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Performance Assessment of Resonantly Driven Silicon Two-Qubit Quantum GateAug 27 2018Sep 09 2018Two-qubit quantum gates play an essential role in quantum computing, whose operation critically depends on the entanglement between two qubits. Resonantly driven controlled-NOT (CNOT) gates based on silicon double quantum dots (DQDs) are studied theoretically. ... More
Assessment of High-Frequency Performance Limits of Graphene Field-Effect TransistorsFeb 07 2011High frequency performance limits of graphene field-effect transistors (FETs) down to a channel length of 20nm are examined by using self-consistent quantum simulations. The results indicate that although Klein band-to-band tunneling is significant for ... More
Effect of edge roughness in graphene nanoribbon transistorsDec 23 2007The effects of edge irregularity and mixed edge shapes on the characteristics of graphene nanoribbon transistors are examined by self-consistent atomistic simulations based on the non-equilibrium Green's function formalism. The minimal leakage current ... More
Computational Assessment of Silicon Quantum Gate Based on Detuning Mechanism for Quantum ComputingJan 17 2019May 29 2019Silicon-based quantum computing has the potential advantages of low cost, high integration density, and compatibility with CMOS technologies. The detuning mechanism has been used to experimentally achieve silicon two-qubit quantum gates and programmable ... More
Strong Decays of observed $Λ_c$ Baryons in the $^3P_0$ ModelFeb 20 2019The strong decay widths and some important branching ratios of possible Okubo-Zweig-Iizuka(OZI)-allowed strong decay channels of $\Lambda_c(2595)^+$, $\Lambda_c(2625)^+$, $\Lambda_c(2765)^+$ ($\Sigma_c(2765)^+$), $\Lambda_c(2860)^+$, $\Lambda_c(2880)^+$ ... More
Strain induced conductance modulation in graphene grain boundaryFeb 10 2012Grain boundaries (GBs) are ubiquitous in polycrystalline graphene materials obtained by various growth methods. It has been shown previously that considerable electrical transport gap can be opened by grain boundaries. On the other hand, polycrystalline ... More
Dynamics of two qubits in a spin-bath of Quantum anisotropic Heisenberg XY coupling typeDec 25 2006Oct 15 2007The dynamics of two 1/2-spin qubits under the influence of a quantum Heisenberg XY type spin-bath is studied. After the Holstein-Primakoff transformation, a novel numerical polynomial scheme is used to give the time-evolution calculation of the center ... More
Quantum dynamics of double-qubits in a spin star lattice with an XY interactionDec 14 2006Oct 09 2007The dynamics of two coupled spins-1/2 interacting with a spin-bath via the quantum Heisenberg XY coupling is studied. The pair of central spins served as a quantum open subsystem are initially prepared in two types of states: the product states and the ... More
Disorder effects at a nematic quantum critical point in d-wave cuprate superconductorJan 07 2011Jun 09 2011A d-wave high temperature cuprate superconductor exhibits a nematic ordering transition at zero temperature. Near the quantum critical point, the coupling between gapless nodal quasiparticles and nematic order parameter fluctuation can result in unusual ... More
Soft Control on Collective Behavior of a Group of Autonomous Agents by a Shill AgentJul 06 2010This paper asks a new question: how can we control the collective behavior of self-organized multi-agent systems? We try to answer the question by proposing a new notion called 'Soft Control', which keeps the local rule of the existing agents in the system. ... More
Operating Principles of Vertical Transistors Based on Monolayer Two-Dimensional Semiconductor HeterojunctionsAug 13 2014A vertical transistor based on a double gated, atomically thin heterojunction is theoretically examined. Both p-type and n-type transistor operations can be conveniently achieved by using one of the two gates as the switching gate. The transistor shows ... More
Performance limits projection of black phosphorous field-effect transistorsJul 08 2014Ballistic device performance of monolayer black phosphorous (BP) field-effect transistors (FET) is investigated in this work. Due to the anisotropic effect mass of the carriers, the ON-state current is dependent on the transport direction. The effective ... More
