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Reliable Electrical Switching of Tri-State Antiferromagnetic Néel Order in $α$-Fe$_2$O$_3$ Epitaxial FilmsJun 11 2019The ability to manipulate antiferromagnetic (AF) moments is a key requirement for the emerging field of antiferromagnetic spintronics. Electrical switching of bi-state AF moments has been demonstrated in metallic AFs, CuMnAs and Mn$_2$Au. Recently, current-induced ... More
Learning to Quantize Deep Networks by Optimizing Quantization Intervals with Task LossAug 17 2018Nov 23 2018Reducing bit-widths of activations and weights of deep networks makes it efficient to compute and store them in memory, which is crucial in their deployments to resource-limited devices, such as mobile phones. However, decreasing bit-widths with quantization ... More
The Complexity of Approximating a Bethe EquilibriumSep 08 2011Mar 21 2013This paper resolves a common complexity issue in the Bethe approximation of statistical physics and the Belief Propagation (BP) algorithm of artificial intelligence. The Bethe approximation and the BP algorithm are heuristic methods for estimating the ... More
Three-dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifolds satisfying geometric equationsJan 01 2018Mar 09 2018In this paper, we study a three-dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifold $(M^3,g)$ that admits a smooth nonzero solution $f$ to the equation \begin{align} \label{a1a} \nabla df=\psi Rc+\phi g, \end{align} where $\psi,\phi$ are given smooth functions ... More
Three-Dimensional Imaging of Individual Point Defects Using Selective Detection Angles in Annular Dark Field Scanning Transmission Electron MicroscopyJul 09 2016We propose a new scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) technique that can realize the three-dimensional (3D) characterization of vacancies, lighter and heavier dopants with high precision. Using multislice STEM imaging and diffraction simulations ... More
Anytime Neural Prediction via Slicing Networks VerticallyJul 07 2018The pioneer deep neural networks (DNNs) have emerged to be deeper or wider for improving their accuracy in various applications of artificial intelligence. However, DNNs are often too heavy to deploy in practice, and it is often required to control their ... More
Four dimensional static and related critical spaces with harmonic curvatureApr 12 2016In this article we study any 4-dimensional Riemannian manifold $(M,g)$ with harmonic curvature which admits a smooth nonzero solution $f$ to the following equation \begin{eqnarray} \label{0002bx} \nabla df = f(Rc -\frac{R}{n-1} g) + x Rc+ y(R) g. \end{eqnarray} ... More
FEMSIM+HRMC: Simulation of and Structural Refinement using Fluctuation Electron Microscopy for Amorphous MaterialsJul 14 2016FEMSIM, a Fortran code, has been developed to simulate the fluctuation electron microscopy signal, the variance, V(k), from a model atomic structure. FEMSIM has been incorporated into a hybrid-reverse Monte Carlo code that combines an embedded atom or ... More
Confident Multiple Choice LearningJun 12 2017Sep 22 2017Ensemble methods are arguably the most trustworthy techniques for boosting the performance of machine learning models. Popular independent ensembles (IE) relying on naive averaging/voting scheme have been of typical choice for most applications involving ... More
Learning What and Where to TransferMay 15 2019As the application of deep learning has expanded to real-world problems with insufficient volume of training data, transfer learning recently has gained much attention as means of improving the performance in such small-data regime. However, when existing ... More
Nanoscale Quantification of Octahedral Tilts in Perovskite FilmsApr 26 2012NiO6-octahedral tilts in ultrathin LaNiO3 films were studied using position averaged convergent beam electron diffraction (PACBED) in scanning transmission electron microscopy. Both the type and magnitude of the octahedral tilts were determined by comparing ... More
From Local to Global Stability in Stochastic Processing Networks through Quadratic Lyapunov FunctionsSep 30 2012We construct a generic, simple, and efficient scheduling policy for stochastic processing networks, and provide a general framework to establish its stability. Our policy is randomized and prioritized: with high probability it prioritizes jobs which have ... More
The Geometry of the SU(2)$\times$ G$_2$-modelMay 08 2018We study elliptic fibrations that geometrically engineer an SU(2)$\times$ G$_2$ gauge theory realized by Weierstrass model for the collision III+$\text{I}_0^{*\text{ns}}$. We construct the four possible crepant resolutions of such a Weierstrass model ... More
MCMC assisted by Belief PropagaionMay 29 2016Oct 24 2016Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and Belief Propagation (BP) are the most popular algorithms for computational inference in Graphical Models (GM). In principle, MCMC is an exact probabilistic method which, however, often suffers from exponentially slow ... More
