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Observation of dispersive wave emission by temporal cavity solitonsJun 09 2014We examine a coherently-driven, dispersion-managed, passive Kerr fiber ring resonator and report the first direct experimental observation of dispersive wave emission by temporal cavity solitons. Our observations are in excellent agreement with analytical ... More
Spin polarized electron transport near the Si/SiO2 interfaceJun 11 2009Aug 03 2009Using long-distance lateral devices, spin transport near the interface of Si and its native oxide (SiO2) is studied by spin-valve measurements in an in-plane magnetic field and spin precession measurements in a perpendicular magnetic field at 60K. As ... More
Bunching of temporal cavity solitons via forward Brillouin scatteringSep 16 2015We report on the experimental observation of bunching dynamics with temporal cavity solitons in a continuously-driven passive fibre resonator. Specifically, we excite a large number of ultrafast cavity solitons with random temporal separations, and observe ... More
An all-optical buffer based on temporal cavity solitons operating at 10 Gb/sJul 25 2016We demonstrate the operation of an all-optical buffer based on temporal cavity solitons stored in a nonlinear passive fiber ring resonator. Unwanted acoustic interactions between neighboring solitons are suppressed by modulating the phase of the external ... More
Spontaneous creation and annihilation of temporal cavity solitons in a coherently-driven passive fiber resonatorMar 16 2015Mar 29 2015We report on the experimental observation of spontaneous creation and annihilation of temporal cavity solitons (CSs) in a coherently-driven, macroscopic optical fiber resonator. Specifically, we show that CSs are spontaneously created when the frequency ... More
Constraints on the R-parity- and Lepton-Flavor-Violating Couplings from B0 Decats to Two Charged LeptonsJun 14 1996Sep 21 1996We derive the upper bounds on certain products of R-parity- and lepton-flavor-violating couplings from the decays of the neutral $B$ meson into two charged leptons. These modes of $B^0$ decays can constrain the product combinations of the couplings with ... More
Quantum nilpotent subalgebras of classical quantum groups and affine crystalsOct 04 2018Oct 23 2018We study the crystal of quantum nilpotent subalgebra of $U_q(D_n)$ associated to a maximal Levi subalgebra of type $A_{n-1}$. We show that it has an affine crystal structure of type $D_n^{(1)}$ isomorphic to a limit of perfect Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystal ... More
Thermally Controlled Comb Generation and Soliton Modelocking in MicroresonatorsMar 25 2016Apr 21 2016We report the first demonstration of thermally controlled soliton modelocked frequency comb generation in microresonators. By controlling the electric current through heaters integrated with silicon nitride microresonators, we demonstrate a systematic ... More
Turn-key, high-efficiency Kerr comb sourceJul 16 2019We demonstrate an approach for automated Kerr comb generation in the normal group-velocity dispersion (GVD) regime. Using a coupled-ring geometry in silicon nitride, we precisely control the wavelength location and splitting strength of avoided mode crossings ... More
Bivariate Beta LSTMMay 25 2019Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) infers the long term dependency through a cell state maintained by the input and the forget gate structures, which models a gate output as a value in [0,1] through a sigmoid function. However, due to the graduality of the ... More
Detecting and Classifying Android Malware using Static Analysis along with Creator InformationMar 02 2019Thousands of malicious applications targeting mobile devices, including the popular Android platform, are created every day. A large number of those applications are created by a small number of professional under-ground actors, however previous studies ... More
Visible Nonlinear PhotonicsJul 10 2019Over the past decade, remarkable advances have been realized in chip-based nonlinear photonic devices for classical and quantum applications in the near- and mid-infrared regimes. However, few demonstrations have been realized in the visible and near-visible ... More
A Thickness Dependent Enhancement of Optical Resolution in the Vicinity of an Epsilon-near-zero SlabMay 23 2016Recent studies reports that an epsilon-near-zero (ENZ) thin slab between a specimen and a substrate contributes in enhancing the spatial resolution of the optical system. Here, we investigate the ENZ thickness dependence of the resolution enhancement. ... More
