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Spatially-resolved relaxation dynamics of photoinduced quasiparticles in underdoped YBa$sub 2$Cu$sub 3$O$sub {7-delta}$Aug 20 2005The spatially-resolved relaxation characteristics of photoinduced quasiparticles (QPs) in CuO$sub 2$ planes of underdoped YBCO are disclosed by polarized fs time-resolved spectroscopy. The relaxation time (tau) along b axis diverges at Tc, and appears ... More
Spatial Symmetry of Superconducting Gap in YBa2Cu3O7-δObtained from Femtosecond SpectroscopyNov 19 2003Nov 25 2003The polarized femtosecond spectroscopies obtained from well characterized (100) and (110) YBa2Cu3O7-\delta thin films are reported. This bulk-sensitive spectroscopy, combining with the well-textured samples, serves as an effective probe to quasiparticle ... More
Electronic structure and transport properties of La_0.7Ce_0.3MnO_3Sep 14 2005X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), optical reflectance spectroscopy, and the Hall effect measurements were used to investigate the electronic structure in La_0.7Ce_0.3MnO_3 thin films (LCeMO). The XAS results are consistent with those obtained from ... More
3D visualizations of nano-scale phase separation and ultrafast dynamic correlation between phases in (Na0.32K0.68)0.95Fe1.75Se2Mar 14 2019Phase separation of metallic and antiferromagnetic (AFM) insulating phases in alkaline iron selenides (AxFe2-ySe2) continues to attract intense interest because the relationship between two peculiar features probably is a key to clarifying the pairing ... More
Doping evolution of Zhang-Rice singlet spectral weight: a comprehensive examination by x-ray absorption spectroscopyAug 05 2013The total spectral weight \textit{S} of the emergent low-energy quasipaticles in high-temperature superconductors is explored by x-ray absorption spectroscopy. In order to examine the applicability of the Hubbard model, regimes that cover from zero doping ... More
Dynamical spectral weight in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_y$ probed by x-ray absorption spectroscopySep 14 2010Sep 19 2010The comprehensive study of the temperature dependent x-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) reveals a dynamical spectral weight $\alpha$ in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_y$ (YBCO). Large spectral weight changes for both the Upper Hubbard band and the Zhang-Rice band due ... More
Unveiling the hidden nematicity and spin subsystem in FeSeMar 29 2016Aug 30 2017The nematic order (nematicity) is considered one of the essential ingredients to understand the mechanism of Fe-based superconductivity. In most Fe-based superconductors (pnictides), nematic order is reasonably close to the antiferromagnetic order. In ... More
Quasiparticle dynamics and phonon softening in FeSe superconductorsJan 05 2012Jun 29 2012Quasiparticle dynamics of FeSe single crystals revealed by dual-color transient reflectivity measurements ({\Delta}R/R) provides unprecedented information on Fe-based superconductors. The amplitude of fast component in {\Delta}R/R clearly tells a competing ... More
Unveiling the hidden nematicity and spin subsystem in FeSeMar 29 2016The nematic order is considered one of the essential ingredients to understand the mechanism of Fe-based superconductivity. In most Fe-based superconductors (pnictides), nematicity is reasonably close to the antiferromagnetic order. In FeSe, in contrast, ... More
On the low-field insulator-quantum Hall conductor transitionsMar 12 2005We studied the insulator-quantum Hall conductor transition which separates the low-field insulator from the quantum Hall state of the filling factor $\nu=4$ on a gated two-dimensional GaAs electron system containing self-assembled InAs quantum dots. To ... More
Fabrication and Low Temperature Thermoelectric Properties of Na_xCoO_2 (x = 0.68 and 0.75) Epitaxial Films by the Reactive Solid-Phase EpitaxyJan 20 2007We have fabricated Na_xCoO_2 thin films via lateral diffusion of sodium into Co_3O_4 (111) epitaxial films (reactive solid-phase epitaxy: Ref. 4). The environment of thermal diffusion is key to the control of the sodium content in thin films. From the ... More
THz Generation and Detection on Dirac Fermions in Topological InsulatorsJan 26 2013This study shows that a terahertz (THz) wave can be generated from the (001) surface of cleaved Bi$_{\textrm{2}}$Se$_{\textrm{3}}$ and Cu-doped Bi$_{\textrm{2}}$Se$_{\textrm{3}}$ single crystals using 800 nm femtosecond pulses. The generated THz power ... More
