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State Transitions in Ultracompact Neutron Star LMXBs: towards the Low Luminosity LimitNov 21 2017Luminosity of X-ray spectral state transitions in black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries can put constraint on the critical mass accretion rate between accretion regimes. Previous studies indicate that the hard-to-soft spectral state transitions in ... More
Some sharp results on the generalized Turán numbersFeb 04 2018For graphs $T, H$, let $ex(n,T,H)$ denote the maximum number of copies of $T$ in an $n$-vertex $H$-free graph. In this paper we prove some sharp results on this generalization of Tur\'an numbers, where our focus is for the graphs $T,H$ satisfying $\chi(T)<\chi(H)$. ... More
Non-extendable isomorphisms between affine varietiesOct 21 2001In this paper, we report several large classes of affine varieties (over an arbitrary field $K$ of characteristic 0) with the following property: each variety in these classes has an isomorphic copy such that the corresponding isomorphism cannot be extended ... More
Giant perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Fe/III-V nitride thin filmsJun 11 2018Large perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA) in transition metal thin films provides a pathway for enabling the intriguing physics of nanomagnetism and developing broad spintronics applications. After decades of searches for promising materials, the ... More
Coordinates and Automorphisms of Polynomial and Free Associative Algebras of Rank ThreeJun 13 2006We study z-automorphisms of the polynomial algebra K[x,y,z] and the free associative algebra K<x,y,z> over a field K, i.e., automorphisms which fix the variable z. We survey some recent results on such automorphisms and on the corresponding coordinates. ... More
Test polynomials, retracts, and the Jacobian conjectureMay 10 2004Let K[x,y] be the algebra of two-variable polynomials over a field K. A polynomial p=p(x, y) is called a test polynomial (for automorphisms) if, whenever \phi(p)=p for a mapping \phi of K[x,y], this \phi must be an automorphism. Here we show that p \in ... More
Automorphisms of polynomial algebras and Dirichlet seriesJun 04 2008Jun 27 2008Let GF(q)[x,y] be the polynomial algebra in two variables over the finite field GF(q) with q elements. We give an exact formula and the asymptotics for the number p(n) of automorphisms (f,g) of GF(q)[x,y] such that max{deg(f),deg(g)}=n. We describe also ... More
Density-induced reorientation of the stripe at half-filled high Landau levelsApr 03 2004The effect of a unidirectional periodic potential on the orientation of the stripe state is studied for the two-dimensional electron system at half-filled high Landau levels. By considering a quantum well with two electric subbands, it is found that the ... More
Embeddings of curves in the planeSep 10 1998In this paper, we contribute toward a classification of two-variable polynomials by classifying (up to an automorphism of $C^2$) polynomials whose Newton polygon is either a triangle or a line segment. Our classification has several applications to the ... More
Instantons on General Noncommutative R^4May 13 2002May 15 2002We study the U(1) and U(2) instanton solutions of gauge theory on general noncommutative $\bf{R}^4$. In all cases considered we obtain explicit results for the projection operators. In some cases we computed numerically the instanton charge and found ... More
Birational morphisms of the planeSep 07 2003Let A^2 be the affine plane over a field K of characteristic 0. Birational morphisms of A^2 are mappings A^2 \to A^2 given by polynomial mappings \phi of the polynomial algebra K[x,y] such that for the quotient fields, one has K(\phi(x), \phi(y)) = K(x,y). ... More
Dimension of automorphisms with fixed degree for polynomial algebrasJun 25 2008Jul 07 2008Let $K[x,y]$ be the polynomial algebra in two variables over an algebraically closed field $K$. We generalize to the case of any characteristic the result of Furter that over a field of characteristic zero the set of automorphisms $(f,g)$ of $K[x,y]$ ... More
Temperature dependence of the conductivity of the electronic crystalMay 14 2003Jul 01 2004We study the temperature dependence of the conductivity of the 2D electronic solid. In realistic samples, a domain structure forms in the solid and each domain randomly orients in the absence of the in-plane field. At higher temperature, the electron ... More
Degree estimate for subalgebrasOct 18 2010Based on Bergman's Lemma on centralizers, we obtain a sharp lower degree bound for nonconstant elements in a subalgebra generated by two elements of a free associative algebra over an arbitrary field.
