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First Steps Towards an Imprecise Poisson ProcessMay 14 2019The Poisson process is the most elementary continuous-time stochastic process that models a stream of repeating events. It is uniquely characterised by a single parameter called the rate. Instead of a single value for this rate, we here consider a rate ... More
Monte Carlo Estimation for Imprecise Probabilities: Basic PropertiesMay 22 2019We describe Monte Carlo methods for estimating lower envelopes of expectations of real random variables. We prove that the estimation bias is negative and that its absolute value shrinks with increasing sample size. We discuss fairly practical techniques ... More
Credal Networks under Epistemic IrrelevanceJan 27 2017Mar 17 2017A credal network under epistemic irrelevance is a generalised type of Bayesian network that relaxes its two main building blocks. On the one hand, the local probabilities are allowed to be partially specified. On the other hand, the assessments of independence ... More
Convergence of Imprecise Continuous-Time Markov ChainsFeb 17 2016We study the limit behaviour of a generally non-linear ordinary differential equation whose solution is a superadditive generalisation of a stochastic matrix, and provide necessary and sufficient conditions for this solution to be ergodic, in the sense ... More
Independent Natural Extension for Infinite Spaces: Williams-Coherence to the RescueJan 25 2017Apr 29 2017We define the independent natural extension of two local models for the general case of infinite spaces, using both sets of desirable gambles and conditional lower previsions. In contrast to Miranda and Zaffalon (2015), we adopt Williams-coherence instead ... More
Independent Natural Extension for Infinite SpacesMay 03 2018Sep 24 2018We define and study the independent natural extension of two local uncertainty models for the general case of infinite spaces, using the frameworks of sets of desirable gambles and conditional lower previsions. In contrast to Miranda and Zaffalon (2015), ... More
Computing Inferences for Large-Scale Continuous-Time Markov Chains by Combining Lumping with ImprecisionApr 03 2018May 31 2018If the state space of a homogeneous continuous-time Markov chain is too large, making inferences - here limited to determining marginal or limit expectations - becomes computationally infeasible. Fortunately, the state space of such a chain is usually ... More
Imprecise Continuous-Time Markov Chains: Efficient Computational Methods with Guaranteed Error BoundsFeb 23 2017Oct 10 2018Imprecise continuous-time Markov chains are a robust type of continuous-time Markov chains that allow for partially specified time-dependent parameters. Computing inferences for them requires the solution of a non-linear differential equation. As there ... More
An alternative approach to coherent choice functionsFeb 28 2019Choice functions constitute a simple, direct and very general mathematical framework for modelling choice under uncertainty. In particular, they are able to represent the set-valued choices that appear in imprecise-probabilistic decision making. We provide ... More
An efficient algorithm for estimating state sequences in imprecise hidden Markov modelsOct 05 2012We present an efficient exact algorithm for estimating state sequences from outputs (or observations) in imprecise hidden Markov models (iHMM), where both the uncertainty linking one state to the next, and that linking a state to its output, are represented ... More
Continuity of imprecise stochastic processes with respect to the pointwise convergence of monotone sequencesFeb 13 2014Jan 25 2017We consider the joint lower expectation of a finite-state imprecise stochastic process, defined using either the Ville-Vovk-Shafer natural extension or the Williams natural extension. In both cases, we show that it is continuous with respect to the pointwise ... More
Continuity of imprecise Markov chains with respect to the pointwise convergence of monotone sequences of gamblesFeb 13 2014Feb 16 2014The aim of these notes is to study the conditions under which the natural extension of an imprecise Markov chain is continuous with respect to the pointwise convergence of monotone (either non-decreasing or non-increasing) sequences of gambles that are ... More
A Desirability-Based Axiomatisation for Coherent Choice FunctionsJun 04 2018Choice functions constitute a simple, direct and very general mathematical framework for modelling choice under uncertainty. In particular, they are able to represent the set-valued choices that typically arise from applying decision rules to imprecise-probabilistic ... More
Computable Randomness is Inherently ImpreciseMar 02 2017May 04 2017We use the martingale-theoretic approach of game-theoretic probability to incorporate imprecision into the study of randomness. In particular, we define a notion of computable randomness associated with interval, rather than precise, forecasting systems, ... More
Credal nets under epistemic irrelevanceAug 06 2012We present a new approach to credal nets, which are graphical models that generalise Bayesian nets to imprecise probability. Instead of applying the commonly used notion of strong independence, we replace it by the weaker notion of epistemic irrelevance. ... More
Data retrieval time for energy harvesting wireless sensor networksOct 13 2015We consider the problem of retrieving a reliable estimate of an attribute monitored by a wireless sensor network, where the sensors harvest energy from the environment independently, at random. Each sensor stores the harvested energy in batteries of limited ... More
