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Comparing an analytical spacetime metric for a merging binary to a fully non-linear numerical evolution using curvature scalarsFeb 08 2018We introduce a new geometrically invariant prescription for comparing two different spacetimes based on geodesic deviation. We use this method to compare a family of recently introduced analytical spacetime representing inspiraling black-hole binaries ... More
A Correction to the Immirizi Parameter of SU(2) Spin NetworksSep 26 2014The elegant predictions of loop quantum gravity are obscured by the free Immirizi parameter. Dreyer (2003), considering the asymptotic quasinormal modes spectrum of a black hole, proposed that the Immirizi parameter may be fixed by letting the j=1 transitions ... More
The holographic principle and the Immirzi parameter of loop quantum gravityOct 14 2015The geometrical spectra in loop quantum gravity (LQG) suffer from ambiguity up to the free Immirzi parameter that is often determined by comparing results from the theory with the established dynamics at the black hole horizon. We address conceptual difficulties ... More
On the Range Characterization of the two dimensional attenuated Doppler TransformNov 18 2014We characterize the range of the attenuated and non-attenuated $X$-ray transform of compactly supported vector fields in the plane. The characterization is in terms of a Hilbert transform associated with the $A$-analytic functions \`{a} la Bukhgeim. As ... More
Electromagnetic Effects on Cracking of Anisotropic PolytropesOct 01 2016In this paper, we study the electromagnetic effects on stability of spherically symmetric anisotropic fluid distribution satisfying two polytropic equations of state and construct the corresponding generalized Tolman Oppenheimer Volkoff equations. We ... More
Revealing Method for the Intrusion Detection SystemApr 26 2010Oct 27 2010The goal of an Intrusion Detection is inadequate to detect errors and unusual activity on a network or on the hosts belonging to a local network by monitoring network activity. Algorithms for building detection models are broadly classified into two categories, ... More
On the Range of the Attenuated Radon Transform in Strictly Convex SetsOct 09 2013We present new necessary and sufficient conditions for a function on $\partial\Omega\times S^1$ to be in the range of the attenuated Radon transform of a sufficiently smooth function support in the convex set $\bar\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^2$. The approach ... More
Steady viscous flows in an annulus between two cylinders produced by vibrations of the inner cylinderAug 27 2010Nov 23 2010We study the steady streaming between two infinitely long circular cylinders produced by small amplitude transverse vibrations of the inner cylinder about the axis of the outer cylinder. The Vishik-Lyusternik method is employed to construct an asymptotic ... More
Educational data mining using jmpNov 08 2014Educational Data Mining is a growing trend in case of higher education. The quality of the Educational Institute may be enhanced through discovering hidden knowledge from the student databases/ data warehouses. Present paper is designed to carry out a ... More
Large deviations sum-queue optimality of a radial sum-rate monotone opportunistic schedulerJun 25 2009Mar 12 2010A centralized wireless system is considered that is serving a fixed set of users with time varying channel capacities. An opportunistic scheduling rule in this context selects a user (or users) to serve based on the current channel state and user queues. ... More
Short Intense Laser Pulse Depletion and Scattering in Under-Dense PlasmaJul 27 2016Nonlinear evolutions of an ultra-intense, short laser pulse due to the wake excitation inside the plasma are studied by means of detailed particle-in-cell simulations and comprehensive analyses. Pulse lengths both longer and shorter than the plasma wavelength ... More
Theory of the ultra-intense short-pulse laser interaction with under-dense plasmaJul 29 2015Nov 29 2015A comprehensive theory is proposed to describe the propagation and absorption of ultra-intense, short laser pulse through the under-dense plasma. The kinetic aspects of plasma are fully incorporated using extensive particle-in-cell (PIC) simulations. ... More
Electron residual energy due to stochastic heating in field-ionized plasmaAug 09 2015The electron residual energy originated from the stochastic heating in under-dense field-ionized plasma is here investigated. The optical response of plasma is initially modeled by using the concept of two counter-propagating electromagnetic waves. The ... More
On Nonlinear Evolutions of the Intense, Short Laser Pulse in the Under-Dense PlasmaJul 27 2016Oct 29 2016Nonlinear evolutions of an ultra-intense, short laser pulse due to the wake excitation inside the plasma are studied by means of detailed Particle-In-Cell (PIC) simulations and comprehensive analyses. Pulse lengths both longer and shorter than the plasma ... More
A note on Exact solution of SIR and SIS epidemic modelsDec 22 2010In this article we have successfully obtained an exact solution of a particular case of SIR and SIS epidemic models given by Kermack and Mckendrick [1] for constant population, which are described by coupled nonlinear differential equations. Our result ... More
Coherent states for polynomial su(1,1) algebra and a conditionally solvable systemMay 20 2012In a previous paper [{\it J. Phys. A: Math. Theor.} {\bf 40} (2007) 11105], we constructed a class of coherent states for a polynomially deformed $su(2)$ algebra. In this paper, we first prepare the discrete representations of the nonlinearly deformed ... More
