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Characterizing Real-space Topology in Rice-Mele Model by ThermodynamicsJan 24 2018The thermodynamic quantities which are related to energy-level statistics are used to characterize the real-space topology of the Rice-Mele model. Through studying the energy spectrum of the model under different boundary conditions, we found that the ... More
On some experimental features of car-following behavior and how to model themMay 10 2015We have carried out car-following experiments with a 25-car-platoon on an open road section to study the relation between a car's speed and its spacing under various traffic conditions, in the hope to resolve a controversy surrounding this fundamental ... More
Original graphs of link graphsMar 25 2015Aug 31 2015Let $\ell \geqslant 0$ be an integer, and $G$ be a graph without loops. An $\ell$-link of $G$ is a walk of length $\ell$ in which consecutive edges are different. We identify an $\ell$-link with its reverse sequence. The $\ell$-link graph $\mathbb{L}_\ell(G)$ ... More
A study of link graphsMay 26 2014Graph theory is a branch of mathematics in which pair-wise relations between objects are studied. My PhD thesis, supervised by David R. Wood, introduces and investigates a new family of graphs, called link graphs, that generalises the notions of line ... More
A construction of imprimitive symmetric graphs which are not multicovers of their quotientsMay 15 2009Jan 05 2015This paper gives a sufficient and necessary condition for the existence of an (X, s)-arc-transitive imprimitive graph which is not a multicover of a given quotient graph.
On the role of speed adaptation and spacing indifference in traffic instability: evidence from car-following experiments and its stochastic modelingNov 02 2016Dec 31 2018Understanding the mechanisms responsible for the emergence and evolution of oscillations in traffic flow has been subject to intensive research by the traffic flow theory community. In our previous work, we proposed a new mechanism to explain the generation ... More
Quantum transistor realized with a single $Λ$-level atom coupled to the microtoroidal cavityFeb 28 2019We propose a realization of the quantum transistor for coherent light fields for the fibre-coupled microdisk cavities. We demonstrate by combining numerical and analytical methods that both in strong coupling and bad cavity limits it is possible to change ... More
Phase transition of light in circuit QED lattices coupled to nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondApr 21 2015We propose a hybrid quantum architecture for engineering a photonicMott insulator-superfluid phase transition in a two-dimensional (2D) square lattice of a superconducting transmission line resonator (TLR) coupled to a single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center ... More
Simulation and Detection of Photonic Chern Insulators in One-Dimensional Circuit Quantum Electrodynamics LatticeApr 22 2015Oct 15 2015We introduce a simple method to realize and detect photonic topological Chern insulators with one-dimensional circiut quantum electrodynamics arrays. By periodically modulating the couplings of the array, we show that this one-dimensional model can be ... More
Stationary three-dimensional entanglement via dissipative Rydberg pumpingFeb 16 2014Apr 30 2014We extend the recent result of bipartite Bell singlet [Carr and Saffman, Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf111}, (2013)] to a stationary three-dimensional entanglement between two-individual neutral Rydberg atoms. This proposal makes full use of the coherent dynamics ... More
Long range universal quantum computation in large-size coupled cavity array independent of cavity numberOct 23 2013We present a new approach for implementing a $\sqrt{\rm swap}$ gate between two spatially far apart sites connected by a large-size coupled cavity array as quantum bus. The duration is only related to the parity of cavity number but independent of a specific ... More
Traffic experiment reveals the nature of car-followingJan 10 2014As a typical self-driven many-particle system far from equilibrium, traffic flow exhibits diverse fascinating non-equilibrium phenomena, most of which are closely related to traffic flow stability and specifically the growth/dissipation pattern of disturbances. ... More
