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Stability problems in non autonomous linear differential equations in infinite dimensionsJun 11 2019One goal of this paper is to study robustness of stability of nonautonomous linear ordinary differential equations under integrally small perturbations in an infinite dimensional Banach space. Some applications are obtained to the case of rapid oscillatory ... More
Instability and bifurcation in a trend depending price formation modelJun 05 2013A well-known model due to J.-M. Lasry and P.L. Lions that presents the evolution of prices in a market as the evolution of a free boundary in a diffusion equation is suggested to be modified in order to show instabilities for some values of the parameters. ... More
A viable Starobinsky-like inflationary scenario in the light of Planck and BICEP2 resultsJun 09 2014The recent CMB data from Planck and BICEP2 observations have opened a new window for inflationary cosmology. In this Essay we compare three Starobinsky-like inflationary scenarios: (i) the original Starobinsky proposal; (ii) a family of dynamically broken ... More
Nonsingular Decaying Vacuum Cosmology and Entropy ProductionDec 16 2014Mar 08 2015The thermodynamic behavior of a decaying vacuum cosmology describing the entire cosmological history evolving between two extreme (early and late time) de Sitter eras is investigated. The thermal evolution from the early de Sitter to the radiation phase ... More
Thermodynamical aspects of running vacuum modelsSep 01 2015Apr 28 2016The thermal history of a large class of running vacuum models in which the effective cosmological term is described by a truncated power series of the Hubble rate, whose dominant term is $\Lambda (H) \propto H^{n+2}$, is discussed in detail. Specifically, ... More
Optimal scalar products in the Standard Linear Viscoelastic ModelFeb 24 2015We study the third order in time linear dissipative wave equation known as the Standard Linear Viscoelastic Model, that appears also as the linearization of the so-called Moore-Gibson-Thompson equation in Nonlinear Acoustics. We complete the description ... More
An example on Lyapunov stability and linearizationFeb 06 2019The purpose of this paper is to present an example of a C1 (in the Fr\'echet sense) discrete dynamical system in a infinite-dimensional separable Hilbert space for which the origin is an exponentially asymptotically stable fixed point, but such that its ... More
About the Cauchy problem in Stelle's quadratic gravityNov 19 2018Feb 22 2019The focus of the present work is on the Cauchy problem for the quadratic gravity models introduced in \cite{stelle}-\cite{stelle2}. These are renormalizable higher order derivative models of gravity, but at cost of ghostly states propagating in the phase ... More
Correct thermodynamic forces in Tsallis Thermodynamics: connection with Hill NanothermodynamicsJan 17 2005The equivalence between Tsallis Thermodynamics and Hill Nanothermodynamics is established. The correct thermodynamic forces in Tsallis thermodynamics are pointed out. Through this connection we also find a general expression for the entropic index $q$ ... More
Sufficient conditions for robustness of attractorsMar 25 2003A recent problem in dynamics is to determinate whether an attractor $\Lambda$ of a $C^r$ flow $X$ is $C^r$ robust transitive or not. By {\em attractor} we mean a transitive set to which all positive orbits close to it converge. An attractor is $C^r$ robust ... More
Homoclinic orbits and entropy for three-dimensional flowsSep 25 2015We prove that every $C^1$ three-dimensional flow with positive topological entropy can be $C^1$ approximated by flows with homoclinic orbits. This extends a previous result for $C^1$ surface diffeomorphisms \cite{g}.
