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Energy-Efficient Data Collection and Wireless Power Transfer Using A MIMO Full-Duplex UAVNov 22 2018In this paper, we propose a novel energy-efficient data collection and wireless power transfer (WPT) framework for internet of things (IoT) applications, via a multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) full-duplex (FD) unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). To exploit ... More
A Neural Network Prediction Based Adaptive Mode Selection Scheme in Full-Duplex Cognitive NetworksApr 12 2019We propose a neural network (NN) predictor and an adaptive mode selection scheme for the purpose of both improving secondary user's (SU's) throughput and reducing collision probability to the primary user (PU) in full-duplex (FD) cognitive networks. SUs ... More
Transmission Capacity of Full-Duplex MIMO Ad-Hoc Network with Limited Self-Interference CancellationApr 29 2018Sep 09 2018In this paper, we propose a joint transceiver beamforming design to simultaneously mitigate self-interference (SI) and partial inter-node interference for full-duplex multiple-input and multiple-output ad-hoc network, and then derive the transmission ... More
Energy Efficient Resource Allocation for Mobile-Edge Computation Networks with NOMASep 04 2018Feb 14 2019This paper investigates an uplink non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA)-based mobile-edge computing (MEC) network. Our objective is to minimize the total energy consumption of all users including transmission energy and local computation energy subject ... More
Resource Allocation in Full-Duplex Mobile-Edge Computing Systems with NOMA and Energy HarvestingJul 31 2018This paper considers a full-duplex (FD) mobile-edge computing (MEC) system with non-orthogonal multiple access (NOMA) and energy harvesting (EH), where one group of users simultaneously offload task data to the base station (BS) via NOMA and the BS simultaneously ... More
Multi-Antenna Assisted Virtual Full-Duplex Relaying with Reliability-Aware Iterative DecodingJul 13 2017Oct 18 2017In this paper, a multi-antenna assisted virtual full-duplex (FD) relaying with reliability-aware iterative decoding at destination node is proposed to improve system spectral efficiency and reliability. This scheme enables two half-duplex relay nodes, ... More
Square Deviation Based Symbol-Level Selection for Virtual Full-Duplex Relaying NetworksJul 14 2017Nov 02 2017In this paper, a symbol-level selective transmission for virtual full-duplex (FD) relaying networks is proposed, which aims to mitigate error propagation effects and improve system spectral efficiency. The idea is to allow two half-duplex relays, mimicked ... More
Symbol-Level Selective Full-Duplex Relaying with Power and Location OptimizationDec 20 2017Jun 02 2018In this paper, a symbol-level selective transmission for full-duplex (FD) relaying networks is proposed to mitigate error propagation effects and improve system spectral efficiency. The idea is to allow the FD relay node to predict the correctly decoded ... More
On smooth moduli space of Riemann surfacesOct 10 2016Oct 14 2016In this paper we study the smooth moduli space of closed Riemann surfaces. This smooth moduli is an infinite cover of the usual moduli space $\mathscr{M}_g$ of closed Riemann surfaces, and is identified with the Schottky space of rank $g.$ The main theorem ... More
Measuring Knowledge for Recognition and Knowledge EntropyNov 15 2018People employ their knowledge to recognize things. This paper is concerned with how to measure people's knowledge for recognition and how it changes. The discussion is based on three assumptions. Firstly, we construct two evolution process equations, ... More
Quantified Differential Temporal Dynamic Logic for Verifying Properties of Distributed Hybrid SystemsJul 11 2012We combine quantified differential dynamic logic (QdL) for reasoning about the possible behavior of distributed hybrid systems with temporal logic for reasoning about the temporal behavior during their operation. Our logic supports verification of temporal ... More
On the canonical volume of 3-folds of general type with $P_{12}\geq 2$Jul 30 2014Let $V$ be a nonsingular projective 3-fold of general type. When the pluricanonical section index $\delta(V)>12$, Chen-Chen \cite{Chen3} has a complete list of the possibility for the weighted basket ${\mathbb B}(V)$. However the possibility of ${\mathbb ... More
Eigenvalues under the backward Ricci flow on locally homogeneous closed 3-manifoldsFeb 25 2016In this paper, we study the evolving behaviors of the first eigenvalue of Laplace-Beltrami operator under the normalized backward Ricci flow, construct various quantities which are monotonic under the backward Ricci flow and get upper and lower bounds. ... More
Eigenvalues under the Ricci flow of model geometriesFeb 15 2016In this paper, we study the evolving behaviors of the first eigenvalue of Laplace-Beltrami operator under the normalized Ricci flow of model geometries. In every Bianchi class, we estimate the derivative of the eigenvalue. Then we construct monotonic ... More