The strong Anick conjecture is trueJul 08 2005Jul 11 2005Recently Umirbaev has proved the long-standing Anick conjecture, that is, there exist wild automorphisms of the free associative algebra K<x,y,z> over a field K of characteristic 0. In particular, the well-known Anick automorphism is wild. In this article ... More
A molecular line study towards massive extended green object clumps in the southern sky: chemical propertiesMay 04 2016We present a molecular line study towards 31 extended green object (EGO) clumps in the southern sky using data from MALT90 (Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz). According to previous multiwavelength observations, we divide our sample into two groups: ... More
Tame Automorphisms Fixing a Variable of Free Associative Algebras of Rank ThreeMay 02 2006We study automorphisms of the free associative algebra K<x,y,z> over a field K which fix the variable z. We describe the structure of the group of z-tame automorphisms and derive algorithms which recognize z-tame automorphisms and z-tame coordinates.
Cancellation conjecture for free associative algebrasJun 21 2006We develop a new method to deal with the Cancellation Conjecture of Zariski in different environments. We prove the conjecture for free associative algebras of rank two. We also produce a new proof of the conjecture for polynomial algebras of rank two ... More
Double charm production e^+ e^- \to J/ψ+ c \bar{c} at B factories with next-to-leading order QCD correctionsNov 07 2006Mar 05 2007The inclusive $J/\psi$ production in $e^+ e^- \to J/\psi c\bar c$ at B factories is one of the most challenging open problems in heavy quarkonium physics. The observed cross section of this double charm production process is larger than existing leading ... More
Cluster-Based Regularized Sliced Inverse Regression for Forecasting Macroeconomic VariablesOct 27 2011Dec 02 2013This article concerns the dimension reduction in regression for large data set. We introduce a new method based on the sliced inverse regression approach, called cluster-based regularized sliced inverse regression. Our method not only keeps the merit ... More
Endomorphisms preserving coordinates of polynomial algebrasOct 19 2011Oct 23 2011It is proved that the Jacobian of a k-endomorphism of k[x_1,...,x_n] over a field k of characteristic zero taking every tame coordinate to a coordinate, must be a nonzero constant in k. It is also proved that the Jacobian of an R-endomorphism of A:=R[x_1,...,x_n] ... More
Mesonic excitations and pi--pi scattering lengths at finite temperature in the two-flavor Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio modelApr 19 2009The mesonic excitations and s-wave pi--pi scattering lengths at finite temperature are studied in the two-flavor Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio (PNJL) model. The masses of pi-meson and sigma-meson, pion-decay constant, the pion-quark coupling strength, ... More
Four-fermion interactions and the chiral symmetry breaking in an external magnetic fieldMay 27 2017We investigate the chiral symmetry and its spontaneous breaking at finite temperature and in an external magnetic field with four-fermion interactions of different channels. Quantum and thermal fluctuations are included within the functional renormalization ... More
HNCO: A Molecule Traces Low-velocity ShockNov 10 2017Using data from MALT90 (Millimetre Astronomy Legacy Team Survey at 90 GHz), we present molecular line study of a sample of ATLASGAL (APEX Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy) clumps. Twelve emission lines have been detected in all. We found that ... More
Estimation of the Evolutionary Spectra with Application to Stationarity TestFeb 25 2018Jan 18 2019In this work, we propose a new inference procedure for understanding non-stationary processes, under the framework of evolutionary spectra developed by Priestley. Among various frameworks of modeling non-stationary processes, the distinguishing feature ... More
