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Central Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods for the special relativistic hydrodynamicsSep 22 2016This paper developes Runge-Kutta $P^K$-based central discontinuous Galerkin (CDG) methods with WENO limiter to the one- and two-dimensional special relativistic hydrodynamical (RHD) equations, $K=1,2,3$. Different from the non-central DG methods, the ... More
Bivariate Separable-Dimension Glyphs can Improve Visual Analysis of Holistic FeaturesDec 06 2017We introduce the cause of the inefficiency of bivariate glyphs by defining the corresponding error. To recommend efficient and perceptually accurate bivariate-glyph design, we present an empirical study of five bivariate glyphs based on three psychophysics ... More
Picturing Bivariate Separable-Features for Univariate Vector Magnitudes in Large-Magnitude-Range Quantum Physics DataMay 06 2019We present study results from two experiments to empirically validate that separable bivariate pairs for univariate representations of large-magnitude-range vectors are more efficient than integral pairs. The first experiment with 20 participants compared: ... More
Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin methods for the special relativistic magnetohydrodynamicsOct 06 2016This paper develops $P^K$-based non-central and central Runge-Kutta discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods with WENO limiter for the one- and two-dimensional special relativistic magnetohydrodynamical (RMHD) equations, $K=1,2,3$. The non-central DG methods ... More
Notes on nonlocal dispersal equations in a periodic habitatNov 03 2017In this paper, we prove that the solution maps of a large class of nonlocal dispersal equations are $\alpha$-contractions, where $\alpha$ is the Kuratowski measure of noncompactness. Then we give some remarks on the spreading speeds and traveling waves ... More
Bistable Traveling Waves for Monotone Semiflows with ApplicationsFeb 22 2011This paper is devoted to the study of traveling waves for monotone evolution systems of bistable type. Under an abstract setting, we establish the existence of bistable traveling waves for discrete and continuous-time monotone semiflows. This result is ... More
Performance Optimization of Network Coding Based Communication and Reliable Storage in Internet of ThingsMar 09 2017Internet or things (IoT) is changing our daily life rapidly. Although new technologies are emerging everyday and expanding their influence in this rapidly growing area, many classic theories can still find their places. In this paper, we study the important ... More
A Novel Quantum Image Compression Method Based on JPEGJan 06 2017Quantum image processing has been a hot topic. The first step of it is to store an image into qubits, which is called quantum image preparation. Different quantum image representations may have different preparation methods. In this paper, we use GQIR ... More
Direct Information Reweighted by Contact Templates: Improved RNA Contact Prediction by Combining Structural FeaturesNov 29 2017It is acknowledged that co-evolutionary nucleotide-nucleotide interactions are essential for RNA structures and functions. Currently, direct coupling analysis (DCA) infers nucleotide contacts in a sequence from its homologous sequence alignment across ... More
Singularities in ground state fidelity and quantum phase transitions for the Kitaev modelMar 06 2008The ground state fidelity per lattice site is shown to be able to detect quantum phase transitions for the Kitaev model on the honeycomb lattice, a prototypical example of quantum lattice systems with topological order. It is found that, in the thermodynamic ... More
Efficient Data Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Matrix Completion and Compressive SensingFeb 09 2013Gathering data in an energy efficient manner in wireless sensor networks is an important design challenge. In wireless sensor networks, the readings of sensors always exhibit intra-temporal and inter-spatial correlations. Therefore, in this letter, we ... More
Traveling waves and spreading speeds for time-space periodic monotone systemsApr 15 2015The theory of traveling waves and spreading speeds is developed for time-space periodic monotone semiflows with monostable structure. By using traveling waves of the associated Poincar\'e maps in a strong sense, we establish the existence of time-space ... More
