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Dynamical BCS theory of a two-dimensional attractive Fermi gas: effective interactions from Quantum Monte Carlo calculationsMay 14 2019The primary work presented in this paper focuses on the calculation of density-density dynamical correlations in an attractive two dimensional Fermi gas in several physically interesting regimes, including the strongly correlated BEC-BCS crossover regime. ... More
On the Feasibility and Implications of Self-Contained Search Engines in the BrowserOct 16 2014JavaScript engines inside modern browsers are capable of running sophisticated multi-player games, rendering impressive 3D scenes, and supporting complex, interactive visualizations. Can this processing power be harnessed for information retrieval? This ... More
The Simplest Thing That Can Possibly Work: Pseudo-Relevance Feedback Using Text ClassificationApr 18 2019Motivated by recent commentary that has questioned today's pursuit of ever-more complex models and mathematical formalisms in applied machine learning and whether meaningful empirical progress is actually being made, this paper tries to tackle the decades-old ... More
Monoidify! Monoids as a Design Principle for Efficient MapReduce AlgorithmsApr 29 2013It is well known that since the sort/shuffle stage in MapReduce is costly, local aggregation is one important principle to designing efficient algorithms. This short paper represents an attempt to more clearly articulate this design principle in terms ... More
MapReduce is Good Enough? If All You Have is a Hammer, Throw Away Everything That's Not a Nail!Sep 11 2012Hadoop is currently the large-scale data analysis "hammer" of choice, but there exist classes of algorithms that aren't "nails", in the sense that they are not particularly amenable to the MapReduce programming model. To address this, researchers have ... More
A power series identity and Bessel-type integrals over unitary groupsJun 06 2018In 2008, Lehner, Wettig, Guhr and Wei conjectured a power series identity and showed that it implied a determinantal formula for a Bessel-type integral over the unitary supergroup. The integral is the supersymmetric extension of Bessel-type integrals ... More
Nondense orbits for Anosov diffeomorphisms of the $2$-torusMar 08 2015Jan 28 2016Let $\lambda$ denote the probability Lebesgue measure on ${\mathbb T}^2$. For any $C^2$-Anosov diffeomorphism of the $2$-torus preserving $\lambda$ with measure-theoretic entropy equal to topological entropy, we show that the set of points with nondense ... More
Schmidt games and Markov partitionsJul 14 2008Let T be a C^2-expanding self-map of a compact, connected, smooth, Riemannian manifold M. We correct a minor gap in the proof of a theorem from the literature: the set of points whose forward orbits are nondense has full Hausdorff dimension. Our correction ... More
Four Point Functions in the SL(2,R) WZW ModelJan 31 2007We consider winding conserving four point functions in the SL(2,R) WZW model for states in arbitrary spectral flow sectors. We compute the leading order contribution to the expansion of the amplitudes in powers of the cross ratio of the four points on ... More
Extracting Information from the Gravitational Redshift of Compact Rotating ObjectsNov 11 2008When rotation is not taken into account, the measurement of the Gravitational Redshift can provide unique information about the compactness ($M/R$) of the star. Rotation alters the gravitational redshift rendering thereby a unique determination of the ... More
On certain rings of differentiable type and finiteness properties of local cohomologyFeb 16 2012Let $R$ be a commutative $F$-algebra, where $F$ is a field of characteristic 0, satisfying the following conditions: $R$ is equidimensional of dimension $n$, every residual field with respect to a maximal ideal is an algebraic extension of $F,$ and $\Der_F ... More
Local cohomology modules of polynomial or power series rings over rings of small dimensionJul 08 2012Oct 30 2013Let $A$ be a ring and $R$ be a polynomial or a power series ring over $A$. When $A$ has dimension zero, we show that the Bass numbers and the associated primes of the local cohomology modules over $R$ are finite. Moreover, if $A$ has dimension one and ... More
Local cohomology properties of direct summandsAug 22 2011Jul 08 2012In this article, we prove that if $R\to S$ is a homomorphism of Noetherian rings that splits, then for every $i\geq 0$ and ideal $I\subset R$, $\Ass_R H^i_I(R)$ is finite when $\Ass_S H^i_{IS}(S)$ is finite. In addition, if $S$ is a Cohen-Macaulay ring ... More
The content of f(R) gravityMar 15 2004We analyze the propagating degrees of freedom in gravity models where the scalar curvature in the action is replaced by a generic function $f(R)$ of the curvature. That these gravity models are equivalent to Einstein's gravity with an extra scalar field ... More
Vacua Landscape AttractorJun 23 2005The recent progress in the understanding of the landscape of string theory vacua hints that the hierarchy problem might be the problem of a super-selection rule. The attractor mechanism gives a possibility to explain the choice of a vacuum. We consider ... More
Ghost Constraints on Modified GravityNov 09 2004Nov 11 2004We show that general infrared modifications of the Einstein-Hilbert action obtained by addition of curvature invariants are not viable. These modifications contain either ghosts or light gravity scalars. A very specific fine-tuning might solve the problem ... More
The Shilov boundary for a $q$-analog of the holomorphic functions on the unit ball of $2 \times 2$ symmetric matricesMar 19 2017We describe the Shilov boundary for a $q$-analog of the algebra of holomorphic functions on the unit ball in the space of symmetric $2 \times 2$ matrices.