On the lifting of the Nagata automorphismNov 15 2010Feb 21 2011It is proved that the Nagata automorphism (Nagata coordinates, respectively) of the polynomial algebra $F[x,y,z]$ over a field $F$ cannot be lifted to a $z$-automorphism ($z$-coordinate, respectively) of the free associative algebra $K<x,y,z>$. The proof ... More
A Note on Conformal Ricci FlowSep 25 2011In this note we study conformal Ricci flow introduced by Arthur Fischer. We use DeTurck's trick to rewrite conformal Ricci flow as a strong parabolic-elliptic partial differential equations. Then we prove short time existences for conformal Ricci flow ... More
Interaction of a surface acoustic wave with a two-dimensional electron gasAug 02 2005When a surface acoustic wave propagates on the surface of a GaAs semiconductor, coupling between electrons in the two-dimensional electron gas beneath the interface and the elastic host crystal through piezoelectric interaction will attenuate the SAW. ... More
Applications of degree estimate for subalgebrasNov 30 2010Let $K$ be a field of positive characteristic and $K<x, y>$ be the free algebra of rank two over $K$. Based on the degree estimate done by Y.-C. Li and J.-T. Yu, we extend the results of S.J. Gong and J.T. Yu's results: (1) An element $p(x,y)\in K<x,y>$ ... More
Isomorphisms between quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$Jan 01 2010Feb 22 2012Let $\mathbb K$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in\mathbb K^*$ are not roots of unity. We prove that the two quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ are isomorphic as $\mathbb K$-algebras implies that $p=\pm q^{\pm 1}$ when ... More
Isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groupsOct 09 2009Feb 22 2012We consider isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groups. Let $k$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in k^*$ are not roots of unity. We prove that the two quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_2)$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_2)$ over a field $k$ are isomorphic ... More
Deep Learning Classification in AsteroseismologyMay 18 2017Jun 17 2017In the power spectra of oscillating red giants, there are visually distinct features defining stars ascending the red giant branch from those that have commenced helium core burning. We train a one-dimensional convolutional neural network by supervised ... More
Engineering planar transverse domain walls in biaxial magnetic nanostrips by tailoring transverse magnetic fields with uniform orientationDec 03 2018Designing and realizing various magnetization textures in magnetic nanostructures are essential for developing novel magnetic nanodevices in modern information industry. Among all these textures, planar transverse domain walls (pTDWs) are the simplest ... More
A multiwavelength study of the star forming H II region Sh2-82May 05 2016Based on a multiwavelength study, the interstellar medium and young stellar objects (YSOs) around the HII region Sh2-82 have been analyzed. Two molecular clumps were found from the archival data of the Galactic Ring Survey, and using the Two Micron All-Sky ... More
Neutrino mixing in SO(10) GUTs with non-abelian flavor symmetry in the hidden sectorMar 21 2018Apr 07 2018The relation between the mixing matrices of leptons and quarks: $U_{\rm{PMNS}} \approx V_{\rm{CKM}}^\dagger U_0$, where $U_0$ is a matrix of special forms (e.g. BM, TBM), can be a clue for understanding the lepton mixing and neutrino masses. It may imply ... More
Conformal Ricci flow on asymptotically hyperbolic manifoldsJan 11 2018In this article we study the short-time existence of conformal Ricci flow on asymptotically hyperbolic manifolds. We also prove a local Shi's type curvature derivative estimate for conformal Ricci flow.
