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Tunneling Reaction Kinetics for the Hydrogen Abstraction Reaction H + H$_2$S -> H$_2$ + HS in the Interstellar MediumDec 06 2017The hydrogen abstraction reaction between H and H$_2$S, yielding HS and H$_2$ as products, has been studied within the framework of interstellar surface chemistry. High-temperature rate constants up to 2000 K are calculated in the gas phase and are in ... More
The role of atom tunneling in gas-phase reactions in planet-forming disksJun 06 2019This paper investigates the impact of the increased reaction rate constant due to tunneling effects on planet-forming disks. Our aim is to quantify the astrophysical implications of atom tunneling for simple molecules that are frequently used to infer ... More
Reaction Rates and Kinetic Isotope Effects of H$_2$ + OH $\rightarrow$ H$_2$O + HMay 27 2016We calculated reaction rate constants including atom tunneling of the reaction of dihydrogen with the hydroxy radical down to a temperature of 50 K. Instanton theory and canonical variational theory with microcanonical optimized multidimensional tunneling ... More
Influence of surface and bulk water ice on the reactivity of a water-forming reactionAug 18 2017On the surface of icy dust grains in the dense regions of the interstellar medium a rich chemistry can take place. Due to the low temperature, reactions that proceed via a barrier can only take place through tunneling. The reaction H + H$_2$O$_2$ $\rightarrow$ ... More
Formation of the prebiotic molecule NH$_2$CHO on astronomical amorphous solid water surfaces: accurate tunneling rate calculationsOct 04 2016Oct 10 2016Investigating how formamide forms in the interstellar medium is a hot topic in astrochemistry, which can contribute to our understanding of the origin of life on Earth. We have constructed a QM/MM model to simulate the hydrogenation of isocyanic acid ... More
Atom Tunneling in the Water Formation Reaction H$_2$ + OH $\rightarrow$ H$_2$O + H on an Ice SurfaceAug 18 2017OH radicals play a key role as an intermediate in the water formation chemistry of the interstellar medium. For example the reaction of OH radicals with H$_2$ molecules is among the final steps in the astrochemical reaction network starting from O, O$_2$, ... More
Quantum tunneling during interstellar surface-catalyzed formation of water: the reaction H + H$_2$O$_2$ $\rightarrow$ H$_2$O + OHNov 28 2016The final step of the water formation network on interstellar grain surfaces starting from the H + O$_2$ route is the reaction between H and H$_2$O$_2$. This reaction is known to have a high activation energy and therefore at low temperatures it can only ... More
Importance of tunneling in H-abstraction reactions by OH radicals: The case of CH4 + OH studied through isotope-substituted analogsDec 21 2016We present a combined experimental and theoretical study focussing on the quantum tunneling of atoms in the reaction between CH4 and OH. The importance of this reaction pathway is derived by investigating isotope substituted analogs. Quantitative reaction ... More
Formation of Acetaldehyde on CO-rich IcesApr 12 2019The radicals HCO and CH$_3$ on carbon monoxide ice surfaces were simulated using density functional theory. Their binding energy on amorphous CO ice shows broad distributions, with approximative average values of 500 K for HCO and 200 K for CH$_3$. If ... More
The Case of H$_2$C$_3$O Isomers, Revisited: Solving the Mystery of the Missing PropadienoneApr 25 2019To date, two isomers of H$_2$C$_3$O have been detected, namely, propynal (HCCCHO) and cylclopropenone (c-H$_2$C$_3$O). A third, propadienone (CH$_2$CCO), has thus far eluded observers despite the fact that it is the lowest in energy of the three. This ... More
