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A Systematic Evaluation of Transient Execution Attacks and DefensesNov 13 2018Feb 20 2019Modern CPU optimizations such as branch prediction and out-of-order execution are crucial for performance. Recent research on transient execution attacks including Spectre and Meltdown showed, however, that exception or branch misprediction events may ... More
Bayesian LSTMs in medicineJun 05 2017The medical field stands to see significant benefits from the recent advances in deep learning. Knowing the uncertainty in the decision made by any machine learning algorithm is of utmost importance for medical practitioners. This study demonstrates the ... More
Deep Convolutional Sum-Product Networks for Probabilistic Image RepresentationsFeb 16 2019Sum-Product Networks (SPNs) are hierarchical probabilistic graphical models capable of fast and exact inference. Applications of SPNs to real-world data such as large image datasets has been fairly limited in previous literature. We introduce Convolutional ... More
ZombieLoad: Cross-Privilege-Boundary Data SamplingMay 14 2019In early 2018, Meltdown first showed how to read arbitrary kernel memory from user space by exploiting side-effects from transient instructions. While this attack has been mitigated through stronger isolation boundaries between user and kernel space, ... More
A Systematic Evaluation of Transient Execution Attacks and DefensesNov 13 2018Modern processor optimizations such as branch prediction and out-of-order execution are crucial for performance. Recent research on transient execution attacks including Spectre and Meltdown showed, however, that exception or branch misprediction events ... More
Sleeping Beauties in Medical Research: Technological Relevance, High Scientific ImpactApr 16 2019We investigate Sleeping Beauties (SBs) in medical research with a special focus on SBs cited in patents. We find that the increasing trend of the relative number of SBs comes to an end around 1998. However, still a constant fraction of publications becomes ... More
Comparison between Atomic Force Microscopy and Force Feedback Microscopy static force curvesJun 12 2013Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) conventional static force curves and Force Feedback Microscopy (FFM) force curves acquired with the same cantilever at the solid/air and solid/liquid interfaces are here compared. The capability of the FFM to avoid the jump ... More
Spectral analysis of boundary layers in Rayleigh-Benard convectionJul 17 2007Nov 21 2007A combined experimental and numerical study of the boundary layer in a 4:1 aspect-ratio Rayleigh-B\'{e}nard cell over a four-decade range of Rayleigh numbers has been undertaken aimed at gaining a better insight into the character of the boundary layers. ... More
Open Sesame: The Password Hashing Competition and Argon2Feb 08 2016Feb 11 2016In this document we present an overview of the background to and goals of the Password Hashing Competition (PHC) as well as the design of its winner, Argon2, and its security requirements and properties.
Mapping electronic reconstruction at the metal/insulator interfaces in \ce{LaVO_3/SrVO_3} heterostructuresOct 03 2013A \ce{(LaVO_3)_6/(SrVO_3)_3} superlattice is studied with a combination of sub-{\AA} resolved scanning transmission electron microscopy and monochromated electron energy-loss spectroscopy. The V oxidation state is mapped with atomic spatial resolution ... More
Synthesis and Characterization of Photoreactive TiO2/Carbon Nanosheet CompositesFeb 25 2015We report the atomic layer deposition of titanium dioxide on carbon nanosheet templates and investigate the effects of post-deposition annealing in a helium environment using different characterization techniques. The crystallization of the titanium dioxide ... More
Precise asymptotic approximations for the kernels corresponding to the Lévy processesSep 25 2012Jun 03 2016Using complex analysis techniques we obtain precise asymptotic approximations for the kernels corresponding to the symmetric $\alpha$-stable processes and their fractional derivatives. We apply our method to general L\'evy processes whose characteristic ... More
Interference and Distinguishability in Quantum MechanicsApr 01 1999Quantitative measures are introduced for the indistinguishability $U$ of two quantum states in a given measurement and the amount of interference $I$ observable in this measurement. It is shown that these measures obey an inequality $U\geq I$ which can ... More
Universality classes and crossover behaviors in non-Abelian directed sandpilesApr 27 2010Oct 08 2010We study universality classes and crossover behaviors in non-Abelian directed sandpile models, in terms of the metastable pattern analysis. The non-Abelian property induces spatially correlated metastable patterns, characterized by the algebraic decay ... More
New Dualities From Old: generating geometric, Petrie, and Wilson dualities and trialites of ribbon graphsJan 11 2019We present twisted duality tools, in particular the \emph{ribbon group action}, to identify and generate new graphs with various forms of self-duality including geometric duality, Petrie duality, and Wilson duality, as well as triality. Previous work ... More
Encoding two-dimensional range top-k queries revisitedSep 19 2018Sep 20 2018We consider the problem of encoding two-dimensional arrays, whose elements come from a total order, for answering top-k queries. The aim is to obtain encodings that use space close to the information-theoretic lower bound, which can be constructed efficiently. ... More
Energy Benefit of Network Coding for Multiple Unicast in Wireless NetworksNov 03 2008We show that the maximum possible energy benefit of network coding for multiple unicast on wireless networks is at least 3. This improves the previously known lower bound of 2.4 from [1].