Existence of translating solutions to the flow by powers of mean curvature on unbounded domainsSep 16 2010In this paper, we prove the existence of classical solutions of the Dirichlet problem for a class of quasi-linear elliptic equations on unbounded domains like a cone or a U-type domain. This problem comes from the study of mean curvature flow and its ... More
The environment and star formation of HII region Sh2-163: a multi-wavelength studyMay 08 2016To investigate the environment of HII region Sh2-163 and search for evidence of triggered star formation in this region, we performed a multi-wavelength study of this HII region. Most of our data were taken from large-scale surveys: 2MASS, CGPS, MSX and ... More
Physical and chemical properties of Red MSX Sources in the southern sky: HII regionsMay 05 2016We have studied the physical and chemical properties of 18 southern Red Midcourse Space Experiment Sources (RMSs), using archival data taken from the Atacama Pathfinder Experiment (APEX) Telescope Large Area Survey of the Galaxy, the Australia Telescope ... More
Test elements, retracts and automorphic orbitsJul 07 2008Let $A_2$ be a free associative or polynomial algebra of rank two over a field $K$ of characteristic zero. Based on the degree estimate of Makar-Limanov and J.-T.Yu, we prove: 1) An element $p \in A_2$ is a test element if $p$ does not belong to any proper ... More
Theoretical stability in coefficient inverse problems for general hyperbolic equations with numerical reconstructionMay 18 2017In this article, we investigate the determination of the spatial component in the time-dependent second order coefficient of a hyperbolic equation from both theoretical and numerical aspects. By the Carleman estimates for general hyperbolic operators ... More
DAG-GNN: DAG Structure Learning with Graph Neural NetworksApr 22 2019Learning a faithful directed acyclic graph (DAG) from samples of a joint distribution is a challenging combinatorial problem, owing to the intractable search space superexponential in the number of graph nodes. A recent breakthrough formulates the problem ... More
A systematic study on the cosmic ray antiproton fluxDec 13 2016Recently the AMS-02 collaboration has published the measurement of the cosmic antiproton to proton ratio $\bar{p}/p$ and the $\bar{p}$ flux with a high precision up to $\sim 450\,\mathrm{GeV}$. In this work, we perform a systematic analysis of the secondary ... More
Role of initial system-bath correlation on coherence trappingFeb 09 2015We study the coherence trapping of a qubit correlated initially with a non-Markovian bath in a pure dephasing channel. By considering the initial qubit-bath correlation and the bath spectral density, we find that the initial qubit-bath correlation can ... More
Search for $C=+$ charmonium and XYZ states in $e^+e^-\to γ+ H$ at BESIIIOct 01 2013Oct 28 2013Within the framework of nonrelativistic quantum chromodynamics, we study the production of $C=+$ charmonium states $H$ in $e^+e^-\to \gamma~+~H$ at BESIII with $H=\eta_c(nS)$ (n=1, 2, 3, and 4), $\chi_{cJ}(nP)$ (n=1, 2, and 3), and $^1D_2(nD)$ (n=1 and ... More
Study of Color Octet Matrix Elements Through $J/ψ$ Production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ AnnihilationSep 08 2014Aug 04 2016In this paper, the color-octet long distance matrix elements are studied though the inclusive $J/\psi$ production in $e^{+}e^{-}$ annihilation within the non-relativistic QCD frame. The calculations are up-to next-to-leading order with the radiative corrections ... More
Geodesics and periodic orbits in Kehagias-Sfetsos black holes in deformed Hourava-Lifshitz gravityApr 05 2019The motion of a massive test particle around a Kehagias-Sfetsos black hole in deformed Ho\u{r}ava-Lifshitz gravity is studied. Employing the effective potential, the marginally bound orbits and the innermost stable circular orbits are analyzed. For the ... More
Modeling and Predicting Popularity Dynamics via Deep Learning Attention MechanismNov 06 2018An ability to predict the popularity dynamics of individual items within a complex evolving system has important implications in a wide range of domains. Here we propose a deep learning attention mechanism to model the process through which individual ... More
Attention-based Natural Language Person RetrievalMay 24 2017Following the recent progress in image classification and captioning using deep learning, we develop a novel natural language person retrieval system based on an attention mechanism. More specifically, given the description of a person, the goal is to ... More