An algorithm for primary decomposition in polynomial rings over the integersAug 12 2010Aug 09 2011We present an algorithm to compute a primary decomposition of an ideal in a polynomial ring over the integers. For this purpose we use algorithms for primary decomposition in polynomial rings over the rationals resp. over finite fields, and the idea of ... More
Effect of lithium bis(oxalato)borate on the Structural, microstructural and electrochemical properties of blend solid polymer electrolyteJul 04 2018Blend solid polymer electrolyte based on PEO, PVP complexed with lithium LiBOB were synthesized by solution cast technique and impact of LiBOB on the morphology, structure, and electrochemical properties is examined. The XRD and FESEM analysis reveals ... More
Effect of Variation of Different Nano filler on Structural, Electrical, Dielectric and Transport Properties of Blend Polymer NanocompositesJul 10 2018In the present work, the effect of different nanofiller (BaTiO3, CeO2, Er2O3 or TiO2) on blend solid polymer electrolyte comprising of PEO and PVC complexed with bulky LiPF6 have been explored. The XRD analysis confirms the polymer nanocomposite formation. ... More
Inband device-to-device relays in cellular networksOct 08 2015A new design for two-hop opportunistic relaying in cellular networks is proposed, with the objective of throughput improvement. We propose using idle UEs in a cellular system with better channel to the base station to relay traffic for active UEs. One ... More
An Algorithm to Compute a Primary Decomposition of Modules in Polynomial Rings over the IntegersAug 19 2014We present an algorithm to compute the primary decomposition of a submodule $\mathcal{N}$ of the free module $\Z[x_1, \ldots, x_n]^m$. For this purpose we use algorithms for primary decomposition of ideals in the polynomial ring over the integers. The ... More
Effect of glass thickness variations on the performance of RPC detectorsMay 07 2016Oct 11 2016The India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) is planning to build a magnetized iron calorimeter detector (ICAL) in which Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs) will be the active detector elements. A study of the performance of RPCs, made using electrodes of various ... More
On the $X$-ray transform of planar symmetric 2-tensorsMar 14 2015In this paper we study the attenuated $X$-ray transform of 2-tensors supported in strictly convex bounded subsets in the Euclidean plane. We characterize its range and reconstruct all possible 2-tensors yielding identical $X$-ray data. The characterization ... More
On primary decomposition of modulesAug 23 2014Sep 02 2014Primary decomposition is a very important tool of commutative algebra and geometry. In this paper we generalized some of the existing algorithms of primary decomposition developed by Eisenbud et al. (cf. [EHV]) for free modules and also filled some gaps ... More
Edge Detection: A Collection of Pixel based Approach for Colored ImagesMar 19 2015The existing traditional edge detection algorithms process a single pixel on an image at a time, thereby calculating a value which shows the edge magnitude of the pixel and the edge orientation. Most of these existing algorithms convert the coloured images ... More
Study of glass properties as electrode for RPCMay 02 2016Operation and performance of the Resistive Plate Chambers (RPCs) mostly depend on the quality and characteristics of the electrode materials. The India-based Neutrino Observatory collaboration has chosen glass RPCs as the active detector elements for ... More
OSPF Weight Setting Optimization for Single Link FailuresJan 20 2011In operational networks, nodes are connected via multiple links for load sharing and redundancy. This is done to make sure that a failure of a link does not disconnect or isolate some parts of the network. However, link failures have an effect on routing, ... More
Modeling contaminant intrusion in water distribution networks based on D numbersApr 02 2014Efficient modeling on uncertain information plays an important role in estimating the risk of contaminant intrusion in water distribution networks. Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is one of the most commonly used methods. However, the Dempster-Shafer ... More
An improved vulnerability index of complex networks based on fractal dimensionJun 02 2014With an increasing emphasis on network security, much more attention has been attracted to the vulnerability of complex networks. The multi-scale evaluation of vulnerability is widely used since it makes use of combined powers of the links' betweenness ... More
Multi-User Visible Light Communications: State-of-the-Art and Future DirectionsSep 06 2018Nov 14 2018Visible light communication (VLC) builds upon the dual use of existing lighting infrastructure for wireless data transmission. VLC has recently gained interest as cost-effective, secure, and energy-efficient wireless access technology particularly for ... More
Leveraging Multi-aspect Time-related Influence in Location RecommendationJan 03 2017Point-Of-Interest (POI) recommendation aims to mine a user's visiting history and find her/his potentially preferred places. Although location recommendation methods have been studied and improved pervasively, the challenges w.r.t employing various influences ... More
Bounds on R-parity violating SUSY Yukawa couplings from semileptonic decays of baryonsJul 21 1998We consider tree-level corrections to hypercharge changing semileptonic decays of certain baryons induced by a minimal supersymmetric standard model with explicitly broken R-parity via $L$-violation. This study leads to a new set of constraints on the ... More
