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Special values of automorphic $L$-functions for $GL_{n}\times GL_{n'}$ over CM fields, factorization and functoriality of arithmetic automorphic periodsNov 11 2015Michael HARRIS defined the arithmetic automorphic periods for certain cuspidal representations of $GL_{n}$ over quadratic imaginary fields in his Crelle paper 1997. He also showed that critical values of automorphic L-functions for $GL_{n}\times GL_{1}$ ... More
An automorphic variant of the Deligne conjectureAug 27 2016Apr 28 2017In this paper we introduce an automorphic variant of the Deligne conjecture for tensor product of two motives over a quadratic imaginary field. On one hand, we define some motivic periods and rewrite the Deligne conjecture in terms of these periods. On ... More
Period relations for automorphic induction and applications, INov 11 2015Let $K$ be a quadratic imaginary field. Let $\Pi$ (resp. $\Pi'$) be a regular algebraic cuspidal representation of $GL_{n}(K)$ (resp. $GL_{n-1}(K)$) which is moreover cohomological and conjugate self-dual. In \cite{harris97}, M. Harris has defined automorphic ... More
Factorization of arithmetic automorphic periodsMay 03 2017In this paper, we prove that the arithmetic automorphic periods for $GL_{n}$ over a CM field factorize through the infinite places. This generalizes a conjecture of Shimura in 1983, and is predicted by the Langlands correspondence between automorphic ... More
Lifshitz transition in two-dimensional spin-density wave modelsNov 17 2010We argue that both pocket-disappearing and neck-disrupting types of Lifshitz transitions can be realized in two-dimensional spin-density wave models for underdoped cuprates, and study both types of transitions with impurity scattering treated in the self-consistent ... More
Mean-field description of plastic flow in amorphous solidsJun 11 2015Jul 28 2017Failure and flow of amorphous materials are central to various phenomena including earthquakes and landslides. There is accumulating evidence that the yielding transition between a flowing and an arrested phase is a critical phenomenon, but the associated ... More
The effects of stochasticity at the single-cell level and cell size control on the population growthNov 23 2016Sep 18 2017Establishing a quantitative connection between the population growth rate and the generation times of single cells is a prerequisite for understanding evolutionary dynamics of microbes. However, existing theories fail to account for the experimentally ... More
Microscopic processes controlling the Herschel-Bulkley exponentAug 01 2017Jan 15 2018The flow curve of various yield stress materials is singular as the strain rate vanishes, and can be characterized by the so-called Herschel-Bulkley exponent $n=1/\beta$. A mean-field approximation due to Hebraud and Lequeux (HL) assumes mechanical noise ... More
State Transitions in Ultracompact Neutron Star LMXBs: towards the Low Luminosity LimitNov 21 2017Luminosity of X-ray spectral state transitions in black hole and neutron star X-ray binaries can put constraint on the critical mass accretion rate between accretion regimes. Previous studies indicate that the hard-to-soft spectral state transitions in ... More
Simple security analysis of phase-matching measurement-device-independent quantum key distributionJul 26 2018Oct 28 2018Variations of phase-matching measurement-device-independent quantum key distribution (PM-MDI QKD) protocols have been investigated before, but it was recently discovered that this type of protocol (under the name of twin-field QKD) can beat the linear ... More
Learning Low-Complexity Autoregressive Models via Proximal Alternating MinimizationSep 17 2016Sep 19 2018We consider the estimation of the state transition matrix in vector autoregressive models, when time sequence data is limited but nonsequence steady-state data is abundant. To leverage both sources of data, we formulate the least squares minimization ... More
Special values of $L$-functions and the refined Gan-Gross-Prasad conjectureMay 22 2017We prove explicit rationality-results for Asai- $L$-functions, $L^S(s,\Pi',{\rm As}^\pm)$, and Rankin-Selberg $L$-functions, $L^S(s,\Pi\times\Pi')$, over arbitrary CM-fields $F$, relating critical values to explicit powers of $(2\pi i)$. Besides determining ... More
