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Contractible 3-manifold and Positive scalar curvature (II)Jun 10 2019In this article, we are interested in the question whether any complete contractible $3$-manifold of positive scalar curvature is homeomorphic to $\mathbb{R}^{3}$. We study the fundamental group at infinity, $\pi_{1}^{\infty}$, and its relationship with ... More
On the exponential ergodicity for Lévy driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processesMay 21 2012Based on the explicit coupling property, the ergodicity and the exponential ergodicity of L\'{e}vy driven Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes are established.
Double Conformal Invariants and the Wodzicki ResidueJan 06 2011For compact real manifolds, a new double conformal invariant is constructed using the Wodzicki residue and the $d$ operator in the framework of Connes. In the flat case, we compute this double conformal invariant, and in some special cases, we also compute ... More
Nonequilibrium Green's function approach to mesoscopic thermal transportMay 01 2006We present a formulation of a nonequilibrium Green's function method for thermal current in nanojunction atomic systems with nonlinear interactions. This first-principle approach is applied to the calculation of the thermal conductance in carbon nanotube ... More
The Turán Number for Spanning Linear ForestsJul 05 2018For a set of graphs $\mathcal{F}$, the extremal number $ex(n;\mathcal{F})$ is the maximum number of edges in a graph of order $n$ not containing any subgraph isomorphic to some graph in $\mathcal{F}$. If $\mathcal{F}$ contains a graph on $n$ vertices, ... More
Mixed means of commutators of central integral means and CMOMar 01 2011In this paper we obtain some mixed means and weighted $L^p$ estimates for the commutators generating $r$ order central integral means operators with $CMO$ functions.
Functional Inequalities for Stable-Like Dirichlet FormsMay 21 2012May 09 2013Let $V\in C^2(\R^d)$ such that $\mu_V(\d x):= \e^{-V(x)}\,\d x$ is a probability measure, and let $\aa\in (0,2)$. Explicit criteria are presented for the $\aa$-stable-like Dirichlet form $$\E_{\aa,V}(f,f):= \int_{\R^d\times\R^d} \ff{|f(x)-f(y)|^2}{|x-y|^{d+\alpha}}\,\d ... More
Exact Recovery of Sparse Signals via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit: How Many Iterations Do We Need?Nov 19 2012Feb 20 2016Orthogonal matching pursuit (OMP) is a greedy algorithm widely used for the recovery of sparse signals from compressed measurements. In this paper, we analyze the number of iterations required for the OMP algorithm to perform exact recovery of sparse ... More
Superconducting Vortices induced Periodic Magnetoresistance Oscillations in Single Crystal Au NanowiresMar 11 2011Jul 02 2011We show in this paper that it is possible to induce superconducting vortices in a gold nanowire connected to superconducting electrodes. The gold nanowire acquires superconductivity by the proximity effect. The differential magnetoresistance of the nanowire ... More
How Close Are We To Detecting Earth-like Planets in the Habitable Zone Using the Radial Velocity Technique?Jul 24 2011Discovering an Earth-like exoplanet in habitable zone is an important milestone for astronomers in search of extra-terrestrial life. While the radial velocity (RV) technique remains one the most powerful tools in detecting and characterizing exo-planetary ... More
Fisher information and spin squeezing in the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick ModelMay 03 2009Fisher information, lies at the heart of parameter estimation theory, was recently found to have a close relation with multipartite entanglement (Pezz\'{e} and Smerzi, Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 100401). We use Fisher information to distinguish and characterize ... More
Fixed-point Factorized NetworksNov 07 2016Aug 29 2017In recent years, Deep Neural Networks (DNN) based methods have achieved remarkable performance in a wide range of tasks and have been among the most powerful and widely used techniques in computer vision. However, DNN-based methods are both computational-intensive ... More
Fourier-Like Transforms of Stable Graphs and Holomorphic Anomaly EquationsMay 09 2019In this paper we develop a theory of Fourier-like transforms on the space of stable graphs. In particular, we introduce a duality theory of stable graphs. As an application, we derive the holomorphic anomaly equations for general propagators in the work ... More