Methods for Optical Calibration of the BigBite Hadron SpectrometerJan 06 2012Apr 19 2012The techniques for optical calibration of Jefferson Lab's large-acceptance magnetic hadron spectrometer, BigBite, have been examined. The most consistent and stable results were obtained by using a method based on singular value decomposition. In spite ... More
The Payoff Region of a Strategic Game and Its Extreme PointsMay 03 2017Aug 06 2018The range of a payoff function for an $n$-player finite strategic game is investigated using a novel approach, the notion of extreme points of a non-convex set. The shape of a noncooperative payoff region can be estimated using extreme points and supporting ... More
Evolutionarily Stable Preferences Against Multiple MutationsOct 30 2018We use the indirect evolutionary approach to study evolutionarily stable preferences against multiple mutations in single- and multi-population settings, respectively. Each individual has subjective preferences over potential outcomes, and individuals ... More
Evolution of Preferences in Multiple PopulationsAug 07 2018We study the evolution of preferences and the behavioral outcomes in an $n$-population setting. Each player has subjective preferences over potential outcomes, and chooses a best response based on his preferences and the information about the opponents' ... More
Cycle-Consistent Speech EnhancementSep 06 2018Feature mapping using deep neural networks is an effective approach for single-channel speech enhancement. Noisy features are transformed to the enhanced ones through a mapping network and the mean square errors between the enhanced and clean features ... More
Adversarial Feature-Mapping for Speech EnhancementSep 06 2018Feature-mapping with deep neural networks is commonly used for single-channel speech enhancement, in which a feature-mapping network directly transforms the noisy features to the corresponding enhanced ones and is trained to minimize the mean square errors ... More
Diversity of hysteresis in a fully cooperative coinfection modelApr 11 2017We propose a fully cooperative coinfection model in which singly infected individuals are more likely to acquire a second disease than those who are susceptible, and doubly infected individuals are also assumed to be more contagious than those infected ... More
Adversarial Teacher-Student Learning for Unsupervised Domain AdaptationApr 02 2018The teacher-student (T/S) learning has been shown effective in unsupervised domain adaptation [1]. It is a form of transfer learning, not in terms of the transfer of recognition decisions, but the knowledge of posteriori probabilities in the source domain ... More
Large thermoelectric figure of merit in graphene layered devices at low temperatureOct 03 2017Nanostructured materials have emerged as an alternative to enhance the figure of merit (ZT) of thermoelectric (TE) devices. Graphene exhibits a high electrical conductivity (in-plane) that is necessary for a high ZT; however, this effect is countered ... More
Speaker-Invariant Training via Adversarial LearningApr 02 2018Oct 16 2018We propose a novel adversarial multi-task learning scheme, aiming at actively curtailing the inter-talker feature variability while maximizing its senone discriminability so as to enhance the performance of a deep neural network (DNN) based ASR system. ... More
Analyzing language development from a network approachJan 04 2006In this paper we propose some new measures of language development using network analyses, which is inspired by the recent surge of interests in network studies of many real-world systems. Children's and care-takers' speech data from a longitudinal study ... More
Deep Learning based End-to-End Wireless Communication Systems with Conditional GAN as Unknown ChannelMar 06 2019In this article, we develop an end-to-end wireless communication system using deep neural networks (DNNs), in which DNNs are employed to perform several key functions, including encoding, decoding, modulation, and demodulation. However, an accurate estimation ... More
Mean sheared flow and parallel ion motion effects on zonal flow generation in ion-temperature-gradient mode turbulenceJan 14 2009The present work investigates the direct interaction of sheared mean flow with zonal flows (ZF) and the effect of parallel ion motion on ZF generation in ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) background turbulence. An analytical model for the direct interaction ... More