An Imprecise Probabilistic Estimator for the Transition Rate Matrix of a Continuous-Time Markov ChainApr 04 2018Jul 11 2018We consider the problem of estimating the transition rate matrix of a continuous-time Markov chain from a finite-duration realisation of this process. We approach this problem in an imprecise probabilistic framework, using a set of prior distributions ... More
Efficient Computation of Updated Lower Expectations for Imprecise Continuous-Time Hidden Markov ChainsFeb 22 2017May 05 2017We consider the problem of performing inference with imprecise continuous-time hidden Markov chains, that is, imprecise continuous-time Markov chains that are augmented with random output variables whose distribution depends on the hidden state of the ... More
Imprecise Continuous-Time Markov ChainsNov 17 2016Continuous-time Markov chains are mathematical models that are used to describe the state-evolution of dynamical systems under stochastic uncertainty, and have found widespread applications in various fields. In order to make these models computationally ... More
Imprecise Continuous-Time Markov ChainsNov 17 2016Jun 20 2017Continuous-time Markov chains are mathematical models that are used to describe the state-evolution of dynamical systems under stochastic uncertainty, and have found widespread applications in various fields. In order to make these models computationally ... More
A study of imprecise Markov chains: joint lower expectations and point-wise ergodic theoremsNov 15 2014Jan 17 2016We justify and discuss expressions for joint lower and upper expectations in imprecise probability trees, in terms of the sub- and supermartingales that can be associated with such trees. These imprecise probability trees can be seen as discrete-time ... More
Continuity Properties of Game-theoretic Upper ExpectationsFeb 25 2019Mar 20 2019We consider discrete-time uncertain processes with finite state space and study the properties of game-theoretic upper expectations developed by Shafer and Vovk. We start by proving some basic properties, e.g. monotonicity, law of iterated upper expectations,... ... More
Continuity of the Shafer-Vovk-Ville OperatorApr 05 2018Jun 08 2018Kolmogorovs axiomatic framework is the best-known approach to describing probabilities and, due to its use of the Lebesgue integral, leads to remarkably strong continuity properties. However, it relies on the specification of a probability measure on ... More
Continuity Properties of Game-theoretic Upper ExpectationsFeb 25 2019We consider discrete-time uncertain processes with finite state space and study the properties of game-theoretic upper expectations developed by Shafer and Vovk. We start by proving some basic properties, e.g. monotonicity, law of iterated upper expectations,... ... More
Continuity Properties of Game-theoretic Upper ExpectationsFeb 25 2019Apr 01 2019We consider discrete-time uncertain processes with finite state space and study the properties of game-theoretic upper expectations developed by Shafer and Vovk. We start by proving some basic properties, e.g. monotonicity, law of iterated upper expectations,... ... More
Imprecise Markov Models for Scalable and Robust Performance Evaluation of Flexi-Grid Spectrum Allocation PoliciesJan 17 2018Apr 27 2018The possibility of flexibly assigning spectrum resources with channels of different sizes greatly improves the spectral efficiency of optical networks, but can also lead to unwanted spectrum fragmentation.We study this problem in a scenario where traffic ... More
Hitting Times and Probabilities for Imprecise Markov ChainsMay 21 2019We consider the problem of characterising expected hitting times and hitting probabilities for imprecise Markov chains. To this end, we consider three distinct ways in which imprecise Markov chains have been defined in the literature: as sets of homogeneous ... More
Revealing charge-tunneling processes between a quantum dot and a superconducting island through gate sensingMar 21 2019We report the detection and identification of charge-tunneling processes between a quantum dot and a superconducting island through radio-frequency gate sensing. We are able to resolve spin-dependent quasiparticle tunneling as well as two-particle tunneling ... More
An instability of unitary quantum dynamicsFeb 26 2015Instabilities of equilibrium quantum mechanics are common and well-understood. They are manifested for example in phase transitions, where a quantum system becomes so sensitive to perturbations that a symmetry can be spontaneously broken. Here, we consider ... More
A priori error estimates for compatible spectral discretization of the Stokes problem for all admissible boundary conditionsJun 13 2012This paper describes the recently developed mixed mimetic spectral element method for the Stokes problem in the vorticity-velocity-pressure formulation. This compatible discretization method relies on the construction of a conforming discrete Hodge decomposition, ... More
Situational Object Boundary DetectionApr 24 2015Intuitively, the appearance of true object boundaries varies from image to image. Hence the usual monolithic approach of training a single boundary predictor and applying it to all images regardless of their content is bound to be suboptimal. In this ... More
Difference in the wind speeds required for initiation versus continuation of sand transport on Mars: Implications for dunes and dust stormsFeb 06 2010Feb 19 2010Much of the surface of Mars is covered by dunes, ripples, and other features formed by the blowing of sand by wind, known as saltation. In addition, saltation loads the atmosphere with dust aerosols, which dominate the Martian climate. We show here that ... More
On rational homotopy and minimal modelsFeb 25 2019Mar 13 2019We prove a result that enables us to calculate the rational homotopy of a wide class of spaces by the theory of minimal models.
