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Generalized Landau-Lifshitz Equation into $S^n$Sep 13 2010In this paper, a type of integrable evolution equation--the generalized Landau-Lifshitz equation into $S^n$ is considered. We deal with this equation from a geometric point of view by rewriting it in a geometric form. Through the geometric energy method, ... More
State Transitions in Ultracompact Neutron Star LMXBs: towards the Low Luminosity LimitNov 21 2017Luminosity of X-ray spectral state transitions in black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries can put constraint on the critical mass accretion rate between accretion regimes. Previous studies indicate that the hard-to-soft spectral state transitions in ... More
Some sharp results on the generalized Turán numbersFeb 04 2018For graphs $T, H$, let $ex(n,T,H)$ denote the maximum number of copies of $T$ in an $n$-vertex $H$-free graph. In this paper we prove some sharp results on this generalization of Tur\'an numbers, where our focus is for the graphs $T,H$ satisfying $\chi(T)<\chi(H)$. ... More
Comments on Noncommutative ADHM ConstructionOct 17 2002Nov 06 2002We extend the method of matrix partition to obtain explicitly the gauge field for noncommutative ADHM construction in some general cases. As an application of this method we apply it to the U(2) 2-instanton and get explicit result for the gauge fields ... More
Density-induced reorientation of the stripe at half-filled high Landau levelsApr 03 2004The effect of a unidirectional periodic potential on the orientation of the stripe state is studied for the two-dimensional electron system at half-filled high Landau levels. By considering a quantum well with two electric subbands, it is found that the ... More
Cancellation conjecture for free associative algebrasJun 21 2006We develop a new method to deal with the Cancellation Conjecture of Zariski in different environments. We prove the conjecture for free associative algebras of rank two. We also produce a new proof of the conjecture for polynomial algebras of rank two ... More
Non-extendable isomorphisms between affine varietiesOct 21 2001In this paper, we report several large classes of affine varieties (over an arbitrary field $K$ of characteristic 0) with the following property: each variety in these classes has an isomorphic copy such that the corresponding isomorphism cannot be extended ... More
Instantons on General Noncommutative R^4May 13 2002May 15 2002We study the U(1) and U(2) instanton solutions of gauge theory on general noncommutative $\bf{R}^4$. In all cases considered we obtain explicit results for the projection operators. In some cases we computed numerically the instanton charge and found ... More
Temperature dependence of the conductivity of the electronic crystalMay 14 2003Jul 01 2004We study the temperature dependence of the conductivity of the 2D electronic solid. In realistic samples, a domain structure forms in the solid and each domain randomly orients in the absence of the in-plane field. At higher temperature, the electron ... More
Degree estimate for subalgebrasOct 18 2010Based on Bergman's Lemma on centralizers, we obtain a sharp lower degree bound for nonconstant elements in a subalgebra generated by two elements of a free associative algebra over an arbitrary field.