Design Dimensions for Software Certification: A Grounded AnalysisMay 23 2019In many domains, software systems cannot be deployed until authorities judge them fit for use in an intended operating environment. Certification standards and processes have been devised and deployed to regulate operations of software systems and prevent ... More
Reversible magnetomechanical collapse: virtual touching and detachment of rigid inclusions in a soft elastic matrixOct 20 2018Soft elastic composite materials containing particulate rigid inclusions in a soft elastic matrix are candidates for developing soft actuators or tunable damping devices. The possibility to reversibly drive the rigid inclusions within such a composite ... More
Lie-Rinehart algebras, Gerstenhaber algebras, and B-V algebrasApr 09 1997For a Lie-Rinehart algebra (A,L), generators for the Gerstenhaber algebra \Lambda_A L correspond bijectively to right (A,L)-connections on A in such a way that B-V structures correspond to right (A,L)-module structures on A. When L is projective as an ... More
Extended moduli spaces and the Kan constructionMay 23 1995Let $Y$ be a CW-complex with a single 0-cell, let $K$ be its Kan group, a free simplicial group whose realization is a model for the space $\Omega Y$ of based loops on $Y$, and let $G$ be a Lie group, not necessarily connected. By means of simplicial ... More
Byte-based Language Identification with Deep Convolutional NetworksSep 28 2016We report on our system for the shared task on discriminating between similar languages (DSL 2016). The system uses only byte representations in a deep residual network (ResNet). The system, named ResIdent, is trained only on the data released with the ... More
Derivative ChameleonsMar 29 2012We consider generalized chameleon models where the conformal coupling between matter and gravitational geometries is not only a function of the chameleon field \phi, but also of its derivatives via higher order co-ordinate invariants. Specifically we ... More
The Local Structure of Tilings and their Integer Group of CoinvariantsAug 02 1995The local structure of a tiling is described in terms of a multiplicative structure on its pattern classes. The groupoid associated to the tiling is derived from this structure and its integer group of coinvariants is defined. This group furnishes part ... More
On $K_0$-Groups for Substitution TilingsMar 02 1995Mar 03 1995The group $C(\Om,\Z)/\E$ is determined for tilings which are invariant under a locally invertible primitive \sst\ which forces its \saum. In case the tiling may be obtained by the generalized dual method from a regular grid this group furnishes part of ... More
Gap Labelling for Schrödinger Operators on Quasiperiodic TilingsJun 27 1994For a large class of tilings, including those which are obtained by the generalized dual method from regular grids, it is shown that their algebra is stably isomorphic to a crossed product with $\Z^d$. Penrose tilings belong to this class. This enlarges ... More
Pattern equivariant functions, deformations and equivalence of tiling spacesMar 06 2007We reinvestigate the theory of deformations of tilings using P-equivariant cohomology. In particular we relate the notion of asymptotically negligible shape functions introduced by Clark and Sadun to weakly P-equivariant forms. We then investigate more ... More
The Theory of Deeply Inelastic ScatteringAug 30 2012Nov 30 2012The nucleon structure functions probed in deep-inelastic scattering at large virtualities form an important tool to test Quantum Chromdynamics (QCD) through precision measurements of the strong coupling constant $\alpha_s(M_Z^2)$ and the different parton ... More
$Λ_{\rm QCD}$ and $α_s(M_Z^2)$ from DIS Structure FunctionsJun 17 2007A brief summary is given on recent determinations of $\Lambda_{\rm QCD}$ and $\alpha_s(M_Z^2)$ from deeply inelastic structure functions.