The degrees, number of edges, spectral radius and weakly Hamilton-connectedness of bipartite graphsSep 14 2018A path of a graph $G$ is called a Hamilton path if it passes through all the vertices of $G$. A graph is Hamilton-connected if any two vertices are connected by a Hamilton path. Note that any bipartite graph is not Hamilton-connected. We consider the ... More
Topological insulator and particle pumping in a one-dimensional shaken optical latticeFeb 22 2019We propose a simple method to simulate and detect topological insulators with cold atoms trapped in a one-dimensional bichromatic optical lattice subjected to a time-periodic modulation. The tight-binding form of this shaken system is equivalent to the ... More
Majorana transport in superconducting nanowire with Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit couplingsMay 28 2014Feb 22 2015Tunneling experiment is a key technique for detecting Majorana fermion in solid state systems. We use Keldysh non-equilibrium Green function method to study multi-lead tunneling in superconducting nanowire with Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit couplings. ... More
Optical signatures of Mott-superfluid transition in nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to photonic crystal cavitiesApr 12 2019We study the phenomenon of controllable localization-delocalization transition in a quantum many-body system composed of nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to photonic crystal cavities, through tuning the different detunings and the relative amplitudes ... More
Zipf's Law for All the Natural Cities in the United States: A Geospatial PerspectiveJun 04 2010Jul 13 2010This paper provides a new geospatial perspective on whether or not Zipf's law holds for all cities or for the largest cities in the United States using a massive dataset and its computing. A major problem around this issue is how to define cities or city ... More
Can We Achieve Fresh Information with Selfish Users in Mobile Crowd-Learning?Feb 16 2019The proliferation of smart mobile devices has spurred an explosive growth of mobile crowd-learning services, where service providers rely on the user community to voluntarily collect, report, and share real-time information for a collection of scattered ... More
Measuring Urban Sprawl Based on Massive Street Nodes and the Novel Concept of Natural CitiesOct 04 2010Dec 08 2010In this paper, we develop a novel approach to measuring urban sprawl based on street nodes and naturally defined urban boundaries, both extracted from massive volunteered geographic information OpenStreetMap databases through some data-intensive computing ... More
Exploring Human Mobility Patterns Based on Location Information of US FlightsApr 23 2011Aug 05 2011A range of early studies have been conducted to illustrate human mobility patterns using different tracking data, such as dollar notes, cell phones and taxicabs. Here, we explore human mobility patterns based on massive tracking data of US flights. Both ... More
Agent-based Simulation of Human Movement Shaped by the Underlying Street StructureOct 16 2009Apr 20 2010Relying on random and purposive moving agents, we simulated human movement in large street networks. We found that aggregate flow, assigned to individual streets, is mainly shaped by the underlying street structure, and that human moving behavior (either ... More
Quantum Theory for Mesoscopic Electric Circuits and Its ApplicationsJul 12 1999This talk is assumed to exhibit an overview of the quantum theory for mesoscopic electric circuits and some of its further developments. In the theory the importance of the discreteness of electronic charge in mesoscopic electric circuit is addressed. ... More
Quantum theory for mesoscopic electric circuitsJun 27 1996A quantum theory for mesoscopic electric circuits in accord with the discreteness of electric charges is proposed. On the basis of the theory, Schr\"{o}dinger equation for the quantum LC-design and L-design is solved exactly. The uncertainty relation ... More
Recycling Computed Answers in Rewrite Systems for AbductionFeb 16 2004In rule-based systems, goal-oriented computations correspond naturally to the possible ways that an observation may be explained. In some applications, we need to compute explanations for a series of observations with the same domain. The question whether ... More
Relating Weight Constraint and Aggregate Programs: Semantics and RepresentationMay 16 2011Weight constraint and aggregate programs are among the most widely used logic programs with constraints. In this paper, we relate the semantics of these two classes of programs, namely the stable model semantics for weight constraint programs and the ... More