On the lifting of the Nagata automorphismNov 15 2010Feb 21 2011It is proved that the Nagata automorphism (Nagata coordinates, respectively) of the polynomial algebra $F[x,y,z]$ over a field $F$ cannot be lifted to a $z$-automorphism ($z$-coordinate, respectively) of the free associative algebra $K<x,y,z>$. The proof ... More
Test elements, retracts and automorphic orbitsJul 07 2008Let $A_2$ be a free associative or polynomial algebra of rank two over a field $K$ of characteristic zero. Based on the degree estimate of Makar-Limanov and J.-T.Yu, we prove: 1) An element $p \in A_2$ is a test element if $p$ does not belong to any proper ... More
Asymptotics of Sample Entropy Production Rate for Stochastic Differential EquationsOct 07 2015By using the dimension-free Harnack inequality and the integration by parts formula for the associated diffusion semigroup, we prove the central limit theorem, the moderate deviation principle, and the logarithmic iteration law for the sample entropy ... More
Proposal for a loophole-free Bell test with electron spins of donorsMar 28 2008Mar 26 2009So far, all experimental tests of Bell inequalities which must be satisfied by all local realistic hidden-variable theories and are violated by quantum mechanical predictions have left at least one loophole open. We propose a feasible setup allowing for ... More
Leptonic Decay of Upsilon, a Possible Signature of New PhysicsNov 09 2009Apr 13 2010We calculate the inclusive decay width of $\Upsilon \to l^+ l^-$. Then we get the ratio $R_{\tau\mu}=\Gamma[\Upsilon \to \tau^+\tau^-]/ \Gamma[\Upsilon \to \mu^+\mu^-]$ to ${\cal{O}}(\alpha)$ and ${\cal{O}}(\alpha_s^2)$ within the Standard Model(SM). ... More
Improving Energy Efficiency Through Multimode Transmission in the Downlink MIMO SystemsJul 13 2011Jan 18 2012Adaptively adjusting system parameters including bandwidth, transmit power and mode to maximize the "Bits per-Joule" energy efficiency (BPJ-EE) in the downlink MIMO systems with imperfect channel state information at the transmitter (CSIT) is considered ... More
Qubit Entanglement Dephasing Dynamics Driven by a Bath of SpinsSep 11 2010Sep 16 2010We study the entanglement dynamics for a two-spin system coupled to a spin environment of different configurations by z-x type interaction. The models considered in this paper are solved both analytically and numerically giving rise to some concise analytical ... More
Endomorphisms preserving coordinates of polynomial algebrasOct 19 2011Oct 23 2011It is proved that the Jacobian of a k-endomorphism of k[x_1,...,x_n] over a field k of characteristic zero taking every tame coordinate to a coordinate, must be a nonzero constant in k. It is also proved that the Jacobian of an R-endomorphism of A:=R[x_1,...,x_n] ... More
Cluster-Based Regularized Sliced Inverse Regression for Forecasting Macroeconomic VariablesOct 27 2011Dec 02 2013This article concerns the dimension reduction in regression for large data set. We introduce a new method based on the sliced inverse regression approach, called cluster-based regularized sliced inverse regression. Our method not only keeps the merit ... More
Calculating the Finite-Speed-of-Light Effect in Atom Gravimeters with General RelativityAug 09 2016This work mainly presents a relativistic analytical calculating method for the finite speed-of-light effect in atom gravimeters, which can simplify the deriva- tion and give a more complete expression for the associated correction.
Cotorsion pairs in the cluster category of a marked surfaceMay 07 2012We study extension spaces, cotorsion pairs and their mutations in the cluster category of a marked surface without punctures. Under the one-to-one correspondence between the curves, valued closed curves in the marked surface and the indecomposable objects ... More
Complete Study of Hadroproduction of a $Υ$ Meson Associated with a Prompt $J/ψ$May 10 2016Aug 07 2016We present the first complete study of $\Upsilon$ and prompt $J/\psi$ production from single-parton scattering, including the complete $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_S^6)$ color-singlet contribution, the $\mathcal{O}(\alpha_S^2\alpha^2)$ electroweak contribution, ... More
