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Complete Solving for Explicit Evaluation of Gauss Sums in the Index 2 CaseNov 29 2009Sep 28 2010Let $p$ be a prime number, $q=p^f$ for some positive integer $f$, $N$ be a positive integer such that $\gcd(N,p)=1$, and let $\k$ be a primitive multiplicative character of order $N$ over finite field $\fq$. This paper studies the problem of explicit ... More
A note on the sign (unit root) ambiguities of Gauss sums in index 2 and 4 casesDec 08 2009Recently, the explicit evaluation of Gauss sums in the index 2 and 4 cases have been given in several papers (see [2,3,7,8]). In the course of evaluation, the sigh (or unit root) ambiguities are unavoidably occurred. This paper presents another method, ... More
A Simple Channel Independent Beamforming Scheme with Circular ArrayApr 18 2018In this letter, we consider a uniform circular array (UCA) based line-of-sight (LOS) multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system, where the transmit and receive UCAs are aligned with each other. We propose a simple channel independent beamforming scheme ... More
MIDI-Sandwich2: RNN-based Hierarchical Multi-modal Fusion Generation VAE networks for multi-track symbolic music generationSep 08 2019Currently, almost all the multi-track music generation models use the Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to build the generative model, while the Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) based models can not be applied in this task. In view of the above problem, ... More
Cross-lingual Text-independent Speaker Verification using Unsupervised Adversarial Discriminative Domain AdaptationAug 05 2019Speaker verification systems often degrade significantly when there is a language mismatch between training and testing data. Being able to improve cross-lingual speaker verification system using unlabeled data can greatly increase the robustness of the ... More
Optimal Asynchronous Dynamic Policies in Energy-Efficient Data CentersJan 05 2019In this paper, we use a Markov decision process to find optimal asynchronous policy of an energy-efficient data center with two groups of heterogeneous servers, a finite buffer, and a fast setup process at sleep state. Servers in Group 1 always work. ... More
Multi-appearance Segmentation and Extended 0-1 Program for Dense Small Object TrackingDec 14 2017Aiming to address the fast multi-object tracking for dense small object in the cluster background, we review track orientated multi-hypothesis tracking(TOMHT) with consideration of batch optimization. Employing autocorrelation based motion score test ... More
Blockchain Queueing TheoryAug 06 2018Sep 30 2018Blockchain has many benefits including decentralization, availability, persistency, consistency, anonymity, auditability and accountability, and it also covers a wide spectrum of applications ranging from cryptocurrency, financial services, reputation ... More
Isoperimetric Bounds for Eigenvalues of the Wentzell-Laplace, the Laplacian and a biharmonic Steklov ProblemAug 31 2018In this paper, we prove some isoperimetric bounds for lower order eigenvalues of the Wentzell-Laplace on bounded domains of a Euclidean space or a Hardamard manifold, of the Laplacian on closed hypersurfaces of a Euclidean space or a Hardamard manifold ... More
Estimates for eigenvalues of the Neumann and Steklov problemsFeb 24 2019We prove Li-Yau-Kr\"oger type bounds on Neumann eigenvalues of the Poly-harmonic operator and on Steklov eigenvalues of the bi-harmonic operator on bounded domains in a Euclidean space. We also prove sharp estimates for lower order eigenvalues of a biharmonic ... More
Controllable transport of a skyrmion in a ferromagnetic narrow channel with voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropySep 12 2017Magnetic skyrmions have potential applications in next-generation spintronics devices with ultralow energy consumption. In this work, the current-driven skyrmion motion in a narrow ferromagnetic nanotrack with voltage-controlled magnetic anisotropy (VCMA) ... More
Motion of skyrmions in nanowires driven by magnonic momentum-transfer forcesJan 10 2017Jun 06 2017We study the motion of magnetic skyrmions in a nanowire induced by a spin-wave current $J$ flowing out of a driving layer close to the edge of the wire. By applying micromagnetic simulation and an analysis of the effective Thiele equation, we find that ... More
