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Automated parameters for troubled-cell indicators using outlier detectionApr 22 2015Nov 13 2015In Vuik and Ryan (2014) we studied the use of troubled-cell indicators for discontinuity detection in nonlinear hyperbolic partial differential equations and introduced a new multiwavelet technique to detect troubled cells. We found that these methods ... More
Multiwavelet troubled-cell indicator for discontinuity detection of discontinuous Galerkin schemesSep 12 2014Feb 02 2016In this paper, we introduce a new global troubled-cell indicator for the discontinuous Galerkin (DG) method in one- and two-dimensions. This is done by taking advantage of the global expression of the DG method and re-expanding it in terms of a multiwavelet ... More
Residual estimates for post-processors in elliptic problemsJun 11 2019In this work we examine a posteriori error control for post-processed approximations to elliptic boundary value problems. We introduce a class of post-processing operator that `tweaks' a wide variety of existing post-processing techniques to enable efficient ... More
Colorful combinatorics and Macdonald polynomialsOct 02 2017The non-negative integer cocharge statistic on words was introduced in the 1970's by Lascoux and Sch\"utzenberger to combinatorially characterize the Hall-Littlewood polynomials. Cocharge has since been used to explain phenomena ranging from the graded ... More
Superconvergence properties of an upwind-biased discontinuous Galerkin methodFeb 20 2016In this paper we investigate the superconvergence properties of the discontinuous Galerkin method based on the upwind-biased flux for linear time-dependent hyperbolic equations. We prove that for even-degree polynomials, the method is locally $\mathcal{O}(h^{k+2})$ ... More
Representations and Ensemble Methods for Dynamic Relational ClassificationNov 22 2011Temporal networks are ubiquitous and evolve over time by the addition, deletion, and changing of links, nodes, and attributes. Although many relational datasets contain temporal information, the majority of existing techniques in relational learning focus ... More
Transforming Graph Representations for Statistical Relational LearningMar 30 2012Relational data representations have become an increasingly important topic due to the recent proliferation of network datasets (e.g., social, biological, information networks) and a corresponding increase in the application of statistical relational ... More
Multi-dimensional filtering: Reducing the dimension through rotationOct 07 2016Over the past few decades there has been a strong effort towards the development of Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving (SIAC) filters for Discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods, designed to increase the smoothness and improve the convergence rate ... More
Graphlet Decomposition: Framework, Algorithms, and ApplicationsJun 13 2015Feb 15 2016From social science to biology, numerous applications often rely on graphlets for intuitive and meaningful characterization of networks at both the global macro-level as well as the local micro-level. While graphlets have witnessed a tremendous success ... More
Transverse instability of plane wave soliton solutions of the Novikov-Veselov equationApr 04 2013The Novikov-Veselov (NV) equation is a dispersive (2+1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equation that generalizes the (1+1)-dimensional Korteweg-deVries (KdV) equation. This paper considers the stability of plane wave soliton solutions of the NV equation ... More
Macdonald symmetry at $q=1$ and a new class of inv-preserving bijections on wordsNov 15 2016Nov 21 2016We give a direct combinatorial proof of the $q,t$-symmetry relation $\tilde H_{\mu}(X;q,t)=\tilde H_{\mu'}(X;t,q)$ in the Macdonald polynomials $\tilde H_\mu$ at the specialization $q=1$. The bijection demonstrates that the Macdonald inv statistic on ... More
Macdonald symmetry at $q=1$ and a new class of inv-preserving bijections on wordsNov 15 2016We give a direct combinatorial proof of the $q,t$-symmetry relation $\tilde H_{\mu}(X;q,t)=\tilde H_{\mu'}(X;t,q)$ in the Macdonald polynomials $\tilde H_\mu$ at the specialization $q=1$. The bijection demonstrates that the Macdonald inv statistic on ... More