Honk: A PyTorch Reimplementation of Convolutional Neural Networks for Keyword SpottingOct 18 2017Nov 28 2017We describe Honk, an open-source PyTorch reimplementation of convolutional neural networks for keyword spotting that are included as examples in TensorFlow. These models are useful for recognizing "command triggers" in speech-based interfaces (e.g., "Hey ... More
All quasitrivial n-ary semigroups are reducible to semigroupsApr 11 2019We show that every quasitrivial n-ary semigroup is reducible to a binary semigroup, and we provide necessary and sufficient conditions for such a reduction to be unique. These results are then refined in the case of symmetric n-ary semigroups. We also ... More
Bifurcation for the constant scalar curvature equation and harmonic Riemannian submersionsNov 21 2016Aug 16 2018We study bifurcation for the constant scalar curvature equation along a one-parameter family of Riemannian metrics on the total space of a harmonic Riemannian submersion. We provide an existence theorem for bifurcation points and a criterion to see that ... More
Serverless Data Analytics with FlintMar 16 2018Oct 10 2018Serverless architectures organized around loosely-coupled function invocations represent an emerging design for many applications. Recent work mostly focuses on user-facing products and event-driven processing pipelines. In this paper, we explore a completely ... More
Associative, idempotent, symmetric, and order-preserving operations on chainsMay 30 2018We characterize the associative, idempotent, symmetric, and order-preserving operations on (finite) chains in terms of properties of (the Hasse diagram of) their associated semilattice order. In particular, we prove that the number of associative, idempotent, ... More
The absolute continuity of convolution products of orbital measures in exceptional symmetric spacesNov 18 2015Let $G$ be a non-compact group, $K$ the compact subgroup fixed by a Cartan involution and assume $G/K$ is an exceptional, symmetric space, one of Cartan type $E,F $ or $G$. We find the minimal integer, $L(G),$ such that any convolution product of $L(G)$ ... More
Repeatability Corner Cases in Document Ranking: The Impact of Score TiesJul 16 2018Document ranking experiments should be repeatable: running the same ranking model over the same collection with the same queries should yield exactly the same output. However, the presence of different documents with the same score may yield non-deterministic ... More
Deep Residual Learning for Small-Footprint Keyword SpottingOct 28 2017Sep 21 2018We explore the application of deep residual learning and dilated convolutions to the keyword spotting task, using the recently-released Google Speech Commands Dataset as our benchmark. Our best residual network (ResNet) implementation significantly outperforms ... More
AdS/CFT correspondence, quasinormal modes, and thermal correlators in N=4 SYMFeb 05 2003May 15 2003We use the Lorentzian AdS/CFT prescription to find the poles of the retarded thermal Green's functions of ${\cal N=4}$ SU(N) SYM theory in the limit of large N and large 't Hooft coupling. In the process, we propose a natural definition for quasinormal ... More
Investigating the Potential Dilution of the Metal Content of Hot Gas in Early-Type Galaxies by Accreted Cold GasJan 31 2013The measured emission-weighted metal abundance of the hot gas in early-type galaxies has been known to be lower than theoretical expectations for 20 years. In addition, both X-ray luminosity and metal abundance vary significantly among galaxies of similar ... More
Efficient particle-based online smoothing in general hidden Markov models: the PaRIS algorithmDec 23 2014This paper presents a novel algorithm, the particle-based, rapid incremental smoother (PaRIS), for efficient online approximation of smoothed expectations of additive state functionals in general hidden Markov models. The algorithm, which has a linear ... More
A Study of "Churn" in Tweets and Real-Time Search Queries (Extended Version)May 30 2012The real-time nature of Twitter means that term distributions in tweets and in search queries change rapidly: the most frequent terms in one hour may look very different from those in the next. Informally, we call this phenomenon "churn". Our interest ... More
Fast, Incremental Inverted Indexing in Main Memory for Web-Scale CollectionsMay 03 2013For text retrieval systems, the assumption that all data structures reside in main memory is increasingly common. In this context, we present a novel incremental inverted indexing algorithm for web-scale collections that directly constructs compressed ... More
Adaptive Pruning of Neural Language Models for Mobile DevicesSep 27 2018Neural language models (NLMs) exist in an accuracy-efficiency tradeoff space where better perplexity typically comes at the cost of greater computation complexity. In a software keyboard application on mobile devices, this translates into higher power ... More
