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Weighted Point Cloud Augmentation for Neural Network Training Data Class-ImbalanceApr 08 2019Apr 09 2019Recent developments in the field of deep learning for 3D data have demonstrated promising potential for end-to-end learning directly from point clouds. However, many real-world point clouds contain a large class im-balance due to the natural class im-balance ... More
SynthCity: A large scale synthetic point cloudJul 10 2019With deep learning becoming a more prominent approach for automatic classification of three-dimensional point cloud data, a key bottleneck is the amount of high quality training data, especially when compared to that available for two-dimensional images. ... More
A review on deep learning techniques for 3D sensed data classificationJul 09 2019Over the past decade deep learning has driven progress in 2D image understanding. Despite these advancements, techniques for automatic 3D sensed data understanding, such as point clouds, is comparatively immature. However, with a range of important applications ... More
Weighted Point Cloud Augmentation for Neural Network Training Data Class-ImblanceApr 08 2019Recent developments in the field of deep learning for 3D data have demonstrated promising potential for end-to-end learning directly from point clouds. However, many real-world point clouds contain a large class im-balance due to the natural class im-balance ... More
A Tutorial on Bridge SamplingMar 17 2017Oct 11 2017The marginal likelihood plays an important role in many areas of Bayesian statistics such as parameter estimation, model comparison, and model averaging. In most applications, however, the marginal likelihood is not analytically tractable and must be ... More
Compactification of Type IIB String Theory on Calabi-Yau ThreefoldsAug 02 1999We study compactifications of type IIB supergravity on Calabi-Yau threefolds. The resulting low energy effective Lagrangian is displayed in the large volume limit and its symmetry properties - with specific emphasis on the SL(2,Z) - are discussed. The ... More
A smoothness test for higher codimensionsFeb 14 2016Based on an idea in Hironaka's proof of resolution of singularities, we present an algorithmic smoothness test for algebraic varieties. The test is inherently parallel and does not involve the calculation of codimension-sized minors of the Jacobian matrix ... More
Computing GIT-fans with symmetry and the Mori chamber decomposition of $\bar{M}_{0,6}$Mar 30 2016Feb 22 2017We propose an algorithm to compute the GIT-fan for torus actions on affine varieties with symmetries. The algorithm combines computational techniques from commutative algebra, convex geometry and group theory. We have implemented our algorithm in the ... More
Tropical mirror symmetry in dimension oneSep 27 2018We prove a tropical mirror symmetry theorem for descendant Gromov-Witten invariants of the elliptic curve, generalizing a tropical mirror symmetry theorem for Hurwitz numbers of the elliptic curve. For the case of the elliptic curve, the tropical version ... More
Negative Results for Software Effort EstimationSep 18 2016Sep 22 2016Context:More than half the literature on software effort estimation (SEE) focuses on comparisons of new estimation methods. Surprisingly, there are no studies comparing state of the art latest methods with decades-old approaches. Objective:To check if ... More
Studies of Neutrino Oscillations at ReactorsMay 09 2000Experiments with reactor neutrinos continue to shed light on our understanding of neutrino oscillations. We review some of the early decisive experiments. We then turn to the recent long baseline oscillation experiments at Palo Verde and Chooz which are ... More
Reactor Neutrino Physics -- An UpdateJun 18 1999We review the status and the results of reactor neutrino experiments. Long baseline oscillation experiments at Palo Verde and Chooz have provided limits for the oscillation parameters while the recently proposed Kamland experiment at a baseline of more ... More
Implications of a new light gauge boson for neutrino physicsMay 24 2004We study the impact of light gauge bosons on neutrino physics. We show that they can explain the NuTeV anomaly and also escape the constraints from neutrino experiments if they are very weakly coupled and have a mass of a few GeV. Lighter gauge bosons ... More
StegExpose - A Tool for Detecting LSB SteganographyOct 24 2014Steganalysis tools play an important part in saving time and providing new angles of attack for forensic analysts. StegExpose is a solution designed for use in the real world, and is able to analyse images for LSB steganography in bulk using proven attacks ... More
Local to global algorithms for the Gorenstein adjoint ideal of a curveMay 19 2015We present new algorithms for computing adjoint ideals of curves and thus, in the planar case, adjoint curves. With regard to terminology, we follow Gorenstein who states the adjoint condition in terms of conductors. Our main algorithm yields the Gorenstein ... More
