsAug 01 2018We study optimal trading in an Almgren-Chriss model with running and terminal inventory costs and general predictive signals about price changes. As a special case, this allows to treat optimal liquidation in "target zone models": asset prices with a ... More
Option Pricing in Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models of OU TypeJan 19 2010Nov 01 2011We present a multivariate stochastic volatility model with leverage, which is flexible enough to recapture the individual dynamics as well as the interdependencies between several assets while still being highly analytically tractable. First we derive ... More
Optimal Rebalancing Frequencies for Multidimensional PortfoliosOct 17 2015Nov 01 2016We study optimal investment with multiple assets in the presence of small proportional transaction costs. Rather than computing an asymptotically optimal no-trade region, we optimize over suitable trading frequencies. We derive explicit formulas for these ... More
Liquidity in Competitive Dealer MarketsJul 22 2018We study a continuous-time version of the intermediation model of Grossman and Miller (1988). To wit, we solve for the competitive equilibrium prices at which liquidity takers' demands are absorbed by dealers with quadratic inventory costs, who can in ... More
Equilibrium Asset Pricing with Transaction CostsJan 30 2019We study a risk-sharing equilibrium where heterogenous agents trade subject to quadratic transaction costs. The corresponding equilibrium asset prices and trading strategies are characterised by a system of nonlinear, fully-coupled forward-backward stochastic ... More
Asset Pricing with Heterogeneous Beliefs and IlliquidityMay 14 2019This paper studies the equilibrium price of an asset that is traded in continuous time between N agents who have heterogeneous beliefs about the state process underlying the asset's payoff. We propose a tractable model where agents maximize expected returns ... More
Scaling Limits of Processes with Fast Nonlinear Mean ReversionOct 30 2017Feb 01 2019We derive scaling limits for integral functionals of It\^o processes with fast nonlinear mean-reversion speed. We show that in these limits, the fast mean-reverting process is "averaged out" by integrating against its invariant measure. These convergence ... More
Trading with Small Price ImpactFeb 21 2014Mar 30 2015An investor trades a safe and several risky assets with linear price impact to maximize expected utility from terminal wealth. In the limit for small impact costs, we explicitly determine the optimal policy and welfare, in a general Markovian setting ... More
A Primer on Portfolio Choice with Small Transaction CostsDec 05 2016This survey is an introduction to asymptotic methods for portfolio-choice problems with small transaction costs. We outline how to derive the corresponding dynamic programming equations and simplify them in the small-cost limit. This allows to obtain ... More
Hedging with Small Uncertainty AversionMay 20 2016We study the pricing and hedging of derivative securities with uncertainty about the volatility of the underlying asset. Rather than taking all models from a prespecified class equally seriously, we penalise less plausible ones based on their "distance" ... More
Inventory Management for High-Frequency Trading with Imperfect CompetitionAug 15 2018Aug 20 2018We study Nash equilibria for inventory-averse high-frequency traders (HFTs), who trade to exploit information about future price changes. For discrete trading rounds, the HFTs' optimal trading strategies and their equilibrium price impact are described ... More
Asymptotics for Fixed Transaction CostsJun 12 2013Oct 22 2013An investor with constant relative risk aversion trades a safe and several risky assets with constant investment opportunities. For a small fixed transaction cost, levied on each trade regardless of its size, we explicitly determine the leading-order ... More
Rebalancing with Linear and Quadratic CostsFeb 21 2014Sep 04 2017We consider a market consisting of one safe and one risky asset, which offer constant investment opportunities. Taking into account both proportional transaction costs and linear price impact, we derive optimal rebalancing policies for representative ... More
A Primer on Portfolio Choice with Small Transaction CostsDec 05 2016May 23 2017This survey is an introduction to asymptotic methods for portfolio-choice problems with small transaction costs. We outline how to derive the corresponding dynamic programming equations and simplify them in the small-cost limit. This allows to obtain ... More