Simultaneous calibration of spectro-photometric distances and the Gaia DR2 parallax zero-point offset with deep learningFeb 22 2019Gaia measures the five astrometric parameters for stars in the Milky Way, but only four of them (positions and proper motion, but not parallax) are well measured beyond a few kpc from the Sun. Modern spectroscopic surveys such as APOGEE cover a large ... More
Dynamic vortical flow profile quantitatively characterizes mitral valvular-left ventricular hemodynamic coupling: In vivo analysis by dynamic 3D enstrophy mapping from 4D Flow MRIOct 10 2018Oct 11 2018Vortical blood flow in the human left ventricular (LV) inflow initiates from the mitral valve (MV) and evolves within the LV during diastolic E-filling. Hence, vortical flow links MV and LV hemodynamics. This study sought to elucidate and quantitatively ... More
Inflation of the screening length induced by Bjerrum pairsMay 12 2009Within a modified Poisson-Boltzmann theory we study the effect of Bjerrum pairs on the typical length scale $1/\bar{\kappa}$ over which electric fields are screened in electrolyte solutions, taking into account a simple association-dissociation equilibrium ... More
Locally 1-to-1 maps and 2-to-1 retractionsOct 20 1998This paper considers the question of which continua are 2-to-1 retracts of continua.
Galileons from Lovelock actionsFeb 02 2011Feb 10 2011We demonstrate how, for an arbitrary number of dimensions, the Galileon actions and their covariant generalizations can be obtained through a standard Kaluza-Klein compactification of higher-dimensional Lovelock gravity. In this setup, the dilaton takes ... More
Destructed double-layer and ionic charge separation near the oil-water interfaceMay 16 2007We study suspensions of hydrophobic charged colloidal spheres dispersed in a demixed oil-water mixture by means of a modified Poisson-Boltzmann theory, taking into account image charge effects and partitioning of the monovalent ions. We find that the ... More
The sediment of mixtures of charged colloids: segregation and inhomogeneous electric fieldsApr 18 2005We theoretically study sedimentation-diffusion equilibrium of dilute binary, ternary, and polydisperse mixtures of colloidal particles with different buoyant masses and/or charges. We focus on the low-salt regime, where the entropy of the screening ions ... More
Deep Learning in Alzheimer's Disease: Diagnostic Classification using Neuroimaging DataMay 02 2019The application of deep learning to early detection and automated classification of Alzheimer's disease (AD) has recently gained considerable attention as rapid progress in neuroimaging techniques has generated large-scale multimodal neuroimaging data. ... More
Point process models for fine-resolution rainfallSep 18 2013Sep 20 2013In a recent development in the literature, a new temporal rainfall model, based on the Bartlett-Lewis clustering mechanism and intended for sub-hourly application, was introduced. That model replaced the rectangular rain cells of the original model with ... More
Sequential Composition in the Presence of Intermediate Termination (Extended Abstract)Sep 04 2017The standard operational semantics of the sequential composition operator gives rise to unbounded branching and forgetfulness when transparent process expressions are put in sequence. Due to transparency, the correspondence between context-free and pushdown ... More
Application of End-to-End Deep Learning in Wireless Communications SystemsAug 07 2018Deep learning is a potential paradigm changer for the design of wireless communications systems (WCS), from conventional handcrafted schemes based on sophisticated mathematical models with assumptions to autonomous schemes based on the end-to-end deep ... More
Random Access with Physical-layer Network CodingDec 23 2012Leveraging recent progress in physical-layer network coding we propose a new approach to random access: When packets collide, it is possible to recover a linear combination of the packets at the receiver. Over many rounds of transmission, the receiver ... More
Data-driven inference of hidden nodes in networksJan 14 2019The explosion of activity in finding interactions in complex systems is driven by availability of copious observations of complex natural systems. However, such systems, e.g. the human brain, are rarely completely observable. Interaction network inference ... More
A KAM theorem for generalized Hamiltonian systems without action-angle variablesMay 18 2015We proved a KAM theorem on existence of invariant tori in generalized Hamiltonian systems without action-angle variables. It is a generalization of the result of de la Llave et al. [Llave, 2005] that deals with canonical Hamiltonian system.