Costing Generated Runtime Execution Plans for Large-Scale Machine Learning ProgramsMar 22 2015Declarative large-scale machine learning (ML) aims at the specification of ML algorithms in a high-level language and automatic generation of hybrid runtime execution plans ranging from single node, in-memory computations to distributed computations on ... More
Light neutralino dark matter in the MSSM and its implication for LHC searches for stausJun 23 2012Oct 19 2012It was shown in a previous study that a lightest neutralino with mass below 30 GeV was severely constrained in the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM), unless it annihilates via a light stau and thus yields the observed dark matter abundance. ... More
Mirror symmetry and tropical geometryAug 31 2007Using tropical geometry we propose a mirror construction for monomial degenerations of Calabi-Yau varieties in toric Fano varieties. The construction reproduces the mirror constructions by Batyrev for Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces and by Batyrev and Borisov ... More
A framework for tropical mirror symmetryMar 14 2011Applying tropical geometry a framework for mirror symmetry, including a mirror construction for Calabi-Yau varieties, was proposed by the author. We discuss the conceptual foundations of this construction based on a natural mirror map identifying deformations ... More
Bad Primes in Computational Algebraic GeometryFeb 22 2017Computations over the rational numbers often suffer from intermediate coefficient swell. One solution to this problem is to apply the given algorithm modulo a number of primes and then lift the modular results to the rationals. This method is guaranteed ... More
Current Challenges in Developing Open Source Computer Algebra SystemsFeb 22 2017This note is based on the plenary talk given by the second author at MACIS 2015, the Sixth International Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Computer and Information Sciences. Motivated by some of the work done within the Priority Programme SPP 1489 ... More
Computeralgebra - vom Vorlesungsthema zum ForschungsthemaNov 14 2018In this note for the joint meeting of DMV and GDM we illustrate with examples the role of computer algebra in university mathematics education. We discuss its potential in teaching algebra, but also computer algebra as a subject in its own right, its ... More
The countable Telescope Conjecture for module categoriesJan 25 2008May 16 2008By the Telescope Conjecture for Module Categories, we mean the following claim: "Let R be any ring and (A, B) be a hereditary cotorsion pair in Mod-R with A and B closed under direct limits. Then (A, B) is of finite type." We prove a modification of this ... More
A new test of the light dark matter hypothesisAug 21 2007Detection of a surprisingly high flux of positron annihilation radiation from the inner galaxy has motivated the proposal that dark matter is made of weakly interacting light particles (possibly as light as the electron). This scenario is extremely hard ... More
More evidence in favour of Light Dark Matter particles?Aug 19 2004In a previous work, it was found that the Light Dark Matter (LDM) scenario could be a possible explanation to the 511 keV emission line detected at the centre of our galaxy. Here, we show that hints of this scenario may also have been discovered in particle ... More
Shocking Signals of Dark Matter AnnihilationJul 17 2015We examine whether charged particles injected by self-annihilating Dark Matter into regions undergoing Diffuse Shock Acceleration (DSA) can be accelerated to high energies. We consider three astrophysical sites where shock acceleration is supposed to ... More
How high is the neutrino floor?Sep 17 2018Jan 18 2019In this paper, we compute the contribution to the coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering cross section from new physics models in the neutrino sector. We use this information to calculate the maximum value of the so-called neutrino floor for direct ... More
Simple one-dimensional integral representations for two-loop self-energies: the master diagramJan 02 1995The scalar two-loop self-energy master diagram is studied in the case of arbitrary masses. Analytical results in terms of Lauricella- and Appell-functions are presented for the imaginary part. By using the dispersion relation a one-dimensional integral ... More
Revisiting Bremsstrahlung emission associated with Light Dark Matter annihilationsJun 06 2006We compute the single bremsstrahlung emission associated with the pair annihilation of spin-0 particles into electrons and positrons, via the t-channel exchange of a heavy fermion. We compare our result with the work of Beacom et al. . Unlike what is ... More