Exploiting Image Local And Nonlocal Consistency For Mixed Gaussian-Impulse Noise RemovalAug 18 2012Most existing image denoising algorithms can only deal with a single type of noise, which violates the fact that the noisy observed images in practice are often suffered from more than one type of noise during the process of acquisition and transmission. ... More
Image Compressive Sensing Recovery Using Adaptively Learned Sparsifying Basis via L0 MinimizationApr 30 2014From many fewer acquired measurements than suggested by the Nyquist sampling theory, compressive sensing (CS) theory demonstrates that, a signal can be reconstructed with high probability when it exhibits sparsity in some domain. Most of the conventional ... More
Robust LSTM-Autoencoders for Face De-Occlusion in the WildDec 27 2016Face recognition techniques have been developed significantly in recent years. However, recognizing faces with partial occlusion is still challenging for existing face recognizers which is heavily desired in real-world applications concerning surveillance ... More
Long-distance near-field energy transport via propagating surface wavesFeb 12 2018Near-field radiative heat transfer (RHT) between two bodies can significantly exceed the far-field limit set by Planck's law due to the evanescent wave tunneling, which typically can only occur when the two bodies are separated at subwavelength distances. ... More
Stochastic Successive Convex Optimization for Two-timescale Hybrid Precoding in Massive MIMOJan 25 2018Jan 29 2018Hybrid precoding, which consists of an RF precoder and a baseband precoder, is a popular precoding architecture for massive MIMO due to its low hardware cost and power consumption. In conventional hybrid precoding, both RF and baseband precoders are adaptive ... More
1-bit Compressive Data Gathering for Wireless Sensor NetworksJan 07 2014Compressive sensing (CS) has been widely used for the data gathering in wireless sensor networks for the purpose of reducing the communication overhead recent years. In this paper, we first show that with simple modification, 1-bit compressive sensing ... More
A quantum oscillator model for entropic gravityJul 25 2012Apr 11 2013In Verlinde's theory of entropic gravity, the internal degrees of freedom are marked by "bits", but the microscopic origin of "bits" is unknown hitherto. To this direction, we adopt the quantum harmonic oscillators to naively model the internal degrees ... More
Spatially Directional Predictive Coding for Block-based Compressive Sensing of Natural ImagesApr 29 2014A novel coding strategy for block-based compressive sens-ing named spatially directional predictive coding (SDPC) is proposed, which efficiently utilizes the intrinsic spatial cor-relation of natural images. At the encoder, for each block of compressive ... More
Majorana Edge States and Braiding in an Exactly Solvable One-dimensional Spin ModelDec 28 2014We derive an exactly solvable one-dimensional (1D) spin model from the three-band Hubbard model with a strong spin-orbit coupling by introducing U(1) gauge fields to the isospin states. We find that it has a topological nontrivial phase characterized ... More
Cost Minimization in Multiple IaaS Clouds: A Double Auction ApproachAug 04 2013Dec 08 2013IaaS clouds invest substantial capital in operating their data centers. Reducing the cost of resource provisioning, is their forever pursuing goal. Computing resource trading among multiple IaaS clouds provide a potential for IaaS clouds to utilize cheaper ... More
A Bayesian nonparametric mixture model for selecting genes and gene subnetworksJul 31 2014It is very challenging to select informative features from tens of thousands of measured features in high-throughput data analysis. Recently, several parametric/regression models have been developed utilizing the gene network information to select genes ... More
A Deep Learning Reconstruction Framework for Differential Phase-Contrast Computed Tomography with Incomplete DataApr 01 2019Differential phase-contrast computed tomography (DPC-CT) is a powerful analysis tool for soft-tissue and low-atomic-number samples. Limited by the implementation conditions, DPC-CT with incomplete projections happens quite often. Conventional reconstruction ... More
Scalable Incremental Nonconvex Optimization Approach for Phase Retrieval from Minimal MeasurementsJul 15 2018Jul 19 2018We aim to find a solution $\bm{x}\in\mathbb{R}^n/\mathbb{C}^n$ to a system of quadratic equations of the form $b_i=\lvert\langle\bm{a}_i,\bm{x}\rangle\rvert^2$, $i=1,2,\ldots,m$, e.g., the well-known phase retrieval problem, which is generally NP-hard. ... More