Neocortical Dynamics at Multiple Scales: EEG Standing Waves, Statistical Mechanics, and Physical AnalogsApr 25 2010The dynamic behavior of scalp potentials (EEG) is apparently due to some combination of global and local processes with important top-down and bottom-up interactions across spatial scales. In treating global mechanisms, we stress the importance of myelinated ... More
Afterburner: The Case for In-Browser AnalyticsMay 13 2016This paper explores the novel and unconventional idea of implementing an analytical RDBMS in pure JavaScript so that it runs completely inside a browser with no external dependencies. Our prototype, called Afterburner, generates compiled query plans that ... More
Lehmann-Suwa residues of codimension one holomorphic foliations and applicationsJun 13 2018Let $\mathcal{F}$ be a singular codimension one holomorphic foliation on a compact complex manifold $X$ of dimension at least three such that its singular set has codimension at least two. In this paper, we determine Lehmann-Suwa residues of $\mathcal{F}$ ... More
Heterotic $α$'-corrections in Double Field TheoryJul 01 2014Dec 15 2014We extend the generalized flux formulation of Double Field Theory to include all the first order bosonic contributions to the $\alpha '$ expansion of the heterotic string low energy effective theory. The generalized tangent space and duality group are ... More
Double Field Theory: A Pedagogical ReviewMay 08 2013Aug 12 2013Double Field Theory (DFT) is a proposal to incorporate T-duality, a distinctive symmetry of string theory, as a symmetry of a field theory defined on a double configuration space. The aim of this review is to provide a pedagogical presentation of DFT ... More
Low energy nodal solutions to the Yamabe equationJul 16 2018Given an isoparametric function $f$ on the $n$-dimensional sphere, we consider the space of functions $w\circ f$ to reduce the Yamabe equation on the round sphere into a singular ODE on $w$ in the interval $[0,\pi]$, of the form $w" + (h(r)/\sin r)w'+\lambda(\vert ... More
Gravitational perturbations of Schwarzschild spacetime at null infinity and the hyperboloidal initial value problemOct 10 2008We study gravitational perturbations of Schwarzschild spacetime by solving a hyperboloidal initial value problem for the Bardeen-Press equation. Compactification along hyperboloidal surfaces in a scri-fixing gauge allows us to have access to the gravitational ... More
Integrability and Holographic Aspects of Six-Dimensional ${\cal N}=(1,0)$ Superconformal Field TheoriesJan 24 2019In the framework of six-dimensional conformal field theories with ${\cal N}=(1,0)$ supersymmetry we develop the map between the holographic description, the field theoretical description and the associated Hanany-Witten set-ups. General expressions that ... More
Integrability and non-Integrability in N=2 SCFTs and their Holographic BackgroundsApr 23 2018May 16 2018We show that the string worldsheet theory of Gaiotto-Maldacena holographic duals to N=2 superconformal field theories generically fails to be classically integrable. We demonstrate numerically that the dynamics of a winding string configuration possesses ... More
Effective t-J Hamiltonian for the Copper OxidesSep 09 1993Sep 23 1993Starting from the Emery model, which is assumed to describe the copper oxygen planes, and including direct oxygen hopping matrix elements, we have been able to derive the effective t-J Hamiltonian for the copper orbitals using the Linked Cluster Expansion ... More
Dynamics of Massive Shells Ejected in a Supernova ExplosionApr 22 1994An expanding shell is accelerated outward by radiation from the remnant star and slowed by ram pressure and accretion as it plows into the interstellar medium. We set up the general relativistic equations of motion for such a shell. In the non-relativistic ... More
Signatures of the sources in the gravitational waves of a perturbed Schwarzschild black holeMar 11 2009The explicit form of perturbation equation for the $\Psi_4$ Weyl scalar, containing the matter source terms, is derived for general type D spacetimes. It is described in detail the particular case of the Schwarzschild spacetime using in-going penetrating ... More
Regularization of spherical and axisymmetric evolution codes in numerical relativityJun 06 2007Sep 11 2007Several interesting astrophysical phenomena are symmetric with respect to the rotation axis, like the head-on collision of compact bodies, the collapse and/or accretion of fields with a large variety of geometries, or some forms of gravitational waves. ... More