Constraints on Dark Matter interactions from structure formation: Damping lengthsOct 25 2004(Shortened) Weakly Interacting Massive Particles are often said to be the best Dark Matter candidates. Studies have shown however that rather large Dark Matter-photon or Dark Matter-baryon interactions could be allowed by cosmology. Here we address the ... More
Scalar Dark Matter candidatesMay 23 2003Oct 25 2003We investigate the possibility that Dark Matter (dm) could be made of scalar candidates and focus, in particular, on the unusual mass range between a few MeV's and a few GeV's. After showing why the Lee-Weinberg limit (which usually forbids a dm mass ... More
On T-Duality in Brane Gas CosmologyAug 26 2002Apr 22 2003In the context of homogeneous and isotropic superstring cosmology, the T-duality symmetry of string theory has been used to argue that for a background space-time described by dilaton gravity with strings as matter sources, the cosmological evolution ... More
Violation of the FRW consistency condition as a signature of backreactionMay 30 2013Sep 04 2013We propose a backreaction toy model with realistic features and confront it with the Union2.1 supernova data. The model provides a good fit even though the expansion history is quite different from the LCDM model and the effective equation of state is ... More
Clarifying the covariant formalism for the SZ effect due to relativistic non-thermal electronsDec 17 2008Feb 25 2009We derive the covariant formalism associated with the relativistic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect due to a non-thermal population of high energy electrons in clusters of galaxies. More precisely, we show that the formalism proposed by Wright in 1979, based ... More
Spectroscopic monitoring of the Herbig Ae star HD 104237. II. Non-radial pulsations, mode analysis and fundamental stellar parametersAug 03 2011Herbig Ae/Be stars are intermediate-mass pre-main sequence (PMS) stars showing signs of intense activity and strong stellar winds, whose origin is not yet understood in the frame of current theoretical models of stellar evolution for young stars. The ... More
Kinematic Evolution of Field and Cluster Spiral GalaxiesOct 15 2014We investigate the evolution of the Tully-Fisher relation out to z=1 with 137 emission-line galaxies in the field that display a regular rotation curve. They follow a linear trend with lookback time being on average brighter by 1.1Bmag and 60% smaller ... More
Manifolds with positive curvature operators are space formsJun 08 2006We confirm a conjecture of Hamilton: On compact manifolds the normalized Ricci flow evolves metrics with positive curvature operators to limit metrics with constant curvature.
The XENON100 exclusion limit without considering Leff as a nuisance parameterMar 30 2012Apr 05 2012In 2011, the XENON100 experiment has set unprecedented constraints on dark matter-nucleon interactions, excluding dark matter candidates with masses down to 6 GeV if the corresponding cross section is larger than 10^{-39} cm^2. The dependence of the exclusion ... More
Numerical computation of constant mean curvature surfaces using finite elementsAug 18 2004This paper presents a method for computing two-dimensional constant mean curvature surfaces. The method in question uses the variational aspect of the problem to implement an efficient algorithm. In principle it is a flow like method in that it is linked ... More
Photoinduced two-proton knockout and ground-state correlations in nucleiMay 31 1996A factorized and analytical form for the A($\gamma$,pp) and A(e,e$'$pp) cross section is proposed. In the suggested scheme the two-proton knockout cross sections can be directly analyzed in terms of the ground-state correlation functions. Central, spin-spin ... More
Spin effects on the dynamics of compact binariesDec 21 2015Jan 27 2016Compact binaries are the most promising source for the advanced gravitational wave detectors, which will start operating this year. The influence of spin on the binary evolution is an important consequence of general relativity and can be large. It is ... More
CTA in the Context of Searches for Particle Dark Matter - a glimpseOct 11 2016In this contribution, CTAs potential role in detection of particle dark matter in the context of other detection approaches is briefly discussed for an audience of gamma-ray astronomers. In particular searches for new particles at the large hadron collider ... More
Supersymmetry Searches at e^+e^- Linear CollidersApr 07 1999The physics potential of discovering and exploring supersymmetry at future e^+e^- linear colliders is reviewed. Such colliders are planned to start to operate at a center-of-mass energy of 500 GeV to 800 GeV, with a final energy of about 2 TeV expected. ... More