Energy-scale phenomenology and pairing via resonant spin-charge motion in FeAs, CuO, heavy-fermion and other exotic superconductorsNov 10 2008Mar 06 2009Muon spin relaxation ($\mu$SR) studies of the "1111" and "122" FeAs systems have detected static magnetism with variably sized ordered moments in their parent compounds. The phase diagrams of FeAs, CuO, organic BEDT, A$_{3}$C$_{60}$ and heavy-fermion ... More
The Virgo CO Survey: VI. Gas Dynamics and Star Formation Along the Bar in NGC 4303Mar 11 2006We present CO interferometer observations of the barred galaxy NGC 4303 (M61). This galaxy has a gas concentration at the central region and offset ridges in the bar. Sharp velocity gradients are apparent across the ridges. Analyses of the CO data and ... More
Constraints on non-universal gaugino mass scenario using the latest LHC dataJan 14 2016We investigate exclusion limits on the the non-universal gaugino mass scenario in the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM), according the the latest results of the super-particle search at the LHC8 and the LHC13. In this scenario, suitable ratios ... More
A multivariate approach to heavy flavour tagging with cascade trainingApr 27 2007Nov 28 2007This paper compares the performance of artificial neural networks and boosted decision trees, with and without cascade training, for tagging b-jets in a collider experiment. It is shown, using a Monte Carlo simulation of $WH \to l\nu q\bar{q}$ events, ... More
Meaning of the Density MatrixMar 08 1998Protective measurement, which was proposed as a method of observing the wavefunction of a single system, is extended to the observation of the density matrix of a single system. d'Espagnat's definition of `proper mixture' is shown to be improper because ... More
Dynamic UAV-based traffic monitoring under uncertainty as a stochastic arc-inventory routing policySep 11 2016Given the rapid advances in unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, and increasing need to monitor traffic at a city level, one of the current research gaps is how to systematically deploy drones over multiple periods. We propose a real-time data-driven ... More
Scaling in quantum gravityJan 13 1995The 2-point function is the natural object in quantum gravity for extracting critical behavior: The exponential fall off of the 2-point function with geodesic distance determines the fractal dimension $d_H$ of space-time. The integral of the 2-point function ... More
Stochastic Service Guarantee Analysis Based on Time-Domain ModelsApr 14 2009Jun 11 2009Stochastic network calculus is a theory for stochastic service guarantee analysis of computer communication networks. In the current stochastic network calculus literature, its traffic and server models are typically based on the cumulative amount of ... More
A combinatorial proof of the Alladi-Gordon key identity for Schur's partition theoremFeb 06 2012The Alladi-Gordon identity plays an important role for the Alladi-Gordon generalization of Schur's partition theorem. By using Joichi-Stanton's insertion algorithm, we present an overpartition interpretation for the Alladi-Gordon key identity. Based on ... More
Gamma-Ray Burst Afterglows as Analogues of High Frequency-Peaked BL Lac ObjectsNov 17 2010The spectral properties from radio to optical bands are compared between the 18 optically bright Gamma-ray burst afterglows and well established power-spectrum sequence in Blazars. The comparison shows that the afterglows are well agreement with the well ... More
The energy spectrum of a Langevin oscillatorJul 25 2016Jul 29 2016We derive analytical solutions for the autocorrelation and cross-correlation functions of the kinetic, potential and total energy of a Langevin oscillator. These functions are presented in both the time and frequency domains and validated by independent ... More
Temperature fluctuations in canonical systems: Insights from molecular dynamics simulationsSep 13 2016Molecular dynamics simulations of a quasi-harmonic solid are conducted to elucidate the meaning of temperature fluctuations in canonical systems and validate a well-known but frequently contested equation predicting the mean square of such fluctuations. ... More