Dynamic Behavioral Mixed-Membership Model for Large Evolving NetworksMay 09 2012The majority of real-world networks are dynamic and extremely large (e.g., Internet Traffic, Twitter, Facebook, ...). To understand the structural behavior of nodes in these large dynamic networks, it may be necessary to model the dynamics of behavioral ... More
Rapid Prediction of Electron-Ionization Mass Spectrometry using Neural NetworksNov 21 2018Mar 17 2019When confronted with a substance of unknown identity, researchers often perform mass spectrometry on the sample and compare the observed spectrum to a library of previously-collected spectra to identify the molecule. While popular, this approach will ... More
A Decomposition of Forecast Error in Prediction MarketsFeb 25 2017Feb 21 2018We analyze sources of error in prediction market forecasts in order to bound the difference between a security's price and the ground truth it estimates. We consider cost-function-based prediction markets in which an automated market maker adjusts security ... More
Role-Dynamics: Fast Mining of Large Dynamic NetworksMar 09 2012To understand the structural dynamics of a large-scale social, biological or technological network, it may be useful to discover behavioral roles representing the main connectivity patterns present over time. In this paper, we propose a scalable non-parametric ... More
Mitigating the Sign Problem Through Basis RotationsJul 03 2019Quantum Monte Carlo simulations of quantum many body systems are plagued by the fermion sign problem. The cost of overcoming the sign problem (and its overall existence) is basis dependent. In this work, we show how to use sign-free quantum Monte Carlo ... More
Filtration Simplification for Persistent Homology via Edge ContractionOct 10 2018Persistent homology is a popular data analysis technique that is used to capture the changing topology of a filtration associated with some simplicial complex $K$. These topological changes are summarized in persistence diagrams. We propose two contraction ... More
SUSY QCD corrections to electroweak gauge boson production with an associated jet at the LHCSep 15 2011We study the stability of the neutral- and charged-current Drell-Yan process in association with a jet as a standard candle at the LHC under the inclusion of O(alpha_s) supersymmetric QCD (SQCD) corrections within the MSSM. We include the decay of the ... More
Network Sampling: From Static to Streaming GraphsNov 14 2012Network sampling is integral to the analysis of social, information, and biological networks. Since many real-world networks are massive in size, continuously evolving, and/or distributed in nature, the network structure is often sampled in order to facilitate ... More
An ECM algorithm for Skewed Multivariate Variance Gamma Distribution in Normal Mean-Variance RepresentationApr 06 2015Jun 16 2015Normal mean-variance mixture distributions are widely applied to simplify a model's implementation and improve their computational efficiency under the Maximum Likelihood (ML) approach. Especially for distributions with normal mean-variance mixtures representation ... More
Maximum leave-one-out likelihood estimation for location parameter of unbounded densitiesFeb 03 2016Maximum likelihood estimation of a location parameter fails when the density have unbounded mode. An alternative approach is considered by leaving out a data point to avoid the unbounded density in the full likelihood. This modification give rise to the ... More
Tracking Initiative in Collaborative Dialogue InteractionsApr 17 1997In this paper, we argue for the need to distinguish between task and dialogue initiatives, and present a model for tracking shifts in both types of initiatives in dialogue interactions. Our model predicts the initiative holders in the next dialogue turn ... More
Sulfur chemistry in protoplanetary disks: CS and H2CSMar 26 2019The nature and abundance of sulfur chemistry in protoplanetary disks (PPDs) may impact the sulfur inventory on young planets and therefore their habitability. PPDs also present an interesting test bed for sulfur chemistry models, since each disk present ... More
Visualization Tool for Environmental Sensing and Public Health DataApr 09 2018To assist residents affected by oil and gas development, public health professionals in a non-profit organization have collected community data, including symptoms, air quality, and personal stories. However, the organization was unable to aggregate and ... More
