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Metrical irrationality results related to values of the Riemann $ζ$-functionFeb 12 2018We introduce a one-parameter family of series associated to the Riemann $\zeta$-function and prove that the values of the elements of this family at integers are linearly independent over the rationals for almost all values of the parameter, where almost ... More
Complementary Schur Asymptotics for PartitionsDec 14 2018We deduce from the strong form of the Hardy--Ramanujan asymptotics for the partition function $p(n)$ an asymptotics for $p_{-S}(n)$, the number of partitions of $n$ that do not use parts from a finite set $S$ of positive integers. We apply this to construct ... More
One-sided Diophantine approximationsSep 04 2018Jan 15 2019The paper deals with best one--sided (lower or upper) Diophantine approximations of the $\ell$-th kind ($\ell\in\mathbb{N}$). We use the ordinary continued fraction expansions to formulate explicit criteria for a fraction $\frac{p}{q}\in\mathbb{Q}$ to ... More
Low Ply Drawings of TreesAug 30 2016Sep 02 2016We consider the recently introduced model of \emph{low ply graph drawing}, in which the ply-disks of the vertices do not have many common overlaps, which results in a good distribution of the vertices in the plane. The \emph{ply-disk} of a vertex in a ... More
Integration of Relational and Graph Databases FunctionallySep 11 2018A significant category of NoSQL approaches is known as graph da-tabases. They are usually represented by one property graph. We introduce a functional approach to modelling relations and property graphs. Single-valued and multivalued functions will be ... More
Determination of the fine structure constant by simple formulaJun 09 1999In the report submitted here, an elementary formula is presented that allows calculation of the fine structure constant, derived on the basis of the unified theory of the electromagnetic and gravitational field elaborated by the author. This theory is ... More
On the KK system as two-kaons systemApr 01 2005The time evolution of the KK system as a two-qubit system is given. The effect which is interpreted as CP violation in neutral kaon decays is explained via violation of quantum correlations during time evolution of the KK system as two-kaons system and ... More
Path integral approach to generating functions for multistep post-transcription and post-translation processes and arbitrary initial conditionsOct 30 2018Stochastic fluctuations in the copy number of gene products have perceivable effects on the functioning of gene regulatory networks (GRN). The Master equation (ME) provides a theoretical basis for studying such effects. However, solving the ME can be ... More
Double-grid quadrature with interpolation-projection (DoGIP) as a novel discretisation approach: An application to FEM on simplexesOct 26 2017Nov 30 2018This paper is focused on the double-grid integration with interpolation-projection (DoGIP), which is a novel discretisation approach of variational formulations. The method, introduced for Fourier--Galerkin method, is described here as a more general ... More
Double-grid quadrature with interpolation-projection (DoGIP) as a novel discretisation approach: An application to FEM on simplexesOct 26 2017Apr 22 2019This paper is focused on the double-grid integration with interpolation-projection (DoGIP), which is a novel matrix-free discretisation method of variational formulations introduced for Fourier--Galerkin approximation. Here, it is described as a more ... More
The generic rank for $A$--plannar structuresJun 18 2012The paper mostly collects material on generic rank of $A$--modules with respect to differential geometric applications. Our research was motivated by geometry of $A$--structures. In particular, we discuss the case where $A$ is an unitary associative algebra ... More
Super quantum mechanics, spacetime and quantum informationApr 09 2008In the paper it is shown the connection between spacetime and quantum information using an information spacetime as superspace. The connection of quantum information with anticommuting variables is given . Also a solitonic bag is presented where the information ... More
Q-deformation, discrete time and quantum information as fiber spaceJan 11 2008In this paper we show the connection between the q-deformation and discrete time, starting from the q-deformed Heisenberg uncertainty relation and q-deformation calculus. We show that time has discrete nature and for this case we construct the connection ... More
Supersymmetry and quantum gamesMar 29 2007In this paper we show the connection between the supersymmetry and quantum games.
A role of topology and quantum information in physicsFeb 18 2005The role of topology in QIS with physical connection to the noncommutativity, discretization,supersymmetry, entanglement, nonseparability and CP violation in physics is discussed.
