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Topological Equivalence and Curvature Convergence: Bezier Surface ApproximationNov 21 2013A set of control points can determine a Bezier surface and a triangulated surface simultaneously. We prove that the triangulated surface becomes homeomorphic and ambient isotopic to the Bezier surface via subdivision. We also show that the total Gaussian ... More
Simultaneous readout of two charge qubitsNov 06 2006We consider a system of two solid state charge qubits, coupled to a single read-out device, consisting of a single-electron transistor (SET). The conductance of each tunnel junction is influenced by its neighboring qubit, and thus the current through ... More
On symmetric commutator subgroups, braids, links and homotopy groupsFeb 02 2010In this paper, we investigate some applications of commutator subgroups to homotopy groups and geometric groups. In particular, we show that the intersection subgroups of some canonical subgroups in certain link groups modulo their symmetric commutator ... More
Latitude migration of solar filamentsFeb 25 2010The Carte Synoptique catalogue of solar filaments from March 1919 to December 1989, corresponding to complete cycles 16 to 21 is utilized to show latitudinal migration of filaments at low latitudes (less than 50 deg), and the latitudinal drift of solar ... More
When is the Hawking mass monotone under Geometric FlowsMay 26 2008In this paper, we study the relation of the monotonicity of Hawking Mass and geometric flow problems. We show that along the Hamilton-DeTurck flow with bounded curvature coupled with the modified mean curvature flow, the Hawking mass of the hypersphere ... More
Multiband NFC for High-Throughput Wireless Computer Vision Sensor NetworkMay 28 2017Vision sensors lie in the heart of computer vision. In many computer vision applications, such as AR/VR, non-contacting near-field communication (NFC) with high throughput is required to transfer information to algorithms. In this work, we proposed a ... More
Nuclear magnetic moments in covariant density functional theoryAug 30 2018The nuclear magnetic moment is an important physical observable and serves as a useful tool for the stringent test of nuclear models. For the past decades, the covariant density functional theory and its extension have been proved to be successful in ... More
Isotopic Convergence TheoremOct 05 2012Apr 12 2013When approximating a space curve, it is natural to consider whether the knot type of the original curve is preserved in the approximant. This preservation is of strong contemporary interest in computer graphics and visualization. We establish a criterion ... More
Eternal non-Markovianity is generic for the spin-boson modelJan 05 2017Jul 06 2017The spin-boson model describes a qubit coupled to a bosonic bath in thermal equilibrium, and is applicable to a wide range of physical contexts. We show that two weak conditions for the qubit evolution to be Markovian (decreasing system distinguishability ... More
A Fast Potential and Self-Gravity Solver for Non-Axisymmetric DisksDec 02 2008Disk self-gravity could play an important role in the dynamic evolution of interaction between disks and embedded protoplanets. We have developed a fast and accurate solver to calculate the disk potential and disk self-gravity forces for disk systems ... More
Hiding Under the Carpet: a New Strategy for CloakingJun 26 2008A new type of cloak is discussed: one that gives all cloaked objects the appearance of a flat conducting sheet. It has the advantage that none of the parameters of the cloak is singular and can in fact be made isotropic. It makes broadband cloaking in ... More
Non-local effective medium of metamaterialJan 15 2007In this paper, we investigate the effect of spatial dispersion on a double-lattice metamaterial which has both magnetic and electric response. A numerical scheme based on a dipolar model is developed to extract the non-local effective medium of the metamaterial. ... More
Super-resolution by means of Beurling minimal extrapolationJan 21 2016Aug 14 2016Let $M(\mathbb{T}^d)$ be the space of complex bounded Radon measures defined on the $d$-dimensional torus group $(\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z})^d=\mathbb{T}^d$, equipped with the total variation norm $\|\cdot\|$; and let $\hat\mu$ denote the Fourier transform ... More