Does the size distribution of mineral dust aerosols depend on the wind speed at emission?Oct 07 2011The size distribution of mineral dust aerosols partially determines their interactions with clouds, radiation, ecosystems, and other components of the Earth system. Several theoretical models predict that the dust size distribution depends on the wind ... More
A scaling theory for the size distribution of emitted dust aerosols suggests climate models underestimate the size of the global dust cycleDec 28 2010Jan 19 2011Mineral dust aerosols impact Earth's radiation budget through interactions with clouds, ecosystems, and radiation, which constitutes a substantial uncertainty in understanding past and predicting future climate changes. One of the causes of this large ... More
Analytical calculation of the minimum wind speed required to sustain wind-blown sand on Earth and MarsJan 27 2010The wind-driven hopping motion of sand grains, known as saltation, forms dunes and ripples and ejects fine dust particles into the atmosphere on both Earth and Mars. While the wind speed at which saltation is initiated, the fluid threshold, has been studied ... More
Quantifying macroeconomic expectations in stock markets using Google TrendsMay 01 2018Among other macroeconomic indicators, the monthly release of U.S. unemployment rate figures in the Employment Situation report by the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics gets a lot of media attention and strongly affects the stock markets. I investigate ... More
Geography of non-formal symplectic and contact manifoldsDec 08 2008Jul 06 2009Let (m,b) a pair of natural numbers. For m even (resp. m odd and b greater than or equal to 2) we show that if there is an m-dimensional non-formal compact oriented manifold whose first Betti number equals b, there is also a symplectic (resp. contact) ... More
On a three dimensional analogue to the holomorphic z-powersJul 11 2010The main objective of this article is a constructive generalization of the holomorphic power and Laurent series expansions in C to dimension 3 using the framework of hypercomplex function theory. For this reason, deals the first part of this article with ... More
Reflection equation algebras, coideal subalgebras, and their centresDec 23 2008Reflection equation algebras and related U_q(g)-comodule algebras appear in various constructions of quantum homogeneous spaces and can be obtained via transmutation or equivalently via twisting by a cocycle. In this paper we investigate algebraic and ... More
Families of supersingular curves in characteristic 2Dec 09 2001This paper determines the normal forms of hyperelliptic supersingular curves of genus g over an algebraically closed field F of characteristic 2 for 0 < g< 9. We also show that every hyperelliptic supersingular curve of genus 9 over F has an equation ... More
Avoiding a Tragedy of the Commons in the Peer Review ProcessDec 18 2018Peer review is the foundation of scientific publication, and the task of reviewing has long been seen as a cornerstone of professional service. However, the massive growth in the field of machine learning has put this community benefit under stress, threatening ... More
Fourier transforms on the quantum SU(1,1) groupNov 22 1999The main goal is to interpret the Askey-Wilson function and the corresponding transform pair on the quantum SU(1,1) group. A weight on the C^*-algebra of continuous functions vanishing at infinity on the quantum SU(1,1) group is studied, which is left ... More
Deep Bayesian Bandits Showdown: An Empirical Comparison of Bayesian Deep Networks for Thompson SamplingFeb 26 2018Recent advances in deep reinforcement learning have made significant strides in performance on applications such as Go and Atari games. However, developing practical methods to balance exploration and exploitation in complex domains remains largely unsolved. ... More
Delivery Latency Trade-Offs of Heterogeneous Contents in Fog Radio Access NetworksJan 23 2017Apr 18 2017A Fog Radio Access Network (F-RAN) is a cellular wireless system that enables content delivery via the caching of popular content at edge nodes (ENs) and cloud processing. The existing information-theoretic analyses of F-RAN systems, and special cases ... More
Wind-invariant saltation heights imply linear scaling of aeolian saltation flux with shear stressSep 29 2016Mar 08 2017Wind-driven sand transport generates atmospheric dust, forms dunes, and sculpts landscapes. However, it remains unclear how the sand flux scales with wind speed, largely because models do not agree on how particle speed changes with wind shear velocity. ... More
Electrification of granular systems of identical insulatorsFeb 19 2009May 22 2009Insulating particles can become highly electrified during powder handling, volcanic eruptions, and the wind-blown transport of dust, sand, and snow. Measurements in these granular systems have found that smaller particles generally charge negatively, ... More