A role of antiquantum bits for superdense coding and quantum computingFeb 03 1999We define an anti-quantum bit state via analogous way as the anti-state in Particle Physics.We show the quantum information Feymann diagrams for the teleportations and superdense coding, which preserve the information flow. The role of information vacuum ... More
Theoretical Investigation of C_60 IR SpectrumFeb 16 1996Feb 19 1996A semi-empirical model of the infrared (IR) spectrum of the C$_{60}$ molecule is proposed. The weak IR-active modes seen experimentally in a C$_{60}$ crystalline sample are argued to be combination modes caused by anharmonicity. The origin of these 2-mode ... More
Double-grid quadrature with interpolation-projection (DoGIP) as a novel discretisation approach: An application to FEM on simplexesOct 26 2017May 14 2019This paper is focused on the double-grid integration with interpolation-projection (DoGIP), which is a novel matrix-free discretisation method of variational formulations introduced for Fourier--Galerkin approximation. Here, it is described as a more ... More
A Bayesian Network Model for Interesting ItemsetsOct 14 2015Mining itemsets that are the most interesting under a statistical model of the underlying data is a frequently used and well-studied technique for exploratory data analysis. The most recent models of interestingness are predominantly based on maximum ... More
Parameter-Free Probabilistic API Mining at GitHub ScaleDec 17 2015Existing API mining algorithms are not yet practical to use as they require expensive parameter tuning and the returned set of API calls can be large, highly redundant and difficult to understand. In an attempt to remedy these shortcomings we present ... More
Local control of a mechanism with the growth vector (4,7)Feb 23 2018We study local control of the mechanism with the growth vector (4,7). We study controllability and optimal control on the nilpotent approximation as an example of the cotrol theory on Lie group. We give solutions of the system an show examples of the ... More
Rich Kozai-Lidov Dynamics in an Initially Thin and Eccentric Stellar Disc Around a Supermassive Black HoleFeb 17 2016There is growing evidence of star formation in the vicinity of supermassive black holes (SMBH) in galactic nuclei. A viable scenario for this process assumes infall of a massive gas cloud towards the SMBH and subsequent formation of a dense accretion ... More
Breakdown of the Hebel-Slichter effect in superconducting graphene due to the emergence of Yu-Shiba-Rusinov states at magnetic resonant scatterersFeb 14 2019We study theoretically the relaxation of electron spins in graphene in proximity to an $s$-wave superconductor in the presence of resonant magnetic and spin-orbit impurities. Off resonance, the relaxation behaves as predicted from superconducting coherence: ... More
Trend Analysis on the Metadata of Program Comprehension PapersJul 26 2018As program comprehension is a vast research area, it is necessary to get an overview of its rising and falling trends. We performed an n-gram frequency analysis on titles, abstracts and keywords of 1885 articles about program comprehension from the years ... More
Proximity effects in bilayer graphene on monolayer WSe$_2$: Field-effect spin-valley locking, spin-orbit valve, and spin transistorJun 19 2017Proximity orbital and spin-orbit effects of bilayer graphene on monolayer WSe$_2$ are investigated from first-principles. We find that the built-in electric field induces an orbital band gap of about 10 meV in bilayer graphene. Remarkably, the proximity ... More
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Existence and Uniqueness of Recursive UtilitiesOct 17 2017Apr 22 2019We study existence, uniqueness and computability of solutions for a class of discrete time recursive utilities models. By combining two streams of the recent literature on recursive preferences---one that analyzes principal eigenvalues of valuation operators ... More
Ramsey Partial Orders from Acyclic GraphsAug 16 2016Mar 01 2017We prove that finite partial orders with a linear extension form a Ramsey class. Our proof is based on the fact that class of acyclic graphs has the Ramsey property and uses the partite construction.
Effect of the toroidal magnetic field on the runaway instability of relativistic toriMay 28 2013Runaway instability operates in fluid tori around black holes. It affects systems close to the critical (cusp overflowing) configuration. The runaway effect depends on the radial profile l(R) of the angular momentum distribution of the fluid, on the dimension-less ... More
SIDDHARTA impact on $\bar{K}N$ amplitudes used in in-medium applicationsJan 25 2013We have performed new fits of our chirally motivated coupled--channels model for meson-baryon interactions and discussed the impact of the SIDDHARTA measurement on the $\bar{K}N$ amplitudes in the free space and in nuclear medium. The kaon--nucleon amplitudes ... More
Raman Tensor Calculation for Magnesium PhthalocyanineNov 08 2005We present ab-initio density functional (DFT) calculations of the vibrational spectra of neutral Magnesium phthalocyanine (MgPc) molecule and of its Raman scattering intensities.