Condensation, excitation, pairing, and superfluid density in high-$T_{c}$ superconductors: magnetic resonance mode as a roton analogue and a possible spin-mediated pairingJun 13 2004To find out a primary determing factor of $T_{c}$ and a pairing mechanism in high-$T_{c}$ cuprates, we combine the muon spin relaxation results on $n_{s}/m^{*}$ (superconducting carrier density / effective mass), accumulated over the last 15 years, with ... More
Nonlinear Photoluminescence Excitation Spectroscopy of Carbon Nanotubes: Exploring the Upper Density Limit of One-Dimensional ExcitonsApr 20 2008We have studied emission properties of high-density excitons in single-walled carbon nanotubes through nonlinear photoluminescence excitation spectroscopy. As the excitation intensity was increased, all emission peaks arising from different chiralities ... More
Improvement of the robustness on geographical networks by adding shortcutsDec 07 2006In a topological structure affected by geographical constraints on liking, the connectivity is weakened by constructing local stubs with small cycles, a something of randomness to bridge them is crucial for the robust network design. In this paper, we ... More
Periodic ILW equation with discrete LaplacianApr 17 2009We study an integro-differential equation which generalizes the periodic intermediate long wave (ILW) equation. The kernel of the singular integral involved is an elliptic function written as a second order difference of the Weierstrass zeta-function. ... More
Effect of Insertion Devices in SPEAR 3Jun 20 2001The SPEAR 3 upgrade lattice will provide much reduced beam emittance to increase the brightness of synchrotron radiation beams from wigglers and undulators. Seven existing insertion devices will be used in the lattice. In this paper we review the wiggler ... More
Superatom molecular orbitals: a new type of long-lived electronic statesOct 04 2011We present ab initio calculations of the quasiparticle decay times in a Buckminsterfullerene based on the many-body perturbation theory. A particularly lucid representation arises when the broadening of the quasiparticle states is plotted in the angular ... More
A Sparse Semi-Blind Source Identification Method and Its Application to Raman Spectroscopy for Explosives DetectionOct 07 2011Rapid and reliable detection and identification of unknown chemical substances is critical to homeland security. It is challenging to identify chemical components from a wide range of explosives. There are two key steps involved. One is a nondestructive ... More
Color-Flavor Transformation for the Special Unitary Group and Application to Low Energy QCDJan 25 2001Apr 13 2001The color-flavor transformation for the unitary group (Zirnbauer 1996) is extended to the special unitary group. The resulting partition function is represented as sum over disconnected sectors characterized by a U(1)-charge. Application to low energy ... More
Defining Relative Likelihood in Partially-Ordered Preferential StructuresJul 01 1997Starting with a likelihood or preference order on worlds, we extend it to a likelihood ordering on sets of worlds in a natural way, and examine the resulting logic. Lewis earlier considered such a notion of relative likelihood in the context of studying ... More
A determinant representation for generalized ballot and Fuss-Catalan numbersDec 11 2013In this note we introduce a determinant and then give its evaluating formula. The determinant turns out to be a generalization of the well-known ballot and Fuss-Catalan numbers, which is believed to be new. The evaluating formula is proved by showing ... More
Monopoles, Dyons and Black Holes in the Four-Dimensional Einstein-Yang-Mills TheoryFeb 11 2000Feb 22 2000A continuum of monopole, dyon and black hole solutions exist in the Einstein-Yang-Mills theory in asymptotically anti-de Sitter space. Their structure is studied in detail. The solutions are classified by non-Abelian electric and magnetic charges and ... More
Standard Rothe TableauxJul 13 2016Edelman and Greene constructed a bijection between the set of standard Young tableaux and the set of balanced Young tableaux of the same shape. Fomin, Greene, Reiner and Shimozono introduced the notion of balanced Rothe tableaux of a permutation $w$, ... More
What can we learn from comparison between cuprates and He films ? : phase separation and fluctuating superfluidityDec 01 2000In the underdoped, overdoped, Zn-doped or stripe-forming regions of high-$T_{c}$ cuprate superconductors (HTSC), the superfluid density $n_{s}/m^{*}$ at $T\to 0$ shows universal correlations with $T_{c}$. Similar strong correlations exist between 2-dimensional ... More