MCMC assisted by Belief PropagaionMay 29 2016Sep 02 2016Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and Belief Propagation (BP) are the most popular algorithms for computational inference in Graphical Models (GM). In principle, MCMC is an exact probabilistic method which, however, often suffers from exponentially slow ... More
Structural origins of the properties of rare earth nickelate superlatticesJan 30 2013NiO6 octahedral tilts in the LaNiO3/SrTiO3 superlattices are quantified using position averaged convergent beam electron diffraction in scanning transmission electron microscopy. It is shown that maintaining oxygen octahedra connectivity across the interface ... More
Anisotropic Magnetoresistance and Nontrivial Spin Magnetoresistance in Pt/$α$-Fe$_2$O$_3$ Bilayers: Evidence for Antiferromagnetic Proximity EffectJun 11 2019To date, magnetic proximity effect (MPE) has only been conclusively observed in ferromagnet (FM) based systems. We report the observation of anomalous Hall effect and anisotropic magnetoresistance in angular dependent magnetoresistance (ADMR) measurements ... More
Toward an artificial Mott insulator: Correlations in confined, high-density electron liquids in SrTiO3Oct 28 2012We investigate correlation physics in high-density, two-dimensional electron liquids that reside in narrow SrTiO3 quantum wells. The quantum wells are remotely doped via an interfacial polar discontinuity and the three-dimensional (3D) carrier density ... More
Low-resistance GaN tunnel homojunctions with 150 kA/cm^2 current and repeatable negative differential resistanceJan 17 2016Feb 09 2016We report GaN n++/p++ interband tunnel junctions with repeatable negative differential resistance and low resistance. Reverse and forward tunneling current densities were observed to increase as Si and Mg doping concentrations were increased. Hysteresis-free, ... More
Magnetism and local structure in low-dimensional, Mott insulating GdTiO3Sep 06 2013Cation displacements, oxygen octahedral tilts, and magnetism of epitaxial, ferrimagnetic, insulating GdTiO3 films sandwiched between cubic SrTiO3 layers are studied using scanning transmission electron microscopy and magnetization measurements. With decreasing ... More
Anisotropic Magnetoresistance and Nontrivial Spin Magnetoresistance in Pt/$α$-Fe$_2$O$_3$ Bilayers: Evidence for Antiferromagnetic Proximity EffectJun 11 2019Jul 19 2019To date, magnetic proximity effect (MPE) has only been conclusively observed in ferromagnet (FM) based systems. We report the observation of anomalous Hall effect and anisotropic magnetoresistance in angular dependent magnetoresistance (ADMR) measurements ... More
MCMC assisted by Belief PropagaionMay 29 2016Nov 09 2016Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and Belief Propagation (BP) are the most popular algorithms for computational inference in Graphical Models (GM). In principle, MCMC is an exact probabilistic method which, however, often suffers from exponentially slow ... More
Tight-binding approach to understand photoelectron intensity from graphene for circularly polarized lightApr 25 2015We have investigated the effect of imperfect circular polarization on the angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy signal, using graphene as a prototypical system that can be understood within tight-binding formalism. We found that perfect left- and ... More
Study on the high spectral intensity at the Dirac energy of single-layer graphene on an SiC substrateApr 24 2016We have investigated electron band structure of epitaxially grown graphene on an SiC(0001) substrate using angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. In single-layer graphene, abnormal high spectral intensity is observed at the Dirac energy whose origin ... More
Interband Tunneling for Hole Injection in III-Nitride Ultra-violet EmittersFeb 07 2015Ultra-violet emitters have several applications in the areas of sensing, water purification, and data storage. While the III-Nitride semiconductor system has the band gap region necessary for ultraviolet emission, achieving efficient ultraviolet solid ... More
Dimensionality Decrease Heuristics for NP Complete ProblemsApr 11 2011The vast majority of scientific community believes that P!=NP, with countless supporting arguments. The number of people who believe otherwise probably amounts to as few as those opposing the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. But isn't nature elegant enough, ... More
Electron-boson spectral density function of correlated multiband systems obtained from optical data: Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 and LiFeAsMar 04 2016We introduce an approximate method which can be used to simulate the optical conductivity data of correlated multiband systems for normal and superconducting cases by taking advantage of a reverse process of a usual optical data analysis, which has been ... More
