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Mean spin entanglement of two massive Dirac particles under Lorentz transformationsAug 20 2010We have studied the relativistic effects on the mean spin entanglement of two massive Dirac particles using the simultaneous eigen-spinors of the Foldy-Woutheysen mean spin operator and the Dirac Hamiltonian. We have obtained the transformation matrix ... More
Secure sequential transmission of quantum informationJan 19 2015Sep 08 2015We propose a quantum communication protocol that can be used to transmit any quantum state, one party to another via several intermediate nodes, securely on quantum communication network. The scheme makes use of the sequentially chained and approximate ... More
A Logical Proof of Quantum Correlations Requiring Entanglement MeasurementsMar 29 2019We present a logical type of proof of contextuality for a two-qubit state. We formulate a paradox that cannot be verified by a two-qubit system with local measurements while it is possible by using entanglement measurements. With our scheme we achieve ... More
Coupling qubits in circuit-QED cavities connected by a bridge qubitDec 31 2015Jan 21 2016We analyze a coupling scheme for qubits in different cavities of circuit-QED architecture. In contrast to the usual scheme where the cavities are coupled by an interface capacitance we employ a bridge qubit connecting cavities to mediate two-qubit coupling. ... More
Scalable quantum computing model in the circuit-QED lattice with circulator functionJun 19 2017We propose a model for a scalable quantum computing in the circuit-quantum electrodynamics(QED) architecture. In the Kagome lattice of qubits three qubits are connected to each other through a superconducting three-junction flux qubit at the vertices ... More
Limits to the sensitivity of a low noise compact atomic gravimeterJan 08 2008A detailed analysis of the most relevant sources of phase noise in an atomic interferometer is carried out, both theoretically and experimentally. Even a short interrogation time of 100 ms allows our cold atom gravimeter to reach an excellent short term ... More
Single-photon characteristics of superposed weak coherent statesJun 08 2018Jan 25 2019We study a superposed weak coherent state that can fundamentally mimic an ideal single photon not only with respect to the number of photons but also in terms of an indeterminate phase. It is close to the single-photon state with high fidelity and exhibits ... More
Multimode cat-state entanglement and network teleportationMar 25 2003Schemes for generation and protocols for network teleportation of multimode entangled cat-states are proposed. Explicit expressions for probability of successful teleportation are derived for both symmetric and asymmetric networks.
Entanglement, detection, and geometry of non-classical StatesMar 04 2009Oct 11 2010Non-classical states that are characterized by their non-positive quasi-probabilities in phase space are known to be the basis for various quantum effects. In this work, we investigate the interrelation between the non-classicality and entanglement, and ... More
Entanglement of thermal scalar fields in a compact space spaceFeb 28 2007Apr 03 2007Using the thermal Green's function approach we propose a general method to investigate entanglement of the vacuum state or thermal ground states in an arbitrary dimensional space-time. As an application we show quantum separability of the massive thermal ... More
Implementation of traveling odd Schr$ö$dinger cat states in circuit-QEDOct 27 2016We propose a realistic scheme of generating a traveling odd Schr$\"o$dinger cat state and a generalized entangled coherent state in circuit quantum electrodynamics (circuit-QED). A squeezed vacuum state is used as initial resource of nonclassical states, ... More
Quantum Separability of the vacuum for Scalar Fields with a BoundaryJul 28 2006Sep 27 2006Using the Green's function approach we investigate separability of the vacuum state of a massless scalar field with a single Dirichlet boundary. Separability is demonstrated using the positive partial transpose criterion for effective two-mode Gaussian ... More
Deciding whether a quantum state has secret correlations is an NP-complete problemDec 07 2006Dec 15 2006From the NP-hardness of the quantum separability problem and the relation between bipartite entanglement and the secret key correlations, it is shown that the problem deciding whether a given quantum state has secret correlations in it or not is in NP-complete. ... More
Teleportation capability, distillability, and nonlocality on three-qubit statesFeb 27 2007Jun 05 2007In this paper, we consider teleportation capability, distillability, and nonlocality on three-qubit states. In order to investigate some relations among them, we first find the explicit formulas of the quantities about the maximal teleportation fidelity ... More