Outage Probability in Arbitrarily-Shaped Finite Wireless NetworksApr 23 2013Dec 20 2013This paper analyzes the outage performance in finite wireless networks. Unlike most prior works, which either assumed a specific network shape or considered a special location of the reference receiver, we propose two general frameworks for analytically ... More
Computational Study of Tunneling Transistor Based on Graphene NanoribbonFeb 26 2009Tunneling field-effect transistors (FETs) have been intensely explored recently due to its potential to address power concerns in nanoelectronics. The recently discovered graphene nanoribbon (GNR) is ideal for tunneling FETs due to its symmetric bandstructure, ... More
Breakdown of the rotating-wave approximation in entanglement description of spin anti-correlated statesNov 28 2008May 01 2009It is well established that an entanglement encoded in the Bell states of a two-qubit system with correlated spins exhibits completely different evolution properties than that encoded in states with the anti-correlated spins. A complete and abrupt loss ... More
Controllable dynamics of two separate qubits in Bell statesMay 23 2007Oct 09 2007The dynamics of entanglement and fidelity for a subsystem of two separate spin-1/2 qubits prepared in Bell states is investigated. One of the subsystem qubit labelled $A$ is under the influence of a Heisenberg XY spin-bath, while another one labelled ... More
Non-local dynamics of Bell states in separate cavitiesNov 13 2007We present non-local dynamics of Bell states in separate cavities. It is demonstrated that (i) the entanglement damping speed will saturate when the cavity leakage rate $\gamma\geq 0.4$; (ii) the synchronism relationship between the fidelity and the concurrence ... More
Study of $CP$ Violations in $B^-\rightarrow K^- π^+π^-$ and $B^-\rightarrow K^- f_0(500)$ decays in the QCD factorization approachMay 24 2018Within the QCD factorization approach, we study the $CP$ violations in $B^-\rightarrow K^-\pi^+\pi^-$ and $B^-\rightarrow K^- f_0(500)$ decays. We find the experimental data of the localized $CP$ asymmetry in $B^-\rightarrow K^-\pi^+\pi^-$ decays in the ... More
Machine Learning Approach for Device-Circuit Co-Optimization of Stochastic-Memristive-Device-Based Boltzmann MachineMay 11 2019May 14 2019A Boltzmann machine whose effective "temperature" can be dynamically "cooled" provides a stochastic neural network realization of simulated annealing, which is an important metaheuristic for solving combinatorial or global optimization problems with broad ... More
Fault-Tolerant Path-Embedding of Twisted Hypercube-Like Networks THLNsJun 12 2019The twisted hypercube-like networks($THLNs$) contain several important hypercube variants. This paper is concerned with the fault-tolerant path-embedding of $n$-dimensional($n$-$D$) $THLNs$. Let $G_n$ be an $n$-$D$ $THLN$ and $F$ be a subset of $V(G_n)\cup ... More
Using an Instrumental Variable to Test for Unmeasured ConfoundingJan 23 2016An important concern in an observational study is whether or not there is unmeasured confounding, i.e., unmeasured ways in which the treatment and control groups differ before treatment that affect the outcome. We develop a test of whether there is unmeasured ... More
Towards Multi-Scale Modeling of Carbon Nanotube TransistorsDec 20 2003Multiscale simulation approaches are needed in order to address scientific and technological questions in the rapidly developing field of carbon nanotube electronics. In this paper, we describe an effort underway to develop a comprehensive capability ... More
Predicted Performance Advantages of Carbon Nanotube Transistors with Doped Nanotubes as Source/DrainSep 01 2003Most carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNTFETs) directly attach metal source/drain contacts to an intrinsic nanotube channel. When the gate oxide thickness is reduced, such transistors display strong ambipolar conduction, even when the Schottky ... More
Gravitational wave production after inflation with cuspy potentialsDec 20 2018May 08 2019We investigate the effect of the cuspiness of scalar potentials on the production of gravitational waves during oscillon formation after inflation. We consider a more general form of potentials with a mass parameter $M$, which repoduce cuspy potentials ... More
Discrete mechanics Based on Finite Element MethodsMar 04 2002Discrete Mechanics based on finite element methods is presented in this paper. We also explore the relationship between this discrete mechanics and Veselov discrete mechanics. High order discretizations are constructed in terms of high order interpolations. ... More