Maximum Likelihood Estimation based on Random Subspace EDA: Application to Extrasolar Planet DetectionApr 18 2017Jul 21 2017This paper addresses maximum likelihood (ML) estimation based model fitting in the context of extrasolar planet detection. This problem is featured by the following properties: 1) the candidate models under consideration are highly nonlinear; 2) the likelihood ... More
On short interval expansion of Rényi entropySep 21 2013Dec 18 2013R\'enyi entanglement entropy provides a new window to study the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this paper we consider the short interval expansion of R\'enyi entanglement entropy in two-dimensional conformal field theory. This amounts to do the operator product ... More
Notes on Self-dual Warped dS$_3$ SpacetimeJan 20 2012Feb 07 2012In this paper, we investigate the warped dS/CFT correspondence of the self-dual warped dS$_3$ spacetime, which is a solution of three-dimensional topologically massive gravity (TMG) with a positive cosmological constant. We discuss its thermodynamics ... More
Novel CFT Duals for Extreme Black HolesJun 21 2011Dec 02 2011In this paper, we study the CFT duals for extreme black holes in the stretched horizon formalism. We consider the extremal RN, Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS, as well as the higher dimensional Kerr-AdS-dS black holes. In all these cases, we reproduce the well-established ... More
Quasi-normal Modes of Extremal Black Holes from Hidden Conformal SymmetryDec 10 2010May 02 2011In this paper, we construct the quasi-normal modes of three-dimensional extremal black holes in an algebraic way. We show that the infinite towers of the quasi-normal modes of scalar, vector and tensor could be constructed as the descendents of the highest ... More
In-plane Chiral Tunneling and Out-of-plane Valley-polarized Quantum Tunneling in Twisted Graphene TrilayerMay 11 2014Jul 30 2014Here we show that twisted graphene trilayer made by misoriented stacking a graphene monolayer on top of a Bernal graphene bilayer can exhibit rich and tailored electronic properties. For the case that the graphene monolayer and bilayer are strongly coupled, ... More
Hadwiger's conjecture for $\ell$-link graphsFeb 28 2014Mar 01 2016In this paper we define and study a new family of graphs that generalises the notions of line graphs and path graphs. Let $G$ be a graph with no loops but possibly with parallel edges. An \emph{$\ell$-link} of $G$ is a walk of $G$ of length $\ell \geqslant ... More
The Fourth Generation Quark and the 750 GeV Diphoton ExcessJan 05 2016Recently, the CMS and ATLAS collaborations have reported a diphoton peak at 750 GeV in the RunII of LHC at 13 TeV. We assume that the heavy fourth generation quark doublet $z,~y$ with $380 $GeV mass, and the width of $z,t$ is much less $b$ quark. Then ... More
Holographic Descriptions of Black RingsAug 22 2012In this paper, we investigate the holographic descriptions of two kinds of black rings, the neutral doubly rotating black ring and the dipole charged black ring. For generic nonextremal black rings, the information of holographic CFT duals, including ... More
Electromagnetic Duality in Dyonic RN/CFT CorrespondenceDec 10 2012May 12 2013The area law of Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of the black hole suggests that the black hole should have a lower-dimensional holographic description. It has been found recently that such holographic pictures could be set up from the study of the thermodynamics ... More
USTCSpeech System for VOiCES from a Distance Challenge 2019Mar 29 2019This document describes the speaker verification systems developed in the Speech lab at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) for the VOiCES from a Distance Challenge 2019. We develop the system for the Fixed Condition on two public ... More
Persistent spin current in anisotropic spin ringMay 23 2005The persistent spin current in anisotropic spin ring penetrated by a SU(2) flux is studied by the Schwinger-boson mean field approach. The anisotropy in spin coupling can facilitate the persistent spin current. Ground-state energy and excitation energy ... More