Construction of Arakelov-modular Lattices over Totally Definite Quaternion AlgebrasApr 11 2016Sep 13 2016We study ideal lattices constructed from totally definite quaternion algebras over totally real number fields, and generalize the definition of Arakelov-modular lattices over number fields. In particular, we prove for the case where the totally real number ... More
On the minimal speed and asymptotics of the wave solutions for the lotka volterra systemFeb 15 2010e study the minimal wave speed and the asymptotics of the traveling wave solutions of a competitive Lotka Volterra system. The existence of the traveling wave solutions is derived by monotone iteration. The asymptotic behaviors of the wave solutions are ... More
On the Weak Solutions to Mixed Navier-Stokes-Darcy ModelAug 15 2016In this paper, an a priori estimate of weak solutions to the mixed Navier-Stokes-Darcy model with Beaver-Joseph-Saffman's interface condition is established. Based on this result, the existence and global uniqueness of the weak solution is obtained. Then ... More
On Transformations of Load-Store Maurer Instruction Set ArchitectureAug 19 2008Jan 20 2009In this paper, we study how certain conditions can affect the transformations on the states of the memory of a strict load-store Maurer ISA, when half of the data memory serves as the part of the operating unit.
A Deterministic Algorithm for Bridging Anaphora ResolutionNov 14 2018Previous work on bridging anaphora resolution (Poesio et al., 2004; Hou et al., 2013b) use syntactic preposition patterns to calculate word relatedness. However, such patterns only consider NPs' head nouns and hence do not fully capture the semantics ... More
All finitely generated Kleinian groups of small Hausdorff dimension are classical Schottky groupsJul 10 2013Oct 08 2016This is the second part of the works on Hausdorff dimensions of Schottky groups. It has been conjectured that the Hausdorff dimensions of nonclassical Schottky groups are strictly bounded from below. In this second part of our works we provide a resolution ... More
The classification of Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimensions at most oneOct 10 2016In this paper we provide the complete classification of Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimensions less than $1.$ In particular, we prove that every purely loxodromic Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimension $<1$ is a classical Schottky group. This upper bound ... More
On smooth moduli space of Riemann surfacesOct 10 2016In this paper we study the smooth moduli space of closed Riemann surfaces. This smooth moduli is an infinite cover of the usual moduli space $\mathscr{M}_g$ of closed Riemann surfaces, and is identified with the Schottky space of rank $g.$ The main theorem ... More
Optimal Error Estimates of A Decoupled Scheme Based on Two-Grid Finite Element for Mixed Stokes-Darcy ModelSep 08 2015Oct 26 2015Although the numerical results suggest the optimal convergence order of the two-grid finite element decoupled scheme for mixed Stokes-Darcy model with Beaver-Joseph-Saffman interface condition in literatures, the numerical analysis only get the optimal ... More
On hypercomplexifying real forms of arbitrary rankSep 28 2002For certain problems involving vector fields, it is possible to find an associated imaginary field that, in conjunction with the first, forms a complex field for which the equation can be solved. This result is generalized to arbitrary Clifford algebras, ... More
Global Attractor in Competitive Lotka-Volterra SystemsNov 21 2007For autonomous Lotka-Volterra systems of differential equations modelling the dynamics of n competing species, new criteria are established for the existence of a single point global attractor. Under the conditions of these criteria, some of the species ... More
Shear viscosity of hot QCD from transport theory and thermal field theory in real time formalismJan 31 2005We study shear viscosity in weakly coupled hot pure gauge field QCD theory basing on transport theory and the Kubo formula using the closed time path formalism (CTP) of real time finite temperature field theory. We show that the viscosity can be obtained ... More
Atom-driven multistability in an optomechanical cavity under broken PT-symmetryDec 07 2015An optical field inside a Fabry-Perot cavity would exhibit multistability either when an atomic medium, acting as a classical dielectric, is filled into the cavity or when the cavity becomes optomechanical where one reflecting end becomes movable. An ... More
Convexity of Hessian Integrals and Poincare Type InequalitiesMay 11 2009May 25 2009In this paper, we studied integrals involving both real and complex Hessian operators over bounded domain. Poincare type inequalities were proved in both cases which generalized a early results of Trudinger and Wang.