Practical Bayesian Optimization of Machine Learning AlgorithmsJun 13 2012Aug 29 2012Machine learning algorithms frequently require careful tuning of model hyperparameters, regularization terms, and optimization parameters. Unfortunately, this tuning is often a "black art" that requires expert experience, unwritten rules of thumb, or ... More
Elemental chalcogens as a minimal model for chiral charge and orbital orderMar 31 2017Helices of increased electron density can spontaneously form in materials containing multiple, interacting density waves. Although a macroscopic order parameter theory describing this behaviour has been proposed and experimentally tested, a detailed microscopic ... More
Size-independent susceptibility to transport in aeolian saltationJul 31 2017Apr 19 2019Natural wind-eroded soils contain a mixture of particle sizes. However, models for aeolian saltation are typically derived for sediment bed surfaces containing only a single particle size. To nonetheless treat natural mixed beds, models for saltation ... More
A comprehensive numerical model of wind-blown sandJan 02 2009Wind-blown sand, or "saltation", ejects dust aerosols into the atmosphere, creates sand dunes, and erodes geological features. We present a comprehensive numerical model of steady-state saltation that, in contrast to most previous studies, can simulate ... More
The Quality of Equilibria for Set Packing GamesSep 29 2017We introduce set packing games as an abstraction of situations in which $n$ selfish players select subsets of a finite set of indivisible items, and analyze the quality of several equilibria for this class of games. Assuming that players are able to approximately ... More
Uncertainty about Uncertainty: Near-Optimal Adaptive Algorithms for Estimating Binary Mixtures of Unknown CoinsApr 19 2019Given a mixture between two populations of coins, "positive" coins that have (unknown and potentially different) probabilities of heads $\geq\frac{1}{2}+\Delta$ and negative coins with probabilities $\leq\frac{1}{2}-\Delta$, we consider the task of estimating ... More
Field measurements demonstrate distinct initiation and cessation thresholds governing aeolian sediment transport fluxOct 31 2016Jul 31 2017Wind-blown sand and dust models depend sensitively on the threshold wind stress. However, laboratory and numerical experiments suggest the coexistence of distinct "fluid" and "impact" thresholds for the initiation and cessation of aeolian saltation, respectively. ... More
Electrostatics in wind-blown sandNov 08 2007Wind-blown sand, or "saltation," is an important geological process, and the primary source of atmospheric dust aerosols. Significant discrepancies exist between classical saltation theory and measurements. We show here that these discrepancies can be ... More
In Vitro Durability - Pivot bearing with Diamond Like Carbon for Ventricular Assist DevicesNov 01 2015Institute Dante Pazzanese of Cardiology (IDPC) develops Ventricular Assist Devices (VAD) that can stabilize the hemodynamics of patients with severe heart failure before, during and/or after the medical practice; can be temporary or permanent. The ADV's ... More
Spin-orbit interaction in a dual gated InAs/GaSb quantum wellApr 11 2017Spin-orbit interaction is investigated in a dual gated InAs/GaSb quantum well. Using an electric field the quantum well can be tuned between a single carrier regime with exclusively electrons as carriers and a two-carriers regime where electrons and holes ... More
A Sequential Homotopy Method for Mathematical Programming ProblemsFeb 19 2019May 17 2019We propose a sequential homotopy method for the solution of mathematical programming problems formulated in abstract Hilbert spaces under the Guignard constraint qualification. The method is equivalent to performing projected backward Euler timestepping ... More
A Linear Programming Approach to Error Bounds for Random Walks in the Quarter-planeSep 12 2014We consider the approximation of the performance of random walks in the quarter-plane. The approximation is in terms of a random walk with a product-form stationary distribution, which is obtained by perturbing the transition probabilities along the boundaries ... More
Secure Transmission on the Two-hop Relay Channel with Scaled Compute-and-ForwardSep 14 2015In this paper, we consider communication on a two-hop channel, in which a source wants to send information reliably and securely to the destination via a relay. We consider both the untrusted relay case and the external eavesdropper case. In the untrusted ... More