Covariant amplitudes for mesonsMar 15 1999We show how to construct covariant amplitudes for processes involving higher spins in this paper. First we give the explicit expressions of Rarita-Schwinger wave functions and propagators for bosons with spins, then kinematic singularity free 3-leg effective ... More
Band gap corrections for molecules and solids using Koopmans theorem and Wannier functionsFeb 27 2015We have proposed a method for correcting the Kohn-Sham eigen energies in the density functional theory (DFT) based on the Koopmans theorem using Wannier functions. The method provides a general approach applicable for molecules and solids for electronic ... More
Theory of Low-Temperature Hall Effect in Electron-Doped CupratesJul 13 2005A mean field calculation of the $T\to 0$ limit of the Hall conductance of electron-doped cuprates such as $Pr_{2-x}Ce_xCuO_{4+\delta}$ is presented. The data are found to be qualitatively consistent with the reconstruction of the Fermi surface expected ... More
Macroscopic Quantum Superposition in Cavity OptomechanicsDec 23 2015Apr 20 2016Quantum superposition in mechanical systems is not only key evidence for macroscopic quantum coherence, but can also be utilized in modern quantum technology. Here we propose an efficient approach for creating macroscopically distinct mechanical superposition ... More
Addendum: Theory of low-temperature Hall effect in stripe-ordered cupratesAug 18 2009We supplement a previously published calculation of the Hall effect in stripe ordered cuprates by presenting results for the physically relevant sign of the potential arising from charge ordering. The new results are more consistent with data, underscoring ... More
Spin Zeros and the Origin of Fermi Surface Reconstruction in the CupratesJul 07 2010Two recent quantum oscillation studies find contradictory results concerning the existence of spin zeros - zeros of the oscillatory signal induced by Zeeman splitting of the Landau levels. We discuss these experiments in light of calculations of the oscillations ... More
Theory of Low-Temperature Hall Effect in Stripe--Ordered CupratesJul 01 2008We investigate the effect of static anti-phase stripe order on the weak-field Hall effect of electrons on a two-dimensional square lattice with electron dispersion appropriate to the high T$_c$ cuprates. We first consider the cases where the magnitudes ... More
Optical and Hall conductivities of a thermally disordered two-dimensional spin-density wave: two-particle response in the pseudogap regime of electron-doped high-$T_c$ superconductorsNov 14 2010We calculate the longitudinal ($\sigma_{xx}$) and Hall ($\sigma_{xy}$) optical conductivities for two-dimensional metals with thermally disordered antiferromagnetism using a generalization of an approximation introduced by Lee, Rice and Anderson for the ... More
Canonical Charmonium Interpretation for Y(4360) and Y(4660)Aug 28 2007Jan 13 2008In this work, we consider the canonical charmonium assignments for Y(4360) and Y(4660). Y(4660) is good candidate of $\rm 5 ^3S_1$ $c\bar{c}$ state, the possibility of Y(4360) as a $\rm 3 ^3D_1$ $c\bar{c}$ state is studied, and the charmonium hybrid interpretation ... More
Systems of quotients of Lie triple systemsApr 27 2013In this paper, we introduce the notion of system of quotients of Lie triple systems and investigate some properties which can be lifted from a Lie triple system to its systems of quotients. We relate the notion of Lie triple system of Martindale-like ... More
Convergence to the equilibrium state for Bose-Einstein 1-D Kac grazing limit modelFeb 26 2013The convergence to the equilibrium of the solution of the quantum Kac model for Bose-Einstein identical particles is studied in this paper. Using the relative entropy method and a detailed analysis of the entropy production, the exponential decay rate ... More
On the eigenvalues of $A_α$-spectra of graphsSep 01 2017Let $G$ be a graph with adjacency matrix $A(G)$ and let $D(G)$ be the diagonal matrix of the degrees of $G$. For any real $\alpha\in [0,1]$, Nikiforov \cite{VN1} defined the matrix $A_{\alpha}(G)$ as $$A_{\alpha}(G)=\alpha D(G)+(1-\alpha)A(G).$$ In this ... More
A note on the $A_α$-spectral radius of graphsMay 15 2018Let $G$ be a graph with adjacency matrix $A(G)$ and let $D(G)$ be the diagonal matrix of the degrees of $G$. For any real $\alpha\in [0,1]$, Nikiforov [Merging the $A$- and $Q$-spectral theories, Appl. Anal. Discrete Math. 11 (2017) 81--107] defined the ... More