Andro-profiler: Detecting and Classifying Android Malware based on Behavioral ProfilesJun 04 2016Mass-market mobile security threats have increased recently due to the growth of mobile technologies and the popularity of mobile devices. Accordingly, techniques have been introduced for identifying, classifying, and defending against mobile threats ... More
Mal-Netminer: Malware Classification Approach based on Social Network Analysis of System Call GraphJun 06 2016As the security landscape evolves over time, where thousands of species of malicious codes are seen every day, antivirus vendors strive to detect and classify malware families for efficient and effective responses against malware campaigns. To enrich ... More
Scalable terahertz generation by large-area optical rectification at 80 TW laser powerJul 17 2019We demonstrate high-energy terahertz generation from a large-aperture (75 mm diameter) lithium niobate wafer by using a femtosecond laser with energy up to 2 J. This scheme utilizes optical rectification in a bulk lithium niobate crystal, where most terahertz ... More
Non-ohmic spin transport in n-type doped siliconNov 30 2007Aug 11 2008We demonstrate the injection and transport of spin-polarized electrons through n-type doped silicon with in-plane spin-valve and perpendicular magnetic field spin precession and dephasing ("Hanle effect") measurements. A voltage applied across the transport ... More
Detrimental Effect of Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction on Perpendicular Spin-Transfer-Torque Magnetic Random Access MemoryAug 11 2015Nov 23 2015Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction in ferromagnet/heavy metal bilayers is recently of considerable interest as it offers an efficient control of domain walls and the stabilization of magnetic skyrmions. However, its effect on the performance ... More
Bremsstrahlung Radiation At a Vacuum Bubble WallApr 06 2007When charged particles collide with a vacuum bubble, they can radiate strong electromagnetic waves due to rapid deceleration. Owing to the energy loss of the particles by this bremsstrahlung radiation, there is a non-negligible damping pressure acting ... More
Magnetic force theory combined with quasi-particle self-consistent GW methodFeb 21 2019We report a successful combination of magnetic force linear response theory with quasiparticle self-consistent GW method. The self-consistently determined wavefunctions and eigenvalues can just be used for the conventional magnetic force calculations. ... More
Achieving Both High Power and Energy Density in Electrochemical Supercapacitors with Nanoporous Graphene MaterialsNov 06 2013Supercapacitors, based on the fast ion transportation, are specialized to provide high power, long stability, and efficient energy storage with highly porous electrode materials. However, their low energy density and specific capacitance prevent them ... More
Coherent space-gated microscopy: a step towards deep-tissue phase imaging of biological cellsNov 07 2018High-resolution optical microscopy suffers from a low contrast in scattering media where a multiply scattered wave obscures a ballistic wave used for image formation. To extend the imaging depth, various gating operations - confocal, coherence, and polarization ... More
Paramagnetic state in d-wave SuperconductorsJan 23 1999We study theoretically the paramagnetic state in d-wave superconductors. We present the specific heat, the magnetization, superfluid density obtained within the weak-coupling model. At low temperatures and for small magnetic fields they exhibit simple ... More
Folding thermodynamics of model four-strand antiparallel beta-sheet proteinsJun 05 2001The thermodynamic properties for three different types of off-lattice four-strand beta-sheet protein models interacting via a hybrid Go-type potential have been investigated. Discontinuous molecular dynamic simulations have been performed for different ... More
Electronic Raman Spectra of Superconducting BorocarbidesFeb 05 2003Mar 07 2003Recently we have proposed a s+g-wave model for the superconductivity in borocarbides, YNi2B2C and LuNi2B2C. In the present paper we first summarize thermodynamic properties of s+g-wave model. Then we shall analyse the recent Raman spectra data of RNi2B2C ... More
