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Joint Space Decomposition-and-Synthesis Theory for K-User MIMO Channels: Interference Alignment and DoF RegionMay 21 2013Aug 08 2013This paper studies DoF of interference alignment in K-user MIMO interference channels.
Performance of Cell-Free Massive MIMO with Rician Fading and Phase ShiftsMar 18 2019In this paper, we study the uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) spectral efficiency (SE) of a cell-free massive multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO) system with Rician fading channels. The phase of the line-of-sight (LoS) path is modeled as a uniformly distributed ... More
Achievable Rate of Rician Large-Scale MIMO Channels with Transceiver Hardware ImpairmentsJul 15 2015Nov 27 2015Transceiver hardware impairments (e.g., phase noise, in-phase/quadrature-phase (I/Q) imbalance, amplifier non-linearities, and quantization errors) have obvious degradation effects on the performance of wireless communications. While prior works have ... More
On the Ergodic Capacity of MIMO Free-Space Optical Systems over Turbulence ChannelsMay 05 2015The free-space optical (FSO) communications can achieve high capacity with huge unlicensed optical spectrum and low operational costs. The corresponding performance analysis of FSO systems over turbulence channels is very limited, especially when using ... More
Unified Performance Analysis of Mixed Radio Frequency/Free-Space Optical Dual-Hop Transmission SystemsJul 15 2015The mixed radio frequency (RF)/free-space optical (FSO) relaying is a promising technology for coverage improvement, while there lacks unified expressions to describe its performance. In this paper, a unified performance analysis framework of a dual-hop ... More
On the Performance of NOMA-Based Cooperative Relaying Systems over Rician Fading ChannelsJul 22 2017Non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) is a promising technique for the fifth generation (5G) wireless communications. As users with good channel conditions can serve as relays to enhance the system performance by using successive interference cancellation ... More
On Low-Resolution ADCs in Practical 5G Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO SystemsMar 20 2018Nowadays, millimeter-wave (mmWave) massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems is a favorable candidate for the fifth generation (5G) cellular systems. However, a key challenge is the high power consumption imposed by its numerous radio frequency ... More
Performance Analysis of Mixed-ADC Massive MIMO Systems over Rician Fading ChannelsMar 10 2017The practical deployment of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) in future fifth generation (5G) wireless communication systems is challenging due to its high hardware cost and power consumption. One promising solution to address this challenge ... More
Non-Orthogonal Random Access (NORA) for 5G NetworksMay 03 2017The massive amounts of machine-type user equipments (UEs) will be supported in the future fifth generation (5G) networks. However, the potential large random access (RA) delay calls for a new RA scheme and for a detailed assessment of its performance. ... More
Effective capacity of communication systems over $κ$-$μ$ shadowed fading channelsJul 15 2015Jul 20 2015The effective capacity of communication systems over generalized $\kappa$-$\mu$ shadowed fading channels is investigated in this letter. A novel and analytical expression for the exact effective capacity is derived in terms of extended generalized bivariate ... More
On the Spectral Efficiency of Massive MIMO Systems with Low-Resolution ADCsDec 01 2015Feb 25 2016The low-resolution analog-to-digital convertor (ADC) is a promising solution to significantly reduce the power consumption of radio frequency circuits in massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. In this letter, we investigate the uplink ... More
Spectral and Energy Efficiency of Cell-Free Massive MIMO Systems with Hardware ImpairmentsSep 09 2017Cell-free massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO), with a large number of distributed access points (APs) that jointly serve the user equipments (UEs), is a promising network architecture for future wireless communications. To reduce the cost and ... More
Unified Framework for the Effective Rate Analysis of Wireless Communication Systems over MISO Fading ChannelsDec 12 2016This paper proposes a unified framework for the effective rate analysis over arbitrary correlated and not necessarily identical multiple inputs single output (MISO) fading channels, which uses moment generating function (MGF) based approach and H transform ... More
On the Multivariate Gamma-Gamma ($ΓΓ$) Distribution with Arbitrary Correlation and Applications in Wireless CommunicationsMay 25 2015The statistical properties of the multivariate Gamma-Gamma ($\Gamma \Gamma$) distribution with arbitrary correlation have remained unknown. In this paper, we provide analytical expressions for the joint probability density function (PDF), cumulative distribution ... More