Polynomial super representations of the hyperalgebra of $\mathfrak{gl}_{m|n}$ at roots of unityApr 06 2018May 27 2018As a homomorphic image of the hyperalgebra $U_{q,R}(m|n)$ associated with the quantum linear supergroup $U_\upsilon(\mathfrak{gl}_{m|n})$, we first give a presentation for the $q$-Schur superalgebra $S_{q,R}(m|n,r)$ over a commutative ring $R$. We then ... More
One-parameter formal deformations of Hom-Lie-Yamaguti algebrasJan 15 2015This paper studies one-parameter formal deformations of Hom-Lie-Yamaguti algebras. The first, second and third cohomology groups on Hom-Lie-Yamaguti algebras extending ones on Lie-Yamaguti algebras are provided. It is proved that first and second cohomology ... More
Transient Heat Conduction in Fractal MediaSep 24 2017Transient dynamics of heat conduction in isotropic fractal media is investigated. By using the Laplacian operator in non-integer dimension, we analytically and numerically study the impact of dimensionality on the evolution of the temperature profile, ... More
Representations of tame quivers and affine canonical basesJun 11 2007Jul 09 2007An integral PBW-basis of type $A_1^{(1)}$ has been constructed by Zhang [Z] and Chen [C] using the Auslander-Reiten quiver of the Kronecker quiver. We associate a geometric order to elements in this basis following an idea of Lusztig [L1] in the case ... More
On the Deformation of Lie-Yamaguti algebrasJan 06 2014The deformation theory of Lie-Yamaguti algebras is developed by choosing a suitable cohomology. The relationship between the deformation and the obstruction of Lie-Yamaguti algebras is obtained.
Graphs determined by their $A_α$-spectraSep 04 2017Let $G$ be a graph with $n$ vertices, and let $A(G)$ and $D(G)$ denote respectively the adjacency matrix and the degree matrix of $G$. Define $$ A_{\alpha}(G)=\alpha D(G)+(1-\alpha)A(G) $$ for any real $\alpha\in [0,1]$. The collection of eigenvalues ... More
Quasi-derivations of Lie-Yamaguti algebrasJan 10 2019The concept of derivation for Lie-Yamaguti algebras is generalized in this paper. A quasi-derivation of an LY-algebra is embedded as derivation in a larger LY-algebra. The relationship between quasi-derivations and robustness of Lie-Yamaguti algebras ... More
Modeling cell size regulation: From single-cell level statistics to molecular mechanisms and population level effectsJan 01 2018Most microorganisms regulate their cell size. We review here some of the mathematical formulations of the problem of cell size regulation. We focus on coarse-grained stochastic models and the statistics they generate. We review the biologically relevant ... More
Conditional Computation for Continual LearningJun 16 2019Catastrophic forgetting of connectionist neural networks is caused by the global sharing of parameters among all training examples. In this study, we analyze parameter sharing under the conditional computation framework where the parameters of a neural ... More
Asymptotic security analysis of discrete-modulated continuous-variable quantum key distributionMay 26 2019Continuous-variable quantum key distribution (CV-QKD) protocols with discrete modulation are interesting due to their experimental simplicity, but their security analysis is less advanced than that of Gaussian modulation schemes. We analyze the security ... More
Thermalization of acoustic excitations in a strongly interacting one-dimensional quantum liquidAug 28 2012We study inelastic decay of bosonic excitations in a Luttinger liquid. In a model with linear excitation spectrum the decay rate diverges. We show that this difficulty is resolved when the interaction between constituent particles is strong, and the excitation ... More
Optimal segregation of proteins: phase transitions and symmetry breakingApr 24 2018Asymmetric segregation of key proteins at cell division -- be it a beneficial or deleterious protein -- is ubiquitous in unicellular organisms and often considered as an evolved trait to increase fitness in a stressed environment. Here, we provide a general ... More
A Practical Guide to CNNs and Fisher Vectors for Image Instance RetrievalAug 11 2015Aug 25 2015With deep learning becoming the dominant approach in computer vision, the use of representations extracted from Convolutional Neural Nets (CNNs) is quickly gaining ground on Fisher Vectors (FVs) as favoured state-of-the-art global image descriptors for ... More