Reverse process of usual optical analysis of boson-exchange superconductors: impurity effects on $s$- and $d$-wave superconductorsJan 26 2015We performed a reverse process of a usual optical data analysis of boson-exchange superconductors. We calculated the optical self-energy from two (MMP and MMP+peak) input model electron-boson spectral density functions using Allen's formula for one normal ... More
The Origin of Structures in Generalized GravityNov 21 1997In a class of generalized gravity theories with general couplings between the scalar field and the scalar curvature in the Lagrangian, we can describe the quantum generation and the classical evolution of both the scalar and tensor structures in a simple ... More
A conserved variable in the perturbed hydrodynamic world modelJul 07 1999We introduce a scalar-type perturbation variable $\Phi$ which is conserved in the large-scale limit considering general sign of three-space curvature ($K$), the cosmological constant ($\Lambda$), and time varying equation of state. In a pressureless medium ... More
Unified Analysis of Cosmological Perturbations in Generalized GravitySep 25 1995In a class of generalized Einstein's gravity theories we derive the equations and general asymptotic solutions describing the evolution of the perturbed universe in unified forms. Our gravity theory considers general couplings between the scalar field ... More
Cosmological Structure Problem of the Pre-Big Bang ScenarioAug 08 1996Mar 10 1998We calculate the density and gravitational wave spectrums generated in a version of string cosmology termed pre-big bang scenario. The large scale structures are originated from quantum fluctuations of the metric and dilaton field during a pole-like inflation ... More
Automorphism groups of simple polarized abelian varieties of odd prime dimension over finite fieldsJan 12 2019We prove that the automorphism groups of simple polarized abelian varieties of odd prime dimension over finite fields are cyclic, and give a complete list of finite groups that can be realized as such automorphism groups.
Almost sure local wellposedness of energy critical fractional Schrödinger equations with hartree nonlinearityApr 24 2015Apr 28 2015We consider a Cauchy problem of energy-critical fractional Schr\"odinger equation with Hartree nonlinearity below the energy space. Using a method of randomization of functions on $\mathbb{R}^d$ associated with the Wiener decomposition, introduced by ... More
Computational Power and the Social Impact of Artificial IntelligenceMar 23 2018Machine learning is a computational process. To that end, it is inextricably tied to computational power - the tangible material of chips and semiconductors that the algorithms of machine intelligence operate on. Most obviously, computational power and ... More
Outlining an elegant solver for 3-SATMay 13 2009Apr 11 2011The purpose of this article is to incite clever ways to attack problems. It advocates in favor of more elegant algorithms, in place of brute force (albeit its very well crafted) usages.
X-ray Observations of Young Supernova RemnantsFeb 08 2001This brief review of recent X-ray observations of young supernova remnants highlights results obtained by the Chandra and XMM Newton Observatories since their launch last year. Their impressive capabilities are illustrated by results for spectral imaging, ... More
A Rigorous Proof of the Inflationary SpectrumAug 24 1995Fundamental formulae representing the density perturbation spectrums generated in inflationary scenarios are rigorously proved. Quantum fluctuations as initial conditions for structure generation in some inflationary era can be calculated in general scale. ... More
Cosmological Perturbations with Multiple Scalar FieldsAug 08 1996In this brief note we present a set of equations describing the evolution of perturbed scalar fields in a cosmological spacetime with multiple scalar fields. We take into account of the simultaneously excited full metric perturbations in the context of ... More
Intrinsic temperature-dependent evolutions in the electron-boson spectral density obtained from optical dataApr 02 2016We investigate temperature smearing effects on the electron-boson spectral density function ($I^2\chi(\omega)$) obtained from optical data using a maximum entropy inversion method. We start with two simple model input $I^2\chi(\omega)$, calculate the ... More
On a classification of the automorphism groups of polarized abelian surfaces over finite fieldsSep 17 2018We give a classification of maximal elements of the set of finite groups that can be realized as the full automorphism groups of polarized abelian surfaces over finite fields.