On the Performance of Delta Hedging Strategies in Exponential Lévy ModelsNov 25 2009May 16 2011We consider the performance of non-optimal hedging strategies in exponential L\'evy models. Given that both the payoff of the contingent claim and the hedging strategy admit suitable integral representations, we use the Laplace transform approach of Hubalek ... More
On using shadow prices in portfolio optimization with transaction costsOct 21 2010In frictionless markets, utility maximization problems are typically solved either by stochastic control or by martingale methods. Beginning with the seminal paper of Davis and Norman [Math. Oper. Res. 15 (1990) 676--713], stochastic control theory has ... More
Switching Cost Models as Hypothesis TestsAug 29 2018We relate models based on costs of switching beliefs (e.g. due to inattention) to hypothesis tests. Specifically, for an inference problem with a penalty for mistakes and for switching the inferred value, a band of inaction is optimal. We show this band ... More
Quarkonium Spectroscopy: Beyond One-Gluon ExchangeJul 09 2007In this work an improved potential model for quarkonium spectra (charmonium, bottomonium) is constructed. Beside the one-gluon exchange and a linear confinement potential, the model includes systematically effects from two-gluon exchange and the induced ... More
On uniform approximation to successive powers of a real numberMar 30 2016Apr 20 2016We establish new inequalities involving classical exponents of Diophantine approximation. This allows for improving on the work of Davenport, Schmidt and Laurent concerning the maximum value of the exponent $\hat{\lambda}_{n}(\zeta)$ among all real transcendental ... More
Duality for Lie-Rinehart algebras and the modular classFeb 08 1997Jan 29 2004We introduce a notion of duality for a Lie-Rinehart algebra giving certain bilinear pairings in its cohomology generalizing the usual notions of Poincar\'e duality in Lie algebra cohomology and de Rham cohomology. We show that the duality isomorphisms ... More
The singularities of Yang-Mills connections for bundles on a surface. I. The local modelNov 22 1994Let $\Sigma$ be a closed surface, $G$ a compact Lie group, not necessarily connected, with Lie algebra $g$, endowed with an adjoint action invariant scalar product, let $\xi \colon P \to \Sigma$ be a principal $G$-bundle, and pick a Riemannian metric ... More
Comments on the distinction between color- and flavor-branes and new D3-D7 solutions with eight superchargesJul 07 2010We investigate the distinction between color- and flavor-branes, that is usually made in the context of gauge/string duality with backreacting flavors. Our remarks are based on a series of examples concerning the role of source terms in relatively simple ... More
Nonparametric estimation in functional linear models with second order stationary regressorsJan 27 2009We consider the problem of estimating the slope parameter in functional linear regression, where scalar responses Y1,...,Yn are modeled in dependence of second order stationary random functions X1,...,Xn. An orthogonal series estimator of the functional ... More
Deformations of asymptotically cylindrical G_2 manifoldsMay 30 2007Mar 11 2009We prove that for a 7-dimensional manifold M with cylindrical ends the moduli space of exponentially asymptotically cylindrical torsion-free G_2 structures is a smooth manifold (if non-empty), and study some of its local properties. We also show that ... More
Reduction of Multiple Harmonic Sums and Harmonic PolylogarithmsFeb 18 2004May 03 2004The alternating and non-alternating harmonic sums and other algebraic objects of the same equivalence class are connected by algebraic relations which are induced by the product of these quantities and which depend on their index calss rather than on ... More
Discovery Potential of MSSM Higgs Bosons with ATLASDec 19 2005In this article the potential of the ATLAS experiment to discover MSSM Higgs bosons is discussed. Various Monte-Carlo studies for SM Higgs boson production and dedicated MSSM Higgs boson analyses are taken into account to investigate the discovery potential ... More
Results on searches for new physics at HERAMay 13 2003The H1 and ZEUS collaborations have searched for signals of physics beyond the Standard Model in ep collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 301-319 GeV. During the HERA I phase each experiment accumulated an integrated luminosity of about 110 pb^{-1} ... More
BPS-like potential for compactifications of heterotic M-theory?Sep 09 2011Nov 07 2011We analyze the possibility to rewrite the action of Horava-Witten theory in a BPS-like form, which means that it is given as a sum of squares of the supersymmetry conditions. To this end we compactify the theory on a seven dimensional manifold of SU(3) ... More