Sleptons in R-Parity Violating SUSYDec 31 1997In R-parity violating SUSY models sleptons can be produced singly in e+e- and qqbar collisions. The formation of slepton resonances at LEP2 or Tevatron at current energies is an exciting possibility. Existing LEP2 and Tevatron data can be exploited to ... More
Arithmetic of fuzzy numbers and intervals -- a new perspective with examplesOct 16 2013The article guides the reader through four consecutive definitions of progressing scope. Fuzzy intervals are represented as an ordered pair of functions, and fuzzy numbers are defined as a subcase. The four arithmetic operations are defined utilizing ... More
AdS_3 Partition Functions ReconstructedJul 08 2007Nov 02 2007For pure gravity in AdS_3, Witten has given a recipe for the construction of holomorphically factorizable partition functions of pure gravity theories with central charge c=24k. The partition function was found to be a polynomial in the modular invariant ... More
Sheaves on P2 and generalized Appell functionsJul 28 2014Feb 23 2016A closed expression is given for the generating function of (virtual) Poincar\'e polynomials of moduli spaces of semi-stable sheaves on the projective plane $\mathbb{P}^2$ with arbitrary rank $r$ and Chern classes. This generating function is known to ... More
On the space of elliptic generaMay 28 2008Jan 27 2009Invariance under modular transformations and spectral flow restrict the possible spectra of superconformal field theories (SCFT). This paper presents a technique to calculate the number of constraints on the polar spectra of N=(2,2) and N=(4,0) SCFT's ... More
Self-Organization in Models of Populations with Two-Parent Reproduction on a Rugged Fitness LandscapeJun 26 1995The two-parent reproduction model of Derrida and Peliti is simulated on a rugged fitness landscape. Fixed fitness values for each possible genotype are assigned randomly, with all fit individuals having the same probability of reproduction. The previously ... More
Strong-coupling approach to ground-state properties of the Anderson lattice-modelSep 05 1996A Slave-Boson perturbational approach to ground-state properties of the $U\to\infty$ periodic Anderson model is derived as an expansion around the Atomic Limit ($V=0$). In the case of zero temperature any constraint-integral or limiting procedure can ... More
Low Energy Tests of the Standard Model from Beta-Decay and Muon CaptureNov 27 1997Two recent low energy precision experiments are considered, in order to illustrate how limits set by these measurements for couplings beyond the Standard Model are complementary to high energy constraints.
Projection Operator Approach to Constrained SystemsJun 03 1996Jun 05 1996Recently, within the context of the phase space coherent state path integral quantisation of constrained systems, John Klauder introduced a reproducing kernel for gauge invariant physical states, which involves a projection operator onto the reduced Hilbert ... More
On the hydrino state of the relativistic hydrogen atomJul 27 2005Aug 05 2005The Klein-Gordon equation of the hydrogen atom has a low-lying eigenstate, called hydrino state, with square integrable wavefunction. The corresponding spinor solution of Dirac's equation is not square integrable. For this reason the hydrino state has ... More
Refinement-Cut: User-Guided Segmentation Algorithm for Translational ScienceJun 07 2014In this contribution, a semi-automatic segmentation algorithm for (medical) image analysis is presented. More precise, the approach belongs to the category of interactive contouring algorithms, which provide real-time feedback of the segmentation result. ... More
PCG-Cut: Graph Driven Segmentation of the Prostate Central GlandOct 12 2013Prostate cancer is the most abundant cancer in men, with over 200,000 expected new cases and around 28,000 deaths in 2012 in the US alone. In this study, the segmentation results for the prostate central gland (PCG) in MR scans are presented. The aim ... More
Winding strings and AdS_3 black holesJun 13 2002Sep 19 2002We start a systematic study of string theory in AdS_3 black hole backgrounds. Firstly, we analyse in detail the geodesic structure of the BTZ black hole, including spacelike geodesics. Secondly, we study the spectrum for massive and massless scalar fields, ... More
Weak and quasi-polynomial tractability of approximation of infinitely differentiable functionsJan 21 2013Apr 03 2013We comment on recent results in the field of information based complexity, which state (in a number of different settings), that approximation of infinitely differentiable functions is intractable and suffers from the curse of dimensionality. We show ... More
Jacob's ladders and new orthogonal systems generated by Jacobi polynomialsOct 18 2010Nov 18 2010Is is shown in this paper that there is a connection between the Riemann zeta-function $\zf$ and the classical Jacobi's polynomials, i.e. the Legendre polynomials, Chebyshev polynomials of the first and the second kind,...
