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Deep learning based mood tagging for Chinese song lyricsMay 23 2019Jun 15 2019Nowadays, listening music has been and will always be an indispensable part of our daily life. In recent years, sentiment analysis of music has been widely used in the information retrieval systems, personalized recommendation systems and so on. Due to ... More
NCRF++: An Open-source Neural Sequence Labeling ToolkitJun 14 2018Jun 17 2018This paper describes NCRF++, a toolkit for neural sequence labeling. NCRF++ is designed for quick implementation of different neural sequence labeling models with a CRF inference layer. It provides users with an inference for building the custom model ... More
A Review of Semi Supervised Learning Theories and Recent AdvancesMay 28 2019Semi-supervised learning, which has emerged from the beginning of this century, is a new type of learning method between traditional supervised learning and unsupervised learning. The main idea of semi-supervised learning is to introduce unlabeled samples ... More
Topological Landau-Zener Bloch Oscillations in Photonic Floquet Lieb LatticesJun 04 2017The Lieb Lattice exhibits intriguing properties that are of general interest in both the fundamental physics and practical applications. Here, we investigate the topological Landau-Zener Bloch oscillation in a photonic Floquet Lieb lattice, where the ... More
Sliced Inverse Moment Regression Using Weighted Chi-Squared Tests for Dimension ReductionApr 07 2008Aug 24 2013We propose a new method for dimension reduction in regression using the first two inverse moments. We develop corresponding weighted chi-squared tests for the dimension of the regression. The proposed method considers linear combinations of Sliced Inverse ... More
Bayesian active learning for choice models with deep Gaussian processesMay 04 2018In this paper, we propose an active learning algorithm and models which can gradually learn individual's preference through pairwise comparisons. The active learning scheme aims at finding individual's most preferred choice with minimized number of pairwise ... More
Chinese NER Using Lattice LSTMMay 05 2018Jul 05 2018We investigate a lattice-structured LSTM model for Chinese NER, which encodes a sequence of input characters as well as all potential words that match a lexicon. Compared with character-based methods, our model explicitly leverages word and word sequence ... More
Optimal Actuator Location of the Minimum Norm Controls for Stochastic Heat EquationsOct 17 2017In this paper, we study the approximate controllability for the stochastic heat equation over measurable sets, and the optimal actuator location of the minimum norm controls. We formulate a relaxed optimization problem for both actuator location and its ... More
Observability Inequality of Backward Stochastic Heat Equations for Measurable Sets and Its ApplicationsApr 13 2016This paper aims to provide directly the observability inequality of backward stochastic heat equations for measurable sets. As an immediate application, the null controllability of the forward heat equations is obtained. Moreover, an interesting relaxed ... More
Score-Matching Representative Approach for Big Data Analysis with Generalized Linear ModelsNov 01 2018We propose a fast and efficient strategy, called the representative approach, for big data analysis with linear models and generalized linear models. With a given partition of big dataset, this approach constructs a representative data point for each ... More
Counting critical subgraphs in $k$-critical graphsJun 23 2019Gallai asked in 1984 if any $k$-critical graph on $n$ vertices contains at least $n$ distinct $(k-1)$-critical subgraphs. The answer is trivial for $k\leq 3$. Improving a result of Stiebitz, Abbott and Zhou proved in 1995 that for all $k\geq 4$, such ... More
Decomposing $C_4$-free graphs under degree constraintsJun 22 2017A celebrated theorem of Stiebitz asserts that any graph with minimum degree at least $s+t+1$ can be partitioned into two parts which induce two subgraphs with minimum degree at least $s$ and $t$, respectively. This resolved a conjecture of Thomassen. ... More
On the Improvement of Quality and Reliability of Trust Cues in Micro-task Crowdsourcing (Position paper)Feb 11 2017Micro-task crowdsourcing has become a successful mean to obtain high-quality data from a large crowd of diverse people. In this context, trust between all the involved actors (i.e. requesters, workers, and platform owners) is a critical factor for acceptance ... More
A new class of efficient and robust energy stable schemes for gradient flowsOct 03 2017We propose a new numerical technique to deal with nonlinear terms in gradient flows. By introducing a scalar auxiliary variable (SAV), we construct efficient and robust energy stable schemes for a large class of gradient flows. The SAV approach is not ... More
Density-induced reorientation of the stripe at half-filled high Landau levelsApr 03 2004The effect of a unidirectional periodic potential on the orientation of the stripe state is studied for the two-dimensional electron system at half-filled high Landau levels. By considering a quantum well with two electric subbands, it is found that the ... More
Comment on ``Geometric phase of entangled spin pairs in a magnetic field''Aug 02 2007The degree of entanglement between two spins may change due to interaction. About this we find that a wrong result in a recent work by Ge and Wadati [Phys. Rev. A {\bf72}, 052101(2005)] which breach the basic principle.