Electronic transport close to boundaries of semi-infinite graphene and their interfacesDec 14 2016Transport properties of 2D materials especially close to their boundary has received much attention after the successful fabrication of graphene and other fascinating materials afterwards. While most previous work is devoted to the conventional lead-device-lead ... More
Vast volatility matrix estimation for high-frequency financial dataFeb 25 2010High-frequency data observed on the prices of financial assets are commonly modeled by diffusion processes with micro-structure noise, and realized volatility-based methods are often used to estimate integrated volatility. For problems involving a large ... More
Rational function regression method for numerical analytic continuationDec 05 2018A simple method for numerical analytic continuation is developed. It is designed to analytically continue the imaginary time (Matsubara frequency) quantum Monte Carlo simulation results to the real time (real frequency) domain. Such a method is based ... More
The Turán problem for a family of tight linear forestsDec 05 2018Dec 10 2018Let $\mathcal{F}$ be a family of $r$-graphs. The Tur\'an number $ex_r(n;\mathcal{F})$ is defined to be the maximum number of edges in an $r$-graph of order $n$ that is $\mathcal{F}$-free. The famous Erd\H{o}s Matching Conjecture shows that \[ ex_r(n,M_{k+1}^{(r)})= ... More
Collision Rate and Symmetry Factor in Gluon PlasmaFeb 05 2013The elastic and inelastic collision rates in a gluon gas are calculated. The symmetry factor and the phase space integral are discussed in detail. With a symmetry factor and well constrained phase space, the same result can be obtained as that of the ... More
Many-body reduced fidelity susceptibility in Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick modelJul 01 2009We study the reduced fidelity susceptibility $\chi_{r}$ for an $M$-body subsystem of an $N$-body Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model with $\tau=M/N$ fixed. The reduced fidelity susceptibility can be viewed as the response of subsystem to a certain parameter. In ... More
Fully Differential Higgs Pair Production in Association With a $W$ Boson at Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order in QCDJul 21 2016Dec 22 2016To clarify the electroweak symmetry breaking mechanism, we need to probe the Higgs self-couplings, which can be measured in Higgs pair productions. The associated production with a vector boson is special due to a clear tag in the final state. We perform ... More
Strong Feller Continuity of Feller Processes and SemigroupsJun 28 2010May 17 2011We study two equivalent characterizations of the strong Feller property for a Markov process and of the associated sub-Markovian semigroup. One is described in terms of locally uniform absolute continuity, whereas the other uses local Orlicz-ultracontractivity. ... More
The complete study on the inclusive production of Υ + γ at the LHCJan 08 2019In this paper we investigate the inclusive associated production of {\Upsilon} + {\gamma} at the hadron collider. We calculate the color-singlet sub-processes and all three color-octet sub-processes at the next-to-leading order. Seven sets of long distance ... More
Some Theorems on Feller Processes: Transience, Local Times and UltracontractivityAug 16 2011We present sufficient conditions for the transience and the existence of local times of a Feller process, and the ultracontractivity of the associated Feller semigroup; these conditions are sharp for L\'{e}vy processes. The proof uses a local symmetrization ... More
Next-to-next-to-leading order $N$-jettiness soft function for $tW$ productionApr 17 2018Aug 28 2018We calculate the $N$-jettiness soft function for $tW$ production up to next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD, which is an important ingredient of the $N$-jettiness subtraction method for predicting the differential cross sections of massive coloured particle ... More
Full-counting statistics of charge and spin transport in the transient regime: A nonequilibrium Green's function approachJul 28 2014Dec 12 2014We report the investigation of full-counting statistics (FCS) of transferred charge and spin in the transient regime where the connection between central scattering region (quantum dot) and leads are turned on at $t=0$. A general theoretical formulation ... More
Generalized Gaussian Process Regression Model for Non-Gaussian Functional DataJan 31 2014In this paper we propose a generalized Gaussian process concurrent regression model for functional data where the functional response variable has a binomial, Poisson or other non-Gaussian distribution from an exponential family while the covariates are ... More