On the measurability of the structure function $g_1(X,Q^2)$ in $ep$ collisions at HERAAug 28 1995Nov 08 1995The possibility is investigated to measure the polarized structure function $g_1(x,Q^2)$ in the collider mode of HERA operating with a polarized lepton and proton beam. The $x$ dependence of $g_1$ can be measured at a statistical precision of $\sim 20\%~{\rm ... More
Quantum violation of macroscopic realism and the transition to classical physicsDec 01 2008The descriptions of the quantum realm and the macroscopic classical world differ significantly not only in their mathematical formulations but also in their foundational concepts and philosophical consequences. When and how physical systems stop to behave ... More
Combining and comparing neutrinoless double beta decay experiments using different nucleiDec 18 2012Apr 04 2013We perform a global fit of the most relevant neutrinoless double beta decay experiments within the standard model with massive Majorana neutrinos. Using Bayesian inference makes it possible to take into account the theoretical uncertainties on the nuclear ... More
MathPSfrag 2: Convenient LaTeX Labels in MathematicaJan 15 2008This article introduces the next version of MathPSfrag. MathPSfrag is a Mathematica package that during export automatically replaces all expressions in a plot by corresponding LaTeX commands. The new version can also produce LaTeX independent images; ... More
Dynamical correlation functions of one-dimensional superconductors and Peierls and Mott insulatorsJun 15 1998I construct the spectral function of the Luther-Emery model which describes one-dimensional fermions with one gapless and one gapped degree of freedom, i.e. superconductors and Peierls and Mott insulators, by using symmetries, relations to other models, ... More
One-Dimensional Fermi liquidsSep 29 1995I attempt to give a pedagogical overview of the progress which has occurred during the past decade in the description of one-dimensional correlated fermions. Fermi liquid theory based on a quasi-particle picture, breaks down in one dimension because of ... More
Micro-mechanics of multi-phase ferroelectric domain structuresMar 20 2006High-strain piezoelectric materials are often ceramics with a complicated constitution. In particular, PZT is used with compositions near to a so-called morphotropic phase boundary, where not only different variants of the same phase (domains), but different ... More
Effective intrinsic linear properties of laminar piezoelectric composites and simple ferroelectric domain structuresOct 11 2005The effective properties of piezoelectric laminates have been analyzed, based on the calculation of internal fields and making use of a simple matrix manipulation method. The results are expressed in a compact notation which is convenient for numerical ... More
Localisation on Sasaki-Einstein manifolds from holomophic functions on the coneJan 14 2014We study super Yang-Mills theories on five-dimensional Sasaki-Einstein manifolds. Using localisation techniques, we find that the contribution from the vector multiplet to the perturbative partition function can be calculated by counting holomorphic functions ... More
Additive Splittings of Homogeneous PolynomialsJul 12 2013In this thesis we study when a homogeneous polynomial $f$ decomposes or "splits" additively. Up to base change this means that it is possible to write $f = g + h$ where $g$ and $h$ are polynomials in independent sets of variables. This simple idea leads ... More
On uniform approximation to successive powers of a real numberMar 30 2016Nov 07 2016We establish new inequalities involving classical exponents of Diophantine approximation. This allows for improving on the work of Davenport, Schmidt and Laurent concerning the maximum value of the exponent $\hat{\lambda}_{n}(\zeta)$ among all real transcendental ... More
Real-analytic Eisenstein series via the Poincaré bundleJan 17 2018A classical construction of Katz gives a purely algebraic construction of real-analytic Eisenstein series using the Gau\ss--Manin connection on the universal elliptic curve. This approach gives a systematic way to study algebraic and $p$-adic properties ... More
Efficient Nonlinear Transforms for Lossy Image CompressionJan 31 2018We assess the performance of two techniques in the context of nonlinear transform coding with artificial neural networks, Sadam and GDN. Both techniques have been successfully used in state-of-the-art image compression methods, but their performance has ... More
Canonical Lifts of Cycle Classes of SectionsSep 13 2016We present a general strategy to construct canonical lifts of $\ell$-adic cycle classes of sections of $p$-adic projective anabelian curves to the cohomology of suitable integral models. Using this strategy, we give the construction of a canonical lift ... More
Cyclic cohomology for graded $C^{*,r}$-algebras and its pairings with van Daele $K$-theoryJul 28 2016We consider cycles for graded $C^{*,\mathfrak{r}}$-algebras (Real $C^{*}$-algebras) which are compatible with the $*$-structure and the real structure. Their characters are cyclic cocycles. We define a pairing between such characters and elements of the ... More
All graphs have tree-decompositions displaying their topological endsSep 23 2014Feb 25 2015We show that every connected graph has a spanning tree that displays all its topological ends. This proves a 1964 conjecture of Halin in corrected form, and settles a problem of Diestel from 1992.