Underlay Drone Cell for Temporary Events: Impact of Drone Height and Aerial Channel EnvironmentsSep 17 2018Oct 09 2018Providing seamless connection to a large number of devices is one of the biggest challenges for the Internet of Things (IoT) networks. Using a drone as an aerial base station (ABS) to provide coverage to devices or users on ground is envisaged as a promising ... More
Heating and Cooling in Adiabatic Mixing processMay 28 2010Feb 18 2011We study the effect of interaction on the temperature change in the process of adiabatic mixing two components of fermi gases by the real-space Bogoliubov-de Gennes (BdG) method. We find that in the process of adiabatic mixing, the competition of the ... More
Mediation Analysis for Count and Zero-Inflated Count Data without Sequential Ignorability and Its Application in Dental StudiesJan 23 2016Jul 09 2016Mediation analysis seeks to understand the mechanism by which a treatment affects an outcome. Count or zero-inflated count outcome are common in many studies in which mediation analysis is of interest. For example, in dental studies, outcomes such as ... More
Quantum evolution speed in the finite-temperature bosonic environmentMay 06 2018We investigate the quantum evolution speed of a qubit in two kinds of finite-temperature environments. The first environment is a bosonic bath with Ohmic-like spectrum. It is found that the high temperature not only leads to the speed-up but also speed-down ... More
Construction of Bound Entangled States Based on Permutation OperatorsFeb 17 2016We present a construction of new bound entangled states from given bound entangled states for arbitrary dimensional bipartite systems. One way to construct bound entangled states is to show that these states are PPT (positive partial transpose) and violate ... More
Total Variation and Variational Symplectic-Energy-Momentum integratorsSep 23 2001A discrete total variation calculus with variable time steps is presented in this letter. Using this discrete variation calculus, we generalize Lee's discrete mechanics and derive variational symplectic-energy-momentum integrators by Kane, Marsden and ... More
Evaluation of the Energy Efficiency in a Mixed Traffic with Automated Vehicles and Human Controlled VehiclesJun 01 2018The energy efficiency of Connected and Automated Vehicles (CAVs) is significantly influenced by surrounding road users. This paper presents the evaluation of energy efficiency of CAVs in a mixed traffic interacted with human controlled vehicles. To simulate ... More
Studying the bound state of the $B\bar{K}$ system in the Bethe-Salpeter formalismFeb 13 2018Feb 19 2019In this work, we study the $B\bar{K}$ molecule in the Bethe-Salpeter (BS) equation approach. With the kernel containing one-particle-exchange diagrams and introducing two different form factors (monopole form factor and dipole form factor) in the vertex, ... More
Analyzing $Ξ(1620)$ in the molecule picture in the Bethe-Salpeter equation approachJan 13 2019Jan 17 2019In this work, we assume that the observed state $\Xi(1620)$ is a $s$-wave $\Lambda\bar{K}$ or $\Sigma\bar{K}$ bound state. Based on this molecule picture, we establish the Bethe-Salpeter equations for $\Xi(1620)$ in the ladder and instantaneous approximations. ... More
Quintuple-layer epitaxy of high-quality Bi2Se3 thin films for topological insulatorJun 29 2009We report the growth of atomically smooth, single crystalline Bi2Se3 thin films on Si(111) by using molecular beam epitaxy. Scanning tunneling microscopy, low-energy electron diffraction, X-ray photoelectron emission spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy ... More
SEA: A Combined Model for Heat Demand PredictionJul 28 2018Heat demand prediction is a prominent research topic in the area of intelligent energy networks. It has been well recognized that periodicity is one of the important characteristics of heat demand. Seasonal-trend decomposition based on LOESS (STL) algorithm ... More
Exciton-Plasmon-Photon Conversion in silver nanowire: polarization dependenceApr 26 2011Polarization dependence of the exciton-plasmon-photon conversion in silver nanowire-quantum dots structure was investigated using a scanning confocal microscope system. We found that the fluorescence enhancement of the CdSe nanocrystals was correlated ... More