Counting matrices over finite fields with support on skew Young diagrams and complements of Rothe diagramsMar 26 2012Feb 25 2013We consider the problem of finding the number of matrices over a finite field with a certain rank and with support that avoids a subset of the entries. These matrices are a q-analogue of permutations with restricted positions (i.e., rook placements). ... More
Quantum ratchet control - harvesting on Landau-Zener transitionsMay 07 2008Jul 03 2008We control the current of a single particle quantum ratchet by designing ramping schemes for experimentally accessible control parameters. We harvest on Landau-Zener transitions between Floquet states. Adiabatic and diabatic ramping allow to control the ... More
A big data based method for pass rates optimization in mathematics university lower division coursesSep 18 2018In this paper an algorithm designed for large databases is introduced for the enhancement of pass rates in mathematical university lower division courses with several sections. Using integer programming techniques, the algorithm finds the optimal pairing ... More
Higgs triplet effects in purely leptonic processesNov 11 1995We consider the effect of complex Higgs triplets on purely leptonic processes and survey the experimental constraints on the mass and couplings of their single and double charge members. Present day experiments tolerate values of the Yukawa couplings ... More
Algebro-geometric solitonic solutions and Differential Galois TheoryAug 01 2017Mar 08 2018The main goal of this work is to give the solutions in closed form of the spectral problem $-\Psi''+u\Psi=\lambda \Psi$, when $u$ is a stationary potential of the KdV hierarchy. We describe the centralizer of the Schr\"odinger operator $L=-\partial^2 ... More
Curves and surfaces with constant nonlocal mean curvature: meeting Alexandrov and DelaunayMar 02 2015We are concerned with hypersurfaces of $\mathbb{R}^N$ with constant nonlocal (or fractional) mean curvature. This is the equation associated to critical points of the fractional perimeter under a volume constraint. Our results are twofold. First we prove ... More
Measurement of Baryon Electromagnetic Form Factors at BESIIIMay 23 2016The Beijing $e^+e^-$-collider (BEPCII) is a double-ring symmetric collider running at center-of-mass energies between 2.0 and 4.6 GeV. This energy range allows the BESIII-experiment to measure baryon electromagnetic form factors in direct $e^+e^-$-annihilation ... More
The stellar mass ratio of GK PerseiOct 15 2001We study the absorption lines present in the spectra of the long-period cataclysmic variable GK Per during its quiescent state, which are associated with the secondary star. By comparing quiescent data with outburst spectra we infer that the donor star ... More
Deconvolutional Networks for Point-Cloud Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Driving ScenariosAug 23 2018Vehicle detection and tracking is a core ingredient for developing autonomous driving applications in urban scenarios. Recent image-based Deep Learning (DL) techniques are obtaining breakthrough results in these perceptive tasks. However, DL research ... More
Differential Galois Theory and non-Integrability of Planar Polynomial Vector FieldsJul 14 2017We study a necessary condition for the integrability of the polynomials fields in the plane by means of the differential Galois theory. More concretely, by means of the variational equations around a particular solution it is obtained a necessary condition ... More
Bulk and Surface Nucleation Processes in Ag2S Conductance SwitchesAug 26 2011We studied metallic Ag formation inside and on the surface of Ag2S thin films, induced by the electric field created with a STM tip. Two clear regimes were observed: cluster formation on the surface at low bias voltages, and full conductance switching ... More
Absolving the SSINS of Precision Interferometric Radio Data: A New Technique for Mitigating Ultra-faint Radio Frequency InterferenceJun 03 2019We introduce a new method for mitigating ultra-faint radio frequency interference (RFI), which we call Sky-Subtracted Incoherent Noise Spectra (SSINS). SSINS is designed to identify and remove RFI below the single baseline thermal noise. We demonstrate ... More
Absolving the SSINS of Precision Interferometric Radio Data: A New Technique for Mitigating Ultra-faint Radio Frequency InterferenceJun 03 2019Jun 18 2019We introduce a new method for mitigating ultra-faint radio frequency interference (RFI), which we call Sky-Subtracted Incoherent Noise Spectra (SSINS). SSINS is designed to identify and remove RFI below the single baseline thermal noise. We demonstrate ... More
