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Model Primitive Hierarchical Lifelong Reinforcement LearningMar 04 2019Learning interpretable and transferable subpolicies and performing task decomposition from a single, complex task is difficult. Some traditional hierarchical reinforcement learning techniques enforce this decomposition in a top-down manner, while meta-learning ... More
A General Framework for Structured Learning of Mechanical SystemsFeb 22 2019Mar 01 2019Learning accurate dynamics models is necessary for optimal, compliant control of robotic systems. Current approaches to white-box modeling using analytic parameterizations, or black-box modeling using neural networks, can suffer from high bias or high ... More
Learning Policy Representations in Multiagent SystemsJun 17 2018Jul 31 2018Modeling agent behavior is central to understanding the emergence of complex phenomena in multiagent systems. Prior work in agent modeling has largely been task-specific and driven by hand-engineering domain-specific prior knowledge. We propose a general ... More
Simulating Emergent Properties of Human Driving Behavior Using Multi-Agent Reward Augmented Imitation LearningMar 14 2019Recent developments in multi-agent imitation learning have shown promising results for modeling the behavior of human drivers. However, it is challenging to capture emergent traffic behaviors that are observed in real-world datasets. Such behaviors arise ... More
Model-Free Imitation Learning with Policy OptimizationMay 26 2016In imitation learning, an agent learns how to behave in an environment with an unknown cost function by mimicking expert demonstrations. Existing imitation learning algorithms typically involve solving a sequence of planning or reinforcement learning ... More
Layer-wise synapse optimization for implementing neural networks on general neuromorphic architecturesFeb 20 2018Deep artificial neural networks (ANNs) can represent a wide range of complex functions. Implementing ANNs in Von Neumann computing systems, though, incurs a high energy cost due to the bottleneck created between CPU and memory. Implementation on neuromorphic ... More
Hypersurface of a Finsler space subjected to an h-exponential change of metricMar 31 2016Recently we have obtained the Cartan connection for the Finsler space whose metric is given by an exponential change with an h-vector. In this paper, we discuss certain geometric properties of a Finslerian hyperspace subjected to an h-exponential change ... More
H-exponential change of Finsler metricMar 17 2016In this paper, we studied a Finsler space whose metric is given by an h-exponential change and obtain the Cartan connection coefficients for the change. We also find the necessary and sufficient condition for an h-exponential change of Finsler metric ... More
The 3D thermal, dynamical and chemical structure of the atmosphere of HD 189733b: implications of wind-driven chemistry for the emission phase curveOct 23 2018In this paper we present three-dimensional atmospheric simulations of the hot Jupiter HD~189733b under two different scenarios: local chemical equilibrium and including advection of the chemistry by the resolved wind. Our model consistently couples the ... More
A General Framework for Structured Learning of Mechanical SystemsFeb 22 2019Learning accurate dynamics models is necessary for optimal, compliant control of robotic systems. Current approaches to white-box modeling using analytic parameterizations, or black-box modeling using neural networks, can suffer from high bias or high ... More
PlanIt: A Crowdsourcing Approach for Learning to Plan Paths from Large Scale Preference FeedbackJun 10 2014Jan 05 2016We consider the problem of learning user preferences over robot trajectories for environments rich in objects and humans. This is challenging because the criterion defining a good trajectory varies with users, tasks and interactions in the environment. ... More
User Selection in MIMO Interfering Broadcast ChannelsOct 28 2013Jun 19 2014Interference alignment aims to achieve maximum degrees of freedom in an interference system. For achieving Interference alignment in interfering broadcast systems a closed-form solution is proposed in [1] which is an extension of the grouping scheme in ... More
Conditional Entropy based User Selection for Multiuser MIMO SystemsOct 29 2013We consider the problem of user subset selection for maximizing the sum rate of downlink multi-user MIMO systems. The brute-force search for the optimal user set becomes impractical as the total number of users in a cell increase. We propose a user selection ... More