The Dual-Axis Circumstellar Environment of the Type IIn Supernova 1997egSep 20 2007Aug 10 2008We present multi-epoch spectral and spectropolarimetric observations of the Type IIn supernova (SN) 1997eg that indicate the presence of a flattened disk-like concentration of circumstellar material surrounding nonspherical ejecta, with which the disk ... More
A survey of C2H, HCN, and C18O in protoplanetary disksApr 19 2019Molecular lines observed towards protoplanetary disks carry information about physical and chemical processes associated with planet formation. We present ALMA Band 6 observations of C2H, HCN, and C18O in a sample of 14 disks spanning a range of ages, ... More
Interstellar Polarization and the Position Angle Orientations of Seyfert 1 GalaxiesMay 27 2005Aug 12 2005We comment on recent spectropolarimetric studies that compare the observed polarization position angles (PAs) of Seyfert 1 galaxies near H alpha with the observed orientations of their radio source axes on the sky. For a Seyfert galaxy in which scattering ... More
The Novikov-Veselov Equation: Theory and ComputationDec 19 2013Recent progress in the theory and computation for the Novikov-Veselov (NV) equation is reviewed with initial potentials decaying at infinity, focusing mainly on the zero-energy case. The inverse scattering method for the zero-energy NV equation is presented ... More
A Survey of CH3CN and HC3N in Protoplanetary DisksMar 13 2018The organic content of protoplanetary disks sets the initial compositions of planets and comets, thereby influencing subsequent chemistry that is possible in nascent planetary systems. We present observations of the complex nitrile-bearing species CH3CN ... More
Contra: A Programmable System for Performance-aware RoutingFeb 03 2019We present Contra, a system for performance-aware routing that can adapt to traffic changes at hardware speeds. While existing work has developed point solutions for performance-aware routing on a fixed topology (e.g., a Fattree) with a fixed routing ... More
Coloring Large Complex NetworksMar 13 2014Aug 26 2014Given a large social or information network, how can we partition the vertices into sets (i.e., colors) such that no two vertices linked by an edge are in the same set while minimizing the number of sets used. Despite the obvious practical importance ... More
Nonuniqueness of infinity ground statesMay 30 2012In this paper, we construct a dumbbell domain for which the associated principle $\infty$-eigenvalue is not simple. This gives a negative answer to the outstanding problem posed by Juutinen-Lindquivst-Manfredi ("The $\infty$-eigenvalue problem", Arch. ... More
Fock space embedding theory for strongly correlated topological phasesSep 17 2019A many-body wave function can be factorized in Fock space into a marginal amplitude describing a set of strongly correlated orbitals and a conditional amplitude for the remaining weakly correlated part. The marginal amplitude is the solution of a Schr\"odinger ... More
Role Discovery in NetworksMay 28 2014Nov 03 2016Roles represent node-level connectivity patterns such as star-center, star-edge nodes, near-cliques or nodes that act as bridges to different regions of the graph. Intuitively, two nodes belong to the same role if they are structurally similar. Roles ... More
NetworkRepository: An Interactive Data Repository with Multi-scale Visual AnalyticsOct 14 2014May 28 2015Network Repository (NR) is the first interactive data repository with a web-based platform for visual interactive analytics. Unlike other data repositories (e.g., UCI ML Data Repository, and SNAP), the network data repository ( allows ... More
The Detection of Discrete Cyclotron Emission Features in Phase-Resolved Optical Spectroscopy of V1500 CygniNov 03 2017We have obtained phase-resolved optical spectroscopy of the old nova, and asynchronous polar V1500 Cyg. These new data reveal discrete cyclotron humps from two different strength magnetic fields. One region has B = 72 MG, while the other has B ~ 105 MG. ... More
Using interpolation to reduce computing time for analysis of large but simple data sets with application to design of epidemiological studiesJun 27 2013One way to investigate the precision of estimates likely to result from planned experiments and planned epidemiological studies is to simulate a large number of possible outcomes and analyse the sets of possible results. This appears to be computationally ... More