A Symmetric Free Energy Based Multi-Component Lattice Boltzmann MethodApr 26 2007We present a lattice Boltzmann algorithm based on an underlying free energy that allows the simulation of the dynamics of a multicomponent system with an arbitrary number of components. The thermodynamic properties, such as the chemical potential of each ... More
XXZ-type Bethe ansatz equations and quasi-polynomialsOct 08 2012We study solutions of the Bethe ansatz equation for the XXZ-type integrable model associated with the Lie algebra sl_N. We give a correspondence between solutions of the Bethe ansatz equations and collections of quasi-polynomials. This extends the results ... More
Doubly cvharged vector leptons and the Higgs portalMay 16 2016Oct 28 2016Using a bottom up phenomenological approach we constructed a simple doubly charged vector lepton $E^{\pm\pm}$ model for the possible 750 GeV diphoton resonance $\Phi$ at the LHC assuming it to be a scalar particle. Since no stable doubly charged leptons ... More
A flexible error estimate for the application of centre manifold theoryFeb 17 2000In applications of centre manifold theory we need more flexible error estimates than that provided by, for example, the Approximation Theorem~3 by Carr (1981,1983). Here we extend the theory to cover the case where the order of approximation in parameters ... More
Chemical mixing by turbulent convection in the overshooting region below the convective envelope of RGB starsFeb 20 2012Based on the turbulent convection model (TCM), we investigate chemical mixing in the bottom overshooting region of the convective envelope of intermediate-mass stars, focusing on its influence on the formation and extension of blue loops in the Hertzsprung-Russell ... More
Stability boundaries for wrinkling in highly stretched elastic sheetsSep 14 2015We determine stability boundaries for the wrinkling of highly uni-directionally stretched, finely thin, rectangular elastic sheets. For a given fine thickness and length, a stability boundary here is a curve in the parameter plane, aspect ratio vs. the ... More
Central Limit Theorems for Gaps of Generalized Zeckendorf DecompositionsJun 27 2016Jul 27 2016Zeckendorf proved that every integer can be written uniquely as a sum of non-adjacent Fibonacci numbers $\{1,2,3,5,\dots\}$. This has been extended to many other recurrence relations $\{G_n\}$ (with their own notion of a legal decomposition) and to proving ... More
Anisotropic exchange coupling in a nanowire double quantum dot with strong spin-orbit couplingDec 31 2013Jul 11 2014A spin-orbit qubit is a hybrid qubit that contains both orbital and spin degrees of freedom of an electron in a quantum dot. Here we study the exchange coupling between two spin-orbit qubits in a nanowire double quantum dot (DQD) with strong spin-orbit ... More
Asteroseismology of the ZZ Ceti star KUV 11370+4222Oct 27 2013KUV 11370+4222 is a ZZ Ceti star discovered in 1996, which has not been observed since then. We performed observations for KUV 11370+4222 in 2010 January. From the Fourier transform spectrum of the light curves, ten independent modes are detected. We ... More
Quantum BCOV theory on Calabi-Yau manifolds and the higher genus B-modelJan 21 2012Bershadsky-Cecotti-Ooguri-Vafa (BCOV) proposed that the B-model of mirror symmetry should be described by a quantum field theory on a Calabi-Yau variety, which they called the Kodaira-Spenser theory (we call it the BCOV theory). This is the first of three ... More
Solving Quadratic Equations via PhaseLift when There Are About As Many Equations As UnknownsAug 30 2012Sep 17 2012This note shows that we can recover a complex vector x in C^n exactly from on the order of n quadratic equations of the form |<a_i, x>|^2 = b_i, i = 1, ..., m, by using a semidefinite program known as PhaseLift. This improves upon earlier bounds in [3], ... More
Rescattering Effects on Intensity InterferometryMar 29 2005We derive a general formula for the correlation function of two identical particles with the inclusion of multiple elastic scatterings in the medium in which the two particles are produced. This formula involves the propagator of the particle in the medium. ... More