Correlations among magnetic, magnetocaloric and magneto-transport properties in HoNiSiNov 08 2014Magnetic, magnetocaloric and magneto-transport properties of polycrystalline HoNiSi have been studied. The compound crystallizes in orthorhombic crystal structure and orders antiferromagnetically at TN=4.6 K. Magnetization isotherms show curvature at ... More
Review on magnetic and related properties of RTX compoundsAug 14 2014RTX (R=rare earths, T= 3d/4d/5d, transition metals such as Sc, Ti, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Ru, Rh, Pd, Ag, Os, Ir, Pt, Au, and X=p-block elements such as Al, Ga, In, Si, Ge, Sn, As, Sb, Bi) series is a huge family of intermetallics compounds. These compounds ... More
Criticality of the Exponential Rate of Decay for the Largest Nearest Neighbor Link in Random Geometric GraphApr 27 2006May 30 2009Let n points be placed independently in d-dimensional space according to the densities $f(x) = A_d e^{-\lambda \|x\|^{\alpha}}, \lambda > 0, x \in \Re^d, d \geq 2.$ Let $d_n$ be the longest edge length for the nearest neighbor graph on these points. We ... More
A Study of The Formation of Stationary Localized States Due to Nonlinear Impurities Using The Discrete Nonlinear Schrödinger EquationJun 17 1996The Discrete Nonlinear Schr$\ddot{o}$dinger Equation is used to study the formation of stationary localized states due to a single nonlinear impurity in a Caley tree and a dimeric nonlinear impurity in the one dimensional system. The rotational nonlinear ... More
On the Covering Radius of Some Modular CodesJun 14 2012Jun 25 2012This paper gives lower and upper bounds on the covering radius of codes over $\Z_{2^s}$ with respect to homogenous distance. We also determine the covering radius of various Repetition codes, Simplex codes (Type $\alpha$ and Type $\beta$) and their dual ... More
Observation of giant magnetocaloric effect in HoCoSiMar 28 2013Oct 11 2013We report the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of HoCoSi, which shows second order ferro-para magnetic transition at 14 K. It is found to exhibit a large magnetic entropy change of 13 J/kg K for a field change of 20 kOe, which increases to 20.5 ... More
Specific heat of high temperature superconductors: Role of $\mid ψ \mid^{4}$ term in Ginzburg--Landau free energyMay 19 1996We have derived the expression for the specific heat by using Ginzburg-Landau (GL) theory by taking $\mid \psi \mid^{4}$ into account in the Hartree approximation. Without this term, the specific heat diverges at $T=T_{c}(B)$. It is also shown that width ... More
The role of power law nonlinearity in the discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation on the formation of stationary localized states in the Cayley treeMay 15 1997We study the formation of stationary localized states using the discrete nonlinear Schr\"{o}dinger equation in a Cayley tree with connectivity $K$. Two cases, namely, a dimeric power law nonlinear impurity and a fully nonlinear system are considered. ... More
A Strong Law for the Largest Nearest-Neighbor Link on Normally Distributed PointsApr 27 2006Let $n$ points be placed independently in $d-$dimensional space according to the standard $d-$dimensional normal distribution. Let $d_n$ be the longest edge length for the nearest neighbor graph on these points. We show that \[\lim_{n \rar \infty} \frac{\sqrt{\log ... More
Stationary Localized States Due to a Nonlinear Dimeric Impurity Embedded in a Perfect 1-D ChainOct 21 1996The formation of Stationary Localized states due to a nonlinear dimeric impurity embedded in a perfect 1-d chain is studied here using the appropriate Discrete Nonlinear Schr$\ddot{o}$dinger Equation. Furthermore, the nonlinearity has the form, $\chi ... More
3DNA: A Tool for DNA SculptingMay 16 2014DNA self-assembly is a robust and programmable approach for building structures at nanoscale. Researchers around the world have proposed and implemented different techniques to build two dimensional and three dimensional nano structures. One such technique ... More
Tip induced doping effects in local tunnel spectra of grapheneAug 21 2010We report on tip induced doping in local tunnel spectra of single layer graphene (SLG) with tunable back-gate using room temperature scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy (STM/S). The SLG samples, prepared on silicon dioxide surface by exfoliation ... More
