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Hamming Weights in Irreducible Cyclic CodesAug 19 2011Irreducible cyclic codes are an interesting type of codes and have applications in space communications. They have been studied for decades and a lot of progress has been made. The objectives of this paper are to survey and extend earlier results on the ... More
Optimal Packet Scheduling in an Energy Harvesting Communication SystemOct 06 2010We consider the optimal packet scheduling problem in a single-user energy harvesting wireless communication system. In this system, both the data packets and the harvested energy are modeled to arrive at the source node randomly. Our goal is to adaptively ... More
Positive or sign-changing solutions for a critical semilinear nonlocal equationNov 21 2015We consider the following critical semilinear nonlocal equation involving the fractional Laplacian $$ (-\Delta)^su=K(|x|)|u|^{2^*_s-2}u,\ \ \hbox{in}\ \ \mathbb{R}^N, $$ where $K(|x|)$ is a positive radial function, $N>2+2s$, $0<s<1$, and $2^*_s=\frac{2N}{N-2s}$. ... More
Heterogeneous Quantum Phonon Pumping in Plasmon-Enhanced Raman ScatteringJan 13 2016Ultrahigh enhancement of Stokes Raman scattering in plasmonic hotspots can create a considerable number of molecular vibration phonons at low laser powers. We show that this effect results in and is manifested by a heterogeneous dependence of plasmon-enhanced ... More
A note on the sign (unit root) ambiguities of Gauss sums in index 2 and 4 casesDec 08 2009Recently, the explicit evaluation of Gauss sums in the index 2 and 4 cases have been given in several papers (see [2,3,7,8]). In the course of evaluation, the sigh (or unit root) ambiguities are unavoidably occurred. This paper presents another method, ... More
The Second Discriminant of a Univariate PolynomialSep 03 2016We define the second discriminant $D_2$ of a univariate polynomial $f$ of degree greater than $2$ as the product of the linear forms $2\,r_k-r_i-r_j$ for all triples of roots $r_i, r_k, r_j$ of $f$ with $i<j$ and $j\neq k, k\neq i$. $D_2$ vanishes if ... More
Infinitely many solutions to linearly coupled Schrödinger equations with non-symmetric potentialMar 10 2014Apr 06 2015We study a linearly coupled Schr\"{o}dinger system in $\R^N(N\leq3).$ Assume that the potentials in the system are continuous functions satisfying suitable decay assumptions, but without any symmetry properties and the parameters in the system satisfy ... More
Infinitely many sign-changing solutions for an elliptic problem with double critical Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya termsMar 05 2015In this paper, we investigate the following elliptic problem involving double critical Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya terms: $$ \left\{\begin{array}{ll} -\Delta u = \mu\frac{|u|^{2^*(t)-2}u}{|y|^t} + \frac{|u|^{2^*(s)-2}u}{|y|^s} + a(x) u, & {\rm in}\ \Omega,\\ ... More
Solutions for a nonlocal elliptic equation involving critical growth and Hardy potentialSep 24 2015In this paper, by an approximating argument, we obtain infinitely many solutions for the following Hardy-Sobolev fractional equation with critical growth \begin{equation*}\label{0.1} \left\{% \begin{array}{ll} (-\Delta)^{s} u-\ds\frac{\mu u}{|x|^{2s}}=|u|^{2^*_s-2}u+au, ... More
On the small-$x$ behavior of the orbital angular momentum distributions in QCDFeb 08 2018We present the numerical solution of the leading order QCD evolution equation for the orbital angular momentum distributions of quarks and gluons and discuss its implications for the nucleon spin sum rule. We observe that at small-$x$, the gluon helicity ... More
Gluon fragmentation functions in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio modelJun 14 2016Jul 19 2016We derive gluon fragmentation functions in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model by treating a gluon as a pair of color lines formed by fictitious quark and anti-quark ($q\bar q$). Gluon elementary fragmentation functions are obtained from the quark and ... More
Relativistic effects on the back-to-back correlation functions of boson-antiboson pairs in high energy heavy ion collisionsJun 25 2014Sep 15 2015We calculate the back-to-back correlation (BBC) functions of relativistic boson-antiboson pairs in high energy heavy ion collisions using the Monte Carlo method. The relativistic effects on the BBC functions of $\phi\,\phi$ and $K^+K^-$ pairs are investigated. ... More
Shell gaps and pn pairing interaction in N = Z nucleiNov 25 2008We analyze the observed shell gaps in N=Z nuclei determined from the binding energy differences. It is found that the shell gaps can be described by the combined contributions from the single-particle level spacing, the like-nucleon pairing, and the proton-neutron ... More
Analysis of Performance of Linear Analog CodesNov 17 2015Nov 18 2015In this paper we carefully study the MSE performance of the linear analog codes. We have derived a lower bound of the MSE performance under Likelihood(ML) and Linear Minimal Mean Square Error(LMMSE) decoding criteria respectively. It is proved in this ... More