Class of smooth functions in Dirichlet spacesNov 21 2016Given a regular Dirichlet form $(\mathcal{E},\mathcal{F})$ on a fixed domain $E$ of $\mathbb{R}^d$, we first indicate that the basic assumption $C_c^\infty(E)\subset \mathcal{F}$ is equivalent to the fact that each coordinate function $f^i(x)=x_i$ locally ... More
Modeling the Infrared Emission from the HD 141569A DiskNov 04 2003We model the infrared (IR) emission from the double-ring disk of HD 141569A, using a porous dust model that was previously shown successful in reproducing the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of the disks around $\beta$ Pictoris and HR 4796A. The ... More
What Can We Learn from the Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions of Dust Disks?Jul 30 2002The spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of dust disks are widely used to infer dust properties (compositions and sizes) and disk structures (dust spatial distributions) which might be indicative of the presence or absence of planets or smaller bodies ... More
Necessary optimality conditions for implicit control systems with applications to control of differential algebraic equationsSep 03 2017In this paper we derive necessary optimality conditions for optimal control problems with nonlinear and nonsmooth implicit control systems. Implicit control systems have wide applications including differential algebraic equations (DAEs). The challenge ... More
Scale dependence of cosmological backreactionOct 26 2007Oct 13 2008Due to the non-commutation of spatial averaging and temporal evolution, inhomogeneities and anisotropies (cosmic structures) influence the evolution of the averaged Universe via the cosmological backreaction mechanism. We study the backreaction effect ... More
Phonon structure in dispersion curves and density of states of massive Dirac FermionsJul 01 2013Dirac fermions exist in many solid state systems including graphene, silicene and other two dimensional membranes such as are found in group VI dichalcogenides, as well as on the surface of some insulators where such states are protected by topology. ... More
Decay of entanglement in coupled, driven systems with bipartite decoherenceJun 03 2009We analyze a system of two qubits embedded in two different environments. The qubits are coupled to each other and driven on-resonance by two external classical sources. In the secular limit, we obtain exact analytical results for the evolution of the ... More
Investigation of Galilean Invariance of multi-phase lattice Boltzmann methodsOct 21 2004We examine the Galilean invariance of standard lattice Boltzmann methods for two-phase fluids. We show that the known Galilean invariant term that is cubic in the velocities, and is usually neglected, is the main source of Galilean invariance violations. ... More
On the Dirichlet form of three-dimensional Brownian motion conditioned to hit the originSep 25 2017Nov 29 2018Our concern in this paper is the energy form induced by an eigenfunction of a self-adjoint extension of the restriction of the Laplace operator to $C_c^\infty(\mathbf{R}^3\setminus \{0\})$. We will prove that this energy form is a regular Dirichlet form ... More
In Dust We Trust: An Overview of Observations and Theories of Interstellar DustApr 23 2002The past century of interstellar dust has brought us from first ignoring it to finding that it is an important component of the interstellar medium and plays an important role in the evolution of galaxies, the formation of stars and planetary systems, ... More
Characteristics of convection and overshooting in RGB and AGB starsJul 05 2011Based on the turbulent convection model (TCM) of Li & Yang (2007), we have studied the characteristics of turbulent convection in the envelopes of 2 and 5M stars at the RGB and AGB phases. The TCM has been applied successfully in the whole convective ... More
On the onset of cosmological backreactionFeb 07 2007Sep 17 2007Cosmological backreaction has been suggested as an explanation of dark energy and is heavily disputed since. We combine cosmological perturbation theory with Buchert's non-perturbative framework, calculate the relevant averaged observables up to second ... More
Tunability of electronic and optical properties of the Ba-Zr-S system via dimensional reductionMar 04 2018Aug 24 2018Transition metal sulfide perovskites offer lower band gaps and greater tunability than oxides, along with other desirable properties for applications. Here we explore dimensional reduction as a tuning strategy using the Ruddlesden-Popper phases in the ... More
