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Dual-wavelength Photo-Hall effect spectroscopy of deep levels in high resistive CdZnTe with negative differential photoconductivityOct 05 2017Photo-Hall effect spectroscopy was used in the study of deep levels in high resistive CdZnTe. The monochromator excitation in the photon energy range 0.65-1.77 eV was complemented by a laser diode high-intensity excitation at selected photon energies. ... More
Time-domain characterization and correction of on-chip distortion of control pulses in a quantum processorJul 10 2019We introduce Cryoscope, a method for sampling on-chip baseband pulses used to dynamically control qubit frequency in a quantum processor. We specifically use Cryoscope to measure the step response of the dedicated flux control lines of two-junction transmon ... More
Networks from gene expression time series: characterization of correlation patternsNov 14 2006This paper describes characteristic features of networks reconstructed from gene expression time series data. Several null models are considered in order to discriminate between informations embedded in the network that are related to real data, and features ... More
A CMOS-Based Tactile Sensor for Continuous Blood Pressure MonitoringOct 25 2007A monolithic integrated tactile sensor array is presented, which is used to perform non-invasive blood pressure monitoring of a patient. The advantage of this device compared to a hand cuff based approach is the capability of recording continuous blood ... More
Joint Learning of Sentence Embeddings for Relevance and EntailmentMay 16 2016Jun 22 2016We consider the problem of Recognizing Textual Entailment within an Information Retrieval context, where we must simultaneously determine the relevancy as well as degree of entailment for individual pieces of evidence to determine a yes/no answer to a ... More
Anomalous diffusion on dynamical networks: A model for interacting epithelial cell migrationAug 20 2002We propose a model for cell migration where epithelial cells are able to detect trajectories of other cells and try to follow them. As cells move along in 2D cell culture, they mark their paths by loosing tiny parts of cytoplasm. Any cell moving on a ... More
Microscopic calculation of the phonon-roton branch in superfluid $^4$HeJul 29 1996Diffusion Monte Carlo results for the phonon-roton excitation branch in bulk liquid $^4$He at zero temperature are presented. The sign problem associated to the excited wave function has been dealt both with the fixed-node approximation and the released-node ... More
Direct Photon Production in Proton-Nucleus and Nucleus-Nucleus CollisionsJun 01 2011Prompt photons produced in a hard reaction are not accompanied with any final state interaction, either energy loss or absorption. Therefore, besides the Cronin enhancement at medium transverse momenta pT and small isotopic corrections at larger pT, one ... More
Globally controlled fault tolerant quantum computationJul 08 2007We describe a method to execute globally controlled quantum information processing which admits a fault tolerant quantum error correction scheme. Our scheme nominally uses three species of addressable two-level systems which are arranged in a one dimensional ... More
Superballistic Diffusion of Entanglement in Disordered Spin ChainsJun 06 2005Sep 12 2005We study the dynamics of a single excitation in an infinite XXZ spin chain, which is launched from the origin. We study the time evolution of the spread of entanglement in the spin chain and obtain an expression for the second order spatial moment of ... More
Strangeness and Quark Gluon PlasmaMay 25 2003A brief summary of strangeness mile stones is followed by a chemical non-equilibrium statistical hadronization analysis of strangeness results at SPS and RHIC. Strange particle production in AA interactions at \sqrt{s_{NN}}\ge 8.6 GeV can be understood ... More
Breakdown of step-flow growth in unstable homoepitaxyJan 13 2004Two mechanisms for the breakdown of step flow growth, in the sense of the appearance of steps of opposite sign to the original vicinality, are studied by kinetic Monte Carlo simulations and scaling arguments. The first mechanism is the nucleation of islands ... More
What does the CCFR measurement of the Gross--Llewelyn Smith sum rule tell us?Oct 14 1994Oct 18 1994Recently the CCFR Collaboration reported the measurement of the Gross--Llewellyn Smith sum rule %at $Q^2=3\; \mr{GeV}^2$: $\int^{1}_{0}\mr{d}F_{3}^{\nu p+\bare{\nu}p}(x,Q^2=3\;\mr{GeV}^2)= 2.50\pm 0.018(\mr{stat})$. Subsequently Kataev and Sidorov analyzed ... More
Parton-Hadron duality in event generatorsAug 28 1992Sep 04 1992The validity of local parton-hadron duality within the framework of HERWIG and JETSET event generators is investigated. We concentrate on ${\rm e}^{+}{\rm e}^{-}$ annihilations in LEP 2 energy range as these interactions provide theoretically the cleanest ... More
Accretion by GalaxiesMar 14 2000Both theory and observation indicate that galaxies like the Milky Way accrete matter at the rate of a few Msun per year.