Lindel\" of hypothesis and the order of the mean-value of $|ζ(s)|^{2k-1}$ in the critical stripJan 14 2015The main subject of this paper is the mean-value of the function $|\zeta(s)|^{2k-1}$ in the critical strip. On Lindel\" of hypothesis we give a solution to this question for some class of disconnected sets. This paper is English version of our paper \cite{5}. ... More
Jacob's ladders, reverse iterations and new infinite set of $L_2$-orthogonal systems generated by the Riemann $\zf$-functionFeb 10 2014It is proved in this paper that continuum set of $L_2$-orthogonal systems generated by the Riemann zeta-function on the critical line corresponds to every fixed $L_2$-orthogonal system on a fixed segment. This theorem serves as a resource for new set ... More
Jacob's ladders and the three-points interaction of the Riemann zeta-function with itselfJul 26 2011It is proved that some set of the values of $|\zeta(\sigma_0+i\vp_1(t))|^2$ on every fixed line $\sigma=\sigma_0>1$ generates a corresponding set of the values of $|\zeta(\frac 12+it)|^2$ on the critical line $\sigma=\frac 12$ (i.e. we have an analogue ... More
Riemann hypothesis and some new asymptotically multiplicative integrals which contain the remainder of the prime-counting function $π(x)$Nov 02 2010A new parametric integral is obtained as a consequence of the Riemann hypothesis. An asymptotic multiplicability is the main property of this integral.
Jacob's ladders and the $\tilde{Z}^2$-transformation of a polynomials in $\ln \vp_1(t)$May 12 2010Jun 18 2010It is proved in this paper that there is a nonlocal asymptotic splitting (in the integral sense) of the function $Z^4(t)$ into two factors. The corresponding formula cannot be obtained in the known theories of Balasubramanian, Heath-Brown and Ivic.
Canonical Formulation of Spin in General RelativityJun 21 2011The present thesis aims at an extension of the canonical formalism of Arnowitt, Deser, and Misner from self-gravitating point-masses to objects with spin. This would allow interesting applications, e.g., within the post-Newtonian (PN) approximation. The ... More
Introduction to representations of the canonical commutation and anticommutation relationsNov 08 2005Nov 09 2005Lecture notes of a minicourse given at the Summer School on Large Coulomb Systems - QED in Nordfjordeid, 2003, devoted to representations of the CCR and CAR. Quasifree states, the Araki-Woods and Araki-Wyss representations, and the lattice of von Neumenn ... More
Fixed points in models of continuous opinion dynamics under bounded confidenceJun 10 2008We present two models of continuous opinion dynamics under bounded confidence which are representable as nonnegative discrete dynamical systems, namely the Hegselmann-Krause model (Hegselmann and Krause, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation ... More
Continuous opinion dynamics of multidimensional allocation problems under bounded confidence: More dimensions lead to better chances for consensusAug 21 2007We study multidimensional continuous opinion dynamics, where opinions are nonnegative vectors which components sum up to one. Examples of such opinions are budgets or other allocation vectors which display a distribution of a fixed amount of ressource ... More
Terrestrial Gravity FluctuationsJul 21 2015The article reviews the current state of the field, and also presents new analyses especially with respect to the impact of seismic scattering on gravity perturbations, active gravity noise cancellation, and time-domain models of gravity perturbations ... More
Continuum interpretation of the dynamical-triangulation formulation of quantum Einstein gravityApr 23 2013May 01 2013In the time-space symmetric version of dynamical triangulation, a non-perturbative version of quantum Einstein gravity, numerical simulations without matter have shown two phases, with spacetimes that are either crumpled or elongated like branched polymers, ... More
Simulations in Early Universe TheoryOct 26 2005We give an impression of the type of results that have been obtained with numerical lattice simulations of field theory in the early universe.
Remarks on the quantum gravity interpretation of 4D dynamical triangulationAug 15 1996We review some of the phenomenology in 4D dynamical triangulation and explore its interpretation in terms of a euclidean effective action of the continuum form $\intx \sqrt{g} [\mu -\frac{1}{16\pi G} R + \cdots]$.