Decoupling edge versus bulk conductance in the trivial regime of an InAs/GaSb double quantum well using Corbino ring geometryMay 16 2016A Corbino ring geometry is utilized to analyze edge and bulk conductance of InAs/GaSb quantum well structures. We show that edge conductance exists in the trivial regime of this theoretically-predicted topological system with a temperature insensitive ... More
Optical and mechanical design of a "zipper" photonic crystal optomechanical cavityDec 30 2008Design of a doubly-clamped beam structure capable of localizing mechanical and optical energy at the nanoscale is presented. The optical design is based upon photonic crystal concepts in which patterning of a nanoscale-cross-section beam can result in ... More
Fluid Annotation: A Human-Machine Collaboration Interface for Full Image AnnotationJun 20 2018Dec 20 2018We introduce Fluid Annotation, an intuitive human-machine collaboration interface for annotating the class label and outline of every object and background region in an image. Fluid annotation is based on three principles: (I) Strong Machine-Learning ... More
The apparent roughness of a sand surface blown by wind from an analytical model of saltationNov 05 2011Mar 16 2015We present an analytical model of aeolian sand transport. The model quantifies the momentum transfer from the wind to the transported sand by providing expressions for the thickness of the saltation layer and the apparent surface roughness. These expressions ... More
Electronic structure of the candidate 2D Dirac semimetal SrMnSb2: a combined experimental and theoretical studyNov 20 2017Jan 21 2018SrMnSb$_2$ is suggested to be a magnetic topological semimetal. It contains square, 2D Sb planes with non-symmorphic crystal symmetries that could protect band crossings, offering the possibility of a quasi-2D, robust Dirac semi-metal in the form of a ... More
Fermion-Higgs model with Reduced Staggered FermionsJun 03 1992We introduce a lattice fermion-Higgs model with one component `reduced staggered' fermions. In order to use the fermion field as efficiently as possible we couple the two {\em staggered} flavors to the O(4) Higgs field leading to a model with only one ... More
An Agent Based Modeling of Spatially Inhomogeneous Host-Vector Disease TransmissionOct 15 2018In this article we consider a microscopic model for host-vector disease transmission based on configuration space analysis. Using Vlasov scaling we obtain the corresponding mesoscopic (kinetic) equations, describing the density of susceptible and infected ... More
The Feynman integrand for the Charged Particle in a Constant Magnetic field as White Noise DistributionMar 01 2012The concepts of Feynman integrals in white noise analysis are used to realize the Feynman integrand for a charged particle in a constant magnetic field as a Hida distribution. For this purpose we identify the velocity dependent potential as a so called ... More
Radio and Millimeter Continuum Surveys and their Astrophysical ImplicationsAug 13 2009Sep 09 2009We review the statistical properties of the main populations of radio sources, as emerging from radio and millimeter sky surveys. Recent determinations of local luminosity functions are presented and compared with earlier estimates still in widespread ... More
Cosmological implications of the MAXIMA-I high resolution Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropy measurementMay 03 2001Nov 28 2001We discuss the cosmological implications of the new constraints on the power spectrum of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy derived from a new high resolution analysis of the MAXIMA-1 measurement (Lee et al. 2001). The power spectrum shows excess ... More
Constraints on Cosmological Parameters from MAXIMA-1May 08 2000Sep 04 2001We set new constraints on a seven-dimensional space of cosmological parameters within the class of inflationary adiabatic models. We use the angular power spectrum of the cosmic microwave background measured over a wide range of \ell in the first flight ... More
Analytical model for flux saturation in sediment transportDec 13 2012Aug 21 2015The transport of sediment by a fluid along the surface is responsible for dune formation, dust entrainment and for a rich diversity of patterns on the bottom of oceans, rivers, and planetary surfaces. Most previous models of sediment transport have focused ... More
Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks for Effective Translation Initiation Site PredictionNov 27 2017Thanks to rapidly evolving sequencing techniques, the amount of genomic data at our disposal is growing increasingly large. Determining the gene structure is a fundamental requirement to effectively interpret gene function and regulation. An important ... More