Entanglement distillation by adiabatic passage in coupled quantum dotsDec 09 2004Adiabatic passage of two correlated electrons in three coupled quantum dots is shown to provide a robust and controlled way of distilling, transporting and detecting spin entanglement, as well as of measuring the rate of spin disentanglement. Employing ... More
Spin switch and spin amplifier: magnetic bipolar transistor in the saturation regimeJun 07 2004It is shown that magnetic bipolar transistors (MBT) can amplify currents even in the saturation regime, in which both the emitter-base and collector-base junctions are forward biased. The collector current and the current gain can change sign as they ... More
Curved planar quantum wires with Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditionsMar 05 2002Apr 17 2002We investigate the discrete spectrum of the Hamiltonian describing a quantum particle living in the two-dimensional curved strip. We impose the Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions on opposite sides of the strip. The existence of the discrete eigenvalue ... More
Ramsey Partial Orders from Acyclic GraphsAug 16 2016We prove that finite partial orders with a linear extension form a Ramsey class. Our proof is based on the fact that class of acyclic graphs has the Ramsey property and uses the partite construction.
A Subsequence Interleaving Model for Sequential Pattern MiningFeb 16 2016Nov 11 2016Recent sequential pattern mining methods have used the minimum description length (MDL) principle to define an encoding scheme which describes an algorithm for mining the most compressing patterns in a database. We present a novel subsequence interleaving ... More
Computer networks new generation in the use of RESNov 25 2014The paper is aimed at analyzing the potential of new information networks to solve the problems of energy management network with the use of renewable energy sources. One of the basic problems of renewable energy sources is their temporal and spatial ... More
H to Zn Ionization Equilibrium for the Non-Maxwellian Electron kappa-distributions: Updated CalculationsApr 15 2013New data for calculation of the ionization and recombination rates have have been published in the past few years. Most of these are included in CHIANTI database. We used these data to calculate collisional ionization and recombination rates for the non-Maxwellian ... More
The standard model of spin injectionMar 13 20091 Introduction 2 Simple model of spin injection 3 Spin-polarized transport: concepts and definitions 4 The standard model of spin injection: F/N junction 5 Nonequilibrium resistance and spin bottleneck 6 Transparent and tunnel contacts, conductivity mismatch ... More
Universal structures with forbidden homomorphismsJul 23 2009Mar 02 2013We relate the existence problem of universal objects to the properties of corresponding enriched categories (lifts or expansions). In particular, extending earlier results, we prove that for every (possibly infinite) regular set F of finite connected ... More
A Quantitative Study of Java Software BuildabilityDec 04 2017Researchers, students and practitioners often encounter a situation when the build process of a third-party software system fails. In this paper, we aim to confirm this observation present mainly as anecdotal evidence so far. Using a virtual environment ... More
On the order of countable graphsApr 18 2004A set of graphs is said to be independent if there is no homomorphism between distinct graphs from the set. We consider the existence problems related to the independent sets of countable graphs. While the maximal size of an independent set of countable ... More
Spin-polarized current amplification and spin injection in magnetic bipolar transistorsNov 19 2003The magnetic bipolar transistor (MBT) is a bipolar junction transistor with an equilibrium and nonequilibrium spin (magnetization) in the emitter, base, or collector. The low-injection theory of spin-polarized transport through MBTs and of a more general ... More
Drifting of the line-tied footpoints of CME flux-ropesNov 10 2018Existing 3D extensions to the standard model show that flux-rope footpoints are surrounded by curved-shaped QSL-footprints that can be related with hook-shaped flare-ribbons. We build upon this finding and further address the joint questions of their ... More
All those Ramsey classes (Ramsey classes with closures and forbidden homomorphisms)Jun 25 2016We prove the Ramsey property of classes of ordered structures with closures and given local properties. This generalises earlier results: the Ne\v{s}et\v{r}il-R\"odl Theorem, the Ramsey property of partial orders and metric spaces as well as the author's ... More