Complexity fits the fittestDec 11 2012In this paper we shall relate computational complexity to the principle of natural selection. We shall do this by giving a philosophical account of complexity versus universality. It seems sustainable to equate universal systems to complex systems or ... More
Quantum field effects in coupled atomic and molecular Bose-Einstein condensatesJun 21 2001This paper examines the parameter regimes in which coupled atomic and molecular Bose-Einstein condensates do not obey the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. Stochastic field equations for coupled atomic and molecular condensates are derived using the functional ... More
Interaction of antiprotons with nucleiOct 26 2015We performed fully self-consistent calculations of $\bar{p}$-nuclear bound states using a complex ${\bar p}$-nucleus potential accounting for $\bar{p}$-atom data. While the real part of the potential is constructed within the relativistic mean-field (RMF) ... More
Composite resonances and their impact on the EW chiral LagrangianNov 12 2015In this talk we study the low-energy effective couplings generated by strongly-coupled electroweak models that contain heavy composite resonances. Invariance under $SU(2)_L\times SU(2)_R$ is a key ingredient in the construction of the resonance action. ... More
Hausdorff dimension of boundaries of self-affine tiles in R^nJan 15 1997We present a new method to calculate the Hausdorff dimension of a certain class of fractals: boundaries of self-affine tiles. Among the interesting aspects are that even if the affine contraction underlying the iterated function system is not conjugated ... More
A Noncommutative Extension of GravityJul 22 1993The commutative algebra of functions on a manifold is extended to a noncommutative algebra by considering its tensor product with the algebra of nxn complex matrices. Noncommutative geometry is used to formulate an extension of the Einstein-Hilbert action. ... More
Noncommutative Kaluza-Klein TheoryJan 31 1996Efforts have been made recently to reformulate traditional Kaluza-Klein theory by using a generalized definition of a higher-dimensional extended space-time. Both electromagnetism and gravity have been studied in this context. We review some of the models ... More
A new proof of the Mullineux conjectureOct 07 2002Let S_d be the symmetric group on d letters and let k be a field of characteristic p>2. Tensoring an irreducible S_d module with the sign representation defines an involution on the p-regular partitions of d. It is suprisingly difficult to describe this ... More
Monte Carlo Analysis of a New Interatomic Potential for HeSep 14 1993By means of a Quadratic Diffusion Monte Carlo method we have performed a comparative analysis between the Aziz potential and a revised version of it. The results demonstrate that the new potential produces a better description of the equation of state ... More
Weedy adaptation in Setaria spp.: IX. Effects of salinity, temperature, light and seed dormancy on Setaria faberi seed germinationAug 26 2014Life in salty habitats is a function of tolerance to those chemicals at all critical phases of a plant's life history. The ability to withstand salt as an established plant may require different mechanisms and plant traits than those needed to germinate ... More
Polarization of high-energy pulsar radiation in the striped wind modelMay 20 2005The Stokes parameters of the pulsed synchrotron radiation produced in the striped pulsar wind model are computed and compared with optical observations of the Crab pulsar. We assume the main contribution to the wind emissivity comes from a thin transition ... More
Photoproduction at HERANov 21 2003Dec 03 2003Selected aspects of photoproduction in ep scattering at the HERA collider, studied with the ZEUS detector, are presented. The results are interpreted in the formalism of Vector Dominance Model, Regge theory and perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics.
Stability of the lattice formed in first-order phase transitions to matter containing strangeness in protoneutron starsApr 18 2002Well into the deleptonization phase of a core collapse supernova, a first-order phase transition to matter with macroscopic strangeness content is assumed to occur and lead to a structured lattice defined by negatively charged strange droplets. The lattice ... More
Measuring CMB polarisation with the Planck HFIDec 19 2001We describe the Planck HFI design and expected performances for measuring CMB polarisation.