Multiferroicity and Magnetoelectric Coupling in TbMnO3 Thin FilmsDec 15 2015In this work, we report the growth and functional characterizations of multiferroic TbMnO3 thin films grown on Nb-doped SrTiO3 (001) substrates using pulsed laser deposition. By performing detailed magnetic and ferroelectric properties measurements, we ... More
On Isomorphisms of Vertex-transitive GraphsFeb 24 2016Mar 27 2016The isomorphism problem of Cayley graphs has been well studied in the literature, such as characterizations of CI (DCI)-graphs and CI (DCI)-groups. In this paper, we generalize these to vertex-transitive graphs and establish parallel results. Some interesting ... More
Skyrmion dynamics in a frustrated ferromagnetic film and current-induced helicity locking-unlocking transitionMar 22 2017Nov 23 2017The helicity-orbital coupling is an intriguing feature of magnetic skyrmions in frustrated magnets. Here, we explore the skyrmion dynamics in a frustrated magnet based on the $J_{1}$-$J_{2}$-$J_{3}$ classical Heisenberg model explicitly by including the ... More
Current-Driven Dynamics of Frustrated Skyrmions in a Synthetic Antiferromagnetic BilayerDec 03 2018Mar 27 2019We report the current-driven dynamics of frustrated skyrmions in an antiferromagnetically exchange coupled bilayer system, where the bilayer skyrmion consists of two monolayer skyrmions with opposite skyrmion numbers $Q$. We show that the in-plane current-driven ... More
Halo intrinsic alignment: dependence on mass, formation time and environmentJun 23 2017Sep 14 2017In this paper we use high-resolution cosmological simulations to study halo intrinsic alignment and its dependence on mass, formation time and large-scale environment. In agreement with previous studies using N-body simulations, it is found that massive ... More
An Overview for Markov Decision Processes in Queues and NetworksJul 24 2019Aug 23 2019Markov decision processes (MDPs) in queues and networks have been an interesting topic in many practical areas since the 1960s. This paper provides a detailed overview on this topic and tracks the evolution of many basic results. Also, this paper summarizes ... More
On a question of Babadi and TarokhJul 14 2013In a recent remarkable paper, Babadi and Tarokh proved the "randomness" of sequences arising from binary linear block codes in the sense of spectral distribution, provided that their dual distances are sufficiently large. However, numerical experiments ... More
Ultrafast observation of electron hybridization and in-gap states formation in Kondo insulator SmB6Feb 16 2015May 14 2015SmB6 is a promising candidate for topological Kondo insulator. In this letter, we report ultrafast carrier dynamics of SmB6. Two characteristic temperatures: T1=100 K and T2= 20 K are observed. T1 corresponds to the opening of the f-d hybridization gap ... More
Markov Processes in Blockchain SystemsApr 07 2019In this paper, we develop a more general framework of block-structured Markov processes in the queueing study of blockchain systems, which can provide analysis both for the stationary performance measures and for the sojourn times of any transaction and ... More
Control and manipulation of a magnetic skyrmionium in nanostructuresApr 20 2016Sep 03 2016A magnetic skyrmionium is a nontopological soliton, which has a doughnut-like out-of-plane spin texture in thin films, and can be phenomenologically viewed as a coalition of two topological magnetic skyrmions with opposite topological numbers. Due to ... More
Exploiting Color Name Space for Salient Object DetectionMar 27 2017In this paper, we will investigate the contribution of color names for salient object detection. Each input image is first converted to the color name space, which is consisted of 11 probabilistic channels. By exploring the topological structure relationship ... More
A Coherent Integration Method Based on Radon Non-uniform FRFT for Random Pulse Repetition Interval (RPRI) RadarNov 03 2015To solve the range cell migration (RCM) and spectrum spread during the integration time induced by the motion of a target, this paper proposes a new coherent integration method based on Radon non-uniform FRFT (NUFRFT) for random pulse repetition interval ... More
Squeezing enhanced atom-cavity interaction in coupled cavities with high dissipation ratesJul 25 2019The realization of the strong coupling regime is requisite for implementing quantum information tasks. Here, a method for enhancing the atom-field coupling in highly dissipative coupled cavities is proposed. By introducing parametric squeezing into the ... More
