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ZombieLoad: Cross-Privilege-Boundary Data SamplingMay 14 2019In early 2018, Meltdown first showed how to read arbitrary kernel memory from user space by exploiting side-effects from transient instructions. While this attack has been mitigated through stronger isolation boundaries between user and kernel space, ... More
A Systematic Evaluation of Transient Execution Attacks and DefensesNov 13 2018Modern processor optimizations such as branch prediction and out-of-order execution are crucial for performance. Recent research on transient execution attacks including Spectre and Meltdown showed, however, that exception or branch misprediction events ... More
A Systematic Evaluation of Transient Execution Attacks and DefensesNov 13 2018Feb 20 2019Modern CPU optimizations such as branch prediction and out-of-order execution are crucial for performance. Recent research on transient execution attacks including Spectre and Meltdown showed, however, that exception or branch misprediction events may ... More
A Systematic Evaluation of Transient Execution Attacks and DefensesNov 13 2018May 15 2019Research on transient execution attacks including Spectre and Meltdown showed that exception or branch misprediction events might leave secret-dependent traces in the CPU's microarchitectural state. This observation led to a proliferation of new Spectre ... More
Fallout: Reading Kernel Writes From User SpaceMay 29 2019Recently, out-of-order execution, an important performance optimization in modern high-end processors, has been revealed to pose a significant security threat, allowing information leaks across security domains. In particular, the Meltdown attack leaks ... More
Spectral analysis of boundary layers in Rayleigh-Benard convectionJul 17 2007Nov 21 2007A combined experimental and numerical study of the boundary layer in a 4:1 aspect-ratio Rayleigh-B\'{e}nard cell over a four-decade range of Rayleigh numbers has been undertaken aimed at gaining a better insight into the character of the boundary layers. ... More
Faraday Rotation of Extended Emission as a Probe of the Large-Scale Galactic Magnetic FieldMar 27 2019The Galactic magnetic field is an integral constituent of the interstellar medium (ISM), and knowledge of its structure is crucial to understanding Galactic dynamics. The Rotation Measures (RM) of extragalactic (EG) sources have been the basis of comprehensive ... More
Automatic transversality in contact homology II: filtrations and computationsAug 24 2017Jul 19 2019This paper is the sequel to the previous paper [Ne15], which showed that sufficient regularity exists to define cylindrical contact homology in dimension three for nondegenerate dynamically separated contact forms, a subclass of dynamically convex contact ... More
Open Sesame: The Password Hashing Competition and Argon2Feb 08 2016Feb 11 2016In this document we present an overview of the background to and goals of the Password Hashing Competition (PHC) as well as the design of its winner, Argon2, and its security requirements and properties.
Data Life Cycle Labs, A New Concept to Support Data-Intensive ScienceDec 21 2012In many sciences the increasing amounts of data are reaching the limit of established data handling and processing. With four large research centers of the German Helmholtz association the Large Scale Data Management and Analysis (LSDMA) project supports ... More
Determination of the spin-lifetime anisotropy in graphene using oblique spin precessionApr 25 2018We determine the spin-lifetime anisotropy of spin-polarized carriers in graphene. In contrast to prior approaches, our method does not require large out-of-plane magnetic fields and thus it is reliable for both low- and high-carrier densities. We first ... More
An estimate of the second moment of a sampling of the Riemann zeta function on the critical lineJun 03 2016We investigate the second moment of a random sampling $\zeta(1/2+iX_t)$ of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line. Our main result states that if $X_t$ is an increasing random sampling with gamma distribution, then for all sufficiently large $t$, ... More
Deep observations of O2 toward a low-mass protostar with Herschel-HIFIJul 30 2013According to traditional gas-phase chemical models, O2 should be abundant in molecular clouds, but until recently, attempts to detect interstellar O2 line emission with ground- and space-based observatories have failed. Following the multi-line detections ... More
Limits of memory coefficient in measuring correlated burstsJan 03 2018Mar 03 2018Temporal inhomogeneities in event sequences of natural and social phenomena have been characterized in terms of interevent times and correlations between interevent times. The inhomogeneities of interevent times have been extensively studied, while the ... More
Predicted decay idealAug 27 2018Apr 27 2019For arbitrary positive integers $q_1 \ge q_2 \ge q_3 \ge \cdots$ we construct a family of monomial ideals such that for each positive integer $e$ and for each ideal $I$ in the family, the number of associated primes of $I^e$ is the $q_e$. We present the ... More