PseudoH-type 2-step nilpotent Lie groupsJul 28 2003PseudoH-type is a natural generalization of H-type to geometries with indefinite metric tensors. We give a complete determination of the conjugate locus including multiplicities. We also obtain a partial characterization in terms of the abundance of totally ... More
Long-term Photometric Behavior of the Eclipsing Binary GW CepheiNov 24 2009New CCD photometry during 4 successive years from 2005 is presented for the eclipsing binary GW Cep, together with reasonable explanations for the light and period variations. All historical light curves, obtained over a 30-year interval, display striking ... More
Evolution of the Kondo lattice electronic structure above the transport coherence temperatureApr 26 2017The temperature-dependent evolution of the Kondo lattice is a long-standing topic of theoretical and experimental investigation and yet it lacks a truly microscopic description of the relation of the basic $f$-$d$ hybridization processes to the fundamental ... More
Comb-rooted multi-channel synthesis of ultra-narrow optical frequencies of few Hz linewidthMar 26 2019We report a multi-channel optical frequency synthesizer developed to generate extremely stable continuous wave lasers directly out of the optical comb of an Er-doped fiber oscillator. Being stabilized to a high-finesse cavity with a fractional frequency ... More
Synchrotron Self-inverse Compton Radiation From Reverse-shock on GRB120326AMay 16 2014We present multi-wavelength observations of a typical long duration GRB 120326A at $z=1.798$, including rapid observations using a submillimeter array (SMA), and a comprehensive monitoring in X-ray and optical. The SMA observation provided the fastest ... More
Graphene based Supercapacitors with Improved Specific Capacitance and Fast Charging Time at High Current DensityNov 06 2013Graphene is a promising material for energy storage, especially for high performance supercapacitors. For real time high power applications, it is critical to have high specific capacitance with fast charging time at high current density. Using a modified ... More
Influence of oxygen vacancy on the electronic structure of HfO$_2$ filmJul 14 2007We investigated the unoccupied part of the electronic structure of the oxygen-deficient hafnium oxide (HfO$_{\sim1.8}$) using soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy at O $K$ and Hf $N_3$ edges. Band-tail states beneath the unoccupied Hf 5$d$ band are observed ... More
Is Lavelle-McMullan transformation a really new symmetry in QED?Nov 02 1995Lavelle-McMullan symmetry of QED is examined at classical and quantum levels. It is shown that Lavelle-McMullan symmetry does not give any new non-trivial information in QED by examining the Ward-Takahashi identities. Being inspired by the examination ... More
Panorama of Nodal SuperconductorsMay 05 2004Since 1979, many new classes of superconductors have been discovered, including heavy-fermion compounds, organic conductors, high-Tc cuprates, and Sr2RuO4. Most of these superconductors are unconventional and/or nodal. Therefore it is of central importance ... More
Exchange anisotropy and the dynamic phase transition in thin ferromagnetic Heisenberg filmsJun 19 2003Monte Carlo simulations have been performed to investigate the dependence of the dynamic phase behavior on the bilinear exchange anisotropy of a classical Heisenberg spin system. The system under consideration is a planar thin ferromagnetic film with ... More
Photometric Properties of the Near-contact Binary GW GeminorumDec 25 2008Feb 23 2009New multiband CCD photometry is presented for the eclipsing binary GW Gem; the $RI$ light curves are the first ever compiled. Four new minimum timings have been determined. Our analysis of eclipse timings observed during the past 79 years indicates a ... More
Selective control of oxygen sublattice stability by epitaxial strain in Ruddlesden-Popper filmsAug 27 2015Oxygen-defect control has long been considered an influential tuning knob for producing various property responses in complex oxide films. In addition to physical property changes, modification to the lattice structure, specifically lattice expansion, ... More
Writing and erasing of temporal cavity solitons by direct phase modulation of the cavity driving fieldJan 21 2015Temporal cavity solitons (CSs) are persisting pulses of light that can manifest themselves in continuously driven passive resonators, such as macroscopic fiber ring cavities and monolithic microresonators. Experiments so far have demonstrated two techniques ... More