Forbidden lists (NP and CSP for combinatorialists)Jun 12 2007We present a definition of the class NP in combinatorial context as the set of languages of structures defined by finitely many forbidden lifted substructures. We apply this to special syntactically defined subclasses and show how they correspond to naturally ... More
On tension-continuous mapingsFeb 24 2006Tension-continuous (shortly TT) mappings are mappings between the edge sets of graphs. They generalize graph homomorphisms. From another perspective, tension-continuous mappings are dual to the notion of flow-continuous mappings and the context of nowhere-zero ... More
Tension continuous maps--their structure and applicationsMar 17 2005We consider mappings between edge sets of graphs that lift tensions to tensions. Such mappings are called tension-continuous mappings (shortly TT mappings). Existence of a TT mapping induces a (quasi)order on the class of graphs, which seems to be an ... More
Non-equilibrium ionization by a periodic electron beam II. Synthetic Si IV and O IV transition region spectraNov 17 2017Transition region (TR) spectra typically show the Si IV 1402.8 A line to be enhanced by a factor of 5 or more compared to the neighboring O IV 1401.2 A, contrary to predictions of ionization equilibrium models and the Maxwellian distribution of particle ... More
Bowtie-free graphs have a Ramsey liftFeb 12 2014Oct 11 2016A bowtie is a graph consisting of two triangles with one vertex identified. We show that the class of all (countable) graphs not containing a bowtie as a subgraph have a Ramsey lift (expansion). This solves one of the old problems in the area and it is ... More
All those Ramsey classes (Ramsey classes with closures and forbidden homomorphisms)Jun 25 2016Oct 20 2016We prove the Ramsey property of classes of ordered structures with closures and given local properties. This generalises earlier results: the Ne\v{s}et\v{r}il-R\"odl Theorem, the Ramsey property of partial orders and metric spaces as well as the author's ... More
NP by means of lifts and shadowsJun 23 2007We show that every NP problem is polynomially equivalent to a simple combinatorial problem: the membership problem for a special class of digraphs. These classes are defined by means of shadows (projections) and by finitely many forbidden colored (lifted) ... More
Some examples of universal and generic partial ordersFeb 08 2010Jun 18 2010We survey structures endowed with natural partial orderings and prove their universality. These partial orders include partial orders on sets of words, partial orders formed by geometric objects, grammars, polynomials and homomorphism order for various ... More
The properties of hypervelocity stars and S-stars originating from an eccentric disc around a supermassive black holeJun 29 2016Hypervelocity stars (HVSs) that are observed in the Galactic halo, are believed to be accelerated to large velocities by a process of tidal disruption of binary stars passing close to a supermassive black hole (SMBH) which resides in the center of the ... More
Two-body relaxation driven evolution of the young stellar disc in the Galactic CentreApr 01 2014The centre of our Galaxy hosts almost two hundreds of very young stars, a subset of which is orbiting the central supermassive black hole (SMBH) in a relatively thin disc-like structure. First analyses indicated a power-law surface density profile of ... More
Local geometric control of a certain mechanism with the growth vector (4,7)Feb 23 2018Mar 20 2019We study local control of the mechanism with the growth vector (4,7). We study controllability and extremal trajectories on the nilpotent approximation as an example of the control theory on Lie group. We give solutions of the system an show examples ... More
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Existence and Uniqueness of Recursive UtilitiesOct 17 2017Dec 21 2017We study existence, uniqueness and computability of solutions for a class of discrete time recursive utilities models. By combining two streams of the recent literature on recursive preferences---one that analyzes principal eigenvalues of valuation operators ... More
UV cancelations in gravity loop integrandsAug 30 2018In this work we explore the properties of four-dimensional gravity integrands at large loop momenta. This analysis can not be done directly for the full off-shell integrand but only becomes well-defined on cuts that allow us to unambiguously specify labels ... More
Nonlinearity in stock networksApr 26 2018Jun 26 2018Stock networks, constructed from stock price time series, are a well-established tool for the characterization of complex behavior in stock markets. Following Mantegna's seminal paper, the linear Pearson's correlation coefficient between pairs of stocks ... More
Ramsey theorem for designsMay 08 2017We prove that for any choice of parameters $k,t,\lambda$ the class of all finite ordered designs with parameters $k,t,\lambda$ is a Ramsey class.