Mutual Conversion Between Preference Maps And Cook-Seiford VectorsDec 09 2018In group decision making, the preference map and Cook-Seiford vector are two concepts as ways of describing ties-permitted ordinal rankings. This paper shows that they are equivalent for representing ties-permitted ordinal rankings. Transformation formulas ... More
Enhanced Word Representations for Bridging Anaphora ResolutionMar 13 2018Apr 13 2018Most current models of word representations(e.g.,GloVe) have successfully captured fine-grained semantics. However, semantic similarity exhibited in these word embeddings is not suitable for resolving bridging anaphora, which requires the knowledge of ... More
On smooth moduli space of Riemann surfacesOct 10 2016Nov 15 2016In this paper we study the smooth moduli space of closed Riemann surfaces. This smooth moduli is an infinite cover of the usual moduli space $\mathscr{M}_g$ of closed Riemann surfaces, and is identified with the Schottky space of rank $g.$ The main theorem ... More
Image Annotation Incorporating Low-Rankness, Tag and Visual Correlation and Inhomogeneous ErrorsAug 29 2015Aug 08 2016Tag-based image retrieval (TBIR) has drawn much attention in recent years due to the explosive amount of digital images and crowdsourcing tags. However, TBIR is still suffering from the incomplete and inaccurate tags provided by users, posing a great ... More
Kleinian groups of small Hausdorff dimension are classical Schottky groups IOct 15 2006Jun 30 2013In this paper we prove that there exists a positive number $\lambda>0$, such that any 2-generated Kleinian groups with limit set of Hausdorff dimension $<\lambda$ are classical Schottky groups.
All finitely generated Kleinian groups of small Hausdorff dimension are classical Schottky groupsJul 10 2013Dec 16 2017This is the second part of the works on Hausdorff dimensions of Schottky groups. It has been conjectured that the Hausdorff dimensions of nonclassical Schottky groups are strictly bounded from below. In this second part of our works we provide a resolution ... More
Analysis of a model arising from invasion by precursor and differentiated cellsJan 16 2013We study the wave solutions for a degenerated reaction diffusion system arising from the invasion of cells. We show that there exists a family of waves for the wave speed larger than or equals a certain number, and below which there is no monotonic wave ... More
Quasiconformal Rigidity of Negatively Curved Three ManifoldsNov 28 2002In this paper we study the rigidity of infinite volume 3-manifolds with sectional curvature $-b^2\le K\le -1$ and finitely generated fundamental group. In-particular, we generalize the Sullivan's quasi-conformal rigidity for finitely generated fundamental ... More
Thermodynamic cycle in a cavity optomechanical systemFeb 16 2014A cavity optomechanical system is initiated by a radiation pressure of a cavity field onto a mirror element acting as a quantum resonator. This radiation pressure can control the thermodynamic character of the mirror to some extent, such as cooling its ... More
Quasi-lattice chains and multipartite entanglement in a cavityJun 12 2013Nov 12 2014Unlike atoms in a lattice, the spacings between neighboring qubits in a superconducting quantum circuit are mesoscopic and non-uniform. The strength of interaction between this quasi-lattice chain of qubits and a resonator mode in circuit transmission ... More
The classification of Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimensions at most oneOct 10 2016Dec 16 2017In this paper we provide the complete classification of Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimensions less than $1.$ In particular, we prove that every purely loxodromic Kleinian groups of Hausdorff dimension $<1$ is a classical Schottky group. This upper bound ... More
Quasi-convergence of the Ricci flow on locally homogeneous closed 4-manifoldsJan 05 2015We study the quasi-convergence equivalence of some families of metrics on locally homogeneous closed 4-manifolds with trivial isotropy group, and identify the dimension of each equivalence class under certain conditions.