A new proof for the conditions of Novikov and KazamakiNov 23 2011Dec 21 2012This paper provides a novel proof for the sufficiency of certain well-known criteria that guarantee the martingale property of a continuous, nonnegative local martingale. More precisely, it is shown that generalizations of Novikov's condition and Kazamaki's ... More
Byte-based Language Identification with Deep Convolutional NetworksSep 28 2016Oct 28 2016We report on our system for the shared task on discriminating between similar languages (DSL 2016). The system uses only byte representations in a deep residual network (ResNet). The system, named ResIdent, is trained only on the data released with the ... More
Rational approximation to algebraic varieties and a new exponent of simultaneous approximationJan 12 2016Mar 08 2016This paper deals with two main topics related to Diophantine approximation. Firstly, we show that if a point on an algebraic variety is approximable by rational vectors to a sufficiently large degree, the approximating vectors must lie in the topological ... More
A Kinematic Condition on Intrinsic CharmNov 01 2015Jan 02 2016We derive a kinematic condition on the resolution of intrinsic charm and discuss phenomenological consequences.
Composition, Cooperation, and Coordination of Computational SystemsFeb 23 2016A system model is developed where the criterion to partition the world into a system and a rest is based on the functional relation between its states. This approach implies that the gestalt of systems becomes very dynamic. Especially interactions between ... More
Graphical Models for Discrete and Continuous DataSep 18 2016We introduce a general framework for undirected graphical models. It generalizes Gaussian graphical models to a wide range of continuous, discrete, and combinations of different types of data. We also show that the models in the framework, called exponential ... More
Index theory in spaces of noncompact manifolds II: A stable homotopy version of the Atiyah-Singer index theoremAug 04 2016We formulate and prove a generalization of the Atiyah-Singer family index theorem in the context of the theory of spaces of manifolds \`a la Madsen, Tillmann, Weiss, Galatius and Randal-Williams. Our results are for Dirac-type operators linear over arbitrary ... More
On the $\mathfrak{grt}$ hexagon symmetryFeb 13 2015Jul 28 2015In this paper we show that it is possible to project onto the solutions of the $\mathfrak{grt}$ hexagon equation. We also consider in some sense generalized hexagon equations and other symmetry equations for multiple argument maps between groups or torsors ... More
Iterates of Markov operators and their limitsJun 02 2017It is well known that iterates of quasi-compact operators converge towards a spectral projection, whereas the explicit construction of the limiting operator is in general hard to obtain. Here, we show a simple method to explicitly construct this projection ... More
Embedding simply connected 2-complexes in 3-space -- I. A Kuratowski-type characterisationSep 14 2017We characterise the embeddability of simply connected locally 3-connected 2-dimensional simplicial complexes in 3-space in a way analogous to Kuratowski's characterisation of graph planarity, by excluded minors. This answers questions of Lov\'asz and ... More
Wee LCPOct 16 2009Feb 19 2010We prove that longest common prefix (LCP) information can be stored in much less space than previously known. More precisely, we show that in the presence of the text and the suffix array, o(n) additional bits are sufficient to answer LCP-queries asymptotically ... More
Generating clones with conservative near-unanimity operationMar 27 2015Due to the Baker-Pixley theorem we know that every clone over a finite domain $A$ containing a near-unanimity operation $g$ is finitely generated. Therefore there exists an integer $k$ such that the clone is generated by its $k$-ary part. In this paper ... More
Positive Limit-Fourier Transform of Farey FractionsOct 10 2013Jan 19 2014We consider the entity of modified Farey fractions via a function F defined on the direct sum of Z/2Z and we prove that -F has a non negative Limit-Fourier transform up to one exceptional coefficient.