Atmospheric pressure dependance of HAWC scaler systemAug 20 2019The variation in atmospheric pressure is due to changes in mass of the air column above, which in turn resembles the density variation of atmosphere and will affect the decay of secondary particles of cosmic rays. The ground based cosmic ray detectors ... More
On involutions and indicators of finite orthogonal groupsAug 17 2017We study the numbers of involutions and their relation to Frobenius-Schur indicators in the groups $\mathrm{SO}^{\pm}(n,q)$ and $\Omega^{\pm}(n,q)$. Our point of view for this study comes from two motivations. The first is the conjecture that a finite ... More
Evaluation of the Permutational Structure of the Canonical Ensemble Partition FunctionDec 15 2007Proposed is an alternative method for permutational sampling in quantum gases using the path integral formulation of statistical mechanics. It is shown that in principle we are able to use two operators which enable us to construct a Markov chain through ... More
A Web-based Interactive Visual Graph Analytics PlatformFeb 02 2015This paper proposes a web-based visual graph analytics platform for interactive graph mining, visualization, and real-time exploration of networks. GraphVis is fast, intuitive, and flexible, combining interactive visualizations with analytic techniques ... More
Nonlinear surface plasmonsOct 28 2015We derive an asymptotic equation for quasi-static, nonlinear surface plasmons propagating on a planar interface between isotropic media. The plasmons are nondispersive with a constant linearized frequency that is independent of their wavenumber. The spatial ... More
A Soft X-ray Beam-splitting Multilayer Optic for the NASA GEMS Bragg Reflection PolarimeterMar 26 2013A soft X-ray, beam-splitting, multilayer optic has been developed for the Bragg Reflection Polarimeter (BRP) on the NASA Gravity and Extreme Magnetism Small Explorer Mission (GEMS). The optic is designed to reflect 0.5 keV X-rays through a 90 degree angle ... More
A Wide-Field Survey for Transiting Hot Jupiters and Eclipsing Pre-Main-Sequence Binaries in Young Stellar AssociationsJun 09 2016The past two decades have seen a significant advancement in the detection, classification and understanding of exoplanets and binaries. This is due, in large part, to the increase in use of small-aperture telescopes (< 20 cm) to survey large areas of ... More
CO and N$_2$ desorption energies from water iceDec 21 2015The relative desorption energies of CO and N$_2$ are key to interpretations of observed interstellar CO and N$_2$ abundance patterns, including the well-documented CO and N$_2$H$^+$ anti-correlations in disks, protostars and molecular cloud cores. Based ... More
The Distribution and Excitation of CH$_3$CN in a Solar Nebula AnalogMay 03 2018Cometary studies suggest that the organic composition of the early Solar Nebula was rich in complex nitrile species such a CH$_3$CN. Recent ALMA detections in protoplanetary disks suggest that these species may be common during planet and comet formation, ... More
A Model-Based Approach to Wildland Fire Reconstruction Using Sediment Charcoal RecordsDec 07 2016Lake sediment charcoal records are used in paleoecological analyses to reconstruct fire history including the identification of past wildland fires. One challenge of applying sediment charcoal records to infer fire history is the separation of charcoal ... More
Polynomial Preconditioned GMRES to Reduce Communication in Parallel ComputingJun 28 2019Polynomial preconditioning with the GMRES minimal residual polynomial has the potential to greatly reduce orthogonalization costs, making it useful for communication reduction. We implement polynomial preconditioning in the Belos package from Trilinos ... More
Photonic Quantum Operations via the Quantum Carburettor EffectJan 16 2017The bosonic nature of light leads to counter-intuitive bunching effects. We describe an experimentally testable effect in which a single photon is induced through a highly reflecting beamsplitter by a large amplitude coherent state, with probability 1/e ... More
Carbon and Strontium Abundances of Metal-Poor StarsJun 20 2007We present carbon and strontium abundances for 100 metal-poor stars measured from R$\sim $7000 spectra obtained with the Echellette Spectrograph and Imager at the Keck Observatory. Using spectral synthesis of the G-band region, we have derived carbon ... More