Lauglin-type wavefunction of two-dimensional electrons in the tilted magnetic fieldMar 27 2002We study the fractional quantum Hall states in the tilted magnetic field. A many-particle wavefunction of the ground state, which is similar to that of Laughlin's, is constructed in the Landau gauge. We show that in the limit of thermodynamics, the concept ... More
The general crossing relation for boundary reflection matrixMay 27 1999In this paper, we give the general crossing relation for boundary reflection matrix $R(\beta)$, which is the extension of the work given by Ghoshal and Zamolodchikov .We also use the first non-trivial extended crossing relation to determine the scaler ... More
The relation between outburst rate and orbital period in low-mass X-ray binary transientsJan 02 2019We have investigated the outburst properties of low-mass X-ray binary transients (LMXBTs) based on a comprehensive study of the outbursts observed in the past few decades. The outburst rates were estimated based on the X-ray monitoring data from Swift/BAT, ... More
Degeneracy and Discreteness in Cosmological Model FittingMay 25 2015Sep 18 2015We explore the degeneracy and discreteness problems in the standard cosmological model (\Lambda CDM). We use the Observational Hubble Data (OHD) and the type Ia supernova (SNe Ia) data to study this issue. In order to describe the discreteness in fitting ... More
2+1 Flavor Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio Model at Finite Temperature and Nonzero Chemical PotentialNov 01 2007We extend the Polyakov-loop improved Nambu--Jona-Lasinio (PNJL) model to 2+1 flavor case to study the chiral and deconfinement transitions of strongly interacting matter at finite temperature and nonzero chemical potential. The Polyakov-loop, the chiral ... More
AutoML from Service Provider's Perspective: Multi-device, Multi-tenant Model Selection with GP-EIMar 17 2018Oct 28 2018AutoML has become a popular service that is provided by most leading cloud service providers today. In this paper, we focus on the AutoML problem from the \emph{service provider's perspective}, motivated by the following practical consideration: When ... More
QCD corrections to $\bm{e^+ e^- \to J/ψg g}$ at B FactoriesDec 30 2008Apr 24 2009In heavy quarkonium production, the measured ratio $R_{c \bar c}=\sigma[J/\psi+ c\bar c + X]/\sigma[J/\psi +X]$ at B factories is much larger than existing theoretical predictions. To clarify this discrepancy, in nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) we find the ... More
Factorization and NLO QCD correction in e^+ e^- \to J/ψ(ψ(2S))+ χ_{c0} at B Factories}Feb 25 2008Sep 09 2008In nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD), we study $e^+ e^- \to J/\psi(\psi(2S)) +\chi_{c0}$ at $B$ factories, where the P-wave state $\chi_{c0}$ is associated with an S-wave state $J/\psi$ or $\psi(2S)$. In contrast to the failure of factorization in most cases ... More
Preliminary Application of Reinsch Splines to Cosmology: Transition Redshift Determination with Simulated OHDAug 23 2012Sep 03 2013Many schemes have been proposed to perform a model-independent constraint on cosmological dynamics, such as nonparametric dark energy equation of state (EoS) \omega(z) or the deceleration parameter q(z). These methods usually contain derivative processes ... More
Liquid marbles as thermally robust droplets: coating-assisted Leidenfrost-like effectJul 03 2012The Leidenfrost effect-prolonged evaporation of droplets on a superheated surface-happens only when the surface temperature is above a certain transitional value. Here, we show that specially engineered droplets - liquid marbles - can exhibit similar ... More
Zeroth-Order Online Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers: Convergence Analysis and ApplicationsOct 21 2017Feb 18 2018In this paper, we design and analyze a new zeroth-order online algorithm, namely, the zeroth-order online alternating direction method of multipliers (ZOO-ADMM), which enjoys dual advantages of being gradient-free operation and employing the ADMM to accommodate ... More
TVQA+: Spatio-Temporal Grounding for Video Question AnsweringApr 25 2019We present the task of Spatio-Temporal Video Question Answering, which requires intelligent systems to simultaneously retrieve relevant moments and detect referenced visual concepts (people and objects) to answer natural language questions about videos. ... More
Probery: A Probability-based Incomplete Query Optimization for Big DataJan 01 2019Nowadays, query optimization has been highly concerned in big data management, especially in NoSQL databases. Approximate queries boost query performance by loss of accuracy, for example, sampling approaches trade off query completeness for efficiency. ... More