Isomorphisms between quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$Jan 01 2010Feb 22 2012Let $\mathbb K$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in\mathbb K^*$ are not roots of unity. We prove that the two quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ are isomorphic as $\mathbb K$-algebras implies that $p=\pm q^{\pm 1}$ when ... More
Isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groupsOct 09 2009Feb 22 2012We consider isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groups. Let $k$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in k^*$ are not roots of unity. We prove that the two quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_2)$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_2)$ over a field $k$ are isomorphic ... More
Interaction of a surface acoustic wave with a two-dimensional electron gasAug 02 2005When a surface acoustic wave propagates on the surface of a GaAs semiconductor, coupling between electrons in the two-dimensional electron gas beneath the interface and the elastic host crystal through piezoelectric interaction will attenuate the SAW. ... More
Applications of degree estimate for subalgebrasNov 30 2010Let $K$ be a field of positive characteristic and $K<x, y>$ be the free algebra of rank two over $K$. Based on the degree estimate done by Y.-C. Li and J.-T. Yu, we extend the results of S.J. Gong and J.T. Yu's results: (1) An element $p(x,y)\in K<x,y>$ ... More
A Note on Conformal Ricci FlowSep 25 2011In this note we study conformal Ricci flow introduced by Arthur Fischer. We use DeTurck's trick to rewrite conformal Ricci flow as a strong parabolic-elliptic partial differential equations. Then we prove short time existences for conformal Ricci flow ... More
Search for $C=+$ charmonium and XYZ states in $e^+e^-\to γ+ H$ at BESIIIOct 01 2013Oct 28 2013Within the framework of nonrelativistic quantum chromodynamics, we study the production of $C=+$ charmonium states $H$ in $e^+e^-\to \gamma~+~H$ at BESIII with $H=\eta_c(nS)$ (n=1, 2, 3, and 4), $\chi_{cJ}(nP)$ (n=1, 2, and 3), and $^1D_2(nD)$ (n=1 and ... More
Naming Game on small-world networks: the role of clustering structureJun 30 2006Oct 15 2006Naming Game is a recently proposed model for describing how a multi-agent system can converge towards a consensus state in a self-organized way. In this paper, we investigate this model on the so-called homogeneous small-world networks and focus on the ... More
Role of initial system-bath correlation on coherence trappingFeb 09 2015We study the coherence trapping of a qubit correlated initially with a non-Markovian bath in a pure dephasing channel. By considering the initial qubit-bath correlation and the bath spectral density, we find that the initial qubit-bath correlation can ... More
The Extended Bose Hubbard Model on the Two Dimensional Honeycomb LatticeJan 06 2007Mar 29 2007We study the extended Bose-Hubbard model on a two-dimensional honeycomb lattice by using large scale quantum Monte Carlo simulations. We present the ground state phase diagrams for both the hard-core case and the soft-core case. For the hard-core case, ... More
The Jacobian Conjecture, together with Specht and Burnside-type problemsAug 03 2013Dec 24 2013We explore an (unpublished) approach to the famous Jacobian Conjecture by means of identities of algebras, discovered by the brilliant deceased mathematician, Alexander Vladimirovich Yagzhev (1951{2001). This approach also indicates some very close connections ... More
Liquid marbles as thermally robust droplets: coating-assisted Leidenfrost-like effectJul 03 2012The Leidenfrost effect-prolonged evaporation of droplets on a superheated surface-happens only when the surface temperature is above a certain transitional value. Here, we show that specially engineered droplets - liquid marbles - can exhibit similar ... More
A Latent Clothing Attribute Approach for Human Pose EstimationNov 16 2014As a fundamental technique that concerns several vision tasks such as image parsing, action recognition and clothing retrieval, human pose estimation (HPE) has been extensively investigated in recent years. To achieve accurate and reliable estimation ... More
Topological Charge of Noncommutative ADHM InstantonNov 23 2002Dec 16 2002We analytically calculate the topological charge of the noncommutative ADHM U(N) k-instanton using the Corrigan's identity and find that the result is exactly the instanton number k.