Robust Surface Hall Effect and Nonlocal Transport in SmB6: Indication for an Ideal Topological InsulatorNov 28 2012Jul 01 2013A topological insulator (TI) is an unusual quantum state in which the insulating bulk is topologically distinct from vacuum, resulting in a unique metallic surface that is robust against time-reversal invariant perturbations. These surface transport properties, ... More
Magnetic Skyrmion Transport in a Nanotrack With Spatially Varying Damping and Non-adiabatic TorqueJul 18 2016Dec 15 2016Reliable transport of magnetic skyrmions is required for any future skyrmion-based information processing devices. Here we present a micromagnetic study of the in-plane current-driven motion of a skyrmion in a ferromagnetic nanotrack with spatially sinusoidally ... More
Taming Distrust in the Decentralized Internet with PIXIUJan 18 2019Decentralized Internet is booming. People are fascinated by its promise that users can truly own their data. However, in a decentralized Internet, completing a task usually involves multiple nodes with mutual distrust. Such distrust might eventually become ... More
Radio-frequency spectroscopy of weakly bound molecules in spin-orbit coupled atomic Fermi gasesAug 29 2012We investigate theoretically radio-frequency spectroscopy of weakly bound molecules in an ultracold spin-orbit-coupled atomic Fermi gas. We consider two cases with either equal Rashba and Dresselhaus coupling or pure Rashba coupling. The former system ... More
Bidirectional Control of Absence Seizures by the Basal Ganglia: A Computational EvidenceJan 10 2014Absence epilepsy is believed to be associated with the abnormal interactions between the cerebral cortex and thalamus. Besides the direct coupling, anatomical evidence indicates that the cerebral cortex and thalamus also communicate indirectly through ... More
Radio-frequency spectroscopy of a strongly interacting spin-orbit coupled Fermi gasMar 09 2013We investigate experimentally and theoretically radio-frequency spectroscopy and pairing of a spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gas of $^{40}$K atoms near a Feshbach resonance at $B_{0}=202.2$ G. Experimentally, the integrated spectroscopy is measured, showing ... More
Spin torque nano-oscillators based on antiferromagnetic skyrmionsNov 07 2018Skyrmion-based spin torque nano-oscillators are potential next-generation microwave signal generators. However, ferromagnetic skyrmion-based spin torque nano-oscillators cannot reach high oscillation frequencies. In this work, we propose to use the circular ... More
Dynamics of the antiferromagnetic skyrmion induced by a magnetic anisotropy gradientAug 27 2018Oct 09 2018The dynamics of antiferromagnets is a current hot topic in condensed matter physics and spintronics. However, the dynamics of insulating antiferromagnets cannot be excited by an electric current, which is a method usually used to manipulate ferromagnetic ... More
Direct observation of magnon-phonon coupling in yttrium iron garnetSep 12 2017The magnetic insulator yttrium iron garnet (YIG) with a ferrimagnetic transition temperature of $\sim$560 K has been widely used in microwave and spintronic devices. Anomalous features in the spin Seeback effect (SSE) voltages have been observed in Pt/YIG ... More
Electronic transport and device prospects of monolayer molybdenum disulphide grown by chemical vapour depositionJan 20 2014Layered transition metal dichalcogenides display a wide range of attractive physical and chemical properties and are potentially important for various device applications. Here we report the electronic transport and device properties of monolayer molybdenum ... More
Evidence of Chiral Order in the Charge-Ordered Phase of Superconducting La1.875Ba0.125Cuo4 Single Crystals Using Polar Kerr-Effect MeasurementsAug 22 2013Feb 25 2014High resolution polar Kerr effect (PKE) measurements were performed on La1.875Ba0.125Cuo4 single crystals revealing that a finite Kerr signal is measured below an onset temperature-T_K that coincides with charge ordering transition temperature T_{CO}. ... More
Time-Reversal-Symmetry-Breaking Superconductivity in Epitaxial Bismuth/Nickel BilayersSep 27 2016Feb 23 2017Superconductivity that spontaneously breaks time-reversal symmetry (TRS) has been found, so far, only in a handful of 3D crystals with bulk inversion symmetry. Here we report an observation of spontaneous TRS breaking in a 2D superconducting system without ... More
Comment on "One-way deficit of two qubit X states"Sep 19 2015We improve the recent method of Wang et. al to calculate exactly the one-way information deficit of any X-state. Analytical formulas of the one-way information deficit are given for several nontrivial regions of the parameters.