Destructed double-layer and ionic charge separation near the oil-water interfaceMay 16 2007We study suspensions of hydrophobic charged colloidal spheres dispersed in a demixed oil-water mixture by means of a modified Poisson-Boltzmann theory, taking into account image charge effects and partitioning of the monovalent ions. We find that the ... More
The sediment of mixtures of charged colloids: segregation and inhomogeneous electric fieldsApr 18 2005We theoretically study sedimentation-diffusion equilibrium of dilute binary, ternary, and polydisperse mixtures of colloidal particles with different buoyant masses and/or charges. We focus on the low-salt regime, where the entropy of the screening ions ... More
Galileons from Lovelock actionsFeb 02 2011Feb 10 2011We demonstrate how, for an arbitrary number of dimensions, the Galileon actions and their covariant generalizations can be obtained through a standard Kaluza-Klein compactification of higher-dimensional Lovelock gravity. In this setup, the dilaton takes ... More
Inflation of the screening length induced by Bjerrum pairsMay 12 2009Within a modified Poisson-Boltzmann theory we study the effect of Bjerrum pairs on the typical length scale $1/\bar{\kappa}$ over which electric fields are screened in electrolyte solutions, taking into account a simple association-dissociation equilibrium ... More
Locally 1-to-1 maps and 2-to-1 retractionsOct 20 1998This paper considers the question of which continua are 2-to-1 retracts of continua.
Point process models for fine-resolution rainfallSep 18 2013Sep 20 2013In a recent development in the literature, a new temporal rainfall model, based on the Bartlett-Lewis clustering mechanism and intended for sub-hourly application, was introduced. That model replaced the rectangular rain cells of the original model with ... More
Controllable Synchronization of Hierarchically Networked OscillatorsDec 07 2015The controllability of synchronization is an intriguing question in complex systems, in which hiearchically-organized heterogeneous elements have asymmetric and activity-dependent couplings. In this study, we introduce a simple and effective way to control ... More
A KAM theorem for generalized Hamiltonian systems without action-angle variablesMay 18 2015We proved a KAM theorem on existence of invariant tori in generalized Hamiltonian systems without action-angle variables. It is a generalization of the result of de la Llave et al. [Llave, 2005] that deals with canonical Hamiltonian system.
Bursty Human DynamicsMar 07 2018Bursty dynamics is a common temporal property of various complex systems in Nature but it also characterises the dynamics of human actions and interactions. At the phenomenological level it is a feature of all systems that evolve heterogeneously over ... More
Tail-scope: Using friends to estimate heavy tails of degree distributions in large-scale complex networksNov 25 2014May 16 2015Many complex networks in natural and social phenomena have often been characterized by heavy-tailed degree distributions. However, due to rapidly growing size of network data and concerns on privacy issues about using these data, it becomes more difficult ... More
Captain Einstein: a VR experience of relativityJun 28 2018Captain Einstein is a virtual reality (VR) movie that takes you on a boat trip in a world with a slow speed of light. This allows for a direct experience of the theory of special relativity, much in the same spirit as in the Mr. Tompkins adventure by ... More
Herschel HIFI observations of O$_2$ toward Orion: special conditions for shock enhanced emissionAug 08 2014We report observations of molecular oxygen (O$_2$) rotational transitions at 487 GHz, 774 GHz, and 1121 GHz toward Orion Peak A. The O2 lines at 487 GHz and 774 GHz are detected at velocities of 10-12 km/s with line widths 3 km/s; however, the transition ... More
Hybrid Level Aspect Subconvexity for $GL(2)\times GL(1)$ Rankin-Selberg $L$-FunctionsMay 18 2016Mar 03 2018Let $M$ be a squarefree positive integer and $P$ a prime number coprime to $M$ such that $P\sim M^\eta$ with $0 < \eta < 2/5$. We simplify the proof of subconvexity bounds for $L(\frac{1}{2},f\otimes\chi)$ when $f$ is a primitive holomorphic cusp form ... More
Spin effects in electron vortex statesFeb 19 2013May 28 2013The recent experimental realization of electron vortex beams opens up a wide research domain previously unexplored. The present paper explores the relativistic properties of these electron vortex beams, and quantifies deviations from scalar wave theory. ... More
The unreasonable effectiveness of the forget gateApr 13 2018Sep 13 2018Given the success of the gated recurrent unit, a natural question is whether all the gates of the long short-term memory (LSTM) network are necessary. Previous research has shown that the forget gate is one of the most important gates in the LSTM. Here ... More