Quantum fluctuations: Enhancement or suppression of chaos?Feb 12 1998We have studied the effects of quantum fluctuations on dynamical behavior by using squeezed state approach. Our numerical results of the kicked harmonic oscillator demonstrate qualitatively and quantitatively that quantum fluctuations can not only enhance ... More
High Order Neural Networks for Video ClassificationNov 19 2018Capturing spatiotemporal correlations is an essential topic in video classification. In this paper, we present high order operations as a generic family of building blocks for capturing high order correlations from high dimensional input video space. ... More
Correlated and Individual Multi-Modal Deep Learning for RGB-D Object RecognitionApr 06 2016Dec 09 2016In this paper, we propose a new correlated and individual multi-modal deep learning (CIMDL) method for RGB-D object recognition. Unlike most conventional RGB-D object recognition methods which extract features from the RGB and depth channels individually, ... More
Exact solutions and elementary excitations in the XXZ spin chain with unparallel boundary fieldsDec 08 2002By using a set of gauge transformations, the exact solutions of the XXZ spin chain with unparallel boundary magnetic fields are derived in the framework of the algebraic Bethe ansatz. In the easy-plane case, we show the elementary excitations are some ... More
MultiGrid Preconditioners for Mixed Finite Element Methods of Vector LaplacianJan 15 2016Due to the indefiniteness and poor spectral properties, the discretized linear algebraic system of the vector Laplacian by mixed finite element methods is hard to solve. A block diagonal preconditioner has been developed and shown to be an effective preconditioner ... More
Propagation of cosmic rays in the AMS-02 eraJan 22 2017Apr 26 2017In this work we use the newly reported Boron-to-Carbon ratio (B/C) from AMS-02 and the time-dependent proton fluxes from PAMELA and AMS-02 to constrain the source and propagation parameters of cosmic rays in the Milky Way. A linear correlation of the ... More
Scaling Description of Non-Local RheologyJul 25 2016Non-locality is crucial to understand the plastic flow of an amorphous material, and has been successfully described by the fluidity, along with a cooperativity length scale {\xi}. We demonstrate, by applying the scaling hypothesis to the yielding transition, ... More
On the density of shear transformation zones in amorphous solidsJul 05 2013We study the stability of amorphous solids, focusing on the distribution P(x) of the local stress increase x that would lead to an instability. We argue that this distribution is singular P(x)x^{\theta}, where the exponent {\theta} is non-zero if the ... More
A systematic study on the cosmic ray antiproton fluxDec 13 2016Recently the AMS-02 collaboration has published the measurement of the cosmic antiproton to proton ratio $\bar{p}/p$ and the $\bar{p}$ flux with a high precision up to $\sim 450\,\mathrm{GeV}$. In this work, we perform a systematic analysis of the secondary ... More
Co-Regularized Deep Representations for Video SummarizationJan 30 2015Compact keyframe-based video summaries are a popular way of generating viewership on video sharing platforms. Yet, creating relevant and compelling summaries for arbitrarily long videos with a small number of keyframes is a challenging task. We propose ... More
Logarithmic temperature dependence of Hall transport in granular metalsJul 22 2011We have measured the Hall coefficient $R_H$ and the electrical conductivity $\sigma$ of a series of ultrathin indium tin oxide films between 2 and 300 K. A robust $R_H$\,$\propto$\,ln$T$ law is observed in a considerably wide temperature range of 2 and ... More
The relation between outburst rate and orbital period in low-mass X-ray binary transientsJan 02 2019We have investigated the outburst properties of low-mass X-ray binary transients (LMXBTs) based on a comprehensive study of the outbursts observed in the past few decades. The outburst rates were estimated based on the X-ray monitoring data from Swift/BAT, ... More