On a question of Babadi and Tarokh IIAug 21 2013In this paper we continue to study a question proposed by Babadi and Tarokh \cite{ba2} on the mysterious randomness of Gold sequences. Upon improving their result, we establish the randomness of product of pseudorandom matrices formed from two linear ... More
Outcome-Driven Clustering of Acute Coronary Syndrome Patients using Multi-Task Neural Network with AttentionMar 01 2019Mar 27 2019Cluster analysis aims at separating patients into phenotypically heterogenous groups and defining therapeutically homogeneous patient subclasses. It is an important approach in data-driven disease classification and subtyping. Acute coronary syndrome ... More
Dynamics of magnetic skyrmion clusters driven by spin-polarized current with a spatially varied polarizationJan 26 2018Apr 06 2018Magnetic skyrmions are promising candidates for future information technology. Here, we present a micromagnetic study of isolated skyrmions and skyrmion clusters in ferromagnetic nanodisks driven by the spin-polarized current with spatially varied polarization. ... More
A Sodium laser guide star coupling efficiency measurement methodMay 20 2016Large telescope's adaptive optics (AO) system requires one or several bright artificial laser guide stars to improve its sky coverage. The recent advent of high power sodium laser is perfect for such application. However, besides the output power, other ... More
Weight Distributions of a Class of Cyclic Codes with Arbitrary Number of Zeros IIMay 24 2014Cyclic codes are an important class of linear codes, whose weight distribution have been extensively studied. So far, most of previous results obtained were for cyclic codes with no more than three zeros. Recently, \cite{Y-X-D12} constructed a class of ... More
A decade of skyrmionics: Writing, deleting, reading and processing magnetic skyrmions toward spintronic applicationsJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019The field of skyrmionics has been actively investigated across a wide range of topics during the last decade. In this topical review, we review and discuss key results and findings in skyrmionics since the first experimental observation of magnetic skyrmions ... More
Generation and Hall effect of skyrmions enabled via using nonmagnetic point contactsFeb 19 2019To enable functional skyrmion based spintronic devices, the controllable generation and manipulation of skyrmions is essential. While the generation of skyrmions by using a magnetic geometrical constriction has already been demonstrated, this approach ... More
Evaluation of new large area PMT with high quantum efficiencyApr 10 2015Jan 29 2016The neutrino detector of the Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) is designed to use 20 kilotons of liquid scintillator and approximately 16,000 20-inch photomultipliers (PMTs).One of the options is to use the 20-inch R12860 PMT with high ... More
A Mean Value Theorem for the Diophantine Equation $axy-x-y=n$Jul 30 2011Aug 14 2011In this paper, we prove an asymptotic formula for the average number of solutions to the Diophantine equation $axy-x-y=n$ in which $a$ is fixed and and $n$ varies.
Quantum superchemistry in an output coupler of coherent matter wavesNov 08 2006We investigate the quantum superchemistry or Bose-enhanced atom-molecule conversions in a coherent output coupler of matter waves, as a simple generalization of the two-color photo-association. The stimulated effects of molecular output step and atomic ... More
On an anisotropic Minkowski problemMar 06 2012In this paper, we study the anisotropic Minkowski problem. It is a problem of prescribing the anisotropic Gauss-Kronecker curvature for a closed strongly convex hypersurface in Euclidean space as a function on its anisotropic normals in relative or Minkowski ... More
Quasiprimitive groups containing a transitive alternating groupAug 31 2015This paper classifies quasiprimitive permutation groups with a transitive subgroup which is isomorphic to $\A_n$ for some $n\geqslant5$.