How can we improve problem-solving in undergraduate biology? Applying lessons from 30 years of physics education researchSep 04 2012Feb 25 2013If students are to successfully grapple with authentic, complex biological problems as scientists and citizens, they need practice solving such problems during their undergraduate years. Physics education researchers have investigated student problem ... More
Amorphous complexions enable a new region of high temperature stability in nanocrystalline Ni-WApr 10 2018May 14 2018Solute segregation is used to limit grain growth in nanocrystalline metals, but this stabilization often breaks down at high temperatures. Amorphous intergranular films can form in certain alloys at sufficiently high temperatures, providing a possible ... More
A Unified Process Model of Syntactic and Semantic Error Recovery in Sentence UnderstandingAug 31 1994The development of models of human sentence processing has traditionally followed one of two paths. Either the model posited a sequence of processing modules, each with its own task-specific knowledge (e.g., syntax and semantics), or it posited a single ... More
Topological Edge-State Manifestation of Interacting 2D Condensed Boson-Lattice Systems in a Harmonic TrapApr 20 2017Dec 02 2017In this Letter, it is shown that interactions can facilitate the emergence of topological edge states of quantum-degenerate bosonic systems in the presence of a harmonic potential. This effect is demonstrated with the concrete model of a hexagonal lattice ... More
Herschel Observations of Cataclysmic VariablesNov 20 2012We have used the PACS instrument on the Herschel Space Observatory to observe eight cataclysmic variables at 70 and 160 microns. Of these eight objects, only AM Her was detected. We have combined the Herschel results with ground-based, Spitzer, and WISE ... More
Encoding of low-quality DNA profiles as genotype probability matrices for improved profile comparisons, relatedness evaluation and database searchesJan 19 2016Sep 14 2016Many DNA profiles recovered from crime scene samples are of a quality that does not allow them to be searched against, nor entered into, databases. We propose a method for the comparison of profiles arising from two DNA samples, one or both of which can ... More
On Sampling from Massive Graph StreamsMar 07 2017We propose Graph Priority Sampling (GPS), a new paradigm for order-based reservoir sampling from massive streams of graph edges. GPS provides a general way to weight edge sampling according to auxiliary and/or size variables so as to accomplish various ... More
ClusterCluster: Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Dirichlet Process MixturesApr 08 2013The Dirichlet process (DP) is a fundamental mathematical tool for Bayesian nonparametric modeling, and is widely used in tasks such as density estimation, natural language processing, and time series modeling. Although MCMC inference methods for the DP ... More
Distributed Simultaneous Action and Target Assignment for Multi-Robot Multi-Target TrackingJun 07 2017Nov 06 2018We study a multi-robot assignment problem for multi-target tracking. The proposed problem can be viewed as the mixed packing and covering problem. To deal with a limitation on both sensing and communication ranges, a distributed approach is taken into ... More
Similarity-based Multi-label LearningOct 27 2017Multi-label classification is an important learning problem with many applications. In this work, we propose a principled similarity-based approach for multi-label learning called SML. We also introduce a similarity-based approach for predicting the label ... More
Sum of squares lower bounds for refuting any CSPJan 17 2017Let $P:\{0,1\}^k \to \{0,1\}$ be a nontrivial $k$-ary predicate. Consider a random instance of the constraint satisfaction problem $\mathrm{CSP}(P)$ on $n$ variables with $\Delta n$ constraints, each being $P$ applied to $k$ randomly chosen literals. ... More
Experimental Validation of Stable Coordination for Multi-Robot Systems with Limited Fields of View using a PortableMulti-Robot TestbedSep 16 2019In this paper, we address the problem of stable coordinated motion in multi-robot systems with limited fields of view (FOVs). These problems arise naturally for multi-robot systems that interact based on sensing, such as our case study of multiple unmanned ... More