Spin effects in electron vortex statesFeb 19 2013May 28 2013The recent experimental realization of electron vortex beams opens up a wide research domain previously unexplored. The present paper explores the relativistic properties of these electron vortex beams, and quantifies deviations from scalar wave theory. ... More
Inverse Magnetic Catalysis in the three-flavor NJL model with axial-vector interactionNov 27 2014Dec 12 2014In this paper we explore the chiral phase transition in QCD within the three-flavor Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model with a negative coupling constant in the isoscalar axial-vector channel, which is associated with a polarized instanton--anti-instanton ... More
PydMobileNet: Improved Version of MobileNets with Pyramid Depthwise Separable ConvolutionNov 17 2018Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown remarkable performance in various computer vision tasks in recent years. However, the increasing model size has raised challenges in adopting them in real-time applications as well as mobile and embedded ... More
The unreasonable effectiveness of the forget gateApr 13 2018Sep 13 2018Given the success of the gated recurrent unit, a natural question is whether all the gates of the long short-term memory (LSTM) network are necessary. Previous research has shown that the forget gate is one of the most important gates in the LSTM. Here ... More
Techniques for visualizing LSTMs applied to electrocardiogramsMay 23 2017Jun 15 2018This paper explores four different visualization techniques for long short-term memory (LSTM) networks applied to continuous-valued time series. On the datasets analysed, we find that the best visualization technique is to learn an input deletion mask ... More
Identifying Coordination Problems in Software Development: Finding Mismatches between Software and Project Team StructuresJan 19 2012Today's dynamic and iterative development environment brings significant challenges for software project management. In distributed project settings, "management by walking around" is no longer an option and project managers may miss out on key project ... More
Three radial gaps in the disk of TW Hydrae imaged with SPHEREOct 20 2016We present scattered light images of the TW Hya disk performed with SPHERE in PDI mode at 0.63, 0.79, 1.24 and 1.62 micron. We also present H2/H3-band ADI observations. Three distinct radial depressions in the polarized intensity distribution are seen, ... More
Liquid-liquid interfacial tension of electrolyte solutionsJul 04 2008It is theoretically shown that the excess liquid-liquid interfacial tension between two electrolyte solutions as a function of the ionic strength I behaves asymptotically as O(- I^0.5) for small I and as O(+- I) for large I. The former regime is dominated ... More
Modeling the Galactic Magnetic Field using Rotation Measure Observations in the Galactic Disk from the CGPS, SGPS, and the VLADec 14 2010Interstellar magnetic fields play critical roles in many astrophysical processes. Yet despite their importance, our knowledge about magnetic fields in our Galaxy remains limited. For the field within the Milky Way, much of what we do know comes from observations ... More
Dirac Kirchhoff diffraction theoryMar 05 2013Kirchhoff's scalar diffraction theory is applied throughout photon and electron optics. It is based on the stationary electromagnetic or Schr\"odinger wave equation, and is useful in describing interference phenomena for both light and matter waves. Here, ... More
Rutherford scattering of electron vorticesDec 04 2013Apr 01 2014By considering a cylindrically symmetric generalization of a plane wave, the first Born approximation of screened Coulomb scattering unfolds two new dimensions in the scattering problem: transverse momentum and orbital angular momentum of the incoming ... More
A Process Algebra for Supervisory CoordinationAug 09 2011A supervisory controller controls and coordinates the behavior of different components of a complex machine by observing their discrete behaviour. Supervisory control theory studies automated synthesis of controller models, known as supervisors, based ... More
Inelastic electron-vortex-beam scatteringFeb 03 2015Mar 16 2015Recent theoretical and experimental developments in the field of electron vortex beam physics have raised questions on what exactly this novelty in the field of electron microscopy (and other fields, such as particle physics) really provides. An important ... More
Efficient High-dimensional Quantum Key Distribution with Hybrid EncodingJan 28 2019We propose a schematic setup of quantum key distribution (QKD) with an improved secret key rate based on high-dimensional quantum states. Two degrees-of-freedom of a single photon, orbital angular momentum modes, and multi-path modes, are used to encode ... More