Spectrum of the charmed and b-flavored mesons in the relativistic potential modelJul 17 2013Jul 21 2014We study the bound states of heavy-light quark-antiquark system in the relativistic potential model, where the potential includes the long-distance confinement term, the short-distance Coulomb term and spin-dependent term. The spectrum of $B$, $B^*$, ... More
Transceiver Design for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks --- Towards SNR MaximizationApr 21 2015Sep 18 2015This paper investigates the transceiver design problem in a noisy-sensing noisy-transmission multi-input multi-output (MIMO) wireless sensor network. Consider a cluster-based network, where multiple sensors scattering across several clusters will first ... More
Infinitely many positive solutions for nonlinear fractional Schrödinger equationsFeb 09 2014We consider the following nonlinear fractional Schr\"{o}dinger equation $$ (-\Delta)^su+u=K(|x|)u^p,\ \ u>0 \ \ \hbox{in}\ \ R^N, $$ where $K(|x|)$ is a positive radial function, $N\ge 2$, $0<s<1$, $1<p<\frac{N+2s}{N-2s}$. Under some asymptotic assumptions ... More
Incentive Mechanisms for Motivating Mobile Data Offloading in Heterogeneous Networks: A Salary-Plus-Bonus ApproachFeb 08 2018In this paper, a salary-plus-bonus incentive mechanism is proposed to motivate WiFi Access Points (APs) to provide data offloading service for mobile network operators (MNOs). Under the proposed salary-plus-bonus scheme, WiFi APs are rewarded not only ... More
Oscillation and variation for semigroups associated with Bessel operatorsMay 04 2016Let $\lambda>0$ and $\triangle_\lambda:=-\frac{d^2}{dx^2}-\frac{2\lambda}{x} \frac d{dx}$ be the Bessel operator on $\mathbb R_+:=(0,\infty)$. We show that the oscillation operator ${\mathcal O(P^{[\lambda]}_\ast)}$ and variation operator ${\mathcal V}_\rho(P^{[\lambda]}_\ast)$ ... More
Aharonov-Anandan phase in Lipkin-Meskov-Glick modelSep 02 2010Dec 25 2010In the system of several interacting spins, geometric phases have been researched intensively.However, the studies are mainly focused on the adiabatic case (Berry phase), so it is necessary for us to study the non-adiabatic counterpart (Aharonov and Anandan ... More
ND^(*) and NB^(*) interactions in a chiral quark modelAug 17 2015ND and ND^* interactions become a hot topic after the observation of new charmed hadrons \Sigma_c(2800) and \Lambda_c(2940)^+. In this letter, we have preliminary investigated S-wave ND and ND^* interactions with possible quantum numbers in the chiral ... More
Broadcasting with an Energy Harvesting Rechargeable TransmitterOct 14 2010In this paper, we investigate the transmission completion time minimization problem in a two-user additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) broadcast channel, where the transmitter is able to harvest energy from the nature, using a rechargeable battery. The ... More
Theoretical Modeling of Tribochemical Reaction on Pt and Au Contacts: Mechanical Load and CatalysisNov 10 2015Nov 11 2015Micro-electro-mechanical system and nano-electro-mechanical system (MEMS and NEMS) transistors are considered promising for size-reducing and power-maximizing electronic devices. However, the tribopolymer which forms due to the mechanical load to the ... More
Heavy-Light Mesons In A Relativistic ModelJul 30 2015May 09 2016We study the heavy-light mesons in a relativistic model, which is derived from the instantaneous Bethe-Salpeter equation by applying the Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation on the heavy quark. The kernel we choose is based on scalar confining and vector Coulomb ... More
Kinematics of the swimming of SpiroplasmaJun 29 2009\emph{Spiroplasma} swimming is studied with a simple model based on resistive-force theory. Specifically, we consider a bacterium shaped in the form of a helix that propagates traveling-wave distortions which flip the handedness of the helical cell body. ... More
Spectrum of Higher excitations of $B$ and $D$ mesons in the relativistic potential modelJan 18 2015We study the masses and wave functions of heavy-light quark-antiquark system in the relativistic potential model, where we focus on the higher excited states of $B$ and $D$ mesons. The resonances of $D_J(2740)$, $D_J^*(2760)$, $D_J^*(3000)$ and $D_{sJ}^*(2860)$ ... More
Weight Distribution of a Class of Cyclic Codes with Arbitrary Number of ZerosJan 11 2013Cyclic codes have been widely used in digital communication systems and consume electronics as they have efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. The weight distribution of cyclic codes has been an important topic of study for many years. It is in ... More
Nighttime Haze Removal with Illumination CorrectionJun 05 2016Haze removal is important for computational photography and computer vision applications. However, most of the existing methods for dehazing are designed for daytime images, and cannot always work well in the nighttime. Different from the imaging conditions ... More
Weight Distributions of a Class of Cyclic Codes with Arbitrary Number of Zeros IIMay 24 2014Cyclic codes are an important class of linear codes, whose weight distribution have been extensively studied. So far, most of previous results obtained were for cyclic codes with no more than three zeros. Recently, \cite{Y-X-D12} constructed a class of ... More
Comments on 'Maximally permissive supervisor synthesis based on a new constraint transformation method'Jun 25 2014Luo et al. proposed a new method to design the maximally permissive and efficient supervisor for enforcing linear constraints on an ordinary Petri net with uncontrollable transitions. In order to develop this method, Theorem 3 is given. It is claimed ... More
Optimal Backpressure Scheduling in Wireless Networks using Mutual Information AccumulationSep 12 2011Jul 14 2012In this paper we develop scheduling policies that maximize the stability region of a wireless network under the assumption that mutual information accumulation is implemented at the physical layer. When the link quality between nodes is not sufficiently ... More
Relation between three-qubit entanglement invariants and two-qubit concurrenceJul 20 2007In this Brief Report we show the relation between three-qubit entanglement invariants and two-qubit concurrence with the help of projective measurements. How to use these invariants to represent the entanglement property of three-qubit pure states is ... More
Berry's phase for coherent states of Landau levelsJun 14 2007The Berry phases for coherent states and squeezed coherent states of Landau levels are calculated. Coherent states of Landau levels are interpreted as a result of a magnetic flux moved adiabatically from infinity to a finite place on the plane. The Abelian ... More
Quantum parameter estimation with the Landau-Zener transitionDec 07 2016We investigate the fundamental limits in precision allowed by quantum mechanics from Landau-Zener transitions, concerning Hamiltonian parameters. While the Landau-Zener transition probabilities depend sensitively on the system parameters, much more precision ... More
Revisiting Optimal Power Control: its Dual Effect on SNR and ContentionSep 15 2013In this paper we study a transmission power tune problem with densely deployed 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). While previous papers emphasize on tuning transmission power with either PHY or MAC layer separately, optimally setting each Access ... More
Efficient Image Transmission Through Analog Error CorrectionMay 09 2011Aug 03 2011This paper presents a new paradigm for image transmission through analog error correction codes. Conventional schemes rely on digitizing images through quantization (which inevitably causes significant bandwidth expansion) and transmitting binary bit-streams ... More
Cooperative Packet Routing using Mutual Information AccumulationAug 15 2011We consider the resource allocation problem in cooperative wireless networks wherein nodes perform mutual information accumulation. We consider a unicast setting and arbitrary arrival processes at the source node. Source arrivals can be broken down into ... More
Local unitary equivalence of quantum states and simultaneous orthogonal equivalenceMay 01 2016The correspondence between local unitary equivalence of bipartite quantum states and simultaneous orthogonal equivalence is thoroughly investigated and strengthened. It is proved that local unitary equivalence can be studied through simultaneous similarity ... More
Oscillation and variation for Riesz transform associated with Bessel operatorsMay 04 2016Let $\lambda>0$ and $\triangle_\lambda:=-\frac{d^2}{dx^2}-\frac{2\lambda}{x} \frac d{dx}$ be the Bessel operator on $\mathbb R_+:=(0,\infty)$. We show that the oscillation operator $\mathcal{O}(R_{\Delta_{\lambda},\ast})$ and variation operator $\mathcal{V}_{\rho}(R_{\Delta_{\lambda},\ast})$ ... More
Delivery of Liquid Metal to the Target Vessels as Vascular Embolic Agent to Starve Diseased Tissues or Tumors to DeathAug 04 2014Tumor growth relies heavily on the continuous blood and nutrients supply. Theoretically, it is an ideal therapeutic way of killing tumor by only vascular embolization. However, most of the existing vascular embolic agents are still rather insufficient ... More
Variable frequency photonic crystalsAug 18 2015In this paper, we have firstly proposed a new one-dimensional variable frequency photonic crystals (VFPCs), and calculated the transmissivity and the electronic field distribution of VFPCs with and without defect layer, and considered the effect of defect ... More
A new earthquake location method based on the waveform inversionOct 23 2016In this paper, a new earthquake location method based on the waveform inversion is proposed. As is known to all, the waveform misfit function is very sensitive to the phase shift between the synthetic waveform signal and the real waveform signal. Thus, ... More
Transmission with Energy Harvesting Nodes in Fading Wireless Channels: Optimal PoliciesJun 08 2011Wireless systems comprised of rechargeable nodes have a significantly prolonged lifetime and are sustainable. A distinct characteristic of these systems is the fact that the nodes can harvest energy throughout the duration in which communication takes ... More
Form Factors and semileptonic decay of $D_s^+\to φ\bar{\ell}ν$ from QCD sum ruleAug 26 2003Sep 01 2004We calculate $D_s^+\to \phi$ transition form factors $V$, $A_0$, $A_1$ and $A_2$, and study semileptonic decay of $D_s^+\to \phi \bar{\ell}\nu$ based on QCD sum rule method. We compare our results of the ratios of $V(0)/A_1(0)$, $A_2(0)/A_1(0)$, $\Gamma_L/\Gamma_T$, ... More
D-->PV decays with final state interactionsJun 18 2002We employ one-particle-exchange method to study D-->PV decays in D-->K \rho, \pi K*, \pi \rho processes. Taking into account a strong phase and considering nonfactorizable effect, we can get good results consistent with the experimental data. Nonfactorizable ... More
Joint Transceiver Design for Wireless Sensor Networks through Block Coordinate Descent OptimizationSep 24 2014Jun 18 2015This paper considers the joint transceiver design in a wireless sensor network where multiple sensors observe the same physical event and transmit their contaminated observations to a fusion center, with all nodes equipped with multiple antennae and linear ... More
An Efficient Topology-Based Algorithm for Transient Analysis of Power GridSep 25 2014Jul 08 2015In the design flow of integrated circuits, chip-level verification is an important step that sanity checks the performance is as expected. Power grid verification is one of the most expensive and time-consuming steps of chip-level verification, due to ... More
Study on the injection optimization and transverse coupling for CSNS/RCSOct 17 2012The injection system of the China Spallation Neutron Source uses H- stripping and phase space painting method to fill large ring acceptance with the linac beam of small emittance. The emittance evolution, beam losses, and collimation efficiency during ... More
Topological Structure of Urban Street Networks from the Perspective of Degree CorrelationsAug 07 2013Many complex networks demonstrate a phenomenon of striking degree correlations, i.e., a node tends to link to other nodes with similar (or dissimilar) degrees. From the perspective of degree correlations, this paper attempts to characterize topological ... More
Reproducible Ultrahigh Electromagnetic SERS Enhancement in Nanosphere-Plane JunctionsDec 11 2015Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) in nanoscale hotspots has been placed great hopes upon for identification of minimum chemical traces and in-situ investigation of single molecule structures and dynamics. However, previous work consists of either ... More
Optimal path of diffusion over the saddle point and fusion of massive nucleiJan 26 2008Diffusion of a particle passing over the saddle point of a two-dimensional quadratic potential is studied via a set of coupled Langevin equations and the expression for the passing probability is obtained exactly. The passing probability is found to be ... More
Pion Transverse Momentum Spectrum, Elliptic Flow and Interferometry in the Granular Source Model in Ultra-Relativistic Heavy Ion CollisionsJan 15 2015We systematically investigate the pion transverse momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) interferometry in the granular source model of quark-gluon plasma droplets in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions. The granular source ... More
On Identity Tests for High Dimensional Data Using RMTMar 15 2012Apr 11 2013In this work, we redefined two important statistics, the CLRT test (Bai, Ann. Stat. 37 (2009) 3822-3840) and the LW test (Ledoit and Wolf, Ann. Stat. 30 (2002) 1081-1102) on identity tests for high dimensional data using random matrix theories. ... More
Adaptive Compressive Tracking via Online Vector Boosting Feature SelectionApr 21 2015Apr 22 2015Recently, the compressive tracking (CT) method has attracted much attention due to its high efficiency, but it cannot well deal with the large scale target appearance variations due to its data-independent random projection matrix that results in less ... More
Non-Asymptotic Achievable Rates for Energy-Harvesting Channels using Save-and-TransmitJul 09 2015Apr 26 2016This paper investigates the information-theoretic limits of energy-harvesting (EH) channels in the finite blocklength regime. The EH process is characterized by a sequence of i.i.d. random variables with finite variances. We use the save-and-transmit ... More
Non-local dynamics of Bell states in separate cavitiesNov 13 2007We present non-local dynamics of Bell states in separate cavities. It is demonstrated that (i) the entanglement damping speed will saturate when the cavity leakage rate $\gamma\geq 0.4$; (ii) the synchronism relationship between the fidelity and the concurrence ... More
Low-complexity video encoder for smart eyes based on underdetermined blind signal separationMay 23 2014This paper presents a low complexity video coding method based on Underdetermined Blind Signal Separation (UBSS). The detailed coding framework is designed. Three key techniques are proposed to enhance the compression ratio and the quality of the decoded ... More
Fully Automatic Liquid Metal Printer towards Personal Electronics ManufactureNov 22 2013Printed electronics is quickly emerging with tremendous value in a wide variety of latest electrical engineering areas. However, restricted to the rather limited conductive inks and printing strategies, the currently existing electronics manufacturing ... More
Energy Cooperation in Energy Harvesting CommunicationsMar 11 2013In energy harvesting communications, users transmit messages using energy harvested from nature during the course of communication. With an optimum transmit policy, the performance of the system depends only on the energy arrival profiles. In this paper, ... More
Pion transverse-momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss interferometry in a viscous granular source modelAug 17 2016We examine the evolution of quark-gluon plasma (QGP) droplets with viscous hydrodynamics and analyze pion transverse-momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) interferometry in a granular source model consisting of the viscous QGP ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Groups of $E_6$, $E_7$, $F_4$, $G_2$Apr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_6$, $E_7$, $F_4$, $G_2$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ VApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
Liquid Metal Angiography for Mega Contrast X-ray Visualization of Vascular NetworkNov 26 2013Visualizing the anatomical vessel networks plays a vital role in physiological or pathological investigations. However, identifying the fine structures of the smallest capillary vessels via conventional imaging ways remains a big challenge. Here, the ... More
Age-Minimal Online Policies for Energy Harvesting Sensors with Incremental Battery RechargesFeb 06 2018A sensor node that is sending measurement updates regarding some physical phenomenon to a destination is considered. The sensor relies on energy harvested from nature to transmit its updates, and is equipped with a finite $B$-sized battery to save its ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IIApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IVApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
Performance Analysis and Location Optimization for Massive MIMO Systems with Circularly Distributed AntennasAug 07 2014In this paper, we analyze the achievable rate of the uplink of a single-cell multi-user distributed massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system. The multiple users are equipped with single antenna and the base station (BS) is equipped with a ... More
Massless Dirac Fermions in a Square Optical LatticeFeb 27 2009We propose a novel scheme to simulate and observe massless Dirac fermions with cold atoms in a square optical lattice. A U(1) adiabatic phase is created by two laser beams for the tunneling of atoms between neighbor lattice sites. Properly adjusting the ... More
Controllable dynamics of two separate qubits in Bell statesMay 23 2007Oct 09 2007The dynamics of entanglement and fidelity for a subsystem of two separate spin-1/2 qubits prepared in Bell states is investigated. One of the subsystem qubit labelled $A$ is under the influence of a Heisenberg XY spin-bath, while another one labelled ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IIIApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
Dissipative dynamics of few-photons superposition states: A dynamical invariantOct 16 2011By numerically calculating the time-evolved Wigner functions, we investigate the dynamics of a few-photon superposed (e.g., up to two ones) state in a dissipating cavity. It is shown that, the negativity of the Wigner function of the photonic state unquestionably ... More
Pion transverse momentum spectrum, elliptic flow and interferometry in the granular source model for RHIC and LHC heavy ion collisionsAug 14 2013Aug 16 2014We systematically investigate the pion transverse momentum spectrum, elliptic flow, and Hanbury-Brown-Twiss (HBT) interferometry in the granular source model for the heavy ion collisions of Au-Au at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ 200 GeV and Pb-Pb at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=$ ... More
A new quasi-exactly solvable problem and its connection with an anharmonic oscillatorMay 17 2010Nov 30 2010The two-dimensional hydrogen with a linear potential in a magnetic field is solved by two different methods. Furthermore the connection between the model and an anharmonic oscillator had been investigated by methods of KS transformation.
High order maximum principle preserving finite volume method for convection dominated problemsApr 15 2014In this paper, we investigate the application of the maximum principle preserving (MPP) parametrized flux limiters to the high order finite volume scheme with Runge-Kutta time discretization for solving convection dominated problems. Such flux limiter ... More
Strong gravitational lensing for the photons coupled to Weyl tensor in a Kerr black hole spacetimeNov 27 2016We present firstly equation of motion for the photon coupled to Weyl tensor in a Kerr black hole spacetime and then study further the corresponding strong gravitational lensing. We find that black hole rotation makes propagation of the coupled photons ... More
Mechanical behavior of composite double wall nanotubes from carbon and phosphorousJul 16 2016Black phosphorus is not stable when it is exposed to air. When covered or terminated by single layer carbon atoms, such as graphene carbon nanotube, it is more strongly protected in the rapid degradation than the bare black phosphorus. Moreover, due to ... More
Plasmonic Crystal Cavity on Single-Mode Optical Fiber End Facet for Label-Free BiosensingDec 07 2015All surface plasmon resonance (SPR) devices on single-mode optical fibers' (SMF) end facets, as reported up to date, are limited by severely broad and shallow resonance spectra. The consequent poor performance when they are used as refractive index sensors, ... More
Anisotropic defect-induced ferromagnetism and transport in Gd-doped GaN two-dimensional electron gassesFeb 11 2015Nov 21 2015Here we report on the effect of rare earth Gd-doping on the magnetic properties and magnetotransport of GaN two-dimensional electron gasses (2DEGs). Samples are grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy and consist of AlN/GaN heterostructures where ... More
Holographic Λ(t)CDM model in a non-flat universeMay 14 2012Jul 18 2012The holographic $\Lambda(t)$CDM model in a non-flat universe is studied in this paper. In this model, to keep the form of the stress-energy of the vacuum required by general covariance, the holographic vacuum is enforced to exchange energy with dark matter. ... More
Quantum Zeno and Zeno-like effects in nitrogen vacancy centersAug 19 2015Nov 06 2015We present a proposal to realize the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum Zeno-like effect (QZLE) in a proximal $\mathrm{^{13}C}$ nuclear spin by controlling a proximal electron spin of a nitrogen vacancy (NV) center. The measurement is performed by ... More
The M-giant star candidates identified in the LAMOST data release 1May 29 2015We perform a discrimination procedure with the spectral index diagram of TiO5 and CaH2+CaH3 to separate M giants from M dwarfs. Using the M giant spectra identified from the LAMOST DR1 with high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), we have successfully assembled ... More
Transmission Character of General Function Photonic CrystalsMay 06 2012Dec 01 2012In the paper, we present a new general function photonic crystals (GFPCs), which refractive index of medium is a arbitrary function of space position. Unlike conventional photonic crystals (PCs), which structure grow from two mediums $A$ and $B$, with ... More
Band Gap of Strained Graphene NanoribbonsDec 14 2009Jan 20 2010The band structures of strained graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) are examined by a tight binding Hamiltonian that is directly related to the type and strength of strains. Compared to the two-dimensional graphene whose band gap remains close to zero even if ... More
Geometric phase for nonlinear coherent and squeezed stateNov 02 2010Mar 10 2011The geometric phases for standard coherent states which are widely used in quantum optics have attracted a large amount of attention. Nevertheless, few physicists consider about the counterparts of non-linear coherent states, which are useful in the description ... More
Consistency check of charged hadron multiplicities and fragmentation functions in SIDISNov 25 2015We derived the conditions on certain combinations of integrals of the fragmentation functions of pion using HERMES data of the sum for the charged pion multiplicities from semi-inclusive deep-inelastic scattering (SIDIS) off the deuteron target. In our ... More
Experimental observation of spatial jitters of a triple-pulse x-ray source based on the pinhole imaging techniqueDec 18 2015In high-energy flash radiography, scattered photons will degrade the acquiring image, which limits the resolving power of the interface and density of the dense object. The application of large anti-scatter grid is capable of remarkably decreasing scattered ... More
Study on the injection beam commissioning software for CSNS/RCSOct 16 2015The China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) accelerator uses H- stripping and phase space painting method of filling large ring acceptance with the linac beam of small emittance. The beam commissioning software system is the key part of CSNS accelerator. ... More
Two-particle interferometry for the sources undergoing first-order QCD phase transition in high energy heavy ion collisionsMay 16 2012Aug 27 2012We investigate the two-particle interferometry for the particle-emitting sources which undergo the first-order phase transition from the quark-gluon plasma with a finite baryon chemical potential to hadron resonance gas. The effects of source expansion, ... More
Mathew Effect in Artificial Stock MarketJun 16 2004In this article, we established a stock market model based on agents' investing mentality. The agents decide whether to purchase the shares at the probability, according to their anticipation of the market's behaviors. The expectation of the amount of ... More
Microscopic Description of Band Structure at Very Extended Shapes in the A ~ 110 Mass RegionDec 14 2001Jan 14 2002Recent experiments have confirmed the existence of rotational bands in the A \~ 110 mass region with very extended shapes lying between super- and hyper-deformation. Using the projected shell model, we make a first attempt to describe quantitatively such ... More
A Descriptive Model of Robot Team and the Dynamic Evolution of Robot Team CooperationJan 14 2006At present, the research on robot team cooperation is still in qualitative analysis phase and lacks the description model that can quantitatively describe the dynamical evolution of team cooperative relationships with constantly changeable task demand ... More
The Extended Bose Hubbard Model on the Two Dimensional Honeycomb LatticeJan 06 2007Mar 29 2007We study the extended Bose-Hubbard model on a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice by using large scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations. We present the ground state phase diagrams for both the hard-core case and the soft-core case. For the hard-core case, ... More
The effects of injection beam parameters and foil scattering for CSNS/RCSAug 23 2012The China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS) uses H- stripping and phase space painting method to fill large ring acceptance with the linac beam of small emittance. The dependence of the painting beam on the injection beam parameters was studied for the ... More
A Bayesian Method for the ExtinctionJun 19 2014We propose a Bayesian method to measure the total Galactic extinction parameters, $R_V$ and $A_V$. Validation tests based on the simulated data indicate that the method can achieve the accuracy of around 0.01\,mag. We apply this method to the SDSS BHB ... More
Exploring the total Galactic extinction with SDSS BHB starsOct 10 2013Jan 05 2014Aims: We used 12,530 photometrically-selected blue horizontal branch (BHB) stars from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) to estimate the total extinction of the Milky Way at the high Galactic latitudes, $R_V$ and $A_V$ in each line of sight. Methods: ... More
Demonstrating Additional Law of Relativistic Velocities based on Squeezed LightJun 01 2011Feb 17 2012Special relativity is foundation of many branches of modern physics, of which theoretical results are far beyond our daily experience and hard to realized in kinematic experiments. However, its outcomes could be demonstrated by making use of convenient ... More
Tunable Valley Polarization and Valley Orbital Magnetic Moment Hall Effect in Honeycomb Systems with Broken Inversion SymmetryAug 04 2014Nov 25 2014In this Letter, a tunable valley polarization is investigated for honeycomb systems with broken inversion symmetry such as transition-metal dichalcogenide MX2 (M = Mo, W; X = S, Se) monolayers through elliptical pumping. As compared to circular pumping, ... More
A dislocation-based explanation of quasi-elastic release in shock-loaded aluminumSep 27 2016A novel explanation of the quasielastic release phenomenon in shock compressed aluminum is presented. A dislocation-based model, taking into account dislocation substructures and evolution, is applied to simulate the elastic plastic response of both single ... More
Study on the transverse painting during the injection process for CSNS/RCSOct 16 2015For the China Spallation Neutron Source (CSNS), a combination of the H- stripping and phase space painting method is used to accumulate a high intensity beam in the Rapid Cycling Synchrotron (RCS). In this paper, firstly, the injection processes with ... More