Wiggly Relativistic StringsOct 05 1992We derive the equations of motion for general strings, i.e. strings with arbitrary relation between tension $\tau$ and energy per unit length $\epsilon$. The renormalization of $\tau$ and $\epsilon$ that results from averaging out small scale wiggles ... More
Fisher information as an indicator of quantum phenomenaFeb 27 2018Sep 30 2018Fisher information quantifies how well we can detect small changes in a parameter. According to the parameter that we focus on, the Fisher information presents different quantum phenomena. Here we investigate quantum interference of two particles in a ... More
Entanglement of three-qubit pure states in terms of teleportation capabilityFeb 24 2005Jun 02 2005We define an entanglement measure, called the partial tangle, which represents the residual two-qubit entanglement of a three-qubit pure state. By its explicit calculations for three-qubit pure states, we show that the partial tangle is closely related ... More
Minimal control power of the controlled teleportationSep 17 2015Mar 22 2016We generalize the control power of a perfect controlled teleportation of an entangled three-qubit pure state, suggested by Li and Ghose [Phys. Rev. A {\bf 90}, 052305 (2014)], to the control power of a general controlled teleportation of a multiqubit ... More
Non-Hermitian Hamiltonian and Lamb shift in circular dielectric microcavityDec 15 2015Mar 01 2016We study the normal modes and quasi-normal modes (QNMs) in circular dielectric microcavities through non-Hermitian Hamiltonian, which come from the modifications due to system-environment coupling. Differences between the two types of modes are studied ... More
Gaussian private quantum channel with squeezed coherent statesDec 22 2014Sep 14 2015While the objective of conventional quantum key distribution (QKD) is to secretly generate and share the classical bits concealed in the form of maximally mixed quantum states, that of private quantum channel (PQC) is to secretly transmit individual quantum ... More
Behavior of three modes of decay channels and their self-energies of elliptic dielectric microcavityJul 01 2016Sep 20 2016The Lamb shift (self-energy) of an elliptic dielectric microcavity is studied. We show that the size of the Lamb shift, which is a small energy shift due to the system-environment coupling in the quantum regime, is dependent on the geometry of the boundary ... More
Entanglement swapping secures multiparty quantum communicationSep 25 2003Oct 14 2003Extending the eavesdropping strategy devised by Zhang, Li and Guo [Phys. Rev. A 63, 036301 (2001)], we show that the multiparty quantum communication protocol based on entanglement swapping, which was proposed by Cabello [quant-ph/0009025], is not secure. ... More
Multi-dimensional trio coherent statesSep 16 2004We introduce a novel class of higher-order, three-mode states called K-dimensional trio coherent states. We study their mathematical properties and prove that they form a complete set in a truncated Fock space. We also study their physical content by ... More
Optimal Usage of Quantum Random Access Memory in Quantum Machine LearningSep 13 2018Jan 17 2019By considering an unreliable oracle in a query-based model of quantum learning, we present a tradeoff relation between the oracle's reliability and the reusability of quantum state of the input data. The tradeoff relation manifests as the fundamental ... More
Ising interaction between two qubits composed of the highest magnetic quantum number states through magnetic dipole-dipole interactionMar 11 2014Mar 30 2015In quantum information processing, one of the most useful interaction between qubits is the Ising type interaction. We propose a scheme to implement the exact Ising interaction through magnetic dipole-dipole interaction. Although magnetic dipolar interaction ... More
Quantum teleportation via a W stateJun 25 2003Aug 13 2003We investigate two schemes of the quantum teleportation with a $W$ state, which belongs to a different class from a Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger class. In the first scheme, the $W$ state is shared by three parties one of whom, called a sender, performs ... More
Convex-roof extended negativity as an entanglement measure for bipartite quantum systemsOct 04 2003We extend the concept of the negativity, a good measure of entanglement for bipartite pure states, to mixed states by means of the convex-roof extension. We show that the measure does not increase under local quantum operations and classical communication, ... More