Implicit Phonon Shifts and Thermodynamical Properties of Rigid Carbon Nanotube RopesSep 25 2012We calculate phonon shifts of external modes of a bunch of carbon nanotubes. A simple model based on atom-atom potential has been used to calculate the implicit anharmonicity in the phonons of carbon nanotube bundles having rigid tubes, with the assumption ... More
Bulk and Lattice Properties for Rigid Carbon Nanotubes MaterialsAug 25 2000Aug 28 2000We use an atom-atom potential between carbon atoms to obtain an interaction potential between nanotubes (assumed rigid), thereby calculating the cohesive energy of a bunch of nanotubes in hexagonal two dimensional packing. The model proposed is quite ... More
Frequency-dependent (ac) Conduction in Disordered Composites: a Percolative StudyJun 24 1998Nov 06 1998In a recent paper [Phys. Rev. B{\bf57}, 3375 (1998)], we examined in detail the nonlinear (electrical) dc response of a random resistor cum tunneling bond network ($RRTN$, introduced by us elsewhere to explain nonlinear response of metal-insulator type ... More
On the topological Properties of the One Dimensional Exponential Random Geometric GraphApr 27 2006Sep 11 2006In this paper we study the one dimensional random geometric graph when the location of the nodes are independent and exponentially distributed. We derive exact results and the limit theorems for the connectivity and other properties associated with this ... More
The Complete transmission spectrum of WASP-39b with a precise water constraintNov 28 2017WASP-39b is a hot Saturn-mass exoplanet with a predicted clear atmosphere based on observations in the optical and infrared. Here we complete the transmission spectrum of the atmosphere with observations in the near-infrared (NIR) over three water absorption ... More
Gap solitons with null-scatteringFeb 20 2014We study excitation of gap solitons under the conditions of coherent perfect absorption (CPA). Our system consists of a symmetric periodic structure with alternating Kerr nonlinear and linear layers, illuminated from both the ends. We show near-total ... More
Model for Pressure Induced Deformations in Carbon Nanotube MaterialsSep 29 2004We report the results of a model calculation for studying the effects of hydrostatic pressure on a bunch of carbon nanotubes. At pressures that we work with, the deformation in axial direction comes out to be negligibly small. We find that hydrostatic ... More
Transferring spherical multipliers on compact symmetric spacesOct 19 2017We prove a two-sided transference theorem between $L^{p}$ spherical multipliers on the compact symmetric space $U/K$ and $L^{p}$ multipliers on the vector space $i\mathfrak{p},$ where the Lie algebra of $U$ has Cartan decomposition $\mathfrak{k\oplus ... More
Hypersurface of a Finsler space subjected to a Kropina change with an h-vectorFeb 06 2015The concept of h-vector was introduced by H. Izumi in 1980. Recently we have obtained the Cartan connection for the Finsler space whose metric is given by Kropina change with an h-vector. In 1985, M. Matsumoto studied the theory of Finsler hypersurface. ... More
Nearly Optimal Space Efficient Algorithm for Depth First SearchOct 16 2018We design a space-efficient algorithm for performing depth-first search traversal(DFS) of a graph in $O(m+n\log^* n)$ time using $O(n)$ bits of space. While a normal DFS algorithm results in a DFS-tree (in case the graph is connected), our space bounds ... More
Aspects of Dielectric Breakdown in a Model for Disordered Nonlinear CompositesJun 14 1997We study dielectric breakdown in a semi-classical bond percolation model for nonlinear composite materials introduced by us and the related breakdown exponent near the percolation threshold in two dimensions. The breakdown exponent after doing finite ... More
Stationary localized states due to quadratic nonlinearity in one dimensional systemsJul 03 1997We investigate the effect of a nondegenerate quadratic nonlinear dimeric impurity on the formation of stationary localized states in one dimensional systems. We also consider the formation of stationary localized states in a fully nonlinear system where ... More
Computing Real Numbers using DNA Self-AssemblyFeb 19 2015DNA Self-Assembly has emerged as an interdisciplinary field with many intriguing applications such DNA bio-sensor, DNA circuits, DNA storage, drug delivery etc. Tile assembly model of DNA has been studied for various computational primitives such as addition, ... More