Techniques for visualizing LSTMs applied to electrocardiogramsMay 23 2017Jun 15 2018This paper explores four different visualization techniques for long short-term memory (LSTM) networks applied to continuous-valued time series. On the datasets analysed, we find that the best visualization technique is to learn an input deletion mask ... More
PydMobileNet: Improved Version of MobileNets with Pyramid Depthwise Separable ConvolutionNov 17 2018Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown remarkable performance in various computer vision tasks in recent years. However, the increasing model size has raised challenges in adopting them in real-time applications as well as mobile and embedded ... More
Inverse Magnetic Catalysis in the three-flavor NJL model with axial-vector interactionNov 27 2014Dec 12 2014In this paper we explore the chiral phase transition in QCD within the three-flavor Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model with a negative coupling constant in the isoscalar axial-vector channel, which is associated with a polarized instanton--anti-instanton ... More
Inelastic electron-vortex-beam scatteringFeb 03 2015Mar 16 2015Recent theoretical and experimental developments in the field of electron vortex beam physics have raised questions on what exactly this novelty in the field of electron microscopy (and other fields, such as particle physics) really provides. An important ... More
Bayesian LSTMs in medicineJun 05 2017The medical field stands to see significant benefits from the recent advances in deep learning. Knowing the uncertainty in the decision made by any machine learning algorithm is of utmost importance for medical practitioners. This study demonstrates the ... More
Identifying Coordination Problems in Software Development: Finding Mismatches between Software and Project Team StructuresJan 19 2012Today's dynamic and iterative development environment brings significant challenges for software project management. In distributed project settings, "management by walking around" is no longer an option and project managers may miss out on key project ... More
Cooperative Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework for Scalping TradingMar 31 2019We explore deep Reinforcement Learning(RL) algorithms for scalping trading and knew that there is no appropriate trading gym and agent examples. Thus we propose gym and agent like Open AI gym in finance. Not only that, we introduce new RL framework based ... More
Tame ramification and group cohomologyMay 12 2013Feb 15 2017We give an intrinsic parametrisation of the set of tamely ramified extensions of a local field with finite residue field and bring to the fore the role played by group cohomology. We show that two natural definitions of the cohomology class of a tamely ... More
A Process Algebra for Supervisory CoordinationAug 09 2011A supervisory controller controls and coordinates the behavior of different components of a complex machine by observing their discrete behaviour. Supervisory control theory studies automated synthesis of controller models, known as supervisors, based ... More
Deep Convolutional Sum-Product Networks for Probabilistic Image RepresentationsFeb 16 2019Sum-Product Networks (SPNs) are hierarchical probabilistic graphical models capable of fast and exact inference. Applications of SPNs to real-world data such as large image datasets has been fairly limited in previous literature. We introduce Convolutional ... More
Liquid-liquid interfacial tension of electrolyte solutionsJul 04 2008It is theoretically shown that the excess liquid-liquid interfacial tension between two electrolyte solutions as a function of the ionic strength I behaves asymptotically as O(- I^0.5) for small I and as O(+- I) for large I. The former regime is dominated ... More
Dirac Kirchhoff diffraction theoryMar 05 2013Kirchhoff's scalar diffraction theory is applied throughout photon and electron optics. It is based on the stationary electromagnetic or Schr\"odinger wave equation, and is useful in describing interference phenomena for both light and matter waves. Here, ... More
Rutherford scattering of electron vorticesDec 04 2013Apr 01 2014By considering a cylindrically symmetric generalization of a plane wave, the first Born approximation of screened Coulomb scattering unfolds two new dimensions in the scattering problem: transverse momentum and orbital angular momentum of the incoming ... More
Modeling the Galactic Magnetic Field using Rotation Measure Observations in the Galactic Disk from the CGPS, SGPS, and the VLADec 14 2010Interstellar magnetic fields play critical roles in many astrophysical processes. Yet despite their importance, our knowledge about magnetic fields in our Galaxy remains limited. For the field within the Milky Way, much of what we do know comes from observations ... More
Hydrodynamics of RN AdS$_4$ black hole and Holographic OpticsDec 12 2010Dec 23 2010We consider the AdS$_4$ RN black hole and work out the momentum dependent hydrodynamic analysis for the vector modes. We also perform the spectral function calculation of the dual field theory. As an application, we consider the permittivity and permeability ... More