On the Spectral Efficiency of Space-Constrained Massive MIMO with Linear ReceiversFeb 23 2016In this paper, we investigate the spectral efficiency (SE) of massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems with a large number of antennas at the base station (BS) accounting for physical space constraints. In contrast to the vast body of related ... More
Spectral Efficiency of Multipair Massive MIMO Two-Way Relaying with Hardware ImpairmentsSep 09 2017We consider a multipair massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) two-way relaying system, where multiple pairs of single-antenna devices exchange data with the help of a relay employing a large number of antennas $N$. The relay consists of low-cost ... More
Coalition Game based Full-duplex Concurrent Scheduling in Millimeter Wave Wireless Backhaul NetworkJan 03 2019With the development of self-interference (SI) cancelation technology, full-duplex (FD) communication becomes possible. FD communication can theoretically double the spectral efficiency. When the time slot (TS) resources are limited and the number of ... More
DFT-Based Hybrid Beamforming Multiuser Systems: Rate Analysis and Beam SelectionApr 20 2018This paper considers the discrete Fourier transform (DFT) based hybrid beamforming multiuser system and studies the use of analog beam selection schemes. We first analyze the uplink ergodic achievable rates of the zero-forcing (ZF) receiver and the maximum-ratio ... More
Negative differential resistance and magnetoresistance in zigzag borophene nanoribbonsJan 30 2017We investigate the transport properties of pristine zigzag-edged borophene nanoribbons (ZBNRs) of different widths, using the fist-principles calculations. We choose ZBNRs with widths of 5 and 6 as odd and even widths. The differences of the quantum transport ... More
Physical Layer Security over Fluctuating Two-Ray Fading ChannelsMay 31 2018Ensuring the physical layer security (PHY-security) of millimeter wave (mmWave) communications is one of the key factors for the success of 5G. Recent field measurements show that conventional fading models cannot accurately model the random fluctuations ... More
PFLD: A Practical Facial Landmark DetectorFeb 28 2019Mar 03 2019Being accurate, efficient, and compact is essential to a facial landmark detector for practical use. To simultaneously consider the three concerns, this paper investigates a neat model with promising detection accuracy under wild environments e.g., unconstrained ... More
Effective Rate Analysis of MISO Systems over $α$-$μ$ Fading ChannelsJul 15 2015The effective rate is an important performance metric of real-time applications in next generation wireless networks. In this paper, we present an analysis of the effective rate of multiple-input single-output (MISO) systems over $\alpha$-$\mu$ fading ... More
Multipair Massive MIMO Two-Way Full-Duplex Relay Systems with Hardware ImpairmentsAug 02 2017Hardware impairments, such as phase noise, quantization errors, non-linearities, and noise amplification, have baneful effects on wireless communications. In this paper, we investigate the effect of hardware impairments on multipair massive multiple-input ... More
Mixed-ADC/DAC Multipair Massive MIMO Relaying Systems: Performance Analysis and Power OptimizationSep 10 2018High power consumption and expensive hardware are two bottlenecks for practical massive multiple-input multiple-output (mMIMO) systems. One promising solution is to employ low-resolution analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters ... More
New Results on the Fluctuating Two-Ray Model with Arbitrary Fading Parameters and Its ApplicationsOct 25 2017The fluctuating two-ray (FTR) fading model provides a much better fit than other fading models for small-scale fading measurements in millimeter wave communications. In this paper, using a mixture of gamma distributions, new exact analytical expressions ... More
Novel Device-to-Device Discovery Scheme based on Random Backoff in LTE-Advanced NetworksJul 12 2017Device-to-Device (D2D) discovery is a key enabler of D2D communications for the direct exchange of local area traffic between proximity users (UEs) to improve spectral efficiency. The direct D2D discovery relies on the capabilities of the D2D UEs to autonomously ... More
On High-Order Capacity Statistics of Spectrum Aggregation Systems over $κ$-$μ$ and $κ$-$μ$ shadowed Fading ChannelsDec 06 2016The frequency scarcity imposed by fast growing demand for mobile data service requires promising spectrum aggregation systems. The so-called higher-order statistics (HOS) of the channel capacity is a suitable metric on the system performance. While prior ... More
PFLD: A Practical Facial Landmark DetectorFeb 28 2019Being accurate, efficient, and compact is essential to a facial landmark detector for practical use. To simultaneously consider the three concerns, this paper investigates a neat model with promising detection accuracy under wild environments e.g., unconstrained ... More