Linear-time Hierarchical Community DetectionJun 14 2019Community detection in graphs has many important and fundamental applications including in distributed systems, compression, image segmentation, divide-and-conquer graph algorithms such as nested dissection, document and word clustering, circuit design, ... More
Open-Sourced Reinforcement Learning Environments for Surgical RoboticsMar 05 2019Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a machine learning framework for artificially intelligent systems to solve a variety of complex problems. Recent years has seen a surge of successes solving challenging games and smaller domain problems, including simple ... More
Flower Interaction Subsystem for a Precision Pollination RobotJun 21 2019Robotic pollinators not only can aid farmers by providing more cost effective and stable methods for pollinating plants but also benefit crop production in environments not suitable for bees such as greenhouses, growth chambers, and in outer space. Robotic ... More
The MASSIVE Survey - V. Spatially-Resolved Stellar Angular Momentum, Velocity Dispersion, and Higher Moments of the 41 Most Massive Local Early-Type GalaxiesSep 01 2016Sep 14 2016We present spatially-resolved two-dimensional stellar kinematics for the 41 most massive early-type galaxies (MK <~ -25.7 mag, stellar mass M* >~ 10^11.8 Msun) of the volume-limited (D < 108 Mpc) MASSIVE survey. For each galaxy, we obtain high-quality ... More
The Luminosity-Weighted or `Marked' Correlation FunctionDec 17 2005We present measurements of the redshift-space luminosity-weighted or `marked' correlation function in the SDSS. These are compared with a model in which the luminosity function and luminosity dependence of clustering are the same as that observed, and ... More
Estimation of Graphlet StatisticsJan 06 2017Feb 28 2017Graphlets are induced subgraphs of a large network and are important for understanding and modeling complex networks. Despite their practical importance, graphlets have been severely limited to applications and domains with relatively small graphs. Most ... More
Deep Feature Learning for GraphsApr 28 2017Oct 16 2017This paper presents a general graph representation learning framework called DeepGL for learning deep node and edge representations from large (attributed) graphs. In particular, DeepGL begins by deriving a set of base features (e.g., graphlet features) ... More
Distributed Assignment with Limited Communication for Multi-Robot Multi-Target TrackingDec 22 2018May 29 2019We study the problem of tracking multiple moving targets using a team of mobile robots. Each robot has a set of motion primitives to choose from in order to collectively maximize the number of targets tracked or the total quality of tracking. Our focus ... More
From Linked Data to Relevant Data -- Time is the EssenceMar 25 2011The Semantic Web initiative puts emphasis not primarily on putting data on the Web, but rather on creating links in a way that both humans and machines can explore the Web of data. When such users access the Web, they leave a trail as Web servers maintain ... More
Energy, Momentum and Angular Momentum Transfer Between Electrons and NucleiAug 12 2019The recently developed exact factorization approach condenses all electronic effects on the nuclear subsystem into a pair of scalar and vector potentials that appear in a time dependent Schr\"{o}dinger equation. Starting from this equation, we derive ... More
Cyclotron Modeling Phase-Resolved Infrared Spectroscopy of Polars III: AM Herculis and ST Leo MinorisJul 07 2008We present phase-resolved low resolution infrared spectra of AM Her and ST LMi, two low-field polars that we observed with SPEX on the IRTF. Optical/NIR lightcurves are also published to help constrain the viewing geometry and brightness of the objects ... More
Consistency of a recursive estimate of mixing distributionsAug 24 2009Mixture models have received considerable attention recently and Newton [Sankhy\={a} Ser. A 64 (2002) 306--322] proposed a fast recursive algorithm for estimating a mixing distribution. We prove almost sure consistency of this recursive estimate in the ... More
Relational Similarity MachinesAug 02 2016This paper proposes Relational Similarity Machines (RSM): a fast, accurate, and flexible relational learning framework for supervised and semi-supervised learning tasks. Despite the importance of relational learning, most existing methods are hard to ... More