Nonlinear Behavior in High-Intensity Discharge LampsOct 12 2015Dec 16 2016The light flicker problem of high intensity discharge lamps is studied numerically and experimentally. It is shown that in some respects the systems behaves very similar to the forced Duffing oscillator with a softening spring. In particular, the jump ... More
The packing chromatic number of the infinite square lattice is between 13 and 15Oct 08 2015Jan 25 2017Using a SAT-solver on top of a partial previously-known solution we improve the upper bound of the packing chromatic number of the infinite square lattice from 17 to 15. We discuss the merits of SAT-solving for this kind of problem as well as compare ... More
Study of the Composition and Spectral Characteristics of a HDG-Prism Disperse System (GRISM) by Refractive Index Phase MatchingJul 31 2015The composition and characteristics of a GRISM gained by refractive index matching between a refractive index modulation type HDG and a prism is investigated, the HDG being built by processing silver halide emulsion with halide vapor. The GRISM has been ... More
Impact of Impulse Stops on Pedestrian FlowNov 16 2015We numerically study the impact of impulse stops on pedestrian flow for a straight corridor with multiple attractions. The impulse stop is simulated by the switching behavior model, a function of the social influence strength and the number of attendees ... More
Effects of switching behavior for the attraction on pedestrian dynamicsOct 09 2014Jul 28 2015Walking is a fundamental activity of our daily life not only for moving to other places but also for interacting with surrounding environment. While walking on the streets, pedestrians can be aware of attractions like shopping windows. They can be influenced ... More
Collective dynamics of pedestrians interacting with attractionsAug 10 2013Sep 05 2017In order to investigate collective effects of interactions between pedestrians and attractions, this study extends the social force model. Such interactions lead pedestrians to form stable clusters around attractions, or even to rush into attractions ... More
A dynamic magneto-optical trap for atom chipsJul 28 2016We describe a dynamic magneto-optical trap (MOT) suitable for the use with vacuum systems in which optical access is limited to a single window. This technique facilitates the long-standing desire of producing integrated atom chips, many of which are ... More
Decoherence of an exchange qubit by hyperfine interactionApr 24 2014Jul 22 2014We study three-electron-spin decoherence in a semiconductor triple quantum dot with a linear geometry. The three electron spins are coupled by exchange interactions J_{12} and J_{23}, and we clarify inhomogeneous and homogeneous dephasing dynamics for ... More
Transfer Learning Based on AdaBoost for Feature Selection from Multiple ConvNet Layer FeaturesFeb 01 2016Mar 25 2016Convolutional Networks (ConvNets) are powerful models that learn hierarchies of visual features, which could also be used to obtain image representations for transfer learning. The basic pipeline for transfer learning is to first train a ConvNet on a ... More
Incremental Learning with Maximum Entropy Regularization: Rethinking Forgetting and IntransigenceFeb 03 2019Incremental learning suffers from two challenging problems; forgetting of old knowledge and intransigence on learning new knowledge. Prediction by the model incrementally learned with a subset of the dataset are thus uncertain and the uncertainty accumulates ... More
Study of quality assurance regulations for linear accelerators in Korea: A comparison study between the current status in Korea and the international guidelinesMar 11 2015Quality assurance (QA) for medical linear accelerators is indispensable for appropriate cancer treatment. Some international organizations and western advanced countries provide QA guidelines for linear accelerators. Currently, QA regulations for linear ... More
Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Path Loss Prediction in Urban EnvironmentsApr 04 2019Although various linear log-distance path loss models have been developed, advanced models are requiring to more accurately and flexibly represent the path loss for complex environments such as the urban area. This letter proposes an artificial neural ... More
Analytically Solvable Model of Spreading Dynamics with Non-Poissonian ProcessesSep 03 2013Feb 05 2014Non-Poissonian bursty processes are ubiquitous in natural and social phenomena, yet little is known about their effects on the large-scale spreading dynamics. In order to characterize these effects we devise an analytically solvable model of Susceptible-Infected ... More
Interference Mitigation Using Uplink Power Control for Two-Tier Femtocell NetworksOct 12 2009This paper proposes two interference mitigation strategies that adjust the maximum transmit power of femtocell users to suppress the cross-tier interference at a macrocell base station (BS). The open-loop and the closed-loop control suppress the cross-tier ... More