The Empusa code generator: bridging the gap between the intended and the actual content of RDF resourcesDec 11 2018The RDF data model facilitates integration of diverse data available in structured and semi-structured formats. To obtain an RDF graph with a low amount of errors and internal redundancy, the chosen ontology must be consistently applied. However, with ... More
Design of a Highly Reliable Wireless Module for Ultra-Low-Latency Short Range ApplicationsNov 29 2018Current radio systems are currently optimized for capacity and range. However, certain applications of wireless systems require fast and reliable communication over short distances. The challenge of these systems is to communicate with a minimum time ... More
Speed-up of posterior inference of highly-parameterized environmental models from a Kalman proposal distribution: DREAM(KZS)Jul 18 2017Dec 08 2017Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation methods are widely used to generate samples from a target distribution. In posterior inference of highly-parameterized environmental models, the convergence speed of MCMC methods may be disturbingly low, even ... More
The fluctuation energy balance in non-suspended fluid-mediated particle transportJan 16 2015Here we compare two extreme regimes of non-suspended fluid-mediated particle transport, transport in light and heavy fluids ("saltation" and "bedload", respectively), regarding their particle fluctuation energy balance. From direct numerical simulations, ... More
Flux saturation length of sediment transportNov 04 2013Sediment transport along the surface drives geophysical phenomena as diverse as wind erosion and dune formation. The main length-scale controlling the dynamics of sediment erosion and deposition is the saturation length $L_\mathrm{s}$, which characterizes ... More
MAXIMA: an experiment to measure temperature anisotropy in the cosmic microwave backgroundMar 17 1999Mar 17 1999We describe the MAXIMA experiment, a balloon-borne measurement designed to map temperature anisotropy in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) over a wide range of angular scales (multipole range 80 < l < 800). The experiment consists of a 1.3 m diameter ... More
MAXIMA-1: A Measurement of the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy on angular scales of 10 arcminutes to 5 degreesMay 08 2000Oct 02 2000We present a map and an angular power spectrum of the anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) from the first flight of MAXIMA. MAXIMA is a balloon-borne experiment with an array of 16 bolometric photometers operated at 100 mK. MAXIMA observed ... More
Highly efficient coupling from an optical fiber to a nanoscale silicon optomechanical cavitySep 04 2013Oct 30 2013We demonstrate highly efficient coupling of light from an optical fiber to a silicon photonic crystal optomechanical cavity. The fiber-to-cavity coupling utilizes a compact (L ~ 25 um) intermediate adiabatic coupler. The optical coupling is lithographically ... More
Training object class detectors with click supervisionApr 20 2017May 19 2017Training object class detectors typically requires a large set of images with objects annotated by bounding boxes. However, manually drawing bounding boxes is very time consuming. In this paper we greatly reduce annotation time by proposing center-click ... More
Augmenting Stream Constraint Programming with Eventuality ConditionsJun 12 2018Aug 06 2018Stream constraint programming is a recent addition to the family of constraint programming frameworks, where variable domains are sets of infinite streams over finite alphabets. Previous works showed promising results for its applicability to real-world ... More
Slot-mode-coupled optomechanical crystalsJul 20 2012We present a design methodology and analysis of a cavity optomechanical system in which a localized GHz frequency mechanical mode of a nanobeam resonator is evanescently coupled to a high quality factor (Q>10^6) optical mode of a separate nanobeam optical ... More
The physics of wind-blown sand and dustJan 20 2012Sep 20 2012The transport of sand and dust by wind is a potent erosional force, creates sand dunes and ripples, and loads the atmosphere with suspended dust aerosols. This article presents an extensive review of the physics of wind-blown sand and dust on Earth and ... More
Multidimensional ground reaction forces and moments from wearable sensor accelerations via deep learningMar 18 2019Apr 01 2019Objective: Monitoring athlete internal workload exposure, including prevention of catastrophic non-contact knee injuries, relies on the existence of a custom early-warning detection system. This system must be able to estimate accurate, reliable, and ... More
Streetscape augmentation using generative adversarial networks: insights related to health and wellbeingMay 14 2019Deep learning using neural networks has provided advances in image style transfer, merging the content of one image (e.g., a photo) with the style of another (e.g., a painting). Our research shows this concept can be extended to analyse the design of ... More