Hilbert scheme of twisted cubics as simple wall-crossingAug 16 2016We study the Hilbert scheme of twisted cubics in the three-dimensional projective space by using Bridgeland stability conditions. We use wall-crossing techniques to describe its geometric structure and singularities, which reproves the classical result ... More
Large deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for the local times of additive stable processesMar 07 2006Jul 25 2007We study the upper tail behaviors of the local times of the additive stable processes. Let $X_1(t),...,X_p(t)$ be independent, d-dimensional symmetric stable processes with stable index $0<\alpha\le 2$ and consider the additive stable process $\bar{X}(t_1,...,t_p)=X_1(t_1)+... ... More
The density of rational points near hypersurfacesNov 04 2017Aug 19 2019We establish a sharp asymptotic formula for the number of rational points up to a given height and within a given distance from a hypersurface. Our main innovation is a bootstrap method that relies on the synthesis of Poisson summation, projective duality ... More
Diophantine approximation on the parabola with non-monotonic approximation functionsFeb 02 2018Dec 15 2018We show that the parabola is of strong Khintchine type for convergence, which is the first result of its kind for curves. Moreover, Jarnik type theorems are established in both the simultaneous and the dual settings, without monotonicity on the approximation ... More
Integral points close to a space curveSep 20 2018Apr 18 2019We establish sharp lower and upper bounds for the number of integral points near dilations of a space curve with nowhere vanishing torsion.
Squeezing giant spin states via geometric phase control in cavity-assisted Raman transitionsOct 18 2016Squeezing ensemble of spins provides a way to surpass the standard quantum limit (SQL) in quantum metrology and test the fundamental physics as well, and therefore attracts broad interest. Here we propose an experimentally accessible protocol to squeeze ... More
Spatial asymptotics for the parabolic Anderson models with generalized time-space Gaussian noiseMar 30 2016Partially motivated by the recent papers of Conus, Joseph and Khoshnevisan [Ann. Probab. 41 (2013) 2225-2260] and Conus et al. [Probab. Theory Related Fields 156 (2013) 483-533], this work is concerned with the precise spatial asymptotic behavior for ... More
Risk Aversion and Portfolio Selection in a Continuous-Time ModelMay 05 2008Dec 30 2011The comparative statics of the optimal portfolios across individuals is carried out for a continuous-time complete market model, where the risky assets price process follows a joint geometric Brownian motion with time-dependent and deterministic coefficients. ... More
Tetravalent half-arc-transitive graphs with unbounded nonabelian vertex stabilizersAug 25 2019Half-arc-transitive graphs are a fascinating topic which connects graph theory, Riemann surfaces and group theory. Although fruitful results have been obtained over the last half a century, it is still challenging to construct half-arc-transitive graphs ... More
Moderate deviations and laws of the iterated logarithm for the local times of additive Lévy processes and additive random walksJul 30 2007We study the upper tail behaviors of the local times of the additive L\'{e}vy processes and additive random walks. The limit forms we establish are the moderate deviations and the laws of the iterated logarithm for the L_2-norms of the local times and ... More
Exponential asymptotics and law of the iterated logarithm for intersection local times of random walksMar 25 2005Let \alpha ([0,1]^p) denote the intersection local time of p independent d-dimensional Brownian motions running up to the time 1. Under the conditions p(d-2)<d and d\ge 2, we prove lim_{t\to\infty}t^{-1}\log P\bigl{\alpha([0,1]^p)\ge t^{(d(p-1))/2}\bigr}=-\gamma_{\alpha}(d,p) ... More
Cyclotomic difference sets in finite fieldsJan 14 2015Sep 27 2015The problem of whether $m$th-powers with or without zero in a finite field GF($q$) form a difference set has been extensively studied, and is related to many topics, such as flag transitive finite projective planes. In this paper new necessary and sufficient ... More