Gravity On-shell DiagramsApr 12 2016We study on-shell diagrams for gravity theories with any number of supersymmetries and find a compact Grassmannian formula in terms of edge variables of the graphs. Unlike in gauge theory where the analogous form involves only $\dlog$-factors, in gravity ... More
Subsquares Approach - Simple Scheme for Solving Overdetermined Interval Linear SystemsMay 05 2013In this work we present a new simple but efficient scheme - Subsquares approach - for development of algorithms for enclosing the solution set of overdetermined interval linear systems. We are going to show two algorithms based on this scheme and discuss ... More
Computing Enclosures of Overdetermined Interval Linear SystemsApr 17 2013This work considers special types of interval linear systems - overdetermined systems. Simply said these systems have more equations than variables. The solution set of an interval linear system is a collection of all solutions of all instances of an ... More
Dynamic modeling of gene expression in prokaryotes: application to glucose-lactose diauxie in Escherichia coliJun 01 2011Coexpression of genes or, more generally, similarity in the expression profiles poses an unsurmountable obstacle to inferring the gene regulatory network (GRN) based solely on data from DNA microarray time series. Clustering of genes with similar expression ... More
Splitting finite antichains in the homomorphism orderJan 15 2008Mar 09 2008A structural condition is given for finite maximal antichains in the homomorphism order of relational structures to have the splitting property. It turns out that non-splitting antichains appear only at the bottom of the order. Moreover, we examine looseness ... More
Control of electron spin and orbital resonance in quantum dots through spin-orbit interactionsNov 08 2006Aug 09 2007Influence of resonant oscillating electromagnetic field on a single electron in coupled lateral quantum dots in the presence of phonon-induced relaxation and decoherence is investigated. Using symmetry arguments it is shown that spin and orbital resonance ... More
Spin-Voltaic Effect and its ImplicationsApr 22 2003In an inhomogeneously doped magnetic semiconductor, an interplay between an equilibrium magnetization and injected nonequilibrium spin leads to the spin-voltaic effect--a spin analogue of the photo-voltaic effect. By reversing either the sign of the equilibrium ... More
Quantification of entanglement by means of convergent iterationsMay 13 2002A convergent iterative procedure is proposed for the calculation of the relative entropy of entanglement of a given bipartite quantum state. When this state turns out to be non-separable the algorithm provides the corresponding optimal entanglement witness ... More
Self-sustained magnetoelectric oscillations in magnetic resonant tunneling structuresMay 27 2008The dynamic interplay of transport, electrostatic, and magnetic effects in the resonant tunneling through ferromagnetic quantum wells is theoretically investigated. It is shown that the carrier-mediated magnetic order in the ferromagnetic region not only ... More
Proposal for a digital converter of analog magnetic signalsOct 23 2006A device which converts analog magnetic signals directly into digital information is proposed. The device concept is based on the monostable-bistable transition logic element, which consists of two resonant tunneling diodes (load and driver) connected ... More
Creating and detecting ferro- and antiferromagnetic order in 2D materials by proximity effectsFeb 05 2019We propose an efficient way of detecting the magnetic state of bilayer CrI$_3$ via proximity effect, which can be generalized to other two-dimensional van der Waals magnets. In addition, we discuss the optical magnetization switching in CrI$_3$. First-principles ... More
Ramsey Classes with Closure Operations (Selected Combinatorial Applications)May 04 2017Jun 06 2017We state the Ramsey property of classes of ordered structures with closures and given local properties. This generalises many old and new results: the Ne\v{s}et\v{r}il-R\"{o}dl Theorem, the author's Ramsey lift of bowtie-free graphs as well as the Ramsey ... More
Can Google searches help nowcast and forecast unemployment rates in the Visegrad Group countries?Aug 28 2014Online activity of the Internet users has been repeatedly shown to provide a rich information set for various research fields. We focus on the job-related searches on Google and their possible usefulness in the region of the Visegrad Group -- the Czech ... More
Stokes problem with a solution dependent slip bound: Stability of solutions with respect to domainsApr 27 2015We study the Stokes problem in a bounded planar domain $\Omega$ with a friction type boundary condition that switches between a slip and no-slip stage. Unlike our previous work [6], in the present paper the threshold value may depend on the velocity field. ... More