Hand Gesture Recognition with Leap MotionNov 12 2017The recent introduction of depth cameras like Leap Motion Controller allows researchers to exploit the depth information to recognize hand gesture more robustly. This paper proposes a novel hand gesture recognition system with Leap Motion Controller. ... More
Community Detection on Networks with Ricci FlowJul 09 2019Many complex networks in the real world have community structures -- groups of well-connected nodes with important functional roles. It has been well recognized that the identification of communities bears numerous practical applications. While existing ... More
Three-dimensional array foci of generalized Fibonacci photon sievesOct 13 2015We present a new kind of photon sieves on the basis of the generalized Fibonacci sequences. The required numbers and locations of axial foci can be designed by generalized Fibonacci photon sieves (GFiPS). Furthermore, the three-dimensional array foci ... More
An automorphic version of the Deligne conjectureAug 27 2016In this paper we introduce an automorphic version of the Deligne conjecture for tensor product of two motives over a quadratic imaginary field. On one hand, we define some motivic periods and rewrite the Deligne conjecture in terms of these periods. On ... More
Entanglement and its relationship to classical dynamicsAug 01 2017We present an analysis of the entangling quantum kicked top focusing on the few qubit case and the initial condition dependence of the time-averaged entanglement $S_Q$ for spin-coherent states. We show a very strong connection between the classical phase ... More
Electron-electron scatttering in Sn-doped indium oxide thick filmsJun 24 2013We have measured the low-field magnetoresistances (MRs) of a series of Sn-doped indium oxide thick films in the temperature $T$ range 4--35 K. The electron dephasing rate $1/\tau_{\varphi}$ as a function of $T$ for each film was extracted by comparing ... More
Initial state radiation correction and its effect to data-taking scheme for $σ^{\mathrm{B}}(e^+e^-\to ZH)$ measurementFeb 25 2019Apr 23 2019The measurement of Born cross section of $e^+e^-\to ZH$ process is one of the major goals of the future Circular Electron Positron Collider, which may reach a precision of 0.5%. Such unprecedented precision must be guaranteed by both theoretical and experimental ... More
Nonspreading wave packets in a general potential V(x,t) in one dimensionSep 24 2008We discuss nonspreading wave packets in one dimensional Schr\"{o}dinger equation. We derive general rules for constructing nonspreading wave packets from a general potential $\textmd{V}(x,t)$. The essential ingredients of a nonspreading wave packet, the ... More
Averages of Unlabeled Networks: Geometric Characterization and Asymptotic BehaviorSep 08 2017Feb 07 2019It is becoming increasingly common to see large collections of network data objects -- that is, data sets in which a network is viewed as a fundamental unit of observation. As a result, there is a pressing need to develop network-based analogues of even ... More
Correlated valence-bond statesJun 28 2012Jul 05 2012We study generalizations of the singlet-sector amplitude-product (AP) states in the valence-bond basis of S=1/2 quantum spin systems. In the standard AP states, the weight of a tiling of the system into valence bonds (singlets of two spins) is a product ... More
MobiFace: A Novel Dataset for Mobile Face Tracking in the WildMay 24 2018Jan 22 2019Face tracking serves as the crucial initial step in mobile applications trying to analyse target faces over time in mobile settings. However, this problem has received little attention, mainly due to the scarcity of dedicated face tracking benchmarks. ... More
Investigating the dark matter signal in the cosmic ray antiproton flux with the machine learning methodMar 22 2019We investigate the implications on the dark matter (DM) signal from the AMS-02 cosmic antiproton flux. Global fits to the data are performed under different propagation and hadronic interaction models. The uncertainties from the injection spectrum, propagation ... More
Expectations of the Cosmic Antideuteron FluxJan 03 2018The cosmic antideuteron is a promising probe for the dark matter annihilation signature. In order to determine the DM signature, the background astrophysical antideuteron flux should be carefully studied. In this work we provide a new calculation of the ... More