Entanglement fidelity and measurement of entanglement preserving in quantum processesApr 23 2007May 13 2007The entanglement fidelity provides a measure of how well the entanglement between two subsystems is preserved in a quantum process. By using a simple model we show that in some cases this quantity in its original definition fails in the measurement of ... More
Ill-posedness of the Prandtl equations in Sobolev spaces around a shear flow with general decayApr 30 2016Motivated by the paper by D. Gerard-Varet and E. Dormy [JAMS, 2010] about the linear ill-posedness for the Prandtl equations around a shear flow with exponential decay in normal variable, and the recent study of well-posedness on the Prandtl equations ... More
Dynamical revival of phase coherence in a many-boson systemDec 23 2011We study the quantum dynamics of cold Bose atoms in a double well. It is shown that self-trapping, as well as population oscillations are common phenomena associated to nonlinear interactions. For larger $U/t$, multi-particle tunneling is damped and the ... More
Temperature dependence of the conductivity of the electronic crystalMay 14 2003Jul 01 2004We study the temperature dependence of the conductivity of the 2D electronic solid. In realistic samples, a domain structure forms in the solid and each domain randomly orients in the absence of the in-plane field. At higher temperature, the electron ... More
Multiple Superconducting Gaps, Anisotropic Spin Fluctuations and Spin-Orbit Coupling in Iron-PnictidesMay 30 2012This article reviews the NMR and NQR studies on iron-based high-temperature superconductors by the IOP/Okayama group. It was found that the electron pairs in the superconducting state are in the spin-singlet state with multiple fully-opened energy gaps. ... More
An Affine-Invariant Bayesian Cluster ProcessNov 29 2016In order to identify clusters of objects with features transformed by unknown affine transformations, we develop a Bayesian cluster process which is invariant with respect to certain linear transformations of the feature space and able to cluster data ... More
Convergence Error Estimates of the Crank-Nicolson Scheme for Solving Decoupled FBSDEsJun 21 2016The Crank-Nicolson (short for C-N) scheme for solving {\it backward stochastic differential equation} (BSDE), driven by Brownian motions, was first developed by the authors W. Zhao, L. Chen and S. Peng [SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 28 (2006), 1563--1581], and ... More
Fermionic superfluidity and spontaneous superflows in optical latticesDec 23 2011We study superfluidity of strongly repulsive fermionic atoms in optical lattices. The atoms are paired up through a correlated tunneling mechanism, which induces superfluidity when repulsive nearest-neighbor interactions are included in the Hubbard model. ... More
Local vertical measurements and violation of Bell inequalityNov 01 2007For two qubits belonging to Alice and Bob, we derive an approach to setup the bound of Bell operator in the condition that Alice and Bob continue to perform local vertical measurements. For pure states we find that if the entanglement of the two qubits ... More
Entropy exchange, coherent information and concurrenceMay 13 2007Jun 30 2007For a simple model we derive analytic expressions of entropy exchange and coherent information, from which relations between them and the concurrence are drawn. We find that in the quantum evolution the entropy exchange exhibits behavior \textsl{opposite} ... More
Investigation of nonlocal information as condition for violations of Bell inequality and information causalityMar 09 2010Oct 20 2010On the basis of local realism theory, nonlocal information is necessary for violation of Bell's inequality. From a theoretical point of view, nonlocal information is essentially the mutual information on distant outcome and measurement setting. In this ... More