Correlated valence-bond statesJun 28 2012Jul 05 2012We study generalizations of the singlet-sector amplitude-product (AP) states in the valence-bond basis of S=1/2 quantum spin systems. In the standard AP states, the weight of a tiling of the system into valence bonds (singlets of two spins) is a product ... More
Possible composite-fermion liquid as a crossover from Wigner crystal to bubble phase in higher Landau levelJun 01 2000Nov 30 2000The ground state cohesive energies per electron of the composite fermion (CF) Fermi sea, the Laughlin state and the charge density wave (CDW) at higher Landau levels (LLs) are computed. It is shown that whereas for $n\geq 2$ LL, the CDW state is generally ... More
Electron-electron scatttering in Sn-doped indium oxide thick filmsJun 24 2013We have measured the low-field magnetoresistances (MRs) of a series of Sn-doped indium oxide thick films in the temperature $T$ range 4--35 K. The electron dephasing rate $1/\tau_{\varphi}$ as a function of $T$ for each film was extracted by comparing ... More
Optimization of Analytic Window FunctionsAug 01 2012Analytic functions represent the state-of-the-art way of performing complex data analysis within a single SQL statement. In particular, an important class of analytic functions that has been frequently used in commercial systems to support OLAP and decision ... More
Efficient excitation of a symmetric collective atomic state with a single-photon through dipole blockadeMar 03 2010In the famous quantum communication scheme developed by Duan {\it et al.}[L.M. Duan, M.D. Lukin, J.I. Cirac, and P. Zoller, Nature (London) {\bf 414} 413 (2001)], the probability of successful generating a symmetric collective atomic state with a single-photon ... More
Long-distance quantum communication with "polarization" maximally entangled statesSep 22 2008Mar 03 2010We propose a scheme for long-distance quantum communication where the elementary entanglement is generated through two-photon interference and quantum swapping is performed through one-photon interference. Local "polarization" maximally entangled states ... More
Feynman Rules for the Rational Part of the Standard Model One-loop Amplitudes in the 't Hooft-Veltman $γ_5$ SchemeJun 24 2011Sep 14 2011We study Feynman rules for the rational part $R$ of the Standard Model amplitudes at one-loop level in the 't Hooft-Veltman $\gamma_5$ scheme. Comparing our results for quantum chromodynamics and electroweak 1-loop amplitudes with that obtained based ... More
Classical Mechanics on Noncommutative Space with Lie-algebraic StructureNov 27 2009Apr 18 2011We investigate the kinetics of a nonrelativistic particle interacting with a constant external force on a Lie-algebraic noncommutative space. The structure constants of a Lie algebra, also called noncommutative parameters, are constrained in general due ... More
The general crossing relation for boundary reflection matrixMay 27 1999In this paper, we give the general crossing relation for boundary reflection matrix $R(\beta)$, which is the extension of the work given by Ghoshal and Zamolodchikov .We also use the first non-trivial extended crossing relation to determine the scaler ... More
A consistent and unified picture for critical phenomena of $f(R)$ AdS black holesFeb 03 2016Apr 25 2016A consistent and unified picture for critical phenomena of charged AdS black holes in $f(R)$ gravity is drawn in this paper. Firstly, we investigate the phase transition in canonical ensemble. We derive the explicit solutions corresponding to the divergence ... More
Degeneracy and Discreteness in Cosmological Model FittingMay 25 2015Sep 18 2015We explore the degeneracy and discreteness problems in the standard cosmological model (\Lambda CDM). We use the Observational Hubble Data (OHD) and the type Ia supernova (SNe Ia) data to study this issue. In order to describe the discreteness in fitting ... More
3D Wireless: Modeling Wireless Performance by Combining Spatial and Temporal BehaviorsJun 03 2015Performance characterization is a fundamental issue in wireless networks for real time routing, wireless network simulation, and etc. There are four basic wireless operations that are required to be modeled, i.e., unicast, anycast, broadcast, and multicast. ... More
Lauglin-type wavefunction of two-dimensional electrons in the tilted magnetic fieldMar 27 2002We study the fractional quantum Hall states in the tilted magnetic field. A many-particle wavefunction of the ground state, which is similar to that of Laughlin's, is constructed in the Landau gauge. We show that in the limit of thermodynamics, the concept ... More