Mutual information in interacting spin systemsMar 18 2013This thesis uses a quantity that is defined and justified by information theory -- mutual information -- to examine models of condensed matter systems. More precisely, it studies models which are made up out of ferromagnetically interacting spins. Quantum ... More
Functional linear instrumental regression under second order stationarityMar 04 2016We consider the problem of estimating the slope parameter in functional linear instrumental regression, where in the presence of an instrument W, i.e., an exogenous random function, a scalar response Y is modeled in dependence of an endogenous random ... More
The Martingale Property in the Context of Stochastic Differential EquationsJun 02 2013Apr 26 2015This note studies the martingale property of a nonnegative, continuous local martingale Z, given as a nonanticipative functional of a solution to a stochastic differential equation. The condition states that Z is a (uniformly integrable) martingale if ... More
The low-dimensional homotopy of the stable mapping class groupJul 06 2007Due to the deep work of Tillmann, Madsen, Weiss and Galatius, the cohomology of the stable mapping class group $\gaminf$ is known with rational or finite field coefficients. Little is known about the integral cohomology. In this paper, we study the first ... More
Ricci-flat deformations and special holonomyAug 03 2010Let G be one of the Ricci-flat holonomy groups SU(n), Sp(n), Spin(7) or G_2, and M a compact manifold of dimension 2n, 4n, 8 or 7, respectively. We prove that the natural map from the moduli space of torsion-free G-structures on M to the moduli space ... More
The Weight in EnumerationDec 02 2016In our setting enumeration amounts to generate all solutions of a problem instance without duplicates. We address the problem of enumerating the models of B-formulae. A B-formula is a propositional formula whose connectives are taken from a fixed set ... More
Rational approximation to surfaces defined by polynomials in one variableJan 12 2016We study the rational approximation properties of special manifolds defined by a set of polynomials with rational coefficients. Mostly we will assume the case of all polynomials to depend on only one variable. In this case the manifold can be viewed as ... More
On the spectrum of positive finite-rank operators with a partition of unity propertyMar 18 2014We characterize the spectrum of positive linear operators $T:X \to Y$, where $X$ and $Y$ are complex Banach function spaces with unit $1$, having finite rank and a partition of unity property. Then all the points in the spectrum are eigenvalues of $T$ ... More
The Lie algebra perturbation lemmaAug 29 2007Oct 16 2007Let g be a differential graded Lie algebra and suppose given a contraction of chain complexes of g onto a general chain complex M. We show that the data determine an sh-Lie algebra structure on M, that is, a coalgebra perturbation of the coalgebra differential ... More
On uniform approximation to successive powers of a real numberMar 30 2016Jan 11 2017We establish new inequalities involving classical exponents of Diophantine approximation. This allows for improving on the work of Davenport, Schmidt and Laurent concerning the maximum value of the exponent $\hat{\lambda}_{n}(\zeta)$ among all real transcendental ... More
Power Utility Maximization in Discrete-Time and Continuous-Time Exponential Levy ModelsMar 29 2011Apr 26 2012Consider power utility maximization of terminal wealth in a 1-dimensional continuous-time exponential Levy model with finite time horizon. We discretize the model by restricting portfolio adjustments to an equidistant discrete time grid. Under minimal ... More
Jantzen sum formula for restricted Verma modules over affine Kac-Moody algebras at the critical levelDec 01 2012May 21 2013For a restricted Verma module of an affine Kac-Moody algebra at the critical level we describe the Jantzen filtration and give an alternating sum formula which corresponds to the Jantzen sum formula of a baby Verma module over a modular Lie algebra. This ... More
Research performance of UNU - A bibliometric analysis of the United Nations UniversityDec 15 2016The scientific paper output of the United Nations University (UNU) was bibliometrically analysed.It was found that (i) a noticeable continous paper output starts in 1995, (ii) about 65% of the research papers have been published as international cooperations ... More
Pattern equivariant functions and cohomologyNov 29 2002The cohomology of a tiling or a point pattern has originally been defined via the construction of the hull or the groupoid associated with the tiling or the pattern. Here we present a construction which is more direct and therefore easier accessible. ... More