A characterization of positive linear maps and criteria of entanglement for quantum statesJul 04 2010Let $H$ and $K$ be (finite or infinite dimensional) complex Hilbert spaces. A characterization of positive completely bounded normal linear maps from ${\mathcal B}(H)$ into ${\mathcal B}(K)$ is given, which particularly gives a characterization of positive ... More
Permanence criteria for Kolmogorov systems with delaysMar 07 2013In this paper, a class of Kolmogorov systems with delays are studied. Sufficient conditions are provided for a system to have a compact uniform attractor. Then Jansen's result (J. Math. Biol. Vol. 25 (1987) 411-422) for autonomous replicator and Lotka-Volterra ... More
Cooperativity of two cavity-coupled qubits: a multi-partite-entanglement approachJun 23 2016Some nonlinear radiations such as superfluorescence can be understood as cooperative effects between atoms. We regard the cooperative radiation as a manifested effect secondary to the intrinsic cooperativity among the atoms and propose a time-resolved ... More
Effects of Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya Interaction on magnetism in NanodisksJul 28 2015We give a theoretical study on the magnetic properties of monolayer nanodisks with both Heisenberg exchange and Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya (DM) interactions. In particular, we survey the magnetic effects caused by anisotropy, external magnetic field, and disk ... More
A self-consistent approach to the one-dimensional chain models for the ferro- and antiferro-magnetism of nanotubesSep 23 2015We employ a self-consistent simulation approach based on quantum theory to investigate the physical properties of a pair of ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic nanotubes. It was observed that under the given conditions, no matter the external magnetic ... More
First-Principles Study of Elasticity and Electronic Structure of Incompressible Osmium DiborideJan 11 2006Feb 26 2006Recently, osmium diboride (OsB2) has attracted considerable attention as an incompressible and hard material. We investigate the structural property, elastic constants, and electronic structure of orthorhombic OsB2 by the first-principles total energy ... More
Optimal modularity for nucleation in network-organized Ising modelJan 18 2011We study nucleation dynamics of Ising model in a topology that consists of two coupled random networks, thereby mimicking the modular structure observed in real-world networks. By introducing a variant of a recently developed forward flux sampling method, ... More
Three-Point Spectral Density in QED and the Ward Identity at Finite TemperatureOct 10 1997Dec 23 1997We derive the spectral representations of QED 3-point functions and then explicitly calculate the 3-point spectral densities in hard thermal loop approximation within the real time formalism. The Ward identities obeyed by the retarded and advanced 2- ... More
Constraints on Horndeski Theory Using the Observations of Nordtvedt Effect, Shapiro Time Delay and Binary PulsarsNov 14 2017Mar 22 2018Alternative theories of gravity not only modify the polarization contents of the gravitational wave, but also affect the motions of the stars and the energy radiated away via the gravitational radiation. These aspects leave imprints in the observational ... More
Genuine Extra Yukawas from Extra Higgs, ImplicationsMay 14 2018With a second Higgs doublet, extra Yukawa couplings $\rho_{ij}$ generally exist. Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe (BAU) can be accounted for by $\rho_{tt} \sim {\cal O}(1)$, with first order electroweak phase transition (EWPT) arising from ${\cal O}(1)$ ... More
$P_5'$ Anomaly for Top: $tZ'$ Production at LHCSep 07 2017The $P_5'$ anomaly uncovered by the LHCb experiment in $B \to K^*\mu\mu$ angular observables has motivated a possible $Z'$ boson that couples to left-handed $b \to s$ transitions, where a model would be gauged $L_\mu - L_\tau$ symmetry, but direct search ... More
Neutrino Telescope Array (NTA) - Towards Survey of Astronomical $ν_τ$ SourcesAug 28 2014The Earth-skimming $\nu_{\tau}$ method allows for huge target mass and detection volume simultaneously. In part motivated by IceCube PeV astro-neutrino events, the planned NTA observatory has three site stations watching the air mass surrounded by Mauna ... More
Search for Bottom Counterparts of X(3872) and Y(4260) via $π^+π^-Υ$Nov 11 2006The X(3872) and Y(4260), both discovered in $\pi^+\pi^- J/\psi$ mode, are rather unusual: $X_c\equiv X(3872)$ is very narrow, while $Y_c \equiv Y(4260)$ has large $Y_c\to \pi^+\pi^-J/\psi$ width. Many models for their composition have been suggested, ... More
(Vector) Glueballs and Charmonium Decay RevisitedSep 17 1996From the $0^{++}$ glueball candidate we argue that the $1^{--}$ glueball $O$ to be near in mass to $J/\psi$. This is supported by the recent null search for $\psi^\prime \to \rho\pi, K^*\bar K$, while absence of distortion in the energy scan of $J/\psi ... More
Searching for $t\to ch^0$ or $h^0\to t\bar c$ at $e^+e^-$ Linear CollidersAug 21 1993Talk presented at 2nd International Workshop on Physics and Experiments with Linear $e^+e^-$ Colliders (Hawaii, April 1993).