Numerical estimation of densitiesSep 09 2004[Abridged] We present a novel technique, dubbed FiEstAS, to estimate the underlying density field from a discrete set of sample points in an arbitrary multidimensional space. FiEstAS assigns a volume to each point by means of a binary tree. Density is ... More
Sun's log-concavity conjecture on the Catalan-Larcombe-French sequenceMay 25 2015May 26 2015Let $\{P_n\}_{n\geq 0}$ denote the Catalan-Larcombe-French sequence, which naturally came up from the series expansion of the complete elliptic integral of the first kind. In this paper, we prove the strict log-concavity of the sequence $\{\sqrt[n]{P_n}\}_{n\geq ... More
A Counter Example to Theorems of Cox and FineMay 27 2011Cox's well-known theorem justifying the use of probability is shown not to hold in finite domains. The counterexample also suggests that Cox's assumptions are insufficient to prove the result even in infinite domains. The same counterexample is used to ... More
Web Object Size satisfying Mean Waiting Time In Multiple Access EnvironmentAug 12 2014This paper addresses web object size which is one of important performance measures and affects to service time in multiple access environment. Since packets arrive according to Poission distribution and web service time has arbitrary distribution, M/G/1 ... More
Understanding AGN-host connection in partially obscured active galactic nuclei. Part III: Properties of ROSAT-selected SDSS AGNsJun 29 2010As the third paper of our serial studies that are aim at examining the AGN-host coevolution by using partially obscured AGNs, we extend the broad-line composite galaxies (composite AGNs) into ROSAT-selected Seyfert 1.8/1.9 galaxies basing upon the RASS/SDSS-DR5 ... More
Log-behavior of two sequences related to the elliptic integralsFeb 13 2016Aug 01 2016Two interesting sequences arose in the study of the series expansions of the complete elliptic integrals, which are called the Catalan-Larcombe-French sequence $\{P_n\}_{n\geq 0}$ and the Fennessey-Larcombe-French sequence $\{V_n\}_{n\geq 0}$ respectively. ... More
Observation of Nonclassical Photon Statistics due to Quantum InterferenceJul 02 2001The nonclassical effect of photon anti-bunching is observed in the mixed field of a narrow band two-photon source and a coherent field under certain condition. A variety of different features in photon statistics are found to be the consequence of a two-photon ... More
Understanding the AGN-Host Connection in Broad Mgii Emission Selected AGN-Host Hybrid QausarsFeb 17 2009We study the issue of AGN-host connection in intermediate-z (1.2>z>0.4) galaxies with hybrid spectra (hybrid QSOs for short). The observed spectra redward of the Balmer limit are dominated by starlight, and the spectra at blue end by both an AGN continuum ... More
Understanding AGN-Host Connection in Partially Obscured Active Galactic Nuclei. Part I: The Nature of AGN+HII CompositesFeb 05 2008The goal of our serial papers is to examine the evolutionary connection between AGN and star formation in its host galaxy in the partially obscured AGNs (i.e., Seyfert 1.8 and 1.9 galaxies). Taking advantage of these galaxies, the properties of both components ... More
Low-Metallicity Star Formation in High-Redshift Galaxies at z~8Sep 28 2010Oct 27 2010Based on the recent very deep near-infrared imaging of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field with WFC3 on the Hubble Space Telescope, five groups published most probable samples of galaxies at z~8, selected by the so-called dropout method or photometric redshift; ... More
Interacting multiple zero mode formulation and its application to a system consisting of a dark soliton in a condensateApr 24 2015To formulate the zero modes in a finite-size system with spontaneous breakdown of symmetries in quantum field theory is not trivial, for in the naive Bogoliubov theory, one encounters difficulties such as phase diffusion, the absence of a definite criterion ... More
Dynamical Instability Induced by Zero Mode Under Symmetry Breaking External PerturbationDec 02 2013Jun 16 2014A complex eigenvalue in the Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations for a stationary Bose-Einstein condensate in ultracold atomic system indicates the dynamical instability of the system. We also have the modes with zero eigenvalues for the condensate, called ... More