A short proof that the free associative algebra is HopfianAug 15 2017May 29 2018A short proof is given of the fact that various classes of algebras including the free associative algebra are Hopfian, i.e., every epimorphism is an automorphism. This further simplifies the Dicks-Lewin solution of the Jacobian conjecture for the free ... More
The Bound of Entanglement of Superpositions with More Than Two ComponentsJan 26 2007Feb 10 2008A bipartite quantum state (for two systems in any dimensions) can be decomposed as a superposition of many components. For a superposition of more than two components we prove that there is a bound of the entanglement of the superposition state which ... More
Multiple Change Point Analysis: Fast Implementation And Strong ConsistencyMay 02 2016Jun 24 2016One of the main challenges in identifying structural changes in stochastic processes is to carry out analysis for time series with dependency structure in a computationally tractable way. Another challenge is that the number of true change points is usually ... More
A Latent Clothing Attribute Approach for Human Pose EstimationNov 16 2014As a fundamental technique that concerns several vision tasks such as image parsing, action recognition and clothing retrieval, human pose estimation (HPE) has been extensively investigated in recent years. To achieve accurate and reliable estimation ... More
The Fe Line Flux Ratio as a diagnostic of the maximum temperature and the white dwarf mass of Cataclysmic VariablesMay 09 2019The flux ratio of Fe XXVI--Ly$\alpha$ to Fe XXV--He$\alpha$ lines ($I_{\rm 7.0}/I_{\rm 6.7}$) is a sensitive indicator of the maximum temperature ($T_{\rm max}$), and therefore the mass of white dwarf stars ($M_{\rm WD}$) in cataclysmic variables (CVs). ... More
The Extended Bose Hubbard Model on the Two Dimensional Honeycomb LatticeJan 06 2007Mar 29 2007We study the extended Bose-Hubbard model on a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice by using large scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations. We present the ground state phase diagrams for both the hard-core case and the soft-core case. For the hard-core case, ... More
Fluctuations and Correlations of Conserved Charges in QCD at Finite Temperature with Effective ModelsOct 30 2009Mar 03 2010We study fluctuations of conserved charges including baryon number, electric charge, and strangeness as well as the correlations among these conserved charges in the 2+1 flavor Polyakov--Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model at finite temperature. The calculated ... More
Two-pion interferometry for the granular sources in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisionsJul 18 2011Aug 22 2011We investigate the two-pion interferometry in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions in the granular source model of quark-gluon plasma droplets. The pion transverse momentum spectra and HBT radii of the granular sources agree well with the experimental ... More
A primal-dual interior-point method capable of rapidly detecting infeasibility for nonlinear programsJul 08 2018With the help of a logarithmic barrier augmented Lagrangian function, we can obtain closed-form solutions of slack variables of logarithmic-barrier problems of nonlinear programs. As a result, a two-parameter primal-dual nonlinear system is proposed, ... More
Origin of $sp$-electron magnetism in Graphitic Carbon NitrideAug 10 2018Based on first principles calculations, this study reveals that magnetism in otherwise non-magnetic materials can originate from the partial occupation of antibonding states. Since the antibonding wavefunctions are spatially antisymmetric, the spin wavefunctions ... More
New Spinor Field Realizations of the Non-Critical $W_{3}$ StringJul 27 2005Jan 01 2007We investigate the new spinor field realizations of the $W_{3}$ algebra, making use of the fact that the $W_{3}$ algebra can be linearized by the addition of a spin-1 current. We then use these new realizations to build the nilpotent Becchi-Rouet-Stora--Tyutin ... More
Human activity recognition based on time series analysis using U-NetSep 20 2018Traditional human activity recognition (HAR) based on time series adopts sliding window analysis method. This method faces the multi-class window problem which mistakenly labels different classes of sampling points within a window as a class. In this ... More
Energy-efficient Analytics for Geographically Distributed Big DataAug 10 2017Aug 26 2017Big data analytics on geographically distributed datasets (across data centers or clusters) has been attracting increasing interests from both academia and industry, but also significantly complicates the system and algorithm designs. In this article, ... More