Vortex matter in mesoscopic superconductorsSep 03 1998Superconducting mesoscopic devices in magnetic fields present novel properties which can only be accounted for by both the quantum confinement of the Cooper pairs and by the interaction between the magnetic-field-induced vortices. Sub-micrometer disks, ... More
χ-Systems for Correlation FunctionsAug 22 2012Sep 24 2012We consider the strong coupling limit of 4-point functions of heavy operators in N=4 SYM dual to strings with no spin in AdS. We restrict our discussion for operators inserted on a line. The string computation factorizes into a state-dependent sphere ... More
Self-consistent Skyrme QRPA for use in axially-symmetric nuclei of arbitrary massMay 31 2010We describe a new implementation of the quasiparticle random phase approximation (QRPA) in axially-symmetric deformed nuclei with Skyrme and volume-pairing energy-density functionals. After using a variety of tests to demonstrate the accuracy of the code ... More
Information channel capacity in the field theory estimationDec 26 2012The construction of the information capacity for the vector position parameter in the Minkowskian space-time is presented. This lays the statistical foundations of the kinematical term of the Lagrangian of the physical action for many field theory models, ... More
Can stellar wobble in triple systems mimic a planet?Sep 13 2005The first extrasolar planets have been detected by the measurement of the wobble of the parent star. This wobble leads to the periodic modulation of three observables: the radial velocity, the position on the sky and the time of arrival of periodic signals. ... More
Structure of pulsar beams: conal versus patchyAug 14 2002Structure of mean pulsar radiation patterns is discussed within the nested-cones and patchy beam models. Observational predictions of both these models are analyzed and compared with available data on pulsar waveforms. It is argued that observational ... More
On a Question of Glasby, Praeger, and XiaFeb 26 2014Recently, Glasby, Praeger, and Xia asked for necessary and sufficient conditions for the `Jordan Partition' $\lambda(r,s,p)$ to be standard. We give such conditions when $p$ is an odd prime.
Gamma-ray Burst Prompt Emission: Jitter Radiation in Stochastic Magnetic Field RevisitedMar 12 2011We revisit the radiation mechanism of relativistic electrons in the stochastic magnetic field and apply it to the high-energy emissions of gamma-ray bursts (GRBs). We confirm that jitter radiation is a possible explanation for GRB prompt emission in the ... More
Optimizing wide-field coded aperture imaging: radial mask holes and scanningOct 16 2003Imaging at hard X-ray energies (~10-600 keV) over very large fields of view (~60 deg per telescope) is required to conduct a high sensitivity all-sky and all-time survey for black holes. The proposed Energetic X-ray Imaging Survey Telescope (EXIST) could ... More
A Cartier-Gabriel-Kostant structure theorem for Hopf algebroidsDec 29 2010In this paper we give an extension of the Cartier-Gabriel-Kostant structure theorem to Hopf algebroids.