Secure mmWave Communications in Cognitive Radio NetworksApr 12 2019In this letter, the secrecy performance in cognitive radio networks (CRNs) over fluctuating two-ray (FTR) channels, which is used to model the millimetre wave channel, is investigated in terms of the secrecy outage probability (SOP). Specifically, we ... More
Electrical transport across metal/two-dimensional carbon junctions: Edge versus side contactsFeb 03 2012Metal/two-dimensional carbon junctions are characterized by using a nanoprobe in an ultrahigh vacuum environment. Significant differences were found in bias voltage (V) dependence of differential conductance (dI/dV) between edge- and side-contact; the ... More
Planetary Transit Candidates in the CSTAR Field: Analysis of the 2008 DataMar 01 2014The Chinese Small Telescope ARray (CSTAR) is a group of four identical, fully automated, static 14.5 cm telescopes. CSTAR is located at Dome A, Antarctica and covers 20 square degree of sky around the South Celestial Pole. The installation is designed ... More
BFGS convergence to nonsmooth minimizers of convex functionsMar 20 2017The popular BFGS quasi-Newton minimization algorithm under reasonable conditions converges globally on smooth convex functions. This result was proved by Powell in 1976: we consider its implications for functions that are not smooth. In particular, an ... More
Dissecting the quasar main sequence: insight from host galaxy propertiesMar 28 2015The diverse properties of broad-line quasars appear to follow a well-defined main sequence along which the optical FeII strength increases. It has been suggested that this sequence is mainly driven by the Eddington ratio (L/L_Edd) of the black hole (BH) ... More
Rescaling nonsmooth optimization using BFGS and Shor updatesFeb 18 2018The BFGS quasi-Newton methodology, popular for smooth minimization, has also proved surprisingly effective in nonsmooth optimization. Through a variety of simple examples and computational experiments, we explore how the BFGS matrix update improves the ... More
Semi-Supervised Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition with Insufficient Labeled SamplesSep 12 2016This paper addresses the problem of face recognition when there is only few, or even only a single, labeled examples of the face that we wish to recognize. Moreover, these examples are typically corrupted by nuisance variables, both linear (i.e. additive ... More
Density-Based Region Search with Arbitrary Shape for Object LocalizationOct 23 2014Region search is widely used for object localization. Typically, the region search methods project the score of a classifier into an image plane, and then search the region with the maximal score. The recently proposed region search methods, such as efficient ... More
Semi-Supervised Sparse Representation Based Classification for Face Recognition with Insufficient Labeled SamplesSep 12 2016Mar 24 2017This paper addresses the problem of face recognition when there is only few, or even only a single, labeled examples of the face that we wish to recognize. Moreover, these examples are typically corrupted by nuisance variables, both linear (i.e., additive ... More
Coloring Big Graphs with AlphaGoZeroFeb 26 2019Feb 28 2019We show that recent innovations in deep reinforcement learning can effectively color very large graphs -- a well-known NP-hard problem with clear commercial applications. Because the Monte Carlo Tree Search with Upper Confidence Bound algorithm used in ... More
Coloring Big Graphs with AlphaGoZeroFeb 26 2019We show that recent innovations in deep reinforcement learning can effectively color very large graphs -- a well-known NP-hard problem with clear commercial applications. Because the Monte Carlo Tree Search with Upper Confidence Bound algorithm used in ... More
Noisy weak-lensing convergence peak statistics near clusters of galaxies and beyondJun 26 2010Taking into account noise from intrinsic ellipticities of source galaxies, in this paper, we study the peak statistics in weak-lensing convergence maps around clusters of galaxies and beyond. We emphasize how the noise peak statistics is affected by the ... More
$\mathtt{ComEst}$: a Completeness Estimator of Source Extraction on Astronomical ImagingMay 09 2016The completeness of source detection is critical for analyzing the photometric and spatial properties of the population of interest observed by astronomical imaging. We present a software package $\mathtt{ComEst}$, which calculates the completeness of ... More
Robust Neural Network Training using Periodic Sampling over Model WeightsMay 14 2019Deep neural networks provide best-in-class performance for a number of computer vision problems. However, training these networks is computationally intensive and requires fine-tuning various hyperparameters. In addition, performance swings widely as ... More
Hyperspectral Image Classification in the Presence of Noisy LabelsSep 12 2018Apr 02 2019Label information plays an important role in supervised hyperspectral image classification problem. However, current classification methods all ignore an important and inevitable problem---labels may be corrupted and collecting clean labels for training ... More