Gravity model explained by the radiation model on a population landscapeMar 24 2018Jun 06 2019Understanding the mechanisms behind human mobility patterns is crucial to improve our ability to optimize and predict traffic flows. Two representative mobility models, i.e., radiation and gravity models, have been extensively compared to each other against ... More
Robust two-level system control by a detuned and chirped laser pulseJan 13 2017Sep 15 2017We propose and demonstrate a robust control scheme by ultrafast nonadiabatic chirped laser pulse, designed for targeting coherent superpositions of two-level systems. Robustness against power fluctuation is proved by our numerical study and a proof-of-principle ... More
Codebook-Based SDMA for Coexistence with Fixed Wireless ServiceJun 16 2010Oct 20 2010A portion of frequency band for International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT)-Advanced is currently allocated to Fixed Wireless Service (FWS) such as Fixed Service (FS), Fixed Satellite Service (FSS), or Fixed Wireless Access (FWA), which requires frequency ... More
Collective Helping and Bystander Effects in Coevolving Helping NetworksMar 26 2010We study collective helping behavior and bystander effects in a coevolving helping network model. A node and a link of the network represents an agent who renders or receives help and a friendly relation between agents, respectively. A helping trial of ... More
Neural Sign Language Translation based on Human Keypoint EstimationNov 28 2018Jun 21 2019We propose a sign language translation system based on human keypoint estimation. It is well-known that many problems in the field of computer vision require a massive amount of dataset to train deep neural network models. The situation is even worse ... More
Holographic QCD in medium: a bottom up approachSep 22 2009A holographic dual of hadrons at finite density is considered. We use the zero black-hole mass limit of Reisner-Nordstrom (RN) AdS background with hard wall to describe a confining background with finite quark density. We calculate density-dependence ... More
Pricing Corporate Defaultable Bond using Declared Firm ValueFeb 15 2013Jul 01 2013We study the pricing problem for corporate defaultable bond from the viewpoint of the investors outside the firm that could not exactly know about the information of the firm. We consider the problem for pricing of corporate defaultable bond in the case ... More
Multi-hop Links Quality Analysis of 5G Enabled Vehicular NetworksApr 24 2017Aug 02 2017With the emerging of the fifth generation (5G) mobile communication systems, millimeter wave transmissions are believed to be a promising solution for vehicular networks, especially in vehicle to vehicle (V2V) communications. In millimeter wave V2V communications, ... More
Growth rate for endomorphisms of finitely generated nilpotent groups and solvable groupsNov 24 2014Nov 27 2014We prove that the growth rate of an endomorphism of a finitely generated nilpotent group equals to the growth rate of induced endomorphism on its abelinization, generalizing the corresponding result for an automorphism in [14]. We also study growth rates ... More
Spinorial description of $\mathrm{SU}(3)$- and $G_2$-manifoldsNov 20 2014Sep 16 2015We present a uniform description of $\mathrm{SU}(3)$-structures in dimension $6$ as well as $G_2$-structures in dimension $7$ in terms of a characterising spinor and the spinorial field equations it satisfies. We apply the results to hypersurface theory ... More
Herschel Measurements of Molecular Oxygen in OrionAug 01 2011We report observations of three rotational transitions of molecular oxygen (O2) in emission from the H2 Peak 1 position of vibrationally excited molecular hydrogen in Orion. We observed the 487 GHz, 774 GHz, and 1121 GHz lines using HIFI on the Herschel ... More
Stability of additive-free water-in-oil emulsionsOct 09 2008We calculate ion distributions near a planar oil-water interface within non-linear Poisson-Boltzmann theory, taking into account the Born self-energy of the ions in the two media. For unequal self-energies of cations and anions, a spontaneous charge separation ... More
An Introduction to Engineering Multiagent Industrial Symbiosis Systems: Potentials and ChallengesMay 30 2019Multiagent Systems (MAS) research reached a maturity to be confidently applied to real-life complex problems. Successful application of MAS methods for behavior modeling, strategic reasoning, and decentralized governance, encouraged us to focus on applicability ... More
Fermion zero modes in a chromomagnetic vortex latticeJan 23 2014Mar 21 2014We prove the existence of zero modes of massless quarks in a background of spaghetti vacuum of chromomagnetic vortices in QCD. We find a general solution for the zero modes and show that the modes can be localized at pairs of vortices.