On the Coupling Property of Lévy ProcessesJun 28 2010May 15 2011We give necessary and sufficient conditions guaranteeing that the coupling for L\'evy processes (with non-degenerate jump part) is successful. Our method relies on explicit formulae for the transition semigroup of a compound Poisson process and earlier ... More
Three-loop planar master integrals for heavy-to-light form factorsOct 10 2018We calculate analytically the three-loop planar master integrals relevant for heavy-to-light form factors using the method of differential equations. After choosing a proper canonical basis, the boundary conditions are easy to be determined, and the solution ... More
Master integrals of a planar double-box family for top-quark pair productionMar 11 2019We calculate analytically the master integrals of a planar double-box family for top-quark pair production using the method of differential equations. With a proper choice of the bases, the differential equations can be transformed to the $d$-log form. ... More
Nonequilibrium Green's function method for thermal transport in junctionsJan 09 2007We present a detailed treatment of the nonequilibrium Green's function method for thermal transport due to atomic vibrations in nanostructures. Some of the key equations, such as self-energy and conductance with nonlinear effect, are derived. A self-consistent ... More
A comparison of extremal optimization with flat-histogram dynamics for finding spin-glass ground statesOct 03 2002We compare the performance of extremal optimization (EO), flat-histogram and equal-hit algorithms for finding spin-glass ground states. The first-passage-times to a ground state are computed. At optimal parameter of tau=1.15, EO outperforms other methods ... More
Magnetic moment, vorticity-spin coupling and parity-odd conductivity of chiral fermions in 4-dimensional Wigner functionsApr 28 2015Aug 26 2015We demonstrate the emergence of the magnetic moment and spin-vorticity coupling of chiral fermions in 4-dimensional Wigner functions. In linear response theory with space-time varying electromagnetic fields, the parity-odd part of the electric conductivity ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order study on the associate production of $J/ψ+γ$ at the LHCJan 27 2014The associate $J/\psi+\gamma$ production at the LHC is studied completely at next-to-leading-order (NLO) within the framework of nonrelativistic QCD. By using three sets of color-octet long-distance matrix elements (LDMEs) obtained in previous prompt ... More
Next-to-Leading-Order QCD corrections to J/ψ(Υ)+γ production at the LHCNov 06 2008Jan 12 2009In this work, we calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD corrections to the process $p+p \to J/\psi + \gamma$ via the color-singlet mechanism at the LHC. The results show that the partial cross section ($p_t^{J/\psi}>$3GeV and $|y^{J/\psi,\gamma}|<$3) ... More
Next-to-Next-to-Leading Order $N$-Jettiness Soft Function for One Massive Colored Particle Production at Hadron CollidersNov 08 2016Feb 01 2017The $N$-jettiness subtraction has proven to be an efficient method to perform differential QCD next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO) calculations in the last few years. One important ingredient of this method is the NNLO soft function. We calculate this ... More
Heat transfer statistics in extreme-near-field radiationJun 12 2018Aug 02 2018We investigate the full counting statistics of extreme-near-field radiative heat transfer using nonequilibrium Green's function formalism. In the extreme near field, the electron-electron interactions between two metallic bodies dominate the heat transfer ... More
The next-to-leading-order QCD correction to inclusive J/ψ(Υ) production in Z^0 decayJul 14 2010In this paper, we study the $J/\psi(\Upsilon)$ production in Z boson decay in color-singlet model(CSM). We calculate the next-to-leading-order (NLO) QCD correction to $Z \to Quarkonium+Q\bar{Q}$, the dominant contribution in the CSM, with the vector and ... More
Lower bounded semi-Dirichlet forms associated with Lévy type operatorsAug 17 2011Aug 29 2012Let $k:E\times E\to [0,\infty)$ be a non-negative measurable function on some locally compact separable metric space $E$. We provide some simple conditions such that the quadratic form with jump kernel $k$ becomes a regular lower bounded (non-local, non-symmetric) ... More
Data-Driven CFD Modeling of Turbulent Flows Through Complex StructuresMar 29 2016The growth of computational resources in the past decades has expanded the application of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) from the traditional fields of aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to a number of new areas. Examples range from the heat and fluid ... More
