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Quasi-Anosov diffeomorphisms of 3-manifoldsSep 02 2007In 1969, Hirsch posed the following problem: given a diffeomorphism, and a compact invariant hyperbolic set, describe its topology and restricted dynamics. We solve the problem where the hyperbolic invariant set is a closed 3-manifold: if the manifold ... More
Continuum-wise expansive homeomorphisms on Peano continuaJun 22 2004On a Peano continuum, all local stable and unstable components of a continuum-wise expansive homeomorphism are non trivial. In particular, there is sensitive dependence on initial conditions. This generalizes results in \cite{h,l} about lack of Lyapunov ... More
Hyperbolic sub-dynamics: compact invariant 3-manifoldsJul 14 2005Jul 18 2005In 1970, Hirsch asked what kind of compact invariant sets could be part of a hyperbolic set. Here we obtain that, in case such an invariant set is a 3D manifold, it is a connected sum of tori with handles quotiented by involutions. Moreover, if the manifold ... More
There are no stable points for continuum-wise expansive homeomorphismsAug 13 2002Aug 21 2002We obtain some results about continuum-wise expansive homeomorphisms, such as non-existence of stable points and presence of non-trivial connected components within the local stable and unstable sets. These facts have been of importance in theorems of ... More
Genericity of non-uniform hyperbolicity in dimension 3Mar 23 2012Apr 24 2012For a generic conservative diffeomorphism of a 3-manifold M, the Oseledets splitting is a globally dominated splitting. Moreover, either all Lyapunov exponents vanish almost everywhere, or else the system is non-uniformly hyperbolic and ergodic. This ... More
Minimality and stable Bernouliness in dimension 3May 11 2019In 3-dimensional manifolds, we prove that generically in$Diff^1_m(M)$, the existence of a minimal expanding invariant foliation implies stable Bernoulliness.
Minimality and stable Bernouliness in dimension 3May 11 2019Jun 04 2019In 3-dimensional manifolds, we prove that generically in$Diff^1_m(M)$, the existence of a minimal expanding invariant foliation implies stable Bernoulliness.
On the three-legged accessibility propertyMay 10 2018May 11 2018We show that certain types of the three-legged accessibility property of a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism imply the existence of a unique minimal set for one strong foliation and the transitivity of the other one. In case the center dimension is ... More
Center-unstable foliations do not have compact leavesJan 31 2015For a partiallyhyperbolic diffeomorphism on a 3-manifold, we show that any invariant foliation tangent to the center-unstable (or center-stable) bundle has no compact leaves.
Partially hyperbolic dynamics in dimension 3Jan 05 2015Dec 05 2016Partial hyperbolicity appeared in the sixties as a natural generaliza- tion of hyperbolicity. In the last 20 years in this area there has been great activity. Here we survey the state of the art in some topics, focusing especially in partial hyperbolicity ... More
A non-dynamically coherent example on ${\mathbb T}^3$Sep 02 2014In this paper we give the first example of a non-dynamically coherent partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism with one-dimensional center bundle. The existence of such an example had been an open question since 1975.
Partially hyperbolic dynamics in dimension 3Jan 05 2015Jan 06 2015Some of the guiding problems in partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms in 3-manifolds are the following: (1) ergodicity (2) dynamical coherence (3) classification. A few years ago, the last three authors posed conjectures concerning these subjects. In this ... More
Dynamics in the isotopy class of a pseudo-Anosov mapJul 22 2004Despite its homotopical stability, new relevant dynamics appear in the isotopy class of a pseudo-Anosov homeomorphism. We study these new dynamics by identifying homotopically equivalent orbits, obtaining a more complete description of the topology of ... More
New criteria for ergodicity and non-uniform hyperbolicityJul 27 2009In this work we obtain a new criterion to establish ergodicity and non-uniform hyperbolicity of smooth measures of diffeomorphisms. This method allows us to give a more accurate description of certain ergodic components. The use of this criterion in combination ... More
Ergodicity and partial hyperbolicity on Seifert manifoldsJul 10 2019We show that conservative partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism isotopic to the identity on Seifert 3-manifolds are ergodic.