Ultra-weak long-range interactions of solitons observed over astronomical distancesMay 29 2013We report what we believe is the weakest interaction between solitons ever observed. Our experiment involves temporal optical cavity solitons recirculating in a coherently-driven passive optical fibre ring resonator. We observe two solitons, separated ... More
Temporal tweezing of light: trapping and manipulation of temporal cavity solitonsOct 17 2014Optical tweezers use laser light to trap and move microscopic particles in space. Here we demonstrate a similar control over ultrashort light pulses, but in time. Our experiment involves temporal cavity solitons that are stored in a passive loop of optical ... More
Evolutionary aspects and north-south asymmetry of soft X-ray flare index during solar cycles 21, 22, and 23May 05 2017Aims. In this paper, we investigate the temporal evolution and north-south (N-S) asymmetry in the occurrence of solar flares during cycle 21, 22, and 23, and compare the results with traditional solar activity indices. Methods. The flare activity is characterized ... More
Design rules for modulation-doped AlAs quantum wellsJul 27 2017Thanks to their multi-valley, anisotropic, energy band structure, two-dimensional electron systems (2DESs) in modulation-doped AlAs quantum wells (QWs) provide a unique platform to investigate electron interaction physics and ballistic transport. Indeed, ... More
A wide-field photometric survey for extratidal tails around five metal-poor globular clusters in the Galactic haloDec 17 2009Wide-field deep gri images obtained with the Megacam of the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) are used to investigate the spatial configuration of stars around five metal-poor globular cluster M15, M30, M53, NGC 5053, and NGC 5466, in a field-of-view ... More
An Enriques involution of a supersingular K3 surface over odd characteristicJan 07 2013Jan 14 2013In this paper, we prove, as the complex case, a supersingular K3 surface over a field of odd characteristic has an Enriques involution if and only if there exists a primitive embedding of the twice of the Enriques lattice into the Neron-Severi group such ... More
The ordinarity of an insotrivial elliptic fibrationJul 05 2010In this paper, we study the ordinarity of an isotrivial elliptic surface defined over a field of positive characteristic. If an isotrivial elliptic fibration $\pi:X \to C$ is given, $X$ is ordinary when the common fiber of $\pi$ is ordinary and a certain ... More
Electrical transport between epitaxial manganites and carbon nanotubesNov 10 2005The possibility of performing spintronics at the molecular level may be realized in devices that combine fully spin polarized oxides such as manganites with carbon nanotubes. However, it is not clear whether electrical transport between such different ... More
Epitaxial Growth of a Single-Crystal Hybridized Boron Nitride and Graphene layer on a Wide-Band Gap SemiconductorJun 12 2015Vertical and lateral heterogeneous structures of two-dimensional (2D) materials have paved the way for pioneering studies on the physics and applications of 2D materials. A hybridized hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) and graphene lateral structure, a heterogeneous ... More
Evaluation of the clinical usefulness of modulated Arc treatmentMar 11 2015The purpose of this study is to evaluate the clinical usefulness of modulated arc (mARC) treatment techniques. The mARC treatment plans of the non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients were performed in order to verify the clinical usefulness of mARC. ... More
Constraining the Atmospheric Composition of the Day-Night Terminators of HD 189733b : Atmospheric Retrieval with AerosolsOct 22 2013May 06 2014A number of observations have shown that Rayleigh scattering by aerosols dominates the transmission spectrum of HD 189733b at wavelengths shortward of 1 $\mu$m. In this study, we retrieve a range of aerosol distributions consistent with transmission spectroscopy ... More
Negative modes and decay-rate transitionMar 09 1999We investigate a relationship between the number of the negative modes around periodic instanton solution and the type of the decay-rate transition. It is shown that for the case of first-order decay-rate transition the lowest positive mode at low energy ... More