Nonlinear Behavior in High-Intensity Discharge LampsOct 12 2015Dec 16 2016The light flicker problem of high intensity discharge lamps is studied numerically and experimentally. It is shown that in some respects the systems behaves very similar to the forced Duffing oscillator with a softening spring. In particular, the jump ... More
Hydrodynamics of RN AdS$_4$ black hole and Holographic OpticsDec 12 2010Dec 23 2010We consider the AdS$_4$ RN black hole and work out the momentum dependent hydrodynamic analysis for the vector modes. We also perform the spectral function calculation of the dual field theory. As an application, we consider the permittivity and permeability ... More
Pearson codesSep 01 2015Sep 29 2015The Pearson distance has been advocated for improving the error performance of noisy channels with unknown gain and offset. The Pearson distance can only fruitfully be used for sets of $q$-ary codewords, called Pearson codes, that satisfy specific properties. ... More
On the Energy Benefit of Network Coding for Wireless Multiple UnicastJan 16 2009Aug 18 2011We consider the energy savings that can be obtained by employing network coding instead of plain routing in wireless multiple unicast problems. We establish lower bounds on the benefit of network coding, defined as the maximum of the ratio of the minimum ... More
The packing chromatic number of the infinite square lattice is between 13 and 15Oct 08 2015Jan 25 2017Using a SAT-solver on top of a partial previously-known solution we improve the upper bound of the packing chromatic number of the infinite square lattice from 17 to 15. We discuss the merits of SAT-solving for this kind of problem as well as compare ... More
Temporal network sparsity and the slowing down of spreadingNov 20 2014Interactions in time-varying complex systems are often very heterogeneous at the topological level (who interacts with whom) and at the temporal level (when interactions occur and how often). While it is known that temporal heterogeneities often have ... More
Approximate Query Processing over Static Sets and Sliding WindowsSep 14 2018Indexing of static and dynamic sets is fundamental to a large set of applications such as information retrieval and caching. Denoting the characteristic vector of the set by B, we consider the problem of encoding sets and multisets to support approximate ... More
Observation of chiral quantum-Hall edge states in grapheneMay 06 2009In this study, we determined the chiral direction of the quantum-Hall (QH) edge states in graphene by adopting simple two-terminal conductance measurements while grounding different edge positions of the sample. The edge state with a smaller filling factor ... More
Quantum Fields on the Groenewold-Moyal Plane: C, P, T and CPTJun 08 2007Oct 04 2007We show that despite the inherent non-locality of quantum field theories on the Groenewold-Moyal (GM) plane, one can find a class of ${\bf C}$, ${\bf P}$, ${\bf T}$ and ${\bf CPT}$ invariant theories. In particular, these are theories without gauge fields ... More
Multi-hop Links Quality Analysis of 5G Enabled Vehicular NetworksApr 24 2017Aug 02 2017With the emerging of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication systems, millimeter wave transmissions are believed to be a promising solution for vehicular networks, especially in vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications. In millimeter wave V2V communications, ... More
Multi-user Massive MIMO Communication Systems Based on Irregular Antenna ArraysApr 18 2016In practical mobile communication engineering applications, surfaces of antenna array deployment regions are usually uneven. Therefore, massive multi-input-multi-output (MIMO) communication systems usually transmit wireless signals by irregular antenna ... More
Growth rate for endomorphisms of finitely generated nilpotent groups and solvable groupsNov 24 2014Nov 27 2014We prove that the growth rate of an endomorphism of a finitely generated nilpotent group equals to the growth rate of induced endomorphism on its abelinization, generalizing the corresponding result for an automorphism in [14]. We also study growth rates ... More
Results on Parity-Check Matrices with Optimal Stopping and/or Dead-End Set EnumeratorsJul 07 2006The performance of iterative decoding techniques for linear block codes correcting erasures depends very much on the sizes of the stopping sets associated with the underlying Tanner graph, or, equivalently, the parity-check matrix representing the code. ... More
International Transmission of Shocks and Fragility of a Bank NetworkMar 06 2014The weighted and directed network of countries based on the number of overseas banks is analyzed in terms of its fragility to the banking crisis of one country. We use two different models to describe transmission of shocks, one local and the other global. ... More