Structure of accessibility classesJun 04 2017Jan 11 2019In this work we deal with partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms whose central direction is two dimensional. We prove that in general the accessibility classes are immersed manifolds. If, furthermore, the diffeomorphism is dynamically coherent and satisfies ... More
On manifolds supporting quasi Anosov diffeomorphismsOct 11 2001Let $M$ be an $n$-dimensional manifold supporting a quasi Anosov diffeomorphism. If $n=3$ then either $M={\mathbb T}^3$, in which case the diffeomorphisms is Anosov, or else its fundamental group contains a copy of ${\mathbb Z} ^6$. If $n=4$ then $\Pi_1(M)$ ... More
Cohomology free systems and the first Betti numberSep 13 2006Sep 18 2006We prove that a cohomology free flow on a manifold M fibers over a diophantine translation on the torus T b, where b is the first Betti number of M.
Stable ergodicity of certain linear automorphisms of the torusDec 26 2002We prove that some ergodic linear automorphisms of $\T^N$ are stably ergodic, i.e. any small perturbation remains ergodic. The class of linear automorphisms we deal with includes all non-Anosov ergodic automorphisms when N=4 and so, as a corollary, we ... More
Some advances on generic properties of the Oseledets splittingNov 14 2010In his foundational paper [ICM 1983, Warzaw], Ma\~n\'e suggested that some aspects of the Oseledets splitting could be improved if one worked under C1-generic conditions. He announced some powerful theorems, and suggested some lines to follow. Here we ... More
On the geodesic flow of surfaces of nonpositive curvatureJan 02 2003Let $S$ be a surface of nonpositive curvature of genus bigger than 1 (i.e. not the torus). We prove that any flat strip in the surface is in fact a flat cylinder. Moreover we prove that the number of homotopy classes of such flat cylinders is bounded. ... More
Global rigidity of certain abelian actions by toral automorphismsSep 22 2006We prove global rigidity results for some linear abelian actions on tori. The type of actions we deal with includes in particular maximal rank semisimple actions on $\T^N$.
Sharp exponents and a Wiener type condition for boundary regularity of quasiminimizersApr 30 2015We obtain a sufficient condition for boundary regularity of quasiminimizers of the p-energy integral in terms of a Wiener type sum of power type. The exponent in the sum is independent of the dimension and is explicitly expressed in terms of p and the ... More
A survey on partially hyperbolic dynamicsSep 13 2006Sep 21 2006Some of the guiding problems in partially hyperbolic systems are the following: (1) Examples, (2) Properties of invariant foliations, (3) Accessibility, (4) Ergodicity, (5) Lyapunov exponents, (6) Integrability of central foliations, (7) Transitivity ... More
Some results on the integrability of the center bundle for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphismsSep 13 2006We prove, for f a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism with center dimension one, two results about the integrability of its central bundle. On one side, we show that if the non wandering set of f is the whole manifold, and the manifold is 3 dimensional, ... More
Measure and cocycle rigidity for certain non-uniformly hyperbolic actions of higher rank abelian groupsJan 14 2010We prove absolute continuity of "high entropy" hyperbolic invariant measures for smooth actions of higher rank abelian groups assuming that there are no proportional Lyapunov exponents. For actions on tori and infranilmanifolds existence of an absolutely ... More
Rigidity of real-analytic actions of $SL(n,\Z)$ on $\T^n$: A case of realization of Zimmer programFeb 15 2010We prove that any real-analytic action of $SL(n,\Z), n\ge 3$ with standard homotopy data that preserves an ergodic measure $\mu$ whose support is not contained in a ball, is analytically conjugate on an open invariant set to the standard linear action ... More
Tori with hyperbolic dynamics in 3-manifoldsNov 13 2010Let M be a closed orientable irreducible 3-manifold, and let f be a diffeomorphism over M. We call an embedded 2-torus T an Anosov torus if it is invariant and the induced action of f over \pi_1(T) is hyperbolic. We prove that only few irreducible 3-manifolds ... More
Partial hyperbolicity and ergodicity in dimension threeNov 25 2006In [15] the authors proved the Pugh-Shub conjecture for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with 1-dimensional center, i.e. stable ergodic diffeomorphism are dense among the partially hyperbolic ones. In this work we address the issue of giving a more ... More
Creation of blenders in the conservative settingJul 19 2009In this work we prove that each C^r conservative diffeomorphism with a pair of hyperbolic periodic points of co-index one can be C^1-approximated by C^r conservative diffeomorphisms having a blender.