Naming Game on small-world networks: the role of clustering structureJun 30 2006Oct 15 2006Naming Game is a recently proposed model for describing how a multi-agent system can converge towards a consensus state in a self-organized way. In this paper, we investigate this model on the so-called homogeneous small-world networks and focus on the ... More
Dataflow-based Joint Quantization of Weights and Activations for Deep Neural NetworksJan 04 2019This paper addresses a challenging problem - how to reduce energy consumption without incurring performance drop when deploying deep neural networks (DNNs) at the inference stage. In order to alleviate the computation and storage burdens, we propose a ... More
Nested Invariance Pooling and RBM Hashing for Image Instance RetrievalMar 15 2016Apr 14 2016The goal of this work is the computation of very compact binary hashes for image instance retrieval. Our approach has two novel contributions. The first one is Nested Invariance Pooling (NIP), a method inspired from i-theory, a mathematical theory for ... More
DeepHash: Getting Regularization, Depth and Fine-Tuning RightJan 20 2015This work focuses on representing very high-dimensional global image descriptors using very compact 64-1024 bit binary hashes for instance retrieval. We propose DeepHash: a hashing scheme based on deep networks. Key to making DeepHash work at extremely ... More
Lifshitz Transition in Underdoped CupratesApr 01 2010Recent studies show that quantum oscillations thought to be associated with a density wave reconstructed Fermi surface disappear at a critical value of the doping for YBa2Cu3O6+y, and the cyclotron mass diverges as the critical value is approached from ... More
Novel signatures of quantized coupling between quantum emitters and localized surface plasmonsFeb 12 2019Confining light to scales beyond the diffraction limit, quantum plasmonics supplies an ideal platform to explore strong light-matter couplings. The light-induced localized surface plasmons (LSPs) on the metal-dielectric interface acting as a quantum bus ... More
Quantum percolation in quantum spin Hall antidot systemsFeb 24 2012We study the influences of antidot-induced bound states on transport properties of two- dimensional quantum spin Hall insulators. The bound statesare found able to induce quantum percolation in the originally insulating bulk. At some critical antidot ... More
Compressive Sensing of Large-Scale Images: An Assumption-Free ApproachMay 20 2015Cost-efficient compressive sensing of big media data with fast reconstructed high-quality results is very challenging. In this paper, we propose a new large-scale image compressive sensing method, composed of operator-based strategy in the context of ... More
Steady-state Mechanical Squeezing in an Optomechanical System via Duffing NonlinearityMar 01 2014Jan 23 2015Quantum squeezing in mechanical systems is not only a key signature of macroscopic quantum effects, but can also be utilized to advance the metrology of weak forces. Here we show that strong mechanical squeezing in the steady state can be generated in ... More
Switchable Adhesion Actuator for Amphibious Climbing Soft RobotMar 23 2018Feb 05 2019Climbing soft robots are of tremendous interest in both science and engineering due to their potential applications in intelligent surveillance, inspection, maintenance, and detection under environments away from the ground. The challenge lies in the ... More
Quantitative study of the AMS-02 electron/positron spectra: implications for the pulsar and dark matter propertiesSep 22 2014Feb 15 2015The AMS-02 has just published the unprecedentedly precise measurement of the cosmic electron and positron spectra. In this paper we try to give a quantitative study on the AMS-02 results by a global fitting to the electron and positron spectra, together ... More
Varying the chiral magnetic effect relative to flow in a single nucleus-nucleus collisionOct 19 2017May 30 2018We propose a novel method to search for the chiral magnetic effect (CME) in heavy ion collisions. We argue that the relative strength of the magnetic field (mainly from spectator protons and responsible for the CME) with respect to the reaction plane ... More
Squeezed state dynamics of kicked quantum systemsMar 26 1998Jun 19 1998We study kicked quantum systems by using the squeezed state approach. Taking the kicked quantum harmonic oscillator as an example, we demonstrate that chaos in an underlying classical system can be enhanced as well as suppressed by quantum fluctuations. ... More