Local Well-Posedness of Dynamics of Viscous Gaseous StarsJun 12 2007We establish the local in time well-posedness of strong solutions to the vacuum free boundary problem of the compressible Navier-Stokes-Poisson system in the spherically symmetric and isentropic motion. Our result captures the physical vacuum boundary ... More
Characterization of 3-bridge links with infinitely many 3-bridge spheresMay 19 2011The author, in her previous paper, constructed an infinite family of 3-bridge links each of which admits infinitely many 3-bridge spheres up to isotopy. In this paper, we prove that if a prime, unsplittable link $L$ in $S^3$ admits infinitely many 3-bridge ... More
A lifting of an automorphism of a K3 surface over odd characteristicJul 22 2014In this paper, we prove that, over an algebraically closed field of odd characteristic, a weakly tame automorphism of a K3 surface of finite height can be lifted over the ring of Witt vectors of the base field. Also we prove that a non-symplectic tame ... More
Semi-stable fibration of generic p-rank 0May 26 2008In this paper, we proved that, for a semi-stable fibration of a proper smooth surface to a proper smooth curve over a filed of positive characteristic, if the p-rank of the generic fiber is 0, then the base change of the fibration by a sufficiently many ... More
Minimizing Area and Energy of Deep Learning Hardware Design Using Collective Low Precision and Structured CompressionApr 19 2018Deep learning algorithms have shown tremendous success in many recognition tasks; however, these algorithms typically include a deep neural network (DNN) structure and a large number of parameters, which makes it challenging to implement them on power/area-constrained ... More
Modeling the Expected Performance of the REgolith X-ray Imaging Spectrometer (REXIS)Oct 12 2014Oct 18 2014OSIRIS-REx is the third spacecraft in the NASA New Frontiers Program and is planned for launch in 2016. OSIRIS-REx will orbit the near-Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu, characterize it, and return a sample of the asteroid's regolith back to Earth. The Regolith ... More
Reconstruction of network structures from repeating spike patterns in simulated bursting dynamicsFeb 09 2014Jul 12 2014Repeating patterns of spike sequences from a neuronal network have been proposed to be useful in the reconstruction of the network topology. Reverberations in a physiologically realistic model with various physical connection topologies (from random to ... More
The representations of the automorphism groups and the Frobenius invariants of K3 surfacesDec 30 2013Jan 27 2016For a K3 surface over an algebraically closed field of odd characteristic, the representation of the automorphism group on the global two forms is finite. If the K3 surface is supersingular, it is isomorphic to the representation on the discriminant group ... More
Generic ordinarity for semi-stable fibrationMay 26 2008In this paper, we proved that, for a semi-stable fibration of a proper smooth surface to a proper smooth curve over a field of positive characteristic, if the generic fiber is ordinary, then the semi-positivity theorem holds. As an application, we constrcuted ... More
Generalized quantum Fokker-Planck equation for photoinduced nonequilibrium processes with positive definiteness conditionOct 31 2015Jan 19 2016This work provides a detailed derivation of a generalized quantum Fokker-Planck equation (GQFPE) appropriate for photo-induced quantum dynamical processes. The path integral method pioneered by Caldeira and Leggett (CL) [Caldeira and Leggett, Physica ... More
Neron-Severi group preserving lifting of K3 surfaces and applicationsJun 07 2013Jun 11 2015For a K3 surface of finite height over a field of odd characteristic, there exists a smooth lifting to the ring of Witt vectors such that the reduction map from the Picard group of the generic fiber to the Picard group of the special fiber is isomorphic. ... More
A Novel Interconnect Camouflaging Technique using Transistor Threshold VoltageMay 07 2017Semiconductor supply chain is increasingly getting exposed to variety of security attacks such as Trojan insertion, cloning, counterfeiting, reverse engineering (RE) and piracy of Intellectual Property (IP) due to involvement of untrusted parties. Camouflaging ... More
Controlled merging and annihilation of localized dissipative structures in an AC-driven damped nonlinear Schrödinger systemApr 27 2015We report studies of controlled interactions of localized dissipative structures in a system described by the AC-driven damped nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation. Extensive numerical simulations reveal a diversity of interaction scenarios that are governed ... More