Paired Hall States versus Unidirectional CDW in Tilted Field for $ν={5/2}$Sep 14 1999Dec 17 2000We formulate the composite fermions in the presence of an in-plane magnetic field. As the in-plane field increases, if we assume the state at $\nu=5/2$ turns into the mixed state between the unidirectional charge density wave domains and paired Hall state, ... More
Logarithmic temperature dependence of Hall transport in granular metalsJul 22 2011We have measured the Hall coefficient $R_H$ and the electrical conductivity $\sigma$ of a series of ultrathin indium tin oxide films between 2 and 300 K. A robust $R_H$\,$\propto$\,ln$T$ law is observed in a considerably wide temperature range of 2 and ... More
Pair Production of Heavy Quarkonium and $B_c(^*)$ Mesons at Hadron CollidersMar 12 2009We investigate the pair production of S-wave heavy quarkonium at the LHC in the color-singlet mechanism (CSM) and estimate the contribution from the gluon fragmentation process in the color-octet mechanism (COM) for comparison. With the matrix elements ... More
Ghost field realizations of the spinor $W_{2,s}$ strings based on the linear W(1,2,s) algebrasJul 24 2005It has been shown that certain W algebras can be linearized by the inclusion of a spin-1 current. This Provides a way of obtaining new realizations of the W algebras. In this paper, we investigate the new ghost field realizations of the W(2,s)(s=3,4) ... More
Importance of chirality and reduced flexibility of protein side chains: A study with square and tetrahedral lattice modelsApr 10 2004In simple models side chains are often represented implicitly (e.g., by spin-states) or simplified as one atom. We study side chain effects using square lattice and tetrahedral lattice models, with explicitly side chains of two atoms. We distinguish effects ... More
On measuring team stability in cooperative learning: An example of consecutive course projects on software engineeringJan 24 2014Cooperative learning theory has shown that stable membership is a hallmark of effective work teams. According to relation strength and social network centrality, this paper proposes an approach to measure team stability reasons in consecutive cooperative ... More
Reduction Schemes in Cutoff Regularization and Higgs Decay into Two PhotonsOct 31 2011Jan 16 2012We present a new systematic method to evaluate one-loop tensor integrals in conventional ultraviolet cutoff regularization. By deriving a new recursive relation that describes the momentum translation variance of ultraviolet integrals, we implement this ... More
Dijet Invariant Mass Distribution in Top Quark Hadronic Decay with QCD CorrectionsJun 27 2011Nov 21 2011The dijet invariant mass distributions from the hadronic decay of unpolarized top quark ($t\to b W^+$ followed by $W^+\to u \bar{d}$) are calculated, including the next-to-leading order QCD radiative corrections. We treat the top decay in the complex ... More
Improved Deterministic N-To-One Joint Remote Preparation of an Arbitrary Qubit via EPR PairsMay 26 2014Recently, Bich et al. (Int. J. Theor. Phys. 51: 2272, 2012) proposed two deterministic joint remote state preparation (JRSP) protocols of an arbitrary single-qubit state: one is for two preparers to remotely prepare for a receiver by using two Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen ... More
Cryptanalysis and improvement of the quantum private comparison protocol based on Bell entangled statesMay 26 2014Recently, Liu et al. [Commun. Theor. Phys. 57, 583, 2012] proposed a quantum private comparison protocol based on entanglement swapping of Bell states, which aims to securely compare the equality of two participants' information with the help of a semi-honest ... More
New Spinor Field Realizations of the Non-Critical $W_{3}$ StringJul 27 2005Jan 01 2007We investigate the new spinor field realizations of the $W_{3}$ algebra, making use of the fact that the $W_{3}$ algebra can be linearized by the addition of a spin-1 current. We then use these new realizations to build the nilpotent Becchi-Rouet-Stora--Tyutin ... More
Spinor Field Realizations of $W_{2,6}$ String and $W_{6}$ StringAug 16 2005In this paper the spinor field BRST charges of the W2,6 string and W6 string are constructed, where the BRST charges are graded.