Improved scheme for generation of vibrational trio coherent states of a trapped ionMay 14 2003We improve a previously proposed scheme (Phys. Rev. A 66 (2002) 065401) for generating vibrational trio coherent states of a trapped ion. The improved version is shown to gain a double advantage: (i) it uses only five, instead of eight, lasers and (ii) ... More
Upper bounds on the quantum capacity for general attenuator and amplifierMar 12 2019Apr 17 2019There have been several upper bounds on the quantum capacity of the single-mode Gaussian channels with thermal noise, such as thermal attenuator and amplifier. We consider a class of attenuator and amplifier with more general noises, including squeezing ... More
Quantum Shift RegisterDec 19 2001We consider a quantum circuit in which shift and rotation operations on qubits are performed by swap gates and controlled swap gates. These operations can be useful for quantum computers performing elementary arithmetic operations such as multiplication ... More
Correspondence between maximally entangled states in discrete and Gaussian regimesJan 25 2018Feb 05 2018We study a general corresponding principle between discrete-variable quantum states and continuous-variable (especially, restricted on Gaussian) states via quantum purification method. In the previous work, we have already investigated an information-theoretic ... More
Optimality of minimum-error discrimination by the no-signalling conditionNov 05 2007Sep 25 2009In this work we relate the well-known no-go theorem that two non-orthogonal (mixed) quantum states cannot be perfectly discriminated, to the general principle in physics, the no-signalling condition. In fact, we derive the minimum error in discrimination ... More
Generation of two-mode nonclassical motional states and a Fredkin gate operation in a two-dimensional ion trapApr 19 2001We present an efficient scheme to generate two-mode SU(2) macroscopic quantum superposition (Schr\"odinger cat) states, entangled number states and entangled coherent states for the vibrational motion of an ion trapped in a two-dimensional harmonic potential ... More
Logical measurement-based quantum computation in circuit-QEDAug 23 2018We propose a new scheme of measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC) using an error-correcting code against photon-loss in circuit quantum electrodynamics. We describe a specific protocol of logical single-qubit gates given by sequential cavity measurements ... More
Multipartite Quantum Secret Sharing using Not-So-Weak QubitsMar 16 2006Feb 10 2007We propose a new quantum secret sharing scheme using a single non-entangled qubit. In the scheme, by transmitting a qubit to the next party sequentially, a sender can securely transmit a secret message to $N$ receivers who could only decode the message ... More
Qubit geometry and conformal mappingJan 04 2002Sep 16 2002Identifying the Bolch sphere with the Riemann sphere(the extended complex plane), we obtain relations between single qubit unitary operations and M\"{o}bius transformations on the extended complex plane.
Duality in entanglement of macroscopic states of lightJun 06 2016Aug 13 2016We investigate duality in entanglement of a bipartite multi-photon system generated from a coherent state of light. The system can exhibit polarization entanglement if the two parts are distinguished by their parity, or parity entanglement if the parts ... More
Analysis of light-induced frequency shifts in the photoassociation of ultracold metastable helium atomsApr 12 2006Jun 16 2006We present an exhaustive analysis of the light-induced frequency shifts of the photoassociation lines of ultracold metastable 4He* atoms in a magnetic trap. The measurements of the shifts of several vibrational levels bound in the purely long-range J=1,0u+ ... More
Coherent-state optical qudit cluster state generation and teleportation via homodyne detectionDec 29 2010Defining a computational basis of pseudo-number states, we interpret a coherent state of large amplitude, $|\alpha|\gg\frac{d}{2\pi}$, as a qudit --- a $d$-level quantum system --- in a state that is an even superposition of $d$ pseudo-number states. ... More
Quantum key distribution using superposition of the vacuum and single photon statesOct 27 2005B92-type and BB84-type quantum cryptography schemes using superposed states of the vacuum and single particle states which are robust against PNS attacks are studied. The number of securely transferred classical bits per particle (not per qubit) sent ... More
Nonlocality of Hardy type in experiments using independent particle sourcesMay 21 2002Oct 01 2002By applying Hardy's argument, we demonstrate the violation of local realism in a gedanken experiment using independent and separated particle sources.