Environment Overwhelms both Nature and Nurture in a Model Spin GlassAug 22 2018The microscopic dependence of glassy equilibration on sample history, both the initial configuration and the specific sequence of random noise, is examined. The temporal evolution of spin configurations in a two-dimensional Ising spin glass is simulated ... More
Multi-stage Suture Detection for Robot Assisted Anastomosis based on Deep LearningNov 08 2017In robotic surgery, task automation and learning from demonstration combined with human supervision is an emerging trend for many new surgical robot platforms. One such task is automated anastomosis, which requires bimanual needle handling and suture ... More
Exploring Hidden Acoustic Spin UnderwaterJan 17 2018Feb 06 2018Investigating wave propagation in fluid enables a variety of important applications in underwater communications, object detections and unmanned robot control. Conventionally, momentum and spin reveal fundamental physical properties about propagating ... More
Optimal Designs for Two-Level Factorial Experiments with Binary ResponseMar 08 2010May 12 2010We consider the problem of obtaining locally D-optimal designs for factorial experiments with qualitative factors at two levels each with binary response. Our focus is primarily on the 2^2 experiment. In this paper, we derive analytic results for some ... More
Comments on 'Teleportation of two quNit entanglement: Exploiting local resources'and 'Reply to Yang et al.'s comment'Nov 17 2006Dec 24 2006This paper includes two comments. The first one is a comment on 'Teleportation of two quNit entanglement: Exploiting local resources'. Two different efficient methods are presented to modify some details of N. Ba An's protocol, so that teleportation of ... More
Resonance Mass Spectra of Gravity and Fermion on Bloch BranesOct 17 2013Nov 15 2013In this paper, by presenting the potentials of Kaluza-Klein (KK) modes in the corresponding Schr\"{o}dinger equations, we investigate the localization and resonances of gravity and fermion on the symmetric and asymmetric Bloch {branes}. We find that the ... More
Bridging AIC and BIC: a new criterion for autoregressionAug 11 2015Aug 24 2016We introduce a new criterion to determine the order of an autoregressive model fitted to time series data. It has the benefits of the two well-known model selection techniques, the Akaike information criterion and the Bayesian information criterion. When ... More
Numerical evaluation of a two loop diagram in the cutoff regularizationJan 23 2003Aug 12 2003The sunset diagram of $\lambda\phi^4$ theory is evaluated numerically in cutoff scheme and a nonzero finite term (in accordance with dimensional regularization (DR) result) is found in contrast to published calculations. This finding dramatically reduces ... More
Neural Reranking for Named Entity RecognitionJul 17 2017We propose a neural reranking system for named entity recognition (NER). The basic idea is to leverage recurrent neural network models to learn sentence-level patterns that involve named entity mentions. In particular, given an output sentence produced ... More
D-optimal Designs for Multinomial Logistic ModelsJul 10 2017Feb 16 2019We consider optimal designs for general multinomial logistic models, which cover baseline-category, cumulative, adjacent-categories, and continuation-ratio logit models, with proportional odds, non-proportional odds, or partial proportional odds assumption. ... More
Indefinite Kernel Logistic RegressionJul 06 2017Traditionally, kernel learning methods requires positive definitiveness on the kernel, which is too strict and excludes many sophisticated similarities, that are indefinite, in multimedia area. To utilize those indefinite kernels, indefinite learning ... More
Slim cyclotomic q-Schur algebrasMar 25 2018We construct a new basis for a slim cyclotomic $q$-Schur algebra $\cysSr$ via symmetric polynomials in Jucys--Murphy operators of the cyclotomic Hecke algebra $\cysHr$. We show that this basis, labelled by matrices, is not the double coset basis when ... More