Loophole in $K \to πν\barν$ Search \ \& $K_L \to π^0 ν \barν$ Beyond Grossman--Nir BoundNov 29 2016The Grossman-Nir bound concept is robust, but the common perception of $K_L \to \pi^0\nu\bar\nu < 1.4 \times 10^{-9}$ may be circumvented. Because of the blinding $K\pi2$(3) decay, $K^+$ decay experiments such as E787/E949 and the currently running NA62 ... More
Probing New Physics in $B_s$ and $D$ mixings, and $A_{\rm CP}(B^+ \to J/ψK^+)$Nov 11 2006A 4th generation could be consistent with the recently measured $\Delta m_{B_s}$ as well as ${\cal B}(b\to s\ell^+\ell^-)$, which are SM-like, but generate large $\sin2\Phi_{B_s} \simeq -0.5$ to -0.7. The sign is determined by the hint for New Physics ... More
Perspectives on Quark Mass and Mixing RelationsJul 31 1997Aug 02 1997Two down-up perspectives on quark mass-mixing relations are reviewed. The modified Fritzsch path relates $V_{cb}$ and $V_{ub}$ to $M_u$, but has trouble with the low $V_{cb} \simeq 0.04$ value. The modified Wolfenstein path focuses on the change in $V_{ub}$ ... More
Magnetize Topological Surface States of Bi2Se3 with a CrI3 MonolayerFeb 20 2018Aug 07 2018To magnetize surfaces of topological insulators without damaging their topological feature is a crucial step for the realization of the quantum anomalous Hall effect (QAHE), and still remains as a challenging task. Through density functional calculations, ... More
Finite Modules over $\Bbb Z[t,t^{-1}]$Jul 11 2011Let $\Lambda=\Bbb Z[t,t^{-1}]$ be the ring of Laurent polynomials over $\Bbb Z$. We classify all $\Lambda$-modules $M$ with $|M|=p^n$, where $p$ is a primes and $n\le 4$. Consequently, we have a classification of Alexander quandles of order $p^n$ for ... More
Cosmic ray ionization and Jesse effect behavior in electrode systems with nanostructuresSep 15 2012Oct 18 2012Gaseous electronic characteristics due to cosmic ray ionization in the electrode systems with ZnO and carbon nanostructures have been examined in atmospheric Ar/N2 and O2/N2 mixtures. The electric conductivity at the quasi linear stage is measured at ... More
Completeness of the WDS method in Checking Positivity of Integral FormsDec 09 2009Examples show that integral forms can be efficiently proved positive semidefinite by the WDS method, but it was unknown that how many steps of substitutions are needed, or furthermore, which integral forms is this method applicable for. In this paper, ... More
Searching for the Bottom Counterparts of X(3872) and Y(4260) via $π^+π^-Υ$Jun 01 2006Jul 21 2006The X(3872) and Y(4260), among a host of charmonium-like mesons, have rather unusual properties: the former has very small total width, the latter has large rate into $\pi^+\pi^-J/\psi$ channel. It would not be easy to settle between the many suggested ... More
Note on the subgraph component polynomialNov 27 2013Dec 02 2013Tittmann, Averbouch and Makowsky [P. Tittmann, I. Averbouch, J.A. Makowsky, The enumeration of vertex induced subgraphs with respect to the number of components, European Journal of Combinatorics, 32 (2011) 954-974], introduced the subgraph component ... More
Codegree threshold for tiling $k$-graphs with two edges sharing exactly $\ell$ verticesAug 07 2018Given integer $k$ and a $k$-graph $F$, let $t_{k-1}(n,F)$ be the minimum integer $t$ such that every $k$-graph $H$ on $n$ vertices with codegree at least $t$ contains an $F$-factor. For integers $k\geq3$ and $0\leq\ell\leq k-1$, let $\mathcal{Y}_{k,\ell}$ ... More
Quantum Spin Hall Effect in a Three-orbital Tight-binding HamiltonianFeb 27 2013We consider the quantum spin hall state in a three orbital model due to certain loop current order induced by spin-dependent interactions. This type of order is motivated by the loop current model which is proposed to describe the pseudogap phase of cuprates. ... More
Some Analysis of the Knockoff Filter and its VariantsJun 11 2017In many applications, we need to study a linear regression model that consists of a response variable and a large number of potential explanatory variables and determine which variables are truly associated with the response. In 2015, Barber and Candes ... More