Properties of the ferroelectric visible light absorbing semiconductors: Sn$_2$P$_2$S$_6$ and Sn$_2$P$_2$Se$_6$Nov 21 2017Ferroelectrics with suitable band gaps have recently attracted attention as candidate solar absorbing materials for photovoltaics. The inversion symmetry breaking may promote the separation of photo-excited carriers and allow voltages higher than the ... More
Class of smooth functions in Dirichlet spacesNov 21 2016Oct 23 2017Given a regular Dirichlet form $(\mathcal{E},\mathcal{F})$ on a fixed domain $E$ of $\mathbb{R}^d$, we first indicate that the basic assumption $C_c^\infty(E)\subset \mathcal{F}$ is equivalent to the fact that each coordinate function $f^i(x)=x_i$ locally ... More
Privacy-Utility Management of Hypothesis TestsSep 12 2018The trade-off of hypothesis tests on the correlated privacy hypothesis and utility hypothesis is studied. The error exponent of the Bayesian composite hypothesis test on the privacy or utility hypothesis can be characterized by the corresponding minimal ... More
Continuous-Time Systems for Solving 0-1 Integer Linear Programming Feasibility ProblemsMay 12 2019The 0-1 integer linear programming feasibility problem is an important NP-complete problem. This paper proposes a continuous-time dynamical system for solving that problem without getting trapped in non-solution local minima. First, the problem is transformed ... More
Optical spectral weight: comparison of weak and strong spin-orbit couplingMar 08 2015The Fermi velocity ($v_{F}$) associated with the spin-orbit coupling is two orders of magnitude smaller for spintronic semiconductors than it is for topological insulators. Both families can be treated with the same Hamiltonian which contains a relativistic ... More
Doubly Charged Vector Leptons and the Portal HiggsMay 16 2016Sep 16 2016Using a bottom up phenomenological approach we constructed a simple doubly charged vector lepton $E^{\pm\pm}$ model for the possible 750 GeV diphoton resonance $\Phi$ at the LHC assuming it to be a scalar particle. Since no stable doubly charged leptons ... More
Bounding the Higgs Boson Width Through InterferometryMay 16 2013Sep 10 2013We study the change in the di-photon invariant mass distribution for Higgs boson decays to two photons, due to interference between the Higgs resonance in gluon fusion and the continuum background amplitude for gluon pair to photon pair. Previously, the ... More
Tachyon field theory description of (thermo)dynamics in dS spaceNov 06 2015Dec 18 2015In this work, we present a few pieces of evidence in support of a possible connection of the gravitational theory in dS space to the worldvolume theory of unstable D-branes. We show that the action describing the geodesic motion of a massive particle ... More
Classifying the behavior of noncanonical quintessenceFeb 15 2016Apr 13 2016We derive general conditions for the existence of stable scaling solutions for the evolution of noncanonical quintessence, with a Lagrangian of the form $\mathcal{L}(X,\phi)=X^{\alpha}-V(\phi)$, for power-law and exponential potentials when the expansion ... More
Analysing the Security of Google's implementation of OpenID ConnectAug 07 2015Many millions of users routinely use their Google accounts to log in to relying party (RP) websites supporting the Google OpenID Connect service. OpenID Connect, a newly standardised single-sign-on protocol, builds an identity layer on top of the OAuth ... More
Simple Sensitivity Analysis for Differential Measurement ErrorNov 01 2018Simple sensitivity analysis results are given for differential measurement error of either the exposure or the outcome. In the case of differential measurement error of the outcome it is shown that the true effect of the exposure on the outcome on the ... More
Mid-Infrared Spectropolarimetric Constraints on the Core-Mantle Interstellar Dust ModelApr 23 2002In the framework of the silicate core-carbonaceous organic mantle interstellar dust model, the bulk of the visual/near-IR extinction and the entire polarization are from nonspherical and aligned core-mantle grains. The 3.4 micron C-H and 9.7 micron Si-O ... More