Construction of the Digamma Function by Derivative DefinitionApr 07 2008Apr 25 2008The Digamma and Polygamma functions are important tools in mathematical physics, not only for its many properties but also for the applications in statistical mechanics and stellar evolution. In many textbooks is found its develop almost by the same procedure. ... More
Segre embeddings, Hilbert series and Newcomb's problemJun 28 2013Jan 16 2014Monomial ideals and toric rings are closely related. By consider a Grobner basis we can always associated to any ideal $I$ in a polynomial ring a monomial ideal ${\rm in}_\prec I$, in some special situations the monomial ideal ${\rm in}_\prec I$ is square ... More
The young, wide and very low mass visual binary LOri167Apr 19 2007We look for wide, faint companions around members of the 5 Myr Lambda Orionis open cluster. We used optical, near-infrared, and Spitzer/IRAC photometry. We report the discovery of a very wide very low mass visual binary, LOri167, formed by a brown dwarf ... More
Phase mapping of aging process in InN nanostructures: oxygen incorporation and the role of the zincblende phaseNov 23 2009Uncapped InN nanostructures undergo a deleterious natural aging process at ambient conditions by oxygen incorporation. The phases involved in this process and their localization is mapped by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) related techniques. The ... More
The basis of the physical Hilbert space of lattice gauge theoriesJun 28 1999Non-linear Fourier analysis on compact groups is used to construct an orthonormal basis of the physical (gauge invariant) Hilbert space of Hamiltonian lattice gauge theories. In particular, the matrix elements of the Hamiltonian operator involved are ... More
Linear maps between C*-algebras preserving extreme points and strongly linear preserversJul 21 2015We study new classes of linear preservers between C$^*$-algebras and JB$^*$-triples. Let $E$ and $F$ be JB$^*$-triples with $\partial_{e} (E_1)$. We prove that every linear map $T:E\to F$ strongly preserving Brown-Pedersen quasi-invertible elements is ... More
Integrability of Stochastic Birth-Death processes via Differential Galois TheoryJan 18 2019Stochastic birth-death processes are described as continuous-time Markov processes in models of population dynamics. A system of infinite, coupled ordinary differential equations (the so-called master equation) describes the time-dependence of the probability ... More
High-order quantum back-reaction and quantum cosmology with a positive cosmological constantNov 12 2010Sep 12 2011When quantum back-reaction by fluctuations, correlations and higher moments of a state becomes strong, semiclassical quantum mechanics resembles a dynamical system with a high-dimensional phase space. Here, systematic computational methods to derive the ... More
Search strategies for pair production of heavy Higgs bosons decaying invisibly at the LHCOct 19 2017Mar 07 2018The search for heavy Higgs bosons at the LHC represents an intense experimental program, carried out by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations, which includes the hunt for invisible Higgs decays and dark matter candidates. No significant deviations from the ... More
Unbiased constraints on ultralight axion mass from dwarf spheroidal galaxiesSep 19 2016Aug 21 2017It has been suggested that the internal dynamics of dwarf spheroidal galaxies (dSphs) can be used to test whether or not ultralight axions with $m_a\sim 10^{-22}\text{eV}$ are a preferred dark matter candidate. However, comparisons to theoretical predictions ... More
From inflation to dark energy through a dynamical Lambda: an attempt at alleviating fundamental cosmic puzzlesJul 23 2013Aug 16 2013After decades of successful hot big-bang paradigm, Cosmology still lacks a framework in which the early inflationary phase of the universe smoothly matches the radiation epoch and evolves to the present `quasi' de Sitter spacetime. No less intriguing ... More
Fundamental Constants in Physics and Their Time VariationJul 08 2015Jul 12 2015There is no doubt that the field of Fundamental Constants in Physics and Their Time Variation is one of the hottest subjects in modern theoretical and experimental physics, with potential implications in all fundamental areas of physics research, such ... More
Quaternion kinematics for the error-state Kalman filterNov 03 2017This article is an exhaustive revision of concepts and formulas related to quaternions and rotations in 3D space, and their proper use in estimation engines such as the error-state Kalman filter. The paper includes an in-depth study of the rotation group ... More
The Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: The Case for Germanium DetectorsNov 21 2002An overview of the current status of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay is presented, emphasizing on the case of Germanium Detectors.