Quadrupole Plasmon Excitations in Confined One-dimensional SystemsJan 01 2014The existence and nature of a new mode of electronic collective excitations (quadrupole plasmons) in confined one-dimensional electronic systems have been predicted by an eigen-equation method. The eigen-equation based on the time-dependent density-functional ... More
Global Phase Diagram of the Extended Kitaev-Heisenberg Model on Honeycomb LatticeJan 28 2015We study the extended Kitaev-Heisenberg (EKH) quantum spin model by adding bond-dependent off-diagonal Heisenberg term into the original KH model, which was recently proposed to describe the honeycomb Iridates. A rigorous mathematical mapping of spin ... More
Energy-efficient Analytics for Geographically Distributed Big DataAug 10 2017Aug 26 2017Big data analytics on geographically distributed datasets (across data centers or clusters) has been attracting increasing interests from both academia and industry, but also significantly complicates the system and algorithm designs. In this article, ... More
Spectrum bandwidth narrowing of Thomson scattering X-rays with energy chirped electron beams from laser wakefield accelerationDec 21 2013We study incoherent Thomson scattering between an ultrashort laser pulse and an electron beam accelerated from a laser wakefield. The energy chirp effects of the accelerated electron beam on the final radiation spectrum bandwidth are investigated. It ... More
Enhanced correlation of electron-positron pair in the two and three dimensionsOct 15 2013Early-time electron-positron correlation in vacuum pair-production in an external field is investigated. The entangled electron and positron wave functions are obtained analytically in the configuration and momentum spaces. It is shown that, relative ... More
Multiparty quantum secret sharing with pure entangled states and decoy photonsJun 01 2007We present a scheme for multiparty quantum secret sharing of a private key with pure entangled states and decoy photons. The boss, say Alice uses the decoy photons, which are randomly in one of the four nonorthogonal single-photon states, to prevent a ... More
Spatial chaos of Wang tiles with two symbolsJul 15 2015This investigation completely classifies the spatial chaos problem in plane edge coloring (Wang tiles) with two symbols. For a set of Wang tiles $\mathcal{B}$, spatial chaos occurs when the spatial entropy $h(\mathcal{B})$ is positive. $\mathcal{B}$ is ... More
Charged spinning black holes as accelerators of spinning particlesAug 31 2016Nov 29 2016It is well known that some black holes can act as accelerators for particles without spin. Recently, there are some works considering collision of two spinning particles in the background of Schwarzschild and Kerr black holes and it was shown that {the ... More
Fermionization, Triangularization and IntegrabilitySep 28 2014In this article, we derive the fermionic formalism of Hamiltonians as well as corresponding excitation spectrums and states of Calogero-Sutherland(CS), Laughlin and Halperin systems, respectively. In addition, we study the triangular property of these ... More
Exploring the sources of p-mode frequency shifts in the CoRoT target HD 49933Feb 20 2014The oscillations of the solar-like star HD 49933 have been observed thoroughly by CoRot. Two dozens of frequency shifts, which are closely related with the change in magnetic activity, have been measured. To explore the effects of the magnetic activity ... More
Controlling the transport of single photons by tuning the frequency of either one or two cavities in an array of coupled cavitiesSep 15 2009Apr 14 2010We theoretically study how to control transport, bound states, and resonant states of a single photon in a one-dimensional coupled-cavity array. We find that the transport of a single photon in the cavity array can be controlled by tuning the frequency ... More
$B^*_{s,d} \to μ^+ μ^-$ and its impact on $B_{s,d} \to μ^+ μ^-$Dec 21 2015Feb 23 2016The decay of $B^*_{s,d} \to \mu^+ \mu^-$~ and its impact on $B_{s,d} \to \mu^+ \mu^-$ is studied here. The $ \mu^+ \mu^-$ decay widths of vector mesons $B^*_{s,d}$ are about a factor of 700 larger than the corresponding scalar mesons $B_{s,d}$. The obtained ... More
Gauged baryon and lepton numbers in supersymmetry with a $125\;{\rm GeV}$ HiggsFeb 28 2013Assuming that the Yukawa couplings between the Higgs and exotic quarks cannot be ignored, we analyze the signals of decay channels $h\rightarrow\gamma\gamma$ and $h\rightarrow VV^*\;(V=Z,\;W)$ with the Higgs mass around $125\;{\rm GeV}$ in a supersymmetric ... More
Role of valence changes and nanoscale atomic displacements in BiS2-based superconductorsOct 31 2016Superconductivity within layered crystal structures has attracted sustained interest among condensed matter community, primarily due to their exotic superconducting properties. EuBiS2F is a newly discovered member in the BiS2-based superconducting family, ... More