Motion Scaling Solutions for Improved Performance in High Delay Surgical TeleoperationFeb 08 2019Robotic teleoperation brings great potential for advances within the field of surgery. The ability of a surgeon to reach patient remotely opens exciting opportunities. Early experience with telerobotic surgery has been interesting, but the clinical feasibility ... More
Galactic Cosmic Ray Sun Shadow during the declining phase of cycle 24 observed by HAWCAug 20 2019The High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) array is sensitive to high energy Cosmic Rays (CR) in the $\sim 10$ to $\sim 200$ TeV energy range, making it possible to construct maps of the so called "Sun Shadow" ($SS$), i. e. of the deficit of CR coming from ... More
A second terrestrial planet orbiting the nearby M dwarf LHS 1140Aug 01 2018Nov 22 2018LHS 1140 is a nearby mid-M dwarf known to host a temperate rocky super-Earth (LHS 1140 b) on a 24.737-day orbit. Based on photometric observations by MEarth and Spitzer as well as Doppler spectroscopy from HARPS, we report the discovery of an additional ... More
Fast inference of deep neural networks in FPGAs for particle physicsApr 16 2018Jun 28 2018Recent results at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have pointed to enhanced physics capabilities through the improvement of the real-time event processing techniques. Machine learning methods are ubiquitous and have proven to be very powerful in LHC physics, ... More
Effect of Chemical Pressure on High Temperature Ferrimagnetic Double Perovskites Sr2CrOsO6 and Ca2CrOsO6Sep 02 2015The ordered double perovskites Sr2CrOsO6 and Ca2CrOsO6 have been synthesized and characterized with neutron powder diffraction, electrical transport measurements, and high field magnetization experiments. Sr2CrOsO6 and Ca2CrOsO6 crystallize with R-3 and ... More
Removing the spin ice cap: magnetic ground states of rare earth tripod kagome lattice Mg$_2$RE$_3$Sb$_3$O$_{14}$ (RE = Gd, Dy, Er)Jan 07 2016Mar 01 2016We present the structural and magnetic properties of a new compound family, Mg$_2$RE$_3$Sb$_3$O$_{14}$ (RE = Gd, Dy, Er), with a hitherto unstudied frustrating lattice, the "tripod kagome" structure. Susceptibility (ac, dc) and specific heat exhibit features ... More
Guided Data RepairMar 16 2011In this paper we present GDR, a Guided Data Repair framework that incorporates user feedback in the cleaning process to enhance and accelerate existing automatic repair techniques while minimizing user involvement. GDR consults the user on the updates ... More
Risk Margin Quantile Function Via Parametric and Non-Parametric Bayesian Quantile RegressionFeb 11 2014We develop quantile regression models in order to derive risk margin and to evaluate capital in non-life insurance applications. By utilizing the entire range of conditional quantile functions, especially higher quantile levels, we detail how quantile ... More
Guts and volume for hyperbolic $3$-orbifolds with underlying space $S^3$Mar 12 2017For a hyperbolic $3$-orbifold with underlying space the $3$-sphere, we obtain a lower bound on its volume in the case that it contains an essential $2$-suborbifold with underlying space the $2$-sphere with four cone points. Our techniques involve computing ... More
Detailed Abundances for 28 Metal-poor Stars: Stellar Relics in the Milky WayApr 08 2008Jun 18 2008We present the results of an abundance analysis for a sample of stars with $-4<$[Fe/H]$<-2$. The data were obtained with the HIRES spectrograph at Keck Observatory. The set includes 28 stars, with effective temperature ranging from 4800 to 6600 K. For ... More
Good Enough Practices in Scientific ComputingAug 31 2016Oct 14 2016We present a set of computing tools and techniques that every researcher can and should adopt. These recommendations synthesize inspiration from our own work, from the experiences of the thousands of people who have taken part in Software Carpentry and ... More
DFUNet: Convolutional Neural Networks for Diabetic Foot Ulcer ClassificationNov 28 2017Dec 10 2017Globally, in 2016, one out of eleven adults suffered from Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) are a major complication of this disease, which if not managed properly can lead to amputation. Current clinical approaches to DFU treatment rely on ... More