Non-factorization contributions in $D\rightarrow πK, KK$ decayApr 01 2011We have analyzed the $D\rightarrow \pi K, KK$ decay with the naive factorization (NF), QCD factorization (QCDF)and QCD factorization including soft-gluon exchanges (QCDF+SGE). In these decay channels, the soft-gluon effects are firstly calculated with ... More
Broad-Band Negative Refraction via Simultaneous Multi-Electron TransitionsJul 06 2018We analyze different factors which influence the negative refraction in solids and multi-atom molecules. We find that this negative refraction is significantly influenced by simultaneous multi-electron transitions with the same transition frequency and ... More
Hyperbolic Dispersion in Chiral MoleculesMay 08 2019We theoretically investigate the intra-band transitions in M\"{o}bius molecules. Due to the weak magnetic response, the relative permittivity is significantly modified by the presence of the medium while the relative permeability is not. We show that ... More
Higgs boson decay $h^0\rightarrow m_VZ$ in the BLMSSMMay 14 2018In the framework of BLMSSM, the Higgs decays $h^0\rightarrow Z\gamma$ and $h^0\rightarrow m_VZ$ are studied where $m_V$ represents a vector meson($\rho, \omega, \phi, J/\psi, \Upsilon$ etc.). Corrections to the CP-even and CP-odd $h^0\gamma Z$ couplings ... More
Observation of topological states residing at step edges of WTe2Mar 16 2017Topological states emerge at the boundary of solids as a consequence of the nontrivial topology of the bulk. Recently, theory predicts a topological edge state on single layer transition metal dichalcogenides with 1T' structure. However, its existence ... More
Two-stage Geometric Information Guided Image ReconstructionSep 26 2014In compressive sensing, it is challenging to reconstruct image of high quality from very few noisy linear projections. Existing methods mostly work well on piecewise constant images but not so well on piecewise smooth images such as natural images, medical ... More
Computational Assessment of Silicon Quantum Gate Based on Detuning Mechanism for Quantum ComputingJan 17 2019Silicon-based quantum computing has the potential advantages of low cost, high integration density, and compatibility with CMOS technologies. The detuning mechanism has been used to experimentally achieve silicon two-qubit quantum gates and programmable ... More
Inelastic Phonon Scattering in Graphene FETsApr 07 2011Jul 30 2011Inelastic phonon scattering in graphene field-effect transistors (FETs) is studied by numerically solving the Boltzmann transport equation in three dimensional real and phase spaces (x, kx, ky). A kink behavior due to ambipolar transport agreeing with ... More
Excitonic pairing of two-dimensional Dirac fermions near the antiferromagnetic quantum critical pointMar 18 2019Mar 25 2019Two-dimensional Dirac fermions are subjected to two types of interaction, namely the long-range Coulomb interaction and the short-range on-site interaction. The former induces excitonic pairing if its strength $\alpha$ is larger than some critical value ... More
High-magnetic-field Tunneling Spectra of ABC-Stacked Trilayer GrapheneNov 26 2018ABC-stacked trilayer graphene (TLG) are predicted to exhibit novel many-body phenomena due to the existence of almost dispersionless flat-band structures near the charge neutrality point (CNP). Here, using high magnetic field scanning tunneling microscopy, ... More
Study of localized $CP$ violation in $B^-\rightarrow π^- π^+π^-$ and the branching ratio of $B^-\rightarrow σ(600)π^-$ in the QCD factorization approachNov 26 2018In this work, within the QCD factorization approach, we study the localized integrated $CP$ violation in the $B^-\rightarrow \pi^-\pi^+\pi^-$ decay and the branching fraction of the $B^-\rightarrow\sigma\pi^-$ decay. Both the resonance and nonresonance ... More
BALSON: Bayesian Least Squares Optimization with Nonnegative L1-Norm ConstraintJul 08 2018A Bayesian approach termed BAyesian Least Squares Optimization with Nonnegative L1-norm constraint (BALSON) is proposed. The error distribution of data fitting is described by Gaussian likelihood. The parameter distribution is assumed to be a Dirichlet ... More
Band Gap of Strained Graphene NanoribbonsDec 14 2009Jan 20 2010The band structures of strained graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) are examined by a tight binding Hamiltonian that is directly related to the type and strength of strains. Compared to the two-dimensional graphene whose band gap remains close to zero even if ... More