BCS-BEC crossover in a relativistic boson-fermion model beyond mean field approximationMar 31 2008Jul 21 2008We investigate the fluctuation effect of the di-fermion field in the crossover from Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) pairing to a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) in a relativistic superfluid. We work within the boson-fermion model obeying a global U(1) ... More
Free-Space Data-Carrying Bendable Light CommunicationsJan 24 2018Bendable light beams have recently seen tremendous applications in optical manipulation, optical imaging, optical routing, micromachining, plasma generation and nonlinear optics. By exploiting curved light beams instead of traditional Gaussian beam for ... More
Phase space and quark mass effects in neutrino emissions in a color superconductorMay 09 2006Jun 30 2006We study the phase space for neutrino emissions with massive quarks in direct Urca processes in normal and color superconducting quark matter. We derive in QCD and the NJL model the Fermi momentum reduction resulting from Fermi liquid properties which ... More
Enhancement of Secrecy of Block Ciphered Systems by Deliberate NoiseApr 01 2012This paper considers the problem of end-end security enhancement by resorting to deliberate noise injected in ciphertexts. The main goal is to generate a degraded wiretap channel in application layer over which Wyner-type secrecy encoding is invoked to ... More
A Multi-Interference-Channel Matrix Pair Beamformer for CDMA SystemsSep 30 2010Oct 01 2010Matrix pair beamformer (MPB) is a promising blind beamformer which exploits the temporal signature of the signal of interest (SOI) to acquire its spatial statistical information. It does not need any knowledge of directional information or training sequences. ... More
A general derivation of differential cross section in quark-quark scatterings at fixed impact parameterJan 15 2008We propose a general derivation of differential cross section in quark-quark scatterings at fixed impact parameters. The derivation is well defined and free of ambiguity in the conventional one. The approach can be applied to a variety of partonic and ... More
The Additional Line Component within the Iron KαProfile in MCG-6-30-15: Evidence for Blob Ejection?Jul 07 2004The EPIC data of MCG -6-30-15 observed by XMM-Newton were analyzed for the complexities of the iron K-alpha line. Here we report that the additional line component (ALC) at 6.9 keV undoubtedly appears within the broad iron Kalpha; line profile at the ... More
Colocated MIMO Radar Waveform Design for Transmit Beampattern FormationMay 05 2015In this paper, colocated MIMO radar waveform design is considered by minimizing the integrated side-lobe level to obtain beam patterns with lower side-lobe levels than competing methods. First, a quadratic programming problem is formulated to design beam ... More
Performance Analysis of l_0 Norm Constraint Least Mean Square AlgorithmMar 07 2012Mar 09 2013As one of the recently proposed algorithms for sparse system identification, $l_0$ norm constraint Least Mean Square ($l_0$-LMS) algorithm modifies the cost function of the traditional method with a penalty of tap-weight sparsity. The performance of $l_0$-LMS ... More
Band structure renormalization and weak pseudogap behavior in Na_{0.33}CoO_2: Fluctuation exchange study based on a single band modelAug 19 2007Mar 16 2008Based on a single band Hubbard model and the fluctuation exchange approximation, the effective mass and the energy band renormalization in Na$_{0.33}$CoO$_2$ is elaborated. The renormalization is observed to exhibit certain kind of anisotropy, which agrees ... More
Stability of parabolic Harnack inequalitiesn for symmetric non-local Dirichlet formsSep 24 2016In this paper, we establish stability of parabolic Harnack inequalities for symmetric non-local Dirichlet forms on metric measure spaces under general volume doubling condition. We obtain their stable equivalent characterizations in terms of the jumping ... More
Inclusive J/ψProduction In ΥDecay Via Color-singlet MechanismNov 01 2009We reconsider the tree level color-singlet contribution for the inclusive J/\psi production in \Upsilon decay with the \alpha_{s}^{5} order QCD process \Upsilon\to J/\psi+c\bar{c}+g and \alpha^{2}\alpha_s^{2} order QED processes \Upsilon\to\gamma^{\ast}\to ... More
Lower Bounds of the Hausdorff dimension for Feller processesJun 15 2014Nov 13 2014Let $(X_t)_{t\ge0}$ be a Feller process generated by a pseudo-differential operator whose symbol satisfies $\|p(\cdot,\xi)\|_\infty\le c(1+|\xi|^2)$ and $p(\cdot,0)\equiv0.$ We prove that, for a large class of examples, the Hausdorff dimension of the ... More