Accessibility and stable ergodicity for partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with 1d-center bundleOct 30 2006Dec 20 2006We prove that stable ergodicity is C r open and dense among conservative partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms with one-dimensional center bundle, for all r in [2,infty]. The proof follows Pugh-Shub program: among conservative partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms ... More
Arithmeticity and topology of smooth actions of higher rank abelian groupsMay 30 2013We prove that any smooth action of $\mathbb Z^{m-1}, m\ge 3$ on an $m$-dimensional manifold that preserves a measure such that all non-identity elements of the suspension have positive entropy is essentially algebraic, i.e. isomorphic up to a finite permutation ... More
Manifolds with higher homotopy which do not support Anosov diffeomorphismsDec 18 2012Oct 20 2013We show that various classes of closed manifolds with non-trivial higher homotopy groups do not support (transitive) Anosov diffeomorphisms. In particular we show that a finite product of spheres at least one of which is even-dimensional does not support ... More
Global rigidity of higher rank Anosov algebraic actionsApr 04 2013We show that all $C^\infty$ Anosov $Z^r$-actions on tori and nilmanifolds without rank-one factor actions are, up to $C^\infty$ conjugacy, actions by automorphisms.
Stochastic activation in a genetic switch modelAug 15 2018Oct 10 2018We study a biological autoregulation process, involving a protein that enhances its own transcription, in a parameter region where bistability would be present in the absence of fluctuations. We calculate the rate of fluctuation-induced rare transitions ... More
The Burnside problem for $\text{Diff}_{\text{Vol}}(\mathbb{S}^2)$Jul 15 2016Apr 05 2019Let $S$ be a closed surface and $\text{Diff}_{\text{Vol}}(S)$ be the group of volume preserving diffeomorphisms of $S$. A finitely generated group $G$ is periodic of bounded exponent if there exists $k \in \mathbb{N}$ such that every element of $G$ has ... More
New partially hyperbolic dynamical systems IJul 29 2014Nov 01 2015We propose a new method for constructing partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms on closed manifolds. As a demonstration of the method we show that there are simply connected closed manifolds that support partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms.
On the non-equivalence of the Bernoulli and K properties in dimension fourDec 08 2016We study skew products where the base is a hyperbolic automorphism of $\mathbb{T}^2$, the fiber is a smooth area preserving flow on $\mathbb{T}^2$ with one fixed point (of high degeneracy) and the skewing function is a smooth non coboundary with non-zero ... More
Measure rigidity for random dynamics on surfaces and related skew productsJun 22 2015Mar 03 2017Given a surface $M$ and a Borel probability measure $\nu$ on the group of $C^2$-diffeomorphisms of $M$, we study $\nu$-stationary probability measures on $M$. We prove for hyperbolic stationary measures the following trichotomy: either the stable distributions ... More
Smooth ergodic theory of $\mathbb{Z}^d$-actionsOct 31 2016In the first part of this paper, we formulate a general setting in which to study the ergodic theory of differentiable $\mathbb{Z}^d$-actions preserving a Borel probability measure. This framework includes actions by $C^{1+\text{H\"older}}$ diffeomorphisms ... More
Invariant Distributions for homogeneous flowsMar 28 2013Jul 22 2015We prove that every homogeneous flow on a finite-volume homogeneous manifold has countably many independent invariant distributions unless it is conjugate to a linear flow on a torus. We also prove that the same conclusion holds for every affine transformation ... More
Nonuniform measure rigidityMar 20 2008Sep 13 2010We consider an ergodic invariant measure $\mu$ for a smooth action of $Z^k$, $k \ge 2$, on a $(k+1)$-dimensional manifold or for a locally free smooth action of $R^k$, $k \ge 2$ on a $(2k+1)$-dimensional manifold. We prove that if $\mu$ is hyperbolic ... More
Invariant measures and measurable projective factors for actions of higher-rank lattices on manifoldsSep 18 2016We consider smooth actions of lattices in higher-rank semisimple Lie groups on manifolds. We define two numbers $r(G)$ and $m(G)$ associated with the roots system of the Lie algebra of a Lie group $G$. If the dimension of the manifold is smaller than ... More