Optimal Gaussian measurements for phase estimation in single-mode Gaussian metrologyMay 22 2018Jan 30 2019The central issue in quantum parameter estimation is to find out the optimal measurement setup that leads to the ultimate lower bound of an estimation error. We address here a question of whether a Gaussian measurement scheme can achieve the ultimate ... More
A classical-quantum hybrid oracle architecture for Boolean oracle identification in the noisy intermediate-scale quantum eraMay 14 2019Quantum algorithms have the potential to be very powerful. However, to exploit quantum parallelism, some quantum algorithms require an embedding of large classical data into quantum states. This embedding can cost a lot of resources, for instance by implementing ... More
Robustness of multiparty nonlocality to local decoherenceAug 30 2006We investigate the robustness of multiparty nonlocality under local decoherence, acting independently and equally on each subsystems. To be specific, we consider an N-qubit GHZ state under depolarization, dephasing, or dissipation channel, and tested ... More
Quantum Cryptography Using Single Particle EntanglementJan 23 2003A quantum cryptography scheme based on entanglement between a single particle state and a vacuum state is proposed. The scheme utilizes linear optics devices to detect the superposition of the vacuum and single particle states. Existence of an eavesdropper ... More
Light-Gravitino Production at Hadron CollidersJul 11 1997Jul 12 1997We consider the production of gravitinos ($\widetilde G$) in association with gluinos ($\tilde g$) or squarks ($\tilde q$) at hadron colliders, including the three main sub-processes: $q \bar q -> \tilde g\widetilde G$, $qg -> \tilde q\widetilde G$, and ... More
Reply to the comment on "Loophole-free Bell test for continuous variables via wave and particle correlations"Oct 28 2010Dec 13 2011In a recent note, Cavalcanti and Scarani (CS) constructed a counter local-hidden-variable model to explain the violation of our inequalities in Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 170404 (2010). Here, we briefly discuss some issues in response to the comments raised ... More
Loophole-free Bell test for continuous variables via wave and particle correlationsOct 21 2010We derive two classes of multi-mode Bell inequalities under local realistic assumptions, which are violated only by the entangled states negative under partial transposition in accordance with the Peres conjecture. Remarkably, the failure of local realism ... More
Layer-by-layer growth and growth-mode transition of SrRuO3 thin films on atomically flat single-terminated SrTiO3 (111) surfacesDec 17 2008We report on growth-mode transitions in the growth of SrRuO3 thin films on atomically flat Ti4+ single-terminated SrTiO3 (111) substrates, investigated by reflection high-energy electron diffraction and atomic force microscopy. Over the first ~9 unit ... More
Non-Hermiticity and conservation of orthogonal relation in dielectric microcavityFeb 19 2018Jul 17 2018Non-Hermitian properties of open quantum systems and their applications have attracted much attention in recent years. While most of the studies focus on the characteristic nature of non-Hermitian systems, here we focus on the following issue: A non-Hermitian ... More
Detecting non-decomposability of time evolution via extreme gain of correlationsApr 26 2018Nov 19 2018Non-commutativity is one of the most elementary non-classical features of quantum observables. Here we propose a method to detect non-commutativity of interaction Hamiltonians of two probe objects coupled via a mediator. If these objects are open to their ... More
Phase transition of quantum corrected Schwarzschild black holeJul 23 2012Nov 07 2012We study the thermodynamic phase transition of a quantum-corrected Schwarzschild black hole. The modified metric affects the critical temperature which is slightly less than the conventional one. The space without black holes is not the hot flat space ... More