Two-dimensional pattern formation in ionic liquids confined between graphene wallsFeb 13 2019We perform molecular dynamics simulations of ionic liquids confined between graphene walls under a large variety of conditions (pure ionic liquids, mixtures with water and alcohols, mixtures with lithium salts and defective graphene walls). Our results ... More
The Feynman integral as a limit of complex measuresJun 05 2009The fundamental solution of the Schr\"odinger equation for a free particle is a distribution. This distribution can be approximated by a sequence of smooth functions. It is defined for each one of these functions, a complex measure on the space of paths. ... More
Representations of Definite Binary Quadratic Forms over F_q[t]May 23 2009In this paper, we prove that a binary definite quadratic form over F_q[t], where q is odd, is completely determined up to equivalence by the polynomials it represents up to degree 3m-2, where m is the degree of its discriminant. We also characterize, ... More
Characterizing finite sets of nonwandering pointsOct 25 2011We characterize finite sets $S$ of nonwandering points for generic diffeomorphisms $f$ as those which are {\em uniformly bounded}, i.e., there is an uniform bound for small perturbations of the derivative of $f$ along the points in $S$ up to suitable ... More
Density of Axiom A for area contracting surface embeddingsSep 22 2011Jan 17 2012We prove that Axiom A is open and dense in the space of $C^1$ area contracting orientation-preserving embeddings on compact orientable surfaces with boundary. This settles the area contracting version of the {\em Smale's conjecture} \cite{s}.
A Conforming Primal-Dual Mixed Formulation for the 2D Multiscale Porous Media Flow ProblemJan 04 2017Oct 02 2018In this paper a new primal-dual mixed finite element method is introduced, aimed to model multiscale problems with several geometric subregions in the domain of interest. In each of these regions porous media fluid flow takes place, but governed by physical ... More
Siegel's mass formula and averages of Dirichlet L-functions over function fieldsJan 28 2010Nov 12 2011Let D be a square-free polynomial in F_q[t], where q is odd, and let G be a genus of definite ternary lattices over F_q[t] of determinant D. In this paper we give self-contained and relatively elementary proofs of Siegel's formulas for the weighted sum ... More
Solution of the Dirichlet problem for the equation $aΔu+b\cdot \nabla u=0$ by the Monte Carlo methodMay 26 2016In this paper we study the Dirichlet problem corresponding to an open bounded set $D\subset \mathbb{R}^{d}$ and the operator \begin{equation*} A=\sum_{i=1}^{d}a\frac{\partial ^{2}}{\partial x_{i}^{2}} +\sum_{i=1}^{d}b_{i}\frac{\partial }{\partial x_{i}}, ... More
On supports of expansive measuresJan 14 2016We prove that a homeomorphism of a compact metric space has an expansive measure \cite{ms} if and only if it has many ones with invariant support. We also study homeomorphisms for which the expansive measures are dense in the space of Borel probability ... More
Grand unification using a generalized Yang-Mills theoryNov 20 1999Generalized Yang-Mills theories have a covariant derivative that employs both scalar and vector bosons. Here we show how grand unified theories of the electroweak and strong interactions can be constructed with them. In particular the SU(5) GUT can be ... More
Third-order Jacobsthal Generalized QuaternionsOct 07 2018In this paper, the third-order Jacobsthal generalized quaternions are introduced. We use the well-known identities related to the third-order Jacobsthal and third-order Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers to obtain the relations regarding these quaternions. Furthermore, ... More
Quantum communication protocols based on entanglement swappingApr 22 2015We recall several cryptographic protocols based on entanglement alone and also on entanglement swapping. We make an exposition in terms of the geometrical aspects of the involved Hilbert spaces, and we concentrate on the formal nature of the used transformations. ... More
Basic Calculations on Clifford AlgebrasFeb 28 2007Clifford algebras are important structures in Geometric Algebra and Quantum Mechanics. They have allowed a formalization of the primitive operators in Quantum Theory. The algebras are built over vector spaces with dimension a power of 2 with addition ... More