Group-based Sparse Representation for Image RestorationMay 14 2014Traditional patch-based sparse representation modeling of natural images usually suffer from two problems. First, it has to solve a large-scale optimization problem with high computational complexity in dictionary learning. Second, each patch is considered ... More
Electrochemical capacitance of a leaky nano-capacitorOct 22 1999We report a detailed theoretical investigation on electrochemical capacitance of a nanoscale capacitor where there is a DC coupling between the two conductors. For this ``leaky'' quantum capacitor, we have derived general analytic expressions of the linear ... More
Image Super-Resolution via Dual-Dictionary Learning And Sparse RepresentationAug 18 2012Learning-based image super-resolution aims to reconstruct high-frequency (HF) details from the prior model trained by a set of high- and low-resolution image patches. In this paper, HF to be estimated is considered as a combination of two components: ... More
"Tom" pet robot applied to urban autismMay 14 2019With the fast development of network information technology, more and more people are immersed in the virtual community environment brought by the network, ignoring the social interaction in real life. The consequent urban autism problem has become more ... More
Efficient Numerical Evaluation of Feynman IntegralAug 11 2015Jan 10 2016Feynman loop integrals are a key ingredient for the calculation of higher order radiation effects, and are responsible for reliable and accurate theoretical prediction. We improve the efficiency of numerical integration in sector decomposition by implementing ... More
Radiative heat transfer between metallic nanoparticle clusters in both near field and far fieldJan 27 2019Micro-nanoparticle systems have wide applications in thermal science and technology. In dense particulate system, the particle separation distance may be less than the characteristic thermal wavelength and near field effect will be significant and become ... More
Network induced large correlation matrix estimationDec 31 2015Aug 07 2017The correlation matrix of massive biomedical data (e.g. gene expression or neuroimaging data) often exhibits a complex and organized, yet latent graph topological structure. We propose a two step procedure that first detects the latent graph topology ... More
Satellite Image Scene Classification via ConvNet with Context AggregationFeb 02 2018Jul 12 2018Scene classification is a fundamental problem to understand the high-resolution remote sensing imagery. Recently, convolutional neural network (ConvNet) has achieved remarkable performance in different tasks, and significant efforts have been made to ... More
Topological phase transitions and topological Mott insulator in Haldane-Hubbard modelDec 16 2015Topological phase transitions and the phase diagram of Haldane-Hubbard model are investigated using the variational cluster approach. With increasing the interaction strength, there are two successive topological phase transitions. The first is characterized ... More
Projective symmetry group classification of $Z_3$ parafermion spin liquids on a honeycomb latticeNov 20 2017To study exotic excitations described by parafermions in the possible spin liquid states of SU($n$) spin systems, we introduce a parafermion parton approach. The SU($n$) spin operators can be represented by clock and shift matrices, which are shown to ... More
Observational constraint on the varying speed of light theoryJul 04 2014Oct 07 2014The varying speed of light (VSL) theory is controversial. It succeeds in explaining some cosmological problems, but on the other hand it is excluded by mainstream physics because it will shake the foundation of physics. In the present paper, we devote ... More
Nuclear in-medium effects on $η$ dynamics in proton-nucleus collisionsJun 14 2016The dynamics of $\eta$ meson produced in proton-induced nuclear reactions via the decay of N$^{\ast}(1535)$ has been investigated within the Lanzhou quantum molecular dynamics transport model (LQMD). The in-medium modifications of the $\eta$ production ... More
A Practical Scheme for Entanglement ConcentrationApr 09 2001We present a realistic purification scheme for pure non-maximally entangled states. In the scheme, Alice and Bob at two distant parties first start with two shared but less entangled photon pairs to produce a conditional four-photon GHZ state, then perform ... More