Synchronization of coupled optical microresonatorsJun 06 2018The phenomenon of synchronization occurs universally across the natural sciences and provides critical insight into the behavior of coupled nonlinear dynamical systems. It also offers a powerful approach to robust frequency or temporal locking in diverse ... More
Measurement of microresonator frequency comb stability by spectral interferometryOct 28 2015We demonstrate a new technique for the experimental measurement of the spectral coherence of microresonator optical frequency combs. Specifically, we use a spectral interference method, typically used in the context of supercontinuum generation, to explore ... More
Dynamics of mode-coupling-induced microresonator frequency combs in normal dispersionOct 04 2016We experimentally and theoretically investigate the dynamics of microresonator-based frequency comb generation assisted by mode coupling in the normal group-velocity dispersion (GVD) regime. We show that mode coupling can initiate intracavity modulation ... More
Exploring the Diversity of Jupiter-Class Planets (Discussion Meeting Contribution)Mar 18 2014Royal Society Discussion Meeting (2013) `Characterizing exoplanets'. Of the 900+ confirmed exoplanets discovered since 1995 for which we have constraints on their mass (i.e., not including Kepler candidates), 75% have masses larger than Saturn (0.3MJ), ... More
Evidence for +-s-wave pairing symmetry in LiFeAs: specific heat studyMar 07 2012We report specific heat capacity measurements on a LiFeAs single crystal at temperatures down to 400 mK and magnetic fields up to 9 Tesla. A small specific heat jump at Tc and finite residual density of states at T=0 K in the superconducting (SC) state ... More
On the potential of the EChO mission to characterise gas giant atmospheresDec 20 2012Space telescopes such as EChO (Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory) and JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) will be important for the future study of extrasolar planet atmospheres. Both of these missions are capable of performing high sensitivity spectroscopic ... More
Adjoint orbits of the Jacobi groupJun 13 2017In this article, we study adjoint orbits of the Jacobi group, and in particular describe nilpotent orbits explicitely.
Understanding Spin Configuration in the Geometrically Frustrated Magnet TbB$_{4}$: a Resonant Soft X-ray Scattering StudyMay 10 2018The frustrated magnet has been regarded as a system that could be a promising host material for the quantum spin liquid (QSL). However, it is difficult to determine the spin configuration and the corresponding mechanism in this system, because of its ... More
Emergence of the Isotropic Kitaev Honeycomb Lattice with Two-dimensional Ising Universality in α-RuCl$_3$Sep 19 2016Anderson proposed structural topology in frustrated magnets hosting novel quantum spin liquids (QSLs). The QSL state is indeed exactly derived by fractionalizing the spin excitation into spinless Majorana fermions in a perfect two dimensional (2D) honeycomb ... More
Measurement Error Effects of Beam Parameters Determined by Beam ProfilesJul 13 2015A conventional method to determine beam parameters is using the profile measurements and converting them into the values of twiss parameters and beam emittance at a specified position. The beam information can be used to improve transverse beam matching ... More
Enhancement of Real Time EPICS IOC PV Management for Data Archiving SystemJul 31 2015For operating a 100MeV linear proton accelerator, the major driving values and experimental data need to be archived. According to the experimental conditions, different data are required. It is necessary to implement functions that can add new data and ... More
Combinatorial extension of stable branching rules for classical groupsDec 07 2015Dec 31 2017We give new combinatorial formulas for decomposition of the tensor product of integrable highest weight modules over the classical Lie algebras of type $B, C, D$, and the branching decomposition of an integrable highest weight module with respect to a ... More
A plactic algebra of extremal weight crystals and the Cauchy identity for Schur operatorsJul 06 2010We give a new bijective interpretation of the Cauchy identity for Schur operators which is a commutation relation between two formal power series with operator coefficients. We introduce a plactic algebra associated with the Kashiwara's extremal weight ... More