Identities for third order Jacobsthal quaternionsJun 21 2017In this paper we introduce the third order Jacobsthal quaternions and the third order Jacobsthal-Lucas quaternions and give some of their properties. We derive the relations between third order Jacobsthal numbers and third order Jacobsthal quaternions ... More
Five-term exact sequence for Kac cohomologyJun 14 2018We use relative group cohomologies to compute the Kac cohomology of matched pairs of finite groups. This cohomology naturally appears in the theory of abelian extensions of finite dimensional Hopf algebras. We prove that Kac cohomology can be computed ... More
The Gelin-Cesàro identity in some third-order Jacobsthal sequencesOct 20 2018In this paper, we deal with two families of third-order Jacobsthal sequences. The first family consists of generalizations of the Jacobsthal sequence. We show that the Gelin-Ces\`aro identity is satisfied. Also, we define a family of generalized third-order ... More
Quadratic Approximation of Generalized Tribonacci SequencesJun 19 2018In this paper, we give quadratic approximation of generalized Tribonacci sequence $\{V_{n}\}_{n\geq0}$ defined by Eq. (\ref{eq:7}) and use this result to give the matrix form of the $n$-th power of a companion matrix of $\{V_{n}\}_{n\geq0}$. Then we re-prove ... More
A note on Modified Third-order Jacobsthal numbersMay 02 2019Modified third-order Jacobsthal sequence is defined in this study. Some properties involving this sequence, including the Binet-style formula and the generating function are also presented.
On the third-order Horadam and geometric mean sequencesDec 30 2018This paper, in considering aspects of the geometric mean sequence, offers new results connecting generalized Tribonacci and third-order Horadam numbers which are established and then proved independently.
A Three-by-Three matrix representation of a generalized Tribonacci sequenceJul 09 2018The Tribonacci sequence is a well-known example of third order recurrence sequence, which belongs to a particular class of recursive sequences. In this article, other generalized Tribonacci sequence is introduced and defined by $H_{n+2}=H_{n+1}+H_{n}+H_{n-1}\ ... More
On Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas Quaternion PolynomialsSep 02 2017In this paper, we introduce the Tribonacci and Tribonacci-Lucas quaternion polynomials. We obtain the Binet formulas, generating functions and exponential generating functions of these quaternions. Moreover, we give some properties and identities for ... More
On pairwise sensitive homeomorphismsOct 25 2011We obtain properties of the pairwise sensitive homeomorphisms defined in \cite{cj}. For instance, we prove that their sets of points with converging semi-orbits have measure zero, that such homeomorphisms do not exist in a compact interval and, in the ... More
Shadowable pointsJul 03 2015We define shadowable points for homeomorphism on metric spaces. In the compact case we will prove the following results: The set of shadowable points is invariant, possibly nonempty or noncompact. A homeomorphism has the pseudo-orbit tracing property ... More
Oresme Polynomials and Their DerivativesApr 02 2019We study the problem of generalization of Oresme numbers with a new sequence of numbers called Oresme polynomials. Moreover, by using the matrix methods for Oresme polynomials, we obtain the identities including the general bilinear index-reduction formula ... More
On a Generalization for Tribonacci QuaternionsJul 12 2017Let $V_{n}$ denote the third order linear recursive sequence defined by the initial values $V_{0}$, $V_{1}$ and $V_{2}$ and the recursion $V_{n}=rV_{n-1}+sV_{n-2}+tV_{n-3}$ if $n\geq 3$, where $r$, $s$, and $t$ are real constants. The $\{V_{n}\}_{n\geq0}$ ... More
The Third Order Jacobsthal Octonions: Some Combinatorial PropertiesOct 02 2017Various families of octonion number sequences (such as Fibonacci octonion, Pell octonion and Jacobsthal octonion) have been established by a number of authors in many different ways. In addition, formulas and identities involving these number sequences ... More
The set of $p$-harmonic functions in $B_{1}$ is total in $C^{k}(\bar{B}_{1})$Jun 01 2019Let $(-\Delta_{p})^{s}$, with $0<s<1<p<\infty$, be the fractional $p$-Laplacian operator. We prove that the span of $p$-harmonic functions in $B_{1}$ is dense in $C^{k}(\bar{B}_{1})$.
