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Modeling, shape analysis and computation of the equilibrium pore shape near a PEM-PEM intersectionMay 28 2014In this paper we study the equilibrium shape of an interface that represents the lateral boundary of a pore channel embedded in an elastomer. The model consists of a system of PDEs, comprising a linear elasticity equation for displacements within the ... More
Crystal rules for $(\ell,0)$-JM partitionsJul 19 2011Vazirani and the author \cite{BV} gave a new interpretation of what we called $\ell$-partitions, also known as $(\ell,0)$-Carter partitions. The primary interpretation of such a partition $\lambda$ is that it corresponds to a Specht module $S^{\lambda}$ ... More
The ladder crystalJan 22 2009Jul 19 2011n this paper I introduce a new description of the crystal $B(\Lambda_0)$ of $\hat{\mathfrak{sl}_\ell}$. As in the Misra-Miwa model of $B(\Lambda_0)$, the nodes of this crystal are indexed by partitions and the $i$-arrows correspond to adding a box of ... More
Combinatorics of $(\ell,0)$-JM partitions, $\ell$-cores, the ladder crystal and the finite Hecke algebraJun 08 2009The following thesis contains results on the combinatorial representation theory of the finite Hecke algebra $H_n(q)$. In Chapter 2 simple combinatorial descriptions are given which determine when a Specht module corresponding to a partition $\lambda$ ... More
Non-equilibrium dynamics of gene expression and the Jarzynski equalityDec 03 2007In order to express specific genes at the right time, the transcription of genes is regulated by the presence and absence of transcription factor molecules. With transcription factor concentrations undergoing constant changes, gene transcription takes ... More
Statistical mechanics of random two-player gamesOct 22 1999Using methods from the statistical mechanics of disordered systems we analyze the properties of bimatrix games with random payoffs in the limit where the number of pure strategies of each player tends to infinity. We analytically calculate quantities ... More
Pervasive adaptation of gene expression in DrosophilaFeb 23 2015Apr 03 2015Gene expression levels are important molecular quantitative traits that link genotypes to molecular functions and fitness. In Drosophila, population-genetic studies in recent years have revealed substantial adaptive evolution at the genomic level. However, ... More
Finding Pairwise Intersections Inside a Query RangeFeb 21 2015We study the following problem: preprocess a set O of objects into a data structure that allows us to efficiently report all pairs of objects from O that intersect inside an axis-aligned query range Q. We present data structures of size $O(n({\rm polylog} ... More
Power laws in surface physics: The deep, the shallow and the usefulMar 10 2004The growth and dynamics of solid surfaces displays a multitude of power law relationships, which are often associated with geometric self-similarity. In many cases the mechanisms behind these power laws are comparatively trivial, and require little more ... More
New mechanism for impurity-induced step bunchingFeb 28 2002Jul 25 2002Codeposition of impurities during the growth of a vicinal surface leads to an impurity concentration gradient on the terraces, which induces corresponding gradients in the mobility and the chemical potential of the adatoms. Here it is shown that the two ... More
Records in a changing worldFeb 06 2007In the context of this paper, a record is an entry in a sequence of random variables (RV's) that is larger or smaller than all previous entries. After a brief review of the classic theory of records, which is largely restricted to sequences of independent ... More
Sequence-specific size, structure, and stability of tight protein knotsSep 04 2008Approximately 1% of the known protein structures display knotted configurations in their native fold but their function is not understood. It has been speculated that the entanglement may inhibit mechanical protein unfolding or transport, e.g., as in ... More
New signals in dark matter detectorsOct 09 2012We investigate the scattering of solar neutrinos on electrons and nuclei in dark matter direct detection experiments. The rates of these processes are small in the Standard Model, but can be enhanced by several orders of magnitude if the neutrino sector ... More
Statistical Physics of Biological EvolutionApr 12 2012This is an extended abstract of lectures delivered at the 4th Warsaw Summer School on Statistical Physics in Kazimierz Dolny, June 25-July 2, 2011.
Conditional Elimination through Code DuplicationJun 15 2011We propose an optimizing transformation which reduces program runtime at the expense of program size by eliminating conditional jumps.