Measure rigidity for random dynamics on surfaces and related skew productsJun 22 2015Jun 24 2015Given a surface $M$ and a Borel probability measure $\nu$ on the group of $C^2$-diffeomorphisms of $M$, we study $\nu$-stationary probability measures on $M$. We prove for hyperbolic stationary measures the following trichotomy: either the stable distributions ... More
Global smooth and topological rigidity of hyperbolic lattice actionsDec 21 2015Mar 07 2016In this article we prove global rigidity results for hyperbolic actions of higher-rank lattices. Suppose $\Gamma$ is a lattice in semisimple Lie group, all of whose factors have rank $2$ or higher. Let $\alpha$ be a smooth $\Gamma$-action on a compact ... More
The Fried average entropy and slow entropy for actions of higher rank abelian groupsNov 04 2013Jul 16 2014We consider two numerical entropy--type invariants for actions of $\Zk$, invariant under a choice of generators and well-adapted for smooth actions whose individual elements have positive entropy. We concentrate on the maximal rank case, i.e. $\Zk,\,k\ge ... More
Invariant measures and measurable projective factors for actions of higher-rank lattices on manifoldsSep 18 2016Jan 05 2017We consider smooth actions of lattices in higher-rank semisimple Lie groups on manifolds. We define two numbers $r(G)$ and $m(G)$ associated with the roots system of the Lie algebra of a Lie group $G$. If the dimension of the manifold is smaller than ... More
Measure rigidity for random dynamics on surfaces with positive entropyJun 27 2014Jun 24 2015Given a surface $M$ and a Borel probability measure $\nu$ on the group of $C^2$-diffeomorphisms of $M$, we study $\nu$-stationary probability measures on $M$. Assuming the positivity of a certain entropy, the following dichotomy is proved: either the ... More
The variational capacity with respect to nonopen sets in metric spacesOct 01 2012We pursue a systematic treatment of the variational capacity on metric spaces and give full proofs of its basic properties. A novelty is that we study it with respect to nonopen sets, which is important for Dirichlet and obstacle problems on nonopen sets, ... More
A Criterion For Ergodicity of Non-uniformly hyperbolic DiffeomorphismsOct 11 2007In this work we exhibit a new criteria for ergodicity of diffeomorphisms involving conditions on Lyapunov exponents and general position of some invariant manifolds. On one hand we derive uniqueness of SRB-measures for transitive surface diffeomorphisms. ... More
Uniqueness of SRB measures for transitive diffeomorphisms on surfacesMay 22 2010We give a description of ergodic components of SRB measures in terms of ergodic homoclinic classes associated to hyperbolic periodic points. For transitive surface diffeomorphisms, we prove that there exists at most one SRB measure.
Equation $x^iy^jx^k=u^iv^ju^k$ in wordsJan 15 2015We will prove that the word $a^ib^ja^k$ is periodicity forcing if $j \geq 3$ and $i+k \geq 3$, where $i$ and $k$ are positive integers. Also we will give examples showing that both bounds are optimal.
Local Nash RealizationsMay 02 2013In this paper we investigate realization theory of a class of non-linear systems, called Nash systems. Nash systems are non-linear systems whose vector fields and readout maps are analytic semi-algebraic functions. In this paper we will present a characterization ... More
Maximizing measures for partially hyperbolic systems with compact center leavesOct 16 2010We obtain the following dichotomy for accessible partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of 3-dimensional manifolds having compact center leaves: either there is a unique entropy maximizing measure, this measure has the Bernoulli property and its center ... More
Classification of partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms under some rigid conditionsMar 21 2019It is proved a classification of three dimensional partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms assuming some rigid hypotheses on the tangent bundle dynamics.
Anomalous Anosov flows revisitedDec 21 2017This paper is devoted to higher dimensional Anosov flows and consists of two parts. In the first part, we investigate fiberwise Anosov flows on affine torus bundles which fiber over 3-dimensional Anosov flows. We provide a dichotomy result for such flows ... More
Classification of partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms under some rigid conditionsMar 21 2019Mar 27 2019It is proved a classification of three dimensional partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms assuming some rigid hypotheses on the tangent bundle dynamics.