Generation of macroscopic Schrödinger-cat states in qubit-oscillator systemsDec 28 2015Mar 28 2016We propose a scheme to generate macroscopic Schr\"odinger-cat states in a quantum harmonic oscillator (electromagnetic field or mechanical resonator) coupled to a quantum bit (two-level system) via a conditional displacement mechanism. By driving the ... More
A Genetic Algorithm for Astroparticle Physics StudiesJul 01 2019Precision measurements of charged cosmic rays have recently been carried out by space-born (e.g. AMS-02), or ground experiments (e.g. HESS). These measured data are important for the studies of astro-physical phenomena, including supernova remnants, cosmic ... More
Flow-based Influence Graph Visual SummarizationAug 11 2014Oct 30 2014Visually mining a large influence graph is appealing yet challenging. People are amazed by pictures of newscasting graph on Twitter, engaged by hidden citation networks in academics, nevertheless often troubled by the unpleasant readability of the underlying ... More
Optimization of the Energy-Efficient Relay-Based massive IoT NetworkMay 31 2018To meet the requirements of high energy efficiency (EE) and large system capacity for the fifth-generation (5G) Internet of Things (IoT), the use of massive multiple-input multipleoutput (MIMO) technology has been launched in the massive IoT (mIoT) network, ... More
Revisiting Associated Production of 125 GeV Higgs Boson with a Photon at a Higgs FactoryFeb 13 2014Sep 25 2014Considering the constraints from the flavor physics, precision electroweak measurements, Higgs data and dark matter detections, we scan over the parameter space of the MSSM and calculate the cross section of $e^+e^- \to h \gamma$ in the allowed parameter ... More
Energy-efficient Analytics for Geographically Distributed Big DataAug 10 2017Aug 26 2017Big data analytics on geographically distributed datasets (across data centers or clusters) has been attracting increasing interests from both academia and industry, but also significantly complicates the system and algorithm designs. In this article, ... More
Robust pulses for high fidelity non-adiabatic geometric gate operations in an off-resonant three-level systemMar 21 2019We propose a method to design pulses in a resonant three-level system to enhance the robustness of non-adiabatic geometric gate operations. By optimizing the shape of the pulse envelope, we show that the gate operations are more robust against frequency ... More
Scaling description of the yielding transition in soft amorphous solids at zero temperatureMar 26 2014Nov 23 2014Yield stress materials flow if a sufficiently large shear stress is ap- plied. Although such materials are ubiquitous and relevant for indus- try, there is no accepted microscopic description of how they yield, even in the simplest situations where temperature ... More
Criticality in the approach to failure in amorphous solidsMay 11 2015Sep 23 2015Failure of amorphous solids is fundamental to various phenomena, including landslides and earthquakes. Recent experiments indicate that highly plastic regions form elongated structures that are especially apparent near the maximal shear stress $\Sigma_{\max}$ ... More
Re-examining the premise of isobaric collisions and a novel method to measure the chiral magnetic effectAug 01 2018In this proceeding we will show that the expectations of the isobaric $^{96}_{44}\mathrm{Ru}+^{96}_{44}\mathrm{Ru}$ and $^{96}_{40}\mathrm{Zr}+^{96}_{40}\mathrm{Zr}$ collisions on chiral magnetic effect (CME) search may not hold as originally anticipated ... More
Importance of isobar density distributions on the chiral magnetic effect searchOct 09 2017Aug 06 2018Under the approximate chiral symmetry restoration, quark interactions with topological gluon fields in quantum chromodynamics can induce chirality imbalance and parity violation in local domains. An electric charge separation ({\sc cs}) could be generated ... More
First Electromagnetic Pulse Associated with a Gravitational-Wave Event: Profile, Duration, and DelayMar 05 2018We study the first electromagnetic pulse after the gravitational wave chirp signal, focusing on the profile and duration. It is found that the light curve, especially the steep decay (SD) phase, can be very different by adopting different viewing angle ... More