Actively Learning what makes a Discrete Sequence ValidAug 15 2017Deep learning techniques have been hugely successful for traditional supervised and unsupervised machine learning problems. In large part, these techniques solve continuous optimization problems. Recently however, discrete generative deep learning models ... More
Reactive Turing MachinesApr 09 2011Mar 05 2013We propose reactive Turing machines (RTMs), extending classical Turing machines with a process-theoretical notion of interaction, and use it to define a notion of executable transition system. We show that every computable transition system with a bounded ... More
Curvature dependence of the electrolytic liquid-liquid interfacial tensionSep 29 2008The interfacial tension of a liquid droplet surrounded by another liquid in the presence of microscopic ions is studied as a function of the droplet radius. An analytical expression for the interfacial tension is obtained within a linear Poisson-Boltzmann ... More
Combining Simulated Annealing and Monte Carlo Tree Search for Expression SimplificationDec 03 2013In many applications of computer algebra large expressions must be simplified to make repeated numerical evaluations tractable. Previous works presented heuristically guided improvements, e.g., for Horner schemes. The remaining expression is then further ... More
On chromoelectric (super)conductivity of the Yang-Mills vacuumDec 13 2012Jan 28 2014We argue that in the Copenhagen (``spaghetti'') picture of the QCD vacuum the chromomagnetic flux tubes exhibit chromoelectric superconductivity. We show that the superconducting chromoelectric currents in the tubes may be induced by the topological charge ... More
Spontaneous electromagnetic superconductivity and superfluidity of QCDxQED vacuum in strong magnetic fieldJun 13 2012It was recently shown that the vacuum in the background of a strong enough magnetic field may become an electromagnetic superconductor due to interplay between strong and electromagnetic forces. The superconducting ground state of the QCDxQED sector of ... More
Gate-induced Superconductivity in atomically thin MoS2 crystalsDec 10 2015When thinned down to the atomic scale, many layered van der Waals materials exhibit an interesting evolution of their electronic properties, whose main aspects can be accounted for by changes in the single-particle band structure. Phenomena driven by ... More
Succinct Data Structures for Families of Interval GraphsFeb 25 2019We consider the problem of designing succinct data structures for interval graphs with $n$ vertices while supporting degree, adjacency, neighborhood and shortest path queries in optimal time in the $\Theta(\log n)$-bit word RAM model. The degree query ... More
Hierarchical burst model for complex bursty dynamicsMay 24 2018Aug 17 2018Temporal inhomogeneities observed in various natural and social phenomena have often been characterized in terms of scaling behaviors in the autocorrelation function with a decaying exponent $\gamma$, the interevent time distribution with a power-law ... More
International Transmission of Shocks and Fragility of a Bank NetworkMar 06 2014The weighted and directed network of countries based on the number of overseas banks is analyzed in terms of its fragility to the banking crisis of one country. We use two different models to describe transmission of shocks, one local and the other global. ... More
A misaligned magneto-optical trap to enable miniaturized atom chip systemsFeb 15 2018We describe the application of displaced, or misaligned, beams in a mirror-based magneto-optical trap (MOT) to enable portable and miniaturized atom chip experiments, where optical access is limited to a single window. Two different geometries of beam ... More
Jamming transitions induced by an attraction in pedestrian flowJan 24 2017Sep 04 2017We numerically study jamming transitions in pedestrian flow interacting with an attraction, mostly based on the social force model for pedestrians who can join the attraction. We formulate the joining probability as a function of social influence from ... More
HEPGAME and the Simplification of ExpressionsMay 25 2014Advances in high energy physics have created the need to increase computational capacity. Project HEPGAME was composed to address this challenge. One of the issues is that numerical integration of expressions of current interest have millions of terms ... More
Phonon spectrum of QCD vacuum in magnetic-field-induced superconducting phaseJan 01 2014Jun 16 2014In the background of a sufficiently strong magnetic field the vacuum was suggested to become an ideal electric conductor (highly anisotropic superconductor) due to an interplay between the strong and electromagnetic forces. The superconducting ground ... More