Geometry of almost Cliffordian manifolds: classes of subordinated connectionsMay 28 2012An almost Clifford and an almost Cliffordian manifold is a $G$--structure based on the definition of Clifford algebras. An almost Clifford manifold based on $\mathcal O:= \cc l (s,t)$ is given by a reduction of the structure group $GL(km, \mathbb R)$ ... More
Acoustic decoherence of flux qubitsDec 11 2006Decoherence of a flux qubit due to inelastic scattering of thermal phonons by the qubit is studied. The computed decoherence rates contain no unknown constants and are expressed entirely in terms of measurable parameters of the qubit. The answer depends ... More
Thermal Expansion and Gruneisen Parameters of Amorphous Silicon: A Realistic Model CalculationAug 07 1997Using a realistic model, the mode Gruneisen parameters and the temperature dependent coefficient of linear thermal expansion are calculated for amorphous silicon. The resulting values of the Gruneisen parameters differ from the crystalline case in having ... More
Local Integrand Representations of All Two-Loop Amplitudes in Planar SYMMay 21 2015We use generalized unitarity at the integrand-level to directly construct local, manifestly dual-conformally invariant formulae for all two-loop scattering amplitudes in planar, maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory (SYM). This representation separates ... More
Nice connecting paths in connected components of sets of algebraic elements in a Banach algebraJan 07 2016Generalizing earlier results about the set of idempotents in a Banach algebra, or of self-adjoint idempotents in a $C^*$-algebra, we announce constructions of nice connecting paths in the connected components of the set of elements in a Banach algebra, ... More
Accurate computation of conditional expectation for highly non-linear problemsJun 08 2018Jan 31 2019This paper focuses on inverse problems to identify parameters by incorporating information from measurements. These generally ill-posed problems are formulated here in a probabilistic setting based on Bayes's theorem because it leads to a unique solution ... More
Towards a classification for quasiperiodically forced circle homeomorphismsFeb 07 2005Poincare's classification of the dynamics of homeomorphisms of the circle is one of the earliest, but still one of the most elegant, classification results in dynamical systems. Here we generalize this to quasiperiodically forced circle homeomorphisms, ... More
Beam test of the QMB6 calibration board and HBU0 prototypeMay 24 2011We report about the performance of the HBU0 board and the optical calibration system QMB6 in the DESY test beam. A MIP signal was measured on the HBU0 board, providing a reference to the LED amplitude scan, showing an amount of light delivered to each ... More
Energy-based comparison between Fourier-Galerkin and finite element method within numerical homogenisationSep 25 2017The Fourier-Galerkin method (in short FFTH) has gained popularity in numerical homogenisation because it can treat problems with a huge number of degrees of freedom. Because the method incorporates the fast Fourier transform (FFT) in the linear solver, ... More
Into the AmplituhedronDec 30 2013We initiate an exploration of the physics and geometry of the amplituhedron, starting with the simplest case of the integrand for four-particle scattering in planar N=4 SYM. We show how the textbook structure of the unitarity double-cut follows from the ... More
Ignition of superconducting vortices by acoustic standing wavesSep 11 2007Nov 22 2007Nucleation of vortices in a superconductor below the first critical field can be assisted by transverse sound in the GHz frequency range. Vortices will enter and exist the superconductor at the frequency of the sound. We compute the threshold parameters ... More
Anharmonic Decay of Vibrational States in Amorphous SiliconMay 16 1996Anharmonic decay rates are calculated for a realistic atomic model of amorphous silicon. The results show that the vibrational states decay on picosecond timescales and follow the two-mode density of states, similar to crystalline silicon, but somewhat ... More
Shape optimization of phononic band gap structures using the homogenization approachJan 01 2016The paper deals with optimization of the acoustic band gaps computed using the homogenized model of strongly heterogeneous elastic composite which is constituted by soft inclusions periodically distributed in stiff elastic matrix. We employ the homogenized ... More
The coupling of a young stellar disc with the molecular torus in the Galactic centreNov 16 2010The Galactic centre hosts, according to observations, a number of early-type stars. About one half of those which are orbiting the central supermassive black hole on orbits with projected radii $\gtrsim$ 0.03 pc form a coherently rotating disc. Observations ... More