Neutrino Quasinormal Modes of a Kerr-Newman-de Sitter Black HoleFeb 21 2005Mar 26 2005Using the P\"{o}shl-Teller approximation, we evaluate the neutrino quasinormal modes (QNMs) of a Kerr-Newman-de Sitter black hole. The result shows that for a Kerr-Newman-de Sitter black hole, massless neutrino perturbation of large $\Lambda$, positive ... More
A Well-Founded Semantics for FOL-ProgramsMay 14 2014An FOL-program consists of a background theory in a decidable fragment of first-order logic and a collection of rules possibly containing first-order formulas. The formalism stems from recent approaches to tight integrations of ASP with description logics. ... More
Existential Rule Languages with Finite Chase: Complexity and ExpressivenessNov 19 2014Jan 08 2015Finite chase, or alternatively chase termination, is an important condition to ensure the decidability of existential rule languages. In the past few years, a number of rule languages with finite chase have been studied. In this work, we propose a novel ... More
Well-Founded Operators for Normal Hybrid MKNF Knowledge BasesJul 06 2017Jul 12 2017Hybrid MKNF knowledge bases have been considered one of the dominant approaches to combining open world ontology languages with closed world rule-based languages. Currently, the only known inference methods are based on the approach of guess-and-verify, ... More
Expressive Completeness of Existential Rule Languages for Ontology-based Query AnsweringApr 18 2016Apr 27 2016Existential rules, also known as data dependencies in Databases, have been recently rediscovered as a promising family of languages for Ontology-based Query Answering. In this paper, we prove that disjunctive embedded dependencies exactly capture the ... More
Two-photon blockade in a cascaded cavity-quantum-electrodynamics systemNov 11 2018We investigate theoretically the model of a cavity-quantum-electrodynamics (QED) system that consists of two two-level atoms coupled to a single-mode cavity in the weak coupling regime, where the system is driven by quantum light. The dynamics behavior ... More
Analytical investigation on the minimum traffic delay at a two-phase intersection considering the dynamical evolution process of queuesJan 23 2016This paper has studied the minimum traffic delay at a two-phase intersection, taking into account the dynamical evolution process of queues. The feature of delay function has been studied, which indicates that the minimum traffic delay must be achieved ... More
Dynamical bag in a chiral quark modelAug 03 2013A type of bag function is proposed to make the MIT bag surface of baryon dynamical. It is illustrated through renormalization of the quark field that the softening of chiral bag gives rise to a model of chiral quark with effectively-generated mass of ... More
Supplement to "Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs"Mar 04 2013Aug 10 2013This supplementary material includes three parts: some preliminary results, four examples, an experiment, three new algorithms, and all proofs of the results in the paper "Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs". ... More
iTrace: An Implicit Trust Inference Method for Trust-aware Collaborative FilteringAug 11 2017Aug 15 2017The growth of Internet commerce has stimulated the use of collaborative filtering (CF) algorithms as recommender systems. A collaborative filtering (CF) algorithm recommends items of interest to the target user by leveraging the votes given by other similar ... More
Scaling of Geographic Space as a Universal Rule for Map GeneralizationFeb 08 2011Feb 10 2013Map generalization is a process of producing maps at different levels of detail by retaining essential properties of the underlying geographic space. In this paper, we explore how the map generalization process can be guided by the underlying scaling ... More
Boundary Conditions for NHEK through Effective Action ApproachMay 14 2011We study the asymptotic symmetry group(ASG) of the near horizon geometry of extreme Kerr black hole through the effective action approach developed in 1007.1031. By requiring a finite boundary effective action, we derive a new set of asymptotic Killing ... More
DF-Net: Unsupervised Joint Learning of Depth and Flow using Cross-Task ConsistencySep 05 2018We present an unsupervised learning framework for simultaneously training single-view depth prediction and optical flow estimation models using unlabeled video sequences. Existing unsupervised methods often exploit brightness constancy and spatial smoothness ... More