Entropy, pseudo-orbit tracing property and positively expansive measuresSep 11 2014We study homeomorphisms of compact metric spaces whose restriction to the nonwandering set has the pseudo-orbit tracing property. We prove that if there are positively expansive measures, then the topological entropy is positive. Some short applications ... More
Equicontinuity on semi-locally connected spacesJul 24 2015We show that a homeomorphism of a semi-locally connected compact metric space is equicontinuous if and only if the distance between the iterates of a given point and a given subcontinuum (not containing that point) is bounded away from zero. This is false ... More
Investigation of Generalized Hybrid Fibonacci Numbers and Their PropertiesJun 03 2018In \cite{Oz}, M. \"Ozdemir defined a new non-commutative number system called hybrid numbers. In this paper, we define the hybrid Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. This number system can be accepted as a generalization of the complex ($\textbf{i}^{2}=-1$), ... More
New Identities for Padovan NumbersApr 11 2019In \cite{Choi-Jo}, the $am+b$ ($0\leq b<a$) subscripted Tribonacci numbers are studied. This work is devoted to study a new generalization of Fibonacci numbers called Padovan numbers. In particular, the $am+b$ subscripted Padovan numbers will be expressed ... More
The unifying formula for all Tribonacci-type octonions sequences and their propertiesJul 10 2018Various families of octonion number sequences (such as Fibonacci octonion, Pell octonion and Jacobsthal octonion) have been established by a number of authors in many different ways. In addition, formulas and identities involving these number sequences ... More
On the Homogenization of Geological Fissured Systems With Curved non-periodic CracksDec 14 2013We analyze the steady fluid flow in a porous medium containing a network of thin fissures i.e. width $\mathcal{O}(\epsilon)$, where all the cracks are generated by the rigid translation of a continuous piecewise $C^{1}$ functions in a fixed direction. ... More
Attractors and orbit-flip homoclinic orbits for star flowsOct 18 2011We study star flows on closed 3-manifolds and prove that they either have a finite number of attractors or can be $C^1$ approximated by vector fields with orbit-flip homoclinic orbits.
Dual Third-order Jacobsthal QuaternionsJan 18 2018In 2016, Y\"uce and Torunbalc\i\ Ayd\i n \cite{Yuc-Tor} defined dual Fibonacci quaternions. In this paper, we defined the dual third-order Jacobsthal quaternions and dual third-order Jacobsthal-Lucas quaternions. Also, we investigated the relations between ... More
Some Properties of Horadam quaternionsJul 19 2017In this paper, we consider the generalized Fibonacci quaternion which is the Horadam quaternion sequence. Then we used the Binet's formula to show some properties of the Horadam quaternion. We get some generalized identities of the Horadam number and ... More
Special Matrices Associated with Generalized Fibonacci NumbersJan 11 2019In \cite{Ka}, the authors obtained a method for deriving special matrices, whose powers are related to Fibonacci and Lucas numbers. In the study, it has been developed a method for deriving special matrices of $3\times 3$ dimensions, whose powers are ... More
On the third-order Horadam matrix sequencesDec 26 2018In this paper, we first give new generalizations for third-order Horadam $\{H_{n}^{(3)}\}_{n\in \mathbb{N}}$ and generalized Tribonacci $\{h_{n}^{(3)}\}_{n\in \mathbb{N}}$ sequences for classic Horadam and generalized Fibonacci numbers. Considering these ... More
On the third-order Jacobsthal and third-order Jacobsthal-Lucas sequences and their matrix representationsJun 10 2018In this paper, we first give new generalizations for third-order Jacobsthal $\{J_{n}^{(3)}\}_{n\in \mathbb{N}}$ and third-order Jacobsthal-Lucas $\{j_{n}^{(3)}\}_{n\in \mathbb{N}}$ sequences for Jacobsthal and Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers. Considering these ... More