MAXIMA: A Balloon-Borne Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy ExperimentSep 15 2003We describe the Millimeter wave Anisotropy eXperiment IMaging Array (MAXIMA), a balloon-borne experiment designed to measure the temperature anisotropy of the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) on angular scales of 10' to 5 degrees . MAXIMA mapped the ... More
A High Spatial Resolution Analysis of the MAXIMA-1 Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy DataApr 27 2001We extend the analysis of the MAXIMA-1 cosmic microwave background (CMB) data to smaller angular scales. MAXIMA, a bolometric balloon experiment, mapped a 124 deg$^2$ region of the sky with 10\arcmin resolution at frequencies of 150, 240 and 410 GHz during ... More
MAXIPOL: Cosmic Microwave Background Polarimetry Using a Rotating Half-Wave PlateNov 13 2006We discuss MAXIPOL, a bolometric balloon-borne experiment designed to measure the E-mode polarization of the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB). MAXIPOL is the first bolometric CMB experiment to observe the sky using rapid polarization modulation. ... More
A breakpoint detection in the mean model with heterogeneous variance on fixed time-intervalsJun 23 2018This work is motivated by an application for the homogeneization of GNSS-derived IWV (Integrated Water Vapour) series. Indeed, these GPS series are affected by abrupt changes due to equipment changes or environemental effects. The detection and correction ... More
Reversible Formation of Thermoresponsive Binary Particle Gels with Tunable Structural and Mechanical PropertiesApr 09 2019We investigate the collective behavior of suspended thermoresponsive microgels, that expel solvent and subsequently decrease in size upon heating. Using a binary mixture of differently thermoresponsive microgels, we demonstrate how distinctly different ... More
Stochastic Quantization for the Edwards Measure of Fractional Brownian Motion with $Hd=1$Jul 19 2018In this paper we construct a Markov process which has as invariant measure the fractional Edwards measure based on a $d$-dimensional fractional Brownian motion, with Hurst index $H$ in the case of $Hd=1$. We use the theory of classical Dirichlet forms. ... More
Mapping the CMB Sky: The BOOMERANG experimentNov 24 1999We describe the BOOMERanG experiment, a stratospheric balloon telescope intended to measure the Cosmic Microwave Background anisotropy at angular scales between a few degrees and ten arcminutes. The experiment has been optimized for a long duration (7 ... More
Energy Functions in Polymer Dynamics in terms of Generalized Grey Brownian MotionJul 19 2018In this paper we investigate the energy functions for a class of non Gaussian processes. These processes are characterized in terms of the Mittag-Leffler function. We obtain closed analytic form for the energy function, in particular we recover the Brownian ... More
Parameter Estimation from Occupation TimesMay 27 2011We derive an equation to compute directly the expected occupation time of the centered Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process. This allows us to identify the parameters of the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process for available occupation times via a standard least squares ... More
Optical Design of PICO, a Concept for a Space Mission to Probe Inflation and Cosmic OriginsAug 03 2018The Probe of Inflation and Cosmic Origins (PICO) is a probe-class mission concept currently under study by NASA. PICO will probe the physics of the Big Bang and the energy scale of inflation, constrain the sum of neutrino masses, measure the growth of ... More
High-frequency measurements of aeolian saltation flux: Field-based methodology and applicationsSep 27 2016Jun 30 2017Aeolian transport of sand and dust is driven by turbulent winds that fluctuate over a broad range of temporal and spatial scales. However, commonly used aeolian transport models do not explicitly account for such fluctuations, likely contributing to substantial ... More
Electrical measurement of magnetic-field-impeded polarity switching of a ferromagnetic vortex coreMay 06 2016Vortex core polarity switching in NiFe disks has been evidenced using an all-electrical rectification scheme. Both simulation and experiments yield a consistent loss of the rectified signal when driving the core at high powers near its gyrotropic resonant ... More
Chiral fermions in two dimensions?Dec 01 1992Quenched studies of a global U(1) symmetric Wilson-Yukawa model in two dimensions show no evidence of a charged fermion in the vortex phase at strong Wilson-Yukawa coupling while there is strong indication of a massive neutral fermion. However, with the ... More