Secure Transmission on the Two-hop Relay Channel with Scaled Compute-and-ForwardSep 14 2015In this paper, we consider communication on a two-hop channel, in which a source wants to send information reliably and securely to the destination via a relay. We consider both the untrusted relay case and the external eavesdropper case. In the untrusted ... More
Complete Enumeration of Stopping Sets of Full-Rank Parity-Check Matrices of Hamming CodesMar 02 2006Stopping sets, and in particular their numbers and sizes, play an important role in determining the performance of iterative decoders of linear codes over binary erasure channels. In the 2004 Shannon Lecture, McEliece presented an expression for the number ... More
Incremental Learning with Maximum Entropy Regularization: Rethinking Forgetting and IntransigenceFeb 03 2019Incremental learning suffers from two challenging problems; forgetting of old knowledge and intransigence on learning new knowledge. Prediction by the model incrementally learned with a subset of the dataset are thus uncertain and the uncertainty accumulates ... More
Study of quality assurance regulations for linear accelerators in Korea: A comparison study between the current status in Korea and the international guidelinesMar 11 2015Quality assurance (QA) for medical linear accelerators is indispensable for appropriate cancer treatment. Some international organizations and western advanced countries provide QA guidelines for linear accelerators. Currently, QA regulations for linear ... More
A Characterization of Varieties whose Universal Cover is the Polydisk or a Tube DomainNov 30 2010Catanese and Franciosi defined a semispecial tensor as a (non zero) section of the n-th symmetric power of the cotangent bundle twisted by the anticanonical divisor and by a 2-torsion line bundle. A slope zero tensor is instead a section of the nm-th ... More
Backcoupling of acoustic streaming on the temperature field inside high-intensity discharge lampsJun 04 2015Dec 20 2016Operating high-intensity discharge lamps in the high frequency range (20-300 kHz) provides energy-saving and cost reduction potentials. However, commercially available lamp drivers do not make use of this operating strategy because light intensity fluctuations ... More
Reactive Turing MachinesApr 09 2011Mar 05 2013We propose reactive Turing machines (RTMs), extending classical Turing machines with a process-theoretical notion of interaction, and use it to define a notion of executable transition system. We show that every computable transition system with a bounded ... More
Curvature dependence of the electrolytic liquid-liquid interfacial tensionSep 29 2008The interfacial tension of a liquid droplet surrounded by another liquid in the presence of microscopic ions is studied as a function of the droplet radius. An analytical expression for the interfacial tension is obtained within a linear Poisson-Boltzmann ... More
On chromoelectric (super)conductivity of the Yang-Mills vacuumDec 13 2012Jan 28 2014We argue that in the Copenhagen (``spaghetti'') picture of the QCD vacuum the chromomagnetic flux tubes exhibit chromoelectric superconductivity. We show that the superconducting chromoelectric currents in the tubes may be induced by the topological charge ... More
Spontaneous electromagnetic superconductivity and superfluidity of QCDxQED vacuum in strong magnetic fieldJun 13 2012It was recently shown that the vacuum in the background of a strong enough magnetic field may become an electromagnetic superconductor due to interplay between strong and electromagnetic forces. The superconducting ground state of the QCDxQED sector of ... More
Combining Simulated Annealing and Monte Carlo Tree Search for Expression SimplificationDec 03 2013In many applications of computer algebra large expressions must be simplified to make repeated numerical evaluations tractable. Previous works presented heuristically guided improvements, e.g., for Horner schemes. The remaining expression is then further ... More
Phonon spectrum of QCD vacuum in magnetic-field-induced superconducting phaseJan 01 2014Jun 16 2014In the background of a sufficiently strong magnetic field the vacuum was suggested to become an ideal electric conductor (highly anisotropic superconductor) due to an interplay between the strong and electromagnetic forces. The superconducting ground ... More
HEPGAME and the Simplification of ExpressionsMay 25 2014Advances in high energy physics have created the need to increase computational capacity. Project HEPGAME was composed to address this challenge. One of the issues is that numerical integration of expressions of current interest have millions of terms ... More
Magnetic-field-induced superconductivity and superfluidity of W and Z bosons: in tandem transport and kaleidoscopic vortex statesMar 27 2012Sep 09 2013We show that in a background of a sufficiently strong magnetic field the electroweak sector of the quantum vacuum exhibits superconducting and, unexpectedly, superfluid properties due to the magnetic-field-induced condensation of, respectively, W and ... More