A note on dual third order Jacobsthal vectorsDec 24 2017Dual third order Jacobsthal and dual third order Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers are defined. In this study, we work on these dual numbers and we obtain the properties e.g. some quadratic identities, summation, norm, negadual third order Jacobsthal identities, ... More
Blow up of mild solutions of a system of partial differential equations with distinct fractional diffusionsAug 20 2012Jun 06 2013We give a sufficient condition for blow up of positive mild solutions to an initial value problem for a nonautonomous weakly coupled system with distinct fractional diffusions. The proof is based on the study of blow up of a particular system of ordinary ... More
Active microrheology of Chaetopterus mucus determines three intrinsic lengthscales that govern material propertiesApr 26 2016We characterize the scale-dependent rheological properties of mucus from the Chaetopterus marine worm and determine the intrinsic lengthscales controlling distinct rheological and structural regimes. Mucus produced by this ubiquitous filter feeder serves ... More
Controlled nucleation of topological defects in the stripe domain patterns of Lateral multilayers with Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy: competition between magnetostatic, exchange and misfit interactionsOct 21 2013Magnetic lateral multilayers have been fabricated on weak perpendicular magnetic anisotropy amorphous Nd-Co films in order to perform a systematic study on the conditions for controlled nucleation of topological defects within their magnetic stripe domain ... More
Hyperthermia HeLa cell treatment with silica coated manganese oxide nanoparticlesJul 19 2009Nov 21 2009The effect of a high frequency alternating magnetic field on HeLa tumour cells incubated with ferromagnetic nanoparticles of manganese oxide perovskite La0.56(SrCa)0.22MnO3 have been studied. The particles were subjected to a size selection process and ... More
First heat flux estimation in the lower divertor of WEST with embedded thermal measurementsFeb 28 2019The present paper deals with the surface heat flux estimation with thermocouples (TC) and fiber Bragg grating (FBG) embedded in the plasma facing components (PFC) of the WEST tokamak. A 2D heat transfer model combined with the conjugate gradient method ... More
An Efficient Robust Solution to the Two-Stage Stochastic Unit Commitment ProblemJun 20 2016This paper proposes a reformulation of the scenario-based two-stage unit commitment problem under uncertainty that allows finding unit-commitment plans that perform reasonably well both in expectation and for the worst case realization of the uncertainties. ... More
Solving Linear Bilevel Problems Using Big-Ms: Not All That Glitters Is GoldSep 27 2018The most common procedure to solve a linear bilevel problem in the PES community is, by far, to transform it into an equivalent single-level problem by replacing the lower level with its KKT optimality conditions. Then, the complementarity conditions ... More
On the minimal distance between two surfacesOct 05 2012This article revisits previous results presented in Optimization which were challenged later by Voisei and Zalinescu (V-Z) in the same journal. We aim to use the points of view of V-Z to modify the original results and highlight that the consideration ... More
Cone metric spaces and fixed point theorems of T-Kannan contractive mappingsJul 22 2009Oct 26 2009The purpose of this paper is to obtain sufficient conditions for the existence of a unique fixed point of T-Kannan type mappings on complete cone metric spaces depended on another function.