Collider limits on dark matterMay 17 2011Dark matter pair production at high energy colliders may leave observable signatures in the energy and momentum spectra of the objects recoiling against the dark matter. We discuss signatures of Dark Matter in the jets + missing energy and photon + missing ... More
Extraction of clinical information from the non-invasive fetal electrocardiogramMay 27 2016Estimation of the fetal heart rate (FHR) has gained interest in the last century, low heart rate variability has been studied to identify intrauterine growth restricted fetuses (prepartum), and abnormal FHR patterns have been associated with fetal distress ... More
Hyperbolic Geometry and Potential Theory on Minimal HypersurfacesDec 27 2015This is the second in a series of papers where we estab- lish skin structural concepts and results for singular area minimizing hypersurfaces. Here we conformally unfold these spaces to complete Gromov hyperbolic spaces with bounded geometry and we recover ... More
Model revision inference for extensions of first order logicMay 16 2014I am Joachim Jansen and this is my research summary, part of my application to the Doctoral Consortium at ICLP'14. I am a PhD student in the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) research group, a subgroup of the Declarative Languages and Artificial ... More
Potential Theory on Minimal Hypersurfaces I: Singularities as Martin BoundariesOct 07 2018This is Part 1 of two papers where we develop the basic potential theory of elliptic operators on posssibly singular almost minimzers using their hyperbolic unfoldings. We can establish surprisingly robust boundary Harnack inequalities along the singular ... More
Restructuring LogicMar 11 2014The outline of a programme for restructuring mathematical logic. We explain what we mean by "restructuring" and carry out exemplary parts of the programme.
Direct CP violation in singly Cabibbo-suppressed D-meson decaysFeb 14 2013The LHCb and CDF collaborations reported a surprisingly large difference between the direct CP asymmetries, Delta A_CP, in the D0 -> K+ K- and D0 -> pi+ pi- decay modes. We show that this measurement can be plausibly explained within the standard model ... More
On mod $p^c$ transfer and applicationsJul 04 2013We study a mod $p^c$ analog of the notion of transfer for automorphic forms. Instead of existence of eigenforms, such transfers yield congruences between eigenforms but, like transfers, we show that they can be established by a comparison of trace formulas. ... More
Mass, Impetus and Force by Symplectic Realizations of the Static GroupSep 13 2005We show by symplectic realizations of the one dimensional Static group $G$ that the maximal $G$-elementary system is a a massive particle under an invariant force $f$ participating in the linear momentum and an invariant impetus $I$ participating in the ... More
On pairs of interacting electrons in a quantum wireJan 02 2018In this paper we consider pairs of interacting electrons moving in a simple quantum wire, namely the half-line. In particular, we extend the results obtained in [arXiv:1708.03753] by allowing for contact interactions of the Lieb-Liniger type between the ... More
On the impact of surface defects on a condensate of electron pairs in a quantum wireDec 20 2017Jun 18 2018In this paper we are interested in understanding the impact of surface defects on a condensate of electron pairs in a quantum wire. Based on previous results we establish a simple mathematical model in order to account for such surface effects. For a ... More
VSPs of cubic fourfolds and the Gorenstein locus of the Hilbert scheme of 14 points on A^6Nov 14 2016Apr 27 2018This paper is concerned with the geometry of the Gorenstein locus of the Hilbert scheme of $14$ points on $\mathbb{A}^6$. This scheme has two components: the smoothable one and an exceptional one. We prove that the latter is smooth and identify the intersection ... More
Mossbauer neutrinos in quantum mechanics and quantum field theoryApr 28 2009Jun 12 2009We demonstrate the correspondence between quantum mechanical and quantum field theoretical descriptions of Mossbauer neutrino oscillations. First, we compute the combined rate $\Gamma$ of Mossbauer neutrino emission, propagation, and detection in quantum ... More
Free Choice Petri Nets without frozen tokens and Bipolar Synchronization SystemsSep 17 2006Sep 10 2007Bipolar synchronization systems (BP-systems) constitute a class of coloured Petri nets, well suited for modeling the control flow of discrete, dynamical systems. Every BP-system has an underlying ordinary Petri net, which is a T-system. Moreover, it has ... More
Comment on "Dynamic Scaling of Non-Euclidean Interfaces" [arXiv:0804.1898]Oct 27 2008Feb 23 2009This is the revised version of a Comment on a paper by C. Escudero (Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 116101, 2008; arXiv:0804.1898).