The accurate and comprehensive model of thin fluid flows with inertia on curved substratesJun 07 1999Jan 08 2004Consider the 3D flow of a viscous Newtonian fluid upon a curved 2D substrate when the fluid film is thin as occurs in many draining, coating and biological flows. We derive a comprehensive model of the dynamics of the film, the model being expressed in ... More
QFT Treatment of the Klein ParadoxMar 31 2015It is well known that, Klein paradox is one of the most exotic and counterintuitive consequences of quantum theory. Nevertheless, many discussions about the Klein paradox are based upon single-particle Dirac equation in quantum mechanics rather than quantum ... More
Local polynomial regression on unknown manifoldsAug 07 2007We reveal the phenomenon that ``naive'' multivariate local polynomial regression can adapt to local smooth lower dimensional structure in the sense that it achieves the optimal convergence rate for nonparametric estimation of regression functions belonging ... More
The Accurate Modelling of Thin 3D Fluid Flows with Inertia on Curved SubstratesMar 04 1998Models and simulations of the flow of thin films of fluids have many important applications in industrial and natural processes. We consider the motion of a thin layer of an incompressible, Newtonian fluid over an arbitrary solid, stationary curved substrate. ... More
Low-dimensional modelling of a generalized Burgers equationJul 30 2003Burgers equation is one of the simplest nonlinear partial differential equations-it combines the basic processes of diffusion and nonlinear steepening. In some applications it is appropriate for the diffusion coefficient to be a time-dependent function. ... More
High-speed waveguide-coupled graphene-on-graphene optical modulatorsFeb 21 2012An electro-absorption optical modulator concept based upon a dual-graphene layer is presented. The device consists of a silicon-on-insulator waveguide upon which two graphene layers reside, separated by a thin insulating region. The lower graphene acts ... More
Modeling the Infrared Emission from the HR 4796A DiskNov 04 2003We model the spectral energy distribution (SED) from the mid-infrared to submillimeter of the ring-like disk of HR 4796A, the dustiest A-type star. We consider dust made either of coagulated but otherwise unaltered protostellar interstellar grains, or ... More
Module Structure on Lie Powers and Natural Coalgebra-Split Sub Hopf Algebras of Tensor AlgebrasFeb 02 2010In this article, we investigate the functors from modules to modules that occur as the summands of tensor powers and the functors from modules to Hopf algebras that occur as natural coalgebra summands of tensor algebras. The main results provide some ... More
Optical and Electronic Properties of Doped $p$-type CuI: Explanation of Transparent Conductivity from First PrinciplesMar 13 2018We report properties of the reported transparent conductor CuI, including the effect of heavy $p$-type doping. The results, based on first principles calculations, include analysis of the electronic structure and calculations of optical and dielectric ... More
Flux rope proxies and fan-spine structures in active region NOAA 11897Jun 30 2016Employing the high-resolution observations from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS), we statistically investigate flux rope proxies in NOAA AR 11897 from 14-Nov-2013 to 19-Nov-2013 and display two ... More
Social significance of community structure: Statistical viewMar 27 2015May 08 2015Community structure analysis is a powerful tool for social networks, which can simplify their topological and functional analysis considerably. However, since community detection methods have random factors and real social networks obtained from complex ... More
Effects of parallel ion motion on zonal flow generation in ion-temperature-gradient mode turbulenceJan 14 2009The role of parallel ion motion for zonal flow generation in ion-temperature-gradient (ITG) mode turbulence is investigated with focus on the effects of acoustic modes and toroidicity on the zonal flow. One possible reason for the weak suppression of ... More
A Likely Redback Millisecond Pulsar Counterpart of 3FGL J0838.8-2829Jun 28 2017Aug 02 2017We obtained new optical observations of the X-ray source XMMU J083850.38-282756.8, the previously proposed counterpart of the gamma-ray source 3FGL J0838.8-2829. Time-series photometry in the $r'$ band reveals periodic modulation of $\approx1$ magnitude ... More