Effective Building Block Design for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks using SearchJan 25 2018Deep learning has shown promising results on many machine learning tasks but DL models are often complex networks with large number of neurons and layers, and recently, complex layer structures known as building blocks. Finding the best deep model requires ... More
Unsupervised cryo-EM data clustering through adaptively constrained K-means algorithmSep 07 2016In single-particle cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM), K-means clustering algorithm is widely used in unsupervised 2D classification of projection images of biological macromolecules. 3D ab initio reconstruction requires accurate unsupervised classification ... More
Communication Using a Large-Scale Array of Ubiquitous Antennas: A Geometry ApproachOct 03 2014Mar 31 2015The recent trends of densification and centralized signal processing in radio access networks suggest that future networks may comprise ubiquitous antennas coordinated to form a network-wide gigantic array, referred to as the ubiquitous array (UA). In ... More
Nuclear Data and Fuel/Assembly Manufacturing Uncertainties Analysis and Preliminary Validation of SUACLApr 13 2017As the sensitivity and uncertainty analysis of nuclear system can provide more confident bounds for the Best-estimate Prediction used to assess the performance and safety of nuclear plant, the uncertainty and sensitivity analysis has been a component ... More
SZE Observables, Pressure Profiles and Center Offsets in Magneticum Simulation Galaxy ClustersDec 15 2016We present a detailed study of the galaxy cluster thermal \ac{sze} signal $Y$ and pressure profiles using {\it Magneticum} Pathfinder hydrodynamical simulations. With a sample of 50,000 galaxy clusters ($M_{\rm 500c}>1.4\times10^{14} \rm M_{\odot}$) out ... More
FEAFA: A Well-Annotated Dataset for Facial Expression Analysis and 3D Facial AnimationApr 02 2019Facial expression analysis based on machine learning requires large number of well-annotated data to reflect different changes in facial motion. Publicly available datasets truly help to accelerate research in this area by providing a benchmark resource, ... More
Make (Nearly) Every Neural Network Better: Generating Neural Network Ensembles by Weight Parameter ResamplingJul 02 2018Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have become increasingly popular in computer vision, natural language processing, and other areas. However, training and fine-tuning a deep learning model is computationally intensive and time-consuming. We propose a new method ... More
Deep CNN Denoiser and Multi-layer Neighbor Component Embedding for Face HallucinationJun 28 2018Most of the current face hallucination methods, whether they are shallow learning-based or deep learning-based, all try to learn a relationship model between Low-Resolution (LR) and High-Resolution (HR) spaces with the help of a training set. They mainly ... More
On the Relations of Correlation Filter Based Trackers and StruckNov 25 2017In recent years, two types of trackers, namely correlation filter based tracker (CF tracker) and structured output tracker (Struck), have exhibited the state-of-the-art performance. However, there seems to be lack of analytic work on their relations in ... More
Low-Rank Phase Retrieval via Variational Bayesian LearningNov 05 2018In this paper, we consider the problem of low-rank phase retrieval whose objective is to estimate a complex low-rank matrix from magnitude-only measurements. We propose a hierarchical prior model for low-rank phase retrieval, in which a Gaussian-Wishart ... More
Hyperspectral Image Classification in the Presence of Noisy LabelsSep 12 2018Label information plays an important role in supervised hyperspectral image classification problem. However, current classification methods all ignore an important and inevitable problem---labels may be corrupted and collecting clean labels for training ... More
High-Dimensional Variable Selection and Prediction under Competing Risks with Application to SEER-Medicare Linked DataApr 26 2017Competing risk analysis considers event times due to multiple causes, or of more than one event types. Commonly used regression models for such data include 1) cause-specific hazards model, which focuses on modeling one type of event while acknowledging ... More
GHZ transform (I): Bell transform and quantum teleportationJan 27 2014Jul 14 2016It is well-known that maximally entangled states such as the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) states, with the Bell states as the simplest examples, are widely exploited in quantum information and computation. We study the application of such maximally ... More
SVM and ELM: Who Wins? Object Recognition with Deep Convolutional Features from ImageNetJun 08 2015Deep learning with a convolutional neural network (CNN) has been proved to be very effective in feature extraction and representation of images. For image classification problems, this work aim at finding which classifier is more competitive based on ... More