Lonely adatoms in spaceFeb 14 2003There is a close relation between the problems of second layer nucleation in epitaxial crystal growth and chemical surface reactions, such as hydrogen recombination, on interstellar dust grains. In both cases standard rate equation analysis has been found ... More
Stochastic Calculus with respect to Gaussian ProcessesAug 05 2014May 20 2015Stochastic integration with respect to Gaussian processes, such as fractional Brownian motion (fBm) or multifractional Brownian motion (mBm), has raised strong interest in recent years, motivated in particular by applications in finance, Internet traffic ... More
Skin Structures in Scalar Curvature GeometryDec 27 2015This is the third in a series of papers on the geometry and analysis of singular area minimizing hypersurfaces. We show how to derive obstruction and structure theories for scalar curvature constraints without imposing dimensional or topological restrictions ... More
Schatten properties, nuclearity and minimality of shift invariant spacesMay 10 2016Nov 10 2016We extend Feichtinger's minimality property on smallest non-trivial time-frequency shift invariant Banach spaces, to the quasi-Banach case. Analogous properties are deduced for certain matrix classes. We use these results to prove that $\operatorname{Op}(a)$ ... More
Evolutionary Model of Stock MarketsMay 15 2015The paper presents an evolutionary economic model for the price evolution of stocks. Treating a stock market as a self-organized system governed by a fast purchase process and slow variations of demand and supply the model suggests that the short term ... More
Canonical transformations for fermions in superanalysisApr 08 2013Apr 29 2013Canonical transformations (Bogoliubov transformations) for fermions with an infinite number of degrees of freedom are studied within a calculus of superanalysis. A continuous representation of the orthogonal group is constructed on a Grassmann module ... More
From Möbius inversion to renormalisationSep 04 2018This paper traces a straight line from classical M\"obius inversion to Hopf-algebraic perturbative renormalisation. This line, which is logical but not entirely historical, consists of just a few main abstraction steps, and some intermediate steps dwelled ... More
On rational functions with monodromy group $M_{11}$Mar 23 2015Dec 14 2015We compute new polynomials with Galois group $M_{11}$ over $\mathbb{Q}(t)$. These polynomials stem from various families of covers of $\mathbb{P}^1\mathbb{C}$ ramified over at least 4 points. Each of these families has features that make a detailed study ... More
Images of function and distribution spaces under the Bargmann transformSep 18 2014Jun 08 2016We consider a broad family of test function spaces and their dual (distribution) space. The family includes Gelfand-Shilov spaces, a family of test function spaces introduced by S. Pilipovic. We deduce different characterizations of such spaces, especially ... More
A Hybrid Quasi-Newton Projected-Gradient Method with Application to Lasso and Basis-Pursuit DenoiseNov 16 2016We propose a new algorithm for the optimization of convex functions over a polyhedral set in Rn. The algorithm extends the spectral projected-gradient method with limited-memory BFGS iterates restricted to the present face whenever possible. We prove ... More
Data-driven discovery of PDEs in complex datasetsAug 31 2018Many processes in science and engineering can be described by partial differential equations (PDEs). Traditionally, PDEs are derived by considering first principles of physics to derive the relations between the involved physical quantities of interest. ... More
A statistical mechanics approach to the sample deconvolution problemOct 28 2012In a multicellular organism different cell types express a gene in different amounts. Samples from which gene expression levels can be measured typically contain a mixture of different cell types, the resulting measurements thus give only averages over ... More
Skeleton Simplicial Evaluation CodesDec 01 2011For a subspace arrangement over a finite field we study the evaluation code defined on the arrangement's set of points. The length of this code is given by the subspace arrangement's characteristic polynomial. For coordinate subspace arrangements, the ... More