Towards spaces of harmonic functions with traces in square Campanato space and its scaling invariantSep 29 2013Feb 06 2014For $n\ge 1$ and $\alpha\in (-1,1)$, let $H^{\alpha,2}$ be the space of harmonic functions $u$ on the upper half space $\mathbb{R}^{n+1}_+$ satisfying $$\displaystyle\sup_{(x_0,r)\in \mathbb R^{n+1}_+}r^{-(2\alpha+n)}\int_{B(x_0,r)}\int_0^r|\nabla_{x,t} ... More
Resonance fluorescence beyond the dipole approximation of a quantum dot in a plasmonic nanostructureMay 03 2016The mesoscopic characteristics of a quantum dot (QD), which make the dipole approximation (DA) break down, provide a new dimension to manipulate light-matter interaction [M. L. Andersen et al., Nat. Phys. 7, 215 (2011)]. Here we investigate the power ... More
Zero Modes of Matter Fields on Scalar Flat Thick BranesJul 07 2009Zero modes of various matters with spin 0, 1 and 1/2 on a class of scalar flat thick branes are discussed in this paper. We show that scalar field with spin 0 is localized on all thick branes without additional condition, while spin 1 vector field is ... More
MHD boundary layers theory in Sobolev spaces without monotonicity. I. well-posedness theoryNov 17 2016Jan 16 2017We study the well-posedness theory for the MHD boundary layer. The boundary layer equations are governed by the Prandtl type equations that are derived from the incompressible MHD system with non-slip boundary condition on the velocity and perfectly conducting ... More
On the renormalized volumes for conformally compact Einstein manifoldsDec 15 2005Dec 20 2005We study the renormalized volume of a conformally compact Einstein manifold. In even dimensions, we derive the analogue of the Chern-Gauss-Bonnet formula incorporating the renormalized volume. When the dimension is odd, we relate the renormalized volume ... More
Periodicity of the giant vortex states in mesoscopic superconducting ringsNov 07 2005The giant vortex states of a multiply connected superconductor, with radius comparable to the penetration depth and the coherence length, are theoretically investigated based on the nonlinear Ginzburg-Landau theory, in which the induced magnetic field ... More
Outperformance Portfolio Optimization via the Equivalence of Pure and Randomized Hypothesis TestingSep 25 2011Mar 31 2013We study the portfolio problem of maximizing the outperformance probability over a random benchmark through dynamic trading with a fixed initial capital. Under a general incomplete market framework, this stochastic control problem can be formulated as ... More
Radial distribution of Julia sets of derivatives of solutions of complex linear differential equationsMay 23 2017In this paper we mainly investigate the radial distribution of Julia set of derivatives of entire solutions of some complex linear differential equations. Under certain conditions, we find the lower bound of it which improve some recent results.
On finiteness of Kleinian groups in general dimensionMay 06 2003In this paper we provide a criteria for geometric finiteness of Kleinian groups in general dimension. We formulate the concept of conformal finiteness for Kleinian groups in space of dimension higher than two, which generalizes the notion of analytic ... More
Efficient and accurate numerical schemes for a hydrodynamically coupled phase field diblock copolymer modelJan 20 2017In this paper, we consider numerical approximations of a hydrodynamically coupled phase field diblock copolymer model, in which the free energy contains a kinetic potential, a gradient entropy, a Ginzburg-Landau double well potential, and a long range ... More
Levi-Civita Ricci-flat metrics on compact complex manifoldsJun 18 2018In this paper, we study the geometry of compact complex manifolds with Levi-Civita Ricci-flat metrics and prove that compact complex surfaces admitting Levi-Civita Ricci-flat metrics are Kahler Calabi-Yau surfaces or Hopf surfaces.