Why Local Search Excels in Expression SimplificationSep 18 2014Simplifying expressions is important to make numerical integration of large expressions from High Energy Physics tractable. To this end, Horner's method can be used. Finding suitable Horner schemes is assumed to be hard, due to the lack of local heuristics. ... More
Magnetic Fields in a Sample of Nearby Spiral GalaxiesNov 05 2014Nov 17 2014Both observations and modelling of magnetic fields in the diffuse interstellar gas of spiral galaxies are well developed but the theory has been confronted with observations for only a handful of individual galaxies. There is now sufficient data to consider ... More
Deep Hashing using Entropy Regularised Product Quantisation NetworkFeb 11 2019In large scale systems, approximate nearest neighbour search is a crucial algorithm to enable efficient data retrievals. Recently, deep learning-based hashing algorithms have been proposed as a promising paradigm to enable data dependent schemes. Often ... More
Stability of additive-free water-in-oil emulsionsOct 09 2008We calculate ion distributions near a planar oil-water interface within non-linear Poisson-Boltzmann theory, taking into account the Born self-energy of the ions in the two media. For unequal self-energies of cations and anions, a spontaneous charge separation ... More
Fermion zero modes in a chromomagnetic vortex latticeJan 23 2014Mar 21 2014We prove the existence of zero modes of massless quarks in a background of spaghetti vacuum of chromomagnetic vortices in QCD. We find a general solution for the zero modes and show that the modes can be localized at pairs of vortices.
Actively Learning what makes a Discrete Sequence ValidAug 15 2017Deep learning techniques have been hugely successful for traditional supervised and unsupervised machine learning problems. In large part, these techniques solve continuous optimization problems. Recently however, discrete generative deep learning models ... More
Nonlinear Dynamics of Domain Wall Propagation in Epitaxial Ferroelectric Thin FilmsJan 29 2009We investigated the ferroelectric domain wall propagation in epitaxial Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films over a wide temperature range (3 - 300 K). We measured the domain wall velocity under various electric fields and found that the velocity data is strongly nonlinear ... More
Heavy-flavor production and medium properties in high-energy nuclear collisions - What next?Dec 23 2016Apr 03 2017Open and hidden heavy-flavor physics in high-energy nuclear collisions are entering a new and exciting stage towards reaching a clearer understanding of the new experimental results with the possibility to link them directly to the advancement in lattice ... More
Probing the symmetry of the potential of localized surface plasmon resonances with phase-shaped electron beamsAug 26 2016Apr 19 2017Plasmonics, the science and technology of the interaction of light with metallic objects, is fundamentally changing the way we can detect, generate and manipulate light. Although the field is progressing swiftly, thanks to the availability of nanoscale ... More
Structural Properties of Networks Grown via an Achlioptas ProcessDec 03 2014After the Achlioptas process (AP), which yields the so-called explosive percolation, was introduced, the number of papers on percolation phenomena has been literally exploding. Most of the existing studies, however, have focused only on the nature of ... More
A Novel Re-Targetable Application Development Platform for Healthcare Mobile ApplicationsMar 14 2019The rapid enhancement of central power unit CPU performance enables the development of computationally-intensive healthcare mobile applications for smartphones and wearable devices. However, computationally intensive mobile applications require significant ... More
Direction-Dependent CMB Power Spectrum and Statistical Anisotropy from Noncommutative GeometryOct 31 2007May 29 2008Modern cosmology has now emerged as a testing ground for theories beyond the standard model of particle physics. In this paper, we consider quantum fluctuations of the inflaton scalar field on certain noncommutative spacetimes and look for noncommutative ... More
Verifying Text Summaries of Relational Data SetsApr 20 2018Aug 30 2018We present a novel natural language query interface, the AggChecker, aimed at text summaries of relational data sets. The tool focuses on natural language claims that translate into an SQL query and a claimed query result. Similar in spirit to a spell ... More