On the Near Horizon Canonical Quantum Microstates from $AdS_2/CFT_1$ and Conformal Weyl GravityJul 18 2017We compute the full asymptotic symmetry group of black holes belonging to the same equivalence class of solutions within the Conformal Weyl Gravity formalism. We do this within an $AdS_2/CFT_1$ correspondence and by performing a Robinson-Wilczek two dimensional ... More
Threshold dynamics for corotational wave mapsSep 05 2018We study the dynamics of corotational wave maps from $\mathbb R^{1+2} \rightarrow \mathbb S^2$ at threshold energy. It is known that topologically trivial wave maps with energy $< 8\pi$ are global and scatter to a constant map. In this work, we prove ... More
Soliton resolution for equivariant wave maps on a wormhole: IISep 27 2016In this paper, we continue our study of equivariant \emph{wave maps on a wormhole} initiated in our companion paper. More precisely, we study finite energy $\ell$--equivariant wave maps from the (1+3)-dimensional spacetime $\mathbb R \times (\mathbb R ... More
The Signature of a ManifoldAug 10 2005Jun 01 2015Let us consider a compact oriented riemannian manifold M without boundary and of dimension n=4k. The signature of M is defined as the signature of a given quadratic form Q. Two different products could be used to define Q and they render equivalent definitions: ... More
On the Teichmüller geodesic generated by the L-shaped translation surface tiled by three squaresJul 15 2012Jul 18 2012We study the one parameter family of genus 2 Riemann surfaces defined by the orbit of the L-shaped translation surface tiled by three squares under the Teichm\"uller geodesic flow. These surfaces are real algebraic curves with three real components. We ... More
Orbital stability and the quantum atomic spectrum from Stochastic ElectrodynamicsJan 30 2012Apr 10 2014High order terms in the electromagnetic multipole development expose a stabilizing mechanism for the atomic orbitals in the presence of the ZPF-background. Boyer and Puthoff set forward the idea that for the Bohr orbits in the hydrogen atom, radiation ... More
Communication loophole in a Bell-EPR-Bohm experiment: standard no-signaling may not always be enough to exclude local realismAug 24 2011Aug 30 2011Assuming perfect detection efficiency, we present an (indeterministic) model for an EPR-Bohm experiment which reproduces the singlet correlations, without contradicting Bell's original locality condition. In this model we allow the probability distribution ... More
Iron abundance in HII regionsMar 22 2002Optical CCD spectra are used to determine the Fe abundances at several positions inside seven bright Galactic HII regions. The observed [FeIII] line ratios are compared with the predictions of different sets of collision strengths and transition probabilities ... More
[Fe IV] emission in ionized nebulaeJan 22 2003Feb 25 2003This paper presents an analysis of [Fe IV] emission based on new identifications and previous measurements of [Fe IV] lines in 30 Doradus, IC 4846, M42, SMC N88A, and SBS 0335-052. The Fe abundances obtained by adding the abundances of the relevant Fe ... More
A New Pedagogical Way of Finding Out the Gauge Field Strength Tensor in Abelian and Non-Abelian Local Gauge Field TheoriesDec 03 2015Sep 06 2016The gauge field strength tensor $F_{\mu \nu}$ in Abelian and non-Abelian local gauge field theories is a key object in the construction of the Lagrangian since it provides the kinetic term(s) of the gauge field(s) $A_\mu$. When introducing this object, ... More
Scattering for radial energy-subcritical wave equationsFeb 15 2016In this paper, we study the focusing and defocusing energy--subcritical, nonlinear wave equation in $\mathbb{R}^{1+d}$ with radial initial data for $d = 4,5$. We prove that if a solution remains bounded in the critical space on its interval of existence, ... More
Development of a wheelchair simulator for children with multiple disabilitiesJan 18 2016Virtual reality allows to create situations which can be experimented under the control of the user, without risks, in a very flexible way. This allows to develop skills and to have confidence to work in real conditions with real equipment. VR is then ... More
QM, non-locality and the vacuum fluctuations: conclusions and new directionsJan 10 2012Mar 07 2013Summary of results and overall conclusions on my works in the field of Bell inequalities and QM's alleged non-locality.