Criteria for posterior consistencyAug 06 2013May 13 2016Frequentist conditions for asymptotic suitability of Bayesian procedures focus on lower bounds for prior mass in Kullback-Leibler neighbourhoods of the data distribution. The goal of this paper is to investigate the flexibility in criteria for posterior ... More
Criteria for posterior consistencyAug 06 2013Mar 16 2018Frequentist conditions for asymptotic suitability of Bayesian procedures focus on lower bounds for prior mass in Kullback-Leibler neighbourhoods of the data distribution. The goal of this paper is to investigate the flexibility in criteria for posterior ... More
The design and the performance of an ultrahigh vacuum 3He fridge-based scanning tunneling microscope with a double deck sample stage for in-situ tip treatmentMay 21 2018Nov 11 2018Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is a powerful tool for studying the structural and electronic properties of materials at the atomic scale. The combination of low temperature and high magnetic field for STM and related spectroscopy techniques allows ... More
A model for emergence of space and timeMay 17 2015We study string field theory (third quantization) of the two-dimensional model of quantum geometry called generalized CDT ("causal dynamical triangulations"). Like in standard non-critical string theory the so-called string field Hamiltonian of generalized ... More
Non-critical string field theory for 2d quantum gravity coupled to (p,q)--conformal fieldsApr 12 1996We propose a non-critical string field theory for $2d$ quantum gravity coupled to ($p$,$q$) conformal fields. The Hamiltonian is described by the generators of the $W_p$ algebra, and the Schwinger-Dyson equation is equivalent to a vacuum condition imposed ... More
Superconductivity: Exotic Commonalities in Phase and ModeMar 16 2009Recent muon and neutron experiments on the new FeAs-based superconductors revealed phase diagrams characterized by first-order evolution from antiferromagnetic to superconducting states, and an inelastic magnetic resonance mode whose energy scales as ... More
Twin spin/charge roton mode and superfluid density: primary determining factors of $T_{c}$ in high-$T_{c}$ superconductors observed by neutron, ARPES, and $μ$SRDec 05 2005In the quest for primary factors which determine the transition temperature $T_{c}$ of high-$T_{c}$ cuprate superconductors (HTSC), we develop a phenomenological picture combining experimental results from muon spin relaxation ($\mu$SR), neutron and Raman ... More
Bose-Einstein to BCS Crossover Picture for High-T_c CupratesJun 14 1997Combining (1) the universal correlations between $T_{c}$ and $n_{s}/m^{*}$ (superconducting carrier density / effective mass) and (2) the pseudo-gap behavior in the underdoped region, we obtain a picture to describe superconductivity in cuprate systems ... More
Aspects of T-duality in Open StringsJul 06 1996Sep 06 1996We study T-duality for open strings in various $D$-manifolds in the approach of canonical transformations. We show that this approach is particularly useful to study the mapping of the boundary conditions since it provides an explicit relation between ... More
Dynamic Aperture Studies for SPEAR 3Jun 20 2001The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory is investigating an accelerator upgrade project that would replace the present 130 nm rad FODO lattice with an 18 nm rad double bend achromat (DBA) lattice: SPEAR 3. The low emittance design yields a high ... More
Non linear difference equations arising from a deformation of the q-Laguerre weightApr 11 2014We study, in this paper, a one parameter deformation of the $q-$Laguerre weight function. An investigation is made on the polynomials orthogonal with respect to such a weight. With the aid of the two compatibility conditions previously obtained in \cite{Chen-Ism} ... More
Effective axial-vector current coupling and isoscalar pairing interaction for quasiparticle random-phase approximation approach to double-$β$ and $β$ decaysJan 16 2019We have proposed in a series of previous papers a method to determine the effective axial-vector current coupling and the strength of the isoscalar proton-neutron pairing interaction for calculating the nuclear matrix elements of the neutrinoless double-$\beta$ ... More
Human behaviors: a threat for mosquito control?Oct 23 2015Community involvement and the preventive behavior of households are considered to be at the heart of vector-control strategies. In this work, we consider a simple theoretical model that enables us to take into account human behaviors that may interfere ... More