Observing zero-field spin dynamics with spin noise in a pi-pulse modulated fieldJan 03 2019Feb 12 2019Spin noise spectroscopic study of spin dynamics in a zero magnetic field is commonly frustrated by the dominating 1/f noise. We show that in a pi-pulse modulated magnetic field, spin noise spectrum centered one-half of the field modulation frequency reveals ... More
Structural Group Sparse Representation for Image Compressive Sensing RecoveryApr 29 2014Compressive Sensing (CS) theory shows that a signal can be decoded from many fewer measurements than suggested by the Nyquist sampling theory, when the signal is sparse in some domain. Most of conventional CS recovery approaches, however, exploited a ... More
Improved Total Variation based Image Compressive Sensing Recovery by Nonlocal RegularizationAug 18 2012Dec 26 2012Recently, total variation (TV) based minimization algorithms have achieved great success in compressive sensing (CS) recovery for natural images due to its virtue of preserving edges. However, the use of TV is not able to recover the fine details and ... More
Energy-Delay Tradeoffs of Virtual Base Stations With a Computational-Resource-Aware Energy Consumption ModelJul 09 2014Oct 21 2014The next generation (5G) cellular network faces the challenges of efficiency, flexibility, and sustainability to support data traffic in the mobile Internet era. To tackle these challenges, cloud-based cellular architectures have been proposed where virtual ... More
Robust and Reliable Transfer of a Quantum State Through a Spin ChainDec 24 2008We present several protocols for reliable quantum state transfer through a spin chain. We use a simple two-spin encoding to achieve a remarkably high fidelity transfer for an arbitrary quantum state. The fidelity of the transfer also decreases very slowly ... More
Towards Locally Consistent Object Counting with Constrained Multi-stage Convolutional Neural NetworksApr 06 2019High-density object counting in surveillance scenes is challenging mainly due to the drastic variation of object scales. The prevalence of deep learning has largely boosted the object counting accuracy on several benchmark datasets. However, does the ... More
Heterogeneous Cellular Networks Using Wireless Backhaul: Fast Admission Control and Large System AnalysisJan 28 2015Apr 13 2015We consider a heterogeneous cellular network with densely underlaid small cell access points (SAPs). Wireless backhaul provides the data connection from the core network to SAPs. To serve as many SAPs and their corresponding users as possible with guaranteed ... More
Fidelity approach to quantum phase transitions: finite size scaling for quantum Ising model in a transverse fieldApr 23 2007We analyze the scaling parameter, extracted from the fidelity for two different ground states, for the one-dimensional quantum Ising model in a transverse field near the critical point. It is found that, in the thermodynamic limit, the scaling parameter ... More
Effect of memory on the prisoner's dilemma game in a square latticeJan 18 2008Oct 30 2008We have studied the effect of memory on evolution of the prisoner's dilemma game using square lattice networks. Based on extensive simulations, we found that the density of cooperators was enhanced by an increasing memory effect for most parameters. However, ... More
Digitize Your Body and Action in 3-D at Over 10 FPS: Real Time Dense Voxel Reconstruction and Marker-less Motion Tracking via GPU AccelerationNov 26 2013In this paper, we present an approach to reconstruct 3-D human motion from multi-cameras and track human skeleton using the reconstructed human 3-D point (voxel) cloud. We use an improved and more robust algorithm, probabilistic shape from silhouette ... More
Operation-aware Neural Networks for User Response PredictionApr 02 2019User response prediction makes a crucial contribution to the rapid development of online advertising system and recommendation system. The importance of learning feature interactions has been emphasized by many works. Many deep models are proposed to ... More
Realization and design of a pilot assist decision-making system based on speech recognitionJun 11 2014A system based on speech recognition is proposed for pilot assist decision-making. It is based on a HIL aircraft simulation platform and uses the microcontroller SPCE061A as the central processor to achieve better reliability and higher cost-effect performance. ... More