A Novel Statistical Diagnosis of Clinical DataSep 02 2002In this paper, we present a diagnosis method of diseases from clinical data. The data are routine test such as urine test, hematology, chemistries etc. Though those tests have been done for people who check in medical institutes, how each item of the ... More
2D Electrophoresis Gel Image and Diagnosis of a DiseaseMay 28 2003The process of diagnosing a disease from the 2D gel electrophoresis image is a challenging problem. This is due to technical difficulties of generating reproducible images with a normalized form and the effect of negative stain. In this paper, we will ... More
A Representation of Changes of Images and its Application for Developmental BiolologyMay 13 2003In this paper, we consider a series of events observed at spaced time intervals and present a method of representation of the series. To explain an idea, by dealing with a set of gene expression data, which could be obtained from developmental biology, ... More
Geometrical Interpretation of Electromagnetism in 5-Dimensional ManifoldJul 12 2015Sep 21 2016In this paper Kaluza-Klein theory is revisited and its implications are elaborated. We show that electromagnetic 4-potential can be considered as a shearing-like deformation of a 5-dimensional (5D) manifold along the fifth (5th) axis. The charge-to-mass ... More
Concurrence of the Blandford-Payne Process and the Bardeen-Petterson Effect: Theoretical Prediction and its Observational EvidencesAug 21 2015Although the Blandford-Payne process, the standard model for the production of AGN jet outflow, has been fully acknowledged and long-known in both the theoretical Astrophysics and observational Astronomy communities, subsequent research works to gain ... More
Spin filtering in a magnetic barrier structure: in-plane spin orientationMar 01 2014We investigate ballistic spin transport in a two dimensional electron gas system through magnetic barriers of various geometries using the transfer matrix method. While most of the previous studies have focused on the effect of magnetic barriers perpendicular ... More
On deformation spaces of nonuniform hyperbolic latticesOct 04 2013Let $\Gamma$ be a nonuniform lattice acting on real hyperbolic n-space. We show that in dimension greater than or equal to 4, the volume of a representation is constant on each connected component of the representation variety of $\Gamma$ in SO(n,1). ... More
On variation of gradients of deep neural networksDec 02 2018We provide a theoretical explanation of the role of the number of nodes at each layer in deep neural networks. We prove that the largest variation of a deep neural network with ReLU activation function arises when the layer with the fewest nodes changes ... More
Jordan Plane and Numerical Range of Operators Involving Two ProjectionsNov 26 2018We use principal angles between two subspaces to define Jordan planes. Jordan planes provide an optimal way to decompose $\mathbb{C}^n$ in relation to given two subspaces. We apply Jordan planes to show that two pairs of of subspaces $(M,N)$ and $(M^{\perp},N^{\perp})$ ... More
Projective Normality Of Algebraic Curves And Its Application To SurfacesJan 09 2006Let $L$ be a very ample line bundle on a smooth curve $C$ of genus $g$ with $\frac{3g+3}{2}<\deg L\le 2g-5$. Then $L$ is normally generated if $\deg L>\max\{2g+2-4h^1(C,L), 2g-\frac{g-1}{6}-2h^1(C,L)\}$. Let $C$ be a triple covering of genus $p$ curve ... More
Primitive stable representations in higher rank semisimple Lie groupsApr 30 2015Jan 25 2016We define primitive stable representations of free groups into higher rank semisimple Lie groups and study their properties. Then we show that the positive representations of a compact surface with one boundary component are primitive stable.