Convex pricing by a generalized entropy penaltyApr 01 2008In an incomplete Brownian-motion market setting, we propose a convex monotonic pricing functional for nonattainable bounded contingent claims which is compatible with prices for attainable claims. The pricing functional is defined as the convex conjugate ... More
Two estimates concerning classical Diophantine approximation constantsJan 15 2013In this paper we aim to prove two inequalities involving the classical approximation constants $w_{n}^{\prime}(\zeta),\hat{w}_{n}^{\prime}(\zeta)$ that stem from the simultaneous approximation problem $|\zeta^{j}x-y_{j}|$, $1\leq j\leq n$, on the one ... More
A trace formula for rigid varieties, and motivic Weil generating series for formal schemesMar 01 2007Sep 26 2008We establish a trace formula for rigid varieties $X$ over a complete discretely valued field, which relates the set of unramified points on $X$ to the Galois action on its \'etale cohomology. We develop a theory of motivic integration for formal schemes ... More
An equivalence principle between polynomial and simultaneous Diophantine approximationMar 31 2017Dec 19 2017We show that Mahler's classification of real numbers $\zeta$ with respect to the growth of the sequence $(w_{n}(\zeta))_{n\geq 1}$ is equivalently induced by certain natural assumptions on the decay of the sequence $(\lambda_{n}(\zeta))_{n\geq 1}$ concerning ... More
Rational approximation to algebraic varieties and a new exponent of simultaneous approximationJan 12 2016Mar 10 2017This paper deals with two main topics related to Diophantine approximation. Firstly, we show that if a point on an algebraic variety is approximable by rational vectors to a sufficiently large degree, the approximating vectors must lie in the topological ... More
Diophantine approximation on polynomial curvesMar 05 2015Mar 17 2015In a paper from 2010, Budarina, Dickinson and Levesley studied the rational approximation properties of curves parametrized by polynomials with integral coefficients in Euclidean space of arbitrary dimension. Assuming the dimension is at least three and ... More
Intersections on tropical moduli spacesDec 19 2008Aug 24 2015This article explores to which extent the algebro-geometric theory of rational descendant Gromov-Witten invariants can be carried over to the tropical world. Despite the fact that the tropical moduli-spaces we work with are non-compact, the answer is ... More
Interaction of modulated pulses in scalar multidimensional nonlinear latticesFeb 11 2009We investigate the macroscopic dynamics of sets of an arbitrary finite number of weakly amplitude-modulated pulses in a multidimensional lattice of particles. The latter are assumed to exhibit scalar displacement under pairwise, arbitrary-range, nonlinear ... More
A correspondence of good G-sets under partial geometric quotientsNov 09 2016For a complex variety $\hat X$ with an action of a reductive group $\hat G$ and a geometric quotient $\pi: \hat X \to X$ by a closed normal subgroup $H \subset \hat G$, we show that open sets of $X$ admitting good quotients by $G=\hat G / H$ correspond ... More
PT symmetry and Weyl asymptoticsMay 24 2011For a class of PT-symmetric operators with small random perturbations, the eigenvalues obey Weyl asymptotics with probability close to 1. Consequently, when the principal symbol is non-real, there are many non-real eigenvalues.
Eigenvalue distribution for non-self-adjoint operators on compact manifolds with small multiplicative random perturbationsSep 24 2008In this work we extend a previous work about the Weyl asymptotics of the distribution of eigenvalues of non-self-adjoint differential operators with small multiplicative random perturbations, by treating the case of operators on compact manifolds
Resolvent estimates for non-self-adjoint operators via semi-groupsMay 30 2009We consider a non-self-adjoint $h$-pseudodifferential operator $P$ in the semi-classical limit ($h\to 0$). If $p$ is the leading symbol, then under suitable assumptions about the behaviour of $p$ at infinity, we know that the resolvent $(z-P)^{-1}$ is ... More
Topological cycle matroids of infinite graphsDec 02 2014We prove that the topological cycles of an arbitrary infinite graph induce a matroid. This matroid in general is neither finitary nor cofinitary.