Strong Baselines for Simple Question Answering over Knowledge Graphs with and without Neural NetworksDec 05 2017Jun 05 2018We examine the problem of question answering over knowledge graphs, focusing on simple questions that can be answered by the lookup of a single fact. Adopting a straightforward decomposition of the problem into entity detection, entity linking, relation ... More
Dynamic Memory Allocation Policies for Postings in Real-Time Twitter SearchFeb 21 2013We explore a real-time Twitter search application where tweets are arriving at a rate of several thousands per second. Real-time search demands that they be indexed and searchable immediately, which leads to a number of implementation challenges. In this ... More
NScale: Neighborhood-centric Large-Scale Graph Analytics in the CloudMay 07 2014Sep 30 2015There is an increasing interest in executing complex analyses over large graphs, many of which require processing a large number of multi-hop neighborhoods or subgraphs. Examples include ego network analysis, motif counting, personalized recommendations, ... More
New results on cut-off effects in spectroscopy with the fixed point actionNov 24 2004Dec 21 2004Our study on the cut-off effects in quenched light hadron spectroscopy and pion scattering length with the fixed point action is extended by results obtained at a lattice spacing a=0.102 fm in a box of size L=1.8 fm. The cut-off effects are small, but ... More
Sharp bounds for the p-torsion of convex planar domainsDec 21 2011We obtain some sharp estimates for the $p$-torsion of convex planar domains in terms of their area, perimeter, and inradius. The approach we adopt relies on the use of web functions (i.e. functions depending only on the distance from the boundary), and ... More
Classifications of quasitrivial semigroupsNov 27 2018We investigate classifications of quasitrivial semigroups defined by certain equivalence relations. The subclass of quasitrivial semigroups that preserve a given total ordering is also investigated. In the special case of finite semigroups, we address ... More
Distant Supervision for Topic Classification of Tweets in Curated StreamsApr 22 2017We tackle the challenge of topic classification of tweets in the context of analyzing a large collection of curated streams by news outlets and other organizations to deliver relevant content to users. Our approach is novel in applying distant supervision ... More
FLOPs as a Direct Optimization Objective for Learning Sparse Neural NetworksNov 07 2018Nov 23 2018There exists a plethora of techniques for inducing structured sparsity in parametric models during the optimization process, with the final goal of resource-efficient inference. However, few methods target a specific number of floating-point operations ... More
Simple Applications of BERT for Ad Hoc Document RetrievalMar 26 2019Following recent successes in applying BERT to question answering, we explore simple applications to ad hoc document retrieval. This required confronting the challenge posed by documents that are typically longer than the length of input BERT was designed ... More
Spherical averages of Siegel transforms for higher rank diagonal actions and applicationsJul 14 2014Jan 05 2015We investigate the geometry of approximates in multiplicative Diophantine approximation. Our main tool is a new multiparameter averaging result for Siegel transforms on the space of unimodular lattices in ${\mathbb R}^n$ which is of independent interest. ... More
The Search for Million Degree Gas Through The NVII Hyperfine LineMay 15 2007Gas in the million degree range occurs in a variety of astronomical environments, and it may be the main component of the elusive missing baryons at low redshift. The NVII ion is found in this material and it has a hyperfine spin-flip transition with ... More
The Dependence of the Soft X-ray Properties of LMXBs on the Metallicity of Their EnvironmentNov 04 1998We determine the X-ray spectral properties of a sample of low-mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) which reside in globular clusters of M31, as well as five LMXBs in Galactic globular clusters and in the Large Magellanic Cloud using the ROSAT PSPC. We find a trend ... More
Simultaneous dense and nondense orbits for commuting mapsSep 18 2013May 21 2014We show that, for two commuting automorphisms of the torus and for two elements of the Cartan action on compact higher rank homogeneous spaces, many points have drastically different orbit structures for the two maps. Specifically, using measure rigidity, ... More
JavaScript Convolutional Neural Networks for Keyword Spotting in the Browser: An Experimental AnalysisOct 30 2018Used for simple commands recognition on devices from smart routers to mobile phones, keyword spotting systems are everywhere. Ubiquitous as well are web applications, which have grown in popularity and complexity over the last decade with significant ... More