A holographic model of d-wave superconductor vortices with Lifshitz scalingOct 26 2014Feb 03 2015We study analytically the $d$-wave holographic superconductors with Lifshitz scaling in the presence of external magnetic field. The vortex lattice solutions of the model have also been obtained with different Lifshitz scaling. Our results imply that ... More
Compound structure one-dimensional photonic crystalSep 13 2015In this paper, we have proposed a new compound structure one-dimensional photonic crystal, which include series connection, parallel connection and positive and negative feedback compound structure photonic crystal. We have studied their transmission ... More
Unsupervised Bi-directional Flow-based Video Generation from one SnapshotMar 03 2019Imagining multiple consecutive frames given one single snapshot is challenging, since it is difficult to simultaneously predict diverse motions from a single image and faithfully generate novel frames without visual distortions. In this work, we leverage ... More
Massive Quiescent Galaxies at z>3 in The Millennium Simulation Populated by A Semi-analytic Galaxy Formation ModelMar 31 2017Jun 14 2017We take advantage of the statistical power of the large-volume dark-matter-only Millennium simulation, combined with a sophisticated semi-analytic galaxy formation model, to explore whether the recently reported $z=3.7$ quiescent galaxy ZF-COSMOS-20115 ... More
Magnetic properties of undoped Cu2O fine powders with magnetic impurities and/or cation vacanciesDec 11 2008Fine powders of micron- and submicron-sized particles of undoped Cu2O semiconductor, with three different sizes and morphologies have been synthesized by different chemical processes. These samples include nanospheres 200 nm in diameter, octahedra of ... More
Redshift drift constraints on f(T) gravityNov 22 2015We explore the impact of the Sandage-Loeb (SL) test on the precision of cosmological constraints for $f(T)$ gravity theories. The SL test is an important supplement to current cosmological observations because it measures the redshift drift in the Lyman-$\alpha$ ... More
Study of $CP$ Violation in $B^-\rightarrow K^- π^+π^-$ and $B^-\rightarrow K^- σ(600)$ decays in the QCD factorization approachNov 06 2018In this work, we study the localized $CP$ violation in $B^-\rightarrow K^-\pi^+\pi^-$ and $B^-\rightarrow K^- \sigma(600)$ decays by employing the quasi two-body QCD factorization approach. Both the resonance and the nonresonance contributions are studied ... More
Discrimination-aware Channel Pruning for Deep Neural NetworksOct 28 2018Jan 14 2019Channel pruning is one of the predominant approaches for deep model compression. Existing pruning methods either train from scratch with sparsity constraints on channels, or minimize the reconstruction error between the pre-trained feature maps and the ... More
Modeling edge effects in Graphene Nanoribbon Field-effect Transistors with real and mode space methodsFeb 26 2009A computationally efficient mode space simulation method for atomistic simulation of a graphene nanoribbon field-effect transistor in the ballistic limits is developed. The proposed simulation scheme, which solves the nonequilibrium Green's function coupled ... More
Undercooling growth and magnetic characterization of ferromagnetic shape memory alloy Ni2FeGa single crystalsNov 12 2013Ni2FeGa single crystals have been grown in undercooling conditions provided by a glass-purification method. It has been found that trace amounts of gamma phase embededin the single crystalline matrix preferentially orients in the <100> orientation along ... More
A study of strong pulses detected from PSR B0656+14 using Urumqi 25-m radio telescope at 1540MHzJun 26 2012We report on the properties of strong pulses from PSR B0656+14 by analyzing the data obtained using Urumqi 25-m radio telescope at 1540 MHz from August 2007 to September 2010. In 44 hrs of observational data, a total of 67 pulses with signal-to-noise ... More
Creation of a new vector field and focusing engineeringDec 29 2009Recently many methods have been proposed to create the vector fields, due to the academic interest and a variety of attractive applications such as for particle acceleration, optical trapping, particle manipulation, and fluorescence imaging. For the most ... More