Almost Beatty PartitionsSep 23 2018Sep 30 2018Given $0<\alpha<1$, the Beatty sequence of density $\alpha$ is the sequence $B_{\alpha}=(\lfloor n/\alpha\rfloor)_{n\in\mathbb{N}}$. Beatty's theorem states that if $\alpha,\beta$ are irrational numbers with $\alpha+\beta=1$, then the Beatty sequences ... More
Performance of Equal Phase-Shift Search for One IterationMar 23 2006Dec 16 2009Grover presented the phase-shift search by replacing the selective inversions by selective phase shifts of $\pi /3$. In this paper, we investigate the phase-shift search with general equal phase shifts. We show that for small uncertainties, the failure ... More
Lattice Boltzmann modeling of multiphase flows at large density ratio with an improved pseudopotential modelNov 29 2012Apr 29 2013Owing to its conceptual simplicity and computational efficiency, the pseudopotential multiphase lattice Boltzmann (LB) model has attracted significant attention since its emergence. In this work, we aim to extend the pseudopotential LB model to simulate ... More
Chiral extrapolation and finite-volume dependence of the hyperon vector couplingsFeb 28 2014The hyperon vector form factors at zero momentum transfer, $f_1(0)$, play an important role in a precise determination of the Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix element $V_{us}$. Recent studies based on lattice chromodynamics (LQCD) simulations and covariant ... More
Concepts of quantum non-Markovianity: a hierarchyDec 24 2017Jul 06 2018Markovian approximation is a widely-employed idea in descriptions of the dynamics of open quantum systems (OQSs). Although it is usually claimed to be a concept inspired by classical Markovianity, the term quantum Markovianity is used inconsistently and ... More
Momentum vortices on pairs production by two counter-rotating fieldsJul 05 2017Multiphoton pair production is investigated by focusing on the momentum structures of produced pairs in the polarization plane for the two circularly polarized fields. Upon the momentum spectra, different from the concentric rings with the familiar Ramsey ... More
Optical absorption in graphene integrated on silicon waveguidesMay 17 2012To fully utilize graphene's remarkable optical properties for optoelectronic applications, it needs to be integrated in planar photonic systems. Here, we demonstrate integration of graphene on silicon photonic circuits and precise measurement of the optical ... More
On the Anomalous Silicate Emission Features of AGNs: A Possible Interpretation Based on Porous DustAug 29 2008The recent Spitzer detections of the 9.7 micron Si--O silicate emission in type 1 AGNs provide support for the AGN unification scheme. The properties of the silicate dust are of key importance to understanding the physical, chemical and evolutionary properties ... More
Effective quantum state reconstruction using compressive sensing in NMR quantum computingJun 15 2017The number of measurements required to reconstruct the states of quantum systems increases exponentially with the quantum system dimensions, which makes the state reconstruction of high-qubit quantum systems have a great challenge in physical quantum ... More
Nanoscale Lasers Based on Carbon PeapodsNov 07 2004A scheme of nanoscale lasers based on the so-called carbon peapods is examined in details. Since there is considerable cylindrical empty space in the middle of a single-wall carbon nanotube (SWCNT), it can serve as a laser resonant cavity that consists ... More
Frobenius semisimplicity for convolution morphismsFeb 01 2016Feb 15 2016This article concerns properties of mixed $\ell$-adic complexes on varieties over finite fields, related to the action of the Frobenius automorphism. We establish a fiberwise criterion for the semisimplicity and Frobenius semisimplicity of the direct ... More
Lattice Boltzmann method for relativistic hydrodynamics: Issues on conservation law of particle number and discontinuitiesNov 14 2012In this paper, we aim to address several important issues about the recently developed lattice Boltzmann (LB) model for relativistic hydrodynamics [M. Mendoza et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 014502 (2010); Phys. Rev. D 82, 105008 (2010)]. First, we study ... More