A potential theory for the k-curvature equationMar 05 2017In this paper, we introduce a potential theory for the k-curvature equation, which can also be seen as a PDE approach to curvature measures. We assign a measure to a bounded, upper semicontinuous function which is strictly subharmonic with respect to ... More
iCAN: Instance-Centric Attention Network for Human-Object Interaction DetectionAug 30 2018Recent years have witnessed rapid progress in detecting and recognizing individual object instances. To understand the situation in a scene, however, computers need to recognize how humans interact with surrounding objects. In this paper, we tackle the ... More
Holographic Rényi entropy for CFT with $W$ symmetryDec 19 2013May 19 2014In this paper we investigate the holographic R\'enyi entropy of two disjoint intervals on complex plane with small cross ratio $x$ for conformal field theory with $W$ symmetry in the ground state, which could be dual to a higher spin AdS$_3$ gravity. ... More
A class of symmetric graphs with 2-arc-transitive quotientsMay 31 2009Let $\Gamma$ be a finite X-symmetric graph with a nontrivial X-invariant partition $\mathcal {B}$ on $V(\Gamma)$ such that $\Gamma_{\mathcal {B}}$ is a connected (X,2)-arc-transitive graph and $\Gamma$ is not a multicover of $\Gamma_{\mathcal {B}}$. This ... More
Collusive Attacks to "Circle-Type" Multi-party Quantum Key Agreement ProtocolsFeb 01 2016We find that existing multi-party quantum key agreement (MQKA) protocols designed for fairness of the key are, in fact, unfair. Our analysis shows that these protocols are sensitive to collusive attacks; that is, dishonest participants can collaborate ... More
Spurious symmetry-broken phase in a bidirectional two-lane ASEP with narrow entrances: A perspective from mean field analysis and current minimization principleMay 06 2016As one of the paradigmatic models of non-equilibrium systems, the asymmetric simple exclusion process (ASEP) has been widely used to study many physical, chemical, and biological systems. The ASEP shows a range of nontrivial macroscopic phenomena, among ... More
Exclusive $eta_b$ decay to double $J/ψ$ at next-to-leading order in $alpha_s$Aug 07 2008Oct 09 2008Within the nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) factorization framework, we calculate the exclusive decay process \eta_b \to J/\psi J/\psi to next-to-leading order in the strong coupling constant, while at leading order in charm quark relative velocity. It is ... More
Note on Thermodynamics Method of Black Hole/CFT CorrespondenceJan 03 2013Apr 03 2013In the paper we further refine the thermodynamics method of black hole/CFT correspondence. We show that one can derive the central charges of different holographic pictures directly from the entropy product $S_+S_-$ if it is mass-independent, for a black ... More
Holographic Correlators on Integrable SuperstrataApr 09 2019In this work, we study the $\frac{1}{8}$-BPS heavy-heavy-light-light correlators in the D1D5 CFT and its holographic dual. On the field theory side, we compute the fermionic four-point correlators at the free orbifold point. On the dual gravity side, ... More
Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphsSep 26 2012Jan 27 2014Graphical models are popular statistical tools which are used to represent dependent or causal complex systems. Statistically equivalent causal or directed graphical models are said to belong to a Markov equivalent class. It is of great interest to describe ... More
Measurement-based quantum computation with superconducting charge qubitsAug 27 2006We present a robust method, based only on measurements, to produce superconducting cluster states. The measurement of the current of a few parallel Josephson-junction qubits realizes a novel type of quantum-state selector. Using this selector, one can ... More
Minimum Latency Broadcast Scheduling in Single-Radio Multi-Channel Wireless Ad-Hoc NetworksApr 19 2013We study the minimum latency broadcast scheduling (MLBS) problem in Single-Radio Multi-Channel (SR-MC) wireless ad-hoc networks (WANETs), which are modeled by Unit Disk Graphs. Nodes with this capability have their fixed reception channels, but can switch ... More
Deterministic generation of large cluster states using non-deterministic collective measurements based on quantum Zeno effectJan 02 2007Aug 04 2008We propose a method to generate large cluster states without using conditional (e.g., CNOT, C-phase) gates. Indeed, an arbitrarily large cluster state can be generated and expanded almost deterministically by single-qubit rotations and a special non-deterministic ... More