Approaching the Cramer-Rao Bound in Weak Lensing with PDF SymmetrizationJun 30 2016Weak lensing statistics is typically measured as weighted sum of shear estimators or their products (shear-shear correlation). The weighting schemes are designed in the hope of minimizing the statistical error without introducing systematic errors. It ... More
A novel integral equation for scattering by locally rough surfaces and application to the inverse problemFeb 01 2013This paper is concerned with the direct and inverse acoustic or electromagnetic scattering problems by a locally perturbed, perfectly reflecting, infinite plane (which is called a locally rough surface in this paper). We propose a novel integral equation ... More
Pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls, Part I: The case of convex control constraintSep 09 2014This paper is the first part of our series work to establish pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls. In this part, both drift and diffusion terms may contain the control variable but the control region is assumed to ... More
Symmetry analysis for time-fractional convection-diffusion equationDec 04 2015Dec 08 2015The time-fractional convection-diffusion equation is performed by Lie symmetry analysis method which involves the Riemann-Liouville time-fractional derivative of the order $\alpha\in(0,2)$. In eight cases, the symmetries are obtained and similarity reductions ... More
The Discovery of Mutated Driver Pathways in Cancer: Models and AlgorithmsApr 05 2016The pathogenesis of cancer in human is still poorly understood. With the rapid development of high-throughput sequencing technologies, huge volumes of cancer genomics data have been generated. Deciphering those data poses great opportunities and challenges ... More
Recovering scattering obstacles by multi-frequency phaseless far-field dataOct 19 2016It is well known that the modulus of the far-field pattern (or phaseless far-field pattern) is invariant under translations of the scattering obstacle if only one plane wave is used as the incident field, so the shape but not the location of the obstacle ... More
The continuity method on Fano bundlesDec 05 2016We prove that the continuity method on a Fano bundle starting from a suitable K\"ahler metric converges to a K\"ahler metric on the base in Gromov-Hausdorff topology.
On Hom-Lie antialgebraJan 10 2019In this paper, we introduced the notion of Hom-Lie antialgebras.The representations and cohomology theory of Hom-Lie antialgebras are investigated. We prove that the equivalent classes of abelian extensions of Hom-Lie antialgeras are in one-to-one correspondence ... More
Gravitational clustering of cosmic relic neutrinos in the Milky WayDec 04 2017May 09 2018The standard model of cosmology predicts the existence of cosmic neutrino background in the present Universe. To detect cosmic relic neutrinos in the vicinity of the Earth, it is necessary to evaluate the gravitational clustering effects on relic neutrinos ... More
EmbedJoin: Efficient Edit Similarity Joins via EmbeddingsFeb 01 2017Oct 06 2017We study the problem of edit similarity joins, where given a set of strings and a threshold value $K$, we want to output all pairs of strings whose edit distances are at most $K$. Edit similarity join is a fundamental problem in data cleaning/integration, ... More
A potential scenario for the Majorana neutrino detection at future lepton collidersMay 24 2018Oct 21 2018The existence of Majorana neutrinos must lead to lepton-number violating processes, and the Majorana nature of neutrinos can only be experimentally verified via lepton-number violating processes. We propose a new approach to search for Majorana neutrinos ... More
Disjunctive Logic Programs versus Normal Logic ProgramsApr 02 2013This paper focuses on the expressive power of disjunctive and normal logic programs under the stable model semantics over finite, infinite, or arbitrary structures. A translation from disjunctive logic programs into normal logic programs is proposed and ... More
Hierarchical Bayesian Models with Factorization for Content-Based RecommendationDec 28 2014Most existing content-based filtering approaches learn user profiles independently without capturing the similarity among users. Bayesian hierarchical models \cite{Zhang:Efficient} learn user profiles jointly and have the advantage of being able to borrow ... More
Expressiveness of Logic Programs under General Stable Model SemanticsDec 02 2014The stable model semantics had been recently generalized to non-Herbrand structures by several works, which provides a unified framework and solid logical foundations for answer set programming. This paper focuses on the expressiveness of normal and disjunctive ... More
An Ordinal Bargaining Solution with Fixed-Point PropertyJan 15 2014Shapleys impossibility result indicates that the two-person bargaining problem has no non-trivial ordinal solution with the traditional game-theoretic bargaining model. Although the result is no longer true for bargaining problems with more than two agents, ... More