Crystal bases of q-deformed Kac modules over the quantum superalgebra $U_q(\gl(m|n))$Mar 26 2012Apr 23 2012We introduce the notion of a crystal base of a finite dimensional q-deformed Kac module over the quantum superalgebra $U_q(\gl(m|n))$, and prove its existence and uniqueness. In particular, we obtain the crystal base of a finite dimensional irreducible ... More
Crystal bases of modified quantized enveloping algebras and a double RSK correspondenceFeb 08 2010Mar 20 2010The crystal base of the modified quantized enveloping algebras of type $A_{+\infty}$ or $A_\infty$ is realized as a set of integral bimatrices. It is obtained by describing the decomposition of the tensor product of a highest weight crystal and a lowest ... More
Negative Dependence Concept in Copulas and the Marginal Free Herd Behavior IndexMar 11 2015We provide a set of copulas that can be interpreted as having the negative extreme dependence. This set of copulas is interesting because it coincides with countermonotonic copula for a bivariate case, and more importantly, is shown to be minimal in concordance ... More
The Weil Representations of the Jacobi GroupJul 26 2009Aug 03 2009The Jacobi group is the semi-direct product of the symplectic group and the Heisenberg group. The Jacobi group is an important object in the framework of quantum mechanics, geometric quantization and optics. In this paper, we study the Weil representations ... More
Stable Automorphic Forms on Semisimple GroupsJun 22 2017In this paper, we introduce the concept of stable automorphic forms on semisimple algebraic groups. We use the stability of automorphic forms to study infinite dimensional arithmetic varieties.
An analytic formula determining quantum pointer basis and its application to a flying bulletFeb 23 2015Jun 12 2016We propose a general scheme determining the quantum pointer basis of a macroscopic object interacting with environment. Unlike the decoherence program, our pointer basis does not require robustness against entanglement, but require robustness on the object ... More
Physical Nature and Orbital Behavior of the Eclipsing System UZ LeonisDec 21 2017New CCD photometric observations of UZ Leo were obtained between February 2012 and April 2013, and on February 2017. Its physical properties were derived from detailed analyses of our light curves and existing radial velocities. The results indicate that ... More
KIC 6206751: the first R CMa-type eclipsing binary with $γ$ Doradus pulsationsAug 01 2018We present the absolute properties of the double-lined eclipsing binary KIC 6206751 exhibiting multiperiodic pulsations. The ${\it Kepler}$ light curve of this system was simultaneously solved with the radial-velocity data given by Matson et al. (2017). ... More
Electron energy increase in a laser wakefield accelerator using longitudinally shaped plasma density profilesSep 09 2018The phase velocity of the wakefield of a laser wakefield accelerator can, theoretically, be manipulated by shaping the longitudinal plasma density profile, thus controlling the parameters of the generated electron beam. We present an experimental method ... More
Asymptotic behavior of odd-even partitionsMar 06 2017Andrews studied a function which appears in Ramanujan's identities. In Ramanujan's "Lost" Notebook, there are several formulas involving this function, but they are not as simple as the identities with other similar shape of functions. Nonetheless, Andrews ... More
Putative spin liquid in the triangle-based iridate Ba$_3$IrTi$_2$O$_9$Jul 11 2017We report on thermodynamic, magnetization, and muon spin relaxation measurements of the strong spin-orbit coupled iridate Ba$_3$IrTi$_2$O$_9$, which constitutes a new frustration motif made up a mixture of edge- and corner-sharing triangles. In spite ... More
Super duality and Crystal bases for quantum orthosymplectic superalgebras IIFeb 02 2014Jun 01 2015Let $\mathcal{O}^{int}_q(m|n)$ be a semisimple tensor category of modules over a quantum ortho-symplectic superalgebra of type $B, C, D$ introduced in the author's previous work. It is a natural counterpart of the category of finitely dominated integrable ... More
A note on a fundamental domain for Siegel-Jacobi spaceJul 11 2005Aug 24 2006In this paper, we study a fundamental domain for the Siegel-Jacobi space $Sp(g,{\mathbb Z})\ltimes H_{\mathbb Z}^{(g,h)}\backslash {\mathbb H}_g\times {\mathbb C}^{(h,g)}$.