Electron resonant tunneling through InAs/GaAs quantum dots embedded in a Schottky diode with an AlAs insertion layerDec 06 2007Molecular beam epitaxy is employed to manufacture self-assembled InAs/GaAs quantum dot Schottky resonant tunneling diodes. By virtue of a thin AlAs insertion barrier, the thermal current is effectively reduced and electron resonant tunneling through quantum ... More
Electron dephasing in homogeneous and inhomogeneous indium tin oxide thin filmsFeb 08 2012The electron dephasing processes in two-dimensional homogeneous and inhomogeneous indium tin oxide thin films have been investigated in a wide temperature range 0.3--90 K. We found that the small-energy-transfer electron-electron ($e$-$e$) scattering ... More
Quantum switch for single-photon transport in a coupled superconducting transmission line resonator arrayApr 06 2009Jul 28 2009We propose and study an approach to realize quantum switch for single-photon transport in a coupled superconducting transmission line resonator (TLR) array with one controllable hopping interaction. We find that the single-photon with arbitrary wavevector ... More
Symmetry of Generalized Randall-Sundrum Model and Distribution of 3-Branes in Six-Dimensional SpacetimeJun 11 2015A generalization from the usual $5$-dimensional two-brane Randall-Sundrum (RS) model to a $6$-dimensional multi-brane RS model is presented. The extra dimensions are extended from one to two; correspondingly the single-variable warp function is generalized ... More
Particle collisions in the lower dimensional rotating black hole space-time with the cosmological constantFeb 19 2012Mar 11 2014In this paper, we study the effect of ultra-high energy collisions of two particles with different energies near the horizon of a 2+1 dimensional BTZ black hole (BSW effect). We find that the particle with the critical angular momentum could exist inside ... More
Two-stage acceleration of interstellar ions due to the interaction of high-energy lepton plasma flowMay 30 2015Dec 16 2015We present the particle-in-cell (PIC) simulation results of the interaction of a high-energy lepton plasma flow with background electron-proton plasma and focus on the acceleration processes of the protons. It is found that the acceleration follows a ... More
Two-particle interferometry for the sources undergoing first-order QCD phase transition in high energy heavy ion collisionsMay 16 2012Aug 27 2012We investigate the two-particle interferometry for the particle-emitting sources which undergo the first-order phase transition from the quark-gluon plasma with a finite baryon chemical potential to hadron resonance gas. The effects of source expansion, ... More
A critical point in Sr2-xIrO4 and less distorted IrO6 octahedra induced by deep Sr-vacanciesOct 31 2016For the Sr2-xIrO4 system, recent work pointed out the abnormal electronic and magnetic properties around the critical point. Here, to understand Sr-vacancy effect on spin-orbit coupled Mott insulator Sr2IrO4, the electronic structure and local structure ... More
Early thermalization of quark-gluon matter with the elastic scattering of ggq and ggqbarMay 22 2013Elastic gluon-gluon-quark (gluon-gluon-antiquark) scattering is studied in perturbative QCD with 123 Feynman diagrams at the tree level. Individually squared amplitudes and interference terms of the Feynman diagrams are derived. With the elastic gluon-gluon-quark ... More
Multiparty Quantum Remote Secret ConferenceDec 03 2006We present two schemes for multiparty quantum remote secret conference in which each legitimate conferee can read out securely the secret message announced by another one, but a vicious eavesdropper can get nothing about it. The first one is based on ... More
Multiparty Quantum Secret ReportJun 02 2006A multiparty quantum secret report scheme is proposed with quantum encryption. The boss Alice and her $M$ agents first share a sequence of ($M$+1)-particle Greenberger--Horne--Zeilinger (GHZ) states that only Alice knows which state each ($M$+1)-particle ... More
Deterministic secure quantum communication without maximally entangled statesJun 01 2006Oct 16 2006Two deterministic secure quantum communication schemes are proposed, one based on pure entangled states and the other on $d$-dimensional single-photon states. In these two schemes, only single-photon measurements are required for the two authorized users, ... More
Transport anomalies and quantum criticality in electron-doped cuprate superconductorsFeb 29 2016Apr 07 2016Superconductivity research is like running a marathon. Three decades after the discovery of high-Tc cuprates, there have been mass data generated from transport measurements, which bring fruitful information. In this review, we give a brief summary of ... More