A Pseudo Knockoff Filter for Correlated FeaturesAug 30 2017Sep 19 2017In 2015, Barber and Candes introduced a new variable selection procedure called the knockoff filter to control the false discovery rate (FDR) and prove that this method achieves exact FDR control. Inspired by the work of Barber and Candes (2015), we propose ... More
Dyson's Partition Ranks and their Multiplicative ExtensionsJul 13 2016We study the Dyson rank function $N(r,3;n)$, the number of partitions of $n$ with rank $\equiv r \pmod 3$. We investigate the convexity of these functions. We extend $N(r,3;n)$ multiplicatively to the set of partitions, and we determine the maximum value ... More
Remarks on GJMS operator of order sixMay 08 2016We study the sixth order GJMS operator $P_g^6$ in analytic aspects. Under conformal normal coordinates around some point, the expansion formulae of Green's function of $P_g^6$ with pole at the same point are presented. As a starting point of the study ... More
On robust pricing-hedging duality in continuous timeMar 10 2015Jul 06 2015We pursue robust approach to pricing and hedging in mathematical finance. We consider a continuous time setting in which some underlying assets and options, with continuous paths, are available for dynamic trading and a further set of European options, ... More
Completeness for a First-order Abstract Separation LogicAug 24 2016Existing work on theorem proving for the assertion language of separation logic (SL) either focuses on abstract semantics which are not readily available in most applications of program verification, or on concrete models for which completeness is not ... More
Ab Initio Study on Electronic Structure of ZrB12 under High Hydrostatic PressureJul 07 2006Using projector augmented wave approach within the generalized gradient approximation, we have studied the structural property and electronic structure of ZrB12. The calculated lattice constants and bulk modulus are in good agreement with the available ... More
Strong Equivalence Principle and Gravitational Wave Polarizations in Horndeski TheoryOct 01 2018The relative acceleration between two nearby particles moving along accelerated trajectories is studied, which generalizes the geodesic deviation equation. The polarization content of the gravitational wave in Horndeski theory is investigated by examining ... More
Three-Point Spectral Functions in $φ^3_6$ Theory at Finite TemperatureApr 24 1997Jul 07 1997We derive a set of relations among the thermal components of the 3-point function and its spectral representations at finite temperature in the real-time formalism. We then use these to explicitly calculate the 3-point spectral densities for $\phi^3_6$ ... More
Global smooth axisymmetric solutions to 2D compressible Euler equations of Chaplygin gases with non-zero vorticityOct 27 2018For 2D compressible isentropic Euler equations of polytropic gases, when the rotationally invariant data are a perturbation of size $\ve>0$ of a rest state, S.~Alinhac in \cite{Alinhac92} and \cite{Alinhac93} establishes that the smooth solution blows ... More
Like Sign Top Pair Production via $e^+e^-\to h^0A^0 \to tt\bar c\bar c$Apr 26 1996We discuss the possibility and likelihood that one may observe {\it like sign} top quark pair production at the Linear Collider. In general two Higgs models, flavor changing couplings involving top quark could be quite sizable. Exotic neutral Higgs bosons ... More
Search for TeV Scale Physics in Heavy Flavour DecaysAug 14 2008The subject of heavy flavour decays as probes for physics at and beyond the TeV scale is covered from the experimental perspective. Emphasis is placed on the more traditional Beyond the Standard Model topics that have potential for impact in the early ... More
What Can We Learn from Charmless Rare B Decays - the Past/Next 3 YearsSep 19 2000A personal perspective is given on physics of charmless rare B decays: 1997 -- 2003.