All graphs have tree-decompositions displaying their topological endsSep 23 2014Feb 06 2018We show that every connected graph has a spanning tree that displays all its topological ends. This proves a 1964 conjecture of Halin in corrected form, and settles a problem of Diestel from 1992.
Topological infinite gammoids, and a new Menger-type theorem for infinite graphsApr 01 2014Answering a question of Diestel, we develop a topological notion of gammoids in infinite graphs which, unlike traditional infinite gammoids, always define a matroid. As our main tool, we prove for any infinite graph $G$ with vertex sets $A$ and $B$ that ... More
Equilibration of unit mass solutions to a degenerate parabolic equation with a nonlocal gradient nonlinearityNov 05 2015We prove convergence of positive solutions to \[ u_t = u\Delta u + u\int_{\Omega} |\nabla u|^2, \qquad u\rvert_{\partial\Omega} =0, \qquad u(\cdot,0)=u_0 \] in a bounded domain $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^n$, $n\ge 1$, with smooth boundary in the case of ... More
Real nodal sextics without real nodesApr 04 2017We present a rigid isotopy classification of irreducible sextic curves in $\mathbb{RP}^2$ which have non-real ordinary double points as their only singularities. Our approach uses periods of K3 surfaces and V. Nikulin's classification of involutions with ... More
Eventual smoothness and asymptotics in a three-dimensional chemotaxis system with logistic sourceJul 18 2014We prove existence of global weak solutions to the chemotaxis system $ u_t=\Delta u - \nabla\cdot (u\nabla v) +\kappa u -\mu u^2 $ $ v_t=\Delta v-v+u $ under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions in a smooth bounded convex domain $\Omega\subset R^n$, ... More
The Global Cohen-Lenstra HeuristicDec 25 2009Apr 30 2010The Cohen-Lenstra heuristic is a universal principle that assigns to each group a probability that tells how often this group should occur "in nature". The most important, but not the only, applications are sequences of class groups, which behave like ... More
Lyapunov Exponents of Brownian Motion: Decay Rates for Scaled Poissonian Potentials and BoundsJan 18 2011Oct 19 2011We investigate Lyapunov exponents of Brownian motion in a nonnegative Poissonian potential $V$. The Lyapunov exponent depends on the potential $V$ and our interest lies in the decay rate of the Lyapunov exponent if the potential $V$ tends to zero. In ... More
Cyclic cohomology for graded $C^{*,r}$-algebras and its pairings with van Daele $K$-theoryJul 28 2016Feb 12 2019We consider cycles for graded $C^{*,r}$-algebras (Real $C^{*}$-algebras) which are compatible with the $*$-structure and the real structure. Their characters are cyclic cocycles. We define a Connes type pairing between such characters and elements of ... More
Quarkonium Spectroscopy: Beyond One-Gluon ExchangeJul 09 2007In this work an improved potential model for quarkonium spectra (charmonium, bottomonium) is constructed. Beside the one-gluon exchange and a linear confinement potential, the model includes systematically effects from two-gluon exchange and the induced ... More
On uniform approximation to successive powers of a real numberMar 30 2016Apr 20 2016We establish new inequalities involving classical exponents of Diophantine approximation. This allows for improving on the work of Davenport, Schmidt and Laurent concerning the maximum value of the exponent $\hat{\lambda}_{n}(\zeta)$ among all real transcendental ... More
Duality for Lie-Rinehart algebras and the modular classFeb 08 1997Jan 29 2004We introduce a notion of duality for a Lie-Rinehart algebra giving certain bilinear pairings in its cohomology generalizing the usual notions of Poincar\'e duality in Lie algebra cohomology and de Rham cohomology. We show that the duality isomorphisms ... More
The singularities of Yang-Mills connections for bundles on a surface. I. The local modelNov 22 1994Let $\Sigma$ be a closed surface, $G$ a compact Lie group, not necessarily connected, with Lie algebra $g$, endowed with an adjoint action invariant scalar product, let $\xi \colon P \to \Sigma$ be a principal $G$-bundle, and pick a Riemannian metric ... More