Image Restoration Using Joint Statistical Modeling in Space-Transform DomainMay 11 2014This paper presents a novel strategy for high-fidelity image restoration by characterizing both local smoothness and nonlocal self-similarity of natural images in a unified statistical manner. The main contributions are three-folds. First, from the perspective ... More
A note on the connection problem of some special Painlevé V functionsJan 05 2016As a new application of the method of "uniform asymptotics" proposed by Bassom, Clarkson, Law and McLeod, we provide a simpler and more rigorous proof of the connection formulas of some special solutions of the fifth Painlev\'e equation, which have been ... More
Dust Extinction towards the Type Ia Supernova 2012cu in NGC 4772Jan 14 2019Using photometric and spectroscopic data of Supernova (SN) 2012cu, a fairly reddened type Ia supernova, we derived its color excess curves and probed the dust extinction in its host galaxy, NGC 4772. In order to derive the extinction as a function of ... More
One-Loop Matching for Parton Distributions: Non-Singlet CaseOct 28 2013We derive one-loop matching condition for non-singlet quark distributions in transverse-momentum cut-off scheme, including unpolarized, helicity and transversity distributions. The matching is between the quasi-distribution defined by static correlation ... More
A Riemannian Inexact Newton-CG Method for Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problems: Nonsymmetric CaseJun 12 2017This paper is concerned with the nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem of finding a nonnegative matrix such that its spectrum is the prescribed self-conjugate set of complex numbers. We first reformulate the nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem as ... More
Average Entropy of the Ranges for Simple Random Walks on Discrete GroupsDec 03 2016Feb 20 2017Inspired by Benjamini et al (Ann. Inst. H. Poincar\'{e} Probab. Stat. 2010) and Windisch (Electron. J. Probab. 2010), we consider the entropy of the random walk range formed by a simple random walk on a discrete group. It is shown in this setting the ... More
Thermodynamics of SU(2) bosons in one dimensionNov 07 2001Jan 07 2002On the basis of Bethe ansatz solution of two-component bosons with SU(2) symmetry and $\delta$-function interaction in one dimension, we study the thermodynamics of the system at finite temperature by using the strategy of thermodynamic Bethe ansatz (TBA). ... More
Closed orbit correction of HIMM synchrotronFeb 05 2015The correction of closed orbit has great influence on the operation of synchrotron. The design of correction system is one significant component of lattice design. It is suggested to set BPMs at the peaks of betatron oscillation. The correctors need to ... More
Fundamental Performance of a Dispersed Fixed Delay Interferometer In Searching For Planets Around M DwarfsMay 05 2011Jul 10 2011We present a new method to calculate fundamental Doppler measurement limits with a dispersed fixed-delay interferometer (DFDI) in the near infrared wavelength region for searching for exoplanets around M dwarfs in the coming decade. It is based on calculating ... More
Learning to Explore with Meta-Policy GradientMar 13 2018Mar 26 2018The performance of off-policy learning, including deep Q-learning and deep deterministic policy gradient (DDPG), critically depends on the choice of the exploration policy. Existing exploration methods are mostly based on adding noise to the on-going ... More
Dynamical evolution of quintessence cosmology in a physical phase spaceApr 16 2015Jun 12 2016The phase space analysis of cosmological parameters $\Omega_{\phi}$ and $\gamma_{\phi}$ is given. Based on this, the well-known quintessence cosmology is studied with an exponential potential $V(\phi)=V_{0}\exp(-\lambda\phi)$. Given observational data, ... More
Integrating Existing Software Toolkits into VO SystemNov 15 2004Virtual Observatory (VO) is a collection of interoperating data archives and software tools. Taking advantages of the latest information technologies, it aims to provide a data-intensively online research environment for astronomers all around the world. ... More
Augmenting Mobile Phone Interaction with Face-Engaged GesturesOct 02 2016The movement of a user's face, easily detected by a smartphone's front camera, is an underexploited input modality for mobile interactions. We introduce three sets of face-engaged interaction techniques for augmenting the traditional mobile inputs, which ... More