Relation between Poisson and Schrödinger equation in one dimensionDec 08 2011Sep 21 2012The relation between the Poisson and Schr\"odinger equation in one dimension is obtained through a simple transformation. It is pointed out that this analogy between both equations can be only applied for potentials that involve a combination of attractive ... More
The Chemical Compositions of Stars with Planets: A ReviewSep 29 2006A number of trends among the properties of exoplanets have become evident in the years since the first one was announced in 1995. One particularly interesting trend began to emerge in 1997 -- the incidence of giant planets correlates with the metallicity ... More
Confining and repulsive potentials from effective non-Abelian gauge fields in graphene bilayersSep 16 2016We investigate the effect of shear and strain in graphene bilayers, under conditions where the distortion of the lattice gives rise to a smooth one-dimensional modulation in the stacking sequence of the bilayer. We show that strain and shear produce characteristic ... More
Mechanical interpretation of existence theorems in a nonlinear Dirichlet problemJan 29 1997The existence of radial solutions of a nonlinear Dirichlet problem in a ball is translated to the language of Mechanics, i.e. to requirements on the time of motion of a particle in an external potential and under the action of a viscosity force. This ... More
N electrons in a quantum dot: Two-point Pade approximantsNov 19 1996We present analytic estimates for the energy levels of N electrons (N = 2 - 5) in a two-dimensional parabolic quantum dot. A magnetic field is applied perpendicularly to the confinement plane. The relevant scaled energy is shown to be a smooth function ... More
Angular Noise in Gravitational Wave DetectorsFeb 11 2001Angular fluctuations of suspended mirrors in gravitational wave interferometers are a source of noise both for the locking and the operation of the detectors. We describe here some of the sources of these fluctuations and methods for the estimation of ... More
Some new solutions to the Schrodinger equation for the trigonometric E8 Calogero-Sutherland problemJun 12 2009We provide a list of explicit eigenfunctions of the trigonometric Calogero-Sutherland Hamiltonian associated to the root system of the exceptional Lie algebra E8. The quantum numbers of these solutions correspond to the first and second order weights ... More
Heterogeneous FPGA+GPU Embedded Systems: Challenges and OpportunitiesJan 18 2019Jan 25 2019The edge computing paradigm has emerged to handle cloud computing issues such as scalability, security and low response time among others. This new computing trend heavily relies on ubiquitous embedded systems on the edge. Performance and energy consumption ... More
Quantum cohomology and $S^1$-actions with isolated fixed pointsOct 08 2003This paper studies symplectic manifolds that admit semi-free circle actions with isolated fixed points. We prove, using results on the Seidel element due to McDuff and Tolman, that the (small) quantum cohomology of a $2n$ dimensional manifold of this ... More
Cracking and instability of isotropic and anisotropic relativistic spheresOct 28 2014Using the concept of cracking, we have explored the influence of density fluctuations on the stability of isotropic and anisotropic matter configurations in General Relativity with "barotropic" equations of state, $P = P(\rho)$ and $P_{\perp}= P_{\perp}(\rho)$. ... More
LHC Results Highlights (CLASHEP 2013)Jul 26 2013The good performance of the LHC provided enough data at 7 TeV and 8 TeV to allow the experiments to perform very competitive measurements and to expand the knowledge about the fundamental interaction far beyond that from previous colliders. This report ... More
Determination of the strong coupling constant using subjet multiplicities in Neutral Current Deep Inelastic ScatteringNov 22 2001The internal structure of the jets produced in neutral current interactions for Q^2>125 GeV^2 has been studied using the subjet multiplicity with the ZEUS detector at HERA. Jets are identified in the laboratory frame by applying the longitudinally invariant ... More
Analysis of scalar dissipation in terms of vorticity geometry in isotropic turbulenceDec 01 2016The mechanisms promoting scalar dissipation through scalar gradient production are scrutinized in terms of vorticity alignment with respect to strain principal axes. For that purpose, a stochastic Lagrangian model for the velocity gradient tensor and ... More
Jet Physics at HERANov 26 2002Analyses of jet production at HERA have become precise enough to perform QCD studies which are both competitive and complementary to those at e+e- and p-pbar colliders. This report summarises some of the latest results on jet physics from the H1 and ZEUS ... More