Cavity controlled spectral singularityMay 27 2014We study theoretically a PT-symmetric saturable balanced gain-loss system in a ring cavity configuration. The saturable gain and loss are modeled by two-level medium with or without population inversion. We show that the specifics of the spectral singularity ... More
Solitary waves in Parity-time (PT) symmetric Bragg-grating structure and the existence of Optical Rogue WavesDec 12 2013Jan 13 2014In this work, we have studied the traveling wave solution in a nonlinear Bragg grating structure in which the core of the optical fiber is having Parity-time (PT) symmetric refractive index distribution. We have found bright solitary wave solution below ... More
Light-controlled perfect absorption of lightJun 14 2013We study coherent perfect absorption (CPA) of light in a Kerr nonlinear metal-dielectric composite medium, illuminated from the opposite ends. Elementary symmetry considerations reveal that equality of the incident light intensities is a prerequisite ... More
Apparent and Actual Shifts in Mass and Width of Phi Mesons Produced in Heavy-Ion CollisionsJan 16 1997We present a method of analyzing invariant-mass spectra of kaon pairs resulting from decay of $\phi$ mesons produced in high-energy heavy-ion collisions. It can be used to extract the shifts in the mass and the width ($\Delta M$ and $\Delta \Gamma$) of ... More
Relativistic modelling of stable anisotropic super-dense starMar 15 2015Apr 13 2015In the present article we have obtained new set of exact solutions of Einstein field equations for anisotropic fluid spheres by using the Herrera et al.[1] algorithm. The anisotropic fluid solution so obtained join continuously to Schwarzschild exterior ... More
Simulating the cloudy atmospheres of HD 209458 b and HD 189733 b with the 3D Met Office Unified ModelMar 01 2018To understand and compare the 3D atmospheric structure of HD 209458 b and HD 189733 b, focusing on the formation and distribution of cloud particles, as well as their feedback on the dynamics and thermal profile. We couple the 3D Met Office Unified Model ... More
On the Strong Convergence of the Optimal Linear Shrinkage Estimator for Large Dimensional Covariance MatrixAug 12 2013Jun 25 2014In this work we construct an optimal linear shrinkage estimator for the covariance matrix in high dimensions. The recent results from the random matrix theory allow us to find the asymptotic deterministic equivalents of the optimal shrinkage intensities ... More
Observation of large positive magnetoresistance and its sign reversal in GdRhGeFeb 18 2013Nov 13 2013Magnetic properties, heat capacity and magnetoresistance (MR) of polycrystalline GdRhGe are investigated. It shows two antiferromagnetic transitions, one at T1=31.8 K and the other at T2=24 K, and field induced metamagnetic transition over a wide temperature ... More
Magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetotransport properties of RSn_{1+x}Ge_{1-x} compounds (R=Gd, Tb, Er; x=0.1)Jul 20 2012We have studied the magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetotransport properties of RSn1+xGe1-x(R=Gd, Tb, Er; x=0.1) series by means of magnetization, heat capacity and resistivity measurements. It has been found that all the compounds crystallize in the ... More
Inhomogeneous nucleation in quark hadron phase transitionJun 08 2000Aug 17 2000The effect of subcritical hadron bubbles on a first-order quark-hadron phase transition is studied. These subcritical hadron bubbles are created due to thermal fluctuations, and can introduce a finite amount of phase mixing (quark phase mixed with hadron ... More
A new model for spherically symmetric charged compact stars of embedding class oneApr 30 2016May 11 2016In the present study we search for a new stellar model with spherically symmetric matter and charged distribution under general relativistic framework. The model represents a compact star of embedding class one. The solutions obtain here are general in ... More
Study of resonance states of $^{11}$Be with isospectral bound state microscopic potentialFeb 22 2013Jun 09 2014The theoretical procedure of supersymmetric quantum mechanics (SQM) is adopted for the first time to study quasi-bound states of a weakly bound nuclear system using microscopic potential. The density dependent M3Y (DDM3Y) effective interaction was found ... More