Full-counting statistics of energy transport of molecular junctions in the polaronic regimeDec 09 2016Jun 16 2017We investigate the full-counting statistics (FCS) of energy transport carried by electrons in molecular junctions for the Anderson-Holstein model in the polaronic regime. Using two-time quantum measurement scheme, generating function (GF) for the energy ... More
Waiting Time Distribution of Quantum Electronic Transport in Transient RegimeMar 06 2014May 20 2014Waiting time is an important transport quantity that is complementary to average current and its fluctuation. So far all the studies of waiting time distribution (WTD) are limited to steady state transport (either dc or ac). In this work, we present a ... More
The maximum number of triangles in graphs without large linear forestsDec 21 2018Dec 24 2018Let $G$ be a graph on $n$ vertices. A linear forest is a graph consisting of vertex-disjoint paths and isolated vertices. A maximum linear forest of $G$ is a subgraph of $G$ with maximum number of edges, which is a linear forest. We denote by $l(G)$ this ... More
Reduced density matrix for nonequilibrium steady states: A modified Redfield solution approachJul 09 2013Nov 04 2013We describe a method to obtain the reduced density matrix (RDM) correct up to second order in system-bath coupling in \emph{nonequilibrium} steady state situations. The RDM is obtained via a scheme based on analytic continuation, using the time-local ... More
Extended series expansions for random sequential adsorptionOct 31 1997We express the coverage (occupation fraction) $\theta$, in powers of time $t$ for four models of two-dimensional lattice random sequential adsorption (RSA) to very high orders by improving an algorithm developed by the present authors [J. Phys. A 29, ... More
Series expansion studies of random sequential adsorption with diffusional relaxationSep 15 1996We obtain long series (28 terms or more) for the coverage (occupation fraction) $\theta$, in powers of time $t$ for two models of random sequential adsorption with diffusional relaxation using an efficient algorithm developed by the authors. Three different ... More
Ballistic magneto-thermal transport in a Heisenberg spin chain at low temperaturesAug 04 2008Oct 16 2008We study ballistic thermal transport in Heisenberg spin chain with nearest-neighbor ferromagnetic interactions at low temperatures. Explicit expressions for transmission coefficients are derived for thermal transport in a periodic spin chain of arbitrary ... More
A Unified Approach to Coupling SDEs driven by Lévy Noise and Some ApplicationsNov 20 2018We present a general method to construct couplings of stochastic differential equations driven by L\'{e}vy noise in terms of coupling operators. This approach covers both coupling by reflection and refined basic coupling which are often discussed in the ... More
Reduced fidelity susceptibility in the one-dimensional transverse field Ising modelAug 13 2008We study critical behaviors of the reduced fidelity susceptibility for two neighboring sites in the one-dimensional transverse field Ising model. It is found that the divergent behaviors of the susceptibility take the form of square of logarithm, in contrast ... More
Quantification of Uncertainties in Turbulence Modeling: A Comparison of Physics-Based and Random Matrix Theoretic ApproachesMar 17 2016Numerical models based on Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations are widely used in engineering turbulence modeling. However, the RANS predictions have large model-form uncertainties for many complex flows. Quantification of these large uncertainties ... More
Elliptic Harnack inequalities for symmetric non-local Dirichlet formsMar 28 2017Sep 05 2017We study relations and characterizations of various elliptic Harnack inequalities for symmetric non-local Dirichlet forms on metric measure spaces. We allow the scaling function be state-dependent and the state space possibly disconnected. Stability of ... More
Thermal rectification in a double quantum dots system with polaron effectApr 10 2018We investigate the rectification of heat current carried by electrons through a double quantum dot (DQD) system under a temperature bias. The DQD can be realized by molecules such as suspended carbon nanotube and be described by the Anderson-Holstein ... More