The periodic b-equation and Euler equations on the circleJan 18 2010In this note we show that the periodic b-equation can only be realized as an Euler equation on the Lie group Diff(S^1) of all smooth and orientiation preserving diffeomorphisms on the cirlce if b=2, i.e. for the Camassa-Holm equation. In this case the ... More
The 3-D composition of the Galactic interstellar medium. The hot phases and X-ray absorbing materialNov 19 2002We present maps of the Galactic X-ray Halo and constrain the location of X-ray absorbing gas using the X-ray radiation transfer as distance a indicator. Based on a consistent model of the soft X-ray background (SXRB) and the ROSAT all-sky survey, we derive ... More
Collisions of solid ice in planetesimal formationJan 18 2016We present collision experiments of centimetre projectiles on to decimetre targets, both made up of solid ice, at velocities of $15\,\mathrm{m\,s^{-1}}$ to $45\,\mathrm{m\,s^{-1}}$ at an average temperature of $\mathrm{T_{avg}}=255.8\pm0.7\,\mathrm{K}$. ... More
A model realisation of the Jaffe-Wilczek correlation for pentaquarksMar 22 2004We discuss a realisation of the pentaquark structure proposed by Jaffe and Wilczek within a simple quark model with colour-spin contact interactions and coloured harmonic confinement, which accurately describes the $\Delta-N$ splitting. In this model ... More
Time-odd components in the mean field of rotating superdeformed nucleiFeb 10 1995Rotation-induced time-odd components in the nuclear mean field are analyzed using the Hartree-Fock cranking approach with effective interactions SIII, SkM*, and SkP. Identical dynamical moments ${{\cal J}^{(2)}}$ are obtained for pairs of superdeformed ... More
Time-odd components in the rotating mean field and identical bandsOct 04 1995A systematic construction of the energy-density functional within the local density approximation is presented. The Hartree-Fock equations corresponding to such a functional are solved in case of rotating superdeformed nuclei. The identical bands in $^{152}$Dy, ... More
On the shape of attractors of discrete dynamical systemsNov 20 2015Let $M$ be a manifold or (more generally) a locally compact, metrizable ANR. If $K$ is an attractor for a flow in $M$, with basin of attraction $\mathcal{A}(K)$, it is well known that the inclusion $i : K \subseteq \mathcal{A}(K)$ is always a shape equivalence. ... More
Low Temperature Properties of Finite Dimensional Ising Spin Glasses : (some) Numerical SimulationsJun 26 2003Jul 21 2003We review some recent results on finite dimensional spin glasses by studying recent numerical simulations and their relationship with experiments. In particular we will show results obtained at zero and non zero temperature, focusing in the low temperature ... More
Hamiltonian study of Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Quantum MechanicsAug 28 2002New results obtained within the recently developed approach to supersymmetric quantum mechanical systems are presented. The method does not suffer from the sign problem in any dimensions and is capable to provide any quantum observable with controllable ... More
The circumstellar environment of rotating Wolf-Rayet Stars and the implications for GRB afterglowsOct 13 2006If Wolf-Rayet stars are the progenitors of Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), they must rotate rapidly to produce the GRB. This rotation may effect their stellar-wind bubbles and possibly explain why so many GRB afterglows occur in a constant density medium.
Massive binaries, Wolf-Rayet stars and supernova progenitorsDec 17 2006Binary stars are important for a full understanding of stellar evolution. We present a summary of how predictions of the relative supernova rates varies between single and binary stars. We also show how the parameter space of different supernova types ... More
The Metallicity of Galaxy Disks: Infall versus OutflowAug 28 2006Both gas accretion (infall) and winds (outflow) change a galaxy's metallicity and gas fraction, lowering the effective yield. Low effective yields in galaxies with rotation speeds < 120 km/s have been widely interpreted as the onset of SN-driven winds ... More
Exploring high-density baryonic matter: Maximum freeze-out densityMay 18 2009Jan 21 2016The hadronic freeze-out line is calculated in terms of the net baryon density and the energy density instead of the usual T and mu_B. This analysis makes it apparent that the freeze-out density exhibits a maximum as the collision energy is decreased. ... More
Effects of Spin-Isospin Modes in Transport SimulationsMay 12 1997In-medium properties derived for nuclear matter in a microscopic pi + nucleon-hole + delta-hole model are incorporated into transport simulations of nuclear collisions by means of a local-density approximation and by utilizing a local medium frame. Certain ... More
Spin-Isospin Modes in Heavy-Ion Collisions I: Nuclear Matter at Finite TemperaturesDec 14 1994With a view towards implementation in microscopic transport simulations of heavy-ion collisions, the properties of spin-isospin modes are studied in nuclear matter consisting of nucleons and Delta isobars that interact by the exchange of pi and rho mesons. ... More
Testing limits of statistical hadronizationSep 26 2002Much of the energy of the nuclei colliding at RHIC or SPS is converted into final state hadronic particles. About a quarter of this energy is in baryons and antibaryons. There are nearly 10 strange quark pairs per central rapidity participant. Do we really ... More
Progress in nonequilibrium quantum field theory IIOct 25 2004We review recent developments for the description of nonequilibrium quantum fields, continuing hep-ph/0302210.
Progress in Nonequilibrium Quantum Field TheoryFeb 24 2003We review recent developments for the description of far-from-equilibrium dynamics of quantum fields and subsequent thermalization.