Platinum/Yttrium Iron Garnet Inverted Structures for Spin Current TransportApr 28 201630-80 nm thick yttrium iron garnet (YIG) films are grown by pulsed laser deposition on a 5 nm thick sputtered Pt atop gadolinium gallium garnet substrate (GGG) (110). Upon post-growth rapid thermal annealing, single crystal YIG(110) emerges as if it were ... More
If graphynes turn into graphene: the thermal stability studyOct 08 2013The thermal stability of $\alpha$-, $\beta$-, 6,6,12-graphyne and graphdiyne was studied by a statistic model, which was seriously tested by classical molecular dynamics simulations. By first-principles calculations of related potential energy curves, ... More
The dark matter deficit galaxies in hydrodynamical simulationsNov 22 2018Low mass galaxies are expected to be dark matter dominated even within their centrals. Recently two observations reported two dwarf galaxies in group environment with very little dark matter in their centrals. We explore the population and origins of ... More
Robustness of the semimetal state of Na3Bi and Cd3As2 against Coulomb interactionAug 14 2017Apr 20 2018We study the excitonic semimetal-insulator quantum phase transition in three-dimensional Dirac semimetal in which the fermion dispersion is strongly anisotropic. After solving the Dyson-Schwinger equation for the excitonic gap, we obtain a global phase ... More
The design of optical triodeOct 30 2015Nov 19 2015Under the action of pump light, the conventional photonic crystal can be turned into function photonic crystal. In the paper, we have designed optical triode with one-dimensional function photonic crystal, and analyzed the effect of period number, medium ... More
Medical Knowledge Embedding Based on Recursive Neural Network for Multi-Disease DiagnosisSep 22 2018The representation of knowledge based on first-order logic captures the richness of natural language and supports multiple probabilistic inference models. Although symbolic representation enables quantitative reasoning with statistical probability, it ... More
Quantum Renormalization of the Spin Hall EffectJul 22 2010By quantum Monte Carlo simulation of a realistic multiorbital Anderson impurity model, we study the spin-orbit interaction (SOI) of an Fe impurity in Au host metal. We show, for the first time, that the SOI is strongly renormalized by the quantum spin ... More
X(3872) as a molecular $D\bar{D}^*$ state in the Bethe-Salpeter equation approachOct 20 2017We discuss the possibility that the X(3872) can be a $D\bar{D}^*$ molecular bound state in the Bethe-Salpeter equation approach in the ladder and instantaneous approximations. We show that the $D\bar{D}^*$ bound state with quantum numbers $J^{PC}=1^{++}$ ... More
General bounds for quantum discord and discord distanceNov 14 2014For any bipartite state, how strongly can one subsystem be quantum correlated with another? Using the Koashi-Winter relation, we study the upper bound of purified quantum discord, which is given by the sum of the von Neumann entropy of the unmeasured ... More
Maximizing spreading influence via measuring influence overlap for social networksMar 01 2019Influence overlap is a universal phenomenon in influence spreading for social networks. In this paper, we argue that the redundant influence generated by influence overlap cause negative effect for maximizing spreading influence. Firstly, we present a ... More
Detection of supernova neutrinos on the Earth for large theta13Mar 04 2013Supernova (SN) neutrinos detected on the Earth are subject to the shock wave effects, the Mikheyev-Smirnov-Wolfenstein (MSW) effects, the neutrino collective effects and the Earth matter effects. Considering the recent experimental result about the large ... More
Yield ratios of identified hadrons in p+p, p+Pb, Pb+Pb collisions at the Large Hadron ColliderMar 17 2017Aug 01 2017Yield ratios of identified hadrons observed in high multiplicity p+p and p+Pb collisions at LHC show remarkable similarity with those in Pb+Pb collisions, indicating some important and universal underlying dynamics in hadron production for different quark ... More
Gap solitons and Bloch waves of interacting bosons in one-dimensional optical lattices: From the weak to the strong interaction limitsMar 06 2011We study the gap solitons and nonlinear Bloch waves of interacting bosons in one-dimensional optical lattices, taking into account the interaction from the weak to the strong limits. It is shown that composition relation between the gap solitons and nonlinear ... More