Finite dimensional modules over quantum toroidal algebrasJul 14 2019The representations of the quantum toroidal algebras have been widely studied by many authors. However, no one has constructed some finite dimensional modules for them while $q$ is generic. In this paper, for all $\sg$-generic $q$, if $\sg$ is not of ... More
Cyclotomic difference sets in finite fieldsJan 14 2015Jul 04 2017The classical problem of whether $m$th-powers with or without zero in a finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$ form a difference set has been extensively studied, and is related to many topics, such as flag transitive finite projective planes. In this paper new ... More
Mean-variance Hedging in the Discontinuous CaseJul 30 2006The results on the mean-variance hedging problem in Gouri\'eroux, Laurent and Pham (1998), Rheinl\"ander and Schweizer (1997) and Arai (2005) are extended to discontinuous semimartingale models. When the num\'eraire method is used, we only assume the ... More
Simplification of Boltzmann Equation on S^{3}(1)Mar 28 2011Aug 11 2011Simple form of Boltzmann equation will be proposed after introducing a three-dimensional closed Lie group to simplify its collision term.
Base collapse of holographic algorithmsNov 04 2015A holographic algorithm solves a problem in domain of size $n$, by reducing it to counting perfect matchings in planar graphs. It may simulate a $n$-value variable by a bunch of $t$ matchgate bits, which has $2^t$ values. The transformation in the simulation ... More
2D materials coated plasmonic structures for SERS applicationsFeb 26 2018Two-dimensional (2D) materials, such as graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, are new kind of materials that can serve as substrates for surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). When combined with traditional metallic plasmonic structures, the hybrid ... More
Attenuation of an Ultrasound Contrast Agent Estimated from Transient Solution of Linearized Rayleigh-Plesset EquationAug 21 2019The attenuation of low-intensity acoustic waves in the suspension of ultrasound contrast agents (UCAs, microbubbles) is determined by the oscillation of the microbubbles in the medium. This bubble-induced attenuation is a linear phenomenon and can be ... More
On Local Convexity of Quadratic TransformationsMay 23 2014In this paper, we improve Polyak's local convexity result for quadratic transformations. Extension and open problems are also presented.
Deterministic generation of bright multicolor entanglement from optomechanical systemsJul 27 2015Entangled continuous variable (CV) Gaussian states with different wavelengths plays a central role in recent CV-based approaches to quantum network, quantum information processing and quantum metrology. Typically, experiments demonstrating CV entanglement ... More
Tunable slowing, storing and releasing of a weak microwave fieldNov 01 2013Jan 17 2014We study the slowing, storing and releasing of microwave pulses in a superconducting circuits composed of two coplanar waveguide resonators and a superconducting transmon-type qubit. The quantum interference analogy to electromagnetically induced transparency ... More
Homoclinic Points For Area-Preserving Surface DiffeomorphismsJun 13 2006We show a $C^r$ connecting lemma for area-preserving surface diffeomorphisms and for periodic Hamiltonian on surfaces. We prove that for a generic $C^r$, $r=1, 2, ...$, $\infty$, area-preserving diffeomorphism on a compact orientable surface, homotopic ... More
Estimation of low rank density matrices by Pauli measurementsOct 16 2016Jan 05 2017Density matrices are positively semi-definite Hermitian matrices with unit trace that describe the states of quantum systems. Many quantum systems of physical interest can be represented as high-dimensional low rank density matrices. A popular problem ... More
A Constructive Approach to the Estimation of Dimension Reduction DirectionsJan 26 2007In this paper, we propose two new methods to estimate the dimension-reduction directions of the central subspace (CS) by constructing a regression model such that the directions are all captured in the regression mean. Compared with the inverse regression ... More
A survey of hidden convex optimizationFeb 28 2019Motivated by the fact that not all nonconvex optimization problems are difficult to solve, we survey in this paper three widely-used ways to reveal the hidden convex structure for different classes of nonconvex optimization problems. Finally, ten open ... More