Studying Quasar Absorber Host Galaxy Properties Using Image Stacking TechniqueAug 27 2018Studying the stellar mass, age, luminosity, star-formation rate, and impact parameter of quasar absorber host galaxies can aid in the understanding of galaxy formation and evolution as well as in testing their models. We derive the Spectral Energy Distribution ... More
A Complete Matching for Quasi-distribution Functions in Large Momentum Effective TheoryApr 01 2019We complete the procedure of extracting parton distribution functions (PDFs) using large momentum effective theory (LaMET) at leading power accuracy in the hadron momentum. We derive a general factorization formula for the quasi PDFs in the presence of ... More
SU($N$) spin-wave theory: Application to spin-orbital Mott insulatorsNov 19 2017We present the application of the SU($N$) ($N>2$) spin-wave theory to spin-orbital Mott insulators whose ground states exhibit magnetic orders. When taking both the spin and orbital degrees of freedom into account rather than projecting onto the Kramers ... More
Object Relation Detection Based on One-shot LearningJul 16 2018Detecting the relations among objects, such as "cat on sofa" and "person ride horse", is a crucial task in image understanding, and beneficial to bridging the semantic gap between images and natural language. Despite the remarkable progress of deep learning ... More
Testing dark energy models with $H(z)$ dataJun 01 2016Jun 10 2016$Om(z)$ is a diagnostic approach to distinguish dark energy models. However, there are few articles to discuss what is the distinguishing criterion. In this paper, firstly we smooth the latest observational $H(z)$ data using a model-independent method ... More
Transport Properties of Topological Insulators Films and NanowiresMay 28 2013The last several years have witnessed the rapid developments in the study and understanding of topological insulators. In this review, after a brief summary of the history of topological insulators, we focus on the recent progress made in transport experiments ... More
Revision of Stellar Intrinsic Colors in the Infrared by the Spectroscopic SurveysSep 17 2016Intrinsic colors of normal stars are derived in the popularly used infrared bands involving the 2MASS/JHKs, WISE, Spitzer/IRAC and AKARI/S9W filters. Based on three spectroscopic surveys -- LAMOST, RAVE and APOGEE, stars are classified into groups of ... More
Nonlinear Quantum CapacitanceFeb 23 1999We analyze the nonlinear voltage dependence of elelctrochemical capacitance for nano-scale conductors. This voltage dependence is due to finite density of states of the conductors. We derive an exact expression for the electrochemical capacitance-voltage ... More
Spectral properties of the square-lattice antiferromagnetic J1-J2 Heisenberg model: confinement and deconfinement of spinonsMay 21 2018Based on the mapping between $s=1/2$ spin operators and hard-core bosons, we extend the cluster perturbation theory to spin systems and study the whole excitation spectrum of the antiferromagnetic $J_{1}$-$J_{2}$ Heisenberg model on the square lattice. ... More
The Ultraviolet Extinction in the $GALEX$ BandsMay 23 2018Interstellar extinction in ultraviolet is the most severe in comparison with optical and infrared wavebands and a precise determination plays an important role in correctly recovering the ultraviolet brightness and colors of objects. By finding the observed ... More
Integrated Face Analytics Networks through Cross-Dataset Hybrid TrainingNov 16 2017Face analytics benefits many multimedia applications. It consists of a number of tasks, such as facial emotion recognition and face parsing, and most existing approaches generally treat these tasks independently, which limits their deployment in real ... More
An implicit integration factor method for a kind of spatial fractional diffusion equationsMay 06 2019A kind of spatial fractional diffusion equations in this paper are studied. Firstly, an L1 formula is employed for the spatial discretization of the equations. Then, a second order scheme is derived based on the resulting semi-discrete ordinary differential ... More
A fast second-order accurate difference schemes for time distributed-order and Riesz space fractional diffusion equationsJun 27 2018The aim of this paper is to develop fast second-order accurate difference schemes for solving one- and two-dimensional time distributed-order and Riesz space fractional diffusion equations. We adopt the same measures for one- and two-dimensional problems ... More