Atomistic study of energy funneling in the light-harvesting complex of green sulfur bacteriaJul 03 2013Nov 22 2013Phototrophic organisms such as plants, photosynthetic bacteria and algae use microscopic complexes of pigment molecules to absorb sunlight. Within the light-harvesting complexes, which frequently have several functional and structural subunits, the energy ... More
Gating of neural error signals during motor learningMar 11 2014Mar 17 2014Cerebellar climbing fiber activity encodes performance errors during many motor learning tasks, but the role of these error signals in learning has been controversial. We compared two motor learning paradigms that elicited equally robust putative error ... More
Asymptotic Analysis of Objectives based on Fisher Information in Active LearningMay 27 2016Oct 14 2016Obtaining labels can be costly and time-consuming. Active learning allows a learning algorithm to intelligently query samples to be labeled for efficient learning. Fisher information ratio (FIR) has been used as an objective for selecting queries in active ... More
Theoretical characterization of excitation energy transfer in chlorosome light-harvesting antennae from green sulfur bacteriaApr 17 2013Jul 01 2013Chlorosomes are the largest and most efficient natural light-harvesting antenna systems. They contain thousands of pigment molecules - bacteriochlorophylls (BChls)- that are organized into supramolecular aggregates and form a very efficient network for ... More
Temperature-dependent non-covalent protein-protein interactions explain normal and inverted solubility in a mutant of human gamma D-crystallinNov 01 2018Protein crystal production is a major bottleneck for the structural characterisation of proteins. To advance beyond large-scale screening, rational strategies for protein crystallization are crucial. Understanding how chemical anisotropy (or patchiness) ... More
Hydrogenation of Penta-Graphene Leads to Unexpected Large Improvement in Thermal ConductivityApr 12 2016Apr 13 2016Penta-graphene (PG) has been identified as a novel 2D material with an intrinsic bandgap, which makes it especially promising for electronics applications. In this work, we use first-principles lattice dynamics and iterative solution of the phonon Boltzmann ... More
Towards Accurate Modelling of Galaxy Clustering on Small Scales: Testing the Standard $Λ\mathrm{CDM}$ + Halo ModelAug 16 2017Aug 06 2018Interpreting the small-scale clustering of galaxies with halo models can elucidate the connection between galaxies and dark matter halos. Unfortunately, the modelling is typically not sufficiently accurate for ruling out models statistically. It is thus ... More
BART with Targeted Smoothing: An analysis of patient-specific stillbirth riskMay 19 2018Jun 03 2019This article introduces BART with Targeted Smoothing, or tsBART, a new Bayesian tree-based model for nonparametric regression. The goal of tsBART is to introduce smoothness over a single target covariate t, while not necessarily requiring smoothness over ... More
Equivariant Metaplectic-c Prequantization of Symplectic Manifolds with Hamiltonian Torus ActionsFeb 06 2017This paper determines a condition that is necessary and sufficient for a metaplectic-c prequantizable symplectic manifold with an effective Hamiltonian torus action to admit an equivariant metaplectic-c prequantization. The condition is evaluated at a ... More
Metaplectic-c Quantized Energy Levels of the Hydrogen AtomOct 12 2015This paper calculates the quantized energy levels of the hydrogen atom, using a metaplectic-c prequantization bundle and a definition of a quantized energy level that was introduced by the author in a previous paper. The calculation makes use of a computational ... More
A universal first order formula defining the ring of integers in a number fieldFeb 28 2012We show that the complement of the ring of integers in a number field K is Diophantine. This means the set of ring of integers in K can be written as {t in K | for all x_1, ..., x_N in K, f(t,x_1, ..., x_N) is not 0}. We will use global class field theory ... More
Entanglement entropy in Jackiw-Teitelboim GravityJul 17 2018Aug 20 2018I show that the black hole entropy associated to an $AdS_2$ wormhole is an entanglement edge term related to a natural measure on the gauge group in the $SL(2)$ gauge theory formulation of $1+1d$ Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity. I comment on what the entropy ... More