Forcing scheme in pseudopotential lattice Boltzmann model for multiphase flowsApr 18 2012The pseudo-potential lattice Boltzmann (LB) model is a widely used multiphase model in the LB community. In this model, an interaction force, which is usually implemented via a forcing scheme, is employed to mimic the molecular interactions that cause ... More
X-ray spectroscopy of PSR B1951+32 and its pulsar wind nebulaApr 13 2005We present spatially resolved X-ray spectroscopy of PSR B1951+32 and its pulsar wind nebula (PWN) in supernova remnant (SNR) CTB 80 using a {\sl Chandra} observation. The {\sl Chandra} X-ray map reveals clearly various components of a ram-pressure confined ... More
Electron dephasing near zero temperature: an experimental reviewSep 12 2002The behavior of the electron dephasing time near zero temperature, $\tau_\phi^0$, has recently attracted vigorous attention. This renewed interest is primarily concerned with whether $\tau_\phi^0$ should reach a finite or an infinite value as $T \to$ ... More
Effect of annealing on electron dephasing in three-dimensional polycrystalline metalsDec 21 2001We have studied the effect of thermal annealing on electron dephasing times $\tau_\phi$ in three-dimensional polycrystalline metals. Measurements are performed on as-sputtered and annealed AuPd and Sb thick films, using weak-localization method. In all ... More
Isotopic Equivalence from Bezier Curve SubdivisionNov 02 2012Sep 29 2013We prove that the control polygon of a Bezier curve B becomes homeomorphic and ambient isotopic to B via subdivision, and we provide closed-form formulas to compute the number of iterations to ensure these topological characteristics. We first show that ... More
Angular Convergence during Bezier Curve ApproximationOct 09 2012Properties of a parametric curve in R^3 are often determined by analysis of its piecewise linear (PL) approximation. For Bezier curves, there are standard algorithms, known as subdivision, that recursively create PL curves that converge to the curve in ... More
Internal-cycle variation of solar differential rotationMay 17 2013The latitudinal distributions of the yearly mean rotation rates measured respectively by Suzuki in 1998 and 2012 and Pulkkinen $\&$ Tuominen in 1998 are utilized to investigate internal-cycle variation of solar differential rotation. The rotation rate ... More
Topology during Subdivision of Bezier Curves I: Angular Convergence & HomeomorphismNov 02 2012Sep 29 2013For Bezier curves, subdivision algorithms create control polygons as piecewise linear (PL) approximations that converge in terms of Hausdorff distance. We prove that the exterior angles of control polygons under subdivision converge to 0 at the rate of ... More
Covariant description of shape evolution and shape coexistence in neutron-rich nuclei at N\approx60Jul 28 2011The shape evolution and shape coexistence phenomena in neutron-rich nuclei at $N\approx60$, including Kr, Sr, Zr, and Mo isotopes, are studied in the covariant density functional theory (DFT) with the new parameter set PC-PK1. Pairing correlations are ... More
On Buckyonions as an Interstellar Grain ComponentAug 29 2008The carrier of the 2175 Angstrom interstellar extinction feature remains unidentified since its first detection over 40 years ago. In recent years carbon buckyonions have been proposed as a carrier of this feature, based on the close similarity between ... More
Chandra Observation of the Edge-on Spiral NGC 5775: Probing the Hot Galactic Disk/Halo ConnectionJul 23 2008We study the edge-on galaxy NGC 5775, utilizing a 58.2 ks {\sl Chandra} ACIS-S observation together with complementary {\sl HST} ACS, {\sl Spitzer} IRAC and other multi-wavelength data sets. This edge-on galaxy, with its disk-wide active star formation, ... More
Enhanced collectivity in neutron-deficient Sn isotopes in energy functional based collective HamiltonianSep 26 2012The low-lying collective states in Sn isotopes are studied by a five-dimensional collective Hamiltonian with parameters determined from the triaxial relativistic mean-field calculations using the PC-PK1 energy density functional. The systematics for both ... More
The Potential of FAST in Detecting Celestial Hydroxyl Masers and Related Science TopicsApr 14 2019The Five Hundred Meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) will make contributions to the study of Galactic and extragalactic masers. The telescope, now finished construction and commissioning in China, has an innovative design that leads to the ... More