Topological Magnons in a One-dimensional Itinerant Flatband FerromagnetJan 16 2018Jun 04 2018Different from previous scenarios that topological magnons emerge in local spin models, we propose an alternative that itinerant electron magnets can host topological magnons. A one-dimensional Tasaki model with a flat band is considered as the prototype. ... More
Joint Transceiver Design Algorithms for Multiuser MISO Relay Systems with Energy HarvestingAug 26 2015In this paper, we investigate a multiuser relay system with simultaneous wireless information and power transfer. Assuming that both base station (BS) and relay station (RS) are equipped with multiple antennas, this work studies the joint transceiver ... More
Ferromagnetism and spin excitations in topological Hubbard models with a flatbandOct 29 2018Jan 10 2019We study the spin-1 excitation spectra of the flatband ferromagnetic phases in interacting topological insulators. As a paradigm, we consider a quarter filled square lattice Hubbard model whose free part is the $\pi$ flux state with topologically nontrivial ... More
Identifying MgII Narrow Absorption Lines with Deep LearningApr 27 2019Metal absorption line systems in distant quasar spectra probe of the history of gas content in the universe. The MgII $\lambda \lambda$ 2796, 2803 doublet is one of the most important absorption lines since it is a proxy of the star formation rate and ... More
Stochastic Variance Reduction for Deep Q-learningMay 20 2019Recent advances in deep reinforcement learning have achieved human-level performance on a variety of real-world applications. However, the current algorithms still suffer from poor gradient estimation with excessive variance, resulting in unstable training ... More
Robust Transceiver Design for MISO Interference Channel with Energy HarvestingJan 30 2015May 18 2015In this paper, we consider multiuser multiple-input single-output (MISO) interference channel where the received signal is divided into two parts for information decoding and energy harvesting (EH), respectively. The transmit beamforming vectors and receive ... More
A preconditioning technique for all-at-once system from the nonlinear tempered fractional diffusion equationJan 03 2019An all-at-once linear system arising from the nonlinear tempered fractional diffusion equation with variable coefficients is studied. Firstly, the nonlinear and linearized implicit schemes are proposed to approximate such the nonlinear equation with continuous/discontinuous ... More
Entangling Color-Different Photons via Time-Resolved Measurement and Active Feed-ForwardJan 26 2015Entangling independent photons is not only of fundamental interest but also of crucial importance for quantum information science. Two-photon interference is a major method to entangle independent identical photons. If two photons are color-different, ... More
Multi-Prototype Networks for Unconstrained Set-based Face RecognitionFeb 13 2019Feb 19 2019In this paper, we study the challenging unconstrained set-based face recognition problem where each subject face is instantiated by a set of media (images and videos) instead of a single image. Naively aggregating information from all the media within ... More
Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Dense Face Alignment from A Single Image with 2D-Assisted Self-Supervised LearningMar 22 20193D face reconstruction from a single 2D image is a challenging problem with broad applications. Recent methods typically aim to learn a CNN-based 3D face model that regresses coefficients of 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) from 2D images to render 3D face reconstruction ... More
Faster super-resolution imaging with auto-correlation two-step deconvolutionSep 19 2018Sep 27 2018Despite super-resolution fluorescence blinking microscopes break the diffraction limit, the intense phototoxic illumination and long-term image sequences thus far still pose to major challenges in visualizing live-organisms. Here, we proposed a super-resolution ... More
The metallicity distribution of F/G dwarfs derived from BATC survey dataAug 30 2004Based on synthetic flux spectra calculated from theoretical atmospheric models, a calibration of temperature and metallicity for the dwarfs observed in the Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC) multicolor photometric system is presented in this paper. ... More