Holophotography with a diffraction gratingMar 28 2007Color encoding of depth is shown to occur naturally in images of objects observed through diffraction gratings under common white light illumination. A synthetic image is then obtained from a single point of view, a phenomenon that can be applied to stereophotography. ... More
Optica Precolombina Del PeruFeb 02 2007Archaeological American mirrors are common findings and the images obtained with them are often described by archaeologists as possessing high quality. However, photographs attesting this fact are rare, if any. To the best of my knowledge, only two papers ... More
The use of diffractive screens for electronic imagingSep 27 2006Diffractive screens are high-resolution elements with capability for generating holographic-like images from a sequence of planes where TV frames are seen oblique to it. If we project a sequence of contour lines of an object it could be seen in continuous ... More
La Nube: La Manera Mas Emocionante De Experimentar Espejos PlanosSep 29 2009Nov 03 2009ESPANOL: Una experiencia que parte del uso de un espejo plano colocado horizontalmente a la altura de la nariz del observador, que permite uma nueva dimension a la experiencia de ver imagenes com espejos simples, sirve para discutir lo que aun puede hacerse ... More
Olmec mirrors: an example of archaeological American mirrorsJan 30 2007Archaeological mirrors from the Olmec civilization are described according to bibliographic references and to personal observations and photographs.
New Exclusion Limits on Dark Gauge Forces from Proton Bremsstrahlung in Beam-Dump DataNov 15 2013We re-analyze published proton beam dump data taken at the U70 accelerator at IHEP Serpukhov with the $\nu$-calorimeter I experiment in 1989 to set mass-coupling limits for dark gauge forces. The corresponding data have been used for axion and light Higgs ... More
On gluon masses, colour symmetry, and a possible massive ninth gluonJun 13 1996Gluons acquire a determinate mass from quark loop radiative corrrections and self-interaction, when these are recomputed with the symmetrical theory of generalised functions. The colour symmetry may be~$U(3)$ instead of~$SU(3)$. The symmetry breaks spontaneously ... More
Nonperturbative SUSY Correlators at Finite TemperatureMar 16 1998We calculate finite temperature effects on a correlation function in the two dimensional supersymmetric nonlinear O(3) sigma model. The correlation function violates chiral symmetry and at zero temperature it has been shown to be a constant, which gives ... More
ON THE ORIGIN OF KALUZA-KLEIN STRUCTUREJun 07 1995It is suggested that quantum fluctuations of the light cone are at the origin of what appears at low energy to be a higher-dimensional structure over space-time. A model is presented which has but a finite number of Yang-Mills fields although the supplementary ... More
Exact trimer ground states on a spin-1 chainOct 22 1999We construct a new spin-1 model on a chain. Its ground state is determined exactly which is three-fold degenerate by breaking translational invariance. Thus we have trimerization. Excited states cannot be obtained exactly, but we determine a few low-lying ... More
Stability of Large Flocks: an ExampleFeb 03 2010Feb 09 2010The movement of a flock with a single leader (and a directed path from it to every agent) can be stabilized. Nonetheless for large flocks perturbations in the movement of the leader may grow to a considerable size as they propagate throughout the flock ... More
Extended Lyman-alpha emission from cold accretion streamsDec 19 2011Mar 07 2012{Abridged} We investigate the observability of cold accretion streams at redshift 3 via Lyman-alpha (Lya) emission and the feasibility of cold accretion as the main driver of Lya blobs (LABs). We run cosmological zoom simulations focusing on 3 halos spanning ... More
Polarisation of high-energy emission in a pulsar striped windJan 09 2007Recent observations of the polarisation of the optical pulses from the Crab pulsar motivated detailed comparative studies of the emission predicted by the polar cap, the outer gap and the two-pole caustics models. In this work, we study the polarisation ... More
Modular Invariants and Generalized Halphen SystemsFeb 17 1999Generalized Halphen systems are solved in terms of functions that uniformize genus zero Riemann surfaces, with automorphism groups that are commensurable with the modular group. Rational maps relating these functions imply subgroup relations between their ... More