Topological quantization of boundary forces and the integrated density of statesNov 08 2003For quantum systems described by Schr\"odinger operators on the half-space $\RR^{d-1}\times\RR^{leq 0}$ the boundary force per unit area and unit energy is topologically quantised provided the Fermi energy lies in a gap of the bulk spectrum. Under this ... More
On The Algebraic Characterization of Aperiodic Tilings Related To ADE-Root SystemsOct 14 1992Dec 30 1992\noindent The algebraic characterization of classes of locally isomorphic aperiodic tilings, being examples of quantum spaces, is conducted for a certain type of tilings in a manner proposed by A. Connes. These $2$-dimensional tilings are obtained by ... More
Comments on the distinction between color- and flavor-branes and new D3-D7 solutions with eight superchargesJul 07 2010We investigate the distinction between color- and flavor-branes, that is usually made in the context of gauge/string duality with backreacting flavors. Our remarks are based on a series of examples concerning the role of source terms in relatively simple ... More
Nonparametric estimation in functional linear models with second order stationary regressorsJan 27 2009We consider the problem of estimating the slope parameter in functional linear regression, where scalar responses Y1,...,Yn are modeled in dependence of second order stationary random functions X1,...,Xn. An orthogonal series estimator of the functional ... More
Deformations of asymptotically cylindrical G_2 manifoldsMay 30 2007Mar 11 2009We prove that for a 7-dimensional manifold M with cylindrical ends the moduli space of exponentially asymptotically cylindrical torsion-free G_2 structures is a smooth manifold (if non-empty), and study some of its local properties. We also show that ... More
Reduction of Multiple Harmonic Sums and Harmonic PolylogarithmsFeb 18 2004May 03 2004The alternating and non-alternating harmonic sums and other algebraic objects of the same equivalence class are connected by algebraic relations which are induced by the product of these quantities and which depend on their index calss rather than on ... More
Discovery Potential of MSSM Higgs Bosons with ATLASDec 19 2005In this article the potential of the ATLAS experiment to discover MSSM Higgs bosons is discussed. Various Monte-Carlo studies for SM Higgs boson production and dedicated MSSM Higgs boson analyses are taken into account to investigate the discovery potential ... More
Results on searches for new physics at HERAMay 13 2003The H1 and ZEUS collaborations have searched for signals of physics beyond the Standard Model in ep collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 301-319 GeV. During the HERA I phase each experiment accumulated an integrated luminosity of about 110 pb^{-1} ... More
Mutual information in interacting spin systemsMar 18 2013This thesis uses a quantity that is defined and justified by information theory -- mutual information -- to examine models of condensed matter systems. More precisely, it studies models which are made up out of ferromagnetically interacting spins. Quantum ... More
Recent development in parton shower multijet mergingJul 07 2016Higher order calculations are necessary to predict and describe measurements in high energy collider physics. In recent years multiple approaches to combine multiple next-to-leading (NLO) order corrections with parton showers had been presented. We present ... More
Efficient Completion of Weighted AutomataSep 13 2016We consider directed graphs with edge labels from a semiring. We present an algorithm that allows efficient execution of queries for existence and weights of paths, and allows updates of the graph: adding nodes and edges, and changing weights of existing ... More
Some notes on the regular graph defined by Schmidt and Summerer and uniform approximationJan 05 2016Jan 12 2016Within the study of parametric geometry of numbers W. Schmidt and L. Summerer introduced so-called regular graphs. Roughly speaking the successive minima functions for the classical simultaneous Diophantine approximation problem have a very special pattern ... More