Linear eigenvalue statistics of random matrices with a variance profileJan 27 2019We give an upper bound on the total variation distance between the linear eigenvalue statistic, properly scaled and centred, of a random matrix with a variance profile and the standard Gaussian random variable. The second order Poincar\'e inequality type ... More
De-biased sparse PCA: Inference and testing for eigenstructure of large covariance matricesJan 31 2018Sparse principal component analysis (sPCA) has become one of the most widely used techniques for dimensionality reduction in high-dimensional datasets. The main challenge underlying sPCA is to estimate the first vector of loadings of the population covariance ... More
The Liouville theorem for $p$-harmonic functions and quasiminimizers with finite energySep 19 2018We show that, under certain geometric conditions, there are no nonconstant quasiminimizers with finite $p$th power energy in a (not necessarily complete) metric measure space equipped with a globally doubling measure supporting a global $p$-Poincar\'e ... More
The Mazurkiewicz distance and sets that are finitely connected at the boundaryNov 20 2013We study local connectedness, local accessibility and finite connectedness at the boundary, in relation to the compactness of the Mazurkiewicz completion of a bounded domain in a metric space. For countably connected planar domains we obtain a complete ... More
Sample Complexity Bounds for Recurrent Neural Networks with Application to Combinatorial Graph ProblemsJan 29 2019Learning to predict solutions to real-valued combinatorial graph problems promises efficient approximations. As demonstrated based on the NP-hard edge clique cover number, recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are particularly suited for this task and can ... More
Simulation in BiologyJun 10 2006An invitation to simulation is made into a realizable challenge: the reader is taken from scratch to games with words, to mathematical models, to statistical analysis, to simulation of evolution. No special requirements are needed: we work with the inbuilt ... More
The genome is software and evolution is a software developerMar 02 2010The genome is software because it a set of verbal instructions for a programmable computer, the ribosome. The theory of evolution now reads: evolution is the software developer responsible for the existence of the genome. We claim that this setting, whose ... More
Advances towards a General-Purpose Societal-Scale Human-Collective Problem-Solving EngineJan 03 2005Human collective intelligence has proved itself as an important factor in a society's ability to accomplish large-scale behavioral feats. As societies have grown in population-size, individuals have seen a decrease in their ability to activeily participate ... More
Revisiting factorability and indeterminismNov 24 2011Perhaps it is not completely superfluous to remind that Clauser-Horne factorability, introduced in [1], is only necessary when \lambda, the hidden variable (HV), is sufficiently deterministic: for {M_i} a set of possible measurements (isolated or not ... More
Wigner-PDC description of photon entanglement as a local-realistic theoryNov 16 2011Mar 18 2014Regardless of past proposals (already disproved in experimental work by Brida et al), the Wigner picture of Parametric Down Conversion (works by Casado et al) can be interpreted as a local-realistic formalism, without the need to depart from quantum mechanical ... More
Weak Arithmetic CobordismAug 15 2016In the early 2000's Levine and Morel have given a geometric construction of an algebraic cobordism group defined for all smooth quasi projective varieties over a field. We show how we can refine their construction to build an Arakelov version of this ... More
Metalinguistic Information Extraction for TerminologyApr 15 2005This paper describes and evaluates the Metalinguistic Operation Processor (MOP) system for automatic compilation of metalinguistic information from technical and scientific documents. This system is designed to extract non-standard terminological resources ... More
A partial data result for less regular conductivities in admissible geometriesDec 03 2014Feb 13 2016We consider the Calder\'on problem with partial data in certain admissible geometries, that is, on compact Riemannian manifolds with boundary which are conformally embedded in a product of the Euclidean line and a simple manifold. We show that measuring ... More
Electromagnetism and geometryJun 09 2008This work is an introduction to modern mathematical physics. We begin with Maxwell laws and vector calculus, pass next to consider the action and the Feynman integral in quantum mechanics, next relativity and differential geometry to formulate the electromagnetic ... More
Technical Report: CSVM EcosystemSep 11 2012The CSVM format is derived from CSV format and allows the storage of tabular like data with a limited but extensible amount of metadata. This approach could help computer scientists because all information needed to uses subsequently the data is included ... More