Magnetic, magnetocaloric and transport properties of HoRuSi compoundJan 16 2013Magnetic, thermal, magnetocaloric and transport properties of polycrystalline HoRuSi have been studied. It was found that the compound shows magnetic transitions at T1=18 K and T2=8 K. Magnetization data reveal that the ferromagnetic ordering is dominant ... More
Change in the order of magnetic transition in HoRhGe as probed by magnetoresistance and magnetocaloric studiesJan 25 2013Magnetoresistance and magnetocaloric properties of polycrystalline HoRhGe have been studied. This compound orders antiferromagnetically with a Neel temperature (TN) of 5.5 K and undergoes a first order metamagnetic transition at 2 K. It shows a large ... More
Dynamical growth of the hadron bubbles during the quark-hadron phase transitionMay 22 2000Nov 28 2000The rate of dynamical growth of the hadron bubbles in a supercooled baryon free quark-gluon plasma, is evaluated by solving the equations of relativistic fluid dynamics in all regions. For a non-viscous plasma, this dynamical growth rate is found to depend ... More
Enhancement of nonvolatile polarization and pyroelectric sensitivity in Lithium tantalate (LT)/ Poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) nano compositeAug 04 2008Aug 08 2008For pyroelectric sensor application, materials having large ferroelectric polarization at low applied field and high pyroelectric sensitivity are required. PVDF is one of the ferroelectric polymers, which is being used for pyroelectric detector application. ... More
Clustering of Rapidly Settling, Low-Inertia Particle Pairs in Isotropic Turbulence. I. Drift and Diffusion Flux ClosuresAug 15 2018In this two--part study, we present the development and analysis of a stochastic theory for characterizing the relative positions of monodisperse, low-inertia particle pairs that are settling rapidly in homogeneous isotropic turbulence. In the limits ... More
The algebraic structure of finite metabelian group algebrasNov 06 2013An algorithm for the explicit computation of a complete set of primitive central idempotents, Wedderburn decomposition and the automorphism group of the semisimple group algebra of a finite metabelian group is developed. The algorithm is illustrated with ... More
On Conflict Free DNA CodesFeb 12 2019Mar 01 2019DNA storage has emerged as an important area of research. The reliability of DNA storage system depends on designing the DNA strings (called DNA codes) that are sufficiently dissimilar. In this work, we introduce DNA codes that satisfy a special constraint. ... More
Observation of Squeezing in Hidden Optical-Polarization StatesJun 23 2010The dynamic feature of monochromatic bi-modal chaotic optical field, enriched with orthogonally-polarized basis-modes propagating collinearly and undergoing Degenerate Parametric Amplification, is investigated to demonstrate Squeezing in Hidden Optical-Polarization ... More
Hysteresis in superconducting short weak links and $μ$-SQUIDsSep 15 2010Thermal hysteresis in a micron-size Superconducting Quantum Interference Device ($\mu$-SQUID), with weak links as Josephson junctions, is an obstacle for improving its performance for magnetometery. Following the "hot-spot" model of Skocpol et al. [J. ... More
e3D: An Energy-Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor NetworksNov 12 2004One of the limitations of wireless sensor nodes is their inherent limited energy resource. Besides maximizing the lifetime of the sensor node, it is preferable to distribute the energy dissipated throughout the wireless sensor network in order to minimize ... More
Diagnosis of human breast cancer through wavelet transform of polarized fluorescenceApr 07 2004Wavelet transform of polarized fluorescence spectroscopic data of human breast tissues is found to reliably differentiate normal and malignant tissue types and isolate characteristic biochemical signatures of cancerous tissues, which can possibly be used ... More
Texture zeros of low-energy Majorana neutrino mass matrix in 3+1 schemeJun 07 2017Sep 26 2017In this work we revisit the zero textures in low energy Majorana neutrino mass matrix when the active neutrino sector is extended by a light sterile neutrino in the eV scale i.e., the 3+1 scheme. In 3+1 scenario, the low energy neutrino mass matrix ($m_\nu$) ... More
An analysis of the distribution of background star polarization in dark cloudsApr 26 2005The polarization observed for stars background to dark clouds (Bok Globules) is often used as diagnostic to study the ongoing star formation processes in these clouds. Such polarization in the optical have been reported for eight nearby clouds CB3, CB25, ... More