Three-terminal normal-superconductor junction as thermal transistorAug 22 2018Jan 01 2019We propose a thermal transistor based on a three-terminal normal-superconductor (NS) junction with superconductor terminal acting as the base. The emergence of heat amplification is due to the negative differential thermal conductance (NDTC) effect for ... More
Exclusive $eta_b$ decay to double $J/ψ$ at next-to-leading order in $alpha_s$Aug 07 2008Oct 09 2008Within the nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) factorization framework, we calculate the exclusive decay process \eta_b \to J/\psi J/\psi to next-to-leading order in the strong coupling constant, while at leading order in charm quark relative velocity. It is ... More
Spectral-Efficient Analog Precoding for Generalized Spatial Modulation Aided MmWave MIMOApr 28 2017Generalized spatial modulation (GenSM) aided millimeter wave (mmWave) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) has recently received substantial academic attention. However, due to the insufficient exploitation of the transmitter's knowledge of the channel ... More
Spectral Compressed Sensing via Projected Gradient DescentJul 31 2017Let $x\in\mathbb{C}^n$ be a spectrally sparse signal consisting of $r$ complex sinusoids with or without damping. We consider the spectral compressed sensing problem, which is about reconstructing $x$ from its partial revealed entries. By utilizing the ... More
Color-singlet J/psi production at alpha_s^6 in Upsilon decaySep 08 2010To clarify the conflict between the theoretical predictions and experimental measurements of the inclusive J/psi production in Upsilon decay, We consider the alpha_s^6 order color-singlet contributions of processes Upsilon --> J/psi+gg and Upsilon --> ... More
Positivity-preserving and asymptotic preserving method for 2D Keller-Segal equationsOct 10 2016We propose a semi-discrete scheme for 2D Keller-Segel equations based on a symmetrization reformation, which is equivalent to the convex splitting method and is free of any nonlinear solver. We show that, this new scheme is unconditionally stable as long ... More
On the conservativeness and the recurrence of symmetric jump-diffusionsApr 28 2012Sufficient conditions for a symmetric jump-diffusion process to be conservative and recurrent are given in terms of the volume of the state space and the jump kernel of the process. A number of examples are presented to illustrate the optimality of these ... More
Switching from Crossed Andreev Reflection to Electron Teleportation via Quantum dotJun 21 2013We study electron transport through a normal lead-quantum dot-topological superconductor-quantum dot-normal lead (N-QD-TS-QD-N) junction. Due to the non-local nature of Majorana fermions (MFs) in the topological superconductor, there are two types of ... More
Multipath Matching PursuitAug 22 2013Mar 10 2014In this paper, we propose an algorithm referred to as multipath matching pursuit that investigates multiple promising candidates to recover sparse signals from compressed measurements. Our method is inspired by the fact that the problem to find the candidate ... More
Towards Higher Spectral Efficiency: Spatial Path Index Modulation Improves Millimeter-Wave Hybrid BeamformingFeb 26 2019The combination of millimeter wave (mmWave) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems and index modulation (IM) technique has recently constituted a novel form of mmWave hybrid beamforming. Lots of studies have been conducted to show that such system ... More
Distributed Learning with Random FeaturesJun 07 2019Jun 10 2019Distributed learning and random projections are the most common techniques in large scale nonparametric statistical learning. In this paper, we study the generalization properties of kernel ridge regression using both distributed methods and random features. ... More
Stability of parabolic Harnack inequalities for symmetric non-local Dirichlet formsSep 24 2016May 31 2018In this paper, we establish stability of parabolic Harnack inequalities for symmetric non-local Dirichlet forms on metric measure spaces under general volume doubling condition. We obtain their stable equivalent characterizations in terms of the jumping ... More
Invisible neutrino decays at the MOMENT experimentNov 14 2018Apr 03 2019We investigate invisible decays of the third neutrino mass eigenstate in future accelerator neutrino experiments using muon-decay beams such as MuOn-decay MEdium baseline NeuTrino beam experiment (MOMENT). MOMENT has an outstanding performance to measure ... More
Range-Renewal Structure of I.I.D. SamplingsOct 16 2013In this note the range-renewal structure of general independent and identically distributed samplings is discussed, which is a natural extension of the result in Chen et al (arXiv:1305.1829).