Eigenvalue bounds in one dimensional Schrodinger's equation with ultra-short potentialsMar 03 2015The problem of a particle localized in a ultra-short potential in one dimension is considered. By proposing a general solution to Schrodinger;s equation we show that the energy spectra and the probability of the particle have definite bounds for an arbitrary ... More
Unstable Adams operations acting on $p$-local compact groups and fixed pointsApr 20 2011Jan 16 2012We prove in this paper that every $p$-local compact group is approximated by transporter systems over finite $p$-groups. To do so, we use unstable Adams operations acting on a given $p$-local compact group and study the structure of resulting fixed points. ... More
The Sun's Interior Metallicity Constrained by NeutrinosMay 25 2006Observed solar neutrino fluxes are employed to constrain the interior composition of the Sun. Including the effects of neutrino flavor mixing, the results from Homestake, Sudbury, and Gallium experiments constrain the Mg, Si, and Fe abundances in the ... More
Quantum theory of space charge limited current in solidsNov 17 2014We present a quantum model of space charge limited current transport inside trap-free solids with planar geometry in the mean field approximation. We use a simple transformation which allows us to find the exact analytical solution for the steady state ... More
Generalized loading-unloading contact laws for elasto-plastic spheres with bonding strengthMar 20 2018We present generalized loading-unloading contact laws for elasto-plastic spheres with bonding strength. The proposed mechanistic contact laws are continuous at the onset of unloading by means of a regularization term, in the spirit of a cohesive zone ... More
HD 65949: The Highest Known Mercury Excess Of Any CP Star?Jun 29 2006ESO spectra of HD 65949 show it to be unlike any of the well-known types within its temperature range $\approx$ 13600K. It is neither a silicon, nor a mercury-manganese star, though it has a huge Hg II line at $\lambda$3984. We estimate $\log({\rm Hg/H}) ... More
Cracking isotropic and anisotropic relativistic spheresOct 28 2014Nov 15 2016We explore the influence of density fluctuations on isotropic and anisotropic configurations, extending the concept of cracking for general relativistic fluid spheres. This concept, conceived to describe the behaviour of anisotropic matter distributions ... More
Pioneer anomaly? Gravitational pull due to the Kuiper beltMar 16 2005Jan 09 2006In this work we study the gravitational influence of the material extending from Uranus orbit to the Kuiper belt and beyond on objects moving within these regions. We conclude that a density distribution given by $\rho(r)=\frac{1}{r}$ (for $r\geq 20 UA$) ... More
Aspects of D-brane dynamics on orbifoldsNov 05 1997We discuss D-brane dynamics in orbifold compactifications of type II superstring theory. We compute the interaction potential between two D-branes moving with constant velocities and give a field theory interpretation of it in the large distance limit. ... More
Holographic Aspects of Four Dimensional ${\cal N }=2$ SCFTs and their Marginal DeformationsJan 09 2019We study the holographic description of ${\cal N}=2$ Super Conformal Field Theories in four dimensions first given by Gaiotto and Maldacena. We present new expressions that holographically calculate characteristic numbers of the CFT and associated Hanany-Witten ... More
A new approach to the Child-Langmuir lawJun 24 2015We analyze the motion of charged particles in a vacuum tube diode using a new set of variables. We obtain the space charge limited current for a charged particle moving non-relativistically in one dimension for the case of zero and non zero initial velocity. ... More
A spherical scalar-tensor galaxy modelFeb 27 2009Mar 18 2009We build a spherical halo model for galaxies using a general scalar-tensor theory of gravity in its Newtonian limit. The scalar field is described by a time-independent Klein-Gordon equation with a source that is coupled to the standard Poisson equation ... More
Sapphire: Querying RDF Data Made SimpleMay 29 2018Sep 13 2018RDF data in the linked open data (LOD) cloud is very valuable for many different applications. In order to unlock the full value of this data, users should be able to issue complex queries on the RDF datasets in the LOD cloud. SPARQL can express such ... More
Document Expansion by Query PredictionApr 17 2019One technique to improve the retrieval effectiveness of a search engine is to expand documents with terms that are related or representative of the documents' content. From the perspective of a question answering system, a useful representation of a document ... More