Primitive stable representations in higher rank semisimple Lie groupsApr 30 2015Nov 11 2016We define primitive stable representations of free groups into higher rank semisimple Lie groups and study their properties. Let {\Sigma} be a compact surface with one boundary component. Then we show that the holonomies of convex projective structures ... More
Noncommutative Riemann ConditionsOct 11 2004In this paper we study the holomorphic bundles over a noncommutative complex torus. We define a noncommutative abelian variety as a kind of deformation of abelian variety and we show that for a restricted deformation parameter, one can define a noncommutative ... More
Operator Counting for N=2 Chern-Simons Gauge Theories with Chiral-like Matter FieldsFeb 29 2012May 09 2012The localization formula of Chern-Simons quiver gauge theory on $S^3$ nicely reproduces the geometric data such as volume of Sasaki-Einstein manifolds in the large-$N$ limit, at least for vector-like models. The validity of chiral-like models is not established ... More
Constraints on Flows in Horava-Lifshitz Gravity by Classical SolutionsSep 07 2010Nov 19 2010We find exact static stringy solutions of Horava-Lifshitz gravity with the projectability condition but imposing the detailed balance condition near the UV fixed point, and propose a method on constraining the possible pattern of flows in Horava-Lifshitz ... More
Bounded cohomology and negatively curved manifoldsNov 28 2011We study the bounded fundamental class in the top dimensional bounded cohomology of negatively curved manifolds with infinite volume. We prove that the bounded fundamental class of $M$ vanishes if $M$ is geometrically finite. Furthermore, when $M$ is ... More
Anderson localization and delocalization of massless two-dimensional Dirac electrons in random one-dimensional scalar and vector potentialsJan 12 2019We study Anderson localization of massless Dirac electrons in two dimensions in one-dimensional random scalar and vector potentials theoretically for two different cases, in which the scalar and vector potentials are either uncorrelated or correlated. ... More
Quaternionic hyperbolic Kleinian groups with commutative trace skew-fieldsOct 08 2018Let $\Gamma$ be a nonelementary discrete subgroup of $\mathrm{Sp}(n,1)$. We show that if the trace skew-field of $\Gamma$ is commutative, then $\Gamma$ stabilizes a copy of complex hyperbolic subspace of quaternionic hyperbolic $n$-space.
A Case Study: Exploiting Neural Machine Translation to Translate CUDA to OpenCLMay 18 2019The sequence-to-sequence (seq2seq) model for neural machine translation has significantly improved the accuracy of language translation. There have been new efforts to use this seq2seq model for program language translation or program comparisons. In ... More
Complex and Quaternionic hyperbolic Kleinian groups with real trace fieldsDec 26 2014Jan 29 2015Let $\Gamma$ be a nonelementary discrete subgroup of SU(n,1) or Sp(n,1). We show that if the trace field of $\Gamma$ is contained in $\mathbb R$, $\Gamma$ preserves a totally geodesic submanifold of constant negative sectional curvature. Furthermore if ... More
On the limit set of Anosov representationsDec 04 2012We study the limit set of discrete subgroups arising from Anosov representations. Specially we study the limit set of discrete groups arising from strictly convex real projective structures and Anosov representations from a finitely generated word hyperbolic ... More
Sequential Learning of Visual Tracking and Mapping Using Unsupervised Deep Neural NetworksFeb 26 2019May 09 2019We proposed an end-to-end deep learning-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system following conventional visual odometry (VO) pipelines. The proposed method completes the SLAM framework by including tracking, mapping, and sequential optimization ... More
Simplicial volume, Barycenter method, and Bounded cohomologyMar 09 2015Mar 12 2015We show that codimension one dimensional Jacobian of the barycentric straightening map is uniformly bounded for most of the higher rank symmetric spaces. As a consequence, we prove that the locally finite simplicial volume of most $\mathbb Q$-rank $1$ ... More
Moduli Spaces of Standard Holomorphic Bundles on a Noncommutative Complex TorusDec 11 2003In this paper we study the moduli space of standard holomorphic structures on a noncommutative complex two torus. It will be shown that the moduli space is naturally identified with the moduli space of stable bundles on an elliptic curve. We also propose ... More
Comments on the symmetry of AdS$_6$ solutions in String/M-theory and Killing spinor equationsApr 27 2016Aug 22 2016It was recently pointed out in \cite{Kim:2015hya} that AdS$_6$ solutions in IIB theory enjoy an extended symmetry structure and the consistent truncation to $D=4$ internal space leads to a nonlinear sigma model with target $SL(3,\mathbb{R})/SO(2,1)$. ... More
Sequential Learning of Visual Tracking and Mapping Using Unsupervised Deep Neural NetworksFeb 26 2019We proposed an end-to-end deep learning-based simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system following conventional visual odometry (VO) pipelines. The proposed method completes the SLAM framework by including tracking, mapping, and sequential optimization ... More
Unavoidable Subtournaments in Tournaments with Large Chromatic NumberApr 13 2018For a set H of tournaments, we say H is heroic if every tournament, not containing any member of H as a subtournament, has bounded chromatic number. Berger et al. explicitly characterized all heroic sets containing one tournament. Motivated by this result, ... More
Simplicial volume of Q-rank one locally symmetric manifolds covered by the product of R-rank one symmetric spacesApr 24 2011Jan 10 2012In this paper, we show that the simplicial volume of Q-rank one locally symmetric spaces covered by the product of R-rank one symmetric spaces is strictly positive.