A hybrid video quality metric for analyzing quality degradation due to frame dropMay 21 2014In last decade, ever growing internet technologies provided platform to share the multimedia data among different communities. As the ultimate users are human subjects who are concerned about quality of visual information, it is often desired to have ... More
3DNA Printer: A Tool for Automated DNA OrigamiFeb 14 2017In the last two decades, DNA self-assembly has grown into a major area of research attracting people from diverse background. It has numerous potential applications such as targeted drug delivery, artificial photosynthesis etc. In the last decade, another ... More
Spin 1/2^+, spin 3/2^+ and transition magnetic moments of low lying and charmed baryonsMar 23 2010Magnetic moments of the low lying and charmed spin 1/2^+ and spin 3/2^+ baryons have been calculated in the SU(4) chiral constituent quark model (\chiCQM) by including the contribution from c \bar c fluctuations. Explicit calculations have been carried ... More
Prediction of new multiferroic and magnetoelectric material Fe3Se4May 27 2018Nowdays, multiferroic materials with magnetoelectric coupling have many real-world applications in the fields of novel memory devices. It is challenging is to create multiferroic materials with strongly coupled ferroelectric and ferrimagnetic orderings ... More
The HST PanCET Program: Hints of Na I & Evidence of a Cloudy Atmosphere for the Inflated Hot Jupiter WASP-52bNov 02 2018We present an optical to near-infrared transmission spectrum of the inflated hot Jupiter WASP-52b using three transit observations from the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) mounted on the Hubble Space Telescope, combined with Spitzer/Infrared ... More
Conformal Edge Currents in Chern-Simons TheoriesOct 30 1991We develop elementary canonical methods for the quantization of abelian and nonabelian Chern-Simons actions using well known ideas in gauge theories and quantum gravity. Our approach does not involve choice of gauge or clever manipulations of functional ... More
Adjusted Empirical Likelihood for Long-memory Time Series ModelsApr 21 2016Empirical likelihood method has been applied to short-memory time series models by Monti (1997) through the Whittle's estimation method. Yau (2012) extended this idea to long-memory time series models. Asymptotic distributions of the empirical likelihood ... More
Adjusted Empirical Likelihood for Time Series ModelsFeb 29 2016Empirical likelihood method has been applied to dependent observations by Monti (1997) through the Whittle's estimation method. Similar asymptotic distribution of the empirical likelihood ratio statistic for stationary time series has been derived to ... More
Switching mechanism of CO2 by alkaline earth atoms decorated on g-B4N3 nanosheetMay 29 2018The adsorption and desorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) molecule by alkaline earth metal (AEM) (Mg+2, Ca+2, Sr+2 and Ba+2) functionalized on graphitic boron nitride (g-B4N3) nanosheet have been analyzed by using density functional theory (DFT) approach ... More
Spectral and timing studies of 2S 1417-624 during a giant outburstJul 04 2018We present the results obtained from timing and spectral studies of the accretion powered X-ray pulsar 2S~1417-624 during a giant outburst in 2009 by using {\it Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer (RXTE)} observations. X-ray pulsations were detected in the light ... More
Behaviour of a Bucky-ball under Internal and External PressuresApr 19 2007We study the behaviour of the C60 molecule under very high internal or external pressure using Tersoff as well as Brenner potentials. As a result, we estimate the critical internal and external pressures that lead to its instability. We also calculate ... More
Phonon-mediated decay of an atom in a surface-induced potentialApr 03 2007We study phonon-mediated transitions between translational levels of an atom in a surface-induced potential. We present a general master equation governing the dynamics of the translational states of the atom. In the framework of the Debye model, we derive ... More
Grand Canonical Model Predictions For Nuclear FragmentationJun 23 2004The grand canonical ensemble has been used to make predictions for composite yields using simple models for nuclear fragmentation. While this gives correct model prediction for high energy collisions, it can give very inaccurate results at intermediate ... More