Koroljuk's formula for counting lattice paths revisitedJun 25 2013Koroljuk gave a summation formula for counting the number of lattice paths from $(0,0)$ to $(m,n)$ with $(1,0), (0,1)$-steps in the plane that stay strictly above the line $y=k(x-d)$, where $k$ and $d$ are positive integers. In this paper we obtain an ... More
Limits on Kaluza-Klein Models from COBE ResultsJul 05 1995The large-angular-scale anisotropy of the cosmic microwave background radiation in multidimensional cosmological models (Kaluza-Klein models) is studied. Limits on parameters of the models imposed by the experimental data are obtained. It is shown that ... More
Comparison of multi-scale analysis models applied to zonal flow generation in ion-temperature-gradient mode turbulenceJan 14 2009During the past years the understanding of the multi-scale interaction problems have increased significantly. However, at present there exists a range of different analytical models for investigating multi-scale interactions and hardly any specific comparisons ... More
Superfluid density of high-Tc cuprate systems: implication on condensation mechanisms, heterogeneity and phase diagramDec 31 2002Extensive muon spin relaxation measurements have been performed to determine the magnetic field penetration depth in high-Tc cuprate superconductors with simple hole doping, Zn-doping, overdoping, and formation of static SDW nano islands. System dependence ... More
Microscopic phase separation in the overdoped region of high-Tc cuprate superconductorsOct 31 2001We propose a phenomenological model for high-$T_{c}$ superconductors (HTSC) assuming: (1) a microscopic phase separation between superconducting and normal-metal areas in the overdoped region; and (2) existence of a homogeneous superconducting phase only ... More
Alternative bi-Hamiltonian structures for WDVV equations of associativityOct 12 1998The WDVV equations of associativity in 2-d topological field theory are completely integrable third order Monge-Amp\`ere equations which admit bi-Hamiltonian structure. The time variable plays a distinguished role in the discussion of Hamiltonian structure ... More
On the Resonant Spin Flavor Precession of the Neutrino in the SunSep 25 1999This work deals with the possible solution of the solar neutrino problem in the framework of the resonant neutrino spin-flavor precession scenario. The event rate results from the solar neutrino experiments as well as the recoil electron energy spectrum ... More
Thermal conductivity of semiconductor superlattices: Experimental study of interface scatteringOct 07 2009We present thermal conductivity measurements performed in three short-period (GaAs)_9(AlAs)_5 superlattices. The samples were grown at different temperatures, leading to different small scale roughness and broadening of the interfaces. The cross-plane ... More
Accessing electronic correlations by half-cycle pulses and time-resolved spectroscopyApr 21 2015Ultrashort non-resonant electromagnetic pulses applied to effective one-electron systems may operate on the electronic state as a position or momentum translation operator. As derived here, extension to many-body correlated systems exposes qualitatively ... More
Loop Variables in Topological GravityJul 22 1993We examine the relationship between covariant and canonical (Ashtekar/Rovelli/Smolin) loop variables in the context of BF type topological field theories in 2+1 and 3+1 dimensions, with respective gauge groups SO(2,1) and SO(3,1). The latter model can ... More
Trapping scaling for bifurcations in Vlasov systemsNov 24 2015Jan 21 2016We study non oscillating bifurcations of non homogeneous steady states of the Vlasov equation, a situation occurring in galactic models, or for Bernstein-Greene-Kruskal modes in plasma physics. We show that resonances are strongly suppressed, leading ... More
Multiwavelength study of low-luminosity 6.7-GHz methanol masersJul 20 2010Dec 16 2010We present results of 13CO(1-0), C18O(1-0), and HCO+(1-0) map observations and N2H+2 (1-0) single point observations directed towards a sample of nine low-luminosity 6.7-GHz masers. N2H+ line emission has been detected from six out of nine sources, C18O ... More
Nondegeneracy of half-harmonic maps from $\mathbb{R}$ into $\mathbb{S}^1$Jan 13 2017We prove that the standard half-harmonic map $U:\mathbb{R}\to\mathbb{S}^1$ defined by \begin{equation*} x\to \begin{pmatrix} \frac{x^2-1}{x^2+1} \frac{-2x}{x^2+1} \end{pmatrix} \end{equation*} is nondegenerate in the sense that all bounded solutions of ... More