High-Field, Quasi-Ballistic Transport in Short Carbon NanotubesSep 10 2003Jan 26 2004Single walled carbon nanotubes with Pd ohmic contacts and lengths ranging from several microns down to 10 nm are investigated by electron transport experiments and theory. The mean free path (mfp) for acoustic phonon scattering is estimated to be lap~300 ... More
Incompatibility of Observables as State-Independent Bound of Uncertainty RelationsJun 18 2017Jun 06 2019For a pair of observables, they are called "incompatible", if and only if the commutator between them does not vanish, which represents one of the key features in quantum mechanics. The question is, how can we characterize the incompatibility among three ... More
Three dimensional photonic Dirac points in metamaterialsJun 25 2017Oct 20 2017Topological semimetals, representing a new topological phase that lacks a full bandgap in bulk states and exhibiting nontrivial topological orders, recently have been extended to photonic systems, predominantly in photonic crystals and to a lesser extent, ... More
Contractive De-noising Auto-encoderMay 17 2013Apr 23 2014Auto-encoder is a special kind of neural network based on reconstruction. De-noising auto-encoder (DAE) is an improved auto-encoder which is robust to the input by corrupting the original data first and then reconstructing the original input by minimizing ... More
Compact Bell inequalities for multipartite experimentsFeb 27 2013May 07 2013A method for construction of the multipartite Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt (CHSH) type Bell inequalities, for the case of local binary observables, is presented. The standard CHSH-type Bell inequalities can be obtained as special cases. A unified framework ... More
Pentaquark states with the $QQQq\bar{q}$ configuration in a simple modelSep 21 2018Jan 24 2019We discuss the mass splittings for the $S$-wave triply heavy pentaquark states with the $QQQq\bar{q}$ $(Q=b,c;q=u,d,s)$ configuration which is a mirror structure of $Q\bar{Q}qqq$. The latter configuration is related with the nature of $P_c(4380)$ observed ... More
High visibility on-chip quantum interference of single surface plasmonsFeb 05 2014Quantum photonic integrated circuits (QPICs) based on dielectric waveguides have been widely used in linear optical quantum computation. Recently, surface plasmons have been introduced to this application because they can confine and manipulate light ... More
Detecting orbital angular momentum through division-of-amplitude interference with a circular plasmonic lensAug 11 2013Aug 14 2013We demonstrate a novel detection scheme for the orbital angular momentum (OAM) of light using circular plasmonic lens. Owing to a division-of-amplitude interference phenomenon between the surface plasmon waves and directly transmitted light, specific ... More
Interplay of Coulomb interaction and disorder in a two-dimensional Weyl semimetalJul 26 2016It was recently found that Coulomb interaction can induce a series of nontrivial spectral and transport properties in a two-dimensional anisotropic Weyl semimetal. Different from graphehe that is basically an ordinary Fermi liquid, the Coulomb interaction ... More
Re-flaring of a Post-Flare Loop System Driven by Flux Rope Emergence and TwistingMay 11 2010In this letter, we study in detail the evolution of the post-flare loops on 2005 January 15 that occurred between two consecutive solar eruption events, both of which generated a fast halo CME and a major flare. The post-flare loop system, formed after ... More
Entanglement evolution of three-qubit mixed states in multipartite cavity-reservoir systemsFeb 02 2012Oct 15 2014We analyze the multipartite entanglement evolution of three-qubit mixed states composed of a GHZ state and a W state. For a composite system consisting of three cavities interacting with independent reservoirs, it is shown that the entanglement evolution ... More
Graphene Nanoribbons with Smooth Edges Behave as Quantum WiresAug 29 2011Graphene nanoribbons with perfect edges are predicted to exhibit interesting electronic and spintronic properties, notably quantum-confined bandgaps and magnetic edge states. However, graphene nanoribbons produced by lithography have, to date, exhibited ... More