Nilpotent approximation of a trident snake robot controlling distributionJul 28 2016We construct a privileged system of coordinates with respect to the controlling distribution of a trident snake robot and, furthermore, we construct a nilpotent approximation with respect to the given filtration. Note that all constructions are local ... More
Treating Smoothness and Balance during Data Exchange in Explicit Simulator Coupling or CosimulationMar 16 2017Cosimulation methods allow combination of simulation tools of physical systems running in parallel to act as a single simulation environment for a big system. As data is passed across subsystem boundaries instead of solving the system as one single equation ... More
Contribution of Interval Linear Algebra to the Ongoing Discussions on Multiple Breath Washout TestFeb 24 2019In the paper the interval least squares approach to estimate/fit data with interval uncertainties is introduced. The solution of this problem is discussed from the perspective of interval linear algebra. Using the interval linear algebra carefully, it ... More
Finding Regressions in Projects under Version Control SystemsAug 22 2017Version Control Systems (VCS) are frequently used to support development of large-scale software projects. A typical VCS repository of a large project can contain various intertwined branches consisting of a large number of commits. If some kind of unwanted ... More
Gaussian Processes for Demand UnconstrainingNov 29 2017One of the key challenges in revenue management is unconstraining demand data. Existing state of the art single-class unconstraining methods make restrictive assumptions about the form of the underlying demand and can perform poorly when applied to data ... More
Self-Organization of Self-Clearing Beating Patterns in an Array of Locally Interacting Ciliated Cells Formulated as an Adaptive Boolean NetworkApr 09 2017Apr 06 2018The observed spatio-temporal ciliary beat patterns on multiciliated epithelia are suspected to be the result of self-organizing processes on various levels. Here, we present an abstract epithelium model at the pluricellular level, which intends to make ... More
Locality and Unitarity from Singularities and Gauge InvarianceDec 08 2016We conjecture that the leading two-derivative tree-level amplitudes for gluons and gravitons can be derived from gauge invariance together with mild assumptions on their singularity structure. Assuming locality (that the singularities are associated with ... More
Magnetoanisotropic Josephson effect due to interfacial spin-orbit fields in superconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor junctionsAug 03 2016Jan 27 2017We study theoretically the effects of interfacial Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit coupling in superconductor/ferromagnet/superconductor (S/F/S) Josephson junctions---with allowing for tunneling barriers between the layers---by solving the Bogoljubov-de ... More
Cluster Analysis of Local Convergent Sequences of StructuresOct 27 2015The cluster analysis of very large objects is an important problem, which spans several theoretical as well as applied branches of mathematics and computer science. Here we suggest a novel approach: under assumption of local convergence of a sequence ... More
A comparative study on low-memory iterative solvers for FFT-based homogenization of periodic mediaAug 09 2015May 21 2016In this paper, we assess the performance of four iterative algorithms for solving non-symmetric rank-deficient linear systems arising in the FFT-based homogenization of heterogeneous materials defined by digital images. Our framework is based on the Fourier-Galerkin ... More
Positive Amplitudes In The AmplituhedronDec 29 2014The all-loop integrand for scattering amplitudes in planar N = 4 SYM is determined by an "amplitude form" with logarithmic singularities on the boundary of the amplituhedron. In this note we provide strong evidence for a new striking property of the superamplitude, ... More
Informationally Incomplete Quantum TomographySep 11 2013Nov 13 2013In quantum-state tomography on sources with quantum degrees of freedom of large Hilbert spaces, inference of quantum states of light for instance, a complete characterization of the quantum states for these sources is often not feasible owing to limited ... More
Proposal for a ferromagnetic multiwell spin oscillatorMay 12 2010The highly nonlinear coupling of transport and magnetic properties in a multiwell heterostructure, which comprises ferromagnetic quantum wells made of diluted magnetic semiconductors, is theoretically investigated. The interplay of resonant tunneling ... More