Efficient one-step generation of large cluster states with solid-state circuitsSep 17 2006Dec 23 2006Highly entangled states called cluster states are a universal resource for measurement-based quantum computing (QC). Here we propose an efficient method for producing large cluster states using superconducting quantum circuits. We show that a large cluster ... More
Enhancing Global SLS-Resolution with Loop Cutting and Tabling MechanismsJul 14 2005Global SLS-resolution is a well-known procedural semantics for top-down computation of queries under the well-founded model. It inherits from SLDNF-resolution the {\em linearity} property of derivations, which makes it easy and efficient to implement ... More
Importance of non-flow in mixed-harmonic multi-particle correlations in small collision systemsOct 20 2017Dec 31 2017Recently CMS Collaboration measured mixed-harmonic four-particle azimuthal correlations, known as symmetric cumulants SC(n,m), in pp and pPb collisions, and interpreted the non-zero SC(n,m) as evidence for long-range collectivity in these small collision ... More
Verifying Termination of General Logic Programs with Concrete QueriesJun 21 2000We introduce a method of verifying termination of logic programs with respect to concrete queries (instead of abstract query patterns). A necessary and sufficient condition is established and an algorithm for automatic verification is developed. In contrast ... More
SLT-Resolution for the Well-Founded SemanticsFeb 27 2000Mar 02 2001Global SLS-resolution and SLG-resolution are two representative mechanisms for top-down evaluation of the well-founded semantics of general logic programs. Global SLS-resolution is linear for query evaluation but suffers from infinite loops and redundant ... More
Characterizations of Stable Model Semantics for Logic Programs with Arbitrary Constraint AtomsApr 30 2009This paper studies the stable model semantics of logic programs with (abstract) constraint atoms and their properties. We introduce a succinct abstract representation of these constraint atoms in which a constraint atom is represented compactly. We show ... More
Electroweak radiative corrections to $e^+e^- \to t \bar{t} h$ at linear collidersJun 04 2003Jul 29 2003We calculate the ${\cal O}(\alpha_{{\rm ew}})$ electroweak radiative corrections to $e^+ e^- \to t \bar{t} h$ at a electron-positron linear collider (LC) in the standard model. We analyze the dependence of the ${\cal O}(\alpha_{{\rm ew}})$ corrections ... More
Single-photon-induced two qubits excitation without breaking parity symmetryJan 15 2018We investigate theoretically the model of two \qubits" system (one qubit having an auxiliary level) interacting with a single-mode resonator in the ultrastrong coupling regime. We show that a single photon could simultaneously excite two qubits without ... More
Mass sensing by quantum criticalityApr 03 2019Mass sensing connects the mass variation to a frequency shift of a mechanical oscillator, whose limitation is determined by its mechanical frequency resolution. Here we propose a method to enlarge a minute mechanical frequency shift, which is smaller ... More
Optimal subreflector position determination of shaped dual-reflector antennas based on the parameters iteration approachDec 09 2018A new method based on parameters iteration technique has been developed to determine the optimal subreflector position for shaped Cassegrain antennas to improve the electromagnetic (EM) performance distorted by gravity. Both the features of shaped surface ... More
Microscopic driving theory with oscillatory congested states: model and empirical verificationDec 01 2014The essential distinction between the Fundamental Diagram Approach (FDA) and Kerner's Three- Phase Theory (KTPT) is the existence of a unique gap-speed (or flow-density) relationship in the former class. In order to verify this relationship, empirical ... More
Speed dependent stochasticity capacitates Newell model for synchronized flow and oscillation growth patternJul 03 2016Nov 01 2018This paper has incorporated the stochasticity into the Newell car following model. Three stochastic driving factors have been considered: (i) Driver's acceleration is bounded. (ii) Driver's deceleration includes stochastic component, which is depicted ... More