Modified Sagnac interferometer for high-sensitivity magneto-optic measurements atcryogenic temperaturesMar 10 2006We describe a geometry for a Sagnac interferometer with a zero-area Sagnac loop for measuring magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) at cryogenic temperatures. The apparatus is capable of measuring absolute polar Kerr rotation at 1550 nm wavelength without ... More
Polar Kerr Effect as Probe for Time-Reversal Symmetry Breaking in Unconventional SuperconductorsJun 16 2009The search for broken time reversal symmetry (TRSB) in unconventional superconductors intensified in the past year as more systems have been predicted to possess such a state. Following our pioneering study of TRSB states in Sr$_2$RuO$_4$ using magneto-optic ... More
From Risk Prediction Models to Risk Assessment Service: A Formulation of Development ParadigmMar 01 2019Risk assessment services fulfil the task of generating a risk report from personal information and are developed for purposes like disease prognosis, resource utilization prioritization, and informing clinical interventions. A major component of a risk ... More
Group-Server QueuesJun 11 2017Jul 21 2017By analyzing energy-efficient management of data centers, this paper proposes and develops a class of interesting {\it Group-Server Queues}, and establishes two representative group-server queues through loss networks and impatient customers, respectively. ... More
Fermi Gases with Synthetic Spin-Orbit CouplingNov 12 2014We briefly review recent progress on ultracold atomic Fermi gases with different types of synthetic spin-orbit coupling, including the one-dimensional (1D) equal weight Rashba-Dresselhaus and two-dimensional (2D) Rasbha spin-orbit couplings. Theoretically, ... More
Topological Kondo InsulatorsJun 18 2015This article reviews recent theoretical and experimental work on a new class of topological material - topological Kondo insulators, which develop through the interplay of strong correlations and spin-orbit interactions. The history of Kondo insulators ... More
Optimal Energy-Efficient Policies for Data Centers through Sensitivity-Based OptimizationAug 23 2018In this paper, we propose a novel dynamic decision method by applying the sensitivity-based optimization theory to find the optimal energy-efficient policy of a data center with two groups of heterogeneous servers. Servers in Group 1 always work at high ... More
Shear-Exfoliated Phosphorene for Rechargeable Nanoscale BatteryAug 29 2015Discovery of atomically thin black phosphorus (called phosphorene) holds promise to be used as an alternative two-dimensional material to graphene and transition metal dichalcogenides especially as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). However, ... More
Many-body \textit{T}-matrix theory of a strongly interacting spin-orbit coupled Fermi gas: Momentum-resolved radio-frequency spectroscopy and fermionic pairingFeb 04 2013Mar 14 2013Interacting Fermi gases with spin-orbit coupling are responsible for many intriguing phenomena such as topological superfluids and Majorana fermions. Here we characterize theoretically fermionic pairing in a strongly interacting spin-orbit coupled Fermi ... More
Quantum $N$-toroidal algebras and extended quantized GIM algebras of $N$-fold affinizationJul 15 2019We give a general definition of quantum $N$-toroidal algebras uniformly, which is a natural generalization of classical quantum toroidal algebras, as well as extended quantized GIM algebras of $N$-fold affinization. We show that quantum $N$-toroidal algebras ... More
Spin-Cherenkov effect in a magnetic nanostrip with interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactionJan 28 2016Apr 12 2016Spin-Cherenkov effect enables strong excitations of spin waves (SWs) with nonlinear wave dispersions. The Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction (DMI) results in anisotropy and nonreciprocity of SWs propagation. In this work, we study the effect of the interfacial ... More
Developing Knowledge-enhanced Chronic Disease Risk Prediction Models from Regional EHR RepositoriesJul 31 2017Precision medicine requires the precision disease risk prediction models. In literature, there have been a lot well-established (inter-)national risk models, but when applying them into the local population, the prediction performance becomes unsatisfactory. ... More