Ionization Cooling in all Phase Space Planes with Various Absorber Shapes, Including Parallel-Faced AbsorbersJul 30 2006Ionization cooling in a straight beamline reduces the transverse emittance of a beam, and has little effect on the longitudinal emittance (generally, in fact, it increases the longitudinal emittance). Once the beamline bends, the introduction of dispersion ... More
Cross-species analysis of biological networks by Bayesian alignmentApr 20 2006Aug 15 2006Complex interactions between genes or proteins contribute a substantial part to phenotypic evolution. Here we develop an evolutionarily grounded method for the cross-species analysis of interaction networks by {\em alignment}, which maps bona fide functional ... More
Metastable configurations of spin models on random graphsAug 15 2001Nov 30 2001One-flip stable configurations of an Ising-model on a random graph with fluctuating connectivity are examined. In order to perform the quenched average of the number of stable configurations we introduce a global order-parameter function with two arguments. ... More
Path categories and propositional identity typesApr 20 2016Sep 20 2016Connections between homotopy theory and type theory have recently attracted a lot of attention, with Voevodsky's univalent foundations and the interpretation of Martin-Lof's identity types in Quillen model categories as some of the highlights. In this ... More
Closable Hankel operators and moment problemsMay 08 2019Jun 04 2019In a paper from 2016 D. R. Yafaev considers Hankel operators associated with Hamburger moment sequences q_n and claims that the corresponding Hankel form is closable if and only if the moment sequence tends to 0. The claim is not correct, since we prove ... More
Measurement of b-Baryons with the CDF II detectorOct 02 2007We report the observation of new bottom baryon states. The most recent result is the observation of the baryon \Xi_b^- through the decay \Xi_b^- to J/\psi \Xi^-. The significance of the signal corresponds to 7.7 sigma and the \Xi_b^- mass is measured ... More
Morphisms of Coloured Petri NetsAug 07 2006We introduce the concept of a morphism between coloured nets. Our definition generalizes Petris definition for ordinary nets. A morphism of coloured nets maps the topological space of the underlying undirected net as well as the kernel and cokernel of ... More
Products on Schatten-von Neumann classes and modulation spacesFeb 16 2009We consider modulation space and spaces of Schatten-von Neumann symbols where corresponding pseudo-differential operators map one Hilbert space to another. We prove H\"older-Young and Young type results for such spaces under dilated convolutions and multiplications. ... More
Comment on ``Determination of Interlayer Diffusion Parameters for Ag(111)''Aug 30 2000Mar 15 2001A Comment on PRL 85, 1480 (2000) by K.R. Roos and M.C. Tringides.
Aperiodic and correlated disorder in XY-chains: exact resultsAug 21 1998We study thermodynamic properties, specific heat and susceptibility, of XY quantum chains with coupling constants following arbitrary substitution rules. Generalizing an exact renormalization group transformation, originally formulated for Ising quantum ... More
Proposed STAR Time of Flight Readout Electronics and DAQMay 30 2003The Time-of-Flight system is a proposed addition to the STAR detector currently installed at RHIC. The proposal is based on a new technology called the Multi-gap Resistive Plate Chamber (MRPC), and consists of approximately 23,000 channels of detectors ... More
Discrete Quantum Walk on a Line with Two Entangled ParticlesMay 19 2012A review of discrete quantum walk with two particle is given. The use of different states encountered in identical particle, and the idea of entanglement and superposition is explored to explored the interesting dynamics of two particle quantum walk. ... More
Quillen's work on the foundations of cyclic cohomologyFeb 27 2012We give a survey of Quillen's contributions, apart from the very first joint paper with Loday, to the area of cyclic homology.