Rectifier Neural Network with a Dual-Pathway Architecture for Image DenoisingSep 10 2016Recently deep neural networks based on tanh activation function have shown their impressive power in image denoising. However, much training time is needed because of their very large size. In this letter, we propose a dual-pathway rectifier neural network ... More
The continuity method on minimal elliptic Kähler surfacesOct 25 2016We prove that, on a minimal elliptic K\"ahler surface of Kodaira dimension one, the continuity method introduced by La Nave and Tian in \cite{LT} starting from any initial K\"{a}hler metric converges in Gromov-Hausdorff topology to the metric completion ... More
Trajectory Optimization for Cellular-Connected UAV Under Outage Duration ConstraintJan 14 2019Enabling cellular access for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is a practically appealing solution to realize their high-quality communications with the ground for ensuring safe and efficient operations. In this paper, we study the trajectory design for ... More
A New Exact Worst-Case Linear Convergence Rate of the Proximal Gradient MethodFeb 25 2019In this note, we establish a new exact worst-case linear convergence rate of the proximal gradient method in terms of the proximal gradient norm, which complements the recent results in [1] and implies a refined descent lemma.descent lemma. Based on the ... More
MinJoin: Efficient Edit Similarity Joins via Local Hash MinimumsOct 20 2018In this paper we study edit similarity joins, in which we are given a set of strings and a threshold parameter K, and asked to find all pairs of strings whose edit distance are at most K. Edit similarity joins is a fundamental problem in query processing, ... More
Inequalities for Casorati curvatures of submanifolds in real space formsAug 21 2014Nov 11 2016By using T. Oprea's optimization methods on submanifolds, we give another proof of the inequalities relating the normalized $\delta-$Casorati curvature $\hat{\delta}_c(n-1)$ for submanifolds in real space forms. Also, inequalities relating the normalized ... More
Linear negative dispersion with a gain doublet via optomechanical interactionsFeb 21 2015Optical cavities containing a negative dispersion medium have been proposed as a means of improving the sensitivity of laser interferometric gravitational wave (GW) detectors through the creation of white light signal recycling cavities. Here we classically ... More
NDDR-CNN: Layer-wise Feature Fusing in Multi-Task CNN by Neural Discriminative Dimensionality ReductionJan 25 2018Nov 25 2018In this paper, we propose a novel Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) structure for general-purpose multi-task learning (MTL), which enables automatic feature fusing at every layer from different tasks. This is in contrast with the most widely used MTL ... More
Adaptive Wavelet Clustering for Highly Noisy DataNov 27 2018Jan 07 2019In this paper we make progress on the unsupervised task of mining arbitrarily shaped clusters in highly noisy datasets, which is a task present in many real-world applications. Based on the fundamental work that first applies a wavelet transform to data ... More
Context-Patch Face Hallucination Based on Thresholding Locality-constrained Representation and Reproducing LearningSep 03 2018Sep 15 2018Face hallucination is a technique that reconstruct high-resolution (HR) faces from low-resolution (LR) faces, by using the prior knowledge learned from HR/LR face pairs. Most state-of-the-arts leverage position-patch prior knowledge of human face to estimate ... More
Unsupervised single-particle deep classification via statistical manifold learningApr 15 2016Structural heterogeneity in single-particle images presents a major challenge for high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) structure determination. Here we introduce a statistical manifold learning approach for unsupervised single-particle deep ... More
Gamma-Ray Burst Prompt Emission Light Curves and Power Density Spectra in the ICMART ModelDec 30 2013Feb 27 2014In this paper, we simulate the prompt emission light curves of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) within the framework of the Internal-Collision-induced MAgnetic Reconnection and Turbulence (ICMART) model. This model applies to GRBs with a moderately-high magnetization ... More
Quantum optomechanical straight-twin engineOct 06 2016We propose a scheme to realize a quantum polariton heat engine in a hybrid microwave-opto-mechanical system. The engine transfers the heat obtained from the effective temperature difference between the microwave and optical cavity fields to the work extracted ... More
Imaging of locally rough surfaces from intensity-only far-field or near-field dataOct 19 2016This paper is concerned with a nonlinear imaging problem, which aims to reconstruct a locally perturbed, perfectly reflecting, infinite plane from intensity-only (or phaseless) far-field or near-field data. A recursive Newton iteration algorithm in frequencies ... More