Parity balance of the $i$-th dimension edges in Hamiltonian cycles of the hypercubeSep 17 2010Let $n\geq 2$ be an integer, and let $i\in\{0,...,n-1\}$. An $i$-th dimension edge in the $n$-dimensional hypercube $Q_n$ is an edge ${v_1}{v_2}$ such that $v_1,v_2$ differ just at their $i$-th entries. The parity of an $i$-th dimension edge $\edg{v_1}{v_2}$ ... More
On the Inefficiency of the Merit Order in Forward Electricity Markets with Uncertain SupplyJul 22 2015May 27 2016This paper provides insight on the economic inefficiency of the classical merit-order dispatch in electricity markets with uncertain supply. For this, we consider a power system whose operation is driven by a two-stage electricity market, with a forward ... More
Evolution of young protoclusters embedded in dense massive clumps. A new grid of population synthesis SED models and a new set of L/M evolutionary tracksApr 17 2019A grid of 20 millions 3-1100$\mu$m SED models is presented for synthetic young clusters embedded in dense clumps. The models depend on four primary parameters: the clump mass M$_{clump}$ and dust temperature T$_{dust}$, the fraction of mass f$_{core}$ ... More
ACCESS: Ground-based Optical Transmission Spectroscopy of the Hot Jupiter WASP-4bDec 18 2018We present an optical transmission spectrum of the atmosphere of WASP-4b obtained through observations of four transits with Magellan/IMACS. Using a Bayesian approach to atmospheric retrieval, we find no evidence for scattering or absorption features ... More
Single-photon photoionization of oxygen-like Ne IIIMay 07 2019We offer a theoretical and experimental study of the single-photon photoionization of Ne III. The high photon flux and the high-resolution capabilities of the Advanced Light Source at the LBNL were employed to measure absolute photoionization cross sections. ... More
On the importance of light scattering for high performances nanostructured antireflective surfacesJun 14 2019An antireflective coating presenting a continuous refractive index gradient is theoretically better than its discrete counterpart because it can give rise to a perfect broadband transparency. This kind of surface treatment can be obtained with nanostructures ... More
Controlling the Population Imbalance of a Bose-Einstein Condensate by a Symmetry-Breaking Driving FieldJul 03 2008Nonlinear Floquet states associated with a symmetry-breaking driving field are exploited to control the dynamics of a Bose-Einstein condensate in a double-well potential. The population imbalance between the two wells is shown to be controllable by slowly ... More
Embeddings of spaces of quregisters into special linear groupsApr 26 2016Jul 21 2016We study embeddings of the unit sphere of complex Hilbert spaces of dimension a power $2^n$ into the corresponding groups of non-singular linear transformations. For the case of $n=1$, the sphere $S_2$ of qubits is identified with $\mbox{SU}(2)$ and the ... More
Analytical Signatures and Proper ActionsOct 07 2016In this short note we compare Mishchenko's definition of noncommutative signature for a manifold with proper $G$-action of a discrete, countable group $G$ with the (more analytical) counterpart defined by Higson and Roe in the series of articles "Mapping ... More
Asymptotic behaviour of global solutions to a model of cell invasionJul 05 2009In this paper we analyze a mathematical model focusing on key events of the cells invasion process. Global well-possedness and asymptotic behaviour of nonnegative solutions to the corresponding coupled system of three nonlinear partial differential equations ... More
On the essential hyperbolicity of sectional-Anosov flowsJun 13 2013We prove that every sectional-Anosov flow of a compact 3-manifold $M$ exhibits a finite collection of hyperbolic attractors and singularities whose basins form a dense subset of $M$. Applications to the dynamics of sectional-Anosov flows on compact 3-manifolds ... More
A study of the length function of generalized fractions of modulesMay 28 2014Let $(R, \frak m)$ be a Noetherian local ring and $M$ a finitely generated $R$-module of dimension $d$. Let $\underline{x} = x_1, ..., x_d$ be a system of parameters of $M$ and $\underline{n} = (n_1, ..., n_d)$ a $d$-tuple of positive integers. In this ... More
Dynamics of a spatially homogeneous Vicsek model for oriented particles on the planeJul 31 2016We consider a spatially homogeneous Kolmogorov-Vicsek model in two dimensions, which describes the alignment dynamics of self-driven stochastic particles that move on the plane at a constant speed, under space-homogeneity. In \cite{F-K-M}, Alessio Figalli ... More