Enhancement of coherent energy transfer by disorder and temperature in light harvesting processesAug 27 2012We investigate the influence of static disorder and thermal excitations on excitonic energy transport in the light-harvesting apparatus of photosynthetic systems by solving the Schr\"{o}dinger equation and taking into account the coherent hoppings of ... More
Semi-supervised Learning for Discrete Choice ModelsFeb 16 2017We introduce a semi-supervised discrete choice model to calibrate discrete choice models when relatively few requests have both choice sets and stated preferences but the majority only have the choice sets. Two classic semi-supervised learning algorithms, ... More
On the Continuity of Stochastic Exit Time Control ProblemsJul 01 2009Apr 16 2010We determine a weaker sufficient condition than that of Theorem 5.2.1 in Fleming and Soner (2006) for the continuity of the value functions of stochastic exit time control problems.
Quantum Spin of Elastic WaveJan 11 2018Unveiling intrinsic spins of propagating waves usually offers people a fundamental understanding of the geometrical and topological properties of waves from classical to quantum aspects. A great variety of research has shown that transverse waves can ... More
Justification of Prandtl Ansatz for MHD boundary layerApr 03 2017Jul 07 2018As a continuation of \cite{LXY}, the paper aims to justify the high Reynolds numbers limit for the MHD system with Prandtl boundary layer expansion when no-slip boundary condition is imposed on velocity field and perfect conducting boundary condition ... More
Interaction of a surface acoustic wave with a two-dimensional electron gasAug 02 2005When a surface acoustic wave propagates on the surface of a GaAs semiconductor, coupling between electrons in the two-dimensional electron gas beneath the interface and the elastic host crystal through piezoelectric interaction will attenuate the SAW. ... More
Multi-Modal Bayesian Embeddings for Learning Social Knowledge GraphsAug 04 2015Apr 20 2016We study the extent to which online social networks can be connected to open knowledge bases. The problem is referred to as learning social knowledge graphs. We propose a multi-modal Bayesian embedding model, GenVector, to learn latent topics that generate ... More
Asymmetric Nonlinear System is Not sufficient for Non-Reciprocal Quantum Wave DiodeNov 07 2017We demonstrate symmetric wave propagations in asymmetric nonlinear quantum systems. By solving the nonlinear Sch\"ordinger equation, we first analytically prove the existence of symmetric transmission in asymmetric systems with a single nonlinear delta-function ... More
Dynamical revivals of the paired superfluidity and counterflow superfluidityJun 24 2013The quantum dynamics of two-species bosons in an optical lattice is studied within the mean-field theory. The quantum coherence experiences periodical collapses and revivals, which depends on the relative strength of the inter-and intra-species interactions. ... More
Thermodynamical properties of a trapped interacting Bose gasJan 11 2012The thermodynamical properties of interacting Bose atoms in a harmonic potential are studied within the mean-field approximation. For weak interactions, the quantum statistics is equivalent to an ideal gas in an effective mean-field potential. The eigenvalue ... More
Concept based AttentionMay 11 2016Attention endows animals an ability to concentrate on the most relevant information among a deluge of distractors at any given time, either through volitionally 'top-down' biasing, or driven by automatically 'bottom-up' saliency of stimuli, in favour ... More
Design Challenges and Misconceptions in Neural Sequence LabelingJun 12 2018Jul 12 2018We investigate the design challenges of constructing effective and efficient neural sequence labeling systems, by reproducing twelve neural sequence labeling models, which include most of the state-of-the-art structures, and conduct a systematic model ... More
Mapping Temporal Variables into the NeuCube for Improved Pattern Recognition, Predictive Modelling and Understanding of Stream DataMar 17 2016This paper proposes a new method for an optimized mapping of temporal variables, describing a temporal stream data, into the recently proposed NeuCube spiking neural network architecture. This optimized mapping extends the use of the NeuCube, which was ... More