Thermodynamics of energy, charge and spin currents in thermoelectric quantum-dot spin valveFeb 19 2018Apr 18 2018We provide a thermodynamically consistent description of energy, charge and spin transfers in a thermoelectric quantum-dot spin valve in the collinear configuration based on nonequilibrium Green's function and full counting statistics. We use the fluctuation ... More
Full-counting statistics of transient energy current in mesoscopic systemsJun 22 2017We investigate the full-counting statistics (FCS) of energy flow carried by electrons in the transient regime. Based on two measurement scheme we formulate a non-equilibrium Keldysh Green's function theory to compute the generating function for FCS of ... More
A model of eternal accelerated expansion without particle horizonDec 31 2015In our previous paper \cite{8}, we proposed a cosmological model from the emergence of space, which possesses a significant character of evaluating the vacuum energy from the Hubble constant and the age of universe. And one problem of this model is that ... More
Fast and Provable Algorithms for Spectrally Sparse Signal Reconstruction via Low-Rank Hankel Matrix CompletionJun 05 2016A spectrally sparse signal of order $r$ is a mixture of $r$ damped or undamped complex sinusoids. This paper investigates the problem of reconstructing spectrally sparse signals from a random subset of $n$ regular time domain samples, which can be reformulated ... More
On bifurcation of eigenvalues along convex symplectic pathsOct 22 2017Oct 27 2017We consider a continuously differentiable curve $t\mapsto \gamma(t)$ in the space of $2n\times 2n$ real symplectic matrices, which is the solution of the following ODE: $\frac{\mathrm{d}\gamma}{\mathrm{d}t}(t)=J_{2n}A(t)\gamma(t), \gamma(0)\in\operatorname{Sp}(2n,\mathbb{R})$, ... More
Valley Seebeck effect in gate tunable zigzag graphene nanoribbonsJan 06 2017We propose, for the first time, a valley Seebeck effect in gate tunable zigzag graphene nanoribbons as a result of the interplay between thermal gradient and valleytronics. A pure valley current is further generated by the thermal gradient as well as ... More
Invariants of wreath products and subgroups of S_6Aug 05 2013Let $G$ be a subgroup of $S_6$, the symmetric group of degree 6. For any field $k$, $G$ acts naturally on the rational function field $k(x_1,...,x_6)$ via $k$-automorphisms defined by $\sigma\cdot x_i=x_{\sigma(i)}$ for any $\sigma\in G$, any $1\le i\le ... More
Testing the QCD fragmentation mechanism on heavy quarkonium production at LHCFeb 01 2011We calculate the fragmentation function for charm quark into J/psi at the QCD next-to-leading-order (NLO) and find that the produced J/psi is of larger momentum fraction than it is at the leading-order. Based on the fragmentation function and partonic ... More
Covariant chiral kinetic equation in Wigner function approachApr 02 2017The covariant chiral kinetic equation (CCKE) is derived from the 4-dimensional Wigner function by an improved perturbative method under the static equilibrium conditions. The chiral kinetic equation in 3-dimensions can be obtained by intergation over ... More
Understanding Fractal Dimension of Urban Form through Spatial EntropyJul 17 2016Jul 12 2017Spatial patterns and processes of cities can be described with various entropy functions. However, spatial entropy always depends on the scale of measurement, and it is difficult to find a characteristic value for it. In contrast, fractal parameters can ... More
Nearly Optimal Bounds for Orthogonal Least SquaresNov 23 2016Jul 10 2017In this paper, we study the orthogonal least squares (OLS) algorithm for sparse recovery. On the one hand, we show that if the sampling matrix $\mathbf{A}$ satisfies the restricted isometry property (RIP) of order $K + 1$ with isometry constant $$ \delta_{K ... More