Prospect for cosmological parameter estimation using future Hubble parameter measurementsJun 28 2018We constrain cosmological parameters using only Hubble parameter data and quantify the impact of future Hubble parameter measurements on parameter estimation for the most typical dark energy models. We first constrain cosmological parameters using 52 ... More
Snore-GANs: Improving Automatic Snore Sound Classification with Synthesized DataMar 29 2019One of the frontier issues that severely hamper the development of automatic snore sound classification (ASSC) associates to the lack of sufficient supervised training data. To cope with this problem, we propose a novel data augmentation approach based ... More
Bichromatic field generation from double-four-wave mixing in a double-electromagnetically induced transparency systemJul 17 2012Sep 10 2012We demonstrate the double electromagnetically induced transparency (double-EIT) and double four-wave mixing (double-FWM) based on a new scheme of non-degenerate four-wave mixing (FWM) involving five levels of a cold 85Rb atomic ensemble, in which the ... More
Residues of $Λ_Q$-type and $Σ_Q$-type Baryons in the Bethe-Salpeter Equation ApproachJun 18 2018We study the residues of $\Lambda_Q$-type baryons ($\Lambda_Q$ and $\Xi_Q^A$) $(Q=b,c)$ and $\Sigma_Q$-type baryons ($\Sigma_Q^{(\ast)}$, $\Xi_Q^{S(\ast)}$ and $\Omega_Q^{(\ast)}$) in the quark-diquark model within the Bethe-Salpeter (BS) formalism. These ... More
Spectra of charmed and bottom baryons with hyperfine interactionJan 17 2017Aug 08 2017Up to now, the excited charmed and bottom baryon states are still not well studied both experimentally and theoretically. In the present paper, we predict the mass of $\Omega_b^*$, the only $L = 0$ baryon state which has not been observed, to be 6069.2 ... More
Decorrelation of Neutral Vector Variables: Theory and ApplicationsMay 30 2017In this paper, we propose novel strategies for neutral vector variable decorrelation. Two fundamental invertible transformations, namely serial nonlinear transformation and parallel nonlinear transformation, are proposed to carry out the decorrelation. ... More
Transmission of Photonic Quantum Polarization Entanglement in a Nanoscale Hybrid Plasmonic WaveguideAug 08 2014Apr 09 2015Photonic quantum technologies have been extensively studied in quantum information science, owing to the high-speed transmission and outstanding low-noise properties of photons. However, applications based on photonic entanglement are restricted due to ... More
Identification of the newly observed $Σ_b(6097)^\pm$ baryons from their strong decaysOct 16 2018Two bottom $\Sigma_b(6097)^\pm$ baryons were observed in the final states $\Lambda_b^0\pi^-$ and $\Lambda_b^0\pi^+$ in $pp$ collision by LHCb collaboration, whose masses and widths were measured. In a $^{3}P_{0}$ model, the strong decay widths of two ... More
Quantum theory of photonic crystalsSep 11 2013Oct 15 2013In this paper, we have firstly presented a new quantum theory to study one-dimensional photonic crystals. We give the quantum transform matrix, quantum dispersion relation and quantum transmissivity, and compare them with the classical dispersion relation ... More
Quantum theory of light double-slit diffractionMay 10 2013In this paper, we study the light double-slit diffraction experiment with quantum theory approach. Firstly, we calculate the light wave function in slits by quantum theory of photon. Secondly, we calculate the diffraction wave function with Kirchhoff's ... More
Full Quantum Theory of ${C_{60}}$ Double-slit DiffractionMay 10 2013In this paper, we apply the full new method of quantum theory to study the double-slit diffraction of ${C_{60}}$ molecules. We calculate the double-slit wave functions of ${C_{60}}$ molecules by Schr\"{o}dinger equation, and calculate the diffraction ... More
Can HI gas trace the matter density distribution linearly on large scales?Jan 09 2019It is customary to assume that HI gas traces the matter density distribution linearly on large scales. However, nonlinear effects which modulate HI gas in halos might spoil this. We employ three approaches to generate the mock HI density from an N-body ... More
Search for charged lepton flavor violation of vector mesons in BLMSSM modelOct 20 2017Oct 23 2017We analyze the charged lepton flavor violating (CLFV) decays of vector mesons $V\rightarrow l_i^{\pm}l_j^{\mp}$ with $V\in\{\phi, J/\Psi, \Upsilon, \rho^0, \omega \}$ in BLMSSM model. This new model is introduced as an supersymmetric extension of Standard ... More