Optical excitation spectrum of an atom in a surface-induced potentialOct 10 2006We study the optical excitation spectrum of an atom in the vicinity of a dielectric surface. We calculate the rates of the total scattering and the scattering into the evanescent modes. With a proper assessment of the limitations, we demonstrate the portability ... More
Contrast Interferometry Using Bose-Einstein Condensates to Measure h/m and the Fine Structure ConstantFeb 25 2002Jul 08 2002The kinetic energy of an atom recoiling due to absorption of a photon was measured as a frequency using an interferometric technique called ``contrast interferometry''. Optical standing wave pulses were used as atom-optical elements to create a symmetric ... More
Performance Evaluation of Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol in IPv6 NetworkMay 19 2013With the explosive growth in communication and network technologies, there is a great demand of IPv6 addressing scheme. However, the modern operating systems has option for this and with the development of IPv6 which removes the limitations imposed by ... More
An introduction to coding sequences of graphsMay 18 2015Jul 15 2016In his pioneering paper on matroids in 1935, Whitney obtained a characterization for binary matroids and left a comment at end of the paper that the problem of characterizing graphic matroids is the same as that of characterizing matroids which correspond ... More
An absolute sodium abundance for a cloud-free 'hot Saturn' exoplanetJun 15 2018Broad absorption signatures from alkali metals, such as the sodium (Na I) and potassium (K I) resonance doublets, have long been predicted in the optical atmospheric spectra of cloud-free irradiated gas-giant exoplanets1,2,3. However, observations have ... More
Origin of the unusual dependence of Raman D band on excitation wavelength in graphite-like materialsOct 19 2001We have revisited the still unresolved puzzle of the dispersion of the Raman disordered-induced D band as a function of laser excitation photon energy E$_L$ in graphite-like materials. We propose that the D-mode is a combination of an optic phonon at ... More
An ultrahot gas-giant exoplanet with a stratosphereAug 03 2017Infrared radiation emitted from a planet contains information about the chemical composition and vertical temperature profile of its atmosphere. If upper layers are cooler than lower layers, molecular gases will produce absorption features in the planetary ... More
Transverse spin and transverse momentum in scattering of plane wavesJun 03 2016Jun 06 2016We study the near field to the far field evolution of spin angular momentum (SAM) density and the Poynting vector of the scattered waves from spherical scatterers. The results show that at the near field, the SAM density and the Poynting vector are dominated ... More
A Dual Beam H-alpha Doppler System to Acquire, Analyse and Anticipate Solar Eruptive Events Directed towards EarthMay 19 2009A new instrument with a dual-beam H-alpha Doppler system is being developed at the Udaipur Solar Observatory (USO) in order to improve the quality and quantity of data on quiet, activated and erupting filaments and prominences on the Sun, especially those ... More
Effect of Mg substitution in Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ nanophosphors for blue and white emission at near UV excitationDec 01 2015Nanophosphors of (Sr0.98-xMgxEu0.02)2SiO4 (x=0, 0.18, 0.38, 0.58 and 0.78) were prepared through low temperature solution combustion method and their luminescence properties were studied. The emission peak for Eu2+ doped Sr2SiO4 nanophosphor is observed ... More
Study on dielectric behavior of Lithium Tantalate(LT) nano particle filled poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) nano compositeAug 04 2008For pyroelectric detector application materials should have low dielectric constant, high pyroelectric coefficient, large non volatile polarization at small applied electric field and low specific heat. Large field (greater than 1200kV/cm) is need to ... More
An optical transmission spectrum for the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b measured with the Hubble Space TelescopeOct 25 2018We present an atmospheric transmission spectrum for the ultra-hot Jupiter WASP-121b, measured using the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) onboard the Hubble Space Telescope (HST). Across the 0.47-1 micron wavelength range, the data imply an ... More