On Truncation of irreducible representations of Chevalley groupsJul 18 2011Jun 13 2013We prove part of a higher rank analogue of the Mazur-Gouvea Conjecture. More precisely, let $\tilde{\bf G}$ be a connected, reductive ${\Bbb Q}$-split group and let $\Gamma$ be an arithmetic subgroup of $\tilde{\bf G}$. We show that the dimension of the ... More
dup -- Explicit un-sharing in HaskellJul 09 2012We propose two operations to prevent sharing in Haskell that do not require modifying the data generating code, demonstrate their use and usefulness, and compare them to other approaches to preventing sharing. Our claims are supported by a formal semantics ... More
The Bargmann transform on a broad family of Banach spaces, with applications to Toeplitz and pseudo-differential operatorsFeb 02 2011Jun 22 2011We investigate mapping properties for the Bargmann transform on modulation spaces whose weights and their reciprocals are allowed to grow faster than exponentials. We prove that this transform is isometric and bijective from modulation spaces to convenient ... More
How interface geometry dictates water's thermodynamic signature in hydrophobic associationApr 29 2011As a common view the hydrophobic association between molecular-scale binding partners is supposed to be dominantly driven by entropy. Recent calorimetric experiments and computer simulations heavily challenge this established paradigm by reporting that ... More
Conjugation of Hilbert modular forms and trace formulaFeb 11 2011We describe (in a representation theoretic setting) a simple comparison of trace formulas, which implies that the conjugate of a Hilbert modular form $f$ by an automorphism of ${\Bbb C}$ again is a Hilbert modular form of the same level and conjugate ... More
Fourier Transform of the Stretched Exponential Function: Analytic Error Bounds, Double Exponential Transform, and Open-Source Implementation libkwwNov 25 2009Sep 01 2012The C library \texttt{libkww} provides functions to compute the Kohlrausch-Williams-Watts function, i.e.\ the Laplace-Fourier transform of the stretched (or compressed) exponential function $\exp(-t^\beta)$ for exponents $\beta$ between 0.1 and 1.9 with ... More
An Optimal Algorithm for the Indirect Covering Subtree ProblemFeb 02 2010We consider the indirect covering subtree problem (Kim et al., 1996). The input is an edge weighted tree graph along with customers located at the nodes. Each customer is associated with a radius and a penalty. The goal is to locate a tree-shaped facility ... More
Polynomial functors and combinatorial Dyson-Schwinger equationsDec 09 2015Oct 03 2016We present a general abstract framework for combinatorial Dyson-Schwinger equations, in which combinatorial identities are lifted to explicit bijections of sets, and more generally equivalences of groupoids. Key features of combinatorial Dyson-Schwinger ... More
Heavy Baryon Chiral Perturbation Theory and the Spin 3/2 Delta ResonancesJun 27 1996Heavy baryon chiral perturbation theory is briefly reviewed, paying particular attention to the role of the spin 3/2 delta resonances. The concept of resonance saturation for the baryonic sector is critically discussed. Starting from a relativistic formulation ... More
Dynamic Model of Markets of Homogenous Non-DurableSep 27 2011Jul 27 2015A new microeconomic model is presented that aims at a description of the long-term unit sales and price evolution of homogeneous non-durable goods in polypoly markets. It merges the product lifecycle approach with the price dispersion dynamics of homogeneous ... More
Characteristic numbers of rational curves with cusp or prescribed triple contactFeb 09 2001This note pursues the techniques of modified psi classes on the stack of stable maps (cf. [Graber-Kock-Pandharipande]) to give concise solutions to the characteristic number problem of rational curves in P^2 or P^1 x P^1 with a cusp or a prescribed triple ... More
On bound electron pairs in a quantum wireAug 12 2017May 30 2018Based on the quantum two-body problem introduced in [arXiv:1604.06693] we consider bound pairs of electrons moving on the positive half-line. The analysis is motivated by the ground-breaking work of Cooper who identified the pairing of electrons as a ... More
On a two-particles system associated to the one spatial dimensional Galilei groupMar 26 2007In [8], M.Daumens and M.Perroud studied a two Galilean free particles system by realizing the three dimensional Galilei group on its maximal coadjoint orbit. In this paper we realize a similar study for the one spatial dimesnional Galilei group. As its ... More
Diffusion in the special theory of relativityMar 04 2009The Markovian diffusion theory is generalized within the framework of the special theory of relativity using a modification of the mathematical calculus of diffusion on Riemannian manifolds (with definite metric) to describe diffusion on Lorentzian manifolds ... More
Salt-specific stability and denaturation of a short salt-bridge forming alpha-helixAug 28 2008The structure of a single alanine-based Ace-AEAAAKEAAAKA-Nme peptide in explicit aqueous electrolyte solutions (NaCl, KCl, NaI, and KF) at large salt concentrations (3-4 M) is investigated using 1 microsecond molecular dynamics (MD) computer simulations. ... More
Nonlinear dynamics of surface stepsOct 31 2008This is a review of recent theoretical work on complex dynamical behavior of steps on crystal surfaces. The first part of the article is devoted to the electromigration-driven motion of islands and voids, and the second part addresses step bunching on ... More
Phase separation in disordered exclusion modelsDec 22 1999The effect of quenched disorder in the one-dimensional asymmetric exclusion process is reviewed. Both particlewise and sitewise disorder generically induces phase separation in a range of densities. In the particlewise case the existence of stationary ... More
Twisted convolution, pseudo-differential operators and Fourier modulation spacesNov 04 2008Dec 12 2008We discuss continuity of the twisted convolution on (weighted) Fourier modulation spaces. We use these results to establish continuity results for the twisted convolution on Lebesgue spaces. For example we prove that if $\omega$ is an appropriate weight ... More
A Polynomial Description of the Rijndael Advanced Encryption StandardMay 02 2002The paper gives a polynomial description of the Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard recently adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Special attention is given to the structure of the S-Box.