Cell adhesion and cortex contractility determine cell patterning in the Drosophila retinaMay 08 2007Sep 05 2007Hayashi and Carthew (Nature 431 [2004], 647) have shown that the packing of cone cells in the Drosophila retina resembles soap bubble packing, and that changing E- and N-cadherin expression can change this packing, as well as cell shape. The analogy with ... More
Evidence that the upper critical field of Nb3Sn is independent of whether it is cubic or tetragonalFeb 24 2011Although 2011 marks the 50th anniversary of Nb3Sn as the first high field superconductor, real understanding of its upper critical field behavior {\mu}0Hc2 is incomplete. Here we show surprising {\mu}0Hc2 data on highly homogeneous bulk samples examined ... More
Stabilization of the perovskite phase in the Y-Bi-O system by using a BaBiO$_{3}$ buffer layerMar 06 2019A topological insulating phase has theoretically been predicted for the thermodynamically unstable perovskite phase of YBiO$_{3}$. Here, it is shown that the crystal structure of the Y-Bi-O system can be controlled by using a BaBiO$_{3}$ buffer layer. ... More
Quantization for Rapid Deployment of Deep Neural NetworksOct 12 2018This paper aims at rapid deployment of the state-of-the-art deep neural networks (DNNs) to energy efficient accelerators without time-consuming fine tuning or the availability of the full datasets. Converting DNNs in full precision to limited precision ... More
Perspectives on Balanced SequencesJan 28 2013We examine and compare several different classes of "balanced" block codes over q-ary alphabets, namely symbol-balanced (SB) codes, charge-balanced (CB) codes, and polarity-balanced (PB) codes. Known results on the maximum size and asymptotic minimal ... More
Unveiling the ac Dynamics of Ferroelectric Domains by Investigating the Frequency Dependence of Hysteresis LoopsJan 28 2010We investigated nonequilibrium domain wall dynamics under an ac field by measuring the hysteresis loops of epitaxial ferroelectric capacitors at various frequencies and temperatures. Polarization switching is induced mostly by thermally activated creep ... More
In situ single-atom array synthesis by dynamic holographic optical tweezersJan 15 2016Feb 18 2016Cooling and trapping of atoms by light has enabled one to build and manipulate quantum systems at the single atom level. Such a bottom-up approach becomes one of the fascinating challenges toward scalable and highly controllable quantum systems, e.g., ... More
Subpicosecond $X$ rotations of atomic clock statesJun 30 2017May 08 2018We demonstrate subpicosecond-time-scale population transfer between the pair of hyperfine ground states of atomic rubidium using a single laser-pulse. Our scheme utilizes the geometric and dynamic phases induced during Rabi oscillation through the fine-structure ... More
The vertical motions of mono-abundance sub-populations in the Milky Way diskFeb 13 2012Aug 02 2012We present the vertical kinematics of stars in the Milky Way's stellar disk inferred from SDSS/SEGUE G-dwarf data, deriving the vertical velocity dispersion, \sigma_z, as a function of vertical height |z| and Galactocentric radius R for a set of 'mono-abundance' ... More
The spatial structure of mono-abundance sub-populations of the Milky Way diskNov 07 2011May 19 2012The spatial, kinematic, and elemental-abundance structure of the Milky Way's stellar disk is complex, and has been difficult to dissect with local spectroscopic or global photometric data. Here, we develop and apply a rigorous density modeling approach ... More
Simulation Study of Dust-Scattered Far-Ultraviolet Emission in the Orion-Eridanus SuperbubbleJul 10 2012We present the results of dust scattering simulations carried out for the Orion Eridanus Superbubble region by comparing them with observations made in the far-ultraviolet. The albedo and the phase function asymmetry factor (g-factor) of interstellar ... More
Comparison of the extraplanar H$α$ and UV emissions in the halos of nearby edge-on spiral galaxiesJun 18 2018We compare vertical profiles of the extraplanar H$\alpha$ emission to those of the UV emission for 38 nearby edge-on late-type galaxies. It is found that detection of the "diffuse" extraplanar dust (eDust), traced by the vertically extended, scattered ... More
Optical and UV surface brightness of translucent dark nebulae: Dust albedo, radiation field and fluorescence emission by H2Jun 16 2018Photometry of the nebulae LDN1780, LDN1642 and LBN406 is used to derive scattering properties of dust and to investigate the presence of UV fluorescence emission by molecular hydrogen and the extended red emission (ERE). We used multi-wavelength optical ... More
Resonant Nernst effect in the metallic and field-induced spin density wave states of (TMTSF)2ClO4Jan 26 2005We examine an unusual phenomenon where, in tilted magnetic fields near magic angles parallel to crystallographic planes, a "giant" resonant Nernst signal has been observed by Wu et al.[Phys. Rev. Lett. 91 56601(2003)] in the metallic state of an organic ... More