Modular Solutions to Equations of Generalized Halphen TypeApr 09 1998Apr 28 1998Solutions to a class of differential systems that generalize the Halphen system are determined in terms of automorphic functions whose groups are commensurable with the modular group. These functions all uniformize Riemann surfaces of genus zero and have ... More
Vortex lattices in strong type-II superconducting two-dimensional stripsOct 03 1997May 11 1998We show how to calculate semi-analytically the dense vortex state in strong type-II superconducting nanostructures. For the specific case of a strip, we find vortex lattice solutions which also incorporate surface superconductivity. We calculate the energy ... More
Collinear Points in PermutationsAug 29 2004Consider the following problem: how many collinear triples of points must a transversal of (Z/nZ)^2 have? This question is connected with venerable issues in discrete geometry. We show that the answer, for n prime, is between (n-1)/4 and (n-1)/2, and ... More
Excited-State Density Distributions of Neutron-Rich Unstable NucleiAug 02 2006We calculate densities of excited states in the quasiparticle random-phase approximation (QRPA)with Skyrme interactions and volume pairing. We focus on low-energy peaks/bumps in the strength functions of a range of Ca, Ni, and Sn isotopes for J pi = 0+, ... More
On Conditions Relating to NonsolvabilitySep 22 2011Recent work of Kaplan and Levy refining a nonsolvability criterion proved by Thompson in his N-Groups paper prompts questions on whether certain conditions on groups are equivalent to nonsolvability.
Limit Set of Trajectories of the Coupled Viscous Burgers' EquationsJul 29 1996In this letter, a coupled system of viscous Burgers' equations with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions and appropriate initial data is considered. For the well-known single viscous Burgers' equation with zero Dirichlet boundary conditions, the zero equilibrium ... More
Method 2 at NLOMay 27 2004This note describes a theoretical study of Wbb and Wjj final states at the Tevatron using the NLO program MCFM. We extensively study the effect of NLO corrections with respect to variations of input parameters such as the minimum jet p_T and the choice ... More
Timing by Stellar Pulsations as an Exoplanet Discovery MethodAug 02 2017The stable oscillations of pulsating stars can serve as accurate timepieces, which may be monitored for the influence of exoplanets. An external companion gravitationally tugs the host star, causing periodic changes in pulsation arrival times. This method ... More
Detecting companions to extrasolar planets using mutual eventsMar 23 2007We investigate a new approach to the detection of companions to extrasolar planets beyond the transit method. We discuss the possibility of the existence of binary planets. We develop a method based on the imaging of a planet-companion as an unresolved ... More
Advanced quantum methods for the largest magnetic moleculesDec 03 2012We discuss modern numerical methods for quantum spin systems and their application to magnetic molecules.
Accuracy of traditional Legendre estimators of quadrupole ratios for the N to Delta transitionJul 06 2005We evaluate the accuracy of traditional estimators often used to extract N to Delta quadrupole ratios from cross section angular distributions for pion electroproduction. We find that neither M1+ dominance nor sp truncation is sufficiently accurate for ... More
Recoil Polarization Measurements for Neutral Pion Electroproduction at Q^2=1 (GeV/c)^2 Near the Delta ResonanceSep 01 2005We measured angular distributions of differential cross section, beam analyzing power, and recoil polarization for neutral pion electroproduction at Q^2 = 1.0 (GeV/c)^2 in 10 bins of W across the Delta resonance. A total of 16 independent response functions ... More
CCM Calculations For The Ground-State Properties Of The One-Dimensional Spin-Half $J_1$--$J_2$ Model: Possible Evidence of Collinear Ordering for $J_2/J_1 > \frac 12$?Mar 07 2011In this article we investigate the linear-chain spin-half $J_1$--$J_2$ model by using high-order coupled cluster method (CCM) calculations. We employ three model states, namely, a nearest-neighbour (n.n.) N\'eel model state in which neighbouring spins ... More
A mathematical derivation of zero-temperature 2D superconductivity from microscopic Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer modelFeb 06 2019Starting from H. Fr\"ohlich's second-quantized Hamiltonian for a $d$-dimensional electron gas in interaction with lattice phonons describing the quantum vibrations of a metal, we present a rigorous mathematical derivation of the superconducting state, ... More