Origin of Extended Star ClustersFeb 08 2012We have discovered new extended star clusters (ESCs) in a nearby dIrr galaxy NGC 6822. These clusters are the nearest sample of ESCs available to date. The key characteristic of ESCs is their large size compared to typical globular clusters even though ... More
Three-dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifolds satisfying geometric equationsJan 01 2018In this paper, we study a three dimensional Ricci-degenerate Riemannian manifold $(M^3,g)$ which admits a smooth nonzero solution $f$ to the following equation: \begin{align} \label{a1a} \nabla df=\psi(f)Rc+\phi(f)g, \end{align} where $Rc$ is the Ricci ... More
Training Confidence-calibrated Classifiers for Detecting Out-of-Distribution SamplesNov 26 2017Feb 23 2018The problem of detecting whether a test sample is from in-distribution (i.e., training distribution by a classifier) or out-of-distribution sufficiently different from it arises in many real-world machine learning applications. However, the state-of-art ... More
Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash: Coexistence or Downfall of Bitcoin Cash?Feb 28 2019Mar 02 2019In Aug. 2017, Bitcoin was split into the original Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Since then, miners have had a choice between BTC and BCH mining because they have compatible proof-of-work algorithms. Therefore, they can freely choose which coin ... More
Quantum fluctuations of Cosmological Perturbations in Generalized GravityJul 24 1996Recently, we presented a unified way of analysing classical cosmological perturbation in generalized gravity theories. In this paper, we derive the perturbation spectrums generated from quantum fluctuations again in unified forms. We consider a situation ... More
Evolution of Structures in Generalized Gravity TheoriesMay 12 1996A broad class of generalized Einstein's gravity can be cast into Einstein's gravity with a minimally coupled scalar field using suitable conformal rescaling of the metric. Using this conformal equivalence between the theories, we derive the equations ... More
Cosets as gauge slices in SU(1,1) stringsOct 15 1991We consider a string theory based on an SU(1,1) Wess-Zumino-Novikov-Witten model and an arbitrary unitary conformal fild theory. We show that the solutions of the Virasoro conditions, in the unitarity regime of the SU(1,1) theory, are states which lie ... More
Extended Drude model analysis of superconducting optical spectra of correlated electron systemsJul 31 2019Correlation information in strongly correlated electron systems can be obtained using an extended Drude model. An interesting method related to the extended Drude model analysis of superconducting optical data was proposed recently, and it has attracted ... More
Simplified Stochastic Feedforward Neural NetworksApr 11 2017It has been believed that stochastic feedforward neural networks (SFNNs) have several advantages beyond deterministic deep neural networks (DNNs): they have more expressive power allowing multi-modal mappings and regularize better due to their stochastic ... More
On the classification of 4-dimensional $(m,ρ)$-quasi-Einstein manifolds with harmonic Weyl curvatureJun 05 2016In this paper we study 4-dimensional $(m,\rho)$-quasi-Einstein manifolds with harmonic Weyl curvature when $m\notin\{0,\pm1,-2,\pm\infty\}$ and $\rho\notin\{\frac{1}{4},\frac{1}{6}\}$. We prove that a non-trivial $(m,\rho)$-quasi-Einstein metric $g$ (not ... More
Spectral Approximate InferenceMay 14 2019Given a graphical model (GM), computing its partition function is the most essential inference task, but it is computationally intractable in general. To address the issue, iterative approximation algorithms exploring certain local structure/consistency ... More
Gauged Mini-Bucket Elimination for Approximate InferenceJan 05 2018Mar 04 2018Computing the partition function $Z$ of a discrete graphical model is a fundamental inference challenge. Since this is computationally intractable, variational approximations are often used in practice. Recently, so-called gauge transformations were used ... More
Fluctuation Theorem of Information Exchange within an Ensemble of Paths Conditioned on Correlated-MicrostatesMay 08 2019Fluctuation theorems are a class of equalities that express universal properties of the probability distribution of a fluctuating path functional such as heat, work or entropy production over an ensemble of trajectories during a non-equilibrium process ... More