Evolutionary Implications from SDSSJ085338.27+033246.1: A Spectacular N arrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy with Young Post-starburstMay 16 2006We analyze the physical properties of post-starburst AGN SDSS J085338.27+033246.1 according to its optical spectrum and discuss its implications on AGN's evolution. The spectra PCA method is developed to extract emission lines and absorption features ... More
On symmetric commutator subgroups, braids, links and homotopy groupsFeb 02 2010In this paper, we investigate some applications of commutator subgroups to homotopy groups and geometric groups. In particular, we show that the intersection subgroups of some canonical subgroups in certain link groups modulo their symmetric commutator ... More
No Enough Evidence In Support Of Correlation Between Gamma-ray Bursts And Foreground Galaxiy Clusters In the Swift EraMar 26 2010The correlation between distant Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs) and foreground galaxy clusters is re-examined by using the well localized (with an accuracy down to a few arcseconds) Swift/XRT GRBs. The galaxy clusters are compiled from both X-ray selected ROSAT ... More
Log-behavior of two sequences related to the elliptic integralsFeb 13 2016Apr 10 2017Two interesting sequences arose in the study of the series expansions of the complete elliptic integrals, which are called the Catalan-Larcombe-French sequence $\{P_n\}_{n\geq 0}$ and the Fennessey-Larcombe-French sequence $\{V_n\}_{n\geq 0}$ respectively. ... More
Comparison of Analytical and Numerical Resolution Functions in Sputter Depth ProfilingJan 06 2014Quantification of sputter depth profiles is frequently done by fitting the convolution integral over concentration and depth resolution function. For a thin delta layer, there exist analytical solutions. The analytical depth resolution functions of two ... More
The Spectrum of the Hybrid Mesons with Heavy Quarks from the B.S. EquationFeb 19 1998We construct the B.S. equation for the hybrid mesons under instantaneous approximation. The kernel is chosen as the sum of an one-gluon exchange potential and a linear confining potential. The equations are solved by numerical method, and the spectrum ... More
Glueball Spectrum from the B.S. EquationNov 19 1997The mass of the glueballs is calculated in the B.S. equation framework. Under instantaneous approximation, the wave function of B.S. equations are obtained. The kernel is chosen as the sum of an one-gluon exchange potential, a contact interaction and ... More
On Fourier coefficients of modular forms of half integral weight at squarefree integersFeb 29 2016Apr 20 2016We show that the Dirichlet series associated to the Fourier coefficients of a half-integral weight Hecke eigenform at squarefree integers extends analytically to a holomorphic function in the half-plane $\re s\textgreater{}\tfrac{1}{2}$. This exhibits ... More
String-Averaging Projected Subgradient Methods for Constrained MinimizationAug 29 2013We consider constrained minimization problems and propose to replace the projection onto the entire feasible region, required in the Projected Subgradient Method (PSM), by projections onto the individual sets whose intersection forms the entire feasible ... More
Tight-binding electronic spectra on graphs with spherical topology. II. The effect of spin-orbit interactionFeb 06 2008Mar 21 2008This is the second of two papers devoted to tight-binding electronic spectra on graphs with the topology of the sphere. We investigate the problem of an electron subject to a spin-orbit interaction generated by the radial electric field of a static point ... More
Pion absorption and rescattering in the ANP model revisitedAug 01 2003Single pion leptoproduction in the region of the (3,3) resonance is currently of high interest for at least two reasons: (i) These reactions constitute an important part of the total cross section in low energy reactions and are utilized to detect neutrino ... More
Dependence of the energies of fusion on the intermembrane separation: optimal and constrainedAug 09 2007We calculate the characteristic energies of fusion between planar bilayers as afunction of the distance between them, measured from the hydrophobic/hydrophilic interface of one of the two nearest, cis, leaves to the other. The two leaves of each bilayer ... More