CP Violating B Decays with R-parity ViolationAug 25 1998Apr 21 1999We study CP violating B decays in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with R-parity violation. We estimate how much R-parity violation modifies the SM predictions for CP asymmetries in B decays within the present bounds. The effects of R-parity- ... More
Geometric dephasing-limited Hanle effect in long-distance lateral silicon spin transport devicesSep 12 2008Evidence of spin precession and dephasing ("Hanle effect") induced by an external magnetic field is the only unequivocal proof of spin-polarized conduction electron transport in semiconductor devices. However, when spin dephasing is very strong, Hanle ... More
Lepton flavour violation from right-handed neutrino thresholdsDec 09 2013May 06 2014Charged lepton flavour violation is reappraised in the context of supersymmetric see-saw mechanism. It is pointed out that a non-trivial flavour structure of right-handed neutrinos, whose effect has been thus far less studied, can give rise to significant ... More
A Geometrical Theory of Jacobi Forms of Higher DegreeFeb 13 2006In this paper, we give a survey of a geometrical theory of Jacobi forms of higher degree. And we present some geometric results and discuss some geometric problems to be investigated in the future.
Construction of Vector Valued Modular Forms from Jacobi FormsDec 18 2006We give a geometrical construction of the canonical automorphic factor for the Jacobi group and construct new vector valued modular forms from Jacobi forms by differentiating them with respect to toroidal variables and then evaluating at zero.
Lecture on Langlands Functoriality ConjectureJul 26 2009This is a survey lecture note on the applications of Langlands functoriality which were obtained recently by some people at the Langalnds school. This lecture was delivered at the Department of Mathematics, Kyoto University, Japan on June 30 (Tuesday), ... More
Topological minimal genus and $L^2$-signaturesSep 14 2006Sep 28 2006We obtain new lower bounds of the minimal genus of a locally flat surface representing a 2-dimensional homology class in a topological 4-manifold with boundary, using the von Neumann-Cheeger-Gromov $\rho$-invariant. As an application our results are employed ... More
A note on invariant differential operators on Siegel-Jacobi spaceNov 13 2006Jul 04 2011In this article, we investigate differential operators on the Siegel-Jacobi space that are invariant under the natural action of the Jacobi group. These invariant differential operators play an important role in the arithmetic theory of Jacobi forms of ... More
Invariant Differential Operators on Siegel-Jacobi SpaceJul 04 2011For two positive integers $m$ and $n$, we let ${\mathbb H}_n$ be the Siegel upper half plane of degree $n$ and let ${\mathbb C}^{(m,n)}$ be the set of all $m\times n$ complex matrices. In this article, we study differential operators on the Siegel-Jacobi ... More
Gibbsianness of fermion random point fieldsMar 19 2005We consider fermion (or determinantal) random point fields on Euclidean space $\mbR^d$. Given a bounded, translation invariant, and positive definite integral operator $J$ on $L^2(\mbR^d)$, we introduce a determinantal interaction for a system of particles ... More
Wiener integrals with respect to Yeh processesJun 09 2017We define Wiener integrals with respect to Yeh processes and study their properties. In particular, we obtain the martingale property of the associated stochastic processes and give a series expansion of Wiener integrals with respect to centered Yeh process. ... More