On a Two-Dimensional Symplectic Space-TimeMay 05 2003We realize the hamiltonian action of the one spatial Poincare group G, analogous to the projective unitary representation, on a coadjoint orbit of G whic we interpret as a symplectic space-time where the time is associated to a physical quantity of cohomological ... More
A note on the product of two permutations of prescribed ordersAug 10 2015Dec 16 2016We prove a conjecture by Stefan Kohl on the existence of triples of permutations of bounded degree with prescribed orders and product 1. This result leads to an existence result for covers of the complex projective line with bounded degree and prescribed ... More
Universal Monotonicity of Eigenvalue Moments and Sharp Lieb-Thirring InequalitiesOct 09 2008Oct 13 2008We show that phase space bounds on the eigenvalues of Schr\"{o}dinger operators can be derived from universal bounds recently obtained by E. M. Harrell and the author via a monotonicity property with respect to coupling constants. In particular, we provide ... More
$C^*$-algebras associated with the $ax+b$-semigroup over $\mathbb N$Nov 17 2006We present a $C^*$-algebra which is naturally associated to the $ax+b$-semigroup over $\mathbb N$. It is simple and purely infinite and can be obtained from the algebra considered by Bost and Connes by adding one unitary generator which corresponds to ... More
Hyperbolic Unfoldings of Minimal HypersurfacesMay 06 2018We study the intrinsic geometry of area minimizing (and also of almost minimizing) hypersurfaces from a new point of view by relating this subject to quasiconformal geometry. For any such hypersurface we define and construct a so-called S-structure which ... More
A new Approach to the N-particle Problem in QMNov 08 2012Jun 12 2013In this paper the old problem of determining the discrete spectrum of a multi-particle Hamiltonian is reconsidered. The aim is to bring a fermionic Hamiltonian for large numbers N of particles by analytical means into a shape such that modern numerical ... More
Tackling the testing migration problem with SAT-SolversApr 13 2012We show that it is feasible to formulate the testing migration problem as a practically solvable PMAX-SAT instance, when package dependencies and conflicts are pre-processed sensibly.