Giant optical nonlocality near the Dirac point in metal-dielectric multilayer metamaterialsSep 04 2013The giant optical nonlocality near the Dirac point in lossless metal-dielectric multilayer metamaterials is revealed and investigated through the analysis of the band structure of the multilayer stack in the three-dimensional omega-k space, according ... More
Circuit complexity for free Fermion with a mass quenchOct 01 2018By using a recent approach proposed by Hackl $et\, al.$ to evaluate the complexity of the free fermionic Gaussian state, we compute the complexity of the Dirac vacuum state as well as the excited state of the Fermi system with a mass quench. First of ... More
Efficient and Effective Volume Visualization with Enhanced Isosurface RenderingFeb 24 2012Compared with full volume rendering, isosurface rendering has several well recognized advantages in efficiency and accuracy. However, standard isosurface rendering has some limitations in effectiveness. First, it uses a monotone colored approach and can ... More
Suppressed dissipation of a quantum emitter coupled to surface plasmon polaritonsDec 19 2016Apr 26 2017Enabling the confinement of light to a scale far below the one of conventional optics, surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) induced by an electromagnetic field in a metal-dielectric interface supply an ideal system to explore strong quantized light-matter ... More
Robustness of Optimal Designs for 2^2 Experiments with Binary ResponseMay 12 2010We consider an experiment with two qualitative factors at 2 levels each and a binary response, that follows a generalized linear model. In Mandal, Yang and Majumdar (2010) we obtained basic results and characterizations of locally D-optimal designs for ... More
Protective layer enhanced the stability and superconductivity of tailored antimonene bilayerDec 12 2018For two-dimensional superconductors, the high stability in ambient conditions is critical for experiments and applications. Few-layer antimonene can be non-degradative over a couple of months, which is superior to the akin black phosphorus. Based on the ... More
Global Mild Solutions of Fractional Naiver-Stokes Equations with Small Initial Data in Critical Besov-Q SpacesDec 04 2012Jul 23 2014In this paper, we establish the global existence and uniqueness of a mild solution of the so-called fractional Navier-Stokes equations with a small initial data in the critical Besov-Q space covering many already known function spaces.
Model Selection Techniques -- An OverviewOct 22 2018In the era of big data, analysts usually explore various statistical models or machine learning methods for observed data in order to facilitate scientific discoveries or gain predictive power. Whatever data and fitting procedures are employed, a crucial ... More
Cluster-Based Regularized Sliced Inverse Regression for Forecasting Macroeconomic VariablesOct 27 2011Dec 02 2013This article concerns the dimension reduction in regression for large data set. We introduce a new method based on the sliced inverse regression approach, called cluster-based regularized sliced inverse regression. Our method not only keeps the merit ... More
Some rigidity characterizations of Einstein metrics as critical points for quadratic curvature functionalsAug 14 2018Aug 15 2018We study rigidity results for the Einstein metrics as the critical points of a family of known quadratic curvature functionals involving the scalar curvature, the Ricci curvature and the Riemannian curvature tensor, characterized by some pointwise inequalities ... More
Robustness of classification ability of spiking neural networksJan 30 2018It is well-known that the robustness of artificial neural networks (ANNs) is important for their wide ranges of applications. In this paper, we focus on the robustness of the classification ability of a spiking neural network which receives perturbed ... More
Unveiling CP property of top-Higgs coupling with graph neural networks at the LHCJan 17 2019The top-Higgs coupling plays an important role in particle physics and cosmology. The precision measurements of this coupling can provide an insight to new physics beyond the Standard Model. In this paper, we propose to use Message Passing Neural Network ... More