Fluctuation Theorem of Information Exchange between Subsystems that Co-Evolve in TimeMar 25 2019Sagawa and Ueda established a fluctuation theorem of information exchange by revealing the role of correlations in stochastic thermodynamics and unified the non-equilibrium thermodynamics of measurement and feedback control [T. Sagawa and M. Ueda, Phys. ... More
Bucket Renormalization for Approximate InferenceMar 14 2018Mar 20 2018Probabilistic graphical models are a key tool in machine learning applications. Computing the partition function, i.e., normalizing constant, is a fundamental task of statistical inference but it is generally computationally intractable, leading to extensive ... More
Modulation-doped beta-(Al0.2Ga0.8)2O3/Ga2O3 Field-Effect TransistorJun 28 2017Modulation-doped heterostructures are a key enabler for realizing high mobility and better scaling properties for high performance transistors. We report the realization of modulation-doped two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) at beta(Al0.2Ga0.8)2O3/ Ga2O3 ... More
High Current Density 2D/3D Esaki Tunnel DiodesJun 02 2016The integration of two-dimensional materials such as transition metal dichalcogenides with bulk semiconductors offer interesting opportunities for 2D/3D heterojunction-based novel device structures without any constraints of lattice matching. By exploiting ... More
High Mobility 2DEG in modulation-doped \b{eta}-(AlxGa1-x)2O3/Ga2O3 heterostructuresFeb 13 2018Beta-phase Ga2O3 has emerged as a promising candidate for a wide range of device applications, including power electronic devices, radio-frequency devices and solar-blind photodetectors. The wide bandgap energy and the predicted high breakdown field, ... More
Reflective Metal/Semiconductor Tunnel Junctions for Hole Injection in AlGaN UV LEDsMay 19 2017In this work, we investigate the use of nanoscale polarization engineering to achieve efficient hole injection from metals to ultra-wide band gap AlGaN, and we show that UV-reflective aluminum (Al) layers can be used for hole injection into p-AlGaN. The ... More
Molecular Beam Epitaxy of 2D-layered Gallium Selenide on GaN substratesOct 20 2016Large area epitaxy of two-dimensional (2D) layered materials with high material quality is a crucial step in realizing novel device applications based on 2D materials. In this work, we report high-quality, crystalline, large-area gallium selenide (GaSe) ... More
Character-Level Language Modeling with Hierarchical Recurrent Neural NetworksSep 13 2016Recurrent neural network (RNN) based character-level language models (CLMs) are extremely useful for modeling unseen words by nature. However, their performance is generally much worse than the word-level language models (WLMs), since CLMs need to consider ... More
Light-Cone Wavefunction Representations of Sivers and Boer-Mulders Distribution FunctionsMar 03 2010We find the light-cone wavefunction representations of the Sivers and Boer-Mulders distribution functions. A necessary condition for the existence of these representations is that the light-cone wavefunctions have complex phases. We induce the complex ... More
Solitons, boundary value problems and a nonlinear method of imagesApr 15 2009Apr 23 2009We characterize the soliton solutions of the nonlinear Schroedinger equation on the half line with linearizable boundary conditions. Using an extension of the solution to the whole line and the corresponding symmetries of the scattering data, we identify ... More
Initial-boundary value problems for discrete evolution equations: discrete linear Schrodinger and integrable discrete nonlinear Schrodinger equationsOct 07 2008We present a method to solve initial-boundary value problems for linear and integrable nonlinear differential-difference evolution equations. The method is the discrete version of the one developed by A. S. Fokas to solve initial-boundary value problems ... More
On a self-sustained process at large scale in the turbulent channel flowApr 23 2010Large-scale motions, important in turbulent shear flows, are frequently attributed to the interaction of structures at smaller scale. Here we show that, in a turbulent channel at Re_{\tau} \approx 550, large-scale motions can self-sustain even when smaller-scale ... More
Character-Level Language Modeling with Hierarchical Recurrent Neural NetworksSep 13 2016Feb 02 2017Recurrent neural network (RNN) based character-level language models (CLMs) are extremely useful for modeling out-of-vocabulary words by nature. However, their performance is generally much worse than the word-level language models (WLMs), since CLMs ... More
Relativistic Effect of Velocity on Electric Charge and Lorentz ForceJul 22 1998Sep 10 1998This paper has been withdrawn due to crucial errors.