Gravitino LSP and leptogenesis after the first LHC resultsOct 23 2013Apr 18 2014Supersymmetric scenarios where the lightest superparticle (LSP) is the gravitino are an attractive alternative to the widely studied case of a neutralino LSP. A strong motivation for a gravitino LSP arises from the possibility of achieving higher reheating ... More
Long-lived staus at the LHCJul 12 2012Supersymmetric scenarios with a very weakly interacting lightest superparticle (LSP) - like the gravitino or axino - naturally give rise to a long-lived next-to-LSP (NLSP). In the case of a stau NLSP, the scenario shows up in a very prominent way at colliders. ... More
Ranking Function Synthesis for Linear Lasso ProgramsJan 21 2014The scope of this work is the constraint-based synthesis of termination arguments for the restricted class of programs called linear lasso programs. A termination argument consists of a ranking function as well as a set of supporting invariants. We extend ... More
B0 -> pi+ pi- pi0 feasibility studiesJul 02 2003The potential of constraints on the angle alpha of the Unitarity Triangle from studies of B0 -> pi+ pi- pi0 decays is reviewed. The experimental inputs needed for an isospin analysis are starting to become available. The precision of current measurements ... More
Finding periodic orbits in state-dependent delay differential equations as roots of algebraic equationsOct 12 2010Feb 26 2015In this paper we prove that periodic boundary-value problems (BVPs) for delay differential equations are locally equivalent to finite-dimensional algebraic systems of equations. We rely only on regularity assumptions that follow those of the review by ... More
Hochschild Cohomology of II_1 Factors with Cartan MasasJan 04 2007In this paper we prove that for a type II_1 factor N with a Cartan maximal abelian subalgebra (masa), the Hochschild cohomology groups H^n(N,N)=0, for all n \geq 1. This generalizes the result of Sinclair and Smith, who proved this for all N having separable ... More
The ring of arithmetical functions with unitary convolution: General TruncationsMay 23 2002Let A denote the ring of arithmetical functions with unitary convolution, and let V be a finite subset of the positive integers having the property that for every v in V, all unitary divisors of v lie in V. We study the truncation A_V, an artinian monomial ... More
Arithmetic of fuzzy numbers and intervals -- a new perspective with examplesOct 16 2013Oct 27 2016This article is meant to give a lucid and widely accessible, self-contained account of a novel way of performing arithmetic operations on fuzzy intervals. Based on two formulae of generalized inversion (the first in close analogy to the inversion of cumulative ... More
Foliations of asymptotically flat 3-manifolds by 2-surfaces of prescribed mean curvatureOct 19 2004Sep 23 2005We construct 2-surfaces of prescribed mean curvature in 3-manifolds carrying asymptotically flat initial data for an isolated gravitating sysqtem with rather general decay conditions. The surfaces in question form a regular foliation of the asymptotic ... More
Note on Representing attribute reduction and concepts in concepts lattice using graphsNov 15 2017May 30 2018Mao H. (2017, Representing attribute reduction and concepts in concept lattice using graphs. Soft Computing 21(24):7293--7311) claims to make contributions to the study of reduction of attributes in concept lattices by using graph theory. We show that ... More
Buildings, Group Homology and LatticesAug 29 2010This is the author's PhD thesis, published at the Universit\"at M\"unster, Germany in 2010. It contains a detailed description of the results of arXiv:0903.1989, arXiv:0905.0071 and arXiv:0908.2713.
Octonion-valued forms and the canonical 8-form on Riemannian manifolds with a $Spin(9)$-structureAug 07 2018Jun 11 2019It is well known that there is a unique $Spin(9)$-invariant 8-form on the octonionic plane that naturally yields a canonical differential 8-form on any Riemannian manifold with a weak $Spin(9)$-structure. Over the decades, this invariant has been studied ... More
On realization of generalized effect algebrasAug 07 2012A well known fact is that there is a finite orthomodular lattice with an order determining set of states which is not representable in the standard quantum logic, the lattice $L({\mathcal H})$ of all closed subspaces of a separable complex Hilbert space. ... More
Almost everywhere Hölder continuity of gradients to non-diagonal parabolic systemsOct 12 2012Mar 29 2013We present a local almost everywhere regularity result for a general nonlinear non-diagonal parabolic system, which main part depends on symmetric part of the gradient.