Expert Finding in Community Question Answering: A ReviewApr 21 2018The rapid development recently of Community Question Answering (CQA) satisfies users quest for professional and personal knowledge about anything. In CQA, one central issue is to find users with expertise and willingness to answer the given questions. ... More
Flapping-pattern change in small and very small insectsJul 23 2018Sep 10 2018Medium and large insects in normal hovering have horizontal, planar up- and downstrokes1-4. The lift of the two half-strokes, generated by the leading-edge vortex, provides the weight-supporting vertical force. But for small insects (wing length R less ... More
Quadrupole Plasmon Excitations in Confined One-dimensional SystemsJan 01 2014The existence and nature of a new mode of electronic collective excitations (quadrupole plasmons) in confined one-dimensional electronic systems have been predicted by an eigen-equation method. The eigen-equation based on the time-dependent density-functional ... More
Global Phase Diagram of the Extended Kitaev-Heisenberg Model on Honeycomb LatticeJan 28 2015We study the extended Kitaev-Heisenberg (EKH) quantum spin model by adding bond-dependent off-diagonal Heisenberg term into the original KH model, which was recently proposed to describe the honeycomb Iridates. A rigorous mathematical mapping of spin ... More
On The Zariski Topology Of Automorphism Groups Of Affine Spaces And AlgebrasJul 09 2012Dec 13 2016We study the Zariski topology of the ind-groups of polynomial and free associative algebras $\Aut(K[x_1,...,x_n])$ (which is equivalent to the automorphism group of the affine space $\Aut(K^n))$) and $\Aut(K< x_1,..., x_n>$ via $\Ind$-schemes, toric varieties, ... More
Using spatial curvature with HII galaxies and cosmic chronometers to explore the tension in $H_0$Jan 20 2019We present a model-independent measurement of spatial curvature $\Omega_{k}$ in the Friedmann-Lema\^itre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) universe, based on observations of the Hubble parameter $H(z)$ using cosmic chronometers, and a Gaussian Process (GP) reconstruction ... More
Independence of the B-KK Isomorphism of Infinite PrimeDec 21 2015Feb 27 2019We investigate a certain class of $\Ind$-scheme morphisms corresponding to homomorphisms between the automorphism group of the $n$-th complex Weyl algebra and the group of Poisson structure-preserving automorphisms of the commutative complex polynomial ... More
The Fourth Generation Quark and the 750 GeV Diphoton ExcessJan 05 2016Recently, the CMS and ATLAS collaborations have reported a diphoton peak at 750 GeV in the RunII of LHC at 13 TeV. We assume that the heavy fourth generation quark doublet $z,~y$ with $380 $GeV mass, and the width of $z,t$ is much less $b$ quark. Then ... More
Radiative decays of charmonium into light mesonsJul 25 2006Jan 02 2007We apply perturbative QCD to the radiative decays of charmonia $J/\psi$ and $\chi_{cJ}$ into light mesons. We perform a complete numerical calculation for the quark-gluon loop diagrams involved in these processes. The calculated $J/\psi$ decay branching ... More
Corrections to the Nonrelativistic Ground Energy of a Helium AtomNov 20 2005Considering the nuclear motion, the authors give out the nonrelativistic ground energy of a helium atom by using a simple but effective variational wave function with a flexible parameter $k$. Based on this result, the relativistic and radiative corrections ... More
Spinor Field Realizations of Non-critical $W_{2,s}$ StringsAug 16 2005In this paper, we construct the nilpotent Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin($BRST$) charges of spinor non-critical $W_{2,s}$ strings. The cases of $s=3,4$ are discussed in detail, and spinor realization for $s=4$ is given explicitly. The $BRST$ charges are graded. ... More
Possible composite-fermion liquid as a crossover from Wigner crystal to bubble phase in higher Landau levelJun 01 2000Nov 30 2000The ground state cohesive energies per electron of the composite fermion (CF) Fermi sea, the Laughlin state and the charge density wave (CDW) at higher Landau levels (LLs) are computed. It is shown that whereas for $n\geq 2$ LL, the CDW state is generally ... More
Quantum Metrology via Repeated Quantum Nondemolition Measurements in "Photon Box"Nov 26 2013Apr 12 2015In quantum metrology schemes, one generally needs to prepare $m$ copies of $N$ entangled particles, such as entangled photon states, and then they are detected in a destructive process to estimate an unknown parameter. Here, we present a novel experimental ... More
Preliminary Design of a Pendulum Experiment for Searching for a Lorentz-Violation SignalJul 28 2016This work mainly presents a preliminary design for a pendulum experiment with both the source mass and the test mass in a striped pattern to amplify the Lorentz-violation signal, since the signal is sensitive to edge effects.