Resonances associated to a closed hyperbolic trajectory in dimension 2Sep 12 2002We consider resonances in the semi-classical limit, generated by a single closed hyperbolic orbit, for an operator on ${\bf R}^2$. We determine all such resonancess in a domain independent of the semi-classical parameter As an application we determine ... More
Eigenvalue distributions and Weyl laws for semi-classical non-self-adjoint operators in 2 dimensionsApr 25 2008In this note we compare two recent results about the distribution of eigenvalues for semi-classical pseudodifferential operators in two dimensions. For classes of analytic operators A. Melin and the author obtained a complex Bohr-Sommerfeld rule, showing ... More
Embedding simply connected 2-complexes in 3-space -- II. Rotation systemsSep 14 2017We prove that 2-dimensional simplicial complexes whose first homology group is trivial have topological embeddings in 3-space if and only if there are embeddings of their link graphs in the plane that are compatible at the edges and they are simply connected. ... More
A vanishing theorem for characteristic classes of odd-dimensional manifold bundlesFeb 27 2009Mar 09 2010We show how the Atiyah-Singer family index theorem for both, usual and self-adjoint elliptic operators fits naturally into the framework of the Madsen-Tillmann-Weiss spectra. Our main theorem concerns bundles of odd-dimensional manifolds. Using completely ... More
KMS states on the Toeplitz algebras of higher-rank graphsMay 23 2018The Toeplitz algebra $\mathcal{T}C^{*}(\Lambda)$ for a finite $k$-graph $\Lambda$ is equipped with a continuous one-parameter group $\alpha^{r}$ for each $ r\in \mathbb{R}^{k}$, obtained by composing the map $\mathbb{R} \ni t \to (e^{itr_{1}}, \dots , ... More
Quantifying macroeconomic expectations in stock markets using Google TrendsMay 01 2018Among other macroeconomic indicators, the monthly release of U.S. unemployment rate figures in the Employment Situation report by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics gets a lot of media attention and strongly affects the stock markets. I investigate ... More
Real-analytic Eisenstein series via the Poincaré bundleJan 17 2018Feb 14 2018A classical construction of Katz gives a purely algebraic construction of real-analytic Eisenstein series using the Gau\ss--Manin connection on the universal elliptic curve. This approach gives a systematic way to study algebraic and $p$-adic properties ... More
Even an infinite bureaucracy eventually makes a decisionApr 01 2014We show that the fact that a political decision filtered through a finite tree of committees gives a determined answer generalises in some sense to infinite trees. This implies a new special case of the Matroid Intersection Conjecture.
Pseudo Maurer-Cartan perturbation algebra and pseudo perturbation lemmaDec 14 2018We introduce the pseudo Maurer-Cartan perturbation algebra, establish a structural result and explore the structure of this algebra. That structural result entails, as a consequence, what we refer to as the pseudo perturbation lemma. This lemma, in turn, ... More
Equivariant cohomology over Lie groupoids and Lie-Rinehart algebrasJul 31 2009Using the language and terminology of relative homological algebra, in particular that of derived functors, we introduce equivariant cohomology over a general Lie-Rinehart algebra and equivariant de Rham cohomology over a locally trivial Lie groupoid ... More
Auslander-Reiten triangles and Grothendieck groups of triangulated categoriesApr 04 2019We prove that if the Auslander-Reiten triangles generate the relations for the Grothendieck group of a Hom-finite Krull-Schmidt triangulated category with a cogenerator, then the category has only finitely many isomorphism classes of indecomposable objects ... More
Lie-Rinehart algebras, Gerstenhaber algebras, and B-V algebrasApr 09 1997For a Lie-Rinehart algebra (A,L), generators for the Gerstenhaber algebra \Lambda_A L correspond bijectively to right (A,L)-connections on A in such a way that B-V structures correspond to right (A,L)-module structures on A. When L is projective as an ... More
Extended moduli spaces and the Kan constructionMay 23 1995Let $Y$ be a CW-complex with a single 0-cell, let $K$ be its Kan group, a free simplicial group whose realization is a model for the space $\Omega Y$ of based loops on $Y$, and let $G$ be a Lie group, not necessarily connected. By means of simplicial ... More
Byte-based Language Identification with Deep Convolutional NetworksSep 28 2016We report on our system for the shared task on discriminating between similar languages (DSL 2016). The system uses only byte representations in a deep residual network (ResNet). The system, named ResIdent, is trained only on the data released with the ... More