Subword Encoding in Lattice LSTM for Chinese Word SegmentationOct 30 2018We investigate a lattice LSTM network for Chinese word segmentation (CWS) to utilize words or subwords. It integrates the character sequence features with all subsequences information matched from a lexicon. The matched subsequences serve as information ... More
Generation of stable entanglement between two cavity mirrors by squeezed-reservoir engineeringJul 07 2015Dec 08 2015The generation of quantum entanglement of macroscopic or mesoscopic bodies in mechanical motion is generally bounded by the thermal fluctuation exerted by their environments. Here we propose a scheme to establish stationary entanglement between two mechanically ... More
A Percolation based M2M Networking Architecture for Data Transmission and RoutingMar 31 2014May 08 2014We propose a percolation based M2M networking architecture and its data transmission method. The proposed network architecture can be server-free and router-free, which allows us to operate routing efficiently with percolations based on six degrees of ... More
Categorification of the Heisenberg algebra and MacMahon functionFeb 19 2013Jul 14 2013Starting from a one dimensional vector space, we construct a categorification $'\mathcal H$ of a deformed Heiserberg algebra $'H$ by Cautis and Licata's method. The Grothendieck ring of $'\mathcal H$ is $'H$. As an application, we discuss some related ... More
A Note On Heisenberg CategorificationJul 15 2013A categorification of the Heisenberg algebra is constructed in by Khovanov using graphical calculus, and left with a conjecture on the isomorphism between the Heisenberg algebra and Grothendieck ring of the constructed category. We give a proof of Khovanov's ... More
Transductive Unbiased Embedding for Zero-Shot LearningMar 30 2018Most existing Zero-Shot Learning (ZSL) methods have the strong bias problem, in which instances of unseen (target) classes tend to be categorized as one of the seen (source) classes. So they yield poor performance after being deployed in the generalized ... More
Determination of the hyperfine coupling constant of cesium 7S1/2 stateJan 12 2016Jul 13 2016We report the hyperfine splitting (HFS) measurement of cesium (Cs) 7S1/2 state by optical-optical double-resonance spectroscopy in the 6S1/2-6P3/2-7S1/2 (852 nm + 1470 nm) ladder-type system. The HFS frequency calibration is performed by employing a phase-type ... More
4D Cardiac Ultrasound Standard Plane Location by Spatial-Temporal CorrelationJul 20 2016Echocardiography plays an important part in diagnostic aid in cardiac diseases. A critical step in echocardiography-aided diagnosis is to extract the standard planes since they tend to provide promising views to present different structures that are benefit ... More
Investigation of two-color magneto-optical trap with cesium 6S1/2-6P3/2-7S1/2 ladder-type systemJan 12 2016A novel cesium (Cs) two-color magneto-optical trap (TC-MOT), which partially employs the optical radiation forces due to photon scattering of the 6P3/2 (F'=5) - 7S1/2 (F"=4) excited-state transition in the Cs 6S1/2 - 6P3/2 - 7S1/2 (852 + 1470 nm) ladder-type ... More
Significant Reduction of Graphene Thermal Conductivity by Phononic Crystal StructureJul 22 2014We studied the thermal conductivity of graphene phononic crystal (GPnC), also named as graphene nanomesh, by molecular dynamics simulations. The dependences of thermal conductivity of GPnCs on both length and temperature are investigated. It is found ... More
Fermion Localization and Degenerate Resonances on Brane ArrayJan 31 2019In this work, we consider the multi-wall braneworld arisen from multi-scalar fields, and investigate the localization and resonances of spin-1/2 fermion on the multi-walls. We build two analytic multi-wall solutions with a polynomial superpotential and ... More
Relations between Average Distance, Heterogeneity and Network SynchronizabilityOct 13 2005Apr 21 2006By using the random interchanging algorithm, we investigate the relations between average distance, standard deviation of degree distribution and synchronizability of complex networks. We find that both increasing the average distance and magnifying the ... More
Epidemic spreading and immunization with identical infectivityNov 09 2006Apr 04 2007In this paper, a susceptible-infected-susceptible (SIS) model with identical infectivity, where each node is assigned with the same capability of active contacts, $A$, at each time step, is presented. We found that on scale-free networks, the density ... More