Nonstandard limit theorems and large deviations for the Jacobi beta ensembleAug 14 2013In this paper we show weak convergence of the empirical eigenvalue distribution and of the weighted spectral measure of the Jacobi ensemble, when one or both parameters grow faster than the dimension $n$. In these cases the limit measure is given by the ... More
Weak uniform structures on probability distributionsJul 20 2010Nov 21 2010In dealing with asymptotic approximation of possibly divergent nets of probability distributions, we are led to study uniform structures on the set of distributions. This paper identifies a class of such uniform structures that may be considered to be ... More
Finiteness for the k-factor model and chirality varietiesNov 21 2008This paper deals with two families of algebraic varieties arising from applications. First, the k-factor model in statistics, consisting of n-times-n covariance matrices of n observed Gaussian variables that are pairwise independent given k hidden Gaussian ... More
Blank measurement based time-alignment in LC-MSMay 09 2012Here are presenting the blank based time-alignment (BBTA) as a strong analytical approach for treatment of non-linear shift in time occurring in HPLC-MS data. Need of such tool in recent large dataset produced by analytical chemistry and so-called omics ... More
Effectively closed sets of measures and randomnessApr 16 2008We show that if a real $x$ is strongly Hausdorff $h$-random, where $h$ is a dimension function corresponding to a convex order, then it is also random for a continuous probability measure $\mu$ such that the $\mu$-measure of the basic open cylinders shrinks ... More
A tropical approach to secant dimensionsMay 12 2006Sep 05 2006Tropical geometry yields good lower bounds, in terms of certain combinatorial-polyhedral optimisation problems, on the dimensions of secant varieties. In particular, it gives an attractive pictorial proof of the theorem of Hirschowitz that all Veronese ... More
A characterization of Morita equivalence pairs of quantalesNov 15 2002We characterize the pairs of sup-lattices which occur as pairs of Morita equivalence bimodules between quantales in terms of the mutual relation between the sup-lattices.
GKZ Hypergeometric StructuresNov 14 2005This text is based on lectures by the author in the Summer School `Algebraic Geometry and Hypergeometric Functions' in Istanbul in June 2005. It gives a review of some of the basic aspects of the theory of hypergeometric structures of Gelfand, Kapranov ... More
The Calderón problem is an inverse source problemNov 05 2015We prove that uniqueness for the Calder\'on problem on a Riemannian manifold with boundary follows from a hypothetical unique continuation property for the elliptic operator $\Delta+V+(\Lambda^{1}_{t}-q)\otimes (\Lambda^{2}_{t}-q)$ defined on $\partial\mathcal{M}^{2}\times ... More
On the thin-film equation with nonlinear surface tension termOct 06 2015In this thesis, we consider the thin-film equation with nonlinear surface tension term in one space dimension. Relying on the corresponding energy and entropy estimates, we prove existence of weak solutions as well as nonnegativity results.
Consistency of circuit evaluation, extended resolution and total NP search problemsSep 10 2015We consider sets $\Gamma(n,s,k)$ of narrow clauses expressing that no definition of a size $s$ circuit with $n$ inputs is refutable in resolution R in $k$ steps. We show that every CNF shortly refutable in Extended R, ER, can be easily reduced to an instance ... More
Derived equivalences induced by big cotilting modulesAug 08 2013Jun 02 2014We prove that given a Grothendieck category G with a tilting object of finite projective dimension, the induced triangle equivalence sends an injective cogenerator of G to a big cotilting module. Moreover, every big cotilting module can be constructed ... More
Telescope conjecture, idempotent ideals, and the transfinite radicalFeb 15 2008Apr 22 2008We show that for an artin algebra $\Lambda$, the telescope conjecture for module categories is equivalent to certain idempotent ideals of mod-$\Lambda$ being generated by identity morphisms. As a consequence, we prove the conjecture for domestic standard ... More
On purity and applications to coderived and singularity categoriesDec 04 2014Given a locally coherent Grothendieck category G, we prove that the homotopy category of complexes of injective objects (also known as the coderived category of G) is compactly generated triangulated. Moreover, the full subcategory of compact objects ... More
Stringy Hodge numbers of strictly canonical nondegenerate singularitiesMar 30 2009We describe a class of isolated nondegenerate hypersurface singularities that give a polynomial contribution to Batyrev's stringy E-function. These singularities are obtained by imposing a natural condition on the facets of the Newton polyhedron, and ... More