On the logarithimic calculus and Sidorenko's conjectureJul 06 2011We study a type of calculus for proving inequalities between subgraph densities which is based on Jensen's inequality for the logarithmic function. As a demonstration of the method we verify the conjecture of Erd\"os-Simonovits and Sidorenko for new families ... More
Delay and Power-Optimal Control in Multi-Class Queueing SystemsJan 13 2011Jan 14 2011We consider optimizing average queueing delay and average power consumption in a nonpreemptive multi-class M/G/1 queue with dynamic power control that affects instantaneous service rates. Four problems are studied: (1) satisfying per-class average delay ... More
Propagation of Uncertainty and Analysis of Signal-to-Noise in Nonlinear Compliance Estimations of an Arterial System ModelMar 24 2014The arterial system dynamically loads the heart through changes in arterial compliance. The pressure-volume relation of arteries is known to be nonlinear, but arterial compliance is often modeled as a constant value, due to ease of estimation and interpretation. ... More
Improved thermal lattice Boltzmann model for simulation of liquid-vapor phase changeSep 13 2017Oct 30 2017In this paper, an improved thermal lattice Boltzmann (LB) model is proposed for simulating liquid-vapor phase change, which is aimed at improving an existing thermal LB model for liquid-vapor phase change [S. Gong and P. Cheng, Int. J. Heat Mass Transfer ... More
Hybrid Strategies using Linear and Piecewise-Linear Decision Rules for Multistage Adaptive Linear OptimizationDec 11 2018Decision rules offer a rich and tractable framework for solving certain classes of multistage adaptive optimization problems. Recent literature has shown the promise of using linear and nonlinear decision rules in which wait-and-see decisions are represented ... More
Rapid formation of black holes in galaxies: a self-limiting growth mechanismOct 12 2017We present high-quality fluid dynamical simulations of isothermal gas flows in a rotating barred potential. We show that a large quantity of gas is driven right into the nucleus of a model galaxy when the potential lacks a central mass concentration, ... More
Rarita-Schwinger Type operators on CylindersNov 16 2011Here we define Rarita-Schwinger operators on cylinders and construct their fundamental solutions. Further the fundamental solutions to the cylindrical Rarita-Schwinger type operators are achieved by applying translation groups. In turn, a Borel-Pompeiu ... More
Heating and Dynamics of Two Flare Loop Systems Observed by AIA and EISDec 18 2013We investigate heating and evolution of flare loops in a C4.7 two-ribbon flare on 2011 February 13. From SDO/AIA imaging observations, we can identify two sets of loops. Hinode/EIS spectroscopic observations reveal blueshifts at the feet of both sets ... More
Rotational Symmetry of Classical Orbits, Arbitrary Quantization of Angular Momentum and the Role of Gauge Field in Two-Dimensional SpaceOct 21 2010Oct 25 2010We study the quantum-classical correspondence in terms of coherent wave functions of a charged particle in two-dimensional central-scalar-potentials as well as the gauge field of a magnetic flux in the sense that the probability clouds of wave functions ... More
On the (non)rigidity of the Frobenius Endomorphism over Gorenstein RingsNov 22 2009May 09 2010It is well-known that for a large class of local rings of positive characteristic, including complete intersection rings, the Frobenius endomorphism can be used as a test for finite projective dimension. In this paper, we exploit this property to study ... More
Privacy against a Hypothesis Testing AdversaryJul 05 2018Mar 10 2019Privacy against an adversary (AD) that tries to detect the underlying privacy-sensitive data distribution is studied. The original data sequence is assumed to come from one of the two known distributions, and the privacy leakage is measured by the probability ... More
On the Amplification of Magnetic Field by a Supernova Blast Shock Wave in a Turbulent MediumDec 29 2011We have performed extensive two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic simulations to study the amplification of magnetic fields when a supernova blast wave propagates into a turbulent interstellar plasma. The blast wave is driven by injecting high pressure ... More