Derivative ChameleonsMar 29 2012We consider generalized chameleon models where the conformal coupling between matter and gravitational geometries is not only a function of the chameleon field \phi, but also of its derivatives via higher order co-ordinate invariants. Specifically we ... More
The Local Structure of Tilings and their Integer Group of CoinvariantsAug 02 1995The local structure of a tiling is described in terms of a multiplicative structure on its pattern classes. The groupoid associated to the tiling is derived from this structure and its integer group of coinvariants is defined. This group furnishes part ... More
On $K_0$-Groups for Substitution TilingsMar 02 1995Mar 03 1995The group $C(\Om,\Z)/\E$ is determined for tilings which are invariant under a locally invertible primitive \sst\ which forces its \saum. In case the tiling may be obtained by the generalized dual method from a regular grid this group furnishes part of ... More
Gap Labelling for Schrödinger Operators on Quasiperiodic TilingsJun 27 1994For a large class of tilings, including those which are obtained by the generalized dual method from regular grids, it is shown that their algebra is stably isomorphic to a crossed product with $\Z^d$. Penrose tilings belong to this class. This enlarges ... More
Pattern equivariant functions, deformations and equivalence of tiling spacesMar 06 2007We reinvestigate the theory of deformations of tilings using P-equivariant cohomology. In particular we relate the notion of asymptotically negligible shape functions introduced by Clark and Sadun to weakly P-equivariant forms. We then investigate more ... More
The Theory of Deeply Inelastic ScatteringAug 30 2012Nov 30 2012The nucleon structure functions probed in deep-inelastic scattering at large virtualities form an important tool to test Quantum Chromdynamics (QCD) through precision measurements of the strong coupling constant $\alpha_s(M_Z^2)$ and the different parton ... More
$Λ_{\rm QCD}$ and $α_s(M_Z^2)$ from DIS Structure FunctionsJun 17 2007A brief summary is given on recent determinations of $\Lambda_{\rm QCD}$ and $\alpha_s(M_Z^2)$ from deeply inelastic structure functions.
On the measurability of the structure function $g_1(X,Q^2)$ in $ep$ collisions at HERAAug 28 1995Nov 08 1995The possibility is investigated to measure the polarized structure function $g_1(x,Q^2)$ in the collider mode of HERA operating with a polarized lepton and proton beam. The $x$ dependence of $g_1$ can be measured at a statistical precision of $\sim 20\%~{\rm ... More
Quantum violation of macroscopic realism and the transition to classical physicsDec 01 2008The descriptions of the quantum realm and the macroscopic classical world differ significantly not only in their mathematical formulations but also in their foundational concepts and philosophical consequences. When and how physical systems stop to behave ... More
Combining and comparing neutrinoless double beta decay experiments using different nucleiDec 18 2012Apr 04 2013We perform a global fit of the most relevant neutrinoless double beta decay experiments within the standard model with massive Majorana neutrinos. Using Bayesian inference makes it possible to take into account the theoretical uncertainties on the nuclear ... More
MathPSfrag 2: Convenient LaTeX Labels in MathematicaJan 15 2008This article introduces the next version of MathPSfrag. MathPSfrag is a Mathematica package that during export automatically replaces all expressions in a plot by corresponding LaTeX commands. The new version can also produce LaTeX independent images; ... More
Dynamical correlation functions of one-dimensional superconductors and Peierls and Mott insulatorsJun 15 1998I construct the spectral function of the Luther-Emery model which describes one-dimensional fermions with one gapless and one gapped degree of freedom, i.e. superconductors and Peierls and Mott insulators, by using symmetries, relations to other models, ... More
One-Dimensional Fermi liquidsSep 29 1995I attempt to give a pedagogical overview of the progress which has occurred during the past decade in the description of one-dimensional correlated fermions. Fermi liquid theory based on a quasi-particle picture, breaks down in one dimension because of ... More
Micro-mechanics of multi-phase ferroelectric domain structuresMar 20 2006High-strain piezoelectric materials are often ceramics with a complicated constitution. In particular, PZT is used with compositions near to a so-called morphotropic phase boundary, where not only different variants of the same phase (domains), but different ... More