Giant enhancement of reflectance due to the interplay between surface confined wave modes and nonlinear gain in dielectric mediaDec 04 2017We study theoretically the interplay between the surface confined wave modes and the linear and nonlinear gain of the dielectric layer in the Otto configuration. The surface confined wave modes such as surface plasmons or waveguide modes are excited in ... More
Primitive stable representations in higher rank semisimple Lie groupsApr 30 2015Jan 10 2019We study primitive stable representations of free groups into higher rank semisimple Lie groups and their properties. Let $\Sigma$ be a compact, connected, orientable surface (possibly with boundary) of negative Euler characteristic. We first verify the ... More
Learning Not to Learn: Training Deep Neural Networks with Biased DataDec 26 2018We propose a novel regularization algorithm to train deep neural networks, in which data at training time is severely biased. Since a neural network efficiently learns data distribution, a network is likely to learn the bias information to categorize ... More
Learning Not to Learn: Training Deep Neural Networks with Biased DataDec 26 2018Apr 15 2019We propose a novel regularization algorithm to train deep neural networks, in which data at training time is severely biased. Since a neural network efficiently learns data distribution, a network is likely to learn the bias information to categorize ... More
$J^+$-like invariants of periodic orbits of the second kind in the restricted three body problemAug 28 2017Sep 05 2018We determine three invariants: Arnold's $J^+$-invariant as well as $\mathcal{J}_1$ and $\mathcal{J}_2$ invariants, which were introduced by Cieliebak-Frauenfelder-van Koert, of periodic orbits of the second kind near the heavier primary in the restricted ... More
Mirror duality and noncommutative toriOct 06 2007In this paper, we study a mirror duality on a generalized complex torus and a noncommutative complex torus. First, we derive a symplectic version of Riemann condition using mirror duality on ordinary complex tori. Based on this we will find a mirror correspondence ... More
Volume invariant and maximal representations of discrete subgroups of Lie groupsMay 22 2012Sep 21 2012Let $\Gamma$ be a lattice in a connected semisimple Lie group $G$ with trivial center and no compact factors. We introduce a volume invariant for representations of $\Gamma$ into $G$, which generalizes the volume invariant for representations of uniform ... More
Application of Support Vector Machine to detect an association between a disease or trait and multiple SNP variationsApr 17 2001May 22 2001After the completion of human genome sequence was anounced, it is evident that interpretation of DNA sequences is an immediate task to work on. For understanding their signals, improvement of present sequence analysis tools and developing new ones become ... More
Geometrical Interpretation of Electromagnetism in a 5-Dimensional ManifoldJul 12 2015Aug 13 2017In this paper, Kaluza-Klein theory is revisited and its implications are elaborated. We show that electromagnetic 4-potential can be considered as a shearing-like deformation of a 5-dimensional (5D) manifold along the fifth (5th) axis. The charge-to-mass ... More
Direct calculation of the strong Goos-Hänchen effect of a Gaussian light beam due to the excitation of surface plasmon polaritons in the Otto configurationJan 12 2019We study theoretically the influence of the surface plasmon excitation on the Goos-H\"{a}nchen lateral shift of a $p$-polarized Gaussian beam incident obliquely on a dielectric-metal bilayer in the Otto configuration. We find that the lateral shift depends ... More