Entanglement distribution maximization over one-side Gaussian noisy channelJan 04 2010Jun 11 2010The optimization of entanglement evolution for two-mode Gaussian pure states under one-side Gaussian map is studied. Even there isn't complete information about the one-side Gaussian noisy channel, one can still maximize the entanglement distribution ... More
Alignment dependent ultrafast electron-nuclear dynamics in high-order harmonic generationOct 17 2016We investigated the high-order harmonic generation (HHG) process of diatomic molecular ion $\mathrm{H}_2^+$ in non-Born-Oppenheimer approximations. The corresponding three-dimensional time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation is solved with arbitrary alignment ... More
Robust Visual Tracking via Hierarchical Convolutional FeaturesJul 12 2017Aug 11 2018In this paper, we propose to exploit the rich hierarchical features of deep convolutional neural networks to improve the accuracy and robustness of visual tracking. Deep neural networks trained on object recognition datasets consist of multiple convolutional ... More
Holographic Description of 2D Conformal Block in Semi-classical LimitSep 03 2016Oct 13 2016In this paper, we study the holographic descriptions of the conformal block of heavy operators in two-dimensional large c conformal field theory. We consider the case that the operators are pairwise inserted such that the distance between the operators ... More
GPU-based Iterative Cone Beam CT Reconstruction Using Tight Frame RegularizationAug 12 2010May 05 2011X-ray imaging dose from serial cone-beam CT (CBCT) scans raises a clinical concern in most image guided radiation therapy procedures. It is the goal of this paper to develop a fast GPU-based algorithm to reconstruct high quality CBCT images from undersampled ... More
Optimal Surface Marker Locations for Tumor Motion Estimation in Lung Cancer RadiotherapyApr 19 2012Using fiducial markers on patient's body surface to predict the tumor location is a widely used approach in lung cancer radiotherapy. The purpose of this work is to propose an algorithm that automatically identifies a sparse set of locations on the patient's ... More
Detection of light-matter interaction in the weak coupling regime by quantum lightApr 13 2018Mollow spectroscopy is a photon statistics spectroscopy, obtained by scanning the quantum light scattered from a source system. Here, we apply this technique to detect the weak light-matter interaction between the cavity and atom (or a mechanical oscillator) ... More
Influence of the weakly interacting light U boson on the properties of massive PNSNov 27 2015Considering the octet baryons in relativistic mean field theory and selecting entropy per baryon S=1, we calculate and discuss the influence of U boson on the equation of state, mass-radius, moment of inertia and gravitational redshift of massive protoneutron ... More
Unified Approach to Universal Cloning and Phase-Covariant CloningApr 26 2008Jun 21 2008We analyze the problem of approximate quantum cloning when the quantum state is between two latitudes on the Bloch's sphere. We present an analytical formula for the optimized 1-to-2 cloning. The formula unifies the universal quantum cloning (UQCM) and ... More
Microscopic driving theory with non-hypothetical congested steady state: Model and Empirical verificationMay 03 2013May 16 2014The essential distinction between the fundamental diagram approach and three-phase theory is the existence of the unique space-gap-speed relationship. In order to verify this relationship, empirical data are analyzed with the following findings: (1) linear ... More
Holographic Rényi entropy in AdS$_3$/LCFT$_2$ correspondenceJan 01 2014Apr 06 2014The recent study in AdS$_3$/CFT$_2$ correspondence shows that the tree level contribution and 1-loop correction of holographic R\'enyi entanglement entropy (HRE) exactly match the direct CFT computation in the large central charge limit. This allows the ... More
Short interval expansion of Rényi entropy on torusJun 17 2016Aug 30 2016We investigate the short interval expansion of the R\'enyi entropy for two-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT) on a torus. We require the length of the interval $\ell$ to be small with respect to the spatial and temporal sizes of the torus. The operator ... More
High-resolution Tunneling Spectroscopy of ABA-stacked Trilayer GrapheneApr 23 2018ABA-stacked trilayer graphene (TLG), the simplest system consisting of both massless and massive Dirac fermions, is expected to exhibit many interesting broken-symmetry quantum Hall states and interaction-induced phenomena. However, difficulties in microscopically ... More