Single stream parallelization of generalized LSTM-like RNNs on a GPUMar 10 2015Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) have shown outstanding performance on processing sequence data. However, they suffer from long training time, which demands parallel implementations of the training procedure. Parallelization of the training algorithms ... More
We live in the quantum 4-dimensional Minkowski space-timeJun 29 2015We try to define "our world" by stating that "we live in the quantum 4-dimensional Minkowski space-time with the force-fields gauge group $SU_c(3) \times SU_L(2) \times U(1) \times SU_f(3)$ built-in from the outset". We begin by explaining what "space" ... More
The Family ColliderSep 22 2014Granting that the $SU_c(3) \times SU_L(2) \times U(1) \times SU_f(3)$ Standard Model is valid (or, partially valid), for the real world, we propose the $\mu^+ e^-$ collider in the $10^2\, GeV$ range as the family collider. This family collider may work ... More
Using Dark Matter as a Guide to extend Standard Model: Dirac Similarity Principle and Minimum Higgs HypothesisJul 01 2011We introduce the "Dirac similarity principle" that states that only those point-like Dirac particles which can interact with the Dirac electron can be observed, such as in the Standard Model. We emphasize that the existing world of the Standard Model ... More
A Coherent View on EntropyJun 17 2008Apr 30 2014Informational entropy is often identified as physical entropy. This is surprising because the two quantities are differently defined and furthermore the former is a subjective quantity while the latter is an objective one. We describe the problems and ... More
$ψ$-Epistemic Models and Bell TheoremJul 04 2018We consider a question in what condition a mixed state which can be decomposed in different ways cannot be described by a single set of hidden variables. The condition is closely related with Bell theorem.
Quantifying the Heat Dissipation from a Molecular Motor's Transport Properties in Nonequilibrium Steady StatesDec 17 2016Dec 28 2016Theoretical analysis, which maps single molecule time trajectories of a molecular motor onto unicyclic Markov processes, allows us to evaluate the heat dissipated from the motor and to elucidate its dependence on the mean velocity and diffusivity. Unlike ... More
How to Device-Independently Generate States for Which Unambiguous State Discrimination is ImpossibleDec 15 2011Jun 27 2012We describe how to device-independently generate a set of quantum states for which unambiguous state discrimination is not possible. First, we derive a formula that a certain non-signaling black box must satisfy. Then, we describe how to generate a set ... More
The dark-matter world: Are there dark-matter galaxies?Oct 26 2011We attempt to answer whether neutrinos and antineutrinos, such as those in the cosmic neutrino background, would clusterize among themselves or even with other dark-matter particles, under certain time span, say 1 Gyr. With neutrino masses in place, the ... More
Picture Invariance in Quantum OpticsMar 10 2005Aug 12 2008We clarify the controversy over the coherent-state (CS) versus the number-state (NS) pictures in quantum optics. The NS picture is equivalent to the CS picture, as long as the phases $\phi$ in the laser fields are randomly distributed, as M{\o}lmer argues ... More
A New Fuzzy MCDM Framework to Evaluate E-Government Security StrategyNov 13 2010Ensuring security of e-government applications and infrastructures is crucial to maintain trust among stakeholders to store, process and exchange information over the e-government systems. Due to dynamic and continuous threats on e-government information ... More
Second-order perturbations of a zero-pressure cosmological medium: comoving vs. synchronous gaugeJan 03 2006Except for the presence of gravitational wave source term, the relativistic perturbation equations of a zero-pressure irrotational fluid in a flat Friedmann world model coincide exactly with the Newtonian ones to the second order in perturbations. Such ... More
Non-singular big-bounces and evolution of linear fluctuationsDec 04 2001Mar 06 2002We consider evolutions of linear fluctuations as the background Friedmann world model goes from contracting to expanding phases through smooth and non-singular bouncing phases. As long as the gravity dominates over the pressure gradient in the perturbation ... More
Observational constraints on inflation models with nonminimal scalar fieldFeb 19 2001We present the power spectra of the scalar- and tensor-type structures generated in an inflation model based on the nonminimally coupled scalar field with a self coupling. By comparing the contributions of these structures to the anisotropy of the cosmic ... More
Mass determination of the lightest supersymmetric partner (C-boson and C-fermion) and cold dark matterDec 21 2000Dec 30 2000%auto-ignore This paper has been withdrawn by the author(s) because somebody do not agree with my idea.