Black holes with baryonic charge and $\mathcal{I}$-extremizationApr 10 2019We study $\mathcal{I}$-extremization of three-dimensional gauge field theories and its geometric dual, focusing in particular on a seven-dimensional Sasaki-Einstein manifold $M^{1,1,1}$. We generalize recent studies on relations among toric geometry, ... More
An lp-boundedness of stochastic singular integral operators and its application to spdesAug 31 2016Jun 08 2017In this article we introduce a stochastic counterpart of the H\"ormander condtion on the kernel $K(r,t,x,y)$: there exists a pseudo-metric $\rho$ on $(0,\infty)\times R^d$ and a positive constant $C_0$ such that for $X=(t,x), Y=(s,y), Z=(r,z) \in (0,\infty) ... More
Neural Network-Hardware Co-design for Scalable RRAM-based BNN AcceleratorsNov 06 2018Apr 15 2019Recently, RRAM-based Binary Neural Network (BNN) hardware has been gaining interests as it requires 1-bit sense-amp only and eliminates the need for high-resolution ADC and DAC. However, RRAM-based BNN hardware still requires high-resolution ADC for partial ... More
Abstractive Summarization of Reddit Posts with Multi-level Memory NetworksNov 02 2018Apr 09 2019We address the problem of abstractive summarization in two directions: proposing a novel dataset and a new model. First, we collect Reddit TIFU dataset, consisting of 120K posts from the online discussion forum Reddit. We use such informal crowd-generated ... More
Parabolic Littlewood-Paley inequality for $φ(-Δ)$-type operators and applications to Stochastic integro-differential equationsFeb 20 2013In this paper we prove a parabolic version of the Littlewood-Paley inequality for the operators of the type $\phi(-\Delta)$, where $\phi$ is a Bernstein function. As an application, we construct an $L_p$-theory for the stochastic integro-differential ... More
On the largest integer that is not a sum of distinct nth powers of positive integersOct 07 2016Oct 12 2016It is known that for an arbitrary positive integer n the sequence S(x^n)=(1^n, 2^n, ...) is complete, meaning that every sufficiently large integer is a sum of distinct nth powers of positive integers. We prove that the upper bound of an integer that ... More
Quantum cohomology of flag manifolds G/B and quantum Toda latticesJul 02 1996Jan 01 1999We prove the Givental conjecture that the (equivariant) quantum cohomology of flag manifolds G/B are governed by the conservation law of Toda lattices. In addition, we find the quantum differential module structure of the flag manifolds.
A critical look at V_us determinations from hadronic tau decay dataNov 29 2010Jan 07 2011A critical review of hadronic tau decay data based determinations of |V_{us}| is given, focussing on the impact of the slow convergence of the integrated D=2 OPE series for the conventional flavor-breaking sum rule determination and the potential role ... More
A-type Supergiant Abundances in the SMC: Probes of EvolutionJan 21 1999New abundances of N, O, Na, Mg, Si, Ca, Sc, Ti, Cr, Fe, Sr, Zr, and Ba are presented for 10 A-type supergiants in the SMC, plus upper limits for C. In interpreting the CNO results for constraints on stellar evolution theories, careful attention has been ... More
Solitons of the Self-dual Chern-Simons Theory on a CylinderMay 30 2001We study the self-dual Chern-Simons Higgs theory on an asymptotically flat cylinder. A topological multivortex solution is constructed and the fast decaying property of solutions is proved