Metal-Dielectric-Graphene Sandwich for Surface Enhanced Raman SpectroscopyJul 04 2014Raman intensity of Rhodamine B (RhB) is enhanced by inserting a thin high \k{appa} dielectric layer which reduces the surface plasmon damping at the gold-graphene interface. The results indicate that the Raman intensity increases sharply by plasmonic ... More
13C(alpha,n)16O background in a liquid scintillator based neutrino experimentDec 22 2013Feb 12 2014Alpha from natural radioactivity may interact with a nucleus and emit a neutron. The reaction introduces background to the liquid scintillator (LS) based neutrino experiments. In the LS detector, alpha comes from 238U, 232Th and 210Po decay chains. For ... More
Error estimates on a finite volume method for diffusion problems with interface on Eulerian gridsSep 03 2016Sep 06 2016The finite volume methods are frequently employed in the discretization of diffusion problems with interface. In this paper, we firstly present a vertex-centered MACH-like finite volume method for solving stationary diffusion problems with strong discontinuity ... More
A one-dimensional many-body integrable model from $Z_n$ Belavin model with open boundary conditionsNov 20 1997We use factorized $L$ operator to construct an integrable model with open boundary conditions. By taking trigonometic limit($\tau \to \sqrt{-1}\infty$) and scaling limit($\omega \to 0$), we get a Hamiltonian of a classical integrable system. It shows ... More
The manifest covariant soliton solutions on noncommutative orbifold $T^{2}/Z_{6}$ and $T^{2}/Z_{3}$Mar 09 2004In this paper, we construct a closed form of projectors on the integral noncommutative orbifold $T^2/Z_6$ in terms of elliptic functions by $GHS$ construction. After that, we give a general solution of projectors on $% T^{2}/Z_{6}$ and $T^{2}/Z_{3}$ with ... More
Soliton Solutions on Noncommutative Orbifold $ T^2/Z_4May 26 2003May 29 2003In this paper, we explicitly construct a series of projectors on integral noncommutative orbifold $T^2/Z_4$ by extended $GHS$ constrution. They include integration of two arbitary functions with $Z_4$ symmetry. Our expressions possess manifest $Z_{4}$ ... More
Algebraic Bethe ansatz for eight vertex model with general open-boundary conditionsApr 03 1996By using the intertwiner and face-vertex correpondence relation, we obtain the Bethe ansatz equation of eight vertex model with open boundary condtitions in the framework of algebraic Bethe ansatz method. The open boundary condition under consideration ... More
Topic Aware Neural Response GenerationJun 21 2016Sep 19 2016We consider incorporating topic information into the sequence-to-sequence framework to generate informative and interesting responses for chatbots. To this end, we propose a topic aware sequence-to-sequence (TA-Seq2Seq) model. The model utilizes topics ... More
Constraints on smoothness parameter and dark energy using observational $H(z)$ dataAug 11 2010The universe, with large-scale homogeneity, is locally inhomogeneous, clustering into stars, galaxies and larger structures. Such property is described by the smoothness parameter $\alpha$ which is defined as the proportion of matter in the form of intergalactic ... More
In Situ Electron Energy-Loss Spectroscopy in LiquidsDec 06 2012Jan 24 2013In situ scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) through liquids is a promising approach for exploring biological and materials processes. However, options for in situ chemical identification are limited: X-ray analysis is precluded because the ... More
Room temperature observation of electron resonant tunneling through InAs/AlAs quantum dotsDec 06 2007Molecular beam epitaxy is employed to manufacture self-assembled InAs/AlAs quantum-dot resonant tunneling diodes. Resonant tunneling current is superimposed on the thermal current, and they make up the total electron transport in devices. Steps in current-voltage ... More
Cheating-Resilient Incentive Scheme for Mobile Crowdsensing SystemsJan 08 2017Mobile Crowdsensing is a promising paradigm for ubiquitous sensing, which explores the tremendous data collected by mobile smart devices with prominent spatial-temporal coverage. As a fundamental property of Mobile Crowdsensing Systems, temporally recruited ... More
Z2 invariant protected bound states in topological insulatorsOct 04 2010Oct 08 2010We present an exact solution of a modifed Dirac equation for topological insulator in the presence of a hole or vacancy to demonstrate that vacancies may induce bound states in the band gap of topological insulators. They arise due to the Z_2 classification ... More