Comparison of Radio Propagation Models for Long Term Evolution (LTE) NetworkOct 07 2011This paper concerns about the radio propagation models used for the upcoming 4th Generation (4G) of cellular networks known as Long Term Evolution (LTE). The radio wave propagation model or path loss model plays a very significant role in planning of ... More
Bell inequalities for the simplest exclusivity graphJun 23 2011Feb 15 2013Which is the simplest logical structure for which there is quantum nonlocality? We show that there are only three bipartite Bell inequalities with quantum violation associated with the simplest graph of relationships of exclusivity with a quantum-classical ... More
An approach to improving edge detection for facial and remotely sensed images using vector order statisticsMar 19 2015This paper presents an improved edge detection algorithm for facial and remotely sensed images using vector order statistics. The developed algorithm processes colored images directly without been converted to gray scale. A number of the existing algorithms ... More
Augmented Zagreb Index of Polyhex NanotubesMar 09 2016Jun 01 2016Augmented Zagreb Index is a newly defined degree based topological invariant which has been well established for its better correlation properties and is defined as $AZI(G)= \sum_{uv\in E(G)}(\frac{d_G (u)d_G (v)}{d_G (u)+ d_G (v)-2})^3 $, where $E(G)$ ... More
Optical Properties of Pure and Mixed Germanium and Silicon Quantum DotsFeb 17 2016We study the optical properties of hydrogen passivated silicon, germanium and mixed Ge/Si core/shell quantum dots (QDs) using high accuracy Density Functional Theory (DFT) and time-dependent DFT (TDFT). We employ the hybrid DFT functional of Becke, Lee, ... More
D-CFPR: D numbers extended consistent fuzzy preference relationsMar 23 2014How to express an expert's or a decision maker's preference for alternatives is an open issue. Consistent fuzzy preference relation (CFPR) is with big advantages to handle this problem due to it can be construed via a smaller number of pairwise comparisons ... More
Sip4J: Statically inferring permission-based specifications for sequential Java programsFeb 14 2019In mainstream programming languages such as Java, a common way to enable concurrency is to manually introduce explicit concurrency constructs such as multi-threading. Given the intricacies in creating these constructs, it is very likely for a programmer ... More
Systematic spatial and stoichiometric screening towards understanding the surface of ultrasmall oxygenated silicon nanocrystalApr 12 2016In most of the realistic ab initio and model calculations which have appeared on the emission of light from Si nanocrystals, the role of surface oxygen has been usually ignored, underestimated or completely ruled out. We investigate theoretically, by ... More
Geo-SAGE: A Geographical Sparse Additive Generative Model for Spatial Item RecommendationMar 12 2015With the rapid development of location-based social networks (LBSNs), spatial item recommendation has become an important means to help people discover attractive and interesting venues and events, especially when users travel out of town. However, this ... More
Development of Video Frame Enhancement Technique Using Pixel Intensity AnalysisFeb 13 2019This paper developed a brightness enhancement technique for video frame pixel intensity improvement. Frames extracted from the six sample video data used in this work were stored in the form of images in a buffer. Noise was added to the extracted image ... More
InP/InAsP Nanowire-based Spatially Separate Absorption and Multiplication Avalanche PhotodetectorsJun 03 2017Avalanche photodetectors (APDs) are key components in optical communication systems due to their increased photocurrent gain and short response time as compared to conventional photodetectors. A detector design where the multiplication region is implemented ... More
Partially ferromagnetic electromagnet for trapping and cooling neutral atoms to quantum degeneracyJul 06 2005Jul 10 2005We have developed a compact partially ferromagnetic electromagnet to produce a Ioffe-Pritchard trap for neutral atoms. Our structure permits strong magnetic confinement with low power consumption. Compared to the previous iron-core electromagnet, it allows ... More
A Compact Solid State Detector for Small Angle Particle TrackingNov 09 1999MIDAS (MIcrostrip Detector Array System) is a compact silicon tracking telescope for charged particles emitted at small angles in intermediate energy photonuclear reactions. It was realized to increase the angular acceptance of the DAPHNE detector and ... More
Beam Characterization at the KAERI UED BeamlineOct 07 2016The UED (ultrafast electron diffraction) beamline of the KAERI's (the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute's) WCI (World Class Institute) Center has been successfully commissioned. We have measured the beam emittance by using the quadrupole scan technique ... More
Physics Potential of the ICAL detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)May 27 2015The upcoming 50 kt magnetized iron calorimeter (ICAL) detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) is designed to study the atmospheric neutrinos and antineutrinos separately over a wide range of energies and path lengths. The primary focus ... More
Physics Potential of the ICAL detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)May 27 2015May 09 2017The upcoming 50 kt magnetized iron calorimeter (ICAL) detector at the India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) is designed to study the atmospheric neutrinos and antineutrinos separately over a wide range of energies and path lengths. The primary focus ... More