New Physics and Enhanced Gluonic PenguinDec 23 1997We discuss the historical development of the gluonic B-penguin, its sensitivity to $H^+$ effects, and $\bsg\sim$ 10--15% as a possible solution to the $\Bsl$ and $n_C$ problems. The latter and the connection of the gluonic penguin to inclusive $B\to \eta^\prime+ ... More
The Case for a Vector GlueballJul 31 1997Aug 02 1997We argue that the $1^{--}$ glueball $O$ is much cleaner than other glueball candidates. Anomalously large $J/\psi \to \rho\pi, K^*\bar K$ decays and the scalar glueball mass scale suggest that $m_{O} \simeq m_{J/\psi}$.
Possible Solution to $R_b$ -- $R_c$ ProblemApr 26 1996We investigate the $R_b$--$R_c$ problem, starting from the more diffcult $R_c$. Introducing an isosinglet charge 2/3 quark $Q$ moves both $R_c$ and $R_b$ in the right direction. If one allows for large $c$-$Q$ {\it and} $t$-$Q$ mixings, then $R_c$ could ... More
Algebro-geometric solutions for the two-component Camassa-Holm Dym hierarchyJun 24 2014This paper is dedicated to provide theta function representations of algebro-geometric solutions and related crucial quantities for the two-component Camassa-Holm Dym (CHD2) hierarchy. Our main tools include the polynomial recursive formalism, the hyperelliptic ... More
An ionization sensor scheme for ultra-low voltage operation using one-dimensional nanostructuresDec 03 2012The one-dimensional nanostructures have been used as the electrode to decrease the operation voltage where strong electric field is needed to function the device in the gaseous electronics. In this letter, a novel electrode scheme is proposed to generate ... More
Delay induced bifurcation of dominant transition pathwaysApr 15 2011Sep 18 2012We investigate delay effects on dominant transition pathways (DTP) between metastable states of stochastic systems. A modified version of the Maier-Stein model with linear delayed feedback is considered as an example. By a stability analysis of the {"on-axis"} ... More
Flexibility Induced Motion Transition of Active Filament: Rotation without Long-range Hydrodynamic InteractionOct 23 2012We investigate the motion of active semiflexible filament with shape kinematics and hydrodynamic interaction including. Three types of filament motion are found: Translation, snaking and rotation. Change of flexibility will induce instability of shape ... More
A Nash Type result for Divergence Parabolic Equation related to Hormander's vector fieldsMay 17 2017In this paper we consider the divergence parabolic equation with bounded and measurable coefficients related to Hormander's vector fields and establish a Nash type result, i.e., the local Holder regularity for weak solutions. After deriving the parabolic ... More
Gravitational waves in Einstein-Æther theory and generalized TeVeS theory after GW170817Jun 07 2018Aug 02 2018In this paper, the polarization contents of Einstein-\ae ther theory and the generalized TeVeS theory are studied. The Einstein-\ae ther theory has five polarizations, while the generalized TeVeS theory has six. In particular, transverse and longitudinal ... More
The Polarizations of Gravitational WavesJun 11 2018The direct detection of gravitational waves by LIGO/Virgo opened the possibility to test General Relativity and its alternatives in the high speed, strong field regime. Alternative theories of gravity generally predict more polarizations than General ... More