Why Local Search Excels in Expression SimplificationSep 18 2014Simplifying expressions is important to make numerical integration of large expressions from High Energy Physics tractable. To this end, Horner's method can be used. Finding suitable Horner schemes is assumed to be hard, due to the lack of local heuristics. ... More
Magnetic Fields in a Sample of Nearby Spiral GalaxiesNov 05 2014Nov 17 2014Both observations and modelling of magnetic fields in the diffuse interstellar gas of spiral galaxies are well developed but the theory has been confronted with observations for only a handful of individual galaxies. There is now sufficient data to consider ... More
Sleeping Beauties in Medical Research: Technological Relevance, High Scientific ImpactApr 16 2019We investigate Sleeping Beauties (SBs) in medical research with a special focus on SBs cited in patents. We find that the increasing trend of the relative number of SBs comes to an end around 1998. However, still a constant fraction of publications becomes ... More
Magnetic-field-induced superconductivity and superfluidity of W and Z bosons: in tandem transport and kaleidoscopic vortex statesMar 27 2012Sep 09 2013We show that in a background of a sufficiently strong magnetic field the electroweak sector of the quantum vacuum exhibits superconducting and, unexpectedly, superfluid properties due to the magnetic-field-induced condensation of, respectively, W and ... More
Deep Hashing using Entropy Regularised Product Quantisation NetworkFeb 11 2019In large scale systems, approximate nearest neighbour search is a crucial algorithm to enable efficient data retrievals. Recently, deep learning-based hashing algorithms have been proposed as a promising paradigm to enable data dependent schemes. Often ... More
Weakly nonlocal irreversible thermodynamics - the Guyer-Krumhansl and the Cahn-Hilliard equationsJun 27 2001Oct 18 2001Examples of irreversible thermodynamic theory of nonlocal phenomena are given, based on generalized entropy current. Thermodynamic currents and forces are identified to derive the Guyer-Krumhansl and Cahn-Hilliard equations. In the latter case Gurtin's ... More
Weakly nonlocal irreversible thermodynamics - the Ginzburg-Landau equationNov 16 2001Dec 12 2001The variational approach to weakly nonlocal thermodynamic theories is critically revisited in the light of modern nonequilibrium thermodynamics. The example of Ginzburg-Landau equation is investigated in detail.
A number theoretic question arising in the geometry of plane curves and in billiard dynamicsMar 25 2011We prove that if $\rho\neq1/2$ is a rational number between zero and one, then there is no integer $n>1$ such that $$ n\tan(\pi\rho)=\tan(n\pi\rho). $$ This has interpretations both in the theory of bicycle curves and that of mathematical billiards.
Phase modulation of hormonal oscillationsJul 19 2016Dynamic equilibrium is maintained by counter-regulating elements in living systems. The pancreatic {\alpha} and {\beta} cells produce glucagon and insulin for glucose homeostasis. They exist in multiple micro-organs, the islets of Langerhans, not in a ... More
Exploring possibilities of band gap measurement with off-axis EELS in TEMOct 17 2017Apr 29 2019A technique to measure the band gap of dielectric materials with high refractive index by means of energy electron loss spectroscopy (EELS) is presented. The technique relies on the use of a circular (Bessel) aperture and suppresses Cherenkov losses and ... More
Quantitative Phase Imaging and Artificial Intelligence: A ReviewJun 06 2018Jul 13 2018Recent advances in quantitative phase imaging (QPI) and artificial intelligence (AI) have opened up the possibility of an exciting frontier. The fast and label-free nature of QPI enables the rapid generation of large-scale and uniform-quality imaging ... More
The Ophiuchus stream progenitor: a new type of globular cluster and its possible Sagittarius connectionMay 29 2019The Ophiuchus stream is a short arc-like stellar feature of uncertain origin located $\sim 5$ kpc North of the Galactic centre. New proper motions from the second $Gaia$ data release reconcile the direction of motion of stream members with the stream ... More
Comparison of the extraplanar H$α$ and UV emissions in the halos of nearby edge-on spiral galaxiesJun 18 2018We compare vertical profiles of the extraplanar H$\alpha$ emission to those of the UV emission for 38 nearby edge-on late-type galaxies. It is found that detection of the "diffuse" extraplanar dust (eDust), traced by the vertically extended, scattered ... More