The charm-quark contribution to epsilon_K and Delta M_KNov 06 2011Neutral Kaon mixing plays an important role in the phenomenology of the standard model and its extensions because of its sensitivity to high-energy scales. In particular epsilon_K, parameterising indirect CP violation in the neutral Kaon system, serves ... More
Diffusion in the general theory of relativityMar 19 2010The Markovian diffusion theory in the phase space is generalized within the framework of the general theory of relativity. The introduction of moving orthonormal frame vectors both for the position as well the velocity space enables to bypass difficulties ... More
The Product Life Cycle of Durable GoodsSep 05 2011Sep 11 2015A dynamic model of the product lifecycle of (nearly) homogeneous durables in polypoly markets is established. It describes the concurrent evolution of the unit sales and price of durable goods. The theory is based on the idea that the sales dynamics is ... More
Efficient numerical diagonalization of hermitian 3x3 matricesOct 24 2006Jul 04 2008A very common problem in science is the numerical diagonalization of symmetric or hermitian 3x3 matrices. Since standard "black box" packages may be too inefficient if the number of matrices is large, we study several alternatives. We consider optimized ... More
Interface dynamics of microscopic cavities in waterApr 02 2007An analytical description of the interface motion of a collapsing nanometer-sized spherical cavity in water is presented by a modification of the Rayleigh-Plesset equation in conjunction with explicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations. Quantitative ... More
Introduction to Step Dynamics and Step InstabilitiesMay 04 2004This paper provides an elementary introduction to the basic concepts used in describing epitaxial crystal growth in terms of the thermodynamics and kinetics of atomic steps. Selected applications to morphological instabilities of stepped surfaces are ... More
Tempo and mode in quasispecies evolutionMar 21 2001Evolutionary dynamics in an uncorrelated rugged fitness landscape is studied in the framework of Eigen's molecular quasispecies model. We consider the case of strong selection, which is analogous to the zero temperature limit in the equivalent problem ... More
Scaling regimes for second layer nucleationAug 30 2000Nucleation on top of two-dimensional islands with step edge barriers is investigated using scaling arguments. The nucleation rate is expressed in terms of three basic time scales: The time interval between deposition events, the residence time of atoms ... More
Spiral growth, two-dimensional nucleation, and the Ehrlich-Schwoebel effectSep 13 2007Frank's prediction of the spiral growth mode in 1949 defined a pivotal moment in the history of crystal growth. In recent decades the topic has received less attention, and instead we have seen a resurrection of two-dimensional nucleation theory in the ... More
Four Lectures on the Physics of Crystal GrowthJun 21 2002Several aspects of the theory of epitaxial crystal growth from atomic or molecular beams are developed from the perspective of statistical physics. Lectures are devoted to the rate equation theory of two-dimensional nucleation and its limitations; the ... More
Coarsening of vortex ripples in sandAug 28 2001The coarsening of an array of vortex ripples prepared in an unstable state is discussed within the framework of a simple mass transfer model first introduced by K.H. Andersen et al. [Phys. Rev. E 63, 066308 (2001)]. Two scenarios for the selection of ... More
Matrix parameterized pseudo-differential calculi on modulation spacesApr 05 2016Sep 25 2016We consider a broad matrix parameterized family of pseudo-differential calculi, containing the usual Shubin's family of pseudo-differential calculi, parameterized by real numbers. We show that continuity properties in the framework of modulation space ... More
Science on YouTube: What users find when they search for climate science and climate manipulationFeb 08 2016Apr 18 2016Online video-sharing sites such as YouTube are very popular and also used by a lot of people to obtain knowledge and information, also on science, health and technology. Technically they could be valuable tools for the public communication of science ... More
C*-algebras associated with algebraic actionsSep 23 2015Dec 03 2015This is a survey of work in which the author was involved in recent years. We consider C*-algebras constructed from representations of one or several algebraic endomorphisms of a compact abelian group - or, dually, of a discrete abelian group. In our ... More
Kinematical versus Dynamical Contractions of the de Sitter Lie algebrasJun 04 2014Jul 13 2015We explicit and clarify better the contraction method that Bacry and Levy-Leblond\cite{jmll} used to link all the kinematical Lie groups. Firstly, we use the kinematical parameters: the speed $c$ of light, the radius $r$ of the universe and the period ... More
Stochastic Calculus with respect to Gaussian ProcessesAug 05 2014Feb 08 2018Stochastic integration with respect to Gaussian processes, such as fractional Brownian motion (fBm) or multifractional Brownian motion (mBm), has raised strong interest in recent years, motivated in particular by applications in finance, Internet traffic ... More
Gabor analysis for a broad class of quasi-Banach modulation spacesApr 03 2014Sep 06 2014We extend the Gabor analysis in \cite{GaSa} to a broad class of modulation spaces, allowing more general mixed quasi-norm estimates and weights in the definition of the modulation space quasi-norm. For such spaces we deduce invariance and embedding properties, ... More
Contracting Maps and Scalar CurvatureDec 31 2018We explain how to derive largeness constraints in scalar curvature geometry using some basic splitting results and the potential theory on singular area minimizing hypersurfaces. This includes a variety of results like the non-existence of positive scalar ... More