Atomic process of oxidative etching in monolayer molybdenum disulfideNov 10 2018The microscopic process of oxidative etching of two-dimensional molybdenum disulfide (2D MoS2) at an atomic scale is investigated using a correlative TEM-etching study. MoS2 flakes on graphene TEM grids are precisely tracked and characterized by TEM before ... More
Phenomenology of Higgs bosons in the Zee-ModelNov 29 2000May 18 2001To generate small neutrino masses radiatively, the Zee-model introduces two Higgs doublets and one weak-singlet charged Higgs boson to its Higgs sector. From analyzing the renormalization group equations, we determine the possibile range of the lightest ... More
Another Look at Charged Higgs Boson Production at LEPOct 20 2000The current atmospheric and solar neutrino experimental data favors the bi-maximal mixing solution of the Zee-type neutrino mass matrix in which neutrino masses are generated radiatively. This model requires the existence of a weak singlet charged Higgs ... More
Pionic Decays of $D_{sj}(2317)$, $D_{sj}(2460)$ and $B_{sj}(5718)$, $B_{sj}(5765)$Feb 17 2006We estimate pionic decay widths of the narrow charm-strange resonances $D_{sj}(2317)$ and $D_{sj}(2460)$ using the $^3P_0$ model. Their one-pion decays occur through $\eta$-$\pi^0$ mixing while the two-pion decays of $D_{sj}(2460)$ occur through the virtual ... More
Electron dephasing in homogeneous and inhomogeneous indium tin oxide thin filmsFeb 08 2012The electron dephasing processes in two-dimensional homogeneous and inhomogeneous indium tin oxide thin films have been investigated in a wide temperature range 0.3--90 K. We found that the small-energy-transfer electron-electron ($e$-$e$) scattering ... More
Multi-phase transport model predictions of isobaric collisions with nuclear structures from density functional theoryAug 20 2018Jun 04 2019Isobaric $^{96}_{44}$Ru+$^{96}_{44}$Ru and $^{96}_{40}$Zr+$^{96}_{40}$Zr collisions were performed at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider in 2018. Using the "a multi-phase transport" model with nuclear structures calculated by the density functional theory ... More
High Resolution Gamma Ray Detection in a Dual Phase Xenon Time Projection ChamberSep 22 2013Dec 03 2013Dual phase Xenon Time Projection Chambers (XeTPCs) are being used by several experiments as a promising technique for direct detection of dark matter. We report on the design and performance of a small 3-D sensitive dual phase XeTPC. The position resolution ... More
The weak-field expansion for processes in a homogeneous background magnetic fieldDec 15 1999May 25 2000The weak-field expansion of the charged fermion propagator under a uniform magnetic field is studied. Starting from Schwinger's proper-time representation, we express the charged fermion propagator as an infinite series corresponding to different Landau ... More
Neutrino-photon scattering and its crossed processes in a background magnetic fieldJul 16 1999Oct 12 1999We study the neutrino-photon processes such as $\gamma\gamma\to \nu\bar{\nu}$ and $\nu\gamma\to \nu\gamma$ in a background magnetic field smaller than the critical magnetic field $B_c\equiv m_e^2/e$. Using Schwinger's proper-time method, we extract leading ... More
Deep Q-Networks for Accelerating the Training of Deep Neural NetworksJun 05 2016Aug 01 2016We present a method, called QAN, for improving the generalization ability of a deep neural network (DNN). It achieves this by using a deep Q-network (DQN) to learn policies to control some behaviors of the DNN during training across episodes. We feed ... More
How does cell size regulation affect population growth?Nov 23 2016The proliferation of a growing microbial colony is well characterized by the population growth rate. However, at the single-cell level, isogenic cells often exhibit different cell-cycle durations. For evolutionary dynamics, it is thus important to establish ... More
Group Invariant Deep Representations for Image Instance RetrievalJan 09 2016Jan 13 2016Most image instance retrieval pipelines are based on comparison of vectors known as global image descriptors between a query image and the database images. Due to their success in large scale image classification, representations extracted from Convolutional ... More