Modeling delayed processes in biological systemsMay 24 2016Delayed processes are ubiquitous in biological systems and are often characterized by delay differential equations (DDEs) and their extension to include stochastic effects. DDEs do not explicitly incorporate intermediate states associated with a delayed ... More
A preliminary analysis of the energy transfer between the dark sectors of the UniverseJul 20 2008We study the mutual interaction between the dark sectors (dark matter and dark energy) of the Universe by resorting to the extended thermodynamics of irreversible processes and constrain the former with supernova type Ia data. As a byproduct, the present ... More
Empirical analysis and simulation of the evolution concavity of traffic oscillationsMay 22 2015Aug 10 2016This paper has investigated the growth pattern of traffic oscillations in the NGSIM vehicle trajectories data, via measuring the standard deviation of vehicle velocity involved in oscillations. We found that the standard deviation of the velocity increases ... More
Joint Image Filtering with Deep Convolutional NetworksOct 11 2017Jan 02 2019Joint image filters leverage the guidance image as a prior and transfer the structural details from the guidance image to the target image for suppressing noise or enhancing spatial resolution. Existing methods either rely on various explicit filter constructions ... More
Developing a cardiovascular disease risk factor annotated corpus of Chinese electronic medical recordsNov 28 2016Mar 03 2017Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become the leading cause of death in China, and most of the cases can be prevented by controlling risk factors. The goal of this study was to build a corpus of CVD risk factor annotations based on Chinese electronic medical ... More
Heterostrain engineering on twisted graphene bilayer around the first magic angleMay 10 2018Oct 07 2018Very recently, twisted graphene bilayer (TGB) around the first magic angle 1.1{\deg} has attracted much attention for the realization of exotic quantum states, such as correlated insulator behavior and unconventional superconductivity. Here we elaborately ... More
Direct imaging of topological edge states at a bilayer graphene domain wallNov 20 2015The AB-BA domain wall in gapped graphene bilayers is a rare naked structure hosting topological electronic states. Here we show, for the first time, direct imaging of its topological edge states by using scanning tunneling microscope. The simultaneously ... More
Thermodynamics of Black Hole Horizons and Kerr/CFT CorrespondenceJun 10 2012Nov 02 2012In this paper we investigate the thermodynamics of the inner horizon and its implication on the holographic description of the black hole. We focus on the black holes with two physical horizons. Under reasonable assumption, we prove that the first law ... More
Adaptive Correlation Filters with Long-Term and Short-Term Memory for Object TrackingJul 07 2017Mar 23 2018Object tracking is challenging as target objects often undergo drastic appearance changes over time. Recently, adaptive correlation filters have been successfully applied to object tracking. However, tracking algorithms relying on highly adaptive correlation ... More
Intrinsic-to-extrinsic transition in fracture toughness through structural design: A lesson from natureMay 12 2009Mar 17 2015Catastrophic failure of materials and structures due to unstable crack growth could be prevented if facture toughness could be enhanced at will through structural design, but how can this be possible if fracture toughness is a material constant related ... More
A Low-Cost Tele-Presence Wheelchair SystemJan 22 2016Aug 23 2016This paper presents the architecture and implementation of a tele-presence wheelchair system based on tele-presence robot, intelligent wheelchair, and touch screen technologies. The tele-presence wheelchair system consists of a commercial electric wheelchair, ... More
Landau Quantization in Graphene Monolayer, Bernal Bilayer, and Bernal Trilayer on Graphite SurfaceJan 07 2015Electronic properties of surface areas decoupled from graphite are studied using scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy. We show that it is possible to identify decoupled graphene monolayer, Bernal bilayer, and Bernal trilayer on graphite surface ... More