Secure Numerical and Logical Multi Party OperationsNov 12 2015Jan 31 2016We derive algorithms for efficient secure numerical and logical operations using a recently introduced scheme for secure multi-party computation~\cite{sch15} in the semi-honest model ensuring statistical or perfect security. To derive our algorithms for ... More
Discrete quantum geometries and their effective dimensionOct 29 2015In several approaches towards a quantum theory of gravity, such as group field theory and loop quantum gravity, quantum states and histories of the geometric degrees of freedom turn out to be based on discrete spacetime. The most pressing issue is then ... More
Describing the Heat Transport of Turbulent Rayleigh--Bénard Convection by POD methodsOct 23 2015Rayleigh--B\'enard convection, which is the buoyancy-induced motion of a fluid enclosed between two horizontal plates, is an idealised setup to study thermal convection. We analyse the modes that transport the most heat between the plates by computing ... More
G-bundles on the absolute Fargues-Fontaine curveJun 03 2016We prove that the category of vector bundles on the absolute Fargues-Fontaine curve is canonically equivalent to the category of isocrystals. We deduce a similar result for G-bundles for some arbitrary reductive group G over a p-adic local field.
Measuring Object-Oriented Design PrinciplesFeb 23 2016The idea of automatizing the assessment of objectoriented design is not new. Different approaches define and apply their own quality models, which are composed of single metrics or combinations thereof, to operationalize software design. However, single ... More
Paradigm shifts. Part I. Collagen. Confirming and complementing the work of Henry SmallNov 27 2014Dec 07 2014The paradigm shift in collagen research during the early 1970s marked by the discovery of the collagen precursor molecule procollagen was traced using co-citation analysis and title word frequency determination, confirming previous work performed by Henry ... More
Change-point tests under local alternatives for long-range dependent processesJun 24 2015We consider the change-point problem for the marginal distribution of subordinated Gaussian processes that exhibit long-range dependence. The asymptotic distributions of Kolmogorov-Smirnov- and Cram\'er-von Mises type statistics are investigated. A special ... More
Normality of algebras over commutative rings, crossed pairs, and the Teichmueller classDec 22 2015Let S be a commutative unitary ring, Q a group that acts on S, and let R be the subring of S fixed under Q. A Q-normal S-algebra consists of a central S-algebra A and a homomorphism s from Q to the group Out(A) of outer automorphisms of A that lifts the ... More
Deformations of $Ξ(s)=Ξ(1-s)$ and the heat equationOct 13 2015This paper studies deformations of the well-known $\Xi(s)=\Xi(1-s)$ equation for the Riemann $\Xi$ function satisfied by $\Xi_\rho(s):=\int_{0}^\infty\frac{{\d}t}{t}{t^{\frac{s}{2}}}\Psi(t)e^{-\rho\ln^2(t)}$ where ${\Psi(t)=\sum_{n\in\mathbb{N}^+}e^{-\pi{n}^2t}}$. ... More
Matching effective few-nucleon theories to QCDSep 25 2015May 17 2016The emergence of complex macroscopic phenomena from a small set of parameters and microscopic concepts demonstrates the power and beauty of physical theories. A theory which relates the wealth of data and peculiarities found in nuclei to the small number ... More
The spinorial energy functional: solutions of the gradient flow on Berger spheresOct 16 2015We study the negative gradient flow of the spinorial energy functional (introduced by Ammann, Wei{\ss}, and Witt) on 3-dimensional Berger spheres. For a certain class of spinors we show that the Berger spheres collapse to a 2-dimensional sphere. Moreover, ... More
A General Multi-Party Protocol for Minimal Communication and Local ComputationAug 31 2015Jan 31 2016A client wishes to outsource computation on confidential data to a network of servers. He does not trust a server on its own, but believes that servers do not collude. To solve this problem we introduce a new scheme called \emph{JOS} for perfect security ... More