Interacting Attention-gated Recurrent Networks for RecommendationSep 05 2017Sep 07 2017Capturing the temporal dynamics of user preferences over items is important for recommendation. Existing methods mainly assume that all time steps in user-item interaction history are equally relevant to recommendation, which however does not apply in ... More
Inference Aided Reinforcement Learning for Incentive Mechanism Design in CrowdsourcingJun 01 2018Incentive mechanisms for crowdsourcing are designed to incentivize financially self-interested workers to generate and report high-quality labels. Existing mechanisms are often developed as one-shot static solutions, assuming a certain level of knowledge ... More
Comments on the Holomorphic Anomaly in Open Topological String TheoryJun 05 2007We show that a general solution to the extended holomorphic anomaly equations for the open topological string on D-branes in a Calabi-Yau manifold, recently written down by Walcher in arXiv:0705.4098, is obtained from the general solution to the holomorphic ... More
Novel signatures of quantized coupling between quantum emitters and localized surface plasmonsFeb 12 2019Confining light to scales beyond the diffraction limit, quantum plasmonics supplies an ideal platform to explore strong light-matter couplings. The light-induced localized surface plasmons (LSPs) on the metal-dielectric interface acting as a quantum bus ... More
The rational parts of one-loop QCD amplitudes II: The five-gluon caseJul 03 2006Sep 11 2006The rational parts of 5-gluon one-loop amplitudes are computed by using the newly developed method for computing the rational parts directly from Feynman integrals. We found complete agreement with the previously well-known results of Bern, Dixon and ... More
Quasiparticle Band Gaps, Excitonic Effects, and Anisotropic Optical Properties of Monolayer Distorted 1-T Diamond-chain StructuresAug 14 2015Sep 08 2015We report many-body perturbation theory calculations of excited-state properties of distorted 1-T diamond-chain monolayer rhenium disulfide (ReS2) and diselenide (ReSe2). Electronic self-energy substantially enhances their quasiparticle band gaps and, ... More
The Bound of Entanglement of Superpositions with More Than Two ComponentsJan 26 2007Feb 10 2008A bipartite quantum state (for two systems in any dimensions) can be decomposed as a superposition of many components. For a superposition of more than two components we prove that there is a bound of the entanglement of the superposition state which ... More
Strain-controlled fundamental gap and structure of bulk black phosphorusJun 24 2016We study theoretically the structural and electronic response of layered bulk black phosphorus to in-layer strain. Ab initio density functional theory (DFT) calculations reveal that the strain energy and interlayer spacing display a strong anisotropy ... More
Simulating Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Topological Lieb Lattice of Linear CircuitOct 19 2017Apr 03 2018Inspired by the topological insulator circuit proposed and experimentally verified by Jia., et al. \cite{1}, we theoretically realized the topological Lieb lattice, a line centered square lattice with rich topological properties, in a radio-frequency ... More
Epidemic-like Proximity-based Traffic OffloadingJun 03 2013Nov 25 2014Cellular networks are overloaded due to the mobile traffic surge, and mobile social network (MSNets) carrying information flow can help reduce cellular traffic load. If geographically-nearby users directly adopt WiFi or Bluetooth technology (i.e., leveraging ... More
Improvements of computational ghost imaging by using Special-Hadamard patternsFeb 12 2019We introduced a new kind of patterns named Special-Hadamard patterns, which could be used as structured illuminations of computational ghost imaging. Special-Hadamard patterns can get a better image quality than Hadamard patterns in a noisy environment. ... More
Improvement on Fermionic properties and new isotope production in molecular dynamics simulationsMar 09 2016By considering momentum transfer in the Fermi constraint procedure, the stability of the initial nuclei and fragments produced in heavy-ion collisions can be further improved in the quantum molecular dynamics simulations. The case of the phase space occupation ... More