Technical report: CSVM dictionariesAug 08 2012CSVM (CSV with Metadata) is a simple file format for tabular data. The possible application domain is the same as typical spreadsheets files, but CSVM is well suited for long term storage and the inter-conversion of RAW data. CSVM embeds different levels ... More
Electronic properties of Jahn-Teller and photoluminescence systems under pressureSep 14 2006Mar 21 2007Photoluminescence (PL) properties of materials containing transition-metal ions depend on a variety of structural factors such as electronic structure, site symmetry and neighbouring atoms. These factors play a crucial role for the occurrence PL i.e. ... More
Fluorescence of [Fe II] in H II regionsJun 17 1999A study of [Fe II] lines at various positions within the H II regions M42 and M43 is presented. The relative intensities of selected optical [Fe II] lines are shown to be correlated with the intensity of the apparent nebular continuous spectrum. Since ... More
Bell tests with photon-entanglement: LHV models and critical efficiencies at the light of Wigner-PDC opticsDec 15 2011Within the Wigner-PDC picture of photon entanglement, detection "errors" are not independent (though they may look, on average), nor can they be controlled by means of a technological improvement on the detectors. Those two elements make possible the ... More
A classical, elementary approach to the foundations of Quantum MechanicsDec 13 2011Mar 07 2013Elementary particles are found in two different situations: (i) bound to metastable states of matter, for which angular momentum is quantized, and (ii) free, for which, due to their high energy-momentum and leaving aside inner a.m. or spin, the $h$-quantization ... More
One-parameter 2-equipped posets and classification of their corepresentationsJun 13 2018One-parameter criterion for 2-equipped posets with respect to cerepresentations is stated and proved. The list of sincere one-parameter 2-equipped posets is given as well as a complex matrix classification of all their indecomposables corepresentations. ... More
Field-free two-direction alignment alternation of linear molecules by elliptic laser pulsesAug 23 2005We show that a linear molecule subjected to a short specific elliptically polarized laser field yields postpulse revivals exhibiting alignment alternatively located along the orthogonal axis and the major axis of the ellipse. The effect is experimentally ... More
Affine equivariant rank-weighted L-estimation of multivariate locationMar 18 2015Apr 01 2015In the multivariate one-sample location model, we propose a class of flexible robust, affine-equivariant L-estimators of location, for distributions invoking affine-invariance of Mahalanobis distances of individual observations. An involved iteration ... More
Analysis of Vector-Inflation Models Using Dynamical SystemsApr 07 2015We analyze two possible vector-field models using the techniques of dynamical systems. The first model involves a U(1)-vector field and the second a triad of SU(2)-vector fields. Both models include a gauge-fixing term and a power-law potential. A dynamical ... More
EUTelescope Guide for ATLAS ITk Strip: Reconstruction and AnalysisJul 14 2017EUTelescope is arguably the most used software to reconstruct tracks from telescope data. This guide explains how to install a version adapted for the reconstruction of ITk Strip test beam data. In this version, an example of such reconstruction with ... More
Blind Visual Motif Removal from a Single ImageApr 04 2019Many images shared over the web include overlaid objects, or visual motifs, such as text, symbols or drawings, which add a description or decoration to the image. For example, decorative text that specifies where the image was taken, repeatedly appears ... More
Semi-parametric efficiency bounds and efficient estimation for high-dimensional modelsJan 05 2016Jun 08 2016Asymptotic lower bounds for estimation play a fundamental role in assessing the quality of statistical procedures. In this paper we propose a framework for obtaining semi-parametric efficiency bounds for sparse high-dimensional models, where the dimension ... More
Second-order accurate ensemble transform particle filtersAug 29 2016Sep 22 2016Particle filters (also called sequential Monte Carlo methods) are widely used for state and parameter estimation problems in the context of nonlinear evolution equations. The recently proposed ensemble transform particle filter (ETPF) (S. Reich, {\it ... More
Probabilistic-valued decomposable set functions with respect to triangle functionsSep 22 2013Mar 05 2014In the framework of the generalized measure theory the decomposable probabilistic-valued set functions are introduced with triangle functions $\tau$ in an appropriate probabilistic metric space as natural candidates for the "addition", leading to the ... More
Existence and almost uniqueness for $p$-harmonic Green functions on bounded domains in metric spacesJun 24 2019We study ($p$-harmonic) singular functions, defined by means of upper gradients, in bounded domains in metric measure spaces. It is shown that singular functions exist if and only if the complement of the domain has positive capacity, and that they satisfy ... More