Structure and superconductivity of Mg(B1-xCx)2 compoundsMar 09 2001In this paper, we reported the structural properties and superconductivity of Mg(B1-xCx)2 compounds. Powder x-ray diffraction results indicate that the samples crystallize in a hexagonal AlB2-type structure. Due to the chemical activity of Mg powders, ... More
Matching Quasi Generalized Parton Distributions in the RI/MOM schemeFeb 01 2019Within the framework of large momentum effective theory (LaMET), genenaralized parton distributions (GPDs) can be extracted from lattice calculations of quasi-GPDs through a perturbative matching relation, up to power corrections that are suppressed by ... More
Proton radioactivity described by covariant density functional theory with Similarity Renormalization Group methodJul 23 2014Half-life of proton radioactivity of spherical proton emitters is studied within the scheme of covariant density functional (CDF) theory, and for the first time the potential barrier that prevents the emitted proton is extracted with the similarity renormalization ... More
Generalized-impedance and Stability Criterion for Grid-connected ConvertersJun 18 2017The output impedance matrix of a grid-connected converter plays an important role in analyzing system stability. Due to the dynamics of the DC-link control and the phase locked loop (PLL), the output impedance matrices of the converter and grid are difficult ... More
Entrance channel dependence and isospin dependence of preequilibrium nucleon emission in intermediate energy heavy ion collisionsFeb 12 2001Using isospin dependent quantum molecular dynamical model, the studies of the isospin effect on preequilibrium nucleon emission in heavy ion collisions under different entrance channel conditions show that the ratio of preequilibrium neutron number to ... More
Nuclear Stopping as A Probe to In-medium Nucleon-nucleon Cross Section in Intermediate Energy Heavy Ion CollisionsFeb 12 2001Using an isospin-dependent quantum molecular dynamics, nuclear stopping in intermediate heavy ion collisions has been studied. The calculation has been done for colliding systems with different neutron-proton ratios in beam energy ranging from 15MeV/u ... More
Giant Voltage Manipulation of MgO-based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions via Localized Anisotropic Strain: a Potential Pathway to Ultra-Energy-Efficient Memory TechnologyFeb 18 2016Aug 30 2016Strain-mediated voltage control of magnetization in piezoelectric/ferromagnetic systems is a promising mechanism to implement energy-efficient spintronic memory devices. Here, we demonstrate giant voltage manipulation of MgO magnetic tunnel junctions ... More
Selection Bias Explorations and Debias Methods for Natural Language Sentence Matching DatasetsMay 15 2019Natural Language Sentence Matching (NLSM) has gained substantial attention from both academics and the industry, and rich public datasets contribute a lot to this process. However, biased datasets can also hurt the generalization performance of trained ... More
Identifying the Absorption Bump with Deep LearningNov 17 2015Nov 20 2015The pervasive interstellar dust grains provide significant insights to understand the formation and evolution of the stars, planetary systems, and the galaxies, and may harbor the building blocks of life. One of the most effective way to analyze the dust ... More
FastDeRain: A Novel Video Rain Streak Removal Method Using Directional Gradient PriorsMar 20 2018Jul 16 2018Rain streak removal is an important issue in outdoor vision systems and has recently been investigated extensively. In this paper, we propose a novel video rain streak removal approach FastDeRain, which fully considers the discriminative characteristics ... More
A novel nonconvex approach to recover the low-tubal-rank tensor data: when t-SVD meets PSSVDec 15 2017Feb 09 2018A recently developed novel tensor decomposition scheme named tensor singular value decomposition (t-SVD) results in a notion of rank referred to as the tubal-rank. Many methods minimize its convex surrogate the tensor nuclear norm (TNN) to enhance the ... More
The thermodynamic relationship between the RN-AdS black holes and the RN black hole in canonical ensembleDec 12 2016Apr 14 2017In this paper, by analyzing the thermodynamic properties of charged AdS black hole and asymptotically flat space-time charged black hole in the vicinity of the critical point, we establish the correspondence between the thermodynamic parameters of asymptotically ... More