Incident Light Frequency-based Image Defogging AlgorithmMar 03 2017Considering the problem of color distortion caused by the defogging algorithm based on dark channel prior, an improved algorithm was proposed to calculate the transmittance of all channels respectively. First, incident light frequency's effect on the ... More
Stability Analysis of Linear Uncertain Systems via Checking Positivity of Forms on SimplicesMar 16 2010In this paper, we mainly study the robust stability of linear continuous systems with parameter uncertainties, a more general kind of uncertainties for system matrices is considered, i.e., entries of system matrices are rational functions of uncertain ... More
Enumeration of ${\rm AGL}(\frac m3, {\Bbb F}_{p^3})$-Invariant Extended Cyclic CodesMay 26 2009Let $p$ be a prime and let $r, e, m$ be positive integers such that $r|e$ and $e|m$. The enumeration of linear codes of length $p^m$ over ${\Bbb F}_{p^r}$ which are invariant under the affine linear group ${\rm AGL}(\frac me, {\Bbb F}_{p^e})$ is equivalent ... More
Study of Active Brownian Particle Diffusion in Polymer SolutionsJan 10 2018The diffusion behavior of an active Brownian particle (ABP) in polymer solutions is studied using Langevin dynamics simulations. We find that the long time diffusion coefficient $D$ can show a non-monotonic dependence on the particle size $R$ if the active ... More
On the global existence and blowup of smooth solutions to the multi-dimensional compressible Euler equations with time-depending dampingJun 29 2016In this paper, we are concerned with the global existence and blowup of smooth solutions to the multi-dimensional compressible Euler equations with time-depending damping \begin{equation*} \partial_t\rho+\operatorname{div}(\rho u)=0, \quad \partial_t(\rho ... More
Limits of J-class operatorsOct 17 2010The purpose of the present work is to answer an open problem which is raised by G.Costakis and A.Manoussos in their paper "J-class operators and hypercyclicity " accepted by J. Operator Theory. More precisely, we give the spectral description of the closure ... More
On Global $\mathcal P$-FormsMay 19 2014Let $\Bbb F_q$ be a finite field with $\text{char}\,\Bbb F_q=p$ and $n>0$ an integer with $\text{gcd}(n, \log_pq)=1$. Let $(\ )^*:\Bbb F_q({\tt x}_0,\dots,{\tt x}_{n-1})\to\Bbb F_q({\tt x}_0,\dots,{\tt x}_{n-1})$ be the $\Bbb F_q$-monomorphism defined ... More
Determination of a Type of Permutation Trinomials over Finite Fields, IIApr 07 2014Let $q$ be a prime power. We determine all permutation trinomials of $\Bbb F_{q^2}$ of the form $ax+bx^q+x^{2q-1}\in\Bbb F_{q^2}[x]$. The subclass of such permutation trinomials of $\Bbb F_{q^2}$ with $a,b\in\Bbb F_q$ was determined in a recent paper ... More
Determination of a Type of Permutation Trinomials over Finite FieldsSep 13 2013Let $f=a{\tt x} +b{\tt x}^q+{\tt x}^{2q-1}\in\Bbb F_q[{\tt x}]$. We find explicit conditions on $a$ and $b$ that are necessary and sufficient for $f$ to be a permutation polynomial of $\Bbb F_{q^2}$. This result allows us to solve a related problem. Let ... More
On a Class of Permutation Trinomials in Characteristic 2Mar 12 2018Recently, Tu, Zeng, Li, and Helleseth considered trinomials of the form $f(X)=X+aX^{q(q-1)+1}+bX^{2(q-1)+1}\in\Bbb F_{q^2}[X]$, where $q$ is even and $a,b\in\Bbb F_{q^2}^*$. They found sufficient conditions on $a,b$ for $f$ to be a permutation polynomial ... More
Polynomials Meeting Ax's BoundDec 15 2015Let $f\in\Bbb F_q[X_1,\dots,X_n]$ with $\deg f=d>0$ and let $Z(f)=\{(x_1,\dots,x_n)\in \Bbb F_q^n: f(x_1,\dots,x_n)=0\}$. Ax's theorem states that $|Z(f)|\equiv 0\pmod {q^{\lceil n/d\rceil-1}}$, that is, $\nu_p(|Z(f)|)\ge m(\lceil n/d\rceil-1)$, where ... More