Admissibility, stable units and connected componentsDec 19 2011Consider a reflection from a finitely-complete category $\mathbb{C}$ into its full subcategory $\mathbb{M}$, with unit $\eta :1_\mathbb{C}\rightarrow HI$. Suppose there is a left-exact functor $U$ into the category of sets, such that $UH$ reflects isomorphisms ... More
On the set of wild points of attracting surfaces in $\mathbb{R}^3$Mar 18 2016Suppose that a closed surface $S \subseteq \mathbb{R}^3$ is an attractor, not necessarily global, for a discrete dynamical system. Assuming that its set of wild points $W$ is totally disconnected, we prove that (up to an ambient homeomorphism) it has ... More
From single-shot towards general work extraction in a quantum thermodynamic frameworkApr 20 2015Jun 30 2015This paper considers work extraction from a quantum system to a work storage system (or weight) following reference [1]. An alternative approach is here developed that relies on the comparison of subspace dimensions without a need to introduce thermo-majorisation ... More
Navigating Around Convex SetsJun 17 2019We review some basic results of convex analysis and geometry in $\mathbb{R}^n$ in the context of formulating a differential equation to track the distance between an observer flying outside a convex set $K$ and $K$ itself.
Massive stars in their death-throesSep 07 2008Sep 11 2008The study of the stars that explode as supernovae used to be a forensic study, working backwards from the remnants of the star. This changed in 1987 when the first progenitor star was identified in pre-explosion images. Currently there are 8 detected ... More
A Plasma Instability Theory of Gamma-Ray Burst EmissionApr 02 1999A plasma instability theory is presented for the prompt radiation from gamma-ray bursts. In the theory, a highly relativistic shell interacts with the interstellar medium through the filamentation and the two-stream instabilities to convert bulk kinetic ... More
Optical linewidth of a low density Fermi-Dirac gasFeb 11 1999We study propagation of light in a Fermi-Dirac gas at zero temperature. We analytically obtain the leading density correction to the optical linewidth. This correction is a direct consequence of the quantum statistical correlations of atomic positions ... More
Three-dimensional photography by holographyMar 22 2007Color encoding of depth is shown to occur naturally in holograms that are reconstructed under white light illumination. It can be registered in a common color photograph, allowing a simple method of visual decoding by means of ordinary colored 3-D spectacles. ... More
Asymptotic step profiles from a nonlinear growth equation for vicinal surfacesMay 23 2000Aug 28 2000We study a recently proposed nonlinear evolution equation describing the collective step meander on a vicinal surface subject to the Bales-Zangwill growth instability [O. Pierre-Louis et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. (80), 4221 (1998)]. A careful numerical analysis ... More
Asymmetric particle systems on RSep 02 1999Dec 22 1999We study interacting particle systems on the real line which generalize the Hammersley process [D. Aldous and P. Diaconis, Prob. Theory Relat. Fields 103, 199-213 (1995)]. Particles jump to the right to a randomly chosen point between their previous position ... More
Improved description of charged Higgs boson production at hadron collidersSep 08 2004Jan 13 2005We present a new method for matching the two twin-processes gb->H+/-t and gg->H+/-tb in Monte Carlo event generators. The matching is done by defining a double-counting term, which is used to generate events that are subtracted from the sum of these two ... More
Virtual photon structure from jet productionJul 08 1997Some aspects of extracting the information on the structure of virtual photons from jet production in ep and e^+e^- collisions are discussed.
Virtual Photon Structure from Jet Production at HERANov 21 1996The feasibility of measuring parton distribution functions of of virtual photons via the jet production at HERA is investigated.
Numeration-automatic sequencesMay 17 2006We present a base class of automata that induce a numeration system and we give an algorithm to give the n-th word in the language of the automaton when the expansion of n in the induced numeration system is feeded to the automaton. Furthermore we give ... More
Generating conjecture and Einstein-Maxwell field of plane symmetryApr 10 2000For the plane symmetry we have found the electro-vacuum exact solutions of the Einstein-Maxwell equations and we have shown that one of them is equivalent to the McVittie solution of a charged infinite thin plane. The analytical extension has been accomplished ... More