Hankel operators on the Fock-Sobolev spacesJun 07 2018In this paper, we study operator-theoretic properties (boundedness and compactness) of Hankel operators on the Fock-sobolev spaces $ \mathscr{F}^{p,m} $ in terms of $ \mathcal{BMO}_r^p $ and $ \mathcal{VMO}_r^p $ spaces, respectively, for a non-negative ... More
RRhGe (R=Tb, Dy, Er, Tm): An experimental and theoretical studyNov 17 2014RRhGe (R=Tb, Dy, Er, Tm) compounds have been studied by a number of experimental probes and theoretical ab initio calculations. These compounds show very interesting magnetic and electrical properties. All the compounds are antiferromagnetic with some ... More
Bose-Einstein condensation in a circular waveguideApr 28 2005We have produced Bose-Einstein condensates in a ring-shaped magnetic waveguide. The few-millimeter diameter non-zero bias ring is formed from a time-averaged quadrupole ring. Condensates which propagate around the ring make several revolutions within ... More
Demonstration of the No-Hiding Theorem on the 5 Qubit IBM Quantum Computer in a Category Theoretic FrameworkJul 29 2017Dec 04 2018Quantum no-Hiding theorem, first proposed by Braunstein and Pati [Phys. Rev. Lett. 98, 080502 (2007)], was verified experimentally by Samal et al. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 186, 080401 (2011)] using NMR quantum processor. Till then, this fundamental test has ... More
Titanium dioxide synthesized using titanium chloride: Size effect study using Raman and PhotoluminescenceApr 15 2009Titanium dioxide (TiO2) nanocrystals were prepared by wet chemical method and characterized by x-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), Raman scattering (RS) and photoluminescence (PL). The X-ray diffraction shows the formation ... More
Anisotropic strange stars in Tolman-Kuchowicz spacetimeJan 31 2018Oct 02 2018We attempt to study a singularity-free model for the spherically symmetric anisotropic strange stars under Einstein's general theory of relativity by exploiting the Tolman-Kuchowicz metric. Further, we have assumed that the cosmological constant $\Lambda$ ... More
Mueller matrix spectroscopy of Fano resonance in Plasmonic OligomersApr 30 2018Fano resonance in plasmonic oligomers originating from the interference of a spectrally broad superradiant mode and a discrete subradiant mode is under intensive recent investigations due to numerous potential applications. In this regard, development ... More
Physics of interface: Strongly correlated barrier with chemical modulation sandwiched between two metallic planesSep 27 2010Apr 19 2011Barrier planes described by the Ionic Hubbard model and sandwiched between metallic planes on both sides are studied using unrestricted Hartree Fock. For zero onsite correlation, the presence of the metallic interface generates an additional gap in the ... More
Physics of interface: Mott insulator barrier sandwiched between two metallic planesMar 24 2010Mar 21 2011We consider a heterostructure of a metal and a barrier with onsite correlation at half filling using unrestricted Hartree Fock. We find that above a certain value of correlation strength in the barrier planes, the system is a Mott insulator, while below ... More
Crystallization of Beta-phase Poly (vinylidene fluoride) films using dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solvent and at suitable annealing conditionAug 04 2008In literature it has been reported that the gamma-phase PVDF film is formed from dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) solvents regardless of preparation temperature. In this report the crystallization of both alpha and gamma phase from DMSO solvent by varying preparation ... More
Commutativity and spectral properties of $k^{th}$-order slant little Hankel operators on the Bergman spaceDec 18 2017In this paper, we introduce the notion of $k^{th}$-order slant little Hankel operator on the Bergman space with essentially bounded harmonic symbols on the unit disc and obtain its algebraic and spectral properties. We have also discussed the conditions ... More
Physics of interface: Barrier with correlations and disorder sandwiched between two metallic planesSep 28 2010Mar 21 2011A Metal-Disordered Mott insulator-Metal heterostructure is studied at half-fiiling using unrestricted Hartree Fock method. The corresponding clean system has been shown to be an insulator for any finite on site correlation. Interestingly we find that ... More