Cosmological Vorticity in a Gravity with Quadratic Order Curvature CouplingsOct 07 1997We analyse the evolution of the rotational type cosmological perturbation in a gravity with general quadratic order gravitational coupling terms. The result is expressed independently of the generalized nature of the gravity theory, and is simply interpreted ... More
Density Spectrums from Kinetic InflationsDec 30 1996The pole-like accelerated expansion stages purely driven by the coupling between the gravity and the dilaton field without referring to the potential term can be realized in a class of generalized gravity theories. We consider three such scenarios based ... More
Cosmological Gravitational Wave in a Gravity with Quadratic Order Curvature CouplingsOct 25 1996We present a set of equations describing the cosmological gravitational wave in a gravity theory with quadratic order gravitational coupling terms which naturally arise in quantum correction procedures. It is known that the gravitational wave equation ... More
Newtonian Limits of the Relativistic Cosmological PerturbationsJan 20 1997Relativistic cosmological perturbation analyses can be made based on several different fundamental gauge conditions. In the pressureless limit the variables in certain gauge conditions show the correct Newtonian behaviors. We consider the general curvature ... More
Near-infrared studies of glucose and sucrose in aqueous solutions: water displacement effect and red shift in water absorption from water-solute interactionOct 02 2013We use near infrared spectroscopy to obtain concentration dependent glucose absorption spectra in their aqueous solutions in the near-infrared range (3800 - 7500 cm^{-1}). We introduce a new method to obtain reliable glucose absorption bands from aqueous ... More
Cox rings of rational surfaces and redundant blow-upsMar 09 2013Nov 14 2014We prove that the redundant blow-up preserves the finite generation of the Cox ring of a rational surface under a suitable assumption, and we study the birational structure of Mori dream rational surfaces via redundant blow-ups. It turns out that the ... More
Comment on 'Improving the security of protocols of quantum key agreement solely using Bell states and Bell measurement'Oct 28 2015Designing a quantum key agreement (QKA) protocol is always a challenging task, because both the security and the fairness properties have to be considered simultaneously. Recently, Zhu et al. (Quantum Inf Process 14(11): 4245-4254) pointed out that Shukla ... More
Rigidity properties of holomorphic Legendrian singularitiesMay 09 2018Aug 12 2019We study the singularities of Legendrian subvarieties of contact manifolds in the complex-analytic category and prove two rigidity results. The first one is that Legendrian singularities with reduced tangent cones are contactomorphically biholomorphic ... More
Ridigity of Ricci Solitons with Weakly Harmonic Weyl TensorsApr 24 2016In this paper, we prove rigidity results on gradient shrinking Ricci solitons with weakly harmonic Weyl curvature tensors. Let $(M^n, g)$ be a compact gradient shrinking Ricci soliton satisfying ${\rm Ric}_g + Ddf = \rho g$ with $\rho >0$ constant. We ... More
Prolongations of infinitesimal automorphisms of cubic hypersurfaces with nonzero HessianDec 29 2016We study the connected component of the automorphism group of a cubic hypersurface over complex numbers. When the cubic hypersurface has nonzero Hessian, this group is usually small. But there are examples with unusually large automorphism groups: the ... More
Quark Helicity and Transversity DistributionsOct 20 2016The quark transversity distribution inside nucleon is less understood than the quark unpolarized and helicity distributions inside nucleon. In particular, it is important to know clearly why the quark helicity and transversity distributions are different. ... More
Energetic costs, precision, and efficiency of a biological motor in cargo transportOct 10 2017Nov 23 2017Molecular motors play pivotal roles in organizing the interior of cells. A motor efficient in cargo transport would move along cytoskeletal filaments with a high speed and a minimal error in transport distance (or time) while consuming a minimal amount ... More
Dissolution in a fieldMay 31 2001We study the dissolution of a solid by continuous injection of reactive ``acid'' particles at a single point, with the reactive particles undergoing biased diffusion in the dissolved region. When acid encounters the substrate material, both an acid particle ... More
Nonlocal Condensates in QCDFeb 03 1997In the presence of the nontrivial QCD ground state or vacuum, nonlocal condensates are used to characterize the quark or gluon propagator, or other Green functions of higher order. In this paper, we wish to show that, by taking the large $N_c$ limit (with ... More
On the relation between a graph code and a graph stateNov 18 2015A graph state and a graph code respectively are defined based on a mathematical simple graph. In this work, we examine a relation between a graph state and a graph code both obtained from the same graph, and show that a graph state is a superposition ... More
Canonical Phase Measurements in the Presence of Photon LossNov 17 2008Jan 07 2009We analyze the optimal state, as given by Berry and Wiseman [Phys. Rev. Lett {\bf 85}, 5098, (2000)], under the canonical phase measurement in the presence of photon loss. The model of photon loss is a generic fictitious beam splitter, and we present ... More