Stability of heat kernel estimates for symmetric non-local Dirichlet formsApr 14 2016Sep 22 2017In this paper, we consider symmetric jump processes of mixed-type on metric measure spaces under general volume doubling condition, and establish stability of two-sided heat kernel estimates and heat kernel upper bounds. We obtain their stable equivalent ... More
Relativistic BCS-BEC crossover in a boson-fermion modelNov 28 2006May 05 2007We investigate the crossover from Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) pairing to a Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) in a relativistic superfluid within a boson-fermion model. The model includes, besides the fermions, separate bosonic degrees of freedom, accounting ... More
Bridging light-cone and NRQCD approaches: asymptotic behavior of $B_c$ electromagnetic form factorDec 29 2010Aug 31 2011This work aims at illustrating that, for a class of leading-twist hard exclusive reactions involving two heavy quarkonia, the light-cone approach, when equipped with the strategy of refactorization of the light-cone distribution amplitude of quarkonium, ... More
Short time dynamics of molecular junctions after projective measurementJun 16 2017In this work, we study the short time dynamics of a molecular junction described by Anderson-Holstein model using full-counting statistics after projective measurement. The coupling between the central quantum dot (QD) and two leads was turned on at remote ... More
From Hashing to CNNs: Training BinaryWeight Networks via HashingFeb 08 2018Deep convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have shown appealing performance on various computer vision tasks in recent years. This motivates people to deploy CNNs to realworld applications. However, most of state-of-art CNNs require large memory and computational ... More
Fast Rank One Alternating Minimization Algorithm for Phase RetrievalAug 16 2017The phase retrieval problem is a fundamental problem in many fields, which is appealing for investigation. It is to recover the signal vector $\tilde{x}\in\mathbb{C}^d$ from a set of $N$ measurements $b_n=|f^*_n\tilde{x}|^2,\ n=1,\cdots, N$, where $\{f_n\}_{n=1}^N$ ... More
Electron Temperature Dependence of the Optical Properties of Small Sodium NanoparticlesAug 14 2014We report a novel behavior of the surface plasmon linewidth in sodium nanospheres Na$_{1760}$ changing with the electron temperature, which monotonically decreases and bears a discontinuous sudden drop at high electron temperatures. Our calculation is ... More
Potential thermoelectric materials $\mathrm{CsMI_3}$ (M=Sn and Pb) in perovskite structures from the first-principles calculationsMay 28 2016The thermoelectric properties of halide perovskites $\mathrm{CsMI_3}$ (M=Sn and Pb) are investigated from a combination of first-principles calculations and semiclassical Boltzmann transport theory by considering both the electron and phonon transport. ... More
Generalized Spatial Modulation Aided MmWave MIMO with Sub-Connected Hybrid Precoding SchemeApr 28 2017Due to the high cost and low energy efficiency of the dedicated radio frequency (RF) chains, the number of RF chains in a millimeter wave (mmWave) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system is usually limited from a practical point of view. In this ... More
Spatial Modulation for More Spatial Multiplexing: RF-Chain-Limited Generalized Spatial Modulation Aided MmWave MIMO with Hybrid PrecodingSep 08 2017The application of hybrid precoding in millimeter wave (mmWave) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems has been proved effective for reducing the number of radio frequency (RF) chains. However, the maximum number of independent data streams is ... More
Search for Evergreens in Science: A Functional Data AnalysisApr 30 2017Jun 16 2017Evergreens in science are papers that display a continual rise in annual citations without decline, at least within a sufficiently long time period. Aiming to better understand evergreens in particular and patterns of citation trajectory in general, this ... More