Very Power Efficient Neural Time-of-FlightDec 19 2018Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras require active illumination to obtain depth information thus the power of illumination directly affects the performance of ToF cameras. Traditional ToF imaging algorithms is very sensitive to illumination and the depth accuracy ... More
An Experimental Analysis of the Power Consumption of Convolutional Neural Networks for Keyword SpottingOct 30 2017Sep 21 2018Nearly all previous work on small-footprint keyword spotting with neural networks quantify model footprint in terms of the number of parameters and multiply operations for a feedforward inference pass. These values are, however, proxy measures since empirical ... More
Runtime Optimizations for Prediction with Tree-Based ModelsDec 11 2012Apr 26 2013Tree-based models have proven to be an effective solution for web ranking as well as other problems in diverse domains. This paper focuses on optimizing the runtime performance of applying such models to make predictions, given an already-trained model. ... More
Global bifurcation techniques for Yamabe type equations on Riemannian manifoldsMay 22 2019We consider a closed Riemannian manifold $(M^n ,g)$ of dimension $n\geq 3$ and study positive solutions of the equation $-\Delta_g u + \lambda u = \lambda u^q$, with $\lambda >0$, $q>1$. If $M$ supports a proper isoparametric function with focal varieties ... More
Identifying Duplicate and Contradictory Information in WikipediaJun 04 2014Our study identifies sentences in Wikipedia articles that are either identical or highly similar by applying techniques for near-duplicate detection of web pages. This is accomplished with a MapReduce implementation of minhash to identify clusters of ... More
Multi-Perspective Relevance Matching with Hierarchical ConvNets for Social Media SearchMay 21 2018Despite substantial interest in applications of neural networks to information retrieval, neural ranking models have only been applied to standard ad hoc retrieval tasks over web pages and newswire documents. This paper proposes MP-HCNN (Multi-Perspective ... More
The Large Aperture GRB ObservatoryJun 04 2009The Large Aperture GRB Observatory (LAGO) is aiming at the detection of the high energy (around 100 GeV) component of Gamma Ray Bursts, using the single particle technique in arrays of Water Cherenkov Detectors (WCD) in high mountain sites (Chacaltaya, ... More
Operating Water Cherenkov Detectors in high altitude sites for the Large Aperture GRB ObservatoryJun 04 2009Water Cherenkov Detectors (WCD) are efficient detectors for detecting GRBs in the 10 GeV - 1 TeV energy range using the single particle technique, given their sensitivity to low energy secondary photons produced by high energy photons when cascading in ... More
ACTRCE: Augmenting Experience via Teacher's Advice For Multi-Goal Reinforcement LearningFeb 12 2019Sparse reward is one of the most challenging problems in reinforcement learning (RL). Hindsight Experience Replay (HER) attempts to address this issue by converting a failed experience to a successful one by relabeling the goals. Despite its effectiveness, ... More
On the Koebe Quarter Theorem for PolynomialsApr 24 2019D. Dimitrov has posed the problem of finding polynomials that set the sharpness of the Koebe Quarter Theorem for polynomials and asked whether Suffridge polynomials are optimal. We disprove Dimitrov's conjecture for polynomials of degree 3, 4, 5 and 6. ... More
Weyl fermions induced Magnon electrodynamics in Weyl semimetalMay 02 2014Oct 16 2014Weyl fermions, which are fermions with definite chiralities, can give rise to anomalous breaking of the symmetry of the physical system which they are a part of. In their (3+1)-dimensional realizations in condensed matter systems, i.e., the so-called ... More
Removing Propagation Redundant Constraints in Redundant ModelingDec 07 2004A widely adopted approach to solving constraint satisfaction problems combines systematic tree search with various degrees of constraint propagation for pruning the search space. One common technique to improve the execution efficiency is to add redundant ... More
Exploring The Contribution of Unlabeled Data in Financial Sentiment AnalysisAug 03 2013With the proliferation of its applications in various industries, sentiment analysis by using publicly available web data has become an active research area in text classification during these years. It is argued by researchers that semi-supervised learning ... More
DocBERT: BERT for Document ClassificationApr 17 2019Pre-trained language representation models achieve remarkable state of the art across a wide range of tasks in natural language processing. One of the latest advancements is BERT, a deep pre-trained transformer that yields much better results than its ... More