Quantum teleportation and Birman-Murakami-Wenzl algebraJul 06 2016In this paper, we investigate the relationship of quantum teleportation in quantum information science and the Birman-Murakami-Wenzl (BMW) algebra in low-dimensional topology. For simplicity, we focus on the two spin-1/2 representation of the BMW algebra, ... More
Large-Scale Pedestrian Retrieval CompetitionMar 06 2019The Large-Scale Pedestrian Retrieval Competition (LSPRC) mainly focuses on person retrieval which is an important end application in intelligent vision system of surveillance. Person retrieval aims at searching the interested target with specific visual ... More
Observability of Boolean control networks: A unified approach based on the theories of finite automataMay 27 2014Dec 09 2015The problem on how to determine the observability of Boolean control networks (BCNs) has been open for five years already. In this paper, we propose a unified approach to determine all the four types of observability of BCNs in the literature. We define ... More
Control of Spin-Exchange Interaction between Alkali-Earth Atoms via Confinement-Induced Resonances in a Quasi 1+0 Dimensional SystemApr 10 2018Aug 22 2018A nuclear-spin exchange interaction exists between two ultracold fermionic alkali-earth (like) atoms in the electronic $^{1}{\rm S}_{0}$ state ($g$-state) and $^{3}{\rm P}_{0}$ state ($e$-state), and is an essential ingredient for the quantum simulation ... More
A note on the Hitchin-Thorpe inequality and Ricci flow on 4-manifoldsMar 14 2009Mar 06 2011In this short paper, we prove a Hitchin-Thorpe type inequality for closed 4-manifolds with non-positive Yamabe invariant, and admitting long time solutions of the normalized Ricci flow equation with bounded scalar curvature.
Vapor Compression Cycle Control for Automotive Air Conditioning Systems with a Linear Parameter Varying ApproachJan 13 2017Nov 29 2018This paper investigates an output tracking problem for the vapor compression cycle in automotive Air Conditioning (A/C) systems using Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) techniques. Stemming from a recently developed first-principle A/C model, Jacobian linearization ... More
Improved stability for analytic quasi-convex nearly integrable systems and optimal speed of Arnold diffusionJan 21 2017We improve the global Nekhoroshev stability for analytic quasi-convex nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems. The new stability result is optimal, as it matches the fastest speed of Arnold diffusion.
Inequalities for Casorati curvatures of submanifolds in real space formsAug 21 2014Jun 15 2015By using T. Oprea's optimization methods on submanifolds, we give another proof of the inequalities relating the normalized $\delta-$Casorati curvature $\hat{\delta}_c(n-1)$ for submanifolds in real space forms. Also, inequalities relating the normalized ... More
A Newton method for simultaneous reconstruction of an interface and a buried obstacle from far-field dataNov 23 2012This paper is concerned with the inverse problem of scattering of time-harmonic acoustic waves from a penetrable and buried obstacles. By introducing a related transmission scattering problem, a Newton iteration method is proposed to simultaneously reconstruct ... More
Spatial-Spectral Boosting Analysis for Stroke Patients' Motor Imagery EEG in Rehabilitation TrainingOct 23 2013Current studies about motor imagery based rehabilitation training systems for stroke subjects lack an appropriate analytic method, which can achieve a considerable classification accuracy, at the same time detects gradual changes of imagery patterns during ... More
Some results on pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controlsMay 28 2014The purpose of this paper is to derive some pointwise second-order necessary conditions for stochastic optimal controls in the general case that the control variable enters into both the drift and the diffusion terms. When the control region is convex, ... More
Molecular dynamics studies on the NMR and X-ray structures of rabbit prion protein wild-type and mutantsApr 29 2013Aug 26 2013Prion diseases are invariably fatal and highly infectious neurodegenerative diseases that affect a wide variety of mammalian species such as sheep, goats, mice, humans, chimpanzees, hamsters, cattle, elks, deer, minks, cats, chicken, pigs, turtles, etc. ... More
Visual Understanding via Multi-Feature Shared Learning with Global ConsistencyMay 20 2015Sep 09 2015Image/video data is usually represented with multiple visual features. Fusion of multi-source information for establishing the attributes has been widely recognized. Multi-feature visual recognition has recently received much attention in multimedia applications. ... More
Evolutionary Cost-sensitive Extreme Learning MachineMay 17 2015Sep 22 2016Conventional extreme learning machines solve a Moore-Penrose generalized inverse of hidden layer activated matrix and analytically determine the output weights to achieve generalized performance, by assuming the same loss from different types of misclassification. ... More