Inverse proximity effect in superconductor-ferromagnet bilayer structuresOct 15 2008Measurements of the polar Kerr effect using a zero-area-loop Sagnac magnetometer on Pb/Ni and Al/(Co-Pd) proximity-effect bilayers show unambiguous evidence for the "inverse proximity effect," in which the ferromagnet (F) induces a finite magnetization ... More
Mapping the Milky Way with LAMOST II: the stellar haloJun 27 2017Sep 09 2017The radial number density and flattening of the Milky Way's stellar halo is measured with $\mathrm{5351}$ metal-poor ([Fe/H]$<-1$) K giants from LAMOST DR3, using a nonparametric method which is model independent and largely avoids the influence of halo ... More
The study of the aging behavior on large area MCP-PMTMar 09 2015Aging experiments of a novel type of large area MCP-PMT made by JUNO collaboration were conducted.In these aging experiments, the multi-photoelectron spectrum and single photoelectron spectrum were measured daily,as well as the MCP resistance of the second ... More
Electrically tunable topological superconductivity and Majorana fermions in two dimensionsAug 17 2016Nov 19 2016The external controllability of topological superconductors and Majorana fermions would be important both for fundamental and practical interests. Here we predict the electric-field control of Majorana fermions in two-dimensional topological superconductors ... More
Geometric theory of the natural optical activity in noncentrosymmetric metalsNov 03 2017Dec 12 2017This is a PhD dissertation. Ignited by the chiral anomaly of recently discovered Weyl (semi-)metals, we study the chiral magnetic effect and the natural optical activity of noncentrosymmetric metals. Both phenomena are related to the linear-in-$\mathbf{q}$ ... More
Cross-Validation with ConfidenceMar 23 2017Dec 22 2017Cross-validation is one of the most popular model selection methods in statistics and machine learning. Despite its wide applicability, traditional cross validation methods tend to select overfitting models, due to the ignorance of the uncertainty in ... More
Convergence and Concentration of Empirical Measures under Wasserstein Distance in Unbounded Functional SpacesApr 27 2018We provide upper bounds of the expected Wasserstein distance between a probability measure and its empirical version, generalizing recent results for finite dimensional Euclidean spaces and bounded functional spaces. Such a generalization can cover Euclidean ... More
Renormalization of QCD under longitudinal rescalingMay 31 2009The form of the quantum Yang-Mills action, under a longitudinal rescaling is determined using a Wilsonian renormalization group. The high-energy limit, is the extreme limit of such a rescaling. We compute the anomalous dimensions and discuss the validity ... More
Serious Game for Human Environmental Consciousness Education in Residents Daily LifeMar 20 2015Oct 24 2016It has been challenging to find ways to educate people to have better environmental consciousness. In some cases, people do not know what the right behaviors are to protect the environment. Game engine has been used in the AEC industry for visualization. ... More
A Rectangular Billiard with Moving SlitsJul 26 2019We describe an exponential Fermi accelerator in a two-dimensional billiard with a moving slit. We have found a mechanism of trapping regions which provides the exponential acceleration for almost all initial conditions with sufficiently high initial energy. ... More
Eigenvalue inequalities for the p-Laplacian on a Riemannian manifold and estimates for the heat kernelNov 27 2012Apr 04 2013In this paper, we successfully generalize the eigenvalue comparison theorem for the Dirichlet $p$-Laplacian ($1<p<\infty$) obtained by Matei [A.-M. Matei, First eigenvalue for the $p$-Laplace operator, Nonlinear Anal. TMA 39 (8) (2000) 1051--1068] and ... More
Bertini Type TheoremsOct 21 2009Let $X$ be a smooth irreducible projective variety of dimension at least 2 over an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0 in the projective space ${\mathbb{P}}^n$. Bertini's Theorem states that a general hyperplane $H$ intersects $X$ with an irreducible ... More