Electron-electron scatttering in Sn-doped indium oxide thick filmsJun 24 2013We have measured the low-field magnetoresistances (MRs) of a series of Sn-doped indium oxide thick films in the temperature $T$ range 4--35 K. The electron dephasing rate $1/\tau_{\varphi}$ as a function of $T$ for each film was extracted by comparing ... More
Neural networks for stock price predictionMay 29 2018Due to the extremely volatile nature of financial markets, it is commonly accepted that stock price prediction is a task full of challenge. However in order to make profits or understand the essence of equity market, numerous market participants or researchers ... More
Distinguishing Newly Born Strange Stars from Neutron Stars with g-Mode OscillationsOct 07 2008Oct 31 2008The gravity-mode (g-mode) eigenfrequencies of newly born strange quark stars (SQSs) and neutron stars (NSs) are studied. It is found that the eigenfrequencies in SQSs are much lower than those in NSs by almost one order of magnitude, since the components ... More
Steering between Bloch oscillation and dipole oscillation in parabolic optical waveguide arraysApr 21 2010We study the optical oscillations of supermodes in planar optical waveguide arrays with parabolically graded propagation constant in individual waveguide interacting through nearest neighbor couplings. In these arrays, we have identified a transition ... More
Algebraic Bethe ansatz for the supersymmetric $t-J$ model with reflecting boundary conditionsMar 18 1998In the framework of the graded quantum inverse scattering method (QISM), we obtain the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the supersymmetric $t-J$ model with reflecting boundary conditions in FFB background. The corresponding Bethe ansatz equations are obtained. ... More
Preparing for the Unknown: Learning a Universal Policy with Online System IdentificationFeb 08 2017May 15 2017We present a new method of learning control policies that successfully operate under unknown dynamic models. We create such policies by leveraging a large number of training examples that are generated using a physical simulator. Our system is made of ... More
PI-Edge: A Low-Power Edge Computing System for Real-Time Autonomous Driving ServicesDec 29 2018To simultaneously enable multiple autonomous driving services on affordable embedded systems, we designed and implemented {\pi}-Edge, a complete edge computing framework for autonomous robots and vehicles. The contributions of this paper are three-folds: ... More
Modeling and Predicting Citation Count via Recurrent Neural Network with Long Short-Term MemoryNov 06 2018The rapid evolution of scientific research has been creating a huge volume of publications every year. Among the many quantification measures of scientific impact, citation count stands out for its frequent use in the research community. Although peer ... More
Fast Randomized PCA for Sparse DataOct 16 2018Principal component analysis (PCA) is widely used for dimension reduction and embedding of real data in social network analysis, information retrieval, and natural language processing, etc. In this work we propose a fast randomized PCA algorithm for processing ... More
Asymptotic Finite Sample Information Losses in Neural ClassifiersFeb 15 2019This paper considers the subject of information losses arising from finite datasets used in the training of neural classifiers. It proves a relationship between such losses and the product of the expected total variation of the estimated neural model ... More
Manipulating composition gradient in cuprate superconducting thin filmsJun 21 2017The techniques of growing films with different parameters in single process make it possible to build up a sample library promptly. In this work, with a precisely controlled moving mask, we synthetized superconducting La2-xCexCuO4+/-{\delta} combinatorial ... More