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Age of Information Minimization for an Energy Harvesting Source with Updating Erasures: With and Without FeedbackAug 13 2018May 10 2019Consider an energy harvesting (EH) sensor that continuously monitors a system and sends time-stamped status update to a destination. The sensor harvests energy from nature and uses it to power its updating operations. The destination keeps track of the ... More
Quickest Change Detection with Mismatched Post-Change ModelsJan 26 2016In this paper, we study the quickest change detection with mismatched post-change models. A change point is the time instant at which the distribution of a random process changes. The objective of quickest change detection is to minimize the detection ... More
Complete Solving for Explicit Evaluation of Gauss Sums in the Index 2 CaseNov 29 2009Sep 28 2010Let $p$ be a prime number, $q=p^f$ for some positive integer $f$, $N$ be a positive integer such that $\gcd(N,p)=1$, and let $\k$ be a primitive multiplicative character of order $N$ over finite field $\fq$. This paper studies the problem of explicit ... More
Multiplicities of Character Values of Binary Sidel'nikov-Lempel-Cohn-Eastman SequencesFeb 20 2017Binary Sidel'nikov-Lempel-Cohn-Eastman sequences (or SLCE sequences) over F 2 have even period and almost perfect autocorrelation. However, the evaluation of the linear complexity of these sequences is really difficult. In this paper, we continue the ... More
Positive or sign-changing solutions for a critical semilinear nonlocal equationNov 21 2015We consider the following critical semilinear nonlocal equation involving the fractional Laplacian $$ (-\Delta)^su=K(|x|)|u|^{2^*_s-2}u,\ \ \hbox{in}\ \ \mathbb{R}^N, $$ where $K(|x|)$ is a positive radial function, $N>2+2s$, $0<s<1$, and $2^*_s=\frac{2N}{N-2s}$. ... More
Hamming Weights in Irreducible Cyclic CodesAug 19 2011Irreducible cyclic codes are an interesting type of codes and have applications in space communications. They have been studied for decades and a lot of progress has been made. The objectives of this paper are to survey and extend earlier results on the ... More
Hydrodynamical response of plane correlation in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_\text{NN}}$=2.76 TeVJun 18 2019In high energy heavy-ion collisions, the final anisotropic flow coefficients and their corresponding event-plane correlations are considered as the medium evolutional response to the initial geometrical eccentricities and their corresponding participant-plane ... More
A note on the sign (unit root) ambiguities of Gauss sums in index 2 and 4 casesDec 08 2009Recently, the explicit evaluation of Gauss sums in the index 2 and 4 cases have been given in several papers (see [2,3,7,8]). In the course of evaluation, the sigh (or unit root) ambiguities are unavoidably occurred. This paper presents another method, ... More
The Obstacle Problem for Quasilinear Stochastic PDEs with Degenerate OperatorApr 23 2018We prove the existence and uniqueness of solution of quasilinear stochastic partial differential equations with obstacle (OSPDEs in short) in degenerate case. Using De Giorgi's iteration, we deduce the $L^p-$estimates for the time-space uniform norm of ... More
The Neumann Boundary Problem for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Nonlinear Divergence TermsApr 23 2018We prove the existence and uniqueness of weak solution of a Neumann boundary problem for an elliptic partial differential equation (PDE for short) with a singular divergence term which can only be understood in a weak sense. A probabilistic approach is ... More
Optimal Status Updating for an Energy Harvesting Sensor with a Noisy ChannelMar 05 2018Mar 08 2018Consider an energy harvesting sensor continuously monitors a system and sends time-stamped status update to a destination. The destination keeps track of the system status through the received updates. Under the energy causality constraint at the sensor, ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Parsimonious General-Purpose Embeddings for User and Location ModellingApr 11 2017Jan 22 2018Many social network applications depend on robust representations of spatio-temporal data. In this work, we present an embedding model based on feed-forward neural networks which transforms social media check-ins into dense feature vectors encoding geographic, ... More
The Second Discriminant of a Univariate PolynomialSep 03 2016We define the second discriminant $D_2$ of a univariate polynomial $f$ of degree greater than $2$ as the product of the linear forms $2\,r_k-r_i-r_j$ for all triples of roots $r_i, r_k, r_j$ of $f$ with $i<j$ and $j\neq k, k\neq i$. $D_2$ vanishes if ... More
Age-Optimal Transmission of Rateless Codes in an Erasure ChannelApr 30 2019In this paper, we examine a status updating system where updates generated by the source are sent to the monitor through an erasure channel. We assume each update consists of $k$ symbols and the symbol erasure in each time slot follows an independent ... More
Adaptive Coding for Information Freshness in a Two-user Broadcast Erasure ChannelMay 01 2019In this paper, we investigate the impact of coding on the Age of Information (AoI) in a two-user broadcast symbol erasure channel with feedback. We assume each update consists of $K$ symbols and the source is able to broadcast one symbol in each time ... More
Infinitely many sign-changing solutions for an elliptic problem with double critical Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya termsMar 05 2015In this paper, we investigate the following elliptic problem involving double critical Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya terms: $$ \left\{\begin{array}{ll} -\Delta u = \mu\frac{|u|^{2^*(t)-2}u}{|y|^t} + \frac{|u|^{2^*(s)-2}u}{|y|^s} + a(x) u, & {\rm in}\ \Omega,\\ ... More
Strong Decays of observed $Λ_c$ Baryons in the $^3P_0$ ModelFeb 20 2019The strong decay widths and some important branching ratios of possible Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka(OZI)-allowed strong decay channels of $\Lambda_c(2595)^+$, $\Lambda_c(2625)^+$, $\Lambda_c(2765)^+$ ($\Sigma_c(2765)^+$), $\Lambda_c(2860)^+$, $\Lambda_c(2880)^+$ ... More
Identification of the newly observed $Σ_b(6097)^\pm$ baryons from their strong decaysOct 16 2018Two bottom $\Sigma_b(6097)^\pm$ baryons were observed in the final states $\Lambda_b^0\pi^-$ and $\Lambda_b^0\pi^+$ in $pp$ collision by LHCb collaboration, whose masses and widths were measured. In a $^{3}P_{0}$ model, the strong decay widths of two ... More
On the small-$x$ behavior of the orbital angular momentum distributions in QCDFeb 08 2018Apr 06 2018We present the numerical solution of the leading order QCD evolution equation for the orbital angular momentum distributions of quarks and gluons and discuss its implications for the nucleon spin sum rule. We observe that at small-$x$, the gluon helicity ... More
New dynamic and verifiable multi-secret sharing schemes based on LFSR public key cryptosystemJun 11 2019A verifiable multi-secret sharing (VMSS) scheme enables the dealer to share multiple secrets, and the deception of both participants and the dealer can be detected. After analyzing the security of VMSS schemes proposed by Mashhadi and Dehkordi in 2015, ... More
Oblique parameters in gauged baryon and lepton numbers with a 125GeV HiggsFeb 20 2014In an extension of the standard model where baryon number and lepton number are local gauge symmetries, we analyze the effect of corrections from exotic fermions and scalars on the oblique parameters $S,\;T,\;U$. Because a light neutral Higgs $h_0$ with ... More
The auxiliary function method for waveform based earthquake locationJun 17 2017This paper introduces the auxiliary function method (AFM), a novel, fast and simple approach for waveform based earthquake location. From any initial hypocenter and origin time, we can construct the auxiliary function, whose zero set contains the real ... More
Revisiting Optimal Power Control: its Dual Effect on SNR and ContentionSep 15 2013In this paper we study a transmission power tune problem with densely deployed 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs). While previous papers emphasize on tuning transmission power with either PHY or MAC layer separately, optimally setting each Access ... More
Relation between three-qubit entanglement invariants and two-qubit concurrenceJul 20 2007In this Brief Report we show the relation between three-qubit entanglement invariants and two-qubit concurrence with the help of projective measurements. How to use these invariants to represent the entanglement property of three-qubit pure states is ... More
Berry's phase for coherent states of Landau levelsJun 14 2007The Berry phases for coherent states and squeezed coherent states of Landau levels are calculated. Coherent states of Landau levels are interpreted as a result of a magnetic flux moved adiabatically from infinity to a finite place on the plane. The Abelian ... More
Stepwise quantum phonon pumping in plasmon-enhanced Raman scatteringJan 13 2016May 30 2017Plasmon-enhanced Raman scattering (PERS) becomes nonlinear when phonon pumping and phonon-stimulated scattering come into play. It is fundamental to the understanding of PERS and its photobleaching behavior. By quantization of the molecular vibration ... More
Quantum parameter estimation with the Landau-Zener transitionDec 07 2016We investigate the fundamental limits in precision allowed by quantum mechanics from Landau-Zener transitions, concerning Hamiltonian parameters. While the Landau-Zener transition probabilities depend sensitively on the system parameters, much more precision ... More
MIMO Beamforming Design towards Maximizing Mutual Information in Wireless Sensor NetworkDec 10 2014Nov 11 2015This paper considers joint beamformer design towards maximizing the mutual information in a coherent wireless sensor network with noisy observation and multiple antennae. Leveraging the weighted minimum mean square error and block coordinate ascent (BCA) ... More
Electrically Induced Photonic and Acoustic Quantum Effect From Liquid Metal Droplets in Aqueous SolutionMay 08 2018So far, several macroscopic quantum phenomena have been discovered in the Josephson junction. Through introducing such a structure with a liquid membrane sandwiched between two liquid metal electrodes, we had ever observed a lighting and sound phenomenon ... More
Two asymptotic expansions for gamma function developed by Windschitl's formulaDec 21 2017In this paper, we develop Windschitl's approximation formula for the gamma function to two asymptotic expansions by using a little known power series. In particular, for $n\in \mathbb{N}$ with $n\geq 4$, we have \begin{equation*} \Gamma \left( x+1\right) ... More
Gluon fragmentation functions in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio modelJun 14 2016Jul 19 2016We derive gluon fragmentation functions in the Nambu-Jona-Lasinio (NJL) model by treating a gluon as a pair of color lines formed by fictitious quark and anti-quark ($q\bar q$). Gluon elementary fragmentation functions are obtained from the quark and ... More
Parabose Squeezed Operator and Its ApplicationsDec 03 2002By virtue of the parabose squeezed operator, propagator of a parabose parametric amplifier, explicit form of parabose squeezed number states and normalization factors of excitation states on a parabose squeezed vacuum atate are calculated in this letter, ... More
Graded Lie Algebra Generating of Parastatistical Algebraic StructureDec 03 2002A new kind of graded Lie algebra (we call it $Z_{2,2}$ graded Lie algebra) is introduced as a framework for formulating parasupersymmetric theories. By choosing suitable bose subspace of the $Z_{2,2}$ graded Lie algebra and using relevant generalized ... More
Analysis of Performance of Linear Analog CodesNov 17 2015Nov 18 2015In this paper we carefully study the MSE performance of the linear analog codes. We have derived a lower bound of the MSE performance under Likelihood(ML) and Linear Minimal Mean Square Error(LMMSE) decoding criteria respectively. It is proved in this ... More
Transceiver Design for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks --- Towards SNR MaximizationApr 21 2015Sep 18 2015This paper investigates the transceiver design problem in a noisy-sensing noisy-transmission multi-input multi-output (MIMO) wireless sensor network. Consider a cluster-based network, where multiple sensors scattering across several clusters will first ... More
Spectrum of the charmed and b-flavored mesons in the relativistic potential modelJul 17 2013Jul 21 2014We study the bound states of heavy-light quark-antiquark system in the relativistic potential model, where the potential includes the long-distance confinement term, the short-distance Coulomb term and spin-dependent term. The spectrum of $B$, $B^*$, ... More
Weight Distributions of a Class of Cyclic Codes with Arbitrary Number of Zeros IIMay 24 2014Cyclic codes are an important class of linear codes, whose weight distribution have been extensively studied. So far, most of previous results obtained were for cyclic codes with no more than three zeros. Recently, \cite{Y-X-D12} constructed a class of ... More
Space Structure for the Simplest Parasupersymmetric SystemDec 02 2002Structure of the state-vector space for a system consisting of one mode parabose and one mode parafermi degree of freedom with the same parastatistics order $p$ is studied and a complete, orthonormal set of basis vectors in this space is constructed. ... More
A Survey on Natural Language Processing for Fake News DetectionNov 02 2018Fake news detection is a critical yet challenging problem in Natural Language Processing (NLP). The rapid rise of social networking platforms has not only yielded a vast increase in information accessibility but has also accelerated the spread of fake ... More
Holographic insulator/superconductor transition with exponential nonlinear electrodynamics probed by entanglement entropyMay 07 2018From the viewpoint of holography, we study the behaviors of the entanglement entropy in insulator/superconductor transition with exponential nonlinear electrodynamics (ENE). We find that the entanglement entropy is a good probe to the properties of the ... More
Runtime Analysis for Self-adaptive Mutation RatesNov 30 2018We propose and analyze a self-adaptive version of the $(1,\lambda)$ evolutionary algorithm in which the current mutation rate is part of the individual and thus also subject to mutation. A rigorous runtime analysis on the OneMax benchmark function reveals ... More
Riding on the Primary: A New Spectrum Sharing Paradigm for Wireless-Powered IoT DevicesJan 20 2018In this paper, a new spectrum sharing model referred to as riding on the primary (ROP) is proposed for wireless-powered IoT devices with ambient backscatter communication capabilities. The key idea of ROP is that the secondary transmitter harvests energy ... More
An improved distributed routing algorithm for Benes based optical NoCSep 04 2011Integrated optical interconnect is believed to be one of the main technologies to replace electrical wires. Optical Network-on-Chip (ONoC) has attracted more attentions nowadays. Benes topology is a good choice for ONoC for its rearrangeable non-blocking ... More
To Skip or to Switch? Minimizing Age of Information under Link Capacity ConstraintJun 22 2018Jul 02 2018Consider a scenario where a source continuously monitors an object and sends time-stamped status updates to a destination through a rate-limited link. In order to measure the "freshness" of the status information available at the destination, we adopt ... More
Effect of in-medium mass-shift on transverse-momentum spectrum and elliptic anisotropy of $φ$ mesonMar 07 2019May 09 2019We study the effect of in-medium mass-shift on transverse-momentum spectrum and elliptic anisotropy of $\phi$ meson. It is found that the mass-shift enhances the $\phi$ yields and suppresses the elliptic flow $v_2$ in large momentum region, and the effects ... More
To learn image super-resolution, use a GAN to learn how to do image degradation firstJul 30 2018This paper is on image and face super-resolution. The vast majority of prior work for this problem focus on how to increase the resolution of low-resolution images which are artificially generated by simple bilinear down-sampling (or in a few cases by ... More
Optimal Parameter Choices via Precise Black-Box AnalysisJul 09 2018Oct 17 2018It has been observed that some working principles of evolutionary algorithms, in particular, the influence of the parameters, cannot be understood from results on the asymptotic order of the runtime, but only from more precise results. In this work, we ... More
Squeezed back-to-back correlations of $K^+$$K^-$ in d+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV and Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=62.4$ GeVSep 10 2018Feb 24 2019We investigate the squeezed back-to-back correlations (BBC) of $K^+$$K^-$, caused by the mass modification of the particle in the dense medium formed in d+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=200$ GeV and Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}=62.4$ GeV. Considering ... More
How Much of Wireless Rate Can Smartphones Support in 5G Networks?Aug 17 2018Due to the higher wireless transmission rates in the fifth generation (5G) cellular networks, higher computation overhead is incurred in smartphones, which can cause the wireless transmission rates to be limited by the computation capability of wireless ... More
Nighttime Haze Removal with Illumination CorrectionJun 05 2016Haze removal is important for computational photography and computer vision applications. However, most of the existing methods for dehazing are designed for daytime images, and cannot always work well in the nighttime. Different from the imaging conditions ... More
Theory of Vacancy-Induced Intrinsic Magnetic Impurity with Quasi-Localized Spin Moment in GrapheneFeb 17 2014In this paper, by considering the Hubbard model on a honeycomb lattice, we developed a theory for the intrinsic magnetic impurities (MIs) with the quasi-localized spin moments induced by the vacancies in graphene. Because the intrinsic MIs are characterized ... More
Double Yangians of classical types and their vertex representationsOct 15 2018Oct 18 2018The Yangian double $DY(g_N)$ is introduced for the classical types of $g_N=so_{2n+1}$, $sp_{2n}$, $so_{2n}$. Via Gauss decomposition of the generator matrix, the Yangian double is given the Drinfeld presentation. In addition, bosonization of level $1$ ... More
When Bifidelity Meets CoKriging: An Efficient Physics-Informed Multifidelity MethodDec 07 2018In this work, we propose a framework that combines the approximation-theory-based multifidelity method and Gaussian-process-regression-based multifidelity method to achieve data-model convergence when stochastic simulation models and sparse accurate observation ... More
Spectrum of Higher excitations of $B$ and $D$ mesons in the relativistic potential modelJan 18 2015We study the masses and wave functions of heavy-light quark-antiquark system in the relativistic potential model, where we focus on the higher excited states of $B$ and $D$ mesons. The resonances of $D_J(2740)$, $D_J^*(2760)$, $D_J^*(3000)$ and $D_{sJ}^*(2860)$ ... More
Heavy-Light Mesons In A Relativistic ModelJul 30 2015May 09 2016We study the heavy-light mesons in a relativistic model, which is derived from the instantaneous Bethe-Salpeter equation by applying the Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation on the heavy quark. The kernel we choose is based on scalar confining and vector Coulomb ... More
Double shadow of a regular phantom black hole as photons couple to Weyl tensorJun 15 2016Oct 16 2016We have studied the shadow of a regular phantom black hole as photons couple to Weyl tensor. We find that the coupling yields that photons with different polarization directions propagate along different paths in the spacetime so that there exits double ... More
The Obstacle Problem for Quasilinear Stochastic PDEs with Neumann boundary conditionApr 23 2018We prove the existence and uniqueness of solution of the obstacle problem for quasilinear stochastic partial differential equations (OSPDEs for short) with Neumann boundary condition. Our method is based on the analytical technics coming from parabolic ... More
Weight Distribution of a Class of Cyclic Codes with Arbitrary Number of ZerosJan 11 2013Cyclic codes have been widely used in digital communication systems and consume electronics as they have efficient encoding and decoding algorithms. The weight distribution of cyclic codes has been an important topic of study for many years. It is in ... More
Oscillation and variation for semigroups associated with Bessel operatorsMay 04 2016Let $\lambda>0$ and $\triangle_\lambda:=-\frac{d^2}{dx^2}-\frac{2\lambda}{x} \frac d{dx}$ be the Bessel operator on $\mathbb R_+:=(0,\infty)$. We show that the oscillation operator ${\mathcal O(P^{[\lambda]}_\ast)}$ and variation operator ${\mathcal V}_\rho(P^{[\lambda]}_\ast)$ ... More
Delivery of Liquid Metal to the Target Vessels as Vascular Embolic Agent to Starve Diseased Tissues or Tumors to DeathAug 04 2014Tumor growth relies heavily on the continuous blood and nutrients supply. Theoretically, it is an ideal therapeutic way of killing tumor by only vascular embolization. However, most of the existing vascular embolic agents are still rather insufficient ... More
Local unitary equivalence of quantum states and simultaneous orthogonal equivalenceMay 01 2016The correspondence between local unitary equivalence of bipartite quantum states and simultaneous orthogonal equivalence is thoroughly investigated and strengthened. It is proved that local unitary equivalence can be studied through simultaneous similarity ... More
Optimal Status Update for Age of Information Minimization with an Energy Harvesting SourceJun 19 2017Jun 05 2018In this paper, we consider a scenario where an energy harvesting sensor continuously monitors a system and sends time-stamped status updates to a destination. The destination keeps track of the system status through the received updates. We use the metric ... More
When to Preempt? Age of Information Minimization under Link Capacity ConstraintDec 11 2018May 10 2019In this paper, we consider a scenario where a source continuously monitors an object and sends time-stamped status updates to a destination through a rate-limited link. We assume updates arrive randomly at the source according to a Bernoulli process. ... More
Oscillation and variation for Riesz transform associated with Bessel operatorsMay 04 2016Let $\lambda>0$ and $\triangle_\lambda:=-\frac{d^2}{dx^2}-\frac{2\lambda}{x} \frac d{dx}$ be the Bessel operator on $\mathbb R_+:=(0,\infty)$. We show that the oscillation operator $\mathcal{O}(R_{\Delta_{\lambda},\ast})$ and variation operator $\mathcal{V}_{\rho}(R_{\Delta_{\lambda},\ast})$ ... More
Numerical Computations for Backward Doubly SDEs and SPDEsMay 30 2008Jun 05 2008In this paper we present two numerical schemes of approximating solutions of backward doubly stochastic differential equations (BDSDEs for short). We give a method to discretize a BDSDE. And we also give the proof of the convergence of these two kinds ... More
Metric Learning via Maximizing the Lipschitz Margin RatioFeb 09 2018In this paper, we propose the Lipschitz margin ratio and a new metric learning framework for classification through maximizing the ratio. This framework enables the integration of both the inter-class margin and the intra-class dispersion, as well as ... More
Energy Efficiency Challenges of 5G Small Cell NetworksFeb 12 2017The deployment of a large number of small cells poses new challenges to energy efficiency, which has often been ignored in fifth generation (5G) cellular networks. While massive multiple-input multiple outputs (MIMO) will reduce the transmission power ... More
Multi-modal Learning with Prior Visual Relation ReasoningDec 23 2018Visual relation reasoning is a central component in recent cross-modal analysis tasks, which aims at reasoning about the visual relationships between objects and their properties. These relationships convey rich semantics and help to enhance the visual ... More
Hierarchically Learned View-Invariant Representations for Cross-View Action RecognitionSep 03 2018Recognizing human actions from varied views is challenging due to huge appearance variations in different views. The key to this problem is to learn discriminant view-invariant representations generalizing well across views. In this paper, we address ... More
Using the Modified Nearest Neighbor Method to Correct Fiber-collision Effects on Galaxy ClusteringSep 30 2018Feb 17 2019Fiber collision is a persistent problem faced by modern spectroscopic galaxy surveys. In this work, we propose a new method to correct for this undesired effect, focusing on the clustering from the fiber-collision scale up to $\lesssim 10 \rm Mpc\,h^{-1}$. ... More
Fine-grained ECG Classification Based on Deep CNN and Online Decision FusionJan 19 2019Early recognition of abnormal rhythm in ECG signals is crucial for monitoring or diagnosing patients' cardiac conditions and increasing the success rate of the treatment. Classifying abnormal rhythms into fine-grained categories is very challenging due ... More
Spin determination from the in-plane angular correlation analysis for various coordinate systemsMay 17 2019In a reaction to excite the resonant state followed by the sequential cluster-decay, the in-plane angular correlation method is usually applied to determine the spin of the mother nucleus. However, the correlation pattern exhibited in a two-dimensional ... More
PT-Symmetric Phonon LaserMar 04 2014Aug 01 2014By exploiting recent developments associated with coupled microcavities, we introduce the concept of PT-symmetric phonon laser with balanced gain and loss. This is accomplished by introducing gain to one of the microcavities such that it balances the ... More
Berry phases for interacting spins in composite environmentsFeb 17 2012Due to the potential application in quantum information process, geometric phase of interacting system arouse many interests. Some physicists concentrate on the system in pure classical envi- ronment, while others study the system in pure quantized environment. ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IVApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IIApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
The character tables of centralizers in Weyl Group of $E_8$ IApr 12 2008Nov 18 2008To classify the finite dimensional pointed Hopf algebras with Weyl group $G$ of $E_8$, we obtain the representatives of conjugacy classes of $G$ and all character tables of centralizers of these representatives by means of software GAP. In this paper ... More
Propagation of an Airy-Gaussian beam in defected photonic latticesNov 15 2016We investigate numerically that a finite Airy-Gaussian (AiG) beam varies its trajectory and shape in the defected photonic lattices. The propagation properties and beam self-bending are controlled with modulation depth and period of the photonic lattices, ... More
Performance Analysis and Location Optimization for Massive MIMO Systems with Circularly Distributed AntennasAug 07 2014In this paper, we analyze the achievable rate of the uplink of a single-cell multi-user distributed massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system. The multiple users are equipped with single antenna and the base station (BS) is equipped with a ... More
Theoretical Constraints for Observation of Superdeformed Bands in the Mass-60 RegionJan 26 1999Jun 24 1999The lightest superdeformed nuclei of the mass-60 region are described using the Projected Shell Model. In contrast to the heaviest superdeformed nuclei where a coherent motion of nucleons often dominates the physics, it is found that alignment of $g_{9/2}$ ... More
Two-Dimensional Room Temperature Ferromagnetic Semiconductors with Quantum Anomalous Hall EffectApr 24 2019Jun 04 2019To obtain room temperature ferromagnetic semiconductors is one of big challenges in science, and also premises essentially to realize room temperature quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), both of which are quite expected for a long time. Here we report ... More
Controllable dynamics of two separate qubits in Bell statesMay 23 2007Oct 09 2007The dynamics of entanglement and fidelity for a subsystem of two separate spin-1/2 qubits prepared in Bell states is investigated. One of the subsystem qubit labelled $A$ is under the influence of a Heisenberg XY spin-bath, while another one labelled ... More
Online Timely Status Updates with Erasures for Energy Harvesting SensorsNov 12 2018An energy harvesting sensor that is sending status updates to a destination through an erasure channel is considered, in which transmissions are prone to being erased with some probability $q$, independently from other transmissions. The sensor, however, ... More
Inferring the perturbation time from biological time course dataFeb 04 2016Time course data are often used to study the changes to a biological process after perturbation. Statistical methods have been developed to determine whether such a perturbation induces changes over time, e.g. comparing a perturbed and unperturbed time ... More
Quantifying non-Markovianity for a chromophore-qubit pair in a super-Ohmic bathOct 19 2014An approach based on a non-Markovian time-convolutionless polaron master equation is used to probe the quantum dynamics of a chromophore-qubit in a super-Ohmic bath. Utilizing a measure of non-Markovianity based on dynamical fixed points, we study the ... More
Mass and Decay Constant of $I=1/2$ Scalar Meson In QCD Sum RuleSep 27 2004May 23 2005We calculate the mass and decay constant of $I=1/2$ scalar mesons composed of quark-antiquark pairs based on QCD sum rule. The quauk-antiquark pairs can be $s\bar{q}$ or $q\bar{s}$ ($q=u,d$) in quark model, the quantum numbers of spin and orbital angular ... More
Interleaved Training and Training-Based Transmission Design for Hybrid Massive Antenna DownlinkOct 18 2017Mar 11 2018In this paper, we study the beam-based training design jointly with the transmission design for hybrid massive antenna single-user (SU) and multiple-user (MU) systems where outage probability is adopted as the performance measure. For SU systems, we propose ... More
Energy Efficient Beamforming for Massive MIMO Public ChannelApr 18 2017Sep 22 2017For massive MIMO public channel with any sector size in either microwave or millimeter wave (mmwave) band, this paper studies the beamforming design to minimize the transmit power while guaranteeing the quality of service (QoS) for randomly deployed users. ... More
Performance Scaling Law for Multi-Cell Multi-User Massive MIMOMar 07 2017Jul 21 2017This work provides a comprehensive scaling law based performance analysis for multi-cell multi-user massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) downlink systems. Imperfect channel state information (CSI), pilot contamination, and channel spatial correlation ... More
Massless Dirac Fermions in a Square Optical LatticeFeb 27 2009We propose a novel scheme to simulate and observe massless Dirac fermions with cold atoms in a square optical lattice. A U(1) adiabatic phase is created by two laser beams for the tunneling of atoms between neighbor lattice sites. Properly adjusting the ... More
Fault-Tolerant Path-Embedding of Twisted Hypercube-Like Networks THLNsJun 12 2019The twisted hypercube-like networks($THLNs$) contain several important hypercube variants. This paper is concerned with the fault-tolerant path-embedding of $n$-dimensional($n$-$D$) $THLNs$. Let $G_n$ be an $n$-$D$ $THLN$ and $F$ be a subset of $V(G_n)\cup ... More
Adaptations of ROUGE and BLEU to Better Evaluate Machine Reading Comprehension TaskJun 10 2018Current evaluation metrics to question answering based machine reading comprehension (MRC) systems generally focus on the lexical overlap between the candidate and reference answers, such as ROUGE and BLEU. However, bias may appear when these metrics ... More
Minimal Logarithmic Signatures for Sporadic GroupsJul 05 2015As a special type of factorization of finite groups, logarithmic signature (LS) is used as the main component of cryptographic keys for secret key cryptosystems such as PGM and public key cryptosystems like MST1, MST2 and MST3. An LS with the shortest ... More
Study on the injection optimization and transverse coupling for CSNS/RCSOct 17 2012The injection system of the China Spallation Neutron Source uses H- stripping and phase space painting method to fill large ring acceptance with the linac beam of small emittance. The emittance evolution, beam losses, and collimation efficiency during ... More
MoS2 Heterostructure with Tunable Phase Stability: Strain Induced Interlayer Covalent Bond FormationMar 12 2017Due to the distinguished properties offered by different structural phases of monolayer MoS2, phase engineering design are urgently required for achieving switchable structural phase. Strain engineering is widely accepted as a clean and flexible method, ... More
Topological Structure of Urban Street Networks from the Perspective of Degree CorrelationsAug 07 2013Many complex networks demonstrate a phenomenon of striking degree correlations, i.e., a node tends to link to other nodes with similar (or dissimilar) degrees. From the perspective of degree correlations, this paper attempts to characterize topological ... More
A new earthquake location method based on the waveform inversionOct 23 2016In this paper, a new earthquake location method based on the waveform inversion is proposed. As is known to all, the waveform misfit function is very sensitive to the phase shift between the synthetic waveform signal and the real waveform signal. Thus, ... More
Strain-Induced Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Semiconductors with Large Anomalous Hall Conductivity in Two-Dimensional Cr2Ge2Se6Jan 27 2019Jul 16 2019By density functional theory calculations, we predict a stable two-dimensional (2D) ferromagnetic semiconductor Cr$_2$Ge$_2$Se$_6$, where the Curie temperature $T$$_c$ can be dramatically enhanced beyond room temperature by applying a few percent strain. ... More
Joint Transceiver Design for Wireless Sensor Networks through Block Coordinate Descent OptimizationSep 24 2014Jun 18 2015This paper considers the joint transceiver design in a wireless sensor network where multiple sensors observe the same physical event and transmit their contaminated observations to a fusion center, with all nodes equipped with multiple antennae and linear ... More
Neural Networks in Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO SystemsMar 21 2019Neural networks have been applied to the physical layer of wireless communication systems to solve complex problems. In millimeter wave